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v .e-i
17 Madison StrccL x
uiiA v '
III ls'c-mranyUnow dolnraflanaral Into
time liUMiKiM. It nt. i'k ia owned by our oil
e,irehst and hiKinciw Men. IUlin U to do
aaafeloeril bune -to the a'lvanU et botO
tit Vpiufiany and " Poliry Holder.
g. B. WILLIAMSON, President. '
BEST. KAT, Secretary.
R. Jit OT.sroVB.'
KNI1V I.AUUI. Jl. JltK" a ,
. U. Towvayvn, ' ,
T thDiugtor. nn. jo ;i' ."!,;. r
plv to
No 4 Monro street. 7
P intr an JetTeraon street, oonut of thy alley
between recond and Third atresia, tooth 1 lid,
la for rent. Tb buildin it well altualed lora
hoarding- houie, and eontniua aiimoienr. rooins.
kitchen, etc.. an in s""u v,ur.
Aluo, two
Ineuir of
EtorM oa north side ol tD VitJ-i
W'- JenV'onatreet,
X hood, a House containing eisht roonn. be-
aide storeroom, closets, eta., with good stable,
arood shed, covered cittern, end a garden al
ready planted. Aluo. furniture and cerpaU
for sale, if deaieed Inquire at
71 ' , No MJNTOTjW 8TBERT.
Marketand Front streets. ;n complete bus
iness order, on reasonable terms to a toad ton.
. F.nrticnl..raaiinly at 2nd Front r, 48-t
IX)R .RKNT-A two-muri rnsmiv
H Residence, with seven roonu, kiloben and
servanta' room, lerae bank yard, road cistern,
to;, al'uated No. 11 Market street ! T
low. to a toni tnnant. erpu.
1TNT0'W RANK, orn
t-.rVt lit.
41 t
T OF 8Tr A M ER T PATH KK.-On Satur
dir. May .Vi'h, t in o'clock a m., ppomt
Mamohli. Will h aold fti fto
Ma8th. M 10am.. U"?eB"'diA'kV!l0rW't"
nile Vrmnhi". Torn., to th Mht biddor,
the Ilull. Roiler. MucMnorr, ShafU. Cbaini.
I,ln. Ball. to.. inntndin the antir wrajkof
the utoamor St. Patriok. reoantW bornad. The
Maohinerv. etc.. l'" a'l hee ot oat, and t in
rood .roSditlnr i V Oylindw. 20 iorka. , b 7 feat;
wmueht iron RhafU with U feat Duckets.
Term, of a'--","; ARCHKR, A, .-7-fodt
For wh om it may conorn.
HAI.K-A SPKMJI iwuju-njiiu
' Letter Pr", will be aold cheap. APP r at
1. Annlrat
V havinf Jaroral rooethlto tun.
l.amn. Oil and Soap Store, No. 40 Jefferron
itr-t. ' 7"1 O. FPHKHtTT W. '.
li.aroial Hotel. 1 . - ,
One Rundle Wanherr
One Dih Wanher: I .
One Chambermaid: i
On Poruhber.
Apply "oon 1721
WANTK1) A WUHrir-. i-ulu-inalo.
Good reforrnoo rrqnlred. Apply
IV ;n vrn.nnhi. . finnfArm. contain -
!n fi'20 acr.'n. about 40 acres cleared, with ood
improvoiucnt, and in liaht of Kailroart, with
in two hour' rnn i f Momi.hu. If donired,
wonld soil crop, teams, atock, etc.. and
immediate poxao. ion. Pjrtica wjahinr to miike
uoh an rxchnnite will please addreia A. I'-.,
T.nnnR "fli'-c. 71
EOAR 1)1 KG. MKM. II A It V IV I mi vrvnio
ber frieMli and former boarderi thnt aha
ha taken the new bnck houa. No. 52 Ht.
m...iin .iM.nl. noar Rail, and fitted p the
11 1 ntmir rvt?fmilC
1.- : ..ri.ii.nl .tvln for a rcnopotable Board'
inr Hnnaa, and intend" to keep her table sup
plied wilh all the delicacies lliemarKtiandrus
Rcrular B-iardem, per week $7 00.
Hoy Boarders, i.cr week, 6 00
'Transient Boar ierJ, per day - 1 SO
, Single Maul 60
. j nonag ob mrai.s:
Rroakfot,...... -fr'nu B to 8 a.m..
Dinner from 12 to 2 p.m.
Bupper ..r." -irom a 10 1 v m.
la.l.la for a fnniily. in one of th ooleat
rlaoeainthecity. Applyat 432 Main si reel
No olher lorde,n. "
J) boarders can bo STc4iimodatod at28 Third
street one hloojJoioiirtj!iiuTO. il
.n, d ii H Tivri (iij -i'iTh KK HK.NTLE
1 mT can be aoaommoduted with DAY
HOARD -by application at Bo,. SU
street. '
Spiccr & Sliarpc,
i ' : 1 . '
A.ro Ilocelvlriar n Claoioe
Old T't Juvia, Mocha d It;alr
4 iroc, tire t from lloxloni
4'liolee Tenti, all kinds); . .
'rnnhMl. Fowderril, nnnltnl Md
4Jn( l.OHr atnftnr
a - ..t Hiliin. nrllrle for I'leN,
FndiliUKH, etc., freali lot Jan to
, lllUHl I . . , . :
Fanttly Mi!i l'rk, in quautitl to
nit I
Famllr ,n q"tltla to
. anllt '
Tanguea, Dried Ileof, etc. J , , .
4 lior fraekara, from St. Lonl" and
l,oalTlIie. . - .
Frnh Oood In on lino eonatantly
arrlTlnaT. WeaOer lor cnalamers
. .i n-ionila C'lioiro Ooods at fair
.... ...... , , ... - . -i. -.
Clothes Frame and 'Dryer
lloldaj a. Nark rilh a a Line lt
I ret lAkDK, and only Occuaiea
m pe of "l'rret.
I witad to rail and aiamioe this aiueh needed
and eful ariiele-just tho thmf f..r U"a
keenra.and the price within ikar.etk of all,
mw Samples oan bt seen at
t!i fteeoad Btre, Irviag Block
64-mi. ' K.FFGAN Arent.
Notice of Copartnership.
Msxrnis. Stay 13. 1.
. Nl-KV b.re Ibi
ibi- tit? rea .vr
I'lauikiaa. i.. oil Mmi Kiamr ttusineaA.
The a.ei. and UI. uf sji4 Sraa to be
Mrmoi(.n ixtxswt.
ber ti er aid da a, , f (
Ceaeral f'oaala4a BaalneaM.
.. - 1 I ' -r - ' - : '" "
.....il, rr,U all ainds f Pradeoe.
Pr""r,,vil:e; and
bis ; alto.
tat H ADlrvJa ALK
... - . , ' m . '
Olfloc. No. 18 Modlaon' rstjroet.
ai-rda?' EvenlaT.Hay BS. 'iui.
MoroloflMl Obtarratloit.
airoiTio t lawin soldhmiti
May 21. 1.
7 a.m. fr.r. Ira.
Th.rmouiatar '4 . 7l , 61
Barometer t 71 .7t . - ?V 13
W led N R. 1 N. N."
Waathar. - Clear. Clear. Clear.
PiTTeBUia nd Kentucky coal and gat
oolce. Brown k Jones, office 247 Second
treat t
H. B.Pa'cii No. 1 Pittsburg coal-
No. 23SJ Main itrect.
Coal. Biely, liellerth 4 Go., dealert
n PilUburg and Kentucky coal, 25 South
Court ttreet
JjAPkouy OrriO, 40 Jeffertbh tL- '
Arrival and Separtnra of Trains.
MiMiaairrt inn tsraissss niLioan.
A rrio. JJeiHtrL
New Orleans express, dally., 2:25 r.u. 4:15 r.u.
(tardisaooom'n.u. Sunday, 9:301.11. 1:.10 r.n.
Freiabt, Narth. Monday,
Tuesday and Friday.
South, Tuesday, Thursday
ana Baiuraay......... . o: r.H. a:-w a.m.
- urnia. io OBARLlarnw liil.on.- -
Throush mail, daily B:00 r.H. 12:40 P.M.
Through eipreas. daily 10:40 p.m. 11:30 r.u.
SomarTille ao aaye Bunday t:25 e.M. 5:00 r.u.
Corinlh ae aara Sunday, rl:D0 a.m.
Railroad time twenty minutes faster than
city 'ima.
umoa, fjo. zio main aireer, ana n uepob
Day i:ipre je..... 8: I'i A.M. 7:00 a.m.
Niifht Express...... 3:15 r.u. ' 4:00 p.m.
Railroad time is In minutes taster than oity
time. Ticket oRloe, No. i'A Main street. De
pot, bead of Main street.
Hats Coal Company. Best Pittsburg
coal, wholesale nn,d retail. We weigh on
tht city icalea." Office, 287 Main itreet.
FR RtNt. Pour dew stores just fin
ished, low to good tenants; Not. 176,
178, 178 and 180. For tale: The lot on
Second, near touthwest corner of Madi
son, must Be told. "- ' ' ;
Whiatlit 4 Atckt,
70 - - . No. 10 Bethell Block.
! T XT.. T.
A KUURiBfl ur Tnm ivuuun l j, t. .w
About the middle of next week the Nic
olson pavement on Madison and Shelby
Streets will be complete. The working
forces will then te moved toward the
completion of Adams and Poplar streets.
Our principal thoroughfares will no
doubt be all paved before the, " setting
in " of the " bnsiness season"' on the 1st
of September next, .The .City , Council,
considering its embarrassments, deserves
praise for its exertions in, giving us at
last good streets. We cannot but com
mend its shrewdness in selecting such
competent engineer" as Captain Hood
to assist in this much-desired work. . He
has not only performed his part satisfac
torily, but has saved the oity some ex
pense by his energy and economical sys
tem of labor.
Pebsokal. Colonel John P. Pryor,
the "prince .of parsgrapu-sU,. and
"grand cyclops" of the once flourishing
Quid Nune, 4s jn the city; " hale and
hearty." and not the least scared abont
the recent revelations of the Ku-Klox
Klan. The following! were among the
arrivals yesterday: Gen. H. W. Walter,
Holly Springs; O. Palmer, Esq., Cin
cinnati ;-CoLG. W. Yerby, New York;
A.. 0. Brannan, Esq , Louisville; George
H. Thurston, Esq., Pittsburg; Dr. W. W.
Childress, . Lagrange ; . J. , .M. : Scruggs,
Esq, John Nesbett, Eq, and Judge
L. P. Cooper, Mississippi; Hon. John B.
Duncan, Cleveland, Ohio; Col Edward
Denmead, Georgia; Capt E S. Ewing,
TJ. S. A. ; Col. Wm.'Johnaon, New York.
Fifty dozen hickory atriped shirts at
6 per dozen, at Rice & Kneel s. T
GoodNiws roRTHK Memphis Militia.
Information has reached this city from
Washington that there is a good prospect
of the "enrolled militia" being "paid oK
at an early day. 1 his is good news lor
(he " boys,", many of whom were mulct
of their time and dollars by the " best
government the world ever saw " without
the slightest remuneration. It is nearly
time for the consciences of Congressmen
to prick them on this subject. The
" paying off of the militia in this city
will help "dull times" over the border
of adversity. ' . ..
Ice for sale at U7 Madison street, at
E. J. Holahen's grocery. " 76
' Southern TRLtORAPH 11 there is any.
thing the press and people of the South
seed badly, it is tbat of a telegraph line
free from New England influence. The
dispatches now received are scarcely
more than "puffs " for the New York pa
pers. If we desire to be free in sentiment,
andeonduct our business as best suits ns,
we must have telegraph lines of onr own.
We, therefore, urge all our merchants
m t.ka an interest in the matter. There
will be a meeting- for that purpose at the
Chamber nf Commerce at four o'clock
this evening
Oca Markets. The Beat and Poplar
street markets are well supplied with vc g
" in th suburbs. Our
gardeners are, to ose a trade phrase,
. e-ood business, and we are
.w.n r
glad of it. There is plenty of waste land
left for further cultivation ' Come along,
immigrants, and "get rich."
K.nA Rattikt. A wench of sable
eomtiUxion: taking a fancy to a six
hooter, crammed it into, her pocket for
" protection." While exeminiag a sweet
nouto in L"ytle's grocery, oa Poplar
.ireet. yesterday, the weapon npionea
I . I 1 J
. . 8ianar-h for
liberty. .
TiaiiTitt Brooei at ill sweeps
boriton of the eoie drama aad th floor
of the graces- The latter trips it ea the
"liiht fantastic toe" to the edssirelioa
of the " abcys." This retreat is aightly
crewded.'aaJ all Broom's friends seem
at'tfitd with the treata prwoeated.
Baiscptct Joseph M. Joe.a, God
frey Frank, H.ary Freak and B. W.
Williamsoa have receded thtir aal di
eaawte ia baakreptey. , r "
c.k .."ib. aatAnadinc auestlen
asked of Lynn 0. Doyle by Vis friend
Dsn D. Lyoniai, they stood viewing ths
swift current of tho " Faiher of Waters '
underneath tbat'ornamental piece of ar
chiteoture oa.the Bluff yclept tht
The Taller, having read in the TViouns
that certain Ssrj tors had "boils en tbs
nose," naturally thought the query had
reference to Radical eruptions, and con
sequently listened to the answsrand tub-
sequent dialogue with the Utmost glee.-
r"'AH," taid.Lynn 0, Doyle, laugh'
ing, "you're ki great av joker, Dan, a
the Late Lamented. I pannot say, tor
sooth, the Goddess o Liberty has got
either the small-pox or measles ; but I
believe her complexion has been some
what blotched the scrapings of Poly
phemus Butler and 'swollen with indig
nation at the .'unoourteous oonduct' of
the High Old Court of Impeachment.
Perhaps you had better ask Dr. BolasUi,
the county curist."
, Bah I" eribd pan D. Lyon, wrinkling
his face at the idoa. " Bolaski, my boy,
koows nothing bnt (,
" Charge, ChaiUr. ehars i I
On. Greenbaoks, oo I "
nis skill might do very well for Minor,
Botts, warts on the body politic, or boils
on the' nose'; (a disease peculiar lo im:
peachers, who are ever looked upon by
the rest of mankind as scarvy Ciceros).
No, Bolaski ,won't do.'. Besides, this
small-nox is spreading, and threatens to
become dangerous in this sweet month of
May, when the Anniversaries, in con
junction with the Airicano-ruruauiuu
Conventions, Women sHifalutin Assem
blies and Ku-Klux Klan Revelation
Councils, are held, and '
" Black Spirit and White, ' "
4 ''. Blue Spirits and Gray,
; Minrle. minrle. minlj, , .
., . Mingle a thoy may."
"Well, then, ask the Memphis delega
tion to the Chicago Convention. They've
a patent medioine for every complaint.'
; "Wbatl Whv. man.' thevre worse
than the witches in Jfacbtth. They've
been promising plenty to this unfran
chised Bluff for the past two years; but
everyday, under their doctoring, poverty
spreads her arms wider and wider, trade
dwindles into a shadow, commerce is
paralyzed, kind feeling is crushed, the
aatient of Ruin grows darker and
n , (
darker, the passions of. the people in.
crease, as if the dog-star and Radicalism
raged together. What a beautiful rnar
maceutical Society Sugar Tom, of the
late C. S. A. Nitre Tub Bureau ; Black
Crook Vulcan', of the Hardeman County-'.
JJ S. Invisibles ; j Boanerges
Loois. Warrant Broker of ' the Munici
pality of Happy Hollow: Rual Rough,
the Last Voice of the ' Great Iron Wheel
Examined;' and Hannibal Carter, the
pnnvorted Jueeernautist, would form I
To use a favorite expression of Parson
Low Brown, who governs the Kingdom
of Tennessee aocording to his wits, it
would be a 'hell-roaring institution.
No. sir, no; the prescriptions of the
Memphis delegation to Chicago won't
the Goddess of Liberty of the
small-pox."'-- -
j " Then call on the Spiritual Leaders ;
it is said they use charms."
' Yes,' and a charming crowd they are,
especially the Universal Peace Doctors,
who accept the verdict of the past twelve
weeks, as presented in the trial of An
drew Johnson, ns a contribution to the
peace cause.' According to their notions,
Spooney Butler should be blessed as the
Great Peacemaker. , Bosh! which if
tantamount to the old saying, where ig
norance is bliss no reference, you know
to the Spiritual Leader of that name, it is
folly to be wise.' Old Bennett, of the Her
ald,, says your Spiritual Leaders, of the
political stripe, are Beelzebub s favorite
auxiliaries. They are supplied with six-
nroneed forks to stir up mischief, raise
sectional hatred, and produce tne via
TTarrv uenerallv. From such a source
a,bat nnra oan come for anr evil? If
thev were to try their ' healing process
or 'reconstruction' on the Goddtiss of
Liberty,' the Fakir of Ava couldn't guess
whether her face would be black or White
No, my boy; Spiritual quackery, of the
Radical order, won't do either.
11 Tn aneh A ouandarv. the last and
only chance is to ask aid of Susan Bona
carte Anthony and Lucy Ciesar Stone,
the Women Righters, who know the ills
of gods and godesses." . , ,
. " Mr dear air. von forect that ausan
and Lucy are at loggerheads, and a
about that slippery fellow called Tnin
The lovely Susan paid out of her own
purse a handsome sum to advertise the
erratic George Francis to the J ayhawk
ersof Kansas, and ahe presented a bill
of costs' for said service to the
Women's Rights Convention. But dar
ling Lncy wouldn't hear of such ' enor
mous expenditure," and for such a
thing, too, as Train oil- Upon this
Susan spoke her mind, and said Train
was a 'brick' and Lucy a 'stick. - So
they, like other doctors, disagreed ; and
like late Rainbow Conventions io the
South, they parted ia thunder.- Susan's
love for George Francis is said to be
somewhat akin to Cleopatra's for Mare
Antony. Train's 'charms and coojnra
lions' are almost equal lo Othello' a He
says he foend Susan three-quarters ni
ger and one quarter woman, and he made
her three-quarters woman and one-quarter
nig ir. How George Francis
performed this isnportaol euro ie
difficult to say ; hut Tea iaclined to be
lieve he's a better phyweiaa for the God
dess lhaa either Suau or Lucy."
t Train oil is food-" - C
" Ay, bat what is its effects compared
to ' soothing eyre,' that political nor
rrwat peered into the throat of the God
dess of Liberty in large doses every
fourth of Jeljt That's th. staff ssea are
sad of, asi women toe divine 'eooik
iog ijmp.' the politician's balm for ' all
the lit flesh ie heir to.' If the Goddess
Las yol the aal poa, e syrup eee car
her well as tne aootb og
At tiiS point ae f those saasical in-
strsatssis calls, a etlllnpe, tovtatod by I
Mississippi fletbotime to frighten ee
flab, blew a tremendous blast, whloh to
filled the ears of en Front street with
sweet sound," that men lookejalctcu
other with coofosed counleutnces, at if
the Water Tank were the Tower of Babel.
The two talkers " walked off" downoast
and doleful, somewhat in the style of
priae-flghtere pommeled ia a "mil-
The most amusing eff.ol of the calliope's
puffs war the gympattio attitudes in
which they- threw several commission
mercantt on the sidewalk, who beat their
ears as if they had been attacked by a
combined force of buffalo gnats and
mosqoitos. A petition has been largely
signed against this Pegasian blow
ing." It will be forwarded to Apollo,
who hss "taken up bit residence at
Monnd City, by the ' Tatlib-
Detbidatioxs sr Neoroei Sambo
held a "high old carnival" yesterday.
Bill Graham took it into his head that
his especial pursuit in this city was
filobing ootton, and consequently, pro
curing a bag, commenced filling it with
the staple- In this anderlaking, how
ever, he was cut short by Officer Dillon,
who, taking the thief in the act, con
veyed him to the calaboose. Bill will
have a hearing before the Police Com
mission on Monday- Theodore William
son, another "sable cititen" and a friend
of Brownlow s, eyeing a diamond ring
on a gentleman's finger, by some hokus
pokus, took it off and hid it in his carpet
bag, but Officer Hastings found the
hiding place, and hid Theodore, who is
brother and namesake to tbe late
Kins- of ' Abvssinia. in the watch-
house. The "royal darky" will
likalv eo to the State prison. But what
of that 7 Old Brownlow will let htm
out again. Charley uelamy dtdn t en
ter into the ring business; be only
stooped so low as to take a few sacks.
Officer Walsh gobbled him in the act, and
conveyed him to the jug. He will be tried
on Monday. But the worse game was
that of Levi Patterson and Tom Jeffer
son, who came the "confidence dodge'
over an old darky." Officer Miller
nabbed the " gay gamboliers," and sent
them to Jail. On a trial before the Po
lice Commissioner this morning, Levi
was fined twenty six dollars and Tom
discharged. How long will this reign of
negro depredations last 7 ...
Picmo ahd Procession of thi St,
Geobqe's and St. Ahdriw'b Societies.
Oo Monday morning next the inhabi
tants of tbe Bluff will have an oppor
tnnitv of witnessing one of the most
picturesque displays in the way of a pro.
cession ever perhaps witnessed in this
region. The St. George's and 8u An
drew's Societies have combined for
frolic on a grand scale, and are
determined to show the Bluffians
what a elorious " turn out " the
soas of " merrie England ' and " bon
nie Scotia" can make. There will be
koliAit hishlanders. clansmen of tbe
bracken and the brae, and jolly tars,
oarsmen of tbe Mersey and the Thames.
Tbe procession will start from the cor
ner nf Second and Union streets at 9
a.m.. the right wing resting on Gay
oso and the left on Union, and
march down Second to Beal, from Beal
to Main, up Main to Overton, from
Overton to Second, up Second to Chel
sea street, and thence to tbe picnic
grounds, where feasting and dancing will
he the order of the day. We wish the
societies a happy reunion
The programme for the consecration to
morrow afternoon of Calvary Cemetery
will be found in our advertising columns.
The ceremonies will be of a most solemn
and interesting character; and being
participated in by the several religious
and benevolent societies attached to the
Catholic Church, will no doubt attract a
laree concourse of spectators. Michae
Maeevnev. sr., Esq., President of the
Hibernian Relief Society, is to act
Grand Marshal on the occasion, assisted
by Johu Lilly, Pete Crowley, P. Mulve
bill, J. R- Gallagher and John O'Brien
as Assistaut Marshals." There will be
public procession of the societies, headed
by a brass band, to the cemetery.
eeneral invitation is extended to every
one, and we scarcely know of a scene
that can be witnessed wilh more solemn
feelings on Ihe holy Sabhnlh.
Auk rlbbona! easti ribbons I all
ahadea. elearant sty lea, at I.. Kre-
Not the Man In our police lUms
yesterday, we mentioned that J. C. Col
was arrested for having swindling de
.ice. - in his possession. It did not
then occur to us that Col- Cole, a gal
lant soldier of the late "so-called,"
bad the same initials. Although
one acquainted with Colonel Cole could
nnnnaa him to be the criminal, there i
no impropriety i stating the fact of th
arrest being of another man of the same
Every planter is interested in the ma
chine now on exhibition by T. H. Jones
k Co.. of Nashville, Tennessee, at lb
seed store of R- G. Craig & Co., No. 379
M.in atreeL Memphis, because it will
clean and separate the foulest wheat from
smut, cheat, cockle, blighted, broken an
shrnnken grains, and other impurities,
leaving the best, healthy, plump, an
perfect grains to' sow. Plaaters are in
vited to bring the worst sample they have
of any kinds of grata or seeds, and give
the machine a thorough test,
Pickles, by the gallon, at Finnie A
CorTOE Stateheet. Tbe staple state
ment for tbe commercial week endin
oa Friday, the 22d, ia this city, is as fol
lows: Stock oa hand September 1, 1080
bales : received to-day, lb6; received pre
viously. 251, 74 total, 253,0 16. Shipped
to-day. 24 bales; shipped previously,
251,813 total, S51.S 5". Leaving as slot
oo heed and at pre ea. 1178 balea.
Jaat roeclwod, sa now awaMy
I prataa.a new nrtlclo, at U Baroaner-a.
Bow fu Rsaf a Ootei Batsi,
Jeeierdey evening, la passing down 8ee
oad etreet, our attention wet ealled to a
large crow getbtrsd. penr tb corner of
Second and Union streets. Imagining
some onewas killeJ.'br another Ku-Klux
Klan bad been discovered; fe made for
the spot, 'and, after elbowing jour way
tbrbugb'tne' orowd, were agreeably sur
prised to find we bad nofto reeord an.
other throat rut, or death t sickle naa
not gathered another poor mortal, and
bound him in bis last sheaf of eternity;
on the contrary, we saw onr friend Mat
thews bosily engaged in showing and ex
plaining to an eager and attentive crowd
how Walter A. Wood's Combined Reaper
and Mower would gather the golden har
vest, at the rate of ten or twelve aoret
per day, with one man and two horses.
' Ye Local," simulating Our Country
Co ms in, modestly asked for one of tbe
irculars, and receiving it quietly retired,
and scanning over the same, found that
this machine had received, the Imperial
Crots of Legion of Honor, and two grand
gold medals first premiums at ' the
Paris Exposition, over all competitors,
both of America and Europe. We made
a " local " by our visit, and for which We
intend to return to-day, and eee if this is
not the best manner of reconstructing
onr Southern land, of placing in tbe
hands of farmers improved implements
and machinery, such as we saw in front
of Matthews, Judson A Co. s.
Linen Lawn, 27Je- per yard, at Rice A
Poisoned Ice
Cream A Sad Acoi-r
dent at Helena, Are.. The negligeneev
of confectioners, like tbe stupidity of
railroadmen, sometimes leads to sad
results. A case occurred in Helena,
Ark-, last Wednesday, which onght to
make ice cream venders diligent in ex
amlning the vessels in which they manu
facture and serve the "cooling beve
rage." Over forty persons are reported
poisoned, the particulars of which we
glean from the Avalanche. It appears
the proprietor of an ice cream saloon, a
Frenchman, made up a large quantity of
ice cream, the first of the season. It
was distributed gratis, and ' freely par
taken by his friends. Shortly afterward
all who tasted the cream were seized with
violent pain and the most of them pros
trated. Four members of tbe French
man's family are among those afflicted.
Mr. Coolidge, the telegraph operator,
and his wife are both sick the recov
ery of the latter considered doubtful A
bucketfull of the ice" cream bad been
sent to tbe Female College and freely
partaken of by tbe young ladies, and
they are all dangerously taken down.
Various, others .were likewise afflicted.
Tbe doctors analyzed some of the cream.
They pronounced the poison to be
arsenior , There were no well defined
conjectures in regard to the cause of tbe
terrible affair. Whether it was the work
of some malicious fiend, or one of those
terrible accidents which decimate and
appal a whole community, are questions'
which future investigations may answer;
but in tbe meantime the catastrophe re
mains unexplained.
Kew dreaa trliaiiningv jnat reeeived
most desirable colore at I, H re
nter'. ... e i : . 71
i The Atlantic and Pacific Telfgrath
Line The Nashville Banner of the
19th says: "The s'ock of the Southern
Telegraph Company, better' known .as
"General Kirby Smith's line," has been
transferred to the Pacific and Atlantic
Telegraph Company. This consoli
dation will extend the lino to
Southern , and Southwestern cities
wilh such energy and enterprise as
will insure its Success. The Pacific and
Atlantic is an -established institution;
which has for some lime returned han
anme dividends to its stockholders. The
poles for this line have been erected to
this point, and it was only last week that
the managers secured permissionfrom oor
city authorities to erect their poles upon
our streets. By September the line will be
completed to Memphis, and thence to
Now Orleans in a short time after. The
consolidation with tbePacific and Atlantic
company places the substantial success of
the Southern Telegraph line beyond per-
adventnre. Some of the wealthiest and
most influential citizens of Louisville srs
warmly enlisted in this enterprise, and
have staked their money on it liberally,
appreciating its commercial advantages.
We bespeak for it in this city an encour
agement not less earnest and hearty.
.t'a naalarv of every rrade, at
Bobeaoo, Bneed A t'o.'a. ,' ' i
iKTELUOEKcn ts. Prejcdic;. Every
intelligent planter knows the advantage
of sowing pure teed tcheat, so that when
you raise a crop yon will have nothing
but wheat, and will raise three or four
bushels more to thi acre- This adran
lucre, can be sained by the use of the
"Combined Fanning Mill, Grain and
Seed Separator and Smnt Machine, ' now
on exhibition by T. H- Jones A Co., of
Nashville, Tennessee, at the seed store
of R- G. Craig k Co., 379 Main street,
Ijtre gaotnta! lace polnfa I Irons
to t)S5e apiece, at I.. Kremer. 71
Toe are hereby requested to , Btei
this (Saturday) evening, at 8 o'clock,
in the Law Court room, Second etreet,
when matters of interest will be presented
for your consideration.
By order of tbe Committee..
Journalistic Mr. C H. Albes, Gen
eral Agent of the Nashville Democrat,
German journal, is in the city on busi
ness. The'Deaoerat, we are happy to
say, is Conservative in principles, and
worthy cf sur-Prt- . i L. , -
BsACTircL style linea lawns, 27c a
yard. Rice k EngeU 203 Maia street t
DisMCtes k Kellooo, at City Stables,
l Monroe street, have oa head for eale
gooi tnpr'y tf sound jour.g wotk
horses; also, a few broke males. Coll
and examine their stock. . 72
n." teMIWSSBanM.Sl!
PokfijrApi AMO:tomre litre
ware nnmsrooi groups of ladies jut
shopping tod promenading ibis morning.
They looked charming In thoir early
aummor robes, anr gave the sid.'wulks a
livsly appearance. There is not a city
in the Union (so-callod) where such a
number of handsome ladies can' be seen
ss in Memphis. The Bluff wins the palm
for beauty.
; :
PoLice Court. There were only eight
onset" tried in tbe first district police
CJurt this morning ; no fines collected.
" Monet to Loan. Call at Citizens'
Union Bank, corner of Main and Jeffer
son. 72
, i -
Planters, Will it Pat T Tho com
bined Fanning. Mill, Grsirt'and Seed
Scperalorand Smut Machine, on exhibi
tion by'.T. H. Jones' A Co., pt Nashville,
Tennessee, at the seed. store of R. G
Craig A Co., 879 Main street, Memphis,
will clean wheat, corn, oats, rye, barley,
timothy, clover, hemp, fl.x, millet, and
Hungarian grass seeds, and if clover sud
timothy be mixed, it will separate tbemr
Five HUNDRED pairs of brown linen
drill panis, at f 1 15 per pair, by Rice A
EngeL , .. . 66T,
Pascbal ETorjHE Drawing. Those who
have not yet purchased tickets ia the
above great scheme, and are desirous of
doing so, will bear in mind tha( the sale
in this city closes , on the 28ib, as the
drawing will positively como off en the
1st of June. E. S. Pluinmer, agent, 212
Front street. 73
The best "Combined Fsnning Mill,
Grain and Seed Separator and Smnt
Machine" in existence, a new and valu
able invention for planters, millers, grain
dealers and business men generally, now
on exhibition by T. H-Jones A Co-, of
Nashville, Tennessee, at the seed store
of R- G- Craig A Co., 379 Main street,
Memphis, Tennessee- -Call end see it.
Seersucker Hnlua. i ' f ' ' !
72 281 Main Street.-,
Linen Lawn, at 27 Jc. per yard, at
Rice A Engel's. ' , J
Sensible. Our clever friends of tbe
Jefferson Street Market, 66 and 69 Jeffer
son street, desire ns tj inform their many
patrons that from this date cash will be
invariably required by tbem in all trans
actions. Tbey have tried the obliging
system, and like many others who have
also tried it, found that it don't pay. 70
Parties going to Raleigh Mineral
Springs will find hacks waiting at Wells'
station, Memphis and , Ohio Taijroad,
both trains. - wt-95
Old Hats made new, 384 Main st 71
Revolution! Revolution! I In the
heretotore imperfect manner of cleaning
all kinds of grain and seetls, by the new
"Combined Fannii.g. Mill, Grain and
Seed Separator and Smut Machine," now
on exhibition by T. H. Jones A Co-, of
Nashville; Tennessee, at the seed store of
R. G. Craig & Co., 379 Main street, Mem
phis, Tennessee. t :
Money . to loan oa collateral, at 20S
Malnatrott. W
Sombtuino New" Amrial, Gem or
Arabia." Amrial is a cheap Oriental
perfume, apparently an optqne stone,
which imparts a delicious and lasting
nerfume bv siniDlr rubbing it on the
garments- William D'Oench k Co., St.
Louis, sole agents for the West and
South. Amrial is retailed at all drug
stores- . . - -t
" Money to Loan. Cadi at- Citizens'
Union Bank, corner of Main and Jeffer
son, J - i ) , l
' Beef Tongues at Victor D. Fuchs'
To the General Public I make no
charges in State cases unless prosecution
is frivolous. Reuben Daily, J- P.,
75 , Odd Fellows' building. ;
R. H. GLI880N, Justice of tbe Peace,
has re-opened his office at corner of
Washington and Main streets, and will
giye prompt attention to all business
intrusted to him. 3
Larareatand cheapest aaaortinent of
Linen t'lolhinsr In in market.
. BOBEJaO-V, 8XEED at '.,
72 Oppoalto) 4 onr I Hqnare.
Five hundred pairs jeans pants, not
damaged, at $14 per dozen, at Rice k
Engel's, 203 Main street. t
Picnic Tbe good children and ladies
of the Church of the Goi Shepherd are
enjoying themselves at a picnic at Ford't
place, in Chelsea, to day.' The little onet
are delighted and the old folks happy.
First Baptist Church. There will be
services. In tbis church to-morrow, at tbe
usual hours, morning end evening. ,
EneJIea Karatogra Trankat Cient'a
Mole-Leather Trnnka. ,
71 wet Mala sUreot,
.Money to loaaon Goltatoralo at Sat
Mala street. 60-t
Money to Loan. Call at Citizens'
Union Bank, corner of Main and Jeffer
ton, , - - ..- ! 72
Good article of bd ticking at 20c per
yard, at Rice k Engel's, 203 Main sr. t
nerr FORGET" that onr aale at
Cost lor Boots, Ithoea and Hats, still
cantlnnoo at the old stand. 7 Main
treat. - (tl - M. T. It ASiOLAX War tTO). -
Lyons k Fies have temoved to' 222
Main street Taylor k McEwen's old
stand. ' ' ' -' "0
50 doe. beef tongues at 41 Jefferson st-
'Tho Port of Memphis. '
. Brrta a yd Crops. The Mississippi at
this point ie "oa the rise." The Arkan
sas is falling, bet there is still a gaod
stage of water to Little Rock. Rd aod
White rivers are at a stand ; tbe CfPr
Red and lh Bsyoe at Jefferson are fall
ing. Tbe crops along White river are
said to be in god condition. The ap
pearesr cf Ihe cot toe worm is rprtd
ia districts of Mtesir.pi
Jacor Sam Snaooed. The Jactb
Ian, t imall itdeawbtti keel, tullt at
Leav.nvorth la 184J, thrush 4 sbee e
TueiJty, to the Mitiotri, and sank. No
further particulars have been reoelved.'
The Sast was probably worth 910,000.
departuses or hteahoats.
The old Memphis packet Belle 8t.
Louis leaves for Cairo and 8t Louit
this evening at 5 o'clock. Capa Alex.
Zsigler' It ' in command, and our old
friend Ad. Storm in tbe office. ' . '
The Louisville and Cincinnati steamer
Darling, Lew. Kates commanding, and
A. F. Powers clerk,, let Vet for those
ports this 'evening 'at 6 o'ulook. v The
Darling is a good ijQ&J.' ,!'','.','? "I..- ,':
The noble packet K-bt. K. Lee leaves
port this evening' for Vicksburg, New
Orleans arid tbe herids., '. That prinoe of
good fallows, Cpt John W. Cannon,
controls the deck, and those eounls of
tb quill, J. T; Roberts tod Jas.Diowid
die, manage the office, f i
The Arkansas steamer W. A- Cald
well, Capt. R. L. Hines, J. W. Cham
bers clerk, will leave on Monday evening
next for tbe Arkansas river. The Cald
well will make a quick trip. i
Steamboatmen can save money by get
ting their printing executed at the Pus-,
LIC Ledoer oluce, our arrangements
enabling us to do work at rates tbat will
compare with any establishment in the
West, ' . We invite- steamboatmen i to
examine onr styles of work and prions.
Special Notices.. . -
Fare Bode Water. Ws have obtained, at
great eipante, one of tba Boast aad most ap
proved GENERATORS yar invented for the
manufacture of Soda Water. It it connected
with a cistern of pure rain water I and at th
process of its aanafaoror is sonstantly foiof
on, it is always fresh, cool sad pure, flive It a
trial. ' ' ' 1 '
WARD A LsQTJERB, Druggists. , '
Cor. Main and Adams streets, 1
79 Opposite W or ah am House. '
Conjugal Lev, and tht Happiness of
Tree Marriage. Esa s for young men,, on
tb Errors, Abuses and Diseases whloh destroy
the Manly Powera and areata impedimenta to,
MARRIAGE, with sur means of relief. Bent
in sealed letter envelopes free of charge. Ad
PhUadelphia, Pa.' .: . ' . , 7-148
Congh. Ho Cure, Ito Pay. Forrest's Jo
irsa Ta is warranted to cur Cough, Croup,
Hoarseness, Throat and Lung Diseases, Or the
prioe positively refunded. Instantaneous re
lief produced. Try it.' If not aatiifled, return
the empty bottles aud 'set your money baek.
D. F. GOODYEAR, Sit Second street, Agent.
Priee35 cents. ' - - 4H.T .
Total Lowe Paid, over 4,000,000
JTet Assets, over ' I,2S4,15 41
promptly attended to by
II. P. BUTLER, Agent,
i ' Comer of Madison and front streets. -
accident insurance -
',., .; . ' ; in the
Original Travelers,
(The Pioneer Accident Company in America.)
cies without Medical Examination.
II. P. BUTLER, General Ag-ent,
53 131-ia .
I have Jnat received a largro Invoice
of Window Glass of every Mao,
also a large stock of
' . . - ' s
Sash, Doors ti Blinds,
. ,v
Under Oretnlaw Opera House.
o. ;qua'okenbush,
Successor toMoWILLIA MS A CO.
Memphis Club Hall,
Cor. Second and Vnloa Sta.
tified that th Room. ARK NOW OPEN.
Parti. aihinf to rent abora Urge and eoio
modK.ua Ha l, lr Balis, Concert. ete oa
aaaaonable terms, will apply to
.su. UtSaK, 23d Ma s street.
By order of
74 H KNRT ffBESBEL, Sa.i Prest.
iv o t i c i : .
Ureal Rcdaatloa of ran by tho Moan
phis City Transfer Conapaay.
Orncs M. C.Transvcb Cnrv,l
May I'. I'-
Omil,ii Lira will earn aa-enrere to asej
irom tha various Rai rad Iiea.iW. sod to and
from any art of lha eity.at Tenly-ee Ceais
a.b. pAaa.ngtrs wilh arifinary a-seass a
eiuited. . . .
tf Bariare cheeked trm reaid ea ar kotal
by a Ter.eooa.We Arent of the Uirnpanr. Use
a-oiding all trouble sr .lelsy at I)ep..t.
71 W. J. FLACK. -"'arintasdent.
fhe Southern Advertiser.
"Sludger bc3 Subcn"
(Establiaaad la ISSeLJ
Leading Organ of tbe Gertnaa Posmla
boa of the SoathweaL
LCTJ1I WUIDIKaAI. IJitsr aad PrepT
OFFICK-Coa. Tarae a Jgrrgaa-ir s -I
a Postomoe Baiidina. a . . ahta. Tenn.
rT ied;Ba? 1-r e,eea a'l .n tbKa-a-.01
t V.. nty at J ft .J-r. a i'.ea
es-eLast a; e..n.a-r t t '
a ...a ,.il"ue3.l4to.rsaM C'iJ'a
k:act,aaiaaaatry , t1

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