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)ne -rjimre, (tea !ine, orlttt,) for first jnaertioa
Our Dollar, each ubniinit iuaertlon Fifty crate.
- . -A
Space. , ij. :"iM. ,!. Vtn .
published uv
T T-, c i ' r . ri t - r . t
jj . jr . (x. cj . o t ri jv .
One .Square,
1 h o s.iunre.
oo ' $i; (mj Is oo ais oo
5 (.0 10 oo 1 5, ts
I '1 hrr-e sonare.
Vol. V No 4C.
' I 12 00 If 00 SO 00
Two Dollars a Year T,m,J,0i'"aat 10 00
A-'OL.n.nrt.n j x rAAi (laIf i olnnm, IS on TO 00 1 40 00 60 00
I U.e i oimuli, o 40 00 , 60 00 100 00
i nhrrfKtriiY
kVVVV It-Jim
i i in im ri i i i ili i ii i
Professional ( Uirds.
O V V 1 ' E S :
Eojjerarille, Tenn.. from lt to ir'nli of i-xch month, j
Morristown, from 15th to lut of M(k month.
Ti:u.u.s Casta or Its equivalent
A .. !th. of l!ir Au;uU Wdirsl t Otlege, j
Has located t CHUCKY BEND,
TEN N. and tender- Ms professional j
ervtrt (S,tlie people, -it' that vicinity.
June l.rllt,
s lt i: f; p: o x a n ; P if Y sici A I
Will rive special attention t'i the
J. . hosk, I, ate of Virginia. .. C. not.K
I () ii K & II i ' L ."5
II, l: nn.
WW pr-otice h th :.rt-..' .1. iVeron I
tirainper and adjointnx counties, and in J
. llloraeij a I LilW.
ii H E
i. a an.l ( ). and will practice in the
Si.prein ami Federal eourts a; KnOXville.
t'ollef-liieis promptly at'eirded to.
TtT E A L, P A 1! K KH S EA L,
ATInllVKts tT ltV.
tirtenmootl and I'.i aelifta, Ark.
Will iratti in at! t In- stre- CfHirta la watern
Arkaamaa, la tin- SnpreaM Oonn u: l : Rock,
and in lie.- dncuH an ', lii-tri" : nai rn an llafvn
Will att nd to the collect inu of all claims con mit
tr.l to tlieir car'' i!i western Artmnaa., Ntrtn
j t "rn raaa, ?o"l Um tiHiian Satton..
Will parchat- a ad make atlrun,imcnf apon
la! K-tat , wliea a deaerlptiou l taiantttf, qual
itv. lAc.Hty.aad Mtfefoetory reference be gnrr.
miscellaneous ( -arils.
Commission Merchants,
177 Brtmd St., Augusta, Ga
Liberal adcaacM made on eonsignaieuU.
.HVfjii .S. FtikM
'holesale Grocers
Commission Merchants,
No. 13
Prompt and Rpeeial attention sriven to all
Peniiiman & Bro.
Importer and K'haltsale Dealer in
it T 'niton T'
J . a. CLARK'
Wj. J a s s a it it V S o s .
mroaraaa ako ii:alkks in
F ii n c y G a o d s ,
Hosier Wliiie Goods,
W ...... ti- tilov.! and Snmll
Ito.S Baltimore Street,
II A L T 1 M O
n v our
MMD r Li I 5 ML
o o
J ew1 ft
333 P. a 1 1 1
I i s i at r s ,
rxxdXoxB uvlj
I. I l E
wilso it mm & oo..
Wholesale ic;s anJ Conns
30 s. Iluw rJStrn-t, or no .
Ii A I. T I M 0 K E .
We keep ronslantlv on hand a la
fo the Southern and western trade,
We-aoltcit eotiaigiimeni ol Country rro j
tluee, oca a- Cettaa, Pe athers. Ginseng,
etc. . ' u r taetiti ii'.s inr utini
such as to warrant auiek -;i
returns. All orU-jr is..,
prowpi ;
ir prompt j
-j- , . .
U. J. OmitO V CO.,
wholes t i.k a retail le.leks is
Looks, uUtioaen IM hnv Gtsis, i
, .. . .. .. ...
tpMUtn, of ike Am. i. 6'. Union,
t- ..
O B. SMITH ll'vAVVtov T
jt i.ira imkt. IVKOX1 iLLK. 1 LNN.
llepot for all the Periodicals of lire Lav
mav 1 1-tf.
., ,oss roTTON n siii tii
And nt ah H notice. (
yf all kind, ot Ki-palrlnjr done. A Ini-tfealock tiit
Hefi . .....I nut l y ou baud. rrOOjajM ... :.
in ItacteaBja.
CVi and Examine.
i'irst Door East of UrUbje, ni Ml in Sirttt,
"-w-,.,. o,v--r-iv-. . , I
JOB PRLNTLN0 oeatfy xecnted at
fj T:u3 Otfc.
Miscellaneous Advertisements
I mm mmmw
t tftATwv
Commission Mi reliant.
Factor A;;ent tor Male of
RnnKFHRn nnunM vims.
Carpet tea, Grta Jatts, Paper, ic. fa
Bacon. Lard, Flour, drain.
' " i ,
WflX, (Jfiifen; I'lnN. So'-l. Kct
UilCCO, I'eninel'S Bees-
Varus Atttaaxced o;1; I9r!ii't
K N O X V ! L L b , i E X X .
i I Ir
M a t t r a s s e s ,
Poind Bed Springs
N ot ions, s5co.
tiii'iij'j a
People can always jj'-t Good
t en.i
Commission Merchants,
ForsTth Street, ATLANTA, fJEORGIA.
If i.i;ye. peneTll V ol
le A Co.. and !
H . D . LORD,
ateJimakeriS and J, wel
kK ;i",:''i!- i;.ir iUoflj,
CM, SMver .d Mated u.e.
Evans & Lewis,
. SO f.iiv afreet.
ENOXV,!oLE;. TEisrtx
11 A T S - CAPS, ,
Trunks. Traveling Bags.
i-i u i iC--l"
Siwm n is Enu k Ltm' 6r fist. Btrnin.
11 11 rii J 1 O 1
Fall rrade lb1.
o .
S T A C Y & A X G E L ,
- 1,11 Ii'""1 Mis isag5te n "i t
jfl orted stock of Rifles. Uouble and
sje SBot QBna, Pocket Pistols. Car- I
triigti Shut, t'ni.s. Lead, Powder Flwiks
is, Rifle I
Trieeew ever oflered to the trade ol Past j
Prize and Sportlni; Riflca M ndc to Ordrr.
Our stock ot
nre Work, for tlif Holidays
Will he lartfe slid complete.
Orders U bolesale and Retail sohctied.
General Agents lor the Weed eatnily
Sewin, Ma.bine. Agents wanted in ever,
. ... s r ... - i
Kast i'e
JSto plfnii Phin
:.VU;.: ZTr.tX'?X .
-...g, ...... t,..... ... 1
Ar A L K K li .t C O N , i ot
r-SieAM O BtHBiRs. j Pu
.ieir ii vepot, Morruumm, Jchh.
Have a shop splendid! fitted up sharp
,.-,. towels, and alwarT 1
read, for -Yoa tura a- -;t."'
m bis business for a number of years. JL. VV dUU'V AJUJUJu dC UU- . fbe biggest cowards, meanest ras- ... (... tim ,;., n.i ; bind the times, ever 'to catch up though contracts may be I anu scnooi propeie '
I employinir none hut first elaas work- at the amifckii uatks or ea) and n-reatest. liars on Ihn i . ' ' , . . . nr.wr it. th mw. Th n..on,'a . . . ... i 8l-l.988.G2i. Too State pays to
it he can in-nre satisfaction Prices I ! wi nter an easy ctiair in tne corner o- - mauo ui wwa
D, tie can I. . in r, . n. i rues DPI Tl A V ' wfohrt. I'll he dnrn.rl if! nan't. : ,. ,..i;,lut ah 9 S.-, th hi a ok . ... teachers 84,100.000.
mr.ueraie. uraera ior wonc to oe aotie in Z, . S a u ii xt i l , - " i was Ins constant post. 0 ine rTi The citizens ot Centrali::, III., wo : . i
ra"nnr?0,hTro0n rrinfwtl'; Bre! ita 7 Mr . , J years rolled on unnoticed by him. -onkeys aro voting? But where fd-f-uM gi- r;0,000 cash and Variety is said to be the spice
prompt at.et.ti,..,. ..."l.f Hlk r ti'e ,,7w c.meer,, a coiuhmtuion ! MYou re 100 Smith' 1 ; The war had ended in gloom, re ait my nigger ; I mean colored to Eu,tern firm to of life. That being true, is not
Miscellaneous Advertisements'
j.T S
I I 1 "e "J I1IS OI
IQTMMATVC ILiver Complaint w
iSIMMOXfe winess ia'.'.ai,, in
"b.pai fai.UliX:
forAeuatet.Hu,. The aiomach is aBe.-,d
! . . f. ... ... . . .
I witn iux-ui api.-tite and Mcktiefe-., txweHin
" M 't.T n:. ! ill (T wit h
t. The ht-ad i. trouha
led will, uiii? and
t'isi.it-rui.1.- -- :
lvv lenaation,
i turn til havinir It. 1 1. uiiuoite Htrnt hiHir
wbieh ouvht tohave bwadone. Olten cu
Dlaiaiac of a-eakaes.. dehilit. and low
j .
11 "
di.seaie. and at other
limes verj lw of tl, :
i ii im ii , . ,,. , . Is ,.,...,.r.
ally the organ uioat involved. C
Liver with
l It si M i OSS'
:e the
BR 11 i'A.i L LA TOR.
A r-r-pnri.tn.1 of rn..,, 0,,d lie,!.,. -r-
o h '' r' t i
i t i i it been titi (v k&tfld uur
kiiawn ir the last IQ yt-ara as rjme ihv
.-11 ,
:.... .' : " ' ' -
1 p.-et.-. , -ti,,,,!, v,-r ..ilered ,o the sutl'.-rintf.
lTMu re.'.oa'r'y and parsfstwrtlv, it t
-, ...
s-.re in ciin
t..L- t.
, Rkgulator. "' arrl " '- ,i:
Petersburg. I i r g i n i a .
Itt n n T ft
V'i ! ' n K
u n a u
rjn 0 M B T 0 X E S .
xj x , O
Ol an v desired size and at vie.
'PI I.' c .
. v i 1. i . . iVC
. S hi e r i e a u 7 a r b S c
MRS. A t Pi F L I N N ,
i-. . . .
s.raw iinMdUulieJ Hot,
., , y'.".V"'' .- r
Hotel ( arils.
Atklx House,
At the. Passenger Depot.
JtinoxviUe, Tenti
I HK l. 1 i.'. ,-n t, rln !a- t o
I Huui , r or ,.i .a -, ta.r ,. u
in ann-'ti nei n u Che latv tn l ia frteeda il t!
puld C It ha b -n n ..-e! n tha oci reaa
a. .1 .ii 1H- .-MI!; In p-avemeo a taadle t icn-
" " " ' " l ;
rni r - , Tr
1 llO Oattle MOUSe.
Late of the Gitt Hotel,
1U la
On Ch
Nashville, Ten
. .-i hauling the
ship and management of the Hotel, ami f
he etil.rt
ail ..p.n ;
em j
tnev anatl i.e emeu tor.
The Hoa-e i ist conveniently sitnated
'. " Jf, J V ! " .;! to j
TTT i hh I M U T O M H n n
VV A - - - - - - "
Corner Sta aaS Cbaxcn atreeta.
.s r. , ,
L Y N C Jl B U It G , V A .
laoM this dnte L. W. SCOVILL
Umimmymnrimhnwrntm of
- id Th bustne.s will he n-
-rw. nnatrre. -s -r- r nr.
ot' the patronage ol my fiiemls and the
T. C. S. FEBGU60S. 1
Mav 2. 1KT1
X Per aalecheap atthH 'Jffice.
llCS. I
Kl Va" Inkle the second.
v mrs. aiTIT. Uoi-Kix.
From Mimore Saturday Nibt.
11 w- pleat-aut morn in tf in
early April ; amiliag, tearful, ca-
nncMiim Atin hik! a d M:-!.r Join's
r I' T j
. ....
our hero, oeem ed to enjoy its buiiay
' beauty greatly, as leaning hack in
hi?, ihv chair he watched the smoke
I . .
ftm ''is clay pipe en wreath itsvll
in va-Mie forms and h'owIv dissolve
- - j -
finm view 11,. minn nerfro
picture of contentuic.t as he sat
j i1km,., Uh manly old feature- light-
, ... ... . .
J5'1 UP w,th 'nteilitreiieo and m.-t,--v
I A i , i
uw.- y..M
i Major to led at ea-e I Tire baiid-
! some old stone diti.-e with iio many
L-a.y, hosp-t.d roon.s, wile 1 tvl -s.
airy cohoiad s atoi -oaciou-icq
! ur-m laiai un.l 1 1 a i i I ui ii i ft f i t'i ni i
, . , t i ffi . ,vu.
i i ! i un:',.'i rai". i(n- rt.;.iJ,iv.
...n .., ..,.!..;. .,i. .
j clling meadows, noble U. ids ai
fe'.tile pa-tlires, were his. His ::
' - -
rei 1
p 1
no iri. 'i couiu so wail 1
jiK-'lli-i- ol 1 uliteiil as Ala.
He s in ked on in i
r amtnt! el n.
"SaiiUI cootirig, 1 h Well, Nan
. n. j ifcuar, sec II. a Tl 1.1, Tiro, or
iiid use, and u 1 v on uikve ttia oti.er
ingredient 1 1
T -in ! Jim
v iM. are v. ".
:v by time
i .-.
over tl.
erae, t
tiled iiis clay pi j
uroie in loe a;r tney l
a dlS-
1:-- n ol the affairs or tt... Nation
If AlU 11 T I) , 1 1 Uf
i lia ju l beiriin to
i of being a Virgin-
sir, it or de nay b'o,.i
link of ail the other
LUI us "C Cull til- - in
aurneu to it and tne
leers 10 fteip
1 r' -- y
id nuvo oeeii
ring about it
tne i otitisii
ning before
Ui me! hand
iiu k, to
who quickly
i es, refjoBi u Major jonei
' 1 to am g d V r;inia has sece
consistent witn honor, alter
s call. 1 it I'm KiiU'V, . : ; 1 1 ! I
ver was in favor ol her beinr
n sin 0 a:: infernal hurrv, nor the
ilber States either. I am a true
. i j i it 1.. n . praise God, and put her
claims above nil Oiiicl'S. Like th
c l a 1 1 1 . s o
t a mother in preference
m ,
u .1,0-0 of tar aw.y k.n, ,s
e allegiance a man owes hia own
State beh.ro that ho owes the .
Cnion. But for all that, I lloa't
turn, e are ready for war I j
wish the Difficulty cOuld have been !
Settled iii honorable p-aee ; but
my s ins w
(1 I
ean' 11 need '. g"t it out to the
death. My hoys, Dick and Henry,
are in Richmond now, taking the ;
neoeaaary steps to raise companies;
au,i '"' l,sbters, God bless 'em,
! aro ovor UJ tho v,lla:u bu6ily
: u-
ing ior tin! soldiers.
,ng for the soldiers."
"Well, Jones, I was in for see.es-
sion from the first. Why, as soon
as Sumpter was taken, my blood got
all a tire to see some figblina ID
w,"lo:- AS tor not whipping tne I
Yankee, ou're an old fool, it y on' 11 '
eepeethe expression. They are !
.. .. . .
krfow that in many respects we, as
' -
ii raiw urM in rurinp t vein it n
- V rl I
men, uui men in otoer respects,
I.u .. ...... . i i e rm.
iuev .lie jiii iiiiunu ri oa. j.uev
are a manufacturing people we !
; " j't. Their ci.pi'al is mostly m
n.oliiy; o,IM i,. .laves and l,l.
lhownrhl whih.it mi. rl.-.t
!uu,w i. i i,uor ia oer r
-e right, will be with th, North as a time of unusual solicitude "Why, Major." laughed h- wife,
, K'ove; and wo instead II with then, for a celebrated sur- h'Timotby Jonea, in in tbeW
I "RMVg the iankees alone, will geon, whose fame had reached that) islasore, and when !a-t J saw him
K . l ' .- i"! r ,.-. . i. . i . t. . i j . . ... ... i . .
! -i w,lu l' l,"'t wjriu
If Lmu. 4 s J 1
" "w-. uguuur, uut
: "dknows I feel blue onough."
tBi WOrlil. indeerl I UV. man
i m t 1 1 1." ; B1 v , . .
, ; "'t "oiton King And when
; ''"-'' ul"5 utl"'r manu)aetunnr
( KK i . .
uutries eee us holding back or
j vartIJt our cwtion, they'll come
j U""J i" - tell you.
. i i arka,. F ...... i .... i .......
. . '-l"--
the lally ti'lies in Ii i eh mand. and
- -
age bands p'ay-
IT1' anu Hie gins all sing
1 ' - 'th''l ! "rwillaiso' and all
h tnatt runs me wild '''
.rtuito, teei an in u log
r v1' ' Liiink h arey -r-
- -
-j i:sl ln name uroutio,
I've two ihm
rave imvs
'-oaw Join
Vmi are luxe-
wadti m a
V b v
have MiiJ my old place, si
and all, and gone to Sou
'a'ts a
I ".. ro I : . a
1 hi d r-n
ol hi CI s
V. r. ki us
1, d 1 1 tr-, 10 Hi rl 11 ui
and Lib- nv. bredth
; danged s.r. if J
God knows wbene ii 1
'stay usder Vankee rule
will bo
a ion,: a . j biCKXJ V
in Mu'i'i an
pendent -.i
e another juiep and !
t es
i 01
load bussv
e . .
be land, and drowi.it g tn.- wail el
r to
Smith was
-rtef-il worsh
. i l ,
the least hopeful were earned a w av
a a , ,( , j ;
tll.. .. &a v., ...... ... .... .l.
I UV - t 1 X V 'A t MZ a J -IIS v 11 '.'III
vnfaie where the people were like
-"at-i gin the summer breeze,
noddeiis wild with delight singing
i ;:m r, ij ; i; e 1' 1 ,i u'xl ' i ' i x i -,
oar Maj kr foti unusually satis fiod
saw nanifbt to
the final SUC-
Cegot the South. Iiis sons bad
jl 1C drew near his gate, the
sudden explosion ol a paper ol pop
j crackers, thrown "ova little negro,
ctmsed the nettled steed be rode to
ajor ws thrown violen ly to
j jug ground, .his head striking a
uug9 nack that lay near. His lab
. i,;,d been set n from the houe, and
m;,ny and eager bat ids warn soon
oe..rui- him h .roe. A wound on
the lo ad, frOic which the blood
s owly trickled, se i
bun. Despatching
various directions f
lira. Junes and 1,
wiiciied in anxious
ed, Be raed iiii only
. L. ti i ii n sei van
itude bv
the bedside of the anconaeions boa-
band and father. The doctors soon
arrived, and alt r a lengthy and
cam I D&itn pronou n
ecu il io ue a i
lb.OPJii anc
doubtfoI B
cod iL to be acasc of com prt.iun 0
if that li i r eoverv was
: u:..
..... .-.
il even it o is
I'll nil-all Uv tl III iia 111 it IIU ifHIO i
d hl(i miod woold in all
probability remain a blank forever,
n, t , ...... K,,r,.;,. :
i'- f if..
impossible. Ere long, however, j
nis vj
igorous constitution conotu red
dlaeae, and he was comparatively j
..,n u.j - .:,.
nvn uunj, uui. luu vuiai nguni - -
Jadod trom hia fjiae, a biB lis fx fiery a fiadioal as be twr was
mi,d blue eVcs rH longer tilled with ! secessionist; entertains th.) Yankees
,...,. intellirrBnce. .raxed in stnnid !
quiet all around. Nothing amused, !
j ,thi aroU8ed 1)im. Ilo wou!d
I - ,ar houre if lho fuod
wa8 bnht to bira and would
L.,.;m- ,.,n- hni n, fn,h fi
sometimes taiK. dui mo toieii ol
-----p, d 1
figggjo learned extinguiahed ftr. !
11 is favorite seat in summer
,,k,. .v-.k o,i.-v
"" ""'5"1; r""'" " - I
misery and poverty for the South,
- - .
a in... . ,,onn
os--...w. auu
hi.Ti and in sadness drop the cur-
. i
r..... on se.rio x n l w:o i
... . ...
Jtilras a pleasant morning in the!
early spring -l 1S70, and in
chamber of Major Jure, was
I 1 i ,i i. . . : c. :i
t uuiot irmiA Vi Itiiro. won ' that
. J
. I .. 1
morning perlorra a Burgicat opera
tion on .Maj-,r Jones, hoping Un - re
; hr tr rnvt..!-,. him t.. hi- u ,.riir in
,,. r. ,
teligeoce. Be had been written
I t bv the familv in resa r
j Major's ce, ai d feoikie interested
j in it, he lad corne to the vi)Jage j evenjng, the air nH of hurrahs far
for the ,,u. pose of personally at-j the vietor, of Mana--as, Smith's
i . , t ...It.... - ... . .
: tenu.rg mm. it is tneorv was ina
i n t ) :V ir-tor-ad t-lcii!! rar-
..-..- ---.,
j ing on ihe brain bad 1
I paralyzed it; and thut d an in"iS
; ion could m- made, and the frag
ment o
, ; would he rc'ored to its proper PO
sition and, a-: tion. Nee 1 1 t 11 you
f the ferrem. prayers that arbiters, My Uanght. rs are. married,
a hriel w hile b
sue oj. X ou most no down 11
and be UU e'. 1 r the rest ol the d
. h 1 1 1 11 .1 111 .'i; 1 ' 11 ' 1 1 v. r. .
rii that? Confound 'em ! Let
and every tmng ire's topsy tarvy.
It the darkeys don't pet better. I II
be banged i; I d n't sell the wbo'a
iot to tjreorgia A sa i BooiiJe n uss-
td over the la res o: uli. and Hr. L.
perfectly Quiet, and steep if he
m - 11 .. m
bI1 happened ?" asked she
" - - i -
A lew davs after, when In
e I as well a- i.i yore, Airs. Jones,
i i .- . . , . ; .i. , rii ...
as careiuitj as ane imtii, i-.. u net
husband the downfall of the
Confederacy the emaucinatioo of
! ,lU0a
u' 1
1 K
tne man mge
i ctd -.;! h..ra'
and then throwing her arias around
his neck and sobbing bcr heart
grid out, she told bioi that Hurry,
noble, high toned honorable Hurry,
their urst b on, iml laUeo beiore
Petersburg, fitrhtin ' to the last for
Yi::' .r Jonei
It a as a shock so un
expected. Alter bis first paroxysm
Of sorrow tiad io a n. e .sure, ex
ar nusoani
Di k. He was wounded several
id manajt ment an
clear set so that we oweourpresen
prosperity. U'ir slaves are grot
and some of our land has been
told to Dorthern settlers, but we
nave cnoi
,,av-' tb Pe of news for yon,
r. Yoe remember Colonel
Smith, of coarse ?"
Oh, yes. Poor fellow, 1 d:
ay this "unfortunate ending of the
war has almost run him craZV. 1
,i- . - i w
H'M W:is slleh a Str
I can sdwtost iroatritrO Vour news,
lie has sold out, hasn't he. and ;
gone to Canada or some where !
else? I remember be told me he
would never liye under Yankee!
. i ..tl .. .1 ,i.. i.. ..i:.-..l
"'"' uc"' J"J F'
-Mrs. Jones, "He is cheek by jowl
with tiie Yankees, any wav ! He
te best stylo be can afford;
Matilda, his oldest daughter mar-
ried a Yankee colonel ; and Smith
ie now the negro's candidate for
Congress !"'
uThJ devil he is exclaim-
ed Major Jones. "Smith 1 Welt,
I' olJ 1iP V tinkle; I've
slept too long, and am too far bo-
' . . .
people, my dear ?"
i. . 1 . a - --' : . . i , a vs .- , i
- .x i ; r l iii . ; 1 1 - . hi 'j in itn,uiuviiu,
Bl"B ttl -Hun -,c" o
:.. , U n ..111.,-., "
in ... v.i.i,.
"ld none remain wan as i
the j Surely Tim, our dinning room ser- How Traddles Bules His Wife.
a- vant whom I liked and pitted' Says the Gold Hill News: Our
t. I f. .1:11 s l on
: fn the sLrtit-t. u v;is fji' m.-uf
' I-
J .. .. . ...
J nmeentiy, called me '24 Joae
- and inquired after 'the old Major.'
"Well I swear V e
;. , , ..1
-'jor Jon.-s. -My dear, I f. el as if I u d
was ilrc; to.
I tioni are of a nleasant summer
: uou-e ummiriateu, he atldressmg
I t hr. nMUtla imii atlaAA' 'v .r-u-l-
r -j.. .w,j
1 and ti
t ilo wi.r,
- j n'l bright aii'l hopeful for i he South.
j Then a long blank, and I awke, as
the v Ot'te'l
- era'o cause is h.-t mv net-roes free
antl v .tig, au i one in the jU-Ktaia.
(prtod Lord.
h hot bead-
.a- ashamed
D neoau'e 01
tne union
1 an internal
tha" tne war
J Sflaitn a
rrd's candi-
una. Well,
d. tierv Sntil h. wl
r, r,. r.jr
a .1 1 i a i -
Hie race.
we h id
qniel y on :.-
b me nay pipe and
ou can assure me
in in using South-
' ! Well ' ' :"
ilaC Tobacco.
use tobaci
and lit'.. I
t ll.e KOltemii ' Slliil W. :. .-..!. in. r ,.i
. .
jures the
and the
Brookes early and frequi Dtly, or in
any way uses large qoanutiaa of
l aeco is never known to make a
wentai p
would t,ar-
u fe f;i La,,,..-.,! poison."
married men, rae rawer cri
tbere will be. Marriage rend,
man DQi re virtuous and more v
An unmarried man is bat ha.
1 ' - -
it r.a.t or
:t e c De,ng, and n requires the
other half to make tbines risrht
- - e
a,,u il cu:i not be expected that in
j 'hie imperfect slate be --n keep
o,. '..w I'c. v.. i ...... ut..
j more than a boat with one oar can
keep a straight coarse.
Hard HUxrT.
A negro waiter, who had twice
awakened a traveler to inform
bias that breaKfast was ready, and
a third time broke his slumbers I
i o 1 1 1 e s . e x i
I ttiu- : "Mas-a. '
if yon isn't gwise to get up.
hab de -beet anyhow. ca-
wailin' for de table cloth !'
at Washington has ended a eon
Vel.ti in Ot ileiegateS UMHi all exis
ting agricultural colleges to nice, at
Washington on r' o 15; h, to ta e
such a tion concerning the in
teresfl ol agriculture as they shad
deem expedient.
age earnings of the 53,399 miles
Q railro d in the United State for
ro whs $9,000 pc
rmile. No esti -
,nate lhlLt can be considered accu
J .te has yet been made for the
year 1871.
; Ti,e r:iUiUi ot imProvd fltock is I
every yer attracting more and
more the attention of farmers, and
- . , art . j . i
veryjusuy. ny suouiu not goou
. i - i i
the farm be considered as
-' machinery in the
S,1P '
Hofa necked at the leading
points in the West during the seas-
. ,
n previous to Jan. i. f
follows; Ubteago, sw , t in-
cinnati. 600,000 : Lontevitie, 3bV,OXZ
' " " "
St lj0ui, 320,000; Mi
1S9,771 ; Peoria, 83,000.
I wauk
I'he total wool product of the
.Tl870 waTlhW
td State- m K .t It, . -
P. 'J
W,1J ' ' ,uwv,uw P"M"-
- -
Teachers wages t Mississippi
aro fixed by law at 190, 870, and;
S;-,n Mr ,linnth for the several!
establish there a shoo manufactory
... . . e. , , 1
tha. will employ 4uu nanus.
The Preabyterian churches ot
.. . .. ... .orauia
. . . , -.
ijincinnati are vaiaen a wov.vw.
iner.a 'i radaietV in Virginia, has
Lot bi wife ijper stbjeetion.
and means to Ireep her -Oh!"
-ays he, in telling about it, "there
4ir. 1
w MiMii y v iiJ O r uuw SJU I Ulv
J a wilo properly. Now, my old
" j woman's one of the beat natured
women in 1 h world Vint ahn'u ant.
j u devii of a temper. Whenever I
C See she'.-i'ot hor mad nr. if it'a a
1 ,1,,,,.,, i,-mt. a Am I ;.
j Mav noi bin ' but kinder burner her
' ad .ie Co,'aea round all riabt after
awhile, liven when she throws
I .i . .
, u i ii -s at mo, or give a wild slash
! fur , with the broom or rollin'
,,n J ;u,, ,j rj
and sho
naver hiis me the third'il
time before
- i I tr t mv ('( nn lior rd k..
1 I .i; .
n - - - - . -. . . . . . ... i
such actieoi
Jon h. r pan.. Perlmpi
nan. iVrbuo I have to
, ,.aTe , ho house to show bar this.
; fboing car efui not to irritate her,
atoj letting her risro iter own way,
manage to make her do as I
, pleas'. And 3""u bet T make her
':ndersand and appreciate mv
discipline. Oh ! I Wo her under
perfect control. A man has to,
lyou know. (Jot to be b'j-s iu your
house, or first thing 'you know your
was;; 1 nobodv. Mv wile's a oer-
j.., - .jn,.
li-jjo-ition, but
Id spoil her."
Cltf u 1 ouuty Papers.
eacbange letitares the peo
6 who u. -i Ka-tsrn journals in
preference to their county papers
feourae, the lare city papers
contain a larger amount of read
ing matter than county papeis,
but whieb is the most useful and
I1 1 Che city papers say anythi'i?
in regard to- jour own county?
N th ng. Do thev contain notices
nf vr
tehoots, Court proceedings,
improvements, and hundreds of
itl er local matters of interest which
the county papers publish without
p y f N it an item. I) they ever
- y a word calculated to cad atten
tion to your county or its numcr
jus thriving towns and aid in their
progress and enterprise? Not a
line. And yet there are men who
think t;.u unie-s they are getting
" many square inches of reading
tl ey do id tLeir city paper, that
. ' . . . . . : . . . 1 .. a l.
- in., arv uut K-UIUK .-"e nurui ui
iney. Itremindeus of the
w.'io took the iai'iccst pair of
I boots in the box, simply because
;. cy coat the same as a pair much
... i y iko.fi'
. sin-aiier, iuul r...
j . .
5SC TLemost easily digested arti-
r .Jt ioou a.- .i.-l mIiuu an- .eei BL '
; pies baked, cold raw cabbage sliced in
vinegar, and boiled rier. The most
indigestible are suet, toiled cabbage
! lork diefonaer require an Lour,
I e better live.
1 e government pays a rental of
18,000 per annum for the use of
Congress Hall, Chicago. Before
be fire the same building wag
ren ed as a boarding house for
The wheal crop in England last
eari- estimated at 7 J million
bushels, a tailing off of about '21'
mill ".i bushels lrom the year
A c rrespondent in Hardin Co.,
loita, claims that corn is no.fr cheap
er fuel than coal, in tnat count'.
Coal isSa.OO a ton; com i" cents
a bushel.
A m:in died in a .New York hos-
! pi'al recently from the effects of
swallowing a halt pound ot shot tor
! constip .tion of tne bowels, pre-
'ibed by an old woman.
A Methodist congregation of
e'even Mexican has been organiz
ed near La Junta the first of the
kind in Mexico.
Louisiana is suffering from an
infliction of brother in-late, and
now there is talk of reconstructing
I the State.
i ITntotnnv AI.-isach usetts ! fren-
I ' l' J
!..P!,I Holler announces that be w 11
, ju he iu the hold for the Gov.
The wool crop of Michigan for
! 1ST1 in estimated ut about 7.500.000
j 'j Thft aVRPatr,, m.icu raceiv.
Tb &V
, ud wa8 aboul
The Sorwegia
. .. .
cratuitious educs
r- r
2i cents.
enians have established
Minneapolis for the
; irratn it ioiia erinention nf VOUIlfr men
.jk mini-try.
Ohio has 11,570 school-houses
' our paper well flavored?
A poor man in isumnor county.
j Kansas, hasn't but 51,000 bead of
...... : .1... t .1
cainte m wsw swim,
j i I .. ...,,! i

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