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The aiorristowaQazstle.
.VKDXESDAY.Ocr. 3, 1SS3.
... T
.. 8-.lSa.tn,
. ip .
15 tfcl
a . w. - . La ...
James C'ocrta, Agent.
- VjTroceries,
pera Flannels,
ry Goods,
ress. Goods,
il Cloths,
xford Ties,
T ooking Glasses
. ndiana J eans,
Jbbons: &c.
Local Xolcs and 01 her iVe ir .
July weUzf r lat week.
Decidedly cU r Mini- the rain.
Ka Ur ret-'u llrmer ar.d stronger.
An" we to have ar.y theatricals tbl
y ti Ls i'.ckcJ up about
A a - - -
. . Dou't fall to attend the U orx-uln
M GcoJson A. Blair.
n.ifniitli on the market and
i lecty more in the wood?.
Th music J not of the Democratic
rooster are heard In the land.
One i f the hardest rains of the season
fell S indy evening.
. 1 Rviacml r t.i grand opening eOiei
off o:i the Jlth at Goodon & Wait s.
feectLe advcttistintnt t-f Capt. James
ir. . announcing the ptihlio aale
f his personal property.
Wt lce lay, Oct. bcr 21th, is the day
f fd for the erand opening of fa'.l and
ai iti r gv!3 at Gol-en & Rlair'i.
Arioir.t:n:ns f r tii-? net prt acher
o i Mcrri.own circuit, 11. K. Church,
Smi;'i, arc pub:ilu l th.s wc!;.
I !t. l.,iTf xia i Co.. the mcrctart
drx i t ! r!nrc?Tf CT.attanocfa, fill
a 1-r rjacc ia i ur advertising columns
t-.:ty wit'a aa attr vctlTC Card, l.ea
i ,iiIav ht li t. The Ann ifia
ruct itUiv ! oac.
The y'.'lrm .t uvnan, pul li.hcd
. t il e, ai d Jtvtttv! to t!u larttier
int re-t rtf tf.! S-V.c and the tf-itlth', is
oic I the bct j ubMcatMn devoted to
Jil lclrU i a our vxchfigc list
li I. .M 1 rict -d. carcfal'v td.'tel and
I 1 tirvit to m ut'TT journal i-M3.
Thtre are nity-ix cc utt:es In Itn
zs, ati a'-its -IVrs-e patllshcd
ia fever ty-Cve. The cities, towns and
LLacs ! wLk-li Bcwpaprs arc ycb
iUVcxlf u-rlT-:X-'7rTr,, ef "Which
f .xy-n!ic St a'.TtUl papers puWi-hcd
'I: Is eorct'dei that T.J. Jarnfgatf, at
Tate Sprit r, i a live merchant, fully
nut Ui irtitrea -f the- age. lie
onfr lc rs ock constantly replen
lhH3, but b- ue printer's inkliler
aly. 1 hat's why 'he can sell goods so
cheat and a.vayt has a hocseful cf
cttf jouers. He deieryes the aucce-a he
Toe' tECcich'al dettion at Chattanoo
ga, Wedcelayc f last week, passed fl
qilitly. Hugh Whltetldcs, the Dcmo-
cralic cttilidate tor Mayor, was elected
hiUre'aijMLty rn.rerls onttl
over the Fourth ward on account of the
teste n tL talley theet exceeding the
natabcr of listed voters, and it uay be
thrown out. I' tbia is done two Demo--rttz
At.l.rmen will eo in: If not. all
tie AlJtroica a Itepublieanfr
OCTOBER 24, 18S3.
Second (..rami Opening of Good
son & Blair.
-WedoeMay, October 24th, his been
appointed 7 ll 3 t!ie dy 'r our
Second Grand Opening of dry goods,
dress fcoods, notions, boots, ho-B, bats,
caps, Sc., which hare just been recelT
ed fresU from the eastern markets5 for
the fall and -wider trade. - Out-stock
has been purchased with great care, and
was selected especially to suit tLe tastes
and wants of the people of this r ectlon.
Ucocipriiei tho largest assortment of
Sois'iii our line crer br6uhtto'tLl
market, which assertion Ts-ewill fully
Jin&rjttrateoa thelay f opening. It
is our intention to make this, our second
opcting', surpass the former one -in - all
its details, and every energy will be ex
erted to that end. - We do not limit our
invitation to the public, but extend a
general one to every man,. woman and
child in the bills and valleys of this
country, assuring them that they will
be cordially welcomed and everything
done in our Dower to make the event a
pleasing one to all. A f p'endid string
1 and has been engaged and the harmony
of sweet sounds will be a leading fea
ture. The hour of opening will be, 12
m. I.emeruber the date, Wednemiajf,
tktUr With, and also remember that
to each and every one we say come.
lla pcctfully, "
Go, if you please, to any successful
farmer In our country, and see if you
find his stock out on the public high
ways, or rambling about tho country,.
anny in the neighbors. On the con
trary you will find his stock ia pastures
green or confined where food can be
civen m needed. Is there a town from
the St. I-urcnce to tho Rio Grande m
our beautiful land, claiming any pre-
ttnsioii to rc3ictability. where the
ttock are permitted on the streets as in
Morristown Echo answers, "2sary
MrXulty, Uorches, Lillard & Compa
ny, KnoxviUe. lioa., uavo uress goous
of all grades, colors aod prices-
Me-irs. A. n. Elain d, Co., steam re-
r.vatfirs, are still krpt busy in filling
orders, for citi.f ns cf the town arwl vi
cinity. They have done aVa.t amount
of w oik since tlu ir arrival here in the
way of renovating feather beds. In
ever .- ln;Unce wo nave neam meniion-
. a . .
ed, satisfaction has been given. It
w ill cost but a small amount to have
youroltl leathers renovateu or your
new one clean d, and in the ngK'oate
save you lour times i!ic amount jou
expend, befiJes giving you more com-
f.rt. The present opportunity will not
la.-t a great whlla. Lot all who have
n-t avaihu tbeinselte. of the 'opportu
nity do so at once.
OxiT mi'linery department is !hor-
oi.jrl.ly ito.kiHl with all new style hats
v:l tr.mmir'g. f ivets an.i vcivciecni
all rol.-rs. Ki gloves, cashmere gloves.
cotton slaves. McXulty, Borches, Lil
lard A Co., Kncxville, Tenn.
The third grand opening of Mr.
Ge-T i-'.V. illiams, the wiJely-knowc
clc tliicr, came clT Monday of last w eek,
according to announcement, and was
mere largely attended if anything
than his previous openings. The dis-
p'.j.y of new fall and winter clothing,
gcnts furnishing gools, ft., was as
fin 2 as it was creditable to the cul
tivated taste of Mr. Williams. The
-tock exhibited was certainly the larg
est one ever shown in Aiorrniown,
embracing, as it did, all classes, styles,
quail' ie, size?, i.nd shapes cf men's.
Youth and chihlrcns clothing and
fun.is'iing gDOds. Delightful music
furnished by string band, and
very much enjoyed by the numerous
ladies who attended, as well as others.
- i n a.
Tuo occasion closed with
m UN 1 1 al lUt I
Cain House, which was pronounced
by terpslehoreans as a splendid succe-s.
Every body is invited to attend the
giaad opening at Goodson A.Iiiira on
21th. and so are their siUcrs and their
cousins and their aunts.
Pickens (r C.) er;!iul. Oct. 11 : The
Direttors of the Grtenvillc and Laur-j
ens raiiroid company have decided to
coEinsnce work at once". The road has
ti its credit in Gou:ity bonds $149,200,
wliieh i'-Ji claimed will mora than lay
f r the grading, cross tielng and trest
llr.fr.f the road, and where, that is
- - - - w
ustiTir.i-M l-.are been received
th.it ti:o road v. ill Le Ironed and equip-1
pel, aul tliat important connections
wi',1 te m :dc at Laurens. We are glad
that our Greenville friends have at last
decided to build the road to Laurens CJ
II. They can very easily extend it to
ViU plate and irmke a connection wiih
the Carolina, Cumberland ; Gap and
Chicago railroad when built, which
wili -give them's more important and
pro:itable conuectlvn thn that at Lau-
rciis will le, arid besides will be of al-
QMla ujikU, teuetU to thetn as if they
were upon the main line.
We cail attention of all interested to
the rules adopted by the commissioners
of rublic schools, published elsewhere.
In tUis'rPcr- We understand the com
ndi-.icni.rs arc dclcriuiael rigidly to
enf.tfte th ta. We are glad of this, as
it i a tt-n In the ileht direction. Tl.ere
is 10 j;oti reain wty
eur rehlic
i. ..1 iht n) 1 not be an ornament to
our town, iw; iuh w-umj uc tu
n ,r ar. -rJLrlv.- and th-?v will
t. . -.i.i- -r mAv t-.i ' - . - Tc:rt.'.iTii,:ii?t, -
never oc oiui-tiy
lowed to be in and out of school at their
nn lurrt m ill. or that of their Darents.
TLe schools are taught at the pulJk ei-
penie and paid for out of money raised I
by taratlon. It Is. therefore, the dutyi
of thee to whom the eab'cullon' of the!
law 1 oninwii'il t &pfl tlifti thpr are so
w. j
(naiiaged that the public be most beoe
fitetf . Tareuts ought to. and we hop
mU ..r the n.cessilv of ao standlnir by
the uTicri," and VonimisJoucrs, that
w i!... v. w-.i.e r..k. M.fc.
" " - "
til pOSMiije ericieury. a he. viai-tib
baa always ad roc a led - ihe rau9 of
ac-hooll. ana our acnooj n&riicuiariy.i
and It will always Deiouousiaeoysiae
.. ... . . i:
wlthavU who are trying ;io.reacn a nigni
t&alard fr them. We can hut urge
upon, all parents a . conhal .conformiiy
im rcru i ar.i flt'cmen necesaarv ur
tlinna in char re tf eur schools. Let all
stand together and pull far aneh schools
as will be a cmlit to the Intelligence of
our rlice. This will ooa glvo ua euu-
catlon! advantages that wit cause men
toteek for homes among us. We have
a great deal that could, with propriery.
bo stid on this vital subject, hut,
tLa present, we forbear. . ;
Mr. Monroe Trent, of bneetiviue,
i "
was in me my isi wesa. ji.Mt;v.-
. . - 1 & , 1 pel .
fck vhitu)
ativrl. VJ - ' ' ! Is sJ
t li
Mr. E
A. Moore has recovered from
an attack of chills and is able to bev at
his post again In Uocdsen B
Mr. J. F. Goodsen has returned"' from
New York. lie was successful in buy
ing a big stock 4f good at very satis
factory prices. lv'
Our vcneiable friend, R. S. Taylor,
Esq ., of Itogersvilie Junction, was in
ttt.eruHnce.at court lost week and made
n ft -pleasant calk'04 Ii-health con
liuuts in its usual good state. ,
Maj. Georga W. Fclsom and Mr.
John fitubbleheld and sister, Miss Au
gusta, returned last week from attend
ing the expositions at '.l-ouisville. and
Mrs. II. M. Darton, of Chattanooga,
fpent a day last week with Mrs. W. T.
Mareh, in this p'ace, on iifr,way home
from a visit to relatives in Greene
county. ;
W. II. D:irnard, K q., of Springdalei
Claiborne county, spent Friday in our
city. He came here to meet his nelcei
Miss LiHura Barnard, of Athens, Tenrj.,
who accompanied hlut home oa a visit
of indefinite duration. - - , i . - i
J. J. Alexander. E.i.. Trustee and
Tax Collector of Grainger county, one I
politically, was in the city Friday, and
gave us a welcome call, il iy his tribe
Capt. Jas. Wright, of Mooresburg,
gave u a (welcome, call iriuay.) lie
was on his return from rew xsrkana
other cities, w here he has made purch
ases of new gooils for his store. He is
of opinion that the Democratic victory
n Ohio will insure the dereat ot uess
Mahone's coalition party in Virginia,
even if that happy result was not an
already assured fact.
Mr. Robert II . Campbell, of Louis-
ville.'Ky.,' and another scientific gen
tleman of that city, go to-day (Tues
day) to Cocke county, Tenn., in corn-
nan r with our fellow-townsman, coi.
O. C. King, to examine the latter'a sil
ver mining property at the head of
Cosby. This property baa been con
siderably developed by Col. King. Sil
ver bearing quartz have Deen taken
from the shaft already sunk, which
have been assayed with the most satis
factory results.
Tue Gazette office was enlivened
last Thursday by the appearance of
Sheriff Jarcagin of Grainger county,
one of the moil efficient officers of this
judicial circuit a prince of good fel
fows, and "whose presence disperses all
gloom." It is said over in Grainger
that his advent into any assemblage is
hailed with delight, and that even vio
lators of tho law submit pleasantly to
arrest by him, feeling that they are in
safe hands. We congratulate you,
Jerry, for the high position you have
so meritoriously gained in the estima
tion of your fellow citizens. We only
add "m;iy your shadow never grow
' i :
1. All pupils will be required to be
present at roll call. Any absence, un
less accounted for satisfactorily ia writ
ing by the-partnt or guardian, will be
duly punished.
2 All pupils will be required to re
main in attendance during the entire
sclool heurs of each day, unless excus
ed at the request of parent or guardian
for a cause deemed sufficient by the
Principal of the school. No general I
requests for absence during study hours j
will be acceded to. 1 i .1
3 Absence from school, unless excus-1
cd at the written request of ; parent or
guardian, will subject the "pupil to dis
cipline. Absence for two days in suc
cession, unexcused as above, will sus
pend the rupHi an Re R1" not
lowed again to attend nntil ha Is restor
ed by the -action of the commissioners,
signified to the principal ia writing. It
shall be the duty of the principal to no
tify the commissioners immediately in
all cases of suspension, stating the cause
or causes therefor.
4 All defacements of the public
buildings must be punished, and, iu case
of damage, such damege' most be re
paired at the expense of the pupil, and
if, after notice of 6uch damage, the
amount is not paid within' three days,
such pupil must be suspended till pay
Lnni. ir. n.T.iz.h nt th rtz. I
A auiv u tmv, -w m
must be reported to the commiroiencrs,
and such pupil must, on ' payment, be
restored by them In writing before he
will be allowed again ia school. '
S.B. Nok, Chairman.
C. D. MxitRrrr,
B. F. MrrcnEtiz,: Cora's.
-,..n Itrkvanl wrote: "I flnd a nlt-
ty hang upon his breaft," the fellow
bail ?vl lectlj- a cold and . bad?it been
yet Informed that Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup was the only safe remedy.
Smashed bt a rconsEBOus TtaixnAD
Esgie. We itJod in breathless ex
pectation, beholding it on the track,
Must waitinz to sec what would be the
result, as the Iron horse came rushing
along. Well, if it bad beotewhog
turned lose to -depredate ontK-ighbor-
inr nremldcs. onlaced'oa the track to
gApaa4Or.,iaMH.. t,vau-
. 1 zf ; T . 1 n
for. .double damages,, we mjght
havo "smole a smile." But, alas! it
was something else. It was .only- a
UahtsXert fcucket,IwhEch lAeVHalf oil
his wagon, and wti demolished by the
S - - - - - - mmm A Jm m
Woaien with pale, colorless faces,
who feel weak and , discouraged, will
receive both mental and bo-lily vigor
by using Carter's Iron VXi, which are
made lor the Diooa. nerves auu com
The year 1831 has reen selected' by
;-t fc'n.i nil rw,rHm, of that rfenoinl-
nation will loiu iu appropriate eWwo:
uU..m1 ffelAgVln tMemoratlmi of
f.lJ.AMhirrf as atton-
L'" " " - !I'7Va .
,l,.l 11,0 z.-!.nr. h or -Oi ielies ca eJ
."Mhonl?tf, in Anicric, uuring me
A..h..n.ir ir Thi V.nnsr
people, eyfgiaiijr wm ymjjjuum "-
rro,einnV and advantage from a care-
I . 1,- ,r tho iilstnrw rr ilif-aa soc-i-
.iz., orehnrcbes. and what etwai results,
boUUy. aiMl socially, have been
;;ifv LVlhi irmiflelireachlnecf the
o?rel lr-iUieaot zMethodiit preach-
! in. If the xeal and piefy iol-u0 past
- . U.w-a-z K rnm
oneljuadredye-TB can be: kejt rjp for
the eotninp eentur
Uiay' fceexpCted.
- j y.
thzrmlrif?eenturr still jrieates results
I - ' ' " "'-tA
It Ceactifies tue Complexion.
EvervUniy adajrci A prei ty complex-
I lyrt
I . ,
4..,-tA tha rAJiWfOrT A. allow
i uu ivj , - ' -
I cotni) l0l,.,, laoiruld look Indicates
. h-i,. condition of the
I hl , . a r-ul The uie f the
Be--j- Hpmxas Mi,' (manufactured
u.f ..i i t. t t. 1 i 4 v in -r
, ... r : '." . . .1 r. : i.iu -..in.TVih nn 1
1 t in i-.iiTpm f-artez'iH.iir . hol aruu- a -f rrz . j 1 "-j
for that is abominable, out reai 1 me occaiuia, ,vj . ...j, mm
a rh h rw.ra.'llf:t iaiL.ro- Kiwir.i 1 aifrnssfii, ramors dtm iiuufuuor 1-.- t
Djizijurwa ivi.Hieutu,.iivv-, drop," ."Ben ne arnrea, a .ue,jau sufierag with -diseased blood, iaaying
removet the causes re,toreii Mtae u. pri-oer. expressed Uieir ,t ,3 IUIr!or t0 any preparation he.ha
the appttlte. Tbat which IJ eaten re-ret that he waa doomed to die, 'but Lyer used ' . -C "
yields its proper nutriment, which oair reply, waa 'that'a all right ! Dabnev Ball if tha iBaltimore
Jlres life, rigor and enerry to the sys- tVolLUyoursclf-alMUAU-ne." 1c?nfere
U.q. V.r??trdr F' PrCDt Uwbe cCutI" beenso much benefited by ihe te of
"rvfu: ,lV2J,t BOSADALIS that he cheerfully re-
i-' 7i 4 .--- m-i.. Vi ... ti': r 1-1- i I VU. .. ' . , ... m " 1 1 j r. ' : I coramenus n to an nis inencs anu ao- p
4 I tin 'Se-en Sprlnc, Juiv; . Only tt kh!Tl2ie pubUd .wilUb excluded, fj - qaintanees, i
Circuit Pur convenadj bit week,
fliIIeA-rvsTudge Koae pes&dHi, and
the following civil business was dis
posed of:
Wm. Spoon Vs. Jane Helton; con
tinued by consent, till next term.
E. J. Hyatt vs. Enoch Marshall; con
tinued.' - - - - -
J. H. Weaver vs Jacob Beckner:;
continued. : V, ; J
Z. Hurley jvs. R. A. Davis; continued-
;,. . -
Sarah 2. Uaun vs. Wm. Weaver,
ad mr., etc.; continued. -
1W.;J. Owen vs. East Tennessee, Vir
ginia and Georgia railroad company;
judgment for plaintiff for $150 and
Samuels and Hauu vs. East Tennes
see, '.Virginia' and Geergia railroad
compauy ; non-suit entered and plain
tiff taxed with cost.
W. J. Owen vs. East Tennessee, Vir
ginia and Georgia railroad company ;
compromised on payment f $70 and
Wp. Van Hub & Bro. ts. T. C.
Cain; continued
G. L. Brady vs. East Tennessee, Vir
giniaand Georgia railroad company;
... ..i . -
mistrial. .' -. a t
R.F.Taylor, et al., road commis
sioners, vs. Isaac iiarmon; commis
sioners' report confirmed.
O. W. Stubblefield va. H. L. Sloan;
justices judgment affirmed.
J. C. Black ts. East Tennessee, Vir
giuia and Georgia railroad, company ;
Stephen Wilkin vs. East Tennessee,
Virginia and' Georgia railroad cempa-
ny; continued.
E. M. King vs. East Tennessee, Vir
ginla and Georgia railroad company;
uew trial granted defendant and cause
W. J. Owea ya. East Tennessee, Vir
ginia and Georgia raiiroau company;
judgment for plaintiff for $72 25, and
appeal prayed and granted to Supreme
MathU & No vs. East Tennessee,
Virginia and Georgia railroad com pa
ny ; continued.
F. E. Patterson vs. East Tennessee,
Virginia and Georgia railroad compa
ny ; judgment for plaintiff for $10 and
.Gregg & Co. vs. W.A. Baylor, et al
Oscar Talbott vs. East Tennessee,
Virginia and Georgia railroad compa
nv: iudirment for plaintiff for $70 and
S. W. Shields, admr., etc.lvf. Chesly
Roger; death of defendant suggested
and admitted.
J. L. MeGhee vs. Edmond Clark;
W. G. Bansemer & Co. and Lerick
Bros. vs. J. A. At J. W. Bewley ; ten
dava allowed defendant in which to
plead to scirw facias
r Lewis LaurencojeEast -Tennessee,
Virginia and Georgia railroad compa-
ny; continued. 'Y- f I f ; ?
B. M. Branner vs. East Tennessee,
Virginia and Georgia railroad compa
ny; continued.
B. M. Branner vs. East Tennessee,
Virgin'a and Georgia railroad, compa
ny ; continued.
R. M. Gilford vs. East Tennessee,
Virginia and Georgia railroad compa
ny; continued.
J. F. Sullenbarger vs. C. P. Biggs;
cause before jury.
CUroulcla of Bunday.
Immediately after Supremo Court
met yesterday morning, Mr. Thos.
Jones, Marshal of the Court, accompa
nied by Sheriff Gilmore, Jailer George
and -four . nolicemen. filed Into the
court-room, having. In custody Andy
Tavlor. the surviving brother of the
m w
fio of desperadoes who murdered
Sheriff Cate and Deputy Conway, and
hose case came up from. Loudon
county, the murders having been com
mitted while the train was standing at
Philadelphia in that county. Eight
other prisoners were conveyed at the
... . . ,. . ' . . ' . . . '
same lime to me court-room
When Judge Cooper called upon the
prisoner to hear his doom, Taylor ex
hibited no signs 'of nervousness, and,
having evidently prepared himself for
the worst, appeared even more cheer
ful than formerly; lie became more
serious, However, ana listener aiwa
lively when Judge Cooper, in a feeling
manner, slowly nd distinctly, -pror
nounced the folloiog scnteuce,' which
seals the doom of the wretched crimii
nal :" .... , ' . ;
"Andrew- Taylor., tou have been
- -,Ki.
"u " .J,J.
of the crime of murder in the first de-
and we have discovered no error in. the
proceedings. : Jt becomes our dnty to
pronounce upon you the judgement of
the law. That judgment is that yqu be
remanded to jail, to be taken thence tv
the count v of ' Loudon, and to -be se
curely coufliied until Friday, the1 23d
dav of November. 1683. on which day,
- . !.; r. ' . a J . .
between the hours 01 two ana iour
oViock in the afternoon, "op a gallowatf vtaerjceiot mis iaci, snowmg ine -maii
to be erected for the puj
1 the priaott ot Loudon county, or -with
In. tV:enclo3e4'yard of,, said ntUon, If
theie beone, or within n enclosure to
be erected for he purpose aujaceni 10
I . I 1 n,agi.r;W h
Wpr wi' uww .
-..-r------- T 7 -
i and in the presenoe 01 ine pcrsont. au
1 thorizeilbv law to be'nrcgent. you be
i - i
hanged by . tbe! neck, -until yon
I dead." ' - : '- ' . - 1
l : mong .the', prisoner cooveyea to
the conrt-room was Eatley, wiiOTnur
dered Allen Jeffervin Campbell fioan
J ty. upon whom aentente was pronoun
- hv jaA2e Turney. and the time cf
I fl.,rrA;V,..ml1r .1 fh
I "
weilJWM11 M . , -
ay xiporj whlcb Tajlor U to be execu-
Eaaley showed by his demeanor that
i - ..t.rn..An,,..rn.m
i (rimp Mil lj. i, ulcu uu v 1 vv-.wv
r..-'".-,- hl4ll m-i to mar his
I r " : . -. to un i, re-
I 'IV i ,:r.i- nt th r,fheer:
r ur?B 1M. h4T t0 uke the six feet
i -z, ... . . . j..,.
I . . .. . , . 1 t z r I
1 i.z. f.iiiv rrrzf! mi tti ine riiemuiLV via ..!. hn.A i.
II.JII-a.--" mmwr wv- h -m mm - - - m m mm . . aw.
GAZETTE, OCTOBER 17, 1 88 3,
To tho Editor of The Morristown Oawtto:
Convened at Mossy Creek, 11th Inst.
At 11 o'clock. Rev. Dr. Robertson gave
us a splendid sermon on Man's Sub-
' wj jr. -rU rU-,W
a n A Ttnmininn twfT 1 - t rW I
tArtn. 'me leaa mougni: vnnsuan
ri.r iA.1 ihnnrhtr Christian
uuvryu lnCJd IV;.:
all things under the tribute to man a
, .1 i a nA'. i,
rightful lupremncy and God's glory as
v 'l . v,'-7 " 4- tho.
contemplated in his creation by the
. ..iz. ... .1.- -flwt
was a vigorous and powerful one.
.zVt2jp- m. . .
The delegates frem the various District
Associations' and churches assembled
rfor1 tie feui-fipse of rganizationforUhe
ensuing yean Firof. W.. Russell was
elected President, Revs. J. H. Hyder,
T.J. Lane and W.'A. Keen, Vice-Presidents,
M. N. Garret, .Recording Secre
tary and John L. Moses, Treasurer. ,
The proposed Amendment to strike
the Mission Work from, the Constitution
was overwbemingljr . defeated. At
night Dr. Hilhlman preached a thrilling
and telling sermon on the text: "Pray
the Lord of the harvest that He send
more laborers into the vineyard."
Dr. Hillsman is a great, grand man.
He carries about him an atmosphere of
piety and unaffected simplicity .Though
sixty-nine years old, be is 1 a vigorous,
pewerful Gospel preacher.
After devotional exercises lUh Inst.,
8:30 to 9, and an enthusiastic discussion
as to the continuance of the existence of
the General Association, the body ad
journed to hear '
onf Tbeu haat a -little istrength-'V, The
piichr (developed most: Jtfcjdly: add
Jetrikingly' this hindrances and effectual
means of making a strong and efficient
church of Jesus Christ. 1. Not num
bers. 2. Not wealth. 3. Not great in
tellectuality, though those may all enter
as exponents of power. But he argued
that 1. The presence and the power of
the Holy Spirit., 2. Entire consecration
to God. 3 Individual christian labor for
the salvation of .sinners, 4 and, closet
prayer--all these go ? lo' make up' the
elements' of church' power and "success.
The effort was well-timed ' and : happy.
The Dr J is a man of rare scholarly finish,
and a model minister .t :;
.!.!'!-. ; . AT 2 P. M.
, The time was yielded to the aged
ministers, of whom there was quite a
number present. Their speeches were
really affecting. To see men from 65
to 85 years of age standing as it were on
the border land of time and eternity, 1
and give utterances to their past ex-j
peneoces an the .ministry as pioneers,
tbdirl difficulties i and' triumphs their
.hopes of. eternal life soon to be realized,
the old song' "How firm a foundation,"
sung, commingling1 tears, giving the
parting hand for the last time till God
shall wake them from the dead, all
these things stirred the great congrega
tion to the depths of their hearts, and
pointed us. all to the grand reunion
above "Vheh Christ ""shall make His
jewels,' and the', nations of tho earth
shall crown him Lord of All. v "
Dn Montgomery preaches here to-day
(13). We are expecting a grand ser
mon. The Dr. can preach such ser
mons as few can do. S. E. J.
Jarnaqin's Stobk, Oct. 10, 1883.
To the Editor of Tba Moriistown GaxetU :
As it has been some time since I have
given you any dots, I haye concluded
to drop a few lines. I took a trip into
Grainger county last week, and at Rut-
ledge met many old friends, such as
James James, Esq., Gen. P. M. Senter,
Col. 11. P. Moore, , and Jas. T. Car-
michael, all of whom are some of
Grainger county's best citizens. Host
of them are nearly four score years
old . and are getting very frail, but
there is life in - the old veterans yet.
I aln glad to inform the many friends
of C. C. Smith, Esq., of Hutledge, that
his health is improving, and he 'is able
to ride out in his buggy. County court
was in session," Wm. Phillips is the
Chairman, and the people say he makes
a first-rate one. Butledge is. improv
ing some; several new buildings hare
lately gone up. : I don't think f saw
a drunken man while in Butledge; wish
I could say the same thing i of Morris-
town. - We were pleased to see -corn
crops so fine.'1' Our esteemed friend,
Jas. Kirk, has returned frem Kentucky
in fine health. .. M.ore anon. Golab.
The Rev. Ti DeWitt Talmage thinks
there is no other way to rid the country
of Mormonisaa than by the bayonet and
bullet. lie wants, Uncle Sam to place
Phil Sheridan in bis stirrups and head
a column of United States troops in a
march upon Utah." Unless this Is done,
says the preacher, we will soon or late
,.vft Mnn,Ul,1 r ni,B Wnd ' dath
A a:,Jrl,nt n,.i(,th
'reigning'supteme throughout the length
I and breadti cf our country. The rever-
endKeptleican-?vas unosally energetic
In hls deWaclatfoh'of thitf'twin bar-
bariaraV and in the advocacy- of
'measures he vbutd rli ad Opted for its
trppreseion. ire birtres the evH ''effects
of bteamv have reached even to the
nnritanlral New Eneland. and cites tho
1flfriit nnmher of 'div'orrfts c-ranted in
Maine, llasschusetts and Vermont as
UrpOSe, WithlnTTFoa u TOrlUB nurnage vuw. aac BBjr,j
laws will nrove failures in stamnintr ontt
. r - "
this disgrace and. that nothing softer
than shot, and shell will do.
; ' ' .. i .
Quarter of
1883 number 1,803, with liabilities oj
$52,000,000, .while for the same quarter
of 138. they were only 1,000, with -lia
bllitles of $18,000,000. For the .'first
nitie-moninsoi leo-i tne rauuresnumuer
6.440. as aeahirt 4'.t?97ia the same period
of last year. .The liabilities for tba first
.ninn mouths . of . the present year are 1
$118,000,000 as against t69,00O,0O0 1 f 0
All of One Mind.
Every one who has ever bad occasion
it 1
to use ItOSADALIS for diseases of the
blood; speaks of, It id term, of highest
d raise aua commeuaatton. 1 it is in or;
augUly elTectual, and they all unite ia.
notnina equal cp ne ;
TlvfMft ' nf IrnandaHa
Wilton Carr, of Baltimore,
sayg "he nas usea it in cases or scroi
nla'nni rvfA- .itaneaoa 'ulfK mnnh
UlO auu vtUCi viwvafba riiwa cuubu -aw
isfaction.' . i - .".-.';'
- Dr.T. C. Pugh, of ,. Baltimore, re
commends JCUALAiz.l to ail persons
VVUtMIVUUe WW a-4tJfc- W mr-r mm-M. m aywas taaui
Knoxthxs, Tesot., Oct. 13, 1883.
To the Editor of th Moijriatowa GzetU:
There ar sbTStatea "represented at the
University this yearj Texas, Alabama
Georgia, JXouijdanajjKentuckyf and
Tneisee,xui. course quue me largw
The boys seem totalize: more fully
, . ' j
thiayear, more ao than they usually do,
. It
the-importance of aaakmg the most of
f v- ' m.
their time and-advantages. There is
about fifty per cent, of more work;-real
bard studying, done this year than last.
If this statement need "any -proof out
side .of mere' observation, ' the grade
books of various professors would serve
as such. . ::- j. . "
For being represented here by a gen
tleman who iii eecur.iDg,aa education
for the least amount of money , Cocke
county certainly stands first.- One of
her sturdy sohb, by being frugal and
industrious, is enabled te go to college
here without its costing him anything
save for his clothes. This young man
boards himself, thereby paying for
nothing but what he actually eats.
This, on an average, amounts to about
one dollar per week. Each Saturday,
and on other days, perhaps for an hour
or two in the evening, be works on the
University farn, receiving for his labor
10 cents an hour. Ashe can -work at
least ten heun each week, it'.wlll'ip
pcar at once that by this means he can
make as much as his aboard costs i him,
each week; and so far frein being the
worse off for so doing, will actually
feel better.. This js very commendabje
intheyeuogjinan. There is no reason
why more young men who wish a good
education, should not do likewise.
The "extra squad" was large this
week. "
The new professor, W. A. Noyes, is
liked very much by the students.
f ' j 1
Mn David 'Patterson, of Inverness,
Ala., say 8 his flock of sheep nets him
sixty per cent, on his investment. More
over, that sheep are a greater source of
fertilizing land than any stock that
could run on it. He claims that any
old wedge-grass 1 field interspersed with
shrubbery makes the best pastures for
sheep. ' '
Father Ryan, the poet, recently said:
T iiniTzj i-Aoifr in a nflwsnaner a state-
A. zUM V V vz. - . g r
jneni. made by .somebody. Viat ouen
nunneries are little: better .than houses
of prostitution. The answer to such a
statement! a cowhide and a blow. The
higher degree of heroism practiced by
these self-sacrificing women cannot be
correctly judged by the low standard
of some men's lives."
The most valuables bristles used in
brush-makicg are white, and the breed
of hogs that produces them is "every
year growing scarcer. The best bris
tles come from Kamtchatka, the next
in grade from Russia and Germany.
They sometimes reach a length of near
ly ten inches, and cost as high as $4.50
aponnd. .Nothing yet in use wholly
takes the place of bristles.
JONESBORO. Herald & Tribune, 11th.
TJiecashJreeeipts of our,: Fair" were
over twelve hundred dollars, onlf one
hundred and some few dollars short of
.he Fair of .1882. - If , the weather had
been -anything-like favorabhrtho re
ceipts- would -have- exceeded any pre
vious year.--- -
-The oookoa 4be construction -train.
far-amusement, fired his pistol -into a
cord field het ween Joneshoro and John
son not suspecting that he was shooting
towards anyone but Mr. Smartherly
was in the field Dullinir fodder, and re
ceived thChair in hiff thigh. Tnc cook
was arrested and brought to Jonesooro
and had a hearine before Esq- Grisham
last Tuesday, but was allowed to go
frcr, as the evidence showed it was un
intentional. Mr. Smartherly is doing
very well.
Morristown Circuit, 1884.
Liberty Dill, Oct. 21, 10 a. m.
Holston unapei, uct. 21 j p. m
.Ebenezer. Oct. 2G....:i 16 a. m
.Panther Sorincs. OcU-28 . ...It a. m.
Bethcar, Noveaaber 4.- iu a. m
Graham's Chapel, Nov .r 4... 3 p. m
Russe lvil e. Nov. IL . ....-iu a. m
fWhitesburg, Nov. 11. . ... . . ...6 p. m.
'Xce's Chapel. November 15.104 a. m
To Repair Daniaffgs.
searlaiiy, there ia. probably no - use
ttllinc you that fasnonaDieiiio in
grefct city i$' a r0ngb oneon your
mental excitement wjlL leaVe you by1
hoAiitv.- izite tiours. loss 01 Bleep auu
juid by sherrt of thoso'lD6autlful tresses
which drew lovers arotmu you in iu
,exs years. ArtinoiateuosMeui.es can
never pass lor tnose-ricn anu giossjr
locks. Parker's Hatr Balsam 'will stop
vour hair from falHngout, restore its
natural colr and softness, and prove,
Cleansing and benencjai to tne neaipj
None but Firstr Class Goods.
In Watchesi Jewelry and Silverware,
one sliouiu nave ine-uest or uuwc
Messrs. Shurley & Go;,' Chirago, are.
maVinsr a BKeciitltv of.fine 200d, ana
if you need anything-in Watches, lir
dust and water proof cases, Solid Silver
I V UOl a Vzl v vv a ay w v 1 t
I nrTrinle- Plated ware. Solid Gokl Of
I Itolled GpU. Jewelry send ..tq IJb.ttrlej;
A C w.khey' will semi a single artfclfe at
the dozen nrifies. iney are voueueu
i for: and, endorsed .by the United, iUtes
express M-, I -iiwrn;i"
w F... :-w- ---- , .
A tin ITAIIt rll
(Jhieaeo. III. Send for their new
beautiful illustrated catalogue.
sept 36 83 ly.
The'ost POTrcrfal Jlealins
Q lb,riieb t ey or Discovered.
, I
A.l.tirat a
TT1 ll .
Jlenryfsi Carbolic - SoLve urcs
.. ii iigrcs,..':..,,. 4 . ... .Ml .vt.-.t, .
!nvzv?4 i....z- r ... - .
1 net ry's ' Carbolic? 8alvo allays
- 1 Turna
; f t 1 . - - . -
: IlenrY's ' ' Calbolic ; Salyo , j urcs
T.-JIti' . CarboliQ SaItp leak
i . 'lIeiarV' Carbolic Salvo cures Piles
1 T .,-' P Tvrl S O
UlA 1 zll A i a . H ' ! V -
!U1 J..wareof
1 rMn--.-r-wtk-t
4 H t--rf ' I
VVVMJtffa ,
master of CUicAgo, Gen 1 A. O. T 7flIlf!f, r- f tf. L 'OlRrlMI
h.EStdte Treasurer, auu mant IjHJIB SimUBldni f I W B
rs. Goodssenton approval, utUl I--a a b k-""7h
ilege of examination, enabllng.y0r4rt.- c " a:n-ta,aA4 7
wnaiinor nr. nniue. ike- i : , ; fc ; - . . . . a t u w m i- -
my i i i.-
Smotia fl"nnmbleter'!Larae'st
8 Lowest. PossibieTriceOoe Price, C. O. D
fl Goods, : Price's," Samples sent by rnail.
Any article or bilJ" of goods
m vantage iri.youciwntown
pj . either, in, person orfby mail.c,';tWe" arantec cverythinj
m .;as,representea or fctuna
SLadiesJmakihgi up? Wedding
Svf, goods,- Families or Hotels'
23 ' 1 '- U A.. c .(,nt A "-t inone aSmiM
m pond with us. .i
m 1 ' MBNTS, our. Store as a Whole,3 has no superior in the South.! j
j j ?ry: iis.on tifx,Pfff9; QwdsSStrks, Satins, Velvets
x' made to Order,? OIoa,kW,,Jftcl?ets,i Dolmans, Russian Circulars,
m Cloths, Knit Goochland Underwear,' Corsets, Kid and OlotlfJ
Gloves, Hosiery, Ldnen and Silk pocket Handkerchiefs, Rih'-
fl bons, Real and Imitation Laces,, Tlannels, Blankets, Shawls,
Jffl.. Zenhvrs. Carpets. Oil CJoths and Curtains.'- ' . Vijfr
J. XV i KJ li. J Jl WCM1U WWU
to deal witn a house wnere you are cenain to una wnai yowc
want. It will pay to spend a' few dollars on railroad fare tOf
Hi come to us.! If you can't co.rno send orders. . , ; &
Should this advertisement induce' you to : trade with us pleasefX
m mention it, as by so doinariyou will do this paper a service.!
.. r ..'"? " . . i i t -, "V f
Bavtag sold my farm 3)4 miles from Motristotra
I wiU therefor, oa . t .. , ( ( (. . t . j -
MONDAY, NQY. . 12tb.,.lS83,t
at mp present residence tip on said farm, sell it
Public Sale, to the highest bidder, all my personal
property, consisting of graded Jersey Milk Cowa
and Heifers, Horses, Cattle, Mules aud, Hog, Ag
ricultural implements, Fnrnitmre, te., ko.
Sale oa 12 months time for all sums over $10,
with note and good personal security bearing- in
terest from data of sale.
Oct. 13. 1883. 3 w James P. Etams.
Follies of Marriage.
(15 vivid illustrations) revealing real Event be
fore and after Uarriage, sent securely sealed on
receipt of 25 cents (silver or postage stamps.)
Address U. CAltlz, 2tu rare avo., isrooziyn, a . .
In Chancery Court at Morriatowii,
, , Tenn. ,, -i
O. Bill No. 395.
James Courtney and others ys.
Creech and others..
allocations of complainant' bill, whieb ie
mm tn tliat. the defendant. G. Iz. UarshaU, is a
non-resident of Tennessee. It is therefore order
ed, by tbe iUster, that said non-resldout, defend
ant, G. Iz. Marshall, appear before tbe Cbauoery
Court at Morristown, x enn., on
The 3rd Monday pf January
next, and please answer, or otlierwlse .make do
f ense to said bill or tbe same wUl be taken for
confessed, and set for hearing x-pabt a to
bun. It ia runner oraerea iwni iau -
published for four consecutive weeas m a
MoBBisTOwst Gazette. Tkis October llt 181.
A true copy. Teste: ;
Oct. 17, 1883 t wks.
Stockholders Meeting.
Secretary's Office Carolina,
Cumberland cap ana
Chicago Railway
Ajkxn, South Caeo-tita, Oot. 1, 1883.
i ...zi.n.A ith Artels of the Herffer Cob
aolidation and Aereement. the flrst meeting 01
tbe stoekboldera of tbe Carolina, unmDeriaaa
election of eleven directors and tbe transaction of
1 f M 41 zvtnazilidatfld CODlllIDT. Will DO
l rhsaz H.I ! WfLV UODlDBnT. lur z.o
Aiken, 8. C. on tbeaeoond weanesaay 01 mvrv-m-
ber (14) A. ima, at i oxioc . i.
( JtMiJm JArwzur,
S.ICA-fBK-L, boretary.
f Ot.T0.ir.: .
.w nnhit.h.j m n tattinn of Dr. Corver-
wall-fe Celebrated Essays on the radicftW eur t
Spei-mrtorrboM or Seminal Weakness, In? ffluntary
Beminal Losses, Impotence, Mental and Pli ieil
Incapacity. impedimente w Marriage, ,
Consumption, piiepey juus j f jj. -
sexual itr vivKaiMje,. to. 1
pim miebr&teft antbor: ta tbia -dmirable essay.
tleely -denaoustratee f row a .ttiy-yeat-s sueaese
..M.,k.i. m iw riillvi!.utd: Dointinnout a
mad Of care at Once Simple,. crSifa.aiJ4 'fioataai
r.f nzhiz' -mxhrv . utfar ?.. juatter
abi eoadi-osiay- be nr auB bUMseff
Tiiis Izectnre 'abould be la' tbe.Tliniw Tlty
youtU and every man In the laud. ' IA-
t sent ondef seal, ias plain n?iopevte any d- I
lret, post-paid, oa receipt of titxenH 1
potge stamps. , Address.
Cttlverwell Medical Co;., ,
mm t
Tbet OQce Box, 450,
....-iL. -mmim.. ", a s nM AB
! .
i:..zf .--4 6
in thA'nAW Rhinlav "bntllii
... : 1 -. ia-!iwv .yn -mA
r '
1 near tne aepo. -mij-ui", - -
i very beet etyle M 4tamt ttM-detf-
Cboloe Clua wiH be rtinBU Cfla -i!r wmmumt
Wuii tba experience 01, aevun-i r .
toe beat aooosaraoda-tone - iaoatawfaatory
x-.- Mi''.-i;r ic li
jut. mm u- ? . - .
; i
r MM - -' an4tf
t '-vr u
!-v -v-zi-
1 ;:-z..i..1"
4V: VfM, ,.X
www Jm mmvm ViTTyT
rr I ie r ' , .
Plmprl l- " . ...-'. ,' m r- 1
SpolteiV Wltw teff lulititioii
IK Orders by ui-tl'will reeelv prompt aJfcaVh A
tl0l! a-.Tj
...... t
tzzAAAztutAzAzi.zi. mmm
.5i- :ii
u't) iK-i,;-..'
Stock ; Best Grade of Goods;
that you cannot procure to ad
we ask you to buy from us,
ne, money.. 1. 1
Outfits or buying large bills of
wishing" Carpets, Bedding,
rtnt fail tft see us or COrreS-
fy - .
WW , " J " " I W
Continental Hoof
1 tn'tsi. . z'- '
Horses.Cattleand Sheep
"" Ask yonr Stroekeeper for it, or write
direct to the manufacturers,
American liiMcatiii Oil Coifip'y,
atuj.224 m !''
erve-LifB and Vigor
This cot shows the
Howard Electric
' j i AMU
Magnetic Shield
as applied over the Kid
iJ- -centers.
ney ana nerro'tiuu
S. ts or.ij )
allanc Siade that
'tis evert Dart ol
V. . Ixi-uJ mr a sn A tial
I J 1 roeiTivatr ouai
! Vs JtL 1 1 1 at-ldney !
I - I litbciknalliai,
It yppsla
tbe worst esses of
Seminal Weak
news, Eanauav
tlon, lnipofn
cy and ail Otm
east! aod Wak
neof tHeCJrua
Oeultal VrKsuus
fPtPiited Feb. 36. 1879.1 mmmmmmmmmwmmmmmm
'YOOTO MEN, from early Indiscretion, lat-
rr force and fall to attain strengtb.
MIDDXE-AOEO USN often lack vigor, attribat-
ig U to tbe progress of years.
The MOTHER, WIFE and MAIP, suffering frort
emala Weakness, Nervous Debility and otber alzV
lent, will find it tho only enre,
: To on aad all we ay that tbt Shield gltts a ut
"VsrrinM Ono-Vear, mnm th
npllaiice niaas. . ,T
IUustratea Tampblet, THRE- TYPES Or
(so Pamphlet for Ladies only, sent oa rocipt ol
American - Galvanic Co.,
IFFlCtS'.lloa ChcaluHt U, I'Ulla.
Ui till iiii-i:i-f laii.n.A 101-t-i
TT-a bH rut la a
proprietary form sluce
. uid has beea i4
fzvr wears nrlor to that Usi
foravery: SreVal.nt d sese. -irouswd. of men.
of all aeVhavrat some time la life brougbte.
nervoM debility and organic weakness by ove
br-ln work, xcesees, too frequent lBd.ilf ei.ee or
TudUcretiob and vicious bablls. and ltlstetbu
Lit weoifer ireTMdly tbat wiU by iwdlr et action
n the seat of the disease stop the drain and re- '
tor tue patient to vigorous bealtl. and st.eiiUu
Ve will not attempt to do more than make a pas
;litr mention of this remedy here as spa will not
permit but we Invite aU sufferers to write a f;r a
ieaWt dlsertpUve pamphlet iclvln full (Uscrtptlon
V,.-,..i-iiL.tr.rion. nd izHtlmonlals that
-rill enilne tkeaa that tliey can be festered to
perfect Health. lo not oe nuu tw -j j-.-leaUoM
clUu of other rewiedlee for tb-roitl
Get our free circular aad learn some 1mm l
ftteta before taking treatment. Tbe fMiltea art
. Prepared and sold, enly by U10 , ,
HARRIS RuztOT lzU. B.LHLKi.iaw
Msrktl aad 6th Sts.
Ec4t'itretxr:t S3, tot n-ti $3. ttr watti
DissuM of KidiMya
Bladder, XJxxcta.tiaa.
alv aia.M erv otui Debil-
IrvAnd all Waa-HMM
TosultkQf from overvrora.
awed by
tarnished by oar arpllaa
zMu T .nl nam tba rrom
l T I Z Z
a-i(t Vlsror drained .from
the ty ttenos ana. tnws -
Stomach. XUvatmtedL
?i I It? V Til I3W1XB BKT13-XA
iw ?u Sit Mer) t.,St,UutMOe
:chenp$ Adjustable
mmmmmsL-, - i nr - j'4-T - --r gf
V . ir-.MkMr ia to land c reimlr tit C
-3 &"ooiK
Sol ty all Dantwara ?tl, v.,
Kkht f CY-Ukiw. Maaofacwrea i
. r,,.rf ,
tl '3-
1884 i:
i r 1
.r 09 THK. I I
1 1 i j
i V
1 IV
1 1 r-.-?-: . J
i k V -1 - t v U eiJ titnt'iiJ 1 J if i I t . t T.'i M il i '
V- . fl.JL ...y.ui-.,,;
j..laiU .l l-r-rt rtili V flo'-.i'.:
, i 1 J J:jf .j-t ii . tz- "'' 'W
.iwl ... -z--i v :! !' .-
,1151 r ri?i j.na m .rm ttt
.iJ J. 2rAS
M M 1
. M v
.... . . : , , .... ... , . T u m t lMm , M , j,.., im

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