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Real Estate Agent
Real Bstftta yon
Money Loaned on KM K t.ite Sn uiity
U 0 iElPI
You can bunt at tlii
t :i-
n li i 12 li aiitl
in the city another Sine
All clamp fkute -1;" ctnts
Electric Razors, Kit eti 3c 1'
t kit Cuttltry.
All stool axt-H and
ramp supplies at bottom prices.
It's sport to sou tin; way our rompHitor grunt at our low prices.
Corner Second and River Streets.
Alpena Banking Company
Orf anised March 1st, lS7i, tor the purport; uf
Promptly attended to, and rruiittanee?
made to all riurts of the country tv drafts.
yon THE
A Dozen for 1 0 Cts.
The DETROIT FREE PRESS will tend you Twelve
Colombia Photos (samo aleo ns rut) and The
Weekly Free Preta. one year tor If 1.1 0.
Rend with your aubicrlctlon a cabinet or t ar
photograph (tin typ will not do) t yourself or
friend and you will recelvo twelve flno rrproduo
tlonn Genuine photograpbi.
The Columbia I'hotoa will be made In (ho bin'"
efyleof the art and will bo handsomely niount'l ou
fine, (lit bordered card, and beautifully burulbhPd.
Thy wtU be
flrturea that will delight all who r-lo tbrm.
Tbelr equal In quality cannot be obtained elsewhere
for lets than $1.00 a docen.
Write your name and P. O. addreos on the back cf
the phototraph yon aend n. Tht w ill bo roturnd
with the reproduction m toon ai the latter re crm
P.nd il.10 direct to our office at once-flm cnuno
fint terred.
The Weekly Detroit Free Trew challenifpe com
tariaon with any other weekly newspaper publlf-hel
In the northwest. An examination w 111 rrtablUh
the truth of the following claim:
1. That The Tt Preia Bte the Rrcsteot nmount
fit Rollable Nowe ForT(rn, Notlonnl, ft( and
Iwal fompllM and rrented In tho wmt coin
lrh.Bitle and readable way. KothlnK w.-nii
ehronieling escapee tta attention.
t. That The Free Fres employs the bt I ltrary
Talant; publUhM ruor Choice B''lln(r natter
111a.trat1 HtorIM of Trarl end Atlvenotrc, Serin!
PtnriM, Humorous likthi1l,ocm. Article on tli
The Household, Children's M'rry Tlmlt pitrttnt n
rrm and Oardn, Prlght Mlceii.ny, letter 1
ruiiiM, etc. ritioc anunnant fnirrunmni
thai It la The Family Paper,
inn for Trf rn ember of tbefaniil, in ),"! t
That The Free Preae Is always f Mr, rourteou.
eaa rpreerni in me aumoai
rrtltr enmmandlne the i
i dliKinailon of rubliis qurtil".
evatdaratton ot men of U shades of opinion.
rwpectriii attontion
Vtehlcan ivwimmt In th"rrva particular, but.
4. That The free Press Is not only th" fortnit
weeh he niiahtMt and C'lnantt, tti Id
ST to Ka taele of coritnta and lypojp-nphlcl
le oft
fcr does or can fire to inucn lor one Loi'.tir a ,
toeh a naper shonld recelre tte active rnjport of ;
etery dlaorlmlaatlBf nd fair-minded man Apd 1
weataa U WehtgaB. litis HOME TArrn ff I
whleh ereTy eltltsa may well toe proud. For 13J i
tl wtU he tetter than srer btfore. TTs solicit your '
nhscrtpUon. I
Ad dress all comtnnBleaUoni to 1
raacei and the CRKAJkT, lriiui n .tUr
Detroit, Mich.
VO.L..XXII. NO. 25.
V-C J'J . '
3 ASf
low and you won't find elsewhere
junl that on our shelves.
.Mrs. It. 1'. Lucu.
W. V. Hitchcock,
Iieprtseutb ft fun nue 0f Strong Companies,
Opera House Block.
UtfcVe, Hours-10 to 11 A. M., 1 to 8, and 7 to 9 r
Obstetrics and Diseases
Of Women ami Children, Specialties
Hc.'lcU'iico 1J0 Wbite street, neur Union School .
Telephone No. 89.
O Iii co on Second Street.
rU'i left nt Field & Gray 'a Drug Stow will re.
ei-lY.1 lllleljlloll.
W. A. MX'HIST, M. I.
j r. licQalrt, M. B. 0. A. C
Mirttorr, Olmtrelrlca
Eye, Eur, Throut and
mi'! iiiiti uHi's of women
nti'1 uhiMrii. Hours 9
o JO a. f . 1:S0 to 2:;0,
to j r. M.
Nose. Iloura 10 to 11
M. 2:30 to 3:30, and 7
to 8 r. M.
1 on-ultution in German,
(i n h 1. Ti-ledhono No. JI7.
vyCouutry calls at
L. W. LYON, M. D.
Physician & Surgeon.
Ulicu over the Uontwlck's Drug Store,
promptly nttendvd to.
All culls
Fhvsician. km and Accoucheur.
Oriiduiite of Toronto Univcreity College, Toron
to, Unturio.
Ollice ut IJostwick's Drug Store.
lieniilencc on Second street, opposite Union House,
JMiy.sicinn and Surgeon.
Oliice in Uccbe Block, Second street
Attorney mid
Counselor at Law
Kcho lllock.
Cbieholm Street.
W. H. Campbell,
Successor to
Copper and Shee
Iron Workers.
All Work Promptly Atteuded to.
Estimates furnished for
heating by Hot Water, Hot
Air, or Steam.
Miop mi ltlvrr St., between 1st and 2d,
Telephone) 90.
For Jol Printing,
Call at Argus Office
lUrl-BUl-l. JJ.-L-TT"
Tho turkey is a very knowing
bird, but it appears he can be stuff
ed. Yonkers Statesman.
No charge to florists for this ad
vice: it you wouia nave juur
plants start early put them in spring
beds. Lowell Courier.
Roosters are u good deal like men.
rooster never gives notice of find
.i -t t. i
ing a worm uniu auer e ua
swallowed it. Atchison Globe.
He "If yoa were not so tall I'd
ropose to you." She "If you did,
ou would hcc how short I could
be." Harper's Bazar.
Buckton "I have noticed a funny
thincr about men who have been
taken in."
Ncndick -'What
it?" Buckton uThcy are usually
very much put out." Truth.
Ah! you flatter me," lisped a
masher to a pretty girl with whom
le was conversing. "No, I don t,
was the reply; "you couldn't beany
atter than you are." Tid-13its.
Kate "1 really couldn't have re
fused Jack he proposed so grace
fully!" May "No wonder! He
las had lots of practice, you know."
Smith, Gray & Co's. Monthly.
There was one lover who once
told the truth. Reference is made
to Adam. When he told Eve
You are the first woman I ever
oved," he was not dissembliug.
Boston Transcript.
Tommy Figg "Sister's beau
icked my dog yesterday, but I got
even with him, you bet." Johnny
iriggs "How ?" "I mixedquinine
with her face powder." Indiana
polis Journal.
A delightful text Ethel I just
adore that young Dr. Muttonchop.
is sermon to-night was perfectly
ovely. George What was the
text? Ethel "Behold! the Bride
groom Cometh." Ex.
At the ball "What do you mean,
sir, by your insolence i "Wnatin-
olence are you talking about?"
Your insolence, sir, in permitting
my daughter to cast loving glances
at you." Texas Siftings.
Minister "So you go to school,
do you, Hobby? Doooy "ics,
sir." Minister "Let me hear you
spell kitten." Bobby "I'm getting
to be too big a boy to 6pell kitten,
sir. Try me on cat." Tid-Bits.
The admiring young reporter
tried to say "Miss Blynkins looked
ovely at the ball last evening," but
the three o'clock-in-the-morning
compositor set it up "lonely," and
dashed the young reporter's hopes
forever. New York Press.
V isitor (in Chicago; "And are
you lost, little man?" Small boy
"Yes, ma'am." Visitor "What
is your mamma's name?" Small
boy "1 tlunno. J ve been away
from home since 10 o'clock this
morning." Judge.
"What's Bilker's grudge against
dis son-m-iawr "Hie boy got
down to the bank and cashed the
check Bilker cave his daughter for
a wedding present before Bilker had
time to stop payment." Harper's
Visiting Jeweler "I haven't seen
an open-faced watch since I came to
Asbury Park." Patrolman "Yis,
sor. It's ag'in ordhers. Figgers is
not allowed to be ix posed on this
bache." Jeweler's Weekly.
"You have omitted one item,"
said the departing guest to the land
loru. wnats tnatf askea mine
host. "The bookkeeper said good
morning to me to-day, and you've
forgotten to charge for it." Har
per's Bazar.
Feminine Amenities Ethel
"You jilted him and lie proposed to
me. It was your own fault, and
don't see what you have to be sorry
about. Clarissa "i m not sorry
for myself, dear, but for him."
New York Press.
Mistress "Pat, where is
whisky I gave you to clean
windows with?" Pat "Sure,
just drauk it, ma'am! An1
thought if I iust breathed on the
glass it would be all the same."
Brandon Bucksaw.
Masked Robber (going throug
railway train) I've got no time to
waste on you! Fork over the rest
of your stuff!
Reluctant Pansenger It's
shame to take all a man's got.
ten you ngnt now you re going
back on a pal.
"Pal, be darned. You're no ral.r
"No, but there's an otyrfibus
agent at the next station waipng for
lhi f rn!n ."flb irncrn TriVu
And you need go no farther for
Watches, Jewelry,
Silver and
Plated Ware,
Spectacles, etc.
n Alpena and Alcona Counties,
At from
$2.00 to $5.00 per acre.
Title perfect. Conrenient to markets and schools.
Apply to ALOB, SMITH ft CO.,
lUack lliver, Michigan.
HO per Ct.
If you Intend to
Surrey, Road Wagon,
Fl'iiiart or SpwJin? Cart,
f w'lirh w nmniif filar
full Hue ) .rod 2c. ittir.f tor
our i H p. illu.tratnl cat n)i gut.
Wholesale Prices,
and ship hny rclil
ole euhject to ex
amination, ll'e tin
not rujuirt otws cent
advance payment.
If pools arc nut satis
fn tory, wo pny freight
both ways. Hvtatrnore
eara r auca i
puronn.l wrlto us.
COLLMDU ClGCy CO., 0-lC LnUt, LI.rn.iw, Mich.
Detroit, Bay Citv Si Alpena R.R.
A com- Mail and
Mail and Acrotn
Kx press, modation.
modation. Express.
a. m.
1 40
P. It.
6 2S ar Alpena, leave,
A. M.
9 21
9 l
9 39
9 45
9 63
10 02
10 04
10 IS
10 88
10 68
11 '
11 23
11 HO
11 45
11 62
12 04
12 11
12 20
12 30
P. If.
12 35
1 15
1 60
2 10
2 20
2 35
3 10
3 3:
7 00
7 20
7 45
8 05
8 20
8 60
0 10
! 45
10 10
10 23
10 50
io a
10 25
6 32
6 12
4 65
4 41
4 38
4 82
4 10
3 47
3 40
8 S3
3 21
3 1.1
8 00
2 62
2 40
2 28
Ulack Hirer,
Roe Lake,
Mud Lake Junction,
West llarrhville,
Went Oreenbush.
Au Sable, Oscoda,
East Tawas.
Tuwas City,
9 32
9 00
8 IS
8 00
7 20
6 V0
4 60
4 80
4 IS
2 65
2 ax
2 10 lrAlner, arrive,
(2 20
Daily except Sunday.
t Daily except Monday.
Oen'l bupt.
a t(ent, Alpena.
Michigan Central.
12 20 Bay City, leave.
P. M
2 40
7 45 a. u. leaves Detroit, arrives,
6 55
Michigan (TENTPAiy
"Th Niagara Falls Route."
Time Card In Effect.
Lv. Bay City.
Ar. Bay City.
IS 00 a m Midland Accommodation... 18 40 a m
t 80 a m Jackson and Chicago Ex.... 19 25 p m
6 45 a m... Detroit, Buffalo ANY Ex..10 35 p m
t7 05 a m......Vasaar Accommodation ....til 40 a m
17 10 a m Detroit freight 13 45 p m
t8 35 a m...Oravlinff Accommodation 19 55 p m
1 10 10 a m......Owosso Accommodation t4 85 p m
til SO a m Midland Accommodation... 12 48 p m
112 20 p m.. Msck'w & AlpenaEx 12 20 p m
vi 4U n m...rnew xor ec tsu tenuis ex ..tu mi
13 00 p m Vnssar Accommodation 15 10 p m
15 20 p m Midland Accommodation... 17 15 p m
14 45 p m...Qladwin Accommodation 110 05 a m
6 25 n m Detroit limited '5 ilOp m
17 30 n m Jackson and Chicago Ex... 18 00 a m
110 12 pm Saginaw Accommodation... 18 20 am
10 63 d m Mackinaw ft Marq't Ex...- 6 19 am
Dailr. 1 Daily except Bunday. Parlor car on
day trains and sleeping ears on night trains.
The direct line to Niagara Falls. Buffalo. New
York, Boston, Detroit, Toledo, Chicago, and all
points in the United States and Canada.
Through tickets to all points in the United States
ana Canada.
J. W HITINQ, Ticket Agent
O. W. RUOOLXS, O. P. T. Art.
& Bfalo Transit Co.
RememW that coramenclni? with
opening of navigation (May 1, 18'J3.) this
company will place lu commission cx
cluslvely between
A Dally 1,1 na of the Moat MaRulrlcant
0iU-Whl Mitl ht camera oil the
Great Lakes.
Steamer will leave either eity every evening
(Sunday Included) arriving at destination the to),
lowing morning in time for business and all train
Quick Time.
U nuTMlun RtrviAS.
Low Rate
for fall particulars see later Irsuea or this paper,
or eaareaa
Oen'l Manager. Uen'l Passenger Agt
X as yreferrM. Sitastloas pemsnent.
P ' J line oatflt free. Fall line strx k. Prices
lew. Botk local and traveling agents
wanted. Apply at enee, giving age and refer.
sauoa mis paper. A.D. FMATT,
Mareerraaaa, Rochester? N. I.
p. 1 V.zj
A Practical Judge.
"When Senator Sanders of Mon
tana first nettled in the wilds of the
then half-civilized Wost," said an
Ohio delegate to a Chicago reporter,
"he was about the only well-educated
man in that State. Tho miners
and cowboys" recognized that fact
and elected him judge. In that ca
pacity he soon became a terror to
evil-doors, as he invariably imposed
the heaviest sentence prescribed by
law. On one occasion a border
rullian was brought before him on a
charge of assault and battery, enter
ed a plea of guilty, and was lined
twenty dollars. The fellow had a
dangerous gleam in hii eye as he
shambled forward, pulled a bag
from his pocket, took from it two
double-engles, and laid them on the
bar before Judge Sanders. The
judge pushed one of the coins across
the counter, remarking:
"You've made a mistake. Your
tine is twenty dollars.'
" ll know what my fine is,' growl
ed the man, 'and I understand what
I'm doing. See? If it costs twenty
dollars to whip a man in this court,
it's cheap enough, and I'm willing
to pay for the fun. Just keep the
other twenty, judge; I'm going to
thrash another man.' .
" 'Very well, sir,1 quietly said
Sanders, putting the coins into a
drawer and turning the key.
" 'And your the man I'm going
to lick,' continued the pugilistic
prisoner, addressing the court.
" 'As you please, sir,' was the
calm response as Sanders stepped
from the bench.
"The fellow made a most savage
onslaught upon the judge, but
Sanders ducked, and before his an
tagonist could recover his equilibrium
he received a blow which sent him
spinning half-way across the room,
where he fell as limp as a rag.
Two. minutes later the erstwhile
terror scrambled to his feet, looked
about the room in a dazed manner
and slowly staggered towards the
" 'Here, sir!' thundered Sanders,
who had resumed his place upon the
bench. 'Come here!'
"The man obeyed.
"Sanders slowly counted his nine
teen dollars and a half, and pushed
them across the bar. 'There's your
change,' he remarked gravely. 'You
didn't commit assault and battery.
Under the circumstances I do not
feel justified in asking you to pay
anything for your part of the per
formance. Of course I am compel-
ed to charge you for the actual
time I have lo3t. Good afternoon!
Call the next case.' "
Booth and Barrett.
kI saw both Uouth and Barrett
badly rattled one night," said Fred
Tomlinson, an old theatrical
man, now stopping at the Laclede.
'They were playing at Cleveland,
O., and the bill was Othello. In
the scene where the crafty ancient
goads the dusky Moor to madness, a
)ig tabby tomcat entered L. U. E
and uegan rubbing lnmselt up
against Othello's ankles. Uootl
glanced off L. and then II. , and his
eyes plainly said: 'Get that d d
cat off.' The scene shifters began
to call 'kitty, kitty, kitty' and 'puss,
puss, puss,' but Tom appeared well
satished where he was ana nam no
attention, although the gallery re
ponded liberally. In the scene
where Othello and Iago kneel, Tom
came directly between them, ins
1 1 1 it 1
eves showing in the gas light like
two great green emeralds. He look
ed up, first at one, then at the other,
and gave vent to an inquiring
'meow' that was audible in every
part of the house. The line that
separates the sublime and the
ridiculous is a very narrow one, and
Tom's meow completely obliterated
it. The house roared. Booth flush
ed scarlet, and in an aside to the
crowd in the wings, fairly hissed
'Somebody come and get this d d
cat.' A 'supe' sneaked on, caught
Tom up gingerly, received a scratch
and dropped him. He turned to
again pick him up, but Tom had his
back arched and showed fight
Booth was furious, and Barrett's
embarrassment was painful to con
template as the 'supe' hesitated
Another 'supe' darted iu, gave Tom
a kick that sent him oil the stage in
hot haste, and the play proceeded
but the effect was irretrievably spoil
ed." Globe-Democrat.
"The Jerks."
The most remarkable manifesta
tion of the,f great religious move
ment which swept over this country
just before tho war of 181 was the
physical and nervous disorder known
as "tho jerks." The jerks took
their name from the fact that ' the
1. 1893.
The Keystone Watch
Case Co. of Philadelphia,
the largest watch case manufactur
ing concern iu the world, is now
putting upon the Jas. Boss Filled
and other cases made by it, a bow
(ring) which cannot be twisted or
pulled off the watch.
It is a sure protection against the
pickpocket and the many accidents
that befall watches fitted with the
old-style bow, which is simply held
in by friction and can be twisted off
with the fingers. It is called the
and CAN ONLY BE HAD with
casca bearing their trade mark
Sold only through watch dealers.
without extra charge.
Ask any jeweler for pamphlet,
or send to the manufacturers.
WANTEDWi'l-HWnfce worker's everywbore for
"'XaHT'C PE0T03SAPH3 of the WO&LS":
the irreaU'Ht Look on eiirth : costing S100.000 : retail
at f.i 2i, c:tsh or instnU neuts j mammoth illustrat-
0 1 1 L. I I O output over l.!"0 volumes. Agents
eULDDie ea circulars nml terms free : daily
wild with success. Mr. Tuom. L. Martin, Centre-
lie, TcxflB, rlenrt'd $711 in nine davs : Miss Hobs
Adamh, of D LI 11111 f?D A DUO W in 40
Wouft.r.O.I IIUIUU m MO Minutes
Iluv. J. IiowriD Madison. Lyons. N. Y..flo in
seven hours; n bonanza; magniticent on tilt only
i.w. uooks on credit. ,-, Iflflini n
reiifht paid. Addrons MUllLU
(jLOItt: 111 HI E I'l III.ISllIMti CO., 723 Chestnut
bt., 1'ljilii , t'u., or 3S(i Dearborn et., Chicago, 111,
This Trecious Ointment is the
triumph of Scientific Medicine.
Nothing has ever been produced to
equal or compare with it as a curative
and healing application. It has been
used over 40 years, and always affords
relief and always gives satisfaction.
For Piles External or Internal, Blind
or Bleeding ; Fistula in Ano ; Itching or
Dlceding of the Kcctum. The relief is
immediate the cure certain.
For Burns, Scalds and Ulceration and
Contraction from Burns. The relief is instant
the healing wonderful and unequaled.
For Boils, Hot Tumors, Ulcers, Fistulas.
Old Sores, Itching Eruptions, Chafing or
Scald Head. It is Infallible.
For Inflamed or Caked Breasts and Sore
Nipples. It is Invaluable.
Price, 50 Cent9. Trial the, 2$ Cento.
Sold by Dmirgtit, or scot post-pild on rtotlpt of prtre.
irCMFIIBKTM' ItL'D.tO., 11 1 A lit Wllllta St., KEW TORE.
Port Huron Marble Works
Dealer in Foreign and American
Graxiito and Marble
Cut Building Stone, Mnrblo nnd Slate Mantels
and Urates.
Prices as low as any to be had la Slicblgaa.
Pick nbadaenoand rollovoaU tb trouble fOOl
tiont to a bilious etato of the system, suoh ae)
Xnzzlnoss, Nausea. Drowsiness, Dlatresa after
sating, l'ain In the Bldo, &o. While their mos
Stttaaikabla auccoea haa been shown la cuiisg
Hoftfl&cho. yet Carter Little Liver Mil tfi
equally valuablo in Conatipatlon, curing and pro
Tenting this annoyintr complaint. while thoy also
correct all dinordorsorthoatonutch3timulateth4
lirerandrogolatothoboweld. fironUUwyoal
kuftor from thla distressing complaint; butforto
Satcly their poodnoss docs notend hero,and thoea
ho once try thorn will find thcao little plllsTalu
Able In eoniany ways that they wlU not bo wit
JinS to 3d without them. But after allele, hoad.
U the bane of ao many liven that hero fa w&Af
vo make onr groat boaat. Our plUa cure It walla
Others do not.
Car tufa LltUe Liver Pills ara very small and
very easy to tako. One or two Pills make a does.
They are atrlotly vegetable and do not gripe or
rnrg but by their gentle action please all wh(j
vsethem. IavialaetaScentai flvefor iU Sold
by drogglata everywhere, or aoai by mail.
Office 617 Oeneave Are., Saginaw, E. H., Mich.
Vrancb OfTlne: Mariuette, Michigan, and West
Hnperior, Wisconsin. IT. Snerr in charge of the
bend offlcis, Is a graduate of the Medical Depart
ment of Harvard University, Clans '74, and is Keg.
4ntrcd as such in both Hemispheres. YOUNQ
MEN who have been suffering from the effects of
youthful follies or indiscretions, will no well to
avail themselves of this chance. DR. fcrEER ACO
will guarnntee a perfect cure in all esses of weak'
ness or private direiute of anv kind or character
they nudsrtnka, or forfeit 1250. T litre are many of
the ac of 80 to 60 who are troubled with too fre.
out-nt evsctiatinns of the bladder, often aoeompan.
iud bv a sltcrht sinarttnic smsatton and weakening
the system in a manner which the tn.tient cannot
aorount !'. There aro many who die of thta pif
Sanity, ignorant of the causa whli h Is tho second
raireof vrmiknt-M. I. A LIES findinir it not con
venient to cull nt the oiRce, can be trste 1 by mall
by sending full description of tht-tr tnsa. LR.
SrCER it CO., will aimr-tntee a pnrfett cure In all
anrh rnaca and a henlthv rrstofaOon of the organs.
Ksanilnation snd advice Irne to-all. Remember
th plnre. 1" Onnmw Ave., Hagtnnw, E. 8. Mich .
V, H.fee our tentiinnniuia in IheditTrn-nt papers
i from well-known rop'o. I'atunta winning U
consult Or. Hpp-r t o , will have their railroad
jgiSStal? rtk' ot lml-i "Ay?
WHOLE NO. 1117.
whole body was affected, and that
in a singular tush ion. ihe arms
and legs would be thrown about, ap
parently by a force beyond tho con
trol of the individual; sometimes
the head would be thrown back
ward and forward with great appar
ent violence, while occasionally the
muscles of the entire body would
be affected, and the individual would
fall upon the ground and flounce
about like a fish.
The disorder was epidemic, fre
quently affecting great numbers at
a time, and attacked alike the ir
religious and the pious, those who
believed in it and those who did not.
A case is on record as occurring in
Tennessee, where a slave owner, a
man of great wealth and promin
ence, and irreligious, called his
slaves together one Sunday morning
when a camp-meeting was in pro
gress near by, and announced his
deliberate intention of horsewhip
ping any one of their number who
took the jerks.
"It is all imagination," he said,
"and I'll horsewhip any one of you
that takes it, within an inch or ins
He went to the camp-meeting,
and while conversing with a friend
in the outskirts or the ground, was
told that one of his negroes had the
Seizing his horsewhip he hasten
ed toward the spot, and when half
way was himself seized by the jerks.
The only relief obtainable from the
attack was to seize a sapling or tree
and hold on with both hands till
the fit had passed away. The jerks
usually left their victims much
irostrated,' and in many instances
death ensued during an attack, from
a dislocation produced by the vio
ence of the convulsions. The jerks
asted from 1810 until about 1810
or loiv, and then gradually ais
- 111 1 11 1
appeared; though in remote coun
try districts an occasional instance,
though rarely, occurs.
The Weight of the Hope.
1 he great scientist Agassiz was
wont to relate, with telling effect, a
thrilling experience of his own
while conducting some explorations
amoncr the Airs. He desired to
study the interior of a glacier, and
for this purpose he had his compan
ions lower him into a fissure of un
known depth, where he spent an
hour or more examining the stratifi
cation of the ice, and other pheno
mena. Having stayed as long as he
thought advisable, he signaled to be
drawn up again. But when his
companions heaved upon the rope
they were dismayed to find their
united strength was not enual to
the task. Before lowering Mr. Ag
assiz they had duly estimated his
weight and their own strength, but
thev had omitted to tako into ac
count the weight of the rope, of
which several hundred feet had been
paid out, and all too late they dis
covered they could not draw up
both the scientist and tho rope. He
was therefore compelled to remain
suspended in the heart of the glacier
until additional help could be ob
tained, and he be relieved from his
uncomfortable if not perilous plight
There is something very suggest
iye in this incident in connection
with the power of habit. There
are many people who flatter them
selves upon their ability to break off
a bad habit who all the time do not
realize their signal failure to take in
to consideration the weight of the
rope, duration of habit. They may
estimate very accurately the par
ticular fascination that the pipe, the
glass whatever the thing is exer
cise over them and their power to
put it aside on any given occasion
but they have no clear conception
of the tremendous resistence offered
by the mere force of the habit when
the long pull comes that is neces
sary for complete deliverance.
Bear in mind, then, please, the
weight of the rope, and perhaps the
best way of doing this is never to
let out any rope at all if it is to
lower you to dangerous places.
Why Men are Bald.
"Fifty years ago it was an un
common thing to see a young man
with a skating rink on his head,"
said a physician. "Now most men
begin to grow bald before reaching
40, and many have little hair left at
30. This is due chiefly to the heavy
head coverings now worn. Did you
ever see a bald-headed Indian? The
ancient Greeks and Romans went
much with their heads uncovered,
aid, il wo can depend upon the
counterfeit presentments of them
left to us, baldnesi was very rare
among them. Thehahmostt uri
ous to tho head is t' soft clt.
The heavy cap worn by many Hci th-
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em people is also a great promotor
of baldness. The hbh silk, or 'plug'
lat is, perhaps, least injurious of
any head gear now worn. I do not
believe that it was intended that the
bead should have any covering but
the hair. Baldness i3 the penalty
we pay for persistent violation of
the laws of nature."
Running Yet. .
"When I was fishing in the West
Iudies some years ago," said the
man with the cigarette, "a whirl
wind came along and carried Off my
vest that was hanging on a limb
just over my head. It hud a watch
in it and atailor's account. Well,
the whole outfit sailed out of sight
in less than a minute.
"Seven years after a party of us
were camped on the same river, only
a hundred yards further up. It was
my turn to do the cooking, so I
started out for some dry wood, step
ped on a log which caved in, and
there lay my watch, with that same
old tailor's bill twisted around the
ring. It was still running."
"Oh, come off! You want us to
ask how such a thing could be, and
then you'll explain that tho whirl
wind wound your watch up so tight
that it ran for seven years."
"I didn't Miy the watch was still
running, said the story-teller, as
he lighted another bacillus exter
minator. "I had reference to the
tailor's bill. It is running yet, in
A Difference.
There had been a homicide in a
saloon and one man was telling all
about it, even to the minutest de
tail. He had seen it all and knew what
he was talking about, he said; and
notwithstanding everybody had not
implicit confidence iu his state
ments, nobody cared to call him to
account and make him show his
Naturally such a man would be
a good witness, aud at the examin
ing trial, he was put on the stand.
"What do you know about this
affair?" asked the court.
"Xothin', yer honor," he replied,
so promptly as to startle those who
had heard his story.
"Didn't you," asked the surpris
ed judge, "tell a number of people
you had seen it all?"
"Yes, yer honor."
"Then how does it happen that
you say hero that you don't know
anything about it?"
"Well, it's this way, yer honor,"
he said, with a redeeming blush.
"I was only a talkin' then, an' now
I'm a swcarinY'
The court noted the distinction.
An Enemy BaSed.
There is an enemy with whom thonvi
familiar all their lives, bcrstme they are bon
a tendoncy to biliousness. With this enemy they
constantly buttling with ineirectu-U weupons.
Uoatotter's Storuueh Bitters will hnflle it. Mere
purgatives will not reform n diaorilort-d eondition .
of the liver indicnted, not ly comt'.ipution alone,
but also by sick headaches, yellowness of tho skin
and eye bulls, nnuirn, furred tonuuo nnd uncus!
npss. more purticuhtrly upon pvewiure on the right
sido, upon and below the short ribs. Avoid drnatio
purgutivcs which gripe and weiikeu tho intestines,
una substitute this world-famous nutl-biilous coral ,
nl, which likewise removes mal-ulitl, stomachio and
kiilney complaint, rhoumutuni and nervousness. ,
As a laxative of the bowcln, p-iinlcss but effectual,
it improves appetite, alopp and the ability to digest,
and poascsitcs the additiouul advantage of a sUnd
urd tonic.
Absolutely Puro. i
A cream of tartar baking powder. High-
est of all in strength.Zrfi& U.S. (Jotcrn-
ment Food lleport.
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