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The MarristoTrn Gazstte,
iff """ -f"" IP "'"t "ST 1 Tf
lHstae$ of LU
. -I; -rrn v.
EicluTf UratoJ. p . - -Pile,
(5 rrptnorfliaidi, Tirririt1iottt
ibe KiUfe. Llture. pr CfptJc. oJ
WJtlo'utiiy more" pH in lh IMe
ltimelres cjotc. , ,
. jF.t- t " rt
Local iVotes and Other Neict.
1 "
Are you roiaj; to Low 1 niLt ?
. i -
TUe aoJa fount at W. P. Crrier'a
OrVr a million and a half of eggsbava
firma tinea last January.
, . , i
ycMr i'if JJ Klker
ia Ebos county a year , was eeu
ttaced to the pcoltealiary Ust waek for
f.ayeart. "
Tat tejloae Ua btweo Morria
towa a&4 Tale Firing! it an aitarad
jfaet al will V bailt at a early day.
4 Karrtitowa eonpany will let tbe con
tract. ' -
A new acLaJale over tie I'm'. Teo
iwitee, Virginfa anl Georgia raaJ fioea
iotoeSect, it if aaMneit Sunday . Fat
er lima ia one of lb a4f aniajea (t) cf
JSt new achetla!e. ' .
General Lee's monument at Lexing
k4m, Va.rwiikU nataeiied --Jib- 6
JfTorn ITi.wi!l nveokle. Jtacrsl
w mm . . -- r--,- I
Joarfiju 2.
Mfc-f.il J. ill a ia .vl I be t ba f it ie t
art0 amilllrfU'1! W.jiyajel,
There are fifirm cual ibines on tbe
aosvi:e and, Obio aiiruMl. between
XTaox'ville'and the State line, and tbe
Ckrvnile sayt there is a daily average
receipt of sixty car loads per day in that
ml i it i ' ' T V ' ;
Tbe municipal elcctioa beld at Ilog-
ersviHe on the 5th rivalted lo the elec
tion ef Wm. Ptper llayof; John' Has
ten, II. J, lan, .V, ti.JCice, A. J.
Fatbuh, Geo. A. Murrsy, Wra. Ntill
sod A- I), ilajrnter, AJJermeo. f ;
Now is the time to bave all filth and
gaibagereraoved (jsa ynur peraiMo.
The hot ttaaa is upon na, and aucb
things brewd malaria and fvrrs. and it
it to the best interest of all that every
tb!sg be tepf ia glK.norder. Let" the
sanitary coainiiUee of, the crpttioB
look well Into this matter.
. The Gazette wa tba recipu ut af a
real ccmplinseut Monday at the band
of the Standard Dramatic Company. It
was a serenade by their excellent bacd.
Tbe muic was rendered. aiur a master-
,Iy ttyle aa4 pYaved true- buliu'ii 'tbe
drooping spiriU cf the wea ry labrris of
tbepresi! 'Tbanka.jtuJeJtieaJkj(V
i Tli aucjloaaala of. tl aeaaoa' aeala
frtbIoar tgbtr-nf Knoxvl!!es mu
taic festival occ arrev Wednesday night
cf !al week, bttub'i Qperm floii&e will
aaat aae tbouaatid pople, atkt Las one
hvbvs mw.m iaka iu me 'it. vuc
bundred and eiUtj-5vj koico seats
told for $1,222. -
fTArt GTaK;atknwIedgea tbecaur
Vy " of a couiptimentary invitation,
beautifully executed ia print, to the
Coronation (Fancy Drew) Ball, to be
give s" by tbe Kaoxville Taurnamai.t
AJaocfaUon ? '4f3 :b1i Optra Ilea .
Frilsylcveaibg; M4yt ab.M Tha c
easloo "'"wilfna doabt be brlHiant one,
aad a auccesajw trusty ia .every par
ticular. '
: The luaat , Taonetset Saadsy acboal
Canveation met lsst Wedaesday at
JobsaoB City wilb a large attendance.
The sestioa was' one of muck interest
mas! considerable, work wit alceupEsb
ad. J. J Coila was elected president;
VT. E. Everett, aerretary; Will A.Mc
Taer, assistaar- Becrettrj; Il. Isaac
Emory, autistica aeeietary; n. C. An
tio, secretary.
Ttia jnrr.ia the eve fcf Aodr Taj.'ar.
atmoucun, lat Thursday, received the
cbarge of the Judge aad ia a short tirna
returned with a verdict, finding Taylor
guilty of ycfrtcf ttt first., degree
wits jnl mtirVarfng'circumstancer.
Death sentence was passed Friday, and
tha prit aer twk aa appeal to this ,Sa
Court. He ts now coaSned ia
the, CbaVanouJB.n xosly gtard
eVl to'avert anything Tike mob violence.
fl'ut LtLlasjTuLLauk LJlottt.oowa'
uet on the lOtb, and transa tad the usu
al business pertainiag to sucb meetings.
All the aloek holder ware preasnt except
lour, aad they- by proiy.- The follow
iag Board af Directors wera elected for
the ensuing year, to-wit: J. G. Bose,
Jobtf Motf b ey;..' a; UAwtJC Ur.-J-L.
nowell aud J. O. IUce. Tbe Direc
tas ea oa-orgiaired' an I 'erected 'by
a5;slOiaU.o.UoB. .J.jGJXoaor4fraal
deal, and Jno. Mwrphay, Cashief of the
BiaklfSr 2a tatatot vearl 1 if i vi 1 - I
i -
A vhntlo the brickyard of Major T.
! ,
C Caia, ia the northern taburbt of jour
town, one day last week, waa' k deligbt-'
fl exaction, busiueHaiyf,
path eomared with the itagnatich of
a. (wt waei. previous. tH baa twt"-mlUt
laUfteritloaad turn out aboif fo.Ofo'
brick 4ayjTbe Ijaal, ia bnilerjlblf
1 aimed iaUtuperrlsion af Mr. E. Bslrd.
Bexrnrfcl Swjj! knBbfi-l
rbiso'a. Tlie1ioulders are MeurswVm.
Ra,Ier and J. .f.j rtl4,Ithf Wmi&
wbata MsJ. Cain will waer can ,ild
10,000 briVk io ldbcra time Tbi pr
aeat kiln Is to coaip m brlcitfj t-
.i ,fl mtt, iUOi
The season of bit eoatsai. TbfmaY
boy! He diggetb fligollrot-tbft
aagla worw-aiid gaeth f fishes; gleeful
ly, b'if peraiveniure be'retorotth at
Bight and briagctb it- hotnt stificient
f tedwUera f lb dep ta allay tha
tbira cf ber that aiingatb wondetfally,"
faaruUyta4 wall, tha- bai( brasb, the
Upper and the shovel, be may prepare
bisaself by ttich art as Is ta bim,fnl
k no f Ae ce ml n g wrltV-f'orAS W
aver aad the reflection, "bays will b
boys" and iaolbra will be unreasot
abW, -an-CUie Real-bag disappeared
ayileTiouTy and cometh anil goeih at
the occasion tlemaadeth.
Tte cmmenceinent exercisea of the
Btptist Female College, at Brlstpl,
Teniywee, w-ijl cerae affn the eTen-
before tbe Young Ladtea' Literary Soc.
ety will be dtlircreJ ftyRer. Dr: Strick
Tffi3, of KnoxTllle, oi tbe 21th at 10
o'clock, a. u. AJ1 JoTited.
We rectired a plaaant call last week
trooi EJwlo JJabbaax,. ot .tbe Cresent
City Scltzar ar.d Mineral Watert Manu
fictujring CfWpany tC New Otleaoa,
La. Mr. D. ia temporarily located at
TIbntt Station wbete be ia conduct-
ioc abraocn ortba Wrleans con
cern. 11a baa firtt-clasa nacbioery and
Us iMentfonateto go Into tbe'bottllog
buiJveu extensively in this aection
Front a sample of bit manufacture left
at tliit olUca we are enabled to say that
his mineral water It equal to any we
have ever drank. " He is an iateTlint
gentleman andJiyaH racing tjU be
encouraged toiestablisb liu wr rkt -at
mm .... Jon mp- mm-.
I JV-t wtueiiuciU J UuaytbaLa pkc ic
will be given by the Tate Spring's Sun-dajitcbool-ln"
tbit tleinity of Tate
printra, oo Satardar; "June 2-J. TLU is
on of tbe most iateresting Sabbalb
achcaU in Craisgat county. Dr. Pierce,
aaperiateadent. -- and W7 'ft. Fmidep
aecfetarj; ar etterjra tie workers, la tbe
cause aad are to be congratulated on tbe
pioaperous school tbey bave at Tata'.
Tbe abova"occaia, will doubtlesa b
a delightful Be to teachers, pupil and
friends. m. A banner preaentaiion to tbe
mast merftoriout class will lie an at
tractive feature of the picoia Cbtiice
music mill be furnished, aad the public
general! it Invited to Bttend.
Uuadredf t hi frienda la East Ten
nesee, ontskU of Lis brethren of the
1 fcLuicbrWiU b cleaned tortad this ft-
I iereoce to Dr. IlilUman, a native of
I erence
Eot ctiuaty, an4 for piany yeara
City. It ia taken from the Memphis
LmlQri Her. Matthew Ilillsman, of
Trenton, Tenu., father of CapUia J.
T. JJillamaa, it io tha tBy iorf hU way
ta the Seuthsrn Baptist Association,
wbicb meets at Waco, Texas next Wed
nesdy. Dr JlilUtuaa. ia a fine, well
preserved geaUemaqjpearl 70, j-eaxt
o!. lie entered tha ministry forty-
five jeara ago, and, baa been prominent
as an eloquent, preacher, editor of Bap
tist papers and an educator. At the be
ginning of the war be was President of
tbe Baptist College at Mosey Creek,
East Tennessee, bat removed from there
ia the troublous times that followed.
After a long life of aaraeat endeavor
and great public usefulness be rttaios
the full mental and physical vigor of a
well balanced ettlddle aged maC "Z" "L
.From the Nashville papert we are
plc-axed to learn that Rev. James A.
Lyous, af the Holston Conference, 31.
E. Church, South, now preacter la
cbarge of the' Joneeboro' Station, has
been elected by tbe baok committee of
the Southern Methodist church assistant
adit a r of tbe Sunday -school periodicals
Issued flora the' Pablishing Hoube, and
wil take charge- at once. : Mr.'. Lyona
was bora ta Knorritle, and is about 30
years old. lie was for several jeart an
tfUcienl teacher ia tba Deaf and Dumb
Asylum at KnoxTiilej fortwo yeara
wai the successful and popular aid it ir of
shA, &UmmJjfetfomimmt ? far tbrca 'yeara
aa Uaiiuaday-ca)o.l secretary -of -t be
Iloliton conference. . and travelled all
vver Its territory, and 'especially in the
more destitute parti,, organizing Soa-
day-ecboott. j Dicing tUt ke pre
pared a most ail mi rati s map of the con
ference, ahowing all the circuita and
stations, ia the conference having
schools.'. Recently be bat published
cbanalng book, i VThe tiandiy-icbool
aad lu Methods," wbica ji lakiag raiA
among tha best.'. He will make a most
excellent assistant to Dr, Cuunyngham.
An ambitious novelist .writing from
tba incipient village of Mary viHe to tbe
Enoxvllle CkronicU, becomes exasper
ated over a mere allusieV, by way of
comparison, made in The Gazette a
few weeks since. We intimated that
MarjvHle could not compare witli.Mor
ritown ia progress and advaacement.
Tba writer saya among: other ailly
things, that Maryville "lias a larger
population, a better built town, and ta
business Morrittowu stands no 'cbanee
at all n Wbat a pity 4 oet for'u? but
for the intelligence of Maryville. Had
the writer referred to the census com
pendium of 180, be could baye made
1 a more a-.itbenticfctatement aad one that
would not have reuectcd upon the ir.
telUgence of tba public ! But; "where
ignorance is blba, 'tis folly lo be wise."
While we are charitable and trust our
Struggling,' Uttle; atigbbcri ,wIlT. teacb
tbe very pinnacle of success, we cannot
afford to banter words with ber, further
more than to: say that .we hart) buck
manufactories ia MorrUtown that make
mora bricks in a day than would be put
into houses In Maryville in a year, and
atnew, opera bouse that ber eutire pepu
lUlaa can ba locked Bp in.
Will our ttteemed And voluble coa
temporary, the K.opxti2le fifvkl. Itear
os for a moinent : Will be accept clasg'C
acd journalistic history and the recol
lection's of the oldest inhabitants ia cor-rem-ation
t)f our-itatemeotflfiiT,
ttffn w!j ga w in tbe future in fi
lidtatiag tlmieff aS the discoverer of
he crntraJ'f iti?n of itnoxville That
ftct'was promuigatcd years ago sway
bick in tbe 'fartya. II is ina"icaled la
the second sentence of tbe first clispter
(amscy's j Anaalt .oTrcneset:; and
it was specifically applied for business
prlsposea, prior totiie, i an adrtxtli3
ment inserted in a Knuxville lournal of
Liiat tfiyn fedd ) votuaae. of. wblei 3Ua
berore ut, la aa alXero real estattor
aJ." A bttriive'jlitpy liaeif nQcL
reads: " Eaoxville-p Tbe Cent raj. City
of America !' . Tti eCdve r Use mknv' n
cigned by Frank Vr Runseyftbtaa
now a learned an dlslibguished physf:
clan of the city. jSAfHenriQiSyf
don't grow any"rouJerfV or'er Unit im
aginary diicovj(ym are eVj'aSlf
wrong, Mr. Parbaro T" You can safe
ly licl to priority in tbe discovery that
Southern women desire t bob tob at
the ballot-box wllb tbl rag tag a'n.bob.
tail strong-mindera. oae.wiil gala,
say that. . But to prea ;your, claim. as,
the discoverer ef the Ctrnlral pasiiioa af
Enoxville, might provoke investigation
prejudicial lo. la a legitimate birth of
that maUhlesa epic
Com (4 t annjr Bmta, art f
A merry pwty of little folks ffora
t'e town spent seTeral hours delightful
ly in the weeds Saturday pic-n icing.
A atrawberry and - ice cream festival
wa given by the young gentlemen of
the town, at McFarland'a Opera Mouse,
last Thursday sight. It was fairly
attended and much enjoyed. Tbe ac
cordant strains of dulcet melody, a fa
Ole Bait, was a pleasing ftature and
elicited various comments.
The Standard. Dramatic .Company
gaye a rery creditable performance last
night (Monday) in this place. Tbe play
was one made famous by Dion Boci
caultv Rose and Harry Watkins Bad
other Kctora of Irish) lite. "Kathleen
Mavouracen" is a vary beautiful drama
ana was well rendered by tbe above
ompany. Miss Alice Irving, the ac
complished star, (who' is already a fa
vorite here,) sustained herself admir
ably as the beautiful and true Irish
lass, r Walter Lawreace, who' made his
fltst appearance here, waa well liked
and thoroughly appreciated. McElreth
as Billy Buttercup was, as usual, ia his
bappy vein, and brought down the
house repeatedly. "Oh, what a villain
I am ! Is the bye- word now. The bal
ance of the support was good.t To
night the great emotional drama, "East
Lyaa," will be presented. We cannot
close without a mention of the superb
music furnished by Prof. Wood's or
chestra. Tbey played some selections
from tbe Istest operas that were highly
complimented by tbe audience. We
hope to aea a large turn eut at McFar
land'a Opera House te night, as both
the building and company deserves
liberal patronage.
S. A. Carson and wife to Jacob
Thomas, 51 acres, district 7, $315 00.
SI. Carriger and wife to J. O. Rice,
lot, dittrict 6, f 1,200. '
Elizabeth arid Abraham Inraan to E.
Reps Davit 59 acres, district 7, $293 75.
. Lizzie and Abraham Inrnaa to S. B.
Smith 20 acres, district 7, 90 00.
Elizabeth and Abraham Iauian to
Wm. H. Pendleton, lot,, dittrict 7,
23 40.
T. C. Cain and wife ta William U.
Smith, lot, district 1, $170.
A. C. liaun and wife to W. T. Rippe-
toe, 106 acres, district 4, $700.
Abraham Inmaa aad wife to E. Reps
Davis, district 7, $300.
Thomas Mullens and wife -to Henry
Bruce, 3 acres, district 8, $43 00.
Ephraim Erevan and wife to Tbeo.
Regan, 10 acres, district 5, $212 00.
We have received aa invitation to the
tertio mellenuutl to be beld ia Santa
Fe, New Mexico., convening July 2d,
and endiag Aug. 3d, 1B3. This occa
sion celebra'es the 333d anniversary of
the settlement of that city by Europe
ans and it promises to be a grand suc
tfM. Santa Fe is tbe oldest city in the
United States, and its leading features
peculiarly foreign. It is probably the
only city in'theworld where three dis
tinct civilizations art represented in the
present population." The programme,
which Is elaborate in Ike extent and va
riety of attractions offered, combines
features of all three, so arranged that
parties vuiting at any time during tbe
moo lb will bave opportunity to witness
them all. Send to Char. W.. Greene,
Geoeral Manager at Santa Fe for full
It may be af interest to tbe delinquent
tax-payers of Hamblen, county to know
that after the first day of June next, it
is made the duty of the collectors, who
ever tkey jnay be, to make out a, correct
list of all unpaid taxes in their hands
for collection, and add 12 per cent, pen-
AttyJerjaddUiori to their lee aaTafikeri.
The said officers will be beld firmly
for this additieual per cent., and of
courst will celiac! it. , Ir is to lm noped
that those interested will take due no
tice and govern themselves accordingly.
Jas. E. TuonrsoH.
Please read and than blp ns to make
known to others tba facts herein con
tained. "
When email pox broke out here, re
garding tbe safety of tbe public as of
infinitely more importance than any
money "we rnlght make, we at" once
closed our bouse aad announced public
ly that we would remain closed until
e? danger was past; and, - as w bare
ui complied with, sali pr&oilaeT' we
tli ink wa are entitled to lull credit bow
when we say there is na small-pox ia
MortiiloxvcVand 119 "more danger here
fba'inany other place in tha State.
T7ur Juu list, tut earn of tuunUpctx in
tht TaJ,JIoute. but w have taken ad
vantage of tha time we have been closed
ta" thwoMghly overhaul our premise,
and can very conscientiously say to our
friends count; and we.wlll do them gaod.
Ami we wish bow to -return our sincere
thanks to our. c-hi patrons .and beg' a
continuation of their favors, and mora
epecially do we wish to return our
r. . . .. ' - . ' t : "i
tuauat to inose wu Bavespoteaagoou
word for our house.
!To Commercial Travelers" we say: we
baye iow' arranged a good tempU'Rouw.
b'u lie ground 'floor,' with 'taole's,' &c",
aad Unit we convey all baggage to and
from depot free of charg. and that we
bave a clerk in office and porters at all
trains bclVnlgbt and day." ' !" T '
AVe liave'also in connection with the
boVs well stoeVed' News Stand; rem
which can, beiiail latet;Xewe i'eriodV
cal", Magatjaf8 and cheap "Library
SUitipS tjSlfi its' Vo ur1 patron age," and
we wiil oe.
. -.Yaurs respectfully, dec., - t
' I'RorRixTons Tatk House,
" ; Main St., Morrlstown.Tenn.' t
May.l0, ltfti3.- . . : ...
. : '." Tbo Rosadalis
Is a poteat re'tned'y in all Chronic dts?
easess but ia Ibese diseases' it 'will re'
quire. long continuance in tba use of. tha
me1kme In order to carry out' of tb
S!ecil!lhe poisooons Lumors. from
iud.-- 1 ' 1 -.w
- RO!Ai)ALIS1t a tovereigrr'remed
fer.alf djsedses of the blood. . It bat ba
equal Jar tba cure of nerraus disorders.'
Itead ibis eertiflcale: 1 '
! BAtTtMOitE, July 10 "1879.
: I wouMHttfo bear testimony ,to tbe
merits of 'ICofiAOAtts, by" sayine that
aouw igbt years ago I was totally prot-
trated-aod emild get no relief from aur
fsmiiy phytlcun. nut alter, taking -one,
b4ll of IloSAbAJJS I became . entirely
restored ti bealrh. I'tiow wilg!(171
ltis , but when I first took jour . medi
cine I wtighed, only. 130,, Icbeeifully
recommend it to all, and etpecUHy 'to
those a tllicted with a nervous debility.
' A 4 k 4-
"bill notes!"
." . TaoRX Hu.1,, Te:ta , May 5, 1883.
To tba Editor of The Morrietown OaartU :
Not seeing aaytbiDj from this part of
God's ux ralviDey.ir'1 " in The Ga
zette, for some time, thought I would
add a few dots from eld Thorn Hill.
The wheat cropln this "vicinity looks
very promising, and bids fair for a grod
crop; "
The farmers ' are" very :busy planting
corn. There will be a larger acreage
planted this season in Ibis vicinity than
usual. ' "!'''.,",''-'
t -Sleaars. libea & Jloaree will start
their mammoth distillery, three miles
norfb of this place, et Maadayjthe
7ib, and will be able to furnish the ar
ticle ta purchasers ia any quantity, . by
th 23th f this month.
I r notice 'a great many mule, colts
on tha north of Clinch more than usu
al. Mr. C. Dalton, especially, . bas
an extra mule from his fine black mare.
W. M.' I Monroe; a . very, piominent
farmer of this section, is still t whirling
the sad, an'd tbe prosj)ects are that he
will get threugh planting by the first pf
July. - : "- ; "' -r " '-
. Clinch river, 'Well noted for its nu
merous varieties of fish, is new in splen
did condition to catch them with, rod
and reef, ' tfpt-line,' etc Men, women
and children are seen daily catching tbe
black perch along the banks of old
Clinch. .. r f
Several sheep buyers are ia our midst
gathering up large flocks of sheep for
the. Kentucky markett.
' Our genial friend, Nathan Monroe,
tbe bachelor merchant and accommo
dating pottmatter of Thorn Hill, it still
behind the counter ever ready to wait
upon bis many friends and customers
with much pride and honesty. Iam
afraid X. bas a notion of changing hit
way af living at be attends church and
Sabbath-school every Sunday. Perhaps
be is getting tired of sewing the but
tons On his clothes, and Is looking after
a help-mate.
.John G., "the honey man," says the
honey crop will be "short this s?a3oa
owing to so bard a winter and late
spring, and' the bees bave greatly died
out during the. past winter.
Mr. John Farmer, one of Graiuger's
best cit zeas and aa establishedafarmer,
who lives about 1 i miles from this place,
will mi'k about twenty cows this sum
mer. He finds ready tale for his butter
at good prices. John is successful in
the dairy business.
The. measles bave been very bad
among ut, and several persons bave
died from the disease. .
1 Mrs. Jobs Heoryj a very respectable
lady and devoted wife and mother, died
two weekt ago, leaving ten Children,
two of whom were only four dayt old
twins. She died from measles.
;3V. C, Clement, an .. established citi
xen and one of our best farmers, died
from relapse of measles somethree weeks
ago. He was buried by the Masonic
fraternity near bis borne.
''.North Clinch.
Dr. Frank Speck is la the city,"
Mrs. Geo. Livingston it visiting rela
tives in the vicinity of Newpojrt.
Kobert 11. llarle was circulating with
his town friends Saturday.
W. P. Carriger bas been confined so
bis room for tha past few days with a
mild attack of pneumonia.
Mrs. W. E. Gibbins, of Knexville, is
visiting ber sister, Mrs. Capt. J. H.
Trent, in this city.
Mrs. Charles DePue, of Knoxville. is
visiting ber sister, Mrs. Judge Robert
McFarland, of this place.
Miss Bonnie Minis of Leadvale. is
visiting ber sister, Mrs, Anderson, of
East End.
F. W. Earnest, Esq., of Janesboro.
was transacting business ia the city Fri
day last.
D. W. C. Davis, Esq., the genial jew
eler, was in Enoxville a couple of days
last week. .-. ; ' ' ' r
Jos. G. Williams, of Baltimore, is in
town, stopping with bis brother, the O.
, U. We welcome bit presence.
Hon. Jno. ' Q. A. Remlne, of Rbea-
town, stopped in tha city a brief while
last Thursday, on. a business trip to
Robl. Hoiking. . reporter of Brad-
treet's Mercantile Agency, Atlanta, Ga.,
was in the city last week and gave The
Gazbete an agreeable call..
Prof. Jos. A. Stubblefield. - principal
of Greeneville College, spent a few days
with bis father 's family in this place last
week. His school it very prosperous.
Misses Addie and Nanuie Grave, ac
complished and attractive yeuag ladies
of Rutledge, were shopping in the city
Saturday. ..
Mrs. Sarah Noe. oat ef tba oldest res
idents in the county, is prostrated with
feebleness and general debility at tbe
home of her son, 'Squire 'D. 8. Noe.
She ia in her 80th year.
Aruiururegr, e courteaus ana in
dispensable adjuncTbf Gregg' & Compa
ny s southern JJraoca UClce;. was called
to Chattanooga briefly, last week on
business for his; house. ; , . 7. ; . ,
Prof. T. J. Davenport bas returned to
the city from Virgin! ; where he has
beer a refugee from small-pox. We are
not Informed as to his intentions re
garding a revival kf his school.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bowes, of tha cel
ebrate! Bean's, Station valley,'; were in
town Monday,' felicitating our merch
ants and newspaper men op the revival
of commercial relations.
A-U. nodge, of MqNulty, Llllarth
Biprcbfct 4 Co.; and Jobu RoUch;anac
com moduli Dg member of tha Southern
Express office, Enoxville, gave ut a wel
come call Monday, jett route to Tate's.
J. M. Sludebaker, one of the manu
facturers of the ' celebrated Studebaker
wagon, at South Bend; Indiana,' accom
panied by his wile, was registered at
the Cain House . last week en route to
Tate Springs. ;
Epii. L. Moore, 'formerly of this city
now a resident of Mississippi, arrived
last week to spend a month with bia
mother, Mrs. M. Q. Moore, and renew
acquaintance with farmer1 friends. We
were pleased to meet him so well ma
tured in frame and mind. . t. . .
We wera favored with a pleasant call
last Saturday from our friend, Seldon
Nelson, sf, Jo, T. McTecr'a clothing
houser Knoxville, who wat en route to
Newport, accompanied by bis wife, oa
a visit to relatives. ' .. .. .:
Chat. J." Warner, the original and
Bopular advance agent of the Standard
irsmatlc Company, enlivened our sane
ium at intervals last Saturday, wbilb
arranging for tha performances of his
troupe in Ibis place.
Pref. J. F. Hale, of Whitesburg.
niseed .through . the city Mondsy en
route to Ricevil!e,Tenn., where be goesj
to deliver trie literary address at the-
conimenccmcei cxerci:es 01 me tuceri
ville Female Iustitute. " ,l S1
. Our office was graced last week by
the presence of M iss IJele,a Rnd)l, aa
acc irfplillied young Jaily. of Aberdeetr,
M i s4 chapranetl by lie ipo!i shed aud
ttflable kinsman. Dr. IT. A. McCorkle.
Mia Randall was on ber way to Tate's,
j Inadvertantly we neglected in our last
week's paper to mention the absence
Jrcan our city of Dr. D. A. Neilson. H
accompanied hit wife lo Louisville, Ky
trt the tb, with the hope of having herj
ryes neneqieu tv tiie skill ot cijy jp-
ticlios" VJM ra. NT bus i-ba" sJmt j a
HJS.'JJ1!" Ar ."ir!o?"t.Bi and it Is
tba . aiacere wiU of Ler f fiends aad
neighbors that tbe visit may be benefi
cial ia restoring her eyesight.
Clinton, Tknn, 3Iay 11, 1883
To the Editor of Tbe Uorristowu Gazette :
Business is lively about Clinton now
The farmers are well along wilt their
work and the prospects for eaily peas
bans,' cern, "cucumbers, etc., are good
.There is only one man in the county
jail, and be. is there for" packing con
cealed "veapinga,". -u; w
We have three saw mills heie in good
running order; one owned by Scruggs &
Co., one by Hesslemeycr & Co., and
one bv Thomas Bros. fc Co. These
mills make" a Cliattanoega log market
for the rafters and. tave them of several
days run on the water and a neat pile
of railroad expense.1 Thomas Bros. &
Co. have a saw mill here with a capaci
ty of sawing fifty thousand feet ef lum
ber per day. Here your; writer finds
pleasant employment, diving to the bot
tom of tbe river after oak and hickory
logs, at which he can earn bis grub and
washing (only bave one shirt washed a
month) and have a surplus left to buy
postage and paper to write to bis dear
wife and orphan children.
uenerai i;ullum, or this place, is
prominently epeken of as the choice of
the people for Congress for the next
two years, and it is generally supposed
that he will be' an aspirant before the
convention. The General is a man of
plenty of natural sense te fill the posi
tion, but like the Hon.,L- Cork-screw
uouk vne laaea too mucn 01 tbe "over-
joyful." We predict . that the Knox
ville ring wll furnish the timber over
which the true blue element will carry
the stars and atripes through the com
ing contest. '
.The Democrats ef this county are ju
bilant at the prospect of living under
he reign of a chief magistrate who shall
feel for the down-trodden South and
the stuffed pocket Nortb'"all the same;"
but they are not in favor of rallying to
defeat under the banner of ' 'Spoon But
ler," ef Massachusetts.
Tbe leading Republicans agree that
the Democrats will elect the next Pres
ident if tbty put out the right men for
standard bearers. --
This much of spring has brought out
the slipper shoes, veils,' ribbons, hoops
and zephyrs, and the way the youDg
men are spreading the tails of their dus
ters to the breezes just hush,, child !
We saw more young men and young
ladies coupled out yesterday than we've
seen far a long spell before.
Some young men got kicked as usual.
We knew that there are bruises left on
the shins of some which all the sal ye of
words can sever- alleviate and scars on
the mind which all the "mellowing in
fluences" of recoiling years can never
The people are all on the boom, for
the FarAiers' Convention, which, is to
be beld at Knoxville un the 22nd of this
Judge Young, ef this place, owns the
finest farm that I have seen in all East
Tennessee. If I can't be his son in-law,
I would loye to be a bull frog to s'vim
in his spring branch. If matters move
on as they bave , started, this country
will all go under a change of unifica
tion. To walk slap, right dab up,, by
the side of an Anderson county gal and
ask ber for ber company to church was
the last bold venture of , Dick,
What You Want. There Is scarcely
a family in our city but' geeds such a
remedy as the famous Seven Springs
Iron and Alum Mass. It is net a patent
medicine, but is the "salts" of mineral
watert An . iafslibln cure for piles,
sore throat, chills and fever, chienic
constipation and chronic diarrhoea, etc.
Made by Landrum & Litchfield, Abing
don, Va , and for sale ae 50 cents and
$1 00 per bottle. For sale by all first
class druggists.
As our school work has been inter
rupted several weeks by tbe ;smallpox
and the panic consequent thereto, after
consulting most of our patrons, we take
this method te state to the public that
Merristown Male nigh School will not
resume work thij session. V
Wc congratulate the citizens of the
town and patrons of the school that the
small-pox haa been crushed out of the
town,' and that the prospects of tbe
school for the coining year, are very
flattering. ; . : : . .,
. Next session begins Aug. 20tb. "
4 We return thanks for your patronage
the' past year, and ask your liberal sup
pert for coming year. ',. ',
- : . Very respectfully, " -.; .., .
; T. J. Davenport,. Principal.'.
I Morristown, Tenn. May 14, 1883.
John Lynch to Sarah Jane Anderson.:
' Jno. Morgan to Catharine Watts;
Samuel Bacon to Lucinda Moore, -d
The most reliable, carefully
prepared and best purgative of
the present age is , . :
They are compounded of Roots, Herbs
and Gums of tbe most healing and bene
ficial kind. ' V : '
" As a Family Medicine they are un
rivalled, curing Ie&d-achCt.jConslipa-tioa,
.. Liver Complaint, . Rheumatism,
Dyspepsiaclearing - the. bloocT of im
purities acting on the Idver7 Kidneys
and other Important', organs, removing
the waste tissue,', and. adding years to
the Jivet of all who use them.
For fifty years they "have been used
by the American public, and their con
stantly Increasing Sales she v how they
are appreciated.' - ' ,'' ', ;!s:" ' ''."'!;'.,
A.rerfeitBemedyin20 Diseases.
',: ".V: 'l I Ashtoxd'Mass.!
! I am verging ,on eighty years; . and
deem it my duty to suffering - humanity
to say that my long life Is due te Brand
retb's Pills which have been 'my Bole
medicine for half a century 1: 1 'fenbw
the last forty-three years Af my life is
owing solely .ti their use. ; - Your. PiUa
saved , me 'many- titnea after -the beat
medical skill In several States had glv
en me up as bojpeles's. I have had many,
converts td purgation with Brandrelh's
Pills, and have seen. themy perform al
mest miracles of cure.; i For children, a
few doses bave cared measles, scarlet
Ifever, and whooping cough Id all fe
mald tra'ublcs and weakneas I have nev
er known them to JfaUv.' .In adult taales
I baye known them -to j cure the worst
cases of dyspepsia,-rheumatism, kid
ney diseases, dyseotfer and diarrhfeaj
even dropsy, ; paralysisi and apoplexy
have yielded to ,"p?'r'bjtent course of
Brapdreth's Pills. ; In fact 1 have found
them the tru Life Elixir. They act as
continual prtyeDtlves agafnst the effects
of time, disease, and labor.
The New Patent '
Stem Winding Open Face Case
manufactueed by the .
American Watch Co
Tlii i case ia formed in oue solid piece without
joint or seam, opening in front only, thus avoid
ing the usual Cap, and securing greater strength
ind durability.
These Watches are all open face. - The bezel.
Into which an extra strong crystal ia fitted with
l.n especially prepared water-proof cement, is at
tached to the case by screwing it thereon, and
thus forms aa air-tight junction with the body of
the case, which is proof s gainst dust and mois
ture To railroad men, 'travelers, mi ers, lumber
men and others who are almost constantly ez-
jiosed and who have to make frequent reference
to the watch, these qualities are of the utmost
impot tance. .
'the following: letters tell their
own story.
Valdosta, Oiomia. July 2S, 1882.
"I sold one of your Patent Ihist Proof Cases
iiout ten months ago, and the other day it came
liasck to me with tbe request to make it wind
easier. On examination 1 round that tae stem
'fas rusty, and I inquired Into the cause of it .
'.the gentlemen Btated to me that he was starting
ome saw-logs that had lodged in the bend of the
liver, when his chain caught in a bush and threw
Ida watch into about twelve feet of water, and he
iras about two hoars finding it. When he got it
cut it was running and he thought all right. In
a bout three months he found that the stem was
hard tc turn and sent it to me. ,
' I can say that the watch Is all that the company
claims for it and recommend it to all railroad and
mill men. B. W. BENTLT."
"Custom, Iowa, April 29, 1S81 .
"I wish you would send me a spring for the
Wm. EUery Watch. By the way this El-
l:ry is a watch I sold in your Screw Bezel Case to
s farmer last falL The first of January he lost
tbe watch in the woods, and found it this week in
about one foot of water . It had lain three months
and over in snow and water, with but slight in
j nry to the watch only a hair-spring .
'The above were very severe tests, and demon
strate beyond a doubt, that for any reasonable
Isngth of time during which a watch might be un
der water it would receive no injury whatever.
We make these casa in both gold and silver.
and as a Perfectly Dustr-Proof Stem- Wind
iig Watch Case, Challenge tlie World to
Produce Us Equal.
. For Sil by all First-Class Jewelers .
may'2 3m
Hast Tennessee, Virginia and
1 Ak.cr5 & T? oil mr il '
In, Effect April 1, 1883.
(Louuivri.i.1 Time.)
" " j Daily Daily -
Eastward. ' '
.... j To. 2. No. A. .
i "
Iiv Chattanooga : 12 10 pm. 7 65 p. m
Ar. Ooltewan... 12 46 pm. 8 28 p. m
" Cleveland... 1 ISpm 8 67 p. ta
" Charleston.. 205pm 29 p. m
Athens 2 42 p m . 10 00 p. SB
" Sweetwater. S 15 p in. 10 28 p. m
loudon 3 44 p m. 10 63 p. m
" Knoxville... 4 47 pm. 11 65 p. m
.v Kuoxville. . . 5 00 p m. 12 ti5 a. m
jir Merristown. 6 40 pm. 1 03- a. m
" -Rogersv. J.. 7 18 pm. 9 01 a. m
." Greeneville.. . 8 25 pm. 2 47a.m
' . Jonesboro . . "25pm. 3 S4 a. m
'Johnson's... 4Jpm. IMi.n
, .Bristol.... . ;J , j , 10 50 p m.. I 4 4.7 a, m
' ' " Daily j Daily ;
' Westward. ' I :
No. 3. i No. 1.
r.r Bristol...... 10 20 pm.f 5 it am.
Ar Johnson's...! 11 13 p m. 37 am.
" Jonesboro... 1135pm. 665 am.
Greeneville . 12 34 a m. 7 46 a m,
" Rogersv. Jc. 1 21 am. 8 SO a.m.
w Morristown. .. 1 65 am. 9 21 am.
" Knoxville.... r 3 25 a m. 10 50 a m.
Knoxville... 3 35 a m. II 0t a m.
jIt Loudon... .. 4 37 a m. 12 0a pm.
"Sweetwater.. . ; S 02 a ta. 12 30 p m.
" Athens 8 33 a m. I 00 pm.
"Charleston... 6 08 a m 1 85 p m .
M Cleveland.,. 6 35 am. S OS p sa.
" Ooltewah.... 728am. atSpaa.
M Chattanooga 1 8 10 im.f 3 30 pm.
Ohio Division.
- down.
Bead .
i . up
! 50 pm
S"65 p m.
4 30 pm.
6 10 Jim.
. Coal Creek,
10 IS a. m.
9 00 a.' sa.
S 26 al m
7 45 a. m.
t 00 a. m.
. North Carolina Division.
Pass'g'r. '
Ieaves Morristown... ..
i.rrives Warm Springs.
I .eaves Warm Springs..
J jrri ves Morristown. . ...
10 15 am.
I 45 pm..
3 SO pm:
6 00 pm
.IT CHATTANOOGA with railroad iinea diverg
ing, making direct, close connection for all
points North-west, West and South-west.
.Division for Atlanta and all points South, Bouth--east
and South-west. - '
AT KNOXVILLE with Ohio Divbimt and Xnox
vilie aud Augusla railroad. . -
AT MORRISTOWN" with North Carolina Divibion
' for Warm Springs, N. O.-, and all Westers and
s Middle North Carolina points yr-.-t . .
vill and Jefferson railroad. -
jiT JOHNSON'S with East Tennessee and West
ern North Carolina railroad.
AT BRISTOL with Norf oik and Western railroad,
connecting closely for all Virginia and Eastern
.Cities, via. Lyuchburgand all Eastern, Middle
and Northern Statea points,, via. Roanoke and
'Sheunnrtoau Valley Route.
JiT WARM SPRINGS wHh Western North Caro
lina railroad for' AsheviUe, Morgan ton, States
. ville, Salisbury and all points in North Carolina.
Nos, 1 and 2 have t Leighton sleeper, between
31 emphis and Lynchburg. ' -
Nos. 8 and 4 have Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars
ttw?e Memphis and New York, via, fchanan-
iok.Yalley route; also Pullman Sleeping Cars
letween New Orlcaaa and Washington via. Atlan
ta, Cleveland and Lynchburg. ; - -.'
. . J A.. POPE, G. P. k T. Agt. .
,"'-. 1 . Lynchburg, Va.
T. JtfHUGER. Sn:. Knoxville. Tenn.; " "
JOSEPH aOTHARD, A. O. T. A., Knoxville,
dec20 82 tf
following r.toen tioned Books, ' -Hap and
Charta, pablishedir E. He Butler -Co., Phila
aphif were adopted by the nnsmimona vote of
tlfe Directors and Teachem. for the term Of six
y ra, to be nsed in the' Public Schools of Kaox
p smutty, Teaufst ?i.JU l.Tvi.-it iqi-tHi
li'eNeTTAnieriira.n Reiders;' "
QIhe New American Spellers ,
ieNew American Arithmetics,
ifutler's Be. Jlistbrrof the tJ. S.
jtitchelPs New Ser.of Geographies
Mitchell's New Outline Maps." , J
llie New Am'r. Reading Charts.
Tb books nWisheoT Fyi , Butler A Cmxj
k tv been adopted by the cKv of ,nox viHe and by
tiwlty-nvs'Oenntk ta-KM aenaessee-'-They
hive also beea a4utd,l uaLfcr.oX. Counties
In UUMUat l euiM9Sd-' -
These books arsr giving nnrversa! 'ssUsfactlon. I
t hY ar aaoensat in quality and rarylowki'prtoea f
Jor iMroayttwry ierimiuTtp rt
i ft li w:y ohiiiXTTA
Knoxcille, Tenh,
O. 330 ;QOV
cHAuiscEY p: biggs,
Walnut and
IVXorristowii, Tennessee.
Ordf.bs bt Mail wili. Receivi Pbompt Attention.
My splendid ICE" CREAM PARLORS are now
open for the season. - They "havewnf refitted and
now: present a new and handsome abearance. The
best flavors of Creams and
on nana. Qm me a call.
N. B. Ice Cream furnished to Families and Parties along the
line of railroad on shortest notice.
mays 83 2m
Is now receiving his large and elegant stock of
Dress Goods, Fancy Goods, Choice Hosiery,
Carpet". Canton Malting,".. Anker
I3toX-t:o.gr Olotlis,
New things and all the Novelties in every Department. . i
In the Store has all the new spring styles,
. .p.. Paris and New York designs
NO STOCK in the City is HANDSOME or Cheaper thai Mine.
AprUis, . :
Gftatufactured by ISAAC A. SHEPPARD & CO., Baltimore, Md.
For Sale by WW!. COFFMAN & SONS, Knoxville, Tenn
New Sash, Door and Blind Factory in Morristown.
Also Matched Flooring, Ceiling, Weather-boarding, Brackets,
Newel Is, Etc., Wood Turning of Er'ery Discription.
All ; Orders Filled and Satisfaction Guaranteed.
an; n'etuliG
Dry Goods, Notions, Boots
Lbwest-;,'IEasterii, !Piices
; IT,-1,' '.'"' '"if" y : i ;
; . t si lealer in and Manufacturer of- 4
Italian and Amen
Ix?oi '-E"endinB !FiisnioIiGd,io Order'
" ' 1 i "' ' , , i . I ! 1 11 "
Poplar Lumber.
mayS 83 ly
Confections kept always
and suits now ordered will be of t he-Latest
and the best workmanship.
Orders by Mail promptly attended to.
Knoxville, Tonuesse.
Fourteen different sixes and klnda Kiva
sizes with Enameled Reservoirs. Adapted to
all requirements, and priced to cult all purse
Double Wood Doors, Patent Wood Grate.
Adjustable Damper, Interchangeable Auto
matic fhelf. Broiling Door. Swinging Hearth
Plate, Swinging Flue-Stop, Reversible Gas
Burning Long Cross Piece, Double Short
Centers, Heavy Ring Covers, Illuminated Flra
Doors, Nickel Knobs, Nickel Panels, eta
Unequaled In Material, la Finish, and la
JOHN W. Loor.
8 31
- ill
.s i . : . ( '

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