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THE MORftlSTO W,'N GAZETTE, "il A;YHi6. 183
.. v
f-ir (53 uuu) $1.50; ix dmmUj, 75 cU;
three man the, 40 cent.
tin, 50 etU; dupLigtd adeertieemenU
sil &rfd Mierlf to tho epee oem
j'ieti at ahore ratet.
fer tuperior inducements, both a to rat
ofeharyee and manner of diepUiying their
j fiit-tn.
eeiiU per line far f.rtt inertionand 8 cent
per line for each a-Ui: tonal inter tion .
COM MUXICATIOXS mutt be afieompan
iedhythe true nam and ad dree of the
writer in order to roceioe mttentton.
land, who lives nineteen mile fjrom
market, vrho lias the adranrft" of
a turnpike, i worth as much or
more for agricultural purposes, than
a farmer's living nine miles from
market, who has to haul his pro-
r. -;i r.n authentic instorv oi me hiikui-ihjai
" nimn .lilt rr.lfl 'H J . ., . . . -. m- 1
WEDNESDAY, Mat 1. 1883
The Richmond and Danville Ex
tension Company, mvs a Birming
ham. Ala., diWtoh of the 12th, has
purchased the Milner mines and nine
will erect the shops of the Georgia
Paeitie company there and expend
$1,,U)J in improvements in ana
around that city.
em -a" saBas-a-"
The divorce suit of Theresa Fair
vs. James Ci. Fair. U. S. Senator
from Nevada, was decided in the
District Court, Virginia City, on the
ll'th. irrantin" the divorce as pray
cd for, and allowing the plaintiff $4,-
2i,Miu m money una l nueu ouues
lond:. the familr residence in an
Francisco, and alo the custody of
three minor children.
The United State Supreme Court
has affirmed the judgment ot the
Supreme Court of Illinois in the cel
ebrated Granger" case. This i a
very important dec-Won, a it fettles
the much disputed qnestion of tho
conlitntional right of a State to in
trfre with the business of a rail
road company by fixing rates of fare'i
and tranportation. A ho supreme
Court hold that grants of immuni
ty .from legitimate governmental
control are never to be pre&umed,
and ll.ut the State has the right to
limit the amount of charge by rail
road companies for fares and freights,
unlc?-a restrained by some
in their charters.
We have a little 'conundrum lor
the official World oracle at Nash
ville: Since His Excellency-, the
(lovernor, finds it impossible to rec
oncile hi- Caucasian olfactories to
the African odor of Kd. Shaw, not
withstanding his deodorization and
anointment by the Democratic high
priests of Memphis, for the mere
ministerial work of testing oils, how
bappei.ed it. only a few months ago,
that this same Governor had such a
"hankerinir" for the perfumes of
ie iejis-
what ought to bo the conclusions bf
farmers living in the surrounding
counties? Why it ought to "be to
go to work and open .up turnpikes
through the hills and mountains
that bind them in, to connect . with
the railroad coming to this place,
either here or elsewhere. They
can't get railroads all of them, and
they ought to take the next thing
to it, which would be a good torn
pike, MacAdam, or plank road,
which they can build for $1500 per
mile. .
Very much depends, as regards
the wido extension of the usefulness
of the University of Tennessee,
upon the active interest taken by
State senators and representatives in
the privilege given them by law of
appointing to the institution two or
three students, tuition fiee. It is
truo of the whole State, but especi
ally so of East Tennessee, that it is
becoming known to the world ont
side of it, as it was never known be
fore. Railroad communications be
tweeu this mountain region aud oth
er States are being built or will pro
bably in a few years le constructed.
This region, traversed by fertile and
beautiful valleys and rivers, lies in
the ways between the Atlantic sea
board and tho populous, thriving
cities on the Ohio and Mississippi
rivers and in the Northwest. Chi
cago, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Lou
is and Memphis, on the one hand,
and Richmond, Norfolk, Charleston
and Savannah, on the other, must,
in the progress of things, have more
railway connections and closer than
they now have, and which can only
be made through East Tennessee.
With such connections, the natural
.-The finaLxeportof Dr. S. P. Hood
to the County Court of Hamblen
county, which we copy from the
proceedings of its last meeting, will
prove an" interesting, paper to pur
readers, civinir as it does a brief and
"hankering" for the perf
Ethiopia that he Wuged th
Iature tor remission to invite
brother in black" into the Execu
live circle aud share with him the
vcrv atmosphere of the capitol, as
Asnistaut State Superintendent of
Public Instruction? We pause for
a reply, Sir Oracle!
In continuation of the subject f
M icAdam road, we have a few
words more to say. "We copy in an
oihcr place, from a Missouri paper
suae facts and fiirures relative to
the benefits derived from them in
the country it represents. In are
cent adlresH Sn that State on the
s abject the speaker institutes a com
parison between tho cost to the
farmer of different modes of trans
pvrtation in getting Lis produce to
market. For this purpose he in-
iu!res into the expense of market-
ing tifty tons at a ioint one hundred
miles distant, along a MacAdam or
turnpike and a railroad. He esti
matt the cost where the latter is
used, including the personal expen
ses of the farmer in going with h9
crops t dispose of them, f ur times
a year, at Sliij, haviug previously
calculated the expense of marketin
the same quantity b turnpike at
5r'), and then proceeds:
"Deduetlhid $161 from fO, the cot
of the farmer alone a turnpike, and we
Lave a po&itire di!fcrmc of ifcsi ia fa
vr of tLe farmer along a turnpike
TliU uhl ! flNJ will pay the latrrest
at ix pr (nit upon ' th uni
cf $11,4! O; consequently, the farm al )rg
a railroad m worla just 411.4ftU more
llian a farm along a turnpike, uppio
all other tilings l be ruuil.
"Suf ptn the statement I hare just
na! ta yu to be correct one and I
WiiaTe it to be such then the laid of
the farnu r who La a railroad, and is
ect hundred milts frutu a market, is
woi tii just as much per acre for izri
cultural purposes as is land of the lami
quality upon a turnpike, nineteen miles
irvtu the ame market;, and is worth
iul as much as U UuJ of the same
ritlitr Miuatctl u:wjq a common dirt
road, tsaclt you have in Missouri,)
nine Miles frmn the same market. This,
gentlemen, is one of the reaons why
rai!rJ are of benefit to the farmer.
TLia i one of the reasons of fully as
much Importance. The same beattU?, ia
resources in coal. iron, etc., oi our
mountains must be utilized. Xo
doubt we shall soon enter upon an
era of material movement and pros
perity, which will be in strong con
trast with the i6la:ion and repose
of this part of the land in the past.
How are we going to meet that era?
What are the peoplo doing in the
way of educating their sons, so that
the- shall bo able to stand and do a
wLso, good aud efficient part in the
new condition of things that is com
ing? Jlast Tennessee has been shut
in heretofore, as it were to itself.
Soon, it can be s no more. The ris
ing generation will find itself sur
rounded by circumstances very dif
ferent from those in which their an
cestors have lived and moved ; and
if it is not prepared lor them, it will
have to sink into obscurity and com
parative uselcssncss, or to disappear.
For it is not the mere animal nature
of man, but mind, that guides and
governs society, and enables one to .
bear a worthy part in the conduct
of affairs.' And if the conduct o
our boys and younc men are not
properly trained and informed, they
can not fill the places and do the
work they ought to fill and do, in
and for the State and the country,
in the corainj' years.
The State University at Knox
villo is amply provided with means
oi iuirncun:r trie vounir men oi
Tennessee, in all sciences and lan
guages ; and lor the various avoca
lions of life. But the people of some
counties do 'not seem to know of the
specially valuable advantages it af
fords for tho education of their sons,
or they neglect to improve them,
although the pecuniary tost of do
ing so is very small. The Gazette
brieves that this old and meritori
ous institution should have the cor
dial and undivided support of the
people of all the counties of tho
State, as well a of all tho senators
and representatives, but more espe
cially f tho senators and represen
tatives and the people of tho coun
ties of tho Eastern division of tho
State. Hut so far it has 'not had
that support, r acts before us show
a lamentable unconcern as to ntiuz-
a degree, accrue 1(3 the rarmer, to
tke shape of the decreased costs to him
of tUe articles ho rnuat buy for his own
use; -tli a salt, sur, iron, tea,
coflfe. clothes. tc.. and in fact, of all
articles he u , that he doe nat raic'
Now we frankly confess (he simple
facts contained in this extract struck
us more forcibly than all the rail
road talk we ever listened to. We
think you will Ky so, too. It is
coiii-!uive. Jut think tiMn it for
u u.oi.iciit, and if you ever had an'
misgivings on the subject, we think
you will kick them out 6fyouriuind
in idiort order. Iid you ever look
at it in this light before? There is
a strange jniwer in tho' combina
tion of a few figure when 'nimply
ut together. The expense of trans
portation on dirt roads is more than
double that on MacAdam or turn
'pikes. It is this, even on good
road. They have belter 'roads in
.Missouri thau we hae in East
Tea nessee -much better.. Then if
it is reduced to a mathematical eer
tainty that transportation
twice as clear on the flirt roa
.a a . l .i
in the sc-noiastic auvantages wun-
our reach. For instance: there is one
student in attendance in it apoint
ed by the representative-from Sulli
van county; one appointed by the
senator from ashington count-;
one appointed from ureeno county
by its representative : throe Ironi
Claiborne, two by its senator and one
bv its representative; three lrom
Jefferson, two appointed by its rep
resentative and one by its senatOT,
ami two irom rscvier, one cacn uy us
. . r . a
senator and representative, uut tno
senator in each case 'has tho privil-
ego by law to appoint two students,
ant! cacti representative inree. me
representative of tiraingcr county
has two students reaay to eena at
the beginning of the next session,
September 6, 1883.. From the coun
ties of Johnson, Carter, Unicoi,
Hawkins. Cocke, Hancock and Ham
bleu there is no student appointed
by senator cfrj representative. ' '
" The arrerate number : of schol
arships to which the counties' above
named are entitled by law are 41.
The scholarships filled are'14, leav
ing 30 vacancies..' 'But,1 by the cen
sus of lSSOj there were In theae
counties', about 10,000 white 'male
persons between the ages of lt and
21. To fill those U vacancies would
is 'just only require tharbno in every three
hundred ot those persoiis should be
aJ4 in w i .J
In the I H il.m with.
cuutaviuif - ' i
epfJni T c TiT Mof n s to w n a n d v i c i h i ty :
To ta Worahlpfal County Conrt of . Hamblen
county : , ,
I beg leave to make the following
report of the small-pox epidemic in
your county. ,
I was called by telegram from
Mayor McFarland to come to Mor
ristown on April 9th. I then found
4 cases in town and 2 in the coun
try. From the history of the epi
demic, I find that Thomas Read re
turned home from Chattanooga and
other points in the Southwest about
the 10th or loth ot Jlarch last
shortly afterward he was taken sick
and died on the 4th or 5th day
his sickness not, however, having
developed a smallpox eruption
which rendered tho diagnosis of his
case very uncertain. But the sub
sequent history of the cases follow
ing his prove, beyond a doubt, that
ho brought the small-pox to your
county for, from ll to 14 days al
ter his death, eight others who were
exposed at the time of his death
were stricken down with small-pox
to-wit: Mrs. Read, his mother, who
died on the 4th da of her sickness
James Ncal, Isabel Xeal, Mrs. Davis
Sarah Gilliam, Amanda Williams
(colored,) Kate Moorelock, (colored,)
and Mack t uiton, (colored)
On the 13th day after the death
of Mrs. Read, of tho 6 persons who
prepared her body for burial, 5 took
the disease within a few hours of
each other, and the eruption appear
cd within two hours on all of them
rrom the persons nrst named
above, the disease infected eiirbt
Br isolation and careful watching
no other members of the families of
Mrs. Iluffmaster, Mrs. Stubblefield
Mrs. Noe. Mack Fulton and Mrs
Walker, have had the disease yet
With care and prudence the dis
ease is at an end in town, with the
possibility of one or two cases of
varioloid in the Walker family. Tho
others having all passed the usua
period of incubation. The disease
has passed through tho family o
"W. (J. Davis, yet in quarantine with
the ualkcr house, both so carelully
jruarded, a further spread of the
disease need not be feared.
In the country the disease has
been confined to three houses tho
tiiliiam, the Howard aud the Proflitt
houses with the strong probability
of John Smiths family being at
tacked, as they were exposed to
Mrs. Howard, whoso case was con
cealed for a week before I found her
All of the Smith family have been
vaccinated and revaccinated, with
what success remains yet to be seen.
I p to this time there have been
3.1 cases and 11 deaths 2 deaths
before I came, Mrs. Read and her
I herewith hand you a list of
cases and a list of deaths, with dates
of death.
It is pleasing dut- to speak of tho
services of your commissioners, of
their energy and promptness in per
forming their respective duties: also
of Mr. James M. Mcrarland. and
Mrs. Powers, for tho promptness
with which the- responded, when
called to bury the dead, many of
whom had to be buried after night.
Especially to Mr. Mcrarland too
much praise can not be awarded for
his skill and thoroughness in disin
fecting and cleansing tho infected
houses much of which work is yet
to be done: to him is duo in a great
degree the safety of your town and
county. Great .responsibility . and
arduous ribor attend his work. , In
this connection I would recommend
the destruction' of the Gilliam and
Proflitt houses, as they cannot bo
safely disinfected. This will require
an order from your Court to have
them valued and burned.
I cannot clo60 this report without
saying a word of commendation for
the valuable services of tho Rev.
Richard Oliver, Alex. Black, Mrs.
Emma Ingraham and her son, also
Wade Smith and Mary Jones, in
nursing tho sick. . All tho above are
trained, experienced nurses.
I first served the corporation of
Morristowh fivo day3 beginning
April 9th, then your commission
taking charge. I served your coun
ty twenty-one days ending May the
4th. .1 now feel coufident tho epi
demic is -at an end. Your quaran
tine has been a success. . .
v a a .
in conclusion, permit mo to re
turn my thanks to. the Court, the
commissioners and the citizens for
the many acts of kindness shown
me since I came among you. .
U of which is respectfully sub
mitted. , S. P.. Hoop.
Morristown, May 7, 1833. .
We are indebted to Maj. A.-IIf
Gregg of this place, now in South
Carolina, for a copy of the Charles
ton (S. C.) Neva and Courier of May
8, containing the subjoined reference
to oar great rati way project: ' ! -
Tho work of permanently locating
On the 9th at Harrodsburg, Ky.,
when the twelve JuYft.vera(eept
ed dnd about tb'be sworn, cDun'sel
fot the prosecution, .asked tUt - thaLlleM w UaUlft said Japeeciw,
the line of the Carolina. Cumberland.! jury be sent. out .of. the .cpuriidroom
Gap and Chicago Railway will be-j while, he made a statement. . The
gin this week. Thi is one of thei jury retired, ancTthe counscl",stated4
grandest railroad projects that has
ever been undertaken in South Car
olina, and the prospects for thei
completion of tho enterprise are de
cidedly encouraging. The assets of
the company -exceed the 'liabilities
and are sufficient for the location4 of
the entire line in this State. The
agent of the construction company
has been in London for some time
and is confident that he will secure
enough British capital to complete
the road and put it in running order.
When it U completed, this road,
m connection with the South Caro
lina Railway, will form a direct and
unbroken trunk line from Charles
ton to Chicago, Louisville and; Cin
cinnati. It will run from Aiken by
way of Edgefield and Abbeville,
through . Anderson and Pickens
counties, and crossing the Blue
Ridge through Eastatoo Gap,' will
traverse one of the richest sections
of. Western North Carolina; and
thence through Cumberland Gap
to Lon'don, Ky. There it will strike
the Louisville and Nashville system
by which it will secure a Louisville
and Chicago connection and also a
connection by the Kentucky Cen
tral road with Cincinnati.
The .country traversed by this
long line abounds in mineral wealth
and is famous for its fine agricultu
ral lands and well-nigh inexhausti
ble forests. It will tap ' the coal
fields of Kentucky, and will develop
the iron deposits of the Cumberland
mountains. Within a few hundred
yards of Cumberland Gap there is a
vast field of the richest iron ore,
half a mile wide, and which extends
without a break for twenty miles
along. the mountains. It is hard
and massive, easily ' accessible and,'
we are told, can bo raised and made
ready for 6melting at a cost' of ono
dollar a ton. Some of the best coals
on the continent lie in this region,
that be had ascertained sinje the
acceptance of Ihe 'iury that one of
'the number, Theodore Ban to,' was
under indictment in this cou rt for
shooting with Intent to till; iift'd he
asked that he be excused from serv
ing on the jury. After hearing the
argument the Court .granted he re
quest. The defense noted exeption
to the ruling. Another:. jurr was
accepted. The JlonJPhn -B; Thom
se n , jF.,' ' de fen 'da n t ,'" "was ar ra i g n e d ,
and pleaded net guilty. ' " The'state
mentof the base was made by coun
sel for the prosecution.1" 1 1 L
A Harrodsburg (Ky.) - dispatch
says it is astonishing to tec the
deep-seated animosity one f.nd all
entertain against Miss Bttckner.
Could she hear some of the threats
that many of the citizens have giv-'
en tongue to it is doubtful whether
her repose would be as serene as
that of nature on a summer morn
ing. One gentleman said yesterday?
prefacing the remark with i. great
B. G.:?'It she were a man I verily
believe she would be hanged befere
sundown, for there is no doc.bt that
she caused all this trouble. The
only thing that-saves her is her
sex, which we have all learned to
respect." " '
1 The sentiment of the community
is rapidly undergoing a change, and
the plea that Walter Davis was in
nocent of the crime for the alleged
committal of which he was slain' is
taking fast hold on-the minds of
many, who,-as time passes, are
growing bolder in their expressions.
With his . fellow townsmen, ' Phil
Thompson's chief mistake lies in
the fact that he killed Walter "II.
Davis on the -'strength, of informal
tion receiyed froni Jessie Buckner,
preferring her smoothly worded as
sertions to the word of his own wife,
to whom, indeed, it is 'repei-ted, ho.
utterly " refused to listen.' A few
The haTrdvritrmris onrtherwall.
Roseoe . Conkling has seen it and
does not deny it. : He can see as far
ahead as the next man, and peering
a )ittle way into the future he dis
covers the wreck of Republicanism.
Xew York last Saturday night
"One of my frierids here to-night
is a leadcr-and example of the Dem-
jDeratipfirty.5 'Well; he'Jahdtheiresf
of them are about to take control bf
the country; indeed they control it
63 X, Howard? Street, '
with flying-colors from; the greatest
battle it had ever fought, in which,
though ? vreighed down and ' strug
gling against heavy odds, it tri
umphed and flew its banners in ey-3
ery btaii from sea to sea. To-day,
in almost every State from sea to sea
it lies, p rostrate." ' , , ;; . -t
quickljr cured bv Sbiloh'a Cure. We
guarantee' it. ' .
WILL, i U SUFFER with Dyspepsia
and Liver Complaint ? Sbiloh's Vital
irifl guaranteed ta eur you.- rr
"SLEEPLESS NiGHTS, made miserabl
by that terrible cough. - Sbiloh's Cum
is the remedy for you. J
in ; i 1 1 'in. i . ,
CATARRH CURED, , health. and sweet
breath secured - by4 8hHobV Catarrh
Remedy. .Price 50 cents,, Nasal In
jector free. . -! i i '
Fr iaroe ' B-ck, tSide
Shlloh's Parous Plaster.
or Chest use
Price 25 eta.
SUILOB'- COUGH and consumption
Cure is sld by us on a guarantee. It
cures consumption
need for Constipation, Loss of Appetite,
Dizziness and all symptoms of 'Dyspep
sia. Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle.
Bronchit immediately relieved by
Sbiloh's Cure. ... ; ,
For sale by W. P. Carriger. -
and with transportation facilities 1 days only before the dreadfil affair
this section would soon become one occured- Phil -Thompson, srt, was
of the most productive in the coun- standing on the street encaged in
try. conversation with Mr. Jaines IT
In addition to the benefits which Moore, president of the Mercer coun-
11 ji m 1 T I' mi a -1 A
woum accrue to tno country, imme- iy national xanK. j.ne ta.K turn
diately penetrated by the projected ed toward the reported scandal' in
road the iron furnaces that weuld
be established, the coal mines that
would be opened and the lumber
interests that would bo deyeloped
South Carolina would get cheaper
fuel, cheaper furniture, and cheaper
ms, while Charleston would
become a grand distributing depot
for the produce of the Northwest."
In bouth Carolina the Carolina;
Cumberland Gap and Chicago rail
road will open up a fertile' agricul
tural country, and render accessible
one of the finest sections of the State
for the establishment of cotton mills
and other manufacturing industries.
I here seems to be little doubt
that the road will be-'built. It is'
under the presidency of ex-Gov
ernor Ilagood, whe has the warm
est support of an able and energetic'
board of directors. The right of
way for tho line can be easily secur"
ed at small cost, the- necessary
which his son's wife was implicated;
ana the colonel said, with much
fervor, that there was not one word
of truth in tho story, aud that if it
were true little Phil would not be
necessitated to come' home to kill
anybody. Mr. Jerry R. . Morton, of
.Lexington, one of the brightest
criminal lawyers In the State, has
been engaged as 'assistant counsel
for the defense in this case. The
defendant is anxious for an imme'dii
ate trial. Said a gentlemar. yester
day ;'Do you know the reason he's
so'anxious for a trial ? I think he
feels a little shaky, and is ' anxious,
it convicted, to have 'sentence pass
ed on him during Blackbur a's term
of office, inasmuch as it is believed
that the governor will pardon' him.
On the contrary, I thuk,"'he con
tinued, lowering his voice, "that the
prosecution will try to get it con
tinued until next fall, for Black
charters have already been granted burn's term you know, expires" on
by the Legislature, and the press the 4th of September."
and public alike are enthusiastic in " : ' "
their support of the enterprise. ' 7 NOT UPON COMPULSION
a. a a.
Columbia (Mo.) Hera d.3 . .
Nashville American.
Fafetaff What, upon compulsion ? No
We understand that the manage
ment of the Chesapeake,
Ohio &
There are now 44 miles of gravel Southwestern f -the- Mobile .fe- Ohio:
- .1 ; T i, i Ail win I .. - , ., m --. . '
road in Boone 'county. Of these 39
miles were built in 18G7 and 1868
and five miles in 1872. In ' Febru
ary 18C6, the Boone county County
court issueu aiou,uwu a per cenr,.
bonds to aid in building three grav-'
el roads, ten, fourteen and twenty-
two miles in length, respectively.
iy the terms of the appropriation
the citizens were to build five miles
f road on each line by private sub
scription, leaving 31 miles" to, be
built by the $150,000 appropriated
by the county. Two of the roads
were completed in 18GS fourteen
miles leading west ; to Rocheport,
and ten miles leading east to Cedar
Creek. But the twenty-two mires
the -Eastr Tennessee, Virginia and
fcreorgia ; the Cincinnati -Southern ;
the Louisville Nashville," and the
Illinois Central railroads, hae taken J
tho same position on the question of
free passes to tho Railroad (ommia
sioners as that already- announced
by the management of thti Nash
ville, Chattanooga- & St. Loais railway.,?-President
Ackerman..of the
Illinois Central, in. abetter to tho
Commissioners, of recent dal,e, says:
"Whilst we respectfully dany the
right of, the State of Tennessee to
prescribe as ta whom we shall -pass
free over our line,;at the same time
it gives us pleasure tq ench)se you
persqnally three complimentary, aiu
The Great Southern
Remedy For the cuof
Tkl nt, A RheuxiiatiSy !Wh I t e
Swelling," Gout," Goitre Con
sum ption,Bronchitis, Nervous
Debility.1 ' Malaria, and all
diseases ariring from an im-j
pure candition of the blood
skin or scalp. , -
has its ingredients ubliskedJ
on every .package. , Show it
to your Physicia n j and he
will tell you it is composed of
exist, and is an excellent
Sbsadalis s sold py all drug
gist"' '
ept.27 17
Morristown Produce Market.
Mobristown, May 15, 1883.
New Jldvertistments A
M i imti W
Importeia and Dealer ia ;
, Of Every Description. . r . .-
KVOrdera amounting to $20 or orer ant fre of
" j irelghfcluirgea"bjr' expreaaT"' '" "'
" '"-J" if -"-.
Rules for aelf-meaanremanr, ea tuple of saatariala,
with eatimata of coat, aent upon application.
feb21 83 ly
PETKB SMITH, PBdyanrroa ( n ;
Supper house for paaaenger train Vo. T going
East, and breakfaat house for jtaaaengar. tralo
. 3 going West. A dealrabJe home for aaminar
yiaitora to. this ttion, , no ri If
s-iaphic Fieturlal H morjr ot lbs rtmkt Soa agra of u
ByMadical EHnatw SKirrn?, U. 8. N. ArtAr
k w od rrmphic Fleturlal Hioor,
Wond. BvMadical EHraatw SK
J. C MrCvKB Y COrt Ox.etfi Market S
In Chaneeryat Morristown.
O. BILL NO. 390.
MoUie:C.nEdieard$t$. TTwa, if. Edward.
lag from the allegation of complainant' bill.
ithich i aworn to, that the defendant ia a non
resident of the State of Xanneaaee ,It ia thara
fore ordered by the. Master that said non-resident
defendant, William at. Edwarda, appear before
4ha Caanccry Court at Uorristowu, tTun., oa the
and make defense to said bill, of MolU C. Ed
wards, filed against him in aaid Court,, or the
same will be taken for confessed and set for bar-
...n.rf. It i,fiiffhii.l1.Mj (hit thi nn.
the Strongest alteratives that ti be-puhn'akod for-four concutiY weekaln
This April 12. 1883.
, A true copy. Testa:
i - aprl8 it J. MUBPHIT, C. Jk M.
Agents "Wanted For The
BACOTT. .. .I". . . .f. . . .
1. 00a$l
.... .
i,i.,.2 503 75
........ 60
.. lf 2
The grandeat object of Creation is the SUN.
Centre of Life, Light, Heat. Attraction and Chem
ical Action. Its natural wonders aud spiritual
teachings are aUka EaarVelous,.,atid make a. book
'(if ..ti...Ki..tinJ i . infrAVAat Til CT -L.f
problema of the Material ' UniverM unfoldtd and
.OllaairatedV .nature aaowa to be a Revalatloa 'Of
God in the noblest and most perfect sense. High
ly eommendtfd. ''Every fact of nature ia made
to repeat some lessou of His gospel." N. T,
Evangelist. "Both cieatifld and devout." Rev.
A. C. George, D.'D , Chicago. "A startling rev
elation concerning the wondera and gloriea of the
Sun . "Elder i j W. UoGarvey, Lexington, - Ky.
"Interesting, instructive and very aaggeatlva."
Bishop Jatrcar. of Ohio. It sells fast and pleaa-
4v-n Addresii. J. C. McCTJRDT CO.. Phlla-
delubia. Fa.: Cincinnati. O.: Chicago, ill.: or at.
Louis, Mo. TV -V t V?
PORK . 8 f 9
APPLES .... . vi . ... ; . A : i ' 1 & 5
FLAXSEED . A. i i 1. . . . . 1 00
BEESWAX.... i 20
PEACHES.'... . 3a 5
FEATHERS. ... v ....... , Jp52' I
? f M I 5 : ' M f hi
Norfolk & Western
Railroad. ;
Time TaMi. iff effecLNob. Zrd?
eading to Cla3Tsville, southeast of I nUal uasses over our Soathei-n line."
x 1 i j. l ji
oiuniDia, were oniy corapieieu 10
Ashland, -15 miles; the distance
from -ABliIand to Clajsville, "sevejn
miles, being only partially- finished
that State, ts on turnpikes
name, what ought to be the differ- in his reach, ami U apjointed ly a
ence ia Kat TenncHo? X turner' 1 a i.natoror reprcsentauv
The nearest approach to an offi
cial statement of facts regarding tho
Seiiey combination jsthe ibllowing:
It is proposed to consolidate tho East
Tennessee, lrginia and ueorgia,
the Memphis and Charleston, the
Norfolk and Western, the North
Carolina and tho Richmond and
UaiiYillo on the basis of capital earn
ings. Mr. Gould, before leaving for
Kurope", requested Messr. I3nce and
Thomas to prepare a plan or consol
idation to be readj on his j-eturji
Those interested with Mr. Gould say
that it is not improbaUo that it a
satisfactory plan is submitted to Mr.
Gould it may be consummated with
in two hours after his arrival.
Moanwhile.it is very evident that
the East Tennessee. Yinriuia and
Georgia railroad commanUs the bal-aiu-o.
of power in the Southeastern
railway tyitera and the four roads
named are each . unwilling to bo of
ilie'two kept out. Hence tba move
ment to effect a consolidation of tho
wholo five. , , ,,, .
s A VwU6rae Industy. ,
Bottled Sxla Water manufactured
near Morristown, and delivered to'any
adlic te tUaUrs bj addressing . ;i
' .. . i. CD. Reese,
Talhott'a Station, TeDn. .
" Manufactory established bf .E.lwin
P.'Ulirux, of - Creacent City1 Slii and
Min1crt.aXrsiLftf. Vx-ot lw Or
leaaa.'La. ' ' . 'i i: :
" "The" Blrinlnghamr ,1 ge " says "Ala
bauia will cast , four of her eight
votes ,lljr Rani Ilandall for Speaker
of the next Congress, and lurthcr
declares 'that Randall's election
means success in 18S4. Carlisle's
election certain, defeat.
and being now in no better ! tfondi
tion than any dirt road. Tha' real
cost of the road was about "$4,200
per mi'e, althougb by failures of
contractors to fill contracts and from
other causes Outside" of real value of
the work, the expense per mile ' On
at least two of the roads was mote.
It is believed by' those who had
the work in charge' at that time
that the same roads could be built
now for about $3,000 per Inile. Tho
price paid for hands was $2 per day
and for teams $4, while the present
hands can be gotten for $1 and
teams for 2 50. '
In 1872 a graver road fire miles
in length, known as the' Columbia
and Blackfoot Road, leading - north
cf town, was built lor about $3,000
per mile, - the- county and :citizens
each paying 8,000. !
Tho abovo' estimates Included
bridgesof whloh'there aro soveral,
and toll gateS of "which 'there; are
two on one road and one on each of
theothdm.'"-1- :r ' '
The roads aro made of gravel 12
inches deep and 11 feet wide, and
the grade varies . according to- the
country, although in4 most places it
The -same offer was .made hj I Gov
rprter, as will be seen by the ibl
lowing letter addressed to the Com
missiouers, . of ; which mention - has
beer already jnade in the American
Nashville. Chattanooga: v & St.
Locis Railwat0fic of Pkbsidetht,
Nashville, Tenn., May 2, 1SJ5.3. Col.
Jabn Ft. Sarage, CapU J.,A Turley,
wan. u. w . Uoraott. Kanroaa 'kommit-
8roner-Oentlemr: I am fa receipt of
your-communication of the;, 28th of
. April, in which I ara requested to urn-
iau you witij passes ver iuo.xx asiiTiiie,
CliattaQsoa & St. Louia rat.war, in
pursuance ef section 19 of1 the railroad
ctmmiaeioa bill, passed by-the General
Assembly of Tt-nue8aeo on !MrcU 29,
1833 In reply I bare to reiterate, what
was add to Oen. Q.'.W.' Qord$u.in an
interavew between' hint and. myself on
the 2$!b olt., in response to a personal
appltcalitu fr pasaea tor himself and
colleagues, that the, management of this
compauy did not concede, to the Gener
al Assembly cf Tennessee the' right, to
determine -who should "pass -fiee" over
its line of. railway, hut that -I would
give tha passes aa a personal- courtesy
alone. The acceptance of tliii; offer pn
my pirt was declined. by Gen, Gordo.,
a I presume1 you Lave, been 'Informed.
.:;:. : , . Vory respectfully; '
JA8. UL Pobtkr, f
lion. Philip B. Thompson, of Ken
tucky, who, shot.andfinstaptly .kill
ed "Vy alter M. JDavia,' fof .iOitiroaey
with Mrs. ThbmDson. has beaii. in-
is easy, audio some localities there tlicted'for murder, in ..the jjratde
are considerable cuts and fills. -1 gree, and the trial will "certainly
-m-a a a a . . . I " A a. I A Z A - A !
Jiacn roaxi nas a dirt tract ten I prov4e yne oi iue inosnutureaung.m
feetj wido xunning alongBi'slo ;the I the annals of the lilueiUras f folate
travel. .'!-' - . : There i a stroner and rapidly arrow
' - . . I'. - . i.- , '
The ratee of toll per- Viilo are: 1 ing, Delict tuat;.xnompson .'fas not
For horse and rider, 1 contl vehicle justified in shootingDavis down lllce
and ono borse 1 J cent, or two horses, J a dog, the emphatic, declaration , of
alts, Aiiompson uaux'vi si,in
nocent.of tho oharge .madeagaipgt
him by0ilis$ -Buckner imjjresdiing
the general .pabU? as worthy of cre
dence, ,vThB .generaL-.-tonesiof , the
is , pgaipt
Tobacco and General' Commission
Merchants, for ihe sale of Country
Products of every . description,! and
aerents for the. followinsr mannfac-
tures: -pure Raw Bone Meal and
Bone Flour, Peruvian Guano, Wheat
and Tobacco fertilizers, Plant. Bed
Food, Dupont's Rifle, Blasting, Min
ing, Bucking and SportiAg Powders.
and Wholesale and Retail Grocers
708 Main street, Lynchburcr, Vai
qnote cbantry'; produce as follows
aridBolrcii consignments, of the same
promising prompt returns at the
highest market prices : : Field Seeds
of all descriptions, say Clover, Tim
othy; ' jG ermah ! Miliett; 1 Orchard
grass, Herds grass, Evergreen grass
-Randall grass, Kentucky Blue grafes:
improved varieties oi oeea nea
and Field Grains generally. , Speci-
al ties with us Apples,greeh,per bar
rel,.$4.00, to $6 vQQt Apples, dried,
perjppnji(L.5. to g jct8.kj.acan, new
hoe round, 13 to 13i cts.; Sidos, 13
to 13i ct8:Hams,14i to 16 cts: Shoul
ders, 11 to ll1 cts; Salt Pork, hog
roundwll cts; bides. 11 tollijcts;
Olama 12 to 13 cts: Shoulders lOts:
lieet, hind quarters, 7j to y cts; lore
quarters", 5' ' td'6 cts; Butter, table,
21. to ;25 cts;Bnckwheat Flotir, cts.
per pound; Beans, white, per bush.
$1 00 to $1 25 colored and mixed, 90
cts;'tb: $1 00;j Blackberries; dried, 5 J
"to G cs; Chickens," Uressed,per doz.,
12 50 to ?4 VU; Chickens, fi..Uv,
25 to 40c a pieco; Corn; old;' white,
per bushel, 61 to G2 cts; new1, 61 to
62.cj:s;;iCh!erries; jdnod, pitted, "per
pound, 12 to 15 ct9; Eggs, per doz.
1C to 17 cts; Hour, per barrel.nne,
aa at' ,-
f Ko.
,h 1
Lt Norfolk
" Suffolk
, At FETEESBUBQ, with B. k F. KB. far Rich
mond and spriugs oil C. k O. Kjr.,Trederickabnrf ,
Washington, Baltimore aud tha .Nora aaa JCaat.
Through PnUipan Car from Petersburg t Kaw
York. Solid trainsTetersbnra to Waahioirton.
At BBKBYILLkr with Bichmond k DaavUle
BKf. lot the boflth . -
At LTNCHBUBO.Haith Virginia Midland BaiT.
way to and from the 8outh and North, aaa . with
Richmond and Alleghany KK. for ijacbanaa,
utrtoa rorfui w- point
At BRISTOL wirb E. Tena . Va. 4 Oa. Railroad
far KaoTrille DaKtin, Chattanooga and aU point
souttt, Weat and South-west.
has Leiohton Sleepers from Lynchbarg
te Mi-rapiiie.
Ko. 3 haa Pullman Sleeperfrom Waahinctioa via
Enoxville and Atlanta to New Orleans, connect-
in a thence with Sieeoer'ta Honstoir and Eaa An-
tonio.. without clmugo,, antLfroni fitw Xoxk
Memphis - via S. V. K R. and Boanoka. Only
one cbaLge from Washiutton to San Antonio in
fnuauiRaara. ..
each additional - horse, 1
Ql vianf o
The expense of operating-! the
roads is from $3QQ. to $1,500 each.
The stockholders receive from 4 to
12 per cent, dividend annually. The newspaper ......comments
stock sells at and above par and is .Thompson. !? J jm
sought after. " - : -: J .. -, . ,
js io iuo vaiue oi me roaus io me ; , . w.u..-l;ULi
material interests df oar section n of th ,.,m. .nd -it: Is effthi'I.rheai
would bo no extravagance ' td. ear iaicortadca tbat it be kept puU Willi
that thevat-e the best investment I impure blood ne one need expe:t tp 'en-
Boone county ever madeand would 1 health, Hrt. BUo l and
not bo abandoned to-day for double fr;" I"?" ,d,a?Led.1.tf c?
men: vi iiua woi. i We recoinmcDd tliem.
pSf 'Q0 1 fSOf lsupfrfin$5 po
5 50-extr,'$5 25 to $3 mmily,
$6 00 to $74:: Feathers, new, 55 to
60 cts. per pound: tUinseng .Root,
perl lb,' $X23 to $tf J75 'Hdgs, $rk,
to 9c; Hay, baled, meado,w, $60
to iT0f e 'dlever; $05 00 to" $70 00,
I Timothy,2$T5 OCT to $S0 00';' Lard;
: rnnMrvi h&r noiiKdVUa tm 1 1 U cts :
Oats, winter, per, (bushel,, 40jta45
cts; spring, .' 40 tto-t45 .cts ; Onions,
Kpera-: busnei, ou to au .'Cts;'a.'oaci,es,
jlried, pared, 10 tol? cts: nnparcg,
quarters', 3 to "Z ; 'halve; A?
cts; potatoes, inah, per bu,bel,.ow
to 75 cts: Sweet Potatoes $1 to $175
ctsV Peai, lack-eyed, $ll25ib'$l'oa;
black, $1 25; -Ryejpei bushel, 65;
to 90 cts; Turkeys, dressed per
Lancaster, $ 1 05 , to $ 1 1 0 ; FulU,
$1 00 -to $105;" Wool, washed per
pound,.33 to 38 ctsy unwashedfs25
to 28 cts ; Cabbage, 4 per head",- 2 to'4
fits $:!iax. Seed: per bushel, $li 1C;
Ducks, di o&aed, $3 50 to $4 50 per
dozen; Geese, per dezon,$7 to $9.
May 16, 1883.
Lt Pet'sburg I 3:50p, m,
" uurkeville 6:
' rarmTlll.
Ar Lynchburg
Lt Lynchbars
fc- Liberty iv,
Ar Big Spring
Lt Chria'b'g
" Marion
" AbingdoA
6:5o p.m
12:15a. m
12 67a.m
3:22a m
4:26a, m
..? ,y
2 6'pni
3 82 pin
4 39 put
5 22 pui
( 00 pm
8 06 pm '
9 08 pm
119 U pm
Ar Bristol i fc i9a.a' 11 45 pm-
No. a,
Lt BriHtol
fKUarion T
4 -Wytheviljtt
T UJiriat'D'g !
" Boanoke
" Liberty
Ar Lyucbb'g
Lt Lynchb'g
" Burkevllle
Ar Pet'sburg
Lt Pet'sburg
" Suffolk
11 35 p. in
Ahingdou J12 07 ju
3 1U 4f.
S i
4.41 1."
5 35 "
6 55
s ao -
11 00 "
13 55 p m
1 01
3 28 "
6 3 2 a in
1 03 a m
8 17 a m
V 7-a
10. 30 a m
11 20 a mJ
13 32 p m
. .,.;..-..sj
' a s .
;fvi '
Bladder, Rheumatism,
ltv and all Wtaknassn
remliuig from irwork.
Indiscretion or xoeaa
eav, tinrronanuy cared
GalTantc Electricity, u
tnitsued by our acol
v. - . -
cea isepiacaa tn i oroa
pn Yltror drained Irven
tUiayateui. and thustrure
jwitbduf plagginr tha
f torr.4ch' HiaatraUd
taa sta zLaersMas.
1 rn
0 ltf&
13 TOXVm
Wanted to
w- uitTtiaaK ;Off -irt taa Seal
TZtlitr, orJh threatiwea the aaount. I
Auartf Vsia ta a amta. it'lK ,t -Te;ayi i
eon tract made lor TOT SI P.IPKR. which la kp
u dm Wivu Miiii alt I kiV" VtAU.
" 'I
P,",,,T f a
VvT svt tnf tlAJa. .
: a
X . I i
ke .
I . ? "tl.. i I
w n if m -ifi
aV V
' 5
A Jt-
i j
WJ - Vi W ' .
f- r i j r - 7! 1
1- v" jMHsjaV ' .
? n n o
MAX fthr.tLV i
Hi; '-VJ'A iV.J. :tA'J(l:U

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