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AlTOlTST 3, 1870.
NPI'.CIMKN roi'ins
Of tlio CiinoNict.K hiniled freo to nny redrew on ap
plication. Ta Up Xntico.
Jfcrc,ftfp mil on gtntlemen tn Ifome ramUiliitm, or
mutter nf a perianal nnturt, v:Uliciharoeilforaiaiittr-ttiemtntt.
.ow Ailvortlsoinciiti.
Tlio Franklin Houso has just been refitted in
a thorough manner, by Mr- J. C. Sclvitlgo, who
succeeds Mr. .Tannoy as iniiio host. The Frank
lin is a good plnco to stop nt.
Messrs. T. N. M cMullcn & Co. ottbr to our
citizens raro Inducement? in dry good?. Thoy
nro constantly receiving additions to heir large
stock of fashionable goods, and ivu take pleasure
in slating tho fact.
Messrs. Dromgoolo & Co., of Memphis, pub
lish their famous Fcmnlo llittor this morning
in our advertising colunini. Their house has a
wiilo reputation. .
Tlio stcamcriAlert'hiisbfiQ'n'lying nWie'rwliarf
in tins city fovcral days, undergoing repairs.
Slio looks like n new boat.
Clflor Mills.
Also, EMPTY 'llAKltKllS
Sorghum Syrup, at
aug3-lm , llottun
' rarClder and
& Church' p.
Itcnplnir Anttirc's Harvest.
Hundreds of men and boys are now employed
by the ii'soiintioii of Now York capitalists
known as tho Sea Moss Farino Co., In reaping
from tho rooks on tho Irish oonst tho cdiblo inn
rino lichen which, as prepared under tho natno
of Kami's Sea Moss Farinc, lms'alrcady becomo
one oftho important manufactured staples of tho
uncrican produco market. Tho patent for this
cheap and delicious food element is scarcely a
year old, yet its uo Is all but unlvorsal. Evory
grocery and general store, and evory respecta.-
blo dnlgglst establishment In tho country finds"
it necessary to keep a supply of the article.
Housekeepers declare that the quantity of ox-
rmWtc custnrd, blanc mange, light pudding,
cream, jolley, &c, producible from the Farino
oxeceds by one-half that obtainable- from any
other gelatinous agent used iu cokary. The
contral dopotls at 63 Park Place, 2s8w York.
Jackson Hunter, of tho 7th district, beats tho
county so far on cucumbers, lie has onq, UH
inches long and 11 inches" round. Who can'beat
Itnllroml .Mi-otln;;.
A meeting of stockholders of the East Ten
nessee, Virginia and Georgia 1'ailroad, is called
for this place on tho 7th day of Scptombor,
Vt Ago in.
Vo nro glad to state that Mr. L. II. Osborno
lias almost entirely recovered from tho effects of
his lato wound. Ho was on the street yesterday,
looking but little tho worse for hi narrow os
capo from death.
Tlio I'luro to (in.
Persons naturally trade whore thoy can get
bargains, nnd that being the case when tho fact
is known that Powell & Osborne otl'er induce
mcnts to customers they patronize them. AVo
cordially recommend them gentlemen to our
ltnttlCHiinlw Klll-il.
Last Saturday morning, a lady living in tho
vicinity of Lea's Springs became alarmed at u
hissing noiso near her bed, and nrose in great
luarm. bearch was made, when a rattlesnake
was found and killed, which po"es$ed eight rat-
tics and a button.
A t'nmlliliito.
Uy reference to our column of announcements,
it will bo seen that our young friend, Lewis Hu-
utburg, asks tho suffrages of Jin lellow-citizon
fortho office of Constable. If elected, ho will give
his undivided attention to all matters entrusted
to his keeping.
Hitjl v lto.yil.
Tneso gentlemen have been so long iu tho
business that it is almost a work of supereroga
tion to say anything about them, lint they liavo
Mich a splendid frtock on hand and coining that
wo cannot refrain from mentioning the fac.t for
tho beiiollt oftho ladies.
I'mll .liii-s.
JohnL. Hudiburghas just received a supply
of Mason's fruit jars, which are given up to be
the, best in use. AVo can testify to this, from
having used them our.-olf for several years past.
Thoso wishing them should call at once, as tlio
supply will soon be exhausted.
lion. Jelferson Davis pased through this city
yciterdny, en route to tho Virginia Springs.
The distinguished traveller was interviewed by
deveral gentlomcn. Oneoftlicm aikeil him if
ho was "going to "Washington V Mv. DAvis
replied in tho negative, and added that ho. '.'had
enough of that city." ,f
Siililmth School iVU-linitlon.
There will bo a Sabbath School colobratioii at
Thorn Grove, on Saturday, the lGth of August,
Ji which four or flvo Sabbath Schools aro to
participate. Maj. JnO. L. Murphy, 1'ov. O.AV.
Coleman, Col. 11. P. Stacy and T. H. Hcald
will deliver addresses. Tlio peoplo of Thont
Grovo and surrounding country arc anticipating
a largo attendance, nnd are preparing to-muko
the day plcaant for all.
.Veiv l'cinalc At'iil'ij'.
Tho ojit(ll-prislng'cili.eus. of the .lilfa-iiiifj vil-
lago of Ncw"Markot aro about erecting a largo
and commodious building t" bo used as a Fo
undo AoTuluniyt anil" Masonic- Hall. The sitcris.
to bo selected by a committeeaiext AVcdnosday,
and tho work commenced at once. Ourinforni-
nnt thinks it will bo completed iu time to open
a school during tlio coming fall.
IHsciisc Anion"; I'iihN,
AVo understand that a fatal dUoase lias appear
ed among chickens in this county. Yesterday
a gentleman on Market square lost several fowls
fi.'init. Ifci not li&ulthy to eat chicken, now,
unless puruhaiori know where tho, birds conic
fr.iui. Mr. IS. ". Pftrham nto a portion of a
chick i'n for dinner on Tuesday, and soon after
cxperioncad cuilsations of iiiiiuen, which grow
virsc until ho wus compelled t He down. Ho
lu not sot over tho oH'eetji yet, I at is goimj; to
e -chew poultry until cold weather eU in,
Tlic Crops.
The dry weather for tho ten days -preceding
Thursday was very favorable'to farmers, afford-
ing them an opportunity of putting up their
wheat in good condition. A great deal of wheat
in East Tennessee lias been damaged by putting
ltup before it was thoroughly dry. Tho oats
crop is also pretty well saved, and is abundant.
Tho genial nhowers which havo falkli 'smco
Thursday evening, cooling tho parched atmos
phere, will about completo tho corn crop, and
wo can see no reason why it should not yield as
largely as auyfor!iier year. , .
Our markets aro now well supplied witn
choico fruits, melons, potatoos and vegetables of
ovcry kind common to our latitude.
AVe havo no recollection of having ever wit
nessed n season moro favorable to tho farmer in
every respect as tho present has been thus far.
: . f ,
i:ilHt TCHIICHHOO: liiiUorwIl.v.'t
Tho fall session of the Industrial College of
tho University will begin ontho loth of Septem
ber. Having a full corps of instructors, this in
stitution otl'ers abundant facilities to the youth of
tho country for acquiring a classical and practi
cal education.
Sectarianism will be carefully avoided, but is
Christian in its influences. A preparatory school
will be opened at tho snmo time in one of the
University buildings! " '
Each county iu the State is nllowcd to wmil
three students, nontinatejl by tho,'rciire,,-entatives
in tho Legislature, freo of tuition, who will be
curried to nnd from s-chool freo of charge by tho
railroad".,.; Spo thy advcrtiennmt oji the tlrst
l'iriKlUli Trirlt.
AVo heard n rumor, that on the night of tho
Democratic mass meeting nt ltogersvillo, some
villain emptied a lot of coal oil iu tho tender of!
the engine, hoping to cnusc an explosion.
AVhen steam was cotton up, the cnjriiicor nt first
could not nacount fbr the eccentric conduct of
tho gunge, but by using caution an
accident was averted. Any ono knowing tho
xpnnsivo forco of oil compared , to "that of
ater, can readily understand what tho rosult
might have been.
3IllllMMl A Itllll-.
lly reference to our Advertising column It will
bcon that Messrs. Munson & Unity havo been
appointed receivers of tlio firm of Curtis & John
son, Claim Agents of this city. The books of
evcrnl other firms named, an- also in thoir
muds for Hunt settlement. This firm does tho
largf.t claim business in East Tuniiesseo, nnd
hnvo thus far been very successful. They aro
well known Ileal Estate Asrentsnnd Insuranco
Agents as veil. Thoy hnvo peculiar facilities to
do business and deserve patronage.
C'otlliln'l 'lil-iri-inl.
Tlio Greencvillo Xatlonnl Virion refuses to
discuss the Criminal Court hill on personal
grounds, as tho Whig did. That paper as a gen-
oral thing does not, but the article tho Greone-
llle paper alludes, to was written by the gentle
man who generally runs the first column on tho
1th pugo of tho HVn'if, the editor being absent
at tho tmio it was written.
Knew Jlini Well
Soon after tho departure of the llrislol train
yesterday, tho following dialogue occurred be
twecn a tipsy cx-Johnnlo and a bystander:
"AVell, John, Mr. Davi has just gone; did
you get to see him?"
(John, loquitur) '"See 'him I itcokon I did
I've seen him before. I'm 'quainted with Jell'.,
I am.'
"AVliy, how's thfit, John? I never heard of
it. AVhen didfyou form hiVacqtiaiiitancu?"
"Oh, during tho war," ho ropliod, assuming
a mattcr-of-eourso air. "I'm nporsonnl friend
" How did Mr, Davi happen to speak to you
AVhatdid he sayi"
"AVell, if you must know, ho asked me to
hold his liorso a minute," said the importurablo
John, as ho vanished within tho portals
Itlll'i- Illllii n l ine-ill
Major General AVoitzel,of tho engineer corps.
has asked Gov, Scnter f.ir maps and surveys of
tho Cumberland and French Uroad rivers
Commentinir on that, tho 'Chattanooga Times
'AVo aro at a lo. to know whv tho Fronch
llroad river is mentioned iu connection witli tho
Cumberland, and wo do not seo what is to bo
Tlio rum-Ill in Nti'itzri'lnilil.
AYc hnvo just beou shown a very intereting
ktu-r frohi tho dinigliterti of our fellow-oitiiten,
1'i-ter Stuub, tho Swliw Cuiuul;ir Agent for Tn-
in --
I" ;
C .11
4 i.
V i -t
o, who are at present in Switzerland iittond
i hool. In company with Dr. Soyerc, tho
ricaii Con-ul at Zurich, and other Ameri-
i , the.v bad a m r ph-nMnt ont'iir-lun on the
of Jui., uii tin- jiiketM llukun. The little
tvl WH- u i !.i il with Vini'i'icaii llaif, and the
was am lupiiatuly ubervud. Sucli duiium
iticins of our gr-at natal day, by Americans
.in '.gn courit ri..'-, mum bi vory pU'anaiit to all
itijiatiiig. In tin- cii-i', our young friends
.in- that, utti-;-: hu-y day, they slept wuut
i i I , ciiiii. ' A ! n a.
obtained bv a survey of the French llroad. un
ions tho Tennessee is to bo improved between this
city and Knoxville, just above which tio b ronch
liroad empties in tho llol'ton. Wo are afraid
Cotigros has got things mixed.''
rot a bit of -"mixing" intqnded. Tlio rive
must bo improved. to as to givo Knoxville the
advantages her wealth and Mtuation ontitlo her
to, and which are necessary for tho prosperity
East Tennessee. ..Citjos, Jiko KniiA,YilIe, iiiust be
encouraged, but village, can ailoni toawait tnei
Thiol Jcl(-l-l-il.
George Fisher, an attache of llobincouV Cir
cus, was arrested yesterday afternoon for tteal
ing from Alderman AVni. A. Henderson
Tlio fellow was in tho Kxpres.s office, when Mr,
II. camo in with a package to send oil", which he
laid omtho counter, and whilo tho attention i
that gentleman was attracted for a moment by
show bill, tho roguo seized the opportunity t
abstract tho money from tlio letter and leave,
AVhen tho clerk came to count the money it was
gone. Mr. Henderson nt onco suspected tho
thief, and ho was arrested, but gave S"" in tl
hands of Constable AVilds in lieu of security.
' 't , t'lirryliiffAVfoniMiiw. , . . , tm
U it not time that the law was boiilg enforced
in regard to carrying deadly weapons, ll'thi
law was goncrally rupecWd, two-thirds of tho
shooting nnd stabbing affrays wp hear of woul
never happen. The Loudon Stormy in re
gard to tho lato homicide in this city, that Mr.
Andorson seldom carried a pistol, and by the
nierostohanco happSfled to have it when Do.ier
was shot. Hishrotherhud tivken It to Knoxvillo
iu his capacity of guard, and John had started
to tho dopot on his way home, bringing tlio pis
tol with him. Hit object was only Ut Jko the
property home again,
Wouldn't Worl.
TlwKuoxvllle papers fbr son "hrni.ihod
their publication to subscriber what the
blank papw oot them. .A week " go,' liow
evor, they returned to their sciii mid old
puces at the same time. They imw charge $'i
for tholr wookly aud'W) for tJtmir UHy edi
tion, jind' stand wwe littlo cliaiioe of keeiiing
thoir heads abovo5 Mftor. Swettwter tinter
priit. - ' :
AilvortlslKir ilxti'iuwlliiai'y.
Fivo of tho leading SewTaA dailies of Tues
day, each ctmtain a page advertleiu'iii f
HeUnbold's IJucbu -No one iu the country Into
done inurh liberal ndyrtUiiig a- Holnthold,
and in- one has mipi il u richer rewind from hii
bunii.'.". Uusi. Hif-i i-iinn't in.iK. l.etti-i'in-Vi'a.,
i.-. r thai .i ! pi i' '-' i - '
Tlio peoplo fihoulil rcnieiulicrthnt io)oW
tax receipts urc needed In this election. No
papers of nny kind nre rctpilrcd. Ho stiro
that this Is understood, for tlio Dcmoerncv
mo clretilntlnpc it In Homo (juurters, tlmt
nou ins receipts must no snown. wo warn
tho people ugulnst such stories. It Is not
i rue.
Tho colored people nro fully u roused to
tho fact thnt the election for ofllcers of tho
new Criminal Court, next Thursday, Is one
of great importance to them. Itirtthorfcrn-
ycroM law tliey fear, ami thoy propoio to
show by their ballots Hint they haw no
cimjldcnce in men who will auliero to a
party or eo-operatc with tlio clique that
iormeusucn an iniquitous statute.
A ellfiue that lias inlluenee enoticrli toso-
eure the passage of such a danirerous law
wiu see 10 id mat it is administered to sutt
their purpases. Tho safest way to prevent
an pussiDio dangers is to elect men who nro
known to ho opposed to such dangerous
iuwh ami to ino jioiiucui rm;j in wnose in
tercsis it was enacied.
KiioxtIHc (hiotntlons of Money nnd Stocks.
OrricK or mKKitoxvtM.KCiiRnNicLK.'l
August 2, 1870.
(Iftvcrniiictit bonds havo mtvanccd from IK to 2 cents
during tho past week. As tho prices hero are regulated
by tlio quotations received from New York, wo must
look there for tho cause. Tho bond market 'thoro has
been ruu up by tho purchases of some (Icrma'n bankers,
and also by stock operators; but the adrnnco In prlco
has checked tho Invcstmont demand, as llicro Is nO im
provement In tho political or military situation in Europe.
Very little Ij being done here, cither In bonJsor coin.
When nay aro offered, a sufficient margin Is demanded
to (tunrd ugalnst another such a full as occurred when
war wos doclnrcd. Whllo tho price of bonds is slowly
advancing, that of gold advances and recodes 2 or 3
cents within a few days. With such an unsteady mar
ket In Now York, it Is luiposslblo to offer near tlio quo
tations received from there, unless In largo enough lots
for Immediate shipment, 03 tho local demand has al
most ceased.
Nothing doing in local securities.
Correct loiiHiupdoliy t'.xrlimiirnnnd Deposit
imnii.Mi liny mroci.
Iii this city on tho morning on tho 28th Inst..
)V Itev. J. L. Llovd. nt tho resiilonnn of tlin
bride's father, Mr. A. J. Kelly, of Cocko
county, Tcnn., to Miss J. L. btory, of tins city
-nay tneir lives now sweetly on witli never a
cloud to darken tho sunshine of life. Tho
bridegroom, without doubt, has appropriated
this beautiful Story all to himself, and may lie
trcasuro it as heaven's best gitt to man.
A ItlKlitNlpp.
Cantuiu Fverett bus eiirnllied Ids iiiti.nliim In
indict, beforo tho Grand Jury, every man car
rying concealed woapons contrary to tho law re
cently nasscd bv tho Legislature, and which
went into eltect on tlio Linn inn. Aashviuc
This is a movement in tlio right direction, and
wo hope such a determination will be manifest
ed by the officials in this vicinity.
.. , ,. l'rrNOiiul.
Our respected fellow-citizen, John Glenn, has
just returned from California, where ho has spent
several months. Ho gives a glorious account o
tho advantages ollered by the "Golden State.
Ho spoaks of it as tho " land flowing witli milk
and honey," and thinks it tho finest climate in
ho world.
AVe understand that the Sabbath Schools at
Cedar Grovn and several other points design en
joying themselves next Wednesday by n basket
picnic on tlio Knoxvlllonnd Kentucky 1'ailroad
A special tram will leavo the depot at b o'clock
for Carcyvillo and Coal Creek. Tho gcirtlcmcn
having the matter in charge will do all in their
power to mako tho dny pays pleasantly.
Mnny church members will pray devoutly for
forgiveness to-day for having attended tho cir
cus yesterday, and will go again tho ue.t time.
They strongly resemble tho bibulous individual
who was accidentally sober ami sorry for it.
Sluio Xfii.
Tho Memphis Avalanche given a ludicrous ac
count of tho tournament at Humboldt Park,
near that city.
Commissioner Vennebakor is preparing a com
plete lint of all bonds of the State Usucd beforo
and since tho war.
Tho bridge over Stone river, .on tho Tennessee
and I'acitle Itailroad, has been completed, nnd
tho trains passed over it on Thursday.
A footpad has been operating near Xashvillo,
in regular Dick Turpin style.
Xnshvillo now boasts another base ball club.
In Cclinn, Jackson county, Tenu., on tho 18th
hist., a negro was killed for an attempted out
rage on flic-person of a lady of that place.
An Ordinance to protect tho health and cattle of
tho citizens of Knoxville :
AViikukas, It has been ascertained that tho
cattlu of our citizens are being ntl'ected with
murrain, or some cattlo disease, luft among
them by Texas catllo pa-sing to Kastcrn mar
kets, and havo died iu such numbers as. with
their and other carcasses, to endanger the health
of tho peoplo; therefore.
He it vraaihfil hy the Mayur and Aldermen of
the city of Knoj-rtlle, That no cattlo from tho
west bank of the Mississippi river, commonly
known as "Texas cattle," shall hereafter bo un
loaded, fed, watered, rc-hipped, or remain
longer than two hours at any niio plnco within
two miles of theso corporate limits.
Section 'J. That all animals which shall dio or
bo killed, and bo not used for market, shall bo
buried by their owners underneath two feet of
cartn, or no carried at least two nines ironi mo
oorpornto limits, and remote from any family
Section . That all slaughter houses in tho
i-.itv. or within two miles of tlio cornornto limits.
bo'kept in such condition of cleanliness as to bo
no IIUWI1ICU in mo iieignuoinoou uy origiiiiinn,
Section -I, That all violation of tho tirst sec
tion of this ordinance shall subject the owner.
nnd thoso
ing the mi
nor llinrn f hnn S.10. Anv
the other seetiims here, will subject thoso offend
ing to a fine of not less than nor more than
Sid for oiieh ntl'oneu.
Section fi. Tills ordinaueq, under a suspension
of tho rules, shall take ellect Ironi and alter its
Under a siisiiciisioii of the rulon, thi ordi
nance was read, t)ie ucontl time uml adopted.
The Democrats aro makini: their flirht
upon Geo. JJrown and Joe Lewis. Their
record suits tho party. Younirs. Oratzes.
and llnrnetsdld not, and therefore thcyaru
to no sacriuccu.
Ave havo seeli an address, sent from
"Ilooms of Union Executive Committee,
over signature of the junior organist,
enairman, etc., in which tlio person au
dressed is notilled as follows:
lou havo been selected as n prudent and ener
getic worker to circulato broadcast the accompa
nying circulars ami ticKets. nonsuit witn your
menus, unu niaKo arrangements to get out every
friendly votor on tho day Of election. Hon.
George IJrown is ofprn-cmmontlegnl ability, and
it mini ui mem integrity.
Tho friends of the People's Ticket can
seo from tho above, that all tho machinery
of tho party is to ho brought to hear to carry
through llrown and Lowls. Our friends
must not ho Idle. Votes for Hall nnd
Thornburgh anil Tai water are being traded
for votes for Lewis and Drown. Look out
for such tricks. Vote for every man
on the People's Ticket and all will ho
Tin: Mobile Jicgistcr, a genuine Demo
eratic journal, honest enough to sneak lit
true sentiments, relate) the following, as
illustrating its estimation oi tne colored
The Mobile and Montcomorv Itailroad enci
neers aro investigating thn bottom of tho marsh
and river, preparatory to buildintr their bridire.
For this purposo scows aro moored in tho rivor
to accommodate tlicirworkingpnrtio. Asteam
boat passing tho scows the other day, a passon
gor mined ono ot tlio negroes at worK witli :
"AVhataro you doing V"
"lloring n hole," was the reply.
"AVIiatfor7" .
"Don't know; they jess set mo to bore, an'
I'so a. boring."
A negro is just lit to lioro u nolo in a river,
but a little moro of tho why and tho wherefore
is repiisito for voting.
5-20S '62, 1st MYl'c's,.'.7,'.l!uSk
c -M. 'r.f .i m.u. i rwi.:
5.'J)j '01, 2d sorles.i.'.'.'V.Ost
S-'JOs TO, 3d scrics,....1.07
KT.tValllU Honda C2
K T k Unlit 11 Iionds.UOiSCO
Knoxvillo City lionds 07
" " coupons, par
Knox County lionds 75
Ulnuut " " 60
" coupon,.par
Anderson Co. lionds, 6o$-00
;iinnce ol Tline.
Tlio AVcstern mail arrives nt Knoxvillo nt
10:112 a. m., and tho Kastcrn mail closes at 9:15
a. M., which is a little earlier than formerly.
lis ordinance sliaii subject tne owner,
3 having in charge, and thoso trulispqrt
nid cattle, to a lino of not loss than fc2Q
i than S-'iO. Any violations of either of
,V iiil.
hr Third Judicial Circuit:
J. M. Tliornhurgh is tlio iiihii recuinuieuded
totjio Conseryidivo party by the DumoeriUie
Klliott, John Morgan's ltebel (iunrtrmater,
wanted prferiicu oxprcsod ttr CoiwervntiVo
caudidata Young, 'j'liornnurKn and nrown
iu tho Convention. .
Prnvinv'v liulnnWlll lirnlxisi-d III 11 Ml (if 1 llOTIl
burgh's. AduiecaUi said, "that would uot bo
m aoeoruiiueo WUU the conipromw.
Col, Cocke intimated tout Thornburgh had
Wn ngrwd upou in caueu-.
Thurnbuwh ha noidout to tho ItebeU and
DsmocwU and' in their i-aiulidnte tar Attorney
A Miaret concUvo, or mhhiijrht eauous, was
held in thn city of Jvvvxville uie nutnt. ueroro
the Convention, oniii'-' 'l ! Dumo
r i-,,14 niilltli-nl mountebanks and shoddies, and
Tlioriiburvh was ajfrei'd upon. Is this tlio man
vou aro going to vote ''or';
' Kospectfully, K. Ih Dowell.
Clinton, Tenn., July loth, 1870.-dltw'it.
"Ihirber," said a farmer-to his tonsor,
now eorn's elicai) you ought to shavo for
half price." " Can't, Mr. II ," said the
man oi razors, "l ougnt really to cliargo
more, lor wncn corn's down lunuers navo
suc!i long faces that I have twice the
ground to go over.',
The Stiito debt lias been decreased nearly
$."00,000 since Comptroller Pennebaker lin-
been in oince, by tlio reception ol bonds
iu payment of Interest of railroads, and
from others. As these bonds aro received.
the State Indebtedness is decreased in the
same proportion.
aivi:i:tisi:i r.isr
tors ncmnlulni; In (lie ICim.vvlllo 1'osl-
mnlnliig In (lie Knox
Oilier, August 1, ISTO.
1' rons call Inn for theso letters will plun.-o f.iy
vei l usiil, ' nnil givo tlio unto in tins list,
11' not cjilli-d loiMrithin ono month thev will lto sent
to tlio Dead better Ojlice.
Jackson, Mrs M K
Kearny. V A
Kins, lluhard
Kcariu-y, .Miss M C
Kylo, Jliss i.iiia
Alldrldgc. A .1
Allison, Mrs Hello
Atwator, V 0
Allison, rf
Armstrom,', Mrs M J
Atkison, Icvjton
Urowu, A .1
llorcii, A 11
llalliml, A J
Itoivmiui, Daniel
ll.ilos, Miss Klitabcth
Heal, Oa-s
llruwu, ltcv Kenry -t
llurkholdcr, Jolm -Heal,
brown. S C & J M
lllalr. Tliomiw
Ilcokclt. .Mrs W
llobb, William
Crciirhton. William
Crondcr, U F
Culiion, ) li
Crawford, Miss Adcli.1
llcriickson, Mrs A
Delancy, (lilbcrt
llanicls. J O
lleiupsey, b
Durinid, Miss Mary
Kiulmos, 'I'lioinas
l-'oley, Daniel
l-'oloy, Dennis
rcrgason, ltaehcl
tlrnycr, Zaek
llruhiiui. .lamos
II rue no. Miss fl b
ilroena. M
urn, A J!
Hoilcos, MIm Kntio
ilendorson, Mrs iv V
lliiriniiii, lioiirKo (ml)
Hunt, .Miss AdelU
JltxtstM. S C
llurrii, WT2,
llannum, A C
. .
Johnson, bonbi
Kearney, Miss A L 2
bcaiiiinx, Capt 11
l.onir, lluzh D
l.yle, Mrs Lizzio
J, coper, Mrs Sarah
May, ltobcrt
Monteomcry, Jacob II
Moore, James
Mcllulrc, Joshua
Mitchell, J V
.McCoy, J J
Monclnin, J K D
.Maxwell,! U .
Mcbellan, David J
Xotherland, Col John
1'ullinan, John
l'oidu, Jerry
Pinner, J C
Poland, Itichurd
Park, William
llcnfro, F M .
Swan, Xatlianicl
Sbetlcrly. Miss bizzio
wiuruerty, J fl
Smith. II I,
TcniiOfSi-o Pncifio U It
Turner, Jlariah
Tnylur, ?iiincv
Vaijiirislulc, ijvld
'.Viinible, (ieores
Winfree. Cliarlio
Warren. .Mrs Mary
WUm. .Ml" Sitah
Wll:cr, 8 M
Wilson, W V
Younp, Mm Mary
Yingliiiir, (iBorxo ;,!
JAM liS ltODUUlWi P.M.
5-'.'r. new 1
5-20s 'i7.... 1.07-H
5.'.MS 'OS 1.05)3
io-tu.j,ox int i.uj
Tenn. Bonds, old W
now iw
K Mi Halt It Stock 2) I KT.t a R KStook 23
Oolil, good lota 1.21 I Silver, good lots... 1.10
Bankof Tcnn., old,... n.1Tn
Planters Dank .10
union li.iuk-,., m
lGOi, war of 1812 Buying,
120 " " "
bO " "
40 " " "
lCOj, not war of 1812 "
W "
On bondon, over 3, Y I,
On Dublin,
wn fans, ttranc
l'orciirn Exchango for salo only nt Exchange and
. Deposit nanic
Drafts on the Herman States cannot bo Issued at pre
Hawkins Co. Bonds..j(vbO
Co. coupons,....
Hank of Chattnooga,....0i3
Hank of West Tenn 2:1
Traders' Bank .93
.... 0.15
On New York
On Louisville
On Baltimore ..
..Selling. Ko.
.. " Hc.
.. " M Vc.
JY. ouo-lnul aiiiueiiisianiiroiii tne river, ami
and a lylf uiilo from, Knoxvillo,
The rami oonwim aoout
can ni bought fer
Knoxvillo Wholesale Market.
J'cvicw of the Produce Market for tho week
ending August 2, 1870.
K.voxvim.k, August 2, 1870.
Wheat is now coming forward quite frcoly, with an
advancing tendency at tho closo of last week; but tho
contined decline in tho Eastern market, based upon
decl'mo In Liverpool, will hnvo a depressing inUucnco
upon prices here. Thcro is no safety in wheat at fl.00
per bushel. Slight fluctuations may bo expected for
soino weeks to come.
Coitv is very quiet, with small receipts. Car load lots
furnbhed at 1.15 to 31.20; loose from wagons, S1.03.
Oats offered freely at 33 10c. Not much inquiry for
Fi.oun No stock. Good local demand. Suppllo
by tho mills at S3 0083 23c. per sack.
B icon Brisk demand. From wagons 16c. for hams
and shoulders. Packed In depot, clear sides 18J5; h.ims
17lS$c.; shoulders 10c.
L tiiD Nominal, 1"(5 20c.
Fkatiikiis Wanted C0(!5c. for prime.
Diiikd Fauns Out of season, bat with a good pros
pect lor a heavy demand. Wo urgo fruit raisers to se
cure all they can, nnd bo suro to handlo well. Cut
peaches In halves and dry bright. Cut apples in thin
slices nnd dry bright. Dry blackberries in tho sun and
avoid trash,
Knoxi ille ltctnil Market.
liAiui s lb., 2.3c.
Vkoktarlkh Onions, dried, peek, 2S80c. Irish
Potatoes, peck, 1520e. Beets, V peck. Mo.
Ciikesk ,hltla)4s:;0c.
Eoos tl dozen, 12s15c.
Poultry Turkey, U0o1.00. Chickens, 1523 cents.
Ducks, 1.W9JC.
Fisu-White Fish. lb.. lO&lSc. Catfish, SlOc.
Perch, 15l(jc. Mackerel, ft:..
Bkei Hind quartow, V .. 103d2Jc.: choico cuts, "fl
lb., 15c: Steak and Hoast, 12c,i ordinary cuts, WilOc.
.Muttox-HB'.. 10c.
Veal-V lb., 12kc.
Poi:K-ts lb., 12H15c.
Hacox Hani, V ., HO'.'Oc. Shoulders, 1718c.
Sides, 1S620. i. '
Sausage Fresh, ft., 16. ; bologna, lc.
TniPE p ft.. Sc.
Puis' Feet t dozen. 30c.
Venison Hams, 1 lb.. 12lBo.
Fr.oun Family, suck, 5.003.50: Extra, 2.503.
Meai.-V bushel, il.2S.
By Telegraph.
Xeiv York Inrliot.
Neit Y'ouk, August 1. Money 4a6o. Sterling 9X.
Gold closed jfl.2lal.21?i. Government securities low.
cr. '02s 10'4. Southern securities nominal, scarcely
anything doing.
New York, August 1. Cotton closed very quiet but
firm. Stiles 500 bales. Middling uplands 20c. Flour,
5aluc. better: Western Stato and Western superflno
S3.40nf).00: Southern firmer: lower superfine Stato
$S5.40a.W: common to fair extra Sfl.COa?1); good to
choice S7.3).i'J.50. Wheat, whlto Michigan $1.75: whlto
Southern Sl.M); winter ml and amber Western 81.53.
Corn heavy; new mixed Wc.tcrn'.Arx).iiS1.00. Hcct'quiet;
new. plain mess 12aluc.; new extra lllalOc. Pork
new moss 30.25. Cut meats steady. Lard heavy:
kcttlo 17ko. Groceries quiet and steady. Whisky
heavy; Sl.0oal.02. Freights steady. Turpcntlno fl0.50.
Koeln Jl.051a.73. Tallow quiet, lOalOXc.
llnltlniiiro Market.
Baltimore, August 1. Flour activo and firm; How
ard stret supernno Jil.00a6.75, Wheat, prime, advanc
ed 6.; new primo to choice unchanged: red Sl.70al.85;
gooil to choice 81.50al.70. Corn, white 81.25al.2S; yellow
L07nl.lO. Oats, now 60c. Ityo P0c.al.W. Pork firm.
SSI, ii.ieon, shoulders lic.ul&H-
t'liK'liiniitl Mnrkrl.
ClMfUSiATi. August 1, Flour nneliangod: family
.3Sai.W. Corn .lull and deillnlng, MKo. Whisky
bm.ut OTaliJe. Provision Dimer; IxtUr di ui tnd.
PokS31o. Lard WJiuKWio. Shoulders 14'., clear
MOM ISVic; sugar ourud hain tZl juiii'siv.
1 ,I.oiii.vllli Harltil
LoinsVlLLK,' August 1. Flour firm
36.76. Curn steady, f'..10. Proisions
: extra family
heavy and un-
l.oiiilon .Mnrlu'!.
I Evening. Connfc
T.OKAOk'. Auimic
t 83. Stocks stead .
j.i -i-ioiii jriu-iu,
IdVKpcxi7 August 1--Noen. Chiton
. 1UV.UU.
8Mk. Bond?
All new land; 30 acre of whioh is i-loari-d, with several
acres in tnrt, uml or 8 ar in clover. Has a good
dwelling. vAcelient spring, kltcuon, uuoko house, corn
crib, and all ntwewary nut liouius.
Alsu, a good farm In WartuiiH, llorgnn county, con
taining alwt 30 acres, of wblMili aea elearod. Tsfor
tale at 8-IU0. Tho fann has a mod log house, suib'e,
good water, &c, una ' plousamly ituated. Forfui
thei' partieulars, uppl at tlu- nrt uaun-d larm, lour
and half miles Irmii Ivn ixille. t"
firm, 5s.. U. Wheat!
clotcd flrru.
rttr .t..,v. Dm, Tullmv
' iliu--('itr.ens of JiHo'htJSmiiV
Liwiirff that it hi iiotonsmlly known, that
I am no longer h cantV anU' rPriminal Court
t h-i-k. I take this mot Jlw4 to.aamro wy fellow-
itiz. n that I have re.ijmSl tlS rttco, a though
I Junl no uitwitiun 0l- so aolng when li- uel t7io
canl p.i- .! oand vm ,- fo the position
I'" ' ""lo ' WTf.C It I- U.VTH

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