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Jhobi(lc Mtccklji xmiclc, c&lrtmcstmi), tlobcmbcr It, 187fi.
It Ih not ofton that wo 11ml anything in
the Press and Herald worth reproducing
in the Chronicle, but the following tcr
rlblo thunder bolt nt lalinm G. Harris
and the Democratic party of Tennessee
from tho " big organ " is so valuable as n
" Ilmlic.il " campaign document that we
cheerfully give It Insertion in our columns.
Tho facts aro so Important that wo would
bo derelict In our duty to tho public did wc
not givo them greater publicity than they
could possibly get through the columns
of our contemporary. Tho Chronicle,
on behalf of thoIJepubllcans of Tennessee,
thanks the Press and Jlcrald for its zeal In
unearthing such shamcrul Democratio
corruption nnd trusts that tlds Is but the
beginning of confessions that if sincerely
made would do good to tho souls of the
penitent who aroevldcntly J list being over
come with a conviction of their wicked
ness. Isham Ci. Harris, late Democratic
Governor of Tennessee, in his speeches
assails Androw Johnson for his acts
as Military Governor. In reply the
Press and Herald, in its issue of
tho :29th, thus ventilates Harris' record and
shows what became of part at least of that
"sacred school fund" about which demo
cratic Journals, and tho "big organ" among
them, have howled so incessantly since
Gov. IJrownlow'a administration. Here is
a good, Democratio confession, which wo
shall havo good use for hereafter. Tho
"big organ,' In referenco to JHarrls and
his "peripatetic" administration, says :
"Wo aro not without somo interestinir
memoranda, however, which, in course of
time, rciurncu to leu tneir story ot our
wandering "Stato Government." Among
tho relics recovered from tho debris of the
fugitive government, were the "assets of
tho Dank of Tennessee," which seem to
havo been tho "ark" ot support, if not of
ninety, in tno wilderness. Atnontr tno
documents found among the returned
"assets" of tno Jianl;, were some very
curious papers. As specimens, wo we will
instance ono or two. This qucer-rcadtng
paper will no doubt, be read with curious
interest :
"Received of Jool A. Huttlp, Treasurer of
Tennessee, sovon Jiunureu una lilty dollars, it
cold coin, which is in full of my sulnrv is Gov
crnor of Tennessee, for tho quarter ending the
1st ol l'olirunry, lblw.
t laiiAM (J. Hakims.
Greensboro', Git., JInrch 17, ISOo."
And then this will prove equally inter-
cstering ana instructive :
GiiKKNsiiono, Ga., .April '21, 1800.
Received of Hunk of Tennessee soven hun
drcd and 11 fly dollars in gold, in full of ono
quarter's salary, as Governor of tho Stato of
Tennessee l. u. iiAiutis, tjovernor, etc,
Per Leon Trousdale, Col. nnd A. I). C.
The language and dates f These docu
ments uemanu attention. Judge uarutii
ers was "elected" Governor in August
him still receipting, "away down in Geor
gia," for "gold coin" as his salary as Gov
ernor of Tennessee more than three years
after ho left tho Capital of tho State, and
nearly two years after ho had left the soil
of Tennessee! Tho Stato of Tennessee
was then entirely within the possession of
tno .National nutnorities, aim nau been tor
many months. Andrew Johnson having
provided for tho redemption of civil gov
ernment in Tennessee, had been elected
Vice President of tho United States. Gov,
Drownlow had been duly installed
and was recogni.ed Governor of the
State, with his ofllco at the Capital.
President .Lincoln Had neeu assassi
nated and Andrew Johnson was Presi
dent. Gen. Lee had surrendered and the
armiesof the Confederacy were dissolving
forever. All nretenso. even of a covern-
nient of Tennessee outside of its limits, had
been abandoned. The rebellion was over
thrown and all pretended authorities, rest
ing upon its military power, had perished
The war-worn Confederatcsoldiersof Ten
nessee, paroled by tho conquerors, rained
foot-sore and dispirited, were wending
their weary ways, us best they could, to
liml airnln some rest and consolation in
their homes.made dcsolato by the blasts o
war. They were returning with spirits
broken, hopes crushed, without money or
scrip for father, mother, sister, wile or
child, save iv mass of Confederate trasli
that was not worth the carrying. Whnt a
consolation it would havo been to these
brave, but defeated, disbanded and im
noverished soldiers, as they contemplated
tho ruin of their households' and felt the
soro extremity of their own disaster, could
thev havo known that Isham. G. Harris,
"Governor of Tennessee." was, on thc'2Ut
day oyli)n7,1805,drawinKhisnuarterly in
stalment of $750 00. in nold coin, from tho
money that had belonged to tho people of
Tennesseo "ocioro tno war uroivo ouu
Now, if Mr. Johnson had been "Military
Governor" of Tennessee, and Gov. Urown
low was then the regular civil Governor
of Tennessee, drawing his salary as such,
will Gov. Harris explain to the people
what kind of Governor he was, and what
Executive service he had been renderlne;
the people of tho State, when he drew hi
aalarv "in nold coin" at Greensboro. Ga.
on tho 21st of April lSGo. And will he tell
tho Confederate soldier who came home
nennllesa wlio had been paid his S17 pe
month in Confederate irahwv it hap
pened that tho same kind of "money1
that was palmed oil'on the soldier, was noi
good enough fortheolllelal traveler in hlgl
life, who had been uilorrilnir his name
with tho verv imposinir sutllx of "Cover
nor of Tennessee." for nearly two year nf
ter his term had expired, ami mat, too
"away down in Ueorgia ."
We noticed Col. A. E. Garrett, of Smith
county, Johnson candidate for Congress
from this the "Battering Bam District,
on our streets u few days ago asking on
people for their suHVages. Does the oldest
Inlmbltiint of this city recall that ever be
fore a Smith county man asked Knox
county clti.eus for their votes to rep rests n
them in Congress from their own district
Wo wager not. What tlo our peopl
know about Smith, Macon or Clay conn
ties. Have any of our business me
any transactions with those counties?
lave our people any such interest
n thoso counties as to make it proper that
our district should bo stretched out 250
miles to take them In? Does not every
ntclllgent man know that so far from
aving any interest in common, wo have
diverse Interests. Why-is it, then, that
Smith county men aro here candidates for
Congress ? It is because tho Democracy of
Tenncsse, in the wonUof Senator Dubose,
believe In tho law of revenge. li'c in
tend to show them (llepubllcans) no mercy.
Wo seek to disfranchise (he Radicalparty.
II c have got our feel on their necks." This
listrlct was mapped out as a splto measure
gainst East Tennessee, 'lho election of
Thoinburgh from this district would not
only rebuke this spirit of revenge but
would 2"t flop to such vindictive legis
lation. Better than all, It would give us a
far better Itepresentativo than either of his
competitors would make.
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JCnoxville, Tumi.
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Ropalring. Neatly Executed on Short Notice.
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still "waves" nnd is on tho point of being introduced
In a multitudo ot singing bhoolj now to commenco.
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with less than
Twice tho Ordinary Circulation
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which, for tho present. Specimen oopieswill bo tent
Price, $1 50.
CHAS, II. DITSON A CO.. ow York.
Family Favorite Sewing Machino,
JL for its candidato
Tho Popular Weed Sswing Machine.
This candidate has served tho country for years, civ-
ing perfect satisfaction to all.
us running quuiuies lruro vicinry inocrycgutuii
It receives tho support of the ladies everywhere, nnd
Is more popular than
Gri'ivut or Grooloy,
in the canvass now being made. It is ready to spca
for itself in every lauiily in tno land.
umce. lies uy street, ivnoxvuie, xenn.
oct2-Jdow-wtf fi. V. AISCJKI., AroiH.
Klg Crock, Cocke County, Tcnu,
White Pine Shaved Shingles,
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Lumber Merchants nnd of Builders supplied at lowest
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Orders solicited and satisfaction guarnntced.
Execiitoi'K Sale.
J 1 o'clock 1'. JM..I will Fell nt public salont tho
couri iiousq uoor in ivuuxvine. inrue imcta oi lunu, as
follows : Ono lying in the 13th civil district of Knox
county, containing 150 acrei, 4 inile south of Knox
villc, bdjoining the lands of Jesso Wells, deceased, on
llolston river. Ono in the fame d strict, containing
about 15 1 acres. 4 miles south uf Knoxville. known as
tho Henry ilinge tract. And one, miles routh of
Knoxville, containing ibo acres, on tho eevierville
Also, on the 10th day of December, in the 10th civil
district of Sevier county, one tract contalninr-U acres;
one containing 9J?i acres; one containing 72 ncre:
one tract containing 1S4 acres ; three tracts. 123 uerrs,
to be sold together: one tract. It35 acres and one tract
15 crm These lands belong to the estate or tho lato
Alex, Mellath, deceased, and will be sold for one-fourth
cash; notes, with approved security, bearing 6 per
cent. Interest, payable in one, two and thrto ye.irs, ta
ken for the remainder. For further particulars see
hand bills.
ALEX. R. McliATH. Executor,
Chancery Court ut Knoxville, Tenn.
No. saw.
Caleb II. ll.ik-r vs. 1). J. Stevenson rt al.
1 which istworn t. that tlio defendants. Rachel Al.
Davis and Linio linker, aro temporarily residing In
the State of Alabama, and are non-residents or tho
State ut' Tennessee; It is ordernl that tnii de
fendant ubovo atoed appear eforo the Chancery
Court at Knoxville. Tennesce, on the lt Monday in
i'ecciuber next. 182, and make dcfeno to the bill
tiled In tuis cause, or tno same will bo taken for eon
A true copy. Attest:
Al. L. PA rTERSON, C. A M.
lly W. A. UALURAIT1I, D. C. A- Jt,
Oct. 21. Ik72 ocUw4t.
III the Crcuit Court al Daiidridgc, Tcnu,
Nancv E. Lnwrcv vs. David Lowrev.
TNth'sea se t Mieta fiiuu tho complainant's bill
1 that David t.owrey.thHUefriidanl, is anon resident
of the State of Tinnmn ct It Ih thert-r 're ordwrtd by
the C.erk that said David Lnwr.- be reqoiroU to ap
potr bel'uro the 0 rcuit oun lit V mdriditu on ilie first
.Mnnd.iy of December 1872, a d nuke ilvl'enso to said
bill, or the same will bo taken lor onfesfed and the
c-iueset doKii for !) armg i x arte us t him.
It is further ord red that t I' notice be pu lished fur
rourcons cutlvewc K IntbM Ivuoxvlllccnrocicie,
Th 21st Uy of Oetiiber 1872.
Atrut-coiy. Attest:
S-S.MrOt'I.-.TION, Clerk
oct00w4) lly JNO III. MEEK. D V
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J. 1TALKEK, Proprietor. It. II. MCDONALD A CO.,
Druggists and Urn. Agents, San Vraoclsco. California.
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O. B. SMITH & CO.,
nn I
o'liors from the country
uro respectfu'ly requcited to givo u a call
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for we will not be undersold.
those who hare so liberally hcretoforo patroniiod either
Legal Atlvcrtl ricmciif
Chancery Court at Knoxvillc, Tcnu.
Netico to Creditors of Joseph.Daveaport, deceased.
No. 2,318.
II. W. Hackney vs. W. F. Seay, administrator of Jo
seph Davenport, deceased, ct al.
IN this enuic, at tho September term, 1872, of tho
Chancory Court at Knoxvillc, the order hcrotoloro
n,nH In- in Mia .I.lm. k.vlni, l,..n
I modified and further time given, and the Clerk and
1 Muster diroctod to mnko publication thoroof: It is
1 incrctoro ordered that m tno creditors ot tno cstato ot
Joseph Davonport. ilerrnscd. come and have them
"mS' ".'iaJ'' I,ftr,ie;tt0 'l,is 'V1,1- "nJ file Iheir '? lms
within t ireo uionthi from this date, or they will be i
forever barred.
October 1872.
A copy of the order.
M. I.. PATTERSON. C. i- M.
Attachment Notice.
Thomas A. Smith vs. James A. Brooks.
1 tho defendant, James A. lirroks is justly indebted 1
.A ,!. nl.lntlfT rn a C ill. I... , n .Hll l,...lia.nHl1.
i cd or conceals nimself so that tho ordinary prccsi of 1
him, nnd au attachment!
having beon leviod on his property : ltsordcreU thtt
publication bo made in the Knoxvillo Weekly- Chrnni- ,
clo, a newspaper published In tho city of Knoxville, '
tor tour successive weeks, commanding the said James '
llrooks to appear before me, A. C. E. Callen, a Justice
of the Pence, nt ray office near Thorn Grove, in the ,
county of Knox, on tho 4th day of January, lb".!, and
mnko defense to sol I suit against him, or it will bo pro-
cccnea witti ex parte. A u. I.. i'l.l,r.S, i
Justico ottho Peace for Knox County, Tennessee.
Sept. 15. 187j-oc9wt
Chancory Court atKnoxvillo, Tenn.
Not. 22S3.
Jno. D. )lacknow T. E. Champion, Guardian,) vs
Elizabeth Webb et nl.
ft APPEARING from tho supplemental bill, which y;.10 clock A. JI.. at public auction to the highest
I is tworntti, that thedetendant. Elirabcth Webb, is , bidder, the tract pt land mentioned and described in
a resident ol the Stte of New York, nnd a non-1 the Pleadings, being the tract oMand allotted to Jotnes
resident or tho State or Tennesseo: It is ordcroo. iL Lonas nsonot the hcirsor Henry Lonas, deceased,
that tho dofendant above named appear before the I containing 5.12 acres. It will bo divided Into, small
Chancery Court ut Knoxville. Tennessee, on tho 2nd fams and sold in parts and as n whole and tho salo
Monday in Jnnuary next, 1S72, and niako dclcnso to adopted that brings the largest price. Any one desir
i tho supplemental bill tiled in this cause, r the samo I mg can sco a plat ot the same nt ay office.
will be taken lor confessed. t
Atruucopy. Attest:
lly W. A. UAL1IRA1TH, D. C. Jt M
Oct. 21. 1872-wlt.
In the Chancery Court at Clinton.
Wm. Smith nnd Wm. R. Duncan. Administrators, vs,
Elijah r. Duncan and others. 1
1 the bill (lied In this causo it appears that Telitha
Q. Reed. Julicn Roed, Nanry ilassengill. Louisa Mas- ,
sengill,Suan Jtossengill, Mary .Mns'encill. John S!:ii
scngill. Elijah U. Massengil), Sarah .Massengill. Moses ,
Mnsscngill, Dempsio Masrcngiil and Calvin Masscn- ,
gill, respondents to tho same, are non-residents of tho
State of Tennessee: It I' ordered that publication be i
mniiointne Knoxvillo unronicio lor tour bucccssivo
r."!.??'"."?"!? n''pT.0.,ref
first Monday oT December next and defend said hi lor
tho same will bo taken for confessed as to them nnd set
for hearing accordingly ... ...
W. 11. WHITSON. Clerk and Master.
Oct. 22d. 1872-o30w4
A. J. Cowan vs. James A. llrooks.
IN this causo it appearing 1 y affidavit that tho de
fendant, James A, Brooks, is ju-tly indebted, to the
Dlalntitf. A. J. Cowan, bv note, and ho has absconded
or conceals himsolt so that the ordinary proceis ol law
can not be served upon him, and nn attachment Imv-
ing beon levied on his property: It i ordered that
..i.Kltnaltnn Ka mn.l. Ih ll. L nnr .111. irAM.. I'L.nn.
icle a newspaper published in the city of Knoxvillc.
for four sucsessivo weeks commanding tho said James I
A. Brooks to appear before me, A. C.E. Callen, a Jus- ,
tico of the Pence, at my office noar Thorn (irovo. in
tho county o Knox, on tho ism Hay ol November.
18i-', .and make delense to said suit against him, or it
will bo proceeded with ex narte.
Justice or tho Penco for the County of Knox, Tenn.
This October 1st. 1872-oc9w4
fIV.nnoortrnr.tirf. nf. irnnvxHIlo Trw,
No. 2135.
Cowan, McClung A Co. vs. J. A. Brooks,
1 sworn to that the defendant, J. A. Brooks, so ab
sconds or conceals himself that tho ordinary process of
law can t ot be served upon him, nnd an attachment
having been issued and levied by the theritl'of Knox
county upon tho propert off old dofendant:
It is ordered that the defendantabove named appear
before the Chancery Court at Knoxville, Tennessee, on
the 2d Monday in January next, 187.1. nnd make de
fense to the bill filed In this Causo, o: the same will bo
taken for confessed.
A true copy. Attest:
By W. A. GALBRAI11I. D. C. J; M.
Oct. 28, 1872-oc .TOwlt.
Chancory Court at Knoxville, Tenn.
No. 2143.
McClungs & Bettortons vs. Patrick A. Feehnn ct al.
1 cross bdl of John McGruth and Daniel Lynns that,
the residence of defendant P. S. Kennedy is unknown: i
It is ordered hy the Clerk nnd Master that publication ,
be iiiude fur fuur. successive weeks in the Knoxville
Chronicle noticing said defendant P. 8. Kennedy to ,
appear before the Chancry Court at Knoxville. on
urhetorethu second Mondsy in January, next, nnd
make Hciense to the cross bills or John AlcUrath and
Daniel Lyons Bled against him nnd othersin the above
cause, or the same will bo taken for confessed ns to him
and ret for hearing ex parte.
A true copy. Attest : M. L. PATTFRSON, C. .V M.
By W. A. GALliliAITil, D. C. A" M.
October 51, 1872-30 w4t.
Valuable Lots in Knoxville,
No. 2318.
1 by the Chancery Court at Knoxville.ut tho Septem
ber term, 1872. in the case of II. W. Hackney vs. W. F.
Seay, administrator of Joseph Davenport, deceased, et
al. I will tell, in front nl ll,., ,.,,,,., !,.. , nn,t I.-n,.:
ville, on I
Satin day the Oth Day of November next,
at 11 o'clock A. M ut public nuctl n, to the highest
bidder, Lots Nos. Si.il b, Oi. W. 100, 101 nnd 1U2. in
1' mple's Addition tu Knoxviliu; and Lois Nos. 137,
2 2 HO. 231 and 217 in Sneed, King A Co's Addition to
Ten percent, of the purchas money will be required
i ihnd und theresidu in 0 and 1'4 mouths. Notes will
he required ot tho purchaser, liearnc interest from
date, with lood security, and u lien retained on the lots
a-'lurtlur rtcuriiy.
0 tl.er 15, 1872.
ccltidUS M. L. PATTERSON. C. & M.
CIIAniHHRIiAIIY & A lilt I? It
of the old fines.
To be Sold at Public Auction.
I Unitkh Status TKTKRNAt. Kkvimr.
Collector's Olllce. District. Tmncsiee.
Kkiixyillk, Oct. 30. 18T2.
WHKRRAS, nn nssessmentunderthclntornal Rev
enue Laws of theso United titatcs has been duly
wuuu uj yw, ,i. i.uos, jvpsossur ior me m xiisirict,
Tennessee, for the sum of five hundred dollars, against
tho heirs of Jno. Dauieron, doccased, in respect or tho
succession toccrtaln real estato lying in tho id nnd 12th
civil d.itrlcts of Knox county. Tennessee, nnd dostrib
jjl as follows: Ten acres, mora or less , one mile from
KnoxvlHo. on both rides of the. lacksboro road, adjoln
inc tho lands of A. Anilersnn. It. Ilnnnl-n nml ihn Nn.
i tlonal Cemetery, which said tax remains wholly un-
in Iil n ,1 1 1 1. . t. n !.l . .. . ... 1 1 I 1 . I
on by law amounts to tho sum of 6vo hundred and
thlrtvllvo dollars, whteh amount Is n linn n,,nn .!,
I nremises above described.
rioticeU hereby given that by virtueof thenuthority
; in mo vested as Collector of Internal Revenue for tho
saw collection aiitrict, 1 have so zed tho said cstato
above mentioned nnd described, nnd will sell the same
at publio auction to tho highest Idddcr, for ca-h, on
Saturday tho 23d of Noyemhcr, 1872, at tho court house
door in Knoxvillo, Tennessee, at 10$ o'clock A, M to
satisfy tho tax, interest nnd penalty aforeiald, and ail
other lawful costs.
oct30-dltw3t J. A. COOPER, Collector.
Valuable Farm.
No. 2103.
L by the Chancery Court at Knoxville. at its beptem
ber term. 187J. in the case of John L. l.onas vs. Jnme
M. Lonns. I will sell intront of the court house door in
Knoxvillc, on
Saturday the DM Day qf November next
Twenty-five per cent, will be required in hands nnu
tho remainder in installments at 0, 12 and IS months,
taking notes with noodsccaritj, bearing intorest from
date and retaining a lien as further snourity.
r. . . ,- M' L- I'ATTERSON, C. Si M
Octiberl5. 1872.
Chancery Sale of a Valuable Farm
No. 2424.
IN obedience to a decree pronounced nt the Septem
ber Term. 1872, of tho Chancery Court at Knoxville,
Tennessee, in the case of John Baxter vs. Wilbur S.
Wright. I will sell in tront of tho court house door in
Knoxville, on
I .SVji.rtt-av, the 0th Dan of November next.
I al pubic auction, to tho highest bidder, the tract or
, iam, mCntloao(I and described in tho pleadings. lying
in Knox county. Tennessee, on the Jacksboro'- Tura-
niko and Kno xvillo nnd Kentucky Hailrnnd nnd nhnnt
six miles lrom. tho city of Knoxville, ndjoinlngtho
lands of John IVellond, J. F. Callnhan and others, and
containing so-uo2lt acres. Said salo wilt De made in
bar ol tho equity of redemption.
Said-salo will bo roodo on a cro lit of (5, 14. Ifl, 3S and
5o months, and notes will be required of tho purchaser
I ed on the land ns furthcrsecuritv
wiiu goou security, wunoui interest, nnu a lien rcintn-
Oct, IS, i872-dlw4 M.L.PATTERSON
SllcrilT'.S SiilC.
BY virtue of nn execution issued Irom the Circuit
Court or Knox county, Tennessee, I will, on Satur
day, tho 16th day ol November, 1872. tell for osh in
hand. to tho highest bidder, at public outcry, in front
I nf thn court housoin thirt-itvnl Knnivlll-. nil h.,i.i,
title, claim, interest nnd demand that 11. I,. IV. Mvnno
I has in and to the following described property, to-wit ;
A cert'iln lot or parcel of land on C'ozier street in tho
1 eitv of Knoxville. 1st civil district nf Knnv pminf v.
I "nnessec. beginning on a sisko nt tn-jeiitnea tilde
Iu, nn i.tiiv . ii" iniM,.uvii ..ill. biimi BirVBlVDinO
eat side of Croiler street; thence about forty reel soul h
with Crozier street to a stake: thenoe cast filtv fnt tn
a ttako in the corporation on Scott's lino; thence
northerly with Scott s lino forty reet to a. stnko and Hn
alley; thence east with said alky fifty-three feet to tho
beginning, being a portion of lot No. 13 in Kennedy's
Addition to Knoxville. The following two lots or
ground lying in Knox count), and in what is known as
McUhoo's Addition to Knoxville. in the 12th civil dis
trict: that is, lots Nis. 00 nd b'2. fronting iraoh 48!5
feet on tho east side ot'Atkin street, and running back
eastwardly 120 feet to an alley. Also, about one hun
dred acres of Innd s tuated in tho 1th civil district or
Knox county Tennessee, known as tho Coram lann,
adjoining tho lands of 8. J. Tarver, R. U. Alynatt.
Fred Coram and others. And one hundred acres of
land in ihe5th civil district of Knox county, 'Tennes
see, on Cupper Ridge, adjoining the lands of D. Foust
nnd others. Levied on lis tho n'pertyof ILL. W. My
rnitt, to sutitfy nn execution iu u.y hands from the Cir
cu t Court of Knox county, in tavor or the State or
Tennessee, for the use or Knox county vs. H. L. W.
Mynatt and others. V. F. U0SSKTT,
octHlwSt Sheriff.
852 Acres of Laud.
127 A:lli:N in Knox county. Tenn.. nlnonndonc
hair miles rrom Knoxville. and four miles from the
Wage of Powell's Station, en tho Knoxville nnd Ohio
S"! 'ra 'Vn.11"-", ,b.cen divided into tiucts contolning
102, 10i, 10? and 110 acres respectively. Clearod land,
timb rnnd wa4er on eoch sufficient for all practical
pnrpojts. Dwellings and out honsts on throe of these
tracts. Will ho sold intep. rate tracts or in ono body.
1 wo good orchards on the premises.
Also la.T AcrrM in Anderson county, about four
m I s from Powell's Station. Mostly u cultivated land.
Divided into six tracts of 115. 70. Hi, 60, M nnd '0 acres,
with two small lots, on one or which is a Saw Mill and
Carding .Machine.
Uood time given for payments.
t.11. .r JAS. A. MOORE. Executor.
seplldltwtr Box 312. Knoxville. Tenn.
W. W. Woodruff vs. Jnmes A. Brooks.
IN this cause it nnpoaring by nffid vit that tho do
1 (" .ur "iiV J,Hl!I","A it0"K4' ls iutl'y indebted o tho
plaintiff. . W.Woodruff, by account, and hehasab
Mimided or conoeaU himself u that the ordinary pro
cess of liw cannot be serve upen him. and an alt ch
mein having been levied on Ins proi trt) : It is order-
th t publication bo made In the Knoxvi le Weekly
Chronl le. newspaper publ'shidin U.ecit ol Kn, x
villo for lour sua esslve weeks, c.immand ng t e ealJ
1 proceeded with ex parte.
.... . i iuus i uppear oeiore me, A. u. M U.IIen.
aJu iiiooltLePiaco atmyoli e p.ar '1 born tirove
n tho counts oi Km.x. on the loth day t November
litu, und 111 kedefemeto said suit agntnit hitu. or it
Will bo proceeded with x tuirln. '
Thi. iJ"iticeo, ,h.e11',ac"J!;lrDLcc,uutV
This 1st day of October. l87Z-oc9n4

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