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Public ledger. [volume] (Memphis, Tenn.) 1865-1893, August 25, 1873, Image 4

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Once I Ho. 18 ladUoti Street
Arrives. Leave.
A.M. P..
0f IlpfM.M .W
Mail . J
Vrownsviil. Aoeoe. a I.j
a. a. p.m.
Deimt at hud .f M aln (tr. A
Ticket oftie., UAH JUia elrv.t, on 4oor
nurU of Jeflereoa. 4
Arrives. Leave
4.N. P.M.
P. 0. Mall (Jily)-.-- . ,
tprerf, " I.M
Jf reiclit (.Lily . Sunday) . W
i.m. r.w.
4. .10
Jetet al foot of M ala .freest.
Tiuket UHIo.. it7H Mat strwrt. HI ooof
Arrive. Leaves.
a m. p.m. I a.m. P .
M.tlTr.!. Maltvt , 7.15
p roiiilil end Ai-coiiiiunila- I
i..n lt.i,..iilSundiivl..... M o.tn
Melilnifinnn itbii itjih.
I.andiu. f"l f W.sliliiston ilraot. Ticaal
Cnil'W, .H'vailU .1111111 inri, ,
A. ri. 1.1VKR.MORK, Uen. Sup
Mail and Frri,ht Trnin la.vee
arrirta. 10:115 a.
The msil ami frelnlit train W i fovi it.
i: . T . ..turns tO I OVin
I(,r Mi'niimie m I -. iy " . .
Inn at 7iiri p.m. l rami ! ,T,
sun fr.na tha Urpotof tha MamphiP and l.iti
M..k r.ilr.iad. Center Landing, foot of W as
nil I
iantoB .trt. j w WILBURi ,., 8up.t.
Itaily Tnini (cicpt Sunday) Leave Mem.
,,hi..t?a n. .1LW- id 4.40p.m. L
Hr.i.iuh al 7 .ti a m.. 2.U" P ". and P..
f'r rJuni l rip. Te.Bta. Ticket, for
rale at ilTS M'n dr,,",',;,r.''.t
Malei.h JOHN l)l)M AX. 1 rei U
J is. Si-Kin. (lon'l Tirket Agent.
Oppioi Hobm-Foii a..to5p.m.i BoAT
' Cloaee.
A.M. I P-M
Meinrhii A Ohio R. R.
Twice Daily.
Memjihie k Chtrlettoi
11 CO
R. H. Uauy.
MU'ioippi Tennaa
... U V Dai V.
J MtmihiiALittloRoek
K. K.-Dilr.
( Mi.riverti...elena
r'rir'l"t .
Miss, river U St.LouU
Mcn.Thuri. Fn.
White Kiver rieiul-ffetkly-Tuee.
i fiat.
rk river.reuil-woeKlv
TuojdaJ and Saturday
Manon ttrl-waeklrt
Mod.. Wed..Frl.
1 Cuba. Tennesee
Tuae. and tri.
nnnTS Mshpsis. No. 118-meet id Friday
ond. Ben. a. ruuo. -
becretarj. .... , ,
Ahgieoka, No. 1f-ineeti lit Monday In
."dMaio-C. Oriioka. W. M.; B.
Kiohmond, Secretary.
Lilu Scorr. No. 2X-meeti lit Thnr.day
of each month-hall enrner Madmen and See
eondV A. F. Davis. W. M.i fc. Uoldsiailh,
DrSoTi). No. 'W-meets M Friday of eaeh
moVth-Tdd Fellow.' 11.11. Hun. F. Price,
W M.i R. tV . ShelUin. becretary.
Rilwifiiixo. No. Ml-neets 4th Friday of
.aoh nionlh-t South M.ui(.h.i Ha l. .corner
of Madison and Second. Kicbard Creighton,
W. M.i Louil Ctapeki, Secretary.
p CHiPTicK, No. 23 meeti 2d Monday of
ar"on"""i Allows' Hall. D.B.For.ter.
m K H V A. J. Wheeler, Secretary.
MKirVm ivirrn. No. tfe-meeu at Odd
Fellowi' Hall. 3d Monday of e.chmon h. W.
B. Matthewi.M.K.U. P.i R. VV. Obelton.
Bn-.try. .
vn,nl Council,, No. 6 meets 3d Thure
day of "ch month-Odd Fellow.' Hall. O.
Kader. Ih. III.: C. H. Myen. Reo.
fvuimCoiiiiiKDSiiT, No. 4 meet. 4th Mon
day ofach month. U.o. Meller.h. Com. t X.
J. Earchui, Kec.
Calvart Chaptij op Robi CaoiilSth. No.
1. Charle. W. Adnmi. Jiil. M. . W. . ; ii.
' Tuuilinson, 32d, Beo.".
. n. a. F. DIRESJTORT.
odd lallows Hall, corner Main and North
uuu f!rt atreeU.
Mm-hip Lnnns, No. meet, every Toes-
A. W. Neom, N.O.I Geo. W.bmith,
W o j E. 0. Milton, becretary t js. r. aisk,
TC"rUi"aAW Loons, No. H-meet. every Mon-
dayniKiit,. ' 5-J,'- TC.r'!?k',i ?Vu"h"
nairow, v. a.: r. . -.:. '
Bacon, r. 6.: II. V- onneu. irou.c. . t:
S?:hii.l. Lodos. No. HO-meeU jvery W ed- 1
"htmas. V. O.: H. t'billing, becretary; Ph.
Mmirer. Treasurer.
KiTais Lon..s, No. 147-meet. every Friday
niht. Win. Henry. N. O. i C. lro. V. . ;
Starr. P. and K. S.I George A. Waring,
Dion! LODOI.
Msuphis Dion" Lonos No. S meet 1st
Katurday of each month. Chas. M. Carroll,
b. M : D. 0. Trader. D. D. M. I (ieorye W.
Mathew., A. D. M.i T. S. Binuhaui. becre
tary; K. It. Jack. Treasurer.
ATosoF.itorMKT. No. S-meets on the
l.t and 3d Thursday night of each month.
R. F. Aloiander. C. P.i eo. W. Mathew.,
H. P-; -'"hn Oarrow. 8. W.j Thomas Bacon,
b. ; 11. ii. t;onneii, i .; uau i omw.., j. j I an
M KUPU1B r, HCA SrHtUT, J www i
M tu.uil KMnupuINT. AO. IDtOU 6(1 and
4th Thursday night, of each month. O. W.
Imith. C, P.; C. II. Plischke. II. P.; P. J.
Millard 8. W,; T. 8. Jakej. Tr-iururer; W.
1'. North, benbe; E. K. Jack. J. V)
Irnicr'eva Lobos No. 5 Meet.
.very iiiiuy bhui 1 ' '
Commandery Hall. No. S4 Front itreet. F.
M. Haley. CO.; C. E. McCiean V. C. : J.
Vain, l'.i A. liunn, M. of IS.; . 11. Lin
sua". M. of F.i J. P. f R and 6.
lTiiltexi Ancient Order wt Drnlda.
T(s(iie Oaovi, No. 1. V. A. 0. D.
bmu at the Drnid Hall. No. 37 South Court
sireet. oo the lit and 3d Tue.day eveninw in
ivh month. J. S. Utilizer., N. A.; J.
ehler. V. A.: F. W. Bultinsbaai. beer
tary ; Jobo L. Ki hbers. Treasurer.
MorHia ttativs. No. meem at tha Vrmi
P. uile. Kecreiay; liarney Uray.Treajurer.
Ci im " uaova. Ko. S meeu al Druid
Bali, I'uurt lret, oa the lt and Jd MuB
dav aveninc. in ea'h tuontii. A. F. Iavi.,
N. A.i r.e W. It.nter. V. A.I M. Breo,
be..retry; Martin Ouhen, Tremrer.
Ciivi i.iuii A. Ciurraa, o. 1 meet, at
the I'ruid Hall, en the id and 4th Tueiday
veiimas in each month. J Beeuler. K. 6. A.
A. lliutald, berreiary.
lMSTajcvOa sn Loin.F. No. 7 A . E. Frank
lana.o. N-w 'rrr. i. S. Central
lorn milt mm at tbccall of the . N. A.
i l KHltir lilx.e. l'lill NhIiM,
PrfUiut: lrw rvbaatj. !wrnaty. MeeU
etrry an.Ui at a.m. u lla hall, aorthwest
eoruer .o.ud aed 4 lui alreeU.
Hinnnn. Uip-ir. b't- l-eoa! Hirwh.
Prid.Tii: I-. l.riiberr. Secreury. MeeU
very 1 arrday et eainf at hall, eorluwea eor
Bcr con4 and A4autf sl-evu.
M.. Itia L..i.a. Ji.. L. La.
Pre.Kl.-nt: f.lewd OoUrasiU). Secretary.
Mts eiery H ee-i'-day fi emu. a( hall. north
west -wraer rl aaid Aaarna uea'U
Sama Trwneor H I. S. 1 BiaeU
wrery luexiay B..M at hail of I ynaae Ca.m
auaoaery, o. 3lh r root ft. L. I', st
t. I.; . A. Um-ot, W. V.T.; Jua U. .--itri,
P.w.C. X.; E. F. Kafk. Vt . fc-
11.05 :i.301
9.3' 12
S 30
1 30
S 30
3 30
Miti Lottis Moon, of Goorijia, ii goi
to dispel moral darkuess, al a forei
missionary, t
A Cincinnati brower ii in trouble b
causa bis wife papered a truuk with rer
nue stamps
Lad, Ellenberou.b i. not dead, a. re-
ported, but ii Hill living In felicity wi
ber Arab huaband.
An Weataru irumeiter want
know if the tuIh of "no more paaaea
arnliei to railroad euchre.
Wben a dog take a uioutbful out of
your 1 it la laid to be a food n,'n tuai
be il mad about lonielking.
A rinmnuati man baa announced hi
iuteulion of publicly dndinaUujf, a uew
burn with rol'H'Oui lolemutty
I'laying card are uow made witb
black bordere, for tbe convenience of
tieuole who bave loit Inandi
Ithnda Ielandere medidate a eociety
for the orolection of clame. helf-protec-
tion is tbe first law of nature.
A man at Sibley, Jnd., hai been don
Kcrously ill from the effect of a mos
quito bito on one of bie fiugere.
A Baltimore duck iwallowed a lighted
fire-cracker, and wa immoderately ur-
prised at tbe ensuing sensation.
. .... tim-
i f r-i...i..t..ni kAii tna uuiiee
ur. UIBUawug " -
Singers to give a warbliug at bis house,
and invited Wales to be present.
A I.vnn shoemaker claims to have
made two pairs of shoes in forty-eight
minutes. He received forty-bve cents a
Prof. Dana strongly asserts that " it
now seetns demonstrated by astronom
ical and physical arguments thut the
interior of our globe is essentially solid."
Club handled parasols have their
uses. A young lady at Morristown re
cently " laid out " a savage dog with one
in tbe most eS'ectual way.
Yen some man slaps me on der
. i. ... it r . . I,...
suooiuer una aav, a o siva u .
you vas so well," uod den sticks pebind
you vas so wen, uu ucu .
ray pack his lingers to his nose, I hall
. . . . .. I
my opinion of dot veiler.
; r , I
jue uauRur, jiauic, fmim.
ited with marking the names of their
... . .. jl
children on tags, whicb tney lie arouno
their necks. When the children get lost
the policemen look at the lags, and
know where to take tbem home.
It ia renorted in Europe that our dis
tinguished fellow citizen, Geqrge Frannis
Train, the coming Dictator, -has either
bought or is negotiating for a summer
residence on Lake Leman. The price
to be paid for the. property, which in
cludes a steam yacht on tbe lake, is UU,
000 francs, or $10,800.
Tbe Indianapolis Sentinel says: "Hay
in tbe hair and blue drilling overalls
o be tbe prevailing styles for West
are to be tbe prevailing sty
ern politicians this fall. It is said th
the accessions to the ranks of farme
for the last two months of gentlemen th
never before scented clover is somethin
The Shah is takinu with him back to
PorMtt. amone all the wonderful tokens
of Western civilization that he has been
collecting during his stay, no more re-
markable evidence of it than a collec-
tion of the journal of the day describ-
ingbis reception in England, tbe illus-
. 1 a . I
traicu uuwHpupcra cbciuhj uciug wu
' jects of wondering delight to his suite
aim iiicuuiuii,
th i
rnnaucipuia jounB auiea am Hunw
celebrated for their dexterity in bowling
.t, .!.(. J r. oi,.,;i m hnwlinirtnr
at Cape May and Atlantic City, lhey
appear to have decided taste for the
healthful recreation, and usual'y spend
the ereater portion of the morning in
the ten-pin alley, on the walls of which
are recorded the brilliant deeds in mat-
ters often strikes," "cocked hats"
1 r Xf :.. nrnr Jnnsa
and Robinson, of the Quaker City
Branch have awakeued the indignation
f . ..n.t nf tl.n Philadlnbia
if a correspondent of the Philadelphia
're, who thinks that if the old nursery
rhyme be true, the Prince of Darkness
must be busy during the summer devis
incr niifttimea for tbem. He save: "Nice
little boys and girls trundle tin wagons
ip aud down tbe piazzas, pound the floor
th croquet mallets, shy croqnet balls
each other 9 heads, and bit each other
tender and accessible points witb
their toy whips, thus producing a series
' loud roars to add to the general con-
ision, while the babies in arms look on
id add their shrieks to hi eh ten the
general effect.
jjot jong g;nc
Not lont since a thief stole from tbe
London Crystal Palace aquarium a
piece of living coral, of which there
were only two specimens. The superin
tendent, hoping to bring the tbiel to jus
tice, advertised in the papers that tbe
stolen polyps could be easily identified,
as the other specimen still remained in
the aquarium. A few days after this no
tice was published the remaining polyps
was stolen, probably by the same per
son, who was desirous of removing all
means of comparison by which tbe miss
ing corals could be identified. Whether
the thief was or was not a naturalist, he
has certainly shown himself a shrewd
fellow and a humorist.
Prince Bismarck lives in tbe snmmer
at Barxin a life of dreamy quietness.
lie devotes himself to tbe improvement
of his estate and to the extension of his
modest bouse which cannot appropri
ately be cauca a castle. U.4 count
" I
Podewils owned Barzin at the close of
, . ai.i. i -.t.
tue last ccuiui;. u.iuuuku tktj ricu lie
was unusually u.preteuding and culti-
vatrd tbe greatest simplicity. The BIu-
... ;
menthals. who became alter him the
owners oi me estate, raaae it more Dean- j(
tiful. At Larr'm .( ia very reaervrd bi
and members of the family only are re-1 u
ana memoers oi tne lamuy odij are re-
ceived. It is no place for strangers, a.
there is but one poor inn tiers, and o.i-
. .......
there is out one poor nn Uiere, ana n.i-
' ... t- i- i
tW Wine nor bwr can be tad. tnjliah
. . ... t
currrawarais waf.a ui i-une w paiaia j
:H f . ..... 1.,., ,1.. . . . s... J
iu ii.iMjn laar i.if i a us. v i it. ii
tbanted tbem.
Tha Bye I" ' (
i. v.:. v..i.. fmin ilia Cliallmiuer.
g Wyf.ll Thompson says: T!e ah.ence
their full devolopinedt in others is ory
remarkable. 1 nava monuoneu .. ..-
of one of the stalk cyuaeru..r.u.,
Kthusa granulata, in winch will lvel
. " ... . moles from
opeu ejoi are iin-arw . ' .
hallow water. In deeper water, from
on. hundred Uudtea U . lhj hudr.
Ih and seventy fathoms, eye-stalks art i pr.
sent, but the animal is apparo.... -
.1 .. .: i. ...I t- rnundoil. ca
in. e,e. "r""'t)Zki I
.UlCftrmiua lariuinnuw"-' , 7
exainpi-. .ronu "-"-.- -.,.,;,-
i e . i. .... tt n il Prell tu irvc
hundred latnoms, in ",' y.
. .1... .f...... annoiti
me eye amiaa ua. - -
i ..... i..-. k.,.nit hxd. and then
terminations comlin into a stronK.
. j i ii, . caie we have a
gradual modification, depending appa
rently upon the gradual diminution and
nnal diaappearance of solar light. Uo
the other bund. Munida. from equal
deotlis. has it ere unuiually devel
oped, and apparently of great oeucacy.
Is it possible tnai in cii
.l ....ini.lwa the nower ol
tne aun . nii'i . .. .
vision becatues more acute, while at
i . l .l.. L.nnmua anat'entlble Ol toe
leilKUl imr)jn""-r( ,
stimulu. of the fainter light of phospho-
A t T.miLr Branch hotel the wit of tbe
rtniisA III
the sister-in-law of an Knglish
ex oflicer. The ludicrous and humorous
side of life always greets bcr. She is a
walking cyclopedia of funny stories,
conundrums and bon mots is always
aurrnunilAa bv a Party of persons who
are kept convulsed with laughter by her
She has traveled almost over
the world, and were she to write a book
would surpass Mark Twain and his ln-
locents Abroad.'
Obstacles to Marriagea
niM P.liaf for Tonus- Men from the ef-
r. .1 . Af..mri and abuse, in early life. Man
hood rostortd. Impediment to marhas-o re
moved. New method of treatment. Howaod
remarkabla remedioi-. Booki and circular!
.ant free. In sealed envelope.. Addrosi,
nnwinn ASSOCIATION1. No. 2 South Ninth
.treet, Philadelphia, Pa.-an ia.titution hav-
ini a high reputation for honorable conduct
and nrofosfional skill. 110-xvii-Sl
Kunri, lowifii aoiiin-i'
- ..... .. ..!t
procure MRS. WINSLOW'S buuiuunu
pi-ni'n t..m ll J.'....n. Inniilant ta the neriod
SYRUP for all diieaic. inoident t the period
of teethinf in children. It relievei the child
from pain, eureiwina cone, re(uiau tuc uun-
els. and by siring reliefand health to the child.
: ... A 4k. mnlk.. T.a aura and call for
Mr.. Win.low's Soothlnt Syrop." For lule
ell ilroirirista. l"0-wnm-xvit-;c .
Efstablitslied In 18S3.
Wholesale Music House
Ol 4 MLtHU. ola-cvw
wrvcrav rn 'S Planna from..t30 to 8450
VOSE A SONS' Pianoi from....$350 to 500
09- G ABLER Pianoi from 8400 to 8550
r MASON A HAMLIN Organ...ll00 to $500
'All warranted for Five Yean.
pianos for Sale on Monthly Payment,
Old Pianoi taken in exchange fornew ones,
-Together with the largest itock of-
n. . . . J IT i 1 TM-nn-nAte.n
sneel JI1US1C anu luusiuaa lumoiiiuiiiioo
-w, I. 1. Cl.
j- -
ConntrT Merchants. School, ana Beminane.
Country Merchants, School, and Seminarie.
will oleaoe .end in their 'order., a. I can fill
tleD; at lkss than New York pnees, for cash
taem at lush man how aum I'm;... . vcmm,
or geod city acceptance at thirty, sixty or
rood city acceptance at
ninety uays. ...
m0- Pianoi Toned and Repaired by compe
tent workmen. K. A. BfcNSON.
M-i 317 Mnln atreot. Mcmphm. Tcnn.
ASSh. El H EH Kf
&C4 S? Bs U. KSM W
oiaii'.e cxperimoi!, an ontnu uca;. Bimple,
l'roiunt. Kfficiwit ami iU-li iUu. Thuy are the oul7
median, a perfivtly ttdnftcd to iwpular uae-ao
simple th'it miatiikee cunnot be made In uain
tht-in ; bo Imrmlese oa to bo fn from danpT; and
ro etneiunt aa to bo ulaayi rclinMe. They huve tho
biptieat cora.-nondntion from all, und will alway
n-ndcrmitifiu:tion. lrloe, iulajthree-drachia
Ttnl. ilh .lirttiooa i
Vna. Cure. Cents-
1. Fever, CminKtkm, Inflammations, .
v'orina, "Worm r'ev-r, Vonn Colic,
5. Cry-iiiK-Colia, orTc-lhini(of Infuuta,
4. Itiarrsiaeat or Children or Adults
6. pyaeMtery, irij inf, Bilioua Colic, .
6. ( holtra-Mni bm, Vomitiui;, ...
7. Coughs, Col'ia, itronchitia, . .
ft. Neural ala, TootliaclM-, Faccnclic, . .
. llaadr chra, Kii k Hi nduclic, aUa,
10. lsyapenelat, iiilioua Htmu.icli. . . .
11. puiprced, or I-aim'ul lViiod., . .
IL S hltee, too Profuao l-erimls, . . .
IS. t roop. Couch, lM'lScuIt Urcathini., .
14. Halt K lie inn, Krvaiptlas, Kruptuma,
W. Fever anA Ague, Chill lever, A0'uca, -0
ii. Iiiea uina or wi"H!i ' ' Ik
1. Oiihthalmy, and bore or WiiiV Kyt", . M
18. Catarrh, Acute or t 'lironio IliBuenza, . so
JO. avhooplM-Cootrh, Violet CougUa, . M
(1. Aethmaw OpprJ Breatliin . , . . 0
il. Ka Ilachar;ee. Imjiaired H.-ariinr. . 0
U Jorofula,r.n.nl01and.weU1nlr., . io
!4. .rsU Ability. PhysiMlUeakaca. . W
ii Dronav and rfcunty b.Ttti'ns . , , .
W KlliHl,nH tiravtl, . . , . . w
fa! HelVoTi. IM.I.illty.SKmmul We.Jtna,
or Involuntary l.Jur.-a, 1
U.V'' Period., wtthfnu-u . .
?1 lianrtn. at Chiuitrt! of I it-. . . . -JOT
ii' i ,,llri.arr. r-p-x-m-. St. itu' Dance, . 100
it Chiouic toire.tlM. and truirtauoa, W
r..e (Voreeml with above 3 tU aJ
Cirolnre-vi .Mlwi.'
sr-trV:. .ftw -f
prtcate Addreae
.Humphrey.' 8pec'fledlrjM
nv... r-- v.
And by II. C.Pteever A Co.. Behind st.,eonitr
Madifon: Andrew Kenkert. 1JH Main at. t.
ylt.ufl is; poplar t., Memphia, Iena.
intinnipmi u j panici s r . ... -
e-"red public recnitio. by lU aignal
of the Cholera in V la every exceeding
mvaaion It Dae vnamiamea iia rvru"l,"H.
.jiB "."cVh" VrUtn? .'f.""
eaa even arproilmat. iu splendid rea.iu.
1 ta mild dwi eeesa ! act like tragic, a i, 4
euro aa ao other aaedicjae da. Ibieutfte
upsnfsra oi more msu iwnr i""- .-
loesrareya r. aa praparaa m .m v.
. .i i . . - : . A l.til. kkAr.k
Wriii inrM ,1BMI I... . m -
f simple directions, which "e 'he T"
fau, end treatment ia fulirr famine. or a"i
TriX:" tt
Imlecaae ha bee. wonderfully e.af.l ia
prvtir asd nnsr this irmt.le 4t.
imivi -
prv"itirg and nnsr this Imitli
and akoaid he i. the bands of etrr family
travmr. Hn : Kasaiiy eaee, ihrr I oe. viali
IhM 1 na viala
n(j tirt -,. ,mtJ
vials. I . : wm
k r.M I h rM A tit.
. , . w .. Ihrea atr.
iala, 8i' bd ty all drua-gi'ts.
p i tee ihi-i u -
r, iu inakoaald grade, gullor.ng and curbing
when any permanent Impmv.m.nl l u.adeoa
any slrout or ItreeU within III. city limit of
W!'.a!'d first reading by Board if Aldermen
and referred to Ordinauoe Committee lay 7,
and relerredtoyrdinancOommittoe by Coun
cil May U, IH7.C , -
Your Joint Board of Aldermen and Council
Ordinance and Printing CummllW. report that
ther recommend Its passage.
Report adopted by Council, and th. ordt
...... .....I Ar.t roadiux: th. rule, were
suspended by Council, aud th. ordinanc.
paeoed finally, raaaea Mun ana yn -Ing
by Hoard of Aldnrinrn June 4, 18.4,
Attest; L. R. RirHaana, City Register.
Upon the following ordinance repealing
amendatory Us ordinance oi j.ne , inia.
Be it ordained by lb. lienor al Council of
the city of Memphis! . ..
, iri.u. 1 ..1 1. . . a. .nlltlail llr-
OSt'llUB 1. 1IIIIWUI'iiu.mi- ,r -
dinance amendatory of tax ordinance, ap
proved the 7th Uay ol June, a, oe, hi iu.
same i. hereby, repealed, and that ub-e-tion
. ... .i i.hii ..i ' . i u-..n. r.tll iif
th. ordinanc. regulating taxation, approved
the ltn Uuy oi April, u iu iorv uu i
fect beo. 2. That this ordinanc take effect from
and after iu paaaar.
Passed first reading, rule, suspended accord
ing to charter requirements, and ordinance
passed second and anal reading by Board of
Aldermen May 7. 1873.
fused nrat reading anu reiurrea in viur
nance Committee by Council ftlay , liiJ.
Vour Council Ordinanc. and Printing Com
mittee report that we roooiuinen J it paasaite.
lie port a (lop teu oy uouncii, auu us ii
lance passed second and final reading by
Council J une 4, 17:1.
Approved June lo. ihiJ.
Attest: L. R. RicHaana. City Register.
To Fix the Rate of Taxation for tbe
Fortyalatn corporals sear.
He It ordained by the General Council of th.
city of Memphic
bection 1. that tne loii.wing rate, oi taxa
tion, for the following .pecilied purpose., be
and the .ame are horehy established, and that
tuxes according to such rate, .hall be lovied
and eollooted upon the taxabl. property
within tha citv of Memphis, a a.seseed for
taxation, for the forty-ixth corporat. year
iwr:tv in. wit r
i'irst For the sol and special purpose of
paying the Interest as tn. sum. may Decoine
d ue on the bonus ieaued or to b. issued by th.
city of Memphis, on dollar on each one hun
dred dollar.' worth of property, aa ase.sd
fur taxation, in the old city limits; and, fur
the lole and .peoial purpose of paying tho
.aid interest, fifty cent on each on hundred
dollars' worth of property, a assessed for
taxation, in the limit of th. addition made
to the city by the aot of 1807.
Second For the tola purpo.e of provid
ing a sinking fund to be used in retiring
the bond, of the city, twenty cents on the
one hundred dollar.' worth of taxable prop
erty in the old oily limit, and ten tent on
the one hundred dollar' worth of taxable
property in t"e new limit added loereio sy
the act of 1667.
Third For th. purpose of defraying the ex
penses necessarily incurred in administering
the affairs of the city, on. dollar on the one
hundred dollars' worth of taxable property
in the city limit. .
Fourth - For th inpport of th public
schools of the city, and to purchase lot and
for the erection of school buildings thereon,
thirty cents on the one hundred dollars' worth
of taxable property in the city.
Sec. 2. Tnatthe taxes for the forty-sixth
corporate year shall be du. and payable on
and after the first day of August, 1873.
bee S. That, In order to enoourage the
prompt payment f oity taxes for the forty
sixth corporate year, th. City Tax Collector
be and is hereby autkoriied and instructed to
allow each and every tax-payer who shall,
nr.vinna tn ihR Kth of December. 1873. Tin v the
taxes due from him or her to the city of Mem-.
phis for the said lorty-sixtn corporate year
(1873) a discount at th. rat. of two and one
half per centum per month on the amount of
such taxes so paid for the poried of time it
shall be so paid previous to the first day of
January, 1874, and the amount so paid shall
be taken and accepted by the city as a full
payment of such tax due by such person.
The privilege horeby offered shall not be ex
tended beyond the 4h day of December, 1873,
After that date the Tax Collector is hereby
instructed to collect the full amount of aU th.
taxes then remaining unpaid.
See 4. That this ordinance take effect and
be in force from and after it passage.
Passed first reading, further action deferred
and ordinance printed by Board of Alderman
June 21, 1873. Passed first reading by Coun
cil June 23. 1873.
We, the committoe, report its passnre.
Chairman Aldermen Committee
Chairman Council Committee.
Report adopted and passed second and final
reading by Council and Board of Aldermen,
July 2, 1873.
Approved July 9. 1B73.
Appro u iodN JOHNSON. Mayor.
Attest L. R. Richards, City Register.
-J.auVi A printoCoan-clortotht
jA&rri&grr.d or tho.e .bout to
jlinrrw B th pbiloloikl
iwjwj J a llmTitfrieiMdre-alationiol
W4 W4fcVj4W ju'eKitiftlaitemt vllh th
Lttft dlieawrHei In prodn1n tod prtTtfiUnj OipriLg,
fcow to prcerT thcimplfilon, Ao.
TttUi i n lntreitio work o f two hnnrlrwtJ and till)
riifci, witb namirom eofrTlD(, aud wonitlni Ta)ubl
tifaraiaulon fur tbOMwtwremrrted,OTOODWttplumr
frige. 8UI1 iti-a book that ought to U kept utulor iocs
tulkr, and DOtlald c.rleMlj about thtbuUM-
It euntaloi tb export net ao advlco o f a pbTifcUo
whoMrtputatloD 1 wrtd-wid, aad boa)d beta Ui prl
ti drawer f ertrj malt ant female throughout tbe eotir
giob. H embrace rtrythitu on lb uljcof tho ten
rr.tir rtoi that la worth kaowiAg, aud much that il
Bet pubiiebed la aar other work .
Bent to any on (froe f poitaf l rTtr Cf tf .
Attdreai Dr. ButU' DUpctuar7.N0. 12 M. JCifbUt fUMt
BU Louis, Mo.
Kotice to the AfZIcted ani Vnfortunatd.
nrfbrv aprlylD. ta tha natorioas quacks who advertise la
EDbliapapars.or ailD. any quack remedies p'ruie Dr.
utts' werk no matur .AalyaurAiaaaMla.or how deplor.
atlajoar eondlilea.
Or. Butta occupies a doable aoaes ef twoaty-flevra
rooms : I a I odoried by aoaae o f the most aelebrated sueal
al rofeaeoroaf ikiacooalry aod Europe, aud can be cao
lulled peraoDaUy or by mail. oa thadleaea oiemloned ia
ble worki. ottoe and aerlors. No. IIS. Eiffel kueet,
aetweea Market aa Coaaaul, BU Loula, Ha.
TriiMtee'fi Sale.
on the 2vth of June, 1871. by Emma L.
Cacey and John W. Cacey, to secure certain
indebtedness therein uientuined, and recorded
in book No Ml, pane :V8, in Register' office.
Shelby coanty, Tenn., I will on the
3611s day of Ain.l, 1873,
At 11 a.m., in front of court-he.se, northeast
corner Union and Second street., city of Mem
phis, expose for sale to the highest bidder, for
cash, tbe lullowing described lot f land, sit
uate in tbe city of Memphia, county of Shelby
and btaU of Tennessee, described aa follows:
beginning at a point on tbe east sid. of Avery
stre.-'t, ijisi) Iwo hundred feet eouth of Vance
street; thence (Stod.i-lil two hundred and fitty
nine and fiv.-twelfth feet .ant. to a point in
Allen's avenue; thenc south (M) thirty-four
fret; thence west i9 5-12) two hundred and
fifty-nine and five-twelfth feet, to said Avery
street; thenc. north CH) Ihirty-four feet, (o
placa of beginning : the same being InJ No. I
ionei of subdivision of lota 11 and U (eleven
and twelve i, in block No. 43, u.b Memphis,
as made by the Cout.tr Court of Midliy euunty
in the partition tase of Rebecca bled. . M al
ve. Alary A. Uledsoeet al, and a. appear, from
the piaton file with theeommieeiouer's report
in said ea-e, dated June lth, 1D71. The title
to tha said proier-.y is believed to be food, and
the ritht of redemption waived, but! sell and
convey only as trustee.
I. T. WRIGHT. Treie..
Jnly 2ttb. 1873.
TriiMiee'ft S.a1
I'tcd ut Trust executed to ma as trustea,
oa the 1-t day of P.oruary. l7.i, by W m. P.
and Mattieri. Deadenck. regtatered in txeiik
No. 1st, page 1-1, ol the Kagisltr 'loff.ee, 1 aul
Ost Monday, eleraher a, l?S,
withia l"al hoar, at th s-.ntheasl eorasar of
Court r-tuara, in te city of Memphia, len...
s.il to Ujv hiaheat 1.,'ldr. for ea.n. tbe ceartaia
lot of grouod anualed i. helty e.anly.
Tana., thee ecrikd: lien g Iota 21 and 2 .1
Jane A. r'araa auodivmo. of lota as Ja.-kao.
s'rrt, aad part of ea one i' irty, set ar-at
Vait.e e. l"erii k by dwd rirda I I" ts
liaitcv'a efliee of thia ci.atv. in ...
pa.aai JJ t. v k of eaid ioia f?eeiiing laee
a. eaae l-ai fet and re. am. r -k :i"f'-e-t: alae.
tt,a M .1 Ur.4 i. Iberit. of .M.saphu frn.line
t. , fort on e..ih aid. of f'rttM street, wna
a a ef 7 fet. eeia ta ran of l"t
b, .-l twelve. M la ! whiek was
m . ..r, i. .. I V .u.ep. tsasvi.n a
Ihoiref Mases IK. .eiea Ol "
lerwas eai.. r.. j...r
as! vrt.aae.tn.. harew-l. line l-.ne.el w
g'-d. I.llee-ller e,nv.y m'r e ! .'..
tl, .rdained. ete.. That Ih. elty f Mem.
phis shall be re.iilr.d l grade, sutler and set
I" It A IV K L I N
hook in.Mi:iiY,
Blank Jlook Manufactory
15 West Court street, Memphia,
8.C.TOOF, i l'roprloto
from a rrHi.gr to th. rmaxT aoox to
th. country, th. Eastern market nutexoepted
in quality or price.
Flno Ulnnk Book a Npottlallj.
r.rlT. .-a if I H
i 111 Ii nam r r 1 .
Blank Book Manufacturers
42-t VfFWPII lJ.
Warrantee Deeds,
Quit Claim
Deeds of Uiit,
Blanks for Depositions,
Chattel Mortgages,
Peace Warrants,
Probate Blanks,
Writ of Possession,
Appearance Bonds,
Powcrol Attorney,
Etc, Etr Ue
fit "u- La ' ( tV
Purine; the dull season,
leisure time to devote to such
propriety of procuring their
Bill Heads,
Bills of
Which the Ledger Ofllce
The Lowest Prices,
Tlie Ledger OiHce
In the South, and will fill orders
as can be obtained iu any
Steamboat Printing
Oar river friends will find at this offlee the best paper and
the most tasty assort! ment of types, tints and rp ts to be fou nd in
any printing establishment in the South.
while Merchants autltliers have
matters, we suggest to them the
Account of Sales,
Dray Tickets,
Iteceiit Books,
Is prepared to do in the
has the finest stock of
for such work at as low pr ices
city in the United States.

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