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T H'E 0 R R I ST OWN QtK2 E T T E ,' F B A R Y :2 7,H 8 8 4.
teams or the gazette.
HATES OF SUl'SCnrmoy. One
rr ( 52 in ) $ 1.50; six r,uut., 75 ets;
Art ncnths, 4'J .vfj.
first irr:&n, i ; i i- subsequent i wr-
ton, 5a te U; t i.viyt advertisement
a sryn :?' ri tnj to le space occu
lted mi nbcrt raU.
fer rtpcrwr indc: meats, loth as to rate
0edrsx ' ' ner f displaying their
COM jft'XICA TI)XS must be accompan
ied kf t.s trven t ie a'id address of te
toruer crtler to 'fntttiitention.
QBlrVAllY Sofd'Jtis, Tributes of Re
tpe:t d Girds tf f tiks charged for
as rejumir Aietr'f;teii'.
ALL HlH.S far .i '.- rttn'ny art due vhen
cents f" r line far fir ? i;irrfn ana scents
per U i4 for e,K:. a ' UUt uii insertion.
The HorrhtDwn Gazette.
""'.TKD.NUSUAY. Via 27. mi.
Local iXotcsGw! Olhir Xtics.
New millinery aUractiir at Mr. Leu
Flynn's. Call aad te t aero.
Tbaraa to Opt. J-roe ribt, of
lloorevburf. for U e Knglish papers.
Mre. Lou Flynn I receiving, and iH
continue to r?ci during the scasoo.
tlie l!e styles la !., bonnets, trim
rr.irs, e;c Now m the time te make
jour st-lect'on. h'ic 'Sts competition.
It i aNiut tim Ur candidate ana
.abbact arruwrrs t- rirrtenve work
Thofom-r ah.m'i plan' cards and tbe
latta prspare L t t-cd-t Fira dol"i
ch a cute iinJi-ittea rront eaw
la our pi' ture '' iy.
la the circ ii'. c-irt at KnoxvIPc, on
tl.e 1U., the jurjr tun.eJ a Terlict tf
$10,CNX)araist i iint Lafayette Cur
tier fr tietcJi tf f r ni-a ta marrjr and
inctla cf Mat?ret Wagoner, a'.I of
Knox c -ui ty.
Wbeo a Mo:ri.- a promer.d
the BTtet t'eckMl a . of lira. Lou
Vjn'g l'itifui i pi;tntly trlra
E.cl n Iwjri ln jio at
i c- tf f ic'fclra : )ii, tii.'t sha a iar
llnjt!" " i lh' :ii. v:" "Voubet
ate i I "She'a I c af j leaf my eye I
"I u il l not liTr a'. iy, I a'i not
t ta;. We do n i no ,der, with aucL
a cold a jourt, lit tLr is a brih
aide t erery tbinr and s.mtbtne evn
fcr liOe r-Wed :'U vn. lr. Bull a
I'cnifh ."yn:p tn I: 'is to cure tbe
rr.f-t tul trn i
A Lena Year ent ! :ai:iment was &lr-
i at te ra'dirc tf 3Ir. Foster
Wbitei:e !at Fn iiy t 'bt. A nam
Ser f caape attc .t led i ii leap year
rw, an! tnaj- iieny the tlcetirp
1 .-ur. A ciorM.:-J3t occ4'oa ai d
tii Ij itii n ir.fc' Latti!y enjoyed
tianti'ti. la ta- y cccurreJ ami rg
us TLw uj jer f t far a prince and
ate i i tLo mo- tempting style.
Ilcbert I. Pu! i-a.i, of Carneavir.
Ga., pi;v.nhft t ai'J in tbe local
pper: I herW z'ir -;.tica to all
dram Hers and fir m diinVcrs that I
lave Ifft the ril ay with tbe old
year, and have t- rr,cd into tL new
j with t' e ne- y ir, and I want all
cfthmttTan Le.oby. I intend
t rtdtt.ru n.y nar a:i.l tbararter, acl
alii'.l loo upn tie nun wh oiler me
liquor a mj rfea! y tn'mj."
Od. A'fitd L. i sll--f ie, .1 one time
a tv -?a'tt j and pTKuirir it merchant of
Knaxvilse, with a iarj circle of reU
ttrraantl fiiends iar.uj.bout East Ten
r.cee, d'ei in Ktcxvi!!, on tke 16tb,
Of pneumanU. Ill- heirt was full o
humia kin Icf.. and 1 e apoke barm f
ro ear. ilia ioterity. waa unlmpeach
a'!e, a-l m waa crutly belevcd by bi
rctatlvea aud etui? 1 1 j:t w-bo knew
Mm. lie Jid la thf 6lt year of hiaaf.
Juo. T. Iktbutr.iV ll-kn)wn man
aar ar the ;rat t-.tiicl jaJiy Biicd
Toai. waa k:l'.(d V a riilrrad traia at
TTiliaiaftor), Del. en the n'gUt cf the
lS b. VVhi.' tb 'lain wm itoppiog at
WilroirvtMi, Ilets.'ine wrnt to a restau
rani for lunch a .. li 1 nt return uat l
th train ba! atari. I. lie then tan an1
in attempting to i: ' t-o the car fell, wa
dragged acme dLt: n eond finally rf Ilel
ua Irr the cr an I wa horribly in u t i -latd.
Tbe latrtt f.ri - ia xpectrd at the
Opera Haute U Kill Arp, the great
Southern humor.'. We letrn from
tbo rntnag-ra of ihe O, era Hoie that
tti liim ba alcnit" -d hi willingne to
lecture here om- :i r tlii week, acd
that arroiemer t that effect have
been pirtially i r. 'cried. Should be
come, me a Hie :r c lizons all to turn
out an 1 Hear bim. It will be an Op
portunity seldom pri fited to pee and
h-r ou-of the I- i z characters f-f
the S..;ilh.
A (eni'eman f i -te-inp ta have bsd
experience ia ti e suir.ca hands us the
falluwinj lirrct"-: I -r burning and
sawing r hacco a ' I : T.arn the land by
uir U tt In a l.-p until the ground
g-l it 1 aid a'l ' i ! are killed. Than
acrape racit f tin tabes and di up
the Un 1 an.l puivcri. thoroughly and
ra'e f-tL every li'jlf eti' k. Have the bed
perfectly ravth ail .ow tha aeed ene
tablep.ionful t cery tea feet s'iarc.
llaki theru in li' i'y. Then prms the
ted by s'nrupirfc- r tiampinir with a
maul uo'll 'he f -.t ill nat make an
lmprri-n in tl.- dirt. Then corerthe
bed with tliin d rie&iir put oa a frame
about ten Int l.-4 ihoTe the ground
ltltj-t toe t tini on the hid of
theb-d. S wtt lcu 1 any time up to
the 10th of Ma-cl 1) not burn the
M .n the li i 1 is v. et.
Few hare any cur-option of the ex
tant of U;e jjrowih of the marble btui
nr sa of Eist Teuncsre. It la develop
log mo'e rapidly than any other branch
of iad:trr, and t ' quality nf the mar
ble is nw recviized thr ughout the
country aa aupeiior to any erar before
diaartred. The Cnrst of these quar
r.cs are located i i Hawkins county, and
la aa intrtriew with a marble tcao,
by a repreMntath e of the Cbaltanoaa
Ti. a few days since, be waa shown
a price list la which Hawkins ceanty
marb'a waa quo-rd a $9 50 per cubic
fot a ud lialia& narblc at 1 25, Includ
ing a Urifl of 15 ceats. " It Is rery
atraagc, said t is marble tain, ''that
ws should ship not ma-bl East to bare
itdrras'd ted fliithl and than bay it
back fcr raramcrrial ne. but It's a fact.
Wa aaeri wen of means to develep tbls
buainets. Iberf' oi'uey in ir, bif DD-oey."
' roc ATE.
The year 1884 will long be remember
ed by the denomination of Christians
known aa Methodists. It is the centen
nial year of rgannlc Jletbfrdisin io
America, and will be celebrated erery
w Lerc aa such, and made the accaaion
of the rauiogof large contributions for
Church aid Educational purpoieJ.
All papers published in the interest of
said denomination will be filled with
the news of wbat is being done, but the
most enterprising of all aeems to be the
iyiiht Louis Christian Adtxtetuix&tti
management of Mr. Dameran'witb the
rtteraa McAnally, and his aa'oclate,
Bounds, as editor, which leads off with
very interesting centenary papers from
the gifted Dr. Lipomb, Emeritus pro
fessor, Vandcrbilt Unireraity, to be fol
lowed with carefully prepared articles
specially written tor said paper, by
Uev. E. E. Wiley, D. D., President of
L'mory College; Hon. Thomas Shackel
ford, of Glasgow; Dr. Jao. E. Edwards.
of Virgin la; Hon. John Ilogan, af Sc.
Louis; Dr. 11. F. Johnson, President of
Whitwortb College; Pref. N. T. Lup-
lon, of Vanderbllt L'nirtraity; Dr. W.
II. Potter, editor of the Wesley an Ad
vocate; Hon. J. P. Strother.of Marshall,
M.; Dr. W. P. Harrlaon, Book EJltor
of the M. E. Chnrch.Soatb, NaihTille;
Re. C. P. Deems, D. D., Paalor ef tbe
Church of the Strangers, New York;
Dr. D. C. Kelley, Treasurer of the Mia
ion Board; Rer. It. T. Naber, Chap
lain ef Vanderbilt Cnirersity; Iler. Dr.
M. Rhodes, St, Leuis; Dr. J. B McFer
rin, agent Southern Methodist Publish
ing House; Her. n. A. Bourland, cf
ieoretawn, Texas; Dr. A. S. Andrews,
Greensboro, Ala. ; Dr. C. K. Marahall,
Vickburg, Miss.; Dr. H.2i. Sledd, of
Not folk; Hon. John E. Ityland, Lex
ingron. Mo.; Dr. M.S. Andrews, Eufau
!a, Ala.; Itev. Josephut Andersen, of
Bitsvilie, Ark.; Rer. R. B. Crawfard,
Mobile; Hon. II. C. Ewiog, Jefferson
Ci:y, Mo.; Dr. E. L. LoTeless, Mobile;
Hon. S. II. Dent, Eufaula, Ala.; Rev.
O. P. Fitzgerald. D. D., editor of the
Xashvillo L'hristi-m Adcoeate; Rev. Sam
uel II. Ct.x, Pastor of Mount Vernon
Church, Washington, D. C; Rbert B.
Vance, House of Reps., Wahingtsn, D.
C; Prof- XT. W. Duncan, of Watford
College, S. C; Dr. Morgan CallJway,
f Paine Innitute; Praf. O. H. P. Cor
prew, of Central College; Prof. M. M.
Fisher, ef th Missouri State Universi
ty; IIv. R. X. Price, of Emory and
Henry College; Gen. Clinton B. Fisk.
New York; Hon. Srmuel Checote, chief
of Mucogee Natian; Col. Frlce Will
iams, Mobile; Hon. J. P. Phllpet, Tex
ts Rev. E. E. Hom, Vice President cf
Emory and Henry College, and about
twenty ctbers.
With this great array of talent ad led
to the already able editorials of the ps
er, it ought to find a place In every
MethdM family, as the price is onlv
two dollars a year, and any one article
from either of the above writers is more
thai worth the rear's subscription.
Don't p'ace your orders elsewhere
for a spring hat, bonnet, or anything in
the Millinery line until you have seen
cdiorj d; Blair's new stock. Their
?aods w ill come direct from the first
tiardsof the largest importers ia the
Eat, arid will comprise oae ef the
most attractive and replete assortments
aver invoiced in East Tennessee. They
Uave secured the services of a fashion
able eastern milliner and are prepared
in every particular to give the fullest
satisfaction. Withhold yeur ordere-
don't send to Knoxyille or eUewhtre
you may be sorry for it.
Geo. W. Webb, Eaq., of Hawkins
county, was at tbe Cain House Mon
day. Capt.Jaa. P. Evan returned from
FlorMa Suaday night. His bst ef
friends welcome tim back.
The Gazxttk received a very pleas
tat call List Friday from Mr. W. L.
McCoy, a sutveuful firmer and stock
trader of Tread way, Hawkins county.
Mr. A. V. Laweon, of Warm Springs,
N.C., w-asln the city last week and
made us an agreeable call.
Mr. Phil. J. Briscoe, of George A
Urlscor, Knoxville, came up Iastlnura
Jay and went evr to Jtutledge Friday
morning on uunnesa tor bis nouse.
We are glad to see in tbe city, on a
visit to relative, Mr. C. P. Gregg, of
Trumannburg, N. V., who arrived Sat
urday nuht.
Mr. Townsetid Gainvs, the popular
!ej.resema!ire oi JJyer, Taylor & Co.
halters, Boston, was in town a por
tiou of Sunday and Monday.
One ef our illustrious predecessors In
the aub'ication of Tub Gazette. L. P.
Spi-cW, E,q., of IUckford, waa ia etar
tow n one day last week, and we regret
not navtng an opportunity to give aim
a w elcome.
MUs Wioford Stone, of Truemacs-
burg.lS. l ., arrived in tbe city last week
She cornea to take charge of Goodaoa
A Blair a new millinery department.
As a member of one of the best families
ia the East, and a lady ef refinement
and cultivated taste in her business, we
bepeak for her pleasant relations with
our people.
It is not often that our esteemed
friend. Col. An. Kyle, of Rusaellville
leavea the quietude of his farm, but
when u-baa business In our town be
rarely fails ta give our sanctum a call
(liis he did last e'tnesday. In excel
health, though we regretted to bear of
th continued prostration ef his excel
lent wire While not a politician in tbe
usual acceptation of the term. Col. Kyle
is nevertheless full of earnest zeal for
th aucce t the Democratic party aa
its principles are avowed by the Ohio
platform and championed bv such a
autesratri at aaru. J. Randall.
The City Bar, which has heretofore
been conducted by J. J. Sikes, ban
passed into the possession of John R
Ott, who will continue to run it In first-
class style. Mr. Ott has catered to the
public at his present stand for some
time and it ia well knewn that he is
thoroughly conversant with Lis busi
ness. Ho la experienced, pelite and
accommodating, and bia bar ia ene of
tbo neatest and best equipped ia tbe
ci y. The very finest and best brands
of whisky, brandies, wines, ales, por
ters, lsger beer, etc., cao always be
found at the City Bar. Also the cholc
est cigars and tobacco. It
Young lady, pin this notice ia your
old bat, and when the idea enters your
heal to purchase a new style spring
hat, baaten as fast as jour limbs will a!
lew you te Mrs. Lou Flyno, the leader
of faahlen, who will rig yeu up ia a bo-
witching style. Try it.
Everything that cm be found ia
first-class millinery establishment can
be bad tt Mr a. Lou Fljna's.
Ti e Ilohtan river ia on a boam aod
at this date February 20 it marks 12
feet above high water mark, and ia still
Tbe wheat and oats crops laoks fine.
C Rev. John Lawrence and .A. W.
Denison are selling goods at the eld
Lawrence stand.
Our enterprising friend, W. XV.
Lawrence, cornea to the front in the
stock line. He slaughtered s!x bogs that
averaged two hundred and sixty pounds
net at eight months old. Wha cao beat
Will. Loncs has re urned from his
Texas trip. Ho brags about the west.
One of our Skinfoot brethren, in
writing to a Knoxville paper, takes oc
casion to denounce the Rev. J. M. Car
ter for the utterance ef false aad dis
graceful words. Brother Carter stands
fair in this community. He circulates
among the best families of Grainger and
Hamblen counties and is doing some
excellent preaching. W. T.
We now have In Tazewell four doc
tors, seven lawyers snd some more just
Dr. Eppe, of Lee county, Virginia,
has purchased the residence of W. T.
Carr and will locate in Tazewell.
Was Carliile's selection of Dlok
Warner, as chairman of one ef his com
mittees, intended as a Joke en Dick, the
Tennessee delegation, or the citizens ef
this Stater
We regret to sever the close rela
tions that have hitherto existed between
Hamblen and Claiborne; hut we must
occasionally gat a mail. If we can not
get rid of tbe nuisance called a ferry
at Clinch river, we must gat a daily
Ine to Knoxville. Just two weeks, the
last lime, without a mall.
James Robinson has purchased the
residence of Jesse C. Rogers, and the
latter has moved te Powel'a valley.
B. F. Shults, one of our enterprie
ng merchants, has purchased tbe Will
iams interest ia the nu. Graham estate,
-nd, it is rumored, intends erecting a
handsome residence thereon.
We now have a ateam saw mill in
operation near Tazewell. It affords our
itizena a splendid opportunity to shine
up their property.
Would it not be a good idea for our
legislature to offer a small reward for
hawk scalps? Did you ever think of the
destruction of small birds and poultry
caused by these a fores lid hawks? Af
ter her chickens have pished through a 1
other dangers, tbe goo 1 woman sees th
flock of chickens she his taken so much
pains with go one by one. Tbe value
of the poultry destroyed by hawks
would surprise you, if an estimate fr-m
a few of your farmers of the number
lost last year was given yeu.
At the edge of the Valley road, on
be farm of Mr. Jamsa Patterson, there
nands a monument over tbe grave of
James Robertson . The monument is of
imcstejie and covered with moss. The
inscription reads : ' Killed by Indians,
774." Just one hundred years ago.
What a change there must be in the ap
pearance ef tbe country now and at
that time. Traditie i says that after
being shot he rede half a mile to tbe
spot where he is now buried, and could
go no further. Substituting tbe blood
flowing from his wound for ink, and
his finger for a pen, he wrote upon the
smooth bark of a beech tree : " Killed
by the Indians at Butcher spring,", and
at tbe foot of that tree his body was
fouad aad burled. X.
A few dots from 'thee diggins" are
induced from sincere motivea, and with
the view of keepiog up with the car
rent events of namblea.
Bill Jonas' dogs are dead. Said
dogs having been killed for no other
cause than that it was thought Bill's
long attack of sickness was occasioned
by folio wiag said dogs, hunting foxes
and blowing bis horn tao early ia tbe
morning. Bill is now well and It is
thought he will yet be an ornament to
CapL Tom. Hale has eight hundred
hens on his ranch. It requires the
services of one man, two women and
two little boys to gather the eggs from
said heaery. This family of chickens
are kept laying all the while for the
Louisville market, at 25 centa per doz
en tbe year round. The hens make
their own nests and furnish eggs by the
million. This would be a good place
for an editor to iucrease bia mental
faculties, as eggs and fish enlarge the
convolution of the brain. If tbe editor
waa not a temperance man, a small
qumtity of Golden Wedding and augar
mixed in these fresh eggs might serve
as an antidote againrt malarial fever.
The most popula - merchant of our
vicinity ia Mr. Kirkpntrick, whose store
is at cousin Bob. Lj le's. The news Is
that Ki k. is in love with a handsome
blonde, w hose auburn locks, with hazel
eyes and jelly fringe, enrapture all who
tee her.
Oar great farmer and friend of lb
the late Southern Confederacy has sold
his calves and rente 1 bis farm. This
gentlemaa, 31 r. Wilbura Baker, will go
to banking for this year." We regret te
loso him from his b ttoms. He is
bully good farmer ana enould never
leave his well regulated furrows for
the banking business.
Rev. C. C. Brown haa removed to
Mossy Creek. We tuts his genial prea
ence and christian bearing from our
midst. May his shadow never grow
. Report saya couaia Jeems Cain is to
return from Mississippi soon, and again
make our hearts throb with emotions of
pitasure in improving and beautifying
his beautiful home. ' Hope he may
come home soon and leok after bis fine
timothy hsy.
Col. Jas. Neilaoa has sold a lot of
fine mules recently. Jim. is one ef the
rlaiaz farmers of Chucky Valley. We
expect toy him against Maj. Petti
bene, Hen. R. R. Batlerand Alf. Tay
lor for Cosgresa ia the next campaign
The masses say we must have a mods
farmer In tbe race. "Sic transit gloria
Ceusio George Trobangb is another
great aad good farmer. He has mere
good males and calves than any of our
neighbors. George ie woaderfully
blessed. He has fine mineral water on
his farra, a beautiful cave. for, keeping
xaiik and butter jast at Lis besyltable
portals, with fruits and all the essential
evidences to make a home hsppy, ,' J
Uncle Snort Tally hat removed to
the Seruirzs farm. and. will show the
neighbors how to grow big corn and
'latere He has better cooking and
more of it than any man la Hamlden
He ia alwaya busy , making improve
ments. . Would make a first-class mem
ber ef tbe Legislature. '
Du. Jones keeps the track warm
towards Vqolre Baker's farm la Greene
ceanty. We would not be surprised if
Dud.' gets Into tbe milching business
it be continues to bold off tbe calves.
MJ. William Gwlnn baa removed
to California recently. Should the
Major fail to grow large corn at his new
home, his neighbo's will find In him
one essential and redeeming trait be
is a cumber one chair bottomer.
Gen. Lee Scott is entertaining eae
of the wards of the connty. The old
darkey" la now playing into Lee's
handa $3 83 per month. We have ad
vised our factotum to feed light, nurae
well aad collect regularly, as Ilamblen
srich. . . . .
Uncle Johnale Roaaell, tbe clever
est farmer now living in the Bend of
Chucky, has a flattering prospect for . a
wheat crop. ' It is said Uncle Johnnie
knews hew corn is made. Ue rolls his
and before planting and works bis
crop only la dry weather.
Neighbors Joe. and Eb. Suong
are still making the hair fly from their
porkers. Their old meat keuse is now
smoking, groaning and gTunting under
the pressure of over a hand red heavy,
'at bogs. Joe. has aa eye on a South
Carolina belle, as he no longer takes in
boarders, lis porta says Eb. likes the
Tennessee gala best, aa in this State, all
of the pretty girls are good cooks.
Billy Griffin, the mail rider from
Morristown, is the most popular man
for his position to be found In the State.
f Uncle Sam does not continue
him as' post-carrier after June 30 next,
we desire that a penaion be given him
for wbat be has done for tbls vicinity,
ia which the government will reflect
credit on herself and the Post Office
Department. Q IK THi Corsxb.
City Items.
For hkxt. Two houses, apply to
C. P. Biggs.
Go te Buchanan's for your sugar,
coffee, teas, rice and canned-goods. All
good guaranteed as represented or
money refunded. -
Remember, Mrs. Lou Flynn will not
be undersold In millinery goods.
No old-style or second-hand millinery
goods kept at Mrs. Lou Flynn's.
If you havo dyspepsia try a bottle of
Dr. V. R. Stone's Apepsla. It ia high
ly recommended. For sale by draggists.
Mrs. Lou Flynn ig headquarters for
all the latest stjles and novelties in
millia'ry. Call and examine her stock
Try the Jumbo roasted coffee
Buchanan's, the best in market.
You can get for 5 cents each, five
two-year old grape vines, from J. C.
Hodges. Every family ought to have
a few grape vines. feb27 2t
Don't fail to call on Mrs. Lou Flynn
Tor any article you may need In her
line. If she baa it not, she will imme
diately order it for you, and upon the
most satisfactory terms.
The ladies appreciate pretty and dur
able goods at low figures. They can be
accommodated by visiting Mrs. Lou
Flynn, who will make happy their
hearts and put bright smiles on their
faces. Her motto is: "To Please."
The countrr ladies would find it to
their advantage, wben shopping io the
city, to purchase their pretty ribbons
and laces, scarfs, plumes, els., at tbe
fashionable .millinery establishment of
Mrs. Lou Flynn's. Her prices are low.
Young lady, if you want a new spring
hat or bonnet, rigged np in the latest
agony, and can't find it convenient to
come to town. Just send your order to
Mrs. Lou Flyno accompanied with tbe
money, and she will pleaae you as well,
if not better, than if you had called in
person. She guarantees aatisf action.
Buchanan keepa a full line of fine
cigara, smoking and chewing tobaccos.
Buchanan is at his post again. He
has had aeveral years experience in the
sTOcerv business and tntnks ne can
guarantee aatiafaction to all.
A Case not Beyond Help.
Dr. IL U. Hinsdale, Kenawee, 111.
advises us of a remarkable cure of con
sumption; He aays: "A neigbbor'a wife
was attacked with violent lung diseaae
and pronounced beyond help Irom
Ouirk Consumption. As a last resort
tbe family waa persuaded to try Dr,
Win. Hall'a Balsam for the Lungs. To
the astonishment of all, by the time she
bad used one half dozen bottles she wa
about the house doing her own work
I aaw ber at her worst and had no idea
ahe could recover.
Watson's Neuralgia King:.
This ia one of the best remedies for
Neuralgia ever invented.' It la not
liniment, but is a medicine to ba taken
internally, and cure by going right to
the root of tbe disease. A lady whe
had tried many other things, without
relief, tried Neuralgia King, ai.d was
immediately cured. We guarantee
ia all cases, when used according to
Bourbon, Ind., says: " Both myself
and wife owe our lives to Shiloa s Con
sumption Cure."
Are you made miserable by Indigestion
Constipation, Dizziness. Loss of Appe
titc. Yellew Skin ? Shiloh's Vitalizer
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Why will you cjngh when Shiloh's
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Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy a positive
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"HackmeUck" a lasting and fragrant
perfume. - lnce 25 and 00 certs.
Shiloh's Cure will Immediately relieve
Croup, Whooping Cough and Bron
TTrtr T)nrvia and Liver Comnlaiat.
you have a printed guarantee on every
bottle of Skiloh's Vitalizer. It never
falls to cure.
A Nasal In lector free with each bottle
ef Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50
For tale by W. P. Carrlger, druggist.
To th Editor of Tha atrriaiown Oaaett :
Your correspondent has declared that
we are not an ' economist. If by that
he means theorist, we plead guilty. We
claim to be practical, and care more for
the truth that ia in facta amT figures ef
actual experience, than the impractica
ble theories of learned men.'
If I have mistaken his meaning, it
was because be did not mean what he
said. I have not attempted to seek any
hidden meaning in his words.
In his last article be takes up my il
lustration of tbe cutlery products and
attempts to show that it costs o ir peo
ple ene-third more because of tbe duty.
We produced in 1880 twelve million dol-
lara worth which he thinks would havo
sold for nine without the tariff. Dur
ing that year cutlery makers paid $4,-
447,349 in wages to 10,500 workmen.
Over a million dollars on ourslde ef the
edger on that one item. On the money
actually invested in that year the man
ufacturer received a profit ef less than
eight per cent, therefore were the duty
taken off they must go out of the busi
ness, and their array of workmen seek
employment elsewhere.
Again, take our iron and steel indus
tries. Those establishments that turn
out exclusively metal products, during
the census year, gave employment to
339,345 workmen, paying them in wages
$143,549,625." At a low estimate each
worker represents a family of three
persons making over a million souls de
pendent on our iron manufactures alone.
This does not include those industries
n which iron is the main material used,
as agricultural implements, nre arms
and products of that class. Neither
does it include the mining and other
ndustries directly dependent on the
ron works. These would mere than
double the totals given. Then there
are the farmers who produce food for
host, the tradesmen who supply them
and the thousand and oae professions
that are interlocked with them in tbe
daily pursuits of life. Yet tbe mni
who employ them made a profit of less
than ten per cent, during that year.
Your correspondent gives the out put
durlnz 1883 of our Sessemer steel rail
mills at over twelve hundred thousand
tons. Where he can get such figures I
cannot imagine unless from some unre
liable commercial estimate. In 1880 it
was only 741,000 tons, and it has hardly
doubled in three dull years. Such a
wonderful increase would be very grat
ifying to me as a protectionist, but as
these figures are not official and hardly
reliable, let us examine those of tbe
census. Our s is tbe greatest metal
consuming country in the world. In
that year our workers turned out $297,-
000,000 worth of exclusively iron and
steel products. Is it desirable that this
ramense sum be sent abroad yearly to
fill British and German coffers ! How
loag could we stand such a drain? Our
agricultural exports would not pay, for
they new take all they need.
A great cry of revenue reformers is
that manufacturers are making immense
profits. An easy thing to say but hard
to show. By the census the total out
put was over five billion dollars, the
amount paid in wages and material waa
nearly four and a half billion, leaving
an apparent profit of less than one bil
lon dollars. From this must be taken
the large amount necessary to compen
sate for the time ef those who are not
borne on the wage roll, superintendents,
who have an interest in tbe business,
and the proprietors of the thousands of
small establishments who do as much
work as any of their workmen. Yet in
the census computation are neither
counted as hands employed, or as hav
ing wages paid them. This element
with tbe wear and tear of old, and the
constant putting in of improved ma
chinery, and otber necessary expenses
of which no note has been taken, will
certainly reduce the net profit to ten
per cent, or lower.
Now. Mr. Editor, let my excuse for
length, be the desire that this, the lead
ing question, should be fairly presented
to tbe peoplo woo are to decide it.
The Seven Springs Iron-Alum Mass,
a potent ana lniamoie remeay ior
urine troubles, female complaints,
nervousness, indigestion, dyspepsia.
headaches, chills and fevers, soreUhroat,
scrofula, Eczema, and all akia diseases
Any one Buffeting or afflicted witn any
of thesa ailments, may rely witn cer
tainty, upon receiving direct and un
mistakable benefits, from the proper
use of the "Mass." And any lady not
able to buy the mass and will furnish
regular pbyaician's certificate to that
effect, we will mail her a package at
our own expense. Be sure yeu get
"Seven SDrinrs Mass." Landrum A
Litchfield, Abingdon, Va.
The members of Morristown Ledge
No. 231, F. and A. If., are hereby noti
fied that the Maater elect of said Lodge
will bo installed at tbe regular meeting
in March next, under a special dispen
sation granted by the Moat Worahipfn
Grand Lodge of Tennessee. Take doe
notice thereof, and govern yourselves
accordingly. John Mcrphet, Sec.
Don't Spill" the Milk.
"There is no crying over spilled
milk," says the old aaw. IX you are
net onlv bald, but bave no life in the
roots of vour hair, there is no use cry
ing over that, either. Take both time
and yourself by the forelock while there
is a forelock left. Apply Parker's Hair
BaUam to vour hair before matters ee
worse. Jt will arrest tbe falling off of
veur bair and restore its original color
gloss and softness. It is a perfect
dressing withal, clean, richly pert urn
ed. cools and heals tbe scalp. -Ttrone.
Pi... Oct. 14. 1883.
Dr. V. R Stone, Dear 8ir: I have
been troubled with Dyspepsia for three
or four rear, and this summer i naa
very severe attack and hardly knew
what to do. It happened a friend came
to my place of business and recom
mended vour Apepsla. I consented to
try It and before i had taken one bottle
I felt like anew man, aad after taking
two felt ent rely cured. All you claim
for it ia true aad I heartily recommend
it. Kespectrully,
F. XT. Tatlo
Apepaia Is for sale ia Merristown by
W. P. Carriger, druggist.
Macrame cerd in all Colors, for ladies'
fancr work. McCall's Bazar Patterns
(send for catalogue). Needles sent by
mail for any sawing mac hid a. Nyes
Dure sperm oil at wholesale. Uerchan
send in your orders. Repairs, parts
and finding. Machines repaired by
superior workman. The Improved
White. New Eld redge. Davis. Singer
and Domestic Sewing Machines in stock
and sold very low, either wholesale or
retail.-. S- ! ANGEL,
jm 23 ! ', KnoxTllle, Tenn.'
tforristown Produce Market.
CORN.. 7
FLOUR. ...
BACON....... ...
26. 1883.
, 90i 00
a 52f
, . 35
2 75(33 50
55 60
, 15
. 7
Wholesale Grain and
- Market.
Knoxviixe, Tenn., Feb. 25, '84.
Wheat Longberry, red, 95c.a$l;
Shortberry, or Fultz, 90a95c; white,
85c.al 10.
..Corn 53a58c, loose; new, 45a50c.
Oats Loose, 30c.; sacked, 42a45c.
per bushel.
Bacos Choice clear sides, 9a9c.;
choice hams, lOallc. ; shoulders, 6a7c.
Lard In 50 pound tin cans, 9al0c.,
as to grade; selling, lOalOyC
Hat Loose. 50a60c.: baled. 80c.a
90s. er 100 nnnnda.
pies, sun orlen, 4a4ic; Apples, evapor
ated, 6al0c. ; Peaches, sundried, 5c.
Ginseng Per pound, 1 25a$l 40.
.Seneca Root Per pound, 35a40c.
Pink Root Per Dound, 12c.
Yellow Root Per pound, 5c .
Lady Slippers Per pound, 2c.
Dried Blackberries 7a8c.
Apples 4a4Jc.
Whortleberries 8c.
Raspberries 20a25c.
Peaches Halves. 5a5ic.: quarters. 3
to 4 cents.
Feathers Prime, 47a50c.
Rags Cotton, !alc.
Beeswax 25a27c. per pound.
Hides Dry flint, lOallc ; green, 5a6.
Tallow In demand, 6aCjc.
Flaxseed Per bushel, 80c.
Wool Lower; choice tub-washed,
30c.; fair to good. 25a28c ; dark coarse,
20a25c. ; unwashed, 20a25c.
Opening the Fountains.
In numberless bulbs beneath the skin
is secreted the liquid substance which
gives the hair its texture, color and
gloss. Wben this secretion steps, the
bair begins at once te become dry. lus-
terless, brittle and gray. Is . that the
condition of your hair ? If so. applv
'arker's tialr Balsam at once. It will
restore the color, gloss and life by re
newing the action of nature. The
balsam is not anoll, not a dye, but an
elegant toilet article, highly appreciat
ed because of its cleanliness.
For March contains as its principal
articles: "iieligion: A Prospect and a
Dctrospeot," by Herbert Spencer; "Tbe
Soudan, and its Future," by Sir Samuel
Baker; and "A Visit to Philistla," by
Sir Lepel Griffin. There is another in
stallmeat oi lvan lurgeniens prose
poems, "Senilia," which will be read
with great interest. A very remark
able short story is "Old Lady Mary,''
from Blackwood'i, by Mrs. Oliphant, one
of the most original and unique ghost
stories ever written. A very vivid
picture of medieval Ilalian life is given
I. Ill Pl...nl.. T..J..... TVo.W
which will be completed in the next
number. Other striking papers are
Earthquake Weather." "Tragedy in
Japan," " Personal Recollections of
Gambetla," "Scraps from the Chroni
cles of Venice." and "Old and Now
Cynics." The poems are from Swin
burne, Tennyson, and Browning. Tbe
magazine, in its entirety, is of great
interest, and contains more variety
than usual in spite of several lenghty
Published by E. R. Peltoa, 25 Broad
etreet, New York. Terms, $5 per year;
aingle numbers, 45 cents; trial subscrip
tion for 3 months, 1.
Attention, ladies! If you want fresh
and stvlish SDrine bats or bonnets, call
on Mrs. Lou Flynn, leader of fashion,
(Mini the Spiral Stairs.
Invisible Architecture in a New
England Parsonage.
'Yes." she said, "our children are
married and gene, and my husband and
I sit by our winter nre mucn as we aia
before the little ones came to widen
the circle. Life is something like a
spiral staircase; we are all the time
comins around over the spot we started
from, onlv ene derree further up the
stairs "
That is a nretty Illustration.': re
marked her friend musingly, gazing in
to the arlowinsr coals which radiated a
oleasant heat from the many-windowed
stove. "You know we cannet stop
tnilinsr un hill, thourh."
"Surely we cannot, and for myself I
don't find fault with that necessity pro
vided the advance in life is not attend
ed with calamity or suffering, for 1
have had auv share of that. Not long
since mv health utterly broke down
My system was full of malaria. My
digestion became thoroughly disordered
and my nerves were in a wretched state.
I was languid, ate little aad without
enjoying it, and had no strength or
ambition to .preform even my light
household duties. Medical treatment
failed to reach the seat of the trouble.
t he disease which seemed to be weak
ness of all the vital organs progressed
until I bad several attacks which my
physicians pronounced to be acute cn:
restion of the stomach. The last of
thesowaaa desperate struggle and I
eiven ud to die. As the crisis had
Dartiallv oassed. mv husband heard of
the merits of PARKER'S TONIO as
an ingigorant in just such sases as mine.
I took it and felt its cood effects at
once. It appeared to evade my body.
as though tbe blessing of new life bad
come to me. Taking no other medicine
I continued to improve, and am now
in better health than I have been for a
longtime." .-
Extract from Interview witn tne wue
of Rev. P. Perry, Pastor of Baptiut
Church, Coldbrook, Mass.J
None but First ciass Goods.
In Watches, Jewelry and Silverware
one should have tbe best or none.
Messrs. Shurlev & Co.. Chicago, are
making a specialty of flue goods, and
if vou need Anything in Watches, In
dust and water proof cases, Solid Silver
orTriDle Plated ware. Solid Gold or
Rolled Gold Jewelry send to Shurley
& Co., they will send a single article at
tha dozen prices. They are vouched
for and endorsed by the United States
Express Co., American Express Co.,
Southern Express , F. W. Palmer,
Postmaster of Chicago. Gen'I A. C.
Smith, Ex-State Treasurer, and many
others. Goods sent on approval, with
rri viioov nf Tmfnation. enabling you
tn dai vaur nurcnasing at home. Re
member, Shurley & Co., 77 Bute Stroet
Chicago, III. Bona ior weir new
beautiful illustrated catalogue,
svpt 28 88I7.
.N e to 'Advertisement
I wv ' ' 1?U!'
4 - .W. V. : , ..v
io i V . V- -
40 -ttfTi "S:n. .ir-iu i -a mi f--r' f n,. i, i i ulii'ir"
ardware, Cutlery ,
Full Line of Carpenters'Tools and-Bnilder's Material -
Every Plow Fully Guaranteed. Also Agent for the
Warranted for
Is now receiving bia large
Goods, Fancy Goods, Choice Hosiery,
Canton Mattings, Aksrs Boiling
New things and all the Novelties in every Department.
In the Store haa all tie new spring styles,
Paris and New York designs
NO STOCK in the City is HANDSOME or Cheaper than Mine.
A Large Stock of Family
Main Street,
sept 36 em
Eootout Bank
JAS. G. ROSE, President.'
J. a. BOSE,
HTOCKiroLi)Kit8. ' : ; -
j. a
Rose, John Mnrpbey, J. L. Howell, W. A.
Skean, J. O. Bice. E. B. Hale. Hamblen
incii, a
Magee, Monroe County; Jehu Stokely, Cocke County; T. B. Bead, W. B. Tate, Grainger County.
WiU Transact a General Banking Business. Receive deposits, buy and sell exchanas.
gold and silver, and make collections vpon
Dealers in Staple and Fancy
Dry Goods Boots,
A Complete
Crockery, Tinware, Lumber and Building" Material.
We are sole agents for the Georgia Cement and can supply m er
chants at wholesale prices. . ,
, , t ., . . . . j . . . - '
Proprietors of Saw MiU and Brick Yard. We bave on 'ban4 and for sale tha CELEBRATED
MITCHELL WAOON. made at Racine, Wiaconsin. Also Agents for the C. O. Cooper Engines, Saw
Hills, Threshing Machine Mills, Ac. Call on or
New Sash, Door and Blind Factory in Morristown
Also Matched Flooring, Ceiling, Weather-boarding, Brackets,
Neirells, Etc., Wood Turning of-ETcry inscription.
All rt-J TUfKJ
111 WfUerS 1U.U aUU
July tf .
Morristown Boot
J.;;A. :TOWS3SES3D,; Pro.
boots M Shoes
Ba uses noce bnt tha beat material and warranta every pair of Boots and Shoe ha saaksa to
baa PERFECT FIT and to five satisfaction.
Shop at Old Stand,
tnajw 83 ij
Twelve Months.
and elegant stock of
and suits new ordered wilbe of tbe Latest
and the best workmanship.
Rl II i
Orders by Mail promptly attended to.
Knoxville, Tennessee.
Groceries Constantly on Hand.
Howell, W.E.Howell. B. F. Stubblefleld, J.
County: P O. Fnlkerson. Claiborne County: O. T.
uuweu. vr.au. uuncu. J . uuuieuciu, w . aas
the most favorable terms. .
Assortment of
address us at MORRISTOWN, TENN. . ma82 ly
C-iJ-f .i; 1-.-
. and Shoe Factory

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