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The Morristown Gazette.
Wednesday Morning, July 2. 1873.
Our exchanges are full of accounts
of the incessant raius tlt harv
lately fallen.
A genius has invented a shirt col
hrer to which hraces arc attached for
Striding up the trousers.
Twelve thousand people have fled
from Nashville as they would have
done froi the wrath to come.
Tt is said that nearly three-fourths
f the deaths which have occurred at
Nashville from cholera were among
Site colort? people.
. '
Congressman-elect Smith of North
Carolina has published a letter favor
ing the absolute repudiation of the
State debt of over $31,000,000.
Somebody asks, "what is home
without a cradle?" Hang the cradle.
It'& the little rip in the cradle that
generally makes home howl.
There is a man in Gibson county
named Hog wood, twenty-four years
of age, who weighs forty-five pounds
and is just forty-four inches high.
Thrc- are nine railroads in opera
tion in West Tennessee, and eleven
others in course of construction or
in contemplation.
The United States officers arc said
to hate the Mormons heartily in L'tah.
They are going to make an effort to
have legislation against polygamy.
The envious rascals !
A fellow shot Miss Wood, in New
Hampshire lately just because she
didn't marry him. That she Wood
might have been living yet, but that
she woodiit.
The married ladies in a western
city have formed a '( 'ome-Home-Husband
Club.' We will imagine
it is 4 feet long and has a brush on
one end.
Kd. II. Taylor, late associate edi
tor of the Brownsville Bee, has gone
on the "editorial staff" whatever
that may be of the Knoxville Press
uud Herald.
Ott Tuesday night the 17th nit.,
Mr. Marston, a noted sto k miser of
Knox county, bad eight of his sheep
killed by dogs, one of them being
the ram which drew the first premium
at the last Pair.
In a case where a railway ticket
was refused because offered after the
day it was issued, a law court in
Maine has decided that such ticket
is good for six years.
Statistics show Georgia to be the
leading Southern Baptist State, both
fu respect to contributions and num
bers, one in every eight of the pop
ulation, it is said, being a Baptist.
The local of the Memphis Appeal
Bays- a family e-f four persons on
Thursday of last week, about six
miles Northwest of Memphis, ate
ravenously of raspberries, and were
every one dead within twenty-four
James Burnett shot twice at Capt.
Riggs in Kingston a tew days a go.
but did not hit him or anybody else
on the streets, lie paid $15 for ma
king a target of Capt. Biggs in the
streets of the town.
The company who have been ma
king excavations in search of coal
near Johnson City, in Washington
county, Tennessee, were rewarded a
few days ago by striking a rich vein
of the linest coal, which burns
Big fires seem to be the order of
the day in these times, all over the
world. The last news from China
brings an account of a fearful con
flagration at Hong Kong, which burnt
forty-four acres of booses and left
thousands of people homeless.
Two little boys iu the neighbor
hood of Memphis Sunday before last
ate inordinately of plums, and both
died by the roadside within a hun
dred yards of the trees, where the
plums grew. Of such things come
The prohibitory law :is a temper
ance measure, appears to be a failure
in Massachusetts. It is reported
that the daily arraignments for
drunkenness are larger than at this
time last year, when the sale of lager
and ale was allowed.
The South would not have failed,
says Henry A. Wise, had the Mis
sissippi run cast and west, instead
of up and down the continent. We
tried our best at Vicksburg to cor
rect the error, says and exchange,
but the pesky thing will run so.
The Charlottesville, Va.. Chronicle
says: Since the introduction of the
domestic grape wines in this com
munity, we learn that the sale of
6trong alcoholic drinks in bar-rooms
has diminished greatly, and that the
use of these wines has proportion
ately increased. This looks as if
th wine-growers were friend of
temperance. .
i "Do They Know What Thi'j learn."
The closing of the schools for the
summer vacation, suggests the cap
tion of this article as a text for the
Philadelphia Ledger to predicate
some ver3r sensible remarks upon.
It says the review and examination
are supposed to exhibit the progress
made, and the average result is usu
ally accepted as satisfactory to all
concerned. It is perhaps a trifle
early to be thinking of the next
term and its exercises ; yet ambi
tious pupils and conscientious teach
ers may spare, even in vacation, a
thought upon what is the main con
cern of their lives. The examina
tions are suggestive ; and it may be
worth while for the scholars to in
quire. "What do we really know?"
The teachers may ask "What have
we really taught?'
Memory is a powerful faculty, and
is capable, upon uncommon and ur
gent occasions, of being crowded up
to extraordinary performances. Es
pecially is this the case at examina
tion times. The multiplicity of text
books, in all departments, from the
primary upwards, covers a larger va
riety of subjects t!an our grand-parents
ever thought of, and the rapid
ity and correctness of the answers
of the majority of pupils is really
something wonderful. But ques
tions not in the examination routine
remain still to be answered : and
those questions are stated above.
In arothcr form the inquiry may be
stated : How much of all this ap
parent proficiency is mere mechani
cal or rote work, not founded on ac
tual knowledge? How much is the
product of the weary work of mem
orizing, with no expectation of being
retained for any purpose beyond
that of passing a successful examin
ation ?
The familiar word cramming"'
suggests itself to all who have had
experience in examination or in
being examined. School books are
collections of results worked out and
presented to the learner, not so much
as aids to learning as to be mem
orized as knowledge. Too main'
branches are attempted at once to
permit thoroughness in anv. Teach-
I C mf
era rely too much upon the text
books, and pupils are encouraged in
a parrot-like performance, which dis
penses with substance provided the
words be correct. Let any adult try
to read a book which is full of ill
understood, unfamiliar and technical
expressions, and how many ideas
will he gather from it? If he is re
solved to master the subject, and
commits the "unknown tongue" to
memory, what has he gained, except
increased labor? New let him turn
to some one who is really versed in
the subject, and who can present it
to him in intelligible, though per
haps redundant expressions, strictly
considered, and he will learn more
in half an hour than he could from
the book in a week.
The great qualities for teachers
are thorough knowledge of the sub
ject they undertake, and a capacity
to impart their knowledge to their
pupils ; in other words, to interpret
to young minds the information
which the text look must necessarily
present in a condensed and contract
ed form. If, in every school, a por
tion of the time now required for
study, that is to say, as is usually
understood, mere memorising, were
occupied by familiar conversational
lectures, explanations and "helps
over hard places," the result might
not be so showy, but would be much
more practical, useful and permanent.
i . -j
A special to the Cincinnati En
quirer sa'S :
"The arrest at Owingsville, yester
day, of one Low Hagar, who has con
fessed the names of eighty mem
bers of the Long band of despera
does, and of which he has been a
member. He says this line of rob
bers and thieves extends from Pen
dleton county through Kentucky and
Virginia into North Carolina. A
man named Satterfield was arrested
at Owingsville on his information,
charged with setting that place on
We are asked a dozen times a day
if the "prevailing disease" at Nash
ville and Memphis is Asiatic cholera.
Some contend that it is : others die
tatorially and positively that it is not ;
while a third class dubiously shake
the head and are wisely reticent.
Almost every one remembers the
fellow in the menagerie, who, when
asked if a certain animal was amphib
ious, replied. "Amphibious ! Thun
der, yes ! Eat a hog in a minute !"
The reader can make the application.
We have no opinion on the subject.
t --
A drunken fell, w got kicked out
of a saloon in IJattlc Creek, Michi
gan, on "circus day," and took his
revenge by mounting a dry goods
box and delivering a temperance
lecture to a large crowd.
It is asserted that owing to the
careless changing of two labels by a
Peoria clerk, an old lady in that city
has been swallowing a rheumatism
liniment three times a day ; and an
old gcntlemau has rubbed himself
with blue pills until he can slide up
.and down the side of a house when
the weather changes like a thermometer.
Counterfeit and "Genuine" Paper
Tbe iioston Tra alter says; Coun
terfeit paper dimes are in circulation.
What's the ditl'ereuce between a
counterfeit dime and a genuine dime?
You can't get cash for one and you
can't get cash for the other. So
there is no difference. The counter
feiter will not redeem his paper, and
Government will not redeem its pa
per. 'Tis much of a muchness, both
kinds of paper being worthless.
There is a sort of belief that the
Government paper will be redeemed,
though it rests upon nothing but
hope, that most deceiving of all de
ceivers. It is probable that but a
small part of our smaller currency
ever will be converted into cash, as
much of it will be lost, in various
ways by wearing out, by being drop
ped and trampeled upon or blown
away, by being burned, and by being
pronounced counterfeit when it is
genuine. All this will be gained by
(iovernment, and it will be lost by
the poorest members of the working
classes, for whose sufferings neither
governments nor politicians care any
thing. Had any regard been paid to
the welfare of those classes, and had
justice been done, all our small cur
rency would have disappeared six
years ago. Its existence is a reflec
tion on the country's sanity, and in
every way it is a calamity.
The Use of llstern Water.
The Gallatin Examiner has this
to say about the use cistern water :
"We have often called the at
tention of our citizens to what we
regard as a well settled fact that
those who habitually use cistern
water are nearly, if not entirely
exempt from attacks of cholera.
All the experience and information
that we have leads us to this con
clusion. During the prevalence of
the epidemic in Nashville in 1840-50
it was often remarked. During
the present visitation, although
it is raging in Nashville, Edgefield
is exempt from its ravages, and we
understand that not a single case
has originated there, although a
few have died there who contracted
it in Nashville. We learn, also, that
there is like experience in Memphis."
An uncomfortable paper for the
Administration is the New York
Sun. It continues to probe and
expose the ulcers and sore spots in
the rhinoceros-hide of "the party"
ami its model President ; and the
damaging character of its para
agraphs on the President's personal
habits and his avarice, is derived
from the fact that the truth of the alle
gations cannot well be denied. The
Sun occasionally returns to a favor
ite "sore spot" in the history of the
"Assistant Secretary of State," and
speaks of "the evidence published
by the Legislature of Massachusetts,
proving that Mr. Bancroft Davis,
when director and counsel of the
Erie Railway Company, took a $00,
000 bribe to betray that company
in a contract with another railroad."
What if he is a bribe taker? asks
this hornet of an editor ; is that a
reason why Grant should not pro
mote him?
The First District.
The canvass for Congress in the
First District is about commencing
at least it may be so inferred
from an elaborate editorial in the
last Jonesboro" Herald and Tribune.
The writer says there is a multi
plicity of aspirants, and exults in
the belief that there is an abun
dance of talent up that way for any
oilice in the world from village
hog-reeve down to the Presidency
of the United States. Also, that
a Congressman's salary of $7,500 a
year is pretty good pay, to say
nothing of the chances for per
quisites. Athens Post.
(jiood Sense.
Dr. Frank A. Ramsey publishes a
communication in the Knoxville
Chronicle, in reference to cholera.
We are not the least interested as to
the name of the disease, but the
communication contains one remark
sensible and important enough to be
printed in every paper in the coun
try. The Doctor says :
"Winter is the time to cleanse a
town. Just now every shovel of dirt
uncovered to the sun is a focus from
which disease eminates. Cover the
flth dteiier rather than turn it over,
and, except when absolutely neces
sary, let foundation, building and
street excavations remain unaccom
plished for a while."
Death of lion. Jas. Muiiins,
The Shelbyville Commercial of
yesterday, 27th, says : Hon. James
Mullins, Revenue Collector for the
4th District, and formerly Repre
sentative in Congress, died in Shel
byville yesterday at noon of cholera.
His son. II. C. Mullius, though in a
dying condition lor twenty-four
hours, was thought to exhibit favor
able symptoms.
A stuffed eagle, seated on a ballot
box is reported to be the most con
spicuous object in the American de
partment of the Vienna Exposition.
A "stuffed" ballot-box located on
the eagle would have been a better
representation of the "freedom" of
Americans in thece latter dayp, we
phould think.
Senator Cooper.
From the Athena Post.
We don't quote the following from
the Memphis Appeal because we ap
prove the use of such language in
reference to a respectable gentleman
who holds a high position in the ser
vice of the State, but rather to let
our readers see what a prominent
West Tennessee journal has to say
about a Senator who owes his eleva
tion to We3t Tennessee votes and
influence. The Appeal says :
Cooper has filled his seat for two
years and has been as dumb as an
oyster. He sits erect in his seat
like a block of wood, but his head
seems to be as devoid of brains as
the boots upon his feet. No man in
the United States Senate ever made
such a barren and empty record.
He is as stolid as Vinnie Ream's
statute of Lincoln, and as useless as
Beau Hickman. He debates noth
ing, proposes nothing, and is as in
consequential in all things as the
cushioned chair on which he lazily
wastes his worthless life. In order
to show his poverty-stricken charac
ter, and the utter want of ability, we
intend to sift the chaff of the Con
gressional debates to see how many
grains of wheat we can winnow from
Cooper's record."
The Knoxville Chronicle copies
this paragraph from the Appeal and
says :
"This is the man taken up to beat
Andy Johnson, because Andy had
been loyal to the Government."
Ain't the Chronicle slightly at
fault in its deduction? Wasn't Mr.
Cooper just as loyal to the Govern
ment as Mr. Johnson or any other
man? And didn't that good man
and invincible patriot, Brownlow,
while Governor, appoint Mr. Cooper
to a judgeship? If we are wrong
here we would like to be corrected.
Mr. Johnson was defeated through
the defection of some his "loyal"
friends and the bad management of
others of them. That's what ailed
Miss Hannah on the occasion refer
red to, and not the piles as our
Knoxville cotemporary intimates.
The shot that brought the ex-President
down was not fired from a rebel
Louisiana Movement.
A movement has been initiated in
Louisiana by Gen. Beauregard and
other leading Conservatives having
in view the harmony and concert of
action between the two races. The
Republicans suspect the movement
and the Conservatives appear to be
bewildered. The resolutions to
which Gen. Beauregard's name is ap
pended are said to be the strongest
yet put forth from any conservative
quarter, and almost smack at social
equality. They contemplate "the
unification" of the people of Louis
iana, "of whatever race, color or re
ligion," the common right of all to
frequeut all places of public resort,
to travel in all public conveyances
on terms of equality, etc., and of
fices of trust and emolument are to
be distributed equally. This seems
to us to be putting the bottom rail
on top, but then it is said to be the
only way the carpet-bag thieves can
be put down.
Shad in The Uolston.
Major R. Ilaller, conductor on the
Atlantic, Mississippi and Ohio Rail
road, distributed a large number of
newly-hatched shad in the rivers
along the line of the road Tuesday,
and some of them were put in the
river here. Should the experiment
to acclimate this popular fish to our
waters succeed, as we hope it may,
it will be a most important achieve
ment, and will be followed with the
introduction of salmon, pike and
other good fish. Marion ( Fa.) Patriot.
We learn from Mr. John Miller, of
Flat Gap, Hawkins county, that his
neighborhood was thrown into con
siderable excitement, on Saturday
before last, caused by a little son of
Jesse Mills, Esq., wandering off in
to the mountain and getting lost.
Every one in the neighborhood turn
ed out to search and on Sunday eve
nina the little fellow was found
about five miles from home. Of
course there was more rejoicing over
the return of that little sheep than
all the rest of the family that was
safely housed at home.
A dispatch from Brenham, Robeson
county, says : The daily rains for
the past month have nearly ruined
the crops in the country. The plan
ters are unable to keep down the
weeds, and a great portion of the
land in cultivation is abandoned in
The Knoxvilie Whig.
It is stated that the Knoxville
Whig is to be resurrected, under the
auspices of the Brownlow family,
with Col. John B. as managing editor.
The necessary arrangements are said
to be making, and the. paper is ex
pected to be well under way befoe
the commencement of the next State
and Congressional canvass.
These postal cards put a man at
the mercy of his waggish friends as
well as his malignant enemies. A
Philadelphia merchant, of strict hon
esty and exact business habits,
was informed the other day, per
card, that if he did not settle that
small bill for washing, Miss Mul
lony would bring suit therefor be
fore an alderman.
A Michigan Humorist.
Detroit has what it calls a funny
man. An old man named Grerr.
who mends furniture for a living, was
sitting in his shop recently, when a
stranger entered and asked the loan
of a dollar. Gregg was startled by
the impudence of the request, and
the stranger began laughing uproar
iously and shut and lxlted the door.
The stranger then took off his coat,
rolled up his sleeves and stepped up
and seized Gregg by the hair and
lifted him up a foot or so. Gregg
attempted to call in the police, but
the funny man seized him by the
throat and nearly choked him to
death. "Why don't you laugh?"
said the stranger, saying which he
began to twig his nose. A stair-rod
then came into requisition, Gregg
being constantly requested to laugh.
Seeing that his life was in danger he
did laugh, but it was not a hearty
laugh, and according the stranger
began hitting at his feet with a
hatchet. A pair of shears were then
procured, and the man began cutting
off his hair, until his victim was left
bald. He then cut off the man's
whiskers and tickled his feet with an
old curiycomb, threatening to stab
Gregg if he made any alarm. Grow
ing tired at last, the stranger said he
guessed he would go. He was not
in need of any money, he said, but
he liked to meet a man who could
appreciate fun. and he went out.
The carpenter was alive at last ac
counts, but the funny man is still at
large. It is thought that the case is
one of emotional insanity.
The Funding Dill.
The funding bill passed by our re
cent Leaislature is receiving the un
mistakable condemnation of the peo
ple from all quarters, and in a lan
guage that cannot be misunderstood
or misinterpreted. There was a pub
lic meeting held in Shelbyville on
the 2d ult., which was composed of
the best citizens of Bedford county,
irrespective of party affiliations, and
they gave expression to their feel
ings in a language that is as plain
as English can make it. The follow
ing is a part of the proceedings of
that meeting :
Resolved, That while we disclaim
the intention of repudiation, we hold
the people are not morally bound,
under the circumstances, to burden
themselves to the discomfort and im
poverishment of their families, in
order to make prompt and large pay
ment of interest to speculators hold
ing our depreciated bonds, depre
ciated by events uncontrollable by
us, and morally wrong by so doing,
to shirk and throw upon our poster
ity an entire debt created by our
selves, whether properly or improp
erly, but for our real or imaginary
present wants. But we will pa'
both principle and interest as fast as
we can in justice to ourselves and
duty to our children.
Resolved, That we believe an ex
tra session of the Legislature has
become a necessity, through the
failure of the assessment law, to
meet the expectation of its authors,
we therefore pray his Excellency,
Governor Brown, to assemble the
same at an early day, calling atten
tion to the subjects mentioned in
these resolutions. .
The Cholera.
There has been but little, if any
abatement of this disease, at Nash
ville, since our last issue. The num
ber of deaths have ranged from twenty-five
to fort3T-odd per day. Our
latest advices are to the effect that
the disease is more fully under the
control of the physicians than at
any time heretofore, and hopes are
entertained of its disappearance at
an early day.
Gallatin has suffered heavily from
the scourge, some eighty or ninety
persons having died there from the
cholera. Lebanon. Springfield, Mur-
freesboro' and Shelbyville have all
been visited by the disease, and at
Chattanooga several deaths have oc
curred from it.
The .Washington Chronicle, edited
by Harlan, and a supporter of Grant,
having nominated Captain Jack for
the Presidency, thus refers to his
similarity to Grant : "Captain Jack
has all the elements necessary for a
popular candidate. He is course,
brutal, ignorant and vicious. There
is no discount on his pluck, while
his hands are stained with blood shed
directly by himself, and not by proxy.
We do not know as to his family,
but doubt not that it is extensive and
A very enterprising miner has
discovered a wonderful mine in Vir
ginia, which for variety of deposits
beats anything hitherto known in
geolog It contains mica, silver ami
asafcetida, with some indications of
petroleum, etc. A few more strokes
of that miner's pick will develop
rich deposits of ice-cream, ostrich
feathers, point lace and Old Bourbon.
One of the curiosities at the Vien
na exhibition is a German trans
lation of Homers Iliad in steno
graphy, by Prof. Schreiber, of Vien
na. It consists of six hundred
microscopic pages, condensed into
so minute a compass as to go into
a nutshell.
An Atlanta doctor advises per
sous afraid of cholera to stand on
their heads for one minute three
times a day. lie argues that this
arrests abdominal depression, and
would be a healthful, gymnastic
practice at any time.
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It has more reputation thau any cough medicine
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ness 27 years. We mean just what we say.
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Drs. Wilson & Ward, physicians and druggists,
write from Cenirevillc, Teun. I "We purchased
Allen's Lung Balsam, and it sells rapidly. We are
practicing physicians, as well as druggists, and take
pleasure in recommending a great remedy, such as
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Dr. Floyd of Ohio, surgeon in the army during
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Every Lady wants one !
Every Man ought to have one ! !
Sent on receipt of Ten Cents. Address, L. E. HYDE
k CO., 195 Seventh Avenue, New York.
Sent on receipt of 25 cts. Uniqne Printing and
Publishing House, 36 Vesey Street, New York.
Sewtno Ma.-iii-.k, on 30 Days Tbial ; many
advantages over all. Satisfaction guaranteed, or
$20 refunded. Sent complete, with full directions.
Beckwith Sewing Machine Co., 862 Broadway, H. Y.
Invention. It retains the Rupture at all times,
and under the hardest exercise or severest strain.
It is worn with comfort, and if kept on night and
day, effects a permanent cure in a few weeks. Sold
cheap, and sent by Mail when requested, circulars
free, when ordered by letter sent to The Elastic
Truss Co., No. 6H3 Broadway, N. Y. City. Mobody
uses Metal Spring Trusses ; too painful ; they slip
off too frequenUy. apr30.
HERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of a venditioni
exponas, issued from the Circuit Court of Ham
blen county, and to me directed, I will sell to the
highest bidder, for cash, at the Court house door,
in Morristown on the first Monday in July next,
all the right, title, claim and interest that A. A.
Button has in and to a house and lot in Morristown,
where said Hutton now Jives, adjoining the lota of
G. W. Noe, S. L. Huffmaster and fronting on
the E. T., Va. & G. R. R-, containing one-fourth of
an acre. Sold to aatiafy a judgment and cost ob
tained by Wm. McFarland against said Hutton, be
fore A. f. Donaldson, Esq., on the 27th of Septem
ber, 1872. G. H. BOYD, Sheriff.
je4-4w. Printers fee $5.
I WANT to hire twelve Carpenters good steady
men who can do plain substantial work. I will
ray from One Dollar to One Dollar and a Quarter
iu Caah, per day, and board, to good bands. Apply
je4.) Beans Station, Teun.
Bound in good style, at cny prices, a this ottcte.
and German Hosiery, Ladies' and
No. lit bay Street, hnoxville, Tcnn.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Stoyes, Tinware, Hollowware, Wood
ciii are. Pnmps. Brashes, Brooms
And Housef uruishing Goods Generally.
Manufacturers of
Galvanized Iron Cornice, "imlow Caps, &c.
dueenients to Country Merchants.
1 E L E 1J ,
Atlanta, Chi.
flllS resort for health and pleasure is open at all
1 times for the reception of visitors. The ac
commodations are being largely extended and
The season being opened out with such good
prospects, the Proprietors have just closed a con
tract for forty Cottage rooms fc be completed by
1st of August, iu addition to those already oil
hand, viz: Kitchens, Bath House, Ball Room,
&c, ;e.
Everything acceptable will be used for the com
fort and pleasure oi the guests.
The water is recommended in the cure of all the
derangements of the Digestive Organs,
iu Skin Diseases, Scrofula, &c, iu Chronic lu;ir
rhie, Dysentery, and the Diseases peculiar to Fe
males." Is highly recommended as a tonic iu Con
sumption. We invite a comparisou of the Analysis
f the Water wur. mat oi any outer Known wiimrai
ists of
Sulphuric acid 1
Irou Peroxide ....
Mauganeze peroxide
Potash and Soda. . .
Silicia, soluble
Phosphoric acid ....
Carbonic acid
Nitric acid
Sulphate of Lime lfiO.fiO
81.12j " Magnesia U1.H7
10.991 " Soda 8.50
l.Wlj " Potassa . 1.54
Chloride of Sodium tOM
" Irou 2.92
5.90 ! " Manganese .69
32.63 Iodide of Sodium, traces.
.27 ; Phosphate of Lime 2.14
.71 Carbonate of Lime 21.56
9.00 ' Silicia 2.71
.02 Nitric acid 02
Total 272.91" Total 272.91
There is a large amount of Carbonic Acid Gas
iu the water.
Our Resident Physician is too well kuown to
require auy comment.
Board for May $35 ; per week $10 ; per day $1 50;
for June $40 ; per week $12 ; per day $1 75 ; for
July, August and September $45 per month; per
week $13 ; per day $2. Persons coming in May get
the benefit of May rates during their stay.
We have contracted with responsible pirties to
eouvey passengers over the hack line, in good, new
and comfortable hacks, who guarantee safety and
comfort, and we request our guests to patronize
this line.
Office in Ti'hlht House, Morristown, Tenu.
We are shipping a great deal of the water. We
deliver in depot at $5 per bbh, iu good new iron
hooped barrels.
For particulars, address',
Biian'k Station, Tknn
SHKEIEE'S SALE. By virtue of a venditioni ex
ponas, issued from the circuit court of Hamblen
county, and to me directed, I will sell to the highest
bidder, for cash in hand, at the court house door, in
Morristown ou the first Monday in July next, one
town lot sttuated in Morristown, and bounded on
the east by Cumberland street, on the west by the
C, C. G. & C. B. R., on the north by M. Carriger's
line, ard on the South by 3d North street, containing
one-fourth of an acre, more or less ; levied ou as
the property of Thomas Anderiou ; also, one tract
of laud lying iu the 4th civil district of Hamblen
county, adjoining the lands of John Holt, and
others, containing one hundred acres more or less ;
levied On as the properly of B. R. Hoe; and both
of which will be sold to satisfy a judgment and
costs that Jami Smith recovered r. gainst Thomas
Anderson, .Tames C. Noe and D. 11. No, before L.
E. l.eeper, Esq., on the 21st day of IK eember 1872.
O. H. BOYD, Sheriff.
je4-4w. Printers fee $5.
Stieff's Pianos.
Awarded to CHARLES M. STIEFF, fur the
Beat Pianos, in competition with all the
leading factories in the country.
No. 9 S. Liberty Street, UalUmore, Md.
The superiority of the Unrivalled Stieff Piano
Forte, i conceded by all who have compared it with
others. Iu their New Grand Square Scale, 7 V,
Octaves, the manufacturer has succeeded in making
the most perfect Piano Forte possible.
Price a will lie fonnd as reasonable as consistent
with thorough workmanship.
A large assortment of Second Hand Pianos al
wavs on hand, from $75 to $300.
We are agents for the celebrated Burdett Cabinet,
Parlor and Church Organs, all styles and prices, to
suit every' one, guaranteed to be fully equal to any
Send for Illustrated Catalogue, containing names
of over 1500 Southerners, (500 of which are Virgin
ians, 200 North Carolinians, 150 East Tennesseeans
and others throughout the South,) wholuv e bought
the Stieff Piano since the close of the war.
For catalogues and prices apply to THOS. U.
EVANS, Agent, Morristown, Tenu.
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of a venditioni ex
ponas, issued from the circuit court of Hamblen
county, and to me directed, I will sell to the highest
bidder, for cash in hand, at the court house door in
Morristown, on the first Mondy in July next, one
town lot situated in Morristowu, Hamblen county,
Tennessee, bounded on the east by Cumberland
street, on the west by the C, C. G. A; C. Bailread.
on the North by M. Carriger's line, and on I he m nth
by 3d North street, containing one-fourth of an
acre, more or less, and levied upon as the property
of Thomas And rson, (this levy being made subject
to former levy made in same rase,) and will be sold
to satisfy a judgement and costs that James Smith
reco-vcred aakit Thamai' Andarson, et before
L. V. Loepcr, Esq., on the 4fh day of JnVj , 187
O. H. BOYD, Sin riff.
jel-w. Printer fee
Aao Advertisements.
v' is the best BLOOD PURIFIER of the
age, because it stimulates to health?
action the organs which nature has appointed to
Siri5?it,ut of the "ysteui tuc impurities ot the Blood.
BUCHU touches the Kidneys the Da-dclion wakes
up the Liver :iud stimulates the Boweia to regular
action. These organs aotino jointly, clear the
system and cairy away the germs of disease Get
this remedy.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
WORKING CLASS $60 a week guaranteed
Respectable enjoyment at home, day or evening ;
no capital required ; full instructions and valua
ble package of goods to start with sent free by mail.
Address, with 6 cent return stamp, M. YOUNG, 173
Greenwich St., New York.
How either sex may fascinate and gain the lovo
anectious of auy person they choose instsutlv.
i ius suuple mental acquirement all can j os.e-'s,
!.,,, L i .' fur 5c- together with a marriage
uv l!11?" Oracle, Dreams, Hints to Ladies,
sVp: Aphrrbol,k- A
Nkoleot a Cough. Nothing is more certain to
lay the foundation for future evil consequences
an- a sure cure for all diseases of the Respiratory
Organs, Bon Throat, Coed, Croup, Diptheria,
ftathma, Catarrh, Hoarseness, Drvness of the
Throat, Windpipe, or Bronchial Tubes; and all Dis
eases of the Lungs.
Iu ail cases of sudden cold, however taken, these
TABLETS should be promptly and freely used.
They equalize the circulation of the blood, mittgate
the severity of the attack, and will, iu a very short
tina restore healthy action to the affei ted organs.
W'pIIh' I'm holic Tablets are put up onlv in
blue boxes. Take uo substitutes. If they can't le
fonnd at yoOr druggists, Mend nt once" the
.ti5'iit in New York, who will forward them by
return mail.
Sold by druggists. Price SB ceuts a box.
JOHN Q. KELLOGG. 18 Piatt St., New York,
Send for Circular. S, ie Agent fo.- dated Status.
The New Odorless and Non
Poisonous Powerful DEODOR
Its daily use destroys all bad odors and poisonous
eminatfona about your premises, and thereby pre
vents contagion and disease ; c ,utams no poison
anil has no odor of its own, and is always safe.
Dr. BnocKETT, a celebrated writer on Cholera
and Yellow Fever, maintains that a few drops of
1!bomo-('hi.oiuixm in a tumbler of water, drank
daily, will prove a sure protection from these dis
eases. Prepared only by TILDEN & CO.,
Sold by all druggists. New York.
N Agents
Saints -
SWntcd for
O fc" THE
Dissected, analyzed and portrayed as real meu and
women, just like Saints and Sinners of our own
dav. original, Racy, Striking and Popular. Heads
like a Novel. Send for circular. V.IEGLER &.
M' TTii'V, 1HU West Fourth St.. Cincinnati, Ohio.
it ii n l ,u w i
A$ a. 1. BH1UB8 MVi lUtlm
To lie the Bfcf L'ver Invented. tt
Pamphlet free. Address, York, Pa.
This celebrated wat ring place is now open to n
ceive guests. Those who are afflicted with Scrofu
la, Glandular Swellings, and Cutaneous Eruptive
Diseases, Erysipelas, Tetter, Ecu u.... Use, Chronic
Diarrhcea and Dysentery, Dyspepsia. Bronchitis,
Chronic Thrush, Dropsy and lilc.-', should lose no
time in coming to this fountain of health to be
healed. For the cure of many of the above dis
eases, this water stands unrivalled among the Min
eral Water of the I luted States.
JAMES A. EltAZIER, Proprietor.
The startling drawback on nearly all medicinal
agents has ever been that iu their process of pur
gation and purification they have aN i debilitated
the system. To obviate this difficulty physicians
have long sought for an agent that would
Their research has at last lieeu rewarded by a dis
covery which fully realizes the fondest desires of
the medical faculty, and which is justly regarded
as the most importaut triumph that I harm cy has
ever achieved. This importaut desideratum is
Dr. Tutt's Vegetable Liver PUL
Which purify the blood and remove all corrupt hu
mors and unhealthy accumulations from the body,
and yet produces no weakness or lassitude whatev
er, but on the contrary tones the stomach and in
vigorates the body during the progress of their op
eration. They unite the heretofore irrecouciliablw
ltr. Tutl's Pills are the most active and search
ing medicine in existence. They at once attack the
very root of diseases, and their action is so prompt
thai in an hour or two after they are taken tho pa
tient is aware of their good effects. They may bo
taken at any time without restraintof diet or occu
pation ; they produce neither nausea, griping or
debility, aud as a family mediciue they have uo
Price 2." ce.i ts a box. 8old by all Druggists.
Principal office, 18 and 2U PUtt St., New York.
Is the tnobt powerful Cleanser, strengthener
and remover of Glandular Obstructions known to
Materia Medica.
It Is specially adapted to constitutions "worn
down" and debilitated by the warm weather of
Spring and Summer, when tho blood is not in
active circulation, consequently gathering impuri
ties from sluggishness and imperfect action of the
secretive organs, and is manifested by Tinners,
EruptiouB, Blotches, Boils, Pustules, Hcrof ula, 4c,,
When weary and languid from overwork, and
dullness, drow.viuess and inertia take the place of
energy and rigor, the system needs a Tonie in
build it up and help the Vital Forces to regain their
recuie.rative power.
In the heart Of Summer, frequently the Liver
and Spleen do not proporly perform their func
tions ; the Uterine aud Urinary Organs are inactive,
producing weak ess of the stomach and intestfeice
and a predisposition to bullous derangement.
is prepared directly from the sou th Ameri
can PLANT, and is peculiarly suited to all these
difliculties ; it will cleanse the VITIATED BLOOD,
strengthen the LIFE-GIVING POWERS, and RE
It should be freely taken, as Juruboba ia pro
nounced by medical writers the most efficient PU
the whole range of medicinal plants.
JOHN y. UIXLOGG, lKP!att-st., New York,
Sold by Druggists. Sole Agentforthe I uited Ststes.
Price One Dollar per Bottle, Send l or Circular
BY Dr. Kline's Wonderful Vmuctr Antidote,
which destrovs aud removes the Canter entire,
without the use of the Knife or tho loss of Blood,
and, at the sa
l ancer In 11
Chronic La
with un pan-
Ens, Uheu
For partic!
Dlts. OI
s irce tendency m
o trea all forma of
iib-.i i re I) is.' as. ,
cfally Fmiw, or
.Asthma. 8cofv-
success ;
:M, Ntl'lU
ress .
ma . 11 -:n i.
Ok, Ashkvii
1 1
Hautibtifa pr fitted sU tht ibis Ufle .

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