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llfarristoluit (S;ndtc.
WWrte.tiy, February 7, 1872.
The Gold Slarket.
Gold closed in Now York, on last
Monday, at S1.09J.
Determined to Bolt.
A Washington telegram to the
New York Herald says that Sena
tor Schurz asserts that he will bolt
if Grant is re-nominated. He ex
presses himself, as confident that
Grant will not be re-nominated.
Payment of Sinking Fnnd.
Tho President of the Kat Ten
nessee, Virginia and Georgia Rail
road Company ban notified Comp
troller Pennebaker that he is ready
to pay their sinking fund account,
ameuntmg to tho sum of $1 1,000.00
in bonds of said comp-ny.
The Apportionment.
The Congressional apportion
ment bill has gone through both
Houses of Congress and roay now
be considered a law, as there is no
doubt about tho President signing
it. It increases the number of
Representatives to 283, and amonjx
the chances, made- g!es one ad
Congressman to iennes-
Methodist University.
A delegated body of clergymen
and official members of the Meth
odist Church from within the ju
risdiction of the Tennessee, Mis
sissippi and Arkansas Conferences,
met at Memphis, week before last,
to discuss the feasibility of estab
lishing a Theological College and
University to cost 8500,000, and to
bo made one of tho best in tin
country. Tho enterprise will no
doubt prove a success.
Fire at Xashvllle.
A fire broke out Saturday morn
ing, the 27tb ult., on the east Hide
of Market street, a short distance
below Church, which destroyed
over $200, U0U wm-th of propeity.
The principal eufTerera were EL W.
Kwing it Co.. whoiesale grocers;
A. If. Perrin ft Co., dealers in iron
and agricultural implements; and
J. Lunasden Co., dealers in bides
and leather. It i8'ated that $145
0) of the loss io covered by in
surance. Affair In France.
Affairs in France appear to be
hastening toward a crisis. The
machinations of Napoleon on the
one hand and ot' the 1 ourbons on
the other, looking to tho les'ora-
tion of the empire or a monarchy, j
have aroused the .Republicans j
of the na'ion who are determined
en a desperate strug-le should tbejon9 an,j at ove all, prlecily mde
foes f the republic atte not to carry pt,.vleilt About the fame time
out their programme. It is to b J another family started in a differont
feared there is more bloodshed in j direction, with wealth and plenty.
store lor r ranee in me near luiure.
Intermediate ( our;.
A movement is on foot at Nash
ville to have tue organic law of the
Srulo so modi tied as to authorize
toe creation ol an intermeditate
Court of equity arid law jurisdic
tion, it is urged as a neccusity in
the Middle Division, as the cases
are accumulating, as rapidly on
the heavy docket there, in the Su
preme Court, as they are being
disposed of. It is to be a Court ol
appeals superior to tho Chancery
and Law Courts and inferior to the
present Supreme Court.
The Oeortria State Koad.
The Atlanta Sun learns that the
company who bid 83G,500 per J
month for tho State ltuad is now ;
worth 81,000,000, and intend to
contest the lease of tho present
lessees before the Courts. As the
iioad is in the hands of a good and
Movent company, who are keeping
it in excellent condition and
)'0mptly paying into tho State
Treasury the stipulated $25,600
per month, the Courts will hardly
Cisturb tbem. It is a pretty good
idea sometimes to let well enough
Policy of the Democrats.
The Democratic executive com
mittee will not, it is said, meet till
after the Philadelphia convention,
to decide when and where the Na
tional Democratic convention shall
held. It is thns proposed to ad
here to the passive policy until all
the plans and purposes of tho Io-
jblican party in the Presidential
;-;jo are lully developed, and
therefore maintained that there is
ample time to call the Democratic
? r ventiou as late as August, and
thus give full opportunity for all
elements opposed to the continu
ance of the present administration
: unite in an opposition Presiden
tial ticket. This view of the course
1 1 be pursued meets with the ap
proval, it is understood, of many
the Democrats of Congress.
Tuere are S28 convicts in tho
Virginia penitentiary, of whom
oTli are negroen.
Nearly 4,000,000 pouudsof clover
seed were received at Jietroit in
1871. in taiue about SKKI.000.
LLmry Milicr is erecting an esten- j
c-Ivc woolea
factory in Wasbiugtoc
0 U It B 0 I 8 .
Complaints are daily being made,
says tho Franklin Review and
Journal, about the unruliness of
boys their being enrly addicted to
the hahits of dis-ipation their
lounging around tippling-houses
their cock-fighting and promiscuous
gambling and their generally
loose ideas about morality. Why
is it that in this hind of bibles
ministers, churches and tcboolft.
there is so little morality in th
young gentry of the period? In
this town, for example, we can show
precocious examples of boys with
habits and vices which would hor
rify some of our etaid old farmers,
who in their simplicity it may be,
irood and easy son Is, are dreaming
of the time when their boys will
appear in the (ountv seat as a law
yer, doctor or merchant, never onec
thinking that the hoys should be
come farmers or mechanics ! No.
not for the worl I these last two !
There fcem; t b- 8'ieh a fascination
about the wv in which a smar'
town urchin carriei
s himself, th o t
oven our best and most solid citi
zens srs captivated and never res'
satisfied until their sprouts have a
double barreled breech loaiiinggun,
a pointer dog and corduroy coat,
vest and pants '-tie last cra"mmel
eavalierlv in the lad's boot. This
bp frets idlen
hatred and
idleness besets a
C 0 n I e m p t f o r h 0 T;
work this last begets drinking
and drinking is the prolific moth
er of all the evils which now eurst
our town and county
We know
men who have achieved fortunes bv
following well and late some me
cbanical avocation, who to-day dis
dain to see their hopeful offspring
anything but gentlemen of leisure
or doctors or lawyers! What i
there in money tint turns a man.
who has come up from the dirt, a
fool when he has become o
i o rr i r
and rich? This class of men scorn
to nee their sons do the very things j
which they confess wrought out j
their own characters on a solid basis
and filled their pockets with mon
ey. Thus parents, by foolish in
dulgence, are teaching their thil
dren to become drones in society
and in all probability aiding them
in bringing their own heudn in sor
row to the grave.
We know of one in'tanno in
point which preaches a lesson more
powcrlul than tongue or pen. Some
fifteen years aro a woman was lef i
a widow with a family of children,
boys and girls. The boys were put
out to trades and learned them
well. The girls sewed and tau.'li'
school, and thereby became inde
pendent. To-day the boys ar
men of the highest standing in
their different pursuits, and the
women brave, noble and indssiri-
jThe bovs he-came eentlsmen ef
leisure, and
a'e now drunkards j
and the g rla are lazy, slovenly i
and a perfect drag upon ttie lather
who is on the very verge ol t-ank- j
ruptey. l lie boys are a nuisance,
and a man would as soon think Ol
marrvinjr an inmate Ol the iunatii
asylum as one of these indolent and
thriftless daughters !
Our notii n- of labor are radically
wrong. The plow, the anvil and
the hoe the plane, jaek knife arid
last are emblems of servitude,
and we poor fools sre bringing up
our children without habits or
thoughts of work and of indepen
denee. All tin
curse every nt
crimes which now
hborho'd in thif
count y can be trac
of labor and a free
d to a contenip!
use of whiskv.
Men solid men are too lax in
their examples. Wo can point to
j i" - ""'sja''0 I
the different churches in town and
in the country, visitinj; tippling
houses and drinking their drains
regularly. They don't seem lo J
think that any one sees them !
V i tt I o i 1 ! o vii m Ti! aj ri e rr ha aai a I i
perhaps don't care. They certain
ly do not reflect upon what a hor
rid example they are setting by
this open and bold-faced profana
tion. They forget that the eyes ol
all men are on them, and, above
all, that the sleepless Eye of Jeho
vah ever rots upon them ' flow
can the Pross and the Pulpit wage
a successful war with sin and crime
when in this town, mid in every
neighborhood in this county, mem
bers of churches, and men high in
public esteem, patronize theso tip
pling hells, and in some instances
actually vend the liquid damna
tion out to a thirsting crowd !
The time has come when the
Churches must cleanse their regis
ters and the Press must thundor
into the ears of fathers and mothers
the tearful truths ot the detenera i
cj' and tho dissoluteness of th. ir
children. Public opinion must bo!
directed to these matters. When J
once aroused, the time will soon j
come when whisky selling and tip- j
pling will be under the bant and
when peace and order and happi
ness will reign over our whole
Boe. W. C. Whitthirce, of thia i
State, has introduced a bill in Con- !
gress providing for the substitution of
legal tenders for the proas
ban! cotes.
sent nationjl i
Something to Think Abont
From the Athens Post,"
Corn is quoted in St. Louis at 40 thieves from St. Loins,
cents per bushel ; a bushel of corn i Horse thieves are operating etten
weifrhs 5fi pounds; freight from St. nlj in Giles county.
Louis to Atlanta on 100 lbs. of corn
is 04 cents. Corn at Knoxville.
j caeked and delivered in depot, is
j quoted at 05 cents a bushel ; freight
on 100 pounds of corn from Knox-
vi!b) to Atlanta, aecordin? to a cr
cnlar from the latter city, is 34
cents, or abonnt !6 cents a bushel
We re(er to this, not to complain of!
raiiron i tritN. hut to let the Far
mor of hast Tennessee know that
bo has got to compete wjth the
West for the Southern market
there is no wy to ret around it
or consume bis surplus produce at
homo We would be g,;id if ths
producer eon'd al wars ri aKz" larce-
ly on his labor and capital, for
wh'n be prospers we all prosper.
Bat we have to deal with facts
thin-s as they are. It will be
noticed that it takes 64 cents to
. . ..-, , - , 0l
freight 100 pounns of corn from St.
' , "
Louis or Cincinnati to A tlanta,
while 34 cents is the tariff on 100
pounds from Ivnoxvillo to that
point. As state.i, there are 56
pounds in a bonhel, which is worth
r5 cents at Kno.Tville and 40 cents
at St.' Louis. The difference be
tween the price of a bushel of corn
-it the latter point and the f rmer
is 25 cents, while the freight from
Knoxville on a bushel is a fraction
over ltj cents, atid from St. Louis a
litte over cents. Now add the
fc t,at lne West produces thirty
j or forty ousneis ot corn to tne acre
whdo we produce not more than
ten or fifteen bushels to the acre,
and the gi OS pleat mind can seel
j what's the matter. We conidn't
I enraoete with ihe tceminir West i
j were the railroads to curry oar
t -tut!" at mere nominal charges,!
.j ' .L:i.i t : I
, wn.ru c ouii L l ll i ll ix bll V air nikc-
i y to Jo lor a year or two vet.
I ' - '
Btatate or Limitations.
The Supreme Court of this State
has had b.-foro itsom every impor
tant cases for tinul decision, one si
which was in regard to the run
ning of the statute ot Limitations
The unanimous opinion of the
Court was delivered by
Freeman, of which tho
7.. 1
; 8a.V :
The Supreme Curt of Tennessee
has just followed the Supremo Court
I ot Hie Lu ted Stall i in weaken
; ing, at least, a theory tttat ought to
J have been axp'oded long ago that
when the etatute ot limitations
unc-.i commerced to run, it never
i stopped running. A :aie of war
i practically and sflfeciaally prevents
ttie bringing ot suits in a c 'UMry
j where ui flagrant war existe,
i an 1 there i ever wan a good reason
l or justice in defeating a creditor,
j by pei milling a debtor to plead th
j bar ot the statute and imputing a
negligence to the tanner, ou sccount
ol Ids nut commsoeing an action
luring a period when theeourts
wi re close i and tiie !a-.va tticrn
-cive were atleitt.
Louisiana Kadlcalisaa.
Tlif Congrete-io- a Com1
held a session of six boms in Neu
Orlean", on the 2 i instant Several
j witnesses were examined The
i evidence is very Strong atcainst the
leirrrRur :ui,l merr. I) rs ot the I.ee-
inlatnre, showing violence, bribery,
ete Carr, one f the Wareaotb
leaders in ihe Hou-e, testified that
the schism in the Kenublican nanv
originated betw en the Go'ernoi
and Lieuti nant (iovern
that the federal ofiicials afterwards
suled with Dunn. Carr had net
I remained iti Uesoto fans, w h m h
j represented, over three months a'l
told, and had not bejn there since
he was- elected in 1S70. During!
the investigation it has bt en shown
that there are many members ot '
the Legislature who have never I
resi led in the Par;shes they pretend
to reirceit.
Murdered b) her Urunkcn Husband.
Jms Hough and wife, old and
rePcWd citizens of Richmond,
Kentut ky, became involved in a
quarrel, on the 2d instant, during
which the husband plunged a c!asp
knife into the breast and abdomen
of his wife fifteen or twenty times.
'o one was present to interrupt
him in the murderous work. He
was under the influence of liquor.
The neighbors being apprised of
too affair by some children, went j
to the house and found Mrs. Hough
lying in a pool of blood upon the
floor. She only lived long enough !
. ,, .
io ten wno was tne murderer.
Jealousy is said to have been the j
original cause which led to the fatal
The I'iiu-lnnatl Road.
The Southern Kailroad Bill pass
J o I the Kentucky Senato by one
vote on the 27th ult. It had pre
' viously passed the Houe of Kep-
resentnl ives bja respectable major
j,y The eete in the Senate stood
19 lo i9Liout. Governor Carli-le
casting the decisive vol- in favor
Qf tne enterprise. A motion to
reconsider was entered, but the
friends of the bill were confident
of success. The news of its pass
age seems to have been hailed with
much satisfaction at Cincinnati,
and amon the friends ol the mea-
ure in Kentucky
lowmiri s mill, in VTaaninctOn
county was en'ered a isw nights aeo bv
i uijtiars. who c-mcu oa a large i
a trrjz'- of fl.-ur. 1
Mempliii is overrun by juvitiiio
Gen. Stokes is to be triii tLi&,week
for alleged bountv frauds.
I 1 110 -,lasonic iemple in KnoxvJIe is
j r'C!' J C.j'. f C( "
q, ,i, , , , "
I society thut is doing a good wort.
j ff,. , , - f - t
Memphis in full of confidence men
and hwindlcrs, who fleece the unwary
Franklin has had a
"Leap iar"
tiutitu gdon is struggling to g?t up
a ''ana.
In U'il!i:mis.n county, four candi
dates are announced for Tax Colkct or
and four for SiieiifT
A n;a- n imed Hyronnemrn recently,
shot and killed a negro in Naahvrd in
self nefenso.
the i m m and American bid ihe
Kep-ibhcan liaoner a political fare-
The inmates of the State Pi wk ate
flid t0 l. .u1nani,n ,as f"" the -"one
term principle. '
T ' . .
J. h. I. II rns is announced "8 a
' ., j.-.i.,, , . u . c 5
I canaiaate lor state senator from the
I First District B
The Sepal
this State will
i'-an Cznventio'
protably he h
The "Journal" is the n
new paper just started at
(burpr, in this Ftftf: ' P
j DeMee jn 0'c woulJ )aJ thw ;
entire Slate ..eht.
j Memphis thief stole a four bun-
dred nouud !un:ti of coal which a coal
ih a tikii.
Ihe receipts of the Nashville and
Chattanooga Railroad during January
re died about $175,000.
d.er of t';c 3!en D!,!-
esisting the payuseut of
their taxes it
The pric
and Ifefseog
a year, after
' the KnoxviKe Prew
to he advance ! to $2
l.V.h instant.
The Clerelaud llannor advocites the
building of a narrow gauge railr ad
from t'.at nlsce to Ducktown.
Candidates foi county
county are annouueit:
through thepaor.
) Knox
If., a frer rnirie, mess
ing acren feet from tip t tip of
ms, wai tdi t near Ihownsvilie.
W.lvesate plentiful in Giles county,
id are Dialing sad bavoj among the
:eep and small stock of the firmers.
The preliminary survey of tk Den
mark, Brownsvil e. and Durbamrille
I "
Narrow (iau
The pahl ah
Times ann am
I to have a near
the rhattanrxirra
e that their j.
dress ubuut
urnal is
the fir.-t
of M .
Shares in ths SfashTille nrd Chat-
Hlnoogs Railr ad are worth .j0 cetits on
the dollar being a eonsiderable
The London Journal paT? that Mr.
Win. Craig, of Loudon county, ie
milcbing aid churning fr
only a s months old.
In Williamson cintv, rseentltr,
IV. Jo. Wvatt was phot and killed I V
JamesCh'rd. Tlie ho nicide bad its
origin in an old difficulty.
A v.iunj: Tennessss doctor named
He nn ng ia risinw to a bicb positi .v.
A deeper
?0 esrs of
lo nam 'd
(fe, shot
W. R. Dartrin
-n I kdieil An
n ive old man
Irsw Martin, an in
d the str t of T
Nashville is go
Exposition of last
tt to repeat Lr
ilj? oa a
ee, na r
lent as one
n: u i y
4 the
! the lb
n ti
I 5i CUVC ui ' jaa was Wl SvBal
j T(,r. popjft of MeMinn and Megs
I counties are manifeatiac a cood deal of
interests in me propose t inn ew-giure
railroad from Clevelan 1 t- Duektown.
The revival al the M E. Church.
South, n Ail. ens, closed on the Sth
ult. tne anmoer oi conversions uu
rin? the meeting is said to have Leon
ninety persons.
To Gorman count Arco and Ar-
(ii i f
mine private secretaries of the Ger
man minister of the Cited States
were the observe' of all observers re
cintly, at Knoxville.
Na.diville has a regularly org-nized
ran" of bodv enatebers, who invade
graveyards, dig up dead lark.es, and
ship them to the Western Medical Col-
Mr. IT. Ilenson. of Loudon comity,
claims to h
ve the largest yam potato
in Tennessee.
Tt RiMinriaaatlui and
It measuring nine ami :
a half feet in length and weighs four j
Three hundred and fifty-eight mar-
napes m rayette countv last year !
that is, one out of every thirteen lo-
habitants of the couatv entered into a:
life partnership.
Early on Friday morning bef re
, , , "
knocked 1
last a drunken man named Casey was
tonooga and bb of in money
and :i jrold watch and chain, valued at
one hundred dollars.
According to the Somerville Fa'eoi.
! Payette county consumed $200,000
worth of whisfcy, alone, last year
.ml to $( wotth o! ti.e beverage for
each man, woinau and child iu tht)
In lower East Tennessee, the Cleve
land Hmner says, times are improving
in m ney matters. The ccniplaints
about the scarcity of nono are not so 1
frequently made as thoy were a few j
weeKs ago.
A deer pnrsa d by- a p rty of hunts
men in Giles county, took refuge in
the cabin i f a back wood -man. The
door was shut and the tr-me held bv
the proprietor, wli refused to give up 1
his prize to the bnnters. I
At a "lean rear rartv" in Chat
tanooga, recently, the young ladies
1 thn rw;f i
jj""" Bvra iuvh . a- WIWMI : it.'. Jl iLil 11 (I K" I
ftnent had posted up in consnicuous I
Darts ot the liall such nintUie -ia f.le
follotvinjr : -Wo mcin business."
" - onc oi your poverty
'"Wafttnaj is tedious,' etr.
. ,
U for !
Id iu ;
tmsMof a
The peach trees are in bloom in
J?T wel1 in Texas FpoutsGroc6ruajiu Commission Mercbaiits, i
Michigan is to h-vea new State I '" 011 Windsor
taii'-o!- ! Grain. Flour. Baton. Lard.
Galveston complains of forays by
sharks in the barbor.
The r lief committee of Cbicaero has
s:ent $100,000 forstuves.
ThU is regarded in Wisconsin as the
fr A ni.t urmtnr over If tii M n 1 1 mrn
A trirl in Ur:.li recently fell dead ;
from lacing too tightly.
Ice two feet thick has cen gathered
in Indiana and Illinois.
A band of female c uutcrfeiters has
been bn K'Mi up m lino is.
In Chi. a go the new Mayor i n:a
king war upou the gamblers.
Tte Swiss ribbon makers are said
to know 13,000 ilifier nt colors.
Tbere sre laid to be 80,000 vacant
dwellii gs in Paris.
Th ie are 10,000,000 SOWS in the
United States.
The annual prodoct of sunflower
seed in Kuse.'a is 23,000,060 pounds.
Osceola county-, Iowa, with 277. 180
acres of lan 1, contains not ii single tree.
I:: Michigan, ten thousand men are
empl yed this wh.te. cutting timber.
The cott- n crop of the United
States last year w is 3,400,000 bale .
There were 177 deaths in Phila-
elphia l-;t week fr. liisnmll p.ii.
IJ.iltun re cl iiins ttie larpret DSKerj
on the west .i le of the Atlantic ocean.
I South
'i ROtflS
!S tdtanciog.
; General BsureeaT
i on Pollard
book, ab.i
' Chicago
; walks with
r;r iers,
! Dries.
There were three hundred and
' murders in New fork last year,
: only one man banged for then.
ite a numoer o
deaths ari rcp
from ti;e sev
I ed in t:
j cold weather o
I At a recent
r in Londoi
; tingle hair from Nspoleoa's Lead
lor a
handsome j rice.
The Sctiat eotrmittce on Bprt
priations has asked for $20,000 to pat
tie expend
TLe la
ibosrs tha
vt the
I, if anese Embassy.
-t r.itcn
Uroau Oflice It
About one-half
ticello, I'rew cou
cently buri ed up.
A iroman locke
room in Detroit, i
if M
fire sad burned two of then to death.
One hundred arid torts car loads
of freight come a
j Loo srille an
T . Atnor n
tne i 'Uth eterv day over
e and Nashrills Ka'ilruad.
eosuntastiMi so-.-:e v
c lorcd coloiiists to
j ha sent out 283i
, Liberia Mnce th
I The A- cioot !
I pins from iti I
hs to rtstreaur
in' ill
.utjtv, ie j Ihe Mexicans, true to their aell
ii a ralf earned repatathxi are aga.n braeel v
doing the work of mutual cztcrmlus-
I lion . Ii;-.; p . Mexico '.
1 Alal
;r ciur!tv,
Cut 'Oil.
de hi,
: ha;
Nea lots, on
en si iieiei ing i
It is said that
lien. I"-.n;
n t accept
for Presi ..
be tern
I I he ai
j whttli v ia
aunt of ?
North Can
u i i.rr.i
; Tlie
Th B
rear 1
71 is over I
1,1 00.0 0.
5'u.te deLt .
be:' re last
weather was so eold that Dm Iliee
brass mookey froxe to death while ii
ding a Luidle race on dogbaok.
George Wilkes, who w::s Tor sc-me
time Grant's right bier. is now out
fur Sumner, and is dome cverv thin;:
lie can to defeat Grant.
Ti.e B:ublion State Convention
for Connect ieu' met a few daysago and
renominated Governor Jewell and the
rest of the old ticket for State officers.
Six millions of the South Carolina
hond issued bv Governor Scut; are
illegal. The peoj ie seem to Lava no
way ot protecting themselves.
A collision is renorte 1 on the lower
division of the Alabama and Chat
tanooga Road, in which the harp ge
master, ex; ress messenger, a t rakes
man and one passenger were killed.
Tlie Temperance party will be the
first in ti.e field thi- year, uuh their
candidate for President. Thev hold
their nominating cotiAcntion iu Coluiu
! bus, Ohio, February 22.
j A Sheriff broke tin a h.intism on the
hanka nf tha Ohio, nt Cairn, savinir !
, . T7 , ' , " i
that tbe water was too eold. and that
jf tj,e minister persisted he would pros- I
ecute him for murder.
,f assiate9 havc
r , . . .. , . ,
5 "'F't the Memphis and
waw j ua aw HMtniuw aioca.-
The latest anti-Grant IVesidential !
ticket is said to b firoa.haw.v ,,f Ohhv I
and Gratz Brown, of .Missouri
ticKet wouiU perhaps come as near
winning as any that could bo started.
Tl, t,l i .i
Ihe Memphis Appeal says the num- ;
bnr of eminent Democrats who are fit- I
ted for the Presidential office -is sup-;
josed by many to be greater than their !
chances of success."
A ('onneetirm' -al has sued Brick '
Pomeroy for breach of promise. She j
ays he promised to marry her Anno
Domini. 1866, a:id alleges thmages at j
$25 000, which is vaiuiuc it rather
The postal elerlrs on the Virginia
and Tennessee division of the Atlantic,
Mississippi and Ohio Kailroad report
the transmissions dori'g the year 1 S7 1
over thit line of 54,517 registered
PacK2ges ar'd - tens of mail matter,
Ti e importations into New York
IMt wfioK w re ""usually large.
aivuiitiny t . $.S 000.000. Coffee and
sucrar w?rc the lc-mliiif? articl
A Des Moines nriutcr baa invent!
t valuable m. tn.i.l .it' di, m
inir. bv which a !ar.f or eirenlnr e !
at one iuinresiton bo rriuted in .s i
uu niuu, "J l 10 1
tt-nv COlora a Ic-tro i. !
New Advert iscme: i Is.
Feathers, IfCSVaS, Hutter, t'hcisc,
fjat-'glnz, Hop, tic.
1 t i o.
2' 0 Broad Street, August-!, Ga
! wmeiraifTS of all kind at Prodoca -
r b:
Wholesale and Itrtatl Scaler in
Cutler v, Tools, 01 1-
NO. 86 G A Y STBEE I .
Sndfrd & Co.'g Old St
K. J.
k A
a T T O R . E T AT
II 0 & RI ST O W N, I K N N .
WW practii ( in all ihe court of Ea-t
Tennessee, where the tee aritl j WtifV.
Prompt attsntiou iven la eolleetiva,
For Spring of I s? 2.
OAAA Barbels Indiana Oats-
CV'"f -
IQOi Bash. Print Edward laland "
1000 ' Uiiu!iNir l.-:it.:d "
1000 ' Oenuint) Nsw tfruiwwiek "
800 Clioice weUeleaasd WeaternClovef
1000 Huh. Ne-. Crop O' chard Qnut Se I.
M0 New Crop Herd a (Jra-,3 ortted
100 IJosb. Greea Sward or LsD C
500 Hu-.b- Evergreen Grass Seed.
.000 Keataekf Bins OfasSeed.
4'iO " N Crop 1i moth Seed.
Fet,. 7th, 1 B72. LEE, TAYLOR 1
600 Bbl
of 1'nri--.
s-itj BW
Frenb G
erni and Hrrinjf.
300 Bhla. Puresad It-iirsS njnr.
1T" Bagri Uio ami Laguera ( ie-e.
loo Kfs Enjfii-h Bi CarbSuda.
MM Keif- Old Dommkin KaiU. Ass't.
Feb. 7th, 187. LEE. TAYLOR A (
M. II . A I K , "Mil
Commission Merchants,
1113 riitrro-rrlal P.li rU . I arj s , Kif hmntirt. Va.
TFor--r Io -l.I;t: $ tie ir l: ne!"li Hufil M
i nil Ita 1 rau
-: ii. ;. !.;-- . v.
Hlair an VXpl r -ne
lio iMfrvleea tiii.-v h
Hi .-! of Mr. H.
Mevaaaat. i
gaga, la) m.ili
a- ASrai - - ' i I on I oi . : - i rata in Uhi.
Gvi S aua raranfard ri mpf leatioa.
I 'onr.eieed . a. e -kt-.!. : '. -a ' ' t n w
i.rm : Vat. Wallace aaea, ta i.
uiil and te-t ateatlafl : i pruuvatl " - latem
tif a i w ia aatraat tbeai wiUi iaiy laeuta
JanSt-ty.l at. til. IK.
Type Foundry
p;:iTn;' irr:Nrrr WA?.Eieu,
iliflannml. I'r.,
ahington, 19 i'
Viruinia House,
inert, "!orritovn.
I. bat I
tae I'd. in--.. LX'IMIC nf tow
a tew atepi iu n-ar al the leMj:
i l:i-
rt In-
Beeted arWi tlie vfattlia Hoi SKtaa
ery and sa!e stable, anI rartie- can t
aiabaS with hur-e, Sasalas, aaeaa, e
rca-ouab!? priies.
loa ISarri. fiaaS larrurd lareful MtvatlM
F!apcitf carried from and to the Depot free
of clia: ft.
3flfl BRO.l
G- -A. -
Special utrerri n pivi n to th- pale of l'r"i-: t
and liberal aivanc- utale en aoaalaaaeata in
tore, or on Hill ot I adiag
Kcrsaasca : Vta I. Jaeksoa, lre"t Natl
Baek at Aajcaata ami Augusta ifactorj : lieo. r.
Jackaoa & Co. JaaaM-3y.
W. VAN HiISS Xl R R 0 . .
- . . ..
AI tne Old Mand ol J. . BeWfef a lo.,
GsTatt 01 Sain m Cunii.ieriaD.il Mretls.
IJAVE On Han,, n,k of General Mer-
11 abaadhe, eoaaiaUBg of
D f Goods, Groceries,
llardnarr, (fliivt'iisw.u v.
Boots, Slioes, Hats, Fanrj (mods, NetlOBS, ae.
n T t-i s t i
Stilt, Iron, Plows & Implements,
Wuicb they offer to tlie people or Morrl-towu
andvicinty at fait aad reasonable price
Cmrwt, Whmt. tint. Flour Meal, Bncon.
lore, Kara, tsuina,
An! all other mat ketable Pro.1m-e taken In er-
;n.,Kr. aI urbieaeai awrkei price tor goods
Xee pabUc we touted, to give a a trial
Janb!lry .,4 m lA BiM 4 BE0
- '
JEwfOMfffrr tfnttir tCOple.
P . F L Y N N
Wagons, C'nrriagea, Haggle. Carta, aVe.
ALE ot our work Is matle of the best material,
by food w 'rkm-n. Biaekamiiliing of every
de-icruition nroinptiy executea.
11 vi-.irL- vl-ut-
Keen vournmney at home by patrunizinr
your own manufacturers. Our work will out'ast
that made attheXortti, and is, therefore, much .
eheaoer. Aral a and ProSure taken in t-avuietit.
"hop on K T fc Vfc' Kai1 KoaJ' Wc"eud
Our Timber 1 sooo our work l well made, i
Bring Morej or foetl and ni'll fcnatnlj trade.
IW5-5 1
New Advertisements.
P it 0 S P E C T U S
H 0 L S T o :j M ETHOD 1ST
a nan maae arrange
Uesers. L. I', t G. E.
Sj..rck, ef I he M'.rnlK A ii (i:i.ette. for th
pi Oil. ;itt nm, in Morristow a, XwmMMM, of u
vtrfli I Y Kel i'Iouk St wipfr, to l: enti
tlt-J tile HoLSTOM II KTUOIMST, (fee filft
n.oiilirr ti lw ih-ii'! on the 2d 'iv Ol
March, 1872. lit SI .'J per aiiliuni, IX
V AttlABLl' 15 iu S t K.
in ihe
N -.-
enterprise tiiaj .i.j Matia on it
i! rneiit.i. Ihe ic li hi:i- and
f the CdftiefetH!s win asa it. a
naj answer their purpoae. us
if intereomoiunicali mi, and a- h
iwity, and no f'iir:.rr. Thwu
not like the J uj'cr, wii! of course.
ieo i u mi
imi of
r.va lor the It
ereiice, n.Jeh
f ihe ( '
! the curreal an
j paaea ,
; far - n wl
'. HreM iii he
! tv. the prefer
CI rt-tt-.
I b
res ef
i a or!b Carolina.
,-v-r-. of rar church i
ulbortzsd lo ad as
agpnu in j
hers. Listi of MlJf.
era aril a o he thankfully receive'! from j
hs kaite. It i iatpnrtaat thai subM-rip j
j oe'ni ilhtbe tirt number.
;erii irilJ b !ih. ::iilv eompensaled for
irh doi.e. Mini-aer i'.! o- rWareed on
$1 0(i per sms -ti Tot the t aper.
! k i:,-., coinmutiicalion aboahl be ad
rsaedto U. N. Price A " .. and com
ideations intend! fur pi blieation to
rt of Hamblen c-miTv. aid to
I. I ui'.l tell t-i th'- highest hh
h. al the c ourt hou-e d'jtir in
est, tKi tract- 'it land Iv'h io
' f- lands 't Georere Lvneh,
ne and others, eoatainhie one
d 6ft acre- more 'r lens, -aid
.1 a- the propertv f Alex
..ri in -a-i-lV a iudemenl and
t". ruari
,n -t- I !
onuiiiifti, oti I lie I Jut iiitv ot reoritarv j
X'. leu acres nt' land lying ia trie Stfa
vii dintriet, rlamilen raonty, adjoining I
ie land of !u- widow Hate, the
oberSOfi and riihers. s-.;d land
id as the property of W in. Dail
t v h jnhmem and eosl ttial S
ii,'iti recofrered agaiasi a:-i Iail,
..). i innald-iifi. Kq . 1 he I-'iiiiotl
fit. Thin Jai n.ir .". !.. 1872.
G. H KN it Y BOYD, Si
P. Ja
t of lin
count &ut it
aecle.l 1
'or casb,
aril ac
a ihe
ract ot land
the 2d civil district. Hamhlen eonniT and
adiitiuinf ihe la:.d .if Arch M cClanahan. I
j m. White, the widow Buckner and oth- i
I ers enntainin" one h and red acres more or i
; less, sai i land will be sold as the Drortertv 1
Eiijrfs. ui satisfy n jodgssew and j
W. 1J. Parrisfa recovered aeainst 1
re C. L. Gregory,
of .March, 1871.
J Lis
SNRY Rt YD, Sheriff.
ter's fee 85.
1 BIS tl iV. l h.VX for tlie parpoae of making
tarrlasi-. Itucstes. spring Wagons
And Vehicle of all Description.
I nou'd repe-tfu 'y solicit a libera'. bare of
tlie patroaag of tin- aftiz us of afwria(oa n
nun oiinrlii. a vii ii.it v. Mv work hliall !) of tUc
Real Quality and the Latent Slylta.
Repairing promptly uttended to. j
Shop -Itaated on Cumberland str et i
Terms, b AsU ; or Prodare taken In eifhanKe
lur hoi,..
marlu-iy )
mux hkowx.
Original Attachment
VV this
iam invHrd ru 1 . a. smith in
cause it appearing to the sat
isfaction of the Saderaiaed, an acting
Jnsticeof the Peace in ami for the eoan
tr ot Hamblen, tate of Tenaeatee, thai
the tieferxiant. 'I'. S. Smith, who so ah
aenndsor cone en's brntatif that the oi Jin.iry
peoeeaa Sf law cannot he served upon bins,
i indehted in th plaintitf, Win, Vinvarl,
and upon affidavit and bond being fi ed bv
plaintiff, an attachment ejeainat the prop
ettv af said defenilatit has been grunted,
and T. S. Smith is hereby notified to sip-
', ;1 ' enure in aurnMean, letili..
on the 1 0; h dav of August, 172, and
gaajce defense to said suit or the same
will be taken ns conlescd and rinal judg
ment rendered against hin.
J ' ' n .
for Ham h
tVb T 4 w. riiatcii fee $5.
on the 11th dav
Jiiuuirv oth. 157
jan 10 ids. Prill
New Advertisements.
Chicago Phcnix.
A Universal Newspaper.
itad the rcllotciiig :
K ths ItadiaK
laetrftyaSl hy
i osuhiaiua
cotidensee con pi latma ol tin i
journal of the uatioa, anJ ihe en
The Vmviix will he the mot tratbfal
ai.d raliabla rsowler of incideuts and
lu ll eeaaerutng the j;ieat lire, tvnr pub-
l will contain oruv mien seesoatl ns
row h-'-l (of b' reiiahle ailneai aa. aiei
correct the ei roiio-.ii, aid !ahrica;d
I" aril), for a time, b devoted espea:a1
ta ti.e past, preaeat and future of Chi-
ieo, baidea i . jr ihe meat cwmp.xie
ceklv ueaapaper m the woriJ.
N E W S P A V E R.
It column ' re dvr.ted to New. Coat,
meres, Science, Literature. Art. Drama,
Meaic, Ilumur. Pasiiane, l'eeiry, Fa.Lni,
Societf newa, and enougli of Human ee to
j nahs t a uioai ueairaute areaKls com
panion, as sretl i the most reliahW and
Complete new.-puper lor ths bus:..es :;.
in the eosntiiig-tMfSB.
hi;, f tf n 5 ' j
tcht" "!v Our
not ih -ptiT;'
akes !r"in Pbot"Erai
tuins, instead of akeic
-pecial Artist1 i ' a n
.:. i iii . pia a seriea nt
lot obtainable rhtwlitre
mmber w.ll contain the oi
to meet the auMie (ientund.
ifcorti 1 ii-t
v let riUfe fir-,
txiaf, ptiper r
it -ui
SKhl at this
ihe hill.
P E O 1' L E
neape't paper i ri
it pace, forty eol
aro SoltatS a t ear ;
jier lor the pt opie
The first number w
isaoed on Sat
be the paper
nrdav Nm. l!lh, and wi
atanted by every spdy, as a reeord v.
preaervingr or to send a war, and lor
WOl ii
accurate i
It is a consolidation of either journals,
and therefore on a .solid foundation, eon
tinning their former circulation.
To ativ person who pets ns three new
ubseribera, we will aend Ihe 1'hemx Gar
otfe year tree. r one of our beautiful
prize, steel plale engravings w th $U.a0.
rortk pmtMtm f rRpiuT us
our siibscriplion lil hefore the chce d I be
present vear. we wiil give in everr person
who tnbsenfaes tor the rbeniX during tin
month of November, a beautiful Mee
plate engraving, win lb (2.50, halt' a dollar
more than the price of subscription. No
such opportunity wa" never before given,
and probably never will be again. Avail
yourself of it. Kngravinga will be
promptly and safely sent by mail or de
li veied at this office, as subset ibers may
Send in your names and uubscripliona
at once, and sustain this great newspaper
enterprise. Price of subscription only
$2.0(1 per year. Single, copies 5 cents.
.Agents wanted every where.
PiiLNix Pvsusnntc CoM
$2 West Madison St.,
Chiragfi, IH.
i i .

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