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Grand Haven, -
Will it bt Necessary to Draft in Ot
tawa Countyjf
Wo most candidly think not. Ottawa
Count can and will furnish her quota of
mon voluntarily and promptly. Let us
6CO how wo Bland to-day, as a counlv
that wo may bo tho bettor prepared to
meet ourontiro obligation within tho next
ten days tho timo, limited for volunteer
ing. It is tho part of wisdom to know
the worst and prepare for it.
As wo understand tho lato order of tho
War Department, found in another column
of this issue, each county and its sub-di
visions aro required to furnish only a just
quota of tho men in tho scrvico previous
to tho call for tho last 600,000, and pf
that 600,000 thus: Wo had enlisted
under previous calls of tho government,
not including tho thrco months men, say
7C0.000, under last calls to bo furnished,
600,000; tola, 1,350,00. Our quota of
tho Inst 600,000 is 410, and in tho samo
ratio of tho 1,350,000, 000 men. Wo
hare already furnished, according to the
best information at hand, on former calls,
at loast, four hundred recruits. Of tho
600,000 wo havo furnished, for Capt. II.
C. Aliiee's company, 120; raised in Zco-
land and Holland, 150; enlisted for tho
caValry and infantry companies at Grand
Rapids, 100; number of men now in
Capt. Litciifeld'8 company of mounted
riflemen, 50 total mon already recruited
for the service, 820loaving only 80 to
bo raised to fill our quota. Now, we havo
within tho limits of Ottawa County, ac
cording to tho returns of tho militia in
tho respective towns, now on file in tho
Clerk's Office, in round numbers, say 2,
100 men. Taking this as tho basis of
apportionment to tho several townships,
to raiso therefrom 900 men requires 1 to
every 2 J, or 43 to cvory 100 persons,
which 60 apportioned, gives as tho quota
of each township the following number:
Allendale, 63 27
BIcndon, 49 21
Chester, 142 01
Crockery, 97 " 43
Georgetown, 159 69
Holland, 340 147
Olive, 70 33
Ottawa, 249. 107
Jamestown, 70 31
Tolkton, 150 07
Robinson, 21 D
Spring Lak , 99 43
Talltnadge, "105 45
Wright, 215 93
Zeelnnd, . 244 - 105
Crockery has furnished 78; Tolkton,
80 ; and Tollmadgo, 79. We are inform
ed tho militia returns have been somewhat
revised of lalo, adding to tho number in
some townships and diminishing it in oth
ers, but that tho aggregate is nearly tho
same. Now, if we havo only eighty or
a hundred men to furnish, we can do it
tfith the utmost ease. We havo dono
thrco times that amount of service to our
country within tho last two weeks, and wo
bavo plenty of patriotism left to accom
plibh all that is required of us.
Dou't let us for a moment think of al
lowing a draft to bo mado in old Ottawa
to answer tho call of our country upon us,
but let us all put our shoulders to the
wheel and boost along tho recruiting en
gine until our county shall have furnished
her full quota and a Icctle more. Let us
say at once, wo can and will do it, and
tho work is onc-hnlf accomplished. A
little exertion further will render certain
tho desired result.
Let those towns particularly, which
have not, as yet, furnished their full quo
ta, look well to their laurels and come
right up to tho rescue, and sharo with
your neighbors equally in tho honors and
sacrifices attendant upon tho salvation of
our common country.
The Difference. In the lato war
with England persons drafted received,
ns now, no bounty, but wero required to
serve for $8 per month, furnish their own
equipments, namely : gun, knapsack, can
teen, cartridgo box and twenty-four rounds
of ammunition. Soldiers who shall now
bo drafted furnish nono of tho above, and
aro allowed $11 per month.
Col. Wilcox and Col. Corcoran aro at
last released and have arrivod at Wash
ington where they were received with
great rejoicings. Corcorau has been ap
pointed Brigadier General.
Kichelieu in a drama by Bulwor is
mado thus to answer:
Rich. " Remember my grand maxims:
First, employ all methods to conciliate.''
Joseph, "failing these U
Rich. " All means to Crush."
Are not tho abovo maxims applicable
to us at the present time .as a nation?
Our Government has been exceedingly
lenient toward traitors and the rcbelliaua,
protecting their persons, guarding their
properly, acting largoly on "the defensive,
in tho great 6trugglo uow being waged
between tho Government and despotism,
and using every means of conciliation con
sistent with national honor and integrity.
Tho only observable effect has been to
widen tho breach, rendering the enemy
"inoro cruel and blood-thirsty, treating our
prisoners of wur, in many instances, with
demon cruelty and beastly ferocity, and
showing tho samo protection and caro for
our sick and wounded that the vulture bo
stows on its innocent prey. Beside,
bands of lawless robbers and murderers
aro let looso to plunder, ravage, kill and
destroy, no age, 6ox or condition escaping.
All means to conciliate havo thus failed,
and naught now remains, save with tho
600,000 men, now being called into the
field, to havo at hand a power that will
cnablo tho Government at onco to use all
necessary means to do what now remains
to bo dono, to crush the formidable foo.
Let it bo speedily dono!
The Eleventh Hour. The following
orders relative to volunteering has, by au
thority of " tho War Department, been
promulgated by tho Adjutant General of
our Slate:
"Volunteers to fill up tho neto regi
ments now orgnniz'mg, will be received
and paid tho bounty and advance pay un
til the 22d of this month.
" Volunteers to fill up tho old regi
ments will bo received and paid the boun
ty and advance pay until the 1st day of
" If tho old regiments should not be
filled up by volunteers before tho first dav
of September a special draft will bo or
dered for this purpose.
Let us again impress on tho mind of
of our citizens -that tho time for action
is short, and our good namo at slako.
We must have no drafting in old Otta
wa! It is not necessary. We believo
wo havo tho patriotism to meet any and
every emergency.
" Hon. F. W. Kellrgg, nt tho requost
of many of our citizens, loft to-day for
Washington. He will endeavor to got
permission to rendezvous a regiment of
mounted riflemen in this city, and make
such other arrangements as may be nec
essary to prevent a draft in this county."
Grand Rapids hagle, ivth.
Wo shall bo most happy to learn that
our esteemed representative in Congress
shall have succeeded in obtaining pcrmis
sion from tho War Department to ren
dezvous a regiment of mounted riflemen
in tho Valley City. But wo can't for one
moment harbor tho thought that the good
citizens of Kent county aro to suffer tho
icnoininy of a draft. Ralher than that
should bo the caso just let us know, neigh
bor Eagle, how many men you want to
save your honor and good name, and wo
assuro you old Ottawa, over liberal to the
needy, will most heartily respond, as she
has hitherto done," to tho calls of her
neighbor. "
Just and Excellent. Tho War, De
partment has issued the following most
just and excellent regulation "relative to
quotas to be made up uhder tho various
calls for troops:
"That in filling all tho requirements
for militia tho quotas ...of tho sovcral
States will be apportioned by tho Govern
ors among tho several counties, when
practicablo among tho sub-divisions of
counties, so that allowance shall be made
to such counties and sub-divisions of coun
ties for all volunteers heretofore furnished
by them and mustered into the service of
the United States, and whose stipulated
term of scrvico shall not hare expired."
All praiso to tho War Department I
Under tho abovo order, if it is faithfully
executed, thcro can bo no dodging,. No
county or township is to bear tho burden
of another; but all aro to sharo equally
in tho sncrifico and honor. Just as it
should bo. A lesson to bo heeded is
therein contained to thoso townships in
our county yet behind in their duty to
their country. Let not that duty bencg-
loclod !
The alleged rebel victory at' Baton
Rouge turns out, as is the custom of lato,
whon tho rebel acceptation of tho term is
taken, gloriously for the union causo. A
few more such victories wanted. The
rebel ram Arkansas is among the things
that were, to tho great grief of Sececsia.
Correspondence of tie Detroit Free Press.
- Camp on James River, )
Virginia, August 8. J
We aro now in the dog days. Thore
is a good deal of sickness in camp, tho
seed of which I believe to havo bcon sown
amid the swamps pf the Chickahorainy
the miasma and water of which were
impregnated with death ; hero the water
of the wells is good, and the air, when we
have any, appears salubrious. In tho
neighborhood of our division there js,
a mill-pond which affords the pleasures of
a bath and invites to frequent ablutions,
after rain it ovei fiowsand to stand under
tho dam and receive the falling flood, is
an enjoyment in the' way of a shower
bath the liko of which I never experienced-.
It is a' luxury "imparting not
merely cloanlinoss but health and vigor.
The banks of tho pond are strewed with
garments of all kinds, thrown away by
our men, and many of them good ones
too, which would bo a godsend to tho
rebel soldiers, could they get them, oven
although they be peopled by a peculiar
specimen of animalculae, too vulgar to
mention to cars polite. It is to the
shamo of our men that they do not ob
serve personal cleanliness sufficiently.
When in the trenches, on march, or amid
tho deadly or active struggio of war, this
may bo difficult, if not impossible, but
thcro is no excuse for tho want of it in
camp. You can easily perceive how
woolen garments, saturated with fetid
matter, exhaled from the body, and worn
night and day, need frequent cloansing,
and yet this is so neglected that many of
tho men wear them until they bocomo so
filthy or infested with vermin that tbey
aro compelled to cast them away entirely.
A word about Chaplains. The corrcs
respondont of tho N. Y. Times, in a com
munication from Harrison's Landing, gives
some tough 6torios about Chaplains. Ho
says ho heard of somo of them " ped
dling socks at thirty-five cents apiece, and
lemons at five cents," but tho account
bears its own refutation on tho faco of it,
for I never could buy a lemon for less
than ten cents, and I havo traveled miles
and miles through camp at times to get
them even at that price. And in the
samo passago ho quotes, or, rather, mis
quotes, the text of a certain Chaplain's
sermon, showing at once that whatever
value he may have as a newspaper corrcs
pondent, his biblical scholarship is not of
a high order. Now it is a fact that our
army Chaplains comprise many men of
tho ripest scholarship and highest order of
intellect and purity in tho ministerial
ranks of our country; and at the samo
lime it is also to be deplored that somo
havo been employed who either were not
ministers at all, or, being unfitted for it,
had retired from tho ranks to pursue somo
more congenial or lucrative employment,
and sought tho Chaplaincy, therefore, or
were chosen to it, from interested or party
motives, and their character casts a dark
shadow over them. Somo, again, appear
ed very well in the pulpit at home, amid
tho surroundings of a quiet, respectable
parish, a convenient church, and a nicely
cushioned pulpit, but when called to exe
cute the duties of thoir office, amid tho
roughness and hardships of camp life, tho
clash of arras, tho deadly strife of battle,
or the difficulties and dangers of a retreat,
they wore recreant to their trust, neglect
ed their duties entirely, and at length re
lumed to the ease and quiet of homo life.
One of theso last inserts lV tho Adriaq
Expositor, of July 25, as reasons for'hTs
resigning, 'among others, that "ho was
doing nothing." This testimony, as com
ing from his own lips, must bo owned to
bo true, but then a question arises wheth
er his ' doing nothing " arose from his
own wishes, or that ho had nothing to do.
No ono who knows anything of our army
will assert the latter. Another reason
was, ho had conscientious scruples about
" receiving pay for imaginary services
which ho did not and could not rondor."
Now it is rather rcmarkablo that it look
him near a wholo year to find this out,
and ,yot ho received tho pay for that timo
without any scruple. The fact is, Chap
lains, liko other mon, havo their heart in
their work, or they havo not, and, if not,
they will act out their naturo liko other
Somo of our men have returned from
Richmond on exchange. They give a
deplorable account of tho scarcity of pro
visions. They had each a quarter-of a
loaf of bread a day, fresh meat twice a
woek, but without salt. They state salt
to be from 50c. to $1 a sack, according
to size. Sometimes thoy were a wholo j
day without any rations. One of them
gavo tweuty-fivo cents for a teaspoonful
of salt. Everything, they said, was cor
respondingly high. Thore were no med
icines to bo obtained for tho sick, and mor
tality was very great. They slate that
thcro are no strong fortifications around
the city, and that they were treated kind
ly, and permitted to express themselves
freely about the rebellion. They thiuk
thcro is. yet a strong Unjoa feeling in
Richmond. Tbey were not deprived of
their money, and could at any time get
ton dollars CoofeihjraU moneyjor five of
ours, showing conclusively that evou tho
Richmondites believe that, the Union is
yet to prevail over Rebeldom.
Reports havo boen pr,evaionl of tho do-'
scent upon our fleet 6f tho new Merri
mac Thcro need, bo no apprehension,
however, upon that 'score. If sho dares
attempt it she will never return. You
can not have any correct idea of the
strength of our fleet in tho waters of the
James. . r.
Reports find their way into tho papers
that tho army is kept constantly, supplied
with froshJrcad from a bakery in For
tress Monroe. This is not true, certainly
not as regards our division. Our Brig
ado Quartermasters will perhaps twice a
week supply the officers with bread, but
there is nono for tho common soldier.
Occasionally they aro able to purchase a
loaf in a division who have had tho caro
and foresight to establish bakeries for
themselves, but this is the exception, not
tho rule.
Wo aro on tho eve of activo operations,
which it would not bo wise to proclaim,
but which you will hear of in duo time.
Our army is exercised in regimental or
brigado drill every day, and aro in fino
spirits. Large additions have been mado
to it, from the return of absentees and
exchanged prisoners.
Lake Shore Patriotism. In addition
to tho company of volunteers raised at
Pentwater and its surroundings, dubbed
tho " Lake Shore Tigers," another com
pany is being raised at Whito River and
vicinity, denominated the " While River
Tigers." Already 60 persons havo enroll
ed their names. Tho citizens are encour
aging enlistments most patriotically and
liberally. Mr. Heald paid ono man ten
dollars and purchased a boat of another,
for which ho had no use, to cnablo them
to volunteer. Ho further offered to set
tle with all thoso in his employ who wo'd
enlist, pay them off, and give each a boun
ty of five dollars. Mr. Brown, his en
gineor, offered an additional bounty of $1
to each volunteer. Messrs. N. II. Ferry,
Pullman, and others have donated libe
rally. Elder Griffin, Messrs. Watson,
Dowling, and others are acting as recruit
ing officers. Dr. Wheeler, tho Supervi
sor, pledged all who have families that
they shall bo liberally provided for out of
tho volunteer relief fund. The ladies aro
also raising a fund for tho purchase of col
ors for tho company.
At Clay Banks, several hundred dol
lars bounty have been subscribed for tho
families of voluuteers. Sixty men enlist
cd in thrco days in a company now being
formed at that placo. Thus tho good
work progresses everywhere.
Since writing the above wo havo bcon
informed that N. II. Ferry, has accepted
tho Captaincy of tho " White River Ti
gers," and had recoivod 88 men into his
company up to Tuesday morning.
The Lake Shore Tigers. Ono of
tho finest Companies enlistod for tho 21st
Regiment bears the above significant cog
noman. They wero recruited along the
Lake Shore, north of us, by Capt.
Kuapp, formerly of tho 1st Minnesota,
rendezvousing at Pentwater, aro mostly
largo, stalwart, " bully " men a goodly
number of them being " six-footers " and
over -nono of them less than five feet
ix inches, well proportioned, with framos
strongly knit together and braced for hard
labor and long endurance Twenty of
tho men enlisted at Travorso, alone, are
six foot tall, and somo over that height,
exhibiting in their persons all the " bono
and sinew " of war. Lot looso on tho
enemy we doubt not thoy will prove dan
gerous as tigers to ingrato traitors. They
arrived here on Saturday, spent the eve
ning very pleasantly at the Ridb House,
sumptuously cared for by " mino host," of
that hotel, and encouraged on to duty
and to victory in appropriate, stirring
speeches by Hon. T. W. Ferry, Capt.
A. C. Litchfield and Mr. E. T. Ferry,
and left for Ionia on tho night express.
The greatest wonder of tho ago is now
held up to the gaze of tho universe, in
the patriotism of a freo and enlightened
nation that, when its heart-cherished in
stitutions are assailod, can furnish one
million three hundred thousand men, who
are ready, at the call, to sever the dear
est ties of life, sacrifice every personal
comfort, and yield upheir lives, if need
be, freely, voluntarily, to preserve invio
late those sacred" institutions that form
tho basis of our exallation, and Ihe rights
and immunities they confer. Did tho
world ever behold such a spectacle in all
its history, at least, in the history of
modern civilization ! Where is its paral
lel to bo found ! Tho Romans found it
necessary to resort to tho most severe con
scription to fill tho ranks of their vast
armios ; and Frauco, in tho revolution, re
sorted to tbo samo forciblo measures to
savo her government nd national exist
ence Since then, all civilized nations in
thoir need have followed the example.
But it has boenrcserved for America, our
own native America, to set an example of
tho noblest, most exallod patriotism ever
witnessed in tho annals of nations, and it
will bo a world ftnowncd epoch in our
history, lhaC the patriotism of our loyal
people, their self-sacrifice, 6avod the gov
ernment and nation from the hands of tho
vilest traitors, and rom the most formid
able rebellion that ever cursed tho earth.
Let tho nations now gloating over our
misfortunes, whose palms aro itching for
a " hand in," rcfloct upon tho moral and
physical power that urges so vast an ar
my on to tho field of conflict, and pause,
tako a sober second thought before com
ing in contact with n patriotic devotion,
that neither knows nor can know defeat
or submission.
The Sup't of Public Instruction, Hon.
J. M. Gregory, ever mindful of tho ed
ucational interests of our State, and par
ticularly so sinco hundreds of our best
teachers aro fighting for tho dear old flag
and the perpetuity of our heaven born in
stitutions, has, tho more effectually to ren
dcr our schools as efficient ns possible, np
pointed tho following series of Teachers'
Institutes: At Port Huron, commcne
ing Monday, Aug. 25th; at Clinton, com
mencing Aug. 25th; at Grass Lake and
Battle Creek, commencing Sopt. 1st; at
Allegan, commencing Sept. 8th; at St.
Johns, commencing Sept. 15lh; at Cold-
water, commencing Sept. 29th. Each
Institute is to continue in session five days.
Well Met. Escaped southern so
coshers and northern flunkies seem to be
enjoying themselves n3 hugely at Wind
6or, Canada, as circumstances will allow.
They drive together, drink together, play
cards, ride, gossip, tc. At tho Iliron
House a leetle sccesh flag is said lo be
constantly peering from tho castors, just
to show tho prevailing proclivities. Wo
trust they may unitedly havo a good
time of it, while they may. A popular
reckoning is at hand for thctn unless
" tho places that now know them shall
know them no moro forever."
Since tho talk of drafting has awaken
ed tho apathetic to life and reason, tho
vocation of hair-dyers is said lo havo been
uoarly ruined. Gray hairs are no dishon
or now. All the ills, diseases and de
formities that over poor frail roan has been
subject to havo been revived in all their
intensity, and patent mcdicios bid fair to
riso in the markot, and physicians coun
sel to bo eagerly sought for.
The 25th Michigan. By order of tho
Adjutant General of tho State, aJI per
sons enlistod under the first call of the
President for 300,000, not assigned to
other regiments, will bo mustered in as
part and parcel of a new regiment to bo
formed and designated as tho 25th Reg.
Mich. Infantry, to rendezvous at Kalama
zoo. The culluro of grapes in this country,
within a few years, will excel, both in ex
tent and variety, that of any nation in
Europe. California will probably bo tho
Eschol of Iho Western World. It has
already ten millions of vines under culti
vation. Gkn. McCook's Successor. It is in
timated that Gen. Blenker is likely to bo
sent to the West, to succeed to tho com
mand of tho murdered Gen. McCook.
Washington is said to bo, at present,
overflowing with troops pouring in from
tho North on tho 300,000 call, tho quota
in nearly all tho Stales having bcon filled.
Gkn. Burnside and his" forces .aro re
ported at Culpepper.
The SuprLr or Arms. Apprehension
having been expressed about the supply
of arms for troops under new calls, it is
E roper lo Btaie that government armories
avo been for months manufacturing at
tho rato of forty thousand per month.
Heavy orders have also been sent abroad
for importations for an emergency. The
arms captured at Donclson, Island No.
10, and elsewhere in the West, are being
repaired and fitted for use at St. Louis.
Largo quantities of old arms are also at
Pittsburg and other places, which can
speedily be converted into good weapons.
Miles Greenwood, of Cincinnati, is her
now making contracts for rifling and re
pairing old muskets. Wash. Cor. N.
Jr. Times.
The undersigned have a small comfortable
dwelling house, now vaoant and pleasantly loca
ted, which will be rented at reasonable rates.
Aug. 20, 61. J. A. J. W. BARNS.
"VT7"ILL be sold, at Public Auction, three
VV months from dato. according to law. to
pay freight and charges, the following goods:
One box goods, one trunk goods Mrs. Miller,
Grand Haven.
One show caso Mrs. Hincs, Grand Haven.
One sign Ottawa House, Grand Haven,
Two pairs old trucks N. II. White, Grand
Ono patent wnslitub Mr. Clapper, Grand Ha
Seven window blinds, one small box and eon-
tents, ono bundle, hat caso and band box no
mark, Grand Haven.
Balo to take place at Cutler and Warts Ware
house, Grand Haven. E. W. BARNS.
August 6, 1862. nw 3m
IV A O N 31 A K I .
rpiIE undersigned, having associated with
J- himself his two sons the one a wagou
maker and the other a blacksmith is prepared
to do all jobs connected with those departments.
He also pays particular attentlou to gun and
lockstuithing and farriery. K. TAKKEN.
Grand Haven, Nov. 27, 1861. n!43 ly
War Claim Agency.
Mil, Henry flriflin, Druggist, of Grand
Haven, Mich., has received from Mossn.
Robinson & Brooks, of Dotroit, an agoncy for
collection of war claims, for this and adjoining
counties, against tho United States. Mr. Grif
fin, co-operating with the agents at Detroit, in
connection with a legal agent at Washington,
will, with the least possible expense to tho claim
ant, collect all back pay, pensions, bounty mon
ey, or claims of any kiud, for discharged or de
ceased soldiers, dependent mothers, widows and
orphans under 10 years of age.
Jtferencet John Owen, State Treasurer,
Farrand, Shelley A Co., Detroit, Hon. James R.
Doolittlu, Washington, und others. ul78 ly
George D. Harvey,
Has just oponcd a new
O Yr S T 12 It S A li O O N ,
"VfEXT door to Griffin's Drug Sfcire. Refresh
i. rneuts, choice ond new, will constantly bo
kept in readiness for all who shall call upon him.
Ye weary, thirsty and hungry come in.
Grand Haven Jan. 10, 1861. lynlOJ
EEP constantly on hand a fine au J full
J-V. assortment of Goods In their line. Thoy
also pledge themselves that their w ork shall not
be surpassed by any in town in point oi cheap
ness and durability. All work warranted.
Grand Haven, April 23, 1862. tf nl61
II E uses only the best stock, from the Kast-J--L
cm Market. Allkindsof repairing done
neatly and promptly. Shop on Washington
street, opposito Griffin's Drug Store.
Grand Haven, April 10, 1862. tfnl63
WE have perfect abstract of titles for the
counties of Ottawa and Muskegon, and will
make abstracts of titlo to land, on short notice.
Attond to purchase and sale ef real estate; bid
ding oft" laud at tax sales; payment of taxes;
and will take a general supervision of all lands
cntrustod to their chargo, and will attend to th
collection of debts,
r-Cr- Peter Van den Berg, Justice of th
Peace, and Notary Public.
Grand lluven, April 25, 1860. n6 tf
Agricultural Implements !
fpiIE subscriber isoflcring a more complete aa
X sortmcnt than ever, of Plows, Cultivators,
Harrows, Drills, Field Rollers, Grain Cradles,
Hand and Horso Hakes, Threshing Mauhiuc,
Hay Presses, Renpors and Mowers and every oth.
er kind of Farming Implements and Machines.
Gratefully acknowledging the liberal patronage
whiuh ho has heretofore received ho solicits a
continuance of tho samo.
Grand Rapids, March 20, 1860. ly n 60
Cash Capital, $1,000,000
Surplus over, $400,000.
f I"MITS Company continues to insure Buildings.
X Merchandise, Ships, Cargoes, Household
Furniture and Personal Property generally
against loss or damago by fire, on favorable
if Policies issued and Losses equitably ad
justed and promptly paid by
(ieo. K. Ilnbbard, Ag't.
Grand Haven, Dec 4, 1961. nl44 tf
.lamcM ratferfeou
'IILI'AS returned to Grand Haven and li on
J L hand again to do all kinds of Painting,
Glaiing and Paper Hanging, on short notice,
cheap for Cash or Ready Tay. Ple&so give me
a call. Shop on Washington stroct, opponite the
Congregational Church. (tf 162

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