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v. MORRISTOWNr TM, , rElMSDrfmPRIL, 5 'l882. ! t " ' M :: SHHIINO. i
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"1 t a iJrriton, So. ljt lt Thor-
O O. K. M rTttwn No. 14 lt,lud nd
Joum Utrm,li.(.
mi. IXIOUTS OF HOXoa. Morrintown.
r cry
"J- O. O. T. MorritJim,y . S. Metry
The manufacturers, according to
a f peml under a recont date, bare
not been demonitratiTC at Washing
ton this winter, but it must not be
supposed, for that reason, that they
have been indifferent to or neglect
ful of their interest. They have
the great committees in the Senate
and in the House of Representatives
at their back, and, therefore, do not
foel any degree of alarm at the pros
pect of adverse legislation. Sonie
of the representative manufacturers,
with an intelligent appreciation . of
advancing public sentiment, which
demands thorough reform in the
whole revenue system, profess
willingness for a revision of the
present tariff, and are willing to
make certain concession., which,
from their standpoint, might be
considered liberal. These great cor
poration., however, are in no hurry
to givo np their present profits, nor
to make unnecessary sacrifices.
They v.ill not surrender until the
last hour. It is an open secret that
they haye kept agents on guard
durinjr the whole session of Con
gretw, to urge the appointment of a
commission on the tariff. Some of
these ajrents Lave recently occupied
;'inu:i..ui-t:h:oiLciu r.rrf wnspicioa positions in public life,
u.iot,cu.b.irMs4 ;ru rr Coo I aa4 .advocated tho policy the- are
nw proving as attorneys. The ap-poiittiu-t
l"A commission of civil
iar.s, or of mcmrs of the two
Iloue? mixed witt expats, means
substantially indefinite pobiuc-
ment of all tarilf reform durin tht?
present Vdministration. No report
would be niiide until the middle of
Januan-, 1SS3. In tho remaining
mx wee':s of the expiring Congress,
any bill for a general revision would
have no chant o of being considered,
with any desire to defeait. Thero
arc free traders aud protectionists in
both psrties, and thej' would be
equally concerned in avoiding any
positive istue before the nominating
conventions in 18S4. After tho
Presidential election the question
would tatnroWy be put off for the
now Administration. So tbftt no
real legislation need be expected in
regard ;o the tariff, if tho Republi
cans in Congress want to prevent it.
And th.ir bills for commifcions, and
all the jKji formancos before tho pub-
lie, hava in view but the single ob
ject of delay and of co.itir.uinrj the
existing iniquities.
U.crti-ui.S iu Cm Moir.uro 0zrrt is
far tU.lr r- r- ;"U''n otVMir
"mm nwri'.
A lrirUi'u in IV Momttw Gaikttb Urrl
U.jmrT.r.1 tu rtu.'.e vffr-d ia of gov
.,.i,'u.l fJr Vric the nat-rU rult U
' 4 Herui. In tb Motiitows Oiirrx im m
u nynt d lAk,m U repnUUoa of tU good.
.lir.y. at 4o V in t!: ir inUrxt.
A4rtiftw U mrawm Oat te Ui.
rruc ..V.w. .ai
k -!T .1 t 4 cu t tmm all cl
AJv,rti,iC(n th- M OAiTT Fro-
iatraa- .fr. evfc. ia tl.. dultst time. aJrT
tir xcun br f.r Urgot s'aaix of u be"
1d( dae.
AltertwlsK in ti e JIotTv m.A WT1 em"
!.U.-Jly rT". T' llr ' PtP1jr XiJt
lBi.d.rirruMi. J . f out tJiud. It ' rtJ
Subscription Price, 81 t"0,
Ini'iin'-i'-Iy in f 't.i'i v, othmci.e ?2.
EattJ Tat f - l Sl-'rrlrtown, Tenn.
at lecvntl cia. matter.
A protest against the admission
ii.to the l'u"un of Iakota until her
ivv-rd is purgul of the repudiation
with which it m charged in the mat-ii-r
of the Vaukton ivanty londs, is
asued in aid of the railway in that
onir.ty, upon which interest pay
ments have ceased, wa- presented
to the S-.-nate on the 21 -t by Senator
IIo:i. R..s.ue Conkling, it is now
asserted. do's not want any office
within the gi:i of the peojde or the
Proident at r.oi.t. His plan is
to make all the morn v he can by
!is law'prat tiv in the time inter
'veiling, ai d ivturn to the Tnit!
Stales Senate tro:n New York at the
election three years hence provid
vl. ofc-uiir.se, that the stalwarts can
then tt.tnniattd the necessary
The C'!arkvii!e T.,r-arcn Lenf statt-s
it thus: The widow of the brave
. utar, who died with hia boots on,
in the service of his country, gets a
pension of $.'!;! from the tiovern
mcnt, while (Irard, into whose capa
cious maw the Republican party has
crowded the first fruits of the (ioy-
crnmcnt for twenty years, as
peace -utTcring, cries oat, like Oliver
' Twift, fur more, and is generllj-
voted a per.sivm of .1:"5,."mX "Thus
bath the caue of justice wheeled
James . Chriftma. indicted flr
the murder of MTiliiam li. Whitney,
in June last, was put on trial in the
Criminal Co.:rt at Washington, last
Wednesday. Juth tiile.s were ready.
A jury was promptly procured, and
after hearing the testimony and
short addresses from the counsel,
the Court directed thy jury to re
turn a verdict of not idity, on the
ground of self-dofen.-e. This was
u rn j and (rhriatiiias nS released.
Whitney was the of !rs. Myra
Clark (iair.c. and ChrNtrna is her
mi in law. 3ir. (iaines was in
c u t a- a witness f r t'hn-tmas.
5ew Tork Sun
If tho comet lht was -discovered
by a young astronomer in Albany a
week ago fulfills halfof the promises
made for it, wo may expect to be
hold, in May or Jane, a celestial
spectacle such as has not been equal
led since ISSSor 1811: . This .comet,
although some 200,000,000' miles
from its perihelion, which it will not
reach for three montbsj shows a
bright tail and a tax-like nucleus.
Tho inference is fair that the comet
is a very large one, and that when
it gets into our neighborhood it will
present a magnificent appearance.
Moreover, Prof. Chandler's figures
show that tho comet is plunging al
most straight at the sun, which it
will probably approach within 100,
000 miles. Tho only other comets,
in the long list of those bodies
whose orbits" have been calculated,
which approached anything like as
near to the sun as this aro tho comet
of 370 B. C, the comet of 1C68, tho
comet of 1030, often called Newton's
comet, the comet of 1843, and tho
comet of 1SS0. The last named was
observed only in South America and
Australia and at the Cape of Good
Hope. Concerning tho comet of
370 B. C.; of which frightful things
aro related, and which is said to
have split in two, not much is
known, but the measurements made
in tho other cases are generally to
be depended upon. In fact, it was
the nearness of tho approach of the
comet of 16S0 which led Xcwton to
anticipate siblo peril to tho earth
frost the faU of a great Zet ini0
distant view" of dne'eomet that really
seemed ' to belong' to an order of
magnitudo different from that of Or
dinary com ea a sort .of -jcelestial.
whale amongiisbcsrrhis was 'the
famous comet of 1811, which had a
head almost as big as the sun itself.
Bat it kept far away, its, perihelion
distance being some ninety million
of miles If such a comet as that
should rush upon the sxih, Mr. Proc
tor thinks, it would soon! show us
what . it could do. ; But ' hist oppo
nents say that even tho downfall of
tho comt of 1811, although it might
make the 1 weather uncomfortably
hot for us, would not "dissolve tho
elements with fervent heat." Thoso
who may have a lingering suspicion
of danger can take comfort in the
fact that when this huge comet dis
appeared it was travelling on a track
that-must have carried it uncounted
billions of miles away from tho solar
system, so that it is not likely to re
turn in thousands of years, if ever.
That the astronomers themselves
aro not much alarmed is 6hown by
the fact that they aro all very anx
ious to witness the promised specta
cle of the .downfall of a comet in
1897 or thereabouts. ': .
Whether tho coming comet's close
approach to tho sun will throw any
light on this interesting question of
course cannot be foretold, but allthe
present indications arc that ; it will
pay its respects to the ruler "of the
solar system with ..royal splendor,
presenting. perhaps such a scene as
was witnessed wben tho'grcat com
et of 12G i, which failed to return,- as
expected, in 18C0, spanned the heav-
the nn. This is- not the popular I cns witt An luc 4Jt
c ? ir . ' j iiiero is no occasion for anyoo, ;
may strike tho earth, or produce
pestilence by mingling the substance
of their tails with our atmosphere.
Of late, the other view has been
made more conspicuous,- especially
since Mr. Proctor's recent article on
what he calls the menacing comet
of 18S0, which he-anticipates may
return in 1807.
The appearance of this new comet
on tho heels ol lite discussion
awakened by Mr, Proctor's surges-,
t:on gives tho subject renewed In
terest, especially in view of the an-
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Cinciimati, 0,
be alarmed, but good reason for
ererybody to rejoice that we are
likely to witness one of the grandest
phenomena of the skies.
Grajoo Advocate. . ,
The great cavo lately' discovered
here'has been visited by a multitude
of people fi'ora various points of the
United Rate's. A7e think thatLitch-
nouncement that the. coming, comet j Held is destined to become the great
is going so close to the tun. Unless
iS7. Xichola i. for A prii, opens with
a charming frontispiece picture, il
ln-trating a ti;:ie!y little p"em ly
ifary Mape Ik Igc, entitled "An
April Ciiil." 'fh-ighani. the C'ave
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m.l t'l.r.
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The mct liberal men on earth !
S Kiid a lady about the publishers
of the Southern Musical Journal,
and the was about riirht. The jrifls
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well befit a King. In 1874. they
gave R. W. Jamison, of ilacon, (Ja.,
a splem id piano, and in 1878, an
other oi.e to Mrs. llowland; in 1SS0,
another piano to the Savannah 2.1a
sonic F:ur. For Christmas 1882, to
Mrs. P. Molina,- a ?C5 sewing 'ma-chim-,
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the premium drawing. Send your
dollar Quick, and it will be in time.
Addres. the publishers, Ludden !t
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"Women arc not only raoro rcli-
iotis than men, but they are more
law-abiling and moro morol
in thi-ir condutU 'Whether this is
because they have greater fear of
tho law or a more instinctivo sense
of right will perhaps be questioned,
but tho results, whatever the motive,
are lomily in their favor. Of tho
commitments to tho Massachusetts
the calculators have made a very
great blander it will pass through
tho ceipoiik, and, if largo enough,
may graze the luminous surface. It
should bo noticed that there is a
discrepancy between the estimates
of the perihelion distance made by
Trof. Chandler of Harvard Univer
sity and Prof. Boss of the Dudley
Observatory, the latter making the
distance considerable greater than
that above given. Both agree, how
ever, that the approach will . be a
close ono. Tho question, whether
the earth may not at some time be
in danger from a great comet is all
tho more interesting because men of
science are not exactly in accord
upon it. Mr. Proctor is not the
only astronomer who thinks that , if
ever the world is to be destroyed
with heat it will be when a great
comet plunges into tho sun. Even
thoso who think Mr. Proctor is mis
taken in his conclusions admit that,
given a comet big cnongh and mass-
ivo enough, undoubtedly , its fall
upon the 6un would proyi) disastrous
to the eartbi Jiui'iLey 'tJy it would
rcguiro a body Living a mass )me
thingdike thaiof 'Jupiter to produce
such effects, arid compared with Ju
piter the mosl 'massive "comets eyer
seen are mere pigmies, besides,
thcro eceni3 good reason to bclivo
that' a comet would,' on nppronching
close enough to the1 f-un, be pulled
to pioces and o drop piecemeal into
State Prison last year only eighteen
in one hundred persons were of j the great orb, the fall being pro
women. This is really smaller than longed perhaps through" many revo
it npjw.rs, because there are manv I Intions, so thai the accession of heat
can sou by the conversion" of tho
comet's motion would be distributed
more v.-omcn throi im-ii in Mnssa-
chis.tt:. Offenses again si jerm
"Mecca" of tho world for the Ma
sonic fraternity, and scientists gen
erally.' ' "' .:
l or the last two. wpekspoono has
been admitted to tho cave except
upon presenting a written permit
from Mr. Rogers and ; those ; who
havo been fortunate enough :tq ob
tain admi?sion have been principal
ly scientists from abroad, who jour
neyed here to see the great won
der for themselves It was necessa
ry to take this step, as the cave was
readily being dispoiled of its con
tents." Indeed, several of tho mc2:
miesand some of the smaller! Ma
sonic emblems were carried off be
foro Mr. Rogers .or, in fact; any of
our citizen realized the importance
of the discovery, and of preserving
the contents of the' cavo in tact. The
subterranean river has . been ; so
swollen frdiu tho excessive' rains of
the last mouth, that no explorations
have been made in the avenues be
yond it. . Excavations havo been
made, however, in the chambers or
catacombs where the mummies and
Masonic emblems were found, -and
in the vicinity of the pyramid, and
several tablets, with queer hiero
glyphica haye 'been dug unj 'also
some bronze and copper, vases, ,and
pieces of pottery. A mouud, was
opened and found to contain-' six
well ' preserved mummies,' reposing
in regular order wjth feet radiating
from the centre, . . - : : : . i
In the discovery of thrs cave '' the
key i1" undoubtedly found that will
unlock the myslery.of . the prehis
toric race of America, and also
prove their identity with. tU J.r.-
cicni Egyptian race who undoubt
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TIi.i!In-tra!.vJ -.Vrtljprn
M vth st.i Its arc continued with
ti loen l of "The Hoard of tho
Swjrthy Klvcs."
. "Uii s:iM that IVoiJ. nt Arthur
r.' vivi-i jii".-odaint" HuveincM than
finv Uiiin tri icd cJorvfyniari in
laud. His
t!u hx. -eutiv
eoitou, onioivliiii MJurn , n-uunt j thy un'ji orb, and would afterward
Lo radiated ont aain through a
1 n Fpace of jtars. .Another Very
interest iu-jf oljecli-ii hasjcn i-rjed
t o -Mr! Drm-tor's tlieory nanxelv,
tiiat-as thr f;nivteiT, f thi .te
) iua vat Ch ivjeii'ts to tho run
is covered deep with' water; s ich an
"CTfCic of tlic san's' heat as the fall
of a comet uiiht produco M'ould
cauo a great inercafib .of "cvajwra
tion, "which "vroud,po rn ihu ixtra
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r'i'-"S l i -'"f ."' or
. .... I 4 . ...1 ... ........ t .yr.i .
T. -k.-m,:" Dt ion Khiii" I'.-i'lM:--- - :; ' ; 1 T,:it" in I'ton rc:.!
L .ai i'.t? hiiiiihir t.it ', t i i J j.1.1 oy bin.seit n
f'r.T.it'i worth j
oceans last and tho sun docs not ret
too Iiot. t r.- i'.: n. JC ' '
Cf coar.so Ukj rerlv may Ui'n'nde
l l!r.-ii Ciiitiuni that.'fihhouU no
Irnown comet. i-eat " Ccc5uV to
-:i:se u.- harm by iU do'A'nfall upo!r
t!ie earth, yet w do not know but
that comets cxi.st thousands of tunes
m..: li.a.h'e th.na any that huiivui
eve- .have, ever seen, ;!id that such
a k.'i-.u nmy at sime time pay ns a
visit. Iu faelj'we have had a rather
j tho rutbloiiri hand of the fcaViiPC.
Tho cares of-Kentneky nndoabted
ly hfToi-dcd Iheni shelter aud pre toe
lioii, and vc;-o" u3ed.a.$'E tort of cat
ac'u Y) b; for tl to a 'lofao of a ! i t h a t
near and dear to them, ineln iliig
tliZ'yc iiiuStriou3rde.ad";8'aeh a tj least
seeiita to have been the. case jn thU
instance, whether thja theory, jM'ill
apply (to tho toLher. caves. of wjcn.
tuelrj or 'nov "' -; ; ,
JIany "beautifnl , firrot!tiS"bavd
&t : dtseovrcd" during 1 tho " la
weeS.'.-VThb" Stalactites nhd stalag
nilte piston 1ilto 'so many ' million
diamon l.9. The pillars and eolnmns,
of alabaster are beautiful beyond de
scription, and its, wonders vi!l "havo
to bta .cen to be-fully appreciated,
' , . ..TT T- -" , ;
'"A .'' . icrv, ''.Orleans 'octoroon 'girl
actrcsH. Mie is dosmr-oj . a suter
latlvely beautifnl.'Svitli a decp mii
?ieal voice. .. S!io lcpfpi vt'i'iiiy; :iind
is U.ir,;j.t.it'fu!ly drilled f r. a tour
next s; aso i." iler wardrobe is to bo
some! Tung asfoui diing, aiiil "gorge
ous Street posters' will herald her
like ti'eirt 'is. Tp to this time 's'ib
has been a teacher in a neirro school.
1 and Ko 'Histake.
rglllETABLES-SUPPLlErj with
: ML -the best the market affurd. - .
Choice bamiild Rooms for Commercial Travel-lera-on
firpt floor if desired. -
Special ratea to , Meichanta and Commercial
; Porters aJ wcya at the train. Oihnibu free.
j. ,c. fiIadeks
f Salf 21, '0 ly ' PEOrEIETOB.
iCix o x v i 1 l e , !rr e n xi .
V ihl.lt Y DlboitlPTlON OF
. AIctaHi CVftf aiid CtU; Wofca Caakfta and
o.a-, '1 e-.rrv UrsJ arl ..ri. o, ready for use.
"r",Ui;y Mvli-iiai.b vril rc:-ive iummI
p-c?--i ta'it-u'ii.'a rcrniB sali.-fi-trt .1 rtM
v stevf ,,)r;v$ns octoroon girl
nod'Jjy'dia Motilroe,' is "t'o'be'pijf
ward "consplenoiiflV as'iV ti;ao
res?. . ; fhe is describo'd a 'flute r-"
.W3l?lia:;'Ja-folry Silverware
-.if - ; t . 4 ; '
large ttt-ek anJ low prioesi " ' " '. .
- . ; . :':- ; i t ... i ,i
IvNoxTr.Ln,- : ; .j r. Tenn
Ccc3 '0 i
' 1882.'
C" X ' of Eogl; Uvtmi-
MISS JUeOUS intOVS, Teacher ot llJ-ip
TUe next aeodioa will op -u M ,.i,.Us. ' Auautt i j "
1SH1, and couiinu forty-(.i v. . '&vi d
WO Ucut of twenty waekltuelv wecki.f .V...
Un dlrUi Chrloin..
. J?lUo1rer tcw of " Jw.; froiZtS to
$12.W. Vonu nitn an4 11;m are eoiiut-d to at-'
tend our iooj. v. iit k-.uk etc;,
KotO tf
Portable and ; Stationary : ;EngineS',.
Sato Milla and Circular Saws, Steam Pumps, Jet PumpSy Injectors & Ejectors,
. . :: .:wiSe;i: -Turbine Water- Wheels; 1 T.it'
: - 'CASTINGS OP ;ALL DE5CRIPTIOKS.' ' ; ' , ( ; , ("
. - ; . ; ' ' MM Machinery;ShafUng, PutUyt and Uangert. '.,
ST 5AM E OILER S & i-"'-" :
- Vr;ugMt Iron Pipe and Pipoi fittings, .Governors,. Brass, .Qoods, Ac ;i
; ; : hattahoo;oa;-';tenn:
ft r: -rr,. i" .'I..:.. t : A I
WANT the Eanal of any and tlia Liraat a
" 0 DECLINE!. .
initiDnxl grow In populor favor Twa Hu
dred aud Two titudeuta o rolled tha paat year.
First Term 4th Session opene : Avgvtt 22,
oae Dec. 24; Seeond opent Jan.
' 't ,2, doset fir8t Wednetdaf'
t .. May. f
rCOUUSE OV IjN structiok
inoKt tlioronh, embfacitig the EagUrh, Soiaatifle,
and Aucleut tuguaKea. i. mw dnimrtJueBt for
iust motion ia Book-Kecpiug aad forrai it to
added., . ,. . .,
, - , , EXPENSES.
' Tttitloa p-r tortn ranges froni W 25 1 f II .
- Board f I 5 to tl So Mr wmL htdtUuta a
board thernaelve for one half this amount. It II
tux school for Btudeats of aauail tuMaa,
The spscial lectures delivered wuekly aad luentb-ly-
: "Our yonug people eaauot aiTrd to with
out them," say the studenta Tbey pay a fat
til our expense indepaadaat ct tho totrw f !
strnction," ia freqnently said of thrna. . Tana
"Manners," Uttwio SUMeed in Lifa," aad "tit
is What we Maka It." are worth tbousaada to cat
youtht:; V.j , i' . ,i j - ...
the bet. Northern and Southern MfttaodlaU,
PreeyterlaiiB and Baptiata have preaching arwy
month; also Sabbath Schools. Lector and ayt
meeting weekly.
i . TIIE,'AIM :.:
is to educate in morals as well aa inieUeat. X
fear rooms of Rotnbtinn dens.'
Send foe Catalogue to ,
) July 18, 1681-tf ...... TAXEWUJC4 TltSf Jf .
-niiolesalrand Retail Dealer in al OrsdM Of
.Cigars; Tobaccos,
Choice Tobacco and fitgars.
r, - ... MOE1USTOWE, 'TENN.' !
W. L. lOG ER3, ; (
j i- -
- r.i
IJ e a I
Sotir MasH -Lincola Couht'.,.Whisk6y,!;;Copper
tilled, Cora, Rye and; Eoirljoa'. Whiskies.;,
cs; n rs&r ; j. nar :ass. "BSsr,'2tiaa'.iiE3esj
. is-
l 1
S .v.i
Car. '., Customers not I'fjtctetf.
- ... .. . ! ' . . ; i
'.Tti.-inHiil'to our friends foV their, liberal patrona tone
tnejAviii continue witli us; ; ( .
Orin i Soieited and Satisfaction Guaranteed .' , i: h.octS791y.
-'?.Morristow3aj'Ten.'' m "
: kltV
. r mm
1st X
!ni ;i ' - : . . .... ,v'..U..(,.itl .
The old stand 96 Oay St
K!NDXV1 L'CeT"-""- - TENN.
..tM- ;j.i , '. ;
Manufacturers and dealers in
Bridles. Harness
! . ; . -i ...... w
lyiprristown, Tenn.
b" iJ,Pr,?iuP,1y fttended ton au2Q7tf.
if, - f I O I1EIIT D UJMEIl
t: : : i r. with i " : '
R 'S.'Payne & Co.,
Ja a .Exclusively Wholesale Dftalers tn
BootaVes-andJ 1 Hais,
trjf fricetf'guaraulecd.;
ang 3 81 tf
AGEJfTS WANTED to remamtvKii k'lmt -r
them the LOWEST PRICES, great ert rarity, and
bet terma nufil only 60, coiOe, ahowlag KIOHT
different Htyloe and prict-s. including new Parallel
Edition with both OL.U AND NKW VEB8IONS
SIDE BY SIDE for comparison. Address
ThkJ&uiumi Pvauawae,5f. 5th 8t., Ciocin
nati. ... KAt,tiii.
PrBlf1Tt .... rnk
eclianic's Bank.
j u fieaignaieck State .Depository,
TCtioxville; J;'T?rin-,
if l-'.ix ' ( 'Jim ;;i 't;i,)7
TTl i A's-.ir'7'v i
t. V' .H.
In.ft m. :; t.u fNluiiiaJ citw lt Kur, v Ituv
liid eelTti Cnourrrit M iit.y. UiAU and iiver. w.
8innn4 Wlty Ur i i! )-i ,.
no ay jnn ty
j r
I ,11 I I I Hi I 1
im in in
4 . . . .' i .
r!T. ,,tf.,-. - '
-mi j niri,i r . I i
i-U-it jvOI-i7-I . -'
i if. I, fii.'if y;0;l ; V.ri! . .,
Ai! Kinds of Car Hakes Llade to Order.
- Ui: i )HepaIriugU.tten(Ial to with; Neatness slid Disyatch. . , . t ;
Best llatirioll 4. ,.v.i .Superior f n ' -Xoic est Prices!
. r-'.A'
- -. Loav'Yotu Orders at thc'GAZtTiB OiSco. -
la BY FAli' 4h . VoV-l-XHikuva eiid .Soeial OmMs
ana nitna-ura ever n.n.litrt. !n, b ih- lie4.
It . telU 'evwrybLUv ti ii.j,i-tily itW K DO
EVERTlTXttbi the it-t wv. How to lu, v..i
ownLyei Ho- tnjAj.BniKx. oerrevt'v sud
saoceefulb', Ilotv to Act iu ife-ck-tv andiuery
Part of life, an4 ntam gokl iutue of varrii-d
informatiou indiispensiible lokUclnwrtfur con
sUnt reference i jfAGK-i'rS? WANX fcH, all or
spare time. To know -why thi ,bopk of real
value and attractions tells better than any Mother,
apply for terras to DOVqiASS BEOS, k PAYS!.
CiucaaatKs-I'&- 8ert 21-ly.
i J h
mm mm.
't u v ; i : rniNcirits.
tTf J, pAYfcNPpRT. J , f..s;4;.
opt-e o Monday, Sept am her 3th, : , -
Tuition for term of twenty week. fr-m l W)
W 0". -;-" . - - -: a? JK
rioard, from $2 no to f i 50 per wk .
' 5 "Sot tow much bnt how weil," ia ur tnotfo.
Special aitctitlou will lie ;eu to. r.pala;
youua niett to tech in tta pubiio avhoolMi
For iwrtiitu'are address either of th Principals.
anj;31 81-4f ' - - 'I
Troatise on tboirCft 1 1 it A
dycur 8.NT KP.l fX Pn.Jf C.

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