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i Ci.?vtl - '.) 9.
I EwUgfcp on t,.(tC U8T 1
orristohm fSiHttt
Onewjuare,, 'ten linen, or lew,) tor first In
One Dui.ar, each ctequct inaertion rift; crMl.
niuoui by
L. P. & O. E. SPECK.
1 M. 3.
6 M.
IX M .
I ne .square,
1 wo Squares,
1 liree .-squares,
lo fft' otnmn,
Half olumii.
On Column,
3 00
5 00
g oo f u oo
jo eoj so u re
is ii is OO' sn cm
7 00
Vol. V No 41.
Two Dollars a Year.
10 00
1 ?0 60 ; 00 1 40 00
.15 00 3i 00: 40 00 MOO
l) 08 t 40 AS,' 60 00 IOC M
Professional Cards.
Ik i' vV t er II V
ll r. i 1 1 r I u i .
RojjerYll!e, Team., from 1st to 15th of each month.
Hn.iiuwn, frofl 15tk to lat uf pacta month.
TERMM..Ca!li or Its equivalent
A Graduate iff the Aaguata Medical College,
Han located at CHUCKY BEND,
TENN.. and tenders his professional
June 15th, 170.
T. MAGE K, M. D.
. g V R G E 0 II AND 1' II Y S I C I A a,
1 ' Will give special attention to the
r w L a x ; H H N K'
I ? , Attorney nt Law,
And Solicitor in Chancery,
Fr cti-ea In tl,e counti e of C'oc.ie, J"fferon,
fca ter, Co on. Or-cinjrer and ureeue. V llec
tin ft teretcl t or inpt y. 'I'lSIr
j. a. rose, I.atc- of Virginia. J. C. hoih.ks.
O S E k HO l G E S ,
M'irii.ihiirit. Ttnn.
Will practice in the courts of Jefferson,
iraiiiier and adjoining counties, nd in
the1 Supreme court at Kuoxville.
AH inxiness entrusted to them will re
ceive prompt and r-arelu! attrition. SeZt.
K.U.Barton. Waa. HcFarumd. Jaa. P. Eraa.
MerrUtawa, Tenn.
Will practice their profession in Jeffer
bii and all the adjoining counties of Hast
Tennessee, and in the Supreme and Fed
eral courts at Kiioxviffc. 8F'ollcctioiis
niade in all parts of Kast Tennessee.
an 1.1
Attorney al Law.
R O G.F. tt S V I L L E , T E N N
llTll.h pAcfiee in '
V V kins. Hancock. .
Jefferson and (jrainger.
I ourts o
ivan. Hi
p j.; m 1
a o n f.
Attorney nt L;iv.
O Tt V. F. N K V I L t E . T B N N .
Will attend the cir.-ui- and chancery
rburts of the Brill JMfctftl I'istrict at
Tennesse... and aN". the counties of . leA'-i-
on and Cocke, and will practice in the
Supreme and Federal courts at Knoxville.
C'onertions promptly attendee to.
dec 12 Iv.
TsTT SAL, P A It K K B .V N E A I..
fwrmirntt aWSaf I'tit 'ir' 1 1 tti . Ark.
HUH tlm is all tSS state roartin vre-tern
Arkniiia., in tin. Snpretne Court hi I.iuTe ltrk,
atnt'ln the rir-"it and divtrtri enort ' Van Iturea
Will aa)n I to tlie coliertion of all damn tomniil
lr t i their rare in pfeftern Arltanase, North- '
ta-O-rn'r. -, nnl (In- Indian Nnth" --
Will perekniav snfl niat adv am i men'" i.on
Heal Kta'e. win a description . t a-nnrity, ti:l- j
Itr. lesBty, and aatUfaster net he Ki"'r. ,
, i
Miscellaneous Cards.
1871. 1871i
trltoilesitt ukalkh IM
Cloaks and Furs.
l,Rii: STOCK iF !.AIiKS" AN!)
SAtf.SK00Ms.-s-2 Italtlmore srrert and 31
North Howard street.
t i.UKK HI. iu K.
Con i m iss ion Mercli a n ts.
And Dealers In Flour. Grata, I'eaatrj Prndurr.
I.rncerles, Af.
Consignments aolicited and prompt at
tention t-'iren to all business entrusted to
our eare. and eash remitted on day of sale.
Letters of enqairy promptly answered.
Cash pai'i for wheat. Corn and lints, nnd
sacks furnished on demand. jn4-ly
Josi All M II.I.SK KFM' BlSKLI.,
l.ate.lotah Mi'.'e fc Co Of (.eorgia
P.O. bSsVM I.ate of TfStaait.
Comm ission Merck ants,
177 Broad St,, Augusta, Ga
Liberal advances made on consignments.
Sum -f. rain
S T E W AR T & CO.,
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merc h a n t s,
Ko. !S North Howard Street.
Prompt and special attention piven to all
orders and coii'i?iiineiiis. Jnp27.
Penniiiiaii & ro.
Importers and Wsolesale Penters In
f6. l'e'N'orth HownrJ S're. :.
s. a. rusNi s
joms n r v - i ki
j. a. iii sin
f je?-1m.
WILL Give his prompt personal at
tention to Paititinjr Paper ha tiginjr, (ila
zii!. eu. Jlayjnp had pnACtsesl exj eri
evce in in- business f ir a ttumlar cf years.
:w.,d . -upl :..". hut firstslatvl wt,rk
men, he can insure .satis'aetion. Prices
moderate. Orders for work to he done in
the rountrr, on the line of e-tlo r Kailroad
running into -Morrietown, will receive
prompt attention. :!' tf
A L K E It & O i N .
Jorritnu;i , Temi.
1U a shop splendidly fitted up sharp
Itar.ors. clean towels.' and always
ready for "Your mrn next, sir."
JOF FRITTING ceatlv executed at
' " Th4 Office.
V. J.
Miscellaneous Advertisements
J. O.
Commission Merchant,
m I
Factorr Agent fornJe of
Carptt Cham, Cain Sacks, Papfr, it., it.,
Consignments aoticitsd of
Bacon, Lard, Flour, Grain,
Tobacco, Feathers, Bees
wax. Ginseng, llax Seed, Sec.
Yarns Advanced on I'roduce.
I marl ." 1 v.
Joll.s S. KISTIXK.
BDWIK r. May.
AXO Al l. KINDS or
M a t t r a s s e s ,
Patent Bed Springs
Factory iu Xorth Knoxville.
WinniM, KcCim NmL (iy Ztrret.
K N O X V I I. I. E . T K N N .
mar ! j- ly.
E. (i. SI! ANN ON,
Wj. W a x a it ST S o n .
1M Coin KltS AN i UK U.KHS IS
F a n c v G o o d s ,
USiery, White fr'ood.
Woolen Glasrel and sliriiill nrea,
26S BnltrsMire Street,
B A L T I M i) ll E.
witot.::si K DKAHEItS IS
Stnr-v Ct'Tld 1 i ' IK I)
323 Baltimore street. Ip Stairs,
hemoved Ir-iin ill,; liatitnorc fet,
aa 2.1-1 1'.
C . B . M'CRARY-
Brj f,d, Groftrifs. briW, bmnxt,
Boot, Shoe?, Notions, &c.
also antra os havb
Ruttcr, rpps. rhirkens, turkeys
And marketable Vegetables.
Housekeepers can Save. Monev and Time
by always calling at sry house when
they want the shove named poods.
Country People ean always rit Oood
Prices for their Produce, ami GOeds
at Fair figure, bv calling on me.
Call ond give me a trial. S'ore on Main
Street, west end of Town.
ap tf. G. B. JfcCRART.
O. R Smith & CoT,
Rflftks. Stationery and I'any GWs,
Depository of tht Am. S. & Union,
Oat Strkkt,
?r.KoxTiLLE, Tras.
Depot for all tbe Periodicals of the Iav.
mavl 1 If.
H.T cox, of Tenn. J. 1. co.t, of Teun
Commission Merchants,
Forsyth Street. ATLANTA, GEORGIA. :
Prompt attention jfiven to the sale of
t'rnrliire. ornrcries and (.eneral 1! rclianrtisc.
And tilling orders lor Produce or Mer'-ha lise.
Refer io Business Houses generally of j
Fast Tennessee and South western Virginia, j
H ui ness Houses generally of Atlanta.
French, Brown B Co., and others, I'lmtta- !
nooga, Tenn. ifSrsengale .V. Co.. nnd
others, Nashville, Ten a. ilson, Burns
v Co.. Baltimore. flh20-iiS
H . D
(end 'JcWt lei;
Wltskes, 0Mf9, lihKftu thr hkvi;,
flold. SSPver and Ffates Ware,
SPBTTACtBS. PISTOLS, f A l:TKI !f.f. tr.. ir.
Hair work made to Order, RepflttrfwK done
on Short Notice. All work executed
Promptly and Satis'n'oeilv.
c K . i. i n i
ITklrsjlf fhseen and Commission Mercba: ts,
ao -,. How r I Strsef , comer of Lorn -aid.
; A Is T I M 0 i: E .
We keep constantly on hand a large and
well assorted stock of Gruckkiks. suitable
t..r the Southern and western trade.
We solicit consignments of Country Pro
duce, such as Cotton, Feathers. Ginseng,
Beeswax, wool. Dried Fruit. Fur Skins,
etc. Our facilities for doing business are
such as to warrant quiek sales ami prompt
returns. All orders will have our prompt
attention. (ng 27-1 v)
Carpenter. House Joiner and Contractor,
-rrnil : . .,...; !t
m j L. i i I.C piunii
v orders for work i
attention to all
iu his line. Satis-
faotion guaranteed in every particular,
and prices for all work as libeial as eould
be detired. Solicits orders for the car
penter work on huildings of srry
1 Miscellaneous Advertisements
I lie sviuptqpw f
I.'i'it ( Viiitnitt ml Hr.-
aneasitieshar.d pain in
tlo uie. Sometimes
the pain is in the shoulder, and mistaken
for rheumatism. I he stomach is affected
wuh locsotappetit'e and sickness, bowels in
general costive, sometimes alternating wiih
ax. j lie head is troubled with nam, ana
dull, heavy station, eoMiderte los nf
memory, aocompwtieii wit n pain'i.l senaa
tton of havinj h-ft
andone Munethinjf
which ought to have heendoiif. Ottencoin-
plaining of weakneas. dehilitr, and low
fcorsetiines uianv of the above
fstmptoTis attend the
iseae. and at othi r
hut lh liver is eerier-
ally tho organ mnn involved. Cure the
Liver with
A preparation of roots and herbs, war
ranted o be .-trietlv vegetable, and can do
no injur to a ay one J' i f J f I 1
It lias been used by hundreds, snd
known Uir the last 40 yars as one of the
most reliable, eflica' idus Srld .harmless
preparations eve.r offered to ti. -,d.-r )
Jl taken regularly and 'persistently, it is
sure to cure.
Drspewsiai. headache, jaundice, costive-
sick beaoat-he.
diarrh.ea, sf
fectienff of tl
en m p fever
ness, cl
. dtaessea of the skin, impurity
of the blood, metanchr.lv. or depression
spi'its. h.artlnirn. cdiw. pr paijis in th'
bowels; pain in Ihe head, fever and ague.
dropsy, boils, pain in the back, etc,
Prepared only bv
I'ruggists, Macon. Ga.
Pri'-e. SI j by n.ai! $1.25. fmarl lv.
K. ilcSHKKKT llllll . A (.. X UTT.
Presldrnt. Sefretarj
W. W. LK FT It'll IT. Superintendent.
K N 0 X V I L L E
ifaetore of strictlr
' r T t n I a Leaf,
The follow.
I rsnda of Tobaoc...
Which weotTerat l;v prices, viz.
"Quitn of the Last."
' T hr ti A n g s . '
Vf e respect fa ! 1 y s 1 i i t
rsou TBI tkAdx,
Feeling sauvfed that ihese Bran iH k.ie
Andreas orders or letters of inquiry for
K.b!if loi'j'iM v :.U iir:ne(.'!B(aaj.
ieT if.
.No6. 93 am! !5 jaam itett,
P c t e r a b u r m, I i r i n i a .
ifiHi Miieniion eieil io in- .-n:e
and PutcImaM of ail kind., nf Grain and j
Produce. .an 19 if.
WM, WALLACE SONS, debt 'l M' warns the
General Commission Merchants j PoWo Ilf,t to trust her on his at
ami ; count. But all these advantages
ltlofciftFr g.iqifor tPrttfers are balanced by the cr-at fact that
So. 1-.M3 l arv street. ! she cu n not si nir bass o-o rtarlrlns
i. II. CAPKR&, A I K-MA'
A made on shipments of Crain, Flour
and country produce. Ha on. Lard. Hides.
Vc. Best market rates obtained and
prompt returns made on all articles en
trusted to our eare. f jan 1 H 1 v
Hotel Cards.
Atkix House,
At the Passenger Depot,
Mino.rrille, Tenn.
"Hit t'li'lcr-iirrcd h.vin taa4 t'e alsive
ir anti'Mi T'ciii; tin- fact to hlS (Xiei dfl n i tl tti
pill-he It ha b en M'-oil n thu oMin rt-pa r,
nrM a'i' iMn sar iii p-ovtnien Mi-wa tt ren
der --ivs't nam f rtat.'te.
M S BKlXt PT';rrft'ir
W 1). WILEY Uerk. iptS.
The Battle House.
GEN. Jol-'.I. A. BATTLE,
Late of the City Hotel,
Has taken the Hotel lately known as the
On Chnrr-h Street. Nashville, Tennes-en,
and is t leirongh! v ovei -hauling tfie entire
estahiidiment. He has the entire owner
ship ami managerneht of the Hotel, and
hence feels more at liberty to call upon
his old friends, ami promise iketu that
thev shall be cared for.
The House isiuo.U conveniently situated
to all the Depots, to the Capitol, and to
business portion of ihe eitv.
A S H I N C, T 3 N IT 6 I S F,
Corner Sth and Chnrrii ftri-ets.
Y -Y C JI B V R (j . V A .
iM this date L. W. SCOVTLLE.
Ifaaagefe of the Washington House.
is admitted as a partner in the business of
said Hohso. The business will he con
ducted under the style and firm of
(50 cents each for Breakfast Snd Sfi)per
and "." cents for Dinner) will be continued.
I ask for the new concern a continuation
of, .ilia patronage uf.iuji fiiweis ajid lh,e
public. TA S'llrl J O VlrfvJv
T. C. S. I -ERGCisON.
MV 2, 1ST! tf
'or salecheap at this ".'lliee.
LY Piiiited at this Otlice.
The daily average production
of lite Pennsylvania oil regions is
rhipmentH of
10.041 barrels, i no
oi .Inrinrr ast month smonntfd to
; ft4, &rr&, Four hundred
' 7 tF3P -e
'and seventy wells are now drilling
T the Front.
The content in 1840 was between
tDe once noiflers anu me peojiiw.
It will be, if the voie of the press
, c
! t "
great rt-fult, the same contest, w t to
tu i,.A i,.ti it. in
..... ... j
1872 "Tax jiayers to the front,
office-holder to the rear." Such,
it seems jnHt now, will be the slo
gan of the viot ri ns par'y the
resistless people iu 1872. In any
everit.-.such i thu "nly possible in
ference from the sirens of the time.
So ta s an exchange, supposed to
bo well posted.
Love Best of Ail Ulrxslngt.
A woman may bo Hurrounfed by
all the luxuries that money can b.iv.
nnd have the fawning friendship ofl
j people whose smiles only live jn
prosperity ; but if she feels herself
unloved and nlo e to her heart, the
crown jwel in her diadem of hap
piness is lost, things lose their val
ue, and life becomes insufferably
monotonous. The honest, tender
love of two brave hearts who have
started out. and are Straggling to
iret a home for their little ones,
and money enough to feed clothe
and educate them, make life a t hous
and times more t.ttractive and i
- ;'trin;
jerer Takes Papers.
He was in ton last week th
old leilow who never did take Un
doiLTOned Daoers : he kllins down
abouliwo time in a coon's aee.
an I brings the oid woman and t h c
flax head in a so, ucuk u.g ox wag
on. He ho lers for Andy tjackson.
He sits al the c rner of ilia court
yard, au'l ea's bis second-h-nd
Johnriy eaU - and drinks wat.-r.
The brats cry for more, but hi
corn's all tnrned to nubbins, and
meal in his parts is mighty siarce.
lie darns all the railroads because
they don't make bis ptkteh rai-e
bigger rtt. Hs u sjooih at all
the signs in t wn, then they lie!
tfioldman put on hs bnk r,,.
lars and bitoq the obj hr t. iiin',
and awy they go lor luo rural
Adrantrmcs of Beln? a lVoman.
A woiiim eays whet stio eiiooasa
without being knocked dewn for
;t Siiecan take asno Be after din
ner while her siustiatni g es oast to
work Siie can go out in the t reel
wiiheut being asked to stand tre -t
at tho saloon. She can stay at
home in time of war, and get mar
ried again if her husband nets k li
ed. She tan weir a eorel jf 00
thick, and ot ter fixings if too thin.
; She can get dU need from her bns
band, if she sees one slie likes
ter. She can get her hosbani in
a, o c.,
" or climb a treo with any degree of
Butter nltrmut rhurnlHg. I the friends of order.
The Union and American of l.lih ! To make any reform movement
inst .says: Specimens of rich and I thoroughly and permanetly success
most excellent buiter made by Mrs. W, there must be, on tbe part of
Jeff Hyde, of Davidson county. -'"1 isliati leaders, concentration of
wit hout the tedious and laborious pnrpose. As affairs now are, a
process of churning, were yester- ! dozen reforms of varied importance
lay to bo seen at tbe offices of Jus- ;
tieet C issetiy and Everett. We i
have no idea what is the process I
for making butter without the aid !
of churns, but le.irn that Mrs. !
Hyde will take pleasure in instinct-j
inranj' persons desiring jof rma
tion on tho subject. In view of
the superior quality of the butter
made by this new process, we hope I
that Mrs. Hyde will apply for a',
patent, and that the new mode of
making the article may soon come
into general use.
She Wou Idnt Marry a Mechanic.
A young man commenced visit
ing a yaang woman, and appeared
to be well pleased. One evening
hecalhd when it was quite late,
which led the young lady to in
quire where he had been.
"I bad to work tOrOigbt."
"What, do you woi k for a liv
ing?"' she inquired in astonish
ment. "Certainly," replied the young
man, "I am a mechanic.''
'T dislike the name of a me
clianic,'' and she turned up her
pretty nose.
That was the last time the young
man visited that young lady. He is
now a wealthy man, and has one of
the best women in the country for
a wife.
The lady who disliked the name
of a mef-banic is now the wife of a
miserable foo, a regular vagrant
about grog shops and tho miserablo
girl is obliged to take in washing
in order to support herself and
children. ...
The Rule of Rum.
The- "Chrwtian at W-ik-' pays:
If the qtieetidn were pot, Who
1 ru''' AmericafH candid answer
1 ... a-. . S k . : 'Jit . JA. .Aa.
wonia oe, t?io iiitir interest, ftam
is king. We htrlrm this irr no spirit
of exaggeration. It is literally trne,
not only of our titios, hnt also the
ebnniry at lnrge. Late events are
TOmcient to conrtrree any one who
.M .... . . - . , , J
wiH ne convjrrcetl by eviderifj.
mi ti, ia.;. ........ a. ...
i ne f meiR rnnni'riea in vmn v r
the disgraoefal
maneuvering in
Msssaehnsetts in order at once to
rtrtch! prohibitory leirtslation, the
'notorious inanHgement by which
' he ignorant and debased are drawn
into the support of this and that
candidate or party clique, are close
ly and directly connected with the
$ of intoxicating drinks.
The roling power in this city
fathers and governs and rewards
mmense army of voters by ap
pointing Ttqn or dc.ilc.ri (o nttmef-
n offices, by permitting a frrog-
i noP ,JM ur torner- "n" "'rmu
ft . . . a j
stolen money to those sma'l
poniciani. who t,.ty ana sen votes
wttn siiMij. in .vja-saenusetts.
where the ftorts of temperance
men have been most persistent,
iherc is no political part of con-
sifcrable power, which dares to
itke a decided stand in opposition
to the unres'ricted sale of intoxi
; i n ir drink''. A law which means
nothing, or an executive who does
lo.tht nr se ms to be the most which
years of struggle Lave gained for
J tempcrjiice. And if in other
States there is less of open defeat,
it is because the friends of leg.l
j reMr;. tion have not dared to t htl-
J lenge it. They know that the
I grog shop has a veto power more
inli-nt tt.an niiV menlir.neH in An .
j aittutions. and that no live law re-
p?e -s ng intern perat.ee has vet b tea
en forced t any
urge cxient, and
for aiiv but short p-nod,
iiuuiiliating as tho situation is.
it i ti cca' y t r-aiize it. That
a majority of voter- are directly or
indirectly controlled hv those who
fatten on tire ruin of their fellow
i men, is pat question. That in
d iff 'fence to fraud and corruption
01 every sort turna largely on this
: one pivot of in lulgi-m.-e in drink is
a Iu t wfc.ic.fc we may eot ignore, it
i we wih to inlilute a radical ro
f.-rm in aoc ety anl government
F.r so iorie ji the eon"cnt of silence
! is acetardkni hy a fcssadred thoiint.fl
Sram diitk rs. every official arb
th ef and profligate tan a1 ord io be
'l.tiinl. i'roeed in lte enj"V
meot wt their ut-, woy should
these guusisng OitusesMsiistarb ,h.-ir
pfiiteotots mi lbs eij 'Vmcni of
ib.'ir-'' To ak the drunkard who
el' a - from hi- wife and chi'diet
I to rebuke the offl t wi.o permits
i him to do it, is to t;ike a rather
loolisb vu'ttr of human tiature.
Are we, then, to wait for the re
form of drinking habits in orderto
to( the isftqnlty which tules in
higit jtlaces? To do 'hat would Be
to wait tor the river to flow by to
seal up the fountain. We cannot
, hope oi'.her for temperance or lor
telorms. while this combination of
low iisdalgenoe and high criminali
tv retnuins unshaken. It will not
he seriously threatened so long as
hundred divetse pu. poses distract
and pertaining to the most conapli-
aled u,,,, distant interests, are
permitted to distract the action of
good men. Satan and bis servants
Mre wier than the children of light.
Bet the action of either political
party be
what it may on other
qaeetions, the devil makes sure that
liquor shali be fro. The common-
place proverb, ' Ono thing at a
time,'' and tbe Scripture injunc-
tion, to do with one's might, he
carries out to the letter.
The followers of Christ should
likewise be intent on carrying one
position at a time. The most im
portant thing first, and nothing
else until that is t an tied this po'i-
cy would, with Goi's blessing, be
more effietioioun than tho tnosit
sttcnuous efforts divided among
BMna minae aunaM Stiw. h a Btdfow
noints 10 a setia ration of local from
a-. J
national politic, and a separation
of moral questions from partisan
tactics. Until Christin citizens
are willing tocombiue, irrespective
of the claims of part', for tho pur
pose of destroying one evil at a
time, wo must submit to the rule of
the stronger. Which, however it may
be gilded with a certain thinnessS
of good government, is nevertho- '
less, the rule of rum.
let'' A wile's love is tbe golden j,lto tp0 most, fashionable shapes,
chain which unites bur to her bus- acCor ling to the taste of the owner.
band. It has a thousand links. -; '
forged by sympathy, self-respect; S&" A Louisiana engineer ae
and mutual confidence; eever but 'acquitted of negleet in running
nnaaf .i.o.r, ,,d .heel, air, isMscom. over a man because "the grass grew
plelely broken as though a hundred
wore destroyed.
lot! i m i
You siiould bear contitantly in
mind that nine-tenths of us are,
from toe very nature and necessity
of the world, born to earn orjr
livelihood by the sweat of oor brow.
, What reason have wethttn. to pre
HlMnjr fn the World.
sum that our childjea are not at home as at the North or in Eu
born to Jo the same? If they he i rope. With our roilinir mills.
- . (
1 now ad then one will be en-
dowel with extraordinarv nowers
r i . i
of mind, those powers may have an
J opportunity of developing tbem-
seires; and if they necer hnve that i Take Eastern Tennessee for exam
opportunity the harm is not very pie. With our rnouxitains full of
great to as or to them. , iron and coal, we are using North-
Nor does it hence follpw that ern stoven, .Northern plows, Norih
the doscetwlaats of laborers are al- ern wagons, Northern funning iip-waj-s
to be laborers. The path np- piemen ts of every description,
ward is steep and long, to be sore, j Most of these articles are now or
Industry, care, skill, and excellence j have been manufactured among us,
in tho present parents lay the but what encouragement have we
ioundatiee of anise ; and, by and by, given them? II w many mer
the descendants of the present chants in East Tcunessev buy tbvir
laborer become gentlemen. shoes and boots, th -ir orrim-. tV.-ii
This is the natural progress. It saddles and bridles, their rial's,
is by attem ptiitij to reach the top
j t a single leap that so much misery
,s produced in tho world : and the
propensity to make such attempts
i f,as been cherished and encouraged
by the strange projects that we
have witnessed of late years, for
j making the laborer virtuous and
happy by giving him what is call-
ed education. The education 1
speak of evnsists in bringing up
children to labor with steadiness,
and with skill, to show them how
to do as many useful things as pos
sibie, to teach them how to do them
all in the best manner j to set them
;an exa-nple of industry, sobriety.
c'eanliness and neatness ; to make
alt theso things habitual to them,
so that they shall never be liable to
fall into the contrary practices; to
let them always see a good livin
proceeding from labor, and thus to
, remove from them the temptation
to get at the goods of o'.hcr by
vi.jleiico or frau-lul- nt moans and
to k p lar from their minds all
the inducement?, to hypocrisy and
eeelyiffg iiildren.
Dr. B. was t ailed to visit a sick
boy, twelve years of :tg As he
entered the bouse tho mother took
him sside and tdd him sue could
not get her boy to take any medi
cine except she deceived him.
'Well, then," said lr. B , "i shall
not give him any. He- is old
ct ouglt tobe reasoned With.''
He went to ihu boy, and alter an
examination, said to him :
"My little m-in you are verv
sick, gnd inn! take sonne tnpdicine.
It wi'l ata nadly, and make you
feci ba by for a little whiic, and
then I expect it wiil make vou feel i g" tor ti t-i tio-tasK. (July onc; f cut the reus and immediately de
better." Uarn to cany a thing through in 1 parted."
Tbe doctor prepared the medi- a" iUi completeness and pn-porti ott .
cine, and tbe boy t ok it like a and "ou Wll! becomeah. ro. You j Opposition o .rant.
man, without any resistance ; and j wili ''"k belter of yourself; othern j The Herald's Washington special
he would take from his mother any
thing ihe physician had prescribed,
bnt would take nothing else from
her. She had so often deceived
him, and told him it was good,
when she gave medicines, that he
would rnt trust to anything she
said. ,
Honesty with children, as well
as with al! others, an i in all circum-
, "ta,ltes, is the best policy
hood Mine.
Senator Trumbuil has submitted
to the Senate an important resolu
tion, raising a joint committee of
the two Houses to thoroughly over
haul tho civil service of the Guv.
ernment, to see where expenditures
can be reduced, what offices abol
ished, how the use of patronage for
political purposes can bo done
away with, etc. It appears that
the administration Senators voted
this rescil ut'on down in the caucus
held last week. It will probably
lead to an excitiDg debate in the
Senate. It is elear that the honest
elements in public enjoyment are,
without reference to party names,
coming together. The official cor
ruptions and rascalities of the day
aro to b assailed by every man
who is himself honest. This is the
rill, but it may become the great
ri ver.
: P" A glss of whisky is raatin-
factured from seventy grains of!
! corn, and sells for twenty cents.
A r-Aird i n CT 1 o this estimate OIlO ear
of corn makes five d ri n ks a bushel
I ,
' in the liquid state, thus selling for
f3p Whenever a member of Con
gress, in a general way, tal'xs of
fraud, he arouses the wrath of all
the Grant members. Tbey seem
to feel themselves specially alluded
. aW 4
agk. The latest London announce
ment is a nose machine, by
which homely noses aro pressed
tho tr:ick 60 h;b as
! ah. . .. . . iaSl '
the person.
Patronize Home Industry.
Vti fake the folKwin well-timed
and sensible article from a late
Knoxville Chronicle.
It seems hard for Southern peo
pfe to realize that better, or even as
gbo3 articles niay be manufactured
i foundries, boot and shoe manufacto-
i nes. Arc . at, ht.me w nevertheless
go abroad to purchase our sup pies
, . TT T
, .
I of these articles, to a great extent
their iron, their stoves or their
plows from homo manufacturers '
U e are aware that a great mny of
ihem do, but not all by any means,
Thousands of dollars are sent out
from here every mot.th of the year
! to pay for goods whieu we ought
to manufacture at homo. No won
der that men complain of hard
tunes. Who supposes that we wi-i
ever have plenty of money so long
as we send every surplus dollar
that we can gather, to Kent K- ir'ar.d
or to Europe? The only wonder
is, that we have not bankrupted
ourselves long ago. Oar pojicy
force a continual drain upon the
j c i; n. ry
We appeal to capitalists
to cocoa and assi-t us in developing
our na'url re-rvur'-ei. while we an
foolishly throwing away what caui
ia! we It ive. Never vvdl we pros
per as we might, nr. til we a.-sist
each other, by bmfding u the dif
ferent tJasees ot industry at hpoae,
snd improve our condition, fy
u-iiig wti.at capital we have instead
of throwing it int i the baeda ol
others less needy than ourselves.
The Way to Succeed.
Fortune, success, fame, position'
are never gtined. but by piously,
let. riuii.u e y, bravely sticking liv- j
it-g ti a thing till it U fairly actum- !
pii-hed. Jn short, yoa must, cany j
a lh:og through si you want to he
anyb ody or any hing. No matter
ll it does Cast you the pleasure. tie
society, t he ibou-and jiearly gi ati- i
fixations ot life. No matter tori
these. Sik-k to ihe thi ng and carry
it through. Believe you were made
(OH the matter, and that no one e!.c
can do it. But forth your whole;
energies. Be a wake, electrify your- j
win in;nk better of you. 1 bo s.ayg that S -nator Sumner, who i
world in its very heart adm-res the reported as assenting to Grant's re
stern dtt-rrained doer. It sees in j election in the article which put
him its best sight, iu brightest obs : Senator Trumbull in the sameoosi-
Jocl- iu richest treasure. Drive
ril,t a,on- tl,en-in whatever you
undertake. Consider vourr-elf am
ply sufficient for the deed. You'll
be successful.
Ilrfnkinz Water.
The Scientific American says:
If we won'd establish the habit of
drinking water freely in the morn
ing, soon after rising, con. meneing
with small quantities, increasing
j gr.vhmllv as we learn to relish it.
until the chief portion taken du
ring the day is before breakfast,
it will prom itc the health to much
greater extent than it ordinarily
does, eradicate disease from the
system, and become a most decided
luxury in time.
Very True.
How much would neighbors rise
in value, and how much would
neighbors rise in beauty, if all
should lay aside habits of criticism,
and ncighorhood scandal, and petty
feuds, and ridicule 1 And if men
should study the things that make
for peace, and the thing that make
for happiness, every body trying
to make everybody else happy,
what a revolulion there would be!
Insurance Losses.
Tbe Underwriter, for October.
' very good authority or, insun
matters, estimates the losses of in-
Isurance companies by the Chicago
faro at one
hundred millions of
B5jU If woman suffrage be per
mitted it will be impossible to poll
the vote in one day. Preference
will be given, of course to the la
dies. They cannot vote without
talking with tho judges and clerks,
and consuming the precious mo
ments. We are getting mad.
8- A coterr porary, hearing
that Denver was about buildings
1.000 opera house, suggests that
' italso hnrrv up and build a city
1 gg- Senator Trumbull says we
, Dave the worst civil service in the
world. Trumbull knows.
Masonry, Methodists ana chickens.
Bishop M'Tyeire in hir Arkansas
correspondence with the Western
Methodist, alioding incidentally to
Masonry, says :
Masonry h a noteworthlfeatnre
of Arkansas. It is a power. Tbe
b-st class of men are stitched to
it. I think the "ancient order"
more prevalent here than I have
seen it any where else. Ourpreacb-
i ers, all, seem to belong to it. And
hereby hangs a tale. A few years
ago, gjing into Sequatchie Valley,
on the Tennessee river, to hold a
District Conference, on entering
the Valley, beautiful in its' geogra
phy as in its name, I notieed that
tbe fowls tarrteJ tiil late io the
morning on their roQt, and here
and ihwo one could be een lying
dead on a stable or out-house.
The cholera or soooe other diseaso
,eVfcHsftf Wberewepr,, i n .
my mind, I took two resolutions:
1. To eat no cbitken that trip, 2.
To keep the reason lo myself. A
J -,t
ier:d happened to ask if I was a
I was not. "Why." in
quired he, "don't like them?" He
i was informed that I liked them
j much, and bad no objections to tbe
j order, hut I was a Methodist, and
' that t ok ail my time, and gave an
opportunity for ail ihe good I could
; do. By and bj we set down to
dipper, and my host offered stewed
; and baked chicken, which I steadi
y it-dined. "We I,' ' heexclaimed,
dropping knife and fork, and bold
: mg up his hands, "i tee what I
iii er expected in this worlJ a
.Metl, o-;ii preacher that ain't a
Siaeofl and don't eat chicken."
He did not Marry.
Tin's anecdote ol John Han iolph
is related by a writer in a Yirginia
paper: "An old mm told me that
iie lire 1 near the re-idence of Miss.
to whom it was said that
.Mr. .Randolph was engaged to be
married. On ooo occasion he had
been at her rswjdcsiee a short time
aad left : and as it was Slid that
the marriage would take place
shortly, he thought he would go
and inquir;ot tn$ old lady. She
said Mr. .Randolph bad left a great
haste, and t ' id him to go and see
where, in Ins hurry, ho bad cut the
reins of bis bridle instead of unly-
mg tbem. It appears that it was
proposed tlint fca staoaid make a
marriage settlement: whereupon
he said: 'It is not my purpose to
purchase. Wiin 1 deire to pur
chase I shall go to the cheapest
market I shall go' to A'rica."
With this remark he left the bouse.
..... '
went to where ms horse wms tied,
tion, takes no care to conceal his
aversion to the re-nomination of
i tbe President, and avows himself
as in favor of the Bresident's de
feat. Among the other Kepubli
can S.'itators opposed to the Ad
ministration are Ferry, of Connec
ticut; Hamilton, Logan, Spencer,
Sawyer, Sehnrz, Sprague, Tiptorj,
West and Fenton , and even rm n
like Anthony would not stand bac k
if there was a fair chance for an
earthquake. In tho House tho
s'anding of the members is more
uncertain. Farnswerth's position
is easily understood; but it is im
possible to estimate at this early
day how many Representatives
woulJ take sides with Farnsworth
in a rand movement aguiust the
White House.
0" What is there a man cannot
save and improve ? By curbing
appetite and restraining passion,
by observing prudence and main
taining regularity, ho may save his
health, htteband bis strength, und
preserve tfce i-prings of li)e, ae con
stant foundations of energy and
happiness, to sustain and cherish
him under every labor and hard
ship. Time the indolent might
make wealth of it one of the hours
spent on trifles, taved and devoted
to improvement, .is enough to make
an ignorant man wise in ten years
to brighten up and strengthen
fatuities perishing with rust to
make life a frnitlul field, and death
a harvest of glories.
The railway conductor is
supposed to be temperate, yet when
on the train he freely indnlgcs in
the use of punch, especially tho
the ticket punch.
The United States is said to
ho indebted to tbe native Alaskians .
for tho production of a liquor from,
sugar of such potency that it kills
iu three weeks.
Ky- -An enterprising dentist in a
neighboring city advertises: "Gtt
your sweetheart a new set of teeth
as a Chris! mas present."

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