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Oillco. Mo. 13 SladUon ree
the oiggXL.
Friday Evening. Feb. 15th, 1867
Local Notices, inserted among tbe
rending matter, will be charged twenty
t centH per line fur each insertion.
Urown & Jones, ollice 217 Seoond street
Brunch office !5! Main Htroet R. C.
Uite, nont. 113
riTTABtiRO Coau Briggs 4 Peterson,
ollice 13 Miidisou street Branch office,
,19 Union street J. B. Moseley, agent.
We are the only coal merchants who
: weigh on the city scales. 3
' Cauiiht at Last. Thou. Burns, woll
1. n rt iI.a nnlipn and thieves as
- pnunii i " ...w - -
"Brockey" Burns, has been deprednting
y npon the unwary for some time. lie
S belongs to the Bame gang as Sam Swee
I nny, and has been sharp enough to keep
himself ont of the clutches of the law.
Occiuionally be wuld be arrested, but
nothing being directly .proved against
him, would be discharged. It is an old
' snying that it's a long lane that has no
turning, and Brockey has been caught
at last, with a good prospect of an elec
tion to serve a term of years in close
proximity to Brownlow at Nashville.
An individual from the country named
John Sully was passing along Front
street yesterday, when Brockey made bis
acquaintance in tbe usual way, and in
vited him to take a drink. One drink
was followed by another and another
and several others until Sully became
pretty full, good natured and willing to
do anything that his friend desired.
Brockey proposed a trip on the railroad,
which was acceded to, and both parties
started for the Memphis and Ohio depot
On the road there, officer Dowling ob
served the pair, and knowing the charac
ter of Brockey, watched the movements
at a distance. The friendly pair stopped
in an alley, when the policeman saw
Brockey put his hand in his friend's
pocket and draw out something. He
then stepped forward and arrested
Brockey, who is now in jail awaiting
trial. Sully says ho was roVbed of forty
A Metropolitan ih Tbooblk, Ira
V. Tuttle, a member of the Metropoli
tan Police force, the same who arrested
Eb. Titus when he killed Capt Munroe,
and cut a prominent figure at the trial in
regnrd to the $10,000 in gold for a trip to
Europe, has been indicted bya grand
jury at St Louis. Some two months ago
two horses and a buggy were stolon from
Mr. Charles S. Ilunt, residing near St
Louis. The fact was reported to the
detectives of that city. For some time
they were unable to find any trace of the
stolen property. It was ascertained that
the thief had" gone South and sold his
booty to a gentleman in Arkansas. The
matter was carefully worked up by the
detectives, until it finally appeared that
the property had been stelen by a man
named Clifford, had been purchased by
Ira V. Tuttle, a member of the Memphis
detective force, and represented as a
faithful, efficient officer. An indictment
was found by the grand jury against
Clifford for the theft, and one against
Tuttle for his connection with the mat
ter. It appears, howover, that the Mem
5 phis detective made the purchase with-
out any knowledge of the property hav-
ing been stolen, and learning recently
I thnt an indictment had been found
- iigaiiist him, he went to St Louis, and
. on Inst Tbursduy gave himself up to the
police. lie whs taken before Judge
Primm, of the Criminal Court, and was
released on a bond of $1500. Capt. Lee,
of the detective corps, went his security.
. .
Theatrical. Rory 0 More was pro
duced at the Now Memphis Theatre last
; evening, with Mr. Florenco as the inim-
italile " Rory," which he sustained in a
manner commensurate with his reputa-
- tion as one of the best delineators of
' Irish characters on the American stage,
i Mrs. Lanagan made a sweet " Kathleen,"
.i and did excellently well, while Messrs.
I Lanagan, Drake, Marston and Kingsley
contributed to the success of the piece
. l,y their truthful acting. In the Yankee
' Housekeeper, Mrs. Florence shone forth
with undiminished lustre, by her repre
sentation of the iriepressible Yankee
gal ; her singing, as usual, was encored.
, To night Mr. V. J. Florence will take a
f benefit, when we expect to see ft large
! and fushionabU audience present as
I ninny scats have been taken. Buck
stone's fumous csmedy of The Irixh
Linn will be produced, with Mr. Flor
. ence as "Tim Moore." The protean
' furce of Thrice Married will also be
performed, in which Mr. and Mrs.
! Florence appear; Mrs. Florence sus
J tuiiiing four characters, and singing
? goccral songs, including the new and
i laughable sneezing song.
Assiri.Tixo a Cpsto-rr. Robert Ly
tic, who keeps grocery store in the
northern portion of the city, was ar
raigned before Esquire Lee, yesterday,
on the complaint of Mrs. Mary Dolan,
for assaulting her. It seems that Mrs.
lbilau went to the store, purchased some
procerus and paid a sum ef money.
When the bill was made out Mr. Lytle
pave hor creJit for twenty two dollars
ch he said the bended bim twenty
five. A depute arose, and some words
more forcible and expressive than ele
pnt ere used by one or both the par
ti, f. Finally Mr. Lytle came from be
hind the counter, and as hit witnesses
how. pruned hrr toward the door. Mrs.
1 ,,! swore that be stuck her with his
'fist Several wilne-sei were examined,
," manipulated by the lawyers, who
..--.red to ron.iJer the cae a very im
rH.it.ht w.e. E'HQirt L" fttW be
case by requiring Mr. Lytle to give one
thousand dollar bonds for Li appearance
at the Criuiinulourt.
Limit IIoi-Hse NomKxi-i.osiv Oil
Wo offer to the public this celebrated oil,
and in doing so we unhesitutingly pro
nounce it superior to any burning oil in
use. It is non-explosive, free from
grease, it will not grease the hands, it
will not soil or grease the clothing, it is
more brilliant than gas, it produces a
soft and beautiful light, it is not so trying
to the eyes, it can be used in any kero
sene lamp by changing or altering the
burner. It has been moist favorably re
ceived, and pronounced by judges to be
the best and most reiulflo oil now in the
market; and in consequence of the
mn.ny serious accidents arising from the
explosion of kerosene, this oil is exten
sively known and used in preference.
We are now prepared to furnish the
trade with this valuable oil, and we so
licit from the public an examination and
trial. First premium awarded at the
Louisiana State Fair, held in New Or
leans, from Nov. 20lh to 27th, 1HCC,
against all competitors.
For sulo by Rkinhardt & Wktt-r,
13 and 13 Monroe street,
112-eod Memphis, Tenn. -
The Mod. The mud on Main and other
streets is almost as bad, at the present
tipie, as it was during the famous muddy
spell about two months since; and speaks
with particular force in favor of paving
good raviai, as soon as possible. It is
a hard matter to cross at any place
without being covered with mud frdlu
head to foot ; for, the drivers of hacks,
drays, and other vehicles appear to take
a delight in splashing the unfortunate
pedestr ans, and rush along regardless of
their presence. We saw a well dressed
individual covered-with mud this morn
ing, while crossing Main street When
he succeeded in getting across, he bad
more sport than a leopard, was muttering
something like "Jam it!" and scanning
the mud with eager eye as if searching
for a rock to hurl at the hackman, as a
mark of affection for changing the color
of his clothes.
Till most fashionable skirt now in use
is Burlock's "Promenade" skirt; a full
supply in all sizes just received at El
son's, 207 Main street 41
Elson'b Mammoth . Cheat Store.
Owing to a change in this firm, to take
place on tbe 1st of March, the-proprietors
have determined to offer their entire Block
at Eastern cost, in order to reduce their
really lame and magnificent stock prior
to taking inventory. The character of
this firm is too well known to call for any
praise from our hands; it is sufficient to
say, that when they advertise to sell at
cost, they do so; and will not hesitate at
any sacrifice to effect their object. Their
stuck must be reduced. 1 To parties want
ing any goods in the clothing or dry goods
line, -we .would say, cut out Ebon's
advertisement and give them a trial
before purchasing elsewhere; and, we
can assure them a saving of from twenty
five to fifty per cent Remember Elson's
mammoth cheap store.
Davis A Bauuh. We desire to call
the attention of our readers to the card
of these gentlemen, which appears in our
issue of to-day. We have known them
long and well; and when grim visaged
war had well nigh desolated every hearth
stone in this our Southern land, and
when our people, surrounded by difficul
ties which seemed almost insurmounta
ble, they ever proved true to the in
terests confided to them, never fultered
in the discharge of their duty. It is euch
men capable, honest and true that we
commend to our planting friends; such
men as these that cotton shipments can
be made to with the certainty of a speedy
account of sales, with fullreturns. They
also keep a good supply of fresh family
groceries always on hand, and for sale
at low rates. Try them.
At Eastern cost till March 1st, at Ep
son's mammoth cheap store. 41
Tub Buihlayb. The celebrated Biiia
lay Family put in an appearance at the
Greenlaw Opera House last evening,
and were welcomed with a fair audience
in spite of-the wretched condition of the
streets. The tableaux were very beau
tiful and impressive, being received with
marks of npprobotion. The gymnastic
feats of the Buislay Brothers fully equal
ed, if not excelled anything of the sort,
we ever saw. The famous "Spiral Moun
tain" feat, by Auguste Buislay, was truly
wonderful, and his nerve and daring were
rewarded with a genuine burst of enthu
siastic applause. The whole perform
ance gave general satisfaction, and will
have the effect of insuring them a full
house every evening during their limited
stay in this city. '
Stealing Svppliej, Henderson Stew
art, a colored waiter at the Commercial
Restaurant, on Adams street, has been
committed for trial at the Criminal
Court for stealing groceries, tableware,
etc., from his emplrter.
Polics Court. -Thirteen names
graced the Police Cojairt docket this
morning, two being discharged, two
State cases and ninf were fined in sums
totalling one hundrci and eighteen dol
lars. Only one individual paid his fine
six dollars; he hat been on - drunk,
but was lucky enou to have that much
left Geo. Gardner, colored, is held for
trial for stealing,- V is "Brockey"
Burns, who became to excited while
traveling with a druiken man yesterday
that he put his hand in the individual's
pocket and made as ee with his money
as il it had been bis wo.
Wirt WHipr.RS.'-Two individuals
were arraigned in Uc Police Court this
morning for amusing themselves by cas
tigating their bettci halves. , The first
one gave his name as Andrew O'Con
nors, and caid he tas a German; he
was fined twenty-fivt dollars and costs,
and being without funds will have to op
erate for fifty-three J.1JS on the chain-
gang. Hero No. 2 was named Henry
Reeves, and was colored, slightly, llo
was charged fifteen dollars for his fun,
and was also sent on the chaingaug.
Read Elsou's advertisement, and pro
fit thereby. 41
Chancery Court. The following
caset were disposed of yesterduy : D C
Cross vs R Topp et al, decree dissolved
and bill dismissed; M Mitchell et al vs
John Brown et al, decree setting rig-U,
rofcrence and appeal ; Jacob Oumbinger
vs E Ivinson et al, decree dissolving in
junction ; R Topp vs A R Uerron et al,
bill dismissed ; Guy, Alden & Co. vs W
II Bigelow et al, decree for sale ; W L
Cook vs O C Jones et al, injunction dis
solved and reference ; Isabella Wing vs
P G Meath et al, decree in favor of com
plainant To-day is motion day.
Elson's great sale at cost till March
Knoc ked Dow and Robred. Thos.
Faulkner complained to the police this
morning that he was knocked down and
robbed of twenty-five dollars at the cor
ner of Adams and Main streets about
one o'clock this morning! Ho was
slightly intoxicated at the time and could
give no clue that might lead to the dis
covery of the perpeirntor of the knock
down. A Stabbing Slit. A short time since
W. J. Saint stabbed Caleb Cox, in con
sequence of which the latter has been
unablo to atteud to his business. Hav'
ing recovered he seeks satisfaction by
law, and has sued Saint for two hundred
and fifty dollars damages. The case
will come up before Esquire Lee on the
23d inst
Go to 44 Monroe street and got your
paints, oils, glass and brushes. 141
Wiiex thistles yield figs, then, and not
till then, will the extracts made from
common essential oils take rank with
Phalon'a " Night-Blooming Cereus," the
rich product of living tropical flowers.
The demand for it, vast as it is, has not
yet attained its full proportions. Bel
fast Journal. 1,0
Me bb News. Ed. Worsham, Main
street, near Jefferson, keeps all the load
ing periodicals published ia the country,
together with many sent forth from Eng
land, Ireland, Turkey, Greece and other
countries. When you want something
to read, call on Ed. He can supply you
with anything you need. '
A Few Plows. Tbe steomer Leonidas,
now at the wharf, en route to New Or
leans, has seven thousand plows among
her freight A few were put off here.
They will replace some of those that
were destroyed as a military necessity
during the war.
Mixed paints, at 44 Monroe st. 141
Sale ov Cotton. A. Alston, Master
in Chancery and receiver in the case of
the Merchants' National Batik vs. A. Al.
Sawver & Co.. sold three hondred and
nineteen bales of cotton yeBterday at
auction. The price realized ranged from
2531 c per pound.
Newsboys' Sunday School. Some
philantrophic individuals have secured
the Council Chamber, in Exchange Build
inrr.for the purpose of establishing a Sun
day school for newsboys. The move
ment is to be inaugurated noxt bunuay.
Glass cutting, 44 Monroe et 111
Accident. Yesterday morning, Jerry
Cronan, who lives on the Hernando road,
while crossing Beal street, near Second,
stumbled and fell, striking against a
stone in the crossing, which dislocated
his shoulder '
Cbiminal Court. The jcire facias
docket was called for the second time this
morning. To-morrow it will be called for
the last time. On Monday the felony
docket will be taken up.
A Large Stock. The largest Btock of
hardware in this city is at Blood & Co. s,
3GI Main street, who sell at prices that
cannot faM to please. Housekeepers are
invited to call and inspect their stock
and prices.
Scbapbbs and Plows Treat & Ham
ilton nuke them on Madison street.
Livery Stable. Those who are
necessitated to patronize a livery stable
would do well to remember the Arcade,
presided over by Mr. Kirwan. Horses
and buggies for hire, and stock well taken
care of.
McDonald & Cole have removed to
No. 44 Monroe street, where they keep
a large assortment of paints, oils, glass,
putty, varnishes, brushes, and painters'
materials generally. HI
Died An honest Quartermaster, at
Fred Wolf and Henry Fazzi's hair
dressing saloon hair and whiskers 40J
North-Court street 141
Just Received. At Elson's, 217
Main street, Burlock's ' Promenade
Skirt," for the street or house light and
Fob Sale Cheap for cash, the stock
and fixtures of a first-class millinery and
dress making establishment. Apply 125
Union street Possession given imme
diately. 142
Haircut to suit the counwnance, at
Fred Wolf and Henry Fazzi's hair dress
ing saloon, 4flj North Conrt street 141
Just Received. Burlock's "Prom
enade Skirt," the most fashionable now
in use, at Elson's, 247 Main street 41
For the Strect. Burlock's "Prom
enade Skirt," the latest style out, at El
son's, 247 Main street. 41
Barbarous. Gt shaved at Wolf
Fazzi's, 4C1 North Court street, Hittner's
old stand. 141
Fresh Shad and Lake Fish at No. 7
Madison street ' 140
Cotton Planters at Treat i, Hamil
ton's. Paixtinq material, at 44 Monroe st
Tho Port of Memphis..
The river is still rising at this point
Weather warm and c loudy, with plenty of
mud at the landing. Business tolerably
active. ....
. be following are the arrivals and de
partures :
Des Arc, White River.
Guidon, Arkansas River.
Dan Able, Vicksburg.
M. E. Fomvthe, St Louis.
Virginia, New Orleans.
T. L. McGill. New Orleans.
Columliian, Vicksburg.
Mury Erwin, tlincinuali.
Belle Memphis, St Louis.
Mississippi, Louisville.
Virginia, Louisville.
Columbian, St Louis.
Deer Lodge, St. Louis.
Henry Ames, New Orleans.
Mississippi, New Orleans.
Rob Roy, New Orleans.
T. L. McGill, St Louis.
Boats In Port.
Rose Hambletun, Anna,' Wauaita,
Belle Memphis, Sam. J. Hale, Mary Ir
win, Leonidas, Natoma, Des Arc, Guid
on, Dan Able, Mary E. Forsythe, South
erner. Boats Leaving; To-Day.
Cui'roand St. Louis. The magnifi
cent Belle Memphis, in charge of Capt
Dan. Mnsselman, departs at five this
evening for St Louis. Larry Eotler
presides in the 6ffice.
Helena and St. Francis River. The
popular steamer Natoma, in charge of
the gallant Capt J. S. Cummmgs, is the
regular packet for St. Francis river this
evening. W. IL Clark and Jas. Lyons
attend to the official duties.
Kapoleon and Pine Bluff. At five
o'clock this evening Rose Uambleton
sails for the above points. Captain John
Claycomb commands, and will look after
the wants of passengers.
Little Rock The light draft steamer
Mary Erwin, Capt James L. Maginnis,
tTm. Kyle, clerk, departs for the Arkan
sas river at five o'clock this evening.
She'll do to travel on.
. The Arkansas river is rising, with eight
feet to Little Rock. The Ohio is reported
stationary at Louisville, with seven and
a half feet on the falls. River dispatches
will be found in our telegraphic columns
Steamboat Printing. We respectfully
ask our steamboat friends to call and ex
amine the specimens of fine steamboat
printing daily executed at the Publio
Ledger office. Our prices will be found
to compare favorably with those of Cin
cinnati or St Louis, and to be -greatly
below thoso asked by other city offices.
Bring your orders directly to us, and
save the commission charged by put ties
who take in work they are not prepared
to execute. t
Special Notices.
Special Kotices will be inserted in this col
umn for ten cents per line for each insertion.
Amusements this Evening.
W. J. Florence "The Irish Lion" and
"Thrice Married." t
BLUFF CITY MUSEUM Cor. Jefferson and
Second aU. Fine collection of Living Curi
osities. NEV OLYMPIC THEATRE. New and at
tractive programme nightly.
The Healing; Pool and House of Mercy.
young men, on tho crime of solitude and the
errors, abuses and discanea which destroy the
manly powers, and create impediments to
marriiiKO, with sure means of relief. Eent in
sculod letter envelopes, free of charge. Ad
dress Dr. J. SKILLIN HOUGHTON. Phila
delphia. Pa. 4-34
A Card to Invalids. A Clenryman. while
residing in South America as a missionary,
discovered a safo and simple remedy for tbe
cure of Nervous Weakness, Early Decay, Dis
eases of tbe Uriuary and Seminal Organs, and
tho whole traia of disorders brought on by bane
ful and vieious habits. Great numbers have
been already cured by this noble romedy.
Prompted by a desire to beneGt the afflicted
and unfortunate, I will send the recipe for pre
paring and using this medicine, in a sealed en
velope, to any one who needs it frtt of ehurgt.
Please inclose a post-paid envelope.addressed
to yourself. Address
4-5 Statioa D. Bible House, New York City.
The Great Heed Supplied ! Pills have been
swallowed in millions. Salves bare been rubbed
in by the pound. Dr. Maooikl's two grand
specifics are putting au end to .this wholesale
system of medication. One of his fuuious pills
is a dose. A box of his healing salve is of more
value, as a remedy for uloerous and eruptive
diseases, than a ship's cu'iro of the ointments
advertised to cure everything, but are, all, in
fuct, either useless or deleterious.
Dr. Maogkii.'s motto is conckntraticn. He
baa placed in the smallest compass the active
principle of the most potent vegetable spevi Oct.
There is no mineral in his Pills tby do not
gripe they do not enfeeble. They create a
vigorous appetite.and eorrespondinglystrength
en the digestion. They tune the lliver, clear
the head and steady the nerves.
No form of scrofulous disease can resist the
disonfectent operation of the Salve. Tumor
Abscesses, Suit Rheum, Boils, Pimples, Pus
tules, etc., are thoroughly eradicated by this
unrivaled medicine. In fact Maooicl's Bil
ious. Dyspkitio ad Uiiiian Pills cure
where all others fail. While for Burns. Scalds,
Chilblains, Cuts, and all abrasions of the skin,
Maggiel's Salvo is infallible. Sold by J. Mag
gie). 43 Fulton street New York, and all Drug
gists, at 1) cents per box.' 4-141)
Notice. We earnestly request our friends
not to pay more than fire cents a copy for the
Public Lkdoks. We sell to the newsboys at
two cents a copy, thus allowing hhein over a
hundred per cent, rrofit op every paper.
Monetary and Commercial
Cotton Market
Th- m niiie inuuirv for the better grades
of ettt to-day. but the sales were small. We
noticed an iriortant sale was made yesterday
by ordfT of the Chancery Court, ia favor of the
M...l..nt''tional Ban. of 31 bales, ine
bidding was very spirited, and the pric-
rraliied being from S to 31'i ecnts, wmcn waa
rtinlr above the market the
average Uiug 30 cents per pound. Receipts
yesterday were il bales, -.ports, o Mien.
Ordinary ?v,i-2S I Middling !7S
Ouxi Ordinary- Mrict M idd g '
Low Middimg.i'.i7 I Good Midd g Sotf-U
Honey Market
dold declined to 13i buying, aad is dull.
City Scrip active at 7ft7i. County warrants
selling at V0 to tti. Southern money is dull and
rates are barely maintained. Broker pay the
fullowing rates for State banks : Bask of Cbat-U-oorm,
II ; Back of Memphis, par; Bank of
MuUleTenaewee, Bank f Tennewee (old
Issue), 4 t Bank of West Tennessee. AO: City
Bank of Nashville. Mi Commercial Hook, pari
Merchants' Bauk, Til Oooe Bunk, i Plan
ters' Hunk, 77 1 Southern Bank.&J; Bauk of
.jhelbyvllle, 70 1 Traders' Bank. l Union
Bank. 77.
Ocnoral Market.
ALU, perhalf barrel
BAiiiUMl, per yard,
.10 60 012 00
tnum mm. ......
MM 0 2tf
.. 1H
J 00
V) u .HI
0 "4
m v
tt 4 7
Kfwnml . ksa.nil......
BROOM!, per dosen......
BEANS, per bushel.
IN nvv... ...........
IS I w
BUTTKH, per pound.
Tutu -ml l'alll.....
. 0 33
, 0 ii
0 0 .".'
CANDLKS. per pound.
PUsJeeenw . 'oesemisse
Jll 0 0 24
.. 0 W (ii 0 65
, 1 M
.. t 1 ''si
..- 8 25j 4
(J LI, V 1IK1U
1) U.Y 1uiu.m-
Kley's K It, y l(fK) ..
Kiev's F II. V 10UU....M.
CRM K. NT. per barrvl
CUEKSE, per nuind
w estera uearve....M
Factory ... m.m...
triirlish Dairy
0 IS
0 17
7 ou
0 0 In
(. II IS
th. ii :i
Ml ! Ml
(to o :"t
( 0 411
tat 0 ''.'
p S 40
o II
M 0 It
(4 0 40
r:u 00
fw 00
W't) no
to I 10
a o no
! S 00
(-10 !if
fccl2 00
fa13 00
fa.17 00
a c oo
M 11
W 0 14
CHICK NS. perdnten...
Turkeys, per doieo.
COFFKK. per pound.
,.JW 00
m., 0 21
0 St)
0 S4
.... 1 7i
. 3i
Mutter ...mm m.
Sueur ....
FOOH. per doien.. .
II av. per ton.
...30 00
M.r) U)
MM. 1 HI
0 bi
7 OO
M.M 9 W
1 1 00
M.12 26
14 (SI
15 'M
.Z 012
Il ay, inferior,. ....... ..
Corn, per bushel, ........ .
OatS MM......M-....M-
FLOUR, per barrel.
Low Superfiue
Superfine..... ...........
Single Extra -
Double extra..
Choice Double Extra
Fancy Brands.. ...........
FRUIT, per barrel,
A pples, green .m.....
Dried applet, ....-...
Dried peaches, halve..
Mackerel No. 1 perbbl,.
22 00 (421 00
hi SO fo20 00
no. x
Ne.l hf.bbl U 50
Ai:i 00
(toll 60
3 60
4 3 15
(ft 3 00
No. 2 M .....11 l
No.S M 10 00
Ne. 1. per kit 3 31
n o. i, .... a iw
Ku. 3
Z 79
Drv Cod. ter pound
0 M
8 60
(4 0 I'J
White Fish, per hf.bbl
W v 60
Quarter kogs.
11 alt' kegs
Kees -
..MM 6 30
(3 SM
M 5 m
..10 00 U10 50
Nails, per keg, Hid to 40d.. 8 2
" Si .- 8 M5
" ' 6d 8 75
Cut spikes...... g 00
Wrought bout spikos ..11 W
Castings, hollowwure. lb 0 B
ll.r in.n Oil
8 60
ill. ft 'M
la V (10
12 00
k 0 10
(O 0 (-7
Home-shoe iron.. 0 UT'vrt 0 HV
Nail rod - ... 0 I"' o 0 lis .
Cast steel. English 0 2S W 0 30
Illutor steel. Euiliyh ..m 0 IS (A M
Herman stool...
.M.. ...... u in ou.
IILDES. per U.
(Ireen, salt
Dry. flint -.
Dry, salted
HOMINY, per barrel..
LAUD, per pound,
Ia tiorce ..........
In kegs. ..M...
liar, per -
T P AT II KU. Tier lb.
fftyA 0 IB
... 0 03 Ml (..
... 0 14 ( 0 1 i 1 ;
... II 16 ia 0 IK
... .60 y b 00
, 0 13
i 0 15
a o i t
l 0
-- 13 0 14
Chestnut onk, sole 0 41
Upper, Vdos....M 30 110
French calf, do ml 00
American do 42 IMI
O 0 53
(1.42 IMI
Mi 1 2 IKI
(.ii52 00
M' u 45
(a 42
Hemlock sole per in.. ....... u 411
Alabama .....
Cane - ..........
. 0 M
2 50
2 60
1 75
w 2 r2
1 so
Ohio -
. r Y .Ll.-L'! ....II, .n
IT1 u n . i ..j, 1 . ... i . 1 1 1 .
barrels anu nan diiis......... u no u ;
New Orleans, new O Hi
Syrups 0 bO
OILS, per gallon.
COal... ..MM MMM...M.M. 0 5.1
Lard ...mm.... ...mm... .mm. 1 35
Linseed 1 70
Train -.. 1 35
Beniine 0 35
Turpentine W
Paris White. por 0 0
Pork, mess, perbbl ....25 (10
Priino. bbl.... 21 00
Clear sides, per lb.... 0 10
Breakfast, per lb. ............ 0 20
Shoulder " 0 13
, Clour rib sides
Hams, sugar-cured 0 22
Dressed Hogs, V lo
Beef, mess, bbl 20 00
Beef, dried. 0 20
m oo
t 1 uO
a o m
m 1 4u
H 1 75
if) 1 40
(u. 0 4u
(a l no
13 0 10
2G fO
(a 23 (HI
0 17.' i
9 U .1
m 0 14
( 0 no
fe 0 25
( 11
(n'il i
m 0 2s
Cotton rope
Manilla rope.........
Machine ...........
Hand ..
Hemp Packing
1 15
0 25
Q 1 25
& 0
0 12 (AO 12V4
u 11 ran 12
0 20 y 0 35
RICE, per pound.
In barrels
RTTftAR. ner pound.
mm 0 12 O 0 13
Crushed and powdered
Clarified, A, B.C
SALT, per barrel..............
Patent. bag............
Buck, f bag..... ......
SOAP, per pound,
Gorman ....mm....mmmmm.
0 8 18
0 10 ( 0 17
. 0 12
lit 0 Hi
to 4 00
3 50
, 3 60
. 3 6 J
(9 3 75
(it S 80
... 0 11 fll 0 14
0 ( 0 m
mm 0 07 I 0 H
SODA, Per pound......-.--. 0 10
IO 0 Vl'i
Allspice..... . ..... 0 81 01 0 32
Cloves............. mm Of W 0 ihi
dinner 0 27 ( 0 33
Nutmegs.......... 1 35 1 fO
Pepper - mm....... 0 35 (K 0 :
Mustard . . 1 00 (a) 1 25
TAR. kegs, perdos 6 bo 7 Wl
TEA, per pounu,
(Ireen m. -... m 1 75 (9 2 05
Black - - .... 1 00 g 1 50
TOBACCO, per pound,
Virginia 1 25 3 1 40
Black Sweet, Ids... 0 70 (4 0 75
Navy, lbs 0 50 0 70
Medium, 8 0 (SO l 0 70
Medium bright, tts- 0 75 id 0 VH
Good bright, do 1 no m 1 15
Finenntnml lenf. 1 (m 1 5
Remaining- is the Fostoffica at Memphis,
Tenn., Friday. February 15, 18G7.
PtilJi-ih.l in tbe d.iilv npr?i:iofr having the
LAKOEftT CIRCULATION in the circuit of
the Memphis rostmice.
To obtain any of these letters, the applicant
must call tor " Advertised Letters," give the
dale of the list, and pay one eon t for advertising.
If not called lor within ono month, they will
be sent to the Dead Letter Orfioe. -
Place the postage stamp on the upper rteht
hnnd corner, and leave space between the stamp
and directiou for post-marking without inter
fering with the writing. ...
H. B. " A reouest for the return of a letter
to the writor. if unclaimed within thirty days
or lens, wrtttun or printed, with the writer's
name, postoffioe and State across the lelt-hand
end of the envelope, on the faoo side, will be
eomplied with at the u-un! pre-paid rule ol
pottage, parable when the h-tti-r is delivered to
the writer." Sc. 2N Law of IxiSl.
Letters addressed to street and numlier will
be delivered fre by earners.
- Ottice hours from 7H a.m. to i p.m. Sun
days from t 10 o'rlivc a.m.
ROBERT C. (iiST. Postmaster,
Allison MissSC
Armstruhg M rs J
Armstrong Miss A
Armour Mrs J
Alexander 11 tool)
Avendail Mrs ft A
I Bong-r Mim A K
liateman M r K C
Benton Mm A
ISeamish Miss 3
Browa Mrs C P-2
ltrowa K
liibb Mi-s S
H,1.. Mrs A T
Uradbaw Miss M
ilradli.rd Miss K
Brae don Mim K
Al lrdge Mr L
2 Anders.." Mrs W E
Armdt Mi.-s Ii C
Andcn.n Mrs R
Arnold Mm A M
Anderson Mm M A
Atkinson Mrs S K
Rosnes Mrs M C
Hsyliss Mm M E
Ilsrne It
Hflts Mm C
Urown Mrs J D
I'.niwn M m M
liint Mr S
Mowman Mr A
Hiunsheld Mrs S
Hrumlev M 1 s M
UnKlIord Ml M C
r.i.l-e'l M K
j Cm dwell Six i. b
2CUwelI .M
r.m.mn l
CarleiMtt M i-s M
Carpenter Mrs C A
Chn-te tin Col
OoSin M J P
Cravia Mri M
lllin MC A
Crawford Mrs K A
Csrtwnftit Mrs K
C''T-er Mrs L A
Collier Mrs J
CHi.er Mrs L A
Croft Miss M
Carroll Mr. h
t'sasron Miss K
t'rerby M rt K
COmlc M iss L
Creed Mim S A
(.oily M m W II
d k Mr T U
Ollrhn Mi" .
Cim.tiw-k Mr' K
......Ma Mn M
Crouch Mr) M
n. Via.
Davit M is K
ll.vis b
liemming J
1'ii.a L
lH-aring Mr E
Ivid .n Mai M C
lnnstU Jdu.au
Dnoa Mrs L A
Deaa M is V
Dougherty Mist K
IiniikIiik Mrs M II
Dolmrty Mn.1 I,
I'oiiulioe .M is J .
Duulup Mis A
Ktigelbapk Mrs
Kiul.sh Miss W
Kriu M is V
Kd.int .Mir A
Kiiirlianks Miss M
Kii-her ,M is I,
K1-1- .I MisS
Ford Mm II
D er M rs n A
I'i Kllsworlh Miss L
liniiis Mist M
Kskri.Ue Mi,8 M
V Kly Mrs II D
Klel.-her Mrs A
Frash Miss K
7 UunsMrs
lirines Mrs 8 A
(iruhm Mrs K J
Orillith Mrs H D
liray .Mrs
OrahRiu Mrs E F
(Jrahaui MrtU C
I 1 llnmlira Mrs F
Mali. 11 Miss M
II nek ley .Miss C
Hays Miss K
IloberlandMr LS
lioraey .Mrs
lliirris -I A
Merlin Mrs J R
Hauling Mrs T A
llutchinsi.il MrsR
llickoll Mifs A
Henderson Mrs V
Hopkins .Mrs M
II org Mrs M
Hurley .Miss J
lluchaboy Miss L
Hnpsun Mist H A
llodnell MrsS C
Hubbard N
el Jamison Mrs S W
Jainisun Miss M
Jackson Miss (4
Jones Mrs l)r
Jones Mrs K O
Jones L P
Johnson Mist A N
Johnson Miss M
Johnson Airs K
Johnson Mrs
Johnson Miss R
Johnson Mrs A
l KcllryMrs M
K ing I. R
Kirk Mrs F.
Ii Land Miss M
Lanier Mrs J U
Land Mi. M
Lewis Mis S D
Luster MissS
Lofinn Mrs A
Lewis Miss T
McOartley Mrs E
McCey MrsO
.McLovely Mi-s M C
McClanuhan Mr K W
Mc.Murshnll Mrs S
Mudison Miss
Mead Mrs HA
Al indwell Mrs S M
Merrolt Mrs A 11
Martin Mrs N
Morgan Sue F.
Montgomery M E 2
Monroe Mrs R
Mullor Miss I, .
MuluolUud MrsR
ll Nel.on Miss B
(Inlloway Miss L
Cllry Mrs M A
Urrg'.ry .Mist M B
(Iruddy Mrs M
(ireenlaw .Mrs N
(Iraay Mrs K J
(jray Miss N
(Jray 11 A K
lliiinpton Mrs M
llailumn M " S
Hammond Miss E
Hamlin Mrs 0 A
Hays Miss S
lliiii.nl K
Harris iMrsT
llenery Mrs'A II 2
Husband Mi's J
llnndt-rx.il Mrs J
Hint's Mrs K
limes Mrs LE
Hue Mrs S
Horcnpp Mm L A
Hurst Mrs M K
llnllrock Mrs J
Heyde Miss M
Hur.t Miss A
Hughes Mrs P T
Johnson Miss B
Jamison M ist K
Jackson Mis K W
Jaiuistin Mist J
Jones .frsM
Jones Miss 0
Jones Mrs K (1
Jones Mi si M
Jones Mrs k. rj
Johnson Mm A A
Johnson Mrs M
Jubnsou Mrs M B
Kestcr Miss K
King Mm S
Kimball Mrs E M
Kecgan Mrs M
I.odhcrry Miss M
Lacy T Oil)
Lawkins .Mist M A
Lee Miss K
Lyman Mrs II B
Loekwood Mrs 8 J
Loop Mrslcol)
Lytic Mrs S
McClearyMrs M V
McAby M rs N
McC'ordell Miss A
McKeogh Miss W
McOrann MnN
Miust-y Miss S
Marscbalk MraS
M alone Mrs A
Martin .Miss B
Mead Mit L
Moreland Mm L E
Mortiiuer Mrs R
Morgan Mrs L A
Morton Mr L
Mulcouie Mrs il
Nary M iss B
N eir Al its S
J Parker Airs J
I'atriek .Miss if
1'iivii Miss K
1'iline Miss A
Prince Mis V
I'ruuty At iss II
l'belps Mrs LA
Powell Miss ML
Perkins Mrs T A
Pain Miss A
Patrc Al rs E
Philips Aiiss M
Peace Miss W
Pn.phey Airs E
Prince Al rs M J
Philips Miss U L
Quinlad Miss M
Redick Miss P
Keves Miss M C
Kioddan Mrs KO
Kogiiu Aiiss II
Robinson Mrs J
Itouesauiu Airs J L
Km Airs A
Rook Mrs S
Robinson AHfs K
Kutledge Mrs E
Riindcrson Airs E A
Skellinau Airs C 0
Shields .Miss ii
Shuniaker Airs S
Simpson Airs O
Sinn II Aiiss E A
Siuull Aim 11 D
Spetye M il
Sinks Aiis M
Sullivan Mrs Al
Taylor Mrs W F
Temple Miss N
Thompson Airs C
Temple Aiiss V
Trice Airs Al J
Thompkius Aiiss M
Rodgers AlUs II
King .Mrs O J
Kind Mrs L P
KoKers Mrs S
Kowo M rs L
Rolson Airs V C
Kose Airs C
Kuih Mrs C
Kyder M
O Sunlord Mrs J
Snndenlin Aliss B
Shelton Airs C
Shvpard Miss K A
Sims At iss A
Sery Mrs Al
Stock M rs J
Rtnrat Aiiss M
Sykes Mrs K
I Taylor .M i 13 L
ThoiiioFuii Airs I' II
Tentelnr Mis Al
Thompson Al iss A
Triisednle Mrs A
Tutilo Aiiss J
V Waller Ali-sL
Wadkins Aiiss, P
Wade Airs J
Webber MrsC
WbcclorkMrs E
AVillisAIrs VJ
Webster Mrs P II
While Airs J Al
Wolf Jlra N
WallnceMrs C
Way Airs C
Warren Surah
Ware Aiiss LP
Wells JlissF J
Woems Aiiss A M
Wolland Miss L B
A LDEN D Aiken 4 McCoyAndorson D-2
JT. Atuern (r 1 Anacrson t M
Amtin Lt FA Arrington G W Austin Captain
AliinJli Adams Col J Al II Al
Allnutt J AlsupJ AscueJ
Allen J P Applegate L W Anglein Al
Allen R Apple SR Autle T ti
Addison Dr WJAttwood W J
DOOKER Bowen 4 Co Bryant, Wood-
li lirooke Kevtfiirber, Miller ruu & Co
liutcher A t Co Brooks Dr A
liell Dr Bryant. Strat- Unford A J
Ilrooks A C t-tn ic Co Boll A
llruuiley A Black B F Rowen B R
Blackburn B Bailey B ltniles U E
Bledsoe B C-2 Boon C A J Brown C .
Bullock U E Barber C Bryan C k
BurtD Burns D Black D P
Bruun E Brenan F R Brewer F
Bradford F Baxter (1 Battier G
BondurantG P Bush U . 1 orry 11
Botes 11 Boon II L Bcilis II J
lt.itli.rH TT ltrieiri .1 (I Brestout J
Bethul J ttol) BiirliourJ Bradford J H 2
Brown J llurco J linker J C
Brown J BmsleyJR Buckley J '
Beverlin J II Bluke J Brown J J
Baxter J Al Brennnn J Burke J M
Brace L Brady M Brewer Al A
BurnhamOC BradsluiwPP Barton K
llhii k Col R lioydDrRJ Brown R
Burton R lllaek H Bowen S
lUyee S Bowman S w Bradshaw S
Brattoii DrS F. Ben.ley S S Bailer T J
Blacknall T H Bolin X Hall T-2
ISassett X Brooks W P Blake W P
JJIakemoro W ilnlth W Beall W 2
Brian & Scrough- Burrii W Burgess W
CIOTTING Cochran A CurtisA Knapp
j Clark O Charles Bros Crumpler A
Cregj Lt A T Cunningham A C'lupp B V
CulrinanUW Curtillo C C'haiiibt rs C C
Collins C Cillaghan C Curtis C
Croiiiu D W Coiinel D J Crisp D J
Clayton E II Carroll K C Clark ii B
Carr ii W Cochran G A C"k O W
Costcllo G Clorc (, Cobbs 11 W
Carter 11 L-2 Clark I S Carter J
t aldwell J Callahan J J Clapp J
Carpenter J Cheek J F Came-Capt JB
Clayton JW Carpenter J D Clark J K
Cook Col J II Coen J Cowdun J
Clark J P V Crawford J Colluin J B
Carson J B Cuweu J Cash Jll
Connor J Condy J Cheatham J h
Cunningham J Chamberlain J CrelinJ C
Coiii-tn J Chambers J Cniriran L Al
Connor L 2 Cam I. (col) Cross Al
Ci.llce M Conlnn Capt M Cloud M
iVnw M Crf-telln Al funny X
Croughan 0 Cabill P Cantell P
( hurch K c..rson u csyert-
C.-iw l. n K Clara f A -oiiy o
Craven S Creed T t'hatuisn T
Ci.nncIlT t'ubbins T Cocke W
CarveileWH Combs WM Courtney W H
Clark W I) Collnain W C'badwickWW
Com en W 11
OKAKKC Drennnn A S Davi, Allison
Dorgin EAHiraunok dtCo A Co
Incfcerrou A Dubois At Au- Dm idson EM
Ien li 2 der-on ttillnian ii S
lii. kii.son G S iliuohar II D liavisiienll
IxanJ 1'ugJ DeieJ
in. I, bin J In.ulietJP Di.herty J S O
Palfhi-hJ Dibble. I Davidrun J
1 1 1 1 ion J J Ix.ganJA lioiiM.nl,
Dii ker'on X Q lie. pain O W le ny O
limnsij Dt.bhins T B Dyer P
lieuurr R Davis K Al Davis S
D.ireSS lobbies Ullse
ll.lticar Ilr n lioatis i v iir,nuru
J-2 D.ivid-nu TJ Diigta T
li'ckrn'T Davis W lieii-f..rd Capt
1 ...1 iv W How W D W B-5
Dalvell W M Dippert W
I 'WISC, A T. ele-tnc A Fnricbt C
'a Kivle A G K-teCapt (' E Idy (i 11
K.rlyJ hrnian J tawarus r it
L .t.r .4 T. Kr.li' S 1
tucene Dr S T Haciman W 8 Emerson W A
T"iXVK Fuller TI fool) Fori K r 2
i 1-i.htJ VranklmK Iistt.yE
I .hi.tF 2 i-lieri; F uersiake G A
KreeinsnUE Kr...t II n r.-raa-. nll
t .... it II Varrie J ic.'l Vain J X
r erm.rsy J B IKnrratrick JCS r uiby J B
I nni I isneyj 1 r"J
):,r;i,rrlD litli.rsldM lartPII
1,-lrrKJ 1 i.l.-r K Fields S
lulrv S ie..lS Jlt-geraMT
I lr li Funeral. W 1 a., a W W
tuber V?
C-vREEXAC'IGib'oa A D C.atlis A H
1 O irut-ii A G..rtai A T tiabi Dr
Deans Mrs M R
Owlnn A flrese, Ike-CoCardcnr C
(110.011 U (IniesC (truer D 3
(day hi liilvuly K Gililoiill
(i.ioilloe F (i..i..lwin F W Gray II
Greer Col II G..iidwinJW Giillout.yJD
Gilpin J II Giliiioro J (ln.nl J
(iurill J Gault J M Gordon J F
iord.inJK (iiiston ,1 Gibson J
Gilf.ird L (lettrge M A (!rv Al K
UhIi tin M Gallagher M Gill.irt Al
Guy M (col) Gnlb.wsy K- Gordon S B
(Ireen H tiarvin 12 tlreer 1
Gaucher TW Green T N GoodfellowTR
GarrellW GuniferW, U ray bam W D
Graunon W
HA KRIS A Ilulhawsy A N Harris, Miller
HislopA llausliaw A 2 A Co
Hug A lluberliiigttlla-Ilaynes, Neal
llnniluon A R ter . Ct
Iliirii HasklnsR i II ildtr brand B
Howard B R llngue 11 (col) 1 F
Holland B Hoathiiinn 11 II arret O
Harrison C II 2 II 'grins C A limit: li
lieiiieuieo C C llnilnway C ' HullD
Hall D lotill 3 II iilohan K llowanl D V
Hubbard 1) C llietland DC Herd G F
HnutuGG lloye G II Henderson 1
IlillDrHW 11 Urdu way II llarman II 0
Humphries II (cut Hackney II D
HetlcrnanJ Jlieks.I M HiiibitiJL)
Hartley Jll lrnG Hicks J Al
llaiuilionj HolleyJL HairisJ
lliiwiliorn J W Hanky J Huborlinf J L
llnuipton J G HightJ Hill J
HilliiiunJ llatptrJ House L
llanawn L llawsouT. Herrig L.R
Ilendnraon M HankinsNM lUdseNll
HaskintUV Hoy V llolleyllll
Hamilton Kit Harrison DrRH llolingworlh R
lloskina R HauiiuondS HarinanS
Hicks Dr S R Hamilton T Hunt T
Hopkins T K ll.okin T B H ilvevTP
Hildebrand T E Hayes W Halt W A
Harris W 1 Hunt W II Howard W
Uaynie W I lU-kill W Harrison A Co 12
IKV1NOJ Isbam U (col) Jnmaii W B
1 lvacheJ II.
TACKSONJ Jackson Sorgt Johnton C(col)
.loin-i J Jamison DrCRJoiiet K C 2
Johnson K F Johnston 11 JolvnsonJ
Johnston J V JoneriJAI Jones J C
Jelfers J C Johiistna J W Joplin W A
Jetlri.s4 Johnson J Jones J (col)
Johnston J S Jeanes L J Jones LB
Jones Al H Jackson P 2 Johnson P
Johnson R (col)Joiie R J1111.es K L 2
Jones RC JohnsouSE Jctl.irds 8 II
James T Johnson T A Jones Cuj.t 8 M
Jauiter W A Jinkens W jr Joiner V M
Jennings W W Johnston Col W
KANE A KilgorcA(ool)KingMcIIen
Keenan A Klugh D ry
kHloyK KirkKC Kelly J
KingJ Kelly M Kineella M
KolcbPJ KerbyP-3 Kennedy S G
Kelly T KualingT Kennedy W II
Kimble W II '
r YTLE F Lewis A Co Leis A Walker
I J LewisG M l.oiti Butcher Lytlo, Peyton A
Lesay A At Lewis C U 2 Co
Lemon V Al Lewis Cap 11 ALeeU If
LeeJ B Lynch J Luokett .1 R
LarkinJ LoweryJT London J A
Lewis JV LottJ LyunJ .
LaeoyLVC lock wood L Linscott Al K O
Leslie P U Lovcluco P C Lash ley P U v
Lane 8 LammouWL Lyuuh W ,
Lawless W
f AJC 1 N A Mullen A Co Mott. Bradford
11 Morris A AlorisonAKug- A Kainsay
Aladisou A Co-2 lot AIooreAW
Mitchell A MurrayA Aleriwether Aid
Aleloon A D Murphy McvDr Meulian A
At itchell It (eol).M itchell C C--2 AliiekenhamerC
AlillerCF Merrill C Miller l It
Murphy K Milton E .Mills K II
AleatlowEA MoorKW .Murray F
Murray F AlaaonGT AtillerG 2
AiuirllP .Morse 11 .M Alontgoinery H
Millor II Alorton I'.cvH LM alloy J C
.Merge J AturphyJC Mullan.l
AlonoqiicJ AlillerJW MulonoJW
Alhooii J-2 MooreJP Mother J 8
Mciiam J 8 MerrellJ AlurphyJS
Moral 1 L Mills M K Mitchell ML
.Mitchell Al At Morse At MurpUyltevP
MonnhanP Miles R J K 2
.Manuel RC Miller KB-2 Worlsseytt
Al ausford R M Alartin K P Alius K
MetcalfK AlottettK Miles R
.Mitchell R Mason S 2 Moore S
MurphrT Morris T AlarlattS J
Al ack T C Al awriswy T Al annin T
Al iller T S Atareau W II Mayo W
Alerrel W C Alae-.n W W Mitchell W
Aliirlin W II Aliller W II 2 Martin W ii
Mitchell W II Marshall W Alarley Y
AIcDencll A AicCuilough A AlcCormaekC
McLean C McWilliainsD MoGimpseyCP
AicCallumG MoCorguodateH 2
McCrackeuJS AlcKaliJF McGrath J
AicCartby McCoy J 8 McClintie J II
AlcConnellJ AlcCurdvJH AleKcan J D
AtcCormao.1 AlcCoyJA MclielveyJ
Air Milium J D AlcXeileJU .McII.m.uJ B
MeCury J C Mcintosh J McGrath J A
Alcl.eau R McCluin R C AlrAIiohnel R
McKeown R AtoDonough T McKarwnrW
AlcUouough W McAIillian W AAloCard W A
McKeown W Mc Ivain W U
Neitcher W
O'BRIEN O'Brien CD 6rgain E
U'ConnorEUIiverF Al Ogden J B
Organ J N O'Brien J O'Connell M
O'Uliniel P Oldluiu R A O'Brien R
(JstromST Oweua T O'Brien T
O'Brien W 2
I)RICEBF Perkins AS Page. Walker Jfc
Pattison A Pclembert A II Co
Pcter.ion 0 Piehon C Penn F
Prince E Ferryman G Price G C
Powell U 2 Peop.es U(col) Pearson J II
Patterson JM Pitts J PulkJR
Philipps D J WPara MojJM-2Park RevJ S-2
Peacock J Putlison J ii Perry Dr L N a
Paoli M T Page K Peebles R A
Peyton T M Parkor W B Price W H H-2
Pollock W A Pomeroy W II Pituoek W A J
UICK G Quinby A Robinson
IilLEYA Robertson Kickoy.Sholton
V Robinson B Ra son C E A Co
RiggsCR Robinson DS Rose Dr E T-2
Ray D II Rice G N Rohbins II 0
ReJwinellT Rowley II C-2 Ryan II
Ryan J Randolph J M Richardson Jll
KuddDrJ Randolph J Russell JP
KegeaJP Rugers J Robinson J S3
Rcardon.I Rutherford J Randolph J (col
Rogan J W RaynorJ Rosamond J
Robinson J M Hockholt J II Richardson J
River L 0 Riley L 11 Robinson L (col
Rogers Al enl) Ryan M Konon Al R
Robison Al N Regcrta P Roiley R
Bulli on K RulhlantlR RyuiiTM
Root T J Robison W (ooljKicburdson W
Robertson W R D
QTERNES E Sykes, Jlorris Scabcl A Co
Stratton B A Co Stnnokraker A
SawtelloRevB Strong CQ-2 V
Swain i)r E Sever! C Sanders Dr Al
Smilie D B Slillni.in D Spencer K M
Samiison E E Steger K Sanders F
Styles Dr F W Shears G N Staek G
Story G A Scott G W 2 Shaw G W
Sulieran It Southwnrth II Speer H
Swinger H(col) Storm II Small U C
Shaw It ShellieldJW Sandors J
Stone Jll SeurloekJ Shipley JE
SacellJAI 3 Stone JJ Swuiun J
Spain J Sullivan J P 2 Scott J
Steveti'on J F Scott J Swick J P
Sti.rorJ Stanley JE Stuart J
Si'kJ 2 Sconavuu J Shanks L
Sillly L Scoti L Shelby Col Jf
Slaughter M 8yu.nl M D 2
Sesri.oarte P Sporry 1 Savage R
Stephens Dr R Stevens R Simpson R A
Shell Hon R 1! Simpson S J Scolt S
Stephens S R Slai k X .1 Saunders T
Si 111 111 1111 s T Stratton T T Stoeke W J
,impson W- 3 Spuore W Scott W B
Siroet W-2 Smith ('apt C A Smith K D 2
Smith D Smith il Smith J
Smith L II
rpl BBETT Tvlcr A Taler Afll"
1 Thomas Thornton B C Turnbull C
TurburryCU-2Tt.rrcy D 'l u.-ker E
Tullis E Tribbio t Thompson IIJ2
XraceyJD Tutten J Al TalbertJK
Taylor J II R Trent J R Thompson J col
TrevN TynonPU-3 ToUin P
1'an'hill P Taylor T 'I ryon T
Thompson WG Twcddell W 'J'aylor W H-2
Taylor W S Thornton W Thorp W A
'EALL Varnoll A Co Vincent F
Vooinan L Van Wert W Viiuee R
VanburuiGC Valentine J Venison II M
AtrillTRDRWells A M Wbcebin A
V Hood A3 Wilson A O Keiliy
Warn n A WedelsbedtCol Willis A G
W rant BP Wray B W Iward Dr
Wright CL Wil.erC C-2
Ward D A 2 VacaserDB Wj'aon D
WilkiKnn 11 AVinegar E M'atnon F
Washington F White V W 2 Wil.inek G A-2
icttli Weaver ii W'atersG 2
Wasson (1 Wallers G W'nters 1 1 V
W itter&Co tniconib H J w atston II
Wheatlry II Warner J Wilkin 14 U
Watldell J B Wilkerson G C Wil.lrick Col J
Wilson J Wilson J A 2 Ward J
Whitney J II Waleh J 11 While J
W ilstinjr warweityj n eicn .1
WelrK.urneJM W il-t.n J W'.iler J
Wayne-burg J Webber JV Weiidel J B
W 011 1 og it r hite j
W.iiff JL W hiili. Id L J Webb M
W illord L W ells 1, W Wills N M
W il ,.n O W hile P W iiw P
W iilkm- Dr R Worthinrtrn R W i-e K 7.
Watldell S 2 Waters S C W S C
Wallace S cl) Warren S 8 Welch L D
Wii-onTW Wel.bT Wilb..urnWR
Welch W J Weir C..I W W V W
W 1 W A Willininst.n I!V Williamson P
Williamson DAWilsiauw D Al (eoli
W illianit 1 iliiauis.n J K " iniani' J
Williams W Williams Co W illiams A J
r ARLOX K Yell .tt r 2 Tcargan B
A X oiiug i) York J B
Xati'.nal Banking and Insurance Company.
.Middle Baptist Church.
C"l..reti La-'tist Churrh.
AU-iUud-t tpiscopal I liurcrj. (C. II. li.
l'OItl'.UiN LIST.
ArataJB Bellat V Pngrit.l- llo B 2
1 ......!,. J
Lauv :i A
AUrre A
l.aN.nteJ Maialr'laC
Mu-taule J i'reet.tirl L ii
Rt itafiiai'a J& Mur-w Le.ind,
I ...lta J
aaltu.ti L

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