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OU, No. 13 ftlslson Mtroet,
Fridaw Bvantrjft, Oot. 11. 1B67
. L i i.
PiTTRBOBo Coal avd Qa Co.
Brown & Jones', office 247 Second afreet.
Weighed by Countj Inspector.
ArrUal and Departor, of Trains.
Arrive, lirvart.
N.w Orleans e pres.. dally. M! .a.m. 10:H a.m.
mad, ,. :44p.M. :(K)p.M.
Frelhl allr. save Sunday. 3:44 p.m. 4:40 a.m.
Through express, duly 10:44 r.u. 6: 0 a.m.
Through mail, duly 1:4" r.M. 6:10 p.m.
rioinervllle M. save Sunday 6:10 a.m. 1:40 p.m.
Mull Kxprwu ... H:ts r.M. 11:00 p.m.
Kipiess 10:44 a.m. 4:00 p.m.
Commissioner Ricbardi disposed of
nine cases in police court this morning.
The collection amounted to $25.
Sergeant Hampton, of tbe first dis
trict police, is confined to hit room by
illness. Sergeant Clinton is acting in
his place.
A man named Mike Maber was ar
rested yesterday for brutally beating bis
son. lie resisted the officer, but was
finally taken to tbe stationhouse. For
both offenses be was this morning fined
Emmons 4 Son, Nos. 10 Jefferson
and 393 Main streets, have received the
New York Ledger, Chimney Corner,
Boston Pilot, Literary Album, Sunday
Times, Peterson's Magazine and Ballou'a
Monthly (for November), and dailies
; from everywhere.
Jennie Mack, of the beerjerking
genus, induced a ruction in a Jefferson
street boarding bouse last night, and
upon being arrested, resisted an officer
to tbe extent of nearly depriving bim of
bis clothing. He finally shouldered the
gentle creature, a la sack of oats, and
carried her off in triumph to the station
boupe. Thjs morning she was fined $25.
New Memphis Thsatkb, Those who
' failed to attend the theater last night
missed a rare musical treat. Lady Don's
"Josephine," in the Child of the Regi
ment, was finely rendered. Her acting
unu an!i.!tar! unrl priarminrr. nnrl lipr
singing exquisite. There are few vocal
iiits on the stage possessing voices as
fine or as well cultivated as Lady Don's ;
and no artists more perfect mistresses of
the comic drama. Mr! Mitchell's "Seal
lade " was the rough, great-hearted Ser
geant to the life, and Mr. Ellerton's
"Guillot," like all his persona
tions, was fine. He never overacts
anything, sticks to the text, and trusts
to his abilities to carry him through.
Mr. Ferguson's "Duke" was a little
overdone. He is quite acceptable in
foppish characters, but occasionally
overshoots the mark. Tbe last act
dragged heavily, in consequence of the
inability of several members of tbe com
puny to utter tbe text. At times the
"sticking" was painful, and nothing
but Lady Don's admirable acting and
fine singing relieved tbe closing scenes
from damnation. This is the first time
wo have bad occasion to notice this defect
In any member of tbe company, and we
mention it merely because a few rcpeti
tions would dissipate tbe fine impression
their excellent acting has already pro
duced. This evening has been set apart
for Lady Don's benefit. A splendid bill
lias been selected, and the large number
ol seats secured up to yesterday insures
a large audience. The opening piece
will !e Mark Lemon's mirth provoking
comedy of tbe Ladies' Club. Lady Don
will appear as "Mrs. Cuptain titz
smjthc," taking the chair in the cele
bruted "club sceue," and singing " Gas-
sier's Valse." The capital burlesque of
Kenilvorth will conclude the ovening's
entertainment In it Lady Don will per
sonnte " Earl of Leicester," singing tbe
exquisite ballad of " Good bye, Sweet
heart," and the " Garter Song." Go to.
Death ok a Wkll Knows Missishippi
Editor. Few Mississippians are more
widely known personally in this commu
nity than Major M. S. Ward, for many
year past editor of the Panola Star.
His friends will be pained to learn that
he died on Saturday last He left Mem
phis that day, unwell, and upon arriving
at home in the evening was seized with
tlmlrra, from which he died in a few
hours. Major Ward was almost as in
timaiely known to our business men as
though he had resided here, and the an
nouncement of bis death will be read
with regret He was a gentleman of fine
natural abilities and culture, and univei-
sally esteemed for bis good qualities of
head and heart
Iktersstixo to'Busihkss Mes. The
following card from Major Woodson
fully explains itself:
Orrtcg CnMMiitciiL Nsws Dir'T, I
Miaruia. October llth, loo", f
To Subsciibers Commercial New Report :
Your attention is respectfully directed
to that portion of " C. N. D. Circular "
ami " C. N. D. Application for Reports,"
wliii-h makes it incumbent upon you to
inrvrnt non-subscribers from nsing our
reports. A violation of these rules will
iii'cefsarily compel us to stop the vio
lating subscribers' reports.
Very respectlully.
Will. O. Woodso. Agent
The Japakesb Comiso. Dispatches
received yesterday announce that th
celebrated Japanese troope, who created
such a sensation in New York last sum
mer, will commence a brief engagement
at the Greenlaw Opera Home Monday
night Their performances are wonder
ful, and everywhere they have drwn
crowded houses.
Do t Despair, luck may favor jou.
l ive dollars will win $20,000. or a mag.
nifkeot city lot, and ona dollar a farm
n a Memphis railroad. Call at the
Southern A sjlum office, east side of Court
Wall Known Cltlitn round
Dead in tb Road nr Bar
dla, MUaleaippl.
Bis Bead Plarcsd by a Bullet
Buppoaad Horn laid Aneatad.
The oomtnuoity of Sardis, Panola
county, Miss., were thrown into a state
of great exoitement last Saturday even
ing by a most shocking tragedy, whose
mysterious circumstances have materi
ally added to tbe general horror. Late
in tbe afternoon Dr. A. M. Settle, well
known, in this city, and an old man
named Anthony Foster, left Sardis, on
tbeir way home, each residing a fsw
miles from tbe town. Tbey were mount
ed, Settle on a mule and Foster on a
horse, and were met by several parties
when half, a mile out. A little before
dark; some buys walking to Sardis saw
the body of a man lying in the road;
beside it stood a mule. An examination
revealed the body to be that of Dr. Set
tle, who was personally known to the
boys. Tbe appearance of the body as it
lay in tbe road, and tha proximity of the
animal, induced tbe boys to believe that
the Doctor bad been thrown by the ani
mal and stunned by the fall. Iu the ex
citement they failed to discover any
blood, and had they done so would doubt
less have attributed it to the fall. Turn
ing the body over they discovered that
the heart had ceased to beat Tbe boys
now oroceeded to the nearest house and
communicated the facts to the 'occu
pants. A short time afterward a con
veyance was procured and the body taken
to Sardis. Here it was examined by a
physician, who at first adopted the opin
ion of the boys that the Doctor bad fallen
from tbe mule and broken his neck ; but
finally discovering that tbe bair at the
back of the head was saturated with
blood, be made a more critical investi
gation. A bullet hole, evidently pro
duced by tbe ball of a deringer pistol,
was found, and the horrible truth flashed
upon the minds of the spectators that
their old friend had been murdered.
Tbe ball entered tbe back of the head
and ranged downward toward the stom
ach, doubtless instantly producing death.
The deceased was well known to nearly
everybody in Sardis and tie county, and
was universally popular. As the news
spread the most intense excitement was
produced, and people flocked by scores
to tbe scene of tbe tragedy. It was
known that Dr. Settle and Mr. Foster
left tbe town together late in the after
noon. TbeT were intimate friends, and tl
was beyond belief that the latter could
have been the author of so foul a enm
He was not present when the boys found
the body : he had evidently gone home
after the tragedy. The two were seen
together only a short distance from where
tha murdered man was discovered. Ihis
was a strange circumstance. HadDr.Set
tin been shot from the roadside it woulc
have been natural for Foster to either
remain with the body or give the alarm
Neither was done ; and the rajige of the
ball reodered it conclusive that tbe Doc
tor bad been shot by some one
on horseback. These facts anc
probabilities were hurriedly reviewed
by the excited populace, and it was re
solved to arrest FosteV. A civi
officer and posse arrested the suspected
man that night, finding him, we believe
at home. Tbe purport of his statement,
if he gave any, we have not learned. We
hope the examination will result in the
establishment of his innocence of the
terrible crime which circumstanciul evi
dence has traced to his door. He is an
old. esteemed citizen of the county. He
and Dr. Settle had been intimate friends
and neighbors for many years, and it was
known they had been much together that
day. Unless a quarrel originated near
the fatal spot, and the shooting was
done in a moment of excitement, there
could have been no possible motive for
the crime.
After Foster's arrest, the officers of the
Freedmen's Bureau claimed the prisoner,
and wrested him from the civil authori
ties. He was sent to Grenada, and after
wards returned to Sardis, where tbe case
is now undergoing examination.
Dr. Settle was an old resident of the
county, and very well known in this city.
He was quiet, inoffensive, and probably
did not have a personal enemy in the
world. He was one of the most genial
men we ever knew, never failing to make
a favorable impression upon all with
whom be came in contact
Monet to Loan on Collaterals. Ap
ply to W. J. L, Insurance Agency, No.
22 Madison street t
A New Distribution Scheme. We
direct tbe attention of the public to a
new enterprise announced in a double
column advertisement to day, of which
Messrs. Russell A Co., of this city, are
managers. It is entitled the Bluff City
Cash. Gift and Premium Distribution
Scheme, and offers inducements of a
superior character. The prizes willl be
distributed in public every Wednesday,
and gifts and premiums are to be cashed
at the aeencv every Thursday. 1 he tirst
distribution will take place on the 23d
nst Reference to the advertisement
reveals the nature of the schee and the
manner of the distribution, both of which
commend themselves to public consid
eration. The method of deciding all
questions is nndoubtedly fair, and those
rho desire to avail themselves of tbe
,drantage offered would do well to apply
to Russell & Co. at once. ;
Yoca Choice. Large stock of shots
at T5c, at J. H. Loewenstine V Bros.',
231 Main street
Tbe Soctbir Astlcm Laud Com
pany's drawings are at hand. City lots
coat to, and railroad farms one dollar.
Call at the Company's uffir, east side of
Court Square.
The Question of Paving Msluatieet
Its Preaent Phase.
The Board of Aldernn n met yesterday
afternoon to consider tbe following prop
osition, recently made by Messrs. For
rest, Mitchell 1 Co. :
' MsmpmiS, October t, 1SC7.
To tbe Ilunerabls Board of Mayor and Abler-
un '
Gentlemen: We beg respectfully to
represent to your honorable body that we
have completed Did Madison street,
from Charleston avenue to the bayeu
bridge; Jefferson street, from Forrest
street to the Charleston avenue (except
about fifty yards near the bridge); and
Charleston avenue, from the railroad
bridge to tbe intersection of Adams
(except about sixty feel); with tbe
Nicholson pavement being more than
one third of our contract, to be completed
in one year. This work has been done by
us in thirty working days, which leaves
us to complete Main street, ninety days.
The work just completed by us has cost
an outlay of ninety-five thousand dollars
($95,000) in cash ; for this work we have
received from the Mayor $138,000 in
paving bonds.
General Forrest recently visited Louis
ville, St Louis and New York for the
purpose of hypothecating the bonds, in
order to raise sutlicient money to push
on the work on Main street; but in con
sequence of tbe city having failed to pay
the past July interest, which, when we
offered bids for the pavement, we were
assured would be promptly met, together
with the large amount of interest past
due, amounting in trie aggregate, since
January. 1861, to nearly $300,000, he
found the credit so depreciated that it
was impossible to hypothecate the bonds
at any such price as would enable us to
proceed with the work of paving Main
street; therefore, until something is done
by tbe city to relieve her credit, it is im
possible to raise the money required to
carry on the work.
We have contracts for lumber and ma
terials to be delivered within the next
sixty days, sufficient to complete Main
street, bat, as lumber, tar, sand, gravel
and wages are all cash, we find ourselves
utterly unable to control the money ne
cessary to make such a large expendi
ture as would be required to pave Main
Btreet this winter, and receive for pay
the paving bonds, in the present low and
comparatively worthless condition of the
city's credit We are, however, anxious
to proceed with the work, provided it
meets the views of your honorable body
to so alter the present contract as to al
low the property holders on Main street
to pay us threo dollars and ninety-five
cents cash per square yard, and three
dollars and eighty-nine cents per square
yard on Desoto, Shelby, Beal and Pop
lar streets, upon tbe same terms and con
ditions as allowed Taylor, McUeanACo.,
nnder tbe contracts with the city for
similar work ; and we will agree to re
move the dirt at forty cents per surface
If these terms are granted us, we
pledge ourselves to proceed with the
work on Main street at once, and com
plete it within the time allowed us under
the contract Respectfully,
Forrest, Mitchell & Co.
Mimphib, Tsnn., Ootobor 10, lf7.
To the Hon. Board of Mayor and Aldermen :
Gentlemen: If the proposition sub
mitted to you yesterday is not accepted,
we propose to do that portion of the
work in front of the oity's property, and
all the intersections of streets, upon the
same conditions, and the same price per
square yard, that our present contract
calls for we taking the paving bonds of
the city for the same the city making
no charge for the engineering and
royalty for that portion of the work. -
Forrest, Mitchell k Co.
The above had been referred to a
committee appointed in the executive
session held Wednesday afternoon, who
reported the following
Resolved, That the board decline to
accept the proposition made byrorrest
Mitchell & Co., under date of October 9,
On motion of Alderman Johnson, tbe
report of the committee was finally re'
ferred back with instructions to report to
the Board at a meeting to be held at four
o'clock this afternoon,
Ladles, oall and examine the new
stoclc of velvet and light canal
mere cloaka at Howell, Wood &
Co.'s Southern Palace. No trou
ble to enow goods. 37
Carolina Insurance Company. The
Carolina Insurance Company of this city
although recently organized, is already
working its way into a fine business. It
insnres against loss of life only, and we
have na company more reliable or better
officered. Col. M. J. Wicks is President,
A. Seessel Vice President, Mr. W. F.
Boyle Secretary, and Col. J H. Edmon''-
son General Agent In the directory we
notice such well known and staunch
names as W. R. Hunt, F. Titus, E. M,
Apperson, F. W. Smith, W. B. Greenlaw,
and others of like standing in the com
tnunity. We can safely recommend this
company to, persons desiring life in
Ladies', misses and children's shoes, at
75 cents, at J. H. Loewenstine ft Bros.', zsi
Main street.
A New Booe. We are indebted to
the author for a copy of the " Soldiers'
Friend," which has just been published.
It was written by Mrs. S. E. D. Smith,
and is a thrilling narrative of "grandma '
Smith's four years' experience and ob
servation as matron in the hospitals of
the South during the )ate war. It has
been revised by Rev. John Little, and
dedicated to the rebel soldiers. The
"Soldiers' Friend" is well written, and
should be extensively read. The book is
for sale by II. Wade & Co.. Geo. Patti
son A Co., and Blelock A Co.
KeepaStifp Upper Lip, dull times
may be counteracted by winning a mag
nificent city lot for $5, or a farm for one
dollar. Call at the office of the South
ern Asylum, east aide of Court Square.
Velvet Cloaka, new atylea and
new atoo, worth from $100 to
$225. at Howell, Wood & Co.'a,
332 Main Btreet. 37
Two points about the Texas Tonic
Syrup deserve especial attention. It is
a certain cure for chills, and it is pal
atable. It 4s quite a relief to turn to a
pleasant medicine like this, knowing
that it will act speedily and without
nauseating. Sold by all druggist.
Sole proprietors.
At a m:etimi of the DiretLnis of the
Sniitlii'rii L'I'h Insurance Company, held
at their (illi.'n un (lie 3hh nf Sepiruiber,
I lie. following rt- tliitions mora unaui
tu' us'y a'kptc J :
Whereas, li has pleated a my.terious
I'rov deuce m remove suddenly from us
Mr. George W. McCarn, the first Presi
dent of the Company, and as we deem it
proper in view ot his official position and
influence, and his social relation with us
(the members of this body) that we should
pay just tribute to his memory by official
and public expression, to be perpetuated
.upon out-record, of tbe estimation in
which he was held and of the feelings
with which this melancholy event has'
affected us ; therefore,
Resolved, That, it is with great and
unaffected sorrow that we have to
record the death of our late President,
for he was equally esteemed in official
positions and endeared in social rela
tions. He was a leading spirit in tbe
formation of the Company, and under
the impress of bis genius, it has grown in
so short a period, in the face of all the
embarrassments of the times, into its
present gratifying position amongst Life
Insurance Companies. Ha was, in his
nature, a devoted man, and our Com
pany was a great object of his devotion.
A rare and happy combination of traits
formed bis character. In his bearing
there wos an equability of temper a
uniform, quiet gentleness a delicacy and
urbanity, indicating a kind and lovply
spirit which sweetly attracted all
who fell into much personal intercourse
with him, whilst be was truly of a self
reliant, firm and resolute spirit, full of
bold enterprise and unwearied diligence
and perseverance. His high integrity,
bis energy and constancy in business,
were our esteem and confidence; his
unselfish, genial and afiable spirit, won
onr affections. During his brief resi
dence amongst us, he was quietly and
unobtrusively, vbut sorely and steadily,
advancing to an enviable position in the
public esteem, and of publio usefulness,
when be was suddenly taken off in a
brief illness, in the prime of life and
Resolved, That to the family of the
deceased we tender our heartfelt sympa
thy and condolence in the loss of one so
dear to them and to us ; and that the
Secretary present to them a copy of these
Resolved, That tbe Secretary furnish
the newspapers of tbe city with a copy of
these resolutions for publication.
F. M. White, President.
Benj. Mat, Secretary.
Hunting suits at Robeson, Bneed
S Co.'a. t
Official Drawings of the Missouri State
Class 581 Drawn Oct 10, 18C7.
73, 42, 3, 60, 9, 36, 57, 33, 71, 50, 76, 64,
Class 682 Drawn Oct 10, 1807.
44, 51, 4, 65, 25, 43, C5, 63, 14, 37, 31, 74,
Drawn twice each day. Over $100,000
in prizes paid each day. Prizes are all
cash. Tickets cost from twenty-five cents
to twenty dollars. Call or send for cir
cular. Geo. W. Van Voast, Agent,
20 and 52 Jefferson,
22 Gayoso and 6 Water streets.
Fall and winter clothing immense stock;
low prices.
t 805 Main street
Large stock of ready-made clothing,
" less than New York cost," at J. II.
Loeweustine & Bros.', 231 Main street
Southern Waoon Factort, 92 Jef
ferson Street. We advise all our
friends who want a good wagen and de
sire to encourage home manufactures, to
call at this institution, which is a strictly
Southern one, and choose from their
large stock of farm and spring wagons.
Prices as low as anywhere in the North,
James & Roosa, Proprietors,
t 92 Jefferson st, Memphis.
f 805 Main Btreet.
Ladies' fine,baloral skirts, at $1 25,
at J. H. Loewenstine & Bros.', Clay
Hard Times may be defeated by wic
aing a farm on a Memphis railroad, or a
magnificent city lot Tbe former coBts
one dollar, the latter five. Call at the
office of the Southern Asylum, east side
of Court Square.
Ladies' fins balmoral skirts, at $1 25, at
J. H. Loewenstine & Bros.', Clay Building
Ladies At tbe "Steam Straw Hat
and Bonnet Bleachery" you can have
your Felt and Straw Hats and Bonnets
dyed the new brown. This color does
not fade or soil. Wm. Goodyear,
4-81 3'8 Main street
Andrew's Philadelphia Trunks, Valises
and Traveling Bags. A full assortment,
Mook's Dancing ScnnoL will open
Saturday evening, October 12, at seven
o'clock, for gentlemen, No. 231 Second
street, Jefferson Block. 36
We Invite an examination of eur
etock of allsr, merino and flannel
underwear. Choice goods, at very
low prices.
305 Main atreet
Bct your groceries and feed of S. M.
Guest, on the Hernando road, imme
diately south of South street, thereby
save you money.
BEMOVAt.-Having removed to our old
stand, Ho. 218 Main street corner of Adams,
we are now prepared to offer great induce
ments. We art receiving daily fresh and
seasonable goods. Call and see.
f Correraain and Adams.
Ladies' all linen cambric (hem
stitched) handkerchiefs, at 35c each, at
J. H. Leewenstine A Bros.', No. 231
Main street
New joods ! new goods ! at How.
ell. Wood A Co.'a, 332 Main at.
Go to Martin Eycke, 41 Monroe
street, and get your carpets renovated
and laid, and your furniture varnished
or repaired. Old mattresses made good
na new.
Chattel Mortoages for sale at this
Ma. J. Devoto, corner of Adam and
Third streets, is constantly recemnf
fresh Bahisore ojit-ers in cans or half
cans for family use. There are no
fresher or finer in the market.
I. O. O. F. There will be a meeting of
P. tl: oil Saturday, Ovtobcr 12th, at 1
p.ii' , at the ha'i. All meoilmre are in
vitcl. A full at emlanoe is requested.
36 John P. Pan rust.
Bilk undersblrts and drawers at
anti-war prloea.
Tor a fashionable suit of Tricot or Beaver
go toBobetoa, Bneed A Co. t
Tu Last Chance. Magnificent farms,
on Memphis railroads at one dollar each,
and beautiful city property for $5. Call
at the Southern Asylum office, east side
of Court Square.
Martin Etcke, 41 Monroe street,
makes old mattresses good as new,
renovates and lays carpets, and repairs
and varnishes furniture. Give him a
call. 38
Ten quarter bleaqhed and brown sheeting,
at 42 1-3 cents, at J. H. Loewenstine
Bros.', Clay Bnilding.
Dolbear'b Commercial College, 230
Main street, open day and night. New
pupils received daily in writing, arith
metic, book-keeping, etc., etc. 45
Larob stock of fine poplins, merinos
and delaines, at less than New York cost,
at J. II. Loewenstine & Bros.', Clay
Unions & Peterson. Best Pittsburg
coal, wholesale and retail We weigh on
the city scales. No. 11 Madison street.
Mariuos and Cklihact, andtIii lUrrt
Nsss or Tavs Manhood. An Essay for Young
Men on the Crime of Solitude, and the Pbyilo
lolioal Errors, Abuses and Diieases which cre
ate impediments to MARKIAQK, with sore
means of Itellcf. Sent in sealed lotter envel
opes, free of ohsrgo. Address Sr. J. tiKILLIN
HOUGHTON, Howard Association. Philadel
phia, Pa. 22-100
The Fort of Memphis.
The rivers coutinue to decline that's
a way they have. Go it, old fellows; we'll
endeavor to stand it as long as jou can.
The Ned Tracy will leave for St Louis
at 5 p.m. She is the regular packet,
and will shove out from the company's
Or the Ohio river, the Louisville Cou
rier, of yesterday, says :
The river is stationary, with twenty
nine inches water in tbe canal by the
mark. The weather was rainy this
morning, though the rain was not very
heavy. It did rain, however, and estab
lished the theory that three successive
frosts will bring rain. The thermometer
stood at C5 at noon.
At Cincinnati nt noon yesterday the
river bad risen an inch, with rain in the
morning and prospects of more in the
evening, though it was quite cool.
The news from Pittsburg is black,
though the clouds up there are breaking.
If the rain does not soon fall in that be
nighted district, the coal dealers will be
hard up for cash,
Remaining in the Fostoffice at Mem
phis, Tenn., Friday, October 11, 67.
Published In the daily newspaper having the
LAKOEST CIRCULATION ia the circuit of
tho Memphis Postoflioe.
To obtain any of these lorters, the applicant
must rail for ' Ailvertinnct I,ir," eive the
date of the list, and pay one cent for advertising.
If not called lor within one month, thoy will
be sent to the Dead Letter Othco.
Place the poshiiro stamp on the upper rmht
hand corner, and leave space between thostamp
and direction fur post-marking without inter
fering with the writing.
N.B. A request tor the return of a letter
to the writer, if unclaimed within thirty days
or less, written or prints, with the writer's
name, postuflice and Mate across the lett-nana
end of the envolnne, on the face side, will be
returned free of charge.
Letters addrossod to street and number will
be delivered tree hy carriers.
- (Iflice hours from V,i a.m. to 6a p. in
Sundays lrom tl to lu o clock a.m.
KOitKRT C. (ilST, Postmaster.
ANDKRSON M A Armstmng Mrs M B
Austin MrsDekorah Agard Melvina
Adams Miss J Allison Miss il
UROWN T) Butler Mrs M C
Burch Mrs H Bryant Mrs K M
Arrant Miss K M-l Bryant Mrs J
Boiling Miss I. W Bill Mrs J
Bloilsoe Miss K KHt Rath
Bennett M iss L llanenter M si II S
Bason Mrs Barker Miss M
C IRANI? M K Crandall Mrs A
j Cronan Miss M Crockett Mrs K J
Creed M rs M A Crawf.rd E C
Crouch Mrs M 12 Cnok. Julia
Cnlins Mrs E - Cowan M V
Corran M rs M V-3 Cotter M iss S
Cotton Mrs M Coney Miss R
Clifton Miss S Clark Miss A
tlhriaty Miss It Chisohn Miss L
Csin Miss M Casey Cute
Cameron Mrs J Carlton Miss Alice
!NIIAM MRS E ThikesMrsP.
I Uuk Madam Pickens Mrs -I
Liaaiel Mrs E Deiocta Mrs F
Elliot Mrs J Edmonson Mrs 8
Eldridge Miss A
TRITZ MRS A E Fairobsnks Miss M
L Franoiolla Miss B Freeman Mrs A il
Foster Mrs J Ford Mis, M
Forrest Miss J Flavin Hannah
HilmerMrsJ Hill Mrs L
Oidding Miss L L
Hull Mrs R L Hyor Mis J V7
II Mr. M E llortim Minn V. 8
Hickman Miss M E Hilderb and Mrs II J
Henry Mrs A A IIasMrsK
Hankins Miss M Haley Mrs M
Haillock Miss M Uiillam Mrs 8 U
Handel Mrs M J
Johnson AMss Alice Je.vnerMissJ
Jackson Miss II Jackson Mrs M
Jack-on Miss C M Jemison Mrs M A
Jennings Mrs M
KunkcleMrsAS Kellrr.MrsSP
Kcl'eyMissA Kealcy Mrs J
kiuht Nancy S
f irCKETT MRS II Luk Elisa
1 J Loury Miss P Lotion Mrs M
Lewis Mrs M Lewie Mrs J
LaieMrsDJ Lne Mri M E
Lawion M rs II Lake Miss K l-2
MVHPIITMrSSO Mulhollsn Miss L D
Mull Mrs C Mor'in Mis K
MiurleT Mine M Morrii Mrs B F
Montgomery Mrs M Malnney Mrs A
Moore Miss M-4 .Mnllhnllan Mrs R
Miller Mrs R D Mills Miss 8 K
Mendale Mrs E Meok Mrs R L
Meirose Mis A M-lntst Mrs J
Marks Mis I May Mrs S
Mathews Miss A Mtlies Mrs L
Mason MniM Maunson ilus
MeflKK MRS J McKoom Mrs R
McKnight Miss L Mclntyre Mist D
MrK'iniie .Mrs McKorrell Mrs K
Mr Hugh Miss M MoCall Mrs E 11!
Mi'Caine Miss A
I )VRK MRS 8 I PrymeMissI,
L Price MissM V V
rou'ltit Mrs L N
l'r uty Miss it A
fotnts Mm f
Persons Mr E I
Vellaui Mrs N
Pcrncl A M
Parua MissM
Powell .V rs M A
Peerson M 8
Pien-e M rs 8
Parham Mrs
Parham Mrs M--5
Rob-on Mrs J C Rogers Mrs K
Huberts Mm H Kigbt Miss W
hire Mrs J 1) Kicly Mi- 1)
Rhode. Mi-s M Heynol t M
Kfi MnK Kodgerky Mis J B
Kapp Miss K
k fniith Mm L f-mi h Miss A
Smith Mi-SL t-miih Mm K
fouflnra Miss K hio-ksMrsA
Ftuart M-t S Mewart Mm S J
Manley Mm A E Singi-ton Miss Joe
N ni-r,n Mm N J times Mrs I'
(Wiurd Mrs M
Taibr. MmS 'linceil MmW
Th bu Mm M J TiSorMissR
TsvlorMusM Tabor Miss K
Wuliaca MiasTO Williiwan M
Wright Mrs M R
Wood Miu K
Wiraiu Mrs II
Winchester Mrs M A
Weak til Mist C
Whitlington Miss K
WaueMrs It
Watner Miss P
Williams Mrs U
Wrivht Mm. M A
Wtlkiuson Mrs II
Wiggins Miss b
Wel. h Mrs
Whit.it Mrs L
Whitoov Mrs H J
Wa.le Mlsi J T-l
W alius Mrs J
AVREY 8 Acker II P4Co Anderson 0
Ayuiar AT Anderson I U Armstrong t
AdleUO AuokerUP Armstrtnr J 8
Alexander J Addison J Atchison J
Anderson J W Anderson J J lAlton R l
Aleiander I Anderson 1 W Abvm W 0
BEATYA Beach A Blackburn Capt
liar tan y B Black B M Burns O
llomardOL Bence C BirnetE
Duller E J ltrookiliire E C Berry K
Hyrd F tool) Binder K Bristle F
Bonhain (1 1) Blount Q B Brwn II
Britton J Bondy Capt J F Browne J V
Boyt J BucbanonJ Bakewell J
Bratton J Black J H Byrnes J
lemon J BureeJB Bryan J M
irownJF RaleyJ Blullen J
BeneyJ-1 Berthe-J E BoyleJF .
Boon J M BowonJW ButtlerJ
Berry L Bacon L (col) Barnes K W
Burns M Burford M Bowers 8
lIutT.rd S T Bartlett 8 Bancraft 8 D
111. hop X 8 Daily l)r W T liutlur W T
BeauchaiapWRUorntt W U Brewor W Q
Barber W Boyd W E
CLARK C CheaUmACom-Cnrrhan B
Clopton C . ings Chapman D II
Carter i 11 Caldwell E W Crawford B D
Carter E U Conner F Clantoa O W
Church tl W C'lUk li Coalman B
Carter I1C Cockran II J Cusansnt H B
Clay II Cusack J Cannon J M
Capel J-3 Callahan J Cannoa J
Cooper J Cunningham J Clark J K
Crisp L-2 C'.e L It Crovo L
Conlin M Cox V A Co bert P '
Cnines U 3 Cheater R Cooper K S-l
C.xR CarrDrS Coulk S V
Caulk 8 B Cacy T Carter T O
Cogswell TL Carrie WS Cobb W U
Clark W M Colinon W XV Caton W
Cones W W-J Cowlcs W B Cowles W 8
TUYA DevensAN Dromond A D
1J Button ES Davis II DenigerJA
DunnicaJL DonuheoJIl Darby Capt J
Ilevenney 0 Doyle O Daniel 8 tool)
Dunlap T (eol) Daly T Donnelly T
Uuggan T Dorsey V B Danurige W
Dobbin W Denslord W B DuganWW
1JLPEK B 2 Elliott A H Edmonson II
J Ellis J Evans Col T P Easton W II
td wards W II
FROST B Fish- C Fredriek K
Frator F A Ferris (1 (eol) Ferguson II J
Fernandei II li Flynn J Fapey J
Flat ley J Fraylor J W Ford J
Ford X FutheeWJ FoniainoW(eoI)
Featberstowlur Y B
GRIFFIN A UrishamDrAIt Gardner, Buck
(iibsonUBtiulei K nerACo
Uailor K M (irahsiii O Gray (1
(Jrier II C-2 Mlaie li Ulainger It L
.Urayli (IrantJ (IsultJM
llarey J Oarlicg J U.ynnJ
Green N Ureer N C Ueyir P
Uarrett P Gibson T 0 (iarrelsoa W
Grittin W tireoo W Gregg V A
Green Rt Rev W It
nUEY A Hodges Dr A Harrington
IluberC Ilayoes A B A Co
Iliggins A H Harwell AM Havweod A
Harden B 11 HutchinsC Harrison C A
Home D Hankins I) C Harbert F
Hanrey O Heiskell li F Houghton II
Harrison II BS Hoven II J Hllliard II
Heinpstesd J L Hiatb J M Hunter J (col)
Healey J F Hurt J K Hallows J U
Henry J A Hampton 3 P HurlbutJ
Howard J II trier L R Harold L
Duller M Hunt M Hopkins M (col
HealyM Hansel N M Howard O H
Hull P II Hayes P(ool) Hidyerd R O
liolyfleld 8 B Uaskins L Home T 8
Howard X Hamilton I 8 Hoops T
HuntT Hays W HacketWO
Hutchinson W Hume V A Holland W
Hasdins W D Hughes W A Holland W II
JACOTD A Johnson C Jackson DrCC
J no bs II Johnson It B Jackson D P
Jones J N JohsonJW Jordan CptJW
Jones M L Jenson P Jones K D
Johaston R R Jones 8 Johnson 8
Jones w A V Jennings V B Jones W N
Jones W H C
KRAFT A KlnrAAIson Konants C F
K ng (ID Kee e by J I- ielaber J C
Key J II KonnelyJ King L
KeilyM-2 Kirby 6 KirtleyT
Keys W E
IEBAROE LogseCS Lourbry Bou
i Lipsoy E C Loath J X chard A Co
Lurkei J Lea J A 2 Littleton J
Lackland J Lynch M Leech N
Lee It-2 Lewis S A Levio8
Lewis 8 Liwallcn rt S Lewis T
LinvilloTD Layer W tool) Laba lieW
Lewi W Lown W Lee W
Lawrla V.' h
MODER E Margun A W Morris, Tasker
Maligan C Moore K W A Harris
Morgan Cot CEMalone Dr F Morrill F
MosbiedB Meridelh U MoreyHV
Moms II Marsh I MurryJ
Morris J L Maloney J Maasio I
Mortum J Martin J MorrisCaptIL
Morrison J MyrickJ Mitchell L
Mattison h Murphy MW Minima OP
Marsh P Miller P Marsh R
Maury Dr R B Moore T M alone T
Myers TR Morris TD Manchan T
MarsheM W(colMurphy W Morgan W
Moder V
McCAIN C McLean Col EhMcCormlck G
McKun J McOabe U McCalieter II
ModlluinJ McOrathJA McliermottM
McGuireP McKlroyP McCaine K
McDonald R McGinney 8 A McGrath T A
McLaughlin T McDonough Vf MoLane W
McLemore V 0 W
NICOLESC NicholifsC KnleyAStray
NornsTP2Newland J hom
Nolan J N Mckolsin t W Nuun L H
Nier K Delias DrT A Nauning I
Noril I
Odell O'Brien J K Owen H L
O'NeilDrH Owens G W O'Connell D J
DrPERS Pattison A 2 Patten A Car
I Paine A P Pettit B K mark
Pitton C VayallcC Poindexter
Pass (i V Prince J P Judge G
Patrick J Parhsm I T-2 Poik J I K
PickardlH Powers M H Patterson H
Pearson M R Phillips T P Phillies W
Peets W J Paelsnd W Price W f
Page W(ool)
RICE O N Robinson O W Roberts G
Royoe II W Russell II C Rutledge H B
Kooney J Robbers on J Rapp J
Redden J RidHick J il Roberts J B
Robinson J Keris Dr A Reynolds M V
Kan jolpbll Heed 1 J Kicnerson i
Ryan X Kodgers X Rowell W
SIDES A CO Stedman A Co ShinpG
Slratton II Spencer H O SkidmorelT
Stednnn II W Sailer II R (col) Sn Barrens II
Spelltnan J Hiuitnons J S'ickisy J
Swan Capt J Sowers Dr J A Shea J I.
Somnsou J Stoney J M Sowers J
Smitber J Xf Simps n J E fhellyt'olMD
Npilltnan rt rk-ott H htratton 8 t.
fcberidan T 8 Shaw TJW St.m W
Scanlan W hi S' Louis W Siaint W J
Squire W D Smith J Smith J W
Smith L N ACo Smith J K Smith W P
Shaw Z (col)
1'ILSONC Thomas A IT. 2 Tibbottf A
I Thomas F C 'I omliv 112 Tinnier D
Talley II Terry J Mo A Tracy Capt J M
lorlorj i nner j J ay or .1 W
Tad.lJ Trig Stroll Tailor W
Turlay T B Turlry W 11-2 Taie W J
VEALL Van Eaton H VanKatonWL2
I,rHITE C Woodstock A Wicks4Croeker
fV w all K ft Smith Wextbr ok A
WinterCC-2 Wilson C M Vildsrk I W
Witherspoon F Warren F Weathorford G
tcol) v. rirhf (J K 2
Washington O Woll U Woods H C-2
Wrirht H C WhitcombH 1 WilnorJ
Walker I M WaMiJ Wa-hPovJG
White LC V'heian M White M
WriahtNB White OC Woodlork P
Wtrkersham P Vorsham P Warren R
Wright R Watson R Watt 8 II
Weber 8 Welch 6 1) Ward W
Wood Cnt W II Walker W W Waters Cant Z
Wei. h W J WarrenCptWH Wiley W J
Wright W P Wil iiull W Williams J R
Williams G S Williamson JA Williams H R
"rOUNT M 2 Young M Yocia W M
X Yearai Mr YouagA WRev
Southwestern Emigration Company
Business 2
F urn ark F Arata G Bernard C
P.aliren A (forgoes G Vancaro B
.nr. M l.-r-. ra I H ViLaM. K
1. 1. KITH.
JORg L. Ltlrg.
smith l,i:l:cii,
34U Mecond Wtr.-et, ,
tensive Kerttf ing hstnMisbmenu we are
rret.are-i to furnish to the Trade act Country
Merchants at very rrdu red -rree. Liquors ot
all grades and euality. Call and exairine r
Mck and ju tr' fr rrltsi. .to n7
OrriCI-Ko. 830 Xaia st ilSIDIICE
014 lalaiga Kod, laar bavoa bridja.
Williams Miss L
ness in this eity we would civ noti that
ws have sold our entire Block, togeiher with
the Fix tare-, Lease, etc,, of tho well-known
stand. No. 318 Main street, to Dr. J. B. W A8
60N A CO., to whom we were formerly succes
sorai and after returning eur heartfelt thanks
to our numerous pnlrtins and friends who have
so liberally favored na during our continuation
of bus ness, we solicit for our suoroisors a con
tinuation nf the same. As to fie character '
and qualifications ot our worthy successors In
this branch of trade, tbeir reputation is too
well and lavorab y known In this eity and
throughout the country generally for na to be
able in anything we might here state to add
thereto. Suffice it to sav tbey are of long and
tried experience in this brunch of business,
andthetefore most cordially recommend a con
tinuation of our patrons with this House.
the unsettled bu.lncs of NTPQEN A RE A
KIHXand JOHN A. N IPG UN, will be settled
by either of tho old part tiers, at the old stand.
To tho Pulsllo.
1 cha esnd resume! business at the old and
well-known stand. No. HIS Muin street, where
we have so often and for so many long years ot
sunshine and adversity met our old friends and
patrons ; and as a train if unforeseen Providen
tial circumstances have shifted Us around to our
former place f business, it is with feelings of
earnest CO' gratulation that we are again pre
pared to offer to our former putrons and the
public generally a large and well selrcted Stock
of Drugs, Medicines, etc., etc.. ami indeed
everything usually kept in aflrst-claasand well
conducted Urug Stsre, to which we are now ad
ding, and will oontinue to add oonstan ly, fresh
supplies of the most Staple and choice articles
the markets can afford. And as we shall im-
Sort from foreign marke s dire-t, and from Brat
and dealers, we intend making th s House
"the Drug Emporium of the South! wo
would, thereloie, hold out sjwrinHnducemeots,
to both Wholesale and Retail D alcrs in the
city and omintry. to give ns a call, examine and
firice our Stock belore purchasing elsewhere,
or we are determined, by our close vigilance
of the market! of th'S ani foreign countries, as
well as with sound, practical judgment In ma
king our purchases, so as to Be able, with tho
choice quality of our Stock and tbe low prices
we will etier them at, to be able to vie with and
even defy competition. Anxiously hopinr,
therefore, that the e pr positions (for we intend
to make good to tho letter all we have proposed),
will meet with the hearty concurrence cf our
old friends and patrons and the oommunity
Wo arc, vry respectfully, yours, etc.,
(Successors to S. 0. A T. A. Nelson A Co.)
" made on consignments to either house.
and all agents of owners, are respectfully
requested to leave with the undersigned, at tha
Mavor's office, Memphis, memoranda of any
made by tbeui since the lat assessment.
31-56 Assessors.
via Mckenzie,
leave the Depot, head of Main street, as
follows i
EVENING EXPRESS arrirrs at Nashville
at 4:30 p.m. and 7 a.m. Thii train arrives at
in advance nf the Evening Train from Mem
phis by any otherronte.
NIUIIT EXPRESS arrives at Nashville at
II p.m. and i p.m. This route is
Seventy-Eight Itliics Sliorior
to Nashville thuij via Decatur.
' THROUGH TICKETS via Nashville to
and all principal points Is Georgia, Alabama,
and the Carolina!. Fare as low as by any other
THROUGH TICKETS and all information
win be obtained st No. 217 S Main street, and
at the Depot, head of Vain street.
RAM B. JONKS, Gen. Superintendent.
M. Uhidliy. Ticket Agent.
OraniWes of Memphis City Transfer Com
pany call at the principal Hotels before the
departure of Trains, and Check Pagirage to all
Points- By leaving orders at the Ticket Otfiee,
K'-j Ma:i street, will call at any part of tha
eity or sttaniboat landing.
lt Superintendent M. C. T. Co.
W 3i . ii i iSTi sTv ,
Bccrgaaoa to
Plain and Fancy Priming,
Neatly, Cheaply and Promptly Executed.
' 7-W
Sewing- MachineH
or.dltro.1, HASTY A INtiKAM.
N. B. Work ealled tor and eliverd in all
p rts of the city. Orders by mail or otherwise)
ill receive frtimr-t a'tntion. m-j
No. Madison Mtrert,
OFFICE U -A Third ft.
Between Adams and Jefferson.
Beside nee Southeast Corner Orocclav
ard fourth dtrsMsta. Chelae. a
against me will rlo treeeot the same
to ear At tome. IIOMkLU K JAt kM'N.
19., wbo ia aatbonaad to aettle and ja tie
iroe(..rsae. . .

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