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NO. 22S.
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ill V. I I t- 1 II 1 ( I - II I ' 1 I I 1
The SltBation at .Paris. Decorate,
Proposals for . Sarrcndcr Diseased.
. o
Headquarters in thr Sooth Rtraow!
Kilting of a Soled Jfew Tork Rongh.
Political Mflneenrcrs in rmrln,
NbtvTTork, Jan. 23. The Louguy gar
rison has made a successful sortie.
Three Prussian batteries have been
Mlencccl. . - " ' - r -
It is stated that Favre, in a dispatch to
Odo Ru.sell, declines to leave Paris.
The Jle raid's Paris special reports that
a call for a riot in Paris, but only five hun
dred disorderPy characters responded, sub
sequently, however, the force for the pro
tection of the Hotel De Ville was strength
ened. . ... - - : ' '
A new War Committee is about organ
izing. - - - " -: " ". - '
Trochu is understood to have placed
mclf in the hands of the Provisional
rTovcrnir.ent.Eaying with tears iu his eyes?,
Do with me what you will," meantime,
rumors prevail thatTrochu has resigned,
and that Favrc has opened negotiations
with Bismarck for the capitulation of
Bordeaux. Jan. 2. After the battle at
Dijon, the Prussians m retreated ; towards
Messigny, Xorjes.'Sarigny and Lesue.
In the wet,dso, the I'russians appear
to be falling back.
Alencon has been evacuated.
The Prussians have cut the railway be
tween I-yons and Besancon, at Byans.
Lonixin, Jan. 24. A special dispatch
rives a terrible account of the slaughter on
the 18thho Prussians allowing the French
to approach within deadly distance, and in
an indescribably short time the ground
was covered with dead and wounded. It
ras theloodicst daysince the commence
ment of the fclegey
The Germans have captured Dole with
i.'."iO cars loaded with array stores. . . -
The Franc-Tireurs; haTC destroyed -the
bridge overt he ;Aloeelle between yancy
and TcuLt .rr. J ? : -,
Garibaldi'sViperations are suspeudyd in
consequence of Bourbaki's retreat.
A Havre dispatch fays the Prussian
cavalry have, advanced': to Baioogss, Fa
vent aud Noarto.
Washington, Jan. 25.In the hsenate
McDonald introduced a bill providing for
the payment of Southern claimants.
Rudolph Evald Heidi is recognized w
Vice Consul of 'Norway and Sweden at
Wilmington, X C. . : T , .
The sales of ordnance have been etoped.
The trial of Bowen, member of Congress
from South Carolina, for bigamy is 3xed
for February 13th. , i f
Plcasauton recommends a change in the
warehousing system, which will equalite
the tobacco interests throughout the coun
try. , . .- .
Objection will bo made to seating Clay
tun as Senator from Arkansas, on the
ground that the Legislature which elected
him Is illegal. ;.-'f-tTl '- ' : a i
No Southern uornltiations or oolifirmfi
tions to-dav.-f " "r '. j
The, Juaicjary Committee ' will report'
''gainst the ' repeal of the law convening
the next Congress on the 5th of March-
The trial of R. R. Butler, member of
Congress Trom Tenne"cc,for forgery, com
mences tomorrow. ;
Boutwell argued before the Ways and
Means Committee to-day, against" tho re
peal of the income tax: I .': ?
3 n the House, Uic bill defining the mean
i ng of the 26th section of the act to Teduc
taxation passed, and goes to tho President.
Among other tilings, it makes the dutv on
spirits uniform at two dollars. -' '
Sundry pension bills passed. ,' v
A bill passed providing for the disposal
;f useless military reservations.
A bill also passed granting tho right of
nay, through Pensacola military reserva
tion, to the Penaeola and Barrancas RalN
road. J - ;
Tho Indian' 'Appropriation bill occupied
the balance of the day. .
In answer to questions concerning the
matter, Mr. Dawes Bald he saw no sign of
repealing the law requiring the new Con
gress to meet, on the 5th of March, no
thought the session would extend to the
1st of March. - , : V
In the Senate, Blair was beated. Ho waa
afterward . appointed : upon tho Pacific-
Railroad, Education, and Labor Commit
tees. . . .., .
The bill for the re'pvnl of ir come tax was
discussed.; - . " ' .
The rvlTiutndcr of the day was occupied in
discussing tho New York Custom House
bill, by Fenton and ConderingJ ; .-,.. ;
T r
HUIInar of n trlou Xw Torli, Ilnh
. . . v t t . . V "' -
WAeniNGTON, Jatu 2-5. Tho Hcadquar-
U'rsofthe Department of the fcoutn nave
Nn ti-ansferred from Atlanta, Georgia, to
l ouisville, Kentuck3T. .' v;
Rear-Admiral Lee ha written ; a letter
favorable to the annexation' of Dominica.:
.new oRit; Jan. 25. William Vasley,;
snownas "Reddy, the blacksmith has
Hilled the notorious-James Haggerty. ' t
Jackson.' Jan,' 25; The Yerger case fciill
fcdtes much interest. Jvo triad before the
J'vil authorities. ha9 ever transpired. The
"rand Jurv has iarnored the hill for mnrdrr.
hich Jsregardcdiby the legal professor j
meiuuruais as tquivuieut loacquuiai.
lav Pilot, a Tf.idil ' orfrnn: nrlmtta thof
PrfOr Oo , , on.
be convicted
v a liolla Tvrmenul n. a flnahtr. fJrw?
J'lal pleae have been filed, hat the caso will
nt tried at this tprm of theof.urt. Yr-1
U bwn si liberty lcce fM Iflr.' -' j
, . i i i
little Mtrj'i Boaqnet.
VTo-morrow Is littlo Mary' blrthdaT,1'
said tho gardener, as ho examined Ids
flowers. "Sh must have a nice boquet."
"To-morrow Is little-Mary's, birthday,"
whispered the flowers to one another.
"To-morrow I to-morrow I"
"My buds are all ready,'! said the row.-!
"So are mine," tald tho sunflower.
The panile smiled at the thought, but
the sunflower held his head so high that
he did not se them.
; "I'd rattier stand In this garden than be
put In the queen's boruct-' aid a tall hol
lyhock. - :' -
"I've no flowers to spare for any one,"
said the moneywort, anxiously counting
her buds. ...
rvr't hut a nitr " mtM f hf rjsrrrroil robin.
"They mav have all or mine."
"I would like to go to little Mary," said
the mignonette. " " 'T V ftV-fl
"My dear child,, don't thiukof such a
thing," said a gay tulip, spreading her
petals. "You have no beauty."
"I know it," said the mignonette,
mournfully. . , r : , -
"Nevermind,5' baid the rose ; "you have
Eertume. and some think that better than
"Ah I" said the tulip. ,
"Why are you here, pray?" said a pert
little lady's slipper to a bright dandelion,
as he gave her a bly kick. , -
"If it comes to that, why are you here V"
said the dandelion.
"Because I was planted here," said the
lady's slipper. " ou are wild, but I came
in a paper bag, with my name on it, aud
was planted by the gardener."
"Perhaps I am a little wild, said the
dandelion, "but was planted here; and,
besides, I can tell the time."
- "I never heard of a dandeliou being
planted," said the lady's-slipper. . ;
"I never heard of a dandelion telling
time," said a four-o'clock.
"At all events.I was blown here by some
one who wanted to . knew what time It
"Did they find out?" interrupted the
"And I thought, as I was here I might
as well grow," continued the dandelion;
"I am good to eat, and I can be made into
"Don't say anything about time, what
ever you do," said the four-o'clock ; "I am
the only one who knows anything about
time." ' -;-'r '
"Thyme 1 thyme!" said the summer
savory. "There are plenty of sweet herbs
better than thyme."
. "What are you quarreling about, you
foolish little things?-' said the sunflower;
"I can tell time I go by the sun."
" nat will j ou do to-morrow, when the
clouds come oyer and hide the sun?'" adds
a joor-man's weather-glass at his feet. "
"I can guess at it," said tho sunflower,"
but you must be a very poor-man's weatli-?
er-glass to talk of clouds when tho sky is
bright?"- t v.."
: "I feel it la my flbrvd," sal-itho weather
glass. "
"For pity's sake, can auy one tell me Jf
it's four yt?" said the four o'clock. "Here
I have been goesiplnjr, and forgot all about
"I can hce the elovkj'vsaid: a . s weel-ic,
on tlp-toc. "It's half past four."
i "Dear me!" said the four-o'clock. "X
promised these buds they should be out to
day, and now they will have to wait till
four to-morrow morning, and then there'll
be no one to tee them but the early birds.
It is too bad."
"Only yourself to blame, madam,"' said
a thistle.
". The four-o'clock made no reply, for the
knew she would suffer if she meddled with
him. The next morning, early, the - gar
dener came to make ; the bouquet. He
made it of lovely pink sweet peas, purple
pansies, rosebuds wet. with dew, the
modest mignonette, the spicy carnation,
fragrant geranium leaves, 'and delicate
heliotrope. -- -r- n r T
" Even- bouquet should liave a little bit
of yellow," said the gardener, ss he added
the dandelion. .7 There, that finishes it;
and it is fit for a queen," and he carried it
away. . . - : . 1 -. ;" ? I
J'Just to think I He took that paucv
dandelion, and left me," -aid the lady's
" What is a bouquet without "me?" said
the tulip, tossing her head.3 ?"s No matter,
I shall live the longer."
"So shall I," said the ragged robin,' but
no one took any notico of him, because ho
was a ragged robin. ' - J -
Wiil'n to Castrate Colts. Many per
sons hold to the opinion that cold weather
is the most suitable time to castrate colts.
Having been engaged in this kind of busi
ness for six or seven years, my experience
and observation is that May and Septem
ber are the most suitable times. In May,
there aro no flies or other insects to tor
ment a colt ; and also, the weather not be
ing hot, the animal does not resort to the
shade. Consequently, keeping out in the
open field, it is natural it will pick grass
aud keep up its flesh and strength, and be
ing kept in moderate exercise, a colt will
swell less than if it remains too much of
the time stationary under shade.
Indigestion in Horses. Whenc cr
the evil is noticed, the animal must have a
piece of rocksalt and challr constantly:
placed in ins racK, anu a niue pipe-ciay, j
magnesia, or otuer anii-acia.in ms water.
If; worms have been passed, give three
drachms of aloes dissolved In two ounces
of turpentine and a pint "of gruel.n Half an
ounce each of ginger and gentian; and half,
a drachm of sulphate of Iron,' should sub
sequently be administered, twice a day, to
impart tone to tho digestive organs. Turn-,
tug the animal out to gras "in the spring
of th year when it canbe benefitted by
exercise and fresh air, will be found to be
very beneficial.
.". Tv TITTI CrT.T. f!riTT flnnrvn Tr
- ' w j v a' va V ATA x
Stoughton's, report on Union Cedieteried
ehows tltat the whole number of Inter
ments In them Is 809,225, and that tho cost
up to March last was S3,113,201 The Gov
ernment has not been able to obtain -the
record-title to the celneterj- at Anderson
ville, which embraces about forty-three
acres of land, worth, in its-original state,
from S3 to So per acre. Over S25.000 have!
been expended in iinprovinsr and decorat
ing the ground?. It was originally estate
lished by the rebel authorities "for tho
burial of tho Union prisoners confined in
the prison pen near Anderson ville. The
interment fc thi plaee nnmlr N 13,717
U4u.m: -.:.,.:.:..'-
s - - - --
The Art f InnctMlon.
SotvUlietanding, howeTfr, Us ulilHy, tr-'
tuation haunot rccciTfcl thfct Rtletition -hich its
importacca demand Considered mofely 'as
the plaything of the pedtnt, or as the peculiar
function of th printer, it is often neglected or
perverted by those ho have occasion to pre
int to the eyo either their owi thoughts or tho
thoughts of others. Tho painter, the engraver,
and the lithographer appear rto set all rules at
defiance. ,byj either omitting the pointi or mis
placing them, uhen required in certain depart
ments of their work. Tho letter-writer, put
iis friend, hi beloved one, his egent, or his em
ployer, to a little more trouble in coming over
his e piitle, than is absolutely necessary. Even
tho author who, uf all writers, out to ba the
most accurate not unfrtqucntly puts his manu
script into the t printer's hands,. either-destitute
of grammatical points, or so 'badly punctuated
aa to create a needless loss of time to the com
positor. But, though an acquaintance with the princi
ples of the art in question has been deemed the
peculiar province of th printer, who might
therefore be expected to have the requisite qual
ifications for the performance of his task, it is
a fact well known to thoQ connected with the
press,' that compositors in general have a very
deficient knowledgo of punctuation, considered
as a branch of science ;and that they acquire
what they dokuow of it al an art,chie2y by me
chanical habit, or by the correction of innumer
ably blunders, marked on the proof-sheets.
Tbc Tnlted States Circuit Conn.
The following business was transacted in the
United States Circuit Court on yesterday, Judge
Trigg presiding : . -v . ' "
United States vs Jeptha Tallent, violation of
revenue law; guilty and motion for new trial
United States vs Taylor Whito, violation of
revenue law; forfeiture.
Zinn, Aldrich & Co vs E Simerly ; confession
of judgment for $710. , . .
J wm II Sncsed vs L A GraCz : trover disausied.?
United States is C Ss A Pratt,- Tiolatiou of
revenue law ; continued.
United States vs Richard Robinson,- violation
of revenue law ; acquitted.
United States vs Joseph Davis, violation of
revenue law; continued.
United States vs -7 Rcsves, violation of
revenue law ; nol pro?.
United States vs, John Robinson,- violation of
revenue law J continued, I . i ,i
United States ts W H Beach, violation of
revenuo law, two cases; continued.
United States vs Ware, violation of reve
nue law : nol pros.
United States vs W II natniRker, violation of
re?T j cV !
revenne law ; continued. - '
tates vs A Hernn, violation of
United States vs John Warricli. violation of
revenue law; acquitted.
United States vs-WillinLSftnds, ic!atioa of;
rdvcnu"laW;''dontinued.5. fiA - 'J "t '
United States va Wra O Walker, violation 01
revenue law ; motion entered to quash indict
ment. United State H C Gundlach, vivlauori of
revenue law, two cases ; motion entered to
quash indictments
United States vs Jonathan Sawldin, v ioJation
of revenue law continued.
Xnconrase Jmnfixr
la alaiessaueofthe Akroa,,OhiolucuA
find the following letter from our enterprising
and public spirited citizen, Col. A. S. Mariner,
concerning East Tennessee and our-wanrs :
"I b;.ve been waiting a loag time to her from
some one or more parties from Ohio who would
f accept my proposition to donate ten acres of
iana adjoining tno city 01 xvnozvuie, 10 me nrst
company who would come here and start an es
tablishment for the manufacture of agricultural
implements, but have net as jet heaada word
from any one. To all parties who think of
branching out and engaging ia the manufacture
of any kind of agricultural tools, I would eay
that there is no point, either North, South, East
or West, equal to Knoxville, Tennessee, for
them to locato in. There is everything in the
line' of raw material here that can be
found in the world. Coal, iron.copper,
parblef and timber 'sare"3! in. abundance,"
anjd no manui'aetory of 'farming Implements
in the Stato or States adjoining that I
know anything about, and the demand for all
labor-saving machines, &c, is bocoming very
great, and the rst who embark in tho business
will be the first to maka their fortunes. For ihe
truth of what I say, I would refer all parties to
Mr. Charles Miller, of the Excelsior works, Mr.
Lewis, Benjamin or to my brotherJIank, fall of
whom hive beerhere and ?an tpeak frqjn per
sonal observation. "
"The climate is good, the couutrv vory healthy,
and there is a great abundance of everything in
the lino of provisions raised at home, and a
great many other advantages here of which I
will write at some future time, in caso this
preves satisfactory to you.
4iln conclusion let me say to ono and all, come
to East Tennessee and you will be welcome and
kindly received by all the citizens, without re
gard to party, sect or color." ,
Criminal Court.
Court met yesterday ! pursuant' to adjourn
ment, Judge M. L. Hall presiding. The fo
lowing oases were disposed cf : -1 ,V, .
Tho Stats vs. E. S. Harvey, felonious assault;
verdict of not guilty by the jury.
: .The cases of sellers of ttrixe candy, twpnfv in
n in
,TJie Stat (. James, Pafccikaaug aut bat
Jc'ry ; nol. pvos.
-H'h Rfnf 1 TAr--., 1 . j
to ten days m the countv work-house.
1 he State vs. David Johnson, lewdness : not
.The State vs. Mollie Pranklin, carrvinc pis
Jol : recogmxed to appear.
The State vs. Mag. Carter, kef mng disorderly
ouse; notyiilty. ;
Unconsviqls., lyixrjExc&i,4iv;RrA
A?mrVle fa? iMlikc.tbjlriTer,:ACdi
auS iiKt- ius masier. a nervous, timorous
man is almost eure to have a skittish horse,
shy at anything, unsteadv ami n. nitin.u-nv
I j jf gets a chance. JIany a cow is spoiled
! uy mcu oi i)auencc . and mnetness in -the
miiKer, and the amount of milk depends
more upon the milker than the pasturage.
If A man is afraid of a horse, the animal
knows it before he goes- into the stable.
W e have seen the most inoffensive cow in
the herd m wrought upon by the nervous
ness of a greenhorn son of Erin,' as dex
trously to plant her. foot in his breast, and
send him rolling heels over head.1 A noisy,
boisterous-fellow about fattening tables
will cause a serious loss in gain of flesh to
the animalr, so Important is quiet to them
when they are diirestin? their food. Ma.
SMt.src'he fir ibr CKwmti T:
Is.' v.J".j('!IM t , ,1 nj . knftU for veunsr Farmers. Bytiso. B.-Wabio.
State i. E. S. llarvcv. carrvinc cental- Jr. - Second Edition (Caictilly revised.) ;ih
weapons: found rutltv. Ptaut. .IiefcoU. lauurts. t leciiamcai .tnmvs-
e State vs. W. C Fonr.. dMnrV! M5, twa. ; .
mV - ' -5' . a '- S
(a, v j - 4 .
6r ' E r - - c
- .
Utcenl Leo " that ia bow in Pre??; aui rroabJy
the oy oi: oV ah vame
Tkat win be MMiehcd this year. It was commenced
in 15; ar-l had General Leo'ti Cvacent tusd eitproral.
I l. AIVFIXTOS I'O., Publishers,
' : ' -: NEW TOKK.
Asrnt n astrd in all Tdiis cf the country.
"iaclndifigReminLwis of American Folitics an4
Politician!. From the opening of th Mist-curt
Onntest to the Lownlall of Slavery, lo vrhioh era
. addl Mj?:l!anks. Alio, A Piecusiion wi h Eob
rrt Dale Owen on tbo Law of Divorce. By Hojuce
'Griit. -In cno elegant octavo volume. Uean
I tifally printed and handaomely hound. Illastrated
! with Sful 1'ortru.ii J Mr. Qrttttv, stleo with wood
1 cngra vinge cf " Ihe Cot -wiere 1 was Born." " My
I'irt School House," "Fortriii of Margaret fil
ler,': "My Evergreen Hedge," "Myllouje in the
:Wwj," "My Frcient Home," "M Barn,"
It id believed thit tlieee autobiographical reminis
cences will be not only cntrtaiuing and attractive, but
of periuHuent value to (til ttudents of tbo time we
live la; formiug, as they do, a record of the inner lit
and inspiration of ononbohcs actively shared m the
mMsy strare intellectual and roll deal phases through
whkn Ajara has gene dnrhis the pait thirty years
ef iutente vitality.
Mr. Greeley hiuielf g;v Ue lft indkHtioa ef their
nature, wbeu be ms: Ml .shall never write aaytbiaa-
elsointe bfch.T shall pnt much ef rrjttif, my espe.
rienses. nliuz conTvcriona, mmi ot ineug at as
these jffoFtfcr'i,jf. '1 niv?, ih tv-al rcscn ', irr
menUil history.'' . - --'-'- -''-- - -
pRtctS: Efctt tiotb. sjSO; Librkry fetslatfchftp
$3 50; Half Mdrocos, Half Calf, elesant, ?5 0Ut
Morocco -Vntiaaci ST
i wo vol
times of (aboutlSOO pacs of closely printed matter,)
V Important KatistiM tor IU W. oiume 1. con
taina from 18ito 3cU .-oth yesrs inelutive. Vol
cue II. cont a uv ircmlo5t l&.o, both, years ian
. GatHEV Comprising twenty-faur pnper on Pe-
iioreai AvcwnDmy, ruoiisnca in tae irinuue in. .ieo:,
with adrtitionp, emendations' and an Analytical
Index. Bound in cloth, .priee. $1 oO. .
CUANIO.T'A Decr!pivo and HytorfcarAeeounf
of Hydra&lle aud other Machines tor iiai-'iux Water.
Illustrated by nearly Threo Hundred Engravings.
- r Sixteenth edition. By Tkosias Hwgaxk. Trice,
A Fine Edition, Cloth-Bound, of Mr. Greeley's llesays
on lYactical Agrictilturo, entitled,
A Jreiits of
Uriel' antl Homely i;KiItioji ,
' " ' ' or' ' ; .
As an Art Bd tipsm ScicficrV ,
A handsome lCmo. " Wilt be ready early iu February.
, . ... . -f f -i i r
To be ready cn the 1st of MarJi, a Nev Book,!;' the
Author of " Pear Culture for Prctit,"
A Complete-Manual of Gardening.
Copiously illustrated with fine weed ensravings. thow
teg the leadinj varieties of vegetebfci, ana the im
proved labor-saving implements ti-'ed in their culture,
entitled. - . - , ,
i '3 1 A Tesetstle 5Ianil.
Prr wed with a viev to Tccncmy aaJ TroBv
T. QUINN, Practical lierticnltarkt. Trite,
1 S.'. :
Tha fTtgoinc suluecti arc all ditciajed in plaiu and
timn'e laugnasre, that any farmer s boy may aaaer
tand Tb bock !s written by a sucoewul practical
jarmer.andia full cf information, gced advice, and
eound doctrine. Price,?! 00. j t.
Aleo, by the same author, price, il CO,
1'OR HEALTH. By Ott.; E. Waiiko Jr;
Engineer of L'rainlng ef Central Park, New York.
Proroiery illutrated. Sent by mail on -receipt vf
price. ."'.-,." "
f.EWAE. ' Jh Geo. '. tVARixo. J r., anthor ".of
" e Klemeuta of Agriculture," "Urainifig for
Profit and Draining for Health," fermerly Agri
cul'nral uarineer ef the Central Park-JS-iUu-tratio:K
KL PP ' A work of the greatest interest
to all. Trice, W cents. .....
1 P T. Qrixx, a Practical Horrteulturift, for many
years f ucceeful grwrtf Pears for Market.- i
'This work will be found a complete and practical man
ual for the Peru-grower, whether for pleasure or profit.
One volume, handsomely bound in cloth- Price, 1 (.
J- Price, W cents, ..,J?;rt-r
gent by mail, nfrtage-paid, to any
part of the-United states on receipt of
price Address. - .
'!.-. . Till: TIJII1L.MV
,tu .... , . - . vr irW.
i. -i ri''rr.i fn i T j T ttt irnnp
City Property. For Sale.
Vacaki Lots. Jso.13. Tau:,$i( s.acc
Two e1ap and well located lots io Bearden's Addi
tion. They are situated en one of th finest ptreets in
the eity, and are desirablo for investment or improve
ment. Dwellixo. - Xo.H. . Pkick,oO.
Few nonse of four rooms, with lot ZCxIjO. in Peade
riek'e Addition. This property is well situated, near
the railroad chops, foundries, Are., and would snit a
mechanic wanting a cheap home.
Ko. 18.
Oue hundred cheap and desirable lou in Ptaderick'
Addition to Knoxville, ranging in price from fX) to
400, with favorable terms as to paymenta. Thin is one
f tho most helthy and accessible ruburbs of the city,
where property is rapidly increasing in value. Tho
unsold portion of these lota eoTSprue about fifty atres,
and will be sold in a body if deeired. It fc believed
that this suburb will, in a short time, become the cen
tral portion of that part of the city lyin? north f tho
railroad, end the price at whkh it li offered infurc? a
profitable Investment.
PnxiJe.' So. 21. Trice. "-ot).
House of two rooms on a Vet wt 11 latl, in Mofos
Addition, on one cf the main reads leading cut ef the
Hocse as n Ltr. No. 22. Pkk r,
Cheap and deeiratilc House of four ro-nu?, tituate-l
1 a lot MxloO feet, in Snecd, King A Co.T Kailroai
Oficred at a very lew pnee.
Gat &rsKEr Lot. yo.3I. Pkice. H.W.
Very desirable location for a Commission nouso
best in the eity. There Id new a spleudid ereuin? fer a
good commission business , and this let can be had at a
reasonable price.
Cur RzewcKcu. o,SL Fates. S'-'.'AC
Two-etory Brick Houfe of teveu room?, cn a let
75x150. on one of the beet street?, convenient to busi:
Eoee. Thiiisonecf the most desirable residences for
sale in the city, aal b offered at a fair rricc.
Fbav& HorsL-. o. iL Tm-ju UjjQ,
New Prame House of sis rotm?, with let WxIjO, on
Bread street, juetentaide the eity limits. 1'leawuUy
located and very desirable io any person wanting a
cheap suburban residence-
Als- several beautifully legated vacant let, whi'jh
are offered sheep fcr caah. - .
Hovsb avd Lor. Xo.Zi. . Psicr .
CemPwtatlo Houie cf seven rooRc, en lt 190slC?. in
dcsrable location. Good stable, two eis-erni, fruit
trees and shrubbery. This property is situated on a
fine elevation overlooking the city and surrounding
country. 2,C00 eash. balanoe tm time. A slicht re
daction wilt be made If all the purehase money L- paid
in at time of tale.
VACAyTLor. No. JO. PtK 1. HjRj.
One of the choicest and be;t located lets in White's
Addition to Knoaville. 125i2O0. This is a part of toe
city where property is rapidly inereaaing In value, and
the uioit desirable lots are being taken. It ts a tino
building fite, easy of acccfa. overlooking tho city, an I
commands n extended view of the mountain?.
" : House and lot eu Spring street, only a few minutes
walk frum Gay street. Just iho place fur aicm wanting-
a cheap and doirable homo.
BcauaBAN Cottage. No. S3. Parce, ?3,00J.
"Scr two-story Cottage Residence, cmtamm? mi
rooBi'! end cellar. This is one of the most tattcful eury, Calout, Crroive ulini.it, whieh is the Cbr
and desirable dwelling? about tho eity, and about tn r-n e C'Mjrids of Mercury. orotter ajtentd. given ia ".
minutes walk from the PottfSe. The lot IslU! meeicinf ?. and wht :h enters largely in the common,
feet, well graded and sodded. Property in the vicinity
id rapotly becomtng valuable, and tin putee will wau.e
a good investroetit for a man desiring a pleasant hoiec
jot outldcihp;ity.
Xo?. TO and 71. Paicr, l,2w kacji.
ith story and a Lalf hih. and lot
.j6x1Q, on Mabry af reet. They are convenient to Gay
street and the railread depot, and would make picas
ant homes for any one wanting cheap houe.
Dweilixo.- Xo. 72. . raici.co.f'X).
.Two-story ; Frikie Hene, on Clii.cu sticvt; hone
tiontain six room,' and ia pleasantly loe:td on a lot
101x111 fvet.
Dmnai: HocfeK. No. 7", Patct, 3,o'
Story an l a half double hoa-.e, with twelve rooms,
tirjfe lot, ei-"tern add other convenience, live minutes'
walk from Guy rtreet. -
Sl'BCEEAR RlelDKNCL. No. 74.' - " TeICI', 4v.
Story and a half cottage, eonta-inia uiae room, with
euiht acre of land, about a mile from the eity. The
house i new. well finished, and stands on a fine eleva
tion, commanding an extemted and beautiful Ttew of
the city and surrounding country. Time will be yiTen
on hall' the purchase money.
lTovbr. and Lot. Xo. 75. 1'kk k, ?2,OjO.
Two-story Frame House with mx rooms, situated en
Mabry etreet, convenient to business and railroad
shops. There Is a stable or workshop on the Jot, Fix IS
foet. ANo, good cistern and eellar. Twelve months'
time will be given on half the purchase money.
Hovse avu Lor. No. 77. Pkice, .fe"0.
CJLenp honc of four room, on CHutn pike, jmt
outside the city. Lot about (50x100 feet.
Wacox amTTBlack.- No. 70.
sxitu Snor.
1'aicE, -f 1.C500.
The best stand in the eity for a Wagon and Black
smith Shep. The property is centrally loeated. iu a
part of the eity where property is rapidly increesing in
value. It is a corner lot, 50x1 W feet, with L 50x.' feet.
It is an old stand for the business mentioned, and is a
desirable location for any one to engage iu it.
Vacant Lor. No. 3. Pkicv, soGO.
Vacant Lot on Broad street, cear eity limits, 100x150
feet; good location for factory cr shop of most any
kind. Time, if desired, will bo granted cn a part of
the purchase money.
VAOr Lor. Xo. SC.
I'aivt-. i2.
Parcel of land, containing about an acre and a quar
ter, in DeaderieVs Additien, nenr Tarwattr Am
broto't gash and i:lind Factory.
HtrsE aLois. y.. rvios,
Two lots and heue in Mosee' Addition to knoxville,
eomfortable dwelling, itablo, Lots1 well fenced,
and some fruit trees growicg.
No. W.
and broHi:.
ttore house and dwelliva at UfiekrWa ttation. en
Knoxvillo and Kentucky Railroad. I irst-rate stand
for business, trade ameanticz to tr. cr tws thou-
tand dollars a year.
Pki-.e, iJ--'.
' Weofer for sale a leaaa cf the Bell Hou?, ruanirg
two and a half years froa January 1, 1371. and the en
tire outfit cf the house, at eost. This hotel U now d--ing
a good buiiueii, n.nd, by proper effort, it could be
largely increased. Tho house is utuated in a auiet
part of the eity, and is very comfortably arranged fy
the accommodation of guest?. The furniture ie new,
and all of fine quality. -
INTEREST IS COAt. , . No. C7. . .
HP3I.N133. - - - "
We offer for rflje a ceventh i&Urc.-t in the burner,
r-ewonal propero;. and coal lands of tho Coal Creek
Coal Company. ' consider this investment, at the
valuation, an exceedingly desirablo one. The busing
is well established, and the coal second to none in aat
Tennessee. The profits of the Compa y for the past
year amounted to about fll,0',and larger dividends are
'xnccted by increased busine lor the nreient vr.
T;he price at which this interest i offered, promises 20
per eent. on tne inves.went. k ml particular furui-h-ed
en application.
-f o
' ' Ife al offer for ?ale a large number of
iiuati-Al in all partsof Eist Tenneaee. FaH lU-iiu.
f-tiors. m&ps. Ac. can ti wen at ourcifii ie. Our lit of
are o TanJ in pnee inai ai can t,p uitel.
publishers of the
We are
TV.a Jikr.nr.rv VnnA.rr MAt.Vi .iln.lu .
conc-ernin? KAstTfnne?sop, and a lara lift of property
; for ?ale, e have had prepare-l, exr-resslr f"r d;-t ri
I V.ntb-.n with onr Register, a. ne COL'S'lT 3SAP iif
j TKXMTSeEE. whieh wiil he found vlu.Mbv th..-
j who eonreniPLi coming to thk seetion.
itecirf r. w no-"inr3. m ffi per aniiuni. ifil ;
4.ipj ii nr aUft-fir r..l l?ttt-r,t to icv n.a.'t-j :
-1 .-.r Tv-ipt .f rr.i
r.u . i Siux s iik.l. j
Strong ami Pure Rich BloodIncreaie of
Fkh nnd Weight Clear Skin and
- -. Beautiful Complexlou ' :.
Sarsaparillian Resolvent,
Has made the most astonishing cures'.
quick, m rapid are the ehaiiges the -lody
undersoe? untU?r the influ- . -enee
of this truly "Wonderful , . .
3.1etllcine trmt -
Every Day an Increase in Flesh
and Weight is Seen and Felt.
ScrofuU, Consumption, Syphilid in its many forms
Glandular Disease, I leers in the Throat and Mouth
Tumors, Nodes in tho Gland, and other parti of tt
ytcin; if ore Ees, Strumous Diacharses from the Cars
Eruptive Diiwwes of the Eye, Nose, Mouth, and the
worst form? of Skin Disease: Eruption, lever Sores,
i-'cal l Head, Bin!? Worm, fc'alt Kheum. ' ErysipeUs.
Acne. U'.ack y'pot?-, Worms in the Flcib Tumors. Can
cers, in the Worn'", and all weukcniug a l painful di
ch;iives; Ni?ht Sweats, and all wasted of the Lii'e Prin
eirle. fc within the Curative ranse if lladway'a Str-'
taparillian Resolvent, and a few days' ue will prve to
any penwu Uiiiig it for cither of these forms of disease
it potent iower to cure theiu.
ot only d'K-s the arsaprillian Uclvcrt excel al
known renidbl a ruts iu the cure vf Thronic, Scrwfu
lou.. Constitutional, Skin nnd yj.hiloM dbcaie, bat
it id tbc only positive remedy fer 1 . . . - :
. Jvil ney, liIiilUei-, ' ;
Uiiuary and Womb Dbeaic Gravel. Diabetes1.. Drop-,
ty. IneTtireiice cf Urine. lright'd dWease, Albuminu
ria, and in eac where there are Brick dust deposits, or
tbo water is thiek. cloudy, mixed with substances lik
the white f an e?v, or tareadj like white silk, or tfcer
ie a morbid, dark, biliouj appearance, and white Bqne
duit dcpOi.'i . and wh'jrc there ia a pricking, burnimc
tcDsation, and rain in tho tniall of the back and atou
the loiua. In ail thso conditions. Kad way's Karparll -li
m R&'olvtvt, aided by the applkation of Radway'd
Ready Relief to tho sr ino and niail cf the back, and
the bowels regulated with one or two of Raawayd
Regulatiug Villi per day, will f-on make a eomrlete
euro. In a few Jays the patient will bo enabled to cold
and discharge water naturally without pain, aud the
Urine will ho restored to Us natural clear and amber
or eheiry coI-.t.
Arc suppIie-J with new, healthy and vigorous Mood,
that 1'urnLhcs srund strucfaro. Hence all suffering
from weakening discharges', either mala or female, or
from Ulcers r eores, tbrouxh the reparatite proeeea of '
Rapway's S'Ai'.siPAnttti.vx arc arrrsted, end the rup
tured organs healed. . . . -
RDrvY'a yARSAPAKiitTix FiaoLvr..vj supplies th
system, thryujrh the blood, nrinc, sweat, and structure,
makins oaftitueuts, with Tisue--nakii;?, Hesh-m.ia
ln. Heat or Caloric f nd Fat-making elements. All of
Its constituentdtirc njurishins. ruriiyiniT. and itrcctrtn
ening. It repair?, heals, reselvcs. and drives out of tb
body the products f deMy and eorraption. Conaumi- ,
tion, Whire fivrelling, Drotfy. Syph-Ji.-, Caceer, Tu
mor. A-?., arc all of a wrofulous diathesis, ami. at a-b..
ara within tho curative rasc of the Sarsaparillian Re
folvo&t, t : 1 . -
That !eruf-i.:. by whatever name designated, is tte
rc-ult of fU-posit-' from tho bb"xl, induce! or caused by
ehroaio inrtauiiiiaiion. J hat thse deposit- take place
when the Mood Is poor, weuk, watery, and Incapable ef
holding iu Foluf ion its proper eontitucH. or from th
preeenee ot sme viru or ih.ioii the tlood. aa ..vier-
advertised F.irsanariCcs. not absorbed r chauod fron
i their natural condition.
aa.'i lu.io- ir. T-au r ?uiTrn'r'T arc irreaier
than the aste.', that UcojiV..-itiia ndd.ay willsu r
pervene, and the powers of life become exhausted.
That lh3 dyins boly cannot be 'sustained co ay
treatment of luciieation that exhausts the fysteta or
fails to nourUa the WiKyl the only mocMum through
which the vital forces aro preserved, and on whi-k tft
growth of the body depends. ' . . . ,
, . - ;; - li','s ' . ' .'
. OVARIAN TUMOR CURED. . . , . - , -
Neve- has' a mcvlieine taken iut'ernally teen knoHli
t hare cored tumors either of the wom'v uteri, ora
rior1. or bowH?; the linife hai Leen the sole reliance in
the tano-i of expericnecl rnr?pon; bnt Dr. RadwfcyV
Har-kiparillian settles th'w qnestiou.. Fer it hasi cured
over Twr.STV pcpn. of Otabtan Ctsts aud. Tcvotti,
TTt-M Trnnnm in thn howpl.i. nt.nii. ' wr.mh. lirr
FDr'psieal Ea"a-ion, Aseite. and Calculus Concretion?.
Tnnwr r Twelve YnrV iirowih Cured by
Br.vr.tiLr, Mah., July IS. lj?.
iD. ltAiw I have hsj Ovarian Tumor in tt
ovaries nnd bowels. All the doetors said "there wua .
no help for it." I trid 'CveryU''1'-? tbat was' recom
mende'l, but nothing helloed me. 1 saw our-Reaolv-r
nt, and thought I wonl i try it, but had no faith ia if.
because I bad tud'ered lor twelve years. I took six
bottles of the Resolypnt, one box of lladway? Flild,
and used trro bottles of your Ready Relief; and there
is not a sin ot a Tumor to be, seen or foil, and I foe! .
better, fiuarter nml happier than I have for twehe .
jear?. Tbo wort Tumor was in the lett side ot the '
towels, over the tcroin. I write this to you for tbeben- .
tlit of others. You can publish it if you ebo.
0 Hax.xah P. Kxafp.
' ' Price, One DoUar.
' ' o
Cuit':s the Worst Pain's iu : frni One to
Twenty Minutes.
ot one hour after reading tins advertieenuu; ueei
any one sufier witJi paiiu , . - -
taxe cure. It as tLtf first auJ w the Onhr l'aiii
llemedy that inetantly ttoi-i the moil
.. , - CJCrueiatiui puiiis.
. COGEHOi, . -' ' !
Whether of tho Lan:r, ttoma-ihr Ijwvb. o other
glauds and or?an, by cue application ia from one to
twenty minuted. .,-, . .;.-... ,
No matter bow viotcni or cxcruci.ilim? tho pan, tier
Tlhcumatic, Bcd-ridJen, Tniirm, Crippled, S'enou
X eur&Igic, or proatratcl ith diseaie may suffer,
"K ill, in froi'i one t j twenty minutcj afford caael
comiort, anJ this mclieine, n rapid in itoopin nain.
can be purchased for lift cents pr bottle, at ahncw.
every druggist a and country merchaut'i itoro on thb
Continent, and withi' no bourV ditun- cf almost
even' habitation iu ths United ute-i
ii itiose wno aro now suncnui? pan, ne reattvr hat :
iuv wujv u-nj I-., vi vj n uiit ii.iuj ii ii oaueti ir ex
ternal, apply the KadwayV Keady llelitf to the part
cf the body where the pain is, prceanU If internal. 'JO
Fpnms, InimuatMn.-Congcttiou.'A-isttit: Ch-lera. '
Chillij and icA-er. tho nyjt violent. ejcrutiitinK aad
torturing panii will be stopped iu from one t j t euty
nijnutei. r . .
Thero u not a remc-liol agent Iu th's world tli Hilt .
euro leer ul Arte, and a!l other JJalarioui,:?iiiOUi. ' :
Jearlet.Typhojd, eHow and other l evers, (aided by
Kadwer Pilli,) so nici as liaday'dltea iy ltclief.
Dr. Itadway's - Perfect Purgative Viltil
Perfeelly ta-tt'er nMnftr f'.wtfl.l t,V 'a .
ItADV. Ai S PILL'S, for the (rye of all disorder. f . 4 . .
the stomach. Lowel?. Kidneps, HJaJd-r, Strtom Dt-
e.i-es. tlea'iaehc.
y oubiipauoTU v.dmivcu?,- indiar - ;
Don, Aypep-m, biliousness,
x ci er, lnnamrua- -
tionot the Uvels. Piles, and all Dr rangemenra of tke
I Internal i-corn. WarrsDt-.! to efTwr a. n-.ir irm
Purrly egetable. coutainiig no Mercery, Minerals, or " '
deleterious drug's. . .. v
Observe tbc f..l?owjr, syiiiptonu l.-ultirr from
di-aJ of iLe d'irc-tire orrau-: CTuuiption. Inward
Pi!e. Pal.'jseis of th W.vwl in t!io. lira 1, A.sidity of tke ,
Rtom.vh. Smh, ILurtbum. f'i-t a' Food, l'ull- -tht4
or W pi-;ht in the Mv-ma-i, urkjruetatins.Sink- ,f
in or rtoitormi at thf Pitf of il. 'ro(na:-h. J? imminsr
of the had, lliirriod arl blof-'ult Ifrcathicr, Plutter--in
at tho ifo&rt. Cliokin; r 'nU'.j.-atinj .?en.-atiuia
when in a lyinjr r-n. Dlnii.'s of iioa lJot.''
W'ih lx'f,.r" the ihf. Vtu-r end Hull l'uiain tV.
lla.l. lw:;.'iriiT ti r-rrj.irst..-.T. ieit.iwne?? of tK
it 1,1 j:s. f t.a la luo
----- Ciies Limb, ara
n i-.i-fi. j ..I ll'i ltomicr
.'h.vs ..f r .i?. w's I'irt s w.it tro tk vm
thA uv Ti-mo-d U-..rdr. . . , . , , .
pri..r.c.ai. j. r :i
oi.l ' A IX iitr;.,T.s. r, ;
.. Vi;V.- fx . v ' ll"' wer-t.w u.
" - . ,,-J .iunc,-.v Vork, '
toi - .f lo.riH.ri .!! Hon i ji-i , w t.."1 r, t T-wi '
l 'v.
I- -
1 :
V ' y
5 : f
1 u
a ' X..
u J-.:
5, ;
i i.i. -

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