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Published every Wednesday,
B-V J. Se J. W. BARNS.
$1 SO when loft by the Carrier.
Office, on Washington Street,
( 'door abovt t Port-Office,)
Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., Michigan.
6 00110 00
6 60 12 00
7 50 14 00
8 50 15 00
10 60 17 50
12 00 20 00
17 00 30 00
25 00!40 00
Twelve lines or less (Minion) make 1 square.
Buiinesi Cards, not exceeding six lines, $3,00.
Legal advertising atlegnl rates, fifty cents per
folio for the first and twenty-fire cents per folio
for each subsequent insertion.
Advertisements unaccompanied with written
or verbal directions, will be published until or
dered out, and charged for. When a postpone
ment il added to an advertisement, the whole
will be charged, the same as for the first Insertion,
Job Printing,
All kinds of Book, Card, Post-Bill, Catalogue
or Fancy Printing done on short notice, and at
reasonable rates. Blanks of all kinds, printod to
order, with noatness and despatch.
JSB Patronage is respectfully solicited.
Letters relating to business, to receive atten
tion, must be addressed to the Publishers.
J. k J. W. BARNS, Publishers.
O. J. PfttlT, Sheriff of Ottawa Co.,
Grand Haven, Mich.
II. Sanford, Deputy County Sur
veyor, Wright r. v., uttawa uo., mien.
Parks & Vandenberg, Agents for
the Pooria Marine A Fire Insurance Company,
Grand Ilaven, Mich.
Elias G. Young, Clerk and Register
of Ottawa County, and Notary Public, Office
at the Court House.
H. C. Akeley, Circuit Court Com
missioner for Ottawa Co. Office at the Court
House, Grand Ilaven,
George Parks, Treasurer of Ottawa
County, Grand Haven, Mich.
Frank C. Stuart, Notary Public,
Grand Haven, Michigan.
A. Van Dusen, Physician and Sur
geon, Mill Point, Mich,
George D. Sanford. Dealer in News
papers, Periodicals, School Books, Stationery;
also Detroit Dailies and Weeklies, Yankee
Notions, Tobacco, Cigars, Candies, Nuts, Ao
First door above tho News Office, Washing
ton street
Miner Hedges, Proprietor of tho La-
mont Premium Mills, dealer In Merchandise,
Groceries and Provisions, Pork, Grain and
Mill Feed, Shingles, 4c, Ac. Lamont, Otta
wa County, Michigan.
Frank C. Stuart, Watch and Clock
Maker, and Repairer, Washington Street Gr.
Ilaven, Michigan. A New and select assort
ment of Clocks, Jewelry, Yankee Notions, Ac.,
Just received. Prices low and terms cash.
'atronage of the Public respectfully solicited.
Grand Haven, March 21st, 1800. n 64 tf
J, B. McNett, Physician and Surgeon.
Office.second door above News Office, Wash
ington Street, Grand Haven, Mich.
S. Munroe, Physician and Surgeon.
Office at his residenco, Washington stroet,
Grand Haven, Mich.
Augustus W. Taylor Judgo of
Probate, Ottawa County. Post-Oflice address
Ottawa Con tor. Court days, First and Third
Mondays of each Month. Office at the Court
House, Grand Haven.
George E. Hubbard, Dealer in
Stoves, Hardware, Guns, Iron, Nails, Spike,
Glass, Circular and Cross-cut Saws, Butcher's
Files; and Manufacturer of Tin, Copper, and
Sheet-Iron Wares. Job work done cn short
notice. Corner of Washington and First sts.,
Grand Haven, Mich.
Wm. 1YT. Ferry Jr.. Manufacturer
of Stationary and Marine, high or low press
ure engines, Aim ueanng, iron ana irasi
Castings, Ottawa Iron Works, Fcrrysburg,
Ottawa Co., Mich. Post-Oflice address, Grand
Ilaven, Mich.
John" II. Newcomb, Dealer in Dry
Goods, Groceries, Provisions, Crockery.IIard
ware, Boots and Shoes, etc. State Street,
Mill Point, Mich.
William Wallace. Grocer and Pro
vision Merchant. One door below the Post
Office, Washington Street.
Cutler, Warts & Stedgman, Deal
ers in General Merchandise, Pork, Flour, Salt,
Grain, Lumber, Shinglos and Lath. Water St.,
Grand Haven, Mich.
J, T. Davis, Merchant Tailor, Dealer
in Gents Furnishing Goods, Broadcloths, Cas
imeres, Vestings, Ac. Shop, Washington St.
2d door below the Drug Store.
Ferry & Son, Manufacturers and
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Lurabcr,Shin-
fles, Lath, Pickets, Timber Ae. Business Of
ces, Water Street, Grand Haven, Mich., and
236, Adams Street, Chicago, 111.
J. F. Chubb, Manufacturer of and
Dealer in Plows, Cultivators, Threshing Ma
ebin. Rr.ers. Mowers. Hav Presses and all
kinds of Farming Tools and Machines. Ag
ricultural Warehouse, canal fctreei, urana
Rapids, Mich. ,.-
KAA BARRELS of Grand Rapids and Mil
0JJ waakee Flonr, for sale in quantities to
fHpnrhar. C, W. A P.
1 w'k, ( 6011 00) 1 60T"2 00 2 50
3 w'ksA 75 1 50 2 25 3 00 3 75
w'ki,(l 00 2 00 3 00 4 00 6 00
1 m'thAl 25 2 60 3 60 4 50 6 60
2 tno'i,)2 00 4 00 5 00 5 75 6 50
I rao'i,) 300 5 00 0 60 7 00 7 60
6 mo'i,( 400d 60 8 00 9 00 10 00
lyw,( 600,3 00 10 0012 00 15 00
Listen, young heroes I your country is calling I
Time strikes the hour for the brave and true!
Now, while the foremost are fighting and falling,
Fill up the ranks that have opened to you.
You whom the fathers have freed and defended,
Stain not the scroll that emblazons their famel
You whose fair heritage spotless descended,
Leave not your children a birthright of shame,
Stay not for questions while Freedom stands
Wait not till honor lies wrapped in his pall 1
Brief the hps' meeting be, swift the hands' clasp
ing " Off for ihe wars !" Is enough for them all.
Break from the arm that would fondly caress you!
Hark ! 'tis the buglo blast ! sabres are drawn
Mothers shall pray for you, fathers shall bless
Maidens will weep for you when you are gone.
Never or now ! cries the blood of a nation
Poured on the turf where roses should bloom,
Now is tho day and the hour of salvation
Never or now ! cries the trumpet of doom.
From the foul dons where our fathers are dying,
Aliens and foes in the land of their birth ;
From the rank swamps whore our martyrs are
Pleading in vain for a handful of earth ;
From the hot plains where they porish out-numbered,
Furrowed and ridged by the battle-fields plow,
Comes the loud summons , too long have they
Hear the last Angel trump never or now.
" Ho has a sinking turn ! Oh, dear,
won't tho doctor nover come t" exclaimed
tho nurso, with whito lips, as she tried to
force a little brandy through the closed
mouth, and unfastened the light night
dress to feel for a faint pulsing of his
I could not then see him die, my pret
ty, pretty baby ! And so I turned away,
and sought for darkness and God.
" If it is Thy will, sparo my child, my
precious child 1 But Thy will, not mine,
bo done!" I cried, again and agaiu,
amid choking sobs and tears.
44 If you will take upon yourself the
guardianship and responsibility of all tho
future Ufa of your babe, independent of
God's fore-knowledge, ho will bo spared,"
was tho temptation.
."Thy will, not mine, be done, Heaven
ly Father, for Thou sccst all tho future 1"
I answered.
"Let your darling one dio; bury tho
littlo fingers that lie on your bosom each
night, tho soft lips that kiss your cheek.
Never hear his cooing voice, sweeter than
the ring-dove's, and tho merry shout of
glee as you come in from your rooming
walk; the lisping voice, just learning to
say 4 papa,' 4 papa,' and the steps so soft
you almost hold your breath to catch
their sound; bury the eyes that glance
back your unfathomable love."
41 Thy will, not mine, bo done," camo
moaning quickly back, as if human love
was overpowering faith, and soon thoro
would bo no 6lrenglh to 6ay it.
Tho kind physician looked up sadly as
I entered the room. I knew it all; there
was no hopo, and I sat down by tho nurso
and rcachod my arms for my baby. She
laid him upon them, and I smoothed
back the bright golden ringlets that had
won for him the pet namo of 44 Sunshine,"
and laid his littlo hand onco moro upon
my neck. His eyes were closed, and tho
long eyelashes rested upon his check like
delicate peucillings, and my tears fell fast
upon them as 1 leaned over him. The
drops aroused him, and ho looked up
and said, 44 Mamma," "Mamma." A
faint, wan smilo crept around his lips, a
glanco of love welled into his clear, bright
eyes, and then a spasm of pain, a sink
ing of tho pulse, and it was all over, and
I bad a baby no moro to die, in heaven I
The branches of tho maplo creaked and
moaned against tho house, and tho wind
rattled tho casement and 6ung dirges up
the broad staircase, and I buried my head
in the pillows all tho long dreary night,
and sobbed "Thy will, O Father I help
mo say Thy will bo done 1" I wanted ray
baby in my arms, to bend down caress
ingly and whisper, "Darling," "Darling,"
and kiss his check, and feel his soft fin
gers clasping mine, and his warm breath
ing on my bosom, and I could not shut
out tho sight of tho littlo white-robed
form lying col J and still, all alono in the
chill parlor, and the hands and feet, lily
white, iced stiff by the River of Death.
Morning camo at last, and the sun
beams peeped into the window, and the
canary sung his blithest song, and tho lit
tlo children id the lane beyond tho bridge
shouted and played as merry as if there
was no dying in the world, and it all
came mockingly to my aching heart.
I wanted to get away, and I openod tho
darkened parlor and laid my cheek against
the cold cheek of my baby. The curls
lay in golden coils all around his white
forehead, and the blue veins seemed to
flow as gently as ever under the clear
skin, and a pleasant surprised 6tnil dim
pled his lips, as if his eyes were just
ready to uncloso from a pleasant slumber
at a loving kiss pressed upon his cheek.
A sprig of myrtle and spray of white
flowers looped up his little sleove, and a
bud or two was tucked into his hand, and
nestled amid tho gossamer folds that
banded his waist. He seemed so near,
still mine, that I grew calm, and raised
tho curtain a trifle to let in the sunshine.
Ghostlike, stiff and cold, spread out be
fore me on the hillside, in tho graveyard,
stood the toombstones, and close by them
the sexton digging a gaave my baby's
gravel The curtain fell from my nerve
less hand, and I sunk down beside my boy,
and with arm thrown closo around him,
cried aloud, 44 1 can not give him up I"
Kind friends led me from the room,
and God mercifully parted the clouds of
darkness and let in a ray of heavenly
light into my 60ul so dimmed by sorrow
that I could not seo even a dim outline
with an eye of faith, and I lived, lived to
kiss baby s lips tho last time, to hear the
rattling of the cords under the coffin, and
the shuddering sigh of the sods as they
left him in the dark, dreary grave. The
myrtle put on its brightest green, and the
while flowers, like nestled snow-flakes,
peeped up again by my path ere I could
gaze on the tiny shoes, still shaped by his
little feet, or raise the curtain that shut
out his grave from sight, or 6ee tho baby
across tho street that cooed and laughed
to mine so often, without a rush of tears
and an uplifted prayer for resignation.
44 Nellie." And then there was a pause
and a questioning glance, as if husband
was reading if I could hear what ho had
to cay.
44 What is it, Philip!" And I folded
up the golden curl in the tissue envelope,
and turned toward him with a cheerful
" Daniel Hurlbut is sentenced to tho
fenitcntiary for two years, for larceny I
t almost killed his mother; she just goes
from ono fainting-fit into another, and Lu
cy wrings her hands and cries I I never
saw such a distressed family 1 They did
not hear a word about it till it all came out
in some gossiping city newspaper, whoso
editor by some means found out his true
name: and if ho had been brought home
a corpse, I do not believe it would have
stricken them dowu 60."
Back again through twenty years, and
Daniel Hurlbut laughed and cooed in his
mother's arms, and my babe lay stiff and
while in tho darkened parlor. Almost
twin by ago for my child, I could not seo
him for ono long, dreary year without
bringing such yearning to clasp my baby
in my arms that my pillow would bo wet
with tears ; and now ho was in that gloomy
prison and my child in paradise.
The brightness of the sun to the dark
est night, the sweetness of the roso to the
sickening, pestilential vapors of the lowest
cily haunt, the pureness of tho falling
snow to the soiled plant choked in the
dusty pathway, so my cherub's homo
soemed to his; and like a song that comes
outgushing from the heart, cadenced by
love and praise, so came the thoughts
that my precious one was where sin could
not soil nor crime stain ihe whito purity
of his soul forevermore.
A Point of Revolutionary Inter
est. Raccoon Ford, where tho Confede
rate forces, under Jackson, crossed the
Rapidan, for their advance on Popo and
Banks, was already distinguished in our
military history. It is the point where
Wayne, with his reinforcements for La
fayette, succeeded in crossing tho Rapid
an southward, and thus foiled Cornwallis,
who had advanced in that direction with
the hope of preventing this combination.
Raccoon Ford was, on this account, for
some days, in 1781, a point of auxiou3
interest in tho Revolutionary history.
An Irishman, who had left his nativo
country and sought an asylum in Amer
ica, because it was a land of liberty, was
attacked on his first arrival, in December,
by a furious mastiff. He stooped to pick
up a stono to defend himself, but the
stone was frozen fast. 44 By my sowl,"
said Pat, 44 now is not this a swate land
of liberty, whero the dogs are let loose
and tho stones nailed fast."
A Draft in Canada. Indications are
favorable to tho belief that measures will
soon bo taken to draft a portion of tho
Canadian militia and place them in camps
of instruction. We hope all the rencgado
Americans who have fled there to avoid
a draft, will be liable, and sincerely trust
they will be drafted to a man. If this
can t be done let them be rode on a rail
and sent back.
Well Done. It is said that in Trure,
Massachusetts, the quota assigned to the
town has been enlisted from one family
consisting of four sons. They received a
bounty of $325 each total, $1,300
clubbed the funds, and purchased a farm
for the 44 old folks," while they go to tho
. I" 1
Tax Suez Canal. -The works on the
Isthmus of Suez are urged on energetic
ally. There are upwards of twenty-five
thousand men at present employed in cut
ting the canal
A Singular Case. In New Hart
ford, on Monday evening, three boys went
a bathing in the Farminglon River, abovo
the large dam of the Greenwood Com
pany's mills, and ono of them, a lad of
eleven years, getting closo upon the dam,
was drawn under, by suction, into a holo
(an accidental one) barely larco cnouch
to admit the lad's body, but howas drawn
iuto it and disappeared. Tho other boys
became frightened and ran home, keeping
tho loss of their companion a secret, for
fear of consequences to themselves. Tho
next day a search was made; his clothes
were found on the bank, and the river was
thoroughly dragged, but to no purposo.
On Wednesday morning tho boys were
forcod to tell whero the lad was. At onco
it was resolved to take up a portion of
the dam. This was done, and under the
dam tho boy was found alive. Ho was
perched on the timbers of tho dam, tho
water up to his thighs. Ho was deliri
ous, ana was so weak that he had to bo
carried homo wrapped in a sheet. He
says be had no recollection of any thing
except that he found himself climbing up
the framework of tho dam in tho dark ;
and it kept dark all tho while ho was
thoro. He must have fell some distance
when ho was drawn down. Hartford
( Conn.) Times.
A Shrewd Minister. A minister
had traveled far to preach to a congrega
tion. Afler tho sermon ho had waited
very patiently, expecting somo of his
brethren to invito him home to dinner.
Ono and another departed, until tho house
was almost empty. Summoning resolu
tion, however, he walked up to an elderly
gentleman and gravely said:
44 Will you go home with me to dinner,
to-day, brother f"
44 How far distant ?"
44 About twenty milos from this."
44 No," said tho man coloring, 41 but you
must go homo with me."
44 Thank you; I will, cheerfully."
After that tho minister was no more
troubled about his dinner.
The New Ironsides. This marine
monster has been hauled into the stream
opposite tho yard, and is being rapidly fit
tod up with material, baggago and sup
plies. Tho decks exhibit all the confu
sion usual to a vessel just bound for sea,
and everywhere may bo 6cen signs of
activity and preparation. During yester
day tho vessel was visited by a number
of spectators. It will bo somo days yet
before she will leave this port for south
ern harbors. No regular trial trip will bo
made. If, after sailing, anything is found
to work wrong, sho will haul in at the
nearest and most convenient place and
have all obstructions romoved. Philadel
phia Press, Aug. Qth.
The Army of New York. New
York's quota of men to fill tho order for
six hundred thousand men, is 120,000
or moro than ono-sixth of tho aggregate
called for. Tho Stalo has already scut at
least 130,000 volunteers into tho field.
Add these two numbers together and wo
have a quarter of a million as the grand
total sent and to bo sent from New York
in defenso of tho Republic.
This is a larger army by over a hun
dred thousand than England ever had iu
tho field.
The Crops of Ohio. Tho heaviest
crop of wheat sinco 1850, which was 31,
500,000 bushels, will bo gathered this
year, or rather has been gathered by this
lime. Tho most moderate calculntions
make it at least 30,030,000 bushels, or
10,000,000 bushels more than was raised
last year. Of this quantity there will bo
a surplus beyond tho State demand of
somo 17,000,000 bushels. Corn looks
well and promises a full average crop, but
oals aro likely to fall short.
What Gen. IIalleck Says. Gen.
II.1lU.ck (says a Sunday New York pa
per) says that if next Saturday arrives
without a disaster to our armies, wo will
bo out of all danger. Tho coming week
is full of peril to tho country. It should
be distinctly understood that it is our sov
cral armies lhat are in danger, not Rich
mond. That cily is safe until the end of
October, as Gen. IIalleck has no notion
of attacking it until bis army in Virginia
musters 300,000.
Struck by Lightning. A gentleman
from Cannon informs us that tho rosidenco
a fino house of Augustus Clow, of
that place, was struck by lightning about
8 o'clock, during tho terrible storm of
Monday evening last, and totally destroy
ed, with its contents household goods,
etc. by firo communicated by ihe stroke.
Tho family escaped uninjured. Grand
Rapids Eagle, Aug. Qth.
The Mkthodi8T Regiment of Wis
consin. Tho Methodist Regiment, which
we have heretofore alludod to as forming
in Wisconsin, we are informed, docs not
receive ihe Executive's approbation. That
all Methodists should enlist the Governor
has cot the slightest objection, but does
oot think the precedent of sectarian dis
tinction in regiments would be conducivo
of good results. Chicago Journal.
A heart unspotted is not easily
What is the color of grass wilh snow
on itf Invisiblo green.
The cheapest of lawyers keeping
one's own counsel.
What is society afler all but a mixture
of mister-ion and mm-eiies!
Birds aro a poor man's music; and
flowers the poor man's poetry.
A Dutchman thinks " honesty is the
best policy, but it keeps a man tain poor."
The heart loves repose, and tho sou1
contemplation, but tho mind needs action
When will Floyd understand his truo
position! When ho gets the hang of it.
44 Now is tho time to get up clubs," as
tho boy said when tho journalist's dog
chased him.
To ascertain whether a bull is mad
twist his tail or punch his sides with a
Generally speaking, tho beggars most
ashamod of begging aro thoso who hayo
to beg pardon.
Five hundred dollars reward is offorcd
for a newspaper correspondent who cor
responds with tho truth.
TnE difference between perseverance
and obstinacy tho first is a strong will;
tho second, a strong wont.
Prentice says the rebol women aro
not half so ready to run away from tho
fino looking Yankco soldiers as tho men
Washington onco said to his soldiers,
44 Boys, when tho enemy lay down their
arms, don't hurrah; posterity will hurrah
for you."
A rascally old bachelor asks, 44 What
is the most difficult operation a surgeon
can perform! To tako tho jaw out of a
Whom did Robinson Crusoo meet on
being cast on the dcsorl island f A great
swell on tho shore, and a littlo cove run
ning inland.
An old maid who was over-nico in re
gard to cleanliness about her house, onco
scrubbed her sitting-room floor until sho
fell into tho cellar.
- A merchant, not very familiar wilh
geography, on hearing that ono of his ves
sels was in jeopardy, exclaimed, "Jeop
ardy I Why, whero 'is lhat?"
A dandy observed lhat ho had put a
plato of brass upon his boots to keep him
upright. 44 Veil palanccd, by Jing!" said
a Dutchman, 44 prass at both ends."
44 Any ting pile you daret" inquired
ono Dutchman of another, engaged in
angling. 44 No, notting at all." 44 Yell,"
returned the olhcr, 44 nolling pile mo too."
A gentleman having been lately call
ed on to subscribe for a course of lectures,
declined, 44 because," said he, 44 my wife
gives mo a lecture every night for noth
ing." A FRINTER OUt Wesl, wllOSO offlOO U
half a milo from any other building, and
who hangs his sign on the limb of a tree,
advertises for an apprentice. IIo says,
"A boy from tho country preferred 1"
44 There aro people," says Mrs. Part
ington, 44 who can batho with impurity
in water as cold as Greenland's icy
mountains, or India's coral strands; but
as for mo, I prefer to batho in water that's
a lcetlo torpid."
A friend of ours said ho would al
ways havo remained single, but ho could
not afford it. What it cost him for "gals
and ice-cream," was moro than ho nows
pays to bring up a wifo and eight chil
dren. Bachelors should think of this.
A young lad recently ran away from
homo and went to a tavern, whero ho was
found by a friend with a cigar in his
mouth. 44 What made you leavo homo?"
said ihe friend. 44 O," said he, 44 falher
and mother wcro so saucy that I couldn't
stand it so I quit 'em.'
One of tho Richmond papers gives sol
emn warning that tho peoplo of that city,
before they will surrender to tho Federal
forces, 44 will demolish it and sow its site
wilh salt." With salt at eighteen dollars
per sack, wo fear ihoexpenso will be fouud
to heavy for tho Confederate treasury.
An old negro, returning ono night from
a dancing frolic, when crossing tho river,
lost both oars, and came near being
swamped. Determined to do what ho
had nover dono before, dropped on his
knees, and exclaimed, 44 O massa Lord, if
eber gwino to help old Ira, now is the
An old toper, who lately attended an
exhibition whero a learned professor caus
ed several explosions to take placo from
gases produced from water, said, 44 You
don't calch me putting much water in my
liquor after this. I had no idea before
that water was so dangerous, though I
never liked to take much of it."
Alden'b Type Setting Machine.
Wo havo examined a great many ma
chines which displayed extraordinary in
genuity on tho part of the inventors, but
we nover saw any other that approached
in this respect the type-setting machine
of Timothy AKlcn. Tho inventor devot
ed twenty yrs of hi lif to tr Inborof
designing it, and all who examine it are
impressed wilh tho conxL-tion that his
mind must have bocn busy during this
period. It was a task not lobe perform
ed in a day. IIo died just after his work
was crowned wilh success.
Without tho aid of elaborate engrav
ings it would bo impossible to explain tho
numerous dovices and movements embrac
ed in this wonderful piece of mechanism,
but we may in. a few words give a gener
al idea of Iho plan.
A horizontal circular plate, about five
feet in diameter, receives a constant rota
ry motion from steam or other power.
Upon ono side of tho stationary framo is
a rectangular key-board with 154 keys
for tho several typo arranged in rows so
as to occupy but littlo space. Tho typo
aro arranged in radiating lines outside of
tho revolving plate. Tho plato carries
30 conveyors, each provided with a littlo
clamp which seizes and holds the type;
carrying it around with tho rotation of
tho table. From each key a series of lev
ers and pins is brought to act on tho con
veyor and prepare it to seizo tho typo cor
responding with tho key as it passos tht
liuo in which tho typo is arranged.
Tho keys may bo played moro or less
rapidly without any reference lo tho rate
at which tho plato is revolving, but if the
operator gets moro than sixty letters in
adanco of tho machino, a bell rings, and
then ho must wnit for tho machino to
overtake him.
Tho machino distributes typo automat
ically without any care on the part of tho
operator, tho distribution going on at the
samo timo as the setting. In distribu
ting, tho conveyors aro governed by cer
tain nicks in tho sido of Iho type, each
letter having its peculiar nick.
Thcso machines aro being exhibited in
practical operation by Charles C. Yeaton,
at 113 William street, in this city. Wo
are informed lhat a company has been
formed for their manufacture wilh a capi
tal of $100,000, and that orders in con
siderable numbers havo already been re
ceived from tho leading daily pnpers. Tho
price is $1,500. Scientific American,
23i inst.
The Crops in America and Europe.
Tho accounts from iho West are cheer
ing with tho promises of a most abun
dant harvest. The wheat crop is excel
lent and so is hay in most places. Corn
is also very promising, although it was
rather backward until within Ihree weeks.
It is expected lhat there will be a largo
surplus crop of wheat and corn. This
will bo of tho utmost importance not on
ly to ourselves but Europe, as there will
be a largo demand for our grain and flour
from both Franco and England. A Brit
ish paper of July 12th says: 44 A gener
al uneasiness now prevails regarding tho
season. It is now nearly tho middle of
July, and tho thermometer has scarcely
reached abovo 50 0 , when its range is
usually 70 0 . Besides rain has fallen al
most daily, and on heavy soils iho crops
look slunted. In many cases oats are
littlo moro than brairded, and turnips are
scarcely visible. In a few early fields this
week hoers wero at work, muffled up in
their top coats, as if it had been the middle
of winter. Never was dry weather and
heat more urgently needed" than at pres
ent." Scientific American, 23d inst.
Accident. A young man by ihe namo
of Emerson Maguirc, on Wednesday of
last week, got caught in the gearing of
tho saw-mill at Pattersonville, Otisco, and
had his log torn off just abovo the knee.
Dr. Avery was called and performed am
putation of tho thigh, at its upper third,
assisted by Drs. Fish and Dolly. Thfe
young man is doing well, with a fair
prospect of recovery. lonta Uazetlt,
Aug. 20A.
Speakino of benevolent men, a West
ern correspondent describes a model of
this kind. When his son, a hard-working
youth, visits the homestead at tho end of
lu'3 week's labor, his falher makes him
bring corn lo feed his hcrsc, and pay for
what ho consumes himself over Sunday I
Precious sort .of 44 Old Folks at Home "
these, aren't they !
Saratoga. A letter from Saratoga
says tho ihreo great hotels there will clear
full $20,000 each, this season. Tho land
lords aro all very smiling. Tho great ball
at tho United States tho other night was
a brilliant aflair.
Arming Negroes. Prentice sars:
44 Let us hear no moro about arming nig
gers. Upon that subject 1 resident .Lin
coln has put down his foot and it is a
pretty big ono.
It is estimated that from fifteen lo
twenty thousand bales of cotton, of irood
staple, will be sent to market from Illi
nois the present year.

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