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x hi ri i i ; T . ' r -- - -' " ' 1 ' ; - 1 . zrr
-y ..... ESTABLISHED 1816. I East "Tennessee. Virginia and - if Ws i
1 883-.
xews suMUAnr.
IlojcrsTillc xranta a town ball.
SctrtMWcTa WsnOfi.C ftifeti
' Sweetwater is to Lave a dramatic
dab .'I'J
A car ebed in
needed at Cleve-
laDd. - .
newsy apcr"
h in ncpi of a
Mot a lfjuss for rent
It ate,Weded
in liosersTine. '
rcrlr on Monday.
rVe Kuftoti fictory 13 turning
oat 2,000 spokes a day.
A w4 i'Mfeawk;wfta kit!el in Salli
van (Mfit; Si fiw days ao'.' 1
The university at - Athens is to
Tdtt ' riiore tharf enc -lmridre3
case of raeasleaiu Fayettaville.
,A neiripaper will proUaWy - I
aiirU-d'ai Coal Crek m January
No bwrn can be slaughtered
within tLa corporate limit of Clove
is 1 .l'l-H'"'1
"jackin JiM aara&tin4T against
Gadsden on account or the smaii-
r1- .... 1
rrohiL4tion movement is to be in1
aiiZur&leJ.tn tho first congressional
dfitrlct. "
Ths'Meapbis directory for 1S34
ijlves t'ue city a population of 55,000
inhaLUBt- ... I ?-i t'
1 Tha Nashrillo Broadaxe printing
oe was destrorcd bv Ere on Mou-
day morning.
.At Trenton, Monday night, four
business bouses w ere burned, caus
inga losof $20 0ttj.
A futile) attempt wat made to burn
a colu?vd .(. uool bou-o near v heat
lloano county.
Julius Powell, a mail carrior, iv;ed
1G hat teen jailed iu'Ket "Tennes
see for robb;ni the ma.I.
The town lia'l. eaxrioe and work
hous at Cilbitin. will be readv for
occupancy in a few- days.
It U mu I that the prospects are
pxl ;r tho erection of 40 houeeo
t Jotnson t ity n?xlycar.
Anaulwrf Northern familie
hr moved into Frankin county
within tle- pat three months.
iMr A. Illackman. while bird
hiintiiV' near Mitthcllnville a few-
days, ago acyi dentally, lit and kill
ed hiinstu. ,
Work will hv commenced shortly
on the-01orl (Ala.) totton-mill.
i:!i Collin, of Tuft Oak, Ttx., ha.
secured a patent for a new well drill
ing apparatus
Within twelve months the price
of real estate in Ilriminrjharn, Ala.,
ha i'ticr?a"'-eil fly Percent." .
Jin 18-2 the value of the agricul
turjrpi oducts of the South was over
$:.ort,J ,0o ratef than in 131.
lij thousaud dollars has been
ml-cril?d toward the erection of a
cotton ted oil milMn Saluda, S. (
It i prijoed-to incorporate the
"v'orbin Ii-e Harrow Mamufactur
in; Co." a" Atlanta, with a capital
of i:o, to.
A calico printing machind Is ion
to be pi.cd tM 900 of tho NaUvU!t
cotton miIJ. tbj first ofllio kind ii
the 8tuUiJ .;
Over ."J was spent in Sweet
water for whikym thetJay of the
how. Thi4 , .would make about
three barrel ol''juot, conuued.
TLo youi.g -5opla ijf ClVcVtsville
are about to organize a society for
mutual improvement and amuse
ment during the long winter even-
1 r. r4 .
"V- , t ... I
The'Kuojcvitle marbl cempauj
bas'.-iv'fiio AltLy New Or
Ieansho ie a car load "of marble,
pawed into bliwrks for use as a pave
mtnt, eight by ixty feet,
The Oak iLllI'liihtttut buildin.?
111 I the Masonic and Old Fellows
Hull at Norri j Creek were tyed
by fire an 'unda' niornin. The
lors ii .Xit!ittfl a.t 'T ,'", 110 in-uraar.-
A fire occurred at Lynchburg on
Tuesday mornindestroving twenty-
four buidingsijiciu ing the SmteMf
ofJcc atfd "many business houses,
Ixxs about f ."-Uat UW insurance
CLicaa Tmim.
A marriage by telegraph tool
placo in Lliicaro 1 ort worth a day
or tw.i agc rhore secrns X be so rile -thing
fatiier coM and uofaiiiactory;
in inee marriages uv wire. iue
bride and groom are too far apart
to realize, except by a champion ef
fort of imagination, that thev were
married at all. How does the groom
know bow many objectionable fel
lows are kissing the bride, and docs
the I riio Jknow that her: bran-new
husband loen't go off to viit some
othcr-giH an h'Mir after . Jii cj'ar
riae?iM leartlcs ;'and rucrteaary
marriages might be well.enouxb by
tIerTb. but whttH: . tho - tifcuff Ae
is on
thej' ariviu.! proximity
with each
other. ? Morover, a ' honey rtioon: by
UdegrajMr'ca'ii hartlljjji-cVnija)e i,
i: is stylwth i'linoypiVin he
old lashio'n way . ' , .'Altogetber.it is
probable that the rrejudico in favor
of marriages on old 'times principle
will nrrfrctMTrthe tilejripTi Com
panies to rea'uo much revenue lrum
niarrigI Ly wire. - -. .
dhatii rito.n rAssioy,
Cues in which death" results from
tha physical exriteraent conscqatnt
en monul passion arc, at-cortling to
774 Xoiuvf, not uncommon.- A re
cent in ta nee hasaain called alteo
tioa tatta uiaUcrl. Unfortuuatelj
thoc from -who are prono to
eaddtiu Ai ovr-vheJmini5 - oat
bart of ill temper do not, as a fule-
recogoixe ihtir prorentitjr or rea!if J
While SNfcJ V1 iJ a Ji.w4c (ki
deat&i as occur in pasaion, and
which, are , directly, cause J . by .it
ought'to be acTihxl to "the 1 Tisilac
tion ti.fJoJ,"."U'nJi',o divto-t alUjn
tion t?i the common. 5cti:. !(un
which aucfi datus tdtou!! teach. It
is nitl unwio to allow the mind to
excite thf h-clin-M bpt?T to" Xtt!i
extent a! ti6:f fahr nfAaelirWc
tio natyV,?1r!otil,-v- lr"p?lr'rl
c ortiiof 'people f ab-(5 to
rnnint -rcasouaorv .prcior. to
lLe"cy,qiyQnT-perlorincd wfeilc
ueel iui valuoot mcrial tiuciphne
gj a tr'.i'tntivo of disturbancts by
whif!ihpp'DeM airi life itielf. aro
too cltea jeopardized
TfTnYxUlyV cTuTulii C-i nclulTi n g
the erganlia hvi al.d pro. eeangs 01
Conref, whh h meets in December,
and tle important ; IT!L HeJ3 lJ I uon
which" follows IU "witness poli leal
eresU it the greatest iattrest to the
citizen." The Wetkig At?iericn during
this interestirg lerlod' ni keep its
readrs well lv sed of tbe prtgrc-ss of
vents io Conr'ess and in the Presi
dential cuiiai -iu.; For sne dollar II
WetUy American w ill be sent, ptna
prfpaid, from-low until the tVrst day
of Januirv, 18Si. together with a copy
of. the Cumbrrlmd Almanac for 164,
fre. This irs-ie of the almanac will
be wsen-tiall.r .n lel lmna, Tull
ol frrh and nefut tidiest inforlna
tUn for reference. D.'id the politi
cal news, lhftkly A merican will con
tain the frei.et telegraphic newt, full
ai4 axcu-tl h .xne. and. foreign luarket
reports, and ,eea!a .fioiu.aij vni.ts of
intere( Tii"Teiiiiesie and the Sout".
.Send atk.1 f'lTil74' VaiJ Anurican
tbirtten no'r.l)it and th tlminic, for
ooe dollar.
"In my time, miss," said a stern
aunt, '"tho men looked at the wo
men's faces instead of their ankles! '
"Ah, but my dear aunt,' retorted
the prvttv young lady, "you sec that
the world "has improved, and is
more civilized than it used to boit
look now to the understanding."
. . ISSi. .
Hartr'. liter M t nuet lb. tiit krlilutut od
IhIuI llou-wh.;. J .urul lu flimrurt. It ta Ike
1 kii..UtJvJ r. icr ot t'Utu Id tlu. coaulry.
wd it. mXt rm h-i-.uiflBMin. (wauoix
wmiukt mbitur i ourtli a.ui tiu.r. lUr uk-
rii:ya. It. ll u-trtinti. f rt urtJirwoil te
rmm iiii bMt mtirrni. It liter.ry nl rtit:c
tli-TlU m uf lti fa KLrt OfdT. lUOons fxfwi.
uit m)i r. tit 6rt A.irrir.u ul i.url
.mn antli.ir. It. ctioi- art likture. would 611
Lrtrh-knd tt liumfTt-n cut r tbe mof
uun.iuir ta r f. tiuvl in .ay Jouraal to A.i-rca.
; ! , IEU TEAR:' ' . ."
Marper'A Itatar ' ....... "H J
IUrr Maifrinc 4 IK'
lUrpt-r' Weekly a '
itarjwr. Yo:uik lVpl-.. I M
lUrrw-r'a ukliu h-j tare Library, one year
VJ Naiaher; 10 00
I.trf le4i all autiTibera in the Tnited
stdiea or Canada -
The ..:uni- cf the litrar b-gi wi;h the flrft
Xuiner f..r Juuai -f ea b yar. V nm n lia.e
im nienilourd. it will l oidrrrtixj that Ilie ul
marHr winuen to r-tiuuieDce with the Number
i;e after re-eit ot ort-r
ihe iaat I'oiir Annual Volume ef Urr'a lia
ir. iu neat l..ih 1 1 jau.K', will be " lit by niai.,
Ikoiaire paid, or l-y xpre, fre ff eien (jmw
. i-l-U the frei.bt not excMrd one dollar;, for
7 Oil per Toluma.
Clo'.ti I'aiH-a f r t arb volume, enitable for bind
u. win be trul by mall, poatpaid, on receipt of
It uo ee-h.
hrwiltauc.-a h. u) l be made by Toe-Omce
V'ortey t)rdr or uraff, to aoil rhauce of loaa
w apera are not to e.'py tbia adirertineTient
without tbe exprea order of Harper a Krotbere.
ddrea UAKfKK HKO 1 11 tlt!. New York.
Harper's Young
An Illustrated Weekly HI Pages.
si irtn to nova asi "uiru-s kom six to
Vol. V. cominencfs Not. (, 1883.
Harper. Youug Ioj le ia the weekly for
rhiMren ia Aiurnti fSoutowearern C'bn.t.au
Adwrmle. ! "
All th.i the attu('. .kill ran acromj.lub in tbe
ay f ifb.lrli.i ba been done, aud the beat
talt-nt of the e mmrj lia c.ufnbiitrd to tta test.
(New tjigland Journal of hitacatlon). Uoatoa.
In it. epeei nrlp there v D'-tbiBg that can be
comred with it. li-rlfi-rd Evening I"ot.
1"T Ynr, foat.ge Frepeid, f
Stnfl. Sumbera, Five Centa rkb.
Kpecuacu cory Mat vn recel4 of Three Centa.
The olume. Harper'. Youug People for IS I,
I.', and 1 taudwimrly bouud in llluminatrd
Lkit!t, will he wut br mail, p.at.ge prepaid, on
rereliff $.1 Duraro, Cloth 'aat lor eacb v4
ante, auit.bte for bin iing, will te wut by avaU,
poa pal I, ou r-eij.t of .'m rent. each.
Hrrrni"nc?-inr.i be-n.ade IrobOfTlce
M-iey !rd-ra ItiI:, to avoij- elum i uf loaa. .
Nemii-t. re u t to J V.. -wdvertweiurtja
anb ui i r. r.ler ol Urr-'T fcrainea".
Addiea M A It PHt HKO t li kJlJJ,' w Iorfcl
3 :
.i f
ia' f
. M
-Moiiislcwn Mills .
. , . - r
lCt'iM "oitwt aaiitl' Ctt IIiiikIm
tlio llev-if IIi-ji lcl- f
- . . . . .-....... . . . . '
31t wltlt tli lattit Jlollor
: Sj MlemX. ; v - .
vTEIAT :diEnS, Ctll tijj'
'W 1. fj I t j -
' -
- r-
1 ll),. ...
: 1 i.l;
.. tDirti ly . . i
Mrs. Jlitry Jiiipcs Dodge. .
New .Y'ork Tnlmuw ccee
avaiaftrhe of Immoral literature tin
cb:ldrB,- aoane .trotig. ' rUfy - Wb4ewotue, .ad
real'y attra tive anaaaiue la iw4)tured for then,
aod M. kk-awHaa k.a reached a hi .her plafnrm,
wid re
.ad eotntuwBHt. for tbU aervu-e wuer reaoai
art and tetter-, than any of Ita predec.
aidrBiuvuiM " The reference lii the
autre, tu art acd Utter, command, d by Ft 'm L
.iu mma never more full illustrated than by tbe f
Kiuaat.Bomire.ior iwi. sue 4uuu.iii .tu w
via. f Uae ivadlog owmbuUv.l ; . -
ZuZZiUi' Brru..:)
MaunoeltM-miano, Frank R. Mo. ktoo, "
i karba UndU-y U.roer. oalUm Miller, I
i.haabetb Huart fbelpe, VI ra A. I. T Whftn y," '
Mar, V.p-a DeHg'e.
tielia 1 hitter,
Lieut. rerterlck rk bi
lia.tb'true Lathrop. E 8 lirooka.
(te-rg v. faile, , ChaJvO JelaaJ. . , .
tuaa leuimJi Ctr.Hli8 wlVWuirr; '.''
-H. 11 ," W. O bloddatd,
.. , . C. P. Cr-ivh, -.
.ml aj 4t other UtjuarMt.4 vivtter.
i.ti.w. -.ttf.. Tii. i
1 t.t U.. r.d.i-t t at.
j -. - . -
e t art- i. and friw
It hat t. truor Mad
Nab ..
for the y. aud g''a Sn are f rtn al enuu'i
..ru.-u.ia ay barrfy Ht..!.d w'.tu r,crr.tiou aud ' '
a wtmt ' - - - ,
.EJBWII- IB M. k nCrr fH. H fW III..L lit
1 We 1 rlr, i. 3 CO a T.ar. (r 13 n i l a inin.brr.
ZlZZlZi: ?:'"J rr:
dif.tatia puhiatber., bv t y or i n m -!
i.r, bank check, .braft, or ia erHtrM b-ft-r ;
Imt CI JilVBT CO., New Jora, N. T,
- ' "' ' ' ' . " "
About alxty mILinn copiea of Th Sen Wa
ftt aa out'tvf eor wtaKUbmtit during tie-prt
twlTa moaUt. . ; : - j !. i . .
If you wrre i yaot. ao4 ta ab4 aU tbe ooiaKD
of ail Th Sums printed anl mo4 Uat jar you
utilJ get a cobtiuuau atrip of luteretUug tufor-
; matioa, aottiaoa aaa4 wUdom, aoanil d jctriny,
j au4 aaoe wt lung euvugb t rvacb froca Printing
Uone 'jur (4 uif tup 01 Altaat cuiwruicua ii
tbe moon, (lirn p:k io Priuting Houm aquare,
and thn tbre-cjnartera of tbe way btclf to the
.Aooaagwla; v'- " ' '-'' ''',
' But Taa Sws ia'written fop- iba. isbabitobta of
tbe, eartb( Uiia aamo .trip pi. iutrlUrac wwuld
girdle tbe globe trnty-eevea
or twrnty-igt
' If e'y buyer of oopy of The Bcjilor!ng tbe
!pjrt yr baa tpnt junjy oaa leui mt U,' alid If
,hUr aife tr hla graiulfthrr pm ftxA. auutUr
hur,ta.' newpirr iu 183. baa aEordtd tbe "m;
ican rare tLhti-fn tboutaud yrirs of bteaJy riad
Injf, iHshi aixl d.f. J- " -
1 It la ouly by litUe ewkulaUdua like tbaae tiat
you can form eay Ura f tbe cUeulatiou of Uve
jumI popn!ar of Alberican nrwj j er, O'r pf ita
Influence 00 tho o. lui u anj ktUoui yt American
imen and w oa.ca '1
Tut 8n is, i4 eontiuae to be, a oewapa-
Ier bich.teU tUe ttutU witUont fear of ooaee
jqurucea, wli.ch grta at the fcU no matter bow
much tbe proceaa cutlr, which preatuta the oewa
if aU llx-'world without w ante ot word and In tbe
ruoat rcttdaUe abape, wliicU la worting With all Ha
bert fur tbe cu.e of boueat irvaiiMau aad
which tlK-rt-fore Wlii-ria that tbeKepublican par.
ty innat g-, aud niut go iu thi couiiug year of
our Lord, lf" A '
I If )oa know Im hes, )u bke it already, and
tou will read it wiLU sraoiuU diligrmje anil
I rofit during what i euie to be the moat Uitereat
li;g year iu ita Lialory." If jou do not jet know
Tub Sctc, it ia high time to get id-fhe'tanahiue.
! ' Terms to 3Iail Subscribers.
i The -erl edttiotia of Tick Sen are Beat by
ail, postpaid, a. foil ) :
HlbY eouta a mouth, Hd'a yi-ar; with
atunday rdaiuu, H? "! '
SL'NUAY Ticht pagra Tt.ia edition fultii hea
-. , tbe eorreLt new. f tbe world, upeclal article
IOI eiceptiotiei interea o rvrrjuuuj ; ana iu
er.ry review.' of new book, of tbe bighett
. mrr U Ono Dollur t jttr.- .
El.KLY ! llr a year. Eight
I l-a of the beat matter of the daily taniet;
' an Agricultural lepartment . of uuequalled
value, av vial market report, and literary.
acientific and doiutsUciutelBneoce luakeTHB
' a keilt-Scs tbe new.patier rr the farn.rr'a
. noueb ld. To tluhe of ten with f 10. an extra
copy free.
I. W
ENGLAND, Publisher,
Tub 8csi,.N. V. City.
Uarier'a Maxazine becin. Ita aUtT-eigblh vol
due with the iH-t-etnber Number. It ia the mot-t
ovular iiluatrutnl ier1odiCal tu America aud Kn
gltnd, aliy. fully abreaat or the timea ia Us
in-atnifiit of uojra-tef current aooial and iudna
nal lutt'ret. add abaay advaudug It ataudard
of lltrrarv, artiMi.-, aud niecbauic.1 excellence
Among its attract 1011a for are : a near aerial
novel by William H!ack. illuotratcd by Abbey (
ovel by E. P. -K'. illUMtrated by Uflt)n aud
IHeliuan; dimcriptive illiuitrated paper, by iieorge
II. Doucbtou, r rauk D Millet, t: . H Farnbam,
aad other; JuHriMUt bi-torical and biographit-af
paere; abort atorua by W . V. Jf owella. Char tea
lU-ad, c.
j . FEB YEAR : , -
Harpr'e Magaiiue ti tK)
Harncr'a Weekly 4 IK)
llartier'a Bazar
Haror'e uiirf Pe ptrf .. 1 60
Haroer'a Eratkuu qwarre Library. On-
Y ear ( Nun.U rV , 10 00
pivatair Free to all aubacribera in tbe t'uited
Tbe rote me. of tb Magazine begin with the
Number, fur June aud t eoembear of each year
vHien no tiaae la ioified, it will be uudervtood
tiat the aibKoWr wiaue. to begin Wttii the our
relit N umher.
Tbe Uirt ttjrb( Volume, of Harper'a Magazine,'
in neat cloth binding, will be eeut by mail, poet
paid, on receipt of fJ ot) per volume, Cloth Caaea,
tt biadinc. so centa eaeu oy mail, poMpaia.
Index to Harper a Magazine. Alphatietical, An-
alvtleal, and Clar.iHeri, for vniumea 1 to 60, in-
cluana, friuu Jam; tftO, ta uue, 1H(J0, one vol..
yo. f l. th. St 00
ltraiirtan-e. almuM be. . made by Poat-Omce
Money Ord-r or Draft, to avoid chance of loaa .
N'ewwpapera are m teopy ttaia advert'aement
without tbe eiirew order of Harper . brutbere.
Addre-i ' H AUPEK k BKOTUE11S, New York.
1 Mr. Lizzie T. MeC.ll, dee'd. bavtng been
euggerted to the Conn'y Court of Uauibleu coua-
tr. l enn , by me, in purauan-e to au order to me
Uirectwd by tue UJark ox "aid Ctmrt, ail peraona
haviui claima airaiuat aaid eatate are beret'y noti
ced ti appear aud nle the aame with the Clerk of
al Court, au,:beuti'ated iu tbe ruauner prescrib
ed ty laa-, on or wrore tne
, 1 1ft Oayof 31ay, 1884,
or t be aame RI be forever Iwrred -' ' :'
Thi N'ovemtwr the lttb, 1S3.
J. i;. HOLLO i AT."
Sot. 5 4ka J-i ' ' Aomini.tbatob;
i .... i
narpera Weely -lidr at the bead of Ameri-
cau illa.trated, wet)Jy :inja! . By ita n- partl
aau po.it i n in politic, ira admirable Uluatrationa.
ita carefully cboava aori.bi, abort .tories, eketcbee
aaa jhih, routnoutrtl lyr the forenioat artiaU
aad aiittioraot toe aay; tt carriea fbkrruction and
eatertaituneuttotnouMtud. irf Aiaericaa aomau
It will alway be tbe aim of the mbliKhere to
ruak Harp weekly the tuot poi nlr aud at
tractive I ami; newitp per in the world, and, tB;
I'HnusuiTniiuii urmn, i prepetit m con.lant
improvrHieut in aU tin!1 features . wh'th- have
gaiuea tor it me connaeuce, ayuip.lby, aud eup-
j-vra vi uuv miwj 01 iraiHTV. '
PEBtEAji: ' ","
Han-rw Weekly.::.' . l 00
Harper f Magaziue. ............. ... . 4 do
Harper a Itatar 4 00
Hirir-V YowarT -Ieotl0 ,.'.!""''". I fto
.llarj-r'. Franklin bijuare Library, one year , - ,
(51 Number). 10 00
Pivtajo Free to .11 aubicriLer. in -the tb!ted
6tut. or CauaUa.
Tbe Ttrtn'me. of ihe TTetly begin with the' MrTt
Number for J.nnai7 of eapu er v heu-un tine
la mentioned. It will I uudvrKtixKl, that tbe tub
crib r wifcra b eutuuieiitio- with the next ' after
1 he receipt of order. i it
lhe'rt Fmir Annual Volun.ee' of Hirper'e
eekly; mix ueat riirtb i uawliux, ; riH. be .eiu; by
jji.u, )K..ii ni. or i y exprriM, jree, or rip-nae
provi.led tlie f aeixBt 3ie not i-exr one dollar
jr volume. lor $( 00 per volume : , H, , ..
: Cloth twset for each volunie, iiitati!e for bind
ing, wiil be aeiU by mail, vl on receipt of
at oo eaeu (ten lit. ucea Uout be niade by
I'oauOffi.-e ' Moaey ' Or-r or : Ira ft, ' to advoid'
chance i f loaa, . , , , . , ;'
t iew a) eU'are flt Io copy thia adrer-ioenient
without xhr eaiweeaordBi of Uarpe to Brvfbefa. '
Ad.irea4 y H 11IVEU & rUfOXUEhVi, ,Ntv Y'ork,
at tlirrafm. tl e ' . , p. : ,1m; ! -ji.l . 2 'J '
.KDelBoresfs' - Illustrated
f , . , ,
w"vi-vai aMai
. , ... . F01
DEtfORESTS M0XTHLY tt JusUrentkkxt
the WorM'i MW Mfltftulae. Tbe lrgcb i
in Form, tho Lanrest in Clr-culatlon, and the
aaegt TWO Dollar, Family Magazine bsued.; i
i.-in It la hav Imcreved so eztaviMiTrely aatrV'
ta; itlBQ wlm pror ed so xtelrjato
ola,.iind oqual to any ma-JnJ. ItcoaiaJo t
M ; paces, larro. quato. &H x UV . lnchea.
- ...... . . ...
"'WU; PrtnU-don CUiW pipr,IUliy lUOr-
t rated, each umbbA-riritf et-f'-olaE
tr ae .,VWt JUH.l rw.-
W. icnaia DemwwVlStm I York,, aad I
, ,
'th - .i -
tY ipecial agTecrwjnt oiblnfl-rlt
MOBJUHlOirir C-UITT at 1113 PCT Tear.
a. . -- i '
va vt .,f;A. H.u,, t4
fll t?I fle ii. ba :.'. 1 "-os
chas. mmi SONS,
r v t.lTill i
- tJiVtf. lloWaTjatrect,5,1
Imrortei. ajid Dealers In '
ai ava t y - T. . '
'Mii .BsalyW Unierwear,
nr-Ordcfamonutin fp'$M or v"et arnt ree pf
I ; icprgJL bUp-re;..! I i 1
RiSa foti-tneieplaaaiDplea ol materiaU,
' MPrithaiieaate of aaat acnt nflWmrVUcatlOn,
viae Mivvr f
, (:.: i : . J..- .
,1 flraLclaaaaatpouin the new Shipley .buildine;
Bear the depot . Everything ia new and in the
erv beat atvle. The finest branda of liquora and
choice riser will bo found onHtently on hand.
W ith tbe experkdif pf several year, in- the buvi-
feeaa, I cau awure the pnoiio t'lai iney win receive
the beet accommodation, and" Bout aatinfactory
attention. Oive me a call and ace if what I aay ia
Bottrue, , r ' Uii:
.cllwl n l'r. V&AHW'lb LAflL. "
8ept. 19 6 m.. .
Xriasasea of Kidney A
Bladder, Khsunuitismr
Scl aticB.Epllepay.far-wavlvBia-NArvouaDebil.
v7 foat.H oil W..bnu.
. resulting' from overwork.
' ' 1 Indiscretion or Excess-
.".es.pernianently cured bj
Galvanic Electrieitr. as
ffurnished by our applian
ces Kepiaoes tna iroree
and Vig-or drained from
the system, and thus cure
without Cragging the
Stomach. Illustrated
fm. 7?v Pamphlet -rwel
o I I v v. ihi Bowiu xucno-iaa.
; a. b . e X,jc 1KSCUS XL kyKitt
' J , .' ,438 N. etr?8t;8t.Loul.Mr
For aeieral year, past we haVe snecesafaliy co'n
dacted oar Businegt Coilege at Knoxville, Tetih
bat having aelected another field af labor, we wll
ckwe our College in Knoxville permaucijUy on
Jane 16, 183, and reaign our poeition aa Prinpljal
aad Teacher, of the Commercial ' Department of
the rniversiry of Teaneeaee.. u' ' - .-i
In retiring f rom our field of labor, we leave
worthy aucce.ox.T Prof., Frank Goodman, from
whom we have received many favors, and to whom
we cheerfully recommend aH our frienda and ac-
qaaiiitances.; j. , ... ,t . - ' .i'L -J.''!
EapecUlly do we .advise all young; men, aad
women or souiu ana vteet, WHO uaa anticipa
ted entering our College, to' attend Goodman
Kuox-iller Nln villa tenalnesap College, for hay-
lug been idontifiej witlr .bnxtrwsa education for
mora than tjWMity yeara, we feel wa are capable of
appreciating tne taenia of these flrst-clasa , Coi
lYOf . Goodman baa Wen ' emro'entiy ' aucceeaf ul
in preparing jroaiig juen for huaineev, and demon.
atratiBg to the buiiincaa avorli Uiat Boaisesa Col
lege can teach people how to keep books correct
ly, 4nd tranaact buaineea'generally, for, we have
reliable-lirformation that ' within" 'the past four
'months thtioUoa lug named firms have applied to
bira for hia .tudeuta to fill .commercial ponitiona
' Gibaon, Lee k Co,, Chattanooga. ;
Cowau, McClung Jt Co., Knoxville.
llaynea, Henedn-fe Wright, Knoxville'. ,
' Bunt k Terry, K box villb; - '
Hill k Watera, Lebanon J . : ; ? v
-' Southern Moulding Go , Detroit, Micli. i
J. F. Smedlcy k Co., (formerly Ada, Ohio, now
of Nahvlle 1 " ! jn V"
. C: . funed ACo , NaahTUle. ' ' ' "'''-u
Bradford it Co.. Naah villa. . :. ,'tl
Tenueaee Journal of Education, Nashville.
W. II. McFarUnd k Co'-. Naahville.' r,(
Fertrelch A Cf .'."Naahville. " ' ' P ' '. '
At Crone a. Ce , Naabville . , M
, Prewitt, Spurr & Co , Nanhvflle. ,
Tax Collector ft Aaaeaaora ufnre, Naahville.
' Unquestionably the great present want, of the,
South bra thorough and practical buineea train
ing fur ha' young men, and ia leaving our present
Held or opetation, we teei -t our duty to tender our
wartneat thank, te tupeple of the South fn gett
era), and to tbe cltizena of Knoxville k particular
for the liberal etrpporrwe have rrceived at their
hand., and we would at th. earn, t me, in thia pub
lio manner, expreaa our aincere desire, that the
seneroua patronage heretofore be. to we I upon ua,
may now be trannJ erred In oll , ipeanre i.toi.our
Weremalff with kind reirrenibra-iicea.'i i!'Ss '
The.Public'a Obedient servants,- : ' 'fj
; ei i ti JONES & SONS. -
. may 80 tl
1 ,:i t
. w i. i a
-.'-'awaf anis
, . . CilIU lilHbHIMAt ."".'''
: ' Frfrro these sonrcea arUe three -Fourths of
tbe diseases' of' tbe human race-." These
symptoms indicate their existence; of
Appetite, Jlotvtli eoatlve, Sick llead
atctae, fulln.M M rter ea.tlu$r, akvcwatvai to
exertion of body or nxlnd. lumcCatlon
or food, IrritaiALity of temper Xxiwr
spirits. A. feellxte of havlnar neclccted
- lomed.iy, Itxzliiea,l'laU.rincr svt tbe
Heart. lota lefors th eye., hi gtilyoli
oa-ea (..rine, luas t ira t tu.i, ana ae
ntan5 the nse of a remedy that acts d I rtly
on tbe l.ivetv AsaUver medicinoTUTT'8
: I'lULS UiivnoequoL, lUoir aotlonon tba
Kidneys and Skin Is also prompt; re moTlnjf
all imparities tnrouga these tnree tcav.
.enters of the sy at ana J proluciny appe.
tlte, sonnd djcatlon, rogular stools, a clear
kmandaTHcarouSbode. TCTT'S PILLS
cauao Qv ijaosea- or gripJriK' tot interfere -
wiui u:ill Y wui a. auu are a pt-i ictl
Seldev.-rv.liere.a.'te. ttllw.44 MnrrnyStJkN'.y
Qrat llAre or NVntSKF.R3' cbansred ii
stanOy Wa'.os8T Black bjr a single apt
plication of this DTK. Sold by Drnjjists.
"' or acnt by erret?3o-n rvm-fptof 91. - '''
i OfBre, 4 Murmy Btreota evr rorlfc
i.'c ii
a f i (itiai
Jl (of ibe Chancery Court at 'Morritown..Tenn
pronoaneea as ire. jlhv thw. imj, tu toe cause
of ', J. lHHialdeoo, Execulor. ete., ra ,A. 61
Trcdtingor and ntberr-, I will aeli to tbe highest aud
Tr'"n7 'V'.".!!ir.7:.
A, ,,.
"(hMlX 'da u' of 'Decern fr
l. th. tract ct land mentioned aud daaribed in
.,,ellltJu, ..tnatanaar Uhitesbarg, Hmbi.-u
' TerillH bf Sale : . , ,
Mid property will be .old on a credit of all
I - . t . ... . . . . .i . ; ' ' -
..,;! 4 birrof the equity of redemption,
. M I I'l I'l " ' . - ' - "
eraet -f rr.. t tie V'b IX) rjUirMI ol the
.in b"r nd lim retain on t.i. luropasi
t f the piriilmle motit-y ia fully paid.
..'i - Lsi0..jriilj. u.-suie
on liiT itiij IJko reuiaed on t!i property ua
4 lit
b. a. i m r m
i I I
nTo. i i (!.' .- .
.... ; ." : . .' . - .
."" " " 1 .-:
. . : -s 'fr 1
,f 1, A
I11 '7 ' - ' .,,
East "Tennessee, Virginia
inj;,.A;Bl;Eb,WE51pT ULS13.VT u.
: In Effect November 18 1883.'
f. i '
'.j'hJ f t J
-Daily "
'HO. 2.
' Daily
No. M,
L'v ' Chattanooga
" Clevland...
AtUKn. .t . .
x Lottdiav.:;c
" Knoxville...
11 10 pm.
7 60 p. m
8 Hp. m
8 SO p. tB
9 29 p. m
10 00 pi m
10 28 p. m
10- 53 p. ta
11 65y.au
12 05 b. ni
- ! 3J a, m
2 07 a. m
247 a. r.
.3 3 a. n
3 53 a. m
12 o p m.
1 -08 p m
1 64 p m
r 3 38 p m .
3 S4 p m.
S 18 p m
.4 20 p ru
'4' 30 p tri.
Ar . MorriHtownJ
Koserav. J
6 26. p m.
' ' XertHineA'iBH
1 IU p m
8 21 p.m.
"8 3 p m.
" Joneaboro , ,
3ohtimm. : ;
4 47 a. m
TTii . iii.: .
.. Westward, r
Daily " I Daily,
;; e t ; -"" '
No. 35.
No..3..J . No. 1. -
i . ! -
Lv Printol.,
Ar JdhhaoO'.:;.
i tireeneville .
; ' Morris town.
I - Kuoxville..
Tjr Enoxviile..'.
Ar London.. .
11 65 p ta .
11 06 aj
12 24 am.
1 IS a in.
1 53 s nr.
2 23 a m.
4 00 ra
4 15 b ra.
6 17 to.
"5 42 a m
6 10 a m .
6 8 am.
T. 20 am
8 00 a m.
8 45 a m.
5 10 am
6 28 a m.
ft 47 a m.
7 37 a m .
8 19 am:
9 12 b m.
10 55 am
11 -06-a tn.
12 12 p-m .
f.-v' er
UI' ii
12 41 p m"
" Athena.
- Charleston.;
Cleveland d.
1 16 pax.
1 64 p m.
3 18 p m.
3 50 p to
batUB ooga
) oiiio and North Carolina ,
J Daily
No. .
No. 35,
I '!' i' I . .
Lv. W.rm Sprinbe
I Moa-riHtaa-B : . . . i .'. . ; .-.
ar, Knoxville.,..
J.v; KuoxYille . ......
I " , Helakell'a. .......
.! 10pm'1' 1
ar rk .
5 10 p tn'
5 00 a m
4i pm
6 07 p in
- 58 p m-
7 23 p in
8 00 p m
ip tu
D 05pm
so p TO
6. 35 a m
. . 6 63 a m
6 CO a m
" 7 01 a m
7 26 a m
. 8 05 a dj
8 15 a tn
L .'I -?V
Nt.'8sJ T
'. 6 45 p m
7 13 p m
7 30 p m
8 08 p in
i.8 l;iiu
, 8 45 p m
j 9 34 p m.
10 10 p m
- - - J 3 i! i .'
i :-
I" Clinton
..Coal C'reek k j.:'
1 "ltickeye .1..
l. Wk: Valley
' ri e wcom D
n.-KNoi Sft.r
. 5 50 a m
. . 6 02a m
.. . : 6 28 a ta
... 7 01 a ni
7 29 a m
... 8 10am,
j. . 8 36 am
rl 8 5a nj.
... . 9 23 a m
.-,. 50 a m
. .. 11 60 a in
. . . . 2 50 p m
Eastward. , -.
Lv. Jellico . ....
M Newcomb
E.k Valley .Vi".t. i...
Buckeye .... . . . .
' Coal Creek ... v ....
Cllucon .ii'-).-..,,
UeiBkeU'a..,..,.. i
Ar.' Knoxville'
Lv. Xnoxville ..
f MorriKtow-,. .
Warm Bpringa . ..
AT" CHATTANOOGA with raUroad lines diverg
ing, making direoa. close . connection for all
I point North-west, West and 8outh-weet.- , -,
;Iivmu for Atlanta aad all poiuta South, Southr
ieaat and South-west,
Aar.aMiOIVILLE. wltbiObio Divi-ion and Knot'
i villa and Augusta railroad. ,
A.T JtLLICO with Louisville 'and Nashville BB.
- for Louievise aud Northwestern poiuta , i. ' ' '
AT MOKBI3TOWN with North Carohna Diviaion
if or Warm HpTings, N. C, and all Western -and
- .Middle North Caroliua points . . . ,
Ak' kOOERiiVlLL JUNCTION Vfth "Sogers-
trill aud Jefferson railroad. ti. ?
AT JOHNSON'S with East Tennessee and Wet-
(eru NortU Carolina railroad. -AT
BKIiJ 1 OL 'with Norolk and Western railroad,
Jcounectitlg closelv for. II Virginia and Eastern
jCitic, via . Lynchburg and aU t Eastern, Middle
and Nortbrrn States points, via. Boanoke and
1 ;Sben.ndoah Valley Boute. -v ni !
AJ' WARM SPRINGS with Western . North- Caro
' ilius railaoad for Aehevillo, Morganton, States-'
rillc, Kalisbury and all poiuta.ia North Carolina,
. ' 'LErltfG-C&R SERVidp'., "
foa; lnd "i iiat'afLeigIiton ileeper, between
Jemphia and Lj'iMhtturg. ; , -; -.
N'os. 3 and have Pullman Palace Sleeping Can
between Cltattaaobga and New York, via. Shenan
doah Valley route ; also. Pullman bleeping 4'ar
between New Organs and Washihgtoa Via. Atlan
ta Cleveland, and Lynchburg. -o."l 1 :'!.'
.' Ako Pullman Palace . bleeping Cars between
Knoxville aud Louisvills on Noa 35 and 3G.
Alo on Georgia Division have Pulliuaut,Talao
Sfcjeping Car through betweeu Chattanooga and
Jat-kwojuyilltv F.'aj,.,,; (i .. ;. - -
' I ' t ,... . A. P0PE..O. J" ,t.T. Agt. .,;
: ' ' ! . " ' ' " Knoxville, Tenn
' T. K BCOEK, Sup., Knoxv-illt'iufau,' .v -..)
JOSEPH GOTHAKU, A. G. 1. A. , KuoxviUe,
Teun. . i " . "i '" dec20 82 tf
I . ml, . . .. ,1 1 , . 'i t .
Norfollc & Western
i i i .f . z
V, v.i
.4.-l ilti
Time .Tails- (n effect LtVo it. 1 8, 1 883.
: Tim V,
r-i ts ...in ' i. ' '
(jtJo. 1, j j. . t j No..- a ,v
i.r Norfolk...
A PctVbur?. 1
Lv Pet'sbarg
-'' EartnvUls ,
Ai Lyajcbbarg
Lv Lynchburg
" Roanoke '
Ar Big Spring
Lv Chris'b'g
" WythevUle
. " IJlariou ,(i
" Abing'Ion
Ar Bristol , .
i: : .- 8:30 Bra
. 930 au
"11:20 am
., ; 11126-am
1:10 pm
. 0 piri
,3;55 pm
' 4 10 pm
, , ;,- 01 pm
6 11 pm
.-; - 6-53 pm
. 7 27 pm
' ' 9 '25 pm
r 10'2 pm
11 28 pm
2 05 am
6:tJ 'd m
, J .i .6:5ij p m
, :0O p,m
- 9-.90 p.m
. ,.10:3Tp.nv
12:15 a.m
i vi 1:06 a.rn
, 1:48 a.m
S-41 a.m
j . ; 4:41 a.m
. S-44 a m
il a -t. i :2t a.m
.. ?No, 1 does sot : run .between Binrkevilleiand
Lynchburg on Sundaya.
' Leave korfvlk 8-.9tla-.'m. Arrive Petersburg 11:
20i Arrive at Kicbmond 1:22 p ru-. (.-;,;. .
' Leave Kicbmond "via li. k P. KR. 5:00 p.m. Ar
.riveNorolk ;30 p, nic . . ; - : . i.-j.'-i
. Leave Kichmoud via R. A. R. B. 9:25 a m.
Arrive at Lynchburg 8:50 p. ra.- ' ;'
Connecting with No. 3 for all laointa South and
West:- '?. "' - ' ' ' - -'
l Leave Bichmond via R. Jt D. R. R.4:05 p. m.
Arrive at Bi rkeville 5:55 p. m.. Arrive at Lynch
burg a.-oo p. m. 1 e'.iii j .-, !..;-j ;
t.'onuecuug with Train No. 1 for all points aoutb
and'yrest: ''
No. 1 has Leigbton Sleeper, frotji Lynchburg ta
.Memphis. No. 3 has Pullman Sleeper from Wash
ington ia-Atbnta id New Orleans, without change
connecting at Itoaaoke with-Bleeper from ew
Tork via 8. T. R.'B. to Chattanooga without any
change. . ...jitl o-i'.e ..! t.u r?i:.
Eastern, ttaa-
, daid.
No. 4.,
Lv Brbttol .
i.'AuingdoB. "'Marion "
" Wytaeville
" Phriatti'ir
10 40 p.m
6 32 a pi
: 6 U iti
7 03 a m
, .11 19 pjm
12 12 a.m
ii .1 jo -
i - 8 63 ;!
BIT an
, . 57 a m
10 30 a m
; Itoanoks '
4,20.i': .
! ili.20.a m
" Liberty
.12 32 p m
i s' so A
7 00. "
- 9 05 "
12 00 p m
' 12 16 pm '
, , . . '" 1
1 1 t bin-
LvLynchb'g .
1 65
; f4 Burkeville
Ar Pet'aburg
Lv Pet'sbttrg
1 a car., it. .
" 4 00
' A
. 6 30
af.H 41
'.. i.8 5 i
Ar Norfolk '
V 30
c-uniMiLa nurto.
'ii. 5 doea not run' between Burkeville and
Lsraehburg on Btindayav i!u -!- - ' '-'t " -
, ..At LOANOKE Noa. 2 and ,4 for North and East
Via H.-V- P B. R. . la-iTI . ,. T-
A,t LYNCUBURa No. 5 only connects with V.
M Jl. R. for Washington aud theEaat, Train.
lea vesLj-uchbuTg-kSS daily..-' '
At LY.NCHBUltQ tio, 4 only connect ,with& 4
A. K it: for Richmond.'-1 Leavee Lynchburg 2:50
p. ai arriving Richmond 9:0Q4p, mia ; J;ti 'a
'At BUItKEViLLE No. 2 only connects with R.
Jl O. It. K arriving Richmrmtt 12:18 p. m. daily.
Note No 4 do a .not, connect via .Burke vjlie
forllchii .ind ' -J " .t ' . ' . ,
At NOf lDLK, aith' Bay Lftte Rteamer. 'dairy
fiXcwj't Snudajy (or BaltimoreJ-tbencpa-ail to Phil
xdeli hiaand New Tork: with Okl Oooiiubnl StnsiPl
era, oh Mohdaya, Tne.la. We'd nettdajB. and St-.
urdaya for K York, ana on' TuaHayand Fri
daye with M. 1M.I Co. f or Bostan and ProviJ
W 'IfRWl RTVKll1 filVlSt AVi'A i
TESTWAB.n)j u-j? .il!li ! -at,'.VaaTWB.;t
.,06pm Arr.,'. ,. Central.. . .., i;Lve SiSsa,.
6 i' !.!.. '.New Klver 'L1 "r iKa
lioa'. rM i 8taytid .l.i.-7., ''
. An
.! ,.Ia.lITJ'awa. "r, XI I ,n .... j
: . . a . -. . n . .. 1
OS'-' m. .'. Narrows;.' : ... . .'. ' '.'.'9 4i,":
3 51 arai'H ,. r.Aw4r ' ; -.v:."" B M '
! v" oik.Ple .'.'. I" 10 26 am
150 Pocahontas,....,.Ar.11581
1 C
! 1 nr rmmt r n
tT, AU anaulriea. as to lUUs. i.EiaiUes.1 be-L
prvBiptly stiswerail. . , . ,,.(tlr.
XI you rv) going o iravei, an.p . lecier or pta-
tal to . .'K il 1 ' a- lALLKN Brill.' Jt
i, , . iPaaaenirer Ageat, L-yorbbw Tai
r. H. BANDS. 0uT Hupt, Itoanoka. I t.., ,1 I ,
Am pamr.''a. f- T. A.. Khoanele. Va
ia.;l . J ;;'.! v '. . ' ' , - iv
I i .... M i i r i i I r m, , .-!.
; jilSS an
V 1'
X ' taVoeits' wreawtpttoa .if ' f-jf '
rmost fK.-at aoi anorrul - - ..T 1
(now r-ur.-d. ior twpurio(iwjPn .
MMmt siaiinomi, law
LapILttMaiaatol.Oalin f
LapiaaaJ.taavaioiMraaaa. v i.a.. .-an
SS3i W." 4rC0:i Uls, Md Lf f
I - .v'a AfZZ envi I'CI J
If You are Going
a .
say? .vxoie. - u.io.
AiW.. X ,09.
!l b MiiMw,
j Albebt.B. Vbrnn, P. A.; Atlanta. Ga,
1 W.i.lu.l.G.HAtjAri 'iiTO
Nashville, Xeun .
W. tBuI.. A tLattsuLsga1, Tenn's
' rr - r ' n r r t '.- i A
obtained fox new inssntiousr.-ier iutprovemeirta
en old ones, for medical or othei -qniuounds tratlev
marks and latK-iSJ uave&ui. ssigsmentaf intar
ferences, Arppxalai fcuitw -tsr lufriugaametir., in(
11 all cases arising under the PATENT LAWS,
promptly attended to. INVENTIONS THAT
REJEGTEI)iVftitt..i?b. m
auted by us. Being oiJiyaitf tiie Vi S. JPatent ijei
partment, and engaged fn "Patent business exclu
sively, we can make closer searches, and secure
Patents more promptiv, ana ivitn Droaaer claims,
than those who ore remote from Washington,
f AT T V TV TH!) CJ 8eud U8 model or sketch
ll V Xill 1 w IV O of your device; we make
akaminations and advise us u patentability, riiaa
orcnABoa. Allcorresixjnd. nee strictly confiden
tial Prices trw, ana Ntr CHARGJj.. JINUISS
PjA t i'jft'f m BEc;uri.r.jL.
t V,'c ixfcr !n, Washington, to Hon. Postmaster.
General D. II. Key,. Rev. I'. Power, The Ger
man-American National Bank, to officials Jn the
p. 9. Patent OlBce, andt'S.uato-B and Represr n
tatives in Congre.e;. and especially to onr client,
la fvery State in the Union and in Canada,
i Addjreas v . , I ' -: '- r-1 1
j , C . A. SXO W & CO.,
Opposite Patent.Offlce , Washington, D.. Cr, ,t
j d o xa - -
"t i, t)e aler i x
Dry Goods, Groceries,
JJQpts.' Shoes, i f skis, &c,-
v , j , Sole Agen. fpr the-,Li(jht-llunning
rtr-gewing Machine NEED1.E3 of all kinds, OIL,
' ho. constantly on hand, . i .. ...
Highest market price paid for ill kinds ol Country
t ;.. ' Prodm-e. ' "' -
jan462-ly ... :. - "'.''.,,
, S.ecure Healthy
action to the Llvei
and reMee all bil
lons troubles.! ;
Purely Vegetatls; No Ctiplag. frlce 25s. AU Erujsti-
no nnl sftpr Snn.lav Or-tnliHr la
Passenger trains will run as follows:
(Train Train . IS iTraiu 54
Washington (Lv )
8 38 a. In.
1.05 piU.
1.20 .
8.50" ' -7.16
7.20 "
p.m.j 4.o0 p.m
Gorvkngille(r .)
. !
r 1
Lynchburg lar.)
North Danville,
. i
2.45 a.m
8.07 "
8.10 "
Wn.-taVrillL 55
, k ;, Mi o laxpaEgs.L'oilj ex7
' i'o ? :i" i
North DoiMlfe(le)
19H aUm.r'10.30'r.u: '
10 17 " 110.32. " ' I
t iv i:
3 OS
ft 45 a
Lyuchbtrrgi-Oe. j
Chariot teville,
Gordons ville,
Alexandria,, (ar.)
: Washington,. Jt
1.2 . p. in., 12. 50 a m
2a f
3 00 i
3.30 "
1 T.15 '" '
7.40 " .,
Mail trains Sonth bound, connect at. Cliart6t-.
' tegvilleVwkh Chetmpeake and Ohio K: W. Eaat
West; at Lynchburg, with Noi iolk and W'eatih-fi Ii.'
R ', through Honthwest Virginia to Nashville, New
Orieana, Mempbif", Little Hock Aud Texas, and at
Dau.vjUa with Richmond and, ; Dan villa: Railroad;
(otolith and Southwest. .
Mail train North UjOad, eotful-otg it Lyf chburg
with the R. k A. R W. fo-U-xiugtou aud Nat
ural linage, ana at (:.narlottetviUe wlthi , S.
n. w. tor tftaniiton, Chftou Forge and inte medi
''at point. .tin .-t t. ri -.!' i .'
. Exyr,eas trains. South bound, (connect at Chart-
lotteavifle with C. k O . tt. W. t ur the West and at ,
Danville with R. & V . R W., for all poinU in
soutn, Soutlieant. Houthwrstraa J Eaat.
y E tpreBs trains north, bouad oennect at Chariot '
. tenvllle witb O. k O. li. w for Uichmond, trtaon
toa, rHateHi!phor..Chsrleatoil and Hnutiiiirton.
a- For jr'airfax C, H. daily .connections at i'.firfax
Diiivn.' -
Train. 50. M aid 64 connect W and from WARa.
BEN TON daily, and train 51 daily, except Sunday,
to and from Warrentorj.-1 ' -"- '''p' -. ' ' -
EUAN KLIN DIVISION, 4aUy. exoept Sunday,
leave -Rocky Mount 7:30'a. in., arriving at frank
lin Junction 11:15 Bwnan : Lea4 .EraukliU Junw
,tiou6:'l0 p. in., arrive at Rocky .Mount 10:09 p. .
m., tuukiiur close oouueorloii at i'lSultlin 3iitictfon '
itti mail trains 50 and 51. also with local At eight
uMiaia av lajuuupurg auu iiiiif me,
- MlitD .T-H-UNS; -ltavs.i Aluiudria daib.VexP
cept buiiday, 4:00 aud 9.20 a. and 11:5$ p. ru.,
returning ariivs at Alexandria a.!AI aAnlr.; and 3:00
and JO: so p. m. Mixed trmu, leaves Alexuudria
daily 4.39 p. in. Returning, art ivea at Alexandria
K-,30 a, tn , -, .r' i i: t ,KTiv- ;r-'i
: MANASSAS MVISIOX, daily, except Sunday:
Leave Washington 8:5 in.-Alexandria 9:05 a.
tn.i arriving at Straxburg l:laVp. m., connocting
with the Val.ey Koad East and .Vest, and at River
with8b'U. Val. R. R.'-ftw Limray and 'Wiiynes
htiro. Returning-, leave Strasborg' 2:00' p-- .,
'arriving at,Alexaudrial6.:25 p., in., and, Vi'aib'U
ton 7:10 ' ' ..'i.i-.--. "
. M1XKU . 'TRAINS leave- Aftxabdm! -jlafl.f, 'et
ipt bunday, 4;45 a. urJ, aidvttjg at Btrasburg 8:-
iiop.m Kc-turuing, Iraye Str.nhiirg 6.-UOi ;pi.J
arriving at Aiexaudria 2:50 p. m.. Leave Jlawas
a 10:55 a m . daily except Sunday, arriving' at
iitruaburg 4,30 p. ni ; returntiu,', leave 'Strbabitrg
fc:00 p, m daily txcept Saturday, arriving atMan-
":? "-... -a'...:.'. r-'rLUVi! f;
. rxr. .i(uiaieBur g,' connection at risma era; ion.,
"For Upper ille, connectiou at Delaplane.' !' '
. .Pulliuan aleepiuR Cars b tauy n New Yoik and
"sl ants on Mail traiuH. . north and south
bound without e!wi? )t'y change f-eiMe-
t.weeu New 'York' and New Orleans
' :;New, Orleaua ' bletii lug, Qir leave Waafcintton
8:3.1a' nrt.'runuinK throuih without .:hauae . .
Ptikmaa . bleeping ' Vtr 1 be( weetr ' Wa'hintR&
and AutniKta. (ia . withinitclaaueu on 10-3J Da.ni. j
jrain,miM-etiDoro Uiiariorv ana fJoluictU'
Slip traina situ Pu:uUp -palaqi) Care.cattached ,
rnn turougu -tie ween Uat-lil .'K'on.and Louisville,
via btawutoa.ai h Wblte'ihatrJ'daUy.,,.,1"i-v--;'-
(6n. M-aiid'ffo North filir wi?Bt.
'l hcouuL tirlLfltsat lowest rates to all iiaroctaat
nnin. i.. .1... ' ... .1 V . .
1 . , i.. A.
eriaZ.. B.-THOMPSON:' "I
AnaiAtaalit 'wfiaaravi PftRNi'tlaVPF .iaTAni.
V. 3rt"Si'0H.VIiEng aiirl Supt. oct 31
. : - rr m' 1
1 a 'lTi'' . 1 Ic ,u'i "
t( publisUed, a new edition of Dr. Jlulver-rl
l'.xit'l.vraa'Al:-KiMii viu the ."Adfear 'eitr f I
ii at wt
8penrartorrhotaor wsiqiual M'eknexs..Iu,.olttarj-
fiehiiual L6Kci,lin,ivftiL, HlOuTal aud 'PiiyHioal
-iDcapautv, f ipva-divfulo Krrie Mo p ali,
JuajuuptioD, Epilepsy aud i'il. icduced, by elf-
tpul e,riagaaa, ai3
-I he -lt-braU-d author, in this raduiiraWi tmWXi
Cwrlf adrtinAltiyrates f ntifi-li thiity yar,s'8iiect-
(tia pratty e thru, th ..alatfi)rog0doitHtpKsMaaor
IJP ' 1 Vi ... .ia..-In.. A . . .
maU Qtiati n0:ainr!''-erlain wnd Mroatrial
bV niean. of which . fvctr- a laif war ,--- matter
j aybas hia qondition wit btj.. nsyfJMfe 14nat, ,
ciiaaahry, farivsr. t a .fr r- iuviii) . ,
' tuialWlarWaaaldaiJ Iks fct !arOsaiirf 'evtfy
r.;at yylajr fj . i plain euv.iope, hi ny. aj-,
druKaj-ufcrt-patah, fur re -taljat f a 'x-centa 'r,'.twca
postage ataa pa
a Jlie CiUverirell an?tUCI V".
iiw 1 -l ii-U-Aii'Sf:, Yor:3!t..Y.
ii 14
.. x I I
i i V
t fiVtfl fonriTin wnth no
1 - r r r r
. -s- f- , ii oaaafaraHawarin S. S
' v- ia ivj V.T V'-' lETT'-i
iia lis Dioa so mwnT io
i ducuessors in kdi;
successors Lo RORAN icki.t.K' v
fe J6 tll&f AO"
Circular aAMmsp :
And aU kinds of Castings for upright Saw MOU and Carnages.
Steam, Engines Built an.dAiRepaired
. -jj ,c,lo ,. BESrMADE IN THE SOUTH: -
fronts arid Graics of all Siibj:
; " Side Hill Plows and Pl67 Castings, Cane Mills,
' Column; Sfretf and rentihiting Grates, and Builders' Castings generally 1
!-..- . .. i i - ?
Eclipse Double Turbine .Water-Wbeei
j SlUlulVs Lime. Extracting tl eaters, and Judson'g Stand j
-,-:r! . ,y,ard Ciovernors for Steam Engines.
-'i7SmMm t0 rder Ud Machinery or all kinU. Retired properlyand nt
tlieaptch. We invite persona having any claaa of wot I to do in our hue to ve ua a call. mrl1
; u--.,
- - -
Dealer in and
Italian EiidAiiiarican Marbla,
l2?oi? Fencing Furnished to Ordc r
,'1 o j 1 a
-Foundry: and '
t J 1 ..... . . I i, - s . .
! .. I j ... , , - T f k 7 a
i .v. -
Vi .:? :,ta j'tt ! . ' V -a-a -.-.
; -T'rict AII1I UTaolitnorvanil Hflarlnrr of all tflmla
i Ja.lk7 Aiati AUa,awvaaaava j mii.i - s av ajaaja va a-s a. aaillUD
J t ai. ' F ... l , . ''! ( ' 1 . i ' .
RtBdtingri Water
": u.-r
: ) t.li I
IM') ,'i ' U- lfl
'' I 'Circular Sawsy Lsfcialilier and Cotton BoltlDf,1 Frcccli Jnij'.. r::;',
tri ... ' t t a Nrn rsor.TTKo rr.ntus op rkst ottat.ttv: '
' "' .i 1-. .'. ' ; r i " i.':' .a-. ;'-''.qf: i
'taT It IAI II I T of all kinds done to Ai-der on abort notice. We guarantee aatiafaciis'l a i !
In every tespect. Prompt attention given to all orders, aud prices given on application.
Before purchasing vlaewjkera call jn pr address. . ,. , , i ,.
' r rV.;.,.A.,t C?!.H.yiT,T & SON; Witt's rouiidry, E. TennM , ..,
II 11K aH 1 -sr
' Aad 1U anftsnplctaly chanff tlie blood in
ii iilii
11 tl niVVl fifii
. U ,.sil at bat ScaV .liJ kati ur
son wlio.TriU taUo: 1 Pill cacU slight from 1 ts 1? weeks, may bfl restoretd to aauad I 1!
health., If such a thine bo possible. For curinff Female Complaints these Pills hsya fas'
equal. Physicians use them iu their practice. Sold everywhere, ocacnt by mall for
elrht letter-stamps." Seiia for circular. I,. S. JOJINSOX, CO.,r BOSTON, MA$8.n A
aninrap n n
.. U in J CI ! . sr . i -
fi i j
, NeBralpia.fnnaelnza.Snre Lungs, P.leedmg at tho Lune.t nrotiie lloamenes, tlacklnfrrnagn, wmxipini t,oonn,
Chronic Uheumatiam, Cbroniq Diorrtig;.-, t!hriic Dyacnterr, i'holer Jlnrira, Kidney TruuMm, inseaaat of the
pme and lame Baca, bold everywnere. oenu lor pampniei io i. o. johnsok a to., mostos, MAsa.
An English Veterin.irv Sureeon and Chemist,
now traveling lo uii aoonntry, ay i Mrs moot
of the liorae and Cattle , Powder id her.
I' are woriblraa trnUv." Hoay that Sticldan's
l iMdinnn fownera aria atiaiuiuieiv uajre ana
- , " ;
' v f f X'
S. ' '
. J .i i JOi
i Jlntnianaelyvahilible. ' Kimmr' on carrhwiH mate nen"fyl!k4 Sheridan's Condition Powders. Toa, 1 ttaip'n-, .
Jul o ipijM food. ( dylJvjryher-eia by uiajlfocJieu;-uiupa.. L S.,Jaamaos as Co., ItosToa, atasa
!W I Jl-ai fc-
',1a j -,if
i ( - '
U h i V" t V. ii -.-n .: 1:1:1-1 ' 7 m ; L
. .'.Uanufacturod by ISAAC A. SHEPPARO 'A' CO'.! Baltlmorol MJ. ' ' :
Copper Dis
r . '
,i u t wv t. r
trio ;H) .WJ
aw .
'a, ' , ,,..a'.
Manufacturer of
;i.i T
c -
v ' I i i.' i . 1 ! i .
! : i il
- Maj&iiirie:
i !..,
.'. - itl
els and Cane Mills
!1 ." lilt I
the entire sTsttnxJa tuhse montksJ'! An peri '
r.Rnup arthma.i RnisinHiTi :i
.a - wa - T ' - -....a, ..wia.-ra . w
iUiiM-iHMiy relieve tneae ternote ai.iai's, and w ill poatuvviy
pure niiie case, out of ten. lutormartlort tliat will avt .
many lives .jent free by ma lb- JUua t i.tay'a uiomrnt .
LlMir.lEflT '&tO!.$si
a .41a - , ., ., - ' . ' ' tl " 1
rUtTWrraTit a;i?ia ftrii fcrina4. alv. .m
v as'Wirft'feumt.aleal 'kwiervbtra ' Adapted f .
"all reii4n:uJiiti, kud la.Vad- ta i tr.lt all tursua' lS " -
ti L E AO i H C F E AT U R C G :
f Pooblo . Wood JJiK.rs, Taten, JVooa .;U.aJ,i-V
,'VW'U'-Sa'-,!' I'araT, Inten'hangc-atle" Auto .
BiatUUaolt; ftA.ilmg,:I'ioi,.r:w1glng Ileurth "
ItJo, Swingit.g Fluo-SUip, Jtevensible Cua - '!
IHirnir'g LonR Crusa Fijaar Double Ston
'f iiier j, Heftvy pinyj Cavers,- Illua-jpatisl flit t? 1
'-.!, A?' Kl'.akll aaMi if. ' . .
tncquulod' !q Siuterlal, 'in Flblaa, and i
tmiioo. ii-!'i v:
- '' J-"
; ' all " i I

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