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Uttutto on r.HFtiM v
L. P. & G. E. SPECK.
One square, (tea If oes, or less,) for first insertioa
One Dollar, each subsequent Insertion Fifty cents,
.til bills due ifpc.fr ftrst invert to of airvertlsameuc
Dae Square,
Two Sijuares,
Three Square,
Kou th Column,
Half Column,
One Column,
i ! U. 3 A. , 6 it. Hm.
' f.i 00 fi 00 S 00 (19 CO
: a 00 10 00, IV SO 1 to
! 7 00 13 001 15 00 20 00
io oo 20 oo: -To oo so oo
is ou so oo io on no oo
in oo r oo loo oo
Vol. VI No. 29.
f Two Dollars a Year.
Professional Cards.
BogerSTUle, Tenn. .from 1st to 15lh of each month.
Mori isto ivn. from 15th to last of each month.
TERMS-Cash or Its equivalent
The Practice of Medicine.
'Omci-At the resilience of John Portrum, Esq.,
on Main Street.
M. D
Will give special attention to the
A M E S P . K V A
Will practice in all the courts of East
Tennessee, where the fee will justify.
Prompt attention given to collections.
Miscellaneous Advertisements
S. W. McCrary,
Two doors East of E. T., Va. ft Oa. li. R. Deinjt,
Family Groceries, Confectioneries, Fancy Coeds,
Boots. Shoes, Dry Goods,
Ladies' Bonnets, Hats, and Millinery Goods.
WOULD respectfully solicit a call from his friends
aud the public generally, and by selling at a fair
price, hopes to receive a share of the public pat
ronage, (live me a trial. aprl7-ly.
W. A. DIC'KIXSOV, Proprietor.
GOOD new iucks
I AM now prepared to accommodate the public in
the very best maimer, with k" tock and ve
hicle, upon the moM reasonable terms . I now run
A Dally Four norse Hark to Tale Spring:
Speed, Safety and Comfort guaranteed by my line.
HU Letter to a Citizen or Memphis.
Review or the action or the Late
State Convention.
Nashville, Sept. 6th. 1872.
Themas C. Lowe, Memphis, Tenn.
My Dear (Sir: Pardon me fur
any seeming delay in answering
your very kind letter. I fully ap
preciate the embarrassments you
suggest, and as I am but a plain
I farmer, unused to public speaking,
I am but poorly prepared to en
counter them. I have the satisfac
tion of knowing, however, that 1
am in no manner to blame for the
0 It
H. P E T I I B O N E
Attorney at Law,
E E N E V I L L E , :
Trees! Ftewers' Biffe! '
Nursery Stock ! Fruit ami Flower Plales !
if so whether or not ho intended to
abide its action in other words
whether he meant fair play, lie
had told me that he would deter
mine the question when he reach
ed Nashville. I accordingly ad
dressed a polite note to him desir
ing to know whether be would-be
i a candidate for the nomination, and
J if not nominated, whether ba
' would respect the action of the
convention, adding that having
: asked this much, it was but doe
; him to say that my name would I j
I before tho convention, and I would
! abide its decision, whether for me
or against me. This polite note
was delivered to him in hi3 rooai
they were there to speak if they
choee to. They did not, among
tho counties represented, simply
because their choice was not the
choice of the majority.
Men of common sense and integ
rity cannot fail to see the koavery
in this wholo proceeding, and who
inspired it. They cannot fail to
see that the game attempted to be
played was, "ileads, I win ; tails,
you lose." They cannot fail to see
that the "one man power," and the
policy of "rule or ruiii" is sought
to be fastened on tho State. They
cannot fail to see that Andrew
Johns iti and Horace Maynard are
working to the same end, the dia
ruption of the Democratic party
in Tennessee; in order that they
Reminiscence of Grant.
Bight or Wrong. Done Enough for Ills Country.
The Clnrksville Tobacco Leaf de- I A revolutionary soldier wai run- j When in the beginning of tho
fines the issue between the people J ning for Congress, nd his opponent i war jn Missouri, Gov. Jackson, of
was a young man who had never tjial gtate wa8 onran;zjntr his mili-
of Tennessee and Andrew Johnson
defeat which threatens the Demo
cratic ticket in manv nortions of I b' m' ,rie"ds CPl W B Wult "
the State, for want of harmony and j and MaJ" J M- "kins. Wn re. . j inTennessee ; in order
organisation. Let mo briefly re- J CCBlion of il wa8 that "f a - AJ
count lb" 'you the 'hisUiry of try uar ' Tc il s a s pcctabiS, and "treaa
connection with this Congressional ! bteifuge," and declined (o give j odious " They cannot fa
in the following pointed manner: been to war, and it was the custom
'We are opposed to Johnson bo- 'of tho old soldier to tell ot the
cause bis election would bo an en-j hardships he had endured. Said ho :
dorsoment of bis course in the j "Fellow-citizens, I fought and
war. We aro willing enough that ; bled for my country. I have htlp-
Androw Johnson shall think he is ; ed to whip the Indians. I have
right and the peopleof Tenn., wrong, ; s'ept on the field of battle with no
and that be shall say so. Wo shall other cover than the canopy of
never quarrel with him on that heaven. I hav) walked over the
point; but when he proposes that j frozen ground till every footstep
we shall admit that we were wrong j was marked with blood,
and he right, then wo do most se j Just about this time one of the
riously protest that he has stepped sovereigns, w ho had become great
far beyond anything that can be ! ly interested in his tale of suffering
required of us, and especially far j walked up in front of the speaker,
beyond anything we are going to j wiped the tears from his eyes with
&&RmMimJUlMJ. tao4l do, AndlAUtL loan t 1869, the -xtr-miiy of hia coat. and in- then railed. Tie spoke of him as
treason made proposed his Grecneville resolutions terruptcd him with
1 to see I which demanded a distinct rerun J "Did you say you had fqut the
me a written nnnwer hut stated to lliat' whatever suce ss tho Ktdical i ciatian of the doctrines ot secession ; isruish and Injuns !
these L'fiuleHien virhullv thai h . had party my have in Tennessee, thev I as a heresy. There was no issue' "Yes, sir."
tary camps he felt greatly the need
of edncated military talent to in
struct his now recruits. The State
w as j-oung, and none of her son
who had been edacated at West
Point bad risen to any distinction
in the army. The Governor saw
the best blood of the State was rush
ing to his standard, but he bad sa
gacity enough to sec thut something
more than raw valor was needed to
make an effi ient army. In his
trouble he consulted with Professor
D., an intimate friend. Professor
D. recom minded his friend and
kinsman, Capt. Grat, as ho was
A a T" A IV ' , r . . .--(,.- . f lav s wm ssi !
m i d ., had nothiiiir to do with cctirtr ui : W'U he mora indebted for it to An- ! of that kindmade, there was no! "And you had slept on the cold
neen an ouice seeker. Keeenllv', a e o i j . .
number of mv friends have bromrht i tbe Sta,e Convention, and that its drew Johnson than to Ilora.e May- j necessity for neb tmm. Secession ground while serving your country
llOIl W'itllli IlOL IJOVerfl llim 111 - a VJ vaiiuui Hilt VU liimOS : iw .4i4.vj au ,r,.-u av nci. uir jubl ...v.ivlw ..i. , nitui .
21st year: 1
! (irecuh.ii
s a y. Bat
4 y. aaa
N N .
Will attend the circuit and chancery
court of the first Judicial District ot
Tennessee, and also, the counties of Jeffer
on and C'oeke. and will practice in the
Supreme and Federal courts at Knoxville.
Collections promptly attended to.
Miscellaneous Cards.
iEAi.i:ns in
Dn 6o:is, Groceries, Hardware, Imstve,
Boots, Shoes, Notions, etc.
TITF. Keep constantly on hand a full and coinplata
" ntock if ev-rythiiis usually kfjit m a general 1
tnerchandiso stal'ii-h!ii iit. ami c pledge WAX beat i
effortu to r'nd-r entire aOrfactiou t oar canto mutm ;
in price a? ,BaD afs tin iualtty of goods wbicb we
offer thent.
We (iv the JiithfKt io.irk't price f r good,
marketable Ir- nlue. Howeateeperi vil always
Htid Family SupplieK at ur hocuw ai : M - al
price. Give us a trial.
pO-lj. BIoCBART h IIM,
W , M W I L M E T H ,
Hap opened i
m i I y
Be wlfl py 1
AJao, haai n a j
Bemvy Di.ni
Tins is the ph
complete stock Oat
Gr oe e r i e s ,
rs chfap for (!ash.
Kiaritel price foe all kinds of
y produce.
; of, Ktaj-lc OoOala. such as
Mca, I'rnits. Kiiiicy Ooods.
"U can always find Hume
ood to eat. fjeI-!T.
niiolrsalc and Retail Dealer In
Cutlery, Tools, Glass, Putty, etc.
E. J. Bradford k Co,a old Stand.)
N A V .
M a t t r a s s e
Patent Bed Springs
my name before the public. When
our Stale Convention assembled, to
appoint delegates to Baltimore and
nominate a candidate lor Governor,
a bill was pending in Congress,
which, if it became a law, would
give to Tennessee a Congressman,
to be elected by the State at large.
: I was not present at that convert
I tion. Some persons thought, while
' the conventicn was assembled it
! would be better to nominate for our
: party than to go to t he trouble of
calling another convention. S- me
j too partial friend put my name
forward. A friend of Andrew
1 Johnson, (but without mentioning
his name,) opposed a nomination
at th;it time as premature. There
upon tbe convention passed a resol
ution providing that, in the event
I tho bill pass d Congref a, the I'cm
; ocratic Central Committee, com
o-ed of gentlemen from each grand
' division of the State, should
I nominate
I Col. John C. Hiir-ii was made
! the Chairman of that Committee.
The bill spoken of did pass Con
rcss, and at the argent n quest of
friends, I become a candidate. A
number of gentlemen, better qoal-ifi-
1 than myeelf, were ca'ied on
in different poi tions of the State,
most of whom (J ul me the honor to
his eoerse as to being a candidate, j tliat, in view of the attitude in
I hud, in the meantime, left the : w hich he has chosen to place him
I s u I 1 L .1 - . a
citv. I suv that his conduct was wi, uis wuw wm bc tneir eiverna
that of
I di
n A mi-L- (f n ;i r,t titrnnun lif. siiamt
did not observe the courtesies of a
gentleman. My note was entirely
reepcctlal. Ttie information sought
raui each :t. I had a right to ask for ;
our personal relations had never
been disturbed.
Col Burch, the Chairman of the
Democratic Central Committee, had
called a meeting of the committed
at their rOOflM the day previous to
tbe assembling of the State Con
rention, I am informed by mem
bers of tho commi tee that after
' Did you say your feet ktvered
the ground you walked on with
blood V
for the purpose of knocking it
down. Tho people, true to their
instinct, declined to Btoitify them
selves by a platform based on a
I am neith r a-piring nor am- I dcd i--tie. resurrected by Andrew i "Yes," replied the speaker, ex
titious. I have lived nearly fifty Johnson. They saw at once the j ultingiy.
years, and though I have ' done trick of Johnson to have them place I ' Weil, then," said the tearful cit
tho State some service,'' I have themselves in the wron: that his ' 5zcn. as he eave a sirh of pent un
:- - 'r-
factory in Nortli K nox v. 11c.
ffdsravL KcC.ee Hadt, Gy Ztrct.
decline in mj"
eralie Central
e Demo-
f , in the
the regu'ar business w.s t
of, the member from Warren (Col.
Tom Murray) anggested that, as
that committee wm srecially
charged with the work of
or;anizin; and haiu:oN"zin;
the party, and to ti nt end had cull
ed a S;ato Convention of the party
t Domti a'e a candidate for Coa-
jgreee ; and iria-.-nu h ac trouble was
threatened by rumors upon the
street that one of I he prominent
piranta was likely to become a dis
otganiz r ly refusing to abide the
action of the convention unltsi it
was favorable to him, be therefore
proposed a resolution instrucwniE
tlio Clia' rm n ti
address a p
never sought nor hold office.
Tbongh I have never boasted of
the ' dust of tho shop upon toy
garments' I have had all niy life
to labr for rny living, an i cannot
boast, as my competitor does, of
my ability to go to Congress with
out a sal.iry. My relations in the
late war were less favorable to the
ac umulation of fortune. I had
port un ii- nor (iisposi
i btary contributions
ttur th
n to im
of Tennessee, under the shallow
pretense that it was U) support the
destitute familes of "armed traitors
who were warrinj against tho life
N", I have never
!ar from the public
i record raii;ht have their endorse
ment. He came to Nashville and
' w&b known to be there for the pur-
I pose of bavins' Lis platform put
through, white his warm supporter,
the Union and Americ an, warmly
eeponssd tho cause of his reaolaj
tiot.s. Johnson denounced the
convention, and went homo very
nr.uch chagrined that his resolutions
had not been adopted. Johnson
has made the issue so distinctly to
turn upon a personal endorsement
j of himself that he could not ncr
be elected to Csngresa without an
endorsement of his course and a
declaration that our own was
emotion, ' I'll
feller, for Ml
hain't done al
country. "
Some one has said a young
mother is the most beautiful thing
in nature. Why qualify it? Arc
not all mothers beautiful? The
sentimental outside beholder mav
prefer j oath in the pretty picture,
but I am inclined to thing thai
sons and daughters, who aro most
intimately concerned in the mat
ler, love and admire their n
most when tfcej aro old.
a man of decided character, who
had graduated reputably at West
Point, had afterwards abandoned
the army, married into a respecta
ble St. Louis family ; was a con
sistent, well -pronou need, proslavery
Democrat ; had lived a long time in
the State; in fine was in all res
pects just su -h a man as the Gov
ernor wanted. Prof. D., by tha
authority of Gov. Jackson, wrote
to Capt Grant, then resident in
Illinois, offering him, in Gov. Jack--on's
name, a position in tho Mi--ouri
insurgent army. Capt. Grant
sccei t-d the offer, and while at a
darned if you railway station awaiting the train
enough for your for Ht. Louis, a letter was handed
tim containing a Colonel's com
mission from the Governor of Illi
nois. Lie accepted the latter and thus
became an officer in the army in
the North. The Governor of Illi
nois had outbid tho Mihsouri
(roverrior and got bis man. And
this, man who thus narrowly es
caped a position in the "rebel ar
my," is held out to tbe black man
as his peculiar fr iend, his especial
bampion. Professor D , whom I
for the other
i era
How i
of the nai i
received a
treasury in
expenses w o
to a torein
Mexican v.ai
n baling my
oo sin h soldier
I an
in t
poorly pi i
pared, therefore, to make this tan ln
by This Thus seta.
Memphis Avalanche
hn-on warm-
over'' 60
idenly ? But a few weeks ag
followii!'' appealed in the
sug'e-tive of something, holy and
venerable it is when a person talks
of bis ' dear mother?" Away with
know well to be a
i related to me in person
n am ma-
porting Andrew J
and wo wi.-,h to ene
editor lias ' flopped
w ho de
a cii a w
trirlhful man,
the above
! facts in the city of St. Louis since
the close of iLe war. Shrevcport
! releprapbi
The matters detailed in the abovo
who is afraid to handle vrcre mJe Known 10 us DJ a rcPJ
j.u' e-. her duty U
ing parent
her offspring for fear of filing her ! table cilizen r Houston, who was,
fine new mown, (iive me the home- I personally cognizant of tbe facts.
f. - - , S.....t a n wi.o : uf the Avalanche : J of whose love lZZ' .hZ
. . (. f, f . h.s;ortijrie "Andrew Johnson does not like embrac.ng, who is beautiful r recofecfron, one snght tbaagh
" r to e ..e :. o: U.-
ifr ir
ti. N O X V I I. I. F.
mar : . 1 jr.
Female Collie.
This IuFtitutii n ofieBa BepC 2d.
forth year fr -m $17t to VXM.
REV. J. W. BACSXAIf, lTfi.lrnt.
SIHS. ML K. WAI.Kl.U, A.-i.-taut.
Mis H. L. eAI.liWEl.L, Priaasarjr.
MISS T1LI.IE A. Wes)I, Muate.
For further parti, ulars ail.lri; tbe Pre
T"tal fiwu
a s
b" 5 ' ?
ISIorri.town Ia-oiiic Female
REV. T. P. st'MlfimB, A. M.. Plimlfl.
KajllU, Sclcnlinr. Mjthcin tical, t iavsiwal
and ornamental.
Amenutst th" Mct nr lst. I -opens SBptem
ber 172. Eur u, addteaa tbi pria-
atpal. L-tl; 2S Int.
M A 1 -N gf&nrx MKttl
Sbinetes !
SMfifles ! SkDifles !
Eiii Creek, Cocke comity, Tenn.
VirOUIJD rail the atienticu ,.f BadldatsaBd I.emi
' bar Wimhsula to tha wsfl Sninsi WHITE
PIKE SHAVED SIIINOLE. v.l.i. h ihey keep e..n
stantly osj hnrnl. asid are pre parol t furnis-h them
In anca qHawtHtea aa sriS aaeis the exaert -M arits of
s IS part.,- by the t ar load. Can oousaaSa with asp
shiul- of tm saaie qiislllj In man Tjashlasig ao,l
Ksabsma, jjn asi.
candidate, ws railed to meet at
Naxbviile at a given lime; by its
Chairman, Ced. Burch. It did
meet, wuen it was ascertained that
all of this number hut two, were
opposed to ihe nomination of An
drew Johnson, whose name in tlie
meantime was being meiottei in that
connection. Tr.erefejre it was pro
posed, as a sure means
so n , w . . I e
pose t
ga'e from War; en
:ted to ve,te for Je-bn-
i he announced his pur
if he wa- beiere it sub-
Dgnesa to gtve up h
seat in Congress.
I am rifi public
could 1 have f. re-ee
eif ht!ir- ti.at matte
ed, I Wemld fiave
party fin ling a
alary for
ic speaker, an
?en Hie condition
ten have as-um-intrinted
upon my
8'aii Jar i bearer
jcet to Its action,
the resolution wn
w ill grra saseaaatts
inoss that
an aac
Morr ti tow ie."8aMr" J' f n n j s e c.
The Latest : i d m "t rastalot a'jle Styles ol
Millinery ami Straw Good-.
Bonnei Silk. Sifits an I Velvet,
Blonds, Nstts, Crapes, Ruches, Flowers.
Feathers, Ornaments,
Straiv Bonnets Ladies' Hals
Country I ejeince t ko1 in e.v I ang. for sreo l
at HISS st Marke'i Bate . ajnV ly
homes, and i.
plas that will
will P.tv
ba pansswd at your nwi
ii mble. Se-rui for sam
i, j'i c wt-rk at inc.
.:i.'-'t'iu St., B.ton Mass.
The ( assage of
arm I y opposed
by Johnson's frienda on tho com
mittee, and was finally withdrawn,
with the positive assurance that he
would not oppose the action of the
Tno niiiht previous to the con
vei.ii n the most of the delegates
arrived. The friends of all parties
were very active in trying to ascer
tain who would 1 kely get toe most
votes. It wa well ascertained that
Joh nson's frier, ds were in fhe mi
nority, anil that he could not be
skilled in rJeefamfftion and capable
uf exposing crime. As it is, I
lrti-t to my friends
measure, to expense
which are now ai
peaco and honer t
E N li
At the Old Stand ol J. M. Ren le y d Co.,
Cntr f Main and CiiuibcrlaBtl struts,
H 0 R R I 8 T O W ' , TI (I S .
HAVE tin llanel a pood stock of General Mer
chandise, COOMtileg of
Fashionable Barbers!,
Henry Street, Near the Depot, Morristown, Tenn.
Shaving, Ilair-e-nttine, SI,ani)MHmne. Hair
Seesnnuj, ete.. Sane in the Ixst xtyle.
tlive us a trial we guarantee complete satisfaction.
Hotel Cards.
Earle's Hotel,
N f a r Broadway,
EARL E BROS., Proprietors.
i. wilf.. j. a. am.
Boarl $2 jel jier day.
of nvoidine
J all ground of complaint anel hav
; ing perfect harmony, that another
! State Convention s'iouM beheld,
j giving the people ample time to
; consider the relative merits of dif
I ferent aspirants anej cf appointing
i delegates who would reflect their
I wishes. This wu.-. unanimously
agreed on. I am to'd, however.
by members of the committee, that nominated. Trie only doubt ex-
tue question was mooteu at the ; ircseu m n u nus was wneiner
time, a to whether 3Ir. Johnson ' could gel it in tho event the two
would abide tho action of the Con j thirds ruie was ailopteJ, as was the-
vention, and every friend he hail usage of the party. Propositions To'ers simply that they may sub
on the comrnitte expressed their were made to my friends by somo ecr'ho to their own sbaino and
entire confidence that he would, of the friends of Mr. Johnson, to dishonor.
Having all my life been a consist-' et me out of his way by securing ut notwithstanding my disad-
ent party man, and believing or mo an app intment in another vuntaStS ,n having
ganization necessary to harmony direction. The overture met with talent, and the want of fortune was thus disposed of lately down
a great
mod against the
f the State.
I did not think forensic ta'ent
very important for Tennesaee in
the next Cemgress. I tvas inclin
ed to the opinion that the country
would bo hotter off if therj was
not another speech made in Con
gress for ten years to eosne. We
might, in that time, restore the era
of good feeling, in which none are
so much interested as the much
abused "rebel" element of the
South ; who, according to the
Johnson theory, have been made
Greeley, and ire are sure Mr. Gree
ley has no love for Johnson. The
ex-President has started out in a
i ew race for political honejrs, and
hopes to aria by the same arts
which be has used successfully in
the pas'. The Avalanche opposed
his election to the United States
-Senate, and did its part in defeat
ing him. There is no position in
the gill of tho people of 'fenncssco
tbat Andrew Johnson o.igl t to fill,
or tbe duties of which he can dis
charge. He belongs to that class of
public men who have nothing' to
serve but their hat s and their evil
memories; and their polilicul re
cords are as full of soro as Job's
back slit n it was scraped with a
The celitor?of tho Ava'anche is
an independent" candidate fir
Congress in the Memphis District,
and perhaps that fact may account
for the '-milk in the cocoanut."
Does the Avalanche hope to rido in
on Johnson's coat tail?
man w
whether old or young,
r arrayed in satin or modest
tated in bombazines.
The M ffe re nrc.
0 knows says that
not material variation, viz. : that
j t lio proposal was first made to
I ion. Price and through him to Gov.
Jackson, and that the place offered
Grant in the Kebel army was less
in rauk than that offered by tho
Governor of Illinois. Our infor-
n prefer tho man who
avreeable.and ke n his word strict. ; maut was upon Gen. Price's staff
Willi o
at the time, ar.i an intimate friend
of the Professor (Grant's relative
by marriage,) when tho proposal
was made, and through this infor
mant it was communicated to Gen.
Price. The witnesses of these mat
ters are yet living, and the facts
can bo proven. Our informant
woman selects a man capable of ' is now absent, but will ere long
avenging his honor and her own. ! return, and we shall submit tho
The Hollanders one who is peace- matter to him for his evidence, and
able in his ways, and desires never I such is his position that it will
ly. French women choose a nan
brow and smiling c ounte
he Russian females nre-
fer a countryman of their o vn who
looks upon Western nations as bar
barians. Tlie Danish remain close
ly at home, and desire to hear noth
ing of travel abroad. The Spanish
Settled at Last.
We- clip the following from
of our exchanges : "The vexed qucs-
00 sneaking tion of the nttinsr mode of bantisaa
. , - r s
to bear of strife and war. And the
American iadies marry the earliest
good offer they get, taking the
first man who will t.ike them, car
ing nothing for his rank or social
position, and still less whether or
not he be halt, lame, deaf, elumh,
or blind if he but has plenty of
money. How fortunate for us that
wo live in such a country !
Andy Johnson made a speech
talent, and the want of fortune was thus disposed of lately down before a Republican Convention
and success, and unwilling for any no encouragement. ; obtained from tho public treasury Siuth, by 'Uncle Cesser,' a color- j ln Lhe c,t7 ot -Nashville on the 12th
personal gratification to embarrass At an hour fixed tho convention 1 D reason of a long life in office, i cd preacher : -Now bredren,' said j day of January, 1SU5, of which the
my friends or endanger our common I assmbled at the capitol, and was ; 8li" ' have tho samo faith that 1 J he, 'I bear a great f bm about dese following is an extract:
cause, 1 promptly announced organized by Col. John C. Burch , na'J in lhe better days el tho Re- words in and into; and folks want- 'Treason must bo madeouiocs;
through the papers that I would I tbe Chairman of tho Democratic .public, and that I learned at the feet us to believe dat dev- mean under
.... . . 1 . . . I V a . ...I J
abide the action of the convention. Central
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, Qucenswaie,
Beots, Sbon, Bats, Fanr; BsaSS, Mellone, Sc.
a I. so
Salt. Iron. Plows & Implements,
Which they offer to the people of Morristown i 11 o a r d
ana viem:ty at tair and reasonable prices
OerB, Wbent. Oala. Flour Meal, Bacon
J.ard, Furs, SklBat,
And all other marketable Produce taken in ex
change, at their iiiRhest market price, for gooeis
Tha public are united to give us a trial
ST. Vt Hiss BKO.
J anuarr 24 T2 .'m
Corner of 8ih and Church Streets,
2.25 per Day.
Omnibus to and from Depots, Free.
It was not known that Johnson
would bo a candidate. I had, in
times past been one of his warmest
supporters. Al tho suggestion ol
and an a voted I or Jackson, that the great majority j and dat wen de S .-rioter' sneaks of
Cooke, of East ! of a freo people have no motive to j an individual going down into do
water, de Rihle, mean
he went unde do water. S'pose
WE wisn TO BUT
100,000 Bnsliels of Wtot,
Vor wh;th we are pre oared to pay
Franklin House,
Main Street, Knoxville, Tenn.
Battle House,
e . . i i i
(rOKMEKLY STACEY HOUSE.) iui uiuciD, aim (unit) lliauo
n,r,.l. Sfpoot . T;ishvilln.Tnn ! Pression of a preference
Johr.siori man. Co
Tennessee, on motion of a Johnson j 1,0 wrong, and their '-sober, second
delegate, was called temporarily i thought" may always bo relied
to the chair. The usual commit- uron-
mutual friends, and believing he tees were appointed on permanent Jiemember me to all my old corn
would deal frankly and honorably organisation. Several delegates, ; rades with whom you may chance
with me, I went to Greensville to friendly to the nomination of Mr. to meet, and tell them never fear
see him, and asked him the question Johnson, asked to be excused from to do right and speak the truth,
plainly, fie said he would not de- ' serving. Then for tho first time Accept my sincere thanks for the
termine tbe question until he came lit was positively known that he warm interest you express in my
to Nashville, which would b4 be- had inspired his friends with the j behalf; and believo mo, through
fore the meeting of tbe convention. ! spirit of disorganization. But the; I'm, your friend
In the meantime the counties ; convention went on. It was a
throughout the State were appoint- nob'e body of free men who were
ing delegates. Some counties were not to be intimidated. They per-
expressing themselves in favor of fected their organization, adopted
Johnson, some for me, somo the twe thirds rule as necessary
B. F. Cheatham.
short time
peared in
Market Price.
We think thoe haviuc Wheat t sell wiU lio well
e give us a rmU l-f. re shipping or selling to other I
Parties. Call aud see us.
C. D. MF.KKTTT ft CO.,
Morristown, Teun. j
F 0 R S A L E !
Cotswold Sheep. Berkshire Pigs I
and Short Horn Cattle, " !
r- a.,., -T-r
Ortinger e,.. r.-.i,,' '.' '. ""re Shoe Bend.
avid, warrant.! a. renre ' ,, ', r'"t wn- A1 --k
rpiIE Battle Hons is most ceinvenieutly located
a to all the I)eM.tp, the Capiteil, aud to the business
perttoei of the city.
Virginia House,
Iiiin Street, .llorriatovrn, Tenn..
no ex- to a choice, nominations were an
In a nounced in order, and I finally
an -'interviewer" ap-; sele cted and made the standard
Greenevilic, through bearer of tho party by a unani-
whom Mr. Johnson first befjan tti mous vote.
address himself to the public. A fairer convention was ncvr
Soon thereafter ho appeared at held. No man who knows me
Knoxville and made a speech. He ! would believe for a moment that I
cams on to Nashville and maele weiuld have been a parly or given
two or three more speeches but did countenance to any fraud. Nearly
notdeclaro himself a candidate. all the counties in tho State had
the convention ; appointed
was to assemble in a fow days. I j deleoates.
ft , . V.
. . in-ar vi. .n
reprew nlc.l.
T oct rsp in the Business Centre of town, and
li but a few steps in rear ot the Depot- (on
nectedwith theVlKC.INI Hocsk is a good I.iv-
l.i-i,.".i"' berMHt,' buggies, hacks, etc.. at was on the eve of leaving the city ! Most of them were represented at
reasonable prices.
I for my home in Coffee county, and Nashville. That
low rharze. (Jnod Fare ana t arriui Aiern.iuu. . was naturally anxious to know kept a number of
j whether or not he would bo a com- j from beint: heard in
- - . f. . j
It is said that at least half the
delegates to the late Louisville Con
vention were straight out Radicals,
whose expenses were paid by tbat
some day I goes obcr to see Brud
der Solomon, and Brudder Solo
mon wery politely ask, "Uncle
Caesar, coino into do house,' do
anybody s'pose dat dis here nigger
would erQ under de house?' ''
traitors must be punished, and
made to feel that they have been
guilty of h:gh crimes; and wo
to Sav dat , ,I,usl maite provision, ny tne CON
Rebels, to compensate our impov
erished Union men."
The Prairie Farmer cries out
against the slaughter of the buffa
loes. Over 25,000 of them have
been killed for their hides alone.
Tho Farmer thinks it time that
Congress took somo action to pre
vent this reckless slaughter.
Mr. Johnson
the delegates
the conven
Kajruage carried from and to the Depot free petjtor before the convention, and lion does not change tho fast that
of charge. 1 ' '
A. J., in his Columbia speech, in
quired : "Who was Mrs. Surratt?"
Macboth made a similar inquiry re
garding Mr. Banquo, when he saw
the well-stabbed ghost of tbat clev
er gent'eman popping into the
royal chair at tbe banquet.
Tho Somerville Falcon sayo :
More than three-fourths of the pa
pers of West and Middle Tennessee
are flying the namo of B. F. Cheat-
A Good Wife for SomcDody. ham at their mast heads. It is
A Mississippi girl just out of evjjorU that Johnsons supposed
school, hired a few negroes last strength will never be realized. A
season and undertook to carry on reaction is taking place, and the
the farm at her homestead. The j,e0j)le, on second thought, will
results at the end of the year were prove true to themselves by voting
eight bins of potatoes, six hundred ' for Cheatham.
bushels of corn and nine hundred
and sixty-nine dollars in cash from
the sale of cotton after all expenses
were paid.
not bu questioned by any candid
man. The facts show that Grant
Tas a mere adventurer, ready to
draw his sword in favor of tho
side offering him tho largest place
or position. It is also charged
sginst Grant that he declared that
he would not fight to free tbe slaves
but the evidence of this wo have
not so positively as tho other.
Still, if ho could accept of
tho larger placo on the Un
ion side at the Very time
he was negotiating for a placo on
the "rebel" side, he was capable
of anything for his own aggrand
isement. Without a Rawlins to
plan for him, be never would havo
attained a name, and when tho for
mer died, his good genius died with
him. Houston, Texas, Telegraph.
So Doubt or it.
A man in Cincinnati is organiz
ing a bras band of twent' women.
He says that if they learn to play
one-half as many airs as they put
on, it will be a perfect success.
An impartial Kansas patriot has
named his twins Grant and Greo
ley. Wo are inclined to believa
Late Plonlng-
The Fat Contributor, encouraged
by Mr. Greeley's success in writing
about farming, says : "A corres
pondent asks us what we think
about late plowing. Plowing should
not be continued later than ten or
eleven o'clock at night. It gets the
horses in a bad habit of staying
out late and unduly exposes tbe
The Montgomery Advance tells
the following of a gentleman of
that city who recently joined tho
sons of Temperance : Alter be
coming a "son" he went to Mobile
on business, and was taken ill
there. A physician was called in,
and prescribed brandy. Our hero
told him he could not take it. Tho
doctor insisted that it was a prop
er remedy ; but the patient told
him ho would not take it. Tho
doctor eaid he must or he would
havo spasms. "Well said our Good
Templar, "I will try a couplo of
spasms first." He has recovered
and is doing well and ho says bo
wouldn't take any if a rattle snake
was to bite him. Wo glory in hia
'. 1 '
Tho Pittsburg Post says : "Ten
nessee delivered herself from ear
pet bag rule in 1SG9, and has been
increasing in wealth and prosperity
ever since." It was in 1869 thai
At Folsom. California, a
drank so much sour lager, thrown
this Kansas man could perform ; out 0f a brewery the other day, ! Tennessee got rid of that carpet bag
tho herculean task of editing a j tiiat jt became thoroughly drunk rule fastened on the State by An.
neutral pnp r without s-onping aml behaved in a most discrcdita- t'cw Johnson when ho was finga-
over. ble manner for a hog.
dicr General and Military Governor,

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