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J. f. TUT.
Cash Assets, oyer $6,500,000!
Cali Awrk - - $100,000?
Capital. - f 200,000
-..r tvottri LIKB- POLICIES OH ALL
Wtb. InprovW plan.. and take not forone
Inc routine loath at .11 Maaone f the
nuT Also Insnr. eelnst lose or damage by
i . t ... ..t,.nclii- furniture. .LO.
on ob uu.-. - ,
OTFI C K-Xrt tormm ifarfuos md
Un ttrri ftlPi. Trnm. TV-7
Offlo). No. IS Madison Street.
JT. A. TYLEB, l l t I Editor.
Saturday Evening:, Mares. 14.
of the United States,
Th lowr branch of th New Hampshire
Legiilature I. composed f 191 Republicans
and 161 Democrat.
Th BtrnU't Ittr from Glasgow. SsoUand,
(Wm th army roll of J. R. B-, la th eounty
of Cork. Ireland,' at mustering 1306 man.
Th puBlio reprimand of Rev. Stephan H.
Tyng. Jr., in aceordane with th ntno of
th EoclesUstical Court, will b pronounced
to-day. ,
Th lea (org in th St. Thoma river, below
Chatham, Michigan, earned th itre.m to
overflow tha bank. Several bridge war car
ried off: alio large quantitiei of wood, iUtm
and timber. YaitorAy th water forced an
outlet aoroa th farms, iweepint off horses,
cattle and fenoel and wathing away portion
of th railroad track. Th ion at Chatham it
fully $100.0:0. -
ft; At Naihvlll. last night th Metropolitan
Polio mad a raid upon th gambling houses
of Dennii McCoole, Rlohard Puryeor and 0. P.
Coleman. About forty peraoni war arrested,
and th implement, of th craft war carried
off, Tha partief were to-day fined by the
Polio CommiHionen. Subsequently MoCoole
and Cofemsn were arretted on a Stat warrant,
and held for trial. V
During the war CoL Thoma. 0. William., of
Reusseau's staff, married Miss Saunders, a
daughter of Mr.. Aaron V. Brown, who died,
leaving her estate to bar husband. Tha
validity of tha will waieontaated in the Circuit
Court of Davidson cointy, and th deciiion
wu against William.. An appeal waa taken
to tha Supreme Court, which yeaterday re
versed tha decision of th Circuit Court, and
ordered the will to b executed.
Affairs were quiet yesterday morning at th
Whit House. No admission to visitors, on
aooount of tha Cabinet meeting, which wai at
tended by all the member, except the Secretary
of State, who waa represented by Fred Seward.
Attorney General Stanbery and other wer
present. Th President's counsel visited him
during tha forenoon, and wer ngaced torn
time in conversation with him. H gav th
sixth Stat dinner that evening, at which some
twenty members of the Hons of Representa
tives were present-
Mr. Johnston to Resign.
The St- Loui Democrat, which it in
tha last stages of the Radical rabies,
suggest " because f its intrinsic proba
bility," that tbe President will resign bis
office, in case bis objections to the com
petency of the Senate as a Court ot lm
pOLOUlJ v. "
peachment, as at present constituted, are
(wHrruieu. xhw " ,l" -
.hnnifht. And the argument by which
the Democrat comes to its conclusions,
is founded upon conjectures as to mo
tives and weaknesses in accordance with
its wishes. " The case against hiso," it
declares forsooth, "is so strong that his
cnnniel most have advised him that his
jtnnvfrtinn WU almost certain." This
paper has equally mistaken tbe counsel
a.nd the man. unless, like tbe Tribune
ntnnra of New York and Chicago, its lan
sruace is used to conceal its thoughts and
hr false pretenses to escape the realiza
tion of its fears. The following is the
conclusion of a leader to which we refer
r. Tnknann -n rpiiirn nii thna es
cape formal aoj-final decision upon the
oxact Question issue. Under color of
an appeal to the people, he can mix up
IS Case WllU vi ymi .j
and can claim every Democratic vote as
an approval of his course. He thna
escapes all disqualification, andahe for
mal sentence ot guilty, which he may
perhaps conclude, will almost urely be
the result of the trial It is worthy of
not that Mr. Johnson still pleases him
self with the notion that tbe people
confidently believe in him. Succec
live defeat have aot overcome bis
wigaotio self conceit Politician aban
'. don him, but the old demagogue (till
fancies tbat the dear people, whom he
baa nattered and wheedled so long, must
b jutt on the brink of revolution ia their
j..i;ii tn hie Tieraon. Snrh follv would
be incredible, if we were not talking of
a man increoiDiy loousa. ii ne Become
aatisfieJ that his conviction in the 8en
ata is highly probable, eell-inurert aad
tbe advice of sensible friends will com
bine to snake him resign, and it will not
be Grange if he take that method of
avoidiag a final verdict, and throwiag hi
cae into tbe arena of parties for deci-
n. oannnt Aa a more sensible
tKin. The onlv question U whether his
obatiuacy or bis cunning wiu gw we
v. . jiuom
'jC -
Tk. n. Maatlnar Yesterday
Editob LiDora: I do Dot remember
iik sufficient certainty the cop of
resolution passed by the member of
bar yesterday, to state It with enurt
AiirnYftv. tSul f m esrtaia that It
aid enough to cover all questions legiti
mately rising out of the lata contempt
nroeeedinis by th Criminal Judge
this oily. This being so, I respectfully
suggest to the committee tbe propriety
of directing: their Inquiries to tbe qu
linn of imrjeachment of that functionary,
and if sufficient ground exists to present
to the meeting for its adoption, memo
rial to the Legislature asking in im
naaohment and removal of William'Bai
ter from th office of Judge of tbe Crim
inal Conrt in this city for malfeasanoe
office. It may be true that tbe Legislator
i very radical in it. opinions and
feelings; but at th same time, J know
tWa are men In that body who hare some
I regard for the right of citizens, tb honor
oftbe State, and tbe pnnty or her trioo
nals. If tbey relieve ni they will reap
tbe full benefit of ft worthy act.. If not,
the refusal will only intensify their re
sponsibility before the people of the
whole State. VT.
Our recollection accord with tbe state
ment of our corresoondent that tbe res
olution wag a broad one, requiring a re
port covering the whole question of tbe
nower of judicial officers over tbe subject
of contempt, and generally to devise
and specify the proper course to be taken
in the nremises. The reason of an ad
journment was, a we understand it, an
apprehension that it would be indelicate
or imDroDer in the members of tbe bar to
give expression to1 their views under a
call in which an individual wrong Dad
been designated, and pending the trial of
a cause involvisg the rights of the same
individuals, which had arisen subse
auently to the call, and which involved
tbe same subject matter. Tbe case was
now before a new tribunal, for
which tbe members of the bar bad
all proper respect, and with which it was
regarded as unwise to interfere by any
expression precedent to such a decision
as it might make. We have no doubt the
indication of the opinion of the bar on
the whole snbject of the powers of judges
who overstep the limits of their legitimate
authority will be decided and emphatic
And whether the resolution, under which
the committee has been appointed, calls
for any initiatory steps looking to im
peachment or not, it will certainly be
very competent and proper for the meet
ing; to take action on that subject when
again convened on the call of the Presi
Mo ttuornm.
Judge Woodward, 'now a member of
Con areas from Pennsylvania, and for-
for manv vears Chief Justice of
the Supreme Court of that State, expres
ses his opinion emphatically that the
constitutional right to try the President
does not exist in the Senate, as at pres
ent constituted, and with ten States of
the Union excluded from a voice in its
deliberations. In bis speech in the House
a few days since be said
M, Snootier an snre am I that the
American people will respect this objec
thai, i will aav. it i were me resi
dent's counsellor, which I am not, I
Blviaa him. if vnn nra.fpr articles
WUU.U - 1 J I
nf imvoaptmnnL tn demur both to Tour
jurisdiction and that of the Senate, and
10 issue a pruciBiuaiiuu gtviuK ;wm
II tha world notice that while be held
himonif imnnRphahle for his misdemean
ors in office before tbe constitutional
t-ihnnal ha nftver would subject the
office he holds in trust for the people to
tbe irregular, unconstitutional, irag
mentary bodies who proposed to strip
him of it. Such a proclamation, with the
army and navy in hand to sustain it,
would meet with a popular response toai
would make an end ot lmpeacnmeai ana
This is the outspoken character ot
advice which the ablest men of nerve in
the country are now beginning to give
President Johnson. Being in the right
is nothing, and argument having the
force of moral demonstration is nothing
in these days. But the people are with
Andrew Johnson, and all that is needed
is backbone to stand up to the people in
defense of bis and their constitutional
iehts. If he has but that, and chooses
bravely to resist by all the means in his
power the constitutional encroachment
L will be ingta;Be(i and triumphant
All the signs indicate that he commands
the situation. We shall see whether he will
maintain the' vantage ground on
which he stands. We verily believe tbat
be will never be deposed without his own
consent And to give that, when there is
no law before which he is bound to suc
cumb, and when the Constitution, which
he is bound irretrievably to support
forbids, will be to depart from his own
expressed determination in one of his
latest messages, and to sink unwept, nn
honored and disgraced into a condition
of dishonor worse than mere obscurity.
We believe that with the aid of his coun
sel he will stand firm and rise grandly to
a proud pre-eminence as the chief de
fender of tbe Constitution. We shall
ParUMta lansMtaakneent.
The New York Timet, which is the
leading abolition journal of the country,
for ability tbe equal and for elevation
and dignity of character the superior of
the Tribune, of th same city, speaks of
the impeachment aa a partisan move.
The paper of the more conservative
Renublican class accord with the game
view. The Timet sars :
Reason. Sudiment or eatriotism has
nothing to do with the purpose now pro-
ciaimea. in n inception ana in it ex
ercise it is partisanship worked up to the
point of frenzy and aggravated with a
personal hate of which many who yester
day voted for impeachment will shortly
no aaoaoacKi.
" Let him be impeached," is th behest
wnicn tnigni d saieiy sen a preeomp
.; Bvirifffira of fi ftarrioee chenahai kv
tha Rajiimla to ret th Presidency iata
their wa hands, by rain SKSoa rocu
w -
ttlnflf tn tb Knt in ebnianctioa
with tb Supreme Court, for deliverance
from the clamor which bow endangers
th Constitution and th government.
t. iha Rami, vestardar. by eleven
oVInck. tha ladies' gallery was packd
by aa brilliant an audino aa appear
upon full dress opera night
Th Senators' aeats ara arranged
before, but In the opea spec ia front
tha PresideHt'e chair are two long udi
..oh Aimiihad wish seven chairs, 0
t th. s.hlaa ia intended for th tnau
..... ..J it. other for th counsel
T.k r iha Snator'a scats, filling, th
VV Vt v "V
ntira lobby, art about two hundred
chairs, Intended for tha aooommodatioa
f n.mhare of th House, the Judiciary
and others entitled to be present on tbe
Boor. It is notioeablo tbat not iagi
a.ffrn ! to ba seen ia tb galleriea.
Everything is conducted with perfect
order and deoorum.
L Th bill to amend lb judiciary act
mi ram over from tb Hons signed
and received tha signature of tb Presi
dent pro tern.
Th Renata insisted on the amendment
to the consular appropriation bill, and
appointed a committee or coniereaco.
At nna o'clock. . tha morning hour
having expired, the Chief Juitico took
tbe chair, and the 8ergeant-at-Arm
marl tha proclamation In tbe usual form.
and tha Secretary read the journal of
th last meeting of the Court-
As a large number of Representative,
beaded by th manager oftbe impeach
ment, wer alanding in file outaide the
dnnr. a motion was made by Mr. Howard,
that the Sergeaat-at-Arma notily the
House that th Senate ia organized aa a
Court of Impeachment and ready to
proceed with the trial of Andrew John
son immediately. '
Roon after the managera and members
of tbe House took the seats provided for
them, and tbe Senators wbo had not done
so took the oath.
The return of tbe Sergeant.at-Arms
from his service of the summons on the
President was read, when, on motion of
Johnson, tbe counsel of the President
were notified of the commencement of
the proceedings, and MeasrC Stanbery,
Curtis and Nelson appeared and took
their seat at the table, on the right of
the Chief Justice, and opposite to the
managera, who wer seated on tbe left
Butler, the remaining manager, here
came in, and shortly after another depu
tation from the House entered, headed
by the Speaker, Washburn, of Illinois,
and McPherson, the Clerk of tbe House,
and ranged themselves behind tbe bar.
Stanbery arose, and, addressing the
Chief Justice, read the answer of the
President entering bis appearance, and
naming as bis counsel, Messrs. Stanbery,'
Curtis, Nelson, Black and Evarta, and
aniline a reasonable time for tbe prepara
tion of tis defense the period of forty
days, and citing various cases in which
neriods aa long, in proportion to the
magnitude of the case, bad been granted.
Bingham, in bebalf of the managers,
contended that the eighth rule provided
that on the appearance of the President
he was required to file hia answer, anS in
case bis answer was not filed, then the
trial should proceed as on a plea of " not
guilty." He claimed, therefore, tbat the
trial should proceed forthwith.
Curtis, in reply, referred to tbe cases
of Judge Humphreys and others, and
argued that the rule was susceptible of
no 'such construction as was put en it by
Nelson followed, and enlarged upon
the same views as his colleague.
Stanbery expressed greater surprise
than he had before felt at this claim put
forward by the managers, and said there
seemed to be a disposition to hurry
through this momentous trial, as if it
were a case before a police court He
argued from the working of the other
rules that the appearance day was not to
be the day for answering, and also the
trial day. Also, that two of the Presi
dent's counsel were not present, and that
no oriDortunity had been offered for tbe
preparation of a defense or the calling
of witnesses. He said that in tbe worst
days of the Star Chamber such an at
tempt to hurry through a trial had never
been made. He spoke very warmly,
saying there " seemed, to have been a
trap set for tbe President and big coun
Butler asked to be heard in bebalf of
the managers, and asked why railroad
speed should not be used ia this trial.
He contended that the roles and prece
dents of ordinary courts were not appli
cable to this trial- Io ordinary trials no
laoger would result from delay, but in
is case tbe necessity for prompt action
was pressing. Ibe respondent at toe
iar controlled the power of tbe nation,
and might in any moment of passion,
prejudice or make wrong nse of it, for
the injury and ruin of the country.
The business of tbe War Depaatment
would stop until the result of this trial
was reached- The pulse of tha nation
ali in nertnrbation while th trial eoe
on. He clai med that an early day should
fixed for the defendant a appearance,
then if he caa show tbat be has not
bad time to prepare, trantbim then fur
ther time- We, on the part of the House
Representative, which we ara her
anrcaentinr. ak that tha rule adonted
by tb Senate iat the government of thi
case may be enforced. It is for tb Sen
ate to ear whether thi rule shall be sus
tained as a role to govern the case, or
bother it shall be changed ; but stand-
ig as a rule, a at this time, we ask its
'At tbe conclusion of his remarks, tb
Chief Justice said the motion would be
armed for an hour, ia accordance with
the rules-
Mr. Biegham roe, aad said ha had
been greatly surprised at beariag th
kasty words which bad "bee dropped
from tb lips of bis learaad friend, btao-b-rr.
and asserted tbat th only (notiv
of tb manager was to enforce th ml
hick U 6naU bad made, aad prevent
, dilatory lias of defease.
Tbe Chief Jaatica wat abovt to put lh
qutstion on 8tanbry'a 'motion, when
Mr. EJmonJa offered an order that April
lb first b tha day appointed for thi
filing of tha Tresi dent' answer, and thai
within three davs thereafter th mana
gers' replication b filed, and on th 6th
day of April th trial proceed.
On motion, at two o'clock th Senate
retired fur consultatio'a, and at 4:10 re
turned to their Chamber, and the toun
reassembled, when: lb' Chisf Justice
announoad thai the notion under con
sideration had been overruled, anJ an
order waa anterad that tha President be
required to file bis answer on tha 234 of
March, ' -v .
Bingham offered an order that on tb
filing of an application by tbe managers
th trial (hall proceed therewith.
The Chief Justic submitted the order
to th Senate, and on the adoption of
th oueation th yta and naya were
taiea, resulting yea, 23 ; naya, 2Q.
So th order was denid.
Wilson said he had com bore expect
ing to murder political discussion, and
under th impression that the forma of
nmoMtJinf would be purely judicial in
their character, buti like the honorable
managers, be did not expect that tbey
would b limited by the forms of ordi
nary tribunals. Ha thought liberality
should ba extended by this high court to
an nnusual degree, and coutended that
the application of the defendant waa one
deserving euch ' treatment He cited a
rule of the Court of Tennessee, which
nrovides for tha postponement of a trial
to another term, when the defendant has
not bad time to prepare bis answer, lit
spok of the great magnitude of this
case, and areued the necessity of cau
tious deliberation, and the impropriety
of railroad speed. He said the last two
charges of tbe House of Representatives
opened " Pandora' box," which would
necessitate a full investigation or all tbe
nointa of difference between Congress
and the President, and would make the
trial almost interminable.
Conkline offered as an amendment,
that unless cause for the delay be shown,
the trial shall proceed immediately after
tbe filing of the application.
Bingham expressed the satisfaction ot
the managers with Conkling's amend
ment He denied that the managers
were desirous of indecent haste, but said
they did wish to avoid delay in this im
portant mayer. The people demand
tbat (here should be no delay in the trial
of the most flagrant betrayer of trust
that tbe world had ever seen. : ' -
Tbe Question was put on Conkling's.
amendment and resulted ayes 40, nays
10 ; and the order, aa amended, waa then
adopted without division. At 6:15 the
Court adjourned until the 23 J inst
The House resolved itself into com
mittee of tbe whole, formally proceeded
to the Senate chamber, returned and ad
journed to the 23d instant
Lata from Washington, t
Speolal to th Louisville Courier.
Washikotok, March 12. Tbe resig
nation of Stanbery, which was Bntici
nat.d in thie onrreanondence some days
waa attrtentaH hy th.n President
to-day. Every member of the Cabinet
and the President was opposea to nis
resignation and held he could with per-
FaiI nvfinviat.V defend th President before
the Senate and continue his position.
Stanbery Baid it would impose a ieeung
of embarrassment on him, and bis indi
vidual sense of delicacy and honor com-
IU1 him tn rnaiirn. He will now as
sume charge of the President's defense-
Gen. Logan, as a prelude to taking
Johnson's scalp to day, in the House,
alluded to himself as one John Logan.
Big Injun me. , ''
Hon. 0. H. Browning takes charge of
the Attorney General's office temporarily.
The vacancy will not be filled at present
The Chronicle to-day admits that the
Supreme Court will decide the recon
struction acts unconstitutional, and adds:
Tk. i)a,na . nf tha Snnremn Conrt
.uo uww.w - - . 1
possesses no more value than the resolu
tion of a town meeting, i propose io
offset it with the 'New Hampshire elec
tion, which possesses the value of being
. hlnh.r nnarer. even than the Sunreme
Court with jts political majority of one
or two old men. bpeaner v;onax ana
other Radicals have declared repeatedly
that Congress will not permit any court
to overrule the laws passed by that Doay.
It is believed the decision in the Mc
r..Jl. will he only nartial : only de
claring the military commission as un
constitutional. '- -
fvl Paatipf thnncrh. relented by tbe
VUwr., r- - ( ,-' -----
Senate more than a month ago, is still
acting as Assistant Secretary of the
Treasury, and yestereay made a great
stir in the Urand Army ot tne itepuonc,
for this district, by removing its chief
officer from his position in the depart
ment Tha amendatory reconstruction bill
became a law to day, the time for its
return by th President having expired.
Mr. Johnson did not think it expedient
I.I..WI., . v.lo aa it would have
been futile and regarded merely as fac
tious opposition. ...
Tbe new tax bill proposes to raise
1S4 000 .000. and about one-third of it
from ditiiled pirita
Th Dignity of th Impeachment Cat.
It ia not altogether clear yet whether
the Congress will impeach tbe President
or the President impeach tbe Congress ;
or both, indeed. According to present
appearances it vm uv juwauum uiy uu
lurk between them. The brilliant array
of counsel retained by the President are
not likely to com before tbe senate in
any very apologetic, deprecatory, or
borrow ler-to-De aitunae, aii oi mem,
doubtless, believe the President to bo
guiltless of any high crimes or misde
taeanors in tbe constitutional sense of
these term. All of them are thoroughly
versed in constitutional law and political
Ther i no doubt that counsel on both
side will find enough to ay. It must
b born in mind tbat th strict rule of
legal trial do not apply in impeachment
trial. New testimony can be brought
in at any Int Special pleading it
allowable. Th offena charged is mal
feasance in office, not technical crime
Utae a wid verge must be allowed to
court, eoucl and witnesses. It is a
art of loo and popular court, consist
ing of City or sixty jadge- . The prose
tors are th representatives or the
majesty of th people, Co n sel accord
iagly ran not be tied dowa to petty tech
aicaUtiea, but most hav a free rang
over to wool field.. Just think of it
Somebody will gt impeached badly.
Ther i liul doubt aboat that Spring-
eld Bejmllictn.
i - -
lUatoat to Moon To-lay.
From England and llcilco
Parliamentary Proceedings
Georgia Democratic Conientlon
0 old and otton BaporU.
Special to th Pcuo LsDosa. -
-v . March It. 12 m. Gold
opened at 139,5 at 11 . i wa at
139J, and is now at 139.
The demand for cotton ii lair ana
prices are firm.
Exchang is steady. '
'" ' HAVANA. . . '
Hrniu, Maroh W.-8peclal Yucatan
A.. of tb Ctb state that all political
prisoners had been liberated, and a safe
conduct promised tnose wuu wc, .
a.avfrom their homes. A oomber of
assassinations bad taken place, the vic
tim, haing soldiers. Some duols bad also
been fought between officers and young
Tha Indians oftbe South bad defeated
those of tha East, at Chua, near Santa
Cruz, where the insurrectionist have
their headquarter,
LosDO. March 14. midnight In the
Home of Commons to-night a motion was
made requeatiag tbe Government to fur
nish the papers in the bleckade-runnmg
Springboke case. " ' 1
The Lord Mayor explained that tne
imprisonment of Mr. Johnson, an Orange
Secretary in Ireland, was caused by iia
refusing to apologize for heading an
illegal procession. ,
In a Committee of the Whole on me
state of Ireland, Mr. Fortescbue said tbat
reform in Ireland was possible without
disturbing the land tenure, but held that
church reform needed frank dealing.
Mr. Eeona thought that tbe new Uni
versity plan was tbe governmental pledge
of future equality of religious sects in
Ireland. ' . - . f
' Mr. O'Donabup. member of Tralce,
said that disaffection among the Irish was
wide-spread and had reached all classes,
and paralyzing trade. The Church and
land questions were leading causes
of discontentment: but the principal
cause was the refusal of independence
in legislation. The first remedies should
be to deprive the - Irish Church
establishment of its endowments, and
grant to tenants leases of not less dura
tion than thirty-one years. Hamilton
charged O'Donahue with being an or
ganizer of mock funerals in honor of
ARflaasins. John Bright said that the
evil of absenteeism and the injustice of
the church establishment .were not tne
nnlv fait Its. ' Tenants reauire propri
etory rights.' Tbe scheme proposing that
the Government advance money for their
relief waa impracticable, aa the owner-
ship of soil could only make the land the
peoples, , The proposition made by tbe
Ministers for the creation of a great
savings bank was inadequate. The plan
of Lord Russell for the settlement of tbe
church Question came too late. He said
endowm enta must be withdrawn from all
religious sects to make a loyal and moral
people. Stafford Northcote immedi
ately followed with a very , lengthy
speech in defense of the Government
Without taking action, the House ad
journed. "... -, "r.
Liverpool. March 13. Cotton.nrmer:
estimated sales, 10,000 bales; uplands,
lOjd ; Orleans, 10n.
- -II Si' ! I" ,
' Macon, Ga., March 14. The Demo
cratic State Central Committee have ad
journed. The following were chosen
delegates at large to tbe National Con
vention : Gen. John B. Gordon, Absalom
H. Chappell, B. H. Hill, Henry T. Fitch.
The oommitte recommend a District
Convention on the 31st of March, to
nominate candidates to Congress and
delegates to the National Convention.
The Committee adopted resolutions
animadverting upon the unconstitutional
acts of Congress and its effort to estab
lish negro supremacy in the South, but
provides against such a contingency as
befell Alabama. Tbey urge Democrats
to vote at the April election, aad recom
mend Augustua Reese aa a candidate for
New Yoax. March 14. Eight million
dollars worth of the Erie Railroad com
pany's property baa been transferred to
Jersey City. .
Pitissdbo, March 14. Tbe river ia
rising, with 17 feet in the channel.
Weather clear. Thermometer, 42.
Tw Questions. ,
Two important questions will be raised
should the President answer the sum
mons of the Senate aa a Court of Im
peachment One involves the construc
tion and jurisdiction of tbe Conrt itself.
Twenty senators from the ten Southern
States are excluded, and one from Mary
land, and this without reason or law.
In the view of eeveral able constitu
tional lawyer, thi point i well taken,
and we traet it will be presented and
enforced. If the President is to be
tried, let him have a constitutional
conrt . . ,
Tha a.enml no nt refer to th article
of impeachment These proceed poH
tb assumption " niuiuu wm in
moved and Thoma put in his place
Not to. Stanton was removed and
Grant put ia. By treachery of Grant
and stealth of the former, b got into
th war otfiee, and ticke ther evea now.
The indictment mutt fail for lack of
proof Let no only have a legal
court, but new article of impeachment
coosiateut with th fact. Springfitld
(III.) Republic.
TaanM.M Legislature.
' In the Sfoal tb nomination of tb
MoMinavill ynttrprit and th Chatta
nooga h'ej'uilican war confirmed a
organ for legal publication.
An act authorising th filing of a bill
to decree th sal of tha Memphis, Clark
villa aad Louiavill r.tilroad passed
third wading.
House bill entitled ad act to amend
the eommoa school law, giving tha Su
perintendent 12400,' and a clerk at th
salary of 11200 anauallv, was passed.
Tha joint resolution declariag that no
more bonds of tha State shall be issued
for works of internal improvement was
adopted. ... . . .
lb bill to protect the laboring cImso
of th State waa passed. Also a bill to
authorit County Claims Commisiioners
to administer oaths waa passed.
Tb following billi passed a third read
ing: To secure to the laborer his just re
ward for work and labor done. "
A number of private and local bills.
A bill to amend the registration laws
ol this State.
To amend the laws of divorce, r -'
To establish a Board of Commission
ers for the county of Davidson.
An amendment, reduoing the number
of Commissioners from five to three, to
be appointed by tbe Governor till the
next general election, was laid on tbe
A motion to strike out 12000 and in
sert $1000 was lost, end the bill passed.
Senate bill for the relief of T. McKin
ley, and other registers of voters, passed
first reading.
Base Traitor.
Gov. Ogleshv, upon his own word, for
the people of Illinois d not authorize
him to offer their blood for the protec
tion of the dog and coward Stanton.
This fight between tbe President and
Stanton is a Radical fight for place, and
we do not propose to let Gov. Oglesby or
any other Radical, offer up the blood of
this glorious State to promote the cause
of Sianton or Johnson. But when the
people shall be called upon to defend' tbe
Constitution and their rights under it,
woe be unto Gev. Oglesby, if be shall
stand in tlieir way.
; Tha courts are Radical in their make
np, and why ahould Congress attempt to
avoid a decision from them 7 Does not
Congress, in this effort to stifle a judi
cial decision, confess its corruption and
violation of law? Freeport (III) Bulletin
Leasee and Manager,
Htage Manaeer... ..
W. 0. TnoHFSOir.
...O. B. Wai.deik.
.C. D. Stiinkvhl.
Saturday Evening;, Haveta 14, 1868,
Last performance nf tha thrilling drama of
RtP VAN WINKLE: Ob, Tb Shipm
, Twmtv Yxaas. Kip Van Winkle, Mr. J o
' Prl.e of Admlnalon I Dress Circle and
Parquette, $1 1 Orohestra Chairs, $1 60; Family
Uirole.GOo I Gallery, lie.
air Doors open at a quarter past seven ; cur
tain ries at quarter to eight.
E Seats oan be seen red six days In advanee.
Grand Festival.
Memphis Olub'llall,
Corner Second and Union streets,
One Dollar. Proceeds to be devoted to
tha Building Fund of
l ..i . ( . , AKO
Instrumental Concert,
For th benefit of th
Congregation Children of Israel
, . OH
Wednesday Marrh 18th, 1868, at 8
o'clock p.m.
Cor. Win and Washing-ton Street.
CHAS. H. E. BROOM, Lessee and Proprietor.
Doors open at 634 o'elook'i Performance to
, , oommenee at 7H o'olook.
Mia BEATRICE KENT, the Great Amer
ican Cantatrioe.
Mi BELLE DefORREST, Vocalist and
Uan.eusa. , 1
All the old Favarltes-The GILMORE SIS
- ER and CON WKLL.
A rtmii"lnn. Ml rent.; Private Ttoe. SS IK). .
the County Court of Shelby ounty.,Tou
nea.ee, I will apply for Letters of Administra
tion aDon the estate of George B.hwem, de
ceased. ' B.S.PAKHAM.
Marcri 1, inns.
and ironer-white penon pref.rred.
Musteomerecommended. Apply atw) prom
enade .tree t up sunn.
ture to get an excellent Shave, at 15c Hair
Cutting, 3.r)Oj Bhauieooing. S5o.
R:memhr this plare. where the hjot worll Is
executed. NO. 08 1-a m Street, be
tween Madison and Monroe street.
fojz the iiArrc.
It la an elegant Dressing for the Hair.
It causes the Hair to Curl beautifully.
It keeps th Scalp Clean and Healthy.
It invigorates the Root, of th Hair.
It forces tha Hair and Beard to grow laxuri
aatly. It immediately stop. Ilair Falling OuL
It keeps th Hair from Changing Color from
Age. . ,
It restores Gray Hair to its Original Color.
It brings out Hair on heads that hav beea bald
for year.
It I ompot4 entirely of simple and purely
vegetable robrUace.
It has received over si thesaand volutary
testimonials of its excellence, many of which
ara frm Phys Wans la high steading. '
It is wild in half-pound bottles (the nam. blown
la tbe flaea), by Dragtuu and dealers la Fancy
Goods Trywher, at One Dollar par Bottle.
Wholesale by Daaas Bars A Ce.I F. C. Well
A C BebiffM C., Bew Yerk.
TI- v iii-
Bps MAIN STREET, it KM I'll l,
Wholesale and Refill Dealers
Hooks and Stationery
. t snnif i vn wvt.t..evi vprlrn arnrtJ
AefHohonl. Law. Medical, Theological anJ j
Babbath School llnokn. ,it nrtVr. Io mil iht 1
I,m. Hare al.o the KIN FH'r ANllCUKAP- . ,
Kvr .took of ULAN K. BOOKS this side-of '
New York.
COUNTRY MERCHANTS will do well to I )
price our goods before buying eU. where.
Wt buy and $ell or CAS If. cnntrqienlly nil
IOW. 11. WAHK CO..
7-H5 l-?p 2K1 Main ulrwt. :
; Just It-ocoivotl, ' . ;
, ' '.. AND
SO Choice MewKlnn Ontnarea and
SOO bbla Peocbblow and Plnkee Po
tatoes 10 bbla Kroot -
SO bbl Dried Apple, Peaehe and
SO bbl Corn Meal and Hominy
10 frCholrNnsrar-cnredIIasnand
Brraklaat liiM-on i
Jenhln' Tea., Rio. i.ngrnlrA and Old
Gov't Java Coll.e, ..
Together with a full assortment of Staple and
Fancy Groceries, at
' O. A. rCKEltLT'S,
34 Front Street, .
13-ip Between Union and Oeyono KM.
Flower., Bnlbon Roots, Fralt
Trees, Ete Etc
and amateurs of Ornamental and Useful
it., that be ha. jnst arrived from Pa ia,
France, with the largest and richest collection
of Plants ever imported, and unsnrpassed ia
ele.anoe, richnes andvariety. Camelia, Mag
nolia, Peonia, Ruse., Fruit Treei, Flemish
Pink., Flower Seeds and Vegetables, l'ricos
moderate. Catalogues delivered to purchasers
and visitors.
This collection of Plants and Flowers is war
ranted fresh in overy particular. -
13 3671-8 Wain Street.
! ' (Established In 1939,)
Private Dlseastfs,
1 .
street, north side of Court Square, Mem
phis, Tennessee, is acknowledged by all par
ties Interested, a, by far tha
in tha treatment of Private or Senffet Dis
eases. Quick, thorough and permanent oures
guaranteed in every case, male or female. .
Recent ea.es of GONORRHEA and SYPHI
LIS cured In a few days, without the use af
Mercury, change of diet, or hindrance from '
last vestige eradioat.d without the use of Mer
cury. Involuntary Lou of Semen stopped in
a short time. PufTerers from Impotency or
Loss of Sexual Power restored to free vigor in.
a few weeks. Gleet or Gonorrhea of long stand
ing, when all internal remedies have failed,
permanently and speedily cured by a new
Victims of SELF-ABUSU and excclMv
Venory, suffering from PPERM AT0RRUEA
and loss of Physical and Mental Power, speed- ,
ily and permanently curod.
W All consultations strictly confld'ntiaT.
Chronio Rheumatism, Neuralgia, (lout. Par
alysis, Deafness, etc., treated by tha aid of
Elootro Matrnntio Battery. - '
VENTIVE. Omc HoPRg From S A.M. tn 8 f m. 83
Highly Important to Advcrtlsi rs
Is Published every Thursday, by
Undor the firm name of
L traveling and local Book and Newspaper
Agency has been established. -We colleot
and remit with every ordar." Publishers
deairing us to canvass for them will sond speci
men copies to OUR OWN mirked " P. X."
All important puhliontions will be noticed in
the paper, under the head Literary. Address
Agent and Fublitiicrs,
eod-BIt Pontotoc. Miss.
Academy Medioalo, of Rome, would re
spectful!? inform theciliscns of Memphis, that
he is prepared to treat Corns, Bunions. Club
and Ingrowing Tne-Nnils, Enlarged and Dis
eased Joints, and Chilblains, by a method
hitherto unknown to Medical Soienee, and tba
most delioate female or child can bt treated, as
the operations are performed without pain,
and warranted to give satisfaction.
Dr. Mencll also treats Rheumatism, and by
the aid of the Magneto Klectic Machine and a
never-failing Liniment which ho prepares, ho
never fails of effecting a cure, even in tho most
obstinate oases.
To those efflirted I would say, give me a call
and I vill do you good, aa I have thousands
Hr. M. may bo found in his rooms, at PETER
TOWNSEND'S, No. 47 Poplar street, oorner
ofSecnnd. !!
Spiccr & Sharpc.
Teas! Teas! Teas!
very superior lot of Green ai.d Black
Teas, embracing
Imperial, Cnnpowder, Tonng Hyson,
best Oolong, Engl ion BreafclaHt
and Japan Tea. all war
ranted fresh and of
best quality ' .
Crosse at Blaekwell'a Pirkle and
Sanees ol every hinds
fcrlt and llosnlnys Choice Syrup,
aad Mola.se t
Trashed, Powdered, Ciraaalafed and
at aVoarSagrarst
Ptrfcleie, la hear aad by Ibe gallon
Meos Maeherel, la klta Wo. I Mavrk
erel, la kits, quarter and
half barrel.
fholee Flowr, Tartou. braad. i
Kasohed Halllbut and Salmons Il.l
land Herring, la kegst
Caaaed Cooda, or every variety i
Haeearoal and Trrmlrllll.
So. Mala Street,
ppperbani .

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