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TillS MORiliSTOWNGA 2tT E , iU,G U S T 27; 18 8 4 ... .T
T-DXESOAT, Acocrr 27, IS84.
Br -Of Hw Tork.
t Of Indian.
Of Hsunblaa
'uii he eaL'ed 19 On Chief MayU
tra y tf the n,Uion by the eufragee of my
feltt-cilU' I uut Maw the dutUe of
lat hij eft ri& eolemn determinti
t c?fvif erery tjort to the a,ntTy'$ ffot
ard tci: at httmKs reii-tnee vp Vu fa-r-r
an-lftpportof the Supreme Being, ieha
I believe ul alieny IU tur.et human en
draryrin iJMaciuftwi discharge of pub-U-dMy
. Grove Clkv eland Letter
or Acccptascc.
deliberately went back on his word
an J honor, pledged to hi comrades
of tb Mexican war, unleM it -was
in bedienco to tho command of bis
Tbo !o;ran of the New York Sun
ueJ to be, 44 Turn the rascals out !
Sow it U clamoring to put another
Carl Schurz, the great German
lea lor, i to bitterly opposed to
Blaine that be threatens to leave
tho country :tT eaie ot bis election.
ThoutanJ of others fcl juit as
Carl dx.-t. ;
It is undcrtol that William
H,ri.heimor !.a concluded hi
labor of wrilins; a biography of
Graver Cleveland, life now prc-
to take the tump in New
York in behalf, of the Democratic
IVtm Kearny is reported a be
in uproariously in favor of the
. Action of Iilaine ami Ixjan. At
one period f bis existence this
niiht have rtended a great deal,
but since Mr. Kearney has fallen
from the dignity of bos of the hoo J
Inn. t the depraved condition ot a
b ihnut peddh-r on the beach at
San Francisco, we do not apprehend
that hia uproariounes is goin to
W of any cons'ulerab'e consequence
tither one way or the other.
The Democratic Congressional
Convention will meet in this place
on next Thursday, 2-th inst., to
i..-infnate a candidate for Congress.
Th. ro will to a largo delegation on
hand, and some are like'y to be for
m ikinrj no nomination, while tlio-e
h. favor a nomination will, bo
doubt, be divided as to the man to
nominate. We are of the opinion
that Col. O. C. Kin;, of Morritown ;
wi!l be the strongest man before
the convention, and should he re
ceive the nomination, he will mako
it pretty hot for Fettibono or Tay-J-r,
or" both of them, should they
rt-t. r-main on tf e track. Greene-
lu tae jupp.ement accomjaiiyuig
Vh iMe of The Gazette will be
fjund tho letters of Cleveland and
Hendricks, the lmoeratic stand
rrd bearer, formally accepting the
nomiualioi.s conferred on them by
the national Democratic convention
No worvls are wasted by cither. The
letters are brief and admirably U
the point. Governor Cleveland's is
d document, replete with
wie suggestions and advise, com
mcndable as much for its omissions
for its Btatc?rcan like utterances
The supplement contain, aloo, com.
meats of the leading daily press,
and other matter of an interesting
a n.l tin .fituhle character, that will
secure it a careful reading.
In a late number ef tho Washington
Vedette, tho organ of tho Mexican
- veterans, the editor gives a clear and
effective statement of the reasons
that impel him to oppose Mr. Blaine
He gives a resume of all attempt
to pension the survivors of the
r.Yw-n war and shows that 4the
people whe made a 'political isue
of the Mexican war pension were
Republican leaders frem the outset.
and their motives were transparent
ly .h-signel to keep alive the pas
sions engendered by tho civil war
for partisan purposes." Ho proves
that Mr. Illaine, on tbo floor of the
House and in the Speaker's chair,
was always ready to do his utmost
aainst the Mexican soldiers. Com
ing dowa to the last session of Con
gress and te the Townshend bill,
whioh was loadod in the Senate com
mittee with deliberate intent to de
stroy it, the Vedette states that cer
tain Republicans helped tho Demo
crats of the Senate to defeat those
amendments and had the bill in
position to pass by a good majority
when the time arrived for the He
publican Convention at Chicago.
Definite action was then postponed
until the nomination of Blaine was
consummated. When tht Senators
returned from thcir jamboree a
party -caucus was convened and
measure wore, adopted to kill tho
bill. "I it not' reasonable to as
sume," inquires the editor, "that the
head of tho party our inveterate
enemy inco 1879, James G.Blaine
demanded this ? Could any less
authority than the head of the ticket
bare placed their nominee for Vice
President lni the humiliating posi
tion he now oocapies with refereace
to the question? Will any of Lis
friend aimit John A. Logaa 1
Nashville, August 23.
Ta th Editor ot Tb Vorriatown QtzciU :
The week has not been entirely
an uneventful one in the political
aspect? The appearance of the long,
looked for letters of acceptance of
Cleveland and Hendricks, tho na
tional standard bearers of the dem
ocracy, is enough to make it event-
ful. In Nashville, the letters have
caused surprise to both parties. As
was to be expected from the past,
the machine republicans are "uis
gusted with the purility" of tho doc
uments, and surprised that the can
didates did not get somebody to
write their acceptance for thorn. The
hrewder meu of the party, howev
er, shake their heads ominously, and
say there is some meaning in letters
being short. They fear a magazine
held in reserve. The democrats
expected something lengthy to fol
low Blaino's wearisome document.
But. now that they have read and
re-read Cleveland's acceptance, they
sav they like it better every day
Tho great attractiveness in it to me
in that thero is nothing said tuat bad
been better unsaid, and it is safe to
sav that ten men have read it to one
that read Blaine's.
Considerable surprise is express.
cd that the presidential canvass is
not being puebd by the national
executive committee. I he republi
cans are already very actively cn
gaged in attributing campaign
matter. ITp to the present writing,
however. I understand that no dem
ocratic documents have been receiv
ed in this State for distribution. But
it need not Iks inferred that tho
printing press will not be freely used
by tho national committee. It is
understood that when they do open
tire it will bo with deadly aim and
countless batteries.
Ward and district primaries were
held in this county, Thursday, to
name delegates to the legislative con
vention and to the sixth congress
ional. The result indicates that Hon.
A. J. Caldwell, the present incum
bent, will be the unanimous choice
of Davidtn. The legislative dele
rates were elected in nearly every
ward on printed tickets, without
much opposition, and it is
understood that tho tickets weroi
furnished bv anti-commission men.
lion. A. J. Caldwell will probabh
be opposed in'therace for Congress
by Judge E. 11. East, as an Inde
pendent. Jud;e East has never de
clared his politics, but is regarded
as a republican.
lion. J. D. Richardson, the dem
ocratic nominee in the fifth district
will Ihj opposed by Hon. Richard
aruer, the present incumbent. Mr.
Warner appeared beloro tho con
vention, on the night before a nom
nation was effected, and pledged his
hearty support to the nominee, who
ever he might be. But now, I hear
from private sources, ho has discov
ered some alleged crookedness in
the nomination and has just an
iii u need himpif a candidate. 1 wo
! i.io n vt-iit ion foiling to make a
nomination by keeping his follow
ing ( amounting to over a third) sol
id, and not allowing them to quit
him foranybod-. Another conven
tion was called, the same tactics
pursued and finally, unlike the one
jurvman, his little crowd succeeded
in persuading the obstinate rest to
inio over to their way of thinking.
Mr. arner thought he had his del
egation just as solid this year and
that he was safe in promising to
support the nominee, but ho expect
ed it would be Hon. Richard War
ner, and it were an easy matter to
support that gentleman in a low-tax
The disaffection of G. P. M. Tur
ner, of the Scimitar, may lose the
democrats the tenth district as the
vote there is closo and Turner, tho'
a demague, has a considerable fol
Will be held next Thursday and
Friday by the democrats of Ten
nessee tho lirst, sixth, seventh and
will open the canvass at Murfrees
boro Monday. Special trains will
run on the Chattanooga road to ac
omraodate those who want to go.
There will bo a large attendance
from Nashville. c. a. h.
in East Tennessee (six bushels per
acre) is raised at an absolute loss to
the farmer when less than one dol
lar is realized for it.
But fifty-nine and one-fourth
bushels per acre have betn raised
this year in Sullivan county; forty
eight bushels per acre in Ixudon
county, and one of our farmers
thinks fifty bushels per acre in
Hamblen county.
These crops tcould te profitable at
ticenty-fce cents per bushelr&rt
largely profitable al seventy-five
cents. -
How were these crops raised?
In every instance I believe by
manuring on good ground.
Tho lesson I would impress is, (1)
it is a waste of timo and labor to
sow wheat on ordinary poor land;
(2) it is immensely profitable to
sow wheat on rich, manured land ;
(3) wo cannot compete with Asiatic
wheat by. following our old meth
ods; (4) such is tho adaptability of
our climate and soil and such our
facilities for planting and harvest
ing that wo can hold the markets of
Europe against the world, if we
only uso the means we have, v ,
To th Editor of tb UorrMmn Oaxrttc: . .
The time is at hand when many
of your readers will prepare for, and
will pitch their principal money
crop for their wheat crop.
Not one of theso ought to sow a
grain of wheat unless he expects
thereby to receive at least a fair re
turn for his labor, over and above a
fair rent fur his land.
Every wheat sower ought there
fore to have in view several facts
and to make his calculations, based
en these facts. I beg to call atten
tion to a few of these facts. And,
first, tho price of wheat raised in
East Tennesseo is controlled hv the
price in Europe. Tbo price in hu-
ropo depends upon the accessible
surplus of tbo world.
Second, in Ins:: Western Europe
received from Indialess than twelve
millions of bushels; in 1SS3, over
thirty-six millions of bushels; in
1SSI. the amount will largely, ex
ceed fifty millions of bushels. And
tho wheat area exists in India to
produce many hundreds of millions
of bushels of surplus, and only
awaits the building of railroad lines
which are in rapid progress, to be
poured out on the markets of West
ern Europe.
Third, this Indian wheat is pro
luced at a cost of less than fifty
cents per bushel.
Fourth, this wheat u as near to
our market as our wheat
All this means that the day of
high prices for American wheat has
gone. Jt win do long neiore one
dollar will bo paid for wheat in Mor-ristown.
Fifth, tbo average crop of wheat
77 truth about ths Oreelj tujfertrt coining
to light A terrihU Blunder tvinetuftere
Lm f the TailapotttOur liidiculovi
Jary Warbetatn France and Ciana
Washington, Aug. 25, 1834.
Tj th Editor of Th MorrUtowa Oaxetta :
The terrible, sickening truths in
regard to the Greely Artie expedi-
lion are at last coming in, ana mey
make tho blackest page of our his
tory yet chronicled. It is now olu
cfally announced that the flesh o
six of tho dead was stripped from
the bones and eaten by their starr
ing comrades. Those in charge o
tho relief expedition made a teiriblo
mistake when they first denied the
6toryand attempted to conceal tho
awful facts; their motives may have
been -good, but the public was cnti
tied to tho true story. Their at
tempted deception was color to the
still more horrible rumor that some
of the victims were sacrificed by
their stronger comrades. The whole
tale will now come out before a court
of inquiry, with all of its fearful
particulars, and we will learn whe
ther private Henry was shot as al
leged for stealing food, or to make
food for his companions. American
soldiers or sailors have never before
been guilty of cannibalism, but these
poor wretches, in the last stages of
starvation are not to be blamed. In
such awful periods the animal is
stronger than the moral nature, and
self-preservation is the first law. If
it pruve, however, that all this suf
fering and misery was brought
about by tho incompetency or bluu
dering ot the oflicials here in Wash
too, who planned the expedition,
and who ordered the stores for the
party to le placed in inaccessible
places, as charged, then for them no
punishment can be too swift and se
Tho sinking last wock of one of
the vessels of our navy, in Long
Island Sound, by a coal schooner,
would be laughable had not the less
of four lives made it a tragedy. The
Tallaposa was looked .upon as one
of the few decent boats owned by
the Government, yet sho sunk in
five minutes after tho coIlision,whiIe
the other private boat was practi
cally unhurt. There was undoubts
cdly gross negligence somewhere,
f"'i i wax a bright clear night, and
t.ie lookout gave notice of the ap
proaching btrauget while yet two
miles away. It looks as if
cur war ships aro only safe
when tied up at some navy
yard, out of commission. Few of
us have forgotten the loss of the
Oneida, in Japan waters, run down
by a junk, and carrying with her
moro than fifty men; then thero
was the Huron, ordered to leave a
safe anchorago and put to soa iu the
teeth of a fierce storm, in which she
sank with her full crew ;
only a little while ago, and
the Gantic was cut in
twain by a pleasure yacht,
and now another added to
me list irom blundering incompe
tency. Perhaps the fault lies at
Anapolis, from whence wo -are com
pelled to take all our officers. The
graduates of that aristocratic school
are fully at home on a ball floor,
but lost on a quarter deck. Why
can't we take our sailors from the
merchant marine, tho only true
school, and the one that has gradu
ated all our naval heroes from Paul
Jones to Faragut.
The war which the cable just
brings news of being opened be
tween Franco and China is likely
to very much affect this country.
Our trado with tho flowery Empiro
is large and very rapidly growing,
arid heMioatility towards European
poner is likely to greatly augment,
it Besides munitions ofwanthe
celestials will need food, blankets,
shoes and all the accoutrements of
a modern army, for in military af
fairs at least thvy aro up to tho
times. The natural highway to
that empire is via San Francisco
and the Pacific ocean, and a great
part of the . needed supplies will go
that way. If other powers do not
interfere thero can bo but one-result,
the gallic rooster will soon
Crow in that yard as it has in Al
giers and Tonquin. Zeb.
t. . i j i. -j i
Leboooa HenJd .
If the gentlemen (few in number)
who aro trying to renew the war
upon railroads, were to tell us plain-
ly that they are loosing lor the
loaves and fishes, in the shape of a
' Cleveland tired Butler out. The
man who could do that is not to be
sneezed at ' t
The cholera is spreading alarm
ingly in Italy. Sperzia was attack
ed on the 22d, and on the 24th there
were 61 cases, 49 fatal.
n he J-
JSlla Larrabee for 'whom
pressed a preference, is about nine
teen years of age-and was first ar
rested for robbing several houses in
the upper section of Brooklyn She
has served two, terms in the peni
tentiary, and was last, arrested for
attempted burglary; about six weeks
ine is as dti tie. American gives
currency to a report . to the effect
that Gov. James 1). Porter is going
to represent Mr, C. P. Huntington's
interests in - the ' Chesapeake .and
Nashville Railroad in this State arid
Kentucky' arid says ; " Should the
latter statement be true, the "Nash
ville and .Chesapeake .road, jWiH, nt
suffer for lack" of influence and
standing among the. people of this
State, as - Gov. Porter's namo is a
guarantee for tho success of an v en
tcrpriso to undertakes, apd , he is
personally one of .the most popular
and prominent citizens, of. Ten.-
The number for SrpUmbercpe'ni
with a timely"nd"ab!e rticTa oa "Tlie
Presidential Canvass of 1884," with
nine illustrations, including petraita
of the candidates, etc. Norton Ruther
ford has an intereatins article. "Acro&s
thj Pampas, !tj with ejght iilpstra'tiJiin
Dujckinck' "New York After tho
A special of the 24th from Ivnox-
villeto the Chattanooga Times says
that it is an assured fact that an
' early change will bo::m.tde in the
Chronicle office" by the retirehicntof
Mr. Drake as editor. '- He has prov
ed a complete luilure and lost the
good standiqg the; paper had' with
the republicans of that district The
change may occur this week' as a
meeting will be held in' the next few
days. The same correspondent says:
"In the last thirty day twenty lam
ilies have left Knoxville and return
ed Noitlv tor want of employment
or poor business - prospects. , Tfid
outlook is not enceuraging, though
CoI. Charlton (.Mulberry bellers)
says it is. , . v ......
" BOOK. 1 7
WA8niyoTON,i August . J9.-Tko
manuscript the Democratic Cam
paign Book is' completed; and will
te-morrow be ' tak'eii" to ' New York
by Mr. Walson' Boyle, assTstant'secV
rctary for. the Congressional ' com
mittee, lor the approval of the Nom
tional committee.' It deals in finance
and fraud; and "emphasizes all the
shortcomings and inconsistencies of
the Republican candidates and of
Uutler, considerable space being de
voted also to statistics.' : The secre
taries of both the: politicaf commit
tees arrived in, the', city' this. morn-,
ing, and. both were busy, with their
correspondence. --- i - . "' -.i
. , " i - ' i.'"
V " , PalMki CiiiBM. ,;".'.' ,i:
' When the scurrilous stories were
started about Gov. ' Cleveland it
looked so serious for his ' honor that
friends were amazed and they" tle
graphed him to know how to meet
them., Jle answered instantly:
"Tell the -truth!" When Blaine's
corruption was about to be unearth
ed he got upon his knees to .Mulli
gan and begged him in tears to sup
press the letters, and then . stole-
them and - refused to deliver them
up on an ordor of the House.' What
difference: : If Cleveland was
guilty of an indiscretion the 'facts
6how he made all possible repara
tion, and now "let him who is with
out sin cast the first stone. n ' What
neble words- those: " Tell the
lruth! now many men oi us
with the moral courage to dare to
face the truth when such momen
tous consequences are imminent?
It shows a man of sublime-attri
butes, and then wo have his whole
life and public acts to intensely cor
roborate this estimate of the :raan.
How these two characters contrast !
Blaino's character by tho side of
this man's shrinks into shameful
deformity and invites decency to
spit upon it. '
"Those MTho Lit in Glass houses L
iMiouiu not xnrow atones." .
"The wicked fleeth when no man
It is amusing to see how tender-footed
certain blood remedy proprietors
have beepmepf late. They make much
idptitaut abej and imitators," when
none aro in sight.
'TM. e n n -n i i
li.l.itinnln nintrf!nn Hnntli proprietor 01 . u. J , wpuiu
' - - ----- T ' "7 sayTttot enlpIiancalTy that their rem
iujj ma .empires uuo.i, oy . Aiireu i ei r Btandg upon it
Trumblo (illustrated);. "Tht Scientific
Schools of the United. States," E..J.
Hallock, Phi' Df (twelve Illustrations
and, 'Cbaraoiini.'V by, Frederick Daniel,
(illustrated),' are note-worthy features
of the number. . The .departments of
Fiction, ketche., Adventures, etc.;
contain contributions by II. j Cleveland
TVard, Annie .Thomas; K V. Hastings,
etc. r Etta - W. Pierce continues ' ber
deeply interestiag, eerie), i "A -Dark
Deed." The. poems are by Mr. -Deans-son
and others.- i There aro also a largo
vatiety of short articles,' anecdotes par
agrapbs, etc; over 100 Illustrations; and
a beautiful - colored" frontispiece 'The'
Bitter with the Sweet.' The 128 quVft'o
pages of valuable and and 'delightful
reading are sold for 5 ce'nW;' yearly
subscription $2.50, postpafdMrs Frank
Leslie, publisher, 63, 55 Uud '$7 Park
Place. iSeWTork;' - '11:' :0 y- t1 '
It is reported in New York that there
will be an early reorganization of the
managers of the East Tennessee, Vir
ginia and Georgia -Railroad- coreninv.1
It is expected that Gcri'.-IIuidekopcr, of
FennsylTahia.'win be fleeted prestde'at,'
acd lbrioVidditional influence , arid
strong financial fellowin. ' A' meeting
win do ueiu snoriiy to consider me sup
ject. ;:
fw useless otSces, we could under
stand what they mean. That they
mean anything olse, we cannot be
lieve. The railway commission
business in Tennessee is a failure.
The courts have so decreed, and any
attempt te revive the question will
only result in anotberjailure. Tho
roads of Tennessee " have vested
rights, which cannot be taken from
them. They are collecting now
much loss tariff rates from the peo
ple than their chartered rights al
low them, and any attempt to com
pel a further reduction, through a
commission or otherwise, will prove
a fkiluro, resulting only in a further
expense to tho state for salaries, etc.,
to commissioners, which the peopla
do not want They want more
railroads, and no more commission
- - I
. NashVilLe,- 'August 19.' Elder
Boberts, the Mormon ' missionary
who last night shipped the bodies, of
Elders Gibbs and' Berry,' who were
murdered in Lewis county, to "Utah,
will submit to ' the Governor a fall
statement 1 of : the facts connected
with the tragody. After receiving
this document, the Governor will
offer a reward for the arrest and
conviction of the' men concerned in
the affair. r Elder , Roberts says ' he
disguised himself and, accompanied
by two men, went to Lewis county
and disinterred the bodies' "meeting
with no trouble whatever. .He' did
not examine the remains,and talked
to but few people. He says the au
thorities are doing nothing toward
brinsring- the murderersto justiee
Ho said that Eiders ! Gibbs and
Jones had been working in the va
rious counties of West Tonnessee
and AlisBisiMppi, and in" the villages
and towns had" cairedupon'the'maV-
ors ana county onictais ana securea
permission to advocate their cause
in public halls and churches- :'-IIe
a's . O-
does not Know wueuier me 'jor
mons will continue to labor ii Lewis
and Hickman : counties', as he has
not received any - communication
from tho Church authorities at Salt
Lake. ; They, will continue, ' how-'
ever, to. work in other parts of the
State, he says, not so much in the
interest of proselytism as to present
the true condition of affairs in Utah.
' : A letter from a citizen of Lewis
county eays it would be difficult' to
convince the citizens ' of 'Lewis
county that the attacking party in
tended to kill anyone. They say
they eimply Intended to drive out
f the comity the Mormons who
were preaching to the most Illiterate
people, and had already made "set
eral converts! The letter4: further
says that two years1 ago Elder Gibbs
came into Lewis county from, Utah,
claiming to be sent " by . God. - He
preached almost exclusively to the
people at the head' of Can Greek,
and succeeded in making some conn
verts, lie always advocated polyg
amy. Occasionally there would bo
a scanciaious report auouw mm.
" The people," ears the latter,- " do
not seek to yindjf-atp th.o ;action of
the mob. but insist on thp true
caused' of tho killing being made
known." ; : . ' : ,
yne ,oi inose nice young.. men wnp
par their hair In the middle,' the other
day asked Mrs. I'artinetoir 'how old she
was, and' she - replied, J'Eilityhree.'
He Heaved a sigh an said, Before I
am thru old I Bhall.be food for wormsr."
iue, exciiimeq me oio laaj, "re
you troubled with "em? Tbu shoiild use
Mrs, "-WinsrowV Vermifuge, and aorae
of Hart's' -Antibilioua Pills would ' be
good for you., lou ought to set ahead
of tlem worms at once," and the. good
oin seui movea on.
r--.ii .;-!'::
avlng thoroiigViy tested the foTlow-
g i new-.-rarietiss, , h we confidently
recommend them s tho best aai moat
profitable wheats known to ua..vz t i.
La&drcthV "New i White, .' Martin,
Amber; uolden rroiihc, Hybrid Medi
tertanean,' - Maryland White v Chaff.
beud for .samples and price list. ' t
aug,20 '4-t;-. , . ,;, .Bristol, Tenk
,Partie3 'wishing,' to buy nice, 'clean
Virginia Seled Wheat', that "will makeif
sown in good land an .average of eight
bushels per acre more than the ordinary
.wheat, will do well to call, aud japect
samples at tbo office, of. W. II. COFF
MAN. , Bis office seema to ,be head
quarters for Phosphate, Seed Wheat and
information relative to Farming Lands
and City Propei ty. , . , aug6-tf,
" . , -. -
Vincent L. Bradford, of Philadelphia.
hal equeathd hia law library and hia
collection of paintings to Washington
aad Lee University, of Virginia, to be
added to-"tbe' books for which he had
previously given the institution money.
The entire collection will be caulcd the
Vincent L. Bradford Law Library. -.
Bourbon. Iud., bhvs: " Both myself
and wile owe our lives to Shiloh's Con
sumption Cure."
Are you made miserable by Indigestion,
Constipation, Dizziness, Losa of Appe
tite, Yellow Skin ? Shiloh's Vitalizer
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cure for Catarrh, Diptberiaand Canker
Mouth. j - i if fi -.
"Ilackmetack" a, lasting and ( fragrant
perfume.' Price 25 and 50 certs:
Shiloh's Cure will immediately -relievo
Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis.
FW Dyspepsia and Liver ' Cocoplaiat,
you have a printed RuaranUe on every
bottle of Shiloh's Vitalizer. V-It never
fails to cure.;
in" tf
A Nasal Injectirf free i with eacii 1 bottle
of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy;' 'Price 80
cents, vii.';:'! ii n..i n ..t , u .,::'
! For sale by W. P Carrigerj. druggist.
'. ; A! Dcslrablie arm
. ' Contains '581 . acres,,' part in ..cultiva
tion, situate 2 miles due south of Mr
ristowrf, Tenn.; haa-a good dwelling,
substantial tobacco barns, a good stable,
con vnletst-spring,' pVnjty of poaehr
apples, .cherries and other .small fruits.
The property is well adapted for tebac
co raising Or poultry purpoges, and will
be sold at once upon reasonable terms'.
Por further iaformatloo,' :appTyi to or
address- , ; TIaOMAS HOLIEY, . ,
, jun Ui SmJ Morristown, Tcpn .
ts-twn merit.,-Shoald
we attempt to . imitate:, it would not be
those who do sot understand tbe -modus
hoperandiof that which they offer Our
own tongoxperienee ia tbtrproression
precludes such an idea. The field for
blood, -xenaedi ia large am! brod
affording ample room for all present
aspirants. Wo idc-'aoj -desire 3 "close
the door against othero.'With hail it
be closed against us. B. B. B. is the
quickest remedy, does not contain
mineral or vegetable poison, does not
Imitate, and is in the field as an honor
able competitor foe public favor.
' j At the session of the New York State
Orano.'L'SdgeiojL Odd. J&Haxvs JmXOio.
I9t3i, the Grand Master recommended
funerals at night. He; said that lees
money ought to be spent en the dead
and more n the laying;, thai the Order
ot Rebekah should receive more atten
tion ; thatpdd Fellqwshijj "was. decreas
ing in tluat city so rapidly 'that lt'was
almost unknown, to polite, society and
recommended the changing'of the meeting-places
of;orae ledges from-tenement
houses and saloen?." '"
-A. 1ST ID-
-r-$'mm iisi iii u:i an ii' "n - rii-Mi-n r' - r r TTI v " ' - --,n- , v, . 4 .
1A ii VI
I Eeprcseut the. Best Houses in the Country.
Estimates Ma
i FfeeJWlieii1 Sales-are 1 Made.
L J&3Il"xK'li2 NOES:
VINCENT & BOEnai,.; :
i ' (Address ia care
June 18, 1884 3 mos .
McDonald 4 Lace, Pauo, Tonn )
: Edexbuug, Va.
: Pane, Ten. v.
iin people . fWell'a iU.Hfi IlnwrU tpkt.nw.Ji '
!.. H Ii . ..1 A i r-iL . - ..'I - r'1
.ifBougkon Toolb-che," instant relief. 15.- "
! '.' .-.ii8 : t 1-1:4 m- .- .! tit I
' ' lAdiea who would retain frttbiu8 r.nd -rrv:ity
don't f-il t try WtJla Uralth Kcnewer."'
' -4Buchu-piba,"gret kidney hd urinary ture.
' Files, roaches, anta, bed-bi:g, rats, mice, clear
ed out by "Bough on Eat ." 13c.
, - . ' i :
,Ilough on Cougha," 15c; liquid, 25c.
' i Tor children, slow in ydeoclnptuent, lmot ind
deycate, use "Wells' Healtti Eenewer. "
. : "Bough onPmtist" TopthSowdee. Try it. 15c.
"iftrTona W'eaknrsa, Dyapepeia, Sexual Debility
cured hv 'w-ll- nm.) no,.,ii-i -r
mm 'm
And will completely change tho Wood in the entire system intfirro months. Any pen
on who vrill take- KI1 each night froni 1 to 13 weeks, may bo restored to sound
healUi, IT such a Uiiag; bo possible. F?uriHremale Complainta theso Tills hare n
equal. "Physicians use them in their practice Sold everywhere, or sent by mail tot
eight letter-stamps. Senct for circular. t.'B. JOHNSCK Si CQ. BOSTON, MASS.
Mother Swan's Worm Svrup, for feyerishnesB,
worma. coiwUpaiksU tagtelesa ,25c . . J i
,. i r i i Hit v i ciULl liinU
BOngm, irritation, all Kidnc.v and Urinarv
eomplainta cured by '8uchu-i)ajba7 $1
Sight aweatn, fever cbula, malacria, dyspepsia,
cured by "Well' Health Kenewer."
My tnahand (writes a lady)ia thrae tiuica the
man since asiug -wells' Health Kenewef." '
jm ro isiiiug, uronen, worn out alia npr
tou, use "Wells tUealth Kenc wer-f i ti . i t
Prevalenca. of. Kidnoy ' cotuplatut Jn Aniericaj
Buchu-Daibd" it a quick complete enre.. $1.
taneously relieve these terrible disease, and Will positively
cere nine caea out of tun. lufonuuiiott that will .a..
i many lives ant free by maU. Duu't delay a moment.
I ITevention is better than cure.
Meuralgla, Influenza, 8r Luns, Bleeduiff at tbe Lungs, Chronic Hoarseness, Hacking Cdiiuli, Whooping 'i.uiih.
; Chrome Rheumatism, Chronic Diarrhasi Chronic Dysentery, Cholera Morbus, Kidney Troubles, Diseases of Uw
gpme aoALaine BacX. . Sold avrywher. Send for pamphlet to I. S. Jokksom A Co., Bostom, Mass.
ad tngii.n vetennary Sorreen andChemurt. fl llTPa HRRafrSRs B MW
Immensely valuabl; lJothlng on earth wiH make hens lay like Sheridan's Condition Powders. Doae, 1 teaso a.
tuX to 1 pint food. Sold erary whew, or sent by mail for 8 lettcr-sUmpa. S. S. Jon b Co., BoaToa, Miaa.
now trarellng In this country, savs that most
or the Horse and Cattle Powders sold here
are worthies trash. - II s'aji that Blwrldan's
Condition Pwwaers i absolutely ptrra and
i. 1 --. : ...... i . ; .
. i ; i
Kept constantly on hand and sold at low-;
.. . . est market prices.. v
CMcest BeefrMatton;' Bacon," M
1 O"0ur bntcharing la done by experienced
hands and onr fresh meats are all nicely kept and
well preserved during the warm weather in a
splendid ReraiotBATOB Hotels and families
outside of city supplied oa short notice. ! ;
jun as it
e . .
t .
f AX . V 4 ?Ttir J '-OttOi ' 1 1 - 1 4
.! O." aiill Tso. ovo. .
;,- '.. ! I li'l.!.' .J.j tl.ril.1
Ohwan, Mc Clung 4? Ce. v,T. W. Buhl, et al.
A the July -Tei m, 1834, ' directing the Mastei' in
make Dublicatien ia The. MoRKifnoivN liAXtris
requiring the defendant, Geo. Buhl, Jr., a non-,
resident of Tennessee, to appear before the Chan-"
eery Court at morriatowa, TeaiB., on fho
3rd Monday s of January,; : lbSo,
to answer aaid bill.; It is therefore ordered by
the Master that the defendant, Geo. Buhl, Jr ,
appear before the Chancery Court at Morristowu-
on the 3rd Monday of January, ihw, to answer
the said Bin or cowan, Mcciung & co mea
against Daniel WJ BuhL etI., in aid comri, or
the same will be taken for, confessed, and set for
hnarang ex-parte aa to him. It is farther ordered
that this notice be published for four, consecutive
weexa in ths mobbibtowm UAZicrxE. ...
This Augusts, 1884. . " . ' i J
A true covy. Tste: . , . , ..:-,'
J inttyt sjfirtiltvrifv n' t. t
August IS 4 wk".; ji !! - :i :ii no.;
Valuable Lands 1
.i ...
1884,- on the premise, ui the 4th civil duttrtet
of Haaiblen county, Tennessee, I will sell to the
highest bidder, oaa credit ot one ana two years',
in two equal Installments, the. valuable tract of
Und which belonged to ROBERT LLOYD, now
deceased, being tbe Blac4 where - he lived at' tlie
ttineof his death adjoining .the lauds of R.,;B,
TJvJ -An! nlhfivfl .'.- . ... . -. - ,w..-.l ..i- .
Notes with approved personal tecurity will; be
eqoired from the purchaser, payable iu one and
two years from day or sale, with interest irom
date, and a lien will be retained on said land un
til the purchase money is fully paid. .-
xma iim.oayi angina, oo. - . , ; - - t:.4
. . -. W. A. HOWEIX, ,
' I -Executor 6f the Will of Robert Lloyd.
A Valuable Business House' in
' J , i Morristown,' Tenn;;
Tbe und reigned wishes ta dispose
theJarffl frame tiasineBs bouse, now c
cupied. by Ilelley & Craig as ; furni
ture, estabjiabmeot. on Main gtrt-et, jest
abnTO the jcerner'of Main and Cumber
Und treet,; south side."' The building
is 20x60, twm stories. - It be seld oa
cry leaaonib'e terms. For further pAr-
ticuiars, aaur;ua j. uwuiiiij , , .
' aug , 4r ".. ilorristewnTeish. ;
'.Macrtme cord in aTl dolors, for ladies
fancy wort.v BlcCall'aT Bazar Patterns.
fsend fof CtsJ-EtieW Needles setst b
roajl for,.P7 .fewiog tnacbide, Nyes
pure upctm wit at w4'Fpa.c. jucitisa
tjen in your orders.'' Il-pairs' parts
and finding. llacbines - repaired by a
superior; worsman. ! . The : Improved
White.t New .Eldredge, ; .Davis, -i Sipger
and Domestic ewing Machines in slock
and sold very low. either wholesale or
retail. ' -J , " 8.' P. ANGEL," '
JaogQ ."' I Knorvillej Tenn.
, Nono Jbui First CJass, Qooda. ,
'. In Watches, Jewelry arid Silrerware
one eluotild. )iVe , tlie best; or!! none,
Messrs. burley & ;Co., Ghr&Z94H&rt
maVlng t5Pecalty jffloe goods, and
C . . nAhl hnttfKlrtlv'lil'-IV.fAllLfl. -t.t
dust and water projf eases, Solid Silver1
or Triplw iPiated ware,; Solid ' Uokr or
Kolied Jol J Jewelry sena ro-Bouriey
& Co., they will eeud asinglearticl at
tbe dozen, pnce3. They are. Touched
far and endorsed by the United States
Express "'American Express Co.!
Southern: Kxpres , -Palmer,
Postmaster jot , Chiea2 Uen'i A.vU
Sinitli, Er-State 'IVe'-suf''' anf' many
others. Good sent on approvhl, .itli
privilege of examination, enabling you
to do your purchasing at' honie".1 Ke
metabcr, Shurley & Co. ,'77State Street,
Chicago, III.: i fiend for their, oew. ana
beautiful IHustrated ctiuwgua, ; . ,f ,
a-n i.i.K
... A . . .
' ? M
- wa&m
5 a;
j Sw mm
.m inn mm-: I rv .--
- Mew. and
eautifuf S
1 1
i v,.i';-.o - a: ?.'.:
t i -yv.,t- v ,j.t
r t
. Itlfi6i-'il f",
NoV' Opcn and left3y for Inspection.
V i
IVc Lcadlm Jjbxt Prices.
j .,v : - i ..A'- FA"RIi!A;lST"DN BLOCK.
' . ' r i '
i ,i .stjii uini.aiiii. ii" - - t- - - - -- laii i i an i 'ill I 'i i Ti .
mm .
I)T 1 TF)
a W. l'.
-'I ,f :.i;f:, :i: v-U 'J--:
iVliil x h it ..,?'! -.14
t And Every tiling rUs;ially, Kept in a Drug- Store.
1 .
i' 1 ni
i i jj ! .i i
'' 1 . -, i- I
I'' I I. I ill I I
J-!oil I
,1? S a.. 1 " ,3..-.f 4 i.'J in -.:
i v I . i - I . v.r' - i
j: !
.a -.
.1 :i
- 1 l!a.; I. 5
for a'u-
tbeolic. edition of htalife$ writtenathis
own homew with hiBcooncratitia and aa
8ikfance,by renowned Goo'drjch. largest
cheapest, handsomest' best.1. xS egaiitly
illustrated.'' 1 Costs more per copy 'to
manufacture than the otber lives that
are sold for twice its price. Outsells all
others ten to one. One of , our , agents
made a" profit of over $50 ths first day.
A harvest of gold will bn roalired;hy
every worker. All ' beginner sriit-eeicd
grandly, SiTpiraa tree, and tso nost-lib
eral ,ever offered. 'Save .valuable. i i pi e
by sending 2accn's for postage, eti'., on
free "ontfitNvhicll' includes large prosT
pectus bok.'; Act quietly; day at the
start, ia wortu a weex at ttie iiniso. - -
;t ,r 'u rorlland, Maiae,
;i J'.
djowesu: jiiasxexXL. Tices.
X", A. Carpenter"
"PrealdoBt."-' 1
x$ Are
' .v. T. .Woodruff,
Vice PresWout.
W. 11. SlMMONDS.
-v 1 w
i J
Office in Cojnndny's Biilldlriff, 14t$ Gay Street,
." ; ". i . ;rl - -' '- ' ; -
i PIRBOTOES. :w -:
M, McanEE,
V, Ol, Il , JILL, .....
'W. Ti "WAWIOCRy,...
-"11 4 C, Itf. MpCLCSO,.'. '....308, T. WcTFKK
; ,J.f r? LjiROSH, :. i. j.i. ....!.. v.. ; iv'w.:.-.i.itj.f. .. ).... W.-W. WOODRUtF,
. p; A, p.VBrUJTl'ER. ,.,".' ' V.'i.
.11. C. JACKSON,
. ' A . v v 1 ;. Jos v, ri f j a q v kb
i it! r 'ii.T
, M. McGnes,
f: ! ;T
- . - . .1. TT 1. .. ft
f . I.. Kohs, t
w a).jAurao,
jB. W. Palmer.
w. JVCj.aribertsin ; "
( Cjaa.M. Llcow u, -.
J i)iw L. Gaines ,
' J,.'E.-!Earooi4t,; i.l
;, John K. Cbapinan, . ;
It. C. l'Owell, '
7 '- P.SalUnaMh, ,-,.
I j. ff. W Liliiar.1,
'. ?;. ftii a S
F. II. McClUDK ; --.
E.-J. 8scford,n ' -,
A. Caldwell,,
A. J. Mouiitcastls,
J, V. Fulkeraou,
B. C Jaeksoji, v
I. .1. OouJoo, '
, 4. V.-Joljutitpa,- e.i
C. E. Lu'eVey, C
Vvlf.'W'aabtir, ;
, TUi. O'dmuer, . i J
Mi Impart, "- ' -'
M. Hba, ,.;.
J.B. Uoxsle,
W. W. AVoodruff
-' A. J. Alln vs.
F, W. Tsvlor.Sr
. T. l.t.sun,
8. K. Luttvcll,
J. T. fnvu't ii,
T. . W.Uv
Jo. T. f t tn-r, t -Jiio
, Karn-at
Thoa. I M iUUn a.
D. F. Kosa.
.... .
. nov7, '63.
"A. ;CiVlT,IalXGJli:X. Agent,

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