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Paper ! , Paper ! Paper 1
-':. am. kinin.
A. V. DU POKT fc CO.
( ,, Maamfaoturers and Wholesale Dealers.
LonlsTllIe, KenUvtj
Hay Juit removed to theii new, lari
four-etory wareheuse. Bo. 1M Mailt It.
I' ltllA
rrknTna'4d si- 'Ati
r i r.i 'r Kit m : i n i
l'er 1UUU Cubic 1'eet,
Discount of 50 cts. perJQQO
Government Tax
i :? a MH 11 JIT
n,'' .
avLiberal arrangements mad in retard to
No Charge far (setting; Hetera.
Call at tha Company's OHoe," i '- ' o
1 1 1 1 1 . p
LARGEST CITY CmcmAXlOB?; r.:4 - Fifteen Cents Per Week
291 Second ' Street.
,.wJ v. SHIRTS, i- i. vi
bad-fittin. Shirt? We have been try
inir for a loot time to obviaie the difficulty
and meet the demand, and in briunini the
HOME-MADE SUIKT befora the public we
feel oonfident that we have met the demand
and temnved the difficulty, and forcouroaT,
ask and uKADTy. the tlme-Mii Nliirl
tie wilhoiit m rival
We ha
have fully tested iU merits dunn the
pant two yean, and it aa given entiri hath
factioh where otbnri hare failed, and we are
nnnfident that a fnir trial will convince the
-taost fantidious of tbo truth, of tha above
A eonaplete anaortmcmt of the ehirtK always
in stock, open treuw or baoks, for studs, eye-
u lets or buttons. . . - .1 . . ., i
We make to measure the HOMB-MADE
SHIRT, in any stylo desired, and ovarantki
BKTiii satisfaction in every case.
mJXxy Xlie llome-Muao fcjlilrU
60W only by
1 1 aoH '"Bin Wtrfft-
atNashvUle. Isnn., are furnishing -
Ready-Printed Outsides, Insides
and Supplements,
Tor the Country Press, in a style equnl to any
concern emmred in tbe same business, and at
a cheaper rate than Ohicago, Milwaukee or
New Vork tt'ders promptly filled for any
newspaper fn t?e South. Address. m
auuuieril Aapr lTlin it
K f Kflshvill". Tenn.
Heeler; Pick'en&'&'Co:
mmm iwuwi .vmmmmm.
2 Jf ' i 1 h
Venlera In all kinds
jWood 'ancl Willow Ware
1 creasing busings and for the better con
venience of the WholosaJ" Trade we will,
V fr April l't. occupy the twe adjotmng
teres for a Wholesale Department, making
it separate and dintinct from the retail, trust
ing thereby to afford much better facilities to
both branohos. "
'V 11 1'
4 is) k W an f
'"TEev.'A.ShotwelL Editor.
11ITE at fiKHTHElL, Prop'
t . J- A - t
LIT Offlcai B85 Jlaln Street.
....c:a'r.Ai2i7.o av.
, . i
Instate. , Aifoncy.
, , in j.
Ofllrf, i I
Madifon L, Sriuphls.
to slate lhat we can give g "il bam
ain.'in .
tmhwgl laiere l al
every afternoon (except Sunday) by
"E. MPTIIITitf OftE,'1
ki He. IS MadUori street.1 '''' ' :V
The Pciuo Linoga to served to eity subscri
be faithful earners at FIFTEEN CKNT8
PER WKKK. payable weekly to tb earners.
P.. mull iln advance)! One year. 'ft 'X
months, Jtbraa montlw, $2 v. one month,
7t cents. ' ' . - -y
Nowsdealert supplied t H U par oopy
Weekly Public Ledger,
Published eTary Tuesday at W pjf nnnnm On
advance) i alubi of five or mora, f 1 SO.- ' -
Communications upon subjects of general
InUtreat to the publie are at all timet aooept
bJleleotid maanioripti vol ot be returned.
First Insertion. ..-.-
Subsequent insertions,
For one week...,..
ll 00 per square.
I00 " '
For two we:s..
i 4 60 - . -
For thraa weeks,
For ona montb,
First Insertion-; II 00 per iquari
Subsequent lnserUons.... 60
' Eight lines of onpareil, solid, oonstltuta
Tii.ni.J Blwl.mntA wilt be aharaed
aeeerdini to tha arAon occupied, at aboya
ratw there being twelve Una of toad type to
.k.l..l, . . , . w
Notiees In local aoluma Inserted for twenty
eenta per Una tor aaon inseruon.
t ....I.. A ..pti..N mm ntiv eanenov IB
duoements, betk as to rata of eharges and
manner of dieplayini their favors.
Special notices inserted for ten oents par Una
for each inseruon.
.Notices of deaths and marriages, twenty
cents per Una. s , , , - t .
All bills for advertising are da when OOfr
All letters, whether upon business or otnar.
wise, must be addressed to. t i
1 fl I I In Publisher and Proprietor,
Burnett's Kalustok neutralizes the
poisonous bites of mosquitoes and other
nBects, una is a sure preventive.
Chinese Aetronemy.
From Once a Week. ,
""A mot "remarkable book, which can
not tail to have much iuterest for others
besides professed astronomers, has late
ly been published. It is entitled 'Ob
xprvfttions on Comets, from B. C. 611 to
A. T). 1K40." and is by Mr. John Wil
liuma. Assistant Secretary of the Royal
Astronomical Society. The portion of
the book most interesting to general
readers will be the introductory remarks
on subjects which have occurred relating
to Chinese astronomy. If we may trust
the antiquity of the books from which
the information is gained and Mr. Wil
liama sees t no reason to consider them
less trustworthy than the early histories
of any countries the Chineso possessed
considerable astronomical knowledge in
v(rv ancient times. It must, however,
be borne in mind that the correctness of
the account given entirely depends upon
the deirrea of credence to be placed in
the " Shoo KW-Mine of 'their rive
nlassiral works which is considered
bv thai Chinese' as their most ancient
book, and we know it was revised by
Tnnfucius about the sixth century a. t,
Ti antinuitv is not onlv believed in by
the Chinese themselves, but by some of
the best Kuropean scholars, and is borne
out by its archaic style and construction.
Mr. Williams mentions several tests by
wich. the) accuracy of these accounts
may be verified." One of the most inte
reatinir is the following: "In the
rhineim annals it is recorded that in the
J reign . of Cboen Kuh, tthe grandson of
flwaug xe, in tne epriug ui mo jot.
the first day of the first moon, a con
jnnction of the five planets occurred in
the heavens! in ling bniu. ringamri
nr am At more usually denominated
Shihi ia one of the twenty eieht stellar
divisions determined by a, b, and other
atara in Peeasus. extending north and
south from Cygnus : to Piscis Aus
tralio." and east and west seven
teen degrees, " and comprising parts
of our signs. Capncornus and Aquar
ina TheEmberor Chuen Kuh is said
ta hiiia rpifnad neventy-eight years
front li. G. 2613 toHSfy and. to have
died in his ninety-frftn year; ana irom
modern computations I believe by M.
Killr the French astronomer it. has
been ascertained that a conjunction of
the five planets actually did take place
about the .time and within tha limits in-dicated-v-that
is, on the. 29th of Septem
ber, 24 19 B. C, being the sixty-fifth year
of Chuen Kuh. Should this, on further
investigation, prove correct, it will atlord
a strong presumption of the authenticity
of the early Chinese annals, as there is
no appearance of their astronomers hav
ing been at any time able to compute
thn nliipen' of the' nlasets so far back.
and the account is found in works pub
lished lonar befora any intercourse with
Europeans had taken place. "i )
r Ketnra ef the Vloleta.
From the Philadelphia Press. 1 ,
It' has been noticed and mentioned
that lor some weeks there has been a
large quautity of violets for sale on the
Boulevards OI raris, ana mat to wear a
violet in tho button-hole is as common
as to have that bit of red ribbon there
which indicates that the wearer has re
ceived the little Cross of the 'Legion of
Hone. Keen observerSj who also know
the past, reaaember that in 18M-15, after
the first Restoration of the Bourbons
and tbe absence of Mapoleoa .in Klba,
the violpf was the favorite i micht gay
the volillail flower in Taris. Sir Waiter
Scottr tells in "Paul's Letters to his
Kinfolk" how tl(J weJl known symbol
of . tbe violet, by arhif b, Bonaparte s
friends intimated his return tog ranee
with tho rpannearanpn of that iSjwer in
spring, was- generally known and
adopted at least two monies -oeiore
rxi ot ins lanaing, yci bp
traciofj no aitenuonroai iuu pari vi
(iower in, .opposition 16 the lily of tbe
nonrbons, and his officer, placed in the
shade or upon half pay by Louis XVIII,
sported their violets in honor of the ex
iled chief, who was known as " Pere dc
la Violette' the rumor spreading through
all but the Bourbon ranks that Le Petit
Corporal, as Je army fondly called him,
" would appear with the violet in tbe
sprint on the banks of the Eoine, to chase
tv,,m Thnoii ike Tiriesu and emiirants
who have iaaultoj the national gjory."
Bourrienne. who had successively beeo
hpoleon' school-fellow and prirate
sratAvry, aaTs. iuiiiiuh"
Pari, as well as on the banks of tbe
Lake of Genera, the violet was the secret
symbol by wh;sh they denoted their
chief, and jnJey
wdTe' ' tings "of yfolet color,- with
the device, will rtappear in iht
ipring.i - When they asked. Do pou love
the violet? ir the answer was Yet, they
inferred that he was not a confederate;
but if the answer? was,1 Well then t they
recognized' a brother initiated in the se
crets of the conspiracy, and they com
pleted the sentence, Jt will reappear tn
ipring. It seems that there is special
encouragement, just now, of this partic
ular Bonapartean floriculture. Every
third man who walks the streets of Paris
sports a violet in his button-hole, and
this is held to be symbolical of sympa
thy with the ex-Emperor on the part of
ine wearers, xuis ts uis uuij open
demonstration on the part of the impe
rialists, whose chief reliance is on the
army. McMahoa," Duke of Magenta,
who it commander-in-chief, may be said
to hold the key to the position, and the
Question is for which of the three de
posed princes will ho play the part of
Uentral MoaKT JJt . -A
One Hoar sit Brheareal with Hlleaon
From the New Tork Star. , H' ;t I !
" Oh, she's the greatest voman ever
come to thif countree.".' T , s
" Yes, she is a very fine actress."
"Do yon know she plays de feedle?"
, "Noli Does she?"
"Oh I why she used to play de feedle
about the streeti; yes" and Mons.
Strakosch crossed his legs and gazed
steadfastly at M'lle Nilsson.'
It was Thursday night, and the fair
Swede wasrehearsine the part of "Ophe
lia" in the opera of Hamlet.
The Academy looked gloomy enough.
A conservatory is dull place without
flowers, and so is a theater without gas
light and pretty women and diamonds,
and all that sort of thing. The place
looked like a huge tomb, aud the galle
ries of the , " gods " , were as dark as
pitch; the seats in the balcony and
boxes covered with brown Holland; and
the orchestra illuminated by extempo
rized yets. Scattered here and there
through the orchestra and circle were a
few of the friends of tho performers or
of the mauaeement.
On the stage, a beautiful scene of a
river, with reeds and flowers on the near
bank, and in the distance a castle and
forest. The wines were full of scene
shifters and .chorus-singors, looking
frowsy and rough in red flannel Shirts,
with matted bair, unbuttoned vests and
dirty boots. ' Nearer the foet-lights arc
four of tho dancers that formerly shook
their legs in the Black Crook. They
are dressed in stage attire, with less tulle
underskirts than usual (because they
cost so much to wash) and there is Van
Uamme, the dancer, in a suit of blue
linen, attending his pretty wife, , It is
the last scene in Hamlet, and the mad
Onheha is near her death.
M'lle Nilsson 'wore a short walking
dress of scarlet auk and black overskirt,
while her . head was . enveloped in
shroud. She looked a very ordinary lit
tle woman, but exhibited a great vivacity
I .1 L 1 1 1 A" L I, . II
and a muruugu auuwiuucui uoi part,
and of the orchestra's Dart as well.
, She stands close to the leader, Maret-
zek, who is excited, and wears a high
hatand thick overcoat. . , ...
Now all is ready. The, soft swell of
the music is heard. Nilsson, in a care
less, easy way, triJls a few notes, rushes
forward, and like a startled fawn gazes
into the deserted galleries. Hut the
spell is broken by the fiddlers; they are
"out," aud her face changes. She
stamps her foot, and casts a Took of ter
rible scorn at tbe second nddie. . . ,
Maretzek rises tn bis seat, points at
the man with tbe trombone, and says:
"God d n sooch museek?"
Now they commence again, and Nils-
son sings and beats time with tbe back
of one hand upon the palm Of the other,
now conducting the baas, and continu
ously exciting the leader. Nilsson seolds
him, and he in turn scolds tho man
nearest to him, and so it works all round
The opera is near its close, and part of
the orchestra la sent upon tbe stage.
Than low, sweet strains, as though from
some distant. . land, reach tne ear.
Ophelia leaves them to wander on to
ward the river. She parts the rushes,
reclines, and in a few moments, floating
out upon the waters like tbe Christian
martyr is the body of the mad and lovely
Opheliar '.
It was beautiful: but when we went to
make a closer examination, we found
that only a "supe," upon an old sofa,
had been drawn across tbe stage.
aiBMila- Peraeeatiosi ot tbe Jews
A correspondent writes to the London
papers: lue latest news trom itou
mania is truly heartrending. Great as
have been the cruelties committed at Is
mail, they were by far exceeded by the
horrors perpetrated at Cabal. This is a
town with a population of about 7000,
1000 of whom are Jews. These were
suddenly set upon by their felloe-townsmen,
and for three days beaUn( wounded,
plundered, driven out of their houses.
wliich were battered to ruins, aud the
tenants forced to hide in the barracks,
where, instead of being defended, they
wuro airain beaten, and for several days
left without food.-ln these tumults heads
were split open, arms broken, beards
plucked out by the roots, and rapes com
mitted. One of the sufferers named
Gold, more courageous than tbe other
victims, defended his house for three
days, his four son standing by him. He
made them aff.ear that, should he fall,
ther would continue to cht. 1 he bands
surrounding his house were for a con
siderable time held at ba by (bese brave
men, but they were at last comoeiieu !"
give way, as tu yjimms set hre to the
premises. Tbe damage inflicted on
these Jews is valued at 40,000 ducats.
Tho two synagogues were devastated
and filthily polluted, and the sacred
objects found scattered around 10 all di
reuiious. My informant, whose veracity
may be relied on, adds: 'The sufferings
of tha Jews of Cabul were horrible.
Language fails to depict what they bad
to endure. I cannot suppress my tears
when I recall these sufferings. And
then continues: 'They say there' is
scarcely a village in the whole Bessara
bian Roumania where there have not
been frightful scenes. The misery is
dreadf'il, help is needed immediately.'
My informant then urges that a mass
meeting of oilinens, without distinction
of religion, should be forthwith conventd
in tbe metropolis, - in order to protest
against fbese scenes, whiah threaten, as
Passoi-er approaches, to be even more
frightful. , '
The postmaster at Itaska, Michigan,
is not related to the President. His sal
ary is forty-two dollars a year. '
Te Tha Aeat ta Marry.' '
' My advice is to marry at quickly as
possible, for none but those who are, un
happily, versed in snch matters can be
aware of the manifold minor, to say
nothing of the major, evils which a long
engagement entails. I be position of an
amanced pair, after a time, becomes at
most ridicnlous. Premature congratu
lations are poared forth by some over-
enthusiastic friends, while others cease
to believe in the reality of an ultimate
settlement, and become suspicious of tbe
sincerity of your professions, and almost
personally anronted at your delay.., men
the difficulty of sustaining, with appro
pnate effect, the obaracter of an en-
caired man is somewhat enormont.
1 say nothing of tbe difficulty which a
lady in that delicate position nas to en
counter, for we all knoi that they expe-
rience but little difficulty in making
themselves perpetually agreeable at
least before marriage: but with .regard
to .a man, think of the amiable and ex
cusable deception ho it forced to be
guilty of the real distaste, but pro
fessed pleasure, with which be accom
panies "the beloved object" to the fes
tive board of tome oppressive family
friend, where, for two mprtal hours, at
least, be has to sit, tho observed of all
observers, next to the idol to whom he
has been paying unceasing devotion, for
the creator portion of the day. and to
whom now lie has to make himself
asrreeablc havinz exhausted every scrap
ot news; every conceivable subject of
conversation He is afraid to venture
unnn anv tender aside, for fear he should
be thought silly; or to keep much to
generalities, for fear he should be con
sidered slow. ...... , . .
I have, indeed, remarked engaged cou
plea who have been content to ait .in
b isstul silence, wrapped up in contain
nlation of their approaching: happiness
but such a state of quiescence is rarely
observable, and can scarcely be pre-
AArvpH fnr an ihfififinita neriod. .W .')
One of my earliest recollections o:
such a couple is when they were sitting
in this state of traUouil calm, aud form
inz a very limited band-in hand mutual
assurance company of their own; but
their examplo is not to be quoted, as
the partnership was shortly afterward
dissolved forever, and the lady and gen-
tlemau am at present thousands ,. of
miles apart, and each belonging to an
other firm.
. It is impossible for a man of business
not to sympathize wish an eminent pnj
aielan, who informed his future wife
that he had no time for courtship, but
that if she would marry him, and be
ready on a .certain day. be sliouid.be
happy to meet her at the church and
make her his bride. '
Tha Rleheat ! all Sold fleldi.
From tha Colorado Miner.
It has only recently beon discovered
what almost inexhaustible wealth the
soil of Eastern Siberia conceals,, and
that in the district of tbe river Amoor,
Russia possesses a cold-field, which ex
plorers of those parts are inclined to
consider tbe richest in tbe world.
Gold-washing and gold-digging are
going on in the tributaries of the Rusao-
Cbinese tronticrstreams and tbeir val
leys, and repay the persons employed in
it so abundantly that laborers earn irom
fifty to one hundred and fifty roubles in
silver per day. and companies of diggers
find, as a rule, from seven to eight, but
in tome cases as much as seventy and
even one hundred pounds ot gold per
The river Sega it still more produc
live, and has yielded to one company one
hundred and seventy pounds in one day,
These two rivers are the richest, but by
no means the only gold producing tribu
taries ot tbe Amoor. Uooiogists have
found that the Tablona mountains, from
which tbe river Sega springs, contain
various kinds of mineral treasures gold
silver, and especially great masses of
iron, wnicn promise iu iiuio vj scuuru iu
Russia an extensive and remunerative
iron manufacture. ' To make these trea
sures available for Western industry, a
company has been started at St. Peters
burg, working partly with English capi
talists, to navigate the Amoor with the
regular steamer service. The enterprise
is not. however, to be confined to this
one subject, for tbo company hope, in
the course of time, to open a profitable
trade with China and Japan, and expect
later on to command tbe trade with the
Western coast of North America. . .
Left an
Hetroaa ky Her Dying
From tha Milwaukee Wisaonsin.J , ,,
A yonng lady namad Rose Cofmeyer.
who. for some time past.- has been an
employe in the train dispatcher's office
ot tbe flJUwauljee ana Ot. taui railroad,
has recently fallen heir to a comfortable
little fortune, and under circumstances
which renders the incident of mere than
ordinary interest. , - '
Jt seems that Miss Rose, through some
friends, had become acquainted, with a
well-to-do yonng farmer, residing at
Merton, Waukesha county, Monte von
Drjscoll by name, who possessed, in ad
dition ' tq hit landed property, quite a
little fortune qutsiije. IJonle in his
visits to the city saw more or less of
Mist Cofmyer, who being an amiable
youog lady in disposition, and prepos
sesing in appearance, won tbe admira
tion and love of Driscoll. The afiectiop
of the vonnc man for Rose was recipro-
cated, and after making an avowel of
his love he was duly accepted, and tbe
two young people were a iappy and
contented as possible. .. ,
But ' nappiucM tuo swiftly flies. Tbe
preliminaries having been arranged,
Monte returned to bis farm and Rose to
her employment, each impatient for the
wished for day to arrive, but like sensible
people both determined to apply them
selves with renewed vigor to the tempor
alities of thjs world until the time did
come, but hardly had they become sepa
rated when Driscoll was taken sick and
suddenly died; before his future bride
could be summoned. Upon opening his
will it was found that he had not been
unmindful of her, even in his dying
hour, but left kia entire property to her.
consisting of his farm near Merton, and
the rest of bis estate, forming a com
fortable little fortune, amounting in all
to about $20,000.
. . i .ff !.
Edweailaw, er tha Ta.
From the New York Svenint Mail.)
Japanese, Chinese artisans, and Be
douin Arabs are almost quadrumanal, as
front continned practice they nse their
toes nearly as readily at their fingers.
Short and cramped as tbey are in our
stiff leather shoes, we have scarcely any
will-power over them. ' But Chinese : and
. Bjj.ub.c nvi.iucu ...un.ij . V . A UU
tools with their toes, and work with
then thus handled, while ether opera
tions are conducted with other instru
ments in their hands.
' We have often seen chisels held by a I
long Handle with the left band, while the
toes guided the cutting edge in turning
beautitul forms in a lathe, in Constanti
nople. Workmen thore are always
seated on tbe ground, even in planing a
board. Arabs braid ropes with their I
toes and fingers, laboring; in concert.
Ht is therefore positively certain that the
oes may be educated to act with rapid
movements. By practice they become
obedient to volition, and yet wise phy
siological authors hardly admit the pos-1
sibility of teaching muscles to act just
! r .v,- I
m uiiuiuns oi mecnanics in inoso dis
tant countries have been exercising their
toes through hundreds of Asiatic gene
rations, bo much for theoretical science.
A mir I Jewess,
From tbe Manchester (En.) Timet.!''
AdolphuB Fitzmelon was a " smart
young man. It was bis farm convic
tion that with tbe opposite sex he was
irresistible. Oneevevmir Fitzmelou was
at the opera, and in an adjoining box he
espied a beautiful young lady without a
male attendant. lie nodded to hit com
panions, and remarked that he must
make a conquest. So in the adjoiuing
box be made his way, and uncere
moniously seated himself by the young
lady's side. She looked np in surprise.
Adolphiis sniileUsweetly, and begged
pardon. 1 u must have been mistaken.
II o bad thought he recognized in her an
acquaintance. She informed him he
had been mistaken.: Still, . ventured
Adolnhus. " I hone I rlnn't intrude.."
The fady made no reply, but turned her
attention to the stage, where a scene was
transpiring in which she was much in
terested. At length Adolphut addressed
her again. Turning quickly, she said,
"You annoy me, sir!' and her bright
eyes flashed. : " Blest me! " cried Adol-
ph us, drawing back with mock terror,
' don't eat inc.". The lady smiled a
sweet, beaming smile, as the replied,
Be not alarmed, sir, 1 am a Jewess.
and mil reliaion forbid me to eat
pork!" Unfortunately: for Adolphus,
his triends heard the rejoinder, au. he
is not likely soon to hear tbe last of his
passage with the beautiful Jewess.
. -
A man of Geneva, 11L, fell into the
river, but after swimming awhile beneath
tbe ice he arrived at an opening and
crawled out. He managed to preserve
hit coolness all the time. "
Far Cctnnt Trustee.
A. WOODWARD Is a candidate fnr re-elec
tion to the office of Irustea of bhelhy eount
subject to the action of the Democratic
County Convention. , 2J-t
I'or NhertiT.
We are authorised to announce Colonel J
A. FURRK8T as a candidate for bheriff of
bhelhy county at the ensuing Augusteleotion
subject to the Democratic Convention. 21 1
In answer to many inquiries I hereby au
thorite you to announce my name a a candi
data lor sheriff of Shelby county, at the Au
gust election, 1872, subject to the action u!
Die Iemocratio County Convention.
IO-t it. f. MALL
To the People of Tennessee.
I of a Donular desire, sufficiently aeneral
and Influential to control my action in the
matter, 1 hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office of Judze of the Supreme
Court, made vacant by the resignation of
Hon. T. A. K. rieluon. JUcction ur.-t Thurs
day in August next. J.B.COOKE.
Chattanooga. March 11. JSTJ. Jl-te
To the People of Tennessee.
In rcsDonno to tho call of hiany leading
eitisens of the Ktate. I hereby annodnee my
self as a candidate for the office of Juilrc of
the ouprerae uourt, made vacant by tne resig
nation ot lion. i. A. it. iNoisun, alovtion
nrst ihuraday In August noxt.
MorrMnwn. Term. -Jii-te
IVo. 375 ITIain Street,
12. Jt MoOOMIJ,
... j ,.
General Traveling Agent
For tha manufacture.
J. XcCOXB, Liverpool, England,
Oflica removed to Oraill Bras, k Co.
of Monrneand Front street.
21 -W
' otler Iu , '
is I i. ' i . '
sTiri,E and mcy
330 Front Street.
Fresh Goods Constantly Arriving.
i ewaaxesaaawanwa. ' j
Xew S. C. Ilamsi,
BreakfHHt Uaoou,
DrltHl Dee?f,
Ilploua SautMiffe,
ynl atork of Canntxl GckmIm,
i igrr ana xauacco,
Cfle, Teat,
Snirara, Syrnps, ' '
Floar, Lard and Pork.
A consignment or Dried Peaches.
l-to '
March, 1872. SPRING
s tt 1 W J cnoice Groceries, xeas,ii n 'r
t -3 li- fsl provisions. IE I e i
l" j... eg - - ii ii-1-' sr
I -1! i'w If 1
r- I b: OKOCEUIESl If 1 to
Are now ready for MERCHANTS (only) with the largest and beststock of
u, , ... , ., ,,
Iiootn, SIioch, IlntM and Straw Goods,
Suitable for Men, Women and Children's wear, ever brought to our city. " 78
And Instrumental Performances,
Engffnh and Italian Opera-Orchestra of U
Performers, given throughout tbe U. S.
Next Peormance, March 21, 1872,
" t" ' ' -At the-.'
Academy of Music, Brooklyn, '. Y.
$400,000 00
Distribntd Among Ticket Holder.
t'lrat Prraent 970,000 la Gold.
li value or his money witn chance or a for
tune. A handsome gilt with every ticket at
tne time 01 purchase.
Twenty Thenaand Preaenta!
A book with one ticket) a watch with Ive
tickeu; a sewing machine with ten tickets,
given at the time of purchase. Tickets, with
premiums, sent to any kxpreas onice. C. U. D
1 Fult.n (t.. New York.
Suhserintion book now onsa at K. A. RKV
BUiM a ausic store.
S-kUw A rnt for Miini.hi, Tsnn
317 Main FHrr? 317 Main
is sow of-fEttise
tr STEINWAY Pianos from .....MVS to $S0O
mw OABLKR Pianos from.. t4O0 to 550
mr V0SK A SONS' Pianos frora.KM to l'0
sht MASON k XlAMLIii Orgaus.,1 73 to Cm
rinnog for Sole on Monthly Payments
Torethar with the limit .tnek nt C II WITT
orougnt to tne south
Country merchania and dealer, will nl.M
send in their orders, as I can fill them at New
York prices for cash or good eity acceptances
iur luiny, sixty or nioeiy uars.
Old Pianos taken in exchange for new ones,
Pianos taned and repaired In a sati factory
SIT Main street. Memrhls.
or a Valaabla Tract f Land,
Shelby ceaaly. '!., ron-taiuin-
On Hundred and
Mlneijr.Tw Aeres,
made to me hy Ii. W. Loving, dated Feb
ruary It, 1H71, aud recorded in Register's
oBiea of bbelby county, in hook Ti. paxe bUa,
said deed to secure certain Indents.
J Deal
therein deseribed. aed whiok
dua and un-
paid, I will, as such trustee, on
Thursday, 3Mh day of March, 1S72,
between tka hours of 11 and 11 a m., at the
?uutnwestcornerof Madison and Main streets,
Memphis, Tenn., proceed so sell for cash, to
the highest bidder, tha following lot or paioel
of land, lying in tbe county of Shelby and
State of Tennessee, in District No. 12, being
the northeast part of the east half of section
two U), township ana (1). in nusga seven (7)
west, containing oae Manured aud ninety
two (I'.'ii a.-r". the said ona hundred and
I ninety-two t lt2) acre, of land being the same
l which was attaubed and apportieaed te8. W.
buyer and nana A., tii ifa, in a divisien of
' the land given by Isaac Willxirn in his will to
the said s. W. Boyer and w,w aad one W. II.
i Alien, between them and. said AUea. by eom
. misniooers appoin ed by tbe County Court f
I Miell.y county aforenaid, and the same tract
i of land conveyed to said W. W. buyer and
, Sutan A., ais wife, by II. K. Wilbora aid A.
j C. V ilbura, executor of the la..t will and
1 testament of the said Isaae Wilbora, dee'd,
. by tbeir deed ot date the 2Mh day of Novem
'ber.ls2. The right of redemption is waived in said
. trust deed, and the title to the proiierry t be
i tiered to good, but I conrej only as Trustee.
JOHNC. LANIKrl. Trostee.
Omoa booor, Atreet,
w.i.nnT'Vi is-?.
' .,.rr-r-' I
TRADE. March, 1872.
UNDER the authority of An Act passed at
the last session of the Legislature for tbe
benefit of the Agricultural and Mechanical
Associations of this .Slate, tha
Memphis Agricultural and Median I
cat Society
Will eemiuen.e the SALE OF TICKETS and
On Wednesday, the 27th Inst.
The proceeds are to be applied to tha general
and rapid
profits t
foster and build ud an institution narmanent
and successful, in which the citizens of our
city and county may feel a ju.it pride.
I bli
trol of Messrs. James Coleman, Tobias Wolf.
Thos. B. Hills and W. O. Woodson, who have
been regularly appointed managers under tbe
For full particulars with reference thereto,
apply at the office of the Society, -
3lri HECOM) HT.,
Under the Greenlaw Opera House. -
Leo Teoi tHur.ic, boc'y.
Memphi. Mnn-h . '
' 22-t
a monthly .
Published in the cur of Memphis
for five years, and edited from tbe commence
ment by
who hat bean known as a worker in tha caus
aver sinea 1833, assisted by many able con.
tributors, asks, through Its editor, for a libe
ral share of patronage, believing he ean.
supported by friends of tha cause, do much
TBE FARMER Is now stitched in neat
eovtrt, and will appear in January in an en
tire new dress.
Bnaaerlptlan price ta per annum.
Blan Book Manufacturers
flt BlEniPlll.
' - ' '' ' i
: if faf " " ' ' I

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