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The Morristown Gazette.
Wednesday Morning. Jnly 2, 1873. j
K. T.. Va. i ia. Railroad Tlmc-Table.
Tram, arrive at. and leave Morristown as follows :
Mail train, west 0:22 a. m.
Mail train, east, 2:03 p. m.
PMWiiger train, west, 8:49 p. m.
Passenger train, east, 6:13 a. m.
Way Freight, west, 2:18 p. m.
Way Freight, ea, 10:28 a. m.
9:24 a. m.
2:29 p. m.
8:30 p. m.
C:14 a. m.
2:40 p. m.
10:40 a. in.
Clncli! natl, Cumberland Gap X Charleston IS. It.
Daily trains (Sunday excepted,) leave MonMofa
at 2:45, p. m. ; Arrive at Wolf Creek at 5:55, p. m. ;
Returning, leave Wolf Creek at 6:00, a. m. ; Arrive
at Morristown at 9:12, a. m.
Kascality is rampant, and stalks
the earth from Maine to California.
The "Buucombe" train ran over
and killed somebody's hog, the other
day, near the crossing.
Nest Friday is the day we used to
celebrate, but it is about played.
Poor "Old Lang Syne I"
Ililliard Iludgins claims to be the
champion barber of the burg. Shop
in the "Y," between the E. T., Va.
& Ga. and Buncombe Railroa Is.
Wilmeth's mackerel are going off
like "hot cakes." lie sells them low
and they are of a very superior
Messrs. Folsom cc Lyle have burn
ed one kiln of brick, and will soon
commence work on the walls of our
new court house.
Coulter & Browder have cholera
remedies which Dr. Coulter sa3-s is
"dead-shot" to all sickness "mit der
Rain, rain, rain one continued
drizzle for the past week. A day or
two of sunshine would be greeted
with pleasure, just now.
The most important sanitary meas
ure we have noticed is the clean out
fit of a certain agent new clothes
from head to foot. No danger of
cholera now, Walt.
The Children's Hour for July is a
gem of literature for the little folks.
Send $1 to T. S. Arthur & Son, Phil
adelphia, and get it for j our chil
dren. You will never regret it.
Attention is called to the new ad
vertisement of Hawkins, Butt &
Co., dealers in stoves, tinware, etc..
agents for the celebrated Star Cook
ing Stove. Knoxville, Tenn.
Dn:o, at tiie residence of his
grandfather, R. E. Rice, Esq., in
Morristown, on Monday, "23d uU.,
Hugh W., infant son of I high W.
Lynn, Esq., of Knoxville, aged 3
months and 3 clays.
James Thurman, formerly em
ployed as an engineer on the 'Bun
combe ' Railroad, and well-known in
this community died recently in
Nashville from an attack of the
Our County Court solons should
take some action next Monday in
regard to a jail. We need a good
jail badly and we trust that ways
and means may be devised by which
we will soon have one.
On Wednesday last the morning
passenger train going east "flew the
track" about two miles west of town.
but fortunately no one was hurt.
The engine was damaged considera
bly. Attention is directed to the new
card of W. M. Wilmetb, grocer and
produce merchant. Mr. Wilmeth
has added a full line of boots and
shoes to his stock, which he is offer
ing at low liarures.
The following, clipped from an ex
change, is peculiarly appropriate to
the scent that daily and
arises from our streets :
"Go see what I have sawn.
Go feel what I Lave felt,
Rise up with early dawn
And smell what I have smelt !"
There is a man in Morristown who
says he can't live happy unless his
mother-in-law lives in the same
house with him, and she's the only
woman who can tackle his wife suc
cessfully. They take up so much
time jawing each other that he has a
peaceful life.
Arthur's Home Magazine for July
has been received and we take pleas
ure in saying it is one of our family
favorites. The literature is of that
class that makes you think better of
mankind generally, after reading it
It is only $2 a year and well worth
the money. T. S. Arthur & Son,
publishers, Philadelphia, l'a.
Fine ( aminos.
We are indebted to the publishers
of the Hearth and Home and the
American Agriculturist for two beau
tiful chromos. "The Strawberry
Girl" is a splendid 14x20 inch pic
ture, printed in colors on eighteen
plates, and is given as a premium to
every subscriber to the Hearth and
Home. It is well worth the sub
scription price of the paper $3 a
year. The other picture "Mischief
Brewing" is very attractive and
would make a splendid ornament for
any home. It is a premium to sub
scribers to the American Agricultu
rist. We heartily recommend the
two papers to our readers as in every
respect worthy of their patronage.
Both papers with chromos will be
sent for $4 75. Orange Judd & Co.,
publishers, 24o Broadway. New
"How Loug, Oh, Hoit Long?"
On Wednesday last two men got
into a row near the depot when one
of them drew a pistol and shot at
the other, but doing no damage.
( n Wednesday night some unknown
parties waylaid Henry Walker, the
barber, and gave him a pelting with
rocks. Almost every week we have
a street fight and yet there has not
been au arrest made by the corpo
rate authorities for mouths, unless,
perhaps, it be some poor fellow who
was too drunk to resist. Now, the
question is " where' s the corpora
tion?" Is it dead, or only sleeping
until tax-gathering time? Ah! that's
where the fun comes in. They'll be
on hand then sure. We think we
are law-abiding and always willing
to do the - fair thing," but we now
say to our people, refuse to pay tax
until these and many other neglects
of duty be rectified until we have a
corporation to pay tax to. If we
are to have a corporation, let us
have one, indeed, but if it is to be a
mere "money machine," let us stop
their rations.
Hood Advice.
Dr. J. G. Holland, in Scribner's
Monthly for Julv, says : "Nothing
can be more cruel and nothing more
foolish than to place children where
they must be dressed every day in
fresh and fashionable clothes, and
their freedom to play curtailed for
the sake of appearances. What
childhood needs is perfect freedom
among the things of nature free
dom to romp, to make mud-pies, to
leap fences, to row, to fish, to climb
trees, to chase butterflies, to gather
wild-flowers, to live out of doors
from morning until night, and to do
all those things that innocent and
healthy childhood delights in, in
cheap, strong clothes provided for
the purpose. Exactly that which
childhood needs, manhood and wo
manhood need perfect liberty and
perfect carelessness. So, whether
the dweller by the sea go inland for
his summer play, or the resident of
the inland city go to the sea, he
should seek some spot an visited by
those devoted to fashionable display
and pass his time in unrestricted
communion with nature, and in those
pursuits and amusements which,
without let or hindrance, perforin
the oflice of recreation."
On last Sunday, some drunken
roughs put in an appearance in our
town, and behaved themselves in a
most boisterous and disgraceful man
ner cursing loudly and firing two
-hots from a pistol, ntjar the centre
of the town, much to the disquiet
and disgust of all good people. And
all this within the limits of our "cor
poration." What do our town au
thorities mean ? Have they no re
gard for the peace, order and quiet
of the community? Such conduct
as was had on last Sabbath in our
place, is a disgrace, and that the
perpetrator's go unpunished is a
burning shame to those officers of
the law whose duty it is to look after
the arrest and punishment of such
The Cholera at lireciicvllle.
Our neighboring town, Greene
ville, has suffered terribly from this
scourge, some twenty-six persons
having been carried oir by the rav
ages of the disease since its appear
ance there. The following named
persons have died since about the
first of June : A. M. Piper, Mrs.
Maggie Mitchell, Mrs. Arrowood.
Geo. Ruble, wife and child, A. Roy
al, John Cooper's wife and child,
Mrs. Presley, Alf. Rhea, (col.,) Del
pha Ross, (col.,) Sallie Bryson's
child, (col..) Mrs. J. C. Wilson, Mrs.
Pickering, Miss CalUe Reaves, Mrs.
Sophia Lincoln, Thos. L. MeFall,
Mrs. Drummond, H. Woods, (col.,)
Mrs. Earnsworth, Mr. Moorehead,
Miss Thornburg, Mrs. Wilhoit and
three children of Fred Mitchell.
About seventy families have left
Grcencville, and there are only
some three hundred people left in
the place.
A bill for suppressing religious
corporations has passed the Italian
Parliament, and with the signature
of the King will become a law. We
are not troubled in that way in this
country. Our "corporations" are
not religiously inclined to much ex
tent ; and when they get them sup
pressed in Italy, if a few of those
who arc thrown out of emploj'ment
could be sent as missionaries to con
vert some of our corporate authori
ties and imbue them with a proper
christian spirit and more respect for
the performance of their duties, it
would not be a bad idea.
"He that revengeth knows no rest,
The meek possess a iwaeeful breast."
Now that's none of our poetry
not a bit of it so don't a pair of
men come at us armed with blud
geons, knives and shooting irons, de
manding the author. We want it
understood that we are no part of a
poet, and we are glad of it ; we
would rather be a fiddler. There's
lately been so much fuss and fight
ing around our town that we com
mend the above quoted lines to the
"fighting fraternity" and trust that
they will give the sentiment their
prayerful consideration.
A fashionable query : What's the
cholera news.
Scribner's for July.
"The Great South" series of mag
nificently illustrated articles begins
in Scribner's for July. In the first
paper entitled "The New Route to
the Gulf," Mr. Edward King gives
us graphic descriptions of the move
ment of the army of emigrants into
the great Southwest land, and of the
romantic border life past and pres
ent of that strange but now rapid
ly modernizing country. An enter
taining illustrated paper on "Low
Life in Berlin" follows this. One of
the most interesting magazine arti
cles of the day is Rev. J. A. Reed's
defense of Lincoln from the attacks
of certain late biographers. Anoth
er noteworthy article in this number
is Dr. Newell'8 singular autobio
graphic paper, entitled "Recollec
tions of a Restored Lunatic."
There are, besides the continuation
of Arthur Bonnicastle (in which is
chronicled the death of Old Jenks ;)
stories by Adeline Trafton and Miss
Osgood ; a bright little article on
"Children's Magazines;" a remarka
ble paper by "An Orthodox Minis
ter" on "The Liberty of Protestant
ism," and poetry by MacDonald, G.
P. Lathrop, B. F. Taylor, Miss An
nan, and others.
In "Topics of the Times," Dr. Hol
land discusses American Morals,
Skilled Domestic Service, and Sum
mer Play. In "The Old Cabinet"
we find The Stove that Makes its
own Twilight, Within and Without,
Ideal and Real, Song of a Heathen
sojourning in Galilee, a. d. '32.
The Book Reviews are more than
usually full and readable, and the
other departments have their cus
tomary interest. Bret llarte's new
story will begin in the
Wood's Household Magazine for
July is ahead of any previous num
ber, and when we consider its usual
standard excellence, this is rare
praise indeed. It is "household,"
not only in name but in character,
and its table of contents shows a
wonderful adaptation of articles to
the individual members of the fami
ly circle. The price of the maga
zine is one dollar a year. Address
Wood's Household Magazine, New
burgh, New York.
We were pleased to receive a call,
on Monday, from Mr. W. R. Manard,
Principal of the Clifton School,
which has just closed a most prosper
ous session. The next session of
Mr. Manard's school will commence
on the first Monday in August next.
This is one of the institutions of
which our Cocke county neighbors
should feel proud.
The Career of a Great Remedy.
Twenty Biraimcre have elapsed since it was briefly
announced that a new vegetable tunic and altera
tive, bearing the name of Hostetter's Stomach Bit
ters, had teeu added to the list of preventive and
restorative medicines. The modest advertisement
which invited attention to the preparation stated
that it had been used with great success in private
practice as a cure for dyspepsia, bilious complaints,
constipation and intermittent fever. It was soon
discovered th.it the article possessed extraordinary
properties. The people of every class, tested its
merits as a tonic, stimulant, corrective and restora
tive, and found that its effects niofe than fulfilled
their hopes and expectations. From that time to
the present its course has been upward and onward,
and it stands to-day at the head of all medicines of
its class, American or imported, in the magnitude
of its sales and its reputation as a Bafe, agreeable
and potent invigorant and restorative. For lan
guor and debility, lack of appetite and gastric dis
turbances so common during the llliiiiwr months
it is absolutely infallible. Indigestion, bilious dis
orders, constipation, nervousness, periodical fevers
and all the ordinary complaints generated by a vi
tiated and humid atmosphere, vanish under its
renovating and regulating influence. This is its
record, avouched by volumes of intelligent testi
mony, extending over ajieriod of a fifth of a cen
tury, and comprehending the names of thousands
of well known citizens belonging to every class and
calling. In Europe it is thought a great thing to
obtain the patronage of royalty for a "patent med
icine," but Hostetter's Hitters has been sponta
neously approved by millions of independent sov
ereigns, and its patent consists in their endorse
ment. A Cure for Cholera.
The Knoxville Chronicle, of the
7th, says: "In view of the fact that
other portions of our State are being
scourged with that dreadful disease,
cholera, it behooves every one to
immediately provide themselves with
the best known remedies, for, to be
cured at all, cholera must be cured
quickly. The first symptom of this
disease is usually a painless diar
rhoea, accompanied with a feeling of
coldness in the bowels. Where the
cholera is prevailing no other warn
ing is necessar', but the person at
tacked should immediately lie down
and keep quiet, have a large mus
tard poultice prepared and cover the
entire abdomen. To stop the diar
rhoea nothing has yet been discovered
more elficient than Dr. Lytle's Klix-
lr, taken in liberal doses, which
should be taken as soon as possible.
Should the case be stubborn and
pain and cramp follow, take a large
dose of Dr. Hart's Great Relief in
wardly and have the limbs rubbed
vigorously with the same. By fol
lowing these simple directions,
one need fear cholera.
Ice Cream Saloon.
Mack Fulton has opened Lis sa
loon, at bis old stand on Main street,
for the season, and invites the pub
lic to call and try his ice cream.
Mack understands how to fix it up
"according to lloyl."
New Spring Fashions.
C. S. Fleshuian, Fashionable Tail
or, has just received his plates of
the Spring and Summer Fashions,
and he invites those who desire their
clothing cut and made in tho very
best and latest style to give him a
a call. Shop on Main street, iucast
Shearer's Improved Hay Press.
We are now manufacturing and
keep on hand the celebrated Improv
ed II ay Press, recently invented by
Mr. P. A. Shearer, and offer them
for sale to farmers and others at a
reasonable price. Persons interest
ed in the raising and sale of hay are
invited to call and examine this press.
W. Van- Uvm & Bno.
Morristown, Tenn.
The reason that the bugsries, car-
DO 7
riages, hacks, spring wagons, etc.,
manufactured by John Brown, are so
popular and much sought after is, he
puts nothing but the best material
in the vehicles which he builds, and
his work is always done in the neat
est and most substantial manner.
Fob Loss of Appetite, Dyspepsia, Indigestion,
Depression of Spirits k General Debility, in their
various forms, Feiiuo-Phosphokated Elixir of
Calisaya made by Caswell, Hazakd k Co., New
York, and sold by all druggists, is the best tonic.
As a stimulant tonic for patients recovering from
fever or other sickness, it has no equal. If taken
during the season it prevents fever and ague and
other intermittent fevers.
Wall Papers ! ! !
The Laroeht assortment ! The Finest Papers '.
The Cheapest Goods ! Send size and style of each
room, and samples will be sent at once by the Fast
Tenn. Book House, Knoxville, Tenn.
if Tkade Discount to Meuchanxs.
Morristown Retail Market.
Corn 5C cents per bushel. Corn meal 70
cents per bushel. Flour $4 50 to $5 00 per sack.
Oats 33 cents per bushel, ilutter 10;; to 18 cents
per pound. Fggs 10 cents per dozen. Irish
lotatoea 75 cents per bushel. Onions 75 to 80
cents per bushel. Chickens 15 to 16;3. Lard
10 cents. Beeswax 25 cents per pound
Feathers 50 cents per pound. Wheat, $1 50 to$l 60.
Green apples 70 to 75 cents per bushel. Cotton
yarns $2 00 per bunch. Dried Peaches, halves, 5
cents per pound ; Pealed peaches 8 cents per pound.
Dried apples 3'j cents per pound. Baccn hams
li".. to 13V according to trim, sides 11 to 12 shoul
ders 0 to 10 joles G cents.
The Fine Arts !
250 Gross sheet Wax for Flowers. 500 Brass
Moulds for Wax Flowers. Moulding Pius, Silk
Covered Wire, Stem Wire kc, k:.. Every thing
Necessaby to make Wax Flowers. Send to the
East Tennessee Book House, Knoxville, Tenn.
Campbell's Tenn. Form Book.
Every one should have a copy. Sheep, $1 75 ;
Board, $1 ".25. Send to Williams, Stubukk & Co.,
East Tenn. Book House, Knoxville, Tenn., and get
one. Z3F Discount to the trade !
New Advertisements.
H H 5 S S S
1 io
Porrv Davis'
Has been tested in every variety of climate, and by
almost every nation known to Americans. It is the
almost constant companion and inestimable friend
of the missionary and traveler, on sea and laud,
aud no one should travel on our LAKES AND
PAIN-KlLLERwas th first,
and is the Only PermaneBtt
I'aiu Reliever.
Since the PAIN-KILLER was first introduced,
and met with such unsurpassed sole, many Lini
ments, Relief's, Panaceas, and other Remehies
have been offered to the public, but not one of them
has ever attained the truly enviable standing of
why is this so?
It is because DAVIS' PAIN-KILLER is what It
claims to be, a Reliever of Pain.
Its merits nre Unsurpassed
If you are suffering from INTERNAL PAIN,
Twenty to Thirty Drops in a Little Water will al
most iustantly cure you. There is nothing to equal
it. in a few moments it cures
Colic, t ramps, Spasms Urart-burn, Diarrhea,
Dysentery, Flux, Wind In Ihe Dowels,
Sour Stomach, Dyspepsia, Sick
In sections of the country where
Prevails, there is no remedy held in greater es
teem. Persons travelling should keep it by them.
A few drops, in water, will prevent sickness or bow
el troubles from change of water.
From foreign countries the calls for PAIN-KILLER
are great. It is found to
( urc Cholera, where all other Remedies fail.
nothing gives quicker ease iu Burns. Cuts, llriils
', Sprains, Mings from Inserts and Scalds.
it removes the fire, and the wound heals like or
dinary sores. Those suffering with RHEUMATISM,
GOUT, or NEURALGIA, if not a positive cure,
they find the PAIN-KILLER gives them relief when
no other remedy will.
It Olves Instant Keller from Aching Teeth.
From 1840 to this day, (thirty-three years) PERRY
DAVIS' PAIN-KILLER has had no Equal.
to apply on the first attack of any Pain. It will give
satisfactory relief, and save hours of Buffering.
Do not trifle with yourselves by testing untried
remedies. Be sure you call for, and get the genuine
PAIN-KILLER, as many worthless nostrums are
attempted to be sold on the great reputation of this
valuable medicine. 49-Directions accompany each
Price 25 cts., 50 els., and si per Bottle.
J. N. HARRIS & CO., Cincinnati. 0.
Proprietors for the Southern and Western States.
Coulter & Browder, Jlorristown.
G. T. Maoeb.
Brown & Crowell,
Sandfohd, Chamberlain & Co.,
Kaoxville. ap30
They have received Diploma for their merit
wherever exhibited. Pronounced by all, the cheap
est luxury of the age, valuable and almost necessa
ry to the table, to travelers, or at Pic-nics. Packed
iu the best olive oil of our own importation, in tin
b v .- finished same as the imported ; and are sold
at less than half the cost of French Sardines.
Their delicious flavor, and nutritous qualities re
commend them to all classes. Hold by first class
grocers. Wh lesle by
aprl6-3m 31 Broad Street, JT. Y.
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of a venditioni ex
ponas, issued from the circuit court of Hanibleu
county, and to me direct d, T will sell to the highest
bidder, for cash in hand, at the court house door
in Morristown, on the Urst Monday in July next,
all the undivided interest that M. C. Thurmond has
in and to oue house and lot lying ln the town of
Morristown, Hamblen county, Tennessee, adjoin
ing the lots of the widow Johnson, Kiggs heirs, and
others, containing one-half acre, more or less,
levied on as the property of said M. C. Thurmond
and will be sold to satisfy a judgement and costs
that Thos. J. Speck recovered against the said M
C. Thurmond, before A. .1. Donaldson, Esq., ou the
JjIIi day of October, IfCJ.
O. II. UOYD, Sheriff.
je- . rimer o lee
New Adv crtiscm en is .
Every Subscriber to that Popular Weekly.
Chromos are delivered at once. The distribution
will POSITIVELY take place on the TWENTIETH
OUR CHROMO "CUTE" is 16x20 inches in size,
acknowledged to be the finest and handsomest
picture ever given with auy paper.
OUR FIRESIDE FRIEND is an eight page illus
trated family and story weekly in its third v olume,
SCRIBERS, and rapidly increasing, which insures
the success of the present distribution. The Pub
lishers of Our Fireside Friend have sent to its sub
scribers this year over SEVENTY THOUSAND
copies of the chromo "Cute" aud are shipping
hundreds every dav, SUBSCRIPTION PRICE,
THREE DOLLARS PER YEAR, which gives the
subscribers FIFTY-TWO numbers of the best
Family Weeklv, the chromo "CUTE" finely framed,
and a numbered CERTIFICATE entitling the
bolder to one share in the distribution of premiums
for 1873. SUBSCRIBE now with the agent or send
direct to the Publisher. SPECIMEN COPIES,
particulars, etc., sent free.
A fl rUTQ ln ever" town, at home or traveling,
iiulirillj Largecash pay aud liberal premiums
W A for getting up clubs. The best outfit.
II lUl 1 LlU Send at once for terms and particulars,
WATERS & CO., Pubs., Chicago.
In Chancery at Morristown.
OBi.l No. 117. I. B. Rogers, et al, vs Michael
F. Damerou. In this cause, it appearing from
the allegations in the bill, which is sworn to, that
defendant Michael F. Dameron, is a non-resident
of the State of Tennessee, so that the ordinary
process of law cannot be served on him. It is
therefore ordered by the Clerk and Master that
publication be made in the Morristown Gazette for
four successive weeks, notifying said non-resident
to appear before the chancery court of Hamblen
county, to be held at Morristown, on the 3d Mon
day in July next, then and there to plead, answer
or demur, or otherwise make defense to said bill,
or the same will be taken as c nfessed and set for
hearing ex parte. This June 21, 1873.
A true copy. JOHN ML RPUEY, C. & M.
je25-4w. Printer's fee $5.
ocke County, Tenn. C. D. Fairfield vs.
Timothy Stone. In the above cause, it appearing
from the affidavit that the defendant is a non-resi
dent ; it is her?fore ordered by the Court, that
publication be made for four successive weeks iu
the Morristown Gazette a newspajier published in
the town of Morristown Tenn., uotiiiyiug said de
fendant o a 'pear before me at my Office iu New
port, in (ocke county, Tenn., on Monday, August
the 4th, 1873, then and there to plead, answer or
otherwise make defense, or the same will be set
for hearing, ex parte.
H. H. BAER, J. P.
for Cocke eountv, Tenn.
11111(1 Eags shot (assorted sixes.)
"u" 10,000 Pounds Bar Lead.
2000 Kegs F. F. F. G. Kentucky Rifle Powder.
100,000 Boxes Water Proof Caps.
100,000 do "G D" do
10,000 do Gun Wads (assorted sizes)
june-18J LEE k TAYLOR BRO'S.
1 A A Cases FrazierV Axle Grease in 2 His. boXOO.
x uu 100 Kegs Axle Grease in 30 lbs. kegs.
AA Barrels and Half Barrels New North Caro-
OO ma oiipped aud Roe Herrings.
june-18 LEE & TAYLOR URO'S.
5 0 (J
Jirrrels Kanawha Salt iu 5 Bushel Barrels.
500 Sacks Liverpool Fine Salt.
june-18J LEE k TAYLOR BRO'S.
"illl! Reams Wrapping Paper, (assorted sizes.)
JJJ xawt iS LEE & TAYLOR Bit' I S.
I 1(1(1 eK8 Oid Dominion Nails (a
J.UUU 1,000 Barrels Fresh Ground
sorted sizes.)
James River
Hydraulic Cement.
100 Barrels Calcined Plaster.
500 do Raw and Refined Sugars.
1V5 Caddies Green and Black Teas.
275 Bags Rio, Laguyra, Java and Mocha Coffees.
500 Sides Good Damaged Sole Leather.
80!) Batts "Brower's" North Carolina cotton yarns.
5,000 Pounds Carolina and Rangoon Rice.
300 Boxes Window (ilass (assorted size.)
200 Barrels Molasses and Syrups, v
8,000 Packages Manufactured Chewing and Smo
king Tobacco.
150,000 Havana and Domestic Regars.
june-18 Lynchburg, Va.
Tie Snlpinr Sprini Fan
F O R S 1 1Z .
RISTOWN, in Hamblen county, East Tennessee,
immediately on line of Cumberland Gap Railroad :
lW'j acres, about 90 of which are in cultivation,
balance well timbered. GOOD WATER and FINE
ORCHARDS; Comfortable Houses. Terms: Three
Thousand Dollars ; one-third cash, balance on one
and two years' time. Address the undersigned at
Chattanooga, Tenn., or apply at the Gazette Office.
VTII.L Be pleased to receive a call from all who
" w ish w ork done in
First Class Style
Of workmanship. And wUl insure a good fit at
reasonable prices.
Shop On Miiin St., in Mr. Johnson's office, jell
Chancery Court, Clifton, Tenn.
'CHE Account ordered at February Term, 1873, of
the Chancery Court of Cocke county, in the
cause of Jonathan L. Noe. admr., vs John C. Clark,
.las. LaRue, Trustee, and others, will be taken at
the otlice of the Clerk and Master, at Clifton, on
Thursday, the 3d day ot July next, and succeeding
d:ys if necessary ; at which time and place the
parties are hereby notified to attend with their
proof, otherwise said account will be proceeded
with ex parte. June 5th, 1873.
M. A. ROADMAN, C. & M.
jell-iw. Printer's fee $.5.
Sheriff's Land Sale.
TY Virtue of an order of sale issued from the of--
fice of the Clerk of the circuit conrt of Cocke
county, Tenn., and to me directed, 1 will sell to the
highest bidder, for cash in hand, at the court house
door at Newport Depot, on the 7th day of July next,
1H73, all the right, title, claim and interest that G.
E. Jackson has iu and to a tract of laud, situated m
the 12th district of Cocke county, on Ground Hog
Creek, adjoining the lands of Anderson McMillan,
Mary Vess aud William Gilleland. Levied on to
satisfy a judgement and costs that Margaret
Franklin recovered against G. E. Jackson, on the
20th day of July, 1872, before Wm. B. Harrison,
Esq. This May 23d, 1873.
jell-4w. Printer's fee $5.
of Chronic and Acute Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
Lumbago, Sciatica, Kidney, and Nervous Diseases,
after years of suffering, by taking Dr. Filler's
Vegetable Rheumatic Sjrap the scientific dis
covery of J. P. Fitler, M. D., a regular graduate
pnyaican, with whom we are personally acquainted,
who has for 30 years treated these diseases exclu
sively with astonishing results. We believe it our
christian duty, after deliberation, to conscientiousiy
request sufferers to use it, especially persons in
moderate circumstances who cannot afford to waste
money and time ou worthless mixtures. As clergy
men we seriously feel the deep responsibility rest
ing on us in publicly endorsing this medicine. But
our knowledge and experience of its remarkable
merit fully jnstifiea our action. Yours truly, Ac.,
Rev. C. U. Ewiug, Media, Penn'a, suffered sixteen
years, became hopeless Rev. Thomas Murphy, D.
D., Fraukford, Philad'a. Rev J. B. Davis, Hights-
lown, ivew jersey, itev. J. a. uuchanau, Clarence,
Iowa. Rev. G. G. Smith, Pittsford, New York.
Rev. Joseph Beggs, Falls Church, Philadelphia.
Other 'estimonisls from Senators, Governors,
J udge, Congressmen, Physicians, 4c, forwarded
gratis with pamphlet explaining these diseases.
One thousand dollars will be presented to any med
icine for same diseases sbowlnsr equal merit under
test, or that can produce one-fourth as many living
cures. Any person sending by letter a description
of affliction will receive without charge (if consid-
ered curable) a legally signed guarantee, naming
i ne exact numoer oi ooctics warrantee to cure 1
agreeing to refund amount paid in case of its fail
ure to cure. Price per bottle, $1 25 ; can be bought
as used. Afflicted invited to write for medical ad
vice on above diseases onl v. No charge for r nlv
winch will oautain much valuable information ao
quired by a lifetime practice. No compulsion to
buy medicine. Address Dr. Fitter, Philadelphia. I
....,u,laJIMimiiuiiBU1 iuc uiseuse atso iiiniisn.si.
For Sale by Da. G. T. MAOEE, MonaisTOWN Tenj.
TV N"T send ah a V
ne. The OAzr.rrK Om--e
"Ur Job Printing done. The (o-mi' oth- e
i prepared to do any and ail kinds at low figures.
IfCtt V A. KK v . I tO
New Advertisements.
A Full Drawing Certain.
$500,000 in BaiilMo Pay (lifts.
10,000 Cash &iftsPaiil in M
UNOUGH of the 100,000 tickets issued for the
XJ Third Grand Gift Concert, in aid of the
Public Library of Kentucky, having been sold to in
sure a full drawing, aud the wish having leen uni
versally expressed that the 10,000 cash gifts offered
should le drawn in full and paid iu full without auv
scaling down, as heretofore, the management, with
the concurrence of the trustees, have determined to
allow ninety days more for the sale of the remnant
of tickets left on hand. The concert and distribu
tion advertised for April 8 is therefore postponed to
Tuesday, July 8, 1873, on which day, aud no other,
they will positively and unequivocally take place in
, Public Library Hall, Louisville, Ky.
At this grand concert the following cash gifts will
be distributed by lot and paid in full to the ticket
holders who draw them :
One Grand Cash
Gift, . . .
One Grand Cash Gift,. . .
one orautt Oasn Gift, .
One Grand Cash Gift, 20,000
One Grand Cash Gift,
One orana Cash Gift
24 Cash Gifts of f 1,000 each
50 Cash Gifts of 500 "
80 Cash Gifts of 4 0"
100 Cash Gifts of 300 "
150 Cash Gifts of 200 "
510 Cash Gifts of 100 "
9,0U0 Cash Gifts of 10 '
" 30,000
" 30,000
" 09,000
" 90,000
Total, 10,000 Gifts, all Cash, 'OO.OtO
The money to pay all these gifts in full is now u;--ou
deposit in the Farmers' aud Drovers' Bank of
I-ouisville, and set aside for that purpose, and can
only be used for that purpose, as will be seen by the
following certificate of the Cashier :
Office of Fabmf.bs' and Disovf-rs' Bank,)
Louisville, Ky., April 7, 1873. f
This is to certify that there is in the Farmers" aud
Drovers' Eank to the credit of the Third Grand
j Gift Concert, for the benefit of the Public. Library
i of Kentucky, live hundred thousand dollars, which
nas Deen set apart by the managers to pay the gift
in full, and will be held by the bank aud paid out
for this purpose, and this purjiose onlv.
It. S. VEECH, Cashier.
The party, therefore, who holds the ticket draw
ing the capital gift will get 4100,000 in greenbacks,
aud so of the $50,000 gift, the $25,000, the $20,000,
the $10,000, the $5,000, and all the other gifts, 10,000
in number, amounting to $500,000.
The remnant of unsold tickets will be furnished
to those who first apply (orders accompanied by the
W 'uey always having preference over agents) at the
following prices : Whole tickets, $10; halves, 5; aud
quarters, $2 50; 11 whole tickets for $100, 56 for $5()0,
113 for $1,000, and 575 for $-.00. No discount on
less than $100 worth of tickets at a time.
The concert aud distribution of gifts will begin at
6 o'cloek on Tuesday morning, July 8, iu Public
Library hall, and the following will be the order of
proceedings: 1st. Music by orchestral baud. 2d.
Placing of tags (one for each ticket sold) in large
wheel. 3d. Placing of gifts iu smnll wheel. 4th.
Music by orchestral band. 5th. Explanatory re
marks by President, tlth. Drawing of first Qf of
gilts. 7th. Music by orchestral baud. 8th. Draw
ing of last half of gifts. 9th. Placing of large
wheel with tags in halids of committee appointed by
audience. 10th. Grand orchestral concert.
The music ou this grand occasion will be the best
that can be procured, and the gentlemen who count
and place the tags and gifts In the wheels and sujer
intend the drawing and keep the record of the
drawn numbers will be chosen from the best known
and most trustworthy citizens of the State. All will
be so conducted a i to be a perfect guaranty against
complaint from any source.
The payment of gifts will begin on Saturday, Ju
ly 12, at tf o'clock a. M. Tickets drawing gifts most
be presented at room No. 4, Public Library building,
where cash checks upon the Farmers' and Drovers'
Bank of Louisville, or sight drafts upon the Fourth
National Bank of New York, at the option of the
holder, will be gien for the tickets. All gifts not
called for iu 6 months from the drawing will be
turned over to the Public Library fund.
For ful partienlan send for circulars.
Agent Public Librarv of Kentucky,
ap23-tj4. LOUISVILLE, KY.
Have been adopted by the State Boards of Educa
tion of
In use iu the cities of
The Standard iu Orthography and Pronunciation in
Ac, he.
New illustrated editions of Worcester's Compre
hensive and Primary Dictionaries have, recently
been published, and we have just issued Worces
ter's Pocket Dictionary, illustrated, with important
tables for rofereucs
11 Arasliiiirtoii Ht.,
Chancery Hale of a House and
Lot in Morristown, Tenn.
7 n oledience to a decree of the Cliancery Court
at Morristown, Tenn., in the cause of James H.
Cameron, vs. R. L. Owen and wife Narcissa Owen,
I will sell to the highest bidder at the Court House
door in Morristown, on Saturday, the 28th day of
June, 1873, at 10 o'clock A. M., the house and lot
mentioned and described in the pleadings, Bituatcd
in the central part of the town and fronting about
50 feet on Main Street.
Terras of Sale.
Raid house and lot will be sold on a credit of six
months, with interest from date of sale and without
the equity of redemption. Note with approved
security will be required of the purchaser and a
lien retained on the property, until the purchase
money is fully paid.
Morristown, Tenn., May 22d, 1873.
may28-4w-Pr!nters fee t.
SHERIFF'S SALE.-rBy virtue of two Execo-
tious, issued from the Circuit Court of Ham
blen county, and torn directed, I will sell to the
highest bidder, for cash, at the Court house door,
in Morristown on the first Mnndday in July next,
one house and let lying in Morristown, Hamblen
county, Tenn., bounded on the north by 1st South
street, on the west by Mill street, ou the South by
Hulfmaster's line, and on the east by T. H. Evans'
lot, containing one acre. Said house aud lot will be
sold as the property of It. B. Owens to satisfy two
judgments and costs in favor of H. Counts and
wife, Mary Counts, which they recovered against
said Owens in the Circuit Court of Hamblen county,
Tenn. G. H. BOYD, Sheriff.
je4-4w. Printers fee $5.
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of a venditioni ex
" ponas, issued from ihe Circuit Court of Ham
blen county, and to me directed, I will sell to the
highest bidder, for cash, at the Court house door,
in Morristown on the first Monday in JiUy next,
a small tract of land containing 23 acres lying in
the 8th civil district of Hamblen county, adjoining
the lands of Nancy Haim, Wm. Marshall aud others.
Sold as the property of J. 8. Dyer, to satisfy a judg
ment and costs that D. Nusbaum recovered against
said Dyer berore S. SI. Heath, Esq., iu the 15th
day of May, 1870. G. H. BOYD, Sheriff.
je4-4w. Printers fee $5.
SHERIFF'S SALE By rirtne of one Execu
tion issued from the Circuit Court of Ham
blen eonnty, and to me directed, I will sell to the
highest bidder, for cash, at the Court house duor,
in Morristown on the first Monday iu July next,
a portion of a lot of land lying in Morristown ou
Mil) and 1st South Streets, aud adjoining the lands
of Huff master and others, said to contain one-fourth
of an acre, there is on said lot a good stable and
d.Jctor's shop. Said lot "sill be sold as tho property
of R. B. Owens to satisfy a judgment and costs that
E. Witt, et al. obtained against u&id Owens in the
Circuit Court of Hamblen countv, Tenn.
G. U. BOYD, Sheriff.
je-4-lw. Printers fee $5.
In soft tit 'otire.
THE 1 Vtate ..f Oavi.l U N.m. deceased, havinc
; been declared insolvent, by the Worshipful
' Cuttnty Court of Hamblen couuty, all persons bav-
ing claims against said estate ai e hereby notified to
prenfuit the same, dtih authenticated as the law di
j recta ; and all persona in.lohted to said estate must
: conic forward and mat, immediate rettn-ment.
j' ll lw. . " . lUitrat.'
New Advertisements.
The only Reliable Gift Distribution in the country
$50,000 00
Gift Enterprise,
To be drawn Monday, Aarot 1Kb, f$?S.
0ne Grand Capital Prize of
8o,ooo iiv gold:
One Kamtfy t'nrrlagt. & Malrhrd Horses with
Silver-Mounted Harness, worth fci.GOO.
1 Horse & Buggy, with Silver-mounted Harness,
worth $600! One Fine-toned' Rosewood" Piaksn,
worth $500! Five Family sewing Machines, worth
$100 each! 7S0 Gold and Silvr Lev. r
Hunting Watches (iu all,) worth from $20 to
$300 each. Gold Chains, Silver-ware, Jewh-y, ke.
Whole number bltts 5. tHHL Tickets Milled
to 50,000.
whom Liberal Premiums will be paid.
Mngle Tickets $1 ; Six Tickets $i ; Twelve
Tickets $10 ; Twenty-live Tickets $20.
Circulars containing a full li t of prizes, a descrip
tion of the manuerof drawing, and oth.-:- informa
tion in refei enee to the Distribution, will t. rent t.
any oue ordering them. All litters mnst be ad
dressed to
KinamoL L. I. sINK. Itox hf,
101 W. Fifth St. t ISOINNATI, O.
Kansas Central Land Agency.
SALINA. Maj. JOHN W. BERKS, Manager.
Real Estate Business; also have for sale all the
lands of the Kansas Pacific Railway Company,
amounting to over 5, 000,000 acres of the most des
irable in Central and Western Kansas ; also, Sfill
siti s, Coal Ijiuds, Farms, Cattle Ranches, aud City
Property in Salina and tho neighboring towns, for
sale at all times,
Send for the "Kansas Central Advocate," a
large ;i2-colunin land pakk, see what we have for
sale and read all aboatthegreat rKeystoue State of
the V est. mchPi.
A Fine German Chromo.
!1 l'i Pages Octnvo. I -Ml Fine Bngriivlngn.
Relates Incidents and Accidents beyond the Light
f Day ; Startling Adventures iu all iarts of the
World; Mines aud Mode of Working them ; Under
currents of Society ; Gambling uud its Horrors ;
Caverns aud their kXyaeMfate: The Dark Ways of
Wickedness; Prisons and their Secrets; Down in
the Deaths of the Sea; Strange Stories of the
Detection .tf Crime.
The book treats of exyrteuce with brigands ;
nights in opium dens aud gambling hells ; life iu
prison ; Stories of exiles ; adventures among In
dian; journeys through Beware' aud Oataconilis ;
accidents in mines ; pirates aud piracy ; tortures
of the inquisition ; wonderful burglaries, under
work! of the great cities, etc., eU
for this work. Exclusive territory given. Agents
can make $106 a wees; in selliu t his book. Send
for circulars and terms to agents.
A new and beautiful Engraving Hxl8 inches in
size. Gen. Lee's Army crossing the Jsniea river,
the city of Richmond on fire and many other things
which make this picture a gum of Art, one which
should hang in the parlor of every Southern borne.
Sent by mail mounted ou a roller aud post-paid, on
receipt of 20 ceuts, or 3 for 50 cents.
J. . A W. ,11. IS I" It It OW,
Publishers, Bristol Tenn.
Agents wanted to sell Pictures, Books, Charts, he.,
he, From $3 to $15 per day can easily bo made.
Send for private terms and Catalogue.
December Term, 1HTJ, of the Circuit "ourt for
Hamblen County. Whereas, It. S. Lane, Collector
of the Public taxes for Hamblen county, has re
ported to Court the following tracts of lind aud
town lots as having beca assessed for taxes for the
years 1KT0 and 1871, that the taxes thereon sr.- due
and unjmid, and that the rcioctive owners of the
same have no goods Mini chattels within his county
uu which he can distraiu for ... i taxes, u -wit :
R. L. Owen, thirty-Ode town lots, valued at $3,000;
taxes for the year 1871, $3 00 ; in civil district No.
3. Clerk's fee $1 50, Printer's fec$l 50, Collector's
fee $1 00 ; total $i3 Oil.
Samuel Alexander, one town lot, valued at $100 00;
taxes for the year lttll, $C 30 ; lu civil dis: tiet Bo.
3. Clerk's fee $1 50, Printer's fee $1 50, Collector's
fee $1 00; total $10 30.
E. A. bole's, heirs, two town lots, valued at $400 DO;
taxes for the year 1870, $4 00 ; in Civil district Wo.
9. Clerk's fee $1 50, Printer's fee $1 50, Collector'
fee $1 09; total $8 oo.
Eliza Cole's heirs, one town lot, valued at $100 00 ,
taxes for the year 1871, $4 00 ; in civil dist-.iet No.
. Clerk's fee $1 50, Printer's fee $1 50, 0 '.lector s
fee $1 00; total $8 00
It is thereupon, considered by the Court that
judgement be ami it is hereby entered afiiinst tin;
aforesaid tracts of land and town I I in 1 e name
of the State, for the sum annexed to lc . being
the amount of taxes, costs and charges du I e m
ally thereon, lor the r ai 1870 and 1871, and it :i
ordered by the Court .Mist said several tracts of land
and town lots, or so much thereof as shall be suf
ficient of each of them to satisfy the taxes, costs
atd charges annexed to them severally, he sold as
the law directs. T. C. CAIN, Clerk.
In pursuance of tho above order of sale, to me
directed, I will sell to the highest bidder, at the
court house door, in the town of Morristown, Ten
utssee, on the FIRST MONDAY OF JVLY, 1873,
for cash in hand, so much of said different tracta of
laud, town lots, or parts of hits as will be iiimcieut
of each of them to satisfy the taxes, costs and
charges due severally thereon.
R. S. LANE, Rev. Col.
for Hamblen Couuty.
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of a venditioni
0 exponas, issued from the Circuit Conrt of Ham
blen county, and to me.directed, I will sell to the
highest bidder, for cash, at the Court bouse door,
in Morristown ou the first Monday in July next,
one town lot ling in the town of Whinosburg,
Hamblen oo., Tenn., adjoining the lands of W. C.
Kyle, aud known as the Josiah Thomas lot, contain
ing one acre, more or lees. Said lot will be sold as
the property of P. N, Roddy to satisfy a Judgment
and costs that Wilson, Burns at Co., recovered
against said Roddy, before W. B. Neuuy, Esq., ou
the 27th day of January, 172.
G. H. BOYD, Sheriff.
je4-lw. Printers fee $5.
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of a venditioni
exsiias, issued from the Circuit Court of Ham
blen county, aud to me directed, I will sell to tho
highest bidder, for cash, at the Court houie door,
iu Morristown on the first Monday lu July next,
one smail tract of land lying in the 2d civil district
of Uamblou oounty. Said lot of land will be sold
as the property of T. S. Smith to satisfy two Judge
ments and costs iu favor of Win. Vineyard and
Morris, Kidwell A Co., recovered against aaid
Smith btfore A. J. Donaldson, Esq., in August,
1872. O. H. BOYD, Sheriff.
je4-4w. Printers fee $5,
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of a venditioni
exponas, issued from the circuit court of Ham
blen couuty, and to me directed, I will sell to the
highest bidder, for cash, at the court house door,
hi Morristown on the first Monday in July next,
one tract of laud lying in the 8th civil district of
Hamblen county, Tennessee, adjoining the lands of
E. Marshall, .lames Courtney Joel Melton, and
others, contaiidng one hundred acres, more or
less. Levied oil as the projH.rty of Abram Dyer,
aud will be dd to satisfy a judgment and costs
that Jam. Courtney recovered against J. S. Dyer
and Abram Dyer before W. B. Nenny, Esq., on the
8th day of Jauuary, 1871. G. U. BOYD, Sheriff.
je4-4w. l"viuters fee $5.
cU her
for us
,t any -
ills. U
m ak
ta, or all the
m free. Ac
h Co., Portland Uaiue.
sale cheap .t this Office.

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