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JlnojfbUlc SSl'cthlji (Kjjrnmclc Mcfoircsbnn, ITobtmbcr ti, 1872.
. OCTOUKlt SO, 1872.
Of the CiiitoxicLE mulled freo to any address n np
Ton lines, or less, solid, to constitute a squaro.
r J " S ! i
) H n r-c
1 Square.......j$ 1 60 $ 3 SO 3 4 50
2 squares , 3 00 6 00 8 60
3 Squares I' 4 60 9 00 11 60
4 Squares 6 00 11 60 14 00
6 Squares 7 60 14 00 16 60
10 60
H 60
IS 00
28 00
so oo
10 60
a 6o l
30 00!
$15 00
27 00
37 60
46 00
65 60
X SMIHIto whom liberal wages will he paid. Call
tn JJitmi ' ANliKIi.
oct23J2tntf Knoxville, Tenn.
On Thursday afternoon, the 3lt u)t, at
.Toncsboro' by Kov. E. "Wiley, of Emory Hnd
Henry College. -Virginia, at tho residence of tho
liridors father, Itcv.T). K. McAnnlly and Miss
Julia Kceves.
The 4,'liiclnnall Southern lliillrouil.
Wo hnd tho i)lnnsuro of meeting with Cnpt.
W.J. Kelly, of tho Cincinnati Southern Itail
road, at Coal Creek, Ho is in command of tho
surveying party from Chattanooga. His party
is now near Coal Crock nnd aro on their way to
mako connection with tho party under Cnpt.
ltahl, which is now about 8 or 10 miles from 1
Crock Gap on tho other side of tho mountains.
Iheroaro now four different parties out, who
will mnko their reports as soon as the survey is
finished, when tho rout will bo decided upon
nnd work commenco at once.
jucfsrs. y. a. .t'ondicaris nnd J. .Steward, of
iruiuon, ri. u., aim u, A. attics and W KStcr-
?rt 1 '"'nnolphin, aro registered at tho At
km llouso. Those gentlemen have been uros-
lnp.tmfv filnnm ihn linn f I.- ! 1 , - .
Ohio J.ailroad, near Caroyvillo, with a view of
""""ift "iiuuwii uinus, wun mo tntentton
ofcrccting a blast furnace, if n suitable- location
can be secured.
Dincu h)on n Clinton
account to somo chango in tho return
trains from Clin n tho speeches of tho govcrnl
candidates wero noeessariiy cut down to GO
minutes each. Mr. Garrett opened tho dUcus
Mon in nis usual styic. no was lollowcd b
Mr. Caldwell, who when ho hnd concludoil
immediately loft, being doubtless unwilling to
1 1. ' .1 i!V I 1 l 1 , 1 rfil
near ins war recuiu vciiiuuuhj uy voi. .viiorn
burgh, who followed him. Tho Colonel showed
up the ruinous cllocts upon East Tenncsseo of
Caldwell's policy of taking thotanll oil of iron,
and handled his public record with gloves oil".
Ho wns followed by Davy Kichards and A. J.
.Savage, candidates for tho Senate, and Judge
Xj. u. liouk, candidato lor xloator. Ine gen
eral expression was that Col. lhornburgh mado
a favorablo impression at Clinton with his
pointed and forciblo arguments, and undoubt
cdly mnde votes yesterday.
A Willi.
Tho Chattanooga Times says that an infant
was abandoned by its heartless mother a few
weeks ago in that city, and left with a colored
woman, who gavo it up on Tuesday to tho euro
oi tno county. Macro is nothing Known ot Us
parents, and if tho woman who had tho child
knows to whom it bolongs sho will not tell. Tho
i. : i i .... ,;.r, i
fciuiu is u very prcuy imiu gin.
A Convict KEiilKrnlrN.
Tho Kingston Eatf Tamcssccan snys that
John Goring, who was sentenced to tho eni
tontiary a shorttimc ago. from that caunty, for
tuc snooting ot a littlo girl, nns been pardoned,
unu nns gono to ivansas witn nis lamuy.
l'aylnpr E.Tiiennei.
Tho Chattanooga Times says that tho A. & O.
it. it., is already moro than paying its expen
ses. Wo sco no reason whv. when l'ullv ronnir-
od and put in first class order with plenty of rol
ling stock.it should not pay a handsomo profit to
Us new owners, as it is tho shortest and best
routo to .New Orleans, and will therefore bo an
important focder, if not tho principal one of tho
foouthe.n Pacific railroad.
A Sllifbt MiHtnke.
"Wo hopo tho following is not appropos of this
region at this season of fairs: "A man wns
awarded a premium at tho cattlo show and fuir
in Northampton, Mass., for a two year old colt,
when tho animal ho entered was a horso eight
.,1.1 mi.. 1 1 i . - .1
vuio uiui xiiu uniiur uuu ik juib 111 Jinaiuiu UI1U
fcont a man to bring him to tho show; tho man
mndo n mistako nnd took tho eight venr old
horse, which was in tho samo pasture; and tho
committeo put mm turough."
Known Ine Whittle.
"Wo nro told that ono of tho mules now being
worked by tho corporation has been working
on tho city improvements for over eight years.
It knows within iivo minutes of tho quiting
time, and commences to bray. After tho whis
tle has lounded it will not move a step except
towards us stall unless it bo just to unload tno
cart, ifporchanco it should bo loaded at tho
timo tho whlstlo blows. Tho whip will not pcr-
DUUUU It, untik uitir II I1UW 1U1IU. UfJUSlUlU UlUlt,'.
From ii Filmier,
Eds. Chiiomclk: "Wo nro gratified to havo
tho privilego of casting our suffrages for so
puro a man to represent us in tho Legislature,
us Oeorgo "W. Cams, Esq. No ono who knows
him doubts his honesty and integrity. "When
ho is in tho Legislature, wo aro assured by his
well known character in thepast, that wo havo u
Jleprosentativo who can not bo bought and sold,
and who will not bo driven into the sunnort of
corrupt measures.Tho farmers tiro for him to
a man. A J? av.sikr.
Cincinnati Southern Itnilroail,
A correspondent at Coal Crook statos that
Col. Kelly's corps of engineers nro daily ex
pected at that point. Tho Colonel has been
thoro for sovcral days nnd considers tho routo
survoyed tho best line. Tho highest, grndo bo
twecnthat point and Chattanooga is sixty-six
feet. Our correspondent snys that it is tho very
road abovo nil others that East Tenncsseo now
most needs, touching as it does all tho coal and
iron lands from Chattanooga to Uig Creek Gap,
and if tho road is built iron furnaces will bo
built by tho score along its proposed line.
Important Decision.
Tho buprcmc Court was in session hist night
mm uimMijjuuifr important CJISCS UCClUCU W
thflt. fif .Into, til Mulirv W n ..J Tnl. lt..-ir
...... - - - . ... u . . , , 0, tiuuii
inviy tlnfrthninrt(.t1tultiinnlil.,lUn
-- . n t w.i..hiiuihi(i,j ui tiiu umi .ivuus
net pa. sed by tho lato corrupt and incompetent
AivbKiiv, 1'iinmiUH Wl 1 VlllUlgU Ul VCIIUU
in tcfiiini Diunuer tuns commenced by col.
.loim jWAtcr, witn which tho public aro
Tho ooiirt tustained Col. Jluxtor's noiition
tc tho unconstitutionality of tho net, Judgo
Aiirney uuacnung.
riinire Lot lor sale
Jr tincd, King & Co 'a Addition to Knoxville.
.. . , . I . n
tucnn Jippo V UOMKOKT
A Look Thronch the r.ntiibllnbniciil of
Ncoll, Nliunioniln t: Co.
TIip I.nrRCKt Mock of Fnriilltiro In Ilnvt
A visit to tho establishment of Messrs. Scott,
Slmmonds & Co., 118, Ony strcot, will amply
repay ono oven though it is merely through cu
riosity, for there tiro many Improvements in
this branch of mnnufacturing ns in others nnd
tho lntest styles in thU department aro ns engor
ly sought after ns in dry goods, or in fact in
anything olso.
In narlor suites this firm can furnish nnv
style, in crimson, green and striped reps, or
nmr cloth, embracing soms, cnnirs, roeKcrs, ot
toninns, divnns, nna anything needed for tho
unoat residence, nt prices vnryine irom aio to
W o noticed a benutuuiiy tinisiicd uovonsuiro
foldlnir ehuir. ilnUhed in crecn velvet tilush.
omnmentcd with fringe and studded with gilt-
jicaucu nans ; niso oincr siyics oi uiuercni
finish, each beautiful of their kind.
In this line thoir stock is very large, embrac
ing many varieties nnd styles. Chamber suites
in wnlnut, consisting of ton pieces and worth
from $40,tho cheapest, to tho most oxpensivo
and elaborately finished, worth $300. Tho dif
ferent styles of painted chamber suites nro
cheap anil tasteful, ranging in price from $15 to
Wa nut and nonlnr wardrobes, with nnd
without drawers, plain nnd ornnmcntnl finish,
aro constantly on hand or mado to order.
in ims department may no mentioned tno
folding loungo covorod in groen nnd striped rep,
with surinc hair bed. which is ono of tho most
complctonnd convenient articles mado.
In bedsteads tho mirchaser must bo fastidi
ous, indeed, if ho cannot bo mited in stylo nnd
price, 'inis lirm manuiacturo twelve styles ot
medium, Irom to S1U; nnd in walnut tno rn
rioty is equally large, with prices varying from
$0 to $03.
.Messrs. Scott, biraniomu 0c Co.. tnnnulacturo
nino varieties of room tables, thrco of dining,
tOKOlucr with tho extension, varying in lengtli
from six to fourteen feet. Their parlor and cen
tro tablcp, marblo top nnd plain, aro very lino.
Tho chairs on hand are of every imagionablo
style, and ehould bo seen to bo appreciated, and
aro numbered by scores and dozens. Thero aro
offico chairs, dining room chairs, ladies' rockers,
chairs for invalids, cano scat and hair cloth,
and all tho other styles, including those for tho
nursery nnd children. In tho latter wo noticed
a novelty in n. child's folding high chair and
tabic attached.
Thev manufacturo the various styles of bu
rcaus from tho common nnd medium grades to
tho finest mnrblc top. In wash-stands tho va
riety is onunliy large, nnd in tneso ns in every
other article, tho prices aro ns rcasonablo as a
cood article can bo manufactured for.
In fancy articles wo noticed wall pockets, card
receivers beautifully finished, together with
towel racks and tramcs tor tho Insertion ot om
broidery, &o. In this lino tho enterprising firm
havo consulted tho tasto of tho ladies, and they
should not lull to call nnd Feo tno vnrious ornu
mentnl and fancy articles in stock. Some of
this work is most beautifully carved nnd cm
brace many articles be-ido those enumerated.
They mako a speciality of mnttrasses and
mnnutacturc tho celebrated all-wool mnttrassc.,
one-fourth tho prico of hair and just as' service
able, for which they aro tho sole agents ; also,
niattrnsscs in shuck nnd cotton mixed and each
f-enuratolv. together with tho hair mnttrass.
They aleo havo spring beds fortho low prico of
ii, which is a great reduction irom lormer
In their largo wnro rooms, bosides tho articles
mentioned aro to bo seen clonics racks, towel
racks, children's buggies, lounging chairs,
etiurcrics. whatnots. &c. &c. in endless variety.
while to kcop up tho eupply the third story is
occupied ns n finishing department, whoro a
force of busv workmen nro constnntlv cmnloved
in supplying largo ndditions to tho immenso
stock carried by this linn, tho gentlemen com
posing which aro deserving of tho highest crodit
lor their efforts in supplying tho hundred nnd
ono articles in constant demand which hitherto
hnd to bo ordered from a distance. Tho public
will buy whoro thov can cet tho best bargains.
quality considered, nnd theso gentomcn request
nn examination or tlicir sloci; bcloro purchas
ing, conlidcnt ot their ability to give satisiaC'
The NuiItlloTreo Fiietory.
"Wo paid this establishment a visit ycetcrdry
nnd found everything alivo there. Messrs.
Kemper & Kohlhaso now employ about twenty
bands and nro turning out 240 saddle trees per
woek.for which they find moro than a ready salo,
in fact thev cannot keen un with their orders.
This brings them about $180 per wcok, tho most
ot wbicbis immediately circulated in our midst.
Thoy aro now receiving orders almost daily
from Nashville, Memphis and nil tho principal
Southern cities, nnd it is impossiblo for them to
un tnem nt present as last ns tuey como in
Thev havo now taken Mossossion of tho old B03
worth mill nt tho foot of Cumberland streot and
nro putting up mnchinery for tho purpose of
carrying on tno business on a moro oxtonsivo
scale. Wo aro glnd to seo this establishment
meeting with such great success, for tho indus
try and perseverance of the proprietors deservo
a utting reward.
Religious Meeting.
An interesting revival of religion Is in nro
grcss in tho neighborhood of Codnr Grove.
which commenced on tho 20th ult. Tho meet
ing is of tho old-fushioned kind and ovcry night
tho people nssemblo from miles nround nnd tho
woods ring to tho shouts of tho worshipers. On
tho night of October COth. thirty mourners pre
sented themselves for prayer. Tho meeting is
conducted by Messrs. inompson, Wlso and
others, thero being no minister In tho vicinity
On sovernl occasions tho houso would not. con-
tain all who camo to worship. From present
indications tno meeting win continuo tno re
mainder of tho week.
Kov, D. K. McAnally, nccompnnied by his
newly wedded bride, passed through this city
on Thursday night en routo for his homo in St.
Louis. Tho Doctor lias signified his intention
to uecopt tho position its editor-in-chief of tho
ot. ijouis vnriatian Advocate, wnicn wns ten
dered him n short timo ago.
Kov. John II. l'arrott. well known to tho citi
zens of Knoxville, was aligned to "Wythovillo
Station by tho Conference lately in session at
On the 18th Mr. Pruloy, of Scott county, was
11. 1 I.. J It T 1 f 1 t
iuuut.-u u.v iu men nvo inucs nnrin oi Aoing
ton, near Hayton's mill pond. They wero arm
nd with pistols, but obtained but littlo booty as
Mr. Iralcy threw his money under the wngon
.l.na .11.1 nn ..l.dnH..n !. ri..;.j i A"..
i '
Drill! nt I.HM.
Mr. Josenh Lamb, of Hawkins county. Ten
nes:eu. died on tho 20th. at the nvo of 110 vours
being fourteen years older than tho American
union. iiristoi Vines,
C'hituiro of I'oMt-onirc.
The namo of tho postofflco formerlr kno-.wi
as " lears," Montgomery county Vii.. has
liocn t'Unnged to " ienrs owiteli. and II. C
Jlus:ell tij pointed 1'uttinnster
NT, I,VI(I'.'N Clll ltl'II
In Mcmorlnni A Noble Undertaking Nuf
crnvlnlly 1'rrNcciilcil.
AVhilo nt Clovolnnd n fof weeks tincc. wo
were shown the designs of St. Luko's Churnh,
tho erection of which was eominenced somo
timo ngu.
The building is situated on Ococo streot, nnd
occupies tho front hnlf of nn entiro square, bo
ing 210 feet front by 100 in depth, and when
completed will be ono of tho most beautiful ed
ifices in tho State, Its dimensions nrotX) by 25
feet in tho clear, with a chancel lb by 2j. mak
ing the total length 70 feet, extending North
and South. On tho South Ensl. fronting Ocooo
street, will bo tho tower, Co feet high, surmount
ed with battlements, nnd nt regular intervals
tho wnlls will be relieved with buttresses, cap-
pod witn liniroie.
The material used is brick of fino finality laid
in cement, with mnrblo steps nnd ornamented
wc rk. Tho walls nro extra thick and tho work
is being dono in thn most substantial manner.
Under the Church tho furnace fur heating the
building will bo placed, which will be dono
tnrougn inrce registers, un uic west siuo is tno
vestry, 11 by 18 feet, and on tho east side a
mausoleum will bo erected making the build
ing a cruciform.
Tho roof will bo of irginia blue and Connec
ticut green slnto And it is expected that tho
walls will bo completed nnd tho roofing dono
within two months from this timo. Tho re
mainder of tho work will bo finhhed in proba
bly twclvo months nnd will bo dedicated on St.
i..uko s i)iy, Oct. istu.
Adjoining thi, on tho inside of tho Church is
n niche, in which will be placed u lilo-sizo
statuto of Nina Crnigmilcs, the little daughter
of Col. John H. Craigmiles, who wns nccioont
ally killed on tho 18th of Octobor, 1871. This
will bo executed by tho lamous sculptor, Hiram
l'owers, in tho finest Italian marble. Tho
mausoleum will bo built of marblo with a por
tico Etiiiiiortcd by eight Corinthinn columns of
Scotch granlto with tno lront ot ltnlinn nnutlio
sides of Knox county marble. In this tomb
will bo placed the remains ot littlo IN l nn, room
being reserved for her uaronts' remains. On
each sido of tho door will be a nicho containing
tho uguro ot nn angel, llic tomb will bu one
story in bight.
Tho (Jhurcli is creeled bv uo . uraicrm cs.
which vtiU long stand ns a monument of his
nubile sriirited liberality and narcntal affection.
It is immcdintoly opposite his residence, tho
tower trontlng his dour nnd tno tomb tlicir sit
ting room, nnd is built on tho favorite piny
ground of his deceased child nnd her mother.
Tho trunks of fivo cedar trees which form-
n natural summer liouso on tno grounds, which
was wont to ring with childhood's.iovous laugh
tor. havo been mado into crosses, wnicn will
bo used in ornamenting tho building, fitting
emblems ot tho hopo that by tno powor ot
tho cross under whoso shadow tho bereaved na
rents sit, they may join tlicir loved ono who
has gono betore, in the lar belter land.
In the chnnccl will bo n Inrgo window fifteen
feet in height, with lights of stained glass bear
ing the figures of tho Savior on tho right and
St. Luko on tho left with that of littlo Nina
in tno center, ino iront win contain a circu
lar window, also of stained glass, the light3 ra
diating to tho centre. Tho windows and doors
aro of tho gotluo style and wero mado in Nash
ville. whero tho mnrblo work wns also dono
Tho workmanship will bo of tho best stylo
throughout, nnd tho cost of tho church when
completed will npproximato cjAi.UUO.
Every year on the anniversary of littlo Ni
nn's death tho church will bo decorated with
autumnal foliage, and memorial services held
one of tii o hist nets of her life being to bring her
grandmollior her apron lined witn llowcrs,
bright with tho mnny tints of autumn, nnd ro
3 uost her to mako a wreath of them. This wns
ono, but tho laughing oyes of tho littlo ono
novcr bciiold nor aged relative s work oi love,
and tho wreath is now ono of tho denrost nrizod
relics in tho household, of which she was tho
sunshino and joy.
Do "Von Want to Nell T.iiikI ?
Call on or writo to Charles Seymour, Attor
ney at Law, Knoxville, Tenn.. who, after eight
years' oxperienco in handling land in East Ten
nessee, can put you ntoncoon tho best way to
dispose ot your property. xidiwut.
Itcmovnl to their New luirtTN In the VI
rlnln unci Trnncsiee Depot.
"Wo nro now settled in our now qunrtcra ot
the ii.ast lonncsseo nnd irginia licpot, nnd
havo n full nnd complete stock of Imnlements.
Seeds, Mill Machinery, &c, embracing, in ad
dition to our own stock, the entiro stock of Hi
ram Holt, which wa havo purchased. The
combinod stock makes our's tno largest in tho
Siato. "Wo uro prcparod to furnish tho farmers
ond Merchants with wares in our lino at ex
tromoly low prices.
"Wo invite all to call and look over our stock.
Wo havo connected with our business, storago
and commmissian ; havingour warchouso along
side tho railroad track, wo havo superior facil
ities for handling grain, produce, dried fruit,
Maj. "W. 1. Elliott is with us, and in chargo
of our Grain Department, which is a snfo guar
antee that this branch of our business will bo
ably cared for. Houaa & Cuuncii.
Knox Circuit First Hound.
Itocky Dalo, Sundav. Nov. 10, 10:30 o'clock.
Hopowcll, Sunday, 'Nov. 10, 3:30.
Hcthlohem, Saturday. Nov, 10, 11:00.
Macedonia, Sunday, Nov. 17, 10:30.
Murphy's, Sunday, Nov. 17, 3:30.
Clapp's Chapel, Sunday, Nov. 21, 10:30.
Copper Kidge, Sunday, Nov. 21, 3:30.
fountain Head, Sunday, Dec. 1. 1030.
btony 1'oint, bunday, Doc. l, .i:30.
jrown s a. it,, Tiiursuay, wee. o, n:uu.
J. Ii. .LiITTLK, V. V.
Wutcli nlolru.
Last night two colored men ontcred tho jow
clry establishment of Mr. Jos. Wood and while
ono of them was examining it pair of slcovo
buttons, the other reached behind the counter
and lifted a watch from u hook that had been
brought thcro to bo repaired. That thief will
bo disgusted to know that it was brats, nnd
worth but a trifle.
If you fool dull, drowsy, debilitated, havo fro
quont headache, mouth tnsto3 bad, poor nppe
tito and tongue coated, you aro suffering from
Torpid Liver or "Hilliousness," and nothing
will ouro you so speedily and permanently as
Dr. l'lorco's Golden Medical Discovery. Sold
by nil druggists.
A Dcllchtful KitriiriHc.
Ladies whoso faces arc clouded by superficial,
discolorations, nnd who havo rosolved to try
Hngnn's Magnolia Bnlra as a remedy, havo no
idea of tho welcome surpriso thep will receive
from their mirrors after a few applications of
that healthful puriflor of the complexion. If nt
all excitable, they will scream with rupture on
beholding sho chango : whethor tho blemish it
is desirod to remove bo snllowness, blotches,
pimples, freckle. roughness, or nn unnatural
pallor, it is bound to disappear under tho tonic
operation of this wonderful agent. To say that
tho blemish disappears, does not, however, con
voy any idea of tho effect produced by this col
obrntod bonutitler. Tho unsightly tinge, wheth
er diffused ovtr the whoso countenance or in
spots, or patches, is roplaccd by n uniform
pearly bloom, to which ik- deeriptlon can do
TrnRcdy In Hnwkln Comity.
"Wo learn tho following particulars in regard
to a tcrriblo tragedy porputrnted in Hawkins
county several days ago, tho horriblo details of
which wero btought to light yesterday, which
show.ndciith of depravity so utterly inhumnn as
to cnuso lno blush of shnnio to mantlo thochcok
of a fiend, ;
lictwccn ilocersvillo and tho Junction lived
n family named Horry, who it was understood
intended emigrating to the west. Horry and
his wlfo lived unhappily together and a week
or ten days ago had n qunrrel, soon after which
sho disappeared nnd it was supposed she hnd
separated from her husband and gono to her
In tho meantime liorrv nnd his family, con
sisting of two grown daughters and ono or moro
smaller children, mado their preparation for
going west and yesterdny got nbonrd tho trnin
tor ltogorsvillc Junction. But tho Nemesis wns
on tho track of tho guilty wretches and after
their doparturo Investigation was mndo nnd tho
body of Mrs. Horry found buried in n shallow
grave in a small pieco of woods noar tho rail-
rond. xn o train wns stopped and tno entiro
Horry family taken to tho gravo and forced to
viow tho romains of tho murdored woman,
which urcsentcd a horriblo sncctaclc. tho skull
being crushed in n most shocking manner nnd
net ii-tuures vi'urni& uic niarhs ui fcuu ueaiu ug-
Harry nnd his oldest daughter beheld tho re
mains with tho utmost indiijorcnco; but one of
the others wns not so callous, and mado somo
rovolations fixing tho murdor on her father nnd
1 !!.., 1 ' T -1 nn 11..
itiiilieuiing lier Bisicrp. aiiu wuuiu inning vuiu
in custody when tho trnin left. "Wo trust that
tho unnatural husband nnd daughters will bo
visited by tho punishment thoir crimo merits.
Attention, Ilrnux.
"Wo insert tho following nt the snocial renucst
of sumo good looking young ladies who think
that it applies to Knoxville ns well ns Steuben
ville: In Stcubcnville. Ohio, thoro dwells :i voting
lady who writes to tho Herald of that plnco cx
,,i::.. ii, ":,n,.;i.-" d,..i i, .,,,,- i- m,,.,,.
Illlllllll VliU lllUlllt.J IIIUl UVlkA v w.vti-
jcnvillo compel thu Stcubcnville hollos to sub
mit to. Her casus belli is this :
HeiiM. in girl nhrascolocv. moans ono who
calls and spends tho evening, for which privi
lege ho in turn gullants his lady friond to thea
tres, operas, or concorts. Our gontlcmon (?)
admirably fulfil tho first nnrt of the definition.
but tho latter "aye, thoro'n tho rubl" Dear
vouths. nlthough nana in willing to nnv gas and
r. - i i.niT " i . .v .'"i...:. ::.:. ti' , i.:
coin UUI8, papu h uaugiiiers nru iiui willing w uu
annoyed evening after ovening, and thon, when
a good nctor or our own "amateurs" give us
"Solon Shingle,'' or tho "Haymakers,'' we
must nsk "Mon l'oro" to accompany us, or.
failing hero, "stay at home." "Wo (tho girls)
deviso bewitching "telllettos," rend your favor
ite authors, look coldly upon strangers, nnd you
hnve tho bravado to attend places of amuse
ment by yourselves, niter partaking of our hos
pitality and enjoying tho homo'comforts of our
Certainly this is not to tho creditof thcyoung
malo population of Stoubenvillo. Tho writer
of tho communication, it appears, is perfectly
willing to bo "annoyed" for two or thrco jvo
nings a week, if tho nnnoycr will componsnto
for tho annoyance by tnking her once in n
whilb to tho thoatro.
KNo.vvir.i.K wiioi.kham: jxakkktm.
CiinoMCLK Okfu'k, Knoxville. Tknn., )
Nov. 5, 1872. J
riilii nnd l'rotlucc.
Gr.AiN "Wc notice an ndvanco of 10 to 15cts,
jiur bushel on all grades of wheat. Thero wero
a few largo transactions during tho past wcok,
but wero mostly small lots offerod. Thero is a
heavy demand for wheat, It is stiff' at quo
Oats. Dull with no chango in nuotations.
Corn. Steady at quotations with no activity
in tno market.
Fruits Thcro is u fair domand for dried
fruit at quotations with full supply in market.
Flour Firm, with sunnlv limited to local
trado. Tho city mills aro not turning out
tneir usual amount on account ot tno low water.
Quotations of loading articles ;
"Wheat Now primo whito, active, $l.G0n
amber $1.55 per bushol ; red, $1.50.
Corn Is worth G0a05c. loose,buying; selling
prico, 75a80c sacked and delivered.
Oats In den.nnd, 30a33.
Hay Haled. $1.00 per 100 lbs. Looso
from wngons, 80tt'J0 per 100 lbs.
Orikd Fruit 2Ja2Jc for apples. Peaches,
halves, IJniJ ; quarters, 3a3.
Hlackukuriks In domand nt 8a81.
Flour Scarco ; best family brands, $1,00,
por sack ; oxtra, $3,50.a3.76
Bacon Nominal ; buying looso from wa
gons, 10c. for hog round. Soiling prico 11c.
Lard Buying prico 12Jc; selling ntl2JalGc.
Fkathkus Buying, primo, 65a57i; duck nnd
mixed, -10c.
Buttku Buying price 16c. to 18c. ; soiling
in shipping order 20a22c.
Eaas Active, 18a20c.
Kacjs 3jc.
Hkeswax 27c por pound.
Tobacco Tonncssoo leaf, PnlOc.
Grass Skkd Timothy, $1.50 por bushol.
Hords grass, $1.50"
" " Blue " $1.50 '
" " Orchard " 2.50 " "
" " Clover seod, 8.00 "
Ginskno OOaOoc.
Seneka Snakk Active, C5c.
Ykllow Hoot Activo, 8c.
"Wool "Washed, 50c por lb.
Dry GootlN.
Thoro is no chango to note in tho dry goods
ruarkot. Tho trado ftill continued brisk nt for
mor quotations during tho past wcok, with fair
prospects for tho presont wcok. Brown bleached
sheeting.) nnd shirtings active. I'rinU active
nnd in good request. Dress goods nctivo ; plain
materials decidedly in tho ascondnncy. Ala
pacas brisk demand. Linsey, jeans and shawls
active. Tho presont wcok opons well,
a good many merchants boing in tho city. Tho
probabilities nro in favor of a brisk week nnd
a livoly trado among nil clnsses of jobbers.
I.lro Sloclt Itlurlict.
The rccoipts for tho week havo been large,
and all grades havo found ready sales.
Quotations, Al fat cattle, 2Jc; good beef
cattlo, 21c; ordinary cattle, 2c.
The supply of hogs very limited, and tho do
mand good at quotations.
Quotations. Largo fat hogs,4ia5c ; good, 4a
41c; ordinary, 4c.
Littlo or no demand ; $2 00a2.C0 per head.
Demand fair at 75aSO per cwt.
, Supply light and demand good at KhW) per
civt. Haled hay $1.00
Knte on Whcitl. Oilier tirnln nnd
From Knoxville to
tfeir York, a Philadelphia.
Boston. 71 ILiltlmorc.
Norfolk, fti l'ctfriburs,
RlchmouJ, 4'j Lynohburi,
Atlanls. 3l Macon.
Auicustu, 49 Columbus. Q.i.
Home, 18 Kelrau,
Sloatgomc-y 41 Kulala
ComiiiiMMion . SIcrclinutN,
Ituttci nuil Ekkn SiicclnltlcM.
Consignments Solicited,
Atlanta, Oct. 20, 1872.
Sinco our last report wo havo no fulling off in
trade, but rather increased activity in nil linos.
Tho romarkably fino weather is bringing more
cotton to market than was currcntod on ; henco
wo sco n littlo weakening of pricos. Provisions
nro touched only for immcdiato wants. All
concorncd look for a dcclino in Hog Products
cro long. In grain. Corn has reduced to Do ; wo
sco no reason tor it, only n local scarcity, on no
count of transportation. "Wheat is hofd firmly
nt outside prices. Barley, nominal. Oats dull.
In light produco, Onions nro steady ; Potntoos
in fair domand ; Apples in demnnu. Butter is
hold less firmly ; stock accumulating, nnd only
fresh lots find salo nt quoted prices; wondviso
shippers to send nono but strictly fresh lots, to
rcnlizo tho quoted prices ; others will not sell.
Eggs nro senrco. Dressed Poultry has mndo its
appcaranco in market, fresh lots selling readily.
Fino livo chickens aro sold livoly. Tallow 'is
in demand,
"We quoto wheat $1 S0n2 00 por bushel
Corn 85a90c for mixed ; 05 for primo whito,
Barloy 1 lOal 15.
Oats-55a00 for black.
Bacon clear 6idcs 12al23c.
Lnrd unchanged, 12Sal3c.
Flour Fino $0 50; Superfine $7 00; Family
$8 00a8 50 ; Extra and Choice $0 OOa'J CO.
Butter 28a32.
Eggs 27a271c
Dressed Poultry Chickens lialCc por lb.
Turkeys 18a 20.
Livo chickons, 25a'50c.
Turkeys, $1 00
Tallow 0c.
Apples unchanged, $.1 75al 25 per bbl. for
choice. , , i
Potatoes unchanged, $00a 100 per bushol.
Hags 1c.
Boeswax 27n28c.
Onions $1 70 per bus. id good request.
Cabbage 10al2J por head.
KuoxtIUo Hctnll Market.
Arrlc dried 4f5yn Meal, bus. 75!X1
" greeuOOail OOVbu. NuiLi 8V10
Batter 253mj OaU, bur ...,215 40
Beans, Rrecn,15.0c11pcrk " sheaf. Vowt GCXsS 6.73
Bacon, llauu.e. c, A)fS'."2 Oni(ti, Sl.COl.2)bu
country, ISQ'JOcVtti 1'oultry Chickens, S0l.r
" Side lM?l(rVtt " Bucks, lfi 20
" tihoulJcrs.llwrVth " (lecse, SOMtX)
Bccsfax ZiffliO V " Turkcys,BOr.0n
Bocf icrcen 6(S10V" Peas dr'd,?buiiJ1.0 01.25
" drleil, I05i25Vtb l'otatocn sn't, iLCi'MSOo
Candles, lb iaV25 " Irish, 601.UI
Con! Oil WXaiWcal reaches dricd.'Plb W$ 10
Coffee 25SMnaU Powder. iUHbOB)
Cheese ilK25m Hicc. VM
Cotton Ynini,'Pdoi1S15(d20 Suear cruohed. Vlb U
Corn, TiOVbu "r ColTae... 150il6V,
CabbaRe, UK2)e " Yellow 1616
KKgs, doi aj25 " Uroiyn, 1112
Flour Family.. 4.004!4."J5 Soar, bar... 5ltl
" Kxtra, S3.7.M 00 Salt, t sack !!.&
Suyerfino fa$J50 Sjrup 5C(SI.O0?Kat
Fish fresh, 810Ttti Hliot, l.et2otii
" Cod, W$l(ift!) Tea precn,..001.75V Di
" Mackerel. G&VZUe " black. 50lJ0'(Hlti
Feathers- DOisGOVto Tar ftOVgai
Hay. 60(475cfcwt Tallow. 1Ci...l(!
Lard. Vtb i 15 1CK Vincaar, sal 40
Molasses, f sal...H0 M
New York .tlnrkct.
Nkw York, Nov. 1. Monoy 'la5. Sterling
8Sa8J. Gold, $l.ina$1.12. GovernmenU n frac
tion lower and very dull. States dull and
Flour activo nnd a thado firmor. "Whisky
firmer, 01n95!. "Whoat 1 better, modorate ex
port demand ; wintor red wo3torn, COaCO. Corn
J better, buying mostly for oxport. ltico quiet,
75a8l. Pork unsettled, $15,80al5 85. Lard
weak, 8383.
Cotton woak; talcs 2,350; uplnnds 19t ' Or
leans 21.
I.onlHvllIo Mnrkcl.
fc Loi'isvillk, Oct. 30. Flour steady, family,
!?0.50a7.25. Corn unchanged nnd a smnll busi
ness. Provisions, absence of business for want
of stock, quotations nominal. "Whisky firm,
89, Tho unfavorable weather checks out-door
Vlnclunntl Market.
Cincinnati, Nov. 6. Corn firm; old ilo ;
new,38a39. Bacon quiet; shoulders 6c. Pork
nominal; nono offered; clear rib 10jc; clear
sides 11. "Whisky quiet, HOnUlc.
Ilalllmore Market.
Baltimore. Nov. C Flour quiet and un
changed. "Whoat firm : wostern grades n triflo
higher. Corn quiet. Provisions weok. Mess
pork, $10; shouldors, 71a7i. "Whisky scarco,
Somo oxcitemont was created yesterday even
ing on Market Square by tho firing of it pistol.
It turned out, however, that nobody was hurt,
tho explosion boing caused by Capt. Beardon's
pistol, which ho had just received from a shop
whero it had been lott, sliplng out of his hand
and falling on tho pavement.
Tho election passed off' quictor vostorday
than wo over know ono to in Knoxville. Up to
six o'clock in tho ovening wc saw butonosinglu
individual undor tho influoneo of intoxicating
drink, nnd up to 10 o'cloclock in tho nlgnt, but
ono person had been nrrestcd drunk, nnd that
was n woman.
A'ot Closed.
"Wo learn that, although Mr. Schwcickord's
death has left a blank in our society that can
not easily bo filled, wo aro not to loso his pop
ular clothing establishment. It is still to bo
carried on in tho interest of his family. The
samo workmen that worked in it before will
continue tobeemploycd there, and tlicir reputa
tion is too well known for us to attempt to add
anythingtoit. Wo trust that tho old friends of
tho establishment will glvo it a hearty support,
and in doing so thoy will havo tho satisfaction
of knowing that, whilo thoy aro getting good,
goods and perfect fits, they aro also helping tho
widow and orphan. x20-lm.
Attention, Wt'NtM'urd Traveler!
To St, Louis, via Nashville and Columbus,
without chango of cars, from Chattanooga. Be
euro nnd try this favorite routo.
Address G. M; Hakrkll,
Eastern Passongor Agent,
St. Louis, Momphis, Nashville nnd Chattanoo
ga Through Lino,
No. 130 Gay street, Knoxville, Teen,
Thoro l nothing so beneficial to a horso or
cow or so certain to provont diseaso ns Damon's
Stock Powders, tor sale by fannford,
berlaitiiS; Albers, and Albers & Co,
Tho patient soon feels ns if ho had taken a
new leaso of life, and is ovorjoyod to find tho
dopre$scd feeling dissipatid, tho costive habits
corrected, und now htrciims of health coursing
through his vtirs bj uiing Simmons' Liver

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