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Kennesaw Manufacturing Company,
OX Madlaou St., IWIoixiilxi
Cotton Oia Feeslern, Cotton (leaner,
i eouors, anu tottou -lvalori.
Sola Manufacturers of the Celebrated
Kershner Improved WateiElevator
r xxrify irx g Pump.
E. Carver Cotton Gin Comp'y,
The Allison Complete Cotton Cleaner.
Plitnlnc, RasawInsr Moldiag- done lo order
LoattTOle and HanhTllU Railroad
(City lime.) navn. aaaivn.
E.press daily 10.Wp.m. 5.20 a.m
Mail, daily 7.30 a.m. 4.15 p.m
Brownsville Aooom'd'n
'jj'jfjeicept ndayj)4.tfy..t1m
nemphUana Charleston.
lbati. Aiairi.
.Olty time) .
Mall and Express, daily 11.00 p.m. 4.21 a.m
JTaatMail AKip'ss.d'ly 7.10 a.m. 6.50 p.m
Bomerville Aeoom'dat'n
daily (except Sunday)... 4.25 p.m. S.lOa.m
-. BI;iippl and Tenaesaee.
"lew Orleans Mail, dailyia.;5 p.m. 9.50 a.m
Bardie Aooomuiodatlon,
daily (except Bnnday).. 3.50 p.m. 8.46 a.m
Freight train daily (ex-
MpnnHaTU...... 6 25 tt.8.tt n.rj
ChMaprnko, Ohio t Soalhwaatern.
Mall a rnsnger, dally!
(exiwpt Sunday I 4.00 p.m. 1 9.00 a.m
Memphis and Littl Bock.
Wall train, daily... 7.10p.m. 10.36 p.m
Passenger, daily 6.38 a.m. 6.40 a.m
Freight - fi.30a.m ft. SO p.m
Ik'aahvllle, ChiMtanooica St. Loo la
McKkfxih Rout to Nasbvili.ii A- 6ornAT.
Pullman Sleeping Curt on all Night Trains.
Louisville Urpot, Mead 01 Main bt,
1,'re Memphis (city time) 7:30 a.m W:50p.m
" Brownsville -10:26 a.m 1:25 a.m
" Humboldt 11:30 a.m 1:24 a.m
" Milan 12:25 p.m 2:56 a.m
(' MoKeniie 1:10 p.m 3:50a.m
Arrive Nashville... 7:15 p.m 9:00a. m
" Chattanooga . 3:45 a.m 2:45 p.m
" Atlnota ,.11:40 p.m 8:15.m
" Knoiville ..!. 1:50 p.m ll:p.m
" Bri'tol 7:30 p.m 4:50 a.m
J AS. SPEED, Ticket At ent.
A. Y. STEVENS, Pass. Agent.
2S7 Main fitrert.
Arrivali and Derjartures of Kail.
5 15 p.m ,Clc. Loulsv. 4 Mem.
R R Local and
I thronvh malls.
C'.n. Loulsv. 4 Mem.
H it through mailt.
Chatt. k Mem. R R
Local and throuzh
Chatt. Mom. BR
through mailt.
Mem. Gren. k N.
St. RR.
Yem. AL. R. R R.
9 00 a.m :Cov'g'n A Mem. R R
80 a.m I omervilIeAeoom'd'n
Klw. otls. Malls.
5 SO a.m
930 p.m
12 30 p.m
1090 a.m
11 00 p.m
00 a. rat
IX) a.mt
a. ml
700 .ml
780 sum
TOO, ml
8 00 p.m
Memphis and Friar'
Point Agent.
Beienaic riar'sPoint
fleiena Ic Clarendon
It K.
Vem. Alreenv.A't.
Vt em. J( Yblisburg
St. Louis A Mem. Ag't
OsoeolaAMoro. Agent.
Arkansas River Aaent
White River Agent.
Mem. to HnilySpr'gl,
Mini. Stage rnnte.
130 a-m
11 00 p.m
I 08 a.m
19 30 p.B
II 30 a.m
4 00 p.m
4 30 p.m
4 00 p.m
I 80 p.m
4 SO p.mt
4' 30 p.nt
4W p.mt
9 80 .nil
4 30 p. ml
4 30 p.m
a 9H p.m
a 3 p.m
4 30 p.m
6 00 a. ml
Monday, Wednesday aid Friday,
i Daily.
Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Sunday, Tnosday and Friday.
F io. day and Friday.
Wednesday and Saturday.
frTqe.d.v. Tnyadov and Saturday:
Public Ludokii Ofvicx, I
Memphi3, Tem.1., November 2.1, lUl.l
Tho loading money markets of tbe
East Deluding New York and Boston,
are in feverish and unsettled state,
with finances stringent. Oar local
market is undisturbed, with capital in
ample supply and rates of disoounts
steady at G to 8 per cent.
To-morrow being a national holi
day, aud by tho statute J of Tennessee
a legal one, our local banks will be
closed to business.
Tbe demand continues here for Con
lcderato bonds, though buyers are un
able to explain the foundation upon
whioh investors expect to realize
return of their outlay. Tho present
price of round lots is 1.50 per thou
sand Government bonds in New York are
116J for 4s, and 113 for 4js. The
eitended 5s end 6s are 101 i and 101
respectively. Tennessee Stato Cs are
72 to 72 ; L. & N. railroad stock is
93; Mobilo & Ohio, 37, and M. & C.
railway at 06, a fall of 18 within the
past ten days.
Rates on exchange aro I to Jo dis
count buying, and par selling on the
East, and lo off buying and par selling
on New Orleans. Drafts on New Or
leans, New York and the West are)
sold by tho banks at par.
Unourrcnt securities are quoted as
follows-: .
Shelby eennty bonds, f per cti. 98 A10O
Manhattan Bank stock 10 C4'W-
Union and Planters Bank stook 120 125
(jormaa National Bank stock....... i'd (
Bank of Commerce stock VM
State National Bank stock 180 bid
Memphis gas stock - V'.W 83-
M era phis tat bonds 7 per cents-.... S 96S
First Nati..ul Bank stock .110
llernando Insurance Stock .1'0
Planters Insurance stook - 105 bid
Mamnhia Citv Kira Sl Geil'l Ins ...90 bid
Home insurance 55 9 50
Peoples Insurance stock..... - 13 9 94
Bluff City stock W 9
Phoenix stook 71 i 0-
Mississipnl and Tennessee stock... i0 lis 75
li. X. R. R. bonds, A..... 13 1 .413
" " B- .-..120 Ctl32!i
M. 4 C. R. R., 1st m. 7s 120 I22-
M. iO.R.R. 2dm ...1() Utt
Memphis City Indebtedness 25 3 30
Memphis City Bonds. Consolidated fi3
M. 4 L. Rook R R. Bonds, 1st m...U7 ffll20-
Miti. Levee Bonds, Dist. 1 11
" ' Lin. Bonds H5
Mis I.Connty, Arkamas, Warrants 70
Bank of Tounotse (Torbett issue).. 50
A 12V
(9 90-
il 55
have beea 128,102 bales and 24,754
bales more than last year for the same
The total receipts of cotton at all
U. S, ports since the first of
Soptcmber have been 1,911,428 bales
and 262,399 less than last year, also
71,939 loss than the year before at the
samo dato. Total foreign exports
thia season 905,100 bales against 1..142,
885 and 1,008,071. Total stock is 891,
015 against 858,636 and 653,533 last
year and the year before at tlic same
time. . . ,
The total visiblo supply of cotton
on Saturday last, including stocks in
Europe and America, and afloat for
Europe aggregated 2,413,235 bales, an
increase over last year at the same time
of 124,535 bales; over the year before
of 438,012 bales, and over 1878 of 555,
763 bales.
' Tho markot to-day is quiet, with
lollors frcoly inclinod to acoept pre
vious prices. . .
Salos of cotton in this market yostor
day summed up 1950 bales, to exporters
750, to spinners 1200, closing quiet as
follows: Low ordinary, 7Jo; ordinary,
9c; good ordinary, 10c; low middling,
11c, middling.ll Jo; good mid Jling.ll Jo;
middlinu fair, 122c . Stains and off
colors io lower.
Kocoipts of cotton at all United States
porU for lb" put f"ir duy
General Trade.
The markets are, in the main, quiet,
with fced&tuffs inclining toward lower
values. Flour and meal aro unchanged,
while moats aro quoted stiff, the de
mind being chiefly supplied from the
newly-ourcd and unsmoked qualities.
But little animation is reported in the
wholesale market, merchants purchas
ing with caution, owing to the luck f
confidence in present values being
sustained for leading articles. Sugar
and molasses aro easy. Tha recent
oool weather has had good influence in
maturing cane in Louisiana, and for
the past ton days or more grinding has
progressed briskly. Our local markot
continues wollstockod with chickens',
and prices a'o dull, while turkeys,
geese, etc., drag, and eggs are stiff.
FI.OUU. Jobbers quota Hour on or
ders as follows: XXX-to fnmily, $' 2ou"
per bill ; chnico to family, $7 25 to 8: pat
ents, 88 28 60.
COKN'MEATj Frice unehxngeil, nt
$3 45a 60 per bbl fur round lote, and 10c
highor in a snmll way.
i-KEDSTUFKS-Corn from first linnils
per car lo'id in bulk, 74c per bu, nnd in
sacks, 78a80e; small order kinRle. Outs in
lots, 64a55e; in a email way, 67&fic. Bran,
I2J tO per ton and 1 a tat ' per cwt.
liny quiel at $'20 to 23 per ton and $1 20a
1 25 per cwt for Western. A liberal stock
of mixed ami other not strictly choice
qualities has ottered; Southern prai
rie, t!) linr ton and (HlaliSc per cwt.
KSCULKNTS Potatoes in loU $3 to
3 85 per bbl and $1 10 to 1 20 per bu by
the sick; at retail $1 25 per bu and 34()
to td 75 per bbl: sweets dull at 12 fiO per
bbl in shipping order, ciiMmiro $l()al" per
100 bead; onions $3 50 to 4 00 per hid; tur
nips tl 25 per bbl; white bonus 1 50a4 00
Eer bu for medium; peas $1 IK) to 2 25 per
u; celei v 6on00c per bunch.
FRUITS Apple, weak and plentiful
at 2 60a$4 75 per bbl in a nra and small
way; dried apples CV"Kc per lb;
dried peaches 7 to 8c per lb; cran
berries 8 to 10 per bbl as per quality and
i'i per bu box; oranges $11 to 12 pef bbl;
lemons $5 50 per box for Malaga; bananas
$1 60 to 2 50 per buncb; pineapple 60
per doz; grapes H for kegs and 7 60 for
lif bbls of JIaluga; raisins $3 25u3 60 per
POULTRY Chickens abundant and
slow at $1 75a2 50 per doz, as per quality
and order; Turkeys, $CalO per doz; dressed
do, 13a lie per lb; geino dull nt ?3 per
doz all while, nnd J;Y 60 half gray. Eggs
irregular, at 22ca24e per doz.
and N. Y. Goshen butter 85a4A lb;
Western table and dairy 24 a30e; fresh
country and keg do. 18ca25c butterine 20c
to 22c, cheese 12onl(ic for skim to cream
and Y. A.
GAME Squirrels, Hal 25 per dozen;
rabbits, $1 50 per dozen; quails, $1 2"al 60;
mallard ducks, fiai 50; gray do, flat f.O
wild turkeys, 60o each; venison 5c, per lb
for whole and 7c to 0c for saddles.
MEATS AND LA HI) Jo'ihers quote
bulk elenrsides at!licu'J8C per lb ioo.o
and packed cloar rihs at OVia'lK; shoul-!
ders. 7'ca7?ao; pork, per bbl, $19 0 to
20 OJ; hams 13lc smoked aides and shoul
ders, nominal: lard in tierces 12M(-al2e,
do. in halt bhls and kecs 13c, pails 13c, '
and hall pails 13Jc, ioniitry lard lieu
HIDES AND WOOL Markot firm;
dry flint hides No.l,10Vi,'al7o;No.2,13al3J,'e
d y salted, 10al3c,- green,(ia7c; preen salti'd
7a8.c. Tallow, 6a7 beeswax, 18a20e.
Wool, tub-washed, 26u35c por lb; do un
washed, 15a26c; burty, 10h2io.
Steady. On orders 9Val0V4c as in quality;
juto, DKhIOVc; twine 14c per buntllo;
ties, $1 3ial por bundle.
N AILS-Finn at 3 60 rates
quotations are 8'4a!)e for brown, UXalOe
lor y. c; 10,'-sC for standard A, OX fur off
A, lOMcfor granulated, and llallk'c for
powdered crushed and cut loaf. Molas
ses weak at 40arc per pallon.
COFFEE Weak at 10Xal&Xo for Rio
and 24n2Cc for Java.
SALT Steady at $1 85al 66 per sa'jk
for coarse and fine Livorpool, and il 65a
1 60 for Ohio river.
CANNED GOODS Strawborries, etc.,
$1 2oa 1 50 per doz. cans; peaches, $1 2u
for 2 Iband $1 76a2 50 for 3 lbcans; tomn
toei. $1 15al 60 for 2 and 3 lb cans.
TOBACCO-Common plug, 33i,38c for
11-inch plug; choice tu fancy, 40aU5e;
twist, 35a45c; nary, 35aUCv; smoking, 30a
52c for common to fancy.
cement, $1 75c per bid; Kosedale, $2 50;
Portland, $4 60a5; Piaster, fi 70. Ala
limo in largo bids, tsVuM; Tenn
do in VA bubhls,90o. Brick, $10 and
$10 50 per M fire do, 4 and 4ceach.
SUNDRIES-Pcanuts 6a7jC for Tenn.
and 8 to 9c per lb. for Vm cocoanuts,
6hGKc; cider ti for half and $9 for bbls. of
Mo, vinogar; 12) to 10c per gaU mince
meat S'ic per lb in hf bbls and 9a9c in
pnil; grits and hominy $5 "25 to660pcr bbl.
COTTON SEED Per ton $11 loose
from wagons and $12 to $13 in sks at tho
landing; crude oil 42 to 4.5c per g.; refined
do. 65 to 60c; cako $24 to 25 per
ton; do. meal $23a26.
firm at 4 Vc per lb; full w't candles 14jc
and firm.
COAL Pittsb'.irir nor box to river 55c;
city trado, del , 00c per "bbl.: per lilid $4 60
to 6 &r, Antlirncito till ou per ton.
quoted from $125 to $225 each for 14
to 115 hands. Horses, $125 to $200 for
drivinir. $140 to $225 for saddle, aud
$10 ' ) 175 for nlucs.
LIVE STOCK Good butcher cuttle
are firm at 2,' to ' per lb
rroes aa per quality . and order
thin and poor stock JW2c; cows
and calves, $12 to 35 00 cash; sheep
in eood nt 3aic per lb for
rood, and $1 to 1 60 per head for corn
mon; lambs, 12 to 8 60 per head as per
quality; hogs Hi to vc per ID.
Some think I ought to have men
tioned that thorn would bo a biff banl
defalcation in New Jersey in 1881. I
learned all about it just after I'd
written my poem, but I thought it
hardly worth while to stop the press.
Mother Sliipioti.
For Kriant Point, Jumet) Lec 5 p m
" Osceola, Coahoma 6 p m
" White river, Hard Cash 6 p tn
" Arkansow river, Marlin Speed..6 p n:
" Cincinnati. J anion 1). Pnrker....6 p di
" New Orleans, City of Alton..6 p m
For Arkansaw City, Dian Adam-..S p m
" St. Louis," Ste. Genevieve Jipni
Steamer Jumoa Lee, Friars Point.
" Coahoma, Otooola,
" Hard Cash, White river.
" W. P.JIalliday, St. Louis.
" Cnrricr, New Orleans.
Steamer (jity of VickaburK.St. Louis.
" Tisfer, (Cottonwood Point.
' " W. P. Halliday, New Orleans.
" Carrier, St. Ijuiiia,
" Mucready, St. Francis nvor.
Jamea Loo, Coahoma, Hard Cash, Mar
lin S)eod,Jumes D. Parker.
At noon to day the reading of the
gange was 2l feet 4 inches or 25 feet 3
iuches above low watr mark, being a
rise of 10 inches during the past 21
hours. The Ohio at l'ittfburg foil 17
inches, with 8 feet 10 inches on the
gauge. At Cincinnati itrose.) fee'1
with 17 feet G inches on the gauge.
At Louisville it fell 6 inches, with 8
feet 2 inches in the canal. At Evans
ville it roso 16 inches, with 12 feet
10 inches on the gauge. At Cairo it
rose 12 inohes, with . 33 feet
on the gaugo. The Mississippi,
at ! St. Louis, fell' 10 inohes,
with 23 feet on the gauge. At
Vioksburg it roso 10 inches, with 29
foot 2 inches on the gauge. The
Cumberland, nt Nashville, foil 13
inches, with 9 feet 5 inches on the
gauge, ine lonnessoo at Chatta
nooga fell 3 inches, with 3 feet
2 inches on the gauge, lied river, at
Slirevcport. rose 2 inches, with 17 feet
6 inches on the gauge. Arkansaw
river is rising at Little Rock,
with 12 feet on the gauge. White
river is rising, with good stage of
water from Jacksonport to the mouth.
Per W. P. Ilalliday. from St. Louis
IKB bbls of flour.
Per Marlin Speed, from Arkansaw
river bales ot cotton, 210 sks of
cotton seed.
Per Coahoma, from Osceola 87
bales of ootton. 5 baas of seed cotton.
440 sks ot cotton seed.
Per flard Cash, from Wbita river
4ul bales of ootton, 8 bags seed cotton,
uig lot oi oiues ana sunanes.
Per Carrier, from Now Orleans
'-'00 bbls of cement, 47 hbdj. suyar, 25
bbls of molaBsei. 40 balm of bsgj, 10
bbls of rosin, 100 cases cider. 61 cases
ot wine, 61 cases ot tomatoes, I lib us
of cocoanuts.
Clear and eool.
No- Ledger to-morrow,
iJusiuess britik at the lundin.
The Ohio is falling at Pittsburg.
Tbe Cumberland and Tennessee
rivers are falling.
Seven hno packets announced to
leave this evening.
An Anchor LincEoacket leaves here
daily lor fet. linuia.
m, . . ... .
i ne risine river in takine in some
cotton seed on the levec.
Tho srndbar near the opposite shore
is completely submerged.
The Golden Citr leaves Cinoinnaii
this eveuing for New Orleans.
Pilots and engineers at Pittabure
are asking an advance, of wages.
Tho City of Providence will pass up
A'noay on ner way to Ct. liouis.
The James V. Gaff will leave Cii-
cinnali this evening lor this port.
Uho Belle Sbrevenort. from t-'t.
Louis, arrived ut New Orleans yctor-
The 11 It. Springer, from Cincin
nati arrived at New Orleans yester
day. "
The Dean Adams is the mail nacL-ei
leaving to morrow evuning lor Arkan
saw City.
The Ileno Macread v. for St. Francis
river, departed last evonine with a
good trip.
Jim Crow is the name of the clerk
of the Silver Cloud, but bo docs not
ring the bell.
Four fect of water is reported in
tho cabin ot the Will Kyle, which
still contains her furniture.
Mr. Robert McCov. chief r.lerk of
tho James I). Parker, is accompanied
misirip oy.nis estimable wile.
Die Belle Meinnhif left St. Louis
lust evening and will bn here to leave
I'ri'luy at 10 a.m. for lcksburg.
Tho Andy Daum will arrive to
morrow night, ami leaves Saturday
wi h a return trip for Cincinnati.
Captain Duean will attempt tn raise
the sunken barge No. 71, which liain
21 fect of water, 50 rui'.a above New
All kinds of books used bv steam
boats kept in stock tir made to order
at short notice in Public Ledger
bindery. f
Tho Guiding Star on her way to
New Orleans masses here on Fridav
Captain Ad Storm at tho wharf boat
is her agent.
Tho Carri:r, from New Orleans,
p sscd up lact nieht lor &t. Louis with
a big trip. She put .off considerable
trt-ipnt aero.
Tho Ste. Genevieve is tho Anchor
Lino packet leaving to-morrow even
ing for Cairo, ';St. Louis and all way
mail landings.
cbmond Price, a colored deck
hand, was ki'led yesterday at Vicks
burg by Mato James Cunningham, of
the steamer JJc&nict.
Tho present rise from the upper
Ohio will probably let the Citv of
Ualon llouge from her perilous posi
tion on the Ohio falls.
Tho W. P. Halliday.with a big trip,
passed down last night. She dis
charged a big lot of flour, and added
25 tons for points bolow.
Tho Citv of Vicksburg denarted
last evening for St. Louis, after add
ing 1307 baics Eastern bound cotton
for rcshipmtnt at Cairo.
The mother of the late CaDtain
James II. Popper died on Sunday
night last at Kising Sun, Iud., in the
eighty-fourth year of her age.
McCoy's mammoth wharf boat at
Cincinnati received on Monday last
the cargoes of five steamboats, and
there was still plenty of room lor ad
ditions. The Golden Crown, in command of
Captain Kugeno Shinkle, will pass
down this altcmoon on her way to
New Orleans. Cbant V. Shioklo is
her polite clerk.
fi it ii m .
nana puis oi an sues, irom the
smallest to a throe-sheet poster, done
with tieatnoss and dispatch, at the
Public Ledger job printing office.
Prices as low as tho lowest.
Tbe party of hunters who went
around by the Hard Cash a couple of
weeks Bince returned last night. Tbe
only surplus game killed being a white
eagle. Fred. Thomas was the lucky
The elegant Anchor Line steamer,
City of Alton, in command of Captain
Horace Bixby, is on berth to leave
thi o-oning for Cairo, St. Louis and
all principal way landings. William
Mason is bcr polite clerk.
A decision in regard to the Smith
field street bridge case at Pittsburg
was rendered Monday by Judge Htoire,
who orders that tho new stru turo
must be built twenty fect higher than
the old one. The bridge com
pany will probiibly appeal to the Su
preme Court.
Vbe punctual and reliable upper
coast mail packet Coahoma, ot the
Lea Line, in command of Captain
Henry Cooper, leaves this evening for
Osceola and all way landings, giving
strict attention to all business en
trusted to her. J. W. Smitherisin
charge of the office, and is assisted by
John llaleyand Will Lash.
In our advertising columns will be
found the announcement of tbe new
steamer Fulton for iktchie river.
She was built by Captains J. C. Oatcs
and W. H. Walker at the dry dock at
Fort Pickering, is of very light draft
and well suited to tho trado for which
she was built. Captain John Deering
will be placed in command.
The Wabash river has been rising
rapidly for tho past week, and farmers
who were caught by tho flood of last
winter are now moving their live stock
to places of safety. Tho Cairo k
Vinccnnes bridge across tho Wabash
at St. Francisvillo, Illinois,
which was washed away last Friday is
not vet repaired and no trains on that
road can reach Vincenncs.
The Marlin Speed brought out of
Arkansaw river 5i6 bales of cotton,
2J8 of whioh she reshipped at Terrene
for New Orleans. She is tho regular
mail packet leaving at 5 p.m. to-day
for Pine Blufl and all way landings,
making direct connection with light
draft packets for Little Rock and
points above. Captain John J. Dar
ragh commands, with the office in
chargo of Charles Mussclman and
Charles Cunningham.
The Hard Cash arrived last night,
having brough out of White river 5U3
bales ootton. 112 of which she re
shipped at Terrene for New Orleans.
She leaves with a return trip at 5 p.m.
to-day for Dcvall g Bluff, Augusta,
Jacksonport, and all way landings,
making direct councction with light
draft packets for uppor White and
Black rivers. Captain E. C. Postal
commands and the office is in chargo
of Charles M. and Joseph Postal.
Up to Monday night the coal ship
ments from Pittsburg footed un 10 -
773,000. of which 3,889,000 bushels
were tor Cincinnati, b.781.000 for
Louisville and 100,000 for Madison.
This was to be considerably in
creased, there being a very large
amount of coal in the pools ready to
move. Several boats aro reported as
having struck ono of tho piers of the
Smithficld Street Bridge, and the Abo
Hays is roported to have lost a. loaded
boat in Pool No. 1.
The fast and elegant Lee Line
United States mail steamer James
Lee. in command of Cantain Slacker
Lee. is tho regular picket leaving this
evening for Helena, Friar's Point and
all intermediate landings, attending
promptly to allC. O. D. and other
business enrrustcd to her, and making
ctose connection with trains on the
Mobile and Northwestern Railroad
Captain Lloyd W. Whitlow presides
at too uesk, ana is assisted by Piatt
tuioaes ana Arthur lirown.
11.. 7 , r .
rasfcngers ana snippers lor the
Ohio river Bhould hear in mind that
Captain W. C. Tiobenor's ulcgaot
passenger steamer James 1). Parker
will leave promptly at 5 p.m. for
Cairo, Louinvillc, Cincinnati and all
principal way landings, making cms.
connection with tho different railroads
centering at Cincinnati and giving
tnrougn tickets to all points flan at
reduced rates. The accommodations
of the Parker are first clns3 and her
officers keep an eye to the pleasure
and comfort of their patrons. Robert
mctoy presides at the desk and is as
sisted by Lowell Imes and Charlie
V inton.
A Hare IiiNtmire of Mercantile
Philadelphia Record.)
It was away back in 18G1. in the
early days of the war, when all was
excitement trom one end ot the coun
try to the other, that business circles
were startled one morning by the an
nouncement that the bouse of Hood,
14on bright ex Co. bad suspended pay
ment Then, as now, the firm
was one ot the largest in the whole
sale dry goods jobbing trado of the
city. At hrst the news was discred
ited, lor, although only a short time
before tho house had been com
pelled to ask a temporary extension,
it was believed that it bad succeeded
in weathering its dangers, and was
again on a solid foundation. Tho
rumors, however, were found to be
only too truo, and an examination of
me doocs uiscioseu me met tnat tne
liabilities amounted in tha aggregate
to nearly $100,000. A committee was
appointed by tbe creditors to examine
tne condition ot anairs, and on its
recommendation it was decided to
compromise at seventy-five cents on
the dollar. Every creditor accepted
this proposal, the money paid, ana the
firm, absolved from all leg 1 obliga
tions, resumed business. Since that
time its operations have been trebled,
and to day it is credited by Brad-
street s ratings with a capital of be
tween 1500,000 and tl.000,000.
Ninetcon years have passed away.
Many ot tho creditors who voted
"ayo" on the proposition to compro
mise have passed to their final ac
count, and in some instances even
their children aro numbered with tbo
dead. Those who survive. 1 owever.
will this morning find in their mail a
circular letter couched in these terms:
811 Market Street, Philadel
phia, ivovembcr 1(3. 1881. Kind v
befriended by our creditors at a time
when we were needing help, we in af
ter years created a fund intended for
their benefit. This we have the pleas
ure now to offer them. Covering in
its equitable application more thas
the percentage abated in our settle
ment under the rccommedalion of,
their committee of creditors, tho ex
cess in each case will represent a pro
rata apportionment of interest derived
from said fund. In grateful remem
brance, therefore, we inclose herewith
our encet lor f , J rusting you
will feel assured aliko of members no
longer with us as of those now couipo-
posing our urm, tnat this union is the
accomplishment of our constantly
cherished purpose we arc, yours tru
ly, Hood, Bonbrioiit & Co.
Iho total tmount which is avail
able for distribution," said a member
of tbe house yesterday, "is between
tl00.000andtl25.00O, and the parties
entitled to it number about 150. It is
a proud day for us, for it witnesses the
consummation of an object which we
have long had in view. The trouble
is," he continued, pointing to a pile of
checks which lay on tbe table before
him, "that wc aro in a quandary as to
where to send many of those docu
ments. Where an unpaid creditor is
dead we will send to the firm of which
ha wu a member, if it is still in ex
istence. But there are many of whom
we have entirely lost trik. and enmn
little time may elapse before tbo last
dollar readies the euro of tho parties
.,n;,l:, ,1 t a t
viivivivu tu lb,
A rrubabilliy that tbe I'roneen
lion Will be Pressed.
Sper ial t) the Courier-Journal.)
Washington, November 21. It
really begins to look as if there was an
intention to press the Star Route ac
cusation against Porsey. Tbe arrest
of ex-Deputy Sixth Auditor Lilley
will probably to followed by the arrest
of ex-Auditor MctJrew and Hadley,
tho Postmaster of Littlo Rock, Ark.,
who has just been removed, the
lawyers employed by Brady are taking
up the defense of all the accused. So
fr they have proved moro than a
match for the government.
Iteacned from Death.
William J. Coughlin.of Somcrvillo,
Mass., says; "In the fall of 187G I was
taken with a violent bleeding of the
lungs, followed by severe cough. I
was so weak at one time that I could
not leave my bed. In the summer of
1877 I was admitted to the city hospi
tal. While there the doctors said I
had a hole in my left lung as big as a
half dollar. I was so far gone at one
time a report went around that I was
dead. I gave up hope, but a friend
told me of Dr. V m. Hall's Balsam fOr
the Lungs. I got a bottle, when to my
surprise and gratification I commenced
to leel bettor, and to-day I feel in bet
ter spirits than I have in the past
three years.
"I write this hoping every one
afflicted with diseased lungs will be
induocd to take Dr. Hall's Balsam for
the lungs, and bo convinced that con
Sumption can be cured. Sold by
druggists. a
Music books, magazines, illustrated
papers, etc, bound at the Public
Ledger bindery, 13 Madison street.
One of (be Restaonnblc Pieaanrc
Pf life, properly cooked monl, affords little
quont tortuie to a confirmed dyspeptic. But
when chronic indigestion is oombatted with
Uustettnrs Stomach Bitters, the food is eaten
with reli-h. and most important of all, is
ainiltcii by and noorirhea the system. Use
this .rn't tonic and correctire also to remedy
constipation, hilionsness, rheumatism, feror
and ague. For sale by all druggists and deal
ers generally.
For Cairo, Eranville, Louisville and
Cincinnati Tho steamer
JAS. D. PARKER, "jzgSk
Will leave as abovoVKDN"fSI)AV,.Nor. 23.
nt5p m. R. W. LIUHTBi'RNE, Agent,
Nn 7 Miniroc trcit.
For Cairo and Nt. Lonia.
-3t Louis and Vicksbarg Anchor Line
ForCxiro, t. Louis and all way landings
The elernnt p tssenger etsHmer
II Bixby. matter.
Mill inv the Anchor Line wharf host as
ahoe THIS DAY, Kovemlier 234, at 5 p.m.
For froisbtor pufuge apply to
.A" 6TORM, Sup't.
f L Hull, P.'t. Ai't.
For Bolivar and all way and plantation lund
tings on Hatch: river-Thenew and staunch
Willpo itivcly leave SATURDAY, Jotr M,
at 5 p.m. For freight or passage apply to
J C )AT S It OO, Jill Front street.
4or arkansair ssiwr.
Miopbls and Arkansaw River Packet Co.
For ell points on Arkansaw riier Tha ele
g4ntsteamer Marlin Speed, .3
J J Dsrragh, master, "sV-Hac5fc
Leaves as above WEDNESDAY. "November
2, nUp m. J N H A KBIN. Snn't. 2Sn vin .t
For St. Francis River.
Thetplendidsidcwheeleteamer if5"
Rene Kacrsady,
O K Joplin. mister; A L Banning, clerk,
Will ! (Amnk:D ..... TIT n a I .
..... .u.. ..iouit.ui? w.Hijr l.lCLll'AI Bl O
p.ra. for Mananna, the Lot off, VVittbusg
iuu u way lauuiiigs. ror ireigni or passage
apply on board or to
t J. D. RANDALL. Sup'l.
Public Ledger.
The Cheapest and Best
JT enterprising, tearleii, reliable and
aewsy, tad tha peer of aar weekly newspa
per published la Watt Tenneeaea, oentalBlsg
a the city of Memphis aad Shelby eointy.
Ho labor or expense will be spared to man
tain jt in erery department at tl Ut
possible standard, aad to eommend It
mpecti to tha oonHdenoe and approval of th
battelauet In tho unrounding eonntnr. being
Democratic and Conservative
bat will not be nnjrutly partisan, aiming to
bo fair and lust, aa well as pronouood in
political oooTiotloBi. -
All communications should bo ad
dressed to
peatmeni Copies No.ltta Aptlleertle
And tha a
Pennsylvania Line !
f TO
Baltimore, Washington City
ITew York, Philadelphia, Harriiborg
Pittsburg and Columbus,
And but ono additional change to
stagnation, pleasure without excitement,
the delights of rural lite without its inconve
niences, and the added iiharm of dwelling be
side a large body of water, Lakewood recom
mend itelf strongly to faver. A more beau- i
tiful spot would be hard to Hod. H'ithit!
picturesque cotUgos surrounded by trc.es; its
velvet lawns sloping down to the Lake; the
church with iu noire; the great hotels with
their oool and shad? verandahs; and the Lake
in the foreground, it presents a perfect picture
of rural loveliness.
LAKEWOvD, originally called "Lake
View," from the extensive view of the Lake,
and its surroundings to be had Irem this
Vicinity, is directly en the Una of tho
New York, Penn. & Ohio Eailroad,
(Formerly:, k O. W. S. R.),
On the southern border of Lake Chautauqua,
and is not rearhed by any other railway.
The through New Yerk. Niagara Falls k
Saratoga kspress Trains pass directly through
this beautiful and popular resort, and all
trains stop regularly at Lakewood Depot, to
deliver and take on paarengors. Conductors
are instructed to give stop-over checks on all
through tickets, whether reading good for
stop over, or nut. 'ibis thouid be understood
as gu ing passengers the right to reach Lake
wood tn through cars, and when they are
ready to resume their juirney, they oan tep
right into one of
Drawing Room or Sleepinff Coaches
And go through to
Niagara Falls, Saratoga or New York.
ibis cannot do done by any other route, as
no other road runs through cars or Palace
leri'mg loacoes to or tnrougn anyplace on
The visitor to Chautauqua who stops at
, i , V 11 cul va (rm tne outsiur
world, but ha the same railroad, postal and
Cincinnati at 8:20 p.m., jou are landed at
" r " me ior uinner; or
by leaving at LOO p.m., you reach Lakewood
usi.uuiuuiiiiai, .
Hotel rates at Lake ood are from 10 to X
TICKKTS t0 L.k,w00'1 nl return, and
a r 10 "' Falls and roturn,
vv .u,.-u,5i likKBsonq, are now on
, WUI)V,;V11,K una, ei a.Da
boutli, good for return until September 3).
tot Cleveland, O. Cleveland. O.
"1 Will i ..- ,
I J M f r J am f J & m. t'J ' 1 I . .! I
1 1 1 i a ' - yr .-ai
I otrtnittn, tot
ttobiiittt. ef-sfimafe- turn :
utmn, w nut vf ifl '
ttt. lmN IVmi'ih i
ItaVll, NN4 frtMiMliM- f
ienrimjVer,V J
iut my Iftiior m9 ot(w!Itir17 Hi
un tu r.mtmir. ui fulUiwi-J y
ierful reti'iltt Th7M . "f.Ttur T"M', 1tm w!it i I
twit-in iue f
dflouomn .to m, A f acfttlon of mootb did not it,. tne nitach riff
bar tn.l i ever did In the tune dartng mj lllnm? fJ d blfhi"-ni " "',
ud ,lgm nt Ixxlr. hM oom. l elearaeesof thouabtToTw llln Wn' h ,t!:' """''
Wolk,IgDOWOOtWtuil. igiTattthermtlt. .1 P W,iT't'- ,1w".,",i0.lc,"l",;
I riwin bmrk, mm 4 tHom- I
sjMVoWaiVtf I
irith thm Vrgrtuble I
Wirommtim. It mrvc I
ItaiirtCTBeie tus r. h
IThm Irwss Tania im s
From Louisville and Cincinnati to Eastern
Draw -Room Stain Cars
Through without change from Louisville,
Cincinnati, tit. Louie, and Indianapolii
to tjoiumnm, rilisourg, llama burg, 1'hil
adelphin. New York, Baltimoro and
Waahington (Jity.
The Shortsssit and Qnicbswt Boote
ra TBI
Pan-HeiUe & Femsjlma Lin
. The manairemant ronfliiontlv invito at
tention to its Superior Equipment,
xurvugu var eurvico, ana quii'K lium.
The Scenery en route is justly celebrated
i"r i varimjr nuu earmnHiiiu; uvuuiy.
Dinins; Stationg nt Cincinnati, Indianapo
lii, Columbus, Pittsburg, Altoona nnd
Hnrrisburir aro in chares of woll known
caterore, who have contributed in no
smBll decree to tho popularity of the
ran-iianaieanu ronnsvivania liina. witn
inerxravnung puoilc.
Purchase ticketa bvthu Sftr-Pan-Han.
die and Pennsylvania Line,- in sale at
an itaiiroaa iickoi utncot in Memphis,
Mobile. Nashville. New Orlaans. aH
throughout the South.
SIDNEY B. JONES, Gea'l Southw. P. Ag't,
Northeast Corner 4th and Vine streeto
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Oon'l M'g'r, Gen'l P.&T. Ag't,
vxiiumDua. v. tjoiumnuj, u
AdmlnlHtrator'si Noliee!
T UiVB ..i:r.j j. :: , -r u' o
1 . , uiuiiii.-vi aiur vi r
Davy, deceased. Creditors will nleane file
vuvir claims wiin, anu Ufloiors pay 10, me or
mraiwineys. a o lit v fittMUlvb, ilnr.
morgan at Jicrananu, Attorneys, 4iM
500,000 Tags
For W b Ho River.
Regular Independent Memphis and White
River Packet For Auguta, ackionport,
bearcy and way pointa-The R ruiar hide
pendent Packet , ,,
K O Postal, master; Charles Postal, clerk,
...V'AU"! 'nd after JULY 1.1th leave Siemehis
EVERY WEON BSD AY at 5 p.m. For freight
or passage apply to
, J.X. WAUUINHTOir, Agt.,
Madison street.
Avic'.ita of youthful Imprudence, causing
Premature 1'ecjy, Nerveus Debility, Lost
"wiiiwju, uvo., uaviag iriea in vain every
known romedy, has discorered a iimple selt
cure, which ho will send KHKK to his lellow
sufferers. Addrejs J 11 liL'Kv K3,43Cbtham
street, N. Y. eodniiiidiwuxT
fob onci:oi.a.
Trl Weekly United States Mail Packet-For
ruiton, itandoipn, Osceola and all way
landings The elegant passenger steamer
COAHOMA, 4&23k
Penry Cooper, mastor; Wm. Smitber, clerk;
Will leave Wemnhis even M(l'DA V.Wlfn.
NESDAY and r ttlDAY at 5 o'olock p.m.
For informi.tioll &nntv on ttr kI Ra
S Madison street.
Memphia, White and Black Rivera
a. S. Kail raoketa.
For Indian Bay, St. Charles, Clarendon, De-
vau s diuu, ies Aro, nugusttk,jacxsonpert,
Batesvlile, Powhattan and Pocahontas.
The now and elegant passenger steamer
Will leave Memphis KVERY 8ATLKDAY,
at fi o'clock, p.m.. connecting direct with the
new Black river United States Mall Packet
MILT HARRY for Powhattan and Pocahon
tas, and with tha daily paikets te BaUsville
and Upper White riser. Through rates to all
Freight consigned to Milt Harry Lino, Mem
phis or Terrene, will be promptly forwarded.
it. . iau in til its is. Agent,
. ,. No. 7 Monroe street.
OSoa No. K Madison street.
For Cottonwood Point, Mo., and all way
lanaincsine steamer .
Jlowers master Neil Booker elerk
Will le ave TUESDAYS aad S ATI! Rli A VS. f
6 p.m. For freight or passage apply on board.
For Helen at and Frtar'a Point.
V. N. Hall LKK LINK.
For Olendale, Helena, and Friar's Point.
CTacKerLM, maiter: Loyd Whitlow, clerk
Will leavs tbnT nn vt MfiNHAV.
WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY ti p.m. Offioi
No. 8 MadinoD itrt.
milEtugTlLDAwilldohar- rT
L bor towing. Wood boats, j""vj-t-rafta,
sand bouts, etc., towod Hffti-r
rrasonaoie ratos. n org rospectlully solicited,
bignal, three short wbiitl's. Ani lyon board
or to .. OLSCOLK.MA.V,
17t . 120 Front gtroet.
Msmphis and Arkan.aw City Packet Co.
Adams" U.S. Mail Line For Helena. Friara
roiNi, vonroruis, lerrene, Arnansaw City
and Pine Bluff R. R.-Iho fine passenger
steamer vm
Dean Adams,
i n tnoea, master: A L Cummins, clerk.
Laaveaavnrv MllVnlV ..J Ttlinictiiv
S p.m.
For information apply at Ko. 3 Madison
Unprecedented Attraction !
Over Halt a Million Distributed I
Louisiana StatsTotierj Company.
. incorporated in 1861 for 25 years by the Leg
islature for Educational and Charitable pur
poses srith a capital of 81,U00,0u0to which
reserve fund of over H'M.Htj hie since been
liy an overwhelming popular vote its fran
chise was maJo a part of the present State
Constitution adopted December 2d, A.D-, 1879.
list ttraud bipiclt) Am in bcr Draw.
Issara win use place monthly. It never
scales or postpones. Look at the following
distribution i
uuring wnicn will take place
The liiUlh Grand Mont hi
. r. .1 , V. .
Extranrilinarv Rcml. Annual nuInn
at New Orleans, Tuesday, Ueretnber 13th)
iooi, unuur vue personal supervision and man
agement of
Gen. G. T. BEAUREGARD, of Louisiana,
and Gen. JUBAL A. EARLY, cf Virginia.
Lanital rri7n Mini linn
Jiotlre- rickets arc lo only. Halves,
hj ) m .nun, Btai spnillM, HI.
1 Capital 1'riie of JIOO.OOO... ..4!(iO,0nO
loiindPrite of M.tluO fio (ino
1 Grand Prise of V),M 2().((
2 Large Prises el 10,000 20,1X10
4 Large Prises of 6,0ttu...... .... 2O,r)0
JU Prises of 1,000 ... 20,000
W ; olio.... 25,0ii0
i'5 a.o"o
?S --- .tsj
110 IIS cn
loooo . io!". looiooo
1(0 Approximation prises of t&O... 120,000
W I! " 10.). 10,000
RW " " 75... 7.500
11 .27i Ppics, amounting to $f22.500
Oon. O.T. HEAl KlitlARD, of La. IV, ,
Oen. J. A. EARLY, of Va. Com "
Application lor rates to clubs should only
be made to the office of the Company in New
Write for circulars or send orders to
Ji. A. 1 M l'ML,
..ix n i.i . Now Orleans, La.,
or H. A. Dauphin, at
Nr.. uiis rt....i... v v..,.
Or So- H West Court street, Memphis, Tenn!
Notion t (he Public.
The public are hereby eaullnnrd ngalnxt
IT."!!'.:. " " r oracrw l
I -M . t o., ns Nrni.nn at.. Kew York
t-ity, as authorised by the Louisiana btnte
l.flttrtf n.im r, ... ..II li. ,1 .1... . mi
Hooding the country with bntru rlrralnm
iiuii'uciiug io oe o i tne Lnuimna Mate Lot-
. -- j . ' " i-iiMinr-uy re.
resenting themselves as lis agente. Thev-hive
no auttionty trom this Company to sell its
""irrm , '',r,",I7""PM-
Prat t Louisiana State Lottery Co.
Nsw Orleans, La., JuWs.lstl. wAsST
"1 fcao r-VJ rCS4-
15 Court Street
Trujite' SiUe.
TT rMTsUn ar1 l.tr .1... .fi I J- -1 a a
V uuiy reoorufU in DOOK 0. UU, pig MX).
me of bhelby county, Tennegnee, default
uncittLiri in m innmii mi Km , Mrs iii.i ft.
ing Association, will, on
Tuesday, tht 6!h day of December, 1881,
durino- lepat hnnp. It,, ...iv. ... . ,
main and VSadison ftroeta, in the cityof Mera-
,-., .viiiirn.v, .un ni. pumic auctien ro tne
highest bidder, for rash, tho following de
scribed real estate, to-wit: A ceitain lot of
hind situated in the cour tyof hclby State oi
i.uiiaF,,,, nnu in ioo city oi jncmi nis, tnow
Taxing District of Shelby county), beginning
t . nnint nn l,..a.....:.. ..f . . l i,--
CheSTOr aVHnilM 1 .A f... ann,li M..ll- i . i
, j , l ..uniu. iii.iu 1UC
railroat, on Jobn;o i avenue, and being the
uiiu.TOrursiroiioi wi it; tbence routb
degrees ea.-t, 30 fe.t; thence tid'a lie
ar.oa -u,i, nj root; tnenco norm w d
grees we.t, SO feet: theni e south bVjj degrees
west, HO felt to the beginning, boii g lot No.
u " A,00(lruu8 sub-ilivislon of oriainal lots
No. 518 and 519, and the samo premises con
voked to Mike Bbanloy by A WoodruH.
.ijui.j. ui rcaemn-iou waivoa.
November 6th. 18S1.
67 82 SAMUEL HIRSC1I, Trustee.
Non-Ketjident KoUce.
So. 12J)-In tho Chancery Conrt of Sh-lby
it il a et "in re,
IT appearing from athdavit in this cause that
the defendants, J M Rodgers, adm'r of J S
Clayton, dec' d, Lou Clayton Rodger, Frsnk
Rodgers and John 8 I'Uvt ...
residents of the State of Tennessee; it is there
fore ordered that ther make their appearance
herein, at the courthouse of Shelby county, in
Memphis, Tenn., en or before tbe first Monday
in January, 110.2, and plead, answer or demur
to the cross bill of III Porter et nl, or tbe
same will be tiken for confessed as to then
and set for hearing ex parte; and that a copj
or tbit order be published once a week, for
foJ?,r -V."f!";,iT" weeks, in the Public Ledger.
.... ... .7 J..W, QIUUDr, lOJl.
A eopy Attest:
R.J. BLACK, C. 4 M.
B M Estes and Johnston it 1'o'rd, sol'rsfoi
iomplt. 00 66 7278
Non-Raaldaot Nolle.
N3. 4222,RD-In tbe Chancery Court of Bhelbj
t u Ii r,i ....... u wuues vi at vs.
John K A nn nl al
TT appearing from affidavit In this e-mse
1 that th rl.rn.ilun. 1..L. U .n. .
non-resident ef lennessee, and that the at
tachmcnt L.tisH n.r.i. , i.
daly executed by attaching his property, antl
........ .. anu inn ioe claim o
complainant n tvidencd by open account fyi
the mm nf thntii CrtiT in ..j:. 1.. j r.
t is therefore ordered that he
nppearanco herein, at tho courthouse
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., or
or before the fir.t Monday in January, 182
and nlaarf. an n .1 ... ,
rr., y .u.r vu cumpiainani
bill, or the same will be Uken for confessed
j v ul ol ,or neanng ex-parte-and
that a copy of this order be pub
n th ",ttbI'Ledger, a newspaper pubiitbtd
in i. lam aay oi ovember1 1881.
A copy Attest :
R. J. BLACK. Clerk and Master,
llumes II Poeton, iol' for eoropl't
. 69 75 I K7
(3 ttarJiscn Street
laiile and 5Men
D THB vsot-4
Improved Machinei
We (Jffor Unusual Inducemenli
Every Eoscription of PriHtim
Show Printing
Receive Prompt Attentich.
lare Assortment of Fancy Tp
. for pni.iTjr:a
Moa-Raaldant Notie.
Kn.i'llO Hn.T.l.,i . .... ..
' n . , .! nanco-y uonrt otbbciliy
M a : . T" 1 iUuies et al vs. John
tt AlU-ti et al.
,''Ve?I'iB,' from ytS'lavitln thii cause that
.1.., .,7 f- fciuoii,ia a non-reii-
dent of lennessoe, and that the attachment
issued Herein ngainst him ha been duly e
cutcd by attaching his property and returned
-- ...urianu luanneilubt due complainant
it evidenred by open account, and is about the
sum of tjib.r-l, and is justly due, it istherelo e
enieroil that ho makehis personal appearand
Mroin. at tht courlhouno ot ihetby oountr, in
Memphis, lenn., on or before the lirst Monoay
in January, 1KS2. and plead; answer or demur
wouuiuiainant out, or the same win be tason
lor confessed at to him and set for bearini
ex-parte, and that a eosw of this order b
published onct a week for four SDweagir
weeks in the Puhlio Ledg'r. a newiimper
ptil)ti.-hed In the city of .VempM", Tennessee.
This ISth day of Kovtmbtr, lHhl.
A oopy Attest:
R J BLACK, Clerk end Mastor.
llumes A Poston, lot's fur compl't
8.7581 17
Railroad Printing
if KVKitr KIKU. IN f ACT
in a PRiKTiNt oyrica-

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