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llu InD removed from Beal street, opposite
ouuio maraei, 10 f
444 Main Btreat, Soath of Baal,
In tbe new brick block. The previous patrons
' or the old house will notice the fact of iu re-
- uovai,
' Theoflleeof Dr. Crelghtnn ( Immediately
oyer the Drug Store, where persons desiring
is urofessinnal mrviflM will Anil hlm a.1. hia
usual oflioe boura, from S to ii a.m. nd from 2
wio p.m. . marl4-zm
IV tint, having removed his oflioe to theQeffl
Irving Block, wouhl return hia thanks to I
friends and the pnblio for their liberal patron
age, hoping that hia earnest endeavors to give
satisfaction iu the past will guarantee him a
lane thare of praetice in the future. He l
prepared to perform all operation! to bn pro
fession in the mutt skillful manner.
s?"Dr. W. haa a new preparation for baauti-
fymr and cle ansing the teeth. myvlni
(Successors to W. N. Wilkerton A Co .
- Ko. 120 Beal itreet, Memphis, Tenn.
compounding prescriptions. We keep con
stantly on band a largo atock of pure Drugs and
Melicinos. ap7-m
Rosert is a candidate for Attorney General
01 the Criminal Court ot Memphis at the ensu
ing May elou on, - , aptz-te
' date fur the office of Attorney General at
me may election. apm
J? call of many voters, I anuuunce myself aa
oenuiuate lor Mayor, at me election in June.
apw-te tt. K. flECKTEti.
. J. ; didate for Mayor, at the ensuing ejection.
authorised to announce John Martin, Esq.,
candidate lor Attorney-uenerat 01 ine crim
inal Court of Memphis. apO-te
I). Kldridge is a candidate for re-election
10 income or Aitorney-uenerai or me urimi
aal Court of Memphis. , Election next May,
X a candidate for the office of Mayor, at the
ensuing J una election.
i ; t 1. ...... -J
roa tb ou or all uissasss or ts
1 Dr Samuel tiiioen is a puiul-ioiihuuvito
ment of the valuable properties of these uu-
equallea preparuou.
- 0
1 . jirawti nnftn tlia grtfatidi And mnrnuA mem
U .i.n.Ua hlniirl t hnrmier-ril v. avnil ifl
therefore 1 ml rally adapted to the cure of
ohronic malaaiei oi ine okid, iv.anujn, ishufhs
Liver. Glands, Alimentary Craa. and Muooua
. w a a -aa-TTT-T r?Tl tlPU'P'O "
lft OAMJ KU la.aWa - ,
An excellent preparation for all diseases of he
(km, such as Lint
1IDI1, It
ate., elc
ironic Eruptions, Ringworm,
Itch. Tetter. Pimples, Scald Uoad, Milk Crust,
Possesses peculiar tonic and astringent qualities,
whioh cause it to be specially adapted to the cure
of various kinds of ULCERS, ewpecial y those
which are of an indolent nature, and which are
usually denominated "old sores-' '
Thau ni-anarationa have been in constant use
k Dr Kmul Gilbert for over twenty-Bye
years with unvaried success, and are confidently
recommended as being much superior to any
other preparations for similar purposes.
r or sale ny urugmsts everu--.
s 1. r. .1 1 u0
""uu . , GILBERT HIGBEE. .
' Wholesale Druggists, ifcl Main street,
marS-.lm Memnhn. Tenn
'Office. Ho. 13 Madison Street.
Saturday EraninK. May 12th, 1866
Oca Public Dircctobt. Strangers
visiting the ciy in quest of any of the
necessities or luxuries of life, will find
NOTICE THE PARTY WHO STOLK THS the Dames of all the nrst-class businass
key of oar safe is hereby notified that it , . ... .. . ,1 :.i . 1
cannot be of any possible benefit to him, as it uouea 1Q lnB cllJ,t lugwaaT ul, 1BrKB
will not open the safe, and we do not intend to
offer a reward for its recovery. He will eoofer
a favor by returning it.
amount of other important information
in our " PrBtio Dibkctory" column on
l&bie ?ra. office. the first page of the Public Lbdeb t
11 public u respeottuliy solicited by .
Who has furnished a very Beat establishment at
No. 7 "Washineton Street.
And when called npon will be very happy t
serve them to ICE CREAM and the other lux-
nnee or the season. myi-lm
month to sell the Improved Crescent
Eewing Machine. Price eu. Address Unas.
F. Hasty, Memphis, Tenn., or call at 245 Sec
ond st , ni"ar fniitnern r.xprps omi-e. aivinr
J? berg's old stand, No. 171 Main street. In
quire on the premises.
n.or Mrnw ni OrlMni atrent. nn Piffeon
Roost road, with all necessary out-houses. For I UDon her to follow him up the rive
JjRDGKr. my-n
centrally located, oontains all modern con
veniences. Furniture for sale. Will not-rent
without soiling furniture. Possession giveu
when desired. For further Information apply
at this nfflcp. mvw
1 Deed of Trust made to 111c by A. Singer nn
the ath day of April, ls16, and on filo in the
Register's office of Shelby county. Tennessee. I
will sell, at public auction, to tue higlirst Did
der, for cash, on Saturday next, May 1-'. lMio,
at 10 o'clock a.m., at Storehouse No. 3U1 Main
street, the stock of Dry Hoods, Clothing. Fancy
Goods. Fixtures and Furniture in said store:
continuing said sale at the same time and place
each day until a sufficiency of said goods are
sold to satisfy laid trust.
myft-ot C. W. METCALF, Trustee
We have now in Store . .
Nonce. We earnestly request our
friends not to pay more than five cents
a copy for the Pcbmc Ledger. We sell
to the newsboys at two cents a copy, thus
allowing them over a hundred per -cent
profit on every paper. t
Pittsburg Coal Brown & Jones, of
fice 247 Second street Branch office;
416 Main street R. C. Hite, agent t
A Colored Battle. Between the
hours of five and six last evening, a ter
rible "scrimmage took place at the
lauding between three black women and
a negro man. As near as we could learn
the story, it runs " thuswise :" Sambo
had deluded girl No. 1 to believe that he
was an unmarried man, and prevailed
elopement on one side,- and marriage on
the brain on the other. Sambo and girl
No. 1 started for the levee. Sambo's
wife got wind of the whole affair, and got
one of her sinters to net as second in the
case, and the two latter posted themselves
at the landirg. They hud been waiting
there for sometime when Smnbo and his j
inamorata were seen coming down, the
street Reaching near the wharfboat
Michigan, Sambo was confronted by his
itijured better half, who vowed all kinds
ot veneeanre. Sumbo commenced to
apologise, stating that girl No. 1 had
enticed him off This only made matters
worse and set the three women to belabor
ing him soundly. A large crowd of specta-
tors were80on assembled, and the women
commenced pounding the dusky Lotha
rio " muchly" toathe amusement of all
present . For a time Sambo stood it, but
among us, let' nations tee that th loved
ones still live in our hearts ; let the world
know that the South can never .forget the
brave hearts who died , at her call. The
best way for our people to do this if to
lend every assistance to the grand tour
nament which comes off on the 22d inst,
the proceeds of which are to be given
toward building monument to the Con
federate dead. 'Those brave men fell for
the Lost Cause, but their memory shall
live green in the hearts of the people as
long as summer returns with ber verdure
to remind ns of our sunny clime. The
man who has married a widow, knowing
he now has all her love and confidence,
cannot blame his wife for shedding affec
tion's tears over the grave pf her first
love; nor can the Government, knowing
it now has the love and confidence of the
Southern people, chide them for giving
affection's tear to the Lost Cause.
A German Drowns Himself. From
an exchange we copy the following, in
connection with the Memphis riots: "A
German,' who has a wife, and family in
Cincinnati, was in Memphis during the
recent riots, and was so terrified by the ex
citement that he became partly deranged.
He came up on the Minneola, and fre
quently gave evidences of. the terror the
riots had inspired by starting up and ex
claiming, 'There they come; they will
kill me sure.'' A friend watched and
guarded him until, on Saturday- night,
the two went into a state-room, and after
the German had laid down ' his friend
stepped out, when the German at once
locked the dqor on the inside. His friend
came back and tried in vain to get in,
and was walking in the . cabin laughing
at the occurrence, when suddenly the
German rushed from the room, passed
out on the .guards, and before, he
could be prevented, jumped overboard,
and was drowned. ' This occurred just
above Shawneetown."
1000 Barrels Of Alabama Llllie, he finally got his dander up, and drew
himself up a la Heenan, and told the
Manufactured by Ransom it Co., warranted
equal to anything in this market for brick, and
superior to every other lime for plastering and
white coating, which we can supply in lots to
suit purobasers at less rates man tJape lime.
my7-lm Near M. A C. R. R. depot.
I1 lUv'2S inches, withlsleam annaratuaoomnlete:
will be sold low if applied for soon. It is in
1Mx25 inches, withsteam apparatus complete;
1 be, sold low if annlied for soon. It is in
good running order, and may he seen running
any day in our possession
Apply to, or address,
girls if they did not. desist he would
strike. This made the women redouble
their efforts, when Sambo hoisted and
planted his fist under the smelling organ
of one 'bf them, and struck the others in
rapid succession, until the three.of them
measured their forms length on the earth.
Having done this, Sambo started up
town at full speed, followed by the en-
rsged women screaming and yelling. We
examined the battlefield for some tro-
C1TT AND COUNTRY DEALERS, phies of war and found three large water
falls, with the new-fangled curly hair over
them, of the latest patent; some half
dozen "mice," seven or eight "rats" and
.1. : .!.. i.ij J nJ
R Es TA U RAT K U RS, ' . - -
LlyUOrl VKALKKM, AMU I more unrrci lasieimigs, nil ueu lugcmci,
DAwvn itttrMKB, Bn(j rour or TB 0i,iong iumpg that were
In fact, all persons desirous of purchasing any- stuffed with cotton. Not having any use
thing in the Use of , ., - ., .. , , .
for the aforesaid articles, and not com-
FaHC7 OX. StaplO Groceries, prebending to what purpose to put them,
we left without making any eppropria-
J. contractors,
Win en.
Plantation or Family Supplies,
Tax LfADura Mak. We are informed
that the popular leading nan of the New
Memphis Theatre, Mr. James Carden,
takes a benefit at that place on Monday
evening next, on which occasion a splen
did programme will be offered. Mr.
Carden hns labored very diligently du
ring the season for the amusement of the
patrons of the ' drama, and has given
greater satisfaction than any other lead
ing man we have ever had. j As an actor
he has few equals; as a gentleman he
ranks No. 1. The lovers of the drama
owe much to him, for the clever
manner in which plays have been per
formed at our theatre.- It will be as lit
tle as they can do to show their apprecia
tion of his talent and qualifications by
giving him crowded house on the occa
sion of his benefit Cet him, therefore,
have a real bumper, for he is fully de
serving of it at the hands of the theatre
goers of Memphis. i
A Word to CoNVAUcsrEscs. Espe
cial care should be given to thediet, take
light food and but little at a time. Great
care should be taken not to take any-'
thing indigestible into the stomach.
Many persons when recovering from
fevers have craving appetites, and not
ntifrequently, through the overattentions
of the nurse, mix together in the stomach
the most incongruous articled of food;
others, again, recovering from disease,
have no appetite at all, and need some
gentle toaio and stimulant to ns i s t the
intertiul organs of the body to perform
their regular functions, lo such we
say, procure Itohack'n Sttimach Bitters,
commence with a small quantify in sugar
and water, and as the strength returns,
increase the dose, and continue them
until all symptoms of debility have dis
appeared. tnlO-lw .
street, at 7) o'clock this evening, to pe
tition the President of the United States
to guarantee to the people of Tennessee
republican representative form of gov
ernment. J. T. Trezevant, M. C. Calla
way, Leon Trousdale, M Magevney, jr.,
B. i. Simms, T. C. Finnic, J. V. Daw
son, J. S. Galloway. Rolfe Saunders, W.
K. Poston, Luke VV. Findlsy, J. II Kd
mondson, M. W. Clusky, J. B Robinson,
Joseph'Barbier, Wr. H. Rhea, J. O Durff,
Henry Hampton. '"- '"' " ,
A DacurEN Wosuif. Of all the abject
things to look at, we think a drunken
woman is the most pitiful. There is' so
much resemblance between a drunken
woman and a fallen angel that it sickens
the heart to contemplate the change.
The police, yesterday, arrested one of
this kind a woman, named Ellen Mor
rison. She was so much in liquor, nnd
so noisy, that the officers were forced to
lock her up.
" When lovely woman stoops to folly,"
There is no telling to what her weakness
will lead her.
i , 1 . . , ' . i
Theatkk. Last evening llio theatre
was crowded to its utmost ciipacity, it
being the occasion of Miss Thompson's
benefit The play, the Jrith Heiress,
was rendered in a capital manner, giving
entire satisfaction to all present. Tli
JrUh Ileiren being a success it will be
reproduced this evening, the occasion of
Miss Thompson's last appearance- Those
who desire to see the great Memphis fa
vorite will have to avail themselves of
this opportunity. We expert to see the
house crowded.
oAVE X our MONEY.-X ou can saves
large share of your money by having
your job printing executed at the Public
Ledger office. We make a specialty of
this part of our business, and, having
the most complete establishment in the
Southwest, bur facilities for doing the
best of work at lowest rates are unsur
passed by any house in this section. We
employ the best of workmen, have til!
the latest and newest styles of type and
presses, and give entire satisfaction to
all our patrons. Bring in your favors to
13 Madison street. t
Ths Election. -In a letterTrotu Chas.
Cameron, Esq , to Sheriff Winters, the
latter is called on to give information
whether he will hold an election for
State'a Attorney, or not, stating that the
Franchise law .is unconstitutional and
F.le., Etc., that the courts wonld nphold him in so-
doing . To which the Sheriff conoludos
his reply as follows : " My duty as Sheriff
of Shelby county is to execute the law,
not to decide upon its constitutionality
or unconstitutionality. The act of the
Legislature known as the Franchise law,
section 11. nrovides 'That no election
Ice Cream I ICe Cream ! ! 'U Uke place ontil the registration
provided for in this act shall be cora-
: ' ''Cigars,"'- '
Boat or liar Stores,
Art reminded that we are still prepared to ap
ply them with the best of goods, and at as rea
sonable rates a can be offered in the city. Kl
ein ine our atock and price. We guarantee sat
isfaction in ell rase". Fresh arrivals risilr.
aZ.-Sm No. Front street. Corner Court.
' Mo. 37 Madison Street.'
X I'bis. bae refitted aod retnmirhed his well
known saloon, ia first rla. style, for ladies and
gentlemen, who will be always waited upon by
polite and attentive waiters.
wOrdrr for parties, weddings, pie-nice, etc
filled at the shortest aotire. Bir-lm
JT. J . 11EILLY,
Wholesale and retail dealer la
Hat and Cap, Boots at Shoes,
220 Froat street. Id deer soath of Adams,
the above. my&-lm
pie ted in the county, circuit or district
in which said election ?hnll be held.' If
the registration contemplated by smd
act is completed as provided in said act.
and a writ of election issued to me, as
in said act provided, by the Govenor of
the State of Tennessee, I shall hold said
election for Attorney General ; if it is
not, I shall not hold said election."
Foa a Goos Cacsc There is nothing
speaks to nobly for the living as the re
spect they show the dead. Honor the
departed, and though they are no more
Man Pats Dearly, for a Foolish
Whim. There was on exhibition yester
day afternoon, at Frank's saloon, on Jef
ferson street, a large-sized snapping tur
tle, which attracted considerable atten
tion, especially that of a one-armed man,
who played with her snapship by trying
to poke a lighted cigar down her throat
a joke the turtle did not at all relish.
Se proprietor of the hause repeatedly
d the one-armed man to desist, but be
simply replied that he was not afraid.
He, however, poked the cigar at the
mouth of the turtle once too often, for
she made a sudden snap at him, and
took nearly an inch off his fore-Gnger,
as smooth as though it had been cut by
a sharp razor, including bone and all.
It was a foolhardy trick, and the poor
fellow paid dearly for his fun.
Sai.ooK. One of the most select assem
blages that ever met together was at the
Delmonico ioe cream saloon last evening,
and all seemed to enjoy themselves ex
ceedingly. The saloon is arranged in a
sumptuous and elegant manner, and will
surpass anything of the kind we have
seen for seme time. The cream was de
licious, but. people, who know John V.
Gilbert are aware that anything he un
dertakes is of the first order, for he neither
spares pains nor expense. The ladies'
parlor is furnished with a magnificent
piano. It is a delicious place to pass
five or ten minutes, and all parties who
visit this first-class ice cream saloon
win if- suiriuiru.il,, iui i, in..,.,,, c l g ETH I ! KC1NS are a
surpassed in anything. j 0 peo01, ,ppParance and personal
Charleston ad its Uab.iii-1s the j comfort Therefore, keep them in good
subject of a series of panoramic views "P-'' '"h n "'"Wished antidote for
in and around the city anfl harbor 0f l"le diseases that assail them, fragrant
Charleston, at the first stage of the war, ' Sozodonl. ;
showing all the forts and batteries used , Religious. Rev. Guilford Jones, D.
for the reduction of Fort Sumter under 1 D., has returned to his pastoral charge
Major Anderson. The scenes are troth- ' at Asbury Church, Hernando street,
ful, and possess artistic skill beyond any- j Preaching each Sabbath at 11 a m and
thing of the kind we have yet seen in- p m
The wphiIrt was beautilul this morn
iug The river is falling slowly. Busi
ness continues dull, duller, dullest.
The following are the arrivals and de
partures since our last
Platte Valley, Vicksburg.
Commonwealth, St.' Louis. '
- Louisville, Louisville.
Melnotte, New Orleans.
Indiana, New Orleans.
J. S. McCune, St. Louis
Belle St Louis, St. Louis.
Celeste, Arkansas river
Liberty No. 2, Louisville.
Olive Branch, St. Louis.
Olive Branch, New Orleans.
Platte Valley, St Louis.
Commonwealth, New Orleans
Indians, Louisville.
Melnotte, Cincinnati
Clifton, Cincinnati. . .
Albeit Pearce, St. Louis.
Southerner, St Louis.
Anglo Saxon, Little Rock
Centralia, Little Rock,
Mollie Hambleton, St. Francis river.
Boats in Fort
Celeste, Belle St Louis, J. S. McCune
Justice, St. Patrick, Liberty No. 2, Flor
ence Traber, Linnie Drown.
Boats Leaving; To-Day.
For St. Locis. The palatial steamer
Belle St. Louis leaves as above at
o'clock this evening. She is in charge
of the veteran Capt. Zeigler, with the
gallant and polite Billy Blenker, assisted
by that "phuniest" of all humans, Hank
Tyrrell in the office. Her exchange is
under the immediate care of Dave Kerr,
one of the most popular men on the river.
The Belle offers every accommodation to
shippers and psssergers. . , .
For White and Little Red Rivkrs
The splendid steamer Justice leaves' as
above at 5 o'clock this evening. She is
in charge of the gallunt Captain Baird.
In the office will be found Messrs. Kly
and Musso, two of the niuH gi'uiul and
whole-souled gentlemen that ever had
ctiargn ot tjnoKS. ine .iitstice is a gooa
steuiiicr and will go through iu double
quick time.
A morning paper stales that one of
the mob line of steam era will be here on
next Tuesday morning, with room enough
for three thousand bales of cotton. Iu
this connection, we stule that the Dcs
Arc, a boat that works for the interest of
our city, will leave on tue same nay,
ready to take all that she can curry, for
the Crescent City. It is a well known
fact that the mob line has been working
acainst our interest. 1 hey have never
done anything for Memphis. It is com
posed of men who would not give one
cent fur our. improvement Why, it is
onjy a few days sgo that this mob line
sent a man here from the'North to man
age its affairs here, as though we did not
have people here competent enough.
Let the merchants of Memphis remem
ber this, and act accordingly.
The annual report of the Chamber of
Commerce of the citv of Louisville
shows that during the year ending April
1st, ISOtj, there were 3731 arrivals and
3720 departures of steamers ; during the
same period 31 steamers were registered
of a carrying capacity of 34,079 tons,
and a value f 2.61C.250 ; of the above
steamers 11 were built at Louisville and
New Albany, since December, 18Cj.
Steamboat Pristiso. We respectfully
ask our steamboat friends to call and ex
amine the specimens of fine steamboat
printing daily executed at the PlTBLiC
Ledger office. Our prices will be found
to compare favorably with those of Cin
cinnati or S Louis, and to be greatly
below those ssked by other city offices.
Bring your orders directly to us, and
save the commission charged by parties
wke take in work they are not prepared
WniLE yon are in good health insure j te execute. 1
your life in the ..Etna Life Insurance 7 - , .
Company. No extra charge for residing j Monetary aiKl bOLTimerCial
and traveling anywhere South at all "
r l. n . fr X TTo Money Market.
agents, No 22 Madison street.
Circulations. A morning paper
keeps the following lines, in large letters,
at the head of its editorial columns :
" Largest circulation of any paper in
West Tennessee. Largest city circula
tion." The city circulation of the
Pontic Ledger is greater than that of
any other paper published in Memphis,
a fact which the editor of the paper al
luded to is perfectly aware of. 1 Comment
is not necessary. ' " ." , t
Strawberry Festival! The ladies of
the Presbyterian and Baptist congrega
tions who worship , at Eudora Church
have arranged to give a strawberry sup
per and pic-tiic, next Tuesday, in order
to raise means to repair their chnrch.
This is a most praiseworthy object, ami
shook ,be attended by every;' one. We
(rust to see a large assemblage for this
worthy occasion.
Abused His Wire. A man, named
Ross Green, got on a " high old bender,"
lust evening, and in thai stale went home.
Not being able lo quarrel with any one
else, he pitched into his better-half, and
gave her a good tongue la.diing, which
he would have followed up by a thorough
thrashing had not the police interfered
and lodged him iu the station-house.
The imagination is stimulated hy the
incense of flowers, ami if ever there was
poetry in perfume, it is breathed silently
and soothingly from Phuloti's " Night
Blooming Cereus," the most bewitching
of all the fragrant preparations' that
chemic art has extracted from the floral
kingdom. Portland Transcript.
Go There. For nil articles of choice
medicines, cosmetics, hair oils, and for
putting up presiTiulions in an unsur
passed manner, go to Messrs. Walker Si
Tozer's, No. 120 Beal street. They have
one of the best pharmaceutists in the
city, and pay strict attention to every
thing they sell. , mil Iw
Disorderly Houses. Policeman Bir
mingham last night arrested four
women, named, respectively,
Blondin OotdoKE. Miss Carralista,
the American female Blondin, will com
mence a .short engagement at the Na
tional theatre on Monday evening, May
14, 18C6. During next week she will
make a tight-rope ascension from the top
of the Irving Block to the top of the Fix
press building, being the same feat per
formed some months ago by Mods. Den
ier, and which attracted so much wonder
and enthusiasm among our citizens.
Bal Masude. We understand that a
grand masquerade ball is to take place
on Tuesday evening next, loth inst, at
Magnet Hall, No. 205 Main street.
Tickets can be procured at 18 Union
street, and at the Hall. Every variety
of masks can be had at Mrs. Rodner's,
247 Main street, and at the Hall. All
who intend being present should secure
their tickets at o"nce.
Special Notices.
Marriage and Celibacy, an Essay of Warn
ing and Instruction for Young Men. .Alto,
Diseases and Abuses which prostrate the vital
powers, with sure means of relief. Sent free of
charaein sealed letter eave'"Pe. Address, Dr.
J. HKILLIN H0UUHTON. Howard Ami.ei.i
tinn, Philsdetphis. Ps. Hpl'J-3id
The Port of Memphis.
Kane, Emma Stone, Mollie Galley and
Emma Gay, for keeping disorderly
honses. They will have an examination
to-day.'. .
We advise all going to housekeeping
to call at the great emporium of Messrs.
Blood 4 Co., No. 3CI Main and 40 and
40 Monroe streets,' for all kitchen furni
ture and tin, iron and copper wares
They sell at most reasonable prices.
Notice. A package marked "Mrs
Clementine Williams" is in the hands of
stranger who does not know where to
find the owner It should be delivered
to Cherot's drug store, 99 Main street.
COTTON We are now in the second week in
May, and still the Ions desired era of high
prices for cotton is not reached. Unexpected
large receipts, and a great decline in the price of
gold, for a long time prevented any permanent
advance, and now we have another and an
altogether unexpected adverse influence (till
further deferring the period ot high prices the
spprehension of war in Germany. This threat
ened eataetmphe 1 the occurrence of important
commercial failures; and the oritical condition
of certain joint stock companies have so de
ranged tlvo money markets of Europe, that
Dritich exporters have almost entirely sus
pended operations, and tat Liverpool market
lias, in consequence, to a great degree lost its
firmness. The British spinners expecting lower
prices in eonsequouoe of eonttnacd high re
ceipts In this country have stood ont of th
market, awaiting cotton to " touch bottom,'
and are bare of stocks. Driven into the market
every now and then by the absolute need of
cotton to carry on with, sales are run up and
priecs advance when they have obtained sufll
cicnt fur present wants they retire, and the ad
vsiice is Iot again. This accounts fur occasional
Vacillations in the Liverpool market. ' When it
is known iu England how rapidly receipts are
declining here, one important check to a per
manent advance will bereoibved j and if peace
thould be preserved, another opposing influence
will hare teased to txht. While all this is
taking pliice. however, the season U) passing,
and the dead time of the year is coming rapidly
upon us. The following is a review, day by day,
of lust week's market
Jfc'tiOAV. The previous day's market showed
a good inquiry, but holders would net sell at the
current rates and but a small amount of business
was done, at 27(328c for middlings. Gold in
.Vew Tork holders of eotton anxious to
realize at 3-i's'H. On (his day, again, buyers
and sellers were two cents apart, but holders
acceded a little and there was an advance of
one cent ; 30 cents was paid, in some instances,
for bright middlings. New Tork dispatches
quoted "cotton dull and nominal; middlings
scarce, SAiiie." In our market middlings were
!S32e. Sstcedit. In New Tork ootton was
in better demand, and rlrm atioc; gold 27 f
Ourmerchantsobtaiaed SUcfor middling readi
ly, and atnlerablegood day's business was done.
Middling 2'30c. Moxntv. News being re
ceived of heavy sales, (si.OOO bales on the week,
and an advance in Liverpool, holders askod 31o
lor miauling ; a sun later ngiun steamer re
potted a decline. This stopped business and
the market closed drooping. The latest English
quotations were: ".Middling upland li49
14Xd," precisely the rates reported on the pre
ceding Monday. But a moderate business was
done in our market. Middling SofJlo. Tcits
cat. Market unsettled by the Liverpool de
cline sua every small atnnaniol Busineriaone,
at lower rates. In Xew Tork eotton was ''dull
and nominal, i'.'tVx:." In our market middling
were 2&a.'S"o. WtastEOaT. Again avery dull
market, ouyors Doming on. Dull and norm
nal" in Xew Turk at M93Jc; gold 28 K. In
our market holders asked 30c ; selling rales went
down. Midd!ing25i2)o. TbcssdaT. The day
was even duller than the previoua one, buyers
and sellers being quite apart in their views. The
New Tork dispatches again stated that mid
dlings are scarce there. The noon dispatch
quoied "firm lWix." Gold rose from
the opening to at noon. The market
closed with a somewhat improved feeling
UnJInary - fcs Si I Mlddnng
' Lard
z. -. Linseed nyR,,..,,..,,...,
1 ' Train .'.....'...!...
: - Benaine' M
fork, mess, perbbl
viear siuea, per 10.-.
Shoulders "
Breakfast, per lb. ....
Hams, plain-
H ams, sugar-cured
KUz fc,
. Machine
Hand .............
RICE, per pound, '
In barrels Mw-.
SUGAR, per pound.
nisnwl and powdered..
, 1 90 9 I 00
0 00 d 1 es
...... 1 m ia 1 60
....... 0 2a & 0 30
I 26
-..'..83 OO ($33 00
.... 0 0 20
. . 0 Hlj!t 0 IS
0 22 $ 0 23
- 21 K 0 22
0 23 0 21
, 0 17
0 15
0 0 00
0 0 16
. 0 11 3 0 IS
0 18
, 0 16
0 18
0 UlA 0 16
3 50 0 4 00
Good Ordinary.
Low Middlings
2l'sJ5 Strict Mid'ng-...3(K3
1 Wood JliddlinK. O
by river for the
lid bales, against
RECEIPTS The receipts b;
Week ending May 10th were 111
415 bales lnt week. The shipments were 128ri
bales against vw bales last week. Mock on
hand April 3Jth, 21745 bales,kigainst 20.167 bales
on Marcn oist.
Uniform dullness in all branches, with little
chance in rates. There is still a good inquiry
for cotton teed. Corn, hay and oats are better.
Provisions are firm and advancing. Egirs are
sociething higher. Cornmeal hasadvanced.
BAilNtf AND R9PK Wa lower quota
tions : very little doing.
UrTTEK The demand is less active than
lust week, very little doing in common. It
takes a superior article of fresh batter to bring
CHEESE-New in slight demand : a little is
doing in nne English dairy; prices unchanged.
l'OL'I.TRY Chickens in small suddIv and
moderate demand. Nothing doing in turkeys,
ducks or geese.
COFFEE bull and lower.
. CORN MEAL Stock increasing and prices
lc-s nrin ; good kiln dried is in tair demand
EGGS A moderate demand and less plenti
ful : prices higher.
FEED (ienemlly quiet. Corn is higher and
liulJeis are g-ner,il!v storing, holding at &-.
with moderate demand, liny u in rather better
request at an improvement. Utits are in small
Muck, with some demand at higher figures.
limn nut little wanted, prices irregular; we
hour ot mall sales at .f -4.
FI.UVU Higher but very irregular, holders
are pressing l,wer qualitieson tbe market, with
little result, and prices are nominal. The higher
grade nre tolerably linn.
APPLES Green apples are scarce and sell
readilv. Very fine New York sell at f 12.
LAfU) Dull and higher.
LIME Ohio dull; cape in better demand
and firm, with occasional sales at S3 25.
PROVISIONS In fair demand, and higher
BULK PoRK-tocks about exhausted ; the
season is over. '
SI'tlAR Some demand for clarified.
TOBACCO A fair amount of business done
in tbe higher qualities, at firm and unchanged
prices far iIiofc descriptions.
VEGETABLES Next to nothing doing; a
few potatoes are selling at &V3 jO for good
COTTON 6EED The demand, continues
active ; priecs are somewhat irregular, but hove
not gono so high as some speculators antici
pated : 11 fvic is the more usual rate.
TAR We lower quotations, but ratcj are
verv irregular with different holders.
STOCK The following are sales made during
the week at J. Burkle Jc Co.'s Southern and
Western Snwkyard, Chelsea : Cattle j head
weighing 5iJtl gross, at 14c nett ; 5 head jftll)
gross, at 14c nett ; 2 head 2nj0 gross, at 14c nett:
3 head 3U7U gross, at 14c nett ; 3 bead 3:170, at
Y.Kc nett 1 IS head 19.4W gross, at 12V. nett ;
2 head 2."i gro?s, at 12,'e nett ; 4 head 470.1 gross,
at 12' .e nett; 2 bead X2H) gross, at 12c nett; 2
head i)0gross, at Uc nett. Sheep 30 head at
per head, none on market. Hogw 32 head
weighing INS, at 7c gross.
UAiiiil.Mi, per yard,
O 0 31
0 7,2
6 50
1 7 5 2 00
a 0 40
0 60
9 0 24
9 0 20
0 2,
Mn 00
X0 (10
West, j
valuable as historical records cf that
great epoch of the war. These truthful
illustrations are interesting in them
selves, but doublv so whea presented as
works of artistic skill worthy of admira-
tion, apart from any associations con
nected with them.
Prauc Mirnxo To-Nioht. Ftltov
Cititem of Sow 3fempit : Let as
meet at Ergine-house No. T, Desoto
P.st. i. W. Rogers officiates in St
Lazarus Church, corner Madison and
Second streets, to-morrow.
Roastar. A man named Charles
Brown was arrested yesterday by officer
McSheme, charged with robbery.
Board, 7 per week, al the Cosmopol
itan Restaurant, No. 33 Monroe street
tn-2w R Hollander Co.
Exchange is baying at par, and selling at
premium. Time bills are freely taken at the
sure rlrawback I f""owinf Thirty day bills. IS Per
; cam. oisreuni i Bitten u7 uum, 71 pw cenu
i discount ; 10 day bills, ' j per rent, discount.
Gold is decidndly on the wane.
The Banks boy Gold to-day reluctantly, at
23, and no demand of eoneqtnee. They
ship to New Tork. Eilver IS buying, 20 selling.
Interest bearing Notes improve as the inter
est acmes. Dates of Jane, command
107; ef Jaly. l-t, IOCS; of Aagust, ISM. j
106; of October. XrCA. llS ! of December. 1V4, j
Iff ; of May, lo, lSPn. 1
City Scrip and Coupons. Trt to
Mississippi Cotton M mcv, 1?V. '
There is a aoatiniedgood demand for I niB j
Bank notes at 75 baying, and SO selling. j
J tan ten Bank notes are bought at so and
sold at IB.
Bank of Tennessee notes are dull and heavy,
with ae diatni thongh H Is now conceded that
II dares, ir sportive of signatures, will be ac
knowledged ia Lqnidatlsg prior to May. 11.
. CottonTMarket.
There is a decline of oe cent ia the eottnn
ioutKiu We qaote :
Ordinarr S24 1 Middling .2V3u
Good Ordinary.-2 2 Strict M iddliTnr-"!
Lew Middling 2"i2S Good MrddPtti-'
In.lta 0 30
P iwer lM.m 0 31
BROOMS, perdosen 2 50
BbAs. per Dusuet, .
BUTTER, nernonnd.
t.ommon -. u .10
Tubs.... 0 45
CANDLES, per pound.
Star - 0 19
CHEESE, per pound
ivestern Keserve.. .... u 11
Enirli"h Dairy 0 24
CHICKENS, perdosen 9 00
luikcva. ier dosen. ...... .t)u 0U
COt i L K, per pound.
K10 11 7Vi U 'a
Laguayra 32 0 3i
Java 0 40 (m 0 42
CORN MEAL, 4 00 6 4 H
CRACKERS 0 10 0 15
EGGS, per dosen. 0 23 0 0 24
Hsv, per ton, 21 OO 23 09
Hay, inferior, 1 00 2 If)
Rran ...21 00 b23 0"
Corn, per bnshel - 0 82M9 0 87S
Oats -.. 0 57) ,4 0 tsi
Mackerel Mo, 1 perbbl. 21 00 22 JC
No. 2 " 19 On 20 00
, " No.lhf.bbL 1100 ei2
" No. 2 " - 9 00 S10 OC
" Ne. 1. per kit S 11 S 2
" Ko. 2. " " 0 01 S 08
Pry Cod, per pound 0 0
White Fish, per bf. bbl I SO 0 00
FLOVR, per barrel.
Superfine 7 25 8
Single Extra-...- 1. 8 tO 9 U0
Double extra. 10 OO 11 00
. Treble Extra 12 OO 13 Pfl
Fancy Brands 14 OU ib 00
FRUIT, per barrel. .
Apples, green.... .... s ' wii is
1 : . Clarified....
SALT, per barrel
SOAP, per pound.
German .,
; Palm. ....
SODA, per pound...
. Allspice...
Cloves. .............
Ginger 0 30
Nutmegs.... 1 75
Pepper.. ........ 0 39
Mustard 1 00
TEA, per pound, -
Green - 1 75
Black 1 uo
TOBACCO, neroonnd.
fine. Fancy Va.newwork 1 40 1 00
Fine Va. and natural leaf... 1 15 1 40
Good bright, do ... . 1 00 & 1 15
Medium bright, sound..... 0 85 1 00
Common do do . 0 60 S 0 70
Common, out of order 0 20 (? 0 45
Navy, Bi 0 60 ( 0 70
Navy. M tt... 0 IX W 0 K
Smoking..... 0 20 1 4r
TAR, per 1 d kegs 1 25 H fl SO
.-.OH a 0 15
-.0 11 0 12
-.0 10 0 11
...0 13 OO 14
... 0 35 (9 0 37
u bo m 0 70
w oat
2 00
a 0 40
1 25
0 15
d 1 50
Formerly wifh Hill
man Bros., Memphis.
Formerly withHilliuan
Bros., Nashville,
Agents for .
The only Stock kept In the city.
Xo. 210 Front Street,
-A. full uiply constantly On lux d.
sissr e.sisi. w. t. hires
H. G. DENT & CO., .
Real Estate General Collecting
Corner of Hernando and Bead Streets,
tention to the baying and selling of keal
Estate, Leasing cf Lands and City Lots, Collec
tion of Rents and Civil Claims, and to Paying
Taxe on Property in the city of Memphis ana
The senior member of the firm havingresided
in this citv for the oast twentv-fiva ven.r.
during the most of which time he has been par-
iiany engareu in tne Keal estate Dnsinesi,
holies that the patronage heretofore extended
to iiiin will be continued to the new firm, who
pledge themselves to give full satisfaction.
i-02 Ma
te have this day associated
vv ourselves together for the nurnose of do
ing a Genera! Commission Business, jiuder the
firm style of Minter, Berlin A Dobbs.
Marcb lor lty.
llenry to a. Danville, Va.
W. I. BERLIN, Memphis, Tenn.
Virginia Tobacco Agency.
Cotton, Tobacco Factors,
i so
ftener's! Commission Merchants,
No 12 West Court Street,
Our snecial attention riven to tbe sale of all
kinds of produce. Orders solicited for the pur
chase of goods when the money acconinanius
the iirdcr. ' mar31-3m
Kcccutly or Holly springs. Miss.
Collection & Gen'l Agents,
"!'0 Main street, Giyoso Block, upstairs,
Agents for the
American Laud Company,
Boston New York Chiokasaw land Co ,
Boston and Mississippi Cotton Land Co ,
Mississippi Bottom Land Company,
formerly represented by W. Goodman and
tbe Messrs. Orne.
U ill nay taxes, buy, sell or lease city prop
erty, or lands, and plantations, collect claims. a
etc., ia Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and
May 1, lfto. my2-lm
Sef- Ventilating American Refrigerators
ana Jos. )r. n ayn s tieer Coolers
Dried apples - 0 In
Pried peaebos, halve-. 0 15
Gunnies, new 0 .nl
Gunnies, second band. . 0 11
Burlni". second hand..- . 0 lo
Uuarter geg.
fl all kegs
Nails, rer keg. S P
Cot spikes... it
is 0 H
4 1)11
9 0 00
0 2"
at 4 S
Ot 6 7
All ao
9 2"
m 8 fo
Wrnurht boat stiikea 1 l lKb 00
Cast in tr'. hollowware, f lb 0 U" 0 li
Ear iroa 7H 0 fH
Horse-shoe iron u u
Nail rod .... .. 0 1 O Si
Caw steel. Fnrltsh..
Eiister sieei, English-.
, Germasi steel
Manilla a ,
LAKI). per pound.
In ti' -
Care -
JfOLA.vKS, per gallon.
Itarrtls and half bbl
Golden fyrup
OILS, per gallon.
. a t
. 0 n
. 0 21)
(i 0 3
0 s
. 0 03
0 (si e 24
0 00
. 1 n
. 0 an
. 1 M
I 1 Ti
.060 t) 0
Shower Baths, riunse
fv of housekeepers' goods. Southern agency
of P. P. Stewart's celebrated Cooking Stoves,
Charter Store Emporium,
myi-lrn 199 Main st , pnr!W"'ntto.
St. Louis Paper Warehouse.
S3 Second Strict,
Kt. I-ni, Missouri.
Facer in the Was at
mar 10-39

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