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t C3ranb gatotn $ttos.
(irand Haven,
AUG. 13, 1862.
Our compliments aro due the Eagle for
its disposition at lengtb manifested to do
our county justice, as wilnosscth the fol
lowing extract from its issuo of tho 8th
inst. I
Wo did, and still do, ridicule the
idea of raising one company but we said,
and still do say, that old Ottawa will be
youd doubt, entirely and patriotically
meet all demands upon her. She has ex
(ceded Kent county in tho amount of
money raised for bounties Kent county
being one of tho richest couutics of the
Stnto-and old Ottawa may well bo proud
of this. Sho has been liberal of men;
but unfortunately for Ottawa county, its
center of influence, Grand Haven, did not
possess enterprise and patriotic ardor
enough to start companies of its own,
thus compelling tho patriotic voluntcors
of the county to enlist in companies form
ing in other counties, and adding to the
reputation of Grand Itnpids and Kent
county. Now neither tho Eagle, or any
lw1v in this county is to blame that old
Ottawa gets a small share of tho honors.
She desorves a large 6haro; but Grand
Haven has, by its apathy in tho matter of
organizing companies, robbed tho county
of its rightful honors, and given them to
us. This is the plain, solf-ovidcnl truth,
for which no one in Kent county is ro
Kponsiblo. Ottawa has furnished, wo es
timate, nearly four hundred men. This
ought to give her four Captains, four
Lieutenants, a Major, Adjutant and Col
onel or Lieut. Colonel. The only reason
why sho has not obtained these oflicers is
because hor leading men did not ask for
them or appear disposed to serve. Will
the Xcws tell us who is to blamo for
" As to her present policy, wo think
that it is highly commendable in Ottawa
county to confino her recruits, so far as is
consistent with courtesy and policy, to
her own company ; but 6ho should start
enough companies to keep them all.
Two more companies ought, for her own
good, to bo started at once. If they are
not started, wo shall hear complaints
again, before long, that tho bravo boys of
Ottawa had to go abroad to hnu leaders.
"This is no reproach to Ottawa; but it
is a reproach to thoso " prominent citi
zens" who, tho yews says, arc just now
indulging in a "great and just indigna
tion toward tho Eagle." Ottawa coun
ty, in our opinion, is one of the most pa
triotic in tho valley. Tho masses of Ot
tawa aro full of patriotic enthusiasm; but
those " prominent citizens," with whom
tho yews editor appear to sympathize so
thorough!)', should take tho held and lend
the gallant men of hor borders. There
are two captaincies, at least, waiting for
them, nnd the men, wo will warrant, can
cnsilv be raised. If need be, this county
may help fill tho ranks. Only let tho
" prominent citizens " wake up. and start
tho organization, and wo assure our sen
sitive liltlo cotemporary that no petty and
despicable jealouies will bo exhibited in
this count-, but Kent will furnish all the
aid, in men, money, orators, and effort
she can sparo to nssist her neighbor.
" Ottawa ought to be represented in
the ficd officers of tho 21st regiment.-
If sho officers her ow n companies, as she
should, she ought to have at least one of
tho field officers of tho regiment. Will
Grand Haven select her candidates, set
set them at work to earn the positions
Ottawa desires!
No finer truism could bo uttered than
is contained in tho first paragraph:
Old Ottawa will beyond doubt, entirely
and patriotically meet all demands upon
her." Yes, sho will do that every time.
In respect to our prominent citizens
seeking place, their patriotism docs not
seem to run in that direction. They aro
not seekers of positions, but war out of
pure motives of patriotism. Some of
our first citizens have enlisted in the
ranis, and their valor is known to tho
country, nnd wo have scores of others
rendy to take a similar position and bat
tle valiantly for tho good old flag and our
glorious Constitution, from tho prompt
ings of a puro and unselfish patriotism
just such men as our country needs nnd
must have, if sho is ever saved.
Good. Tho President seems equal to
tho emergency. Ho calls for 000,000
men they volunteer in tho almost in
crodibly brief period of throo weeks. Ho
calls for an additional 300,000, to bo fur
nished by draft, and miserable, cowardly
poltroons seek to evade the call by run
ning away sccediny. Dy proclamation
ho heads them off, and puts them in tho
very position, in tho mean time, which
they most dread, ordering them to be ar
rested at any and every point, whore they
. seek egress, and'" put through a course
of sprouts." Sorvinc 'cm richt. Wo
admire tho prompt, decisive action of the
Presidcut in this regard.
Tw o more days left for voluuleoriug.
While the lamp holds out to burn, etc."
What Shall be done with them t
It is painfully distressing to bo made
to realizo that we hare men in our coun
try who stand ready to turn their backs
upon our Government in its present emer
gency, aud leave it rather than fight in
its defenso, as is shown by tho 6tampedo
inaugurated immediately on the reception
of the order o(the President for drafting.
It is unpardonable and should find no
forgiveness this 6ido of the spirit world.
Wo would suggest l'lAt our Legislature,
at its next sitting, bo memorialized that
tho first subjoct under consideration for
legislation have reference to cowardly
sneaks who have loft our own Stato so as
to escape tho necessity of fighting for the
Government, whoso munificence and pro
tection they have long enjoyed, but who
now in its peril spit upon it and havo it
in derision.
Let a law be passed forover prohibiting
thoir return, and let their property bo
confiscated for tho benefit of the State.
And then let tho Canadian Parliament
pass an act that all who thus sock refuge
within that Province shall bo drummed
out to tho the tune of the "Rogue's
March," or bo condemned to dig Canada
Thistles, subsisting on their roots until
death, and then bo buried withfaco down
ward, ns unfit for men or angels ever to
look upon tho dclcstablo poltroons!
For tho News.
A Good Yield of Wheat and How it
was. Produced.
Messrs. Darns : As you liko to notico
good crops in your paper I will givo you
a statement of tho produce of a field
have just harvested and tho manner of
cultivation : I measured off one aero and
had it harvested and threshed by itself
and it yielded 36 bushels. I weighed
somo of it, as it came from tho machine,
and found its weight 63 lbs. to tho bush
el. This I consider a fair avcrago viold
per acre tho field through.
Last season I cut two tons of clover
hay to the acre, on which tho whoat w as
raised, harvesting it on tho 15th of June,
sowing on tho ground immediately there
after 75 lbs. plaster to tho acre, plowed
under tho second crop of clover tho 15th
day of August nnd sowed to wheat on
tho 6th of September, 1 nnd bush, to
tho aero. Bknj. Lillik.
Berlin, Aug. 6, 1802.
Wo aro gratified to publish communi
cations of the nature of tho above, and
shall bo most happy to hear from others
relative to their successful farm operations,
crops, fec
For tho News.
South Rutland, N. Y., Aug. 5, '62
Mr. Barns: Thinking a fow items
from tho Old Empiro Stale would provo
acceptable to your readers, in these times
of war and civil commotion, I will cn
deavor to givo you a little iukling of tho
affairs of this part of tho country. And
ns the war and its prospects is tho excit
ing and absorbing topic of interest, nt tho
present time, go whero you will, East,
West, North or South, I will try to write
what will bo of interest to every patriot
and lover of his country.
To feel, understand and appreciate in
its true light, tho momentous importance
that this war has assumed in tho minds
of the people, it is necessary to travel and
see, and hear, for yourself. Ono thing is
everywhere manifest tho people aro bo
ginning to appreciate nnd feel the realities,
tho terrors and devastating influences of
a terrible and bloody war, and tho solemn
fact seems pressing homo to tho convic
tions of every thinker that tho breadth
nnd depth of this contest has not yet been
Ono thing is evident the masses havo
done believing that " Tho war is to closo
in ten days," "Tho Southern Army is
totally disorganized and destitute of pro
visions," and tho stern facts, though not
quite so rolishable, aro taking the place of
delusion and flattery. Tho truth is, we
aro cngagod in a war unparallolcd in its
effocts and iufluenco by any known in an
cient or modern history. We aro fight
ing an enemy bravo and cxpodier.t,
abounding in resources, determined, reso
Into, unyielding and unflinching, and re
solved to fight to tho bitter end. These
facts aro beginning to bo realized, and it
is well that it is so. It is well for tho
people to exclaim, in the language of
Patrick Henry, "Let us know the worst
and provido for it."
But, notwithstanding these ttern facts,
the sons of the North and East are gath
ering once more in their strength. New
York will do hor dut?. The roll of the
drum and tho cry M To Arms!" is heard
all over tho Stale. The cilizons are bold
in rousing war meetings in nearly every
town and village. The rich are pouring
out thoir treasures,- and the young men
aro rushing to the roscuo. The words are
everywhere heard, "Tho Constitution,
the Laws and the Government must bo
upheld, though tho world bo clothed in
sackcloth and ashos."
It may be, and quite likely will be tho
caso, mat jncw lone win uot nave tier
quota in tho field by the time required,
but it will not bo on account of an unwill
ingness of the peoplo, for the present is a
busy lime, and tho men aro needed in
tho harvest field, and tho lime is short
that tho Governor has allowed for tho
number to bo filled out, and ho has de
clared that if tho quota is not made out
by tho 18th inst., n draft will bo made
immediately. Somo of tho Regiments
aro already full, and a number of tho
counties aro doing moro than was allotted
to them. Chemung had her quota mado
out in teu days. St. Lawrence, Monroe,
Elmira and other counties aro doing al
most as well; but others aro not doing
what they should, and whether tho prompt
will overbalance the backward remains
yet to bo seen. But bo that ns it may,
tho men will bo raised promptly, and as
many moro if necessary. Thcro will bo
no holding back hero. Tho peoplo aro
looking the truth boldly in the face, and
aro moro determined and resolute than
ever. I havo never seen moro earnest
men than I find hero in northern New
' But I am writing moro than I intended
and probably moro than will bo interest
ing. J. B. P.
For the Grand Ilavcu News.
War Meeting at Berlin.
Ed. News: A well attended nnd en
thusiaslic mooting of tho citizens of
Wright and vicinity was held at tho
Hall of tho Berlin Hotel, on Saturday,
the 2d inst., for the purposo of consider
ing tho condition of our country and tho
best measures for crushing the rebellion
Tho meeting wa3 called to order by
J. II. Sanford, when Ircnius Wellman
Esq., was elected President, and J. II
Sanford was chosen Secretary.
Tho Moderator, on taking tho chair,
briefly explained tho object of tho meet
ing, when it was moved by S. L. Bigelow,
Esq., and voted unanimously that tho
President appoint a commiltoo of three,
to draft resolutions cxprcssivo of the
senso of tho meeting, on tho occasion that
has convened us.
Tho President announced tho names of
Messrs. Ferry, of Grand Haven, Dickey,
of Grand Rapids, and Norton, of Wright.
Tho meeting was then addressed by Rov,
Mr. Miller, of Grand Rapids, Mr. Ferry
of Grand Haven, Mr. Wordcn, of Grand
Rapids, Messrs. Parks, of Grand Haven
and Sanford, of Wright. Tho speeches
wero all of a truly patriotic character, nnd
such as tho nature of tho caso would nat
urally suggest, and were received with
npplauso nnd bursts of enthusiasm, as
might bo expected from a patriotic and
Union loving people.
Tho committee on rosolutions proscnt
cd a scries of resolutions which were pass
od unanimously, cxprcssivo of our confi
dence in tho President of tho U. S
tho perpetuity of our Government nr.d
our determination and pledge to suslaiu
the President in crushing the rebellion by
liberal contributions of men nid means
nnd, if necessary, our lives.
J. II. Sanford, Soc'y.
Certificates of DisAniLrrr. We
are requested by tho Surgeon General to
stato that doctors certificates of disabili
ty will bo of no earthly avail, except for
mcro Stato service Under tho order
from tho War Department everybody,
within certain ages without reference to
his physical condition will bo subjoct to
draft. If, aftor they havo been drafted
they aro found to bo disabled, they will
be exempted. People, thoreforo, who run
to their physicians for certificates of phys
ical unfitness to " shoulder arms," waste
their lime and breath in vain. Albany
Evening Journal.
High Price for a Sudstitute.-
soldicr in Company K, Thirty -second N
C. troops, who is in bad health, will pay
tho sum of $1,200 for a substilulo that
is exempt from conscript duty. Apply
immediately to Harry Harris, Louisburg,
N. C. Richmond Paper.
" Loves Labor Lost." A beautiful
silk bedouilt, made by a Baltimore rebel
lady for Jeff. Davfo, has found its way to
Gen. ool s camp. It was a magnificent
The "Ottawa Wolverines."
In addition to the names of members
of tbis company publishod last woek, wo
append the following:
Luitio C. Bos. Edgar W. Swith, Cor
nelius Vandorbocgh, Marinus Kamhout,
Frederick Kllhnger, James Hayes, Uoger
Robert, John Schroder, John Ball, Benj.
F. Gitchcll, Antoon Meydom, August
Gollschling, Jarvuis Joy, Gerritt van
Hooks Grand Haven.
John T. McMann, Milo Hatch, John
Eckhoff, Jonas W. Sweet, Eber Rice
Hiram (1. Cosllc; John . Garrison,
Thomas J. Twogood, Luthor Twogood,
Reuben Twogood, Richard rlatt, George
Piatt, Francis H. Colo, Enos W. Sweet,
Seymour Baglev, Horatio P. Snyder, Geo.
P. Peck, Lewis Eastman, Abram Vroo
land, Franklin Newton, Georgo Randall
Frank J. Utter, John Tate, Jr., Alex.
J. Brcnnan Georgetown.
John Stimpson, Reuben btrcclcr, Geo.
W. Fisk, Albert II. Lawton, Thomas
Cooler, Henry C. Cooloy, Guy Streeter
Robert Cord Mill foint.
Simoon A. Snyder Allendale
Albert Vanderhoof Tallmadge.
Oscar F. Blood, Charles N. Dickerson,
Andrew Dickinson, Malcotn Enos, David
Pcckenson, Richard Robinson, Christo
pher Beck residcnco to us unknown.
The rebol army at Gordonsvillo, under
Jackson and Ewoll, ndvancod through
Orange Court-Houso, crossed the Ripidan,
nnd attacked Gen. Banks division, six
miles boyoud Culpepper, on Saturday af
ternoon. Tho battle lasted two hours.
Both sidos were reinforcod during the pro-
gross of the fight, and when it became ev
ident that our troops could not capture
the batteries, owing to tho largo infantry
supports, ns was attempted, the men fell
back out of range, though not relinquish
ing tho field. On Sunday morning no
enemy was to bo found, nnd none have
presented thomselvos up to last accounts,
Tho loss on both sides wero about 2,000
Monday morning tho enemy sent a flag
of truce asking permission to bury their
dead. This shows that their falling back
on Sunday was from necessity, not choice,
Tho following dispatch is from tho Po
lorsburg Erpress of yesterday: Rich
mond, Aug. 2. A dispatch from Van
Dorn to Secretary Mallory stales that tho
ram Arkansas had been destroyed. Sho
loft Vicksburg on Monday to co-opcrato
iu tho attack on Baton Rougo. On hor
way down her machinery became dialled
and whilo attempting ropairs, sevornl o
tho enemy's gunboats attacked her. Af
ter a gallant resistance, she was abandon
cd and blown up.
Citizens Forbidden to ao out of the
United States. Tho following order
has been issued by the War Department,
dated August 8lh:
First By direction of the President
of the United States, it is hereby order
ed that, until further orders, no citizen
liable to bo draftod into tho military shall
bo allowed to go into a foreign country
and all Marshals and military officers of
the United States aro directed, aud polico
authorities, especially at tho ports of the
United Stales on tho seaboard and on tho
frontier, aro requested to soo that this is
faithfully carried into effect, and they aro
hereby authorized nnd directod to arrest
and detain any person or persons about
to depart from tho United States in vio
lation of this order, and report to Major
lurner, Judge Advocnto, at Washington
for further instructions respecting tho per
son or persons so arrested or detained.
Second Any person liablo to draft,
who shall absent himself from his county
or Stato Itcforo such draft is made, will bo
arrested by any Provost Marshal or other
United States or Stato officer whorovcrho
may bo found within tho jurisdiction of
tho United States and convoyed to tho
nearest military post or depot and placed
on military duty for tho term of draft,
nnd tho expenses of his own arrest and
conveyance to such port or depot, nnd al
so tho sum of $5 as a reward to tho of
ficor who shall mako tho arrest, shall bo
deducted from his pay.
Third Tho writ of habeas corpus is
hereby suspended in respect to all persons
so arrostcd and detained, in respect to all
porsons arrested for disloyal practices.
Edwin M. Stanton,
Secretary of War.
Don't Wait 1 Tarry Not ! Notwith
standing the rumor provailcd last Monday
evening, that the ordor requiring tho draft
of men for duty would probably bo ex
tended, wo havo, at present, no assurances
that such is tho caso, but, on tho contra
ry, it is moro than probable that this is
the last weekor volunteering. So let
no ono hang back for a bettor chance
Come forward at once and enroll your
name for your country's service.
The first of the " 300,000 more " will
commenco to move for Washington this
Indian Summer or Life. In the life
of tho good man there is an Indian sum-
mot moro beautiful than that of the sea
son, richer, sunnier, and moro sublime
than tho most glorious Indian summer
which tho world knows. It is the Indi
an summer of the soul. When the glow
of youth has departed, when the warmth
of middle age is gone, and tho buds and
blossoms of spring are changed to the
scar and yellow leaf, tho mind of tho good
man, still ripe and vigorous, relaxes its la
bors, and the memories of a well spent
life gush forth from their secret fountains,
enriching, rejoicing and fertilizing ; then
tho trustful resignation of the Uhristain
sheds nround a sweet and holy warmth;
and tho soul, assuming a heavenly luster,
is no longer restricted to the narrow con
fines of business, but soars far beyond
tho winter of hoary age and dwells sweet
ly and happily upon that bright spring
and summer which await him within the
gates of Paradise, evermore. Let us
strive for and look trustingly forward to
an Indian summer like this.
II owe Scwins: Machine!
Elallihed in 1845 Perfected in 1862.
"T" ECENT and important improvements hav-
Lv log been put to this Machine, renders it
now the inoBt pert not before the public : and per.
sons at a distance can order a machine with a
guarantee of its prompt and safo delivery, and
that they will be able to manage it to their en
tiro satisfaction. No more breaking needles!
No more missing stitches ! No trouble in mak
ing any garment, however delicate or heavy, on
tho same Machine, either in cambric, cloth, or
leather; and for drcss-inakors, shirt makers,
tailors, bat-binders, shoe-binders, or gaitcr-fit-tcr,
as well as for every variety of family sew
ing, tbey have no superior, and will be sold at
a much loss price than any other Machine capa
bio or doing tbe same range or work.
bond for descriptivo catalogues of stylos and
prices. A fow responsible agonts will be dealt
with liberally.
CHINES," 437 Broadway, N. Y. 180 ly
"XTT"ILL be sold, at Public Auction, thrco
V V months from dato, according to law, to
pay froight and charges, the following goods
One box goods, ono trunk goods Mrs. Miller,
Grand Haven,
Ono show case Mrs. Hincs, Grand Haven
One sign Ottawa House, Grand Haven,
Two pairs old trucks N. 1. White, Grand
One patent woshtub Mr. Clapper, Grand Ha
(Seven window blinds, ono small box and con
tents, ono bundle, hat caso and band box no
mark. Grand Haven.
Sale to take place at Cutler and Warts' Waro.
house, Grand Haven. E. W. II A II No,
August 0, 1802. ul79 3m
XV A O X .11 A K 1 ti
rIMIK undersigned, having associated with
.L himself his two sons the one 11 wagon
maker and tbo other a blacksmith is prepared
to do all jobs connected w ith theso departments.
He also pays particular attention to gun and
locksinithing and farriery. E. TAKKEN.
Grand Haven, Nov. 27, 1801. nl43 ly
War Claim Agency.
Mil. Henry Griflln, Druggist, of Grand
Haven, Mich., has received from Messrs.
Robinson A Brooks, of Detroit, an agency for
collection of war claims, for this and adjoining
counties, against tho United States. Mr. Grif
fin, co-operating with tho agents at Detroit, in
connection with a legal agent at Washington,
will, with the least possible expense to the claim
ant, collect all back pay, pensions, bounty mon
ey, or claims of any kind, for discharged or de
ceased soldiers, dependent mothers, widows and
orphans under 16 years of ago.
Reference 1 John Owon, State Treasurer,
Farrand, Shelley A Co., Detroit, Hon. James R.
Doolittle, Washington, nnd others. n!78 ly
George D. Harvey,
Has just opened a new
OYST 12 i: S A li O O IV ,
"VTEXT door to Griffin's Drug Store. Rcfrcsh
i. mcnts, choice and new, will constantly be
kept in readiness for all who shall call upon him.
Ye woary, thirsty and hungry come in.
Grand Haven Jan. 16, 1861. lynlOl
Dealer in Family
Grocccries, Provisions, Fruits
AND at all times persons mny bo accommo
dated with refreshments in tho best of or
dor. Next door east of the Jcwolry Shop,
Washington street.
Grand Haven, Mich., Jan. 16, 1861. ly
KEEP constantly on hand a fin
assortment of Goods in their li
no and mil
lino. They
also plodgo themselves that their work shall not
bo surpassed by any in town in point of cheap
ness and durability. All work warranted.
Grand Haven, April 23, 1S62. tf nl63
1 E uses only the best stock, from tho East
cm Market. All kinds of repairing done
neatly and promptly. Shop on Washington
street, opposito Griffin's Drug Store.
Grand Haven, April 16, 1862. tf n163
Agricultural Implements !
F FMI E subscriber is offering a more complete as
L sortmont than ever, of Plows, Cultivators,
Harrows, Drills, Field Rollers, Grain Cradles,
Hand and Horso Rakes, Threshing Machines,
Hay Prossos,Rcapors and Mowers and every oth
er kind of Farming Implements and Machines.
Gratefully acknowledging tho liberal patronage
which ho has hcretoforo received ho solicits a
continuance of tho samo.
.Grand Rapids, March 20, I860. ly n 60
lUGARSfo Line and ten cents, to be had at
C, W. A B.'t.
GRAIN and Feed, always to bo had at
C, W. 4V.
Commissioners' Notice.
wa, ss: The undersigned havlnc been an-
pointed by tho Hon. Augustus W. Taylor, Judge
of Frobate, commissioners to receive, examine
and adjust all claims of all persons against the
estate of Nathaniel U. Piatt, deceased. Notlo
is, therefore, hereby given to all persons baring
claims against said estate, to exhibit tho same
with the vouchers thereof, to the undersigned,
at tbe residence or Lienjamin Lillie, Esq., in the
township of Wright, in said county of Ottawa,
within six months from the 17th day of June,
A. D., 1862 (the time limited by said Court for
that purpose), and, for the purpose of examin
ing and adjusting the claims aforesaid, the com
missioners will meet at tbe residence of the
said Benjamin Lillio, on Saturday, the second
aay or August, and Saturday, the twentieth day
of December next, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon
of each of those days.
Albert Dickey, )
Joel Parish. Commissioners.
Dated, June 25, 1862. f4w 175
Administrator's Sale.
BY virtue of lioense and authority to rue
granted, by the Probate Court of Ottawa
County, and State of Michigan, bearing date
April 7, 1862, I shall sell at public auction, to
the highest bidder, at tho premises, in the town
ship of Crockery, in tho county of Ottawa and
State aforesaid, on Saturday, the 7th dar of
June next, at two o'clock in tbe afternoon, all
the right, title and interest, which John Trick,
now deceased, in his lifetime possessed in and to
the west half of tho north-west quarter of sec
tion twenty-nine, (29; and tho south-west quar
ter of the south-west quarter of section twenty,
(20) excepting from the last described promises
so much thereof as lies north of the Grand Riv
er Road, leaving about thirty-four acres, and
making, in all, ono hundred and fourteen acres,
or thereabouts, all lying in town eight north
ana range niteen (la) west, in tbe county of
Ottawa and State aforesaid. Dated Crockery,
April 8, 1862. 162wT
Henry T. Young, Administrator
of tho Estate of John Trick, deceased.
Tho above salo is postponed to Saturday tho
30th day of August next, at two o'clock P. M.,
at the premises to be sold. Dated June 7, 1862.
6wnl71 Henry T. Youno. Administrator,
l'rolintc Order.
STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Ottawa, :
At a session of tho Probato Court for tho Coun
ty of Ottawa, holdcn at the Probate Office, iu
the village of Grand Haven, on Monday, the
fourth day of August, in the year one thou
sand eight hundred and sixty-two. Present,
Augustus W. Taylor, Judge of Probate. In
tho matter of tho ostato of Lewis L. Peck, de
ceased. ON reading and filing the petition, duly ver
ified, of George Parks, administrator of
the estate of said decciised. praying for rea
sons therein set forth, that ho may bu empowered
and licensed to sell certain real estate belonging
to tho estate of said deceased for tho purpose
of pajing legal claims agoinst tho ostuteof said
doccascd and the expenses of administering 4he
samo. Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, tbe
fifteenth day of September next, at two
o'clock in the afternoon, bo assigned for tbo hear
ing of said petition, and that the heirs at law of
said deceased, and all other persons interested
in said estato, aro required to appear at a session
os said Court, then to be holdcn at the Probate
Offico, in tbo village of Grand Haven, and show
cause, if any there be, why the prayer of the
petitioner snouid not do granted. And it is
further ordered, that said petitioner give notice
to tbo persons interested in said estate, of the
pendency of said petition, and tho hearing there
of, by causing a copy of this order to bo pub
lished in tho Grand Haven News, a newspsper
printod and circulating in said County of Otta
wa, four successive weeks previous to said day
of bearing. Auot STrs W. Taylor,
tw nl7tf Judge of Probate.
WE have perfect abstract) -of titles for the
counticsof Ottawa and Muskegon, and will
n.akc hbsfrncts of 4itlo to In tut, on short notice.
Attend to ptirchaso and salo ef real estate; bid
ding off land at tax sales; payment of taxes;
aud will take a general supervision of all lands
entrusted to their charge, and will attend to the
collection of debts.
Peter Van den Berg, Justice of the
Tcace, and Notary Public.
Grand Haven, April 25, 1860. nP8 tf
1 S(V.
18 (S3.
J. GANOE, Master,
WILL run between Grand Haven and Grand
Rapids, leaving Grand Haven every Tues
day, Thursday and Saturday. Returning will
leave Grand Rapids every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday, connecting with steamers for Chica
go, Milwaukeoand other places.
JtiT" For Freight or Tassago apply to the
Captain. nl64 6m
We are receiving tho VERY LATEST publica
tions at our
book: STOREl
BOOKS suited to the taste of.all classes of
readers, which we can soil at Publithtr$
retail price: Also a goodly assortment of
School Books, School Stationery, Crayon
Chalk, io., Ac. Also,
A piU of BLANK BOOKS at very low figures.
Cash Capital, 91,000,000
Surplus over, 1.. .$100,000.
rpHIS Company continues to insure Buildings,
X Merchandise, Ships, Cargoes, Household
Furniture and Personal Property generally
against loss or damago by fire, on favorable
Policlos Issued and Losses equitably ad
justed and promptly paid by
eo. E Hubbard, Ag't.
Grand Haven, Dec. A, 1861. nU4 tf
Jniuc Patterson
I I AS returned to Grand Haven and is on
hand again to do all kinds of Painting,
Gla.ing and Popcr Hanging, on short notice,
cheap for Cash oa Ready Tay. Ploaso give roe
a call. Shop on Washington street, opposite tho
Congregational Church. tf 162
LADIES SHOES Ladies' Gaiters for six
shillings; also a large lot of Shoes of evory
description, equally as cheap. C, W, A .'
T LACK SMITH'S Coal f..r sale, iy
CuTi.F.n, Wahts A Ptrr

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