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NO. 56
10.30 r.
Information Sent on Wings of the
TTww YnRir. Au?. 1. The 9:35
train on the Long Island railroad,
from Long Branch, last evening,
reached Jamaica at 9:3d, on time,
and four of the coaches were
switched off for Flatbush and
Greenbrier White Sulphur
Springs, Va., August 1. About 2
o'clock this morning a fire broke
out in the stables belonging to the
springs company, located some four
hundred yards west of the main
hotel. There were at the time
Simila, August 1. Reports from
Quitta indicate that Ayoob Khan did
not follow up his victory to pursuing
the British. It is stated that Gen.
Burrows has succeeded in bringing
a large body of his troops into
London, Aug. 1. A Time3 cor
respondent seems to point to Gen.
Burrows as having been outgener
aled, and the battle of Phushki
Nakind will probably be hereafter
cited as one more instance of the
story old as British history itself,
of a gallant armv being ruined by
the infatuation and incompetence of
its leader and the treachery oi its
allies, as there can be little doubt
that the native cavalry went over to
the enemy.
A Bombay dispatch reports that
the Khilati Gilazia garrison is in a
very precarious strte. The tribes
are gathered in the vicinity, and
much anxiety is felt for the garri
son, unless Gen. Phayre relieves it,
which would delay his march lo
The viceroy of India telegraphed,
Sunday, that Ayoob Khan did not
follow up the British retreat. Gen.
Burrows' force has arrived at Cans
dahar. When the messenger left,
Ayoob Khan was encamped where
the action wa3 fought. This seems
to confirm the news that Ayoob
Khan had suffered heavily. This
news was brought by natives to
The viceroy's telegram says our
whole army is not in the citadel at
Candahar, but tho word "not" is
probably a telegraphic error for
A Cabul dispatch announces that
Mr. Griffin, British representative,
has met Abdurrahman at a private
interview. His demeanor was ex
cellent. There were but few troopL
with him.
Another Cabul dispatch says :
There is a prospect of a favorab e
settlement with Abdurrahman and
his spc Jv withdrawal, with his
Brooklyn, the other cars going to t horaeg in the stabls, only
winter romu m - Forty-four
.k'Th horses, twenty of which belonjei to
uianu vi vujj.uv j
irr i .i rri, i. ,1
w a cott, engineer, -luc uuu uu . . . - . e - - -Ma
J r ' ., vtpt-a burnt. The fire was accidental
Grove, about one mile we3t ot , . , . , . .t n
Jamai a. when it ran into the 9:05 and , ?9 PP A 1J
train from Brooklyn, going east,
of Officers, J arises
Clerks lor the Same.
drawn by engine No. 3. Both
trains were running at a high rate
of speed, and the back shock was
terrific: its force was so great that
- w-
the engine of the
bound train was turned
completely around and headed west
and both engines completely demol
ished. Old railroad men say they
rflver before saw such a wreck. The
cars with the exception of the plat
forms were only slightly damaged.
The eastern train engineer, John
Walcott, brother of the engineer of
the western tram, was injured so
baaiv tnac ne aiea snortiv auer Dei
j - -
ing taken from under his engine
Conductor Sam. Allen, of the east
tern tram, had his ribs broken and
is injured
Win. McDonougn received a
result of carelessnes on the part of
some colored servants. j.oe duiiu
ing being an old one, and intended
to be replaced by a new structure,
was uninsured. No alarm was
The following is a list of the officers,
judges and clerks appointed to hold the
election on August 5ih, iu the differ
ent words and civil districts of Knox
First ward Officer, W. T. Maneon.
Judges, Jim. Bpaik?, Sana. Coleman,'
Jo. Elliott. Clerks, R. J. Chi'dress,
James Bojd.
Second ward Officer, I. Joseph.
Judges, Wm. Winstead, II. Barry,
Julius Mayer. UierK3, joun isaxter,
Henry Ku&ba.
Third ward Cfflcer, B. C. Andes.
Judges, 8 8. Thompson, Jo. Black,
Mack Ramsey. Clerks, Mell. H.
Dickson, Joseph McDaoncl, Jr.
Fourth ward Officer, James Mc
Affry. Jadges, Alex. Hunter, Ij.
Peltier. Samuel Newman, Br. Clerks,
Completion ol
House in the
a New School
12th District.
eastwaru t,a .nTfllftfAn n . era. . stasre we noticed Prof. T.nnkfttt. of
T a. nCIO dnaiO Vl u.j vwftwvv I t,,, i noa xr t t n. 1 w '
almost ... Tho UlMln, ' 1Ilu waru-yuicer, m.o. xy. university. Mr. J. A. Ravi.
Ii III I lllifl 111 II 1 . u I I . . . . 1' 1 7 Uhli .fa I. . I flio rIA III - - v.
... o- - l juuuca. xj. jj- uuicius, -L-ivj. vauiuucui i
be'mct full of combustible material
burned so rapidly that no op
portunity to cut the . horses
loose -was afforded. Among the
losers were Mr. Carovan, the
banker, who had three horses in the
stable. Gen. Anderson, (Jol. (Jov
Henry Garrin. Clerks, Bart. Camp
bell. Henry Maples.
Sixth ward unicer, Root, usnorne.
Judges, David Richards, G. L. Powell,
Geo. Watklos. Clerks, U. M. Bran
don, W. L. Knott
Seventh ward Uincer, vvm. Martin.
Judges, Sam- Campbell, John T.
Burchell, ii- Uecrge. Clerks, ueorge
inorf.rtn. nf Richmond, and a number Mclntyre. Jim Rodeera.
cox. juugc3, jouu ijeany, vvm.
Clerks, Thos.
of others. Arrangements have been
made for a supply of new horses ims
mediately, so that business or the
pleasure of the guest3 will not be
111 1113 liuo uiutcu auu . j
i Tn interrupted.
internally, viawmtu Ppnrn Ma. An,. 1.Thft
oaa I . . . . .riL. .ii fi-i si
ircignii nouse oi me oiu ooiuuy iu-
wound in the face
hi3 shoulders dislocated.
J T "C A ,T 1IC1SUV 11UU3CUI uic .
Bcapwounu. aa.uc, ith , quantity of
ot loth street, isew iorK, were ins f . v. ,.," -
nrAnnil in thQ t! VI r fiftoran nl "
rr?a fM: heavy.
irom urooKiyn was a wcai iru, r , , , fi
it started late ana naa no iignc. xt - plac BrooU occ ied b
should have remained at Woodhaven the Breakfast Cereal
until the Lone Branch train reached ..., o
Several of the women pass , . & Cin r,nn
senger3 on the Long Branch train
were badly bruised and cut.
Rome, July 31. The Osserva
tiore Romano publishes a circular
letter of Cardinal JSina, papal seen
tary of state, io the various papal
nuncios, in reply to a circular
m m : . : : i
i, rrere vi uaii, ojeigtau iuiuiolci
of foreign affairs, concerning the
publication of document which
passed between Belgium and the
Vatican. Cardinal Nina accuses M.
A boy who climbed up a pier in the
neighborhood to witness the fire wa3
knocked off by a boat and crushed
to death.
New York, August 1. At noon
Dr. Tanner entered on the thirty
of fifth day of his fast. He slept well
Vatican. He adduces numerous facts
refuting the charge of double-deal's
ing against the Vatican made by the
troops, iiom Cabul, which is, no ! Belgium minister and accuses J1.
doubt, seriously menaced by Ayoob , Frere Orban of having party aims, of
Khan at Candahar, but Gen. fetcw
this morning,
with nausea and vomiting at differ"
ent periods during the day, throw
ing up a mixture of bile and
Orban with premeditatedly mucous. At 4:45 p. m., his pulse
off relations with the was found to be 78, temperature
art's force is adequate for any
emergency, and need fear no com
bination which can be brought
against it.
Mr. Griffin has twice held inter
views with Abdurrahman. Gen.
Scewart will m it Abdurrahman in
public at Calalijan.
A Cabul dispatch says Mr. Gnf
fin held an interview with Abdurs
rahman, Saturday, at Zimna, which
lasted . three hours. The British
Washington, D. C, Aug. 2.
The debt statement issued to-day
shows the decrease of the public debt
during July to be 5,576,053.41;
cash in the treasury, 198,890,'
405.20; gold certificates, 7,884,600;
silver certificates, $12,689,290; cer
tificates of deposit outstanding
15,535,000; legal tenders oustand
iner. S346. 681.016: fractional curs
c3cort consisted of three squadrons rency outstanding 7,205,710.37;
ot cavalry and the ameer s two nun refunding certificates outstanding.
dred infantry.
Abdurrahman evidently d ires
our friendship, but feels insecure
until he is more successful in gain
ing our country to his side. His
Turkestan troeps are most suspi
cious and he finds it necessary to
humor them.
A Calcutta correspondent of the
Times declares it is the general ims
pression there that Gen. Si? Fredei
ick Haines, comiaurider in chief oi
the military forces in India, is
greatly to blame for tho disaster to
Gen. Burrow's command.
$i,ii,dou; debt less cash in
treasury, l,930t596,241.93.
London, Aug. 2. In the house of
lords this evening the earl of Kim
berly announced that Sir Bartle
Freere had been recalled from the
governorship of Cape of Good Hope,
lie Bald there had never existed be
tween the government and Sir Bar
tie ireere the harmony which was
essential for the public interest.
1 The
out at
New York, July 31. The weekly
statement of the associated banks,
issued to-day, shows the following
changes: Loans increase, 3,261,
000; specie decrease, 1,021,200;
legal tenders increase, 280,100;
deposits increase, 36,500; circula
tion increase, 14,100; reserve de
crease,750,225. The banks now
hold 15,832,375 in excess of legal
Buenos Ayres, Aug.
rebels are still holding
Washington, Aug. 1. The presi
dent has "appointed A. L. Thoma9
collector of internal revenue for the
first district of Alabamf .
London, August 2. The Time3
publishee a d cription of the figure
head of the Atalauta widely diifenDg
from the description of the one.picked
up by the bark Girl of Devon, res
IjOdon, Aug. 1. a Berlin dispatch
to the Pall Mall Gazette eays : The
government will ask for a large in
crease in the military budget.
Cairo, Aug. 1. The river Nile is
rising. All accounts of the cotton
crop are favorable, although it ex
pected that the yield will be somewhat
emaller than in 1879.
Danville, Va., Aug. 1. A
special grand jury in the corporation
court at this place to-day returned a
true bill of indictment asainst James
T. DeJarnette for the murder of his
sister, Mollie DeJarnette, last month.
DeJarnette, who is in jail, on Satur
day attempted suicide by taking
laudanum, but tailed. The case will
be called for trial tomorrow.
The Chronicle job office is prepar
ed to print election tickets on short
St. Louis, July 31. A trotting
club has been organized in St.
Louis with Charles L. Hunt, a well
known turfman, for president, and
-u- a. iiark secretary. (Jlark 13
the present assistant secretary of
the Jockey club. The races of this
association will be trotted on the
track oi the Jockey club.
Wilmington, Del., Aug. 2.
John H. Harris, a colored demo
cratic speaker from Virginia, at
tempted to make a speech at New
Castle, Saturday night, and was
stoned and forced to seek protection
of the sheriff.
Burchell, Cha. Bium.
Conner. Mike Suilivau-
2nd district Koberta' Store Olncer,
A. Haws. Judges, Josh. Payne, Willis
Yett, John Thompson. Clerks, J. Y.
Kirk, J. P. Davis.
Carueb7 Ouicer, J. M. Crawford
Judges. Jamc3 Carnes, Israel Smith,
David .Lee. Clems, M. J. ii. Konerts,
G. S. McCampbell.
3 1 district Officer, G. S. Anderson
Judgo, E. Legg, David Stair, W. H
Miller. Clerks, VV. b Burnett, It. A,
J. Armstrong.
4th district Officer, T. VY. liearns.
Judges. M. S. L. Mynatt, James
Zachary, G. C. McBee. Clerks, Pryor
.Rutherford, Columbus Kearna.
5th district Officer, J. H. Mynatt.
Judgee, John Gibba, John Lester,
Wm. Snell. Clerks, Frank JNeal. J. H.
6.h district Officer, J. W. Fowler.
Judges, J. C. Bishop, J. W. Aired, W.
Y. Cox. Clerks, C. M. lieed, J. IN.
7th district Oflieer, J. C. Mynatt.
Judges. J. M. McCloud, Wm. Smith,
P. Callison. Clerka, Charles Varner
and J. McCloud.
8th districSr-Offlser. C. W. Kama
Judges, Wm. Lewie, J. M. Brown, J.
IV. Mava fortes. .1. W. Koir. T. h
and appeared refreshed Cooper.
Hfi was attacked Lh district umcer, w. i:. tieage
cock. Judges, 11. w. tiarnin, ljeoaara
Heariner. Geo. Rolen. Clerks, J. M
Yarnell. Wm. Lee.
lOih diaUictOmcer, J. A. Kuble.
Judges, Jno. Llewellyn, W.U. Smith,
J. S. Campbell. Clerks, ii. M. liar
vev. Tho Calawav.
11th district omcer, j.f. larger.
Judges, Jos. Bean, Sam. Cottrell, Jo?
Brown. Clerks, James, Bennett,
Frank Walker.
12'.h district Mechanicsville. Offl
cer. v. lv cooper, juuges, xj. n.
Samuels, J. H. Maloney, C. C. Story
Osborne's Officer, Jo. Mary. Judges,
W. Rodgers. Jas. White. Geo. Tobler.
Clerkp, Geo. White, Clint. Mitchell.
Monroe's Officer, Jame3 Coleman.
Judges, Chas. Blanc, Jackson ran
cis. Jas. Knott. Clerks. J. E. John
son. Chas. Mason.
13. h district Officer, Isaac Maxwell
Judges, A. A. Rudder, L. E. Williams,
J. D. Williams. Clerks, Frank Maxey.
Richard Masterson
14th district Officer. A. A. Colter-
Judg:, R. B. Johnson, J. P. Ford,
Charter Doyle. Clerk?, James Uoulter,
Claib. Giffiu.
15th district Wrinkle's store Offi
cer. J. VV. Bowman, judges. Davis
Wrinkle, Tobe Payne, W. C. Spurgin
98-4, and his dynamenter
82. At 2;55 he got up to put
on his clothes but was una
ble to do so owing to an attack
vomiting. At 7:35
and at 8:40 this mornins he also
had attacks of vomiting and at 9
p. m. he retired to his cot and ap
peared to be sleeping. His medical
attendants said he was in a feebler
condition than yesterday; that the
attacks of nausea were unfavorable
and as they occurred after drinking
a small quantity of fluid, it showed
the doctor s stomach to be in a
hiffhlv irritated condition. One of
his physicians said Dr. Tanner was
falling ewy day, but there was no
. . ,1 ..II 1 TT
Dedication of IiOiies Institute
Speaking by Prominent Jlen.
A. Grand Picnic, and a Good Time
Lones institute is situated iu that
excellent community three miles frcm
Knoxvllle, on the Kingston pike, at
the junction of the road leading to
Lyons View. The dedication ceremo
nies Saturday were witnessed
by a number of people
from the surrounding country, and
from Knoxvllle. The large room
was flilled, a good proportion of the
audience being ladies.
Judge J. F. J. Lewis officiated as
McSpadden, Rudder and other. The
services were opened bv praver and
music, after which the report of the
building committee wa3 read. The re
port shows that the building is all paid
for and sufficient of subscriptions yet
uncollected for inclosing the giounds
with a suitable fence and the purchase
of a bell, stove, etc.
The dedicatory speech was made by
bit. j. a. uayi. lie spoke at some
length upon the increasing intelligence
and morality of the district, as shown
by the building of so good a house, in
his usual earnest, energetic manner
that is familiar to everySunday school
boy and girl in the country. At the
conclusion of his address. Mr. Ravi
presented the deed of conveyance to
Mr. Wm. R. Cooper, clerk of the
board cf directors for the district, who
responded in a like appropriate man
ner in a speech, of fifteen minutes.-
Brief epeechea were made by W.
A. A. Connor, A. T. Cottrell.
Profs. Rudder and McSpadden, Alex.
Roehi and Dr. Eggkston. Judge
Lewis also introduced "Willie Ander
son" as one of the regular speakers o
the occasion, and "Willie' made i
good speech on general educationa
ims part or tne programme wta
concluded with a brief addrees by Prof.
Lockett, a gentleman who ha? made
many friends in this community from
his efficient and disinterested labors in
behalf of the normal school lately on
college hill.
After the speakirjg wai over
a vote oi manes was given to the
Rudder band for furnistiing music for
the occasion, and everybody adjourned
tD the grove near by, where was pro
vided a table laden with an abundi
ance of good things sufficient to feed a
multitude. In the words of cu
worthy chairman of the county court,
"There was everything a man could
call for and plenty of it."
Much credit is due to the board of
directors in this district, namelv:
Messrs. W. R. Cooper, Chas. Blanc
and Jo. Mary, under whose direction
the house has been brought to so
successful a completion.
Preparation of IRON and CALISAYA BARK, In combination with the Fhospliateyxi
Indoried by the Medical Profession, nd recommended by them for I
Dytpeptli, General Debility, Female Diseases, Want ol ViUI!ly' 5j3' I
TT. P. Httt, enttet Station. JW., writeai "DR. IUR-2$f fffl I'l' nl'&sJ-iJ'
R'B iRptf Tonic has done wonders here. A lady gSSr!OB .1 t 1 1 ' i M i Ml55
who had been doctored nearly to death for tev--Sf I t I iff CMfcs
eral years, has been cured of rhuiiy au) JtB ' B R It- s fl 6 $!Z05'- vJ
thvai Pronration by the use of Dr. IJsS 1 B W M I B 11 til vi?" 7. JIarUr :
Hartir's Iboh Tonic, w hlch .ggifcy. ? I H ' c B.fl frl&Mr. James Brown of
raised her from her bed,SSTjr T12c I H'iW-iffiSS,onrcounty, has requested
where she had been rZSiT tj B i'wOt I H P-Sfii s to tender you his grateful
JyinR for mauy-JSffEa s'! IS-ackiiowletipnicnts for the great bene
liaouUDJ. 00Ti 1 m f flVI 1 K'JL-Sflts his wife received from the use of your
-5wrl If II if 1 1 IhI HlJSIROV Tonic, lie tells us that, after bavin paid
icrS B BiW VTi If JLi;lh"-e or fiurtiunilreii dollars doctors' bills, two bottle
J: tVf I 1 2 1 I ! ij02T of .Tour Ikoh Tomc did her more good than all other nied
II J I 1 11 BJSS-llc,,"8 a ever used, hhe was troubled with Derangement M
11 I 1 II-' I B I &J&rZr Womb, W'Aii'j, etc., from which she 13 iuucU relieved. .
Corner Gay and Reservoir Streets,
Keep the Largest Stoc of
Hazaid Rifle and Blasting Powder.
doubt he would finish his ta9k. He
thought that the frequent attacks of Clerkp, Jessie HurLtker, Joseph Bow
vomitinff showed that the coats oi
the stomach were somewhat in
flamed. Dr. Tanner took nothing
to-dav but a little carbonated ice
New York, August 2
H or the nrst time since he com.
menced his fast Dr. Tanner admit
ted this morning that he ieit very
weak. He said his stomach was in a
bad condition, but he expressed
confidence in his ability to accom
plish his undertaking. His eye3
were devoid of lustre, his tongue
fevered and face pinched and hag
gard. Still his watchers assumed
that he had somewhat improved
since Sunday. He has suffered from
nausea three times since mu
Small draughts of mineral water
were administered to him
during the night, and thi3 morn
ing before going on' his
cuatomarv drive he swallowed two
ounces of very hot water. At noon
he was quietly resting. He has re
ceived the following cable dispatch
from Paris: "Don't waste strength
driving out. Shut off all spectators.
Have only your doctors and attend
ants. The Standard's telegrams are
republished everywhere and read by
m -v-r . ...
every Dody. lour experiment is
watched here with great interest by
scientists and ridiculed by fools.
The hot weather is against yoa
"I 1 r 1 1 -r-r ii
uourage urave ieuow. Hold on.
Wish you success.
(Signed), Dr. Maison Sims
Dr. Tanner at 2 p. m. Sphvm-
Hopewell Officer, Joseph Burnett,
er. Judges, Li. 1). Johnson. A. D. U,
Hine3, Andrew Baker. Clerks, Bright
Uines, Inslea Deaderick.
16th distric' Officer. Pack Carter.
Judges. Jack Bates. VV. K. Leeper,
Jas. E. Monday. Clerks, J. W. Trent,
O. N. Miller.
17th district Marble quarry Officer
Johnaluan Oiborne. Judges, J.
Burkhart. W. L. McCMl, John
Pickle. Clerks. J. M. Ross, W. W.
River Dale Officer. L. B. Wayne,
Judaea. Jas. Kennedy. Bamuel Ken
nedy, J. G. Wayland. Clerks, T. R.
C. CamDbell, Roht. Kennedy.
18th district 3fflc3r, P. H. Skaggs.
Judges, Robt. Brice, E. H. Shipe, H.
Carter. Clerks, J. VV. Housley, James
19.h district Officer, John Chum
lea. Judges, A. R. Trotter, Joseph
Cox, B. F. Bearden. Clerks, W. W
Reagan, G. W. Dunn.
20th district Officer, A. Bockout,
Judges, H. Brock. D. C. Ridnour, H.
M. Hill. Clerks, R. J. Hartley, M. F.
21et district Officer, John Cruza
JuJges.Henry Hayne?, Andy Goddaid,
JosHua Rule. Cleiks, VV. C. McCam
mon, Wm. Haun.
22 J district Officer. A. C. E.Callen.
Judges, Willie m H. Piumley, George
King, J. VV. Payne. Clerks. J. M
Bunch, JosepM Davis.
23 j distriot--Officer, George Woods.
Judges, A. Brakebill. John McLemore,
Wiley Oglesby. Clerks, L. M. Hart,
Jonathan Fisber.
Alex. Reedeb, Sheriff.
Republican Meetings.
The republicans of the 7th ward will
hold a grand conclave at Mrs.
Haynes' lot, on Crozier itreet, tc-
morjow night, beginning at 8 o'clock.
Esrery voter In the ward is invited to
At the Crcswell buildlug, or "Long
school house," Tuesday night, the 3rd
ward Garfield and Arthur club will
resolve itself into a grand mass meet
ing. Let everybody conn!
On Wednc3day night, at 8 o'clock,
the "cloudy fifth' will hold a repub
lican as3embly on the hill back of the
First Baptist church, colored. Be
sure and witness the finale.
By order of the republican commit
tee of arrangements, J. W. Hut.on, A.
K'dd, W. F. Yardley, W. L. Brooks,
Wm.Osburn, J. W. Isom, Jas. Cowar,
G. Fields, Dave Hampton, Ben Frank
lin.C. Edwards, Jce Black, Bandy Bax
ter, A. B Johnson.
Mr. Editor: We had an enjoyable
entertainment on the night of July
31st at Aabury church. The eu'ject
was education, and it was well treated.
At 7;30 the choir rendered a yiece of
music, conducted by Mr. M. W. Ilufl
aker, and was followed by devotional
exercises conducted by Dr. Von Au
deraon. Then we had mutic by IM
Next we had au essay by Mr. L A.
Galyon, which showed that the author
had labored hard to produce a paptr
that would be a credit to himseif and
a bl'SBing to ihe community. Mr.
Galyi n's paper considered education
according to i' relatioas and influence :
1. Oa labor; 2. On government
3. On crime; 4. On religion.
He showed that education was nec
essary to alleviate crime. That it dig
nilied labor. That there is a uemanu
for educated lb3rerr, and that it wn
preeminently nccet ary for us to edu
cate bo as to know uou in an his
works, and to fit ourselv i for future
Then followed an elaborate and able
speech by Mr. J. W. Baylor.
Mr. Bavlor. by his firm stand for
education and chc ?riul mauner cf de
liverv. gained the strict attention of
the audience. Hejtrr.ted the Bubject
under three different heads, as fol
lows: 1st. What constitut a corr .
education? 2nd. Moral and religious
culture. 3rd. The effects cf popular
education. He clearly demonstra
ted that- an eduction with
out moral and religious cul
ture was deficient; that :
correct education coneisM in the edu
cation of the whole man. The au
dience manifest 1 their appreciation
of the able manner in which he
handled the subject by applause
After music by the choir, 'Squire
Huffaker made us a good talk. He
urged the Impornce cf unity
in schools. Dr. Ande'e'nn re
sponded to a call, and
said that his idea of eduction had
been fully brought out by previous
epeakerr, and that if the young gentle
men who had enosen wouia carry
their views iuto practice, that he would
vouch for their &ucc is as teachers.
Mr. Galyon, as teacher at this place
followed in some practical remarks
concerning echcol government.
Ai.er a parting song, we adjourned
feeling that we all had beeu benefitted
J. M. p
Internal Revenue Collections.
Following is an abstract of the collec
tions made. by Col. J. M. Melton, U. 8.
Iuternal Revenue Collector for this
district, for the month ending July
31st, 1880:
offraphic tracings were regular and Q Lieta $
'Wll A V k t M4 --ww vt.v
Tobacco and Cigars 4 632 74
Special Stamps 521 24
had a medium fullness and good
volume. His pulse was 74, temper
ature 99, respiration 15, and dynom-
eter 82 kilogrammes in either hand.
Batimore, July 31. Mrs. Zelda
Seguin, operatic prima donna, was
married in this city to-day to David
Wallace, of Indiana, brother of
Gen. Lew Wallace, and son of ex
Gov. Wallace, of Indiana. '
Real Estate Transfers.
The following are the real estate
transfers registered in the office of the
county court clerk during the past
Russell McBath to Alexander Kellr. lot
in mn district, . J.
Mark Morrell and wife to P.. T. Miller.
lot in Knoxville, $1,8( ),
T. Ja. tiault and others to K. C. Jackson.
zou acres in me na district, Jb-j.oji;.
T. M. Gault and others to G. M. Harrill,
100 acres in 2nd district, $2,131.61.
J. x. J. .Lewis, clerk, to Wm. L. Knott
22i acres in 12;h distiict, partition.
William L. Knott to William B. Lones.
221 acres in 12th district, fCD.
William Rule, trustc3, to John J3. Mm
nis, lot in Knoxville, $389.
Alex. Leak and ethers to school commis
missioners, 17th district, lot in 17th district,
M. L. Patterson, clerk and master, to O.
C. Osborne, 10 acres in 23rd district,-$fiO.
W. C. Perry and wife to David L. Koss,
lot in 2nd district, $LJ3.
James Currier to J. L. Currier, 90 acr :
in the 11th district, $41 ).
James Currier to Nancy E. Currier. 80
acres in the 11th distriot, $400.
Pranklin Q. King to Wm. Dwyer, lot in
the 12th district, $3t0.
Jesse Harris to Ellen C. Harris, 20 acres
in the 14th district
London, Aug. 2. Dr. Andrew
Clark, who passed the night at
Premier Gladstone's house and who
left there shortly before nine o'clock
his mo. ;g, reports Gladstone
rather bet er, but his febrile state
continues. There have been numer
ous callers at his house since seven
o'clock this morning. Policemen
have been stationed at end of Down
ing street from an early hour, and,
in accordance with instructions from
the premier's medical advisers, no
vehicles are allowed to pass the
Mrs. Gladstone witcs from Dan-
ning street as follows : Sir Wm.
Jenner, physician to the queen, lr
been summoned and will bo here at
o'clock p. m. Until then no
fr: h report of Mr. Gladstone's
condition en bo civen.
London, Aug. 1. At half-past
two this afternoon Gladstone's con-
dition was unchanged and nis fever
ish state continues. Sir Wm. Jen-
ner is anxiously awaited. When ho
arriv i there w'U be a consultation
of physicians.
A bulletin issued from Downing
street at fifteen minutes past four
o'clock th's afternoon says that
Mr. Gladstone is doing as well as
could be expected, but his fever con
tinues. THE II A Y TIE NE M PI RE .
Ilio Janeiro, July 31. Business
in coffee is restricted. To effect sale i
lower prices must be accepted.
Rio Janeiro, July 29. Tho
bank of the province at Porto
Alegre has been robbedof $125,000.
Total. $8,377 40
Danville, Va., Aug. ' 1. In an
altercation between J. E. Oakes
Marriage Licenses. and It: L. liamey, on a county road
The following marriage licansea seven miie3 irom L'anville last night,
were issued from me county couri uaites was iaiaiiy staDDea. namey
clerk'a office during the past week : escaped. Both "were mere youths,
Betiamin Stafford and Sarah E. Haun. I OnVpq hpinc nineteen and RnrrtAV
Burwell Preston and Mjiriah Thomas. ... . 11 J
Jas. F. Brown and Mary E. Tillery. nueen years uiu.
List of Arrivals iu the Citj.
The following is a liet of artivala at
the eity hotelB for Ang. 1st and 2od
W. C. Howry. Koeersville. Jo?. L
Bible. G. P. Mima, tfewoort. W. M
Brinson, Millers, Ga. J. S. Harrison, New
Orleans. J. F. Good son, B. H. iinley,
Turley's Mill. L. P. Speck, Eockford.
Dr. R. Sneed, John Moulden, Strawberry
Sam. J. Young, J. C. Wells, L S.
Cherry, Troy, Ohio. O. H. Waring, John
Sharp. Morristown. W. B. Thompson,
Washington. D. O. M. J. Waldron,
Memphis. L. M. Terrell, Atlanta, Ga.
H. M. Brady, Jas. C. Long. UhUtanooga.
C. H. Stubbs, Savannnah, Ga.
A. J. A. Arbeely, M. D., Maryvillo. R.
M. Edwards, Cleveland. Jno. W. Gavin,
ChaUanooara. W. B. Mitchell. J. A.
Mitchell, Jasper. Jas. C. Wheeler, Nashville.
Mr. Wm. R. Carter, a good citizen, a
skilled carpenter, and a staunch repub
lican, who ha? a very pleasant resi
dence in North Knoxville, near Broad
street, has some very fine grapts
growing this season, as a Chronicle
representative had occasion to un
certain. His vines are quite full, and
the fruit is lucious, especially a new
variety he possesses, called the "Max
atawna." Customer '.Why are 'Walt BUterb'
so populai?"
Druggist "Because, a a Food Medi
cine, they enrich the blood, harden the
muscles, quiet the nerve, perfect digestion."
Full Stock Prices Low!
Square, Knoxville,

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