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NO. 32.
Greeley Buried Under the
" Tidal Wave,"
Grunt Kc-Elcctcd and
New York Repudiates
Greeley by 50,000.
Pennsylvania a Round 100,000
Louisiana Glasps Hands
with Ohio.
New Jersey, Connecticut and
New Hampshire True.
Philadelphia, Nov. 5. Itcturns from
Jill the wards but one up to 10 o'clock,
shows that Grant's majority Is 11,013. It
is estimated that Greeley will receive 20,
OOO less than Ruckalew did in October.
Twenty wards give Grant !SO,000 majori
ty witli nine wards to hear from.
Grant's majority in tho eityis 43,000.
Carries every ward,
Cumberland county, Pa., gives Grant
300 mnjority, n gain of 773.
Lancaster county, Pa., gives Grant 7,500;
, -gain 220. Lycoming Grant 500; gain 720.
Berks county, Heading City, Grant 1007;
gain of 1,192 over the October election;
Greeley's majority In the county is 2,500.
Washington Grant 1,500; gain 1,320? Dcl
uwarc Grant 2,500; gain 1,000.
PiTTSKUno, Nov. 5. At 10 o'clock '.a
vote of 10 wards stood, Grant, 1,384 ; Gree
ley, 493.
Philadelphia, Nov. 5. In Delaware
county Grant will gain 050; in Allegheny
county, 7,000 ; Lycoming county, 350 ;
Chester county, 2,500.
Grant's majority in Pennsylvania is 90,
000 to 100,000.
Chesteii County, Pa. Nov 5 Repub
lican gain 2,522
New York, Nov. 5. Tho weather Is
clear and the city presents a holiday ap
pearance. Police and Federal oflleers are
stationed at dill'erent voting places. Tho
Tribune and Jfcrald say Greeley carried
Louisiana by 15,000 majority. Numerous
arresta have been made at the polls here.
The earliest returns show heavy gains
for Grant and indicate he will carry the
State by 25,000. Greeley is running be
hind tho ticket in tlie Stato as well as tho
Rochester, Nov. 5. Susan B. Anthony
and eight other women voted. There wcro
eighteen women registered in tho same
Rochester, Nov. 5. Sixteen women,
headed by Susan B. Anthony, voted, 15
for Grant audi for Greeley.
New York, Nov. 5. Up to 1 o'clock tho
election was proceeding quietly and in the
down town districts more than half tho
registered votes were polled at 11, a. m.
Iiithe;ist,2d,3(l,4thand; 5th wards, O'Rrlen
Is doing well, and many Greeley tickets
are dropped in the negro ward. In the 8th
O'Rrlen is tho favorite and scarcely any ono
else voted for. In the 17th district Greeley
ah ahead, being run out of Obrlen boxes.
In tho Fifteenth District O'Rrlen has
beaten Lnwreneo out of tho Held, and
Havemeyer has a poor chance. In tho
Seventh District Lawrence is beating
O'Brien and Havemeyer gets but few votes.
Greeley is the favorite on tho Presidential
In the Eighteenth District O'Rrien ap
peared, and running Grant and Greeley
tickets. Lawrence developed great strength
In tho Seventeenth Ward. Counterfeiting
tickets, scratching oil and Belling out is
tho order of tho day. In ono District In
tho 17th Ward O'Rrlen tickets run from
Tammany boxes.
Early returns from Maine show heavy
Republican gains.
Tho Commercial, a Republican paper,
concedes Havomeyer's election for Mayor,
though O'Rrien's friends aro still eonli
ilent. Scratching has been generhl except
in tho Presidential ticket.
Syracuse, Nov. 5. Thero was a heavy
vote to-day. The Democrats gained His
cock's majority in the city about 800.
Hockport, N. Y., Nov. 5. Grant's ma
jority in Niagara county is about 1,000.
Roberts, Republican, is ro-nleotod to congro's
hy 2,600 majority. In Onoldn county Grunt's
majority U 3,000. Tho Republicans curry Rich
nonil eounty.
New York, Nov. 5 Greeley's majority
.n this city is22,02S.
Tho world's estimate at midnight is
that all tho old Northern States with
South Carolina and Mississippi, in nil 253
.doctoral votes, have declared for (.rant,
leaving 113 electoral votes all from
Southern States for Greeley. Grant will
.have at least 40 000 majority in thp State of
New York Greeley is running behind
Kerunn and tho State ticket at least 15.000
votes. HaveHioycr, nt time of writing,
seems to bo elected Mayor. O'Rrlen,
though tho favorlto on pools being had was
third. Tho local olllcers elected excepting
Mayoraro generally Tammany Democrats.
Tho Republicans have tho Legislature of
this Stato by a working majority, securing
tho re-election of Conkllng.
One hundred districts In this city give
Greeley 4,000 majority. It looks as if
Greeley's mnjority In the city will not ex
ceed 25,000. Kernan runs largely ahead of
Wir.MiNOTON, N. C, Nov. 5. Grant's
majority Is IKK?. The Conservative gain Is
The vote is close. Tho Republican claim
the Stato by a small majority.
Wilmington, N. C, Nov. 5. Tho re
turns indicate a light vote, with Greeley
RALEIGH, Nov. 5. The election is pro
gressing quietly. Rut littlo interest is
manifested by either party. It is estimat
ed that there will be u falling ofT of 35 per
cent, of tho August vote in the city.
The city gives Grnnt 020 majority, a gain
of 82 on Caldwell's voto.
RAiiEicm.tNov. 5. The partial returns
from about 23 counties indicate that the
Stato hns gone for Grant by between 5,000
and 18,000, with a largely decreased vote.
Tho election passcd'ofl'quietly anil but lit
tle interest was manifested.
Qoldshoro'.Nov. 5. Tho Republicans
gain 83. One hundred whites registered,
but failed to vote. In Nchanta township,
Wayne county, the Republicans gain 32.
Salisiu'ry, Nov. 5. Tho city gives
Grant 77 majority, a gain on the Caldwell
New Orleans, Nov. 5. The election is
quiet. Warmoth thinks tho Stategone for
Greeley by 13,000 and claims tlireo nnd
probably four Conservative Congressman.
The general opinion Is that the city lias
gone for Greeley and the fusion ticket
10,000 to 12,000.
In Mindcn Greeley had 300 majority out
of tlOO votes. The Liberals claim 500 mn
fority in Webster parish. Franldln parish
fjlves Grant 300 majority, but elects the
fusion ticket. Calcarsieu parish gives Gree
ley and fusion about GOO majority.
Chicago, Nov. 5. Rain fell all night.
The election progresses quietly.
Keene, N. H., Nov. 5. Tho election is
progressing quietly. The Liberals and
Straightouts are voting strongly for Gree
ley. Nashua, N. II., Nov. 5. Greeley is not
polling a full Democratic vote.
Dover, N. II., Nov. 5. Thero was a full
vote to-day. Tho weather Is favorable and
tho invalid voters will all bo brought out.
Tho Republicans gain 125 in this city.
Manchester, N. H., Nov. 5. The
Democrats claim that they will reduce the
Republican majority 100. Roth parties
.claim the State.
A'uouSTA", G a., fov. 'tfGreeloy's ma
jority in this city is 300, and In the county
500. All Is quiet. Tho probable majority
in the Eighth District for Greeley is 4,000.
Richmond, Nov. 5. It will require an
ofllclal count to decide between Wise and
Smith for Congress. Stowell and Piatt aro
undoubtedly elected to Congress. The
5th district is in doubt. The remaining
live districts will elect Davis. The Stato
is conceded to Greeley by 5,000.
Omaha, Nov. 5. Grant's majority U
probably 10,000.
Ono hundred and sixty-nine towns give
Grant, 08,730 ; Greeley, 32,128. The same
towns in 180S gave Grant 65,059, Seymour
27,023. Ranks is defeated for Congress.
Montpiliee, Nov. 5 Grant, s majority
in the State is 31,000.
Sixty-six tows glvo Grant 18,105, and
Greeley 4,028. The O'Connor vote is very
light. The three Republican nominees
are elected to Congress by the usual ma
jority. Atlanta, Ga. Nov. 5. Greeley carries
Georgia by 20,000. All Democratic Con
gressmen aro elected.
Chicago, Nov. 5. Returns from Indi
ana are coming in slowly. Largo Repub
lican gains uro reported from all sections
of tho State.
Concord, N. IT., Nov. 5. Eighty towns
give Grant, 17,000; Greeloy, 14.2S0, and
scattering, 107. The same tows gave in
1808, Grant, 17,301 ; Seymour, 13,702.
Hopkinsville. Ky.. Nov. 5. Tho par
tial returns indicato Grant's majority in
Christian county to be about S00.
Aliianv, Nov. 5. Tho indications aro
that tho Democrats havo carried the city
by a reduced majority.
Ranks is defeated. Tho entire Radical
delegation has been elected from Massa
chusetts. Rl'iTAi.o, Nov. 5. A heavy vote was
polled. Appearances indicate j.uu lie
publican majority in this city.
lltt!'iviKT N?rtt A 'Pin. T?.itiit I il l.o ii mn
jority will bo larger than ever before. At
noon urant's majority was :v'J- in tne
Jackson, Miss.. Nov. 5. Forty-three
towns give Grant 8,050 majority.
Thirty towns in 18 counties give Grant
over 0,000 majority.
Nassau, Nov. 5. Republicans claim
New Hampshire by from 1,500 to 2,000.
Providence, ov. 5. Rhode Island
gives Grant an Increased majority and
elects both Republican Congressmen.
Alexandria, Va., Nov. 5. Harris in
tho 7th and Hunter in tho 8th districts
were elected to Congress.
Tho latest dispatches indicato tho 'election of
Hunter nnd Harris conservative?, to eonjrress.
Smith, Radical, U probably elected in tho Rich
mond district. Thoro is a closo contest in tho
Fredericksburg District, now represented by
llraxter, conservative. Tho contost is cloo be
tween .Johnson, indnpondont, nnd Whitehead,
conorvativo, in tho Lynchburg District.
Coi.t'Mitus, O., Nov. 5.-Two hundred
and seventy-eight townships nnd precincts
give a net Republican gain of 5,550..
CoLUMiiUji, Ohio, Nov. (P.teturns
throughout tho Stato Indicate (fran't's ma
jority at from 40,000 to 45.000.
Rochester city; New-York, gives 1,233
Republican gain.;
..Savannah, Nos. y Rawls,, .a Demo
crat, I' probably electod to Congro-H.
NEWAHKf N. J., Nov. 5. Forty towns
give Grant 2,8 10 majority.
Later. Tho Republicans have carried
the State by a small majority.
Raltimore, Nov. 5. Towns, Republi
can Is elected from tho Sixth Congreslon
al District. Tho Fifth and Seventh Dis
trict are close. Dispatches from all parts
of tho Stato indicato heavy Republican
The 3d Congressional district comprising
tho 1st nnd 0th wards in tho city of Ralti
more, give O'Rrien, Democrat, 1.330 ma
jority over Turner, Independent Republi
can. HJCharlhston, S. ('., Nov. 0, 4 a. m.
Grant has carried the State by a heavy ma
jorty. Tho white voto was very light.
Three hundred aud four election districts
In this city gives Greeley 15,038 majority,
with 204 districts to hear from.
Indiana I'olih, Nov. 5. - Thirty-two
townships and wards, show a net Repub
lican gain over Hendricks' voto of 008.
Tallahassee, Fla., Nov. 5. Partial
returns Indicato the election of Rloxhall,
Liberal candldato for Governor.
New Haven, Nov. 5. The Republican
gain in this city over 1808 Is 1,020.
The Republicans claim Delaware by 1,
500 to 2,000. Tho scattering returns from
Pennsylvania show gains over the Gover
nor's vote for Grant.
San Francisco, Nov. 0.- Roth parties
claim the city. The- election is quiet.
Richmond. Va.. Nov. 0. 2. a. m. Roth
parties claim tho State. In !)S precincts of
nil nn....t 1 V i. .
. vuuulii:.i uiu xciiiucRus mams a iew ami
the Republicans many gains. The chances
favor Smith In this district.
New Orleans, Nov. 0, 2, n. in. The
dispatches report tho Texas election nro-
giessing quietly and continues three days.
MiLWAi'iciE, Nov. 0, 2, a. m. The re
turns received show from 12,000 to 15,000
Republican majority in the State. Six
Republicans and ono Democrat are elect
ed to Connress. Eldridiro is defeated.
Partial returns from four counties give 3.000
Chicago. Nov. 0. 2. a. m. The nartiui
returns throughout the Stnte show a Re
publican majority of not so large as in 1808.
Thirty towns in 18 counties e:ivo Grant
0,421 majority. Casldy in tho 0th district
is running ahead of his ticket. In tlie
otiicr districts hut littlo scratching is done
In Jackson the majority for Grant is 3:!,'!.
Montgomery. Ala.. Nov. (I. 4:30. fn
the Third Congressional district tho Dem
ocrats gain. utRIullion. Chambers countv.
211. at Loachanoka. 190. and ntTnlladoira
there is a reported gain of 50, but the
county Is Republican. At Calero, In tho
Fourth district, there is a Republican caln
of 200. In Marengo county tho Demo
crats gain largely. At Selma, In tho
First district, tho Democrats mIiiSOO. In
this city, the Second district, tho yoto is
about 0,200 and indicates a Democratic
gain of 000 and nrobob v 800 in the countv
Returns aro meagre but indicate that the
State Is for Greeley and tho Liberal Stnte
Providence, It. I., Nov. 0. Tho Dem
ocrats are polling a light vote.
Moiiile, Nov. 5. Tho city has gone
about 7,000 and the county 1,0(X) for Grce-
I (Alexandria, Va., Nov. 5. Tho vote
in me city neiween Urant and Greeley Is a
ue. minion, lor congress, nas i:s,ooo ma
North Carolina is conceded to the Re
publicans bv 5.000.
Syracuse, Nov. 5. Tho Republican
gain is un.
Washington. Nov. 5. 1872. Thero is a
cold ruin at Chicago. A number of deaths
are reported. Oxen are doing the hauling.
Tho statement that the Treasury De
partment had decided that tho discrimina
tions against French bottoms applied to
vessels alloat, is premature. Tlie matter is
still under advisement, but such decision is
No street cars nro running to-dny. There
are 4,000 sick horses here. Thero is no
sign of an abatement of the malady.
Grant gains f)04 in Portland, 272 in Low
Iston, and CO In Raugor, Maine.
Tho Cincinnati (iazctte telegraph? that Ohio
is Republican by 25,000, and Indiana suro for
Returns from New Yerk indicate that
Greeley will havo hut a small mnjority, if
any, in tne city, this gives tno state to
Grant and decides his re-election absolute
ly. Tho Democrats concede it.
Washington, D. C.Nov. 5, 0:50, p. m.
From all the returns received hero it is
certain that Grant lias carried New York
Stato by over 50,000 majority, Connecticut
hy 2,000, New Hampshire by 3,000, New
Jeiscy by 5,000, Maine by 30,000, Massa
chusetts by 80,000. Vermont by 30,000,
Rhode Island by 4,000. Iminenso gains
are reported everywhere.
Ranks is beaten for Congress in Massa
chusetts. HOME NEWS.
Raleigh, N. C, Nov. 5 Tho horse
malady appeared here this morning.
Haywood's lino trotting mare, Fannlo
Haywood, Loafer and Pomeroy uro down
with it. It Is spreading rapidly. Whole
sale merchants and cotton factories havo
ordered extra horses from tho country.
Two stores on Hillsboro' atreet wcro
burned Sunday morning, the work of an
incendiary. Loss over tho insurance
Memphis, Nov. 5 D. P. Robeson, late
Assistant Superintendent of tho Memphis
and Little Rock Railroad, was shot last
night in a streetcar by It. R. Miller,
during a polltioal quarrel. The wound Is
considered dangerous. Said shot was fired
In self-defense.
Goldsiioeo', N. C, N ov. 4. The malady
Is here,
CoLV.MiiiA, S. C, Nov. 4. The Agricul
tural and Mechanical Societle's Fair opens
to-morrow. A number of articles have
been entered, which, It is believed, will bo
tlio llnest display yet made. Tho weather
Is, splendid and tho crowd enormous. Tho
premium list is extensive.
The Yotc in Dill'erent Tarts of the State.
Horace Maynard Probably Elected.
Cheatham Second aud Johnson Last.
Uloi-lotis -'mn from tlio "IliiUerliie Hum
Tl'LLAHOMA, Nov. 5, 1S72.
Tlio following is tlio Ivoto hero to-dav :
Grant, 101 ; Greeley, 101 ; Maynard, 04 .
Cheatham, 71; Johnson. 30; Freeman, 101:
Brown-, 00. Steele, 101; Bright, 00.
Joneshoro', Nov. 6.
The followinc Is tho vote In tho Jones-
boro' district : Grant, 143 ; Greeley, 100 ;
Freeman. 131 : Rrown. 118 : Mnvnard. 120:
Johnson, 84; Cheatham, 30 ; Rutler, 140;
Carter, 100. This is a good index to the
country vote.
Charleston. Nov. 5. Tho followine: Is
tho vote at this place: Grant, 50; Greeley,
07; Maynard, 53; Cheatham, 05; John
son, 10; Key, 70; Crutchfleld, 53; Ed
wards, 71 ; Morgan, o2; Stewart, 81; Mc
Land, 50.
Calhaun, Nov. r, 1S72.
The Calhaun voto is as follows:
Grant, 53; Greeley, 04; Maynard, 4J);
Cheatham, 70; Johnson, 20; Key, 00;
Crutchlield, 50 ; Edwards,, 07 ; Morgan, 40 ;
nogges, !i.; .uagui, .n.
Taliiott's Station, Nov. 5.
RiiiTnits (llMinvn i.i' ; 1 annil vnn ilin
voto of our district, loth, Jell'erson Coun
ty : Grant, SI ; Wilson, 80. Greeley, 38 ;
Itrnu'ii. .'IS. Frei'imm. 77 .T (' llmivti. :i!(
Johnson, 21 ; Maynard, 77; Cheatham,
22. Thornliurgli, 02; Caldwell, 23 ; Gar-
I, .. . f .1. -. !
row, . iMci.oimcu, si-; i ;weus, I'.crcci,
70; Diek, I I; King, 27; Corbet, 3.
Athens. Nov. 5. 1872.
Tho vote in tho Athens District is as fol
lows: Grant, IDS; Greeley, 112; Freeman,
107 ; JJrown, in ; .Aiaynard, iui ; un cat
ham, 00; Johiihon, 50 ; Crutchlield, 212 ;
Key, 95; Morgan, 100; Edwards, 117: Ma
gill, 107; Rogges, 114 Maynard's major
ity over Rlizzanl; 47.
Nashville, Nov. 5.
The counting is tedious and returns come
in slowly It is believed hero that May
nard lias carried NashvIlle.Davidson coun
,ty..and the State, and that Harrison is
elected In this district.
Nov. 0, 3:10, a. m.
Tho Murfreosboro' return? nro m follows:
Grant, 407; Greeloy, 307; Cheatham, 218;
Johnson, 100 j Maynard, 400.
Tho voto in Gallatin stands as follows :
Cheatham, 217 Johnson, C22; Mnynard, 510.
Fiyo district in Roberson county giro May
nard, 207; Johnson, 201 ; Cheatham, 401.
Franklin gives Maynard, 604; Cheatham,
2C0; Johnson, 303.
Shnlbyvlllo: Grant, 970; Grooley, CIS; John
son, 509; Cheatham, 482; Maynard, 910.
Nashville, Nov.0, 4:30 a. in.
Wo claim tlie election of Maynard, RuU
ler, Thornburgh, Harrison nnd possibly
two more Congressman. Shelby, David
son, Redjord and probably Rutherford
go for Mayuard.
Bristol, Nov. 5, 1872.
The following is tlie oilicial voto of Bris
tol : Greeley, 10S; Grant, 02; Brown,
200; Freeman, 01 ; Cheatham, 135 ; John
son, 00; Maynard, 00; Carter, 107; Rut
ler, 01.
CoLUMiirs, Nov. 0, 3:40, a. m.
Grant's majority In Ohio will not be les
than 30,000, possibly 40,000,
Morristown, Nov. 5, 1S72.
Three districts of Hamblen county give
Greeley 311; Grant, 220; Cheatham, 210;
Maynard, 105; Johnson, 121; Brown, 311;
Freeman, 220. For Congress, 1st District :
Carter, 317 ; Butler, 211. For Representa
tive in Legislature: Peck, 310; Tate, 10S.
Chattanooga, 10:40 p. sr. Half of the
city gives Cheatham over Johnson 03.
Maynard beats both 223. Cheatham will
beat Johnson 100 in the city.
Chattanooga, Nov, 0, 3:40 a. m.
Tills city votes for Grant, 1,100; Greeley,
092; Maynard, 1,034; Cheatham, 444; John
son, 2S4; Crutchlield, 1,038 ; Key, 75S ;
Freeman, 1.0S4; Brown, 723. No returns
from other precincts.
Loudon, Nov. 5. First district, Loudon
county, voted as follows: Johnson, 84;
Maynard, 108; Cheatham, 80. Crutchlield,
170 ; Key, 100.
Cleveland, Nov. 5. 1872.
The following is tlio vote in this Dis
trict: Cleveland, Grant, 210; Greeley, 148;
Maynard, 209; Cheatham, 52; Johnson, 104.
For Congress, 3rd District, Crutchlield,
223; Key, 133. For Stato Senate, Morgan's
majority in tlireo districts, 112.
Greeneville, Nov. 5. Greenevllle
gives Grant 200, Greeley 137, Freemau 180,
Mayuard 182, Johnson 138, Cheatham 18.
For Congress Butler 203, and Carter 138.
Threo districts in tho county glvo Grant
170, Greeley 75, Freeman 180, Brown 84,
Maynard 177, Johnson 53, and Cheatham
34 ; for Congress, 1st Dlst., Butler 175,
Carter 87. Tho county will glvo Grant,
Freeman, Maynard and Butler a majority
of about 200.
New Market, Nov. 5, 1S72.
Tho following Is tho vote of Jell'erson
counts as far as heard from; Grant, 352;
Greeley, 89 ; Maynard, 331 ; Johnson, 100 ;
Cheatham, 8 ; Thornburgh, 35S ; Caldwell,
70: Garrett. 13: Rrown. 89: Freeman.
350; McConnel, 317; Owens, 02: Eckle,
liiu; uieic, iui ; iving, Si; coruett, -17.
Shelryville, Oct. 6, 12:35, a. si.
As far as heard from Grant Is 770 ; Gree
ley, 024 : Brown, 029 ; Freeman, 159 ; May
nard, 010: Johnson, 509 : Cheatham, 482.
Grant will beat Maynard. Maynard will
carry tliocunty.
;Cohmiiia, Maury Co., Nov. 5, 1872.
Maynard, 103; Johnson, 103: Cheat
ham, 20.
Mossy Creek, Nov. 5, 1872.
The following Is the vote hero: Grant,
143; Greeley, 87; Maynard, 135; Johnson,
52; Cheatham, 40; Thornburgh, 157; Cald
well, S9; Garrett, .
Delaware goes 1,500 for Grant.
New Jersey goes 5,000 for Grant. The
Democrats lose two Congressmen. JiMSli
In Maryland as far as heard, no Conser
vative Congressmen were elected.
It Is claimed at tho White House, where
they have dispatches from every State,
that Grant will havo 270 electoral votes.
Nashville, Nov. 5. Returns from the
State are meagre, but show Greeley Is
ahead. Tlio Stato ticket indications are
that Andrew Johnson is defeated for Con
gress, with the chances in favor of May
Kingston Springs, Nov. 5, 1872.
Johnson, 57, Cheatham, 30; Maynard,
The following returns havo been received
from six precincts in Anderson county:
Grant, 202 ; Greeley, 182 ; Mavnard, 181 ;
Johnson, 101; Thornburgh, "220 ; Cald
well, 177; Houk, 225; Proslse, 115, - "mml
Waverly, Nov. 5, 1S72.
Maynard, 48; Johnson, 2S; Cheatham,
Washington, Nov. 5. 1872,
The Now York Tribune claims tho city
by 20,000, but tho Republicans will not
concede over 10,000.
O'Brien is beaten forMayor and the con
test is close between Havemeyer and
Lawrence. Pennsylvania given Grant 00,
000 majority. Ohio gains largely over tho
October election. Greeley is buried in an
Washington, Nov. 5, 0:40, p. it.
Maine has gone SO.000 Republican. In
Connecticut Gen. Hawley is elected by
500 majority.
Wa bhington, Nov. 5, 10, p. jt.
Ohio has gono Republican by at least
25,000. Tho gain Is oyer 1,000 in Hamil
ton county. Indiana opens well.
11 P. M. Partinl returns indicato Indi
ana sure for Graut. Largo Republican
trains in Kentucky. Connecticut over 4.-
500 for Graut. North Carolina has gone
Republican by at least 10,000.
12:20 p. sr. Not a Stato yet heard from
has gone for Greeley. Two hundred and
sixteen electoral votes aro already suro for
Grant. In addition to States already nam
ed nro Delaware, Alabama, Iowa, North
Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana and
Michigan. It is not likely Greeley will
get a single Northern State. Majorities
are immense. Thero is littlo excitement
here, as tho result has been fully antieti
patcd, and when New York was heard
from every body conceded Grant's election.
It is not yet known whether Dlx or Ker
nan Is elected in New York. All interests
center now in tlio details within tho States,
which will not come in for two or three
The Cincinnati Gazelle telegraphs that
Ohio opens up well. Scattering returns
show Republican gains.
Connecticut is Republican by 2,500.
Hawley, Republican, is elected to Congress
in tlio Hartfort district.
Memphis, Nov. 5. Raining. Little in
terest manlfestod in the election ; tlie' voto
will be light.
Maynard, for Congress at Largo carries
the countv. The enntost is elns.fi for Pnn.
gress of this District.
Memphis, Nov 5, 3 a. m. Up to" mid
night no city wards counted. Vote of tho
county over 15,000. Grant and Maynard
win carry tno county ny a small majority.
Tho iluiiMH'llllcnt. lfMrlclnf ivn Mplrnt lu nLint--
ed, and tlie indications point to Haynes'
ueieai, lor congress uy jjaruour Jjowis.
Tlio following riro tho returns received:
Haywood county Bell , Grant 100,
Greeley 09, Freeman 103, Brown 83,
Cheatham 05, Maynard 100, Johnson 21,
Munu 103, Campbell 79, Caldwell 3 La
fayette county Greeley 109, Grant 20G,
Brown 118, Cheatham 100, Johnson 13,
Haynes 117. Lagrange Grant, and May
uard 309, Cheatham 77, Johnson 25, Lew
is 305, Haynes 00.
Crockett county Grant, 182; Greeley,
110; Cheatham, 89; J hnson, 32; May
nard, 71. Obion county Kenten, Cheat
ham, 129; Johnson, 2; Troy, Greeley, 38 :
Grant, ; Cheatham, 2i ; Johnson 5.
Gibson county McKcnzic, Greeley, 23;
Grant, 12; Cheatham, 189; Johnson, 17;
Maynard, 12. Hardeman county Mld
dleton, Greeley, 108; Grant, 8; Cheat
ham, OS; Johnson, 10; Maynard, 0;
Haynes, 97 ; Lewis, 0. Pocahantas, Client-
jiuui, u-j , ouiuiauii, o : ;uuyiiuru, ou ;
Haynes, 54 ; Lewis, 5S. Saulsbury, Gree
ley, 120; Grant, 70; Brown, 120; Free
mau, 01; Johnson, 101; Cheatham, 33:
Maynard, 70; Haynes, 91; Lewis, 05;
Cheatham, 114; Maynard, 114; Johnson,
87. Rotu rnH Inillpjlfft flint, 01llfltlintn nml
I Haynes carry tho county by COq majority.

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