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liduto for re-oleatioa to the Count of too
Vnite-I Swti..
., ,. ' AS
Office, Desoto Block! Madison Bt.
Capital 30O.OO0.
lo.i by Fire. Marino and River Risks.
IHreotors-Win. M. yarrlngtoo, V. B. Qal
bntitb, W. B. Greenlaw, C. W. Ouyor, J. J.
Uawlings, J no. Johnson and 0. B. Church.
t n i.nNnnAl.1!. See'V. - 4-P2
-' No.' 12 Jeere Street,
Fire, Marin and River Risks Insursd.
. l'rcsldeut,
. Secretary.
, ,, , , DISSCTIISS:
i n "ru IT An WELL. (12
- - -. . m r-n - irffUVIKGirP..
. AHUM rlHO 4i
BanKlns House 19 Madison St.
' Thii Initiation, organised in 1856, has teen
In continuous and .uoce.sfu.1 operation for the
past ten yean, wntinues to tren.act a .
, iVIW receive Deposits. But and Bell
Foreign & Domeatlo Exchange,
. . .. j it..MMl Man.v.
Gold, anver imi -
SELLS Exchange in inmi to suit purchaaera,
en London abd all the .. 'ceding oitiea of the
, ... i 1 1 ..t ! ..... ... .11
United States, ana win nmae oivwUu. .. ...
' accessible places in the South and Watt. ,
K. M. AVKRT, Cashier.
' ini J05IX C. T.AXIKR. President.
11UARU API I' , i J1 .1-
. - . . trn T rvTlTVH 17 A H I II K 1 l.K
Intan and lady, ana ior a wi """"
renUemen. c. l-Jh-d at corner of Vnc. and
Avery eiroett. third door east of Ayery. Wat-
ton' new building. Tmi-.
.. .expecieu
TARl) AT 6 AND 8 PKR WlStK 41
Bowl nW".
?0R SALE.y
J- rlfT.W.H.
; r;'. . 1 ,
. Prt inchaa n diameter, eignv icov . . -
, fumed flue!, double .moke stark. b''','t;
"Ite bar. and bH. and connection, for engine
Jor.lilcuop. rr.i TOl'PIKG,
., m Madieoo utrcet
V Bent anTcheapert wood in tt.i. yi.in.ty for
rule, "Vfn WIT7. BRO.'S.
Wo. 20 Main .trect.
, -,T Txri w vniTtTTrON.
''n".t".en!i?,?'V.i. ofthi. oLBortunity.
pot tail i""" ,
It i no numnug.
The Coamoramifl View !
',Kd the, are 1 1 largo number tJT f
M-79 39 JctterBon ptbci..
-trained for a watch dog, by ;
iH ".P. .,f H.l and l)eoto .troets. For
ftrtW particulars inquire at the Saloon. 1.0
salb.-wTToWek FOR SALS'
M-.,A.fc?Th iraVbu..
itoner -.know,, a, the Lehman corner, .ima
'. !2 on 'the northeast corner of Main and JoffoT-
particular. P.tJ)F0RD gTRATTON,
iJ '.'-' ' ' .v 19 T(rrnn ttreet
i f T.rtj-wr av nuiiT. RT
!j, tor r.nduetin a fine trade The above
enry ior j , , nn f- bu.iue...
.A so a SMITI . Lkdo OfBc
V .even rooms, large yard, ana a ipi.uu.u
viern. Apply to A. K.. S3 Malison street
iixm b7ent at reduced kates-
-rt..B.r'.tory of a large building. o Main
street, oppositothe Overton Hotel, with two
large Halls and 6va Rooms, good water (force
pump), gaa .6tur.. water eloset. etc. It can
M,e used for uio.t any kind of business, and has
Xwo modes of ingrett and egreji. Possession
.jn be obtained itnmadia'ely. Apply on the
-. 7T. ..... rr minu IM THIS rF
MOB aw -"-Ti 3( ur U5
ana ucii iim-.-
; ,..T-Trf'n nnlKlf KA 141
iiind i street, bet. Kh.an and Mark-t
streets. P...se..ion g-yen i Aw-lT
to M ALLO It I , I U u 1 g M adion i reet
'It 2-HI FronUKow
Kan A No. 1 Cotton or Morag. Warehouse
Pof session given pw-- j'g
nfliee over Vo. W Fron street
r lourth el'irte-. wun uuu.
ranee. ot 8W Mai. ftroct. g fl R If INK.
ViiTfVT OR KALK- T buur in
. i'. iid of the kk sure, in the city,
nt J. P. i"i.ii; ? w v n-T-
mxle Tor l.etiers i uu.. -the
eS.u of W m. I;. Bonner deeejl at lb.
j n-. rin. i" -".v;:;
..r.. .... .... i j u ll l Rt: PAI It HY
fS W. N. Ekin O.. unlejs e-ntraced fcr
in -""t h7 " WPWM. N.EAKI1T.
Vebrury4. 1W.
i Whilinore Bros, .ela a.olraoud by lue
;r""' ' """"K-'w rH ITMORK. ,
I IV PRirK.''.-r. Fquin. l' JeffenK
rrJitV wiol f mo.t rr-tfully inform the rb
l e that h- is rea.lv o tk .rderj f..r e ..thinr.
rnX i "he IMt Pari-style A!so. Cleanmc.
I.rein. tu fiiiur or old Jl hes o as i jn.ke
theei look .e". 'Jive him a end rr frr
yourselves. He also Irforms the .iiee thai he
5s it. re.dy l -e Ibe eleaninr of Kid .love
in r-i style. Do .ot Urtvi to call and see wn
il is for yo.r ewn good. "
.U.dY,TV ,w, -i "". r...
... ' 1 1 i .kit. A vr.nl til mt
jr.. u"u7 V"-..::" if : th. bfuir
lfntof .aos.'Hou..
j Pooler and Bl. a bi own Mnrooyo Pooket
Cue of lMiricl ineiruuen-. -"-
he suitably rewarded by leaving them t she
PunLuiL.Ma.vm.orwttb ith.own t
,11 am Eire.-;, -m
I?0R LEASE. TWO LOTS u a t ai in
about two and one-half aeres aec i. near
the " JJnnnil," ana all 01 riioca a, m
trim, w in dwelling ana ouiu.-.
v.i. in li. I .... .-.I ..J . n ha hul on
property is engiou -- --
reasonable terms from thry te
A....I, to MO-m r",'g;f-aogwia
1 Mr. M. ENOKL, .
DOCTRKSH. has removed to 149 Wftl.Tllne;-
ton Btreet. between Fourth street an d th.
W.vo.i Mil. Kneel has two diplomas from toe
.TriuTin trRPCrf fish can ukha.u
W daihr atkAUN A FRtlBKRU'ti, oorne r
nfUa n inrl fnftt B.r lirMU.
i . : ' i. i . . . fiT
i.l. lima of a Mi l. put unone.
or to construct one of any kind, oaa obtain iny
rvlees nn short netice. I am . Millwright
ar.iinu.1 Mirh ini.t of several yoara' el
perienne, ana can iv. in
Addres. .. J. H-TEAL.
it.fiO Memphis, leiinessee.
W .v... K....U ih.t la in h. had at any of
the book stores in the city. Is for sale and to let
I1R ARY. 214 Thir.1 street. "n
Watches, Diamonds, Fine
Jewelry, Solid Silver and
' Silver-Platcd Ware, '
! Clocks, Fancy
. Goods, Etc
Our StoeJt is replete with the
laXijrjJiim... a m. m.
' of the above Goods, and at the
No. S05 Main Street
Corner of Court.
- -121
Reduced Price Gas-Fitting
..... , .............. u
SOI Main Street,
on New York and Philadelphia price. I
Gas Fitting, per foot .........
One Liaht liraoket, one swing.-...
' two . " ......
" " " three "
One Lisht Pendent, No. 1.
1 IH)
.. I 50
Two ;ir.'.r.-.-.r.v,
" " ' 2
Ga. Globes, from 60 cents to
r-moke Bells, frouJ &0 cent, to
Mica Slied.es.. ......-.
Pitcher epout Pumps, Np. 1
."'.' " " 3"!i"ivZ-i
No.-Freeiing Pumps, No. 1
,r . ,i f
Repairing promptly attended to,
4 40
. . Agent. Dealer In' .
: . j . , ; . -j '...
326 and 328 Second Street, '
Between Mooree and Union Streets,
mVmPHIS. TErTlff. 73
Office. Sio. 13 Aladitaon. Htreet.
Taeaday Eveninc, May 7, 1867
Local Notices, inserted among the
reading matter, will be charged twenty
cents per line for each insertion.
Piesic To-Mosrow. The picnic un
der the auspices of the Christian Doc
trine Association will taltejilace to-morrow
at the school grounds on Welling
fjj street, betwen Vance and Liaden,
Toe children attending St Peter's Sun
day School, with their relatives and
friends will be in attendance, and an
interesting time may be anticipated. A
fine band to discourse beautiful music
for the lovers of the mazy dance has
been engaged by the committee of ar
rangements and other measures adopted
that will please all who attend. Admis
sion to the grouuds vill be fifty cents,
which will be nsed for the purpose of
purchasing prises for the moat deserving
RaiCMATic Theory. The Aialancht
ttates that a prominent doctor, of tb:s
city, propounds an original theory rela
tive "to rheutnatirm. He says it is
caused by a poison, which collects in a
littje bag J.st under the hearts of some
persons, and when tbe bag bursts or
overflowl, the poisea causes rheumatism
jn the part thai it is carried to, and
trha it je transferred, as ia some Ca.es,
by the LloU 10 different parts of ths
fj.tem, the rheumatism cLaages its seat
The doctor claims that he has foens
this poisoa bag in some tboss.nds of
bodies that he has dissected.'
Tb UicEti.'The' tices were' well at
tended yesterday. 1 be first r.ce was ior
a purse of ftfOO, a da.b of one and a
quarter miles, open to thre. year olds.
E. Warrick entered brown filly, aniwei
dnn k Connor entored b. g. Jubal. j Two
to one were freely offered in favor of
Jubal, but the brown filly was the winner,
coming: in two lengths ahead. Time,
2:45J. The second race was for a purse
ef 400, mile heats, best two in three, ior
:l0raea of all sites. 8. Leonard entered
b.'f. Mollie Austin; E. Wsrrick entered
b. h. Joe E. Johnson, and J. W. Weldon
entered ch. ..Hilly Connor Mollis Aus
tin was the favorite at the start, and also
throuuhout the race, the edds being
atrondY in her favor. She won the first
heat. Billy being second and Johnston
third. Time. 2:0. Mollie also won the
second heat, Johnston coming In second
and BillY third. Time. 1:63J. The races
te-daygive promise of rich sport The
first race is for a purse f 300, one and
half mile dash, opvia to; horses of all
aires. Weldon & Connor have entered c.
c. Local, while S. Leonard has entered
b. f. Mollie Austin. The second race is
tnr . nurse of 500. mile heats, best three
(a five, open to horses of alleges, which
is the most popular race with spectators
of aov that is run, as one norse is re
guired to win three times before tne
m fan be decided. I, In this race
fiirremaster. Knighthood", Jo Johnston
and Pat Cleburne will start .Ringmas
ter is the favorite, but it should not be
forgotten i that Knighthood won the
great t vo mile beat race at Secaucus last
fall, beitting Loadstone and Kichmond
at four heats.? Jo Johnston is a good
racer for mile beat judging from his
record at New Orleans lately, but yes
terday he did badly. f
Labobebs, buy yourselves good and
pleasant lots ai the sal of The Do
Leaskhoi.hs' on Thursdsy, where you
can secure a home roil kiftiks t Ars at
a cost of but two or three hundred dol
lars, and ten years to pay for it, and
insured against loss. Go to the sale
6y the Beal street railway. ;-.
I Coomty-. AfrAiRS. We mentioned the
fact, a day or two" since, that the Board
of' County Commissioners refused to
pass some resolutions of inquiry inte
the administration of county affairs du
ring the past few years, which were in.
troduced bv Dr. W. H. White. This was
certainly a very singular and unaccount
able action on the part of those to whose
care is intrusted the public interestsof
the county, and will doubtless strike the
public mind as an open defiance of an
imperative-, public demand. It Is", we
think, very generally conceded by every
tax-payer in the county that such an in
vestigation and exhibit as was contam
plated by these resolutions, is urgently
required, not only that proper informa
tion in relation' to our county affairs
may be laid before the people, but that
those that are charged with administering
them may have an opportunity of giving
an account ef their stewardship. We do
not know which members of. the Board
voted id the negative when these resolu
tions were before them, nor do we know
the reasons which induced them so to
vote"; but we th'" t legitimate subject
of inquiry, and w should like te be en
lightened. Dr. White, W8 think, will be
sustained by the honest men of all par
ties in this effort to have additional safe
guards thrown arouad the public inter
ests, and we trust he will continue to
press the matter and bring to light any
hidden "official" iniquity which may
exist . ' -
Mechanics, secure yourselves a bomb
for fifteen tears at the sale of the
Dunk Leaseholds on Thursday next,
where you can get large lots, with health
and comfort, and close to the street rail
ways, for only two or three hundred
dollars. See advertisement under auction
bead. ; " . " '
Closing or Mails. Until further no
tice the mails will close as follows at the
postoftice in this city :
For Cairo, Chicago, St Loois, Nash
ville, Louisville, Cincinnati, Cleveland,
Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Buffalo, New
York, Baltimore, and all cities north and
west, at 3:15 p.m. ' r ' . 5
For Chattanooga, Richmond, Washing
ton, Augusta (Ga.), Columbus (Ga),
Montgomery (Ala.), Mobile (Ala.), New
York, Nashville, and all cities south and
east, at 6:30 p.m.
For New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jack
ion (Miss.), Vicksbnrg, Natchez, and all
cities south, at 4 p.m.
. All stations on Mississippi and Ten
nessee, Southern and New Orleans, Jack-
. si . x- . i : I i
Iison ana ureal unucru ruuruaun, at
All stations on Memphis and Louisville
and branch railroads, at 3 p.m.
All stations on Memphis and Charles
ton, Mississippi Central, Mobile and
Ohio, Nashville and Decatur, Nashville
and Chattanooga, and East , Tennessee"
railroads, at 5 p. m.
For Little Rock, Pine Bluff, and all
landings oa the Arkansas and White
rivers, senri-weekly, Tuesdays and Satur-
daT- ' Y,
Mississippi river, south, semi-weekly,
Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Mississippi river, north,' semi-weekly,
Mondays and Fridays.
Host. C. Gist, Postmaster.
Poor mev, look to your interest, and
buy yourselves homes for fifteen years at
the sale of the Dck Leaseholds ob
Thursday., See advertisement ander
auction head.
Tib Streets akd tbs Street Forcr.
Thers are several mDd.bples and other
bad places in oar streets that should be
attended to as soon aa poeeiLle. At the
corner of SL Martin and Linden streets
there is a very lad place, where Capt
Dan Able'e buggy c.psiaed o Saturday
evening, and came near resulting seri
ous!t to himself and lady. We would
guggest to the Mayor and Improvement,
Committee that the whole street force he
used to make the streets passable, as
too. as they caa be spared from the
intersection of Poplar and Market street
where they have bee a basily enraged ia
cuing do fb the Lluf oa ons Alder
man's property and carrying the dirt to
Ell nn the lota of another City Father.
Tub Northwestern Mutual Life Iosu-
r, A Llw .lilj.r. (tV
ranee uompanj paa bih
the of capital, as it is purely mutual
and divides aJits profits among its policy
holders.' Although the past season was
a sickly oaa in ibis city and Nashville,
nd the company has a Urge Dumber ei
risks ia both oitiea end other places in
the 8tate, yet during the past year tney
lost only ene of their Usuted a $3000
risk in the whole State. That laot,
ith the additional one that they are now
Bverairin- near seven hundred policies a
month, will insure large dividends for
the policy holders.
Laborers, buy yourselves good and
pleasant lots at the sale of THE Udbb
Leaseholds on Thursday, wnere you
can secure a Lome fob eiftebb tears at
a cost of but two or three hundred dol
lars, and ten years to pay for it, and
imslbed aoaibbt Loss. Go to the sale
by the Beal street raflway.
Policb Court. Thirty one cases
wruris on the docket this morning, 1332
beine assessed for fines 'and $44 col
lected. Two saloon keepers were fined
fifty dollars each for selling liquor on
Sundaj; tbey appealed. A dreyman
was fined twenty-five dollars for cruelty
to an animal; he appealed. In the seo
ond district last evening there were nine
teen cases, $140 assessed for fines and
$C7 taken in. Robert Woodson, for
stealing money from a colored female at
a railroad depot, is held tor trial before
a magistrate, and several mackerels are
to be similarly treated for petty pilfering.
, , ...., f i i i
the members of the Memphis Club con
cluded to serenade their newly elected
officers last night, and procuring Ar
nold's fine bras band they proceeded to
the residence of Mr. II. Secssel sr., their
newly-elected President, on Poplar
street, where, several choips airs were
.discoursed. Mr. Seessel invited tbe
party in, when honor was paid to a fine
supper, wine, etc. Tbo serenading
party then proceeded to tbe resldflpaei
of the other gentlemen elected officers
and to Mr. Nathan Hoffheimer's, the
President of the Memphis Club.
Mechanics, scare yourselves A bomb
roa fifteen teabb at ika sale of the
Ddhv Leaseholds oa Thursday neat,
where you can get large lots, with health
and comfort, and close to the street rail
ways, for only two or three hundred
dollars. See advertisemco, under auction
head. '
Stabbing Atfrat. A whisky stabbing
affray took place at the saloon immedi
ately over the bsyon on Poplar street,
known as the Suspension Hall, about
seven o'clock last evening. A difficulty
occurred between Wall Patton and Gus
Ringwald, when the former drew a knife
and while attempting to cut the latter
stabbed a man named Austin. The
knife entered his right side, inflicting a
slight wound. Patton was arrested and
is now confined in the station bo.se.
The parties were under the influence of
liquor at the time.
Odr Job Office. The Pobuo Ledgeb
job printing department has been lately
supplied with the latest and most ap
proved patterns of type, borders and
presses, and is better prepared than ever
to accommodate the moioantile public
Our prices will continue to be the mos
reasonable in the city, while ourwjrk is
guaranteed to give satisfaction. We h-ve
tbe only couplet printing office in the
city, and will continue to give our cus
tomers inducements no others in this
market can afford. Call and see. t
Poor men,' look to your interest, and
buy yourselves homes for fifteen years at
the sale of the Dunn Leaseholds on
Thursday. ' See advertisement under
auction bead.
Matob's Office, Citt Hall,
Memphis, Ten., April 1, 1867. J
$1000 Reward. Five hundred dollars
will be paid for tbe arrest and conviction
of the murderer of General Smith P.
Bankbead, who was assassinated on
Saturday night lust, and a like sum for
the arrest and conviction of the mur
derer of William Ferguson, who was
killed on the morning of the 1 9th of
By order ef tbe Board of Aldermen.
81 W. O. Loflaxd, Mayor.
Nicholson Pavement. The signs ef
the time indicate that we are to have
the NicbsJtson pavement on some of our
streets in the conrse of time. Laborers
are at work at tbe corner of Second and
Court streets grading tbe soil for the re
ception of the Nicholson. Tbe laborers
are Swiss, who have been imported for
the work, and handle the tools rather
clumsily. ' We noticed many Memphis
laborers gazing at them quite curiously
this morning.
CLERKS, invest your savings in tbs
Due Leaseholds on Thursday, when
you may secure a home fob fietess
teabs at a cost of fifteen or twenty dol
lars per year. -The Beal street cars will
take you to the sale.
Dr. Samsob'b Lectcbb. The lecture
at the First Baptist Church to-night will
be ene of most thrilling interest, and
should attract a full house. Dr. Samson
is w about oouoi one ot me uue.i ui
living orators, and all who hear him on
the beautiful subject of "Jerusalem'
must be greatly interested and profited.
The members of the church are requested
to be present, as a matter of business
ust be attended to after the lecture.
Save Monet. The public.and espe
cially that portion who are gae eon-
turners, should know that Luna I Malloa
have reduced lbs price of gas Suing to
suit the present hard times. They sell
ga fitting at Efteea ceats per foot,
which is but a small advance on New
York and Philadelphia prices. All per
sons who ated ga. fitting should give
them a call at their establishment, 204
Mai a ilreet.
Fi I Fosse st to night as "Cardinal
. . . . s ii a
Riohel leu, supported by Miss Lime ana
Mr. Bi wton Hill and the Mobile stock
I .1 L . J.....
compa ty. we aavue mos. u
cemfer t and ease to go early, uoors
open I it T o'clock, curtain ris.s at 8
o'clock . The audience is requested to
keep i stated antil the final fall of the
curtail t. To-morrow Bight, rirafMfii.
Boi ol Bee open from 10 a ro. to 5 p.m.
I II T " ' "
Pooit men, look to your interest, and
buy yo orselves homes for fifteen years at
tbe sal e of tbe Dcev Leaseholds on
Tbursd ay. See advertisement under
auction head.
All Kibdi of Reading. At Albert
Beer's sew depot, 287 Main street, the
latest ntsws from all points can be ob
tained, as well as magazines and periodi
cals, suited for tbe grave or gay, old or
young, male or female, or any other
taste. Call and see the Beer Brothers ;
they'll treat you well. An interesting
feature of their business is a large col
lection of novels which they keep for
those who delight in fiction ' f
Mb. Leftwich'b Announcement. Jfr.
EiiUor ; Ples.fi unnonnee me as a can
didate for re-election to Congress, with
tbe written Constitution and the unqual
ified Indorsement of the administration
of Andrew Johnson as my platform of
principles, which will be more clearly
defined in my forthcoming "Circular
Address," and personal Interview prior
to tbe election. Jno. W. Leftwioh.
All papers in the district copy. 3C-te
Laborers, buy yourselves good and
vfcftnf ' tbe ftl Of TUB PUNB
Leaseholds on Thur.dsy, where you
can secure a home fob fifteen tears at
a cost of but tvo or three hundred dol
lars, and ten years to pay for it, and
insured aoainbt loss. Go to the saje
by tbe Beal street railway.
The German Mat Feast. Our Ger
map fpljpw -citizens will have their annual
May celebration to-morrow. Ths various
German societies of this city will meet
at Market Square in the morning, march
down Main street anil out Yanpe to the
intersection of tbe Pigeon Roost road,
which is the point selected for the fes
tivities. B. Decker, Esq., is to be the
orator of the day. i
New Goods! NewUoousI Wew Goods!
Just received this morning, a fine selec
tion of fancy cassimerei, extra fine
French cloths, black and brown; also
feme very fine black doeskins and a large
assortment of gents' furnishing goods,
which they propose to sell at New York
prices. Give them a call. Reid k Bre ,
clothiers and merchant tailors, 15 Jeffer
son street, opposite Avalanche Building.
A New Ticeet. A correspondent of
the Bulletin, who is not satisfied with
the Conservative candidates suggested
at tbe recent meeting, proposes tbe fol
lowing ticket: Senator, Judge J. T.
Swsyne ; House of Representatives, G.
T. Hubbard and C. S. Cameron; Con
gress, T. 8. Ayres.
Mechanics, secure yourselves a home
fob fifteen tears at ths sale of THE
Dunn Leaseholds on Thursday next,
where you can get large lots, with health
and comfort, and close to the street rail
ways, .for only two or three hundred
dollars. See advertisement under auction
. Icb Cbeam. Berton's saloon, corner
of Fourth and Poplar streets, is now
open, and he is prepared to furnish all
that may honor him with a call deli
cious cream. A splendid saloon is fitted
up especially for ladies and families.
All orders for confectioneries promptly
filled. 68
Radical Speaking. Posters are ont
announcing that W. D. Kelly, a Radical
Pennsylvania Congressman, will deliver
an address at the Greenlaw Opera House
to-night He has come So.th to teach
the people what they should do to please
Stevens li Co.
New Goods 1 New Goocsl The Em
press Balmoral, a beautiful new summer
skirt, just received at Mack Bros. &
Bohm's. ' I 57
CLERKS, invest your savings in the
Pdnn Leaseholds on Thursday, when
you may secure a home fob fifteen
tears at a cost of fifteen or twenty dol
lars per year. The Beal street cars will
take you to the sale.
Municipal Court. This last creation
of Brownlow's Legislature met in the
Chancery Court room this morning.
The jury summoned were discharged
until to morrow. The rules of the court,
reported by the committee.were discussed
and adopted
Notice to BuiCders and.Abchitects.
Great reduction in prices. We are bow
prepared to furnish and put up gas pipes
in new and old buildings of all sizes at
12c per foot No extra charges.
Kobte A McDokocgil
57 344 hecond street
Hobsb Stealing. The horse thieves
are still on tae aien ana cum an mm
depredations throughout the surround
ing country. On Sunday night two
horses were stolen from W. H. Keel,
ho resides about five miles north ef
Raleigh, on the Covington road.
Mcsdeeeb Committed. Jim Butler,
the negro that shot John Greer last week,
has been committed to jail to await trial
at the next term of the Criminal Court,
in default of giving bonds for six thou
sand dollars for his appearance.
CoxssavATivB CoxvssTioN.-The Con
servative Convention will meet in the
Greenlaw Opera House to-morrow mern-
ng, at ten o'clock, for the purpose of
nominating candidates for Congress, the
Legislature and State Senate.
New Pafeb. A weekly paper to be
called the Cm'ion is to te starWd at
Brownsville. Teen., shortly, by Mr. Joe.
Trothscbild. It will be Conservative in
' CLERKS, Invent your savings la
Dunn Leaseholds on Thursday.
yeu may secure a nous run
teabs at a cost of fifteen or r
lars per year. The Boal ir "
enty do
taka you Iq the ihIb.
New Goods I New O
eot curs wi
oonsl A disk
nificent assortment
of new organdies,
jaconettes, lawns, '
., etc., just received
at Mack Bros. Si '
Boh in s.
Wheaton fc" hM' -"Bato retail
. 88
FixtUbeb. Latest style gas fix
"", at greatly reduced prices, at
Kobtb 4 McDosouou'b,
344 Second street
awniNQ ol all kinds made to order, by
martin yke, No. 4 If Monroe street 56
Baths I Baths I Baths ! At the Over
ton Hotel Barber Shop clean water,
cool and ciean rooms, polite attendants
and reasonable charges.
44"M A. R Droeschkb.
New Goods! New Goods! An ele-
A.nl Inl O I , .
...... vl op.nisn ana r rencn lace
points just received at Mack Bros. &
Bohn a. , 57
Imfroved Scrapers, only t7 00. Mad
ison street Treat k Hamilton.
Cbiminal Court. There is nothing
doisg in this court It will adjourn until
the June term this evening or to morrow
Mattreises and bedding of all kinds
on band and made to order at 44 Mon
roe street ,6
Brich Molds made of best cherry and
wheelbarrows of best oak always on hand.
Wm. Datid8on,
60 - 28 Desoto st
' Land and Citt Lot Plats printed at
the Ledger office, any size, at short no
tice. , Satisfaction guaranteed. t
New Goods I New Goons A fine lot
of new sumrpof silks and poplins, plain
and checked, just received at Mack Bros.
Bohm's. 57
Tournament. For pip i.lcs, ballsand
parties, lake Mooks1 celebrated string
band office, 300 Second street 77
NeV Goods! New Goods! A full lino
of white goods of all kinds juk received
at Mack Pros. 1 Bobu'a 57
Madame Ansa, fortune-teller, 63 Gay-
oso street A-6? i
New Goons ! New Goons!- A beauti
ful lot of Frenoh oorsets just received at
Mack Rros. 4 Bohm's. 57
MOXUY TO LOAN, oa collat
erals, at 350 Second street 65
Cotton Planters, the best for $25 00,
Madison street Treat & Hamilton.
Old Hats made new 3C6 Second st
The fort of Memphis.
The river has advanced about three
inches since our last report Business
is dull. Weather clear and pleasant
The following are the arrivals and de
partures ;
. ' Emma No 3, New Orleans.
Grent Republic, New Orleans.
Michigan, Cairo.
Welcome, St. Louis.
, Ruth, New Orleans.
Belle Memphis, St. Louis.
Emma No. 3, Cincinnati.
Great Republic, St Louis.
Indiana, New Orleans.
Mary Swan, Evansville.
Welcome, Vicksburg.
Boats In Fort.
Darling, Commercial, Mollie Ilamble
ton, W. A- Caldwell, F. Traber, Michi
gan. Boats Leaving; To-Day.
White River. The renowned White
river packet Commercial will leave at
five p.m. Captain Davis will be found
on the roof, with E. C. Morton, Milt R.
Harry and Charles Smitherin the office.
The Commercial is a gay craft, has a
splendid set of officers, and will do to
travel on. She connects at Duval's
Bluff with trains for Little Rock.
St Francis River. The Mollie Hm
bleton, Captain T. R. Bowman, will leave
for the St. Francis river this evening at
five o'clock. Torn Day and J. B. Shell
are her clerks. They'll treat you well.
The Mollie connects at Pittsburg with
the Cherokee, which runs to Deep Land
ing, Hornersville and other points in the
sunk lands.
The river is falling at St. Louis, but
rising at Louisville. White river is
bank full and swelling slowly. The
Arkansas is rising slowly, with six and
a half feet to Little Sock.
Steamboatmen can save money by get
ting their printing executed at the Pub
lic Ledueb office, 'eur arrangements en
abling us to do work at rates that will
compare with any establishment in the
West We invite steamboatmen to ex
amine our styles of work and prices, t
Special Notices.
Special Hotices will be iasertcd in this col
am. for ten cents per line for each insertion.
The Oreat Heed Supplied I Pill, have been
swallowed i. millions. Salves have been rubbed
in fey the pound. Dr. Mauoiii.'S two grand
speciSoa are puttiag an end l-i this whu.'e.'.Io
aysteiB of edication. One uf his famous pills
is a dose. A hex of hi. healing salve is of more
value, as a remedy for ulcerous and eruptive
diseases, than a ship's et o of the ointments
advertised to cure everything, bat are all, in
fact, either useless or deleterious.
Dr. MAOoitLsmotteisroiicxTATicv. He
has placed in the s alleft cunipti the active
principle of the most potent veceteblespeeiflcs.
There is . mineral in his Pills wy do not
ripe tbey do not enfeeble. They create a
vi rons appetitcant corrirun Jinclytrnt:b
ea the digestion. The tune the liver, clear
the head and steady the nerves.
No for of ecvfaloas diseate can rcsirt the
diseafectest operation of the Salve. Tumor
Ahitsassa. S.lt Rheuas. VoiU, Pimples, Pas
tnlea, etc., are therouthly ervli ted Wr this
nrivaled B.lieine. Iq fot, XUcqm.'s Ha
ters. DTsrsntC aal Diamihia Pills eure
whetw aU eirs fail. While for Burns. SeaMs.
Chilblains. Cuts, and all abrariom of the (kin,
Macsiei's Salve is infallible. Soli by J. Vit
gisl. tf Felloe street New York, and all
tieta. at t seats per box.
"Corm argiTs! Boy ae M ireel Pills or
Salve with a little pamphlet lo.l.le the box.
They are kniiis. Tho gouuiue have name of J.
llaydoek on box wit!i name ef J. Maigiel, M.
D. The genuine have the Pill surrounded with
whit, powder." 4 4uu
Kotioe. We earaciHly request our frlcn.li
not to pay more than Sve eents copy fyr the
Pcsmo LrniiKR. We tell to the newbyi at
two cents a oopy, thus allowing them over a
hundred p.reent. profit on every paper.
" j, ,
Monetary and Commercial
Cotton Knrket.
Tbe market this morning opens up dull, with
but liltle prospect of Improvement. he
furlber decline of ,';d in Liverpool yesterday
cauaes great dopreiiion. There are hut fow
sales reported, which were made at a deeline of
fully one cent on yesterday's figure -. Middling.
are icaroaly saleable at '.ia. Receipts yesterday
were sis bales.
Money MarkoU
Oold Is flrmer. Ilrokers are burin, at
Police crip 6, to Oils; uneurrent money ia
ithout change, with bqt little offering and lew
sales. Memphis City Railroad Stock is quoted '
at 30e.
General Market.
A LK. per half barrel Ul M ism nn
UAUOl.Vd, per aril,
Power- loom
inuia 0 24 HI 0 V,
bags, ounny; .
n msi
IH (Ul ill
2 W W 4 74
. 2 40 fj 3 5(1
0 Xt d 0 .T,
. 0 i SP 0 ,'iO
.. 0 Iff Q 0 21
BROOMS, perdntiu....
li-ANS, per bu-hel,
BUTTKR. per pounds
Tutii lind 1'ilHj..
CANDLKS, per pound,
6 Ur. ....
li D. IfilM. 0 W fit 0 55
B 11. V 11 l4 o l
-ley's K B, U'H) . ((. ,;i
Kiev's F Ai. ' luoj , . i ,ji
nfivvJ- u"rrel 3 4 SO
Cii-FnU, perpounj
v extern hsm n it a
r uuiurr. .....-
Knrli-th liuirtr
(I 1'J (ul (I ilt
CHICKENS. Iiordoi.n..
U 21 (o)0 2i
Turkeys, per doien-.
C0FFK E, per pound, '
. H IN) HI 0 Ml
W (Bi) Ul
n io.
. o ?s no 2
0 &' ft 0 Jto
:-U M 0 32
.... 5 5'J (I
t aim
.. 10 M 0 It
-. 1 J S 0 l i
Kod. ,.,.
EfKlH. per doien..
17 $ 0 lit
Hav, per ton
Hay, inferier,..-
Bran ,.
Cora, per buanel,
( a
So no er oo
3d 00 o: 00
Oil (Si;;4 (JO
1 .10 (O) 1 tj
PL0C H, per barrel,
0 60 0 10
l.ow r-upertine...
7 00 CI H 50
.10 SO (311 Ml
Sinxle itr,
-.......... I 00 e!2 HO
iouiie extra.
Choice ItuuMe Kxtra...
l-'ana. Ilr.nd.
...12 5Q l:t 50
-14 Ul iilb (I I
)5 60 nn IX)
- RUI1. Par barrel.
Appies, green 5 00 7 00
l'ne.j apples, g . g
Driod tie!llna ).ulva fl 1-i j. n IJ
ran, - -
ilfVJerellTo.l perbbl..-.. 2.1 00 M4 00
No. 2 " -....21 no WM ()
" JSe.1 hf. bb......U 00 (12 so
" No.i " ......It (10 ril so
" No. s " iu oo mow
" No. 1, per kit Z aO & 3 50
" No. 2. M " 00 H .1 15
" No. 3, " "..-J75 W3IM
Dry Cod, per pound... 0 08 s n OH
WhitoKish.perhf.bhl.. 7 to 0 0 OO
Quarter ketrs.....-..... !t 15 9t J SO
Haif aegs........ 5 W 5 ,'nl
Kn .....10 00 till) 50
Nei.pet teg, Iftl to 40d- 7 50 7 75
.S. 7 6d H 7 AS
" " 00 7 75 (in H 11
Cut rpiV-nn. a 00 is S 5o
Wrought bo.t apikos ...II W w.12 (Kl
Castinir. hollowware,lb 0 0 l'l
nr Iron - : OS 0 P7
It one-shoe iron..... v,V,j 8 111
Nail rod 0 5 (.i 0 lit
C:'it steel, Knlnb,.. Il (4 01
Blinor steel, ng,li... . .. 0 IH A 20
(lerman utooj... ....... 0 18 0 22
UIDEK, par .
Hre.u (17?i 0 (18
Dreen, salt 0 IM (u) 0 III
Dry, flint 0 14 m fl 14V4"
Dry. salted fl 15 m fl lfi
IIOM IN Y. per barrel -. 7 00 fcj 7 50
LARD, per pound,
In tierco 0 13 0 I3
In kius.. 0 14 s 0 15 .
ltur. nertb U 0 12
LEATIIKU.pcr ft.
CbefUiut 02k, sole...-.. 9 4f! fll 0 53
Upper, dm 3(1 (HI (n.42 Ml
French calf, do - WI il m 72 INI
- ' American do .42 IM) (tub! (K)
Hemlock sole per B 0 40 (. 0 45
Skirting, " 0 M di
Alabama 2 25 (5) J 50
Cene ...... 2 50 H l t2
Oh in -. 1 1 55
MOLAsS&S, per gallon.
Barrels and bulf obis . OK! (ill R.'i
New Orleans, new 0 tw fi 1 DO
Syrups.... 1 00 Ul 1 5J
OILS, per gallon.
Coil , ... 0 55 0 fO
Lard 1 80- H 1 3.5
Linseed . ........ 1 fill a tis
Train 1 30 1 35
Beniine 0 fii ( fl 75
Turpentine .. . 1 00 1 10
Paris Whit., per tt . U US (ul 0 10
Porn, mess, per bbl.... -'4 CO C5 (HI
Prime, bbl 21 IS) eAC 0.)
Clear sides, per lb 0 13 M I) 11
Brca'tfast, per lb .- 0 15 ( 0 IR
.Should-!.-! " ..........0 11 0 12
Clear rib sides 0 l'.Vi- 0 13
iUtcs, suear-enrrd . 0 15',i 0 111
Dreised Huffs, b (u 9
Beef, mess, 1 bbl .19 00 (.21 W
-eef. dried. 0 2U M 0 21
Cotton rope - 0 GO 0 75
Manilla rope 0 2(1 id 0 27
Machine......... . 0 12 t 0 Vl'i
Hand ........... 0 11 (A fl 12
Homo Packing 0 SO Ot 0 35
RICE, per pound.
In CirreH oil J 0 13
SUGAR, p- pound.
Cru.--tied ard oowdered.
Clarilied, A. B.C
Brown ..
SALT, per barrel . .,
Patent, "P hug.
Buck, ft bag.... - ..
SOAP, per pound,
(Vermin ....
0 17 (as 174
0 IB (ui 0 17
14 cj n
3 2 C' 3 50
, .1 00
. 3 CO
a s w
0 10 f 0 12
0 IjH (d 0 I"
... 0 07 i 0 (H
0 11 (0 VJ'i
0 31 a S 32
() (ti o
0 21 (A o :
1 .15 C4 1 Ml
- o .V, u o :k"
1 (51 1 25
6 10 u 7 00
1 75 O 1 00
1 Oli fc) I 50
12". 1 40
,. 0 7" rt 0 75
0 Nl M 0 70
60DA. per pound..
Ct(iV03 ....
Nutess ..
MuMard-. ...... ,
TAR. keo. per dos...
TEA, per pound.
Bk-k .....
TOBACCO, )-r poaud,
'inriuia .
fllack Sweet. 14s
Navy. &9 ....
Medium. tvs -
0 SO ei (i 71)
Medium bn'ifbt, lbs... 0 .5 0 !)
Hood bright, do 1 ( f 1 16
Fine natn. ,il leaf... 1 25 1 50
Poutoes, V hbl.. . 3 75 (S 4 00
Cut.bano. ner 1.0 11 ( (.12 (U
Onion, new, per bbl. - S .50 ( 7 (HI
VTVV'l K. VfT lln w on n
J. Julius Guthrie, Jr., Editor and Prep'r.
State. That It i. a Journal the peo.le of
1 end the cheaneet a. I .est ia
d the cheapest I .est racer m the
North Carolina most K'-.ire and appreciaie. is
fuliy evinei-d by it rapidly increaamg eir, ela
lution. it ri'.tain all ui.itters of ituimrtanre.
ri and .Miceiian); is independent in its
p.ilitirs: bold and t.-irlessin lt exproto.ion of
views on Stale and National dip!nmay: swayed
by no party or ix.pular prejudice ; has some
thing erery day irtere-.ting to all oia.e-t of the
eowiniiiiiiy. and that will make iian a--eplaeto
and at-rreable viaitor in the Family Circle, the
private lioudoir.tne Couniinc K.Kxn.the More,
the Workshop, and ui. Sanctum ui Ibe Student.
It devotes a lane, irtion erf it e etce t Asri
cuitur. and MluMiici, a. well a. t Science
and Licht Liierature. It is el'toi- in i:s tyle
and reli.iiiu-Jy im.ral in its tone. 1. f:ut, il ie
. na-Mi thut sb'.n.d n rea i by every env.
L-ailv, eor HKktm, Sr : Wrfcly, per annum,
f L AdveitUMMnenu inserui en tm ,ortl
trims. ' '
c. aiLLEa.
-Ul PANOLA. MlS-j.

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