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general Hardware
Plows, Harrows, Cultivators, Drags, and in
fact all kinds of
Received by
The Best, Freshest, Purest
Emits and
Comstc -"i Block, Gecond Ct.
Ln D
The Popular Dry Goods House
Bolton Block
Bolton & McKae
D 0
O 1)
t V
" P.
J. C. V1ALL, PubLUiier & Proprietor
Largest Circulation and Beit Adver
tising Medium in Alpena County.
Wednesday, Jan. 4, 1803.
History of Alpena for the Year 1892-
1. Itain all day. River free from
ice. No ice in Thunder Bay.
2. Snow blizzard all day, but
only a few inches of snow fell. A
little more snow fell on the 4th,
making good sleighing on the paved
streets, but not enough for country
roads or log camps..
8. ltiver frozen below Second
street bridge first time this winter.
12. About four inches of snow
fell during the preceding night,
making the first good sleighing for
the year 1802.
10. One degree below zero.
15. Two below zero.
16. At zero.
10. At zero.
18. Readings by Laura Dainty,
at the Opera House; Alumni course.
French tent, K. 0. T. M., organized.
24. Thaw breakes up the sleigh
ing 12 days sleighing.
21. Duncan Clark's minstrels at
Opera House. No sleighing at end
of month. Bay nearly free of ice.
2. About four inches of snow fell,
making the best sleighing of the
year. On 7th as much snow fell,
and sleighing could not bo better.
3. W. M. R. French art lecture
at Opera House.
11. Operatta Pelelope and a
farce, at the Opera House.
14. G. M. Wilson, horse thief,
broke jail, but was recaptured on
22. New German Aid Society
hall opened to the public speeches,
music, supper and dance.
Near the latter part of February
the Sanitarium well was completed.
Depth 1,267 feet. Magnetic water
24. Indoor meet of Y. M. C. A.,
at the rink.
17. Banquet of A. 0. H.
The latter part of the month a
new industry was organized in Al
pena the Excelsior Works.
1. Death of Dr. W. P. Maiden.
4. City election. Democrats
elect Mayor, Treasurer, Justice, and
a majority of the Council and Board
of Education.
10. Regular opening of naviga
tion. R. G. Stewart arrives from
Bay City, and the Flora from De
troit, on the 11.
12. Steamer City of Alpena ar
rives from Detroit.
14-15. Gorton's Minstrels at the
Opera House.
16. The Schuberts at the Opera
1 8-23. Brown's company present
the following plays, at the Opera
House: Myrtle Ferns, Chain Light
ning, Waif of the Sea, Brave Wom
an, Girl I Love, and Reddy's Luck.
22. Steamer Metropolis arrived
from Bay City.
30. The steamer Atlantic arrives
from Detroit.
1. Five hundred cords of hem
lock bark burued at the Extract
factory. Police commission organ
ized. 2. Steamer City of Mackinac ar
rives from Detroit.
3. Death of David Crippen, aged
60 years.
0-14. Ida Van Cortland and
Company, at Opera House, present:
Law Breaker, Galley Slave, Creole,
Lucretia Borgia, Honeymoon and
Mutual Friend.
, 13. Death of Monroe Klock.
21. K. 0. T. M. jubillee.
10. Cold Day Co. at Opera
11. Excelsior Works commence
27. Bicycle club organized. j
4. Jas. Reilly Broom Maker Co.
at the Opera House.
11. The "0, What a Night"
company at Opera House.
20. N. Y. Star company at Opera
21. Great tornado hail storm
wind 78 miles per hour.
23. Tenth annual commence
ment exercises of High School.
24. Fourth annual banquet of
the Alumni association. Guards
28. Arthur Langlois drowned in
the bay.
30. Cake walk at the rink, by
St. Margaret's Guild.
' 4. Grand celebration. Base ball
between Athletics and Mystics; lat
ter winning by a score of 15 to 12.
16. Miles Orton circus. Repub
lican county convention select dele
gates. S 25. The steamer Pilgrim arrives
oXfher first trip.
The Donald McRae block, on
Dock street, completed in July.
1 to 6. Maud Atkinson company
renders the following plays at the
Opera House: Frou Frou, French
Spy, Leah, Clemenceau Case, For-Get-Me-Not,
All is not Gold that
3. Alpena Sulphur Spring Co.
bath house opened to the public.
4. Foot ball, Alpena Lodge vs.
Hopper Lodge. Score 5 to 2 in
favor of Alpena.
13. Democratic county conven
tion select delegates.
15. The Guards embark for
the State encampment at Island
17. Grand lecture, A. M. Clark,
holds a school of instruction for the
Masonic lodges.
21. Veteran corps of the Guards
organized. Base ball, Mystics vs.
Ladies club. Score, 1 7 to 8 in favor
of Mystics.
21 to 28. Hypnotism exhibition
by Herbert Flint.
28 to 30. Fifteenth annual coun
ty fair.
20. Happy Home Club renders
the comedy Handy Andy.
The school census shows there are
4,233 children of school age in the
1. Democratic county conven
tion select candidates for county
3. Democratic rally at Opera
House, the speakers being Congress
man T. A. E. Weadock and J. S.
Upton. Death of Julius Potvin,
aged 50 years.
5. Seventh annual meeting of
the Saginaw association of Congre
gational Churches.
12. R. E. Frazer delivers a Re
publican address at the Opera House.
15. Republican lecture by G. W.
McBride, at the Opera House.
17. Death of John F. Kelly,
Register of Deeds, and a pioneer.
Aged 70 years.
21. Field day of the Y. M. C.
A., at the fair grounds.
Lantern parade by the bicycle
22. John T. Rich discourses Re
publican politics, at the Opera
24. Democratic rally, at the
Opera House. .Address by Allen B.
27. Washington Gardner dis
courses Republicanism, at the Opera
House, and Peter Kiolbassa makes
a Polish Democratic address, at the
Court House.
28. T. E. Tarsney makes a Dem
ocratic address, at the Opera House.
7. The John Dillon company
present "A Model Husband," at the
Opera House.
8. Presidential election. Dem
ocrats cast 1,536 votes, and the Re
publicans 1,526 in Alpena county.
Democrats elect Judge of Probate,
Sheriff, Clerk, Treasurer and one
Coroner. Republicans elect Regis
ter of Deeds, Prosecuting Attorney,
Surveyor and one Coroner.
22. Colonel Dupont inspects the
21-26. Ida Van Cortland com
pany renders Rifle Ball, Law Break
er, Danites, Honeymoon, 'Twixt
Love and Honor, East Lynne, Pyg
malion and Galatea.
30. The McFadden Elopement
Co. entertain an audience at the
Opera House.
3. The steamer Depere clears
for Detroit, being the last passen
ger steamer to leave this port.
4. Dedication of the new Con
gregational church. Cost $13,000.
0. The propeller Porter Cham
berlin and tow clear for Detroit,
and end navigation for 1802.
16. August Grossman found
guilty of the murder of Albert
Molitor, at Rogers City, 17 years
25. Dedication of new Baptist
church. Cost $23,000.
The Board of World's Fair Man
agers for Michigan are preparing a
Statistical Pamphlet illustrative of
the Resources of Michigan, in con
nection with the Michigan Exhibit
at the World's Columbian Exposi
tion. One of the most important fea
tures of the State, in a material
point of view, is found in the in
dustrial and economic value of its
Water Power. It is desired to give
a full report on this feature of
our States as possible. To this end
the Board have employed Mr. S. B.
McCracken, of Detroit, who pre
pared the statistical pamphlet for the
Centennial Exhibition of 1876, to
give his special attention to the pre
paration of a chapter on this most
important topic.
No hydrographic survey of the
State has ever been made, and in
view of the brief time intervening,
the information sought for must of
necessity be of a summary charac
ter, and such as can be obtained
through correspondence.' The spec
ial points on which Information
is dcsired, are : Location, of power,
whether iir -roved or unimproved;
the fall atcUJerent points; average
volume 6l water: reservoirs or
sources of supply, as lakes etc.; ex
tent of water shea.
r The volume of water may bo stat
ed by inches or by its horse power
capacity, or both.
It is desired, as far as practicable,
to procure this information by dis
tricts, as for example, the Saginaw
Valley, St. Joseph Valley, Grand
River Valley, Muskegon System,
etc. This will include not only the
rivers whose names the several lo
calities bear, but their confluents as
well. It will be readily understood
that the information asked for must
of necessity be approximate only.
Absolute accuracy cannot, under
the circumstances, be looked for.
Hon. Henry P. Baldwin, ex-governor
and also ex-Senator of Mich
igan, died at his residence in De
troit, on Sunday last, at the ripe
old age of 70 years.
The Cincinnati Enquirer addresses
the Democratic majority in the
following sensible and cogent words:
"If you are not aualified to pro
ceed with the legislation which has
been ordered by the voters of the
United States by an overwhelming
majority, a mistake has been made
in electing you. You have got in
to congress on false pretenses. If
you are not prepared to proceed on
the Chicago platform, and so en
thusiatically ratified at the election,
you will not be prepared on the first
Monday in December, 1803 nearly
a year hence, and thirteen months
after your election, and within six
or seven months of an other con
gressional campaign."
The Argus has always held that a
question of morals is involved in
the taxing of one roan to help the
private business of another. The
St. Louis Post-Dispatch takes a like
view and in advocating a change
from our present deceptive system
of indirect taxation on consumption
to direct system of income tax it
"It is a simple question of morals,
of right or wrong. Shall the poor
man be loneer victimized by a
sneak-thief system of indirect taxa
tion, or shall the rich man be com
pelled to do his part in the social
economy? It is the question be
tween private interest and public
trood. Both ways are open. One
or the other must be chosen, for
there is no other alternative.
That brainy independent paper,
the Boston Herald, punctures the
claim that a high tariff causes lower
prices in the following words:
"There never was a high tariff
that did not bring over-production.
It has been one of the protectionist
arguments that protection lowered
prices. Protection lowers prices by
glutting markets, when it lowers
them at all. We do not say that
lowered prices may not follow pro
tection from other causes, but when
lowered prices are traced to the
effect of protection they come from
this cause. The foreign market
was shut out under McKinley pro
tection, ior reciprocity is aireaay
demonstrated to be a sham in this
connection. Lessened production,
with these facts borne in mind,
may not be a misfortune to the pub
lic, or even to the producer him
self." Those Terrible Canadian Gunboats.
One of those Canadian gunboats
that have so troubled the mind of
Gen. Miles is at St. Johns, N. B.,
having been sent thither for fishery
protection service. She is described
as a tiny craft, 125 feet in length,
carrying a six pound gun and hav
ing a crew of seventeen men. She
is not a match for an ordinary
Yankee tu gboat. The western cities
have nothing to fear from such
craft. In every one of the cities on
our side of the great lakes there are
vessels so large, swift and powerful
that they only need armament to
become effective cruisers. Enough
of these vessels are built on the
lines of Ocean Steamers to make up
a squadron formidable on the high
seas. Our preponderance on the
great lakes in time of peace is over
whelming, and in time of war,
would, with the armament of our
steamers, become even more pro
nounced. As for the Welland
Canal, one swift overwhelming
rush would give us possession of it
and stop that passage of British gun
boats from the gulf.. Canada is
scacely defendable against the
United States. As Gen. Sherman
said years ago, "Canada is within
our lines." We do not want to
conquer Canada, but if we did, we
could do it. Boston Transcript.
Marriage Licenses.
The marriage licenses Issued by the
county clerk, since our last report, with
name and residence, are as follows t
SOn. Albert E. McGregor, city of Alpena.
Louise Mary Blusaer, " "
806. Paniel Clewley, city of Alpena,
Jennie Herbert, '.
807. William Temona, city of Alpona,
Clariaaa Hebner, " M
Paper Pulp Manufactured.
The number of pounds of paper pulp
manufactured at the factory of the Messrs.
Fletcher during 1892, was 7,121,445, the
largest amount made In any one year, at
that place of business, since It commenc
ed In 1888, and reDocts much credit on
Superintendent T. C. Thllllps and his as
sistants. The following will show the
amount of pulp made at the factory, per
1888 8,843,000
1889 8,500,000
1890 5,962,664
1891 6,839,071
1892 7,121,445
Total 26,760,180
Marriages 1892.
During the year 1892 thoro were 163
marriage licenses Issued by the County
Clerk, and the following will show who
tied the matrimonial knots :
Rev. Th. Dials, St. Ann's, Frenoh
church, 22 j Rev. Thos. Woodharas, M.
E. church, 16 j Rov. II. II. Van Auken,
Congregational church, 16 j Rev. C. E.
Loo, Baptist church, 11; Rev. T. D.
Flanncry, St, Bernard's church, 10 j Rov.
L. OpyrchaUkl, Polish church, 12 j Rev.
F. W. Wendt, German church, 0 1 Rev.
J. A. Wang, Norwegian church, 5 1 Rev.
John Munday, Trinity church, 8; Rov. F.
N. Barlow, 4; Rev. Thos. middlemlss,
Presbyterian church, 10. Thirteen mar.
rlage ceremonies were performed by
justices of peace. Minister In the town,
ships and from outside the county officiat
ed at 15 marriages, and no return was
made of 17 licenses.
Here are Your Letters. -The
following Is a list of letters at the
postofilce uncalled for, and if not claimed
soon will be Bent to the dead lottor office:
Aela Mre Mary
Alpena Paper Co
Andereon Jaa
Hawkins Geo
lieins Mrs Frank
Uiner A N
XI u art Peter
McC'iiUum 8 K
McLean Capt Alex
MoConnell Jessie
McDonald Capt John
McDouKall J h
UoDertnand Mrs M
Mc Ken ne Dave
Mann Lucy A
MUli ken r red
Mitchell Howard .
Morris Griffith
Morri. Mrs John
Nicholson A F
Olsen Nils
Owen John
Pearson Lumber Co
Prell Augusts
Held Jasper
Simmons Mrs Mary
Bhunderhill Bills
Warner Itev
Whits ( has B
Whits M A
Win.low J W
Ton key K
Athelton Bam
Bailey Mrs Mary A
Raker Mra O
Bertram E L
Brittoo J J
Bunker W F
Coolie Weelie
Coppi nger Jno '
Daigle Leon
Davison U H
Delia Mies Nellie A.
Docket Annie
Dorse jr Ralph
Fournier Wm
Ootty R
Gallagher Bros
Gag-non Amt-de
Oerauis Lewis
Qanbraux J no
Hart Thos
Sinclair Archie
Smith Ira
Bocia Misa Mary
Btephens O V
Stephens Omar
Htoffer Mrs A J
Young Capt A F
Heal Estate Sales.
The following is a list of real estate
sales recorded during the past week,
furnished at the abstract offloe of
O'Brien & Sleator.
Wm. E. Depew and Dougald McDonald
to Fred A. Ellis, $318.07, 82 feet on River
streot, opposite "Golllng IIouso."
Albert Pack and Geo. R. Nicholson to
Moses Sharp, $100, n w of e w of 21, 82,
7, Maple Ridge township.
Trustees of let Baptist church to Owen
Fox, $2,800, 40 feet on Chlsholm street,
opposite "Echo block."
Harriot E. Atkinson to D., B. C. & A.
R. R. Co., $125, part of n e of n w of 82,
81, 8.
"Wm. II. Johnson to Joseph Upper,
$150, w i of n w of 10, 80, 7, Wilson
Robert C. Faulconer to Martha A.
Mellon, $5, lot 9, block 16, city, Chlsholm
County Treasurer to Fred A. Ellis,
$19.48, taxes of 1880, same as next above.
County Treasurer to Christopher De
lony, $20.47, taxes of 1887-8, e J of n e of
15, 30, 6, Wilson township.
John Gannon to Alphonso Forgg, $70,
n wof n w of 19, 29, 9, Sanborn township.
Agnes B. Carr to John T. Carr, $1, lot
8, block 77, city, Fletcher street, and s e
of s e of 23, 81, 7, Wilson township.
Fred A. Ellis to Lewis T. Kline, 6 in
ches front on River street opposite "Gol
ling IIouso."
Improvements 1892.
f The year 1892 has seen many Improve
ments in Alpena. In new manufactures
the Excelsior Works was built, and this
season has manufactured 700 tons of ex
colsior. It has a capacity for making five
tons per day. That place of business has
brought Into value poplar wood and
other kinds of timber, that previously
were of no value. Another addition to
the manufacturing Industries Is the now
stave mill, built last fall, but not yet
operated. It has made a market for the
large amount of elm timber in the county.
Tho post year has been a notable one
in church matters. The now brick
church ' of the Norwegians, on Dunbar
street, was completed and dedicated.
The Congregational society rebuilt, en
larged, beautified and bricked their
church, at a cost of $13,000, and it was
dedicated in December. The Baptist
society erected a fine brick church, at the
corner of Third and Lockwood streets,
which cost $23,000. It was dedicated
December 25th. The French Catholio
society built the foundation for a large
church, at corner of Lockwood and Ninth
streets. The total value of the church
improvements is about $45,000.
r An elegant bath house was erected on
First street, between Water and River
stroets, by tho Alpona Sulphur 8prirjg
Co., at a cost, including site and sinking
well, of $30,000.
The large brick hall of the German Aid
society, on Dock street, was completed,
and opened to the public on the 22d of
February last.
Donald McRae added three brick stores
to his block on Dock street.
Tho Alpena Brewing Co. erected a
large, three story, stone malt house, ad
joining the company Brewery, on First
A handsome and commodious brick
building was built by the Board of Super,
visors for a county poor house.
In addition a large number of private
residences havo been built, some very
The city has expended over five thous
and dollars in buildlog new sidewalks,
and has laid out a large amount In mak.
lng new drains.
There have been no great losses from
fires, and business has been good. One
lumber mill, that of E. K. Potter & Sons,
went out of commission.
As regards this city, 1893 has been a
good and prosperous one.
Council Proceedings.
Tho Common Council of the city of Al
pona, met in regular session, at the
Council Room, January 2nd, 1693, and
was called to order at 7:80 o'clock,
p. m., by the Recorder.
Present, W. A. McDonald, Reoorder, and
Aldermen Campbell, Daouet, Manlon,
Placlo and Crawford.
On motion of Alderman Daoust the
Council adjourned for one week.
Wm. A. McDonald,
Everv racre of the January number of
the Review of Reviews shows evidence of
a freshness and a touch with tho very
latest movemeuts of the day, such as no
other issue of any other magazine in the
world ever exhibitod. The most con
spicuous article is upon "Presldont Diaz
and the Mexico of To-day." It bears
every mark of having been written, as the
publishers of the Review claim it actually
was since tho fourth Inauguration of Diaz
on the first day of December. The fron.
tleploce is a fine portrait group of General
Diaz and his full Cabinet, who gave a
special sitting at the request of the Re.
view of Reviews as late as December 9 in
the City of Mexico. That this, with a
great numbor of other Mexican portraits
and pictures that aocompany the article,
should be actually published In a month,
ly magazine In New -York, copies of
which will be on salo in Mexico
Itself as woll as In San Francisco on tho
first day of January, Is a triumph of ed
itorial and raochanical celerity thatno
other pftrlodlcal has yet attained. The
article ft, an extremely interesting ono
and covefs a wldo range of political, in
dustrlal and general Information about
tho most rdcont Mexican affaire.
The Weeklv TWrnlfc PVaa Pros. ihn.
lenges comparison with any other weekly
nowBDaner nubllshod in th north
An examination will establish the truth
oi tuo ioiiowlntf claims:
1. That Tho Froo PrPKfl cIvpa t ha cront.
est amount of rnllnhln
national, state and local compiled and
iooumju in me most comprenensive ana
readable way.
2. That The Fro Prnaa
best literary talent ; publishes more choice
reading matter illustratorf
travel and adventure, serial stories,
uuniorous BKeicnes, poems, articles on
vuo iuriu ana Karaen, bright miscellany,
Letter Hox. Thft llnnnnhnlH PklMnio
Merry Times department, puzles, etc.
giving abundant entertainment and In
struction for every member of the family,
in short that It is The Family Paper.
8. That The Free Press Is always fair,
courteous and forceful in thA Hi
of public questions, readily commanding
wo leepeuuui attention ana consiaera.
tion of men of all shados of opinion.
4. That The Freo Press la not only the
f oremoat Michigan newspaper In the above
jiainuumrb, dui mac it is tne largest
twelve to aiiLiton
Brightest and Cleanest, both in respect
io us taoio or contents and typographical
aDDoararjee I and thA nhnanoar. hoennoa
no other paper does or can give so much
ior who uonar a year.
Such a rtaner should reoAivA ihn nnUvn
support of every discriminating and fair-
imuueu man ana woman in jiicnigan. it
is a Home Paper of which every citizen
may well bo proud.
The Weekly Free Press and Argus for
81.75 per year.
Do You Want a Public Office?
There aro 180,000 offices within the gift
Of the new AdmlnlstrnUnn nnrl nnf la
tho time for those Booking public employ-
mwui, io ume proper steps to secure one
of these lucrative nosltions. All vhnnra
Interested should at once send for a copy
nf thA fTnlro1 Kfntno Ttl., rt. i-J.
'" kuic? UiUO XJUVIV. All IB ft
reclster of all Federal nfflma
ments In each State and Territory, tho
oi voiumma and abroad with
their salaries, emo umunt. ,,ti., .
,.7. " ouw uiivt uuuuo ,
shows who Is eligible for appointment;
questions asked at examinations, how to
make an application and how to push it
to success, and gives besides a vast
amount of imnortant tml ii,oKia
matlon relative to Government positions
never before DubHaho
b0,Uild ?Lcloth, Prlc6 75 centt. Pst
Cr u. . 1 eB A u' ouie, 1'ubllsher
Washington, D. C.
"My Childhood's Happy Home," a
ucuuuiu Buug ana quartet wnicn has
proven a phenomenal uvffis. Dvor m .
000 copies sold in six months. Frlce
forty cents. Any reader of this paper
vttu oecuro a copy py senaing only w
i;cui,b io i . u. oiauner, jjonaonviiie
The young men and women who aspire
to oDtam Academic or College educations.
and whoso parents cannot woll afford
thorn that expense, will bo Interested in
in the work of The Cosmopolitan Maga
zine, wnicn has offered for tho year 18U3
one thousand scholarships at any of the
leading colleges or schools of tho United
States, upon tho condition of introducing
tno magazine into certain uolsrhborhoods.
Yale, Vassar, Harvard, Ann Arbor, Chi
cago, tne southern colleges, the great
schools of art and medicine, all aro alike
open to tho ambitious boy or girl who is
not afraid of a llttlo earnest work. The
Cosmopolitan sends out from Its Now
York office a handsomely printed pamph
let to any applicant, telling just what Is
necessary In order to secure ono of theso
scholarships. Tho scholarship itself in
cludes board, lodging, laundry and tui
tion all freo.
Mrs. Jane G. Austin, whoso charming
historical novels are widely read by an
appreciative publlo, has enrolled herself
as a contributor to the now, popular
magazino for paronts, "Childhood," and
In the January number appears an article
from her pen on " the I'llgrim Children."
In conclusion she remarks, "Much as we
love and revere tho Pilgrims and suroly
we do most fervently, I cannot but fancy
that the child of to-day is happier, better
nurtured, oetter instructed, more con
sidered in every way, than the Pilgrim
For how Ions', after the first reading- of the
Declaration of Independence, was the old
"Liberty Boll" rung?
The Jlomt Jewel will give an elegant Chloker
Insr pure-toned, upright piano to the first per
son answering the above question oorrsotly;
two first-class round-trio railroad ticket to
Chicago and return and admission ticket for
two to World's Fair srounds to witness deal
cation of buildings October 21, 1802, for each of
next two correct answers: a gold deooratwd
China dlnnor Bet for the fourth correct
An additional special prize, a beautiful pair
of gold and pearl opera glasses, will bo given
for tho first correct answer from eaon stat.
Inch person answering1 must send 'fifteen
two-oont stamps for 8 mos. subscription to
The Homo Jewel, tho Illustrated family paper
containing particulars of our prize competi
tion for a free trip to California or norma.
Tho object of offoring these prizes Is to In
crease the circulation of this excellent family
naoer. Bond to-day and you may seouro a
costly priso. Names or all prize-winners in
October number. Writo plainly name, post-
office, express office, county and state. Aa-
drejs Th6 Home Jewel, Suito 601, Manhattan
Bldg., Chloago, IU.
Catarrh in Colorado.
I used Ely's Cream Balm for dry ca
tarrh. It proved a cure. 13. F. M.
AVeeks, Denver.
Ely's Cream Balm Is especially adapted
as a remedy for catarrh which is aggravat
ed by alkaline dust and dry winds.-VV.
A. Ilover, Druggist, Denver.
I can recommend Ely's Croam Balm to
all sufforers from dry catarrh from per
sonal experience. Michael Ilerr, Phar
macist, Denver.
Ely's Cream Balm has cured many cases
of catarrh. It Is in constant demand.
Geo. W. Hoyt, Pharmacist, Cheyenne,
The namo of N. II. Downs' still lives,
although ho has been dead many years.
Ills elixir for the cure of coughs and colds
has already outlived him a quarter of a
century, and is still growing In favor with
the public.
All those who have used Baxter's Man
drako Bitters sneak very strongly in
their praiso. Twenty-five cents per
In case of hard cold nothing will re
lieve tho breathing so quickly as to rub
Arnica & Oil Liniment on the chest.
No Barbarous Method
Employed In curing piles with Hill's Pile
Pomade. No cutting, no ligatures, no
cauterizing, but a simple and positive
euro for piles, or we would not give you a
frinted guarantco with each package,
'rice $1.00, six packages $5. By mall.
Try it to-night. For sale by J. E. Field
I f
Dolton z Ucltno Dlocli, 351 Dock Street.
Onmhenneis, or I1m Llquar ttmhti, fttS
"uiurw iriOft
It IS msnufwitured as powder, which esa be fteje
b"t cup of ool,e" or la m
auaai iiarutatDI eoa innr
j!SVud ,n ertf " P-rieot sure hT2jP
ff-TA1".? "." besom.au utter imp?C
48 uli ?,l,ot't lo ' Cures guiriiii
English Snavin Linl mnk rpmnvaa alt
hard, soft or callouewl lumps and blem-
imius irom nonses. liiood spavin curbs,
imiuii, swecney, ring-Done, stifles,
Drains, all swollen th mil ill onilirha f
Save $ 50 by ubo of ono bottle. Warrant
ed the most wonderful blemish cure ever
known. Sold by John T. Bostwlck, drug
gist, Alpena, Mich. 1093yl
Itch On human and hnroa unrl all ant
mals cured In 30 minutes by Woolford's
Sanitary Lotion. This nover fails. Sold
bV John T. Iiofii wiplr flniwirlaf llnon.
Xfl-U ' '"l""""!
Mich. loonvi
Meteorological Report.
The meteorological report of tho weath.
er, at the city of Alpona, Is as follows for
tho month of December, 1892:
Highest temperature, ii degrees, on the 8th.
Lowest temperature, 2 degrees below sero on 26th
Aferuge temperature, 24 degrees.
Highest barometrio pressure, 30.47 Inches.
Lowest barometrio pressure, 29.33 Inches.
Total ruin fall 1.63 incLns.
Prevailing wind, from the west.
Total movement of wind, 7.042 miles.
Greatest daily rainfall, .78 inches, on the 7th.
Highest velocity of the wiud. 80 miles, from Lhs
east, on the 7th.
Number of cloudless days, 2.
Number of partly cloudy duys, 10.
Number of cloudy days, 19.
Observer, Weather Bureau.
Detroit Markets.
Tho following quotations aro ooDied
from tho Detroit Freo Press :
Apples, $1.75 to 3.25 per barrel.
Butter, 19c to 33c per pound.
Lire fowls, 7c to 8c per pound.
Live turkeys, lie to 12c per pound.
Eggs, 22c to 25c per dozen.
Flour per barrel, $3.75 to $4.75.
Hay baled, $10.00 to $11.00 per ton.
Oats per bushel, 31c to 3Cic.
Onions per bushel, 0.90 to 1.00.
Fork, $17.25 to $17.75 per bbl.
Potatoes per bushel, 60a to C8o
Wheat, $0.65 to $0.72 per bushel.
Tho abovo quotations aro mostly of a
wholosalo nature. The price at retail
stores Is higher.
ttlViiie and dazzling
In the moon's fair light sue looked.1
Nothing remarkable about that I
She was fair to look upon, as a matter
of course; and the dazzling effect was
produced by her white robes cleansed
and brightened by a liberal use of
That's ona of the peculiarities of
KIRK'S Soaps. Clothes washed by
them always attract attention by theii
purity and brightness.
JABi S. irjRK&CO.. ChlOUXOi
Dusky KmonilTarSl
Wood Wanted.
Sealed proposals will bo recoired by the Execu
tive Committee of the Hoard of Education of the
City of Alpena, ior furnishing 270 cords of two foot
wood, and 15 cords of eighteen inch wood. Said
wood to be all (food, sound, body beach and maple
wood, and delivered during the winter of and
18'JM, at the various schools in the city, as directed
by the Superintendent. Bids nre to be left at the
Mayor's oilioo, in llnrahaw A Kimball's store, not
later that 2 o'clock Wednesday. Jan. 11, '93 next.
The Committeo reserves the riht to reject any or
all bids.
Open For Business
From Monday morning until Saturday evening.
Tou will find'us on band to supply you with any
thing in
Groceries, Provisions,
Flour, Hay,
Grain 6c Fruits.
We offer greater inducements for your trade
than ever before on
We are acknowledged to be the leaders and eaa
save you from
10 to 25 PER CENT.
F'renli Bnttex & Eggo
At Lowest Trices.
A full line of Early Vegetables by every boat.
Qur XXXX Tatent Flour is the
And Cheapest.
W have just received a shinmentof XXX buttet
craokers and will 'close out at
51bs For 25c.
Oranges, Lemons, Bananas
Special prices on lnrire lots. Everythin&jsar
ranted and nil tfoods delivered. ,
Frank C. Holmes,
(err & Jermin
Wholesale And Ketall
Boots, Sis jie,
Lumljerinefl's Fnrnishina Goorls.

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