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. . TTTIT1 TUT CI ftn
Cash Assets, ever 510,000,000 J
Tlio (loorgio
GMh Assets, $426,000!
The State
Capital, - - j $200,000!
Ofllce : Main St.,
wrr Ti "
J J. DoBOSE, Editor.
E. WHITMORE, - BusiirsBS Mabaom.
OfHco. No. 13 Mndiaon. Htrwt.
- i." M V H I H I
Monday Eve-nlnar. Ansm-s f. 1M9.
Conscrvam e Democratic Ticket
. . He K. SHEBBIOD, .
HAM. H. J O .
Our waggish friend of the Avalanche,
whose peculiarities have made him quite
notorious, published on yesterday one of
hie home-manufactured articles. When
read, the exclamation naturally follows:
What flummery I If, for lomething bet
ter to do, one should think of angling in
the muddy, sluggish wateri of a Western
bayou, thinking, perchance, to hook a
noble trout, but instead his bate ie swa
lowed down by an old male eel,
which, being brought to the eurface,
deGes all human handling, the angler
then experiences the same sensation
produced that we feel when, with a few
slices presented from the record of the Av
alanche, ita editor ie set to wiggling and
twisting in the most grotesque manner,
In an article of last Saturday our object
was merely to call our neighbor's atten
tion to the fact that the Conservative
Democratic ticket was not a( he claimed
it to be, the Senter universal auffrage
ticket ; and he at once replies in a lengthy
article, from which the publio is made to
infer that hii intention if to write oar
Lioernphy in the columns of bil Black
Republican sheet. The main question be
entirely jumps, and flies into the subject
of Imperialism with a vim that would
show he was angered because of our
claims to a dukedom nnder the new
regime, which in bis own imagination he
Las assigned us. We would suggest to
this editor not to conjure np such horrible
hobgoblins in thinking of the coming Em
pire; it only aerves to disturb hi own
republican dreams, when the Southern
public ie fully aware of the ruins that lie
around u of once great republic, and
tbe ntter hopelessness of rebuilding the !
old temple of our liberties out of such
material as has proven already unfit for
the purpose.
Tbe present hour demandt of every
true son of Tennes.ee to do all to seize
tbe opportunity for restoring temporary
order and protection until tome more
permanent and durable form of govern
ment may be established that ahall for
generations to come prove a blessing to
our American people. , That is why we
now act with the Conservative-Democratic
party, which our cotemporary has
most shamefully deserted. " How," says
oar ring, streaked and striped friend,
"can yon (we) be a Democrat and still
be in favor of Imperialism T" Well, to
allay our neighbor's feverish anxiety on
that point, and for bis own special
l.enefit. we will call onrselves a Con
servative-Democratic Imperialist ' Wt
would advise tbe editor of tbe AvautneM
to use his bottle of heartshora carried
about his person since joining the aegro
party after reading this, for (ear be may
set to riggling anew. He will evidently
think a single individual could hardly
live and do well believing all this
at once. But to explain, in word
almost: Tbe words Conservative-Democ
racy, as defined bv the committee ol
gentlemen in this county who organised
the rjsrtv soon after the war, was intended
to mean opposition to tha tyraoaical rule
of the Rtdical party in all of its oppres
sive measures intended to control and
humiliate the people of the South. It
mii means opposition to Radicalism.
which party we shall kick against ti the
day of our death. Imperialism will be
the last and great achievement by which
a nuietue will be eiven this Calledonian
beait that is now ravaging on the fairest
tinnion. of the American Continent. Ii
will be the establishment of a new order
of things, nnder which old prejudices and
hatred between the sections will be forgot
ten, and a glorious era ot prosperity win
dawn upon oar land. We trust in God
thai it m 11 v com, and that. too. sneedilv.
The editor of the AtalaneJu, in a fit of
liberality, assigns us toe position ot
Duke, with a real coronet, nnder Ut
coming Empire, and pretends that he
and bia friends are content to wear wool
hats. As Mr. Linceia would amy, that
reminds ns or a little anecdote. A.
certain man, living near a village town
not far from here, noted ' for hi
treat stupidity, was seen on oae
occasion to ride into the towo astride
-r . ;..!r... hig a weir on the
Ul " J , u- "
corner wee beard to remerk that it
hard to teU where the man left off
tha ik nrnnmnneed. meaning", ae to
man and beait, there wai a considerable
... . 1 . . A
laments. So with Wit late convert
and believer CufTev; it will be hard
for hit friend to jay when he
on hie wool hat. where the hat atops
i and
the woolly head commences; for
neighbor, like Fremont a woolly bone,
hai of late erown woolly all over, bnt
n&n't tinll the wool over oar eyes or I
eyee of this community. We are charged
ith doine thie martelously consistent
editor great injustice wben we call mm
Black Rennblieen, but be forgeta that I
tha issue of hit caper of the 23d ultimo
.that be had atricken the word Democ
racy " from bia Tocabulary; and believ
ing 10 itrongly in Senter aud the aegro,
we con Id oeme to bat one conclusion
and that waa that he had gone over
"hone, foot and dragoon" to the Repub
lican aide. This sheet also complains ot
the lead in oar editorials, and from that
we n resume they weigh very heavily on
the editor. It ie only article! freighted
with inch aolid material that can ever
oenetrate our neighbor' thick and woolly
head, and for that reason we write eo
weiahtT and in reply to our Jefferson
itreet cotemporary. We believe in the en
franchisement of rebels the great issue
of the canvass.
Wendell Phillips an Grant-Martial
Law Wanted tor tn Son in The
Bavins Fanatic
From the Ant! Slavery Standard.
General Grant was commended to tb
country as a man of few words, but sure
to mean even mora man ne saia, ana ie
do more than he would condescend to
promise. Tbe few words he had uttered
were all gathered np and made the most
of. The weighty sentences of tbe Del
phic orscle were never studied witb more
anxious car thao were his rare and
brief sayings. ...
A man wbo speak so seldom and with
such deliberation may fairly be presumed
to weigh all he says, and each sentence
so treasured and built on is a pieage, to
which tbe nation may not unreasonably
hold him. When he said, in 1866, "I
never could have believed that 1 should
favor giving negroes the right Unvote,
but that seems to me the only solution of
our difficulties," men felt assured that on
this point he might be traBtea ana
hence almost expected the countenance
which his inaugural gave to tbe Fifteenth
Amendment. Indeed General Grant
may be said to have heen elected more
t-j : :j ..ll-
On tbe promises ne nan inciaeoiaiiy
made than en any express contract witb
tbe Chicago Convention.
Why then is not martial law pro
claimed T He cannot olalm that circum.
stances have changed. Ueojgia, lex as
and Mississippi remain still in the same
condition, to far as their relation to the
nation is concerned, as they held when
General Grant recommended tbis course
to Andrew Johnson. Has life grown any
more secure there? We know that every
trastwortbv witness wbo gets audience of
the President brings him evidence that
tbe same anerob? prevails. Does the
great Captain eat his own ordt? Are
there any influence in tbe White House
that blind the eyes which saw so clearly
while in the camp? We have sometimes
wished ibat sow piper-headed and keen
sighted adviser cootd approach, the Pres
ident. But, after reading tbis, we know
no one who could put tbe duty in a elearer
light than the 1 resident himself has
piaayj it two years ago.
Assassination for opinion is as fre
nuent loval men 'living, or bidiag, for
safely, while rebel are firing salutes un
der Confederate flags in Southern capi
tals I Is it King Log with a paper
scepter that sits in the White House?
We were told that it we made a soldier
President we should have a strong gov
ernment, fall of decision ; one that could
not ke bullied. If or all we have seen in
four months, we might as well have bad
in the White House clumsy James of
England, who always fainted at the sight
of' a sword. Gloomy prophets feared
that nnder Grant we should have a coop
d'etat, and that he would take possession
of tbe Government, Thus far it seems
more likely that Beauregard 7)11 mane
coup d etat and take possession ot
QrDU , v Wevdkli. Phillips.
Can't neecBf,
West Tennessee Whit. Hit nit.)
The Memphis Lcdosr of Wednesday,
and Appeal of Thursday, soegested tbe
nam ot W. w. uates as a suuaoie can
didate for tbe office of Stale Superin
tendent of Publio Instruction. Our
Senior is now absent, in Louisville. As
the office was created by tbe Radical
Legislature for no eiper purpose loan
that of bestowing patroness on favorites,
at tbe expense oi an wiinoi,! ifie least
benefit to the people, W. W. Gates is not
the man to offer for the sine-cur posi
tion. He would much prefer to see the
office abolished, than enjoy its emolu
We know our generous-hearted eon-
freret of the Lipoeb and Appeal were
prompted by tbe parent motives in sug
gesting the name of tbeir old friend, who
has Ions been in the service of his party,
and stands sorely in need of same fat
office. But in the present case the ofEce
is too palpably useless and annecessary
to be even aonght or desired by a true
Ton Paclsl Btallroad.
Tbe following table ebows as nearly as
possible tbe various distances ran, from
point to point, and tbe ordinary running
time "onsnmed in making the trio from
New York, over each section of road, to
Ban rraacisco:
N.w York to Chicago, 111
Chicago to Omaha, Mob- 41
Omaha to Bryan- - -h8
Brraa to Ogdeo. Utah 231
Of dm o F. ko, Nevada, Tia Can
tral PaciAo railroad- . . ?8
Elko t" Bacramento, Cat., Tia Cen
tral PieiEg railroad 465
SaTamanto to Baa fraaeiiea. Via
Wet lam Pacific railroad.. I IT
33!i 161H
Thus r. total distance of 3113 miles is
made, according to tbe present schedule
time, in six days, seventeen and a half
hours, actual time, by a traveler's watcb.
from which we deduct three and n half
hours, difference of time, wben going
wen, leaving tbe apparent time con
sumed in making tbe trip six days aqd
louneen noura.
The widow of the late Henry J. Ray
mond, of tbe New York Times, has an
plied for and received lettere of adminis
tration npon bis personal estate, de
ceased having left no wilt Senator Mor-
Kn is to act rorjsmtly with tbe wido
The sureties on the bond given by the
administrator and administratrix are
George D. morgan and John T. Terry,
both of Irvington. The value of tbe
estate ie estimated at fjO,000, a trifle of
wbxb was in real estate and tbe balance
in personal property.
Meeting ol lb Commute of Arrant;'
The committee appointed at the last
meeting of the Confederate Soldiers' Re
lief nnd Historical Association, to make
the necessary arrangement for giving a
grand picnic on the 21tt of August, as
sembled Saturday, at two o'olook, in tbe
office of Mr. C. Nourte, of tb Phoenix
Mutual." "
' Tbe following members being present
tbe committee organized by calling Dr.
Mitchell to the Chair; Capt. Dick Eng
lish. Charles Locke. W. J. Pollard. C.
Senestack. Jere Lewis and F. L. James.
: The first business in order was the ap
pointment of a Secretary and Ireasnrer,
which was done by nominating F. L.
James to be the former, and Harvey
Mathes the latter.
The appointment of sub-committees
was then made as follows:
On Grounds and Mnsio Henry Moode,
Col. J.J. DoBose and Charles Locke.
On Entertainment Harvey Mathes,
W. J. Pollard and Jere Lewis.
On Printing and Tickets Capt. Dick
English. F. L. James and Henry Moode.
On Refreshments R. J. Black, C.
Sengstack, F. L. James and Jere Lewie.
Tbe duties of these sub-committees are
those, indicated by their title; all ar
rangements made by tbem being submit
ted to tbe Committee of the Whole. The
Finance Committee consist of the Com
mittee of tbe Whole.
The followinz communication were
received, read and referred to the appro
priate committees :
From Aue. Hitzfeld. tendering the use
of bis portable gas apparatus for lighting
np the grounds at half price.
rom f arris a narsey, managers ana
essees of James' Park, tendering the
use of their grounds, free of charge, for the
proposed picaio. '.. .. ,
From Hugh D. Greer and M. B. Treze-
vaut, offering tbe use ot Bueed t grove, at
Bantyn Station, lree of charge, for tbe
same purpose.
Cantain Enzlixh stated that Col. W. J.
Rosa had called on him in regard to thit
offer that mornine. and had made n pro
position to rnn a train of car every half
bour to tbe station, at twenty-nve cents
tbe round trip.
The following was received and read :
Asihct Phosicix M ptuil Ins. CouriKT.l
Jll.FHIB.Julal. It69. f
To tha Csmmittee en Confederate Soldien'
ricnie :
Gestlemeh: In fullest ivmpathy with
yon in your movement, and desirous of
contributing in any way towata its suc
cess, I respectfully tender you the nse of
my office as yonr regular place ot meet
ing. Truly yours, C. Noprsr.
On motion tbe offer was gratefully ac
cepted, and a vote of thanks tendered
Mr. Nourse.
After some farther discussion of ways
and means, the committee adjourned till
Wednesday evening next, at tour o clock.
What Conductor Lowe aaya abant tb
lata Hlebap Improved Con
dition i tb Wounded.
From the Conrier-Jonrnal, 31ft nit.
Captain Matt Lowe, wbo was in charge
as condnctor of the ill-fated train that
broke through the bridge and trestle at
Badd's creek, be;ond Qlarksyille, Tenn.,
last inesday morning, waa in tbis city
yesterday. He states that the train did
not rnn at more tban tbe ordinary rate ot
speed oyer any part of the road on the
disastrous trip. If the pontrary had
been tbe case he, above all others, would
have been aware of it, for he was tra
versing the train during tbe greater part
of tbe night, and particularly about and
at tbe time of the accident. On leaving
the elation nearest Clarksville tbe train
was behind the s&bedu!a bat ttro minutes,
and tbe slight difference rendered any
extra speed unnecessary. Tbe rate being
made was filtren miles per boor.
Eugene Riley, tbe martyred engineer,
was scrupulously circumspect with his
locomotive, always complying with the
rules by which the engine-drivers are
governed, especially as to slow running
over bridges and trestles. In far
ther proof of tbis, Captain Lowe says
be distinctly felt tbe train check np from
the reduced pressure of steam a the en
gine approached tbe (troctore over
Badd s creek. He is satisfied that tbe
disaster va not tbe result of undue ve
loeity, nor of any kind of neglect on tbe
part of the engineer. Since the accident
the track and superstructure at the creek
have been minutely examined, but no ev
idences thjt the train jumped tbe rails
were detected, t he culy correal infer
ence is that the timbers of the bridge
were defective. Even upon tbis theory
the accident appears singular, for the de
molished bridge bad been inspected by
tbe proper officer bnt a few weeks prior
to the disaster, tad pronounced entirely
sec a re. Captain Lowe report that tbe
wonnded passengers at Clarksville-are
still improving, and will be able to pro
ceed to their Lome in few days.
We are clad to know that Mrs. Hush
McCall, whose injuries were supposed to
be fatal, was much better yesterday and
is likely to recoyer Sbp is the recipient
of unwearied attentions from her physi
cians and the good Sisters of St-Joseph's
Infirmary. As far as tie cao learn tbe
other unfortunate now vjntjer treatment
in tbe city are past all danger.
It is probable that tbe fallen bridge and
trestle will be replaced to-day, allowing
trains to resume their trips.
Mrs. McCall died yesterday. J
.. .....at '"
The Cincinnati Qitetlt ha discovered
a mare nest, it correspondent at
Nashville announces that Senter has
"sold out to tbe Democrats," nod the
Gazelt is alarmed. It alarm, however,
is groondtese, ine pnty difference oe
tween the statement of its correspondent
and the truth is that. Instead of Senior's
having; sold ont to tbe Democrats, the cor
resDondent of tbe Gazette has been
bought out by the Stokeeites. The name
of this correspondent is ominous. It is
Fory. He waa employed a few weeks
ago as day laborer and leader-writer on
the Prut and Times tenter organ.
Jnet tbe other day he waa discharged
Uence tbe ecgt in tbe (Jatette mare s
nest. Conner-Journal, 30A nit.
At the recent meeting of tbe Virginia
Educational Association at Lexington,
Professor Holmes, of the University of
Virginia, eaid that he wanted food Eng.
lish to be lancet in the schools. From
personal knowledge and experience, he
knew better Lngliah was taught
America than tu " Merrie England, and
enrer English waa spoken by the edn
cated classes in Virginia tban anywhere
else in tbe world. Professor Holmes It
an Englishman graduated at Oxford, aad
haa traveled extensively, and this is say
ing n good deal for old Virginia. Hs
concluded with a scathing criti.m on
the " slipshod " ns of words. We hope
Prof. Holme will cosoe down th t way
and give soma instructions to Cloud and
Appletoddy. Montgomery Mail.
Jnat Ketrlbutlon. "
The Augusta Constitutionalist of
TueBdny, Buys: r ','' --
Uumori were current on our street
yesterday that a justly incensed brother
had avesgd the wrongs of sister in tb
slaying ot tbe man who, bad betrayed
ber confidence. As tbe circumstance
comes to us, tbe family of the young
lady concerned ranks among tbe most
respectable of Edgefield county. ; The
designing and successful villain who has
wrought her ruin. is : represented to hsve
been a young man wbo lormerly lived in
Augusta, J. JJ. tress well., . We are ad.
vised that tbis young man conduoted
farm in the neighborhood of tbe family
to wbicb allusion nas been made,
and that he had been welcomed into
tbe most intimate association with
the father, brother and daugbtere. Every
facility in tbeiapower bad been cheerfully
afforded to contribute to bis material
interests, and to promote bis social en
joyment. He bad been treated rather a
member of tbe family tban as an ac
auaintanct, and such had been hit seem
ing honest and honorable deportment that
no breath of suspicion was stirred against
him obtil his baseneesand perbdy oulmi
nated in the ruin of a daughter of the
household. Stung to desperation, the
brothers, who had been thus deoeived by
one wbo had . worn the semblance of
honor and outraged tbe confidence re
posed in him, waited on the author of
the rnin of a too confiding but loved sis
ter, and demanded a reparation of the
wrong at tbe marriage altar. Ibis took
place at night in the early part of last
week. Uressweii, as we are informed, ac
ceded to the demand,- and mounted his
horse to accompany tbe young men, to
have' the ceremony of marriage per
On the road, however, his villainy
again asserted its supremacy, and being
mounted on a swift-footed torse be gave
tbem tbe sup at a favorably locality, and
made bis escape, although tbey dis
charged their pistols at him as he fled.
Since then these young men and their
sympathising mends bave been in active
searcb tor tbe young ma wbo nas so
grievously wrongef them, and it was
reported here yesterday that one of the
brothers bad traced bim to citation ao, on
the Greenville and Columbia railroad,
where he overtook him on Saturday
night, and shot and killed him. If such
is tbe fact it is only a just retribution.
and a fate which all snob men ihould be
taught to expect.
Western Amaaementau .
From the Omaha Republican ' ' '
Over two thousand people gathered on
the banks above the pond and along the
lower end of farnbam street on yester
day afternoon tq witness Bob Hart and
auiiy in ineir great wasn iuo goose leau
Promptly at the advertised time Hart
made his appearance, followed by his
competitor for the golden peanut offered
by Col. Hanford. Each sat in an ordin
ary wash-tub, to which was attached sis
pair of geese, driven and guided with an
ordinary carriage whip, The most deaf
ening applause, about and yells greeted
tbe contestants as they were towed into
the pond. Striking the Farnham street
bank, both started side by aide, talking
to and urging on tbeir feathered vaoers.
the same as a jookey would do in a trial
of speed amongst fast herses.
Halt way across tbe pond bully team
switohed off and bolted for the weeds.
giving Bob the lead by three and a half
lengths. Recovering bis course, Sully
made splendid headway, gaining rapidly
on the Hart outfit. One of his geese,
however, attempting to dive, kicked a
rear goose in the eye. The kicked bird
at once cackled bis defiance, and soon
demoralised the entire team to such an
extent that victory was impossible. -
Hart would have come in U. K. only
for his " wheel geese " baulking badly and
upsetting tbe tub. Sully began leaguing
at his opponent's disaster, when his team
made a sadden flank movement, which
left the driver floundering in the mud.
Tbe assembled multitudes yelled the
louder at the accident. Righting their
crafts, hotb parties made for shore, lead
ing their teams. Bob took the prize.
General Ceapedea on lb Appoint
ment of General Thomas Jordan.
From Sabanillade Silancia, at data of
June II, General Cespedes has promul
gated an order assigning uenerai Jordan
to high command in tbe Cuban army. He
says, addressing his countrymen: -
The organization of tbe army in the
different States, into which the Republic
s divided, has been and is constantly tbe
chief object of tbe action of the Govern
ment; because without organization it is
not possible to bave a good army, and
without a good arniy tbe success of the
aperation cannot . be always such as
may be desired, notwithstanding . the
valor of the chiefs and the soldiers who
compose it. To carry oqt this beneficent
idea, and Crat Laving had the approba
tion of this Government, the General-in-Chief
has named Gen. Thomas Jordan,
Chief of the operations in this State. Ia
doing so, be has taken into account the
fact that the officer appointed is a man
of valor, of knowledge, and of military
skill. These qualities were demonstrated
at the arrival of said "Chief to these
shores, and likewise in the deeds which
he has exemplified witb fighting our ene
my on our own soil. Let it be further
added that personal qualities adorn this
gentleman and render him worthy of re
spect and of esteem Hence, 1 bope that
you, as true patriots, who have proved
a thousand times your adhesion to tbe
cause, will consider the acquisition of
r , T - i r .
uenerai oruau as oi muca importance
for tbe revolution, and that we all shall
give proofs of the facts that we know how
to do honor to men of ability wbo come
to combat at our side for the independ
ence of Cuba. , ,
A fine deer was killed at White Bear
Lake, Minnesota, a few days ago, nnder
rather singular circumstances Several
gentlemen bad been ont fishing in a row
boat, and as tbey were returning home
ward, tbey saw swimming in to lake a
fine, fat buck, wilh huge antlers, and they
gave chase. A long rope wee prepared
with the design of lassoing him, but as
they approached tb buck tnrned and
made for the boat, witb the evident design
of running it down. The party were in
considerable dinger for a few moments;
bat one of them, witb more presence ot
mind than the rest, struck the deer a very
heavy blow on tbe head witk aa oar, and
nartiallv stunned him. The others seised
him by the antlers and held his bead nn
der water until he was drowned. He was
towed ashore and dressed. Tb weight
of tbe animal was about two hundred and
fifty pounds. "
The Constitution is the highest author
i'v. it appears, in California, and it
provision are not to be disregarded witb
imnnnitv. even bv tb Stat itself. A
jury of a Justice's Coert in a raral di
tnot decided that the Slate law prohibit-
ine nersooe from carrying concealed
weapooa is nnconstitntional, beeauMtb
Constitution of the United State taya
that " the right of the people to keep and
bear arms shall not be infringed; and
the connty Judge sustained tbe decision.
A Cincinnati man wboreceotly visited
Maine wrote horn that it waa no credit
10 th peopl that tbey were temperate ae
a class, since tbeir water was so ood and
beir wmsny eo poor.
the Boutiwsstsrn jPrtss
Association,.; it a
;Niw York, August 2. The Eerald
say it ha been rumored in Washington
that belligorent right would be acoerded
Cuba by our Government within ten days,
and bet to that effect were offered. The
rumor, however, ha no foundation, a
the Caban question will not come before
tbe Cabinet for at least three weeks.
A Richmond dispatch say Governor
Well ha returned, after a tonr through
th Northern States. He tells his friends
that the general Republican sentiment in
the North it adverse to tha Walker party,
and he hopes that General Canby will
not issue hit proclamation annonncing
tbe result of the election nnles Con
gress i in lession, wben tbe matter can
be delayed and passed over, and hi
friend can be retained in offio.. .'.i
Two convicts in tbe Auburn prison
fought a duel, according to the regular
code, on Friday morning. Tbe weapons
were knives, and tbe scene, was the ice
house. JBoth men were wonnded, but not
Pocghizefsie, August 1. At 7:40
o'clock to-night a meteor of unusual size
and brilliancy shot from the northeast to
southwest, emitting sparks of fire.
Hat aba, July " 81. On Wednesday
last five thousand negro insurgent at
tacked Paerto Principe, making a gen
eral raid through the city. Spanish
troops to the number of four thousand
men attaoked them and a sever strag
gle ensued, In which the ground was con
tested inch by inch, the insurgents retiring
In perfect order, after having achieved
the object for which they made the
raid.'.:.s j- .v t :; r.i-i
They captured and destroyed provi
sion valued at (50,000, and made good
their retreat The Spaniard don't give
any estimate of the patriot loss. Forty
four of their wounded were taken to the
barrack by the volunteers. The excite
ment ha subsided. There i great dearth
of provision, and 1 consequently great
misery at Santiago de Cobs.
Qo tbe J4 h of July tbe patriot forces,
which have been attacking the fortified
Isntatiocs for sometime past, defeated
the Spanish reinforcements sent to meet
tbem. Colonel Camero, commanding the
Spanish forces, wai wonnded. - Th ex
pedition wai compelled to retnrn to the
city. ' ' ;,: " ' ' '
It it stated that, at toon aa the prepa
ration are completed, th patriot will
positively attack Santiago de Cuba. ''
The negro militia that made a raid on
Paerto Principe enabled a number of
families to escape from the Spaniards.
Th investment of Paerto Principe is ex
pected.' ' ;' ' , , " ..
Mr. Ferguson, long imprisoned at Ma-
aella, hat obtained his releaee. A num
ber of political prisoners bave also been
released. '' '' " ' . , " , ''. '
Important sales of confiscated prop
erty will toon take place.
It hat been suggested that the police
make a registration of all slaves owned
by disloyal masters. ; , , ,',
More troops are demanded in tho inte
rior. ' ' ' ' t
Tb insurgents are increasing in num
bers aad activity. . , : ,
Domestie and foreign atarkst Bsports, at
Telegraphed to the " Publio Ledger " by
the Southern Paolflo aad Atlantte Tele
graph Company. . . , ,,,
Nev York Cotton August 1,11 a.m.
Market opened without change io any re- j
ipeot. .- . i ,. i . 1
: rvLiima.
Uooa Ordinary-
ow Middlirj.32M
uooa uraiaary .zv4
Low MidUing....-'H
Middlinr 3?.$i
Good Middling..S4?.
. OtLaaUB A TIX1B.
Good Middlin34!-i
Ordinary -.2T
Oood Ordinary..29
Good Ordinary
Low Middling..
ow M lddlina i2'4
Middling.- ml
Middiina .. 'U
Good Middling ii
Good Uiddlinc.34j4l
lfew York Money August 1,11 am.
Government advancing. ' Exchange
steady, at 110 for sixty-day bill. Gold
carrying at 5 per cent
.1 W ! MD'a new 1 SBS .122'
oods of ltKl mj-
i"Y va-
tuaa ,.ir..p.
fire-twenties, "61-1 1.W
IH ..! 2.1-
10 40 Bon.1..-..U4
Pacific bii lKr'i
New York Stock August 2, 11 a.m.
Th market ia rather better, with a fair
business doing. -
Gold .l
Eallroad- ' ' '
Mich. Centra!-! '
Canton .. oum
W. U. Telaaraph. 3-
Mian. South ra-l;
Illinois Central. 141V,
waatarn .
waatarn pref'd OT
C'ava. Toledo.
Reek I.laad 114
bU Paul 7H
" prefd- t
Ft. Wayna15t
Ohio A Alias.
ii..ia. u..i ta-.'i
aicK.iiTor i. i:"&.
Adams e"Vl
wen. a rario zv
Ameriaaa... -. 41
I'nited Bute.. M
MershanU' U WW
. Catral 110
Liverpool Cotton August 1, 1 p m.
Cotton .firm ; nplaads, 1211; Orleans,
13d; estimated sales for to-day, 10,000.
London Monty August 1, 1 p m.
Five-twenties, 83; Erie.ljk Consolt,93j;
Illinois Central, XJ; bonds in Frankfort,
88$. ; .
A young pupil of tbe New Orleans
grammar school was acoiaea oy nis
mother. "Sammy, Sammy, saia sne,
whv did von do that? yon might have
known yon wonld hurt yonrself." "How
could I know, mother V replied the
youngster, as the pain from his braised
shin oaed fos a moment) "am I a fu
ture tense f
A physician going down Broadwsy
with a friend of hie, said to him, "Let
ss avoid that pretty little woman yon see
there on the left. Bee knows me, ana
easts on me loots or indignation, i at
tended her husband. Aa i I see yon
had tbo asisfortan to dispatch bim."
"Onth contrary," replied tbe doctor,
" I aaved him."
Ninon de TEeclos defines a kiss: "An
alma which enriches bim who receives
without imprtveruhtng ber who gives.
Very true, but mis.es should be careful
to choose none bnt deserving objects on
whom to bestow tbeir cbari'.ica.
Hudson-- 176 Ji
KoaaiDS. -
i i
V..-' X.:. '
Our ISntiro Stock
- ' - -
-r. to 1 ) i v "I . :.(!! i :
Wo are ilolermlned not to be undersold "by any
Uouae in tlie Oity.
To Secure BaraiiiSCall Early.
I T "
aflO Mala St. (Olay Building-.)
aV' s3..L4tt--.
lYotn. SlO and
Foreign and -Domestic Hardware.
our bomriitia Good, from the manufacturers. Wa are enabled ta after eraat arivautafaa
hi toe traue. it o an ouiv axvnw Diuyiui
Outlet Steel-Brush Cotton din also,
Marvin Ce.'a srreatly celebrated Fire and Burglar Proof Kafe,
gorchnm Mill, Bradford' (Cincinnati) Wheat and Corn Mill, ' '
And martv ether artfolas too numerous to mention. AerfmiHnral Tmtriamanta In .-t.i -
French Wiodow Glass, Iron, Metals, Cartinss,
A neero preacher in Louisiana recently
got off the following for the benefit of bis
hearers: "Yon thinks the Lord.aint
bont beab all de time I If you duz, you
is mistaken. One time be met de debble
walkin' ronn' tike a rorin lion,, an de
Lord say. I gwine to put yon into de pit
for a thousand years, an' I got a great
mind to put yon in dar for two thousand
years ; arter dat, if I coteb yen roua' agin,
I II Ont yon in dar fnrebber. if 1 1 got to
do it at de pint ob de bay'netl" -
A yonng married man named Eugene
Starret oommitted snicide at St. Lonis,
Thursday, by hanging himself. Domestio
trouble and depression of mind, indncsd
by losing 1 3000 by tbe failure or John r .
Darby 4 Co., bankers, led to the not, 1 1
'funeral notice. :
The friends and acquaintaaees of J. S. and
Elian A. Barton are respeotfullv Invited to
attend the funeral of their eldest daughter,
Oora Lee, from their resldesea, No. 20S Wash
ington street, on Tne.dav mornine, the 3d
in.t,, at 10 o'clock. Services at 8U Peter's
Cathedral. Carriages In attendance.
" " Special Notices. : : ;
Tha Esaling Fool. An essay for rouartnen
on the crime of solitude, and th atsaaees ana
abuses which ereats Impediments to marriage,
with sure means of relief. Sent in sealed letter
envelopes, free of charge. Address, Dr. J.
SklUin Houghton, Howard Association, Phil
adelphia, Pa. -. 7S-150
lVotice to Shippers.
leaves on To 'aft ay as the regular White
river Indepeadent Packet, in place of steamer
De. Arc .
jiihw u Kiibiu IT, larnain.
annotated bv the late Labor Convention.
respectfully request every citiion feelin an
intere.t in the luture prosperity of Memphis
ml anrmnariin. ennntrv to meet at the ball of
the Chatub.r ot Crnnmeree, on Taeaday av
nlng,3d inst-jetSn'oinck.
"' A.WRIGHT. , In. Vm :
J.W.CLAPP. rvotn,
W. H. CHERRY. J i'
M. APPERSON, 1 - : -
WM. R. HUNT, rCom.on Sub-erint'n
W. M. FAHRINflTON.J 133-1.14
On Consignment.
IV I rial a. Tnilie haceine. warranted heaviest
in the market, and not to tear by handling.
For sal tow to tbe traae ny '
iluuii. iitiiiJ i ccunc,
1JB-139 ' 204 Front .treet.
Medical Copartnership.
me in the practice ef medicine and surgery,
ir. John Minor, late of Virvinia.
Office: 35 Madi.on (treet. Kefideoce f Dr.
Williams corner of Alabama nreet and Jose.'
avenue; of Dr. Minor, 61 axehange .feet.
Memphis. July Si. wi
aoisTS rot rat sils or
lor a very large number of the above
aina. we would iuiet to those wi.hinc to
Eon-hue, that it would be well for them ta
and in their orders as early as peuible, to
avsid disappointment.
UAUillli b tin.- uu. .
Noa. SlO and 312,
131-157 Cor. M"ree and Kront nreet.. ;
Trust Sale
sated by a eertaia tmit doed of Win. at.
fn dta luth dav of Janaarv. 186U. and
duly recorded in the Kegi.ter'. office of rhslby
eeonty, Utate of Tenneee, in book N. 40,
part 1, page. 6X7 and MM, aa the 24lh day of
January. Uki0,I will on ..... . v
Thursday, ttaeStk f Anatiat, 1S60,
Between the heart of 10 a.m. and 12 a. proeeed
to .ell to the hiaheet and beet bidder, for eaah,
let No. IA, on tha. onth aide of Bradfurd .treat.
In theeityof M'mphi.. Paid let ha. a front
ef fifty leet r n Bradford .treet, and ran. back
between parallel line, ene hundred aad forty
eight feel to aa aller, with a .mall frame dwel
ling home. All right of rerlemi tioB iaeipref.
ly eM to raid tra-t deed) and the title
to the above deeeribed laed aad Pre mi fa. i. be
lieved to be good, bnt I ihall eoarey aa trn.tee
only. Sale at N. 10 Front itreet.
H. H. MKITe;, Trustee.
Jaly a. II1-I4Q
Mow. lot and 111 Adanaa atrwet.
my friend and the public generally, that I
have rwumed butine.i at my old (land, and
ioiirit their patronaae. The koaae ha. beea
thoroaehly al.anad. reosa. aee lanre aad well
veatilated. aod t.i( aho bit faror mm with
thrir patronaee may rent a-.ured that no pain,
will be tparvd te aake theei eoaiforutria.
Beard and lodging per week. 7 HI. or i3t
per month, fr pereaaaeat laearaeei I enard f r
egle week. 19: dT board prr week, te 2 e
121 per menta : eiaaer. lie, I aap.ee, .
kreakfaat. iuoj lodging. 7.to. '
where partiae are Bet knew a, ta priee.
B tift he be paid iuvejUMr U aiirajpa. l' LSI
of Summer Goods
of tSumrnt
! I' I n . '
BOLD AT s .., .. .
It - " ' ,
A. I- M'HtAB,
TVont Street.
ivk uis .: H . .,.'- ..... . v
Bnekeye Reapers nnd Hewtrs,
BelHnx, Wheat Threshers, eto. "
, I , J. 1. hTEWAUT'S
; i . . , ,
High School for Boys
Situ . ' ' , . , j
HO Alabama Street.
tution will commence on Wednesday, tb
1st day of September next. 1M-142
Memphis, near Memphis and Charleston
railroarl. Xbe fifth .ensioa will open Septem
ber 0, 1809. Stndents prepared for the Univer
Mty of Virgmia, any oollege, or for business.
Twenty pupils can be accommodated with ,'
board Df tbe iohool. For circulars apply to '
H. Wade Co., Taylor, Radford A Co., and
Dr. J.J. Williams. Memphis.
111 HO W. L. MIL.LKH, M.A., Principal.
will be retnmed on Monday, the 2d of An-
gust. The Academy i. loca'ed at th northeast
oorner of the cemetery, and is bnt a short dis
tance from the terminus of the .treet railroad.
For partionlrs apply to the iubioriber, at 138
Jllliott .treet, after 1 o'olook p.m., or at Central
High School, Union street, until that hour.
Davidson College, Meeklenbnra; Co.
Nor til t'arellBa,
!. lrt')U. Preoar-
A yearwlll begin September 2, ICRs.
atory department diieontinued. Fer eatalogna
or other information apply to tha President.
Rev. G. Wilson MePhaif, D. 1 L.h. D.
By order of the Faculty.
114 13" W. G. RICHARDSON. Clerk.
SET. B. r. I, ARK A BEE, A.M., Pi-ln-,
eipal. (An aasistant to be employed.)
LAI BERT HAT, Prof. Modern tan
nnajrea. HINSl DOHA HILL. Prlnelpal Prl
. snary School.
ion Fepteuberl, and will s (Tjrd tuperier
facilities for boy. to acquire a thorough aiaaainaB
and eommeroial eduoation. Circular., giiioer
particulars, may be had at the book steree.
.i - J. F. SMITH WICK,
'12t-1M Board of Victors.
existing under the name of MoComhi A On. .
has been renewed and continued under the
name and style of MoUoraea, Keller A Byrne
Memphis, July 10, lHig,
i . sail a and tag Main Street
t -
l ' k ,
Hardware, Cutlery, Guns,
;lgrlcnltaral Implements, etc.
anaaa-aaiBM, '
Eaglo Cotton Gins..'
sale of these anrivaled Gin Stands. For
beaaty of tuple, llghtne. of draft, and Quan
tity of lint cotton turned out per dar, tbey erw.
ansarpanaed. Keferenoe een be safely made to
every pi inter who hat given them a fair trial.
Where male power ia need they make a lavinr
ef from on quarter te one-third the draft over
anr other gin.
I W art alto strata for
Hall's fir nnd Burajlar Proof sales
national Plow rnmpan j's "Calnonn
nn other flaws
Wheeler. Haddeu at Clemaon'a tlrea
j lar Maws I
LaboU Kail Works, Whtallai, Ta. '
tranbs niaajlo nnd Donnle-QearedT
tirlatMlllai '
ralrbank' Kallrwad nnd Warehouse
, . 115 9-4X1
, So. 37 Adams Street.
Billiard and Bowling Rooms
' . ' . f
.."Th most Elegant and Comlete E.tar:
U.-h merit or ita kind in the Mit.it.ippl Valley,
sr The Table aad Alley, are new, and of -the
owl approved pattern and Bake.
" Elegant Private Parian for gewflemen..
The Wise, aad Liquor, are of tht Beat MuaUty. v
jj. n. wii.i.ETT ro.
' , To be Givaa by the
nibernlan Hat. Keller Socletj
On Wtaneaday, Angnst 4th, 1869. (
' Ti'-kett, fl; admitting gentlemen and two
la lira. , VJH-Vt

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