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Jamu C'oorKa, ACI5T.
The UorristoTm Gazette.
WEDNESDAY, Dxc. 26, 18S3.
Local AbleS and Other NetCS.
The Opera houe whistler is
aoce. Ue mutt go.
a ouis-
A large line bolidsy goods at Good-
son & Blalr'4.
See new advertisement of Cain House
barber shop.
Hsne'socae holiday gifts at Datis's,
the jewsler.
W. .Boyce, of AsheTille, N. C.
is spending tbe holiday here.
T?r J- R. Fox will Dreach In the
Lutheran Church Thursday nigM, Jan
ntry 3d.
In looking up good things for Christ
mas dinner, don't fail to ace Goodson i
Blair's Grocery sleek.
D. W. C. DavU, the jeweler, is ex
hiblting a costly and handsome stock of
holiday goods in bis line.
The secood term of the Morritown
Male High School will begin Monday,
JanuarT 7th. 1884. Don't fail to enter
- "
your boys promptly.
Bonnie Bell Mims. .f LeadTali,
who has been attending school at Bris
tol. rwuuert through the c'ty Saturday
eu route hom to spend Chrls'mas
"Are you well pleased with your suit.
1'r.nk ? "O. Tes. of course I am. I
got it from J. A. Itieend you know h
fp,trii!et everything he tell."
The fascinating MWs Rwa Chapman
arrived from AsheTille Ffi fay, and will
spend tbe holidays wiilt relative in
our town. Site is the guest of Mis
Mttlie Carmiehael.
Mr. Z T. B yles, an appreciated
and intelligent patron of Warrensburg,
was in town Saturday and made The
Gazettk sspctum a brief but Tery ac
ceptable call.
J. A. Rice has an enormous display of
clothirg conflicting of eentlrmcn'a wear, I
Itk sui:s. sack suits, lurni'Unggooj.,
PTet-shir:s, unW liirt, white shirts.
hiry, s is;rnilers, etc., all of whic'
he oilers great bargains in.
Mi tea Xtpple King ami Jennie Rose,
and llfra. Mike Kin and Harris
TVbiteiide, have returned from school
to spend Ibe holiday Tacation at their
homes in this p!ce.
Briag late is the sess'-n, I. B. Lotc
maa Jt Co., of Chattanooga, offer to sell
cloaks at greatly reduced prices. Go
cr send to them. Also dres good, sills
and TeUeU.
When you go to Koexville call on
J. Jc L. Penning, the Jewelers. They
baTe the finest assortment of Jewelry,
watches and clocks, and sell at rock
bottom price. Foucbe Block, Clinch
Keep it before the people, tht the
clothing establishment of J. A. life is
a larg and elegant stock of clothing
suiUble to eTpry taste; that Rice doesn't
deal ia sheddT good; that no man can
oraVaJsell clothing cheaper than be.
A cheese factory and creamery com
pany was organized at KnoxTille last
week. The officers and directors are
of tbe leading business men, and the
enterprise will be inaugurated on an
extensiTe aca'e.
An acceptable and magnificent New
Yeai's gift Canary bird a fine and
stately singer. It will only cost you
$2.50. Now is the time to make your
sweetheart or lady friend supremely
happy. For further particulars call at
r address this efSce.
A ball en marpie is announced to
come oil at tbe Opera House Thursdsy
Bight. It is to be gien by the
yooug men of the town, and no doubt
will preTe the etent at the festive sea
son. The Oaiettjs has been aked to
attend, for which courtesy the invita
tion committee has our thanks.
The execution of O'Dennell, who
murdered Carey, one of the Phornlx
Tark murderers who escaped by gmng
testimony in the case. Is tbe latest act
ia this awful crime, bet what wore Is
to follow can only be inferred fromstbe
threats of O'Donnell and others who
sympathized with the murderer.
The topoiot H In Paradise,
Await the bonrtt man, perchance.
Who pays the prin'er like a man.
And pay him in advance.
But red hot chains and burotngcords
In a land where there's no winter.
Will bind the SMiUen greedy man
Who dares to cheat the printer.
Henry A, Grantham, (priest.) In
card to the Sweetwater Democrat, asks a
suspension of public opiilon to refer
ence oao article la the Rock wood He
pvbii,ytnt tbe gUt of which we publish
ed last week. He says he is patiently
awaiting an ecclesiastical InTeligalIon
ef the charges against him, the result
of which shall be published.
Seid postal card request for a sample
Copy of the Washington WvrU and Cifi
ten SUHer, the Old Soldiers' paper, the
Antimonopoly paper, tbe Family paper,
tbe paper fwr eTerybody published
Tery Saturday;elgbt pages, 43 column;
price only One Dollar a year. Address,
The Wsshlrgton World, ICO! F St.,
Waablngtan, D. C."
The handsomest and most commea
dable improvement that baa bean made
la any of our notsd houses Is that com
pleted Saturday night the insertion of
a mammoth g'ass window In the front
of the ('See of the Caia House. It is
an adornment to the handsome struc
ture aal adds greatly to the enjoyment
Of guet.
Wa, Herd, of New Canton, Hawk
In county, came U bis death at his res
idence, on the eight of the 25tb, by
falling from his chair Into tbe fire and
belrg fatally burned. He wa one of
the best kaewn, most widely connected
and on of the wealthiest citizen ef
Haakias county. He bad many friends
tad bis sal death will be greatly re-
Tbe Bristol Reporter copiei the dot
free trade idiosjncratias expressed bj
with us. without comment. The article
reada pretty well; but then, ( !)
George Elliot, employed en the con-
structien train, waa found dead ea the
railroad track at New Market on Tues
day mornin? of list week. The body
waa horribly mutilated and cut by the
rassenrer train. It is thought be was
murdered and placed on the track. He
had been diunk during the day and bis
borne was oaar New Market.
The greatest joy and hope of tbe arer-
are man Is wnen oe is rictrctl out in a
superb suit of clothing furnished by J.
A. luce, the cheap spwt casu dot tiler.
Walter P. Brownlow, Eq., and Col.
Henry Gibson are'anchored within tbe
Tale." Tbe former has been appointed
postmaster of the United States Senate
and the latter bas been confirmee
pensien agent at KnoiTille. Both places
bare eood silares attached, and both
gentlemen are clerer and competent and
merit the party recognition they bate
A most appropriate holiday present
for Tour sweetheart can be found at D.
VT. C. DaTls's.
A Chattsnoega dispatch to the Atiuri
earn tavi it is rumored there that the
Rogersville and Jeffenon .railroad will
- -
be extended t the rich coal fields of
I Lee county. Virginia.
A wealthy corn-
Danv has been organized, we are in
formed, and the prej ct is an assured
fact. Tbe propoted road will deTelop
one of tbe richest sections of East Ten
nessee, and bas been already too long
Ruv vour busine-s and dre? suit
from J. A. Rice. He will eiTe you a
bargain. Pi ices the lowest for spot cash
OaJ of the saddest deaths that bar
happened recently is that of Mrs. Kate
C. Briscoe, wife of Mr. Dan. Briscoe,
late of this place, who died of pneumo
nia, at her residence in KnoxTille.Xlon-
lav nirht of last week. She was a de-
Toted aud faithful wife and mother and
a generous, kind-hearted neighbor, dis
tinguished no less for many graces aud
rirtuesof character which will render
her memory dear to all who were con
nected with h- r or knew her. The be
reaved husband aad the motherless chil
dren have the heartfelt sympathy of all
who know them.
II you want to appear well dressed in
society, Ion t fail to buy ana eiegant
suit of clothes from J. A. it ce.
Several bills have been introduced in
Congress to pension Mexican w ar vet
erans. Amovg otners, one by Jir.
Uouk, of the Second district. Tbe
Chm.kle, the most influential Republi
can newspaper in the South, in an ar
ticle advocating tLe pensioning of the
veterans, says:
"The survivors of our Alexican-war
army ought to be all pensioned. That
army gave more military glery to the
American naiie than ali the armies wr
have ever raised. That army gave us a
ten itory that rounde t our national do
main into fullncs. We have always
loved and honored the veterans who
fought under Taylor and Scott, and that
man who des out honor and recpect
them wants something to complete the
ationality of his patriotism."
Not so fast, any friend, if you could
see the large body ef men and boys who
daily throng the clothing establishment
of J. A. Rice, you would say "Glorious
and invaluable man" and henceforth
proceed to buy your clothing of him.
When a country merchant (remarks
one of our esteemed contemporaries,)
aks tbe rate of advertising In hi coun
ty paper and is told that it I ten cents
a line it take his breath away. Such a
man would never succeed as a merch
ant in New York or Chicago, where be
could not do business without advertis
ing and the advertising rates would scare
bint to death. Tbe Chicago Tribune gets
$20,000 for the use of one of its col
umns a year. The New York Tribune,
for its lowest column, gets $25,000 and
for it highest $5,000 a year. The New
York Herald gets a high as $300,000 a
year for one column, and it 1 always
crowded with advertisements, too.
Good businessmen know the ralue of
advertising. Short-sighted ones do not.
' MaJ. W. II. Malone. of Asheville, N.
C, year ago a prominent member of
the Knoxville bar, and a partner of
the then plain John Baxter, Eq., has
issued from the law book publisher, W.
II. 3Iorrison, of Washington City, a
"Treat i.e en Real Property Trials,"
which is announced as an original and
thoroughly practical law book. Tbe
Augusta Evening JV'etr speaks of the
work in the following complimentary
terms: "The great event ef this year
to the legal fraternity ia the publication
ef the new work of Cl. W. II. Malote,
of tbe AsheTille bar. entitled "Real
Property Trials." It show undoubted
genius as well a great research, and
will prove valuable to tbe profession
throughout the Union. It is highly en
dorsed by the first lawyer of thi acd
other States. It is dedicated to his
brother-in-law, Gsn. Robt. B. Vance, a
brother of Senator Zeb. B. Vance."
A $20 Diblical Prize.
The publishers of Hv(ledffe'$ Monthly
ffer twelve valuable rewards in their
X'ont'Jy for Jauunrr, among which la
the follewing: We will give $20 Co to
the person telling us how many times
the word Bethlehem occurs In the New
Testament Scriptures (not the New Re
vision) br January lOtb, ISM.. Should
two or mor correct answer be receiv
ed, the reward will be divided.- The
money will be forwarded to the winner
January 15th, lS-4. Persons trying for
the reward anuit send SO cent In silver
(no postage stamps taken) with their
answer, for which they will receive the
February Monthly, la which the name
and address of tht winner of the re
ward and tbe correct answer will be
published, and la which several more
valuable rewards will be offered. Ad
dress Rutledge Publishing Company,
Eaatoo, l'enna.
TLe Christmas number of the A'ete
Teur WetUg, we observe, Is an unusual
ly Interesting Issue of that always en
tertaining paper. Besideathe long ae
rials and rsgular departments, it con
tains a variety of excellent matter of
especial Interest at this time. Among
the content ar: "Eiercissd at Christ
mas," a charming sketch by M. T. Cl
dor; A Christmas Ghost Story," by
Mrs. C. E. Perry; "Philip Revere'
Christmas;" "Christtras at Reed'
Ranch," 4A Tramp' Story;" "When
Christmas Come," and other attractive
Stop and consider your interest and
buy goods from Goodson & B'air. They
will sell you good good at the lowest
D. W. C. Davis I In receipt of bl
elegant line of holiday Jewelry tbe
anoht attractive ever exhibited in the
city. Call and examine.
A young girl io Philadelphia who for
three year ha qeen a patient sunerer
with sore throat, bas bsen effectually
cured by using Dr. Bull s Cough syrup
Tbe installation of the cfUcers elect
of Morristown Chapter and Morristowa
Lodge, F. and A. 31., will take place
place publicly at the Methodist Church
next Friday evening, De. 23. After
which tbe fraternity and their families
will partake of an elegant aupper to be
spread in the Opera House.
The entertainment given by the Mor
ristown Ptmale Iligh School, at Mc-
Farland'a Opera House last Friday
night, the occasion of the closing of
the first tchool term, wa Tery largely
attended and afforded quite a pleasing
literary treat to our citizens. Tbe ex
ercises consisted of well-written origin
al e says, recitations, music, calisthen
ics, tableaux, etc., and the entire pro
gramme was conducted with deserving
credit to the principal, of the tchool,
Prof. McFerrin, and his assistan. We
are glad to know that tbe term just
closed of this institution bas been even
more prosperous than its friend antici
pated. Our people are taking more in
terest In the educational cause, and the
large audience present at the Opera
(louse the other night would indicate
that they are in earnest about building
up a seminary in their midst that will
reflect prai-e upon themselves and bon
or upon the town. Let no go d citizen
flag in his zeal for the schools.
What Yi u Want. There is scarceh
any family in our city but needs such a
remedy as the famous Seven Springs
Iron and Alum Mass. It is n-t a patent
medicn.e, but is the "salta" of mineral
water. An infalible cure for Piles
Sore Throat, Chills and Fever. Chronic
Constipation and Chronic Diarrhoea,
r'c. Made by Landrum Jc Litchfield,
Ab nedon. Va.. and for sale at 50 and
$1.00 per bottle. For sale by all first-
cla-s Druggist.
A gdssipv, on-the-wlng up country
correspondent of the Chronicle has Ibis
pleasant and complimentary record to
make of Morristown and her people :
In an hour and a quarter Morristown,
42 miles away. Is reached. Here we can
change cars atd go to Warm Springs,
43 miles off, in tbe French Broal gorge
and sliii further if disposed to Ashe
ville, iu North Carolina. Next season,
if reports are true, passengers will be
able to go beyond Asheville to Hender
son, and from there to Columbia aud
Charleston, South Carolina, only a short
gap of railroad construction being
neeceary to accomplish the result.
Morris-town is bright and evidently
hopeful. It is a comparatively ne
town and has a trad that ia increasing.
Directly, tbe inhabitants hope to have
a railroad to Cumberland Gp, and once
ia Kentucky, to Cincinnati, or some
point on the Ohio River. They have a
notion that they will be able to take a
part of the wind out of the sail of
Knexrille not much, but a little, you
know, in order to show that some things
can be done as well as other. There
is just enough in this It keep Knoxville
from lszily dozing, aud an eye is being
kept to windward, as the nautical men
sav. Morristown mu-t have 1,500 or
2,000 inhabitants. Ridiculously, asitia
thought by ouUiee observers, they have
contrived to put their court-house out
of town. Why, the e pie of the vicin
age best know."
This really remarkable periodical
(remarkable for its cheapness and liter
ary artistic merit,) co t mencca its seT
enteenlh volume with the January num
ber, and a more attract ire one ha never
been issued by any of it comtempora-
rirs. Tbe first of a s ries is given by
Evert A Duyckinck, "New York: Past
nd Present; "Mrs. Ann o. Stephen
contributes a charming Christmas story.
Half a Dollar," and Etta w. Fierce
contributes ber mot interesting aerial.
A Dark Deed. lb-re are articles by
Victor M. HoIlinBworf, N. Robinson,
A. S. Ful'er, Noel Ruthven. Edward A.
Hale, Sarah K. Blton, Professor Ed
ward J. Hallock, Millie W. Carpenter.
etc.; short stories, descriptive articles,
narratives, adventures and poems by
popular writers in fact, the 123 quarto
pages are brilliant with literary and
artistic gems. Besides the more than
100 illustrations, the number is embel
lishelwith a beauMful colored plate
frontispiece, "A Day Dream." The price
is only 23 cents a number, or l 50 a
year, postpaid. Addr-'r Mr. Frank
Leslie, Publisher, 53. 55 and 57 Park
Place, New York.
Sugar, coffee and tea,
Tbe best you ever did see;
Candies, crackers, cranberries and rice,
In fact everything at a very low price.
Goodson & Blair always trade fair
And give you lower prices than yen
can get elsewhere.
Call in and see them at the Cumberland
And be waited on politely by Mr. Eph.
We are in receipt of the "Mechani
cal Nkws" for December 1st, and are
pleased to say that i one of the best ill
ustrated papers that e- me to our edi
torial tabK It I a h ndsem4 ixt en
prge Journal, with fine original enrar
ing, and well worth tbe subscription
price aked for it. On the first page of
the number before us are sereral life
like pictures, representing the growing
of grape and their mnufacture into
wine, a carried on In central New York;
these picture are only one of a series
that have been given during the past
year of the Industrial Manufactures of
the Country, and whi- h are to be con
tinued tbe coming ytar. Such enter
prise shows that tbe publishers of the
News" are aliTe to the want of their
Those of our readers who want a first
class practical mechanical paper, can
hardly do better than subscribe for the
amc. Sample copies are furnished by
the publishers, Messrs James LefTel &
Co., No. 110 Liberty 8 reet. New York,
on application. Their subscription terras
are ONE DOLLAR per yeir. They of
fer good inducements forthos who get
up clubs.
Samson's Lefirs and Locks.
When Delilah cllp,d off Samson'
lock that mighty a' Mete at once be
came "as other men." If It could be
proved that the pesses-ion of luxuriant
hair would enable m i to tear open li
ons' Jaw, UUcox & C. would be driv
en wild In the effort to upply enough
of Parker's Hair BaJssrn to meet the
demand. A it la the Balsam prevent
your hair from falling out.and restore
the original color If t ided or gray. Be
side it is a great addition to tbe table
simply as a dressing.
Tbe bard time is coming for us cooks.
The good things of the garden and cel
lar hare been exhausted; but thanks to
Goodson and Blair their Grocery Store
Is altcay full of good things.
AH honor, isy we, to the eoterprhing
spirit of Ibe business men of Morris
town. We may not succeed in securing
the woolen mills, but we are now con
fident that we deserve success. Last
Friday morning a number of our busi
ness men met in the office of Judge W.
McFarland, to take into consideration
the propriety ef adopting measures to
secure the erection of a woolen factory
here. Dr. M. Carriger was called to
the chair and W. H. Coffman was ap
pointed secretary. Remarks were made
by Col. O. C. King, Judge Wm. Mc
Farland, Dr. Carriger, Capt. J, C. Hod
ges and Wm. Van Huss. Jt was resolv
ed that a purse be raised by voluntary
subscription te purchase, or aid in pur
chasing, a suitable site for the faetory,
to be donated to B. F. Stevens & Bro.
A committee was appointed to solicit
subscriptiens, and the meeting adjourn
ed until Saturday morning, 10 o'cloc' .
At that time the meeting convened and
tbe committee reported that $700 bad
been subscribed, and expressed the be
lief that the amount would be increised
to very nearly $1,000. Subjoined is a
list of the subscribers to the fund, at
the close of the meeting on Saturday
morning :
Wm. Van Huss & Bro.; O. C. King;
Brown & Stubblefleld: Goodson & Blair;
Bewley & Hill; J. J. Sikes; J. C. Mathes;
George C. Williams; Gregg & Co ;U. P
Biggs; W. P. Carriger; H. Loop; Wil
liam McFarland; J. A Tiir. TV w i
Uavis; W. R. Buchanan, J. L. Bartley.
It is to be regretted that the names ef
some of the wealthiest citizens of the
town are conspicuous for their absence
from the list. We are informed, how
ever, by a member of tbe committee,
that Merntt & McCrary will subscribe
liberallj-, upon the return of Mr. Mc-
Ciary, and it is thought that some oth
er gentlemen will yet make libetal sub
scriptions. The Gazette will cheer
fully publish a complete list of subscrib
ers to the fund when furnished. All
honor, say we, to the public spirited
citizens who are doing so much to se
cure the builJing of a wo:len factory
here. Such an enternrise would not
nly pay the propr'etors handsomely,
hut would benefit' every nian, wman
and child in town.
The monthly financial statement ef
Supreme Recorder 8acket, of, the Anci
ent Order of United Workmen, makes a
most gratifying exhibit for the mem
bers of this order. During the past
thirty days $184,000 was paid out to
widows and orphans. A splendid lodge
was organiz-d at Ooltawab, James
county, on the 5th f this month, by
D. G. M. W. Dr. G. W. Stewart. Dr
Stewart Is one of the bet organizer
the order has. The order bas been in
existence over fifteen yesrs, and is to
day Increasing more rapidly and is in a
more prosperous condition than ever.
It bas a general relief law that provides
for any emergency in the way of an ex
cessive death rate in any one of the
jurisdictions. It has the safest and best
financial system that could po-sibly be
devised by men of long experience in
beneficiary orders; the laws governing
this department have given such entire
satisfaction that they have not been
changed lor several years. Should
there be any outstanding liabilities af
ter issuing twenty-eight assessments
for the twelve months eading May 1,
1884, they will be turned over u the
supreme ledge as this is the highest
rate the order can be assessed io any
one year in Tennessee. The order
guarantees absolute safety, protection
and security to all members who pay
their assscs8ments promptly within the
time prescribed by the regulations. The
growth of this great beneficiary order
has been marvelous. It has paid out in
the order at large about $7,300,000; of
this amount $375,000 was received by
the widows and orphans residing here
in Tennessee. The total membership
of the order is 126,767.
Carter's Little Liver Pills are free
from air crude and irritating matter.
Concentrated medicine only; Tery small
very easy to take; no pain; no griping;
no purging.
"Fifty millions of people, mostly
fools," was Carlyle's' pointed way of
putting it. The now brilliantly suc
cessful Literary Revolution which a
few months aj;o was supposed to be
permanently doomed assumes tbe op
posite, that people are not mostly fools,
but that they want GOOD books rather
than trash, and the "Literary Repub
lic" is the result. Every reader is a
voter. Ballots in the first election are
to be cast (by postal card), before Jan
uary 1, 1884. The following are the
first "eandidatcs" for honors:
George Rawlinson. "History of the
Seven Great Monarchies of the Anci
ent Eastern World." In three large
12mo. volumes, about 2,400 pages,
with profuse and fine illustrations.
Price reduced from $13 to $3.
Johx Rcsein. "Modern Painters" and
"Stones ct Venice." In five band
come 12mo. volumes, about 3,250
pages, with many illustrations. Price
reduced from $30 to $4.
Guizot asd DeWitt. "History of
France, from the earliest times to
1843." Translated from the French.
Profusely illustrated. In five large
12mo. Tolumes, about 4,000 pages.
Priee reduced from $36 ro $5.
Hekri Vah Lacx. "Complete Hi-tory
of French Literature." In two large
12mo. Tolumes, about 1,000 pages.
Price reduced from 47 50 to $1.50.
Tbe candidatea stand separately. Vote
for those you want, one or all. It will
take 10,000 Totes for each to elect. Tbe
10,000 being received, the books de
scribed will be published during the
present winter en the terms stated. No
money Is asked in advance. You can
receive and examine tbe books before
paying for them. A specimen number
of the Jrtixg Library, giving samples
of type, paper, and other particulars,
will be sent free to any applicant. Ad
dress John B. Alden, Publisher, IS
Vesey SL, New York.
A Valuable Invention.
We refer to the norse-Shoe Bed
Spring now bslng manufactured at Msr
ristown by Mr. 8. U. Turner. These
Springs are all guaranteed to give satis
faction, and Dartie who nave used them
say they surpass anything of the kind
ever before offered to the public. V e
may tell our readers that Mr. Turner is
no adventurer traveling about the coun
try to "beat" people, but is a fair deal
er, who complies with bis contracts and
treats every one wilh proper respect aad
"One of the Shepherds of Bethle
hem," is the title of a devout Christian
poem published anonymously. It giTes
the shepherd's story of the appearance
of the angel whe announced the glad
tidings of the birth of Christ; he closes
his wonderful story with these lines:
I anrely heard tbe angel ay, "
"To toc a child Is born to-day ; , :
A Saviour csto too la given I" t
Obtby! art thou born to ma T
Henceforth my inmost heart ehall be
Thy slavr, to gladly worship thee.
O human Child I ' O Child DiTine t ;
Art thou a SaTiour T Art thou mine,
: Mini, whom herald angela aanf ,- .
VIxvb, for whom the heavens rang,
Aa for OodB own Son and heir,
Fit rejoicing to prepare T
Never more can I repine ;
Thou art mine, forever mine I
The poem goes on to tell how the
shepherd studied the prophecies of the
coming Christ, and how
Guarding hia flock, the shepherd went,
Cpon the Holy Babe Intent ;
Aa In a manger ruda and wild,
Within hia heart ha bore the Child,
And less to earth and more to heaven, .
His dally thought and care was given.
The shepherd's heart, once fierce and wild.
Grew pure and peaceful, meek and mild.
Iide the most Holy, Holy Child,
Till down the sky an angel trod, -With
darkne-s veiled, w ith silent shod, ,
And bore him to the heart of God.
The poem, which is the expression of
deep religious feelings, closes with these
lines :
0 Shepherd! on that shining night
Thou sawest him, the ''Light of light."
Tbe Babe of Bethlehem, the King
Who doth our hearts renew, and bring
Adorning at his feet to sing!
1 envy not that unto thee
Was given the Holy Child to see,
Jesus! who eame for thee and me;
Nor. that I see him not, will grieve :
I shall behold him! and my brow
His blessings crowneth, even now;
"Blessed are they,"
I hear him aay,
-Who have not seen me, yet believe,"
My faith this blessing doth receive. s
If y Lord! my life! mj Joy! my Light -These
songs that sing to me by night'.
These voices, and these visions bright,
Thou glvest, thou! my heart's delight.
O Christ! thy Kingdom hath increased;
The praise of angels hath' not ceased?
And the sweetest song in heaven or earth
Is still the story of thy birth.
So, Christmas Is here again !
While the house sleeps, quiet aa death.
'Neath the midnight moon comes the Waits' shrill
And we listen and hold our breath . u .. 1
The Christmas that mgbt have been .
It ia borne in the far-off sound.
Down the empty street, with the tread of feet
That lie silent underground.
The Christmas we have and hold.
With a tremulou, tender strain
Half Joy, half fear. Be the paalm of the years,
"Grief passes, blessings remain 1"
The Christmas that God will give,
Long after all these are o'er, .
When Is day nor nhfht, for the Lamb is our light,
And we live for evermore.
X). M. MuLocr.
Sweet Christmas bells are ringing
Glad muaio round the earth.
And voices bright are singing
The Stery of Hia birth.
Who came an Infant lowly.
And in the manner lay,
To save, and make ua holy,
To turn our night to day.
But as we sing, we listen;
For songs o'er Xiethlebem's plains,
Where heav'nly splendors glisten,
Break forth In wondrous strains,
To ths Shepherds meek revealing
That Christ, the Lord, is come.
To give His peopln healing,
And bring His loved ones home.
To these aweet nofces of gladiness,
Let eager heart reply,
Tot Christ bath binish'd sadness.
And ain and sorrow die.
We hasten forth to meet Thee,
O ! Babe, O ! King, with songs
Of Christmas J oy we groet Thee,
And shouts of happy throngs.
Roll of Honor of. the Morristown
Male School for December, 1883,- W. A.
Montgomery, teacher:
Aeademic Department. Willie Hickey,
Dan. Carmichael, CJ K. Murphey, John
Harle, Hu. Cain, Lee King, John Mont
gomery, Q. Van Huss, James HooTer,
Hugh Montgomery.
Primary Department. Hubert Evans,
Lannie Montgomery, John Hodges,
Rscoe Bartley, Charlie Kemp, Bob
Taylor, Everett Lowry, Henry Loop,
Dennis Van Huss.
The Printer1 Circular makes the fol
lowing sensible suggestion concerning
that important institution, the local
newspaper : A largt portion ef people
do nothing to support their local paper,
yet reap the benefit syery day of the
editor's work. A man mav sav. "ad-
vertising does not pay in business."
And yet the fact Is, but for the paper,
the town in which be does business
would be unknown ; tbe railroad over
which he ships his goods would be un
built, and he himself would be unheard
of if it were not for the newspapers he
says does him no good. ' The local pa
per is of advantage to every man in the
community, and when a man refuses to
contribute to the support of the paper
on the ground that "it does him no
good," he might just as well refuse to
pay his taxes for the support , of the
courts and polico force, on the same
ground that he never breaks the law
and does not need any officers.
An Editor's Testimonial.
A. M. Vaughan. editor of the Green
wicu Review, Greenwich, O., writes:
Last January I met with a very severe
accident, caused by ;i runaway horse.
used almost every kind of salve to beal
me wounas, wnicn turned to running
sores, bat found nothing to do me any
good till I was recommended HENRY'S
CAKBUL.IC SALVE. I bounht a box
and it helped me at once, and at the end
of two months I wus completely well
It is the best salve in the market, and I
never fail of telling my friends about
it. and ur ;e them to use it whenever
they need a salve, i' ! ;
Medical Skill Baffled.
T. C.JCoyle, of Clarksburg, West Va.,
writes. I am quite familiar with SCO
having used it for tbe past fifteen years
as an alterative medicine, and can safe
ly say that it is superior to any with
which I am acquainted now in tbe mar
ket for the'eure and control of those dis
eases of the blood tbat have baffled the
skill of the masters of the medical pro-
P. J. PIttman, Bootmaker,
Js now located In the old Bank room.
one door wet of D. Feces & Co, Call
and $te him, and get t4 lett Boot for the
kAtfrnwy. by211
The Memphis Appeal makes the good
suggestion that the State convicts be
used for constructing macadam roads
A young man in Oglethorpe, Ga.
stole his wife's bed and eloped with
his sister-ir-law.
Johnny Mara of Hoboken. N. J., will
die from nicotine poisoning caused by
smoking cigarettes.
Alfred de Rothschild has an electric
lamp io bis carriage so that he may
read as he rides at night.
A Miles City (Montana) hunter re
ports a herd of buffalo numbering 75,'
000 in the vicinity of the Bell Fourche.
Mr. Whittier, the poet, is getting so
far along in years that bis birthdays are
noted. Tuesday the 18th, was his sev
enty-sixth anniversary.
A negro woman went crazy in Chat
tanooga, Tenn , the other day because
she lost a pair of bracelets which were
given her by ber dead sister.
A census of Southern editors show 2
captains, 17 majors, 7 generals, and
1,826 colonels. There are no privates
and no officers below tbe rank of cap
tain. A Southern court has declared tbat a
not baed upon ' transactions in cotton
futures comes under the law against
gambling debts, and Is, therefore, null
and void.
Scientists say that the reason kissing
is so pleasant is because tbe teeth, jaw
bone, and lips are full of nerves,, and,
when the lips meet, an electric current
is generated.
Important changes are spoken of as
soon to be made in tbe schedule of the
East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia
railroad. Officers ef the road, we are
informed, went over the road last week
to prepare the new schedule. Train No.
2, eastern bound, which reaches here at
5:57 p. m. and Bristol at 10 p. m. by the
new schedule will leave ChatUnooga at
6 a. m and arrive at Bristol at 3 p. m.,
eastern standard time. By this arrange
ment passengers will have a daylight
train, east and west, ffom Morristown,
something they huTj not enjoyed for a
numDer or years.
Tbe latest and mi st stylish articles of
jewelry especially suitable for holiday
gifts can be found at D. W. C. Davis'
The Armitage Bros., who have ben
in business in this place for some time,
have sold their stock of drugs, etc., ro
Col. Patterson, of Knoxville, and Mr.
Albert Armitage accompanies the goods
to tbat city, 'where they will constitute
a new drug heuse under his manage
ment. We regret to lose the citizen
ship of the Armitagcs. They are of
that intelligent and business class of
which any town may be proud. Dur
ing their residence here they made ma
ny friends. We commend Albert to
the courtesies of our Knoxville friends.
Knoxville Chronicle 22d : Mr. Hugh
Taylor, f Leadvale, a well-known
stock dealer of East Tennessee, who is
stopping at Schubert's Hotel, lost a
pocket-book about 11 :30 last night, con
taining $1,755. He, ef course, had lit
tle hope of recovering it. Fortunately
Officer Jud. Reeder picked it up near
Gay and Reservoir streets about 12:30
this morning. The owner was subse
quently found, and he was happier than
the man who discovered the Comstock
lode. He placed $50 in the hands of
that officer as a reward for his honesty.
The officers of .the Public Library
hereby give notice to the subscribers
and friends of the Association that the
Library Reading Room will be open for
the citizens of Morristown on Tuesday,
1st day of January, 1844. A public
meeting will be held in the Opera House
at 7 o'clock, to be addressed by several
prominent gentlemen. The public are
cordially invited to be present.
Wm. Alct aulas d, President.
J. S. Hill, Secratary. -
The Champion Bed Spring'.
The Horse-Shoe Bed Spring is the
Champion It is made of first class ma
terial, and is warranted to make a bet
ter 'bed than any other Spring offered,
and with less than half the quantity of
feathers. It is manufactured in Morr s
town by 8. H. Turner, and sold in the
country by salesmen in wagons. Give
the Horse-Shoe Spring a trial.
Put a Brand on Him.
Women are a necessary evil," he
said bringing down his fist hard on
. ! 1 V. ... -.1
ttie counter io emnasize iue ucaiua
remark. I'- was in the village store at
West Milton, Saratoga County and th-
speaker was the central figure of a
group of bucholic philosophers. He
was homely, siOTeniy ana , sixty.
"There's where I differ from you alto
gether," said Mr. George T. Graham,
of the same place. " W oman are most
ly what men mane 'em. wnen nus
bands are brutes wives will fall into
submission or make it hot for the men;
and they're unnatural In eithei
character. Love them, and especially
be good to them when they're sick, and
you'll have no trouble. There's my
own wife, now. She's suffered a goo
deal with dyspep?ia, nervous prostra
tion and other ailments that tooK tne
bloom off her cheeks and the spring out
of her steps. Well, she saw an advertise
ment of l ARKEit s tonic, ana inougnt
it would be just the thing for her case.
Gentlemen, I sent five miles after a
bottle. She took it. I sent again
after more. So seTeral times. Trouble?
Why, if you could see how much good
it has done ber you would.say that wo
men are the greatest of God's blessings
and Parker's Tonic Is the next."
This prepsration which ha been
known as Pabkeb's Ginger Tonic will
hereafter be called simply Parker's
Tonic. This change has been render
ed necessary by substitutes Imposed
upon their customers by unprincipled
dealers under the name of ginger ; and
as ginger is really an unimportant
flavoring ingredient we drop the mis
leading world .
There is no change, however, in the
nre Duration itself, and all bottle3 re
maining in the hands of dealers, wrap
ped under the name of Parker's Gin
ger Tokic contain the genuine medi
cine if the facsimile signature t uis
cox & Co. is at the bottom of the out
side wrapper.
Morristown Produce Market.
wholesale prices
Morristown, Dec. 24, 1883.
WHEAT.. ................ . 901 00
CORN 40 45
FLOUR. 2 753 50
i 7
pEACIIES. .".. ..... . ,7,1.1! 3 5i
I FJllTiILIl3.V.,.'.'.V..'.'.' WW iQO .
V. C. Durham,
Attomey - al - Lar asd Solicitor ii
Morristown, - - Tennessee.
-Lfc lonal services to tha trahlin. and anllrita
share of patronage. J
Will practice in the courts of rTamhlnn. r!rwV
Jefferson, Grainger, Claiborne, Hawkins and
Oreene counties, and in the Supreme Court at
Knoxville. tar8tecial attention riven to coIIca. I
uuus. mavav iv
Morristown, Tenn.,
wood and Home-made Coffin of all sizes.
Also keeps a fna line of Burl. 1 Robes. &c Re
spectfully solicits public patronaee. and promises
satisfaction . Orders by mail or telegraph prompt
ly inesua io. JUD27 eotx
ta'sfaeks' Isstai
first class saloon in the new Shipley bnildins
near the depot. Everything is new and in the
very best style. The finest brands of liquors and
etiolee cigars will be found constantly on hand.
With the experience of several years in the busi
ness, X can assure the public that they wiU receive
the best accommodations and most satisfactory
attention. Oive me a call and see if what I say is
not true.
Sept. 19 6m.
Eclectic Magazine
foreign Literature, Science, and
1884-40th YEAR.
Th Eclkctio Magazine reproduces from for
eign periodicals all those articles which are val
uable to American readers. Its neia or selection
embraces all the leading Foreign Reviews, Maga
zines, ana journals. The subscriber cas in tms
way, in a compact form, the best work of the
ablest writers in the world. Ita plan include.
.Hcieuce, Essays, Reviews, Sketches, travels, Poe
try. Short Stories, etc., etc
The following lists comprise the principal peri
odicals from which selections are made aud the
names of some of the leading writers who con
tribute to them :
Rt Hon . W. E.Gladstone .
Alfred Tennyson,
Professor Huxley,
Professor Tyndall,
Rich. A. Proctor, B A.
J.Norm. Lockyer.F.R.8.
Dr. W. B. Carpenter,
E.B. Tylor.
Prof Max Muller.
Professor Owen.
Matthew Arnold .
E. A. Freeman, D. C.L.
James Anthony Froude.
Thomas Hughes,
William Black.
Mrs. Oliphant.
Mies Thackeray,
Cardinal Newman.
Cardinal Mauning.
Thomas Hardy,
W. H. Mallock.
J 1 T - 1 .1
Quarterly Review,
Brit. Quarterly Keview,
tainDurgn iteview,
Westminster rteview.
Contemporary Review,
fortnightly Review,
Ibe nineteenth cent'y.
Popular Science Review
Blackwood's Magazine,
Comhill Magazine,
HacmiUan's Magazine,
Longman's Magazine,
New Quart. Magazine,
femple Bar,
Good Words,
London Society,
Saturday Review,
rhe spectator,
The Academy,
rhe Athenssum,
Knowledge, etc., etc.,
Henri Taine, and others
The aim of the Eclectic is to be instructive and
not sensational, and it commends Itself particu
larly to that class of intelligent readers who de
sire to keep abreast of the intellectual progress of
the age. M
With the great increase or iigm nierainre, it
important that every family and every library
should furnish some solid aud useful reading,
Such reading is furnished by the Eclectic .
The Eclectic comprises each year two large vol
umes of over 1700 pages. Each of these volumes
contains a - fine steel engraving ox peruuueut
TERMS Single copies, 45 cents ; one copy, one
year, $5 00; five copies, $20 00. Trial subscrip
tion for three months, $1 . The ECLECTIC and
any $4 00 magazine to one address, $8 00 .
E. K. PELTON, Publisher.
25 Bond Street, New Tork.
Programme for 1883 '84.
The nroerammo for the fourteenth year of this
magazine, and the third nnder the now name, ia
T anything more interesting auu yupuuir wau
ever. : Witn every season, in ucntury buuwb
decided gain in circulation. The new volume be
gins with November, and when possible, subscrip
tions should begin with that issue. The following
are aome of the features of the coming year:
thor of "Old Creole Days," etc, entitled "Dr.
Sevier," a story of New Orleans life, the time be
ing the eve of the late Civil War.
Edward Eggleston, separate illustrated papers on
subjects connected with the early history of this
THBKK gTOBIKS BY 11INBI ura, ox n ) i"S
lengths, to appear through the year.
The New Astbonomy, unteonnicai articles, uj
Prof. 8. P. Lansev. describing the most Interest
ing of recent discoveries in the sue and stars.
Gunnar," etc A vivid and sparkling story.
series of papers descriptive of the best work of
American architects in ruouo cuuumga, vn
Country Houses, eto . To be profusely illustrated .
Confessions of a Frivolous Girl," etc., entitled
"An Average Man," a story of New York.
The Bread-winners, one of the most remark
able novels of the day, to be completed, in Jauu-
by the author Of 'The Christian League of Con
necticut," etc., on the application of Christian
morals to the present phases of modern life .
Coasting About the Qvi.w or St. Lawbenoe,
a series of entertaining articles, profusely illus
trated. .
.' m.. . T, :tY. - a.- ..a
STEMES rBOU THE JiOVEUBTS, fliwiuuruo, uwi.
Eliot, and Cable, with authentic drawings.
On the Trace or Uivtsses, the record of a
yacht-cruise in the Mediterranean, Identifying
the route of Ulysses on his return from Trojan
rr. . . . !.
"GABFIELD IW x. NO LAND, extracts iiuiu uw
private Journal kept during a trip to Europe in
"The Silvebado Sqoatteks," by Robert Louts
Stevenson, author of "New Arabian Nights."
There will be papers on the outdoor England by
John Burroughs and other, a beautiful Illustrat
ed series on Dante, a number of papers by the
eminent French nevelist Alphonse Daudet, artioles
on art and archaeslogy by Charles Dudley Warner
and others, illustrated papers on sport and ad
venture, short stories by the leading writers, es
says on timely subjects, etc., eto..
Subscription price, $4.00 a year; single numbers
sold everywhere, at 85 cents each. All dealers
receive subscriptions, or remittance may bs made
direct to the publishers by postal or express or
der, registered letter, bank check, or draft.
To enable new subscribers to begin with the
first volume under The Century name, we make
the following special offers:
New subscribers beginning with November, 1883
may obtain the magazine for one year from date,
and the twenty-four previous numbers, unbound,
for $8.00. Regular prios for three years, $15.00-
Or, If preferred, a subscription and the twenty
four numbers bound in four elegant volumes will
be furnished for $10 . Regular price $18.
THE OEM TUB IT CO., New Tork, N. T.
Ulrich Heim, admr., vs. J-L. Coram, et al.
worn to, that Eiivid Hankina, Eiis. Hankins,
i.m.a j.mAcin. Dollv Jaroaein and J. L Coram
are non-residents of the State of Tennessee. It is
ordered that publication be made for four suo-
wseki in Thx Mobbistown Gazettx. s
nnblishsd In Morristown. Tenn., noti
fying said non-resident defendants to appear be
fore the County Court of Grainger county, Tenn..
at a court to be held for said county at ths court
house in Rutledge on tne
' ' ls Monday in January next,
to make defence to said bill, or the same wiU be
taken for confessed as to them and set for hear
ing ex-iarte. This Dec. a, 1883.
. J. N. GOLDMAN, Clerl,
Grainger County Court.
FVLKEB80H k Hekdebsok, Solicitors
Dee. 13, 1883 4 wks.
Knoxville, Tenn
J MetaUc Casketsand Gases, Wood Caskets
and Coffins of every Grade and price, ready for
nse. Orders by Telegraph will receive person,
tl nd promptattentioa. Terms iaiiifsctory.
Office over W. P. Carriger't Drug Store.
Dealers in
Foucbe Block, Clinch street, between
Hattie House and Post Office.
The insolvency of the estate of H. F. CAIW
r " j v.!?. v.
the County Court of Hamblen County, Tennessee,
as required by law In such caaes, and an orner
having been made to us by the Clerk, as provided
by law in such cases, requiring aU creditors of
H. F. CAIN, deceased, to file their claims and evi
dence of debt with the Clerk of tht County Court
of Hamblen, on or by
The 1st Day of April, 1884,
-t w-vt .v .us ru tuat tuo Basel, 01
aid estate, may be distributed among the credi
tors of said estate pko kata. as required by law
in such cases Notice is therefore given to the
ln1rinll..nh...l , j .v
, - v. mu in uim witnr claims sua
demands againt the estate of H. F. CAIN. de
ceased, with H. Willians, Clerk of the County
the 1st dav nf Anril a .K .ill V. m
bared. This 1st day of December, 1883.
Adminstratora nf W V n(r
In Chancery Court at Morristown,
O. Bill No. 403. .
W. R. Corse, as next best friend of Lee D. Corse
ana oiuers, versus anna uorse, Lee D Corso,
Wm. H. Corse. Tda finna T.rt rn... -.. .i
John P. Corse. .
1 fll iA17la.rinri nf Smilainan kill .LI.W
r - " wwa'ucaa4t, s vialy WUlUa 1
sworn to, that tbe defendants. Lea D. Corse aud
U'i T 1 . . ... TT . .
uu.ui vunw, in uua-nwiaeDis oi Tennessee.
t is thffrAfnr nrit anuI Viw tm Pluw -n .1
. y j .uv uu w.niur
that said non-resident defendants. Lee D Corse
u'j niuuHun. vorse, appear Oerore the Chancery
Court at Morristown, Teuu , to be held on
The 3rd Monday of January
uext, and plead answer or otherwise make de
fense to said oill of W. R. Corse, as next best
friend, etc., filed agaiust Anna Corse, and others.
iu said Court, or the same will be taken for
confessed, and set for hearing ex-pabtk as to
t.'iem. it is lurtner ordered that this notice he
published for four consecutive weeks in Thb
.vIobbistowh Gazktti. This November 28, 1883.
A true copy. Teste :
Dec. 5, 1383-4 wks.
Mill?,; Ms.
m m,
Dealer in
Fancy Groceries,
Foreign Fruits,
Nuts, Fire Works,
The Goods mentioned herein are handled by
me in larger quantities than by any
house in East Tennessee, aud
you will find It to your in
terest to send your or
ders to me.
to insure
prompt atten-
tion, should be sent
in early, as there is gen
erally a rush during the en
tire month of December I keep ,
In stock a full line of tbe following
Goods, viz :
Candies of every description,
and Nuts of every kind.
Raisins of any quality and
size of boxes.
Figs of any size package and
Dates, Citron, Bananas Ma
laga Grapes, ' Oranges,
Lemons, Cocoanuts, Cove
Oysters, Imported and
Domestic Sard ines,Mack
erel, Lobsters, Clams and
all kinds of Canned Fruits
and Vegetables. Pickles,
Sauces, Jellies, Crackers,
Cheese, Cider, and Cakes
of every description.
I have also a line of
Such as Wax Dolls, Ilarps, Trump
ets. Toy Watches, Masks, &c,
suitable for Holiday Trade.
A full stock of Fire Orackera, Tor
pedoes. 8ky Rockets, Roman
Candles, Paper Lanterns, Bal
loons, &c. '
JP " Tn fa of AwAWT74rtn la vxwi n t faa A
by a country merchant to make Christmas
traae proncaoie to nim, anu uiae ms cus
tomers feel happy . ,
I would call special attention to any on
who is a lovsr of
Fresh, Oysters
I receive them daily Fresh From Norfolk,
and during the winter months can supply
any qnanify on ths shortest notice
My terms are strictly 30 days. Orders
from strangers must be accompanied by
Cash or flrst-clasa city reference. Ppecial
Inducements given to cash buyers.
- j

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