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grille Mdilji 0mdc, M'cimcsuitjr, Ihbtmkx Ji, 1672.
RULE & RICKS, Publishors,
Number 10 JlhrAc Pfacc, i?asf Side.
tkiwis or sunscmt'Tiox.
One copy, one year -
Ono copy, six months -
Ten copies, ono year -
I 00
.... 1G
Twenty copies, one year
.... CO
WEDNESDAY. . . . .OOTOBEKS0, 1872.
From the East and from tho West ; from
tho North mid from tho distant South, on
clectrio wings, comes tho glad tidings that
through a free, untrammclcd ballot, Gen.
Grant lias been chosen as President for
four moro years.
And now four millions of voices sound
aloud n song of praiso and thanksgiving
for iv country delivered from tho dangers
that would havo threatened it had
tho unnatural and corrupt coalition con
cocted at Cincinnati and Baltimore suc
ceeded. Tho election of Grant and Wilson is an
evidence of tho intelligence and good sense
of tho American people, far moro signifi
cant than expressed in any other Presiden
tial election. Upon its face tho Greeley
movement was calculated to catch voters.
It proposed to be a movement for reform,
whereas, in fact, it was astruggleforspoils.
It professed to be in tho interest of recon
ciliation and for a more fraternal union
of the sections, whereas its promoters, in
Tennessee, at least havo been in
tolerant and proscriptivo to a shameful
degree. "While professing to have formed
a new party upon principle, they abandon
ed almost all discussions of principles in
tho canvass and hurled at tho President
tho vilest slanders over heaped upon a can
didate. Both Gen. Grant and Senator "Wil
son have characters abo vo reproach. They
havebecnin positions of trustbuttheirper
sonal integrity has never been successfully
assailed. They have been faithful pnblic
servants. This tho people knew and to
answer their calumniators they have by
an overwhelming vote placed them in
tho highest and most honorable ofllces in
the gift of tho people.
Before the intelligent world, the Ameri
can people have vindicated Gen. Grant,
and the greatest soldier and most slander
ed President goes into his second term
completely and fully acquitted.
Tub war made upon Johnson because of
his Cniou record, and tho proscription of
such men as Blizard, Sevier, Gaut and
"WilliaiMS, because of their sympathy .with
the Government during the war, is not
calculated to make votes for Caldwell and
il.nHIini.illjlnln rttiuilnir ,ir,nn tlinlr wnt-
Minn ItUiumtllta luiiuiiik "I""' .....
record. Union men feel if their friends aro
to be proscribed because of their loyalty,
that they will no longer vote for
the men persecuting them simply
because they are " regular nominees."
This grand old hero of a hundred cam
paigns was present on the stand last night
at tho Republican rally on Market fcquare
It sent a thrill of satisfaction through
manv a heart to seethe old war horse at
the front,manifesting his approval of tho
cause for which he has performed so much
gallant service. Three cheers for tho old
w. r horse, true to the last.
Tho Jachson Whiff and Tribune seems
to be afllicted with a huge sized disgust,as a
consequence of tho troubles of Tennessee
Democracy. In its last issue we iind tho
following :
"When tho election is over, let who will
bo elected, we do not expect to devote so
much snaco to politics or political subjects.
If Cheatham is elected we shall rejoice, be
cause we beliovo it will be for good ; if
Johnson, wo shall acquiesce with the best
grace wo may j but If Maynard and wo
think this latter asprobableaseitherof the
others -we shall lament tho tolly which
has produced such a result, but shall feel a
conscious and serene satisfaction that we
in no manner contributed to so untoward a
lion. Benjamin G. Harris, a leading
Democrat aud ex-Congressman of Mary'
land, lias issued an address to tho Demo
crats of that State, urging them to vote
against both Urant anu ureeiey;
A report having been put in circulation
by some anti-Administration newspaper
that tho President was about to change the
Indian policy that has been so creditable
to his heart as well as his head, George II
Stuart, of Philadelphia, addressed him a
letter on tho subject and received tho fol
lowing reply :
ExkittiveMansion, Washington, D. C,
uctoucr l'u, j7L'.
Gko. II. Stuakt. Esq. MyDi;ak Sik
Your favor of the 2ith Inst., saying that a
changoin mo Indian policy ol tlio Admin
istration is reported to bo contemplated, is
just received. Such a thing has not been
thought of. If tho present policy toward
tho Indians can be improved in any way
I will always bo ready to receive sugges
tions on thn subject, but ii . ny change is
in, 1 be on the pW1p of tho clviiiza-
Vo '' Manization oi .he Indian,
f do i '-tnr over placed
tho diiforent in"'- ",,u firth
with tho view of have t x
crt til! his energy. ... iit.-iimo.utug the
weaker. If any phangc take- t ' n- 'io
Indian policy of tho Government white I
li j my rra"' wf'.-.-o it will be U
humuuftariaii tilde r ho question
Very duly your
1. Okam.
Tho election yesterday resulted in sweeping
lctorlc3 for tbo Kopubllcan party in nbout thir
ty of the thirty-scvcn.Statos of the Union. Af
ter twclvo years of unintcruptcd ascendancy in
tbo Nation, it strides Into another four years
oaso of power with tho most complete triumph
that ever perched upon its banners. Tho re
turns given in tho Chronicle this morning
road like the overwhelming victories attending
a now party riding into power upon tho wavo
of a great popular revolution.
Tho coalition that four months ago cmlting-
ly boasted of sweeping tho ltcpublic with a
grand "tidal wave" comes out of this contest
with every ono of the old froo States wrested
from iU control. Massachusetts repudiates
Banks and Sumner; Illinois disowns Trumbull,
Palmer and Whito and tho Empiro Stato with
a grand outburst of patriotic furor robukes
Greeley and Fcnton. Never in our politial his
tory has a party bcc so utterly and overwhelm
ingly overthrown and repudiated. Tennessee has
passcdlthrough tho storm of fiereo contention
and comes out almost if not fully redeemed
from tho unworthy bonds of tho Socesh Democ
racy. At this writing, 2 A. sr., tho indications
point to tho olection of our noble standard bearer
lloraco Maynard. This glorious victory is not
yet assured but seems Tory probable as it is
conceded in private dispatches by the chairman
of tho Cheatham Stato Committee, tho ed
itor of tho Nashville Union and American. So
far as our returns show Maynard leads both
of his competitors. lie loads Johnson over 2,-
000 and Cheatham by nbont 0,000. Cheatham
will bo second if not first in tho race and the
ex-President last though not by any means
least, as his rcrnarkablo canvass, single-handed
and alone shows.
Tho "Uattering l'am"' District, mapped out
to defeat Maynard, will probably bo represent
cd by Thornburgh. Ills majority in this coun
ty as far as hoard from is 1,103. It will prob
ably reach 1,800. Threo districts of Jefferson
county give him SCO majority. Upon this basis
ids majority this sido of tho mountains will bo
between 4,500 and G.O0O. it may exceed tho lat
ter estimate. Wo consider his election very
nearly if not absolutely certain.
Km xvillc goes Republican by about 200 ma
jority, as the Grant and Greeley vote shows.
Wo eclipse the magnificicnt victory of last
August in Knox county, and place lit among
tho foremost of the Kepublican counties of tho
All in all'ycsterday'a iwork was well done.
A complcso and glorious victory the Cnnox-
icle records this morning, and with these glad
tidings it sends greeting to tho glorious l'.cpub
bean host of Tennessee.
The Quadrennial Contest Termiiia'crt.
'Ilie Jay Piusctt Oil- Very Uuicll.v.
The election passed off in this city so
quietly that with the exception of the sa
loons being closed, a stronger would scarce
ly have perceived any difference between
it and the day previous, unless in the num
her of carriages driven through the streets,
freighted with voters en route for the va
rious precincts.
At many of the voting places there were
no "workers" for any ot the candidates.
and the sovereigns exercised the right of
suiirage wnnoui being importuned by tlie
menus oi rival candidates to vote tor their
particular favorite, perhaps, for tho llrst
time in life. At others, however, there
was considerable interest manitesteu and
tickets of all shades, from the "straights"
on both sides, andgraduallychangingfrom
the Presidential nominee until tlie last
name had totally changed the complexion
and transformed it Into one decidedly
The Democrats, many of them, felt that
their candidates were not likely to sweep
the field and tlie name of their'Elector for
the State at Large from East Tennessee
was frequently "scratched."
The voto for Coiyressman at Large
showed that Mr. Maynard still maintain
ed his hold on the ail'ections of his party,
while Gen. Choatham carried oil" manv
that would have been cast for Johnson a
mouth ago.
The vote of Knox countv ui to tho time
of going to press with 17 districts to hear
irom, is as toiiows: Urnnt, l,G3(i; Ureeley
074; Freeman, 1,018: Brown, 1)74 ; May
nard, 1,571 : Johnson, 775 ; Cheatham, 275
Thornburgh, 1,710; Caldwell, S74; Gar
rett. 21.
Richards carries the county for Senate
bv a large majority, and Houlc and Carnes;
all Republicans, elected to the Legislature,
Pitin-Am: von Anotheu Epizooty.
The Dominion of Canada seems deter
mined to be the fountalnhead of nnimal
distempers the present season. Besides
being the origin of the prevailing horso
malady, another disease which threatens
to become widespread, lias broken ou
among tlie swino in Hull, Ottawa. Our
farmers and health commiisioners should
be on the alert, and endeavor to prevent.
n possible, mis now piague irom spread
lug among the swino in this city and vl
ciniiy. .. i . Jicruut, nwi.
We oiler elsewhere some magnificent
premiums for the largest and second largest
club of subscribers to the Wi:kici,y
CintONiciiK. This Is a good fhanco for
our mends to aid us in circulating the
Uhronici.K, and at tlio same time, to pay
inemseives uocrauy ior ineir worK. jiivery
family ought to have a good sewing ma
chine and every farmer wants a superior
plow. Our agents can earn three dollars n
day in canvassing for subscriber- tor these
very liberal premiums.
Tlio CitnoNicxu ought to be in every
household in Tennessee. We want to give
our frit idv inducements to help us nut It
there- Wi'l they not take hold and help
us .
Btepnen Pari Andrews was arrested ft
romplidty in the Woodhull and ClatIMn
The r.x-Uocriior'n I.uto CnrU Ilcpllcd to
A l'cw Plnln i:ncin.
NASltvn.LK, Oct. 30, 1872.
To tho Editor of the Banner:
Mv attention has been called to a lone
letter published in tho Memphis Appeal
and republished in tho Union and Ameri
can, by Governor Harris, reviewing tho
discussion between him and moat Mur-
freesboro'. Tho novelty of this communi
cation attracted my attention. It struck
mo that.ns thopanersatMurfrcesboro' had
said all they could conscientiously for tho
Uovernor, being strongly on ins siue, nun
the Union and Amrrican hnd championed
his cause, besides publishing two or thrco
lengthy communications from Murfrees
boro', doing tho best they could for him,
nud especially as ho had tho conclusion in
tho debate, It was rather overdoing thu
tuing tlie tiling to interview nimsen, anu
in a formal letter after ho had time to
think, como to his own rescue by review
ing tlie entire debate.
But upon a careful reading of his review
I find the only point in the discussion
which created any sensation Is admitted as
stated by me. Whatever Governor Har
ris' friends may have said about the facts
as they were published now there can bo
no controversy about mem.
It is now settled that Governor Harris
did openly and publicly, in a speech charge
tliat Mr. Jolinson, wnue Military uover
nor of Tennessee, take from the people,
without duo process of law, about !?20,000,
and that he charged this to be a great
crime, and subversive of tho dearest con
stitution rights.
it is now settled taut it was truiuiuuy
charced in renlv that he. the accuser, had.
as civil Governor, taken out of the Bank
of Tennessee, without duo process of law,
of tlie sacred school fund, secured in terms
by the Constitution to the children of the
Stato for ever, and which no enactment
could touch, $1,550,703.
It is now sottlsJ that tlie Governor, us
civil Governor, without duo process ot law
not only took this large sum from tho
Bauk of Tennessee, but, by force, ho did
take from the Planters' Bank, $500,000,nnd
that he did, as civil Uovernor, by iorce,
take from the Union Bank of Tennessee,
and, of course, without duo process of law,
Tliese tilings, as lirst denied, are now
settled. And tlie deiensc is tnat u was ta
ken to feed tho army.
Now it turns out that a few mouths af
ter this, and when Mr. Johnson became
Military uovernor, lie Had troops wnicn
he hud'to feed, and was without money.
He was with a conquering army aud in a
captured city, and these same two bauks
were still here.
Mr. Johnson went down to these two
banks and told them that ho had troops to
feed and had no money, and asueu tnem it
tucv could lend him some money. Alter
considering tlio securities, Mr. jonnson
borrowed irom each ot said banus t?u,uuu,
and gave tho individual promissory notes
of "Andrew Johnson" with personal secu
rity every dollar ot which he aiterwurd
paid, with interest, in legal tenders.
jJehoid tue accuser and tno accused.
Governor Harris says in his review that
the- transactions with the Bank of Tennes
see were fair, because he turned over bonds
under an act ot the Legislature.
The convening of tho Legislature, and
the Governor's message, and the act itself,
lix beyond doubt the responsibility.
Jiouds on a contemplated rebellion
against the United States, in consideration
for the sacred school fund, is worse than a
forced note on a woodpecker at Jare, in
payment ot spiritual dues.
iV. i5. COIA All.
Last Sundav morning, under tho abovo
caption, wo afluded to the saving to tho
State in the matter of public printing, tlio
result of Col. Baxter's ventilation and
Senator Gibson's vicilauce in the Lecisla
ture. We stated in that editorial that the
Nashville papers had not deigned to
notice tho contract with Wheeler, Mar
shall & Bruce, not being willing to let
their readers know to what extent they,
the public printers, nave been overcharg
ing tlie tax payers.
Tho Banner of Tuesday says wo misrep'
resented tlio facts. Upon investigation wo
find that the Banner did notice tlio contract
under the following circumstances, as wo
are reliably informed : When tho com-
misioners made tho award to Wheeler,
Marshal & Bruce, tho reporters of the two
Nashville papers were nt the Capitol in the
afternoon, as is their daily custom, and tho
item was given them. On their rounds
the next day it was remarked by ono of
the htatc oiiiciais, that tho item had been
overlooked. Tlio Banner reporter made
some excuse and promised to insert tho
ionowing day, which, tor some reason
was not done. Ono ofthe commission'
ers who made the award then wrote a
notice of it, aud took it to the
Banner cfllce, where he handed it in as
an advertisement, paying for its insertion.
Next morning a short notlco of the award
appeared, and ono of the proprietors re
turned the money handed in by the State
officer with an apology for not Inserting
The Banner adds :
It is but fair to say that'thc Stato, in ordering
a thousand copies of tho book, instead of six
hundred as heretofore, cheapens tho prico per
volume tho composition on ono thousand or
ten thoumnd copiej costing no moro than for
uvo nunureu. u was optional witn tlio 1'nnters
to tho State to tako tho contract at tho bid which
tho Stato accepted, but thoy wero not willing to
uo worK ai moiO ngurci.
That Is a sorry plea, as they must know
that Wheeler, Marshal fc Bruce havo tho
volume we referred toUth Helskelllstereo-
tvped, which adds nbout 85 per cent, to
me cost, so tnat tho price could not be
cheapened a great deal. Any man can see
innt uio diiierencc should not be as much
as or moro than half.
The assertion that it was optional wit"
tlie public printers to take tho work at th
figures, is not in accordance with the facts
as we understand them, nnd hnvo them
from tiood authority. Tho law irlves au
thority to the Commissioner to let out the
work aud provides that if thopubl c print
ers are tn low as the lowest in their bid,
they aro to have the preference. Our In
formation Is that Roberts 6c Purvis put in
a bid and so did the Union and American
Company, but none was put in by Jones,
Purvis A: Co., the publlo printers. So it
could not have been optional, unless Jones,
Purvis it Co. hud put in a bid at 75 per
volume, the price bi l I Wheeler, Mar
shall & Bruce-
The Elections Yesterday.
Tho following States voted yesterday for
Stato officers nnd Congressmen, In addi
tion to Presidential electors: Alabamn,
Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansns,
Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Min
nesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York and
Tlio following also voted for Congress
men, but not for State officers : California,
Delaware, Connecticut (to fill vncanoy in
First District). Georgia, Kentucky, Mary
land, Mississippi, New Jersey, Rhode
Island, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Penn
sylvania and Wisconsin. Tho people will
also vote upon a constitutional proposition
enlarging tho Supremo Court by tho addi
tion ot two justices, two constitutional
propositions will nlso bo voted upon in
Texas; 1. To permanently locato tho
capital at tko placo having tho most votes.
2. To limit nnd define the power of tho
Legislature In malting land grants, in
ths remainder of the States the election
will be for Presidential Electors alone. At
the samu tlmo tho people of tho Territories
of Arizona, Idnho and Washington will
voto for Delegates.
Of tho Legislatures to be elected next
month, thoso of tho following States will
bo called upon to elect United States Sena
tors for the term beginning March 4, 1873:
Alabama, a Senator In plnco of Spencer,
Republican ; Arkansas, in placo of Rico,
Liberal ; Florida, in piaco of Osbom, Re
publican : Illinois, in plnco of Trumbull,
Liberal ; Kansas, in place of Pomeroy,
Renublican: Louisiana, in place ot iei-
lo"!?. Renublican : Missouri, in plncu of
J5lair, .Democrat ; nevaua, in pnice i iye,
Republican ; New York, in place of Conk
ling, Republican : and Wisconsin, in plnco
of Howe, Republican. Tho last majority
(as olllcially nnnounced) in eacn oi tno
States that voto to-day is as follows :
Alabama 1,771 Dom.
Arkansas 2,712 Ken.
California 5,01 Kep.
Connecticut i Kep.
Delaware 2,470 Dem.
Florida 228 Dem.
Georcia o5,000 Dem.
Illinois 21,020 Hep.
Indiana 1,148 Dem.
Iowa 41,251 Kep.
Kansas 0,1,0 Kep.
Kontucky 3G.076 Dom.
Louisiana 21,477 Kep
M.iino 17,048 Kep
Mnrvlnnd 15.18 Dem'
Massachusetts Itep'
Michigan 8,529 Kep"
Minnesota 14,088 Kep.
Missouri 41,038 Dem.
Mississippi 38,08!) Kep.
Nebraska 5,000 Kep.
Nevada 1,052 Dem.
Now Hampshire 2,230 Kep.
New Jersey 0,007 Dem.
New York 1 17,087 Kep.
North Carolina J,'Jflj itcp,
Ohio 14,145 Kep
Oregon , '1,000 Kep.
t'cnnsylvanm - jo, ii J.cp.
Khodo Island : :S.57:i Kep.
South Carolina SO.OOO Kep.
Tennessee !!4,497 Dem.
Texas 2J,081 Dem,
Vermont 25.33 Kop
Virginia 0,001 Dem,
West Virginia 2.851 Dom.
Wisconsin 0,391 Kep.
"In thoso States tho estimated majorities cast
;it the recent elections aro given.
Tin: liousi: jiaj..viy iiiai'imvy aii.vt
is a.
S r. Louis, Nov. 2. Senator Blair is sick,
Nkw Yokk. Nov.- 2. Tlio malady is ran
idly abating. Tho weather is bracinir.
There were 83 deaths hero yesterday aud
140 in Brooklyn. No information from
Tho Hnll jury say that they dlsacrccd on
tho wilfulness of neglect alleged aganst
the Mayor. No juryman suggested that
the Mayor had commtttod any trauduient
Advices from Gothn concerning the ex
plorations of the Norwegian, dipt. Nils
Johnson, represent that Johnson, in re
exploring In August last on the islands
east of Spltsonbergcn found tho sea free of
ice to north-eastward, and indications of
powertul oceanic currents serving to Keep
open tlio higher polar seas. Johnson went
north to latitude of nearly 88.
Dr. Peterman, the great German geogra
pher, is shortly to make public tho discov
eries of Capt. Nils Johnson.
The accident already reported on tho
Jamesburg Kali road near Monmouth, IS.
J.. Tuesday night last was due to careless
ness in telegraphing as to the running of
trains. Tho engineer and iireman, who
.were killed, were horribly mangled. Tho
engineer on ono of tho trains did not give
tlio signal for down breaks though in full
view of tho approaching train. It was
miraculous that a frightful loss of lifo did
not occur. No physiciaus wero near to aid
tho wounded whose sufi'eriugs wero for
a while dreadiui.
Tlio Protestant Episcopal Bishops on
yesterday elected Rev. Wm. II. Hare,
now Secretary of foreign committee, as
Bishop to tho Indians.
Joseph Ames, a well known artist, died
hero yesterday,
Woodhull & Chitlln havo been arrested
for a gross libel. They wero taken before
Commissioner Osborne and held in eight
thousand dollars ball each lor trial. iNo
ono appeared to bail them and they were
taken to Ludlow street jail.
A special train on thoToronto audBruco
railroad ran oll'thc track near Owen Sound,
killing G. Davidson. Ishnm and James
Sherman and seriously wounding four
Pmi,ATKLi'HiA, Nov. 2. Tho malady
is increasing rapidly.
Chicaoo, Nov. 2. There is a cold rain
here. But few horses aro on the streets.
CniCAfio, Nov. 2. Thero aro between
300 nnd 400 sick horses here.
San FitANCisco, Nov. 2. The China
steamer takes $500,000 treasurer.
Cu.Miircitr,ANi, Mil, Nov. 4. Tho
freights collided on tho Huntington and
annul Top road, Killing the conductor,
Bowser nnd threo others, and mortally
woundluir a filth.
HAiUtisnt'iJCi, Nov. 1. The Lochlel
rolling mill was burned. Loss. $100,000.
Nnw YoitK, Nov. 4. Tlio forthcoming
election occupied the attention of many
preachers yesterday,
Thero Is some excitement in West dies
ter county over tho reported discovery o
Hold bearing uunrU there.
Win. Smith, publisher of Woodhull's
weekly, found ball in 95,000, nnd was re
leased from Ludlow street jail.
Nearly all the laboring horses hero and
many in tlie surrounding counties are
disabled. Tho cars nro stopped. Tho out
ward bound mnll nnd express matter fail
ed to make the trains ami bonts for want
of horses.
Tho horso disease Is evidently abatlmr.
The disagreeable feature of the epidemic Is
the number of carcases in the streets, the
facilities for removal not being equal to
the demand.
The malady is abating and it Is believed
it will not Inst moro than a week.
At 12 o'clock to-day the United States
Grand Jury found Indictments against
Victoria Woodhull and Tenntc C. CiulUln,
who wercarrested onSnturdaychargcd with
mailing Indecent printed matter through
tho post office. Tlie prisoners were taken
from Ludlow street Jail at 1 o'clock and
brought before Commissioner Osborno who
said tho indictments relieved him of the
necessity of holding an examination. The
accused wero visibly affected on hearing of
the indictments, Woodhull almost to tears
and Clnfilin looked somewhnt depressed.
Tho counsel for tlio prisoners complained
of tho conduct of the Government in press
ing tho indictments, nnd speaking of the
examination as a most nrbitratory proceed
ing. The accused came prepared for the
examination. Tho Commissioner ordered
tho warrants following tho iudlc ments to
bo served upon the accused and they were
removed to jail in default of $8,000 bail
Three linen wero suffocated by gas in a
new mineral well opened nt Avon.
The department of business Is nearly
suspended. Three-fourths of tho clerks are
gone nomo to vote.
Judge Advocate Mnj. H. B. Barnham
has been relieved from tho department oi
the South nnd goes to the department of
the i'latte.
At a Conference of tho Baptist Clergy of
Boston and vicinity to-day the commit
teo on close communion reported : First,
that christian baptism is tlio immersion of
a believer in water, in the name of the
Father, Son and Holy Ghost, aud is a pro
fession of his lulth in Christ. Second,
that christian churches ought to bo com
posed of such regenerate porsons only as
nave been baptised on a profession of their
faith in Jesus. Third, that tho Lord's
supper ought to bo observed by christian
eiiurcnos only. i ourtn, tnat invitations
of courtesy to partake of tho emblems
should bo given to none but orderly mem
bers ot chnrches properly constitutou.
malady is here, and the majority of horses
and mules aro more of less alllictcd.
Madkid, Oct. 20. While the army bill
was under consideration in Cortes yester
day, Senor Garridas said tlio Radical par
ty in Spain existed only by the sufferance
of the Republicans, This remark gave
rise to a warm debate, during which a
sharp encounter took placo between Senoi
Zoriila, I'rcsident ot tho Council, and
Senor Tlgurres. The Intter, in the course
of an excited speocli, declared that the
present was the last Spanish ministry
that would bo formed under King Ama
dous. London, Oct. 31. Tlie London Bank
ing Association has received four hundred
thousand sovereigns from tho Bank of
Paris aud more coming.
Rome, Oct. 31 .-The dispatches from Turin
report no abatement of tho Hoods. The
dnmngo is beyond calculation. In Fcrrnra
alono forty thousand people are house
less. Tckin, Nov. 1. Tho Po Hood continues
and people nre stowing on house tops and
in trees. The streams aro filled with car
casses of cattle and wrecks of houses. The
town of Reggie, fourteen miles from Medi
na lias almost disappeared beneatli the
Rojik, Nov. 1. The Pope has resolved
to defend the cause of the Church of Ge
neva against tlie decree of the Swiss Gov
ernment, forbidding exercise of his Epis
copal functions within tho Swiss territory
by tho appointed Bishop, Nurmillard
London, Nov. 1. Music Hall in Ox-,
ford, was burned last night.
Washnoton, Nov. 4. Tho corner stone
of Saint Patrick's Church wan laid to-day,
Archbishop Bailey conducting tho cere
monies. No cars running to-day. ,
The Government sells 1,000,000 in
gold each Thursday and buys $1,000,000
in bonds each Wednesday of November.
In Baltimore elevon out of the eight
hundred street railway horses aro well
fatal cases are rare. Nearly all tho horses
in New York nre stabled on account of the
cold rain storm. Tho only horses used in
Boston yesterday wero those needed for
hotel guests.
Tho Common Council of Chicago "meets
to-day to pass nn ordinance allowing dum
my engines on the street roads.
The noted trotting horse Springfield,
bay, died In Sringlield, Mass., to-day.
Messengers of tlio Signal office deliver
probabilities on foot. Their horses and
mules too are alllictcd.
A horso valued at $5,000,rproperty of Col
Rossle. of Arlington, had his leg broken
by a kick.
There aro no cars running and but few
hacks. There aro compartivcly fow dt nths.
A letter was received at tho Treasury
Department this morning from the Col
lector at Stonington, Connecticut, an
nouncing tho arrival oil' that port of the
schooner, Crown Point, on tho 28th ult.,
with two cases of yellow fever on board.
Sho is from St. Domingo, with a cargo of
sugar, dyo woods, etc., for Boston. The
vessel was quarantined nnd since then
none buttholienlth officer has been allow
ed to visit her. Ono of tho patients died ,
the other is convalescent. No new cases
aro reported. After being quarantined
and properly fumigated sho will proceed
to her destination.
$mnll I'ox.
Wo understand that thero aro several cas es ol
small pox at Bristol and Union on tlio lino of
Kailroad. It Is vory necessary that all persons
who havo not boon vaccinated should attend to
tho matter immediately to protect themselves
against tho fatal pest. It should bo looked to
by all. GreenexMe Sentinel and lleportcr.
A gontlcman just from Bristol reports thrco
now cases of small pox mado their appearanco
on Monday. Ono of tho parties attacked is a
young man living in Mrs. Caldwell's family
and two in tho family of u neighbor who visit
ed Mrs. Cnldwoll'i family during her prwent
llnndsomo Parlor and Chamber Suits. Brack -elf,
brackets, brackets, at
sI2dlw. Scoil, SlSt.MOXU & Co.
It is a sii.gulur and well authenticated fui
that not n tinglo case of tho Horso Epidcmk
ha occurrtd wlicro Dnmore Stock Powder
have been freely ucd.

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