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Insurance Co.
GUARANTY FUND, - $130,000.
J AM ION K. UE AJiLfcY, Kec'y.
N. FONTAINR, of Hill. Fontaine A Co.
A C. TKKADWKLL, of A. C. and A. B.
Trealwell A Co.
J. T. F Mti) A.SON. of J. T. Fargaion ft Co.
0. P. HUNT, of 0. P. Hunt Co.
A. D. 0 WYNNE, of Stewart, ftwynne k Co.
W. F. TAYLOR, of Porter, Taylor k Co.
COLTON URKKNK.of Oroen i Beasley.
JOHN K. SPEED, of John K. Speed k Co.
J. W. FULMKR.of Fulmer. Burton k Co.
2. a. cai us, ot bstea, Doen k Co,
aaCnDiluctit nn . nnrahr mnln.l IVfltAin
out of the yarning, be entitled to a dividend o
St stVes - .7
Plaalnr ,
t,nnUlll HBd NMbTllle Hallroad
U .
(City Tim.) Laiva. laxiva.
Etoreajlally ..... 0.S0 p.m. 6.20 a. m
Mii, dail 7.30 a.m. t.46 p.m
BrowQsviHo Acoom'd'n m
dalljrjexoept flqndas) 4 4Sj.tn, 1.90 a. m
Itemphla ana Cnaurlesloa,
tiavi. aaaivi.
U and Eiiyasn, dally 11 00 p.m. 4 2Ja.m
Fwt Mail A Eip'ss.d'lv T.lia.m. 6 W p.
loinefville Aooom'dat n
d.llT(eoet Sunday)... ,., 8.10 a. m
Hiatilaalppl and Teunesaee.
Mi vi. aaaiva.
.lew Orleans Mai!, daily, 12..r6 p.m.l 9.6) a. ni
Sardi Acootnipodation,
daily (except Kundiy).. 310 p.m. 8.(6 a.m
Freiitht train daily (ex-
et Band a n-.--. 2S..a . m . 3. 8? P . tg
rnesnpeake, OUlo A NontbweKtcrn.
tf&ll a rtuMnrAT. daiW
(elM'it BunilaT i p.m.' u.oj a.ui
Bempnls and I Kile Book,
LiiTi. aaaivi.
Mail train, dally,
Passenger, daily.
Freight , .......
7.10 p.m.lO.SSp.Bt
6.:Hi a.m. I 6.40 a.m
".30 a. tii I H."0 y.nl
HnahTlUe, ;bntanoica Mt. LonU
Mo'ltSZtl! RofTK TO NiHHYILME SfltmiI!A9T.
Pullman HlpppinuCiiri on all Nibt Trains.
Louisville Depot, Head of Main St.
Ive Memiii.is (city tim'
" iluioaoldt
" Milan
Arrive Nasbvillo......
" Chattanootca
" Atlanta
" Knoxville
" Bristol
7:30 a.m lCWIp m
llirfia.m 1:35 a.ui
l'::a.ui S:2t a.m
12:iipm 2:55 a in
1:10 p. in 8:50 a.m
7:15 p.m 9:00 a.m
3:45 a.m 2:45 p. in
11:40 p.m 8: 15 p.m
1:50 p m l):'6p.n;
7:30 p.m 4:50 a.m
.1 AS. SPKEl), TicUot Aient.
A. Y. STEVENS, Pan. Agent.
217 in Hfe-t.
Airivali and Deoarturei of Kails.
6 IS p.m
830 a. a
91" p.m
13 p.m
900 a.m
SO a m
Cln. Loniiv. A Mem.
130 a.m
U 00 p.m
(I 06 a.m
ID 30 p.m
11 50 a.m
4 00 p.m
4 SO t.m
4 00 p.m
4 30 .m'
t 30 p.mt
H H Local and
through mails.
Cln. Loulev. A Men.
R R throillrtt main.
Chatt. A Mem. R K
Loel and tvontn
UhatU. A Mem. R R
thronsb mails.
Mam. A Urea. A N.
0. R R.
Mem. A L. R. R R.
C.nt'a'n A Mem. P. R
RIt. t ola. Hall.
00 a.a'lMemphis and Friar'
Point Arent.
7 00 a.int ;Hoicca VKriar'sPoiut
I roatoffioa.
00 a.mtlDelon A Clarendon
I R K.
ff a. ml Me. Alreenv. Ag't.
OOam'iMem. A Vickibnrg
I Ar;int.
4 30 p.st
4 W p. ml
9 30 a.ml
4 HO p. ml
i 30 p.
iOt) .mllHt.Loni! A Mem. Ag't
'. a.m:OBeo!aAMm. Ant.
Tun .m :St.Frnoirt.iverAg t.
t ai p mc
t 38 p. ml
4 30 p. ml
6 W a.mO
T 00 a.c,l! Arkanpas I'.WerAgent
00 a.m'iWhite River Aeent.
00 p.m!Mom. to HollySpr'gs,
I Miss.nl.atte routo.
Monday, W4Be?day aad Friday.
tMonday.Thnriid.'.r and Katurday.
jSnndr.y, Tuesday and Friday.
jT'iasdy and FrWny. , .
IWedneiidav and S.itrrlay.
oTno'l'v. TbnTiinv.nd Wrty,
Pi-ni.tc Lupokr OmcR, I
Mr.MrRis, Tkm., Kovcmlwr 22, 1881. 1
Last week this city ranked sixteenth
of all tho cities of the country in its
volume of financial business, as indi-
tid hv its clearing house report. It
comes next after Cleveland out of 23
cities, from which clearing house re
norts are promulgated. Nearly alljof
the cities report an increase of busi
ncss, and tho feeling is generally one
of confidence.
Tho local money market in quiet and
comfortable with no scarcity of capi
tal, ard discount rates steady at 6 to 8
'ner cent for primo mercantile paper.
Loans on acceptable collaterals may
bo secured at about the same rates.
Hates on exchange aro to e dis
count buying, and par selling on the
East, and o off buying and par selling
on New Orleans. Drafts on flew Ur
York and the West are
nld bv the banks at par.
Uncurrent securities ore quoted as
follows :
ii... ...,nltf hnnda. 4 nar cts. 98 fllOO
Manhattan Bank took....- WO 0J8O-
Union and PliinterJ Bank itook 120
Oerman National Bank stock SOO 9
Bank of CointnTce stock..
State National Bank stock
Momphiigai stock.... ....
MemphitgM bonds! per wnti,
j'irst National Bank flock
Hernando Insurance Stock
Plauters Iniurance stock....
Memphtu City l ire A Ucn 1 Ins.
,...120 bid
.... my, 8ii-
.... 95 a
ia so
peoplos Insurance stock...
Huff City stock
VhTnn itnok
m 80-
mnrii)il an
9 75
M. A I. R. U. bonds. A...,
' " " B-..
M. C. R. R.,lrtm.7i
a; k o R H. 2,1 m...
,..:t p
Memphis City Indebtedness
Mamnhis City Bonds. Consolidated w
M.AL. Hock It
U. Bonds, 1st ni...H7
atUi I..vee Bonds, Uisi. 1 '!
(J l'H
9 90
tk 80
i. in. u
Mil a.Connty, Arkannas, Warrants 70
8. iw"f TAnneme (lorbett issue).. W
(9 55
(Jovernment bonds in New York are
for 4n, an I ll-l j lor I lid
of Memphis.
TAXOK A CAKItOIX, Attj'a for Co.
J. M. F0WLKE9, of W. B. Oalbreeth A Co.
M. L. MEM ham, ot in. 1,. Heaonam w.
J. W. CALDWELL, of J. W.Caldwell A Co.
TtiOS. II. ALLK. r TDOI. 11. Allen CO.
W. A. GAUK, of W. A. II age A bro.
JAOB JACOBS, of Jaoobi A Booker.
W. T. ll'-f" iib, 01 Dowiiro. Maione a uo.
W. B. MALLOK.Y, of Mallory. Crawford ACo,
E. LOWENSTKIN, of B. Low. lutein A Broi.
J. W. DILI.AKD, of Dilla-d A Co.
I. N. 6N0WDBN, of Friedman Bros.
irties doing business with tail Company will,
all premium piiid In.
Kennesaw Manufacturing Company,
OlMadisou J9t., XVteiiirlxiss.
Cotton Gin f eeder. Cotton Cleaner,
coders, and Cotton Elevator.
Sola Manufacturer! of the Celebrated
.Kershner Improved Water Elevator
E. Carver Cotton Gin Comp'y,
The Allison Complete Cotton Cleaner.
BMawIng aud .Molctlnfr don to order
extended 5s and 6s are 101 1 and 1013
respectively. Tennessee State Cs are
72 to 73; L. & N. railroad stock is
93; Mobile & Ohio, 37, and M. & C.
railway at C7, a fall of 17 within the
past ten days.
J. lie market here to day is nomin
ally unchanged, the demand for both
domestic spinners and foreign account
being moderate.
Sales of cotton hero yesterday
summed up 1250 bales, to exporters
600, to spinncr650, closing quiet as
follows : Low ordinary, 7Jc; ordinary,
9e; good ordinary, lO Jc; low middling,
llc;middling,lUc; goodmiddling,ll)c;
middling fair, 122c. Stains and off
colors o lower.
Receipts ofcotton atall United States
port! for the rast three days
have been 91,2!K bales and 22,240
bales loss than luBt year fur the samo
Tho totnl receipts of cotton at all
U. S. ports since tho first of
September tiavo been 1,907,620 bales
against 20 1,813 less than lust year, also
83,267 less than the year before at the
samo date. Total foreign exports
this-seasijnOOl.lO bales againBt 1,256,,
904 and 1,012,059. Total stock is 808,
081 against 848,382 and 649,842 last
year nml the year beforo at the same
(envral Trude.
Business has been considerably re
stricted by inclement weatl er, though
jobbers report a moderate 'and gencr
ally healthy order trade. Leading
houses have representatives out look
ing after the lamo ducks as they are
termed, but this class aro not more
numerous than is usual at the present
season ot the year Tho variations in
values sineo last report have been un
important. Meats, brcadstuffs, grain
and groceries are generally quiet and
steady. The sugar and molasses
market is quoted somewhat easier.
Coffeo is weak; apples nro plentiful
and slightly lower, while chickens are
abundant and slow to sell.
nUEADSTUFFSFlour.mnrket quiet;
Jobbers' prices aro, for XXX Jij 2oiitj oft
family, $6 7()n7 00; choice to fancy,
7 25; patents, $8 25;i8 60. Corn-meal, do
ninnd increasing; prices $11 46a3 60 per
bbl for lots nnd 10c higher on small or-
TkEDSTUFFS Corn in lots 77 to 80c
perbti; orders 82ivH4o; outs, quiet lit fSii54c
in lots andWSaWc on orders; bran $22 per
ton and f 20al 25 por owl; e Hon wed
weak at $1 35. por cwt; hay $18 iff $22 M:
per ton for Western mixed to clear timo
thy and $1 SOnl 20 per cwt; Southern
prairie $'J to $10 per ton and 00c to iw
per cwt.
W to
85 per bbl nnd $1 10 to I 20 per bit by
tho suck; at retail $1 25 per bu and $3 40
to $3 75 ner bbl: sweets dull tit $2 60 per
bbl in shipping order; eaiitifigo tinnu per
100 bend; onions $3 60 to 3 H5 per bbl; tur
nips $1 2o per bbl; white beans i 0Ua4 W
per bu for medium: pens $1 IK) to 2 25 per
bu; celery &5aii0c"per bunch.
FRUITS Apples, weak and plentiful
at 2 GOiifl 75 per bbl in a lsigc and small
way : dried apples u;2aijic per in;
dried .peaches 7 to ec per Ik cran,
berries tH to 10 per bbl as per quality and
11 ner bu box: oranges to id por udi;
lemons $5 60 per box for Julacta; bananas
f 1 60 to 2 60 per bunch; pineapples Jd 60
per doz; grapes fl for kegs and $7 60 for
hf bblsof Malaga; ruisina $3-2yc3 60 per
POULTRY Chickens abundant and
slow at $1 76a2 75 per doz, as per quality
and order; Turkeys, $Cal0 per doz; dresBcd
do, 13nl4c per lb; goopcdull at f-i per
doz all white, and U cu I, nil gray, liggi
irregular, at 22cu2lc per doz.
-j xr V or.n.). 11.
BnU 11. i VIl'KHUII UUlin .ir'ftlM, III,
Western table and dairy 21ea.Wc; ftwli
country and keg do. lKcn'25c butterino 20c
to 22c, cheese 12onl(ic for skim to cream
GAME vitiiurrels. Iul2o per Uozen;
rabbits. $1 60 per dozen; quails, $1 25al 60;
mallard ducks. $2a2 60; gray do, $lnl f,0
wild turkeys, 60c cacli; venison, oc per ID
for whole, and 7c to 9c for saddles.
MEATS AND LARD Jobbers rfuote
bulk clearfidcs atlhuca'J.'sC per lb loose,
and packed clear ribs at BKa'.'-X; bou-
dors, la. pork, per bbl, $19 60 to
2U UU; nams loiC smoKeasiuus aim Biione
ders. nominal: lard in tloreos 12Mcal2!c
dn in half hhls and kesrs 13c. pails 13!4c,
and half pails HIXc, country lard ilea
11 'c.
HIDES AND WOOL Market firm
dry salted, 10nl3r, green,Ga7c; green salted
7a8c Tallow, Oftio; beeswax, inauc,
SVool, tub-washod, '25h5c per lb; do un
washed, lbn2ic; burry, lunoc
Kf.,.,.1,, iln ifdnm UilulOUc. na in oiiaiitv
uto, SiJiiillliJc; iwmo lie per Dunuicj
ties, $1 3oal W) per bundlo.
N A I LS Firm at $11 60 rat es,
quotations are Static for brown, 9al0:
for v. cj 10'c for sUndurd A, 9W for ofl
A, lOcfor granulated, and llnlllic for
nnwdored crushed ana cut loai. -uiiiuj.
na xvOii at dlluflil Olir CTallon.
nnd Vln''(U'for .lava. '
HALT Steidv at $1 35nl 65 per sack
for coarso and lino Liverpool, and $1 65u
1 00 for Ohio river.
CAN NED GOODS Strawberries, etc.
$1 26a 1 60 per dor. cans; peac'i.A $1 20
for 2 lb and $1 75a2 60 for 8 lb civns; toma
toes. $1 lfial 50 for 2 and 8 lb cans.
TOBACCO Common plug, 3oit38e for
U-iliil) plug; choice to fan y, 40ii1ii;
twill, 85at5c, navy, 85&0CX.; smoking, 304
62c for common to fancy.
foment, U 75c per bbl; ltosodnK $2 60;
Portland, i 605; VluUr, n 70. Ala
limo in lurp;e lids, '.MVn$l; Tenn
do in VA htihbl,!)Oc..llriek, $10 and
$10 50 nor M It re do, 4 and 4ic each.
BUNDUIES lVanuta 67 'Ac for Tenn.
and 8 to 'do ner lb. for Va.; cocoanuU,
'ialiJicj cider $6 for half and $0 for bbls. of
Mo, vinegar, VA to loc pr rul.; mince
meat b'Ac por lb in hf libls and Wic'A in
pails; gritandhominyW25to560perbbl.
COTTON SKKD Per ton $11 loose
from wagons and $12 to $13 in sks at the
landing; crudo oil 42 to 45c per g.; refined
do. 65 to 60c; cake $24 to 25 per
ton; do. meal $23n26.
firm at 4c por lb; full w't caudlii I4ic
and firm.
COAL Pittsburg per box to river 65e;
city trade, del , 00c per Mil.: per hhd $4 60
to 6 60; Anthracito $10 60 per ton.
HOUSES AN 1) MULES Mulog are
quoted from $126 to $22-5 each for 14
to 6M bands, llorxn, $125 to $200 for
driving $140 to $225 for aaddlo, and
$10 $76 for plugs.
LIVE STOCK Good butcher cattle
aro firm at 'i'i to 4Jc per lb
gross as per quality and ordor;
thin and poor stock 1Jh2cj cows
and calves, $12 to 35 00 cash; sheep
in good at Sale per lb for
good, and $1 to 1 60 por head for com.
mon; lambs, Jito 8 00 oer head as nor
quality; hogs strong and tend up
ward at 4 to 7c per lb, with ligbt supply
ana active aumand.
For St. Fruncis river, . Macroady 6 p.m
voiionwcoti i oint, Tiger D p m
nt. Ijouis, tity ot icksburg....6 p.m
New Orleans, W. P.Halliday-6 p.m
Steamer City of Vicksburg, Vicksburg,
" ':i-ffl. Ml. o. T ...:.
James D. Parker, Cincinnati.
Tiger, Cottonwood Point.
Future City, New Orleans.
Marlin Speed, Arkansaw river.
Steamer Jamea Lee, Friars Point.
Coahoma, Osceola.
" Dean Adams, Arkansaw City.
" City of Helena, St. Louis.
" Future City, St. Louis.
' City of Greenville, Vicksburg.
Tieer. Rone Mncreadv. Citv of Vicla-
Durg, dames u. 1'arker, Alarlln Speed.
At noon to-day the realing of the
gauge was 23 feet 6 inches or 24 feet 5
inches above low water mark, being a
rise ot .i inches during the past 24
hour8. 1 bo Uhio at. 1'itfcburg lell
teet o inches, wun 1U lett 6 inches on
the gaue. At Cincinnati it fell 2 feet
with 12 feet 6 inches on the gauge,
At Louisville it fell 10 inches, with 8
teet o inches in the canal. At hvans
villo it rotfe 25 inches, with 11 elect
0 inches on tho gauge. At Cairo it
rose 12 inches, with 32 loot
4 inches on tho gaugo. The
Mississippi, at St. Louis, fell 6 inches
with 28 feet 9 inohes on the gauge.. At
Vicksburg it roso 11 inches, with 28
f'oet 4 inches on the gauge. The
Cumberland, at Nashville, fell
inches, witli 10 fect 6 inches on the
gauge. The Tennessee at Chatta
nonga fell 3 inches, with 3 feet
7 inches on the gaugo. lied river, at
Shreveport, rose 3 inches, with 17 feet
4 inches on the gauge. Arkansaw
river roso 3 inches at Littlo Itook
with 11 feet on tho gauge. White
river is in good condition from. Jack
sonport to the mouth.
Per City of Vicksburg from Vioks
burg. 293 bales of cotton, 10C6 sks cot
ton seed
Per Tiger from Cottonwood Point
57 bales of cotton, 17 bags seed cotton
t77 fks cotton seed, 31 sks ot corn,
head of cattle.
Per Ciy of Greenville from St. Lou
is,.J.IH) bbls ot meal, 4S bbls i;otatoes
100 boxes cr.tckers. 15 fks wticat, 20
tubs ot butter
Per James D. Parker from Cincin
nati, 250 bbls flnur, 1291 bbls of pota
toes, 200 bbls of cement, 100 bbls salt
30 bbls whisky, 45 bbls of pick'cs, 10
bbls apples, 900 boxes of canned goods
641 kegs of nails, 102 bales of hay, 51
ks ot meal, b(l sks ot corn. 110 bun
dies of paper, 35 stoves, 50 plates a
bars ol iron.
Cool, cloudy and damp.
Business moderate at tho landing,
Muddy and slippery on the levee,
1 he packets departed last evcniog
with lair trips.
James D. Parker, for Cincinnati, at
p.m. to-morrow.
The Carrier is due up to-day on her
way to ot. Louis.
No arrivals or departures at New
Orleaos yesterday.
Th Ohio Valley was viiited jester
;iy with rain, hail, enow and sleet.
The Annie P. Silver, for New Or
leans, pas.ned Vicksburg last evening,
The hard Cash is tho regular packet
oavmg to-morrow evening for W hite
The Ohio at Pittsburg, and the
Mississippi at St. Louis are both de
Tho Charles Morgan for New Or
leans will leave Cincinnati on Satnr
day next.
The arrival of a packet from Cincin
nati makes things look lively at the
The Golden City for New Orloan
is announced to leave Cincinnati to
morrow evening.
The Jennie Walker and barges are
coming down tho Ohio with a cargo of
apples lor Memphis,
Tho City of Greenville, for Vicks
burg, passed down at 10 a. in., after
adding about 40 tons.
Tho Ste. Gencvicvo left St. Louis
last evening for this port, and will
arrive early Thursday morning.
Joe Caffrcv resigned his position
yesterday as mato ot the Dean Adams,
Pbmn Starr going out in bis place.
Paul Boyuton, the groat American
swimmer, arrived at ot. Louis oun
day night from tho Missouri river,
The Citv of Vicksburar has on board
7200 sacks oil meal an 4 1800 sacks of
cotton feed consigned to St. Louis,
Tho James Leo and Coahoma arc
tho mail packets leaving to-morrow
evening lor the upper and lower
Tho City of Helena departed last
ovening for St. Louis, after adding 593
Dales ot eastern bound cotton and 50
bbls oil.
The James W. Gaff arrived at Cin
cinnati yesterday, and leaves there
this evening with a return trip for
this port.
The Bono Macrcsdy brought out of
ht. 1' raucis river 9-J bales ot cot ton,
142 of which sho reshipped for New
Tbo Guiding Star was at Evansvillo
last evening, and will probably pass
bore Tbuisday evening on hor way to
New Orleans.
Captain Cooper, of Louisvillo, has
sold the towboat James llobson to the
Cumberland River Lumber Company
for J7000 cash.
lho Mississippi at M. Louis is
nearly to the top of tho levee. Such
water was never on record at this
time of tho year.
The Mound City ways are idle for
the first time in four years, showing
that the boom in boat building is over
for the sea-on,
It is feared that the recent railroad
accident to Captain Gilbert William
son, pilot of tho Montana, may crip
plo him fur life
All kinds of books used by steam
boats kept in stock or mado to order
short notice in Public Lklmikr
ndery. t
Tho City of Providence arrived at
ieksburg yesterday morning, and left
there at noon to day with a return
trip for St Louis.
The Gollon Crown will pass down
-morrow on ner way to jSew Ur-
leans. Captain Ad. Storm, at the
harfboat, is her agent.
The Future City and bargos. forSt.
Louis, passed up last night. She
added two ice boats here, and on her
five barges had a cargo of 201)0 tons.
The W. P. Halliday, in command of
Captain S. Jolly, is the Anchor Line
packet passing down this evening tor
New Orleans. t)won Q. Cates is her
polite clerk.
It is said the Will Kvlo's head has
settled down six foot, and the sand is
now washing out from beneath her
stern. Her hog ohains, however, still
remain intact.
The Rone Macreadv. in command
of Captain O. K. Joplin, leaves this
evening for all points on the St. Fran
cis river through to W ittaburg. A. L.
and Edward Banning are her clerks.
The additional coal shipments of
yesterday irom rittshurg make a total
sinoe Saturday of 9,830,000 bushels, of
which 0,415,000 bushels - were for
Louisville, and the balance for Cin
The Marlin Speed is tho recular
mail packet leaving to-morrow evening
for Pino Bluff and all intermediate
andings on Arkansaw river, making
irect connection with packets for
Little Hock and points above.
Tho City of Vicksburg. in command
of Captain It. K. Hilcy. is the Anchor
ine packet leaving this evening for
Cairo, Bt. Louis and all principal way
1 1! I-,l 1,1 1 . ni
tanaiugs. utiiy jiienker and Clem
Nolte are in charge ot the othee.
Captain Reese Uuean is tirosrossinir
very nicely with the sunken steamer
Gresham. Ho has raised her alto
gether three and a half feet, and will
not bo satished until 4ie has ber ailo.it
and at tho landing at NewOrleaus.
Suits have been brought by Captain
1. Adams and his lather against
the Orient Insurance Company to re
cover on a policy held by them in said
company on the steamer Alice which
was sunk on the talis at Louisville.
The Charles P. Chouteau passed
Vicksburg yesterday afternoon. When
she left Arkansaw City she had 518
bales of cotton, 1J40 Hacks of oil cake
17Ja sacks cotton seed and expected
to go into New Orleans with a full
The Tiger, in command of Caotain
Wm. Flowers, will leave at 5 p in. to
day for Cottonwood Point and all way
andings on the upper coast, giving
prompt attention to all business en
trustee; to ner. Kneel Hooker is in
charge of tho office, and is assisted by
Jonn ivnodcs.
Tho new Anchor Lino packet Citv
ot jncw Urloans arrived at ot. Louu
Sunday, and is now receiving her out
fit. Sho is announced to leave St.
Louis on Saturday next, and pass here
Tuesday evening on hor way to New
Orleans. Sho is said to be the finest
of tho Anchor Liae fleet.
captain Joscnn jucuonaid nur
chased on Saturday at Pittsburg the
towboat Haltio for $10,000, and John
a, nooa is oon nougnt too new
towboat Atlantio from Captain John
A 111 1 n , i . .
Porter on privato terms. She will b
completed in about two weeks, and
her name changed to C. L. Wood.
The steamer War Kaglo has been
raised. Commodore Davidson with
the assistance of thrco steamers an
the wrecking boat Salvor No. 2, start
ed seven pumps Saturday and withi
m nours ine rjoat was anoat. tslie is
now kept atloat easily and her princi
pal breaks are above water. Her cargo
ill be forwarded to St. Louis on th
steamor Alex. Kendall and the Wa
Eagle goes to La Crosse to bo docked
A dispatch from Louisville statr
that tho riso has floated the City of
eaten Hougo over, the falls, and sh
was riding at hor anchors yesterday
Ibe bow has swung in toward the In
diana shore, and she lies straight with
the current, in a line with tho channel
pier on the Indiana side of the chute.
Pink Varble is in charge. She has
steaui, and will not attempt to get
away as long as the river continues
rising, unless her anchors trip.
Captain W. C, Tichenor's coimlar
packet James D. Parker, from Cin
cinnati, arrived at midnight with 5'i0
tons of freight and a good list of
people. Sho has her freight all out
and will leave with a return trip at 5
p. m. to-morrow lor Cairo, Louisville,
Cincinnati, and all principal wav
landings, making close connection
with the ditlerent railroads, and giving
through tickets to all points East at
very low rates. The accommodations
of the Parker are second to none in the
line; she sets an excellent table, and
her officers will be found polite and
attentive to the wants of their patrons.
Kobert McCoy presides at the disk,
and is assisted by Lowell Imes and
Charlie Vinton.
The trial of Lefroy..tho murderer
of Mr. Gold on the Brighton Railway,
excited a great deal ot interest 111
England. Of tho personal appearance
of the man when brought into court
for the first time, tho correspondent of
the London Telegraph wrote as fol
lows: "Neatly attired, and now shaven
and kempt, he had lost tho hageurd
look that distinguished him before,
and as he took bis scat ou tho hassock
and folded bis arms, ho certainly, to
all outward seeming, was quite as
much at his cane as anyone in the
court. I thought bis cyo twinkled as
he watched the artists of illustrated
papers endeavoring to sketch him.
and posed himself a little accordingly.
But on the wholo it may be said th it
at the beginning of the proceedings he
took Tory little outward notice of what
was going on around him. Had he
been a member of the jury, instead of
the prisoner at tho bar, he could not
have been calmer, more meditative or
Garden's lir(liIiiy.
Cincinnati Commercial Special. I
Wasmnotom, November If'. To
day being tho fiftieth anniversary of
tho late President Garfield's birth,
tho Washington Literary Society, of
which General Garfield was formerly
rrcsidont. and which is composed ol
the leading literati and soicntists of
tho Capital, had a special meeting this
evening for (he purposo of commemo
rating tbo tact, lhe meeting was
held at Ibe residence of President
Gallaudct, of tho Kennal Green Deaf
and Dumb College. Mr. A. II. Spof
fordj Librarian of Congress, delivered
an interesting address on General
Garfield's love of books, which it will
be remembered was ono of his nmst
marked characteristics. The meeting
was largely attirdci.
The alleged spirit of Thomas Paino
visited tho earth tho other evening, in
Philadelphia, and through a woman as
medium delivered a snooch to an au
dience of several hundred people. The
medium is p'cturesquoly described as
("a masculine-looking woman with
I closely cropped head of hair, plcnti
fully be.-rrinkled with gray, i eiuare,
determined jaw, and a voice that is
between falsetto and lho bass of a
deep chested man." Among many
other entertaining faots the audience
b arned through her that the "Age of
U;am" was written between the
hours of ten o'clock in tho evening
and two in tbo morning, and that tho
prison cell was lighted bv an unseen
power to enable Paino to do tbo work.
After the lecture was over a tall man,
of an inaniinitive turn of mind, arose
in the back ot tss hall, ana askea u
I homas Paine was the author ot the
letters of "Junius." This question
taggercd tho medium at first, but
nally with anapparent eilort, she
answered les, sir, ana the grauuca
udienco dispersed.
Modern innovations are depriving
Venice of the romantic charm which
as clung to it for many centuries.
The song of the gondolier is beard no
more. The introduction of small
steamers, which make periodical trips
along the chief canals, has caused the
famous boatmen to retaliate, in an
extremely unpoetio sort of way. by
trikmg: and now one has to ariply to
the customhouse or to the military
uthoritics if he wishes to take tho
istorio rido in the approved fashion.
The gondoliers number about 700, and
this is tho nrst time that they have
indulged in the luxury of a strike.
Llizabeth.of Austria is one ol the
most accomplished of Empresses. Sho
takes a pleasure in German, English
and French, and skips from one to the
other as a bird among the branches of
trees. VI course 1 speak Lnglich,
she said lately to an American gentle
man; J)on 1 1 read your St. Nicholas
to my children? And, to toll the truth.
1 like the stories for myseltr
One of the Ilcnaouable Drnanre
Of life, a properly cooked meal, affords little
or no present enjoyment, and much tuliso-
quent tortuie to a confirmed dyspeptic. But
wnen rnronir inuiirestion is oombattcu witn
Iloctetters titomach Bittors, the food is eaten
with roli'h, and most important of all, is
asiuiilatcd bv and nourishes the system. Uie
this rrand tonic and corrective also to remedy
constipation, hiltoijuners, rheumatism, fever
and aituo. For sale byalldruKthiU and deal
ors seoerlly.
For Cairo, Evanvllle, Lonitville and
Cincinnati-The bloo -ior
Will leave a above WKDNFSDAV, Nov. 23,
at5p.m. R. Vr. LI611TBURNK, Aront.
No 7 Mnnree strcrt.
For I'alro and til. Louis.
St. Louis and Vicksburg Anchor Line For
Caiio, til. Louis and all way landings Ibe
elegant pas;enrer steamer
City of Vicksburg, ,Ck
R K Riley, master, SX14r5f
Will lenva the Anchor Line Kbarfboat as
above THIS DAY, November 224, at 5 p m.
For freight or passage upply to
C I, Halt,. Pn. Anent.
tor Nrw Orleans).
(It. I. on la nnd New Orlraua Anchor
1,1 ne For VickBOurg, Natchez, KowOrleuns
and wny landings Hteamer
Beck Jolly, master.
Will leave the Anchor Line wharf boat
ai above THIS DAY, November 22d, at 6 p.m.
For freight or passage aoplv to
AD STORM, Sup't.
CL IT .ILL, Pp. ce"t.
tor Arkanaaw etsver.
Memphis and Arkansaw Rivor Packet Co.
For all points on Arkansaw river Ins ele
gintstosmer Marlin Speed, t.f.
J j uarragn, master, Ti'Satrsw
Loaves u above WKUN KSDAY. November
2LstSp m. .INHARBIN.Snp't.QWIVBin.t
for tit FranclM It Ivor.
The splendid sidewheol steamer
Rfeiifi rtiaftnatlv. SSVis.
O K Joplin, muster; A L Banning, clerk,
Will leave Memphis every TUESDAY at S
p.m. tor Alarianna, the l ut-otT, It ittbusg
and all wsy landings. For freight or passage
apply on board or to
Sit J. D. KASDALL. Bup't.
For Whit silver.
Regular Independent Memphis and White
Itiver racaot for Augu'ta, icksonport,
Bearcy and way points The Rs (ular Inie.
pendent Packet . j.
E C Postal, master: Charles Postal, olerk,
Will, on and after JULY ISth leave Mem phis
EVERY W KUN EaDAY at i p.m. For freight
or passage apply to
i. f, WA3IIINGT0N, Agt..
6H Madison street.
rrl-Woekly United States Mail Packst-For
Fulton, Randolph, Osceola and all way
landings The elegant passenger steamer
Ccnry Coopir, master; Wm. Smither, clerk;
Will leave Memphis erervMONDAY.WED
NKSDAY and FRIDAY at 5 o'clock p.m.
For information apply on board, or at No.
3 Madison street
Ksciphis, White and Slack Riven
U. S. Kiil Faaketa.
t or Indian Biy, Bt. Charles, Clarendon, De
rail's Bl'it, Dea Are, Augusta, Jacksonpert,
vil,e, Powbattan and Pooabotitas.
lhe new and elegant passenger steamer
WHl leave Mtuphle KVEUY SATURDAY,
fttSo'clcck, p.m., connecting direct with the
new Blnck river United btatee Mail Packet
Mll.T I;A11KY for Powhattan and Pooabon
U.T. ted with the daily paikeis U Batesville
ATid 1 pper white rtvor. lhrough rates to all
"freight eonsignod to Milt Harry Line, Mem.
vKif oTer-ue, will be promiitly forwarded
K. W. LIOH'hU KNE, Agent,
No. 7 Monroe street. .
Of-ne Nr,, a M-i.1l. nn ttreet.
roit -TTOllW001 POIST.
For Cottonwood Point, Mo., and all way
landinri lhe stomior ii
Flowers master I Neil Bonkor clerk
Will leave TfESDAYS and SATURDAYS at
5 p.m. r or freight or passage apply on bnard.
For Holeaa and Frlitr'a Paint,
V. M. aall-I.I.K 1.1 NE,
foi Hlendale, Uelena. and Friar's Point.
ice steamer
as x.X(J.XJkJ AJUAJ. ""sitr.-
Str.cker Lea. master: Lord Whitlow, clerk
Will leave aa above on every M8NDAY
IVKDWF.SDAY and FRIDAY att p.a. Ofioe
No. 3 Madii'on street.
mllE tiigTILUAwillrlohar
1 bor towing. Wood boats, iJ.'v.-'-i-tafts,
sand bonis, etc., towod at''-i3Vitc--
fraonahie rates, iiorg rospectlully solicited.
Signal, throe short whistles, Anriycn board
17t 120 Front siroet.
Memphis and Arkansaw City Packet Co.
Adams' U.S. Mail Line For Helena, Friars
Point, Concordia, Torrene, Arkansaw City
and Pine IHutf ft. It. The tine paniionger
steamer ri"
Dean Adams,
M R Cheek, master: A L Cummins, olerk,
Leaves every MONDAY and fill KSDAY at
S P.m.
For information apply at No. 3 Madison st.
1 M
Public Ledger.
The Cheapest and Best
enterprising, (earless, reliable and
newsy, aad the peer of any weekly aewrner
per published Is West Tennessee), oontaiilnt
n the city of Memphis and Shelby eosnty.
do labor er expense will be spared to man-
tala It la every department at the hit
possible standard, and to eommeaa it
respeeU to the oontdenoe and approval of th
best ehuses In the surrounding country, being
Democratic and Conservative
but will not be nniustly partisan, aiming tl
befall and Inst, as well as pronounced In I's
political eonviotioti.
All eommnnlaatloni should be ad
dressed to
aafWlmeiB 'im Rrotoa ADDlleattea
mo THOSKWHO BEEK re-it without
A. stairnation, pleasure without oxcitement,
the dolinbts of rural lite without its inconve
niences, and the added charm of dwelling be
side a large oody of water, liakewood iecom,
mends itself strongly to favor. A more beau-
titul spot would be bard to find. "V Hb.it'
picturepoue cottaaos surrounded bvtre.es: its
velvet lawns sloping down to the Lake; the
church with its mure; the great hotels with
tbeir cool and shady verandahs; and the Lake
in the foreground, it presents a perfect pieture
of rural loveliness.
LAKEWOuD. oriiinallv called "Lake
View," from the extensive view of the Lake,
and its4 surroundings to be had Irem this
vioinity, is directly ea the line of the
New York, Perm. & Ohio Railroad,
(Formerly !A. k O. V7. R. It.),
On the southern bordor of Lake Chautluqua,
and is not rearhed by any other railway.
The through New York. Niagara falls A
Saratoga Kiprcss Trains pass directly through
this boautitul and popular resort, and all
trains Hop regularly at Lakewood DenoU to
deliver and take on pasrengers. Conduotors
are instructed to give stop-over checks on all
through tickets, whether reading good for
stop over, or not. Ibis should be understood
as giving passengers the right to reach Lake
wood in through cars, and when they are
roady to resume their ioirney, they oan tep
right into one of
And go through to
Niagara Falls, Saratoga or New York.
This cannot be done by any other route, as
no otber road runs through cars or Palace
Bleeping Coaches to or through any place on
Lark Chatta t'tjua.
The visitor to Chautauqua who stops at
Lakewood, is net cut off from the ouuidf
world, but has the same railroad, postal and
telegraph facilities as at borne. l)y loavini
Cincinnati at 9:20 p.m., you are landd at
Larewood neit day in time for dinner; or
by leaving at LOO p.m., you reach Lakewood
next morning at 6:20.
Hotel rates at Lakoaood are from i'.O to ft
per week.
TTPlTVrT5? to Lakewood and return, and
IIUlYTsIO to Niagara Falls and return,
good for slop-over at Lakewood, are new on
sale at offices of connecting linen West and
South, good for return until September 3).
Southern Traveling Agout
1. iii.nm, m .
..I.-.. A-
P ! CUUl'bK, W
Gen' Superintendent
6? Cleveland, O.
B. bllATTUC,
Oen'IPass. Ag'
Cleveland. O.
A violin of youthful imprudence, causing
Premature Decay, Nervous Debility, Lost
Manhood, etc., hiving tried in vain every
known remedy, has discovered a simple self
cure, which he will send FREE to his lellow
sufferers. Address J 11 REEVES, 43 Chatham
street, N. X. eodxxxiiidAwggiV
Unprecedented Attraction I
Over Half a Million Distributed I
Lenisiana State Lottery Company.
Incorporated in 18og for 25 years br the Leg
islature for Eduoational and Charitable pur
poseswith a capital of H.OOO.OuO to which a
reserve fund of over t560,UU0 has sinoe been
Ily an overwhelming popular vote its fran
chise was made a part 01 the present blate
Constitution adoi'teu Deceml'er 2d, A.D-, 1S79.
I la Uraud ejinicle aninber Draw.
Ibk will take place monthly. It never
scales or postpones, Locket the following
distribution s
during which will take place
TJie HiOlU dirand monthly
and the
Extraordinary Semi-Annual Drawing,
at New Orleans, Tues Jay, ISeecraber I3lh,
1881, under the personal supervision and man
agement of
den. G. T. BEAUREGARD, of Louisiana,
and Gen. jubal a. lakly. or Virginia.
Capital Prize, $100,000.
N'otlco-l Ickcla are RIO only. Halvea,
83t mill-,, ft'j; lenlliM, $1.
1 Capital Prise of 100,lH.
, do.ooo
, 2O.0H0
. a),iso
. 20,000
. 2O,0iT0
. 2fi,ooo
. 30.000
1 itrand rnse ot oo.utsi
1 Grand Prise of 20,OfiO..
2 Largo Prises of 10,000..
4 Large Prises of 5.000..
20 Prises of 1,000
50 " 5m)
100 " 810
2tO " 20
m " no .
loooo " io...
100 Approximation prisos of IPO..
100 " " 10)..
100 " ' 76..
. 40,oon
279 Prizes, amounting to ft22,5O0
i. O.T. liE Al REDARD. of La.l
Ucn. J. A. EARLY, of Va. J vom rs
Application ler rates to clubs should oWy
be mado to the office of the Company in New
Write for oirculars or send orders to
31. A. UAL rUIHi,
New Orleans, La
or M. A. Daunhin. at
No. aia Broadway, New York,
Ur 2o. e west uourt street, atempais, lenn
Notice to the Public.
The public are hereby cauttnard WR-nlnsit
ntl.ic aay inniiviyr er orderw to
KlftLSA So.. SiS Naswaa S Now York
S'lty, as authorised by the Louisiana State
Lottery Company to sell Its tickets. They are
flooding the country with iM)n circulars
ouriiotting to be of the Louisiana State Lot-
teri Company, and are fraudulently rep
resenting themselves as its agents. Tboy have
no authority from tms Company to sell its
Hotels, ana are not its agent. tr any purpose,
Pres't Louisiana State Lottery Co.
New Orleans, La., Julys, WiL wsi7
Drain m it mm CoachES SPIM fiMt (fig,
(ikN rLfjMILM 1 WHSbUtforli!
dQMlDfl tO 019. A VQCKt tO
lncreaftfd prostration nd
alizAa iUmnstt iuiidhiisi i
tro not iMtrmaoontl nhnUnL
T'""" i 9
nor t month did oo ifm much nUmi. bnt nM IV
txrtnt lever ma in mo tarns iiua during my fiiiwtu Ul t
sad TtKur of bodr, hnaoumti ttlsota cltxamnaol tlwuglit or
KOrk, I KUOe? OOt WbnVk JlVttthrrvtit. J P. '
(Thm Iran TonUi a """nini .u . -m
a Tonin im nrrrmuaru.l V ' , , L.wJZL ', ' " r '
SaeafeTea thi ph. ht(- w Mt oiciwe rr... an. 2uTii 'a ".a s m , t r7$i".Ta"Ji1
1,0 CIS VI I, LE, CllfCIJnf All
And'the Qreat
Pennsylvania Line I
Baltimore, WasMngton City
New York. Philadelphia, Harrisbarg
Pittsburg and Columbus,
And bnt one additional change to
From Louisville and Cincinnati to E as Urn
Draw-Room Slecpi Cars!
Through without change from Louisville,
Cincinnati. M. ixiuis. ana indiananolis
to Columbus, Pittsburg, Harrisburg, Phil-
aoeipnia, rew lorn, Baltimore ana
Washington City.
The SnorUwtasMl Qnlettoet Boole,
Pai-Eaiile & Pennsylvania Line
- The management confidently invite at
tention to its Superior Equipment,
Through Car service, and qu,ck time.
The Scenery en Mute is Justly celebrated
for ita variotv and surpassing beauty.
Dining Stations nt Cincinnati, Indianapo
lis, tkilumbus, ritwburg, Altoona and
Harrisbuig are in charge of well known
caterers, wno nave contributed in no
small degree t the popularity of the
Pan-IIandleand Pennsylvania Lino, with
the traveling public
Purchase tickets by the filf Pan-Han.
die and Pennsylvania Lino,"tfc nn sale at
all Kaiiroad Ticket OtEcos in Memphis.
Mobile, Nashville, New Orleune, ana
throughout the South.
SIDNEY B. JONES, Gen'l Southw. P. Arj't,
Northeast Corner 4.h and Vine stroeta
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Gen'l M'g'r, Gen'l P.&T.Ag't,
Columbus. U. (Jolumbua, U.
Administrator's Notice!
T HAVE nullified as administrator of W P
JL I)avyt decoased. Creditors will please Gle
ipoir claims wun, and oi-oioi-a pay 10, m or
my attorneys. A e LIVKKMOUE, Adm'r.
Morgan A McFailand, Attorneys, 4168
500,000 Tags
15 Court Street
Trastee's Sale.
UNDER and by virtue of two deeds of trust,
duly recorded in book No. ISO. r,.im lrtl.
and book No. 121, page 503 of the Keginter's
oQice of Shelby county, Tennessee, default
having been made therein. I. a. trimten. .nit
Secretary of the Memphis Building and Sav
ing, Association, win, oa
Tuesday, the 6lh day of December, 1881,
during legal hours, at the southwest corner of
Main and Kadison streets in the cityof Vem-
Ehis, Tennessee, tell at rubhc auction to the
ishest bidder, for rah, tho loll', wing de
scribed real estate, to-wit: A eertain lot f
land situated in the eoui tyof belby State of
Tennessee, a"d in the city ol .Memi his, (now
Taxing District of Shelby county), begiuning
ata point on the east rn tdeof north W wn
ebester avenue 175 foot southwardly from tho
railroas, on Johoso i avenue, and being the
southwest corner of lot No 21: thence touth
i degrees ea-t, 30 fo t: thonoe de
grees eut, 14 J feet; thence nort" 2u'. de
grees wt, 30 feet: then e south 6a'j Ui g-ees
weit. UUfetttothebeL" nninir. bci, Ini No.
2t in A Woodruff's sub-divis on oforisin.il lota
No. 518 and 59, and the same premises eon
veved to Mike Sbanley by A Woodrulf.
ttriuuy ol reacmp'ion waived.
November 6th. i&il.
67 82 SAMUEL BIR8CII, Trustee.
Non-Resiitlpnt Notice.
No. 12-20 -In the Chancery Court of Shelby
oounty, Tenn. J M Rodgers et al, adm'rs,
vs E M Apperson et at
IT appearing from amdavit in this cause that
the defendants, J M Rodgers, adm'r of J H
Clayton, dee'd, Loo Clayton Rodger., Frnk
Rodgers and John 8 Clayton are non
residents of the State of Tennessee; it is there
fore ordered that ther make their appearance
herein, at the courthouse of Shelby county, in
Memphis, Tenn., en or before the first Monday
in January, 1K2, and plead, answer or demur
to the cross bill of I 1 Porter et al, or the
same will be taken for confessed as to them
and set for hearing ex parte; and that a copy
of this order be publitiued 'once a week, fur
four successive weeks, in the Public Ledgor.
This 9th day of November, 1831.
A oopy Attest:
Bt K. B. McrtRwiT, D. C.AM.
B M Estes and Johnston A Ford, snl'rsfor
compl't. - GO 66 72 "8
Noa-IUalderit Natle.
Nj. 4222,RD-In the Cannery Court of Shelbj
county, Tonn. Maltie II Jones et al vs.
John H illen et al,
IT appearing from affidavit in this onnse
that the defendant, John R Allen, is a
non-rosident of Tennessee, and tlut the at
tachment issued herein against bun hesbetn
duly exscuted by attachi g his prupriy, and
returned into court, ana tnai ine claim c
complainant is evidonc-d by open account fo
the sum of about $.i37 10, and is a just debt
it is therefore ordered that he m -i feu
his a-ppearance herein, at the courthouse
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn.. on
or before the fin-t Monday in January, 1SS2,
and plead, answer or demur to oomplainaut
bill, or the same will be taken for confessed
as to him and set for hearing ei-parte;
and that a copy ot this order bo pub
lUhed once a weuk, for four sui-cesnive weeks
in the Public Ledgor, a newspaper pubiiihed
in tho citv of Me-r ohi.-i. Tintihisr-n
This lSth day of November, lssl.
A eopy Attest:
R. J. BLACK, Clerk and M-wter.
Humes Si l'oston, sol's for comrl't
W 75 81 S7
Noa-RcsStlent Kottca.
No. 421',), RD-In tne Chancory Court of Shelby
couoty.Tenn. w c Humes et al vs. Joon
R Allen et al.
IT appearing from affidavit !n this csuselh.it
the defendant. Ji.lin H All sn . in n. fin. r- .1
dent of TonnePice, an4 that the atUohmt -
isauoa nerciD atcainn turn Line beet, duly exe
cuted by attach inn hi properly and reuirreii
ion) court, ana taal ine dubt auucoruplmtTMit
if eTidenced by oion account, nnd nbom th-
mm of $2i o and is justly duo, it in there. o
oraorea that ho muke his prNDtl aprtfiirMr,r"
herein, at tho courthouse ofSholhy oiuit. in
Memihin,Tenn.,on or before tho tinrt Won jy
iu January, 12, nnd pletwi, answer or d-nni
to ooLuniiinnnt bill, or thocaut will ho ti l n
lor oonfejd as to him and lor nrn i ..
x-pRrto. anu that ft twt f thi orU( r
puoiUDua onoo w&o mr arur
weok Id tho TuMio LIcr. newp)
published in tho fit of Voini)h". XfOiio;.rf
I bin IHth dny of XVovembei, lril.
A cony Attot:
U J I1LACK, Clork sd M ot
Iittinci & V'Jiton, 9o'b fur couid't
w Iv ol li
Iiwil ttrufmitt. I
I it u, ..litoM IVwifr
reNrr(mlP-i,ei i
1111 wi n anaiiis the ei. W ,h U, irsnjui. nM.t
'iT eyrxt Itthn Tuolo hj not ,i,,n. (,u
riimori-nrtjtun I Tin
(3 Madison Street.
Improved Machine? y
We Offer Unusual Indacerriei.
Every Dsscriptlon of Mn
Show Printing
Receive Prompt Attention.
Lars Assoitrat of Fancy Ty
etliSOFfARE. 0RAY RECEll'Ts,
PR' t'?0R VP 1 L i
LUll ISA UUVa A A-fc
I (Vfl'l k I Mi. II ' n
s KKi.rifi nrr-)'
- .
n il. 1ii. II.

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