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" nrobill MI'cdiliT Cjnmidc Mtbncsban, lobtmbcr U, 8Z2,
Into Xcivs From 'ow York.
Editors Chronicle: I liavo 1111 Item
so cooil that it must not be lost to the
public. As King Harris says : "Demo
crats, your attention."
On last Friday night a merchant who
stopped at Sweet "Water and lives there,
or in the neighborhood whilst in the
smoking ear, just as wo left Jonesborougli,
stated to a gentleman sitting on the same
seat I wan occupying, that it was all up
with Greeley in the Northern States. The
(iiestion being asked: "Hut how about
NcwYork ? ho replied : "O, tho Demo
crats have gone back on us. Even in the
city, they arc uniting with tho Rcpubll
cans ; and it is probable that tho Republi
can majority in tho city will bo large.
The business men there of tho Democratic
party have sold out to the Republicans. I
nave bought my last bill of goods in Xew
York-. After this I will stop in Baltimore:
and I have heard at least one hundred and
fifty Southern merchants say that they
will do the same thing not another dollar
of my money goes to Now York."
I am led to presume that the publication
of tho Times means even more thau the
words and figures of its articles on tills
subject. That movemont of the merchants,
bankers, and leading business men must
truly bo a great one, if thus early the reb
el Democrats of tho South, at lca-4 of
Sweetwater, appeal from New York to
Baltimore. Rut how about Baltimore?
Will not that he a gloomy place for Detno
ratic merchants to go? "Was it not there
even in Baltimore that Democrats took
the oath of allegiance to Iloraco Greeley?
Was It not there that the great(?) Demo
cratic party died and went to h or
n'e" Of couifco it was. Pleaso ask the
Press nnd JI no, tho "big organ," as
you call it, if it will buy any more ink at
New York. Or will it also stop at Balti
more? But, is not such proscriptiveness, for
mere political opinion sake, wrong and
siiulrmocratic' If such action bo carried
out, will not tho Southern Greeloyltlc
Democrats who havo subscribed for
'Whitelaw" Greeley's Tribune order its
discontinuance ? especially, if the stock
holders elect Schuyler Colfax orsomoothcr
good and great journalist to the Managing
Editor's chair ?
This Southern merchants' movement
must bo put a stop to. Ask tho "big or
gan" to puff a note of wind against it. hot
it 1)0 quick aud use its largest bellows, oth
erwise "hell may bcall afloat and the river
tmnm'nc risinr.
The Germans and Washburne.
Minister E. B. Washburne, the old
'Watch Dog of the Treasury," and Gen.
Grant's original friend, who in the earlier
years of the war adhered to him closely, is
now on a visit to New York. A dispatch
from that placo dated 2Sth, says:
The representatives of two German
American associations to-day presented
Hon. Elihu Wasliburne an address express
ive of tho grateful recognition of his kind
.ness towards the German residents of Par
is during tho horrors of tho siege, in not
only carrying out the literal instructions
of his government, but in voluntary sac
rifice of his own personal comforts and
giving cheerfully from his own stores to
needy aud starvinir Germans. Minister
Washburne in reply says the credit for his
acts is duo to the administration of Presi
dent Grant, under whoso specific direc
tion he complied with tho request of tho
ulerman government to asbiime tho protec
tion of Germans in France. Ho felt that
lie correctly interpreted the feelings of the
irovernment and people of tho United
States when ho followed inclinations of
his own heart in doing what he did. If
ho is able to send 30,000 Germans out of
Par's before the gates of the city are closed;
jt was the unbounded liberality of tho Ger
man government furnished tho means and
the French government gave him every
support possible during tho last terriblo
days of the siege to secure protection and
furnish means of support to the 30,000 Ger
mans who Hocked tb our legation, it was
because the government of National de-
leneo caused nis position to ue respecieci ;
and if ho was able after the siego to con
tinue that protection it was because lie had
the support of the French Republio and
the illustrious man M. Thiers, who is at
the head of the government, and perhaps,
s.tvb Washburne. nothing could better ex
emplify tho power of our country and the
respect paid our llag tnan mat mo uom
muiio of Paris, in its career of crime and
blood, released on my demand more than
Hundred Uerniaus who iiad ucen tnrown
into prison guiltless of any crime and sub
jected to frightful persecutions.
tllrowii I'nrdons C'niitlctM llornusn tliej'
were Jtcliel Soldiers.
Editors Cronicle: Tho following facts
havo recently come to our knowledge, and
we publish them to show the Union peo
pie of thenation what sortof agovernmen
we have here in Tennessee:
.Last winter, while tno ijt-giMaturc was
in session, one of tho members was talking
to a convict in the penitentiary, and lie
asked him ii he had ever been in tho renei
array. The convict said ho had. The
Legislator told him if ho would trcUa cer
tificate from some of his company oillccra
that lie had been a confederate soldier, lie
would have him pardoned out. The con
vicfc wrote and cot the certificate, and i
three days from the recelnt of said certlfl
cate lie win pardoned by Gov. Brown. Tho
conversation between tho Legislator an
tho convict was in the presence of one o
two guards: and our Informant ,-av tho
certificate himself.
No wonder the kuklux of Middlo and
West Tennes.sco bid defiance to the law
Let It bo known that a rebel Governor
Tennessee pardons penitentiary convict
l'i-au-o they berved in the rebel aimy.
'1 nr. Hoiim: Ki'im:.Mic. Eighteen thou
sand sick horses in Xew York 8,000 in
irooklyn-!i,00(lin Jersey City boats and
prndti'-e upon the canals at a standstill
men carting merchandise through our
itkv street railroads nnd omnibuses un
jible to move tho Government stopping
tho importation of horses from Canada
are a part of the evidences of the terror
mil loss already occasioned by this terrible
illscar. and its ravages seem to hao jn-t
:-iirn'i 'cd ' 7 . ,
Tho peoplo of Tennessee begin to see the
baneful ollects of procriptlvo legislation.
If wo wero toexamino tho proceedings of
tho fast Legislature, wo , would find that
four-fifths of its tlmo was spent In legislat
ing for party purposes. We had crying
evils pertaining to our financial and ma
terial interests that needed attention. Wo
ecded better roads, free schools, immigra
tion and a bettor system of internal taxa-
on and legislation to encourage our In
dustrial establishments. With tlieso sub-
ects, well worthy of careful study and at
tention, boforo them, did our legislators
work for tho public good? Look
over their legislation and see.
Business men and fanners, workingmen
and professional men, do you not all feel
that as a State wo aro standing still if not
going backward? Do you not feci the
need of some of those strong arms and
opeful hearts that aro going In a constant
stream towards the setting sun building
up tho mighty West by magic? Do you
want them to cultlvato your idle lands,
open your mines and relieve you of your
heavy taxes? We know you do. But we
enow too, that these aids will not come to
us as long as wo spend our wholo timo in
fighting each other proscriptlvcly and re
vengefully. How many weeks were spent
mapping out these Congressional Dis
tricts so as to make all Democratic?
How much timo was spent for schools or
for providing money to 'nay our honest
public debts? Read tlieso pernicious sen
timents from Senator Dubose's speech on
the apportionment bill when beioro the
Senate and then say if sucli a spirit and
policy will ever build upjour State, or iu-
ugurato a better leeling among our peo
ple? Read them and by your votes show
that you do not propose to encourago any
such party or men :
Your committee spent a vast amount
of labor, so forming tho various
districts as to do tho Radicals all
the harm, aud the Democrats all
tho good we could. T hope, therefore, no
chancre will be made in the bill. As a
political measure it is perfect. The com
mittee insist that no cnaugo be made, i
am astonished at tlto Senator from Hay
wood, who says ho is "opposed to redls-
trlcting the Ktato in the exclusive interest
ot party." l intend to let his peoplo know
what sort ot a Democrat no is. x intend
to publish him in tho papers. I Intend to
expose every Democrat who votes to change
the bill. Aeain,Ircieat that there is no con
cealment. This bill seeks to disfranchise
the Jtadical parti. Wc have (jot our feet
on their necks. Tho Democratic party has
so decreed it ; and the peoplo can do no
wrong. Tho law of retaliation is right
Tin: decision of tho Supremo Court in
the Baxter libel suits Is a triumph of jus
tlco in which the people aro deeply inter
ested. We lose sight entirely of tho par
ties and refer to tho principle sought to be
established by the act of the Legislature
now decided to bo unconstitutional. Tho
act provided for a severance In certain
cases of libel which placed about all the
expense'and onus for prosecuting for mali
cious libel uponlthcjpartyln'rongcd instead
ot putting the onus upon tho libelcr. Jiy
tliatacta party living in Knoxville grossly
libeled, might be (dragged to ..Memphis to
preecute the guilty party oven though a
party to tho libel resided here. The act
was unjust and cruel. It never would
havo been passed but for tho desire to aid
a few intluenlial newspapers in a war upon
.Mr. uaxter.
But tho law oven If technically within
the limits of tho constitution was so out-
racoons upon its face that Gov. Brown
should have promptly vetoed it. But in
stead of doing that, ho chose to join in tho
crusade and became a party to a gigantic
wrontr. Wo aro triad tho Supreme Court
lias upheld justice aud for the sake of all
Ubeiers hereaiter, has leit them just where
cool heads and justico placed them long
Wilson Tel l What Nfntt'M Oriiiit Will
The Washington correspondent of the
.Baltimore Sun telegraphs as follows :
Senator Wilson, the Republican candi
date for Vice President, passed through
Washington this morning on his way to
Staunton, Va., where he is to piake a
speech to-morrow before a Republican
mass meeting. Mr. Wilson is in his usual
coniident mood as to the result of the
Presidential election on theCth prox. lie
boasts that Mr. Greeley will not only fall
to receive as largo an electoral voto as Gov
ernor Seymour four years ago, but that ho
win utterly lall to carry a single .Northern
State. Not content with that, the Massa
setts Senator makes very considerable in
roads in the South and claims North Car
olina, Alabam, Florida, and Virginia.
The Washington correspondent of tho
Cincinnati Gazette says :
The Baltimore -rimcrcrm says if the ratio
of Republican gains that has been abtain
ed In Maryland, since October !)t, keeps up
for another week, they will carry the
State, The Sixth Congressional District
Is conceded by the Democrats, and tho
Fifth is scarcely in doubt. A lamer Re
publican voto will bo polled in tho city of
jsaitunore than has been done since eman
cipation was declared. All information
from the Eastern Shore indicates that the
Democratic voto there will fall below its
usual iigures. In view of these facts, tho
Republicans of Maryland have considera
ble holies of carrying the State for Grant
anil Wilson.
Tho Anderson (Inil.) Standard hauled
down tho Greeley llag the other dav, and
said : "Tho truth i, tho whole Greeley
matter is a fraud. Ho has not the first
elements of Democracy. Tt will cure
Democrats forever from trying the policy
tlame. Republicans succeeded by drawing
such men as Rutier, Logan nnd Morton
from tho Democrats. Democrats this year
aped them, but the thing has failed. If
wo havo principles we should never stir
ronler their, 'c defeat onio as It may."
SIovcn nml Tinware.
Hoxsie Ss DePue.
The greatest wonder of tho age Is tho unbounded c-
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J i ,
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i .xu, xumors in tno womn, stoinacli,uvarlcs,Uoncls,
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ij tho cow and churn, furni-hes us with butter cer
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stituents for tho human body.
uut wncn tnosa people wno nrst uoubtino cuicacy ot
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Dropsical Effusion. Ascites, and Calculus Concretions.
frsm a prominent gentleman and residentof Cincinna
ti, Ohio, for tho past forty years well known to tho
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Nkw York, Oct. 11th. lt70.
Dr. RAnwAV-Dear Sir; 1 am induced by a sense of
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working of yourmedirineon myself, l-'orsovsrarycars
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C. W. JAMES, Cincinnati, Ohio.
w o ii r s.
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lllauilcr, Inflammation ol th Dowels, Congestion
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effectapos tlve cure. .
V :t.,iA' VTflETABLr.
Containing no . j' Minerals, ordetcterlous drugs.
eir Obervo the tollowlng -ymptorai resulting lrom
diseases of the digestive organs! Ciibtiin'r""", Inward
Piles, Fullness ot th Blood in the Hcod, Aciditj . '-ho
Stomach, Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust of Food, Full
ness or Weight in tho Stomach, Sour Eructations, Si-k
ingor Fluttering at the Pit of tie Stomach, Swimming
ol the bead, Hurried and Difficult Breathing. Flutter
ing at the Heart, Choking or Suffocatinp Sensation,
when in a lying posture, DUnnem of Vision. Dots or
Webs before the bigbt, Fewi ju-i Hull Pain in tho
Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, 1 Jlowness of the
Skin and Eyes. Tain in the Side. Chos, Limbs, and
sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in tno Flesh. A1V
doses of Radway's Pills will free the system from al)
the above nuiuod disorders;
Price, 25 Cents per Box.
ev KOMI UV AM. imutJursTH. .!
Read False and Truo. Send ono letter-stamp to
RAD WAY .k CO.. 3 Warren, cor. Church Street, New
Y Informatirn worth thousands wl! be sent you.
LI ,.

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