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Bo Wise mill Look lo Your Own Interest, j
Vo can't nlwnys tlopml upon r man lo
pursuo ft given course because his interests
lead in that direction some, by giving
them siilllolcnt rope, will hang themselves.
The South committed an net of great folly
in the secession movement. Jt vn under
taken in order to establish hiuI extend the
institution of slavery, but so resulted that
instead of every man having tile right to
wallop hist own niggers at pleasure that
sann ligger is found occupying the high
est ht-.ts in the State and nation with
rights equal to that of "every man." lie
can't hope to learn such wisdom. Though
we should bray them in a morter we could
not pebtle the foolishness out of them.
Vo only remark upon this c.i'-e a upon
other phenomena in nature.
Hut with those who understand what
are real home interests and intend to act
accordingly we have a word to say. Many
Hcpubllcns give their support to Col.
McGhee for the Legislature because thoy
are satislicd that tho Agricultural College
and other local intererts require that wo
should have a man to represent u who
has influence; and who will bo likely
through such influence to do us some good.
Those who consult our true interests
will take the same enlightened view of tho
matter when it comes to questions with
which Congress must deal.
It is well known that some of our rail
roads in Tennessee, are embarrassed by cer
tain claims of tho United Btates, which are
to bo materially effected by tho action of
Congress. .Mr. Maynard has taken a liberal
view of the matter regarding not only the
intent of the stockholders, but of tho wholo
community, as involved in tho prosperity
Of our railroads, and lias stood up for them
doing nil that any man could do, under
the -iivuinstances, to bring about such set
tlement of thtse claim-' a- will relieve the
corporations from sneh embarrassment,
nnd enable them to put their roads in lir.t
class condition.
This is no jwrty question. The people
of East Tennessee are all more or less In
terested in good and eheap railroad trans
portation. Whenever the roads begin to
p.ty any profit the managers can afford to
lessen the tarifi' of freights, and give the
people the benefit.
Give us the man for Congress then who
can tie of the greatci serviie to our home
The present national administration is
Republican, and all favor mut come from
the majority. No man in Congress i pos
sessed of more iniluencc with that body
than Horace Maynard.
While such important local interests
are to be protected, a-relief for our rail
roads, appropriation-! for the TennesMjo
Itiver improvement, new PostoflW, claims
for war damages, cVc., and to think of re
placing Mr. Maynard with Col. Ulizard is
more than folly. It is suiolda'. C.
X Trip to (iiicinnati.
'- -lfr-pcndenceKnoxvill. Chronicle.
Cincinnati, Oc-iober 20th, 1S70.
Leaving the " City on the Hills ' on the
18!li instant, in wmpany with several
nuuibers of the Knoxville press, your cor
respondent had a pleasant journey of it
with them as far its Cleveland, Tennes
seethey branching off to attend the great
Fair at Atlanta, and I going North to at
tcid the grand Industrial Imposition now
bung held here. The following day found
me in Louisville, Ky., where I found that
genial, good fellow, V. J. Rhodes, Finan
cial Kditor of the Louisville Commercial.
This paper is now in it second volume.
By tho able management and forcible wri
ting of Col. Kelly, it has now obtained a
circulation next to the Courier-Journal.
No doubt it is generally known to your
readers that there is a slight misunder
standing existing between Col. Kelly and
Gen. Burbridge of Kentucky. The airair
originated out of several nrticles published
in the Commercial, copied from the May
ville Eagle. The airair has not yet bet n
settled. It is generally supposed a dwl
may be tho result. Col. Kehy is a high
toned gentleman, and during the war ac
quired the name of being a brave oilicer.
According to the rode, lie would do injus
tice to himselt and hi friend- to light a
man of Burbrid,.u's ei'ai.n.tvr.
Business, theatricals. Ac, are verv brisk
at present. The attendance at the tobacco
sales are very large. Louisville now aspires
to the name of being the l.in:et market for
the " vee4" in the world. All places of
amusement are in a flout lfciiing condition ;
an evidence ol good tiiide.
I am under obligations for kind atten
tion shown by Mr. G. W. Rowland, of the
K. and N. R. R. Any one cominir in con
tact with him will find him a courteous
Mr. J. IS. (jiimperling, the affable Super
intendentof the Short Line Railroad, liav
intr extended the howpit.dit.v of that iionu-
larroad, I left f . Cincinnati in time to
see the Ukt of the great oxpo-dtion, the
most gigantic undertaking, and suecexhful
enterprise of its kind ever attempted in
this country. There has been so much said
nnd written about it that it would be use
less for me to attempt a description. Ac
cording to tho latest statistics there were
300,000 visitors in attendance, the receipts
amounting in tno aggregate to 10,1'
Thus ends the Queen city's greatest
achierment. Well may her citizens be
proud or it. u. w. a
Tho plan of employing balloons in war-
lare was practiced ny mo rrcnen in uih.
After the expulsion of the Austrians from
Liege, by General Jourdaln, thoy retired
to a strong situation at some distance
where thoy threw up entrenchment, in
tending to wait for reinforcements. Be
fore, however, the-e could arrive, thev
were attacked by the French, on tho 18th
of September of that year, and forced to re
tire, a rter a great siaugnier on uoin sitic-t,
The success of tho French was attributed
in a great measure, to tho discovery of the
position and movemonia oi me Austrian
made by two engineers whom the French
sent up in an air naiioon.
Thk Si:x ok Egos. A series of oxperi
meiitu bv un experienced poulterer in tin
egg-hatching business has determined, as
a gonoral rule, the following results : Eggs
conta nine the irenii of malos liav
wrinkles on tlie small ends, on the con
trary, and nearest to rouudnei, produce
females, while those pointed at one end
usually onxe"' 'nines.
A dying J
fessor If in
devil ami a
wild Put, ' i
to a f rani'L
i was asked by his eon
atly to renounce tho
rks. "O, your honor,"
mo that ; I nin going
ury, una uon i iiitguu to
Lake City, Nov. The steamship
Vai ionnaof New York, bound for Galves
ton, Texas, was foundered. Mate nnd four
men only saved. There were thirty-two
cabin passengers aboard, mostly Tcxans.
Oalvkston, Nov. 1. All business is
suspended, Hag are at half mast, and bells
are tolling, on account of the Varlonna
RAixiGir, N. C, November 4. William
Stenton, colored, convicted of rape, was
hung, llo confessed his crime, ami ex
pressed willingness to tile.
Run. moni), Nov. L Tho State Fair
opened to-day. President W. T. Suthor
lin made a snort address of welcome. Ho
congratulated tho audience upon the pre
sence of so many visitors from tho North,
and said Virginia would welcome them.
Washington. Nov. 1. Tho Secretary
of the Treasury has fixed tho rate of issuo
of the circulating notes of National Banks
at ninety per cent, upon all 11 to and six
per cent, bonds. '
The commanding oilicer of Fort Me
llenry has been directed to hold himself
in readiness, with the troops; under his
command, to support the united States
Marshal of Maryland in enforcing the law
during tho week of tlse election if neces
sary. Washington, Nov. 2. The Census Bu
reau has partial returns from the Southern
States indicating an increase in some and
a decreao in others of negro population.
In tho aggregate there will be an increase
over the census of 1800, but not nearly so
large in proportion as shown by previous
Nonroi.ic. Nov. 2. A large crowd of
whites and blacks collected before the City
Hall last night, to hear the political ad
dresses of Hon. George M. Rooeson, Sec
retary of the Navy, Hon. James 11.
IMatt, member of Congress from this Dis
trict, and a candidate for re-election, ex
Gov. Wells, of Virginia, Prof. Lanjrston,
a negro, of Howard University, at Wash
ington, and others. Ex-Mayor Frank Dc
canly was elected Chairman of the meet
ing. After Gov. Wells and Secretary Robeson
hud addressed tho crowd, and while Prof.
Langston was spe-iking, tho meeting was
interrupted by a disturbance in the crowd,
which soon increased in violence and ex
tent, until fire-arms were freoly used, and
several vollies from small anus were fired
n rapid succession.
At tne commencement oi me nrinn, tno
rowd broke into wild disorder, scattering
n nvrrv direction. Tho nolico altemnted
to quell the disturbance, but owing to their
small force, were unable to accomplish
After i lie crowd had dispersed, it was
found that no one had been killod, but
many whites and blacks had boen wound
ed. Among thoo seriously wounded was
John T. Daniel, a well-known citizen of
this city nnd a leading Republican, who
occupied a jiositiou on the speaker's st aid.
lo whs wounded in tne Head by a ouuet.
This morninjr, a negro, badly cut, was
found dead in an alley a few squares from
ast nignt's row.
Jackson. .Nov. 's. uen. v. i. Brantley,
prominent as Confederate officer, was
brutally assassinated this morning near
Winona. No clue to the perpetrator.
I'hisi-i the third violent death at Winona
within two mouths. '1 he first was A. J.
Brantley, assassinated two months ago;
lie .-wond was Cup;. Conner, cousin ol
Brantley, killed by a man named Collins,
and the third, General Brantley, assassina
ted tins morning. Cause ol tins dreadtul
vendetta unknown.
TheGlenwood (Iowa) Opinion says: "A
Democrat stepped up lo the polls last Tues
day and asked for a Democratic ticket.
He said he was informed that there were
none. A bystander blinded him a Repub
lican ticket. He said lie eoultln' do any
thing with Republican on it. took out' a
pencil and drew it through the detestable
name at the head of the ticket (Republi
can), and deposited the ticket In tno ballot-
There were twenty-one Genoial-, and
eightv-onc superior officer with Napoleon
at lllielm-dii'lic on Wednesday.
Statement llori'itilier :tl, ISli!).
Arnioitizni) Caittai., g 111,000,000 Goi.u.
Sl.'USOltlllKI) Uai'itai., 58,(102,740 Gol.I).
i'Ain l'i Capita li ami
SL'ltl'I.l'S, .... 5il,.).,8ttt)
L'.naisi:sthi axu Ad
.M'srr.i) 1.0- xot duk, 81,000
A snpemt fund of al-il)0.((XJ is liold bv the In
Hurimcp Doimrdneiit nt AlbHiiy, for tlie bcnctlt
oi I'oncy noKiors, n iiucnrannco wita tno inw
ol thualMtuot ri'v lurk.
The Queen Insurance Company
Injure iifraliiiit Ioh or d.mtiro hv fire on Uiiildinc.
Merchundife, llouxthobi l'u nituie, Ac., nt the usual
I,rw Hdjutwl un 1 priitiit.'ly paid, without reference
to j'.iiEiana.
.1II'XNI. .V ItAIl.KY, Asontn,
lvnoxvitlc, Tcnncwec.
(NixirtiiM.Ka's Ufricc,
Nanliville. Julv I. 1S70.
I. Kil. U. 1'ennebnl.er. ('mnl.troller of the Treaiiiiirv
do certify that the Otireu Insurituce Coiuutnr. Ineatrfi
at London, branch in New uric, i tho Statu of New
York, has prlucel tn me .illsfactory evideuec that
said Cninpany Iwm roiuplieil with all thu requirement
of the laws of thn titut of Tcnnensco imprwed on In
surance Coinpanii; and I further certify that ilunsoii
k llailcy, A(rcnt of aaiil Company, have also complied
witn tne reiuireinenu oi tne lawsot the Mute, mad
and lirovlded in wuch citdm.
Wherefore, mid liKiiranco Cumi-any has authoril) to
take ruKS ami iran-m-i tno uusiueNioi insurance i
thisMatoiit Knuxville. lenn.
oct23-iUw3v Comptroller of Tcncnstce.
Dr. .loll ii IV. Iiixton,
IX the eitiiena of Knoxvillo and vicinity, without
dittlnction of party, ect or color, in all brancukh or
ni FKorKminx.
llii feed Khali beaa moderate au thosoof any retrpocto
lilo nhvsiciati.
llralDKSCECiiuiscii Stiikbt. Skcond Door from
Crook kdKtrkkt, where heoan always be found, unless
nroiwiwionaiir ausent. luiriMiivwt.
$1,000 s
' l'iles.
jiieviini;. iiciunv. it t iceraieu
that le lllnir'H l'lle Iteinetl v
lans i'j cure. 11 u proparcu cxpreiy 10 euro ino riier
ami notmruf cise, anu nan ourcu case oi over M yen'
stanuinE. noiu uy an Krugsiew. Jjabobatoly, '
i'RA.VKLix Sr., Ualtimobii. auJ );.
Awardetl Forty First Premiums, besides
Medals, &c, at tho Fall Fairs of 1SC9, including a Silver Medal at
tho Maryland Institute, Baltimore, Md.
J3IC10T015r &; IXUi-MA-iNTY, 3?nt' unci Prop'rH.
The Only Perfect Grain
Certain in Distribution, acenrnte in Jlonsurcment of Seed
iUI NUJUSlUCilfc LU U.lUUlJl UUU J'lallCllI UirC(LlVII9
The Only Grain Drill Having a
Which, without addinc any wclzht. aires tlio Farmer tiro
in largo or email quantities, the otker seeding oat, barley.eorn. pens and other coarso em in with equal accuracy
without eloiging, skipping or breaking of seed. The only Drill which throws out of sear by the automatic- ac
tion of tho Tube Lifter, nnd covers all the seed distributed. Has
TJic Only iically Practical, Durable Spring Tunc In the Market
And which for years has held the first position in all localities where guano, bino dust, limn and super-phos-
nnate are used, sows an tuese line icrtuirerp, as wen as
.1 - i. .. i - . l. t M : .. ,. -.1 t .1.- : 1 1. . l. -
uuii, limns mi; irumAcr uacu ill lua uuus Willi l no Brain, ill lis kitiuk ibMiiu lrillilj mu cuiiru unu Hiiiucuiuie
enefit of tho fertilizer used. Jlv a recent imnroTPinent. irn nut this nnder tho ltnnindiato control of thn onorA-
tor. enabling him to nso his fertiliier on tho barren rnrtion
Tho UUA.VO AITAOHMKM' must bo ordered with
Metal or Rubber Grain Funnels, as dosircd.
Broad Faced Wheels and
I lAcknowledeins in the decline nf prices of farm
patrons, tne justice oi ineir ciaim lor a corrcsponiune rcuucii" i tn ri price oi mm icueai!, wo uave ucicr
inlin.fi to reduco the price of Orain Drills to tho old standat i i.l ini.
Confident a discriminating public will nppreciato our olio: i. hi. I a. ,il themselves of tliis "golden opportunity"
to secure ono of theso most useful labor-savinir IniDlements ut old prices, while lnlior still ranircs at n war stan-
wo have cstubllshcil the followtne; prices for Drills, delivered on board boat or cars at llaltiruure :
Tubo drain Drill SSo
Tubo (iraln Drill (H)
Tubo Orain Drill, with tluano Attaehmcnt 115
Our S and 0 Tubo Drills all have tlie tubes 8 inches apart.
Tubes put in a line or zis-zac, as desired by tho purchaser, wit ' out any cttr.i charges.
US- Goods warranted in material and manufacture, as well as os):.
VJ I.. IirC-5A3IIAM, Gcn'l Asenl,
scptC-2m. liALTIMORE,
HOUGH & CHURCH liavo flic .slovo Drill for sale.
Stockholders' Convention,
Office Kkoxvillf. and Charleston Kaii-road Co.,
Kxoxvili.e. October aitli, 1S70.
tho Stockholders of tho Knoxville nnd Charleston
Kailroad Company will be held at tho olfico of tho
Companj in Knoxville-. m Saturday, tho 26th day of
November next.
Ily order of the President.
nor2-wt6 It. It. I'AMl'JIKI.I., Soc. .t Treas.
The Great Medical Discovery
Hundreds of Thousands T'
i Bear testimony to their 702.icrful
Curativo tile, t s.
' ulo of Poor Hum. Whiskey. Proif Spir
its, and Kefuso Jjiquorn. iu p. ',
and sweetened to ptca9 1 , n tstn.ca i d-To u .'
" Appotlrers," " Ue'.ore. ," , tl. .1 le.i . t'.j
tlpplerontodrunkennodsnudr a, Ltitaioatn i
Medicine, mado trom tlio Kiti t It ti n-. I
Hertaof Cahtornla, froo from rll Alerhnllo
Stimulants. Tiioyar.it cOIIEA'PUIjOOJ
CIPJjB, a perfect Jle-ix r 0 id lnv.eni I'or
ot theBystem, carryin50la.t prisonous matter,
nnd restoring thoUootto a h jlthy condition.
No person can takotheo Hitters, according to
directions, and remain lone; unwll.
litlOO will bo given for an i.n uiublo cae, pro
viding tbebonns uro not derocd br mineral
poisons or o'hr means, nnd tl.o viL.d o.tcs
ivisttd bevoivl tho po.nt of lepair.
For Inflammatory and Chronio TJhou
matism, nnd Uout. Dyapopsia, or Indi
CO'tlon. Uillous, Itemittont. and Inter
mittent Fevers, Discuses of tho Blood,
Jjivor, ICi lnoys, nnd IJladdor, th Blt
, tora have t-e:i imwt nicce!ul. Such Dis
eases arc.oi'ed by Vitiated Blood, whir'i
is ifenor.illy prjliicoil by deraujnieut of tho
Dieastlvo OrKans.
Tnr lnvi3oi.i j tho FtoTia"h, and stlmulato
the torpid liv runllwr . wm H render them
of uniud'.le:': ri ' r th9 li'.o-lof
nd nu'. iri M-, i. . 1 i.uji i ' , n-'tf hi and vigor
to i vi w'iot ' sv'' n.
Dyspopnia or Indigestion, ITwvHche,
V ' . in t ii N -ouldTn, Coiuu, Tulitne-H of liio
i i, I),. i , fljur hu.m.icli,"ll.il Tasto in
t Mo . '. 1. .om Attn''' Talpltatlon of tlio
li .rt, I' i i l)''1!!: ,c of Unne, 1'ain In
t.i .'.onii t'i IIi.liic nnd a hundred other
ti it hiiii .j ai vrlucli nro tlu offsprings of
' .. . i.ji.i. nnii red liv IheM Ttittcrs.
tlw Vitiitwl r.!cKl vrhnci'er you find
... 1.'
. ipuritles bursting throuih tho skin in Tim-
Knintinim. or bore! CleailSO 1& wl)On lb IS
1 1 ;1, and your fechnss Mill tell you when. Keep
the blood pure and tho lie.illhof tbo tyatemwlll
'"riN, TAl'K, and other WOItJIS, lurking In
the system of to many thousands, aro u"ectually
detroycd and rmoved.
For full directions, read carefully tho circular
around each bottle, printed in four languages
Knsrllsh, Oerman, French, and t3panh.
J. WAI.KElt, ii & 34 Commerc Btrttt, N. Y.
rroprif tor. It. II. McDOKALD tc CO..
DrunrUta and Oenwal Airenu.
San Franilnfo, California, and Ii andU Com.
merr Hlret, r. Y.
Cliitiic;iy Sul ol" Land.
1 by the Chancery Court at KnutTille, at its April
term. IsTlr. ill the ease of .Mary K. McC'lellan vs. .lames
McClellan ft al., I "ill offer for sale at tho court house
door tn Knoxville, on Saturday, the 12th day of No
vcmb r next, 1 K7I, James .McClellan's interest in tho
land estate ol'his father, Mathcn McCIllan, deceased,
it beins on--elcrenth interest, or Lot No. tl in thu par
tition. Kiiivin IviinTcniintv. TpnnHi,. n.ltntnltt, (tin
lauds of the other heirs of said Matheir McClellan, de
Tho sdlc will be niadu on six ami eieliteen months.
taking notes nith approreil security for the purchase
money, and retaining a lien on tholanduntllfully paid.
eoiu wiiuoui lue C'lUity oi rcneinpnon.
otl2-w4t. M. L. PA'fTEltyON, C. i M.
Chancery Court Sale of Land.
J. T. Doyle, Ouardlan, Ac., vs. Susannah Cnuo ct nls.
I in said cuufo by said Court, at its Hcptciiiber term,
1HT0, I will offer for sale at tho court house door in
Knoxville. Tennessee, on Hatunlav. November iftith.
1870, the land mentioned in tlio pleuditura in said cause
loruistrioution, .ve lying in tne 2ist nutriet, Knox
countv. and adiolninir Kusan Ilouser and others, said
to contain W acres. One-third of the iiurchaso money
will he rcmilrcil tn bo iaid down, and thu remaining
two thirds in two e'ual installments in ono and two
ears i tho purch-T cxcutini: his nofs with interest
from date, with good security, and it lieu will bo retain
c I on said laud until tho mirchasff money is fully paid, i
oc tJO wit il. L. i'ATTLKBON, 0. il. I
it. j j
s TnEV Ann not a vii.i: c
DlplomaB, Special Recommends, Silver
Drill in the World ! !
used, nnd nosscisine moro facilities and conveniences
111 IUU UVII1, llltlll ItllJ V I it VI A 1111 IliaitUlUVlUi
Double Set of Distributors,
Drills in one. Ono secdlnz wheat, rvo or buckwheat
asnes, piaster unci salt penccuy. n newer it do dry or
i t :. .!.. ." . i .1. i i l ! i
of his Held, nnd husband it upon tho fertile parts.
the Drill, if desired, its it cannot afterwards bo attached.
Double Reversible Steel Points on Tubes.
wrought Iron Axles,
produce, nnd the closeness of financial matters anions our
0Ti:'c Orain Drill, with Ouano Attachment S120
(ii -"Seed Attachment to clthcrtho above..
Out., ."-in .ii Tubes to cither tho above...
AOs. 110, 11,10,133 ami 131, IirotKlniiy,
- rWVm
Assets, !jil2,000,0if).
Annual Cash Incomo over $0,000,000.
JL divided nmonir l'oh y Holders. 81,'J4lM"h).",i in
di idends paid to its policy holdors in lSGy.
Amount Insured Tor 1S00, P30, 103,0 13.00.
Activo AOENTS WANTED in each county in l".ast
Tennessee. Apply to
fleneral Aucnt for East Tennessee,
Ofliee No. 1, Court House, Txoxtille, Tenx.
I)n. J. M. I10YI), I Medical E.vnmlncrs
Da. JAS. RODOEUS, for Knoxvillo.
aprll Gtf
G-xnvs : i:
Manufacturers of Rifles,
(1, I). Water Proof and Musket Caps
And every other Articlo usually found in a first class
Ascnts fof tho
Oraiifra Iliflc Powilfr.
A laraie lot of Powder and Fnso always un hand.
We have (rood workmen nnd r.ru lirciiared to do r
pairing of all kinds.
IlillcN illntlii o Order.
Wn nre still bnvinir Old Anns. Send for Price List.
Orders solicited and carefully filled.
nt.vcy v ansi:i..
aprilCtf Knoxville, Tena.
Chancer j Court at Jlnjuardvillt'.
Allen Hurst and John Sharp vs. Lemuel Sissons, and
JL and Master from tho allegations of, and affidavit to,
the amended mil filed in this cause, tnat tne aeiena
iintji. l.emticl KiMnn and the Sonthern 7inc ComDanr.
are non-residents of tho. State of Tenne ssco, so that the
nrdinjirv nmerm of law cannot be served uoon them!
It is therefore ordered that publication be made for
foar successive weeks in the ivnoivillo tnrnnirie, i
nnwnnnrifip nuhllshed in the citv of Knoxville. Tenure
see, notifying said defendants, Lemuel Sisson and the
Kmithfirn Inn Cnninanv. to annear on or before the
second day of the next term of the Chancer- Court of
Union county, at a Court to he held for said county, at
tlio oourt house in Maynsrdvillc, on the first .Monday ot
November, 1870, then and there to plead, answer or
demur to complainants' bill, or the same will bo taken
lor comesflca, ana sei inr neunng ox-pano ue in iiieiu
A true copy ot tno order, , w
ootU-wlt J W BRANSON. C. A- M.
Chancery Snlo of Real Estate.
Mtnurvn lfnmp. mlmtnlttrntrl T. .t-c. vs. Tho Widow.
heirs and creditors of William H. Underwood, de-
s v oitrniExnK to a lir.citr.KiiKTiiECllAN
1 Cl'.UY Court nt t'levi land. Tennessee, prunounced
in tin. fil.iivii stutfil i .iiiiti. it thi AuiriiBt 'ferin. l'iTO: I
will, on the Jlst d.o t .November, 1S70, sell to tin)
blithest bidder on the piemlscH, in liar ot tin cUltyo
redemption, tlie follnwin described lot in the uty o
Iji'iit ille, TennesMi-.tu-wit : l rontiuiciiii Depot street
fait ano runniiiK back HUU teet, bliix north of and
ndJoinlnstLut No. J2. ih laid down in 1 1 1 plan of tho
it , by filled, KIiil- .V Co.
'I l nusi Sir inontl.i i redit Mill bf vdil 11 th Mircha
f 1 1' rxcoiiling lit-' Hide wtlb is ' ! recur t , bniring
Inttroit from da'f an I a i"ii mil 1' ret'H' d on the
jut nor the p:' m'.it i : " n'V
w l'Jwlt v Ml iU,
Dr. Mo"dILL'S,
DeailcrlcR Street.
O stop boforc you further go. I euro that disease, nnd
Iwnrant a cure. My prico is THIRTY D0LLA1W.
sent in advance, nnd 1 furnish all medicines! nnd if a
euro is not effected I return tho money.
OmcK Hours From 8 A. it. to 0 p. m.
All letters directed to Dn. McGILL,
np!13-3m NashvlllcTcrin .
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
For Diseases of tho Throat and Lungo,
such as Coughs, Colds, Whooping
CourIi, Bronchitis, Asthma,
and Consumption.
Probably never beforo In tho wholo history or
medicine, ha tiny thing won eo widely and so
deeply upon tho eonlldenco of mankind, ns this
excellent remedy for pulmonary complaints.
Through n long series of years, and ninonpr most
of tbo races ot men It has risen higher nnd higher
In their estimation, ns it lias become belter known.
Its uniform character and power to cuio tho va
rious nffcctlons of tho lungs nnd throat, have
made It known as a rcliabla protector against
them. Whllo adapted to milder forms i.rilTsenso
nnd to young children, It Is at the same tunc tim
most cflcctual remedy that can be given for Incip
ient consumption, nud the Ui -genms allectioiu
of tho throat and lungs. As i. luovitloii against
sudden nttneka of Craup. It thould bo kept on
hand In every family, nnd indeed nsi II nre nine
times subject to eohls and coughs, ..11 should bo
provided with this antidote for tlieiu.
Although settled Vontumptiuu U IhotitXt in
curable, still great numbers of vi eswheic tho
tllscaso seemed fettled, linvo been completely
ctitcil, nnd tho patient lcstoicd to round In ilh
by tho Cherry 1'cctnrul. t-u eomtileto I il
maslciy over the disorder of the I.ungs and
Throat, that tho most obslumtc of them ynid tilt
When nothing else could reach them, under tho
Cherry l'eelnral they subside nnd ch-rppcar
Sluflers mill 1'iibllc SjicttUvrs lihd f at
nrotcctlon from It.
Anthmit Is nhvavh itlievtd and ollei. v n
cured by It.
Jlrnnchlttn is generally cuied by ! Uihi. t ,o
Cherry J'crtornl In small nud IVcqueii.
So generally lire Un virtues known, ti '
need not publish the ccrtiflcatca of them l
do moro than assure the public that h
lire ftilly miiintnliied.
Ayer's Ague Cure
For Fover and Aruo, Intermittent Fov
Chill 1'ovor, Ilomlttcnt Fovcr, IJu
Akuo, IVjriodioal or Bilious 1'over, t
nnd indeod nil tho aflections which a'
lrom jnolarious, marsh, cr miasm
Ai It" name implies, it docs Cure, ;,!. 1
fail. ( outlining neither Aii-enic, i ,i i
mull, Zinc, nor any other mineral is i m
nilxtaii' e i hatevcr, it In tiotviM- n.ji. i
tient. 1 he number and impoitiiin e i
in tin' agin- dbtricts, uro morally hej"i"
nnd we l i au without n puriilh'l It,
of Avne , dieinc. Our pride i- gi..t . i
iti'kiniw 1. 1 laments we receive nf tin i. i
effeck"! in nbtliiuto enMis, and Mhor, tin
edie-1,. 1 wholly faileil.
Uiinrclininted' persons, either ie n' i
travelliiiir thiough miasmatic local ; .
proteni'd i.y taking the AOI'i: CI I I
I'or J.ir. r ;inipliliul.t, arising li i
Ity of the I.Ivor, it U mi uxrolletil leint '
latingtl'i- IJiorintn heallbv netUitv.
I'm- I'ilit'iis Dlfcorders and Liver 'Con , ! l
! a. e.cllent remeil.v, proilindng m. . t
rciniukabl cures, h.'i'e other med
I'reiKiredbjrDn. J. C. AYP.lt & Co., 1
nnl Analytical Chemists, Ixiwell, Jt i
bidd all mund tho world.
nicy., $j.oo 1'iui urn ti .
For wlo by nil Druggists nnd Jlcrclinnts gen
erally. E. J. SANFOI5D & CO..
AVholosnl" Ao-trl
Jlav i"-wly Kniixvillo. Tenn
jlj or me uistrici uiuitre oi mo unucii eiiaics. and
to me directed, I will sell for cash, at tho wholcalo
house of Coffin Ar Martin, in Knoxville, Tennessee, on
tho 26th day of October, U70, two copper stills, with
caps and worms; seized as the property of Sam. Hunt,
on tho iflth day of June, 1870. This October 14th, 1S70.
oct!5-dltw3t. S. P. EVANS, U. S. M.
tho United States District Court Clerk, nnd to mo
directed. 1 will sell for cash, at tho court Iioubo in
Knoxvillo, Tennessee, on the 15th day of November
next, all tho risht. title, interest, claim nnd demand
that J. O. M. Ramsey has in and to a certain house nnd
lot situated on tho east sldoof Gay sLrcct. Knoxville.
Tennessee, and adjoining the property of S.I). Mitchell.
J. h. Jitiuiow anu outers, now occupied by J. il. Wnl
Icy and others; to satisfy a judgment obtained against
tho said Ramsey in tho United States District Court for
cost in a certain confiscation cause. This October 13tti,
1870. octl4-wJt) M. A. WAIiKHR. D. U. S. M.
In Chancery Court at ScYicrTlIle, Tennessee.
AMUaDttD AttD BUrrijUMJttiTAl. HILL.
John T. Toomey vs. Hannah Tato ot al.
I .l..r...win. iv. t. . :.t r .i. i-
- UVIlllUIILII. VUllll I UK', U I'lUtl-ll II I IUU 3tillU ui
Arkansa", so that the ordinary process of law cannot bo
served on him; It is therefore ordered that publication
bo made for four successive weeks in the Weekly
Mironicic. notuying sam mienuant to appear ocioro
tho Chancellor nt a Chancerr Court to bo held for tho
county of Sevier, at Scvicrvillc, Tennessee, on tho
i'im Monday oi April next, to answer tlie nmonilou
nnd supplemental bill or otherwiso make defense, or
the same will bo taken for confessed, nnd tho causo as
to mm set tor Hearing exparte.
A copy ot order, jest: u. r. iAt, v. X ill.
J. P. Swax. Att'y for Comp't. octl9-w4t.
Oi-iirlimi AKacliiiiciil.
J. II. M'hitc vs. W. H. Willard.
J nflidavit of J. II. White, plaintiff, that tho defend
ant, W. II. Willard, is a non-resident of tho Stato of
Tcnncosoe. nnd tho attachment in this caiuo has been
returned by thoherlff of Anderson county, lovicd
upon tho property of tho defendant: It is thereforo or
dend by tho Clerk that publication bo made for four
tucceesivo weens in tno ivnoxviuo iiiironicic, n news
paper published in tho city of Knoxvillo, Tennessee,
commanding the said defendant, W. II. Willard, to ai-
pear at tho next term ot tneuircuit uourtior Anncrton
cnnntv.at thecourt houso in Clinton. on thot!d Jlondav
of November next, and mako defense to tho suit nnd de
mand nf tho pialnlltt, or tne same win no taken as con
fessed by him, and tho caso proceeded with ex-parte,
octl2-dltw3t W. 1). LAMA It. Clerk.
C! i si ii very Court--Knoxville.
John Wcndlandt vs. John W. Fain.
X the July term of said Chancery Court: I will soil
at the court houso door In Knot vllle, on Saturday, tho
3d day of December next, 1870, ono Lot. rituated in tho
county of Knox, corporation of East Knoxvillo, Stato
nf Tcnnfrxeo. and bounded as follows: nu the north by
Richard Keyhill's lot, on the west by Mr. Cheatham s
lot, on the south by a lot belonging to tho heirs of Win.
Swan, and on the cast by Temperance street. Said lot
fronts on Tempcraneo street fifty feet, and runs back
with the line of Swan's heirs fifty feet containing one
eighth of nn acre, more or Ims. To satisfy a decreo in
favor of the eomplaiaant. Sale made without tho equi
ty of redemption, on seven months' time, the purchaser
executing note with good security, and a lien rctai U
until the purchase money is paid.
nov2 dltw3t M. L. rATTRItSON.C. A M.
Cliancery Court nt C'liiifoi).
John Jiiroanln. Admlnlstrnter of tho estate cf Willi
W. Tally, dee'd, vs. Ive ns Tally and others.
1 ulloiritions in complainant's bill, that llarton Hack'
ney nnd Nancy Hackney, defendants in this case, aro
iion-rtsidi'iits of tho State of Tennessee: It Is ordered
that publication bo mado In tho Chronicle, a paper
published in the city of Knoxville, for four uccersivo
weeks, notifying said defendants to nppcar before our
Chancery Court, to bo held at Clinton mi tho second
Monday of N'ovvmbcr next, and defend said bill, or
tho samo will bo taken for confessed as to them and set
for hearing accordingly.
septa)-wlt W. II. W111TS0N. C. M.
III Chancer) Court at Sevlervllle, Teniiehsee.
John II. Caldwell, Administrator of R. II. Hodsdcn,
deceased, vs. Tho Widow, Heirs and Creditors of R.
II. Ilodmli'ii.
1 October linn. liil), of tho Chancer)- Court at So
vierville in tho abovo ciiu-o! Notice is hereby given
toall tho creditors of tho eat ite of II. II, Hod? lcm to
ftlo their claims with tlie Cti rk ami M niter of this Court
on or beforo the first dav ot March, HT1, properly au
thenticated, or thoy will bo forever barred. This 11th
day of Oetober, 1870. Twti
octW-wSra. 1. V. 0 APS, 0. A M.
make myedf .u.nJ..3."

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