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Advertisements must lo handed in
by Tuesday night to eecuro insertion
in the same week's issue of the Ana us.
Our Itcportci on the Alert.
Old papers for sale at this office.
Barr's Ague Mediciuo is Bold for
one dollar per bottle.
A search warrant is talked of in a
particular locality in this city, and if
such a thing is resorted to, times will
bo made lively for somebody.
We should judge that the split-guz-tlc
sold in this city makes tho imbi
bers of that beverage feel rather wild,
from tho Indian-liko hoops we hear
night after night.
J. W. Crcighton has mado several
improvements in tho appearance of his
ehoe shop, and will soon put in coun
t3rs and shelves, preparatory to bring
ing on a stock of boots and fhocs.
Another nlianty has gono up near
the school house.
Two boys had a set-to near Camp
bell dock, Sunday afternoon.
Ed. Vail arrived homo from New
Brunswick last week.
The bath house at tli3 Magnetic
Spring has been painted.
Another cargo of brick has arrived
for Bolton & Mcllac.
A new house is going up near the
Methodist Church.
Job printing of every description
neatly executed at this office.
Burr's Ague Medicine prevents a
thill after tho first doBc.
II. Hyatts new residence will make
a fino appearance.
The frame of a small house has
been raised on tho Section Line lload,
just beyond Johnnie Potter's.
Last Friday wa were pleased to sec
in our city, the familiar face of Dr. J.
A. Harris, of Pontine. Ho will go
from hero to Mackinaw just on a
pleasure trip.
A. F. Fletcher has been elected
An honary member of tho Fire Com
pany. Hopper & Davis' building is nearly
enclosed, and when completed will
make a credible appearance.
Bolton & McRae will please re
ceive the thanks of the Fire Boys for
a box of excellent cigars. Gents,
when you want your bricks sprinkled,
let the boys know it, and, our word
for it, it will be done.
Doane, Bingham & Co., havo an
advertisement in another column.
The Fire Company held their
monthly parade on Wednesday even
ing of last week, and showed quite an
improvement in manipulating their
That extract of meat, for salo at
Bolton &'Mcllac's is not bad to take
when a man is hungry. Cheap, too.
Barr's Ague Medicine is a sure cure
for Chills and Fever.
Abcr has just received another
large lot of new furniture. Now is a
good time to buy what you want. All
oods sold cheap for cash-, and if you
are not suited with the stock on
hand, he will order just what you de
sire, so there will bo no trouble in sat
isfying yourselves.
J. A. Case's house, on State street,
which was damaged by fire a few weeks
since, is now being repaired.
Mrs. Vail arrived home on the Ga
The Galena did not make her ex
cursion Monday evening, in conse-
quenco of tho absence of Capt. L. R.
Boynton, and not getting tho boat
loaded in time.
It is expected that tho propeller
"Wcnqna will arrive hero to-morrow
' in charge of Capt. Boynton, and 'will
hereafter make regular trips between
this place and Cleveland.
Two hundred feet of new rubber
hose for the Firo Department, arrived
on tho Galena, Monday.
W. M. Fosdick has built a tempo
rary shanty on Stato street.
Barr's Aguo Medicine is a most ex
cellent tonic.
Tho Cornet Band went on an ex
cursion to Mackinaw last week, and
had a good time.
Will. Hitchcock can beat tho world
on Sunday School Concerts.
D. Crippcn is putting up an addi
tion to his foundry.
W. McMastcrs has painted his new
J. Gillctt, of tho firm of Gillett &
Jcffers, was in town Monday and Tues
day, and left for Memphis on the
Monday afternoon the Firo Depart
ment were out, and filled the reservoir
on tho corner of Second street and
Section Lino road.
McDougall has torn d6wn the sheds
in tho rear of his new houso on
Fletcher street.
A new sign has been placid on
Thompson's Eagle Hotel.
Capt. Armstrong is putting a ver
anda in front of his houso on Stato
Tho ucw residence of Jan. Mar
shall, near tho Alpena House, will
soon bo finished.
Tho masons aro still climbing up
ward on Bolton & Mediae's new block.
Barr's Aguo Medicine is purely
vegetablo in its composition.
Wo learn from tho Poutiac Jaclaon-
ian, that tho editor of tho Hill rotter
has a Cole black eye.
Tho frame for Comstock's new resi
dence, nUaf tho school houso, has been
Tho windows aro nearly all in in
Boggs new hotel.
Six vessels in the river, being load
ed with lumber, Tuesday.
Hawkins has tendered his resigna
tion as Secretary of tho Firo Depart
One of our officers attempted to
arrest a man in Woods' Baloon, on
Saturday night, when a fight ensued,
and tho man escaped.
Two burglars were arrested at Au
Saublo on Monday, who had a kit of
burglar tools in their possession. It
is said that they had been prowling
about this city recently.
Rev. F. N. Barlow started for De
troit, on the Galena, Tuesday evening.
A new sign has been erected on tho
Globo Hotel.
Hon. S. X. Carpenter left town for
Detroit, yesterday morning.
C. A. Jeyte has moved into his
new store, on Water street.
Z. M. Knight took passago on the
Galena for Detroit.
Another Dollar store in town in
Beebc's Block.
Lumber is being hauled on the
grounds for G. N. Fletcher's mam
moth hotel.
M. Macartney started for Detroit
yesterday, taking 11. McGillis with
him, charged with selling liquor with
out a licence.
Hon. S. L. Carpenter informs us
that he has located seventy farms in
this county within the past six months,
This is only sixty-seven more than
was located during tho whole year of
The Bay City Growler has been con
solidated with a country journal, and
will soon send out that sheet as a daily,
commencing about tho 1st of Sep
The sidewalk is being repaired in
front of A. McDonald's building, and
so on up for half a block.
Baptised. On last Sabbath af
ternoon, Rev. F. N. Barlow baptised
Mrs. P. Buell, Mrs. . Ilodgins, and
Jas. Kemp. The baptism took place
in tho river, just below tho bridge,
and was witnessed by a largo con
course of spectators.
Alpena, Angust 10, 1871.
A. F. Fletcher & Co :
The officers and members of Sah
gonahkato Engino Co., of this city,
tender to you their thanks for your
generous donation to tho Company, of
July 2d.
H. M. Jacobs, Acting Secretary.
Banquet. On Monday tho mem
bers of the A. P. A. accepted an in
vitation from brother J. It. Beach, to
participate in a social banquet at tho
Globo Hotel, which was served up in
splendid stylo ; and after all enjoying
themselves with feasting, toasts, songs,
etc., till about 2 o'clock in tho morn
ing, they retired, greatly pleased with
their social gathering.
AsiruTATiON. Jas. Tumblety, who
sawed his thumb nearly off at Lock
wood's mill some time since, was com
pelled to have an amputation perform
ed on the same before it could get
well, and on Thursday last, Dr. Wil
kinson, assisted by Dr. McTavish, am
putated the thumb at tho first joint,
and it is now in a fair way to heal.
The physicians did it up splendidly.
Twenty Dollars Settled ii.
Last Sunday night, Jas. Woods
met a mam on the bridgo whom ho had
a spite against, and confronting the
individual struck him a heavy blow in
tho face, when to his surprise, ho
found he had struck tho wrong man,
and to make things right, gavo tho in
jured party Chas. . Walters, $20 to
scttlo the affair. Rather dear that,
$20 a blow.
On Monday evening Mr. ,Chas. L.
Kimball, architect and builder of tho
"Barlow Mill," was mado tho happy
recipient of an elegant gold watch,
valued at $125, and a gold chain
worth $40, from Rev. F. N. Barlow
proprietor of tho mill, and tho em
ployes under tho instructions of Mr.
Kimball in tho erection and comple
tion of this magnificent structure.
Tho presentation took pl.aca at the
ico cream restaurant of Fred. Good
rich in the following manner :
At about 8 o'clock Mr. Barlow,
Mr. Kimball, and the employes, to
gether with a few who had been invi
ted, repaired to the restaurant for tho
purposo of taking a dish of ice cream
at tho expenso of Mr. Kimball, when
the Band put iu an appearance, and
furnished musio for the occasion.
Then camo tho cream, which Mrs.
Goodrich alone knows how to make.
Then followed tho presentation,
with a few very appropriate remarks
by Rev. F. N. Barlow, in which he
stated that under Mr, Kimball's
chargo thero had never been ono com
plaint from tho men, that his face
was always pleasant and smiling, his
words cheering, and that no ono of them
had ever received a single' cross word
from him in auy manner. Tho mill
had been built to tho entire satisfac
tion of tho proprietor, and in short;
there was no room for complaint from
any quarter. That in their apprecia
tion of his gentlemanly deportment
toward all, and tho faithfulness with
which he had managed tho wholo af
fair, they had considered him worthy
of some token of regard from them,
and therefore tho present.
Mr. Kimball was somewhat sur
prised, as ho had known nothing of
what was to como until Mr. Barlow
stepped forward with tho gift. How
ever, ho answered tho remarks of tho
revcrcnod gentleman in a brief but
appropriate manner, thanking them
very kindly for their friendship and
present, and hoped they would never
have cause to regret of presenting the
token. .
Some remarks were made by sev
eral others present, among them Hon.
S. L. Carpenter. Then more ico
cream, after which tho Band again fa
vored tho party, when they all sought
their homes, highly pleased with tho
evening's entertainment.
Fatal Arridrnt.
Wo clip the following from the
Chronicle, published at Sterling, 111.,
of dato Aug. 3. It will be remem
bered that Mr. Apthorp was former
ly pastor of tho Congregational Churcli
of this city, and tho children were
well known here and beloved by all :
"On Friday morning last, five child
ren of ages ranging from fivo to nine
years, wcro at play in tho sand-pit on
tho premises of Richard Arcy, Jr., in
Colon, when tho bank cai ed in and
completely buried three of them, tho
dthcr two being covered up td th
waist and shoulders. "Willie Wells,
who was least covered, managed to
dig out, aud running to tho house,
some twenty rods, told what had hap
pened. His mother ran to tho road
and gavo the alarm to several men
who wero working on the street, while
tho hired girl ran to the pit, and had
released tho youngest, Carl Apthorp,
who was partially buried. Tho meu
from tho road at onco set to work vig
orously to uncover tho others, and af
ter removing about four feet of sand
and earth they were found, one stand
ing nearly erect, and the others pros
trato, with lifo extinct, though the
bodies wcro still warm and limber.
The names of tho little ones thus sud
dcnlv snatched from fond parents, arc :
Emma Wells, daughter of Mrs. llich
ard Arey, Jr., and her former hus
band, Stephen Wells, who died from
hardship and exposure iu tho army,
and the two oldest sons, (Allio and
Grant,) of Mr. Apthorp, a Congrega
tional minister, who recently came
from-Michigan, and leaving his family
with friends here, had gone to Iowa to
look up a future home. Telegrams
wero immediately sent to him, but as
his exact locality was unknown, it is
not certain at this writing, on Satur
day that ho will get tho word in timo
to see tho faces of his sons before they
aro buried. Tho bodies were carried
to the residenco of It. II. Jenkins,
who is brother-in-law to Mr. Apthorp,
and foster father to Mrs. Arey, whero
they wcro packed in ico to await the
arrival of tho stricken father. A
more sadly beautiful sight wo never
saw than that of thoso thrco sweet
faces, in a row, serenely beautiful in
their unwaking sleep, just as they wero
caught by tho restless sands, in tho
midst of their innocent, happy sports.
It is duo to Mr. Arcy to say that he
has always been very careful never to
i leave his pit in such a conditian that
a caving in was possible, always throw
ing tho bank down where it was likely
to fall, beforo leaving it ; but on tho
morning of tho accident, sortie parties
from this city had taken out a load or
two and, unknown to Mr. Arey, and
doubtless with little thought of the
fearful consequences that might follow,
had left tho bank in a dangerous con
dition. 'P. S. Mr. Apthorp arrived on
Monday, and the funeral took place in
tho afternoon of that day. They
sleep as they died together, side by
side. Tho attendance was very large."
Early Friday morning, while Po
liceman Sheridan was attempting to
arrest a negro, named Oeorgo Brown,
for disturbing tho peace, ho was stab
bed in the left side, receiving an ugly
wound. Brown then ran, but tho of
ficer pursued and captured hira after
shooting him twice, onco in tho shoul
der and onco in tho abdomen. Both
men arc dangerously hurt.
The Cheapest Store in Alpena.
Druggist and
Drugs, Patent Medicine?, Perfumeries, Toilet Articles and
Funcv Goods.
A complete stock of Painty Oil?, Varnishe?, Paint Brushe?,
etc., constantly kept on hand.
Particular attention paid to putting up Physicians' Prescrip
tions, both day and nigut."
Great Reduction In
SIGN of tlio IfclED 3IORTAR!
Corner First and Water sireeu, Where will be Found
Of Drug?, Chemical?, Dye Stufls, Paints, Oil?; and ali the
Leading Patent Medicines !
Of the dy together with a fine and well selected stock of.
Perfumery, Hair Oils, Hair, Flesh and Tooth Brush-
es, Cigars, Choice Win.es and Liquors for
Medical Purposes, eto., etc. Particular attention paid to filling Inscriptions and Family
1 J. T. BOSTWICK, Ag't.
Than any other store in tho
Their Stock
Andj in fact; Everything for Family use:
B. C, k Co., respectfully return their thanks to tho Peo
ple of Alpena, for the liberal patronage which has been ex
tended them, and promise to merit a continuance of the same,
at their Old Stand, No. 2 Second street. 1
Former Prices at the
o :
Consists of
Manufacturer of, and dealer In all kind, of
Looking Glasses.
Picture Frames!
Made to order.
Parlor Suits!
Centre Tables;
Both Wood and
Extension Tables!
Xelt& An Oases!
Of Every Description
Of all tiics kept constantly on hand.
Wareroom, Opposite City Bakery.
fedR THE
Weekly Argus!
Tho Largest Publication on
tho Lake Shore !
i2 Per Year;
New Stord,
New Goodsj
Possessed of experience of several years, 4
The public need not entertain any fours
That the goods we hare on hund aro of the beat kind
Is truth in particular, which we hope you'll boar in
Selected and purchased by an experienced hand,
We are not afraid to tuko our stand.
Knowing the goods to giro satufuction.
Being first class, and at a great reduction.
The wants of the public we are bound to supply,
Amd all competition we hereby defy.
Our scnidr partner being a resident below,
Is always on the ground to buy Tcry low;
Ready to purchase when goods are advancing,
Withholding his purchases when they are collopsin
Giving the public the benefit of the same,
Thereby toying their custon to retain.
OUlett and Jcffers are the gents Interoeted,
Who sell their goods cheap if ever contested;
Always expecting to sell for cash,
Assuring the public tho cachange won't be ti a&bi
Their store Is situated in Bccbo's new block,
Where is to be found this very largo stock
Of Groceries, Provisions, and even Hone feed,
And everything else mankind may need.
Jfow in conclusion, pray give us a call,
Eiamino our stock, great, large and small,
Flattering ourselves it won't be your lost,
Thankful for furore we hare had in tho past".
Would, respectfully inform he people of Alpena
that ho has established hluuelf in tho
Watch 1 Jewelry
On Second Street, nearly Opposite V-c
County Clerk's Office,
Where he will bo happy to wait upon all who m - y
favor him withthoir patronage. lie will at all tiinn
keep a select stock of tho best
American Watcher
At Detroit Trices t
Silver aid Silver Platea
A good tins of
Alwayi on hand.
Goods Ordered for Imped ion Witho;,
Extra Charge I

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