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To all, and a cardial welcome
to call and "T tmque
style? puno-fortea and Par-
lof Onr 1 lmve n0.w 0a
nhibiti'n the most elegant
rf Grand Piano ever
introduced in the city.
Office: Union Street.
Wall Paper Dealers and Hanger.
. "Furnishing and Hanging NEW and
ARTISTIC l'aper a Specialty. ,
NO. m
OrTios In rear of Merchants' Bank, Gay
Sicnal Service W .wither Report.
Knoxviiae, December 30, 1882.
f-T 16.3271 10.32ar 2.32 pm
7, I -i.) -25 T30-33 I 30.30
Barometer oU.zo I
i ii I 36.3 413
Therm'ter 33..
thermometer 41 3; mminiuw
33: raiDfall, 0.21 inches.
Indications For
Tennessee and
Colder partly
the Ohio l auey:
floxdu treat he.r.
occasional light
"Tnou f-hist not htal."
The lUpudiators al Nashville, by
repu-liatingone-teuthof the Com-
iuandmf'nts, can lUD
tht y hate the worst.
Wf have a groat deal to be
thankful for: Oscar Wilde has left
We hiv a great deal to hope for:
that Mrs. Langtry will follow suit.
The communists are about to
b"r in the uupaiJ-for capitol of
Their p.
elect as niairome will be: 1st, To
office as posfciltheir own kind to
part of our del, to repudiate a
the saloon-keepi-J.1, to pander to
gust the honest ati ,4 th, to dis
people of the wholn Lnrressive
Gen. W. T. Sherman's
enttusiHS'ic Catholic; and i an
ported that Sherman recently Jre-
the Catho'ic Church. fted
There was a day when si
announcement would nave ran
Sherman's prospects as a Prejed
tial candidate; but, in these ti:n-
literalffy and loleration, emahi of
be ihe lnind or intense the bigst
that would deny to a Catholicv
the rights of citizenship.
The man that causes a furn
or a factory to be built is great
than he who wins a battle. Thway of rebates for
victories of peace are greater thairaroad companies.
those of war. Peace build, up an-'-; MeekQr
blesses; war curses and d stroys.
The man whogivts employment- Washington, -December 30. Miss
k,o i n . ..osapbme J. Meeker, daughter of
to the roost people is the greatest fate M c Meeker whowaB tor.
ueuMif..,r. ire man, wnose sole
employment is, in solitude, to clip
his c .Upon", is a lamp hid under a
bush-?', and sh ds abroad no rays of
cheer or comfort.
We hope our pious readers will
renipinbr-r our It gniators at Nash
vilh', in ttuir pravBr,, tn.iaj.-.
it.i,6uui ,,a axe terribly per
secuttd l ight and day, by old mtn
and young mi n, by men who lost
Ifgs in the ConfMl rate service and
by men who lost wms, bv ladies
who have had husbands and by
ladi. s wfco woul J like to have hus
bands; by D -m.-crRts dyed in the
wool ai d by 1) m ,c.rat3 who have
no woil to dj M wanting office,
office, offi-e, i. ffice! And yet these
poor H'Hlators only get $4.00 per
dry. P. or ftliows!
And Why Pink-Eared Myrtle Redin
gote Gave it Up as a Had Job.
Chicago Tribune.
''How she luat have loved him."
As ilvvtk Redingote spoke these
words boftly.to George W. Simpson
a blush of maiden modesty flamed
for un instant across her pure young
face and disappeared silently behind
the pink ears that stood like pigmy
eettiiit-la on a battlemf.nr. ni maa
.. w. ioc
uiea nesn, soft and warm, ond with
puiiiui curves whose dimpled out
lines would have made even an an
onte resign. George had been
twing her that beautiful story of the
Princess of olden times, who when
lover was stricken down by a
Phoned arrow, knelt by his side,
d with her own ruby lips drew
t om the wound the fatal element.
u. uitu nmbuea the gid ,,ave
'ttt-rance to the worda .n, .i-
chapter opecs. And th t..,.
l-nnstttut, silence fell between them
was the farfet to speak. "If
e wounded by a poisoned arrow,
iriing, would von AmnUt i,
f mpfe of the prinoesfc?"
iJe gin s f0rm fchook with & gu(J
"t-n tremor. iirl hr i,j .n
Bbirt front Upn
i Coubl n-if ,1 t ., ,
hr, w ll BU soDDea
wongn her tpnr.
''VLy not?" said Georee.
u UOt rrpsa iiu
i "- iui au ttua
-l "eu itie girj.
s,'0Lied tones.
. "heii," the miirmiircl
'm bhA more doselv to h?r
km I i.
) nitl i i ' " -J uuo cart)
catch the deiirim fr(irnoilQ
- vuiVUD,
A Modest Maiden' Request.
Texas Siftinc-s.
An Austin VOllnrr rnnn 1 1
rmg a voudk ladv with !,;,
'JB8 lor some tim rni3f .in ,
i various and sundry occasions she
o given mm to uLderetand that he
s distasteful to her. A few
ro he assured Ler he m .-in.
o to luifi 11" her every wish.
Is It TtuMv a fuft, fViot
I " v JUU Will
w hatever I abk you ? '
"our siwhtest wioV. n
me, and I shall obey."
' U11, then, I wish you would see
ju can inauce bit moth...
my mother to
. J ou. sue is a wi
particular about
irries as I am."
whom she
lFor Dyspepsia, indWstion. v,.
. '"ly. in
una liPtifral llc.,l.f :
also as a DrevenHvA
Pt Feve:
r and A cm a ond Afkn.
't Peverv
ln 1..: .
the "Ferro-Phosnhn.
" tUXir Of ffllia.. W , '
r "
.r-rr- ew York, and6Td bv
'leata recovering from
Fever or other
it has n equal.
Washington, December 30. On
motion of Mr. Kasson, of Iowa, the
bills of the Senate, to reform the
civil service, and to prevent official
assessments, were taken from the
Speaker's table. Referred to the
committee on civil service reform,
and leave granted to that committee
to report them back at any time.
Gambetta Worse.
London, December 30. A dispatch
to the daily News says: The condi
tion of Gambetta is alarming. His
friends no longer deny that his state
is critical.
Paris, December 30. Tosday's is
sue of the Bepublique Francaise
(Gambetta's paper) sa f?: The doctor
who visited Gambetta yesterday
afternoon ascertained that the in
flammation, extending outward to
ward the stern, and the condition
of the lower intestines are un
changed. There was a slight return
of the fever during the day. Pres
ident Grevy made inquiries regarding
toe patient last evening,
A Missing Embezzler.
Chicago, December, 29. C. M
Silliman, manager of the freight and
transportation department of the
Faust & Bradly Manufacturing Co.,
has been missing several days. The
firm claims that he ha3 absconded,
and that a partial examination of his
books shows an embezzlement of
$5,000, with probabilities that it will
amount to many thousands more.
It is said to have been accomplished
by packing small amounts in the
overcharges by
Ue(1 ftruJ killed bv the Ute
red and killed by the Ute Indians
the massacre of 1879, died here
w morning of pneumonia. She
ta.a clerk in the office of the Secre
hl of the Interior, and was held in
tie esteem for her personal quali
we Miss Meeker and her mother
Ute xisoners in the hands of the
finalliians for some time and were
' .escnft0 1 ?
Forger Arrested.
Parry, h December 29. John
Dewey, jk-keeper for Braeridge &
last ni"lvite bankers, was arrested
the chai and held in $5,000abail, on
of 84,50f of forgery to the extent
checks by a system of fraudulent
tender 'irA collusion with a bar
tender ilarge saloon. The bar
senior mpiiot yet nrrested- Tho
Governor ber of the firm is ex-
Meridin, Conn December
Xiumono xvuowii.
and Charles
Stiles, aged respect 1 ,
years, oi amn ora,. - Qnf eg8e(J Qn
bemg arrested this thafc
it was they who at;er.)ted fco wrecb
the PHBsenger tran;aegd bfci
promptedtodo8obe.-aae em
ploye of the road had them
off the track. ariven tnem
TIT 11- 1 .J "J" " "
The World's CottJS ,
k- v TA , Supply.
jSew Iork, Dace nbv- m-
total visible supply of cotto 'fnr tha
'a u,uuu,iwi uaies, t- which
2,456,961 is American, aainst
3,053,845 and 2,602,865. j
spectiveiy last year. Iiei-j t o
cotton at ail interior townsr 901
bales; receipts from pltations
294,780 bales; crop in sight, t ro ui
bales. lts,J44
New Railroad in Virgin,.
Danville, Va., December
W. T. Sutherlain, president of
Danville and New River Ra$Hd
Company, contracted yeterdajyith
A. B. Fortune, of Asheville, fu &u
extension of the raiiroad from II 3
tinsville to Patrick Court Houle, a
distance of 32 miles.
Found Dead in Bed.
Lswiston, Pa., December 29. Jas.
Buchanan and Margaret, his wife, an
tged couple, living alone about a
mile from town, were found dead in
bed at their residence last eveninc
The coroner found that both died
from natural causes.
Consul at Monterey.
Washington, December 29. The
Senate to-iday confirmed the nomi
nation of Robert C. Campbell, of
Louisiana, to be United States Con
sul at Monterey.
Texas News.
Galveston, Tex., December 27.
special to the News from Houston
btaWthat at Columbus, Wednes
day, a .n of Capt Stafford was
shot, but not killed, and that some
of the friends 01 TOUng Stafford had
hanged the would as8assm.
Snow in Virginlb..
Petersburg, Va., December 3o.A
enow 6torm has prevailed here Bine
9 o'clock last night. Snow is still
falling very rapidly. The ground is
covered to a depth of several inches.
Thirteen Millions of Debt Paid.
Washington, D. C, December 30.
It is estimated that the reduction
of the public debt for the month of
December will be about $3,000,000.
Atlanta, Ga.,
December 29.
Keller & Co., wholesale
produce and grocery dealers, have
assigned to T. D. Meader. Assets
$9,000; liabilities $11,000.
London, December 29 A Paris
dispatch to the Standard savs : M.
Ribot, a reporter of the Budget
committee in the Chamber of Depu
ties, has tendered ma resignation in
consequonce of vote of the commit
tee, that the opening of credits is
the exclusive prerogative of the
Beelin, December 29. The gov
ernment of Baden announces that
the floods have reached a higher
point than in November. The River
Neckar is now at the highest point
known in this country. The Rhine
dam is expected to be swept away.
The Maselle River steamers have
ceased running. The boats at
Cablez have been removed to Ca
dense. Travel on the railroad from
Paris to Vienna is interrupted. The
railroad between Kehl and Kork is
submerged for a distance of two
miles. Trains from Manheim to
Meeker Hafen have stopped run
ning. A panic prevails, owing to
the floods. A train attempted to
pass over the line from Offenmier to
Kork, but the engine left the rails,
and one person was killed and sev
eral others injured.
Worms, December 29. The Ham-
mel Dyke, on the Rhine, burst last
evening, flooding the lower part of
the town. Railway travel from
Frankfortsonson the-Main to Wis-
baden is interrupted owing to the in
undation of Casseldefo.
Paris, December 29. The Senate
to-dav adoDted the Budget as sent
back from the Chamber of Deputies.
Both houses were prorogued to-day
Our Country, and Bow it Hag Been Built
No nation upon the face of the habitable
globe has during the short space of its ex
istence, made such rapid strides to wealth,
greatness and national importance as the
United States of America. Its nationality
embraces every variety of good and whole
some law; its educational advantages and
facilities approximate perfection ; its varied
internal improvement systems excel any
thiDg known in the history of nations ; its
mountains of inexhaustible hidden mineral
wealth : its illimitable fields of coal and
iron, and boundless forests of finest tim
bers, are beyond the powers of compre
hension in the calculation of their value
and worth. And for the development and
utilization of the foregoing business inter
ests, it is necessarily imptant for the organ
ization of corporate bodies, for tne concen
tration of capital -to prosecnte the great
work. It requires millions of wealth to
build a great nation. Extensive railroad
organizations are essential, for
without them the raw material
fo"nniiV . ,l-iuoes enterprises cannot
1 W Of Time and" expense or irai sportation.
dreat manufacturing iron inteiests require
an accumulated capital of hundreds of
thousands of dollars, and the same is true of
all other business interests of importance.
An aggregation of capital is indispensably
necessary for the successful consumation of
all business enterprise, neiice our amest
statesmen thought it wisdom and economy
for the government to issue bonds and se
curities to solvent compauies tor me ex
prt ss d and uvowed pui po se of budditi!' 1
Hyht;ia of uitemai iinj)ix ements, wh ch
would enhance the vaue of real esUio, und
contribute to the general wealth and pros
perity of the nation, for without those great
nionied powers and organizations of wealth,
our great country would have remained par
tially in the backgrounds of ignorance and
superstition, and the commendations, eu
logies and applause so lavishly bestowed by
impartial judges would never have been
pronounced, and while no nation can ever
attain to its normal state of greatness and
perfection without the foregoing system of
organized companies, yet it is veritably
true that there are numbers of politici -ns
and newspaper editors who are making a
vigorous warfare upon railroads and other
corporate bodies, calling them niilroad
kings, bloated bondholders, monied rings
Ac, arraying the feelings of the poorer
classes against the wealthier classes of the
country. Newspaper editors and politicians
who thus excite and poison the public mind
against capitalists WT10 are the public beue
factors of the country, criminally retard
the progress of our nationid greatness, and
prejudice the minds of millious of innocent
people against their best interest. Such
training and teaching has a tendency to
generate a solid system of communism,
and engender the worst state of feelings
against the government, such as the nihilist
of Kussia entertain against their government.
To thus make a formidable international
foe against capitalists tends to destroy the
kindly fraternal feelings of the people nec
essary to conduce to the best interests and
happiness of the nation. Politicians, in
their blind zeal to gain party advantages,
assail the bondholders as if they were the
common enemy of the country. Railroad
companies are likewise maligned, and all
corporate bodies of wealth fall into the
same category, all of which brings about a
state of dissatisfaction which engenders
"strikes" and "tecret orders," which antag
onize! capital, and which throws men out
of employment and frequently into jail.
Taleut, enterprise and capital should not
be rewarded with infectives and calumny,
such is are applied to the best business
men oi the nation. w. h. d.
Monroe County.
Scipio, N. Y., Dec 1, 1879.
I am thd Pastor of the Baptist Church
here, and an educated physician. I am not
in practice, but am my sole family physic
ian, and advise in many chronic cases.
Over a year ago I recommended your Hop
Bitters to my invalid wife, who has been
under medical treatment of Six of Albany's
best physicians several years. She has be
come thoroughly cured of her various com
plicated diseases by their use. We both
recommend them to our friends, many of
whom have also been cured of their various
ailments by them.
Mrs. H.ent Blason.
A Kaokuk, Iowa, telegram to the Chicago
Tribune of yesterday, says:
"Mrs. M. . Mason, the temperance lec
turer, charged with cheating by false pre
tense, had her preliminary examination
to-Qay before Justice Wescott, and wa
uischargod from custody. Mrs. Mason
obtained $137 worth of dry goods, of H.
N. Bostwick, presenting that she was a
niece of Mrs. Judge Prentice, of Carthage,
I1L Mr. Bostwick failed to appear as a wit
ness against her, and could not be found by
the officers. Mrs. Mauori8 husbaud, Arthur
Clayton, lives in Chicago.
Bbsakfabt Cocoa, as a beverage, is uni
versal y conceded superior to all other
drinks for the weary man of business or
the more robust laborer. The preparations
of Walter Baker & Co. have long been the
standard of merit in this line, and our read
ers who purchase "Baker's Breakfast Co
coa" will find it a most healthful, delicious
and invigorating beverage.
Oscar Bunkoed.
Oscar Wilde, the apostle of the
lily and the dado, has been bunkeed!
The details of the affair are few but
painful. He was picked up on Broad
way by pseudo Englishmen, who
professed themselves admirers of the
sunsflower and the stork, were apt in j
posing, and were of course old but 1
forgotten acquaintances in England.
They iugratiated themselves into
Oscar's favor, and so grew upon him
thut soon their companionship be-,
came a very symphony of delight to
him. At last they wheedled him in
to a brilliant and festive lull of
pleasure. He indulged in a
little game, purely esthetic
at first, and eventually
so wildly entrancing that he went in
deeper and deeper until ne nad losi
all his available money, and at last
drew a check upon his banker for
S 1,300, a part of the proceeds oi bis
lectures to lorn, lank maidens with
clinging gowns. He finally, in unu
esthetic language, tumbled to tne
little game, shot out of the gilded
halla hatless, and with his long nair
streaming to the winds and his long
coat-ti ils flying so horizontally that
two of his Enghsn friends declared
they could have played a game of
sevenup on them he made for his
banker to stop payment on the check.
But what excuse can be made for
Oscar, who has set himself up as an
oracle of instruction for the Ameri
can people? He found everything
wrong in this blarsted country as
soon as he arrived, and he at once
took us under his patronage, and in
private and in public lost no oppor
tunity in collecting our manifold
fa.nl t.H. H has shown the vouni?
woman how to dress, and walk, and
talk, and in the process has reduced
some of them to a condition not far
removed from lunacy. He has shown
maturer women how to decorate their
rooms with symphonies of color and
soulful arabesques of design, now
to set forth tneir tables so
that erue3ts may sup on the sight
of a lily, and fill their stomachs with
contemplation and other fodder as
unsubstantial as the east wind. He
! as taught men how to build houses,
and stores, and churches, and halls,
and how to paint them. He has cor
rected all our artistic notions and
adapted our canons to the bases of
the lily and the sunflower. He has
exposed the faults of the theatre, of
the opera, and of fashion. He has
corrected our poetry and our prose.
He has indicated the weak spots in
our form of government. He has
uhown up the Atlantic Ocean as a
fraud, Niagara as a mere plunge,ef I
KOtbciiTtairra'aijahtmg in that
harmony of outline which invests
elevations with a ravishingly esthetic
It is a little pathetic that this
apostle of the beautiful, who has set
himself up as the mentor of the
American people, and has sought to
shed the light of his theories and
cai.O' 3 upon tueir ignorance, erioulu
aims' If have been captured by the
bunko steerer, and to be seduced
from the paths where the lilies grow
and sunflowers blow, and only th
ravishingly beautiful spreads itself
out in constantlyshif ting symphonies
into the den of gilded allurements.
Of what use or yalue are all his
theoris of the good, the true, and
the beautiful if tuey caunot preserve
himtroin tuo temptations of the bun
ko man, who is neither, good, true,
nor beautiful? With all his know!
edge, Oscar hereafter should only
trust nimseif among the lorn, lank
maids with the clinging gowns, and
content himself with their admiras
tion and worship. They will not de
ceive him. Let him hug his mantle
piece and pose in rapt attitude, while
the medieva maidens hover about
him and contemplate the symphonic
sunflower. There is safety for him
with ttiem. While we sympathize
with him in the loss of his money,
we cannot but regard the chuckling
satisfaction of Teddy, the Kid, as he
relates to his companions how he
took in "the hesthetic cove, you
know, with something like a feeling
of personal revenge, as we recall the
manner in which the victim has held
Americans up as ignoramuses.
Total Net Receipts of Cotton,
New York, December 29. The
following are the total net receipts of
cotton at all the ports siuce Septem
ber 1st, 188U:
Galveston, 485,473 bales; New Or
leans, 844,124 bales; Mobile, 209,627
bales; Savannah, 570,610 bales;
Charleston, 400,505 bales; Wilming
ton, 85,290 bales; Norfolk, 490,994
bales; Baltimore, 15,583 bales; N w
York, 67,089 bales; Boston, 7,509
bales; Providence, 140 bales; Piiii.i
delphis, 21,242 bales; Wrest Point,
129,519 bales; Brunswick, 5,308 bales;
Port Royal, 5,860 bales; Pensacola,
537 bales; City Point, 2,754 bales.
Total, 3,433,156.
Business Failures.
New York, December 29. The
business failures for the past seven
days as reported to R. G. Dunn &
Co., mercantile agency, number 193,
as against 197 last week The East
ern States 20, Western 63, Southern
46, Northern 28, Pacific States and
Territories 14, Canda 13, and New
York city 9.
STExplicit directions for every use are
given with the Diamond Dyes. For dying
Mosses, Grasses, Eggs, Ivory, Hair, Sec.
J. Hayne, treasurer of the Ala
bama and Great Southern Railway
and ore of the chief representatives
of the Erlanger syndicate in Amer
ica, contracted smallpox while pay
'og off railroad laborers at Ciiut
- -- . .
Gear out rats, mice, roaches, flies, ants,
bed-bugs, tkunks, ohipmanka, gophers.
15o. Draggiata.
It Wouldn't Do.
Arkansas Traveler.
A bunter fired at a bird as it flew
over the dooryard of an Arkansas
residence. A boy that was playing
around was struck by a couple of
shot, and his loud cries brought the
farmer to the scene.
"What have you done?" he de
manded of the hunter, drawiDg a re
"I beg ten thousand pardons,
exclaimed the hunter. "In my
eagerness to secure the bird I fired
thougbtjessly, and I fear that I have
serious!'1', wouuded your son.
"Son"'! said the old man, "I
thought you had bit my dog. Mind
how you shoot about here, for if you
put a shot into that dog I'll cut off
DOtn Oi your ears.
Sent Him a Check.
"John," said an Indiana Avenue
lady to her husband the ether moro
mg, "you Know tuai narry s expenses
at college are quite large this year,
and he writes me that he don't see
how he's going to get along without
more help."
"That's all right," said the huss
band, "I sent him a check yesterday."
"You sent him a check?"
"Yes; I wrote him that he would
not get another dollar out of me be
fore Christmas. If that don't act as
a check to his blamed extravagance,
I don't know what will."
New York Stock Market.
New York, N. Y., December 30.
The stock market opened irregular, with
but J fractional changes from yesterday's
closing quotations, except for Nashville and
Chattanooga, which was 1 per cent, higher,
and Chicago, Burlington and Quincy 1 per
cent, lower. In earlv trade the market
was dull and heavy, and prices fell off al
per cent., led by Nashville and Chattanooga,
Illinois Central and Chicago, Burlington
and Quincy; but at 11 o'clock there was a
fractional rally.
Exchange. 479J; governments, weak and
lower: fives, 103; fours-and-a-half, 120i:
fours, 120; money, 7a3, dull and
higher; sub-treasury balances, coin, $114,
666,000; currency, $5,049,000; stocks, ir
regular and mainly weak.
Ala. Class A t5
Ala. Class A small TSS
Ala. Class B 5's tlOO
Ala. Class CM's t7
Chicago & Northwestern 136
Chicago & Worth western, prererrea.... iozf
Erie 39
East Ten ?, Va. & Ga. li. 14 9
Illinois Central 142
Lake Shore U3l
Louisville & Nashville 5J
Memphis & Charleston 43
Nashville Chattanooga . bi
New York Central 126;
Pittsburgh 140
Rin.hmQp'f,- UJurhiieir.r.niV............. . " 26 J
Rock Island! 105
West Point, terminal 35
Wabash, St Louis &. Pacific 54
Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific, preferred. 81
Western Union 81 5
U. S. 3 per cents 103
Georgia 6s 1074
Georgia 7s mortgage tl07J
Georgia do. gold .'. ..Til
Louisiana consols f69
North Carolina, old t28
North Carolina, new tl5
North Oarolii a, funding 114
North Carolina, special tax b
Tennessee 6s 43
Tennessee, new 41
Virginia 6s 36
Virginia consolidated t62
Virginia deferred tl2J
Adams Express 13
American Express 91
Chesapeake & Ohio 22 J
Chicago & Alton 134
Chicago, St. Louis & New Orleans 78
Consolidated Coal 28
Delaware & Lackawana 1 28
Fort Wayne 1344
Hannibal & St. Joe 50
Harlem tl86
Houston & Texas 76
Manhattan Elevated 47
Metropolitan Elevated 83 1
Michigan Central 98
Mobile & Ohio 17
New Jersey Central 69 J
.Norfolk & Western, preferred 47
New York Elevated 95
Ohio & Mississippi 33
Ohio & Mississippi, preferred 90
Pacific Mail 42
Panama tl67
Quicksilver 8 J
tjuicKsuver, preferred 38
Reading 53;
St Louis & San Francisco 32
St Louis & San Francisco, preferred.. 52
St Louis & San Francisco, 1st prefd. 964
St Paul 105
ftt. I'aul, preferred 121
Texas Pacific 39
Union Pacific 102
United States Express 63
Wells & Fargo 123
tBid. Offered. "Asked.
New Yoek. December 29. Cotton, net
receipts, 2,091 bales, gross, 3,594 bales.
Futures closed firm; sales, 90,000 bales.
January 10. 18al0. 19; February, 10.26al0.29;
March, 10.39al0.40; April, 10.52al0 53; May,
10.65; June, 10.78; July, 10.89al0.90;
August, 11.00.
St. I.ouis Live Stock Market.
St. Lours, Mo., December 29. Cattle,
receipts, 600; shipments, 300; shippiu
grades scarce and not much wanted, but
choice stuff firm and in good demand; na
tive steers, from 1,100 to 1,375 pounds,
$4.75a5 40; lighter steers ranged, $4.25a
4.50; good butcher stock, 4.40; common
to fair, $3 00; stockers, $3.50a4.00. Sheep,
receipts, 300; shipments, none; supply
light; fair to good native mutton, $3.50a
4 25; choice to fancy, $4.50a5.00; Texans,
$2.75a3.50 Hogs quiet, but firm; light
$5.50a5.65; packing, $.00a6.20; buichors,
$6.20a6.35; receipts, 1,900; shipments, 125.
Chicago Market.
Chicago, December 29. Flour steady
and unchanged. Wheat strong and higher;
regular, 944, for December; 94Ja95 for
January; No. 2 red winter, 94 J ; No. 2 Oiii
cago spring, 93ja94J; No. 3 do., 77. Cora
active, firm and higher; 50a50 for cash;
50 for December. Oats strong and higher;
40 for cash; 41a41 for December; 36a
36 for January. Dressod hogs unsettled,
but generally higher, $7.00a7.25. Pork
active, firm and higher; $17.15al7.20 for
caah;$17.17Aal7. 20 for January. Lard strong
and higher; $10.37410.40 for casa aud
January. Bulk meats steady and un
changed. Whisky steady and unchanged.
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Chicago, December 29. The Drovers'
Journal reports :. Hogs, receipts, 26,000;
shipments, 4,300. Market generally active,
with better demand and prices 5u higher;
miied$5.60a6.00; heavy, $5.90a6 C5; light-,
5.b0ao.lU; skips $4.UUao 35. Cattle, re
ceipts, 440; shipments, 3,900; active and So
higher; exports quotable, $6.10a650; good to
choice shipping $5.10a5.90; common to fair,
$4.00a5.00, butchers fairly active; poor to
fair, $2.35a3.50; medium to good, $3. 65a
4.25; stockers and feeders, $3.00a4.25.
Sheep, receipts, 1,800; shipments, 1,000;
attendance of buyers fair, and general de
mand good, the market was overstocked
with common and prices ruled strong on
good; common to fair, $3.00a3.50; medium
to good, $3.60; choice to extra, $4.35a4.85.
Cincinnati Market.
Cincinnati, December 29. Flour, dull
and nominal. Wheat, dull and nominal;
No. red 2 winter, 95a96 fo spot. Corn, dull
and lower at 48i; 49 for spot; 49a49J for
December; 48ia48 for January. Oats,
dull and lower at 38Ja39 for spot. Pork,
steady at $17.25. Lard stronger at $10.25
al0.30. Bulk meats in fair demand; shoul
ders, $6.f 1; clear rib, $8.75. Bacon quiet;
shoulders. $8.00; clear nb, $10.25; clear,
$ 11.00. ' hisky steady . and firm at $1.13
Sugar quiet and unchanged. Hogs, quiet;
common and light $5.25a6 15; packing
and butchers', $6.10a6.40.
laooioville Market.
LonisvuuLE, December 29. Flour dull
and unchanged. Grain dull, no trade ac
tions. Provisions dull. Pork, new mess,
$18 00. Lard weak; steam leaf, $12. 00.
Hogs, dull; good to choice $5.90. Whis
ky quiet and unchanged, $1.13.
LI la
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of the Chest,
Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swell
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, Genera Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted
Feet and Ears, and all other
Pains and Aches.
No Preparation on earth equals St. Jacob Oil
n a Baft, snrrf simple and cheap External
Kenedy A trial entails bnt the coinparatiTely
trifling outlay of 50 Cents, and every one suffering;
vith pain can have cheap an'l positive proof of its
Directions in Eleven Languages.
A. Household Article for Universal
Family Use.
For Scarlet and
Typhoid Fevers,
Diphtheria, SaU
I vatiou, Ulcerated
I Sore Throat, Small
Pox, Measles, and
all Contagious liMeaes. Persons waiting on
the Sick should tine it freely. Scarlet Fever has
never been known to spread where the Fluid was
used. Yellow Fever has been cured with it after
black vomit had taken place. The worst
cases of Diphtheria yield to it.
Feveredand Sick Per
sons refreshed and
Bed Sores prevent
ed by bathing with
Darbys Fluid.
Impure Air marie
harmless and purified.
For Sore Throat n is a
sure cure.
Contagion destmved.
For Fronted Feet,
Chilblains, Piles,
Chafing, etc.
Rheumatism cured.
Soft White Complex,
ions secured by its use.
Ship Fever prevented.
o purify the Breath,
Cleanse the Teeth,
it can't be surpassed.
Catarrh relieved and
Rrysipelas cured.
8 ars prevented.
Dysentery cured.
Wounds healed rapidly
Scurvy cured.
An Antidote for Animal
or Vegetable Poisons,
Stings, etc.
I used the Fluid during
our present affliction with
Scarlet Fever with de
cided advantage. It is
indispensable to the sick
room. Wm. F. Sanij
fokd, Eyrie, Ala.
PITTING of Small
A member of my fam
ily was taken vith
Small pox. 1 used the
Fluid ; the patient was
not delirious, was not
pitted, and was about
the house again in three
weeks, and no others
had it. - J. W. Park
inson, Philadelphia.
The physicians hero
use Darbvs Fluid verv
successfully in the treat
ment ot Diphtheria.
A. Stollknwbrck,
Greensboro, Ala.
Tetter dried up.
t.nolera prevented.
Ulcers purified and
Ill cases of Death it
should be used about
the corpse it will
prevent any unpleas
ant smell.
The eminent Phy.
sician, J.MARION
SIMS, M. 1., New
Iork", savs: "I am
convinced Prof. Darbys
Prophylactic Fluid is a
valuable disinfectant."
Va nrl-T-Vt! I llnlvmlf. ill- rwt
I testify to the most excellent qualities of Prof.
Darbys Prophylactic Fluid. As a disinfectant and
detergent it is both theoretically and practically
superior to any preparation with which I am ac
quainted. N. T. Lufton, Prof. Chemistry.
Darbys Fluid is Recommended by
Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, of Georgia-
Rev. Chas. F. Deems, D.D., Church of tha
Strangers, N. Y.;
Jos. LeContb, Columbia, Prof., University S C.
Rev. A. J. Battlb, Prof, Mercer University;
Rev. Geo. F. Pierce, Bishop M. E. Church.
Perfectly harmless. Used internally or
exf mally for Man or Beast.
The Fluid has been thoroughly tested, and we
have abundant evidence that it has done everything
here cl.-rmed. For fuller information get of your
Druggist a pamphlet or send to the proprietors,
.?. H. ZEILIN & CO.,
Manui.cturinCjiemiso, PHILADELPHIA
Eve, y Corset is warranted satis
faotnrv so its wearer in every way,
i the money will be refunded by
the person from -whom It was bought
only Comet pronounced by our lending- rhysieiaiMi
nt injarions to the wearer, and endorsed by ladlea as
m 1 ' moat comfortable and perfect fitting Ccrset ever
PRICES, by Mail, Postage Paid I
tlealtk Preservtnc 1.60. aelf.Ad1u.tl. 1.60
Abdominal (extra heavy ) S.OO. undue, M.SO
Health Preser-vttiar (one eoatll) St.OO. Parawoa
Sklrt.Sopportlns. St. 60.
Far sale by leading ICetail Sealers everywhere.
Scarlet Fever j j
e ? '' m Vm k
Alter . tnorousrn iruu oi kib uitis sm at Industry. IU., says:
ISON TONIC, I take pleasure S TC
in statin that I have bwnpjf RflTs
1 J O i tA. I
of the Greatest value I - !.
where a Tonic is neces
sary. I recommend it
as o. reliable remedial
agent, possessing' un
doubted nutritive and
restorative properties.
LouitrtiU. Ku.. Oct. 2. 1HS2.
And Miscellaneous, Useful and Fancy Articles.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Frames,
Flooring, Ceiling, Weatherboarding,
BllAtTKETft TwfiTTT titwob, eTAiaa, dc-
tPluns and i:vl1 utiom rMruliii-1 f .r all Midi of BuU.-tiiiijs. Satisfaction Uuarauteed.
Office and Machine Shop on Hardee Street,
iive Kii'ixvilta KO'tudry nd Machine Company
The Fashionable Tailor
Next Ooor to the EVSechanics' Bank,
The Best ! The Cleanest t
The Purest ! The Cheapest !
'II.IKI'IIOSK Mo. 37.:
OFFICE Next Door to Hattie House, Gay Street,
P.O. BOX, 28. K?QXVIM,1 TP?rt
Chancery Sale of a Tract of Laud.
NO. 2127.
Wm. Sharp and wife vs. N. B. Johnson et al.
in the above cause, at the J.mu rj term,
1882 and revived at tt. June ttim, iWi, of th j
Chancery Court, at Kr.oxville. Tenn., ) il sell,
to the highest bidder. In tront of ihe coiir -hou!
door. In Knoxvllle, on
MXT. AT 11 O'CLOCK, A. M.,
the tract of land mentioned and described l i
the pleadings, lying in ihe ,ath civil district ft
Knox counts, tenn., adjoining lands of Ma
Buck and others, being the tract conveyed to J. .
B Johnson and W. - .Fitzgerald, on the ltfri
dfeiof September, 1878.
Said sale will be made on a cre'llt of six
months and in bar of the equity otredeiiiptloii.
taking from the purchaser a note with coo i
security and retaining a lien as further security.
December 12th, 1882.
S. P. EVANS. Clerk aod Master.
Price-list. W. H. DILLINGHA" & CO.
421 Main Street, LOUISVILLt. (Y,
jL combination of j
f oxide- of Iron, jPer trior
Hark and i'hosphonuim
a alaUibl form. For
Debility, XoM of Appe
tite, Prostration of Vtal
fowerm it is indiaponaa
if i 5 .. .ii
'1 consider It
a most excellent remedy for
the debilitated vital forces.
I C lit E CO., 13 w. K.KVS ST., ST. LOUIS.
f Praters,
Mr Vegetable nd Flower Seed Clalotm for
1 H5 will te sent t-KBB to all who apply. Customers of
aii iea-.on ueea not write lor u. Ail &eea sent trum my
establishment warranted to be both fresh and true to name,
so far, that should it prove otherwise, I agree to refill the
order gratis. My collection of vejretaMe seed is one of
the most extensive to be found in any American catalogue,
and a larg-e part of it is of my own growing. An the
orlrlnnl Introducer of Krly Ohio and flurbanb
Potatoc. Mat-hlehead Early Corn, the Hubbard
FHiuaMh Marblehead Cabbafe. .Phfaney Melon,
and a score of other new Vegetables. I invite the patron
age of the public. In the garden and on the farms oi
those who plant my seed will be found my best advertise
ment. James J- H. Gregory, Marblehead, Mast.
Electric Appliance art tent on 30 Days' Trial.
TfTHO are suffering from Nbktous Drarurr,
V Lost Vitality, L.c or Kf.kvk Fours asd
Virion, Was ttm. W eakhbshxs, sad all those diseases
of a Pkrsovai, Nattibs resulting from Abuses and
Otiikb Cacsks. Bpeedy relief and complete nuta
milon of Health, Vioor ana Man hood Guar irr nF.D.
The gr&ndeflt discovery of the Klneteenth Century.
SeadatoaoeforUlustratedPamhletfree. Adcireea
may be found on
fl.i at Geo. p.
Row ell, cym
Newspaper Advertising
in;? I
Bureau (V dpruo
street), vncre aaver
?&ing contracts mav
' rtt- i-- j
mi iiuteisot11."!, ipi-i iiJiiji jjp jj ml
T DR. f gpi
Ik :

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