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The Morristown gazette. [volume] (Morristown, Tenn.) 1867-1920, January 09, 1884, Image 1

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'J iSl illi Uoijilrtf
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Vita n;tua t v:!) ani v.'o
..11 .uu.O t ,.!: v,i.;,. -i,,.,.,, ,i .-!-,'-.5 ; "" t.,,M!.a. .-f... .;!.v, il .:i;-.ld.V;i in.ilJiM.ri: M tWif -Jw l .blot .i'1"-' v""-'i lji.
! 111!' ' ' . - j. . . i ... - ' - ?.' . . V.- . ' . ; p. , . . r-r-r-i . i" ; . ' ... t. ., .- ' r ' r , . -tl ' .'.. , . 1 1 J iHI t'.'.i
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'IE FIRE FlEll!!
Tb2 StrcnsL are Alile tt Prelect!!!
hot, tf lV.lrs of If fol-
!; ' . . . i 1
The ContlnenUl of Y.,
AMcti over - - $1,500,000
The Traders', of Chicago, .
Aet - - - 1.0S2.000
The North America of rhlla.,-r
Amcu- 8,05G,OOO
The .Etnaofllartronl
AjcU ovec t
.H t
For IteM ttuou I oUcit jor)ie. .
Ort. M, im ly.
Walnnt and Poplar Lnmkr;
MisrrAcrrBEtf cJ
SpoVes, Handles and Dimension
Stuff In Walnut.
WrOriara Vy tal vu raccx promt
Cor. Oaj A Cb vch fttA
JL J '
KjtOXVILLI, - Tenx.,
: : - i
Korp 1b Mock Rill of
Walctes & Jewelrj,
Solid sift, i
l Siliei-riated Ware,
Superior TuWe .Calory, Acl t i
W Rriiio( dJ Earrln tkillfully tiwoUd
pua rr&BbU Krmt. All or4rs by m&ll wtl t-
Watctes, Jewelry & SilTerwire
r v
mm- t
Large stock and low prtoa
fabtS aO-l7l t ...
z Tens.
. , ,4 i .
: r?-. W. c. DAVIS,
"Watchmaker , , .
and Jeweler,
Ear fa constantly oa band a new and
Selart Stock of
Silverware, Jewelry,
Watches, Clocks, c '
3Ialn Street.
MorriHto-wn, Tenn.
Special atteution given to repairing
of all kinds, and satisfaction
oct. Llifl ly. ..
It is Located in, the Exact Busines
; r;. ; Center of, .
? Kp()xjllle, Tennessee,
One Square from the Pott Ojpce, Ca
I torn Houef, JJuiJcs, and jiMc
immediate vicinity of ull the
Prhtctfiat Wholesale and
' i "Jietail Stirt.. r t . r
; .rjcif TunoucuouT.
rurniturt.tO., Eltctrit Anmunaatof, Gat,
' " iv'iV JliU, Mnd CU .YctuutioA is -'
A. 1 and Xa MutaJU.
liL tba beat tba market afforda.
Cbtca Hampta Room for CotamarclalTrmTsl
lar on trst ftoor tf dasired. , t
srrVll talea to. birbnU And. CtmsarUl
Trarelre Hi ' . 1 '' :
Poftara alwaya at l&a Uala. Ottalbaafraa.
jjy ,- ly raoraiEToa.
T. J. trccE.
r." A. speck.
r I
aoWTl.lTa.. froea 1st U 1SU of eacb saontb.
sforriatowB.cvrklala and Eenry ill. oppoalla
Xtaak-, tram 1Mb to test of eaca aoontb.
Terms Cash, or Its Equivalent.
i,, At KuoxrUIe, Tenn.,
I r;.. - . : "
' Drpet Strut.
. ibtraat Cb IWrac aewry SO kflantea.) '
t o ,- - " pnorniErdRS: ' 7 .
Ww? nilX.'si. D'Praaldeol':"
H O. 5a AS. rrtary, il.D.
M. V . ALEX A La.K. M , J , Traaauyer.
Ttia la PrteaM Horattal, wub Eotat prin)et(ea.
for tba Irealmaal of larnaia Trt4ra and all
lirflfl ln ef bh .if. pur rsfreuces
a v.rtwa r. addraas tba bacretary.
. 1
ly i .
1 - W..-C- Durham, '."
i t. o.i:.:i. :
t I
n EsPEcnxLtT orrE&s . his bofe-
ionil rrlca to Ut public, and solicit a
nr 01 patronage. f
Will praticlu thamarta of Btmtlra.r (jckr,
Jiffmw, iriiigi.. C'latftiuraa. .UaaralAa.Jasi
Oren eoUctira. aud io tba Mupraua Court at
K do it ill . f ar8pcial attention fWrn to collae-.
tuajM ly
.... ., .!
-Mors Masters - & LaiHfl,
8clal rata of board for patirnta.
Irompt attrotiuD ciT.n to corriondtic.
Uic at -Tmr Vuttl Bank, corner
Ilinoxvlllr, Tennessee.
au 1 4m
D. A. NEILSON, M. D.,;
r. 9
j i a
- ! .
Wcu afjnd(ly;ortiitt, tint profeMionaf
N B All who kara owed ma medical bllla
twelva moDtba or need not rail on ma
profaaalooai aarTicea under any rirrumatanoea. 1
L. , DAYIS, A. B., Prin.
' : 4 ' 1884.
Thi acbool la Vvated in Morrlatowa Eaat
Tenneaaee. In a ttealthy, boaineaa, a-rowiD town.
4 iUllroad. ad atUa trrtuiikia of Htft inJioiaU.
Comberlat-d ? I aar ftit.m Rarfruafl 1 1 1 era
ia here t?rr '4J laicllectual, flaJ nu
morartmproTrni ut t.
Tba next aeaalun will begin klonday, January 7,
lb, andeoutiaua IS weeka.
r-rrrrravTEio erm or is weeks.
f Ortaataf by tlAM. Penmantkip, Primary
Antametic and rncnary Ueograpby fa U0
HbKber Arithmetic, Eu(lb Grammar, Ge
ography, Ui.torj and Composition 9 00
Flenieiitary Alirrbra. Natural Fniloeaphy.
FhT.ical Ueofirapby and athetotic 13 00
Cbrtyitry. Aairoium, .joy, gntellec
; tuai and Mural jr. L.iw, Uigtwr
Matbmatli-a. Latin and Greek 18 00
7.7.:...:. i oo
Uoe-balf of tba tuition and tba conticgent fee
mnat be paid in adeanra. f
So deuuetion will ba ros
paid In adeanra. i i .. . i . .' i
So deduction will ba rosda for absence excepi
ia rasa of protracted tllneaa.
Competent asststanu will ba eenred to meet
tbe demands of tba srbooL !
tvfulmtiuna aill Ua miid, but rigdly enforof
Board can be bad from M to 110 per month
or f arlher i rtiouri addrees. tV Vuafiytd, '
Jf .- " IT. A'V IS,
'- L
I -
ICoppaa Lntiiit ly llaiid
tlto Il-xt llruitUH r
flotjk : ;.
MaduM ltli lo liiteitt Holler
111 Tor '
- , 1 i;
; C. D. 3IEKIUTT &.C0.
.; ' Proprietors.
Cain Hsiis'rBarlil),
J..JU. LEE, proprietor, i
I I . "7
- l- '-'uTTT
MT8uopiawEtiliCirPii) 5n i ex
ploy none but tbe muiI osmprteal arkmea.
CWaii towels, sharp instruments sad l-Jrte jtlea
tioa are my indnremetits. llot and CdT5XTHS
at airbbare.",Ptio4 aodrrata. Call and see
me.' - ' 1 decM 6 ly
, . . :... Ii iia. till kjiil'
-. t ' ;. .
Knox;vill o,.jrcnn.
Every: DEspiapfippffoi?
HeUHa Caakai4aad CAaci, WoJrt OaAMa
and Coffins of srery cirsde and prtcaf rsady for
use. Ordera by Telegrapb willrecelra Jrsea
t and prompt attentloa ' Terms aatisfactttt.
wood and Hoaia-auatW JnfSna e all sixes.
Aiao keepa a full Una of Burt I Kobea, kO, fc "
sprttil)y aoQitk pnbfie latxLXuwatJI fauoiia
satisfsctioa. Orders by mail or UurafJvvrom j t
ly atkNidd t. - ' 'wnl lOtf
r- M.tl ::u ; . h
' - .j,m;.m.l.1:J a .a
aral class aalonaia the new SQSpIeT tQildln
naartba dl4. Eeseyxaiait ia aetf SED& la ' llm
very beat style. Tba finest brtnds of l:nnra and
eWoa rigara will ba foatid aauataaiV band.
Wiib tba ex parlance af aevaral years la the busi
ness, I can assure the pub!..? that tbey will race! re
attentloa. Una ma a call and aca tf what 1 say ia
- a.a.ac. -V- e.
Oii.'it aa. -r
lUr.t. 12 im. .
"'" ' ''y' 't"J't''T fC
,.t .
1W f ' 1
: ... v.
i :
roceries :
I'll-..-. .1 '
,ruMS:J?i! 1 1
"'t t
,V-y.ershoes; I.',-.;
! !.
ry;. Goods;
:JLress. Goods,
n r .1
hoesr -
. w .l A ' ''
I. 1 '
.1 v..t "- i- i
ii pioths;;;;!..
. -, -t x :l f
-.1 1 ;
j I " ;
: . . n
t Ji
1 s.
1 ik '
m a
t :
i i ito i iia i
t i - r
1 1"
Xllambrequms,- s
a a . f '
Ft !
Jl T'
" lpaicas, ' -
aio a;' :.
Tndiana Jeans,
. h r - ' '
IJ r !.
emnants, 1 -:
tir For 'Clioice'Familj - Groceries ;
. ... ' OO TO ' ! ;" ' ' ;
W. M. WiLME'J-ri
v a ! s i '
... . -i t
Dry;; poods;:.Grdcerres,
- ::j Boots, shoes; irat,;&c, j
Sola Agent for tbe IJgbtJlannrng ' a 1
-8e'wlng Vacbiaa SEKDLE3 of all kind,' OIL,
; it. I 4 . Ac 4 eoaataatly oa AaadV .
Hlgheet market price paid for all kinds of Country
t . i ".. . i Produce.- z s
. i )aa Bl Ay" i . ' '
1 v
. 1 .'. ... . 1 - . s j -"-ftr
;a .i-; - . t..v
i ! ' "t. 11J1 f .f I
Fas hln I u 1 0i-1
.i .i.::i
11H3T ,HW0T3IRfl0M
"V, i ji: i
Special attention fjiecn to orders by mail.
Shop oa new "Y" near dap t. febiltf
obtained for new Inventions, or for improvements
oa oldonaa, for medical or other com pounds rade
marxi sod labels. Caveats. AasignmenU, Inter
ferences, Appeals, Suits tor Infringements, and
all all eases arising aader the PATENT LAWS,
Sromptly attended to. INVENTIONS THAT
T) V IfPTITTi bT ,h rtn Offlea may
IvHjJ LlKJl JjJJ aUll,tn most caaea. ba pat
ented by aa. Being opposite tbe U . B. Patent De
partment, and engaged in Patent business exclu
sively, ws can make closer searches, and secure
Patents more prompt! frana with brfeS claims.
than.iie.sae w4staeiatHaparwshingWa.
iyl' 1,1V f n. . ft C iHk d a a rnrdel at sketc""
VmXXUJaiA'4Aveaa-we nxh
axajniuatapuaand advise aa to patentability, r avis t
orciiiui. All correspondence strictly eoundea-:
. . . . Mr i Dili, nui vuo '
patent is sirVrrrr- rrr V Of
We refer la. WMaJkigtcaVtrit Bfti ifcastiAss
Oanaral D. M. Key, lie v. p. D. Power, Tba Oer-
tai;rt in Cpogas lautj aiiil&Ssw iwaa ariaawiasi
mtraeta made forTins PApFR, wrh itken
! at .'
ill !'
8T031UsXa.'Ll'W,i If
B4..J "k i...Ia, a n si -mm
ar"" Tx i
Tbe necessity "for, prompt and Qirlei, j;
bousehohf ' rvhwdres' is daily tcowfn? more .
irmarativez. and a ttseltotL-ttr'cV 'Storti-' '''
c.,iikn''s-u,uia.oiii ia mrrifc aiKumet
moist popular. Irrejrularlj ot Lbe stomaohj '
Inif bo'rl,rnalarlar IVver liter com-
p4aiatsv dt-billtrv rfceumatim, trtl- minor
ailjueaU, aia thorountttji coti(eal y tbi a
incomparable familv rcslorativtnil nnli-( ik
die-purest ami -mtml corTipt-hemlTe 'remedy,
of Us clasa-: JrYr sJo br ls lxuggUt and;
mat saleenara. ana ii is jusiiv rewnitu u
i tit
r. r.STActisHEieiaj ,;.ii -n
?' .'f'J!
l':S IP
K I I i
.-jji.-oa !je;hio ;j j
- . tii..i -ill t:i ,-ic-4J
C3tN, Howard Street I -
t; i : : BAXTtttORE 3ID
: 'Ui:ia i. K
. .-. .i'.!i " !
. 1
..1 1
f.i .OfiExry'De&rivtisn., -
. .1 . v ; s .. -ii- ;
I ti t
' eje ' la.. ' f ' teal
,.;aXf.,setiFiek..:. ' i
" -!. lolij CJ S
.1 a
HT-Oid araauiitinj! toyJOor threr lent' fre of
h ni v fretaht ebarirBa brWpireB.
i ; .1
Rules for self-measurement, samples of materials,
with estimate oi cost, sent upon application.
! ill OI
I' t -
-j i ' i af aJ I '.iJt'ael
a I v !
il ii 1 j
Ia Unique in design and tbe laffSl Improvement
of any bed bottomia a,vRaaltba;foiie'rng:
1st. They are clrau. .uuUele etroajr-poinfyrt-
'Able?nauraWeJ"''JJ . . . . .,'
m nd-Xbey can Marrfagelo1BiH' a' light r,
beaay perp9nk and atUnt4 ta any atze oeav. inw
aver large or small in such tiijKir, tha a
and heavy bod? tjihg On them at the same tame
will not eUasgpreeabiyQlt toerthenaa da. asiially
the caae with ordinary ring('...n7 ' , , 1 '
3rd. fto more dirt, no more .bed bugs, and no ll
axora beavy feather' beds euired Tot joint WiTea Pi
and. daughter to baadler xTUeas spttujrs an m
bed above tU a lata, tbaa girin tlk.bd alaUiiyf
atrd Deceanary ventilation and afford nbfoaeible
piaffr4hebnto"bOT,.il ,u i
k i4Ab. iThawara to rnaged that thay iwlll (fle
greater gujiport to (1m heaviest MxrM.AkualeuatH
LnJ a person. to lieaa. fmootbV xud i evenly
'vpotrtbeia as the awan "float tipon tbe water . "
sua. 'Xiiej are TeryiaMSaDaaaBgnuaiiy yieia
ta every nofian of tk b-ly and ard tta aootbiag
tolbe nirvous and a comfort .tai tbe atnrd.and.
imicwo. i. -- ii. t
filh . A boxambb stf aw bed or mattraas oh fbeVn
T . ... . . . 1 . . . M. ; ..! I . t r.
will make yoy.a ;ool, s orvcvrnf orta We aad Manny
bed for suuiiutu:. whik) the addition of half the us
ual amount ef feathers f of wlntef Is ail that. is
necessary Weaabie yba o-awve;a aofter,' wwafer
and., better, bod 4Ujiv tkai ialr s rat) nut. without
them. . , ...... .. ,'.r-j!i.') 't '.;'(,
Tth. I fropoie to do trfct' a Jegitiniate 1)Ub1
neaa and gaaraalee' the spring to' be all that is
oairtMHi forbm..Xher armade of " Beasataera
.best atet), wire an( al ask i ia tf give bea..a
- Wail H1 Uke" In exchange' foVitriVfes illkliias J
of- produce aualx as bauaii, mra, oiaei'woi
featbrs, Ac., at. the. highest aiarket prices, n; h
9th. By exchanging part . of. your pld .feathers
for tbem, tbey cost you nothirig,' as twelve pounds
of ftatiMraou Uirtd will make a 'bti biBd- than
thirty pounds without thfuu,j u'it lt
- dee 1-Hw
.ill no
t"ihe ArfCki, havg lfortythrce'yVarrf'xieen
reooguixad aa tba eipomwit W aobtliaVb thought;
ijfcP ir Sft5fcwafe lit i W AaaiWfttJ' -fafttXiiaByilaiMlaawaawBw
aUarvJ lue vicissitudes of the Southern people, it
is now participating in their prosperity. Its in
creske ipf c-culatio afd busings b a been steady
and knarnicn. It aaajaany mttet aeadera now
thailefr If fore in ng history, 'and it will be
the Aiuof (ie miit-fitut aadeuar a continua
tion of this patronage by tbe publication of a
broad, lull complete, enterprising journal, com
mensurate with the growth of the city, tbe pros-
i&e'atifci'a AntUlpipera cloth. VT'1 H '''
I ksaivfriil have tor respo
oa wnw ri
polrnU atjsjtfiii
, fLe trfegraph freely
eftati ai ia contrp-ciary
friB tie?, a iris now doing.
for its own special reporta of all interesting event,
The year 1884 promiaea to be one of the moat im
portant in ths crowded and eventful aentury. It
:will vitnesa 4 Pretrfdenrial electton' or unusual in
terest, and in this great contest tbe Arrant, will
ba wbera it baa always been the friend and ad
vocate of the Democratic part). Th. Appeal tot
1884 will present to its res asirtbrfn;, !
full record of current event. w WW H.l
rxn3ii3iH t a-c n
Daily, one year flOOO
, thee months
yearrrrri ..-v 1 00
months f"' .. 60
Memphis, Ttnn.
Ulrich Helm, idmr , vs. J L. Coram, et al.
worn to, that DsvM Uankina, Elix. Hankins,
Jamea Jarnsgin, Dolly Jamagin and J. L Coram
are non-residents of the State of Tenneesee. It ia
ordered that publication be made for four suc
cessive weeks in Tri Mobbimtown Gazette, a
newspaper published in Morristown, Tenu , noti
fying said non-resident defendants to appear be
fore the County Court of Grainger county, Tenn.,
at a court to be held for said county at the court
house in Butladge on tbe
1st Monday in January next,
to make defence to said bill, or tbe aame will be
taken for confessed aa to them and act for hear
ing ei-parte. This Dec. 3, 1883.
J.N. GOLDMAN, Olebl,
Grainger County Court.
FuutXion A Hempeksoit, solicitors
Deo. 12, 1S83 4 wks.
' Oolda, 144 p l.Vj,snt see lad. money or t r.b
vta'wT Tn.t.-i no4 Prn . V; f r
L4, . , Ij
V". k,, i.r vw cw. i- . H
I X;"
...: - p
' . - f o.
135?) 3
in i
iY.bhWW7 XZZ, wmviit to!
1 I I M Hal aT eam Of . Iff tl tg Wfr tfat ri.r
't - - - a
SulisfcrlIpil Px'ic, $i; 50:
ni ii i;t:i:r. :r rr'HJt't ; 1
EatreA;sijk- PQ Mrriatown; rfcnn;
5Mejjor d clasmtttef t.
,-!Ol i; I
.Is'r - at 1 a i..f nn nUi ' .i.
"x t
.. t ... . , . i .'.
:,aJA,,aAOA.'A:W'-.AslltOiT. ,,(
, ilfcJiras bett - Ida?1 time
'ifldre.ss.'eii' 'the readers. pf. The ; (Ia-
ETjibut he ja potjdeaa .yelv and, i
notbingi jserioui! sbwuid happen 'to
bini, he hopes'. tb'J s'end" aifegiijar
weekly contribution t$ tie good old
par during .the (w ?188if..q 'Of
uuuree iioLuuig:,Jciuaiii can- ooipi
v; TKi mariIj"fuarrie8 IXa wki'n s
cuuai are utii.)wuri4inj many xiapus
tlris winter !But most: of them hare
for shiDment. and thev wilf "all t
td'w'o'rk'wiiTi renewed energy ,whri
IM 1 W ULL Ll VY CtXAUCIj.Ul CitlVO" , . I i
ed' ih'Cbrirfes'recenVirCTantiriff
pensftrjs rt6 !the :'if biican ' ; soldiers.
BaiifM easare Ou'gt b'ave'bn
ass,eifelofi a6.; ; Th!Q'4tfnly Vedil
wily ithk hbt passed is', large pia
JorLty 'lif thbsir'Meisican'sdldiers.weye
oJ'.-A"JCA'i'Vf.,'' T' Txr.'ief.i,CAto
tHeVwou'ld hare beero drawing pen
sions yearsgd.'0il1VBnarxe that
nielected 'bou Ion jr. ' '.'.Th Americah
q aai
'ii A gentlernaW 6A'thV titire'et is'wejl .
n& a-grtni tebliitfa'eif.of 'tHe battle.bf
marireesDOTO. was a minnie Dau
Whicli' -a' fe,w' hour;,be1bre Wing' ex
hibited BS'Ma'd been Hnt front . b'e-
tWeetf the7 rfb: of Diinf el 'Mannl whb
Vas dpfrrafe'sordier iri! Capt'Kyle
BletinsV'dhfipatVrbf' Confederate
soiaieT engair4dMri'thdt fleroe "bat
lie"' Daniel- nas!earHed.' thtjbultet
in his body Willi teen ycrs? 'lli'.was
lyb1idwnTwhn, Stibt, "ahtt ' wai
struck' on' top 'of the shbiilder:'"- 'The
tall ranged "down, Jjreakih'g the col
txr: injucr -as 11 emcitu. uiiu luujcv
rj'ithe-Io'weV tiart of his feide;'ndhad
t3 'be- 'ptrtWd1 dut tyefAVeen' 'twV ribs
Intb' a pair oTttiVicdral forceps" 5
was' shot5 fi'diii' Belgian rliSd'ant
f:iTxi nrV tri an iMitiAii ant a r JBXri
hope Danifel wilrieorbetter now that
hpavy busi riesflj 'forj.twely'e .months
m uph piore rjromsi Tftan.j t, ev-
aw Kk rt a hriArt Yaa
gratified to
do aoie iq .speais.(,nis
cheerfully.pf, this i;oad ;not,Qjily; be
cause, it proclaims ingeneraj. pros-'
Eerny oi me people pi touj i secuqn,;
ut "j.ifl t fi f rr Vioinno-g to one:
of , the jnost 4en trpiisiijg, energeti ct
men oi x,usl Attuuessue. jsxaj. xx.;
U.Aikip lathe.piiiQk jmdvjLhe,
manhood taput ijusiness through inj
real . buslnes.tyle ,nd vhaa ..eciry
ichieyedjWhat hetieseo-red-euoaess
ip hisIjentrprsie.jh(erw ,Aad-by.tbe
way. fjt ySHWf&t a.i pertain ty that
thQUeraYiliQ -aod JefferBftn-. road
MP'la?' Vft : fx.tencled4i:om
ltogersviiie, pisng.LMugA ibe m?
eihausllble coal bods.of -Virginia
or the world .a region. of ..country
Utlf x.tA'.' te- t'' 'r' .' "
which hasReretofore been a veritar
pie terra incoanita to those living
irsriire rtft,il,rrfjtrik6s'tfie' Qhlo1 riv-et-t'Vilf'paks
alplef veins',5 irbri
banks leabymins'cbar be'ds;' salt
wells and the finest walnut, ash, daS,
biikry lo'cn3!,imkpleJ k'ndcHdstrrat
timbef the-"vvi)i4d:'u-A eonfp'ay
forth ektenstoWf. the b'a'dl ' 'lftB
ajeen;xhart?cred,. hnd 'hrdasnfeV,4
anderstandj irenll ohfcto'tto-prd
eu rathe neodtKi capital Jfbr,th'e:een
atruetidii.iiiEtic: prbepeeaJof baildiiT'
Vbis gseat tb.lroughfar-ii9 brighter
jiut flOv,hanithiitJof.a!ry'0therpfd-
poqadjawVt rQadukleQnesse: ,ttoc-
mS hwj Ukini Tii .al vittoi j
i-e'va'."- -vh-vHLj -ta ,alV.oiiai
i 3Gha; .pifcyearikaa been ond ibf nv
tjrpkWipnosperity.toUhe i-peopla
alloaectioqsibfa DHu-greataeauiiiryi
G09 dj.healtb. iJ;asi iprfwailedio oran-j
tiful crops, have-been 4theredv;Jfftw;
farina La vq bQn :opAn4 ftU5QiUbfc
lafid jftQ j homes, erect?diAew.-iopai
termed The .irreat American . IIq v
public has. moved, .for ward, it h, the.
iir .wno.no ds .toe nappi
! I .1
ness of 'tpe"hhman ' famfly in his
keepttgrid,fho8Wers, hminiff-
I . I .. . i f a 1 . ' w . , i . 1 A A ax.
; -This wIduld'bd'mncVliaf-H
jlV A LlxAVU vlit4 IA H A 3 AA HIV Aa a AJ W
meh btililwaVsfOdkdn Ihd Wiffxit'
sideof Uirb I. t TrAeMs f r3"6'6f
jlfeiug' gloomy tod ad.a If th clflndV
IhaneJoW and lJaiks to-day thi'Uh"
.will shine to-rnorrow. If theThe5!!1!
matiam iinchire a: foUowih thymall
bf-.the batk jus now, itnia nkiyxjp
tyja it-will 4changetleieiiir.of;'war
J give, the jiaiali.otJUtieiaaci2 rest
hnd t hanktul ithat jnattersand.tbiogs
f a "" . 1 i " a ' '
IromTmr-pBTi, na UU'fnen know, h
ehchr "as we haVe ' we ' Wve ,uftto yp
- j . .
had fiirnislied as5 niany. meh to1 figUt
the' liales"6f 'M ereV-, 3uena yif-.
ta,1 Cerro' GdrdafofiW!' Hey,
et e.V 'as re'i'e rU ij d tbV 31 1 sst ss'ippj ,
M-nvmiuer-iiu- reiiuvwu uiui yi
tHfnee-flritr a half "of Yaritee
Jl .Mijny' "
roau iMts i utj in
aiwng i.no great, iracKs 01 uommer-ce
FrdrilJthe'linie'he road leaves' iTQir-
we BuouT(Loe verV thariklu to.hap.
GreaVng'whoSl'ds't'he'n' appi-.
nificent blessings'tfAbyitilhirdren
lwflsahti,pl1ieri!knvd:outtr a ,
be. .This,is" oar pbilosophr, anid'i
we can hbf.alwajsJivlNnp,16 it,; 'e
can tfv:tQ, do so and there is much
VVlUiyi w AAA ly Ai 4 IV,
: Tn theTThTte,'d States Hre 'are ' just
uow liviiif lurouiru a peiutiu ui iiwur
erat : prosperity' v and politfcal "restr.
'PbKticiariir 'al1 bii Hi n g i heir',' h a?r
ana puzzling ih'eit pram lor an issu.4
upbhwhTCTi thepeqpIe'w'iirTJitide,.
but the issue Will not 'corne at 'their'
btddihrJ- Thbse wh'o'krG'but'df i of-
A 1 : . . h . 1 '.( k a . -a
roCer'ef 'dissatis'fi'ed WWf ejdept;
lina'putthh'uTigry feHdws in. "And
'tliis fs ab6ut-th6' Mm.' tot'dl of pdiiti'-'
All V U UV1J ays?. W V A0 - bf.' V U.A. - VllVlli UIAV
cat jirrncipis ap, we unu inuru tu ex
isten'ce'in. Apierican' pbn,tics'at the!
bsgrntiihg. or this year of our Lord
rTlo'r?rinjnriff'JWfrhf. Oirifi'Hr'fifl,''n-nl
v w .... .. . . . ..... . w . t-
VigUb'.UUl, . VlliUO UblVlO ,
ember some mart will'cdnie1 to the
IVorft'it'h'b Is'riapatlfe !8f Tstlrrmg'the
hearts' bf the people' and''Teading
iiicm iiiio Buine new ruau ui iiutiou-
al 'bhteipr5se;and' Tiurryin'g the ship
tf" Stittehtb 'that' ''port 'of glory
vv incir is iiie ev iuoiis ,uesiiiir. tit lujd
nirlclll6us, tfouritif. 1 1 " W af e 'waj t4
4hg'hioth1rigr!- JI'Vj" J"!J j.
' Statesmanshlo seem to be ru'n-
Ii a irdf 4 VU U i ir rs i" T-t4f4 -Q4 ft f isKVal xt4
A14f V 1U VUy WAAAayWa, t,t, i-O Li VUU Ul T
art ( wvi'A - Srt W r ro s 'Jean - A Iia.
leaders 'bf1 the p'ebVJlfe.' l&mtftie these
lheVe;Jsfh6t one wh'dl s't'iri'ds ah Ihth
lallfcV" thah1 1 the-''other f&ty-fiirie. '
Whr'iS.th'is 'ir'i fbr;thelaik of
intellecf ualy' tracer: or 3 "be'caiise no
greatrid'. iTitarcfttegtfon'1 'iifAmetirj
of -one b'r-two-edt leaflel-V? Eddlf
jritativea' at ' "Vk's"hindrt6ni' ' todk' 1 at
t h"Pr8idehr ahd1i!s Cabihet look
at HhV&egimtn&s J ahd the .State
r'nvnirrYri ri
tlnibni and '.what ddes:dne"se6 f" A"
dea'drIeVel. everywhere'.' 'There g!
no magnincenij ngure iiko jratncjc
tiki KatitltP America.0 It'6'an 'notl 'Me)
jl jTi-t-.-i;iii l.u -a i i ' i ' t-Ll'i t:i'j "."it J
thdt,m!e'h)ai;e degenerating ihtellec?-'
1Cik!lV.'li Itimtisl-''b0!tifat tfaause fa,
wtfitmgr-'' When'' BdrnV-'gi-Vat 6Tive,
(J.UC311UU ttllSLJ, 111 111V11 111C lliliJIJl-
ness 'or. liberties' of ' the' gifeat" maW
icrr tne people are at stakb, tbe leaor r
V. .ai.' -M 'I. i . ifV I-a.l fb T ' i wi
er or 'tne people wm pe thTe reaay it
ij LHttc vuiii maiiu. ui lug iiusiq iiuu
Jad th'ern'td gldHous Victories in the
fdtui ei'as1 has always been, the' case
iJ.--i .'i n.o xi! : i.'i i
ULuitr, as ij
'.;..n nil n--i.UJ !.'Jj'J L'.iu -lMllii
5 The' little' oldnowrt of 'Wersville
tias been jmprovin-? wonderfully lor
IKV last; 'tW'efve'montm' More pew
hbbses hi V'Be ri jei1 eo ted.'th an, h aye
TH e t wo 's'chbbls 'Ica'A ere - inale
ahd''femaf.1 jarle prdberdus and dbi
ins K2wuciiem; wurn, lllti jjiecuuuiuo
1.' 1 " . J lit.
Vjuarri3su hdVe'' 'employed .au'Iarg
n-tfmeiJ'o'f Ihaifda anil'W confrac
tdr,s'lhave'6hfpp'cdHhdusahd's of, cu-!
bftf'fefet bf Vkrieifated' marblo'td the1
Varfdtts 'cities ' east' and' west.' to ba
worked tt'ihto"Vrticles,:df . ad6rn4
VneritWtM'dWenings of people qt
JeHtV Vph'ibh adnly tducWed "llo'g-j
ersvlile' has ' bde'ft general th'ro'uffh
6'u'trEast' Teffn'e'ssee. .ffpm. ChaUa-
nooi?a' o Bristol the" beopfe' " h'av'el
tieon widd aTake1 ali'd busv at work.!
th ifne has Mt the influence pnhe;
"Spirit which is abroad in'ait the lanct. j
Ev-er'jfarbierhaV" an' .lias
gritHered1 nw.nerffy wii,h which'lo;
pu'sti' jh$." bhsi neVs, 'Vraise larger j
errand better erdns;,11 '.fie conse-i
Cjtienc d'f S?vihichlsl th'e people haye
adj happier
iV&ii usual.v.'yd ea'lessoniplairit ;
uttci y.iunii, .v niiiiiD, .iuiu, vii-y aiuu
e'n' kriU lioys tan"; fo'rmof ly, tag,'
cheerfu'llhess se'ems to reign supreme
fft'rH.bfi&JOifa of 'ou'favdreS East
Tehb'essce 'to the "otlier. e t'rijth
is "we' 'ftrViist beginning Jto .develop
$&dr& frdhx'the present, the' Hyhple
fkfef !lElst' Tenn'eVse, wllt'ave
ciiijiged:'Jrfurbaces, factories, .'.mulSj
present themselyes ever-whpr j
p'f&Sjiertty 'and' pleniy' wilt theb.',De
the ,gene,ral rule among all the citi
zdnft of the great van eyj j pop1 Iatiqi
wilt Vn6'reae 1 oy'thousands ajicl "'the.
IV1U UC IUU ICcIl tUiCSllUlillC.
.S.iat? 1 f.A.-
f.i9i;iui mio'J PLANTS ijk!atxifi
A ladr. -w hose .beautifuL -DlanU
are the delight of her ljfe. iand 4,he
envy or all her acquaintances re?
reaW-'thefolldWing' sdci;etof subc&st
Theddlbia' .nbouti .UvtMrdligerO;Cr
igaiylpp,6oil,and ihrestASi-sandrrdb
isj.kptJght,and!'i lopBejiabodt iiha
1 . . . 1 .a ...
,roots; tney are watered as tpeytap't
pearto needjt, aHdabtuiaccor.ding
jtctjapyijiailicular. mU; bufithb cbiet
'reaspsq fosrthelt .la'oiruertiuicjrrowtli!
'4o,4 l.lpm.fe..tiisi,a;if.W'hieri suiyiot
jthe,ie4rps, wftheor ana Tall, Sbsieact at
picking thpipridiijhrbwihg.thefti
-w- a "j..t 11 r i f
aYjay, j; pnatv; Attid-,rt:oiis - or ; snem
japijk Ithfr .dQttfn , in Jibe. vearthi
jaa4t,tenjk 4ecay, anfli t'hisia i thd
jdpjlji jfbrMlitfirt IlavQo eveB .usedJ
rTbis," she added modestly Bseeraa
tOnte paefXvayJAnd.-tJie- platats
I 1 . t aa.f1 AL A'
Sickuess.in tba Cobnyi,I,,,i
usiia; -ftrnp.ijijf ou eitKnehPsLeTaiVJfS.
Md8t(o'f Uiese.iroables secra,ti arifQ,
'bis causes fevers of 4J?li6cte ctiavrdJ
ter.aud rerrtsca.to santreisoiaa pities
it has nroved..ver.v.fatal.,l Wa therefore?
oSerMnrXgratuitoua'.'aclvicp lhoge.,?otf
rtt'k'MetedlkeefoitT Jiveriri'a: h'caX
hv is rm d llio ri anrf viu bf d- r i c vi lii tl
tur tip ed.Jii la tui Awsaia s : 4 it'fi o Al Hi j
nce-wouia be exceeamgiy 'gratibed
iflh'er'tidukr make'aWalOl'Ttdf the
a1 renera,tdnfto, dSmanrf ih!eVerVrcbs
Jienry, JJanlel Webster, Henry UlayJ.
brVSergeaift ''PpeHisH anywhere "in
Jss A-A AVA It- IA . ML O Ul C V LyUl
einessoffall kihds'has increased!.
iLlf2;a.lt! JiiiJ i.'.-
aro anu nuvs . yeerr crywueu witu
K'a'tM'Wamr- 'T'hV&arbU
whilst Itytd jlilpd. bad jbeaiyii HriM
Blood it a I. Liver, I'iUs Ate entirely, jeep?
ah! ittd-'ar fust lhV mlis'neliTeif it
adJ aiu-it dtita t ioii ma
v sli;iu
About twenty years ago . ,two
familips, whom we shall hero call
.4.B e,8!k.T .th? village
01 JbdWardS. . Jioth wpre.afsSontoh
deceBt, both had'T inherited Jtpaa. a
lo'ng ll line of hard'-. working, ''OoJ-t
flexibleras-ironaivd as fepelhfffti
y j a net r, n ouses; were ;cjeaa ana bare
;pt thrdii!
ihd eborcb otatiizatrbn
;fl,OiA;t thre abbath.t , no'i jflkes or
1 I. 1 " e, a rv Hi
"wjere,.: pernjt 't.Ahjfc
children were made to attend everv
Bcrvice oi me courcu, ana ac name
were eixpefetedb 'fedd t fi e " Uible
during ib oiriferiare minutes:5 I . .
v -9 ! PJAfrQf : course, t toi .feuch
economic natures, . music, .pictures,
any"' bf 'the "smaller" pleasures lor
A'Y: ; I iJ. aV 1!i. ill. .A li j
iiiiiciiuiituiuiia ti me, wuicn, wouiu
cost i moneys-were "tgarded ' at'1 firat
as topi ish: and then a&bmful.H'i ' .,
Ihis.ccojrse of -training boro no
perceptible fruit until theM,Qbildren
reached ih.'e'ageJ'df fifteen, and six
teen.' "Then the news "came" to the
parents: with --a shefek? like'"death,'
that.tne fiirl lxadj.been.iseojiTiati a
dance. in a. low country tavern.; and
mai ibo r ora ana lilacs boys were
ii:iti& hkbit bf pla-yih'g cards' 'with
i'ij liy-'i' ji-. -
somd Hliterepntablb' Characters ' in
barna aad etables.. mi 1 i' " '
A The ty9;fate5s met.and. discuss
ed" the situation jn great ..distress.
pursledl,, and then ! parted' each ' to'
j. iic y umcicu its w nie cumse iu ue
tnUnwiliifl 'rtfr! tthiri. n-il )-.iiv -..11 -4
.nMXa )Blaci;itlcaUed-iia children
.abput,. hjniy ltnriqdjj frayed oW.ith
tnem, as unregenerated . sinner, qn
thebrmk'bf eternal' ruin, and tnonf
madeTa free hse'of the' rawhide ' on
tho .ibby-whiiJinan! xhoso' das
huii sr. .over.; eTerykitehen: mantle-
shelty-and lqeked the girls-,, up;, for
Several days and fed them on bread
VrlyotAvi i --Ti"' V'1 ' !
CAAJ.A. Vf UkVl a , I
1 1 MrJ Ford Mmtribbed his' children
and told ithepi.what he'thad hear.-
'The fault'.he.eaid,; with ai brokeb'
voice, "is mine as .well as yours. . i,lt
i.-jii'uyju ,j.ijx j"J!ii .' '' i
seems' to me I -have made home
gf'dofn'y' and hldlieftfrytqVyW,'Yoi1
will- help mdE6tttrfs thing right."
iJJ,V, tooi. askei foriGdd's helpybut
h, kissed ij cldjQn3efor1e..shel did
iC "That' very ."day same ., of ,,h&
naraiy earnea savings were raKen
to"h:ire a;pi'h'di brlVhr6h':Mary'was
io takdiessans.iJde was'giyeAii9b'm
flaoneyjojc, which heihad beeHn begj-
nnH Tiiihiwrti rx r.r 1 .-x I
" 1 Th'nxt Veetfttfe Fol-'ds, 'for 'th
fifpt'ti me i gave"'-a IftHe arty-;- to
?hiU tUo !youngt.ipebpro bt 'their
owjacsa, vere. incited. W.heniSan":
day came, Mr. rord paid : . j , !
, -There are two or three lads in
tdwtiy aird strangers,'' wh'o ' ' havo ' ho
plaeo biitia their I'tdardirfg houses
or;ir4 . taverns .iaiiiwhicla lto.-speri4
Jheir, gjalpjbat .alternqons.
bpeneVf tbthem.' ' 'Ihstdkd1 uof ' bate
pose we,ik fbQ.lya tdlnne4v 'andj
, These are but nints of the change!
bf'Ms cbi5rskn oU'oixW 'hbme'"butf
rehgiftnj was made pleasant and at-i
tractive .to his own family-and td'al
w.hojanie. witbinihis infiuencei rMr.
Ford was .his own firt,. convert,, Be?
began t5 see the, beauty and consp-i
latloTias-Weiraathb'tferrdr, "in Ve-'
ligionj and afr they5 grew1' oi der; 1 'his
children .becarab diotionly iGod-fear-ing,
but God.-k)ing. -people. ,-mi u-.-
The Black boys burst .from . all
rosuaiiiL us mv reacueu iuunuuuu.
TheyUeTfdmeXkn'd' 'neveV1 ck'fad'tb;
returni; t i .The.i sisters irhfcrried1 1 tbi
-escape; from,it io i-.I- niviv iu
wasso'early-Tiiadd hatefai tc'them'.
Some j qfXthe, j 3vpr.st w5unds j which
(ybrisi leceiyes aetbseu5fhach,ire
giveh'td ifim in the .iou8e of Ilis
1'rieh'dsJ fo&t k's iCdmpaiuon. '
io t-r -r -7-r;: 'a ' ' ' --r-"
...She.can sav .".Xd". au,1 stick .to it
foall'time; J"
i She can jwNdiW'.ue'a-"'
soft oitlfrit iiea!iis-Yesl'w
iShe; sa jsharpetti lead i pbnbil uif
pienty.pt .penats,.. ..,. A , .
lSh'e can dance all right in a pair
of shoes'tv) 'sTzte tdo- smaHTdrhfer
aadeBWToerV'mift'uteiof the time:
I a; 8beean pasit a.jdisplay windoivuof
,dry ..cjodstofthi st9ppe
ii &ne.is running io .caicn a iruiu,
KJAAVy vMlA If U11A 1 a S A VXX V AltaU ' X"""
a-dllbky bkby' fit' heTrtns Vftri JA 1
oace expressing a desirb,.t4imtM,"der
the lntaflt. '
...Shef eaa appreciate 4 kiaa"frDi!tier
husbpdsjQveptyfiva years after.the,
1AA4AA J. IUwV V. T Mayas v- v
1 1- ?t .w.i tiji'A, t-ji" iT?.Tft r."! -?av, .
33- can- tell Voir ..a- -fami
ida of . wat'the'ieWt wJ,,.,, 'j4n
XT. ' .Vj.' '-1.1. lrTx i TT I.h nn,ij
!thKff wilt ''trknsfe 'trfo "proprietor jdf
tlfdikbltri'hment wjttf 'admirairdn'..
;wo,inanwdah 'dd-'apyChiog and'eyery-
viiiuii, ft iii -iiv.iw-i J. J i U v i,i j.iu
10 grimness- eyery pejiny wa laid
by"' rainy day;" .not a dplla'r
3ga in chanty; except' thrdus-h
sons were in a spange piace i snoyi
pray'lhat1' some home might t)
jhey ara hardehaja.t, vrndC!-j
tiye racdT and if they have, ahtainr
ed frbtaf crime, it is quite .as much
ttue tb 'nride'as-t'd tbrSH&iotfwhlch
! f6t 'ie&H; Wh'ich one 'touch of ".kiifd-,
her.cbrreAtipn. (t i,,;.-.
!evenHA'knd Ttbe rnatinebfOn. tyedi
rn can suner auuse auu . iikll
nbcHhV .'Rtid.Katnrdav and still POSS,
'WaraieiWVOU wiiat every. yixii jii
the'cdnfrreatibnlias Pn. and in 6o'ni
cphk WcTbiill storj-, aboutjbeing'dp.T,
.tSTJe a oTossal ,har. , , , sl , cf y
oi arcs? goous ana. oay;v -ppwi
.of.tTireaa. -with an order to , 'have?, it
idehvered four miiGs away, m a style
i ndn no u r , cttdd j t '." 'be ( t or, ,fs p
' cKu make the attpgeti tJcVpof creaV
lown to lici" own sweet
-fA ii iti J'J uw ai A . -'
TillV'aTOWwinWTCrirf it.
with but One exception uii,cannot
climb ii, tree. , .' .
14 ' i v,;il XW
A,Qn.3yett,tai to JUft Jiescuo
k Byvand,by jJq armj". nfficer.Dien-
-tiond sbmething-abb-uC rad agents,
and directly thecbffversatien uecamo
intfeKesting.:-.! Coaehea "had iceu
stbpped- at vatious Yoinfes3-on tho
JijJSL Vith in 'week, audit wn? pretty
generally letieted that an. bad gang
weir stilt "ripu'or'mistri'csH. "The
. v. v v ,
mair wirhr.bbn TjyAfhadf nothing to
iiyiiilOnobWtwi braised his
head, and that single eye-blazed in
the-"tfarknesi- like i ' lbfteisfar, but
not a word escapedhis mouth.'
i. The Captaiii had said1-what ho
tonld ;.do in : case .'the ' oaqh' was
halted, and this.'brbUightr-out'-the
others: itwas 1 ilrnity decided to
fight.Srhe-'passengcraiilia'd taoney
toghtfdr.anl weipoMs-tofrghtwith.
m Tho aianl witbdnbrye,said riotM ng.
i!UiAt such.' a1irriei'rtnd: ndr' rtich
circuintan-pcB-ithere could bo but
ObQ interpretation, of such, conduct,
a ilAtfoward. has ;nohusib.esd travel
in'gw tJti5)r-fiuteYisai4-fchbiGaptai'n in
ji voice which every man could hear.
Lvt Tb sA-anger started up, and .that
y At;his seRmqd to shower sparks
oinvipu aUQi,', a .momenV .he tell
back agyt jwjthout .having .replied.
If he Weeft-3rrkkea-hearted, why
didn'tnhp ishow. his. colors? If he
ntendoyd tp. figh, where weihis
.weapons?, j lie, hjidno. j inchetcr,
and so, far,. as .any one.had1i&ei,a3
ep9reftthe.,coaich,ihe ..waavith-
qutreyolycj-Srt, Everybody. feltA-on-
. tempt or, ft ;nvm ; y ho vqalculftttxl, t o
hole. qp Jus an4a,at tUorrder, and
permit himself to 'be, ,qujetlyrj;des-
i yPopLpop.f.-.halU-V v!. ,.!. .. .7
i. .Whej passengers ,woi;q doaing ras
the salute xifthe road ac-ehts roach-
jdjtheir wvfr .The coach, was halt
ed in, afo; tumble , everbody to
gether; yi4 JegBj and. ; bodies .-wore
stin;taDgipd.up when, avvoioo at tho
:d'pr.a,tly3s coach, called out:- .
. -Jo-oosejiaerfiKiwli -.you rentle-
,raqu , cjimb, right (kxn. here and up t
with. your. handal'Tjhe. first man that '
kkjks pn,me will getia buUeb through
his hOxVU',' i.v-:.;.: -:l i- :.
t V e had j agreed ,. to i5ght:-!t(rhe
(Captajn had agreed to lead us. .Wo
. wfre listening for his j-ell of defiance
and the click of his .revolver,1' when
he stepped-trewfi amHwrfc as humblo
as you plead. iThe sutler--had been
aching to ch.ew, up. a a . .dozen -road
agentsj and nowJio was the -.second
Plan ou.t . -.The suf veyop-had : inti-mated-that'hevhoyier.
, passed 1 'over
the route withooldlling at i lestst
ihreei,highwayinen.but this occasibn
WAS -to-lie.aniiexceptionii -In'Mthrdo
biinutes the . fire of iuas.wero idown
&Aid.inlino.and,bandsiiuppand -tho
road .agent: had eaid--? -"! i-
..ViStraigh matter! off business!
First one. who drops his hands won't
ever know what hurti-him.' -.il ?
-Where' was the'ican'Witbono eye?
Th0 robber appeared .to believe: that
..WQ' Were all out, and -ho was tjust
approaching the head of the- line'to
begin: his Uvork wheni a 'dark ' forhi
dropped idut of the conchy there -was
a yell as-if front: a crack: The robber
-went .dowmat.i the -rsfc pop. IUs
partner was just 'obming arbund the
reartof thdcokch;iu;IIe was a''gamo
man. Ilo kneW vhit had-happeh-bd,
bat hewss cdmiVlg to the rescue.
Fbp! poji! pop.f went 'the' reVolVers,
their41ashes Ifghting Tip to nrght
until wo.could sec tho' dritcrht his
seat, 'rt; ii'mi!.','! iii , oil ,i viil
ll lb din'i take twenty so'ednds: Ohb
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,ii MVl dropped Yie';uhd3kbdk -.f
tbahk himy-ahd yo'ntbd to" shkko
hands,' and-' sanvebbdy. oggest!ed 'a
Bhake-p'urseTor hlffbe'hefit,1 bnth-1
motidh'ed fitntb the -cbltchj'bAilged
the door after us and climbed iip ' td
a seat besule the driver. Ilis contempt-
fc'ncli a rcAvHl'coiliid Ttidt bo
measiu red,i - Detroit Fr Pnss; f ' ' '
ll '"'f " "I . ' pwaaMawwia-w a, I J f ,
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reckonbd, s Xijan) i jmidnight, apd.,;!,
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'.dassfcaNr-those ' .who h aif hioi-Oi npi
'ptito than- (Unacr?i and tho$e: wlv
tUlT more. dinners than appf titei u
,-J a.Ur 1 I tsi-aiiatf
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