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. ; :
I i"' ' . .
t, J ? rjt J gf ut in aa Insuraoe em
Mutt wnu a rood hand and be wtx aaeo-
mmdid. AdJr, with reiereneeuid Molmta
vi aanuwrtunf ,
. ii wooa unoopera,
com wages. Apply to
ua star
tTVhatn street.
BWi Oil port, inn front street, mo-"
I nyl nf"Tn,.t In m nutltull bT the Board
i of Trustees of the Botanloo Medical Oolleae,
u li. L.. lu .1 :tnlv smnninf
Commiisioners. W. 1). Ferguson. President,
and J. D. Woodard, member ofsaid Board, i
corded in the Register's office of Shelby ooun
80, 81 and 82, to ecoor a e'''n,n",d,btcln.e!I
day, March 31t. 16fi. at nublio sal, en
therein mniiLinnMl. 1 will Mil i aw -
premises, on norm sia oi p :'
tha phi, Tenn., to the niguest piaaer nr
' lot, building, apparatus, and appurtenance
I Col
lege, being Lot No. 14, In Mock N - 62
wmen me large onoa ....-.. .vr
eollege baildiiif is erected, to satisfy said Trust.
fCieU o rtaentfmon watoeia. aiii arii
be good, but convey an Trustee only.
' ' HENRY G. DENT, Trustee
X t'uturi'e il toro rso, i Jisia evf
quire at 11 Main street.
' li25inchee,withUauiapiaratiiiooniplete
will be told low if applied for oou. It la In
irood running order, and may he tee running
any day in our possession. d :
App&to.orad,&oRE BR0THKRa
1 V. '"'is a t v ' ' a m tilt fuui W j TYPIS
r m trill in onantiti to rait U is eXMllsn.
fo, babit metals Apto BR0JHps,
f-lm PoatlO Ltnoai offioe. 13 Uudiaon at.
H m 1 l J ...J.U. A.. k.nbinV Ml
nee in irinuipuiii. .unii. i
brokeraite oKlce. The beet location in the city,
at 13 Maduon itreet, corner 01 in wiey. n-
ply toon to WHrTM0RB BROTHERS. '
JJ3 1 Public Licoie t)lEee.
l Dillon, it. A. Beer. Tbedeienaannni
... i .... U.s... I
eaMewiu laae ounce vdbi en vwjm i.. -been
lued out gainst him upon the (round that
i : .1 . r ih.di.linf Thbmm.
and thii eate tet for thai on the 3d of April,
maun www iur mi w
I8ti0. at my offioe, to tha city of Memphis, w
wkar. k jean t.nnHf. M.nd defend Mid
flo - . or the ami w i if bt proceed ed w it h exparfe
w trna a. a a uru uv i it.
rfe28-oawt 8
n il VV IH'I art
AlfflllilJOlAAlvn OJ.ivv. amm
nna havinl elainu Ifftliut the Ute Of
. . .T I l"! ll A 'I'j .U U Mil ' PV.l . .Vh.K
Xbaddeai W. Potter, deceaaed, are hereby no
titled to prenent them for payment within thi
'1 I I Will Vl
lime preaanoeq uj w, umjim,
barred. And thoee -indebted to laid aetata are
requeatea to maae pay men i to uio uuuoipinucu ,
orto hii AfenU and Attorney!, MeMr. Smith
M Uint ai no. mam .uroci, mbuiuuw,
rwin the claimi will be put in luit for eolleo
tion. iurafm.ruiir.il.,
. . Adminiitrator of T. W. PotUr, deo'd.
BroWnTille.Tenn..Feb.l9.18). oaw-4t
IN lolvency of the Eitate of C. H. Whitmore
TttAaAMil Viavinv hen auffireiited by me at Ad-
miniatrator thereof, to the Clerk of the County
Court of Shelby County, Tennessee. All per-
eons having claims agamst said estate are
hereby notinea to appear ana nie, wua iam
Clerk of said Court, their olaims authenticated
in the manner prescribed by law, on or before
the 1st day of May, 1866, and any claims not
bled on or before said date, or oeiore an appro
priation of the funds of said eitate, rhall for
ever oe oarrea ouia in ww aau eyu'y
n ai im est a.
TnTtPO nv iTlMrviRTR.TTnN. NO
IN tioe is hereby liven to all whom it may
concern, that I shall apply to the County Court
oi nneioy i;nunir on toe im rauuiw; m nym
.'. . - 1 ..... m ft m JiMini.lM linn BiMn trim aa
1DUU, IWI W " m .M w.. w
lata of William Ilckins, deceased, late i
February 14, 188. fe!4-law4w
11 that I will apply for letters or adminiatra-
HUH OH LOS niKW Ul fiur H1WHBU. hcwimow,
at the April term nextnf the County Court of
DneiDT. ! . sr. uivuflivjiviia.
Meranhli. Feb. U, felfr-lm
Orrici or Citt Tix-Collictos
(Rami Katftl. 1
MiMPHis, Im. January 11, 1865.
Tn ejvtfirrlB.nfai with a resolntlon nassed ly
the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, December
Vth, IKoo, a discount ot two per cent, per monin
will be allowed upon all taxes due the city for
the 3Uth corporate yea, ana endinc June 30th,
136, which shall be paid in Cash, between this
data and the end oi aua corporate year.
. Jal7-8m Ta3ollector.
Will Open FebroaiT 1, 1866.
Cotton. Bahrein, Rope. Bacon. Flour, Hay,
torn, Uat-. euKitr. uontre, aioiauea.
Salt, Whisky, Lime. Cement,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
years the Urge and commodious ware
te on the corner of Adams street and
I'hairiaMiiin .venue. .ilioininaT the Memohisand
Charleston depot, we are prepared to receive
on store., for any length of time all the above
mentioned articles, or anything else mat may
" ...
Parti. rAreiving cotton or merchandira or
the M. C. R. R.. will find it greatly to their
advantage to store wun as.
II a thnrnu.h knowledge of buninet. and
close application, we hope to gain a liberal share
ol patronage. tju is BI i-Aia n,
Qeneral Storage Merchants,
fe27-1ra Meiuphia, Tenn
General Storage
Central Warehouae,
IVo. OO Union St.,
the above baainee., I aak a fair share of
the public patronage. I propose (when deairedj
to ahi aay eoUoa in store with me la Ike East,
Tbrongli Billa of Lading-.
Ikaf relirring air eotomer. frots aay aeraoDal
trouble, giviag ikeea ckotee of roate. . .
Xalbearal AdTancts mad cn Cotton
ftif. From my toagexperieoee la basiaees
feat aasared that I eaa render eatiataastioa to
ail who mar favor me with their peironag.
Promptneea as4 tdeuty to caatosaara akail be
M Unioa8traet.
' -
roa raa ovaa or ali, suaaau or raa
Dr. Barnnel Gilbert to a sumolent indorse
ment of tha raluabl. prophet of theea an
eq nailed preparation.
Acta directly upon the glands and mucous mem.
branes. cleansing the blood thoroughly, and to
?h"re" remirW adaptod A"gJ
chronic maladies of the Skin, K'on1L,n",.
Liver, Glands, Alimentary Canal and Mucous
Membrane. . i .
Vn excellent preparation for all disea..e of the
ik"n. S PCfironic Eruptions, g""".
Itch; Tetter, Pimples, Scald Head, Milk Crust,
etc., etc
Possesses peculiar tonic and astringent qualitiel
wMcTotueiUto be.pecially adapted the cur.
of various kinds of ULCERS, eapecially those
which are of aa indolent nature, and wfilch are
usually denominated "old sores
These preparations have been In constant use
by Dr. Samuel Gilbert -r over twentv-five
yean with unvaried sueoea. and are conn Jently
recommended as being mueb. superior to any
other preparations for similar purpose.
For sale by Druggistsevery whore, ,
. T oul M;n iIm
n noieaaie iruaauuh
- r.ASm Memphis, Tcnn,
Office. No. 13 MsMllaon Street.
Tharaday Erenlng, March 8, 1866
Ova, Public Dibkctort. Strangers
visiting the eity In quest of any of tha
necessities or luznries of life, will find
the names of all the first-class business
houses in the city, together with a large
amount of other important information
in our" Pcblio Dibectobt column on
the first page of the Public Ledger, t
The Staoe. Mr. E. Eddy and Miss
Henrietta Irving have been the reigning
stars at De Bar's Opera House, St Louis,
during the past and preceding week.
They have drawn very fair houses. "Rip
Van Winkle" and the classical comedy
of " Katherine and Petruchio" were a
nounced for last Monday evening.
Cecil Rush opened three evenings in
the comedy of " Masks and Faces.
Mrs. Jane Davenport Lander was
drawing fine audiences at McVicker's
theatre, Chicago. 1 ) '
Edwin Forrest played Metamorn to a
large audience at the National Theatre,
Cincinnati, on Thursday evening last He
closed his engagement on Friday night
with Hamlet .'. - - ' i. j I
Madame Celeste was the great attrac
tion at Pike's Opera House, Cincinnati,
during last week. The Woman in Bed
seems to be one of her favorite charac
ters. !
The Naiad Queen is still on Lh boards
at Wood's Theatre, Cincinnati.
Mr. Joseph Proctor is pitying a very
successful engagement at Wood a ' The
tre, Louisville. ,
Mr. L P. Barrett closed his engage
ment at the Varieties Theatre, New Or
leans, on Saturday, the 3d instant
Avonia Jones made her debut in Lon
don, Eng., after a long absence on Feb
ruary 5th, at the New Surrey Theatre, in
a new dramatization of East Lynne,
by John Ozenford. The London Timet
says : " Lady Isabella is played by Miss
Avonia Jones, an actress who has not
lately appeared in our midst, and who
gives a powerful but unequal represents
tion of the suffering heroine. At times
pathetic, at others forced, the acting of
Miss Avonia Jones is as far above medi
ocrity as it is short of excellence. Her
voice was monotonous In its expression,
a fault we attribute to her having too
much to do in the piece. The piece was
thoroughly successful, Miss Avonia Jones
being summoned at the end of every act
Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williams played
at the Brooklyn Academy of, Music on
March 6th and 6th.
Edwin Booth's engagement at the Win
ter Garden is one of the most brilliant
that he or any other star has ever fulfilled.
Laura Eeene is playing a fine engage
ment at the Opera House, Pittsburg, Pa.
A correspondent says : " She produced
her new Irish drama, entitled Irish
Wives, on February 2Hd, and on Feb
ruary 2Cth produced ' Lost in Pittsburg,
with local scenery, and the piece ar
ranged and localized from ' Lost in
Father Kemp's Old Folks ar on the
wing again and appear during the cur
rent week in Philadelphia, at tie Na
tional Hall, Market street Mrs. Emma
Nichols, the sweet ballad singer, re
tains her position with the old ones, and
Father Kemp continues to direct the
movements of his large family.
The Menken continues to "ride high
horse" in England, notwithstanding b r
repeated asseverations of an intention to
pat in an early appearance in New York.
Miss Bate man commenced an engage
ment at the Boston theatre on March T;h.
Geerge Hale has been doing well in
Davenport, Iowa.
Tom Thumb and party were playing
to crowded audiences in Bath, lately,
while Mr. and Mrs. Charles Matthews
were playing in the same town with a
first class tompany, to empty boxes.
Setchel closed in San Francisco, at
Maguire's, on January 27th, to a crowded
Bandman commenced a farewell en
gagement at Maguirt'a, San Francisco,
on January 2M, in " Narcisse " ajid the
Old Corporal."
Charles Dillonicommenced at the Athe
na, Detroit, on March 6th, for one
week, followed by Mrs. Lander.
i'"Arrah ua Poeua." with Emily
Thornt ca Arrah, attracted large audi
ences tO'thi Metropolitan, Sacramento,
the week tndiug January 27th. yv,"
The Albanians and Swiss Bell Ring-
era were at the Assembly Rooms, Bath,
England, the week ending Feb. 10th.
Maggie Mitchell has attracted aa large
audiences to Niblo's Garden the past
week as any star this season, not except
ing even Forrest )
' John E. Owens continues to attract
large as well as delighted audiences at
the Broadway Theatre, New" York,
though it is one of the worst in that city.
Charlotte Crnmpton, after , having en
joyed a rest, reappeared at Maguire s
Ooera House. San Fransisco, on Jan. 30.
Yankee Locke is at the Howard Athe-
nieum, Boston. -
Sothern ia announced to dose his
present engagement at the Haymarktt
Theatre, London, on March 10, when he
goes oa a provincial tour.
The Hollmun Opera Troupe ter ml
nateira very successful engagement at
Rochester. New York, oa the 2Gth.
The Webb Sisters opened on the 6th of
Murcn. at Vicksbunt. Miss., for two
Mark Smith is still at Walluck's Thea
tre, New York.
Julia Dean Hayne is about to return
from California, and ma be looked for
TwEKTt-riVB baskets of genuine Piper
Hairlaoick. on consignment, will be sold
low to close, by Wm. Vesey, 300 Bank
Sweet Faces Lookixo Dames. Yes
terday, during the afternoon, we saw a
..ana trnnariire on the upper cross
ing of Main street, at the intersection'of
PtnUe that we shall not soon forget It
ia well known that this crossing is ex
j-.atari inirlv muddv. and that the beaten
-' o . - ' t
track across will only permit of one per
nn ennper.intr across at a time. Yester
day two very good looking and well
dressed ladies started across from oppo
site directions and met plump in the
centre face to face. Both waited awhile
o.na,.i;niv the nther to ttive way, but
AV"' f -
npithrr havinii any idea of so doing, No.
1 commenced by remarking, " Madam, I
m the first to cross. Indeed,
Madam." reD.ied No. 2, "yon werenoth
ing of the kind, I thank you ; I started
before you did." " You then mein to
say," indignantly said No. 1, "that lam
fibbingl" "I don't mean to say' any
thing of the kind, you good-for-nothing
thing, you," retorted No. -2, "and if you
were not such a tall good-for-nothing
gauky thing, I would scratch your eyes
out for you, and if iny husband was enly
here, he would slap your good - tor - notning
tare for VOU
n Tir .- (hat rhintra wrA
11C OO W HIO a,uaae " - -
coming to a crisis, for when woman will
she will, and as they both were women
and as they both willed, we were about
to start away when, lo I No. 1 picked up
noor No. 2. flung her aside knee-deep in
the mud, and, to the great amusement of
a lnrcre number of negro urchins and
white bovswho roared, hugely pleased,
she walked away with as much pride as
any peacock we have ever seen. Poor
No. 2 walked away, crying and vowing
her husband should slap the " good-for-nothing
thing soundly for insulting her
in that way. '
See to it. A sick man should never
wait until he ia nearly dead to send for
the doctor, nor should any person hav
ing destructible property delay until they
see the danger, before insuring. Many a
man has, by putting off from day to day
before he would insure his property
been made a Door outcast. There is no
sensible man, with any business qual
that will deluv insuring. But
with those who do insure comes np the
question : " which Company shall I trust
mv risk with?" We say give it to one
that is known to be a sound and reliable
one, that should you be so unfortunate
aa tn lnaa it. would Day Tour risk
Dromotly and without trouble. Such a
Company is the old and reliable Phoenix,
of Hartford, and of which our popular
townsman, Herman Field, is the resident
agent here. The Company adjusted and
paid losses during the past year amount
ing to $410,513 31 promptly; but they
could well do this, when it is known that
their ,'ncome during the same time
amounted to $800,000. Besides, this
Company gives assnrance to the public
that choice indemnity, of a wholesome
and permanent character, is strongly
guaranteed by Phoenix policies. It will
be seen from this that the old Phoonix is
equal to any insurance company in the
world, and surpassed by none. It is
then clearly the Company to insure with.
For further particulars we would refer
our friends to their gentlemanly' agent,
at his office, No. 1 Madison street.
Iulauer & Pritz, 255
Main street,
lot of Fine
are opening a spieuum
La as. Organdies, Jaconets, iiareges,
Grenadines, etc. An inspection of their
stock is solicited. t
A Drctskeh Womah. An old and har
dened case, known as Ellen Mucbany,
was found yesterday in a state of beastly
intoxication by policeman Uark. She
was so much under the influence of
liquor that she could not walk, and the
officer was compelled to call in the as
sistance of a dray and have the poor
(alien creature taken to the stationhouae.
What volumes does this act not speak?
Woman, when in her proper sphere, the
loveliest thing of earth the type of
leaven that mankind might have an idea
of celestial beauty; but, when fallen,
she becomes a thing too bad to look at
Cot NTS r sit Small Charge. As our I
1 - t . a . .inn a. mimbb. I
people have put a positive atop to coun
terfeit fractional postal currency, and as
many cannot tell some of the late coun
terfeit from the geauine, we give the fol
iwing description for their benefit
Fractional Counterfeits. 50 Cents j
Two kinds of imitation of the long 60 I
cent aurrency are in circulation ne
having "Disi&aTATEo" on ncoef right
corner, instead of ," dtiignaUd." The
the bag designated '-tightly spelled,
bci there is a black line drawn across the
ban of the shield under the eagle, which
u not the case in the genuine.
t Pottal CnuHlerfritM tnem ImhiiS 10'a
Imitation On top of the genuine is the
word " Uepositabies which, tn tt
imitation, reads, " Deporilorict." 26' t
Engraving very poor.' The word,
United ' has a darker shade than the
genuine, and the hills in the distance are
not properly defined.
IxsTaUCE. At a meeting of the Board
of Underwriters of the eitv of Memnhia.
held this, the 8 th day of March, 1866, the
following resolution was adopted :
Kaohtd, That on and after the 9th
day of March, A. D. 1866, cotton in store
wnu merchandise, and merchandize in
stores where cotton is kept, shall be
deemed uninsurable, and that risks on
the same will not be taken by any com
pany represented by this Board.
Furthermore, that no policies now in
force covering snch risks will be resumed
on their expiration.
J. G. Lonsdale, President Secretary
Desoto Insurance and Trust Company,
H. T. Tomlinson, Vice President
Agent for Columbia, Metropolitan, Man
hattan, Phenix, Washington, and North
American Insurance Companies, of New
York, and Home Insurance Company,
R. V. Vredenburgh, of Lindsey 4 Vre-
ilanKnr.il KAtrfBtarr and Treanurer
Agents for Homo and Security Insurance
Companies, oi Jew lorn.
VI A T.ittlotnn arant for Tltna and
TT.rifnril Tn.nranoA Cnmnnniea. of Hart
ford, and Mississippi Valley Insurauce
company, oi niempuis.
S R rinrk nf 8 R. Clark k Co.
agents for Arctic and International In
surance Companies, ot lNew xork.
Herman Field, agent for Phoenix In
surance Company, of Hartford. t
Theatrical. There was, as usual, a
splendid audience at the New Memphis
last night. Muddy streets will not pre
vent people turning out to see such ar
tists as the Florences, especially when
they appear in such a beautiful drama
as the Colleen Bawn, which piece, with
Mr. and Mrs. Florence in the principal
characters, supported by Mr. Carden,
Mr. and Mrs. Hicks and Mr. and Mrs.
Lanagan, was one of the most attractive
we have seen during the season. Eath
leen Mavourneen is advertised for to-
nieht with Mr. Florence as " Terrenee
O'More" and Mrs. Florence aa "Kath;
leen O'Connor." Everybody should see
Kathleen Mavourneen, for it is a good
drama, with many beautiful scenes, and
will be performed in the most artistic
A New ahd Extensive Store.
rvt a aut a - ninmoninR - tv. r riciiu aim sj b
- ten.!-- dry foods
I " V
I - f
and furnishing establishment at HaL T.
Walker's old stand, No. 363 Main street,
where our citizens and others will find
articles of goods unsurpassed in the
country, either for cheapness or quality.
The well known business ability and
amiableness of the gentlemen composing
the firm is alone of itself a sure guaran
tee that nothing will be left undone to
give every customer entire satisfaction
Persons desiring to purchase will do well
to call and examine Messrs Ulumentbal
A Friend's splendid stock of goods.
Editorial. We had the pleasure yes
terday of a call from James E. Ballard,
the talented and clever editor of the
Holly Springs Reporter. By the way,
the Reporter is decidedly one of our
best weekly exchanges, and wields a
wide influence in Upper Mississippi.
Our merchants will consult their inter
est by advertising in the Reporter, and
as we understand Mr. Ballard will be in
the city for a few days longer, this is the
time for them to hand him their favors.
Mr. Ballard is a genial gentleman, and
the latch-string of our sanctum is always
on the outside for him.
The Speaeiko Last Evekiko.
Messrs. Poston and Walker addressed a
large number of their fellow-citisens last
evening at Exchange Hall, giving an
account of their stewardship while at
Nashville. They were frequently and
loudly applauded, and were renominated
for their vacated seats unanimously.
This was bnt just, that they may prove
to the world at large that they were only
actuated by pure motives, in withdraw
ing from a rump Legislature, that would
have plunged the State into the lowest
ebb of political degredation.
"Pride of the World," ard "Ex
peess Trail." The above styles of the
justly celebrated Duplex Eliptic Skirts
received in large variety by Iglauer B
Pritz, 255 Main street " ' t
Pettt Thikviho. There is, we sup
pose, a larger amount 01 petty tnieviog
in Memphis, than probably any city of
the same population in the country. We
dare say that the Recorder's docket is
never without two or more arrests daily
on this charge. What is stranger is that
in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred the
offending party is a negro. This proves
tha evil of thrusting liberty on any race,
nntil they are educated for the purpose.
The transition from one extreme to an-
ntlW. i never calculated to have the)
good effect which onr modern reformers
would have na believe.
ErrECt or Gettiro Druks. A very
genteel looking man, named James
Brown, was arrested yesterdsy, for steal
ing a bolt of domestic from a dry goods
store on Main street The moment he
was arrested he sobered np, and said he
eloia the domestic nnder a freak of li
quor, which may be the case, as he does
not took like a thief; but this proves the
.. J ,1
evil consequence
of indulging in too
much whiskey.
PersoxaL. Tom. Nally, of the edito
.1 corns of the Commercial, left last
evening, on the steamer Bart Able, on a.
recreation trip to New Orleans. We
commend him to th craft of thai citj a
aoarteoni nod genial gentleman,' who
esq wield t forcible pen.
like it," said a gentleman to ns yesterday.
VJiksJwhatr- "Why the good drinks
and finUwusa Liiuors that can be had
from Wolf, of the 'Belle Memphis,' op
posite the Worsham House, No. 14 Ac-
ams street: Try it, and yon will say
there is nothing like it"
Acts Like a Charm The stoves,
kitchen furniture, cutlery, lamps and oil
bought of Blood Co., No. 3G1 Main
street, or Nos. 40 and 40 j Monroe street,
act like a charm. They sell cheap, and
keep nothing but the best of articles.
The Weather seems to be taking a
change for the better. The sun to-day is
shining forth in all his glory, " giving to
kens of a goodly season," with dir prom
ises that he will soon drive our tor-
menter, mud, from the streets. ; i ,
Stealixo Cottoh. A man named J.
EL Jerome was yesterday arrested for
stealing cotton, and lodged in jail. He
will in all probability have an examina
tion to-day.
Recorder's Docket. There were
twenty-one cases before the Recorder
this morning, on various charges.
The best of Wines and Liquors, cheap,
at Wm. Vesey" s, 300 Bank avenue. ,
The Port of Memphis.
The weather overhead this morning
was very beautiful, but exceedingly
muddy tinder feet. The landing is one
sea of mnd and slash.
Business at the wharf was quite brisk
during the morning.
The river is still rising nearly u i'ot
every twenty-four hours. .
The following is the port list fur the
past twenty-four hours :
Lilly Martin, Vicksburg
Kilgonr, St Louis. .
Louisiana, Louisville.
Vicksburg, Vicksburg.
St Johns, St Louis.
City of Alton, St Louis
Tennessee, Cairo.
Ruth, New Orleans. . -
Northwest. St Francis river.
Mollis Hambleton, St Francis river.
Departures. .
Silver Spray, Cincinnati.
St Johns, Vicksburg.
Ruth, St Louis.
Southerner, St Louis.
Luminary, St Louis.
' Bart Able, New Orleans.
Morning Star, Louisville.
,-; Celeste, Arkansas river.
Little Rock, Arkansas river. .
Boats in Fort.
' Louisiana, Vicksburg, Kilgour, Par
ting, Silver Moon, Guidon, Anns, Alton,
Nevada, Tennessee, Northwest, MUie
Boats leaving To-Day.
For CixciyRATi. The swift and com
modions steamer Darling will tJVpiirt for
Cairo, Louisville and Cincinnati to-day
at 6 o'clock p.m. There is no bout that
plys between here and the above points
that can surpass the Darling in anything
appertaining' to the comfort and safety
of travelers, and those who ship freight
by her may rely upon it being carried
through as it should be, fer there is tio
more careful and attentive officer to be
found than Capt. Geo. H. Alcoke. The
office is in oharge of Willie Hindi, as
sisted by Billy Cotter two of the most
courteous and oblinging clerks ou the
river to travel with. .'
For Cairo ard St. Louis. Th" City
of Alton, one among the finest and the
fastest boat on the river, is the rrgulur
packet for St Louis to-day, leaving at
5 p m. On the roof will be fouud the
accomplished gentleman and steaiubont
man of world-wide reputation for his effi
ciency in the business, Captain Flera
Calvert The well-known and popular
Pete Sheckley has charge of the office,
and will, we know, pay every attention
to those who travel on the Alton.
For White River ard Moon Lake.
The Lady, one of those tidy little packets
that one always feels at home on,
leaves to-morrow evening at 5 o'clock for
White river, running up as far as Moon
Lake. She ia commanded by the gallant
Captain Bonghncr, an experienced and
skillful officer, with R. Bougbner a gen
tleman spoken highly of by all who have
ever traveled with him for bis obliging
disposition and attention lo the comfort
of his patrons in the office. The Lady
is the only reliable boat we know of in
the abeve trade, and, not like many oth
ers, she will carry freight and passengers
throogh safe.
The Southerner and Morning Star both
backed out with good trips, the former
for St Louis, the latter for Louisville.
It was rumored there was to be a race
between them, but we know to the con
trary. The Southerner was not prepared,
and had too many landings to make for
snch a test
The Shamrock and Sam Gaty, both
snnk some time ago, have been raised
and repaired
The City of Cairo is loading at St
Louis for New Orleans, and starts from
there this evening.
The steamer Diamond was sunk in
the Tombigbee river last week by fire.
Eight hundred and twenty bales of cot
ton and the steamer were entirely de
stroyed The clerk of the steamer Virginia has
not yet thrashed the river editor of the
Acalmnckif or calling him a jackass. We
suppose this is accounted for because
jacks always neigh at an encounter.
Steam so at Prixttko. We respectfully
ask onr steamboat friends to call and ex
amine the specimens of fine steamboat
printing daily executed at the Ptrlic
Ledoer office. Our prices will be found
to compare favorably with those of Cin
cinnati or St Louis, and to be greatly
below those asked by other city offices.
Bring your orders dirtetlt to as, and
save the commission charged by parti et
wha take in work they are not prepared
to execute. t
Monetary and Commercial
. . ..'PJllLaWoneyMaxketwU: 1 T
CorreVtW dully by R. P, Bolliko, President
i . iloin Iosuraace and Trust Company. .
The sluggish movement of Cttton for the last
ten dayi has Improved Into soma considerable
inquiry by the buyers, and sales hav transpired
to-day, showing an early movement of the main,
Exchange still adheres to rt old status of M
premium, selling, and X discount, buying.
Time bills are freely taken at the following
quotations t Thirty day bills, per cent. dis.
count ; fifteen day bills, per cent, discount ;
10 day bills, per cent, discount.
' Gold Is decidedly on the wane. ('
The Banks buy Gold to-day reluctantly, at
Si, and no demand of consequence. They ship
to New York. Silver 27 buying, 30 selling.
Interest bearing Notes improve as the inter
est accrues. Dates of June, 1804, command
107 1 f July, lent, my,; ot August, 1864,
109; of October, ISM, WA i of December. 1884,
101 ; of May, 18fi3. l4e prem.
City Scrip and Coupon, 90 to !".
Minisail'l'i Cotton Money, no sale.
There is a continued good demand for Union
Banknote nt fit baying, and W selling.
- Planters Bank note aro bought at 61 nnd
raid ut 0.
Bank of TenncMce notes are dull and heavy.
with no domind, though it is now conceded that
all da es. Irrespective of signatures, will be ac
knowledged in liquidating prior to May. 1I.
I'nion llank - M
Plaiiter' Hunk
Northern Hank... (....
Bucks Hank
, 7u
...... S5 .
15 '
. 25 ',
. . 3d
...... ff
bank o! the t nion-
Iii.uk of Middle Tennessee
Hank ol Mimph i
Bank of Couaaoairce .-.
Owe Dank
Traders' Hank-
City Bmk
llat.K ot ran......
bank of Tonne ee (old issue),. ..
, a 1. a. RiM A
Bunk of Mobile
Hank of Montgomery
Bank nf Selinn
Commercial Bank.-.
. XI
. :u
. 411
, 4 ".
. flu
Cenir-' iiank.
KaHcr Unnk
Northern li:ank
,-outhim Bunk
Bank of Aumsta. -. . . lf
Bank of Atben 15
llnnk of t'oluuibu 12
Bunk of Cnmmeroo. ft
Hank of Fulion 6
Bank of Middle Georgia 5u
Dank of State of Ueonrii 1
Ci-ntml Railroad Bank Ci - W
Murine Bnnk - - till
Uthrr (except broken and wildcat bankn
I'Ci.iro tha war, which are worthless,) 8 to 10
' LOUISIANA, t ; '
Bunk of America Prem. 2"
Bank of I.ouiana 60
Hank nf New Orleans 40
Canal Bank- V
Citizens' Hunk... 94
Crceent City Bank 50
totiiiana Slate Hank 35
Mechanics and Traders' Bank A
Menbantu' Bank - -.. . SO
N.:w Orlean. city scrip. ....... !
T.nmi.ina Hank ' S5
I'nion Bunk 6ft
Brink of North Carolina
Hunk (it Cnpe Fear
Hank of Charlotte-.
Ilauk nf CUrer.dun -
10 ,
Bank of Fay.-tteville
Hank ol Lexington
B ank of Knxboro .........
B.ink nf Wadesboro i...
Merchants' Hank, Newbern
Miners' and Planters' Bank
IMIicr North Carolina Banks
Bank of Camden 20
Bank of Charleston "12
Bank of Chei-ter... 12
Bank nf limrtretown 15
Bank nf Hamburg.. - 10
Hunk of Newbern - IB)
Bank of South Carolina. - 12
State Bank of Sou! b Carolina - 3
Peo,le'Bunk 3D
Southwestern Kailroad Hank IS
Commercial Bank - - 12
Union Bank 45
Bank of Berkley- .. M
Hunk of City of Petersburg. - 10
Bank of Commercial, Fredericksburg St)
Bank of Cbarle-tnn, Charleston 15
Banknf Thx Commonwealth a 10
Bank of HowMrdville Ui
Bank nf Hid Dominion -b.a 20
Hank of KiH'kiiiL'Inun,- 20
Bank ol Scottaville . 10
Hank nf I he Vailey. . i!0
Hank uf W inches' er. v- v SO
Karmeni' Hank, Finraalle . 3'
Manufacturer" nnd Farmers' Bank.. - .i. 60
.Merchant and Mechanic. - 60.
3rihne;tern at Jettereunrille ."I
Whectini Bunks - (iO
Cotton Market.
There waj but little improvement in the cot
ton market this morning. We quota: ''
Oidinary '-'9 I Middling .
lioi.J ilniinurv -CI ftrict Middling
Low Mid'lling--. St I Good Middling 3V.
MAGGING, per yard. -
India.... 0 31 0 3
1'nwor-loom-.. .. . 0 fa 0 3
BROOMS, per d men 4 00 x 6 JO
BEANct, per biuhel. .
Navy 2 00 1 25
BUTTF.K. par pound.
Bolls S5 0 40
ken 0 30
CANIH.I-S. per pound.
Star......- 0 a SJ0 24
CUF.F.SE, per pound
(lood 0 21
Choice. 1 0 Ut
CHICK KNS, perdoten .... 7 Ou
Turkeys, per doen i!5 00
COFKKK, per pound,
Rio 0 23
Laguayra - 0 :)
Java - 0 45
F.iiia?, pcrdnxen 0 M
Hay, per tun 22 "0
llav, interior, - O)
llran ...,....jS (
Corn, per bushel, M
OaU 0 fo
FLOCK, per barrel,
Superfine - 7 00
Pinele Kxtra 8 00
Double extra.. 10 50
Choice Double Kxtra .11 Nl
Fancy Brands - 15 00
Mackerel No. 1 perbbl, 23 00
No. 2 " M 0
No.l hf.bbl....-.12 50
No. 2 " -....10 00
No. 1. per kit...- 0 (1
No. 2, " " 0 0
. Dry Cod, per pound... 0 10
White Fish, nor hf. bbl 8 50
0 0 22
S 0 HO
o 00
3j 00
a o si
Ml 0 3s)
Mt 0 47
W -4 50
0 15
? 0 37
4? 24 00
ul: ii
(o-J no
4 0 SO
a 0 do
7 75
ta S 75
11 !)
a12 00
to 17 on
(823 00
21 OU
toU On
fa. 11 ID
k 3 25
S 00
AS 0 11
j 8 00
A 9 on
0 14
0 10
r 1 75
412 50
fi 0 40
14 0 :s
M 0 23
9 25
M !? .i
la15 ul
FRUIT, per barrel.
Apples, green iv
Dried apples. 0 13
Dried neacbea. halves-. 0 15
Ouarter acr... .
limit kegs
Km 00
(unnirs, new.. 0 38
Gunnies, second band 0 23
Burlaps, second hand... 0 20
Nails, per keg -. . S 50
Cut spike.- . 0 II)
Wronsht boat spikes.... .13 HO
Castinr. bollowware, V lb O 10
Bar iron.. 0 0
a 0
t 0 US'
t 12!
Horse-shse iron 0 10
Nail rod
Cast steet F.nglish, ..
Blister steel. English.
. 0 16
. 0 35
. 0 30
. 0 30
. 0 30
. 700
. o an
. 0 22
. S 00
. t 00
1 10
1 76
ne u Ji
4 0 40
0 35
0 7 50
0 23
tierman steel.
.Manilla rore ....
HOMINY, per barrel
LARD, per pound,
lu tierce ....... ..
lu keg-
MOLAScTS. per gallon,
Barrel and half bbts
lioldea sttup-.
j 2 25
1 25
I 80
6 2 10
S 1 5
t 1 ou
a S J5
) V,
aoO 17
M 0 24
0 25
t 0 2b
fc.35 00
HJ4 0U
OILS, per gallon.
0 70
2 l
1 fill
1 W
0 30
Train i i
Ben i i n e
rora, mesa, per le -
Clear side. . "
tfhoalder "
Break lat. per lb.
.."0 22
-U0 15
. 0 2B
- 24
. 25
-22 (W
llama, plain.
Hams, nrwt-enrrd-Beef.
uiiso, per bbl -Beef,
dried. -.
i learsides-
. 0 1't3 0 -
Bib fide
. S W,r 9 1
t tear Rib
shoulder.. --
. O 17 (4 e 17
. W 14 w V
. 0 17 0 0 IS
0 16 0 le
RICK r-r p-nsl.
I barrel
IU 14
JUSAR. per poerad.
. IrBsaed aoapi
o au o Ai
0 16
S M)
-..'0 18
4.-.. 0 13
9 019
s 400
A 018
0 1S-
w oil
SALT. Der barrel..
0AP, peg pound, . .
' a iieman
TJ Palu..,H,
....... 0 10
-.0 14
0 87
i . ...... 0 65
....... 0 40
1 75
0 40
1 00
0 75
SODA, per poand,
6PICES, , , . .
.... Aiisplcs M,-.,.,.M.
- Cloves ...... -..--r.....
, u Ginger ....
' fi'utmegi
fi0 46
S2 00
0 4ft
Q 1 26
1 00.
1 60
1 75"
I 60
1 25
S 1 00
S 0 75
A 0 50
0 70
w 05
1 40
n Pepper..
' Mustard.
TAR, per gallon....
TEA, per pound.
rccn l 73
Black .. 1 (10
TOBACCO, per poimd, '
Ariiie, ruiicr va.,newvrora no
Fine Va. and natural leaf...' 1 25
Good bright, do
Modium bright, sound..
Common do do
Common, nut of order..
, 1 00
. 0 Sa
, 0 60
. 0 60
. 0 fO
. 0 30
1 '
Navy, K ......
Navy. JJ lb
trpntT'r a ot ra
Potatoes, A'cshnnTr, V bbl 4 00 5 00
Plnkeves fl 00 7 00
'. ..Cabbage, per 100. 30 AO GA
Onions, per bbl - 3 50 a 4 00
VTNF.OAR. per bnrrel 12 50 15 00
WHF4T. Pr bushel,
W bit". No. 1 2 40 fl)
Red Winter, No. 2 2 00 ft 2 25
Ordinary.'. 1 75 m
Spring. No. 1 1 40 H 1 60
. Common 2.25 2 40
-i Bonrbon ... 25 3 AO
- - K entnrkv Hnnrhnn 3 IU HO
White Hirer.
LADY J P. Eoi'GnXKR, Master.
j Little Red Kiversand M oun Jr?hYi'Sn
Lake. FRIDAY, March 6th. at 5 p to
msrfj-''t VIX'N rV DONOHl K. Af-ts.
j D. MORTIMORF., X. D. G, W. riVNS, M.O.
Drs. Mortiraore & Payne
. . Consulting and . !
I . Office, Eodm No. 10,
Jefferson Street, between Main snd Front'
I Streets, Memphis, Tenn. j
17 trentment of diseases, of the Lungs and !
Throat. Diseases of the Liver, Heart, j
Spleen. Kidneys ard Spine.- Neuralgia,
Nervous Headache. Hheuinatism, Dyspep-;
' sia and Chronic Diseases nf Stomach and
bowel. Also the various forms of Female :
Diueaeea. :
! Atj-Otrice hours from 9 o'clook a.m. to 9 i
o'clock p. m. fcl-3mis :
vySLiA- t .......
ririTT-- anu netau
-xy: 1
Dealers in
, o. 13 Madison Slroet,
In the Public Ii-xJur Ilaildinet
the public generally, that we are prepared
er tne oent article oi
PittHburg Coal
At any point in the city,
, 'c We nlso have means of furnishing
Rapidly and promptly.
Of which commanders would do well' to avail
.. Our fast-running steam-tug
Captain W 11 Sebree, Commsndor,
I always ready to do towing of any description
or ditilaiice. Her landiug is at the
., as'oot of Union Htrbi...
Office, o. 13 Malion Street,
Betweeu Main and Front Street
Our General Agent, will bo happy to fill a!
orders promptly at the lowest cuh price. .
ixsnt ixri: AGEXCY,
, 4 Madison Street,
EXm Insurance Comnany.
Capital nnd Asset 33.700.OOO
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
Capitttl and Asm-Is Sl,T00,0OO
Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co.
Capital nnd Asslst7.."00,OOO
it promptly attendcl
to. and all loneea ad-
jutedat theMemphi Office without delay.
nnrvjin II. A. LI 1 1 LM'J, Agent.
K. a. PLCUHta.
a. r. ccaav
Commission and Cotton Mmh'ts,
Ne. 201 Main street, VYsbster Block.
Barran Seli, of AH Kind.
271 Main strsjsH.

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