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4 .
r-oOCTQ EOtrrn-SliTino and TJtar trains,
station s Smith Cherry stew at 6 A. h. and
- m. v. Ko triin 8raday mornlnc-
AcoodationatStSO P. M., to Columbia
D?arriTeat4;30A.x. and 7:00 r. M. Accom-
' 1,1 B-30A. it and 2:00 r. M.
fEoaeh on freight train leares JJuhviUe at 3:00 r.
iTand arrlrw at GaIlaUn,M S p. u. every dtJ
"Thl-OOi. train doc not Tearo Xaabvule on
Konday. '
Nailivlllc and' Cliritlanoogn. II-
Arrive at Nashville -i.-OO ju K. and 1:30 r. .
Te 0-00 " Strata from JJaahville docs .not run
SUclbrrlllo Accommodation "
Xiu.rivlHc and SortUwetcm K. B.
Arrire at Hickman, Ky. j-uIlS:
IrrlraU Nahe......v...-:v-r vr.
Sleeping car run inrougu u
johitfconvlllc Accommodation.
eASuHVAnd Kentucky B. .
ATriTeatNo.hTiUo , St
r.tr. Vmhville . r- 51
Xeav Advertisements.
8;e aavertisement of city property for
mle or exchange. For partionlars apply ftt
No. 10 South Cherry street, or to Dr. T.
It. Buchanan. . "T
The New Theater advertisement states
to-night for the "benefit of Hi's Katie Gil
I .ert. Miss Kate has become quite a favor
ite with theater goers, and we doubt not
this -will be sufficient to attract a paying
house. . ...
Yeatman, Shields & Co. have, in addi
tion to their large stock of free goods, just
received a handsome lot of gents' furnish
ing goods, all of which thej offer at re
iiAil nripfis. nt nrivate sale, before noxt
Tuesday, when they will close out the lot
at miction.
' .John Kuhni, Esq., has established a labor
lmikor s office, Jio. 71 iortn onerry street.
Those wishing to employ hands, or secure
situations, should read his advertisement.
To the nublio take heed. Read the no
tice from the. City Marshal, in this morn
ing's issued
"An uct to amend the Waterworks laws '
will bo found among our now advertise-
nn-nts this momincr.
Urafl for sale on London, Dublin and all
warps of Germany, in amounts to suit, at
the National Savings Company, corner of
I m: m ana t;olle streets.
Kinoky is out of debt, and has paid
h(r Jiosas ten Tears m advance of maturity;
hence taxes are lower. This is an item of
nu;tvrtauee in making an investment.
Thoe who wih a chance to get a splendid
f trm fjSS-", with a cash rent of $5,000
this year, wonld do well to invest .." for a
ticket m the Henderson Land Sale with
It. H. Singleton.
. CXiango of firm. V
Henrv Weaklev succeeds G. T. Weak
ley in the firm of Weakley & Co., and the
business wiu.be conducted at Uie old stand
'. ' . r n..i: . ,i r t i :i- '
Too TTIucH AVater.
Inconsequence of ihe rise in the. river, it
is difficult to obtain (navel from the corpo
ration island and the work of metaling the
streets of North Edgefield has been sus
pended for the present!
Again at Work. -Thp
weiather being more favorable yos
tcrdav. work was rosmnel on Woodland
street,, between Fillmore aed Barrow.- With
several d&ys of sunshine it willlb;nand-
Komely McAoamized.
Kcgiilar ITContlily It c view.
The reeular monthly review of the pu
pils' of ifis. "Weber's school takes place to
day. There will be an examining commit
tee of patrons present, who will make .a
report. The music on this occasion will
be particularly attractive, especially the
ninKinR of the old Scotch ballads, Robin
Adair and 'JJonnie I?oon," eta
'Preparing' lor Christmas.
We notice that our Edgefield merchants
are increasing their stocks, and laying In
such supplies as will be in demand during
their Tiohday season. The butchers too'are
holding over some fatted stock which they
will slaughter lor (Jnnstmas, and in the
meantime are getting spiced rounds and
other good things in order.
Iter. Dr. C. C. ilayhew, of this city, has
been assisting Itev. J. S. Scobec, pastor of
the Twelfth Street M. E. Church South,
Louisville, in a protracted moeting recently
hold in that city.
-' Dcatli at Columbia.
We regret to chronicle the death at Col
umbia yesterday of Miss Mary Orr, sister
of John, Robert and W. P. Orr, of tliis
city. We offer our sympathies in this their
Krt iicreavement.
Death of an Old Citizen.
V. P. Elliott, n well-known citizen of
this plaw, died yesterday evening, in the
."t-d year of his .tge. He was a quiet, and
at tho same time useful citizen, and Ids
(loath will lie greatly regretted by a host i
Icr Carriers' Ilcport for tlic lontli
of .November, 1SG!.
Number of letters delivered Gl.Sil'
numbnrof papers delivered, 19,913 : nnm-
ber of letters collected, 28,511 ; number of
p.ipers collected, i23.
Exos Hopkixs, P. M.
j- A portion of the testimony in the caso of
throe men named ohnfie, lerger and IA
wards, charged with stealing a cow, the
property of Mr. Morganstem, was hoard
yesterday, the investigation will In- re
sinned to-day before Esq. Cassetty.
Two Noted Animal on Camu.
The paintings of the distinguished stal
lions, "Jack Malone and "anttal, ly
Mr. Edwin Trove, the justly celebrated
animal painter, will be placed on exhibition
at tho Maxwell House on Saturday next
Dee. -4. as specimens of his art.
Ileiieflf of Little ICatle (illbert.
Little Katie Gilbert takes a benefit at the
New Theater to-night. The bill offered is
a good one, tho performance opening w ith
the drama of " Nick of the Woods." Little
Katie is a creat favorite with our play
goers, and we oxpeot to see her receive a
genuine beneht.
Stealing; ICidvv
Imiac Dortch, colored, was anaigned be
loie Squire Wilkinson yesterday on the
charge of being implicated in the stealing
of hides from .Messrs. Jtuuson a: iticKey.
His case was postponed for investigation
until next Tuesday. lie gave the requisite
bond. -
.s&nliitg tVnciiip.
James Srufth,-colored, was yesterday ar
rested on the charge of stealing a poition
of a fence from the farm of Mr. J. T. Dnn
lap. He was arraigned before Esqs. Brien
t Hunter, who after hearing the testimony,
reserved their decision until Saturday next.
On Tnewlay evening last, J. II. Warner
was united in marriage to Miss Dora (iriz
zard, by the Rev. Mr. Warren. The mar
riage occurred at the residence of tho
bride's mother, in North Nashville, and the
occasion was one of cood cheer to the
Irionds of both bride and bridegroom,
who wero present in force.
Clintigc in Uie Weather.
01(1 Sol, whose bright face has not been
seen in thtse pails for 1 these many days,
made hi" appeai-arcc yesterday, and con
tmufc'l Lis crei-ni-c acou-i vis from morn-
insr till eridiinc. No cloud panned between
Iuhi acul mother enrtb during a stretch of
wsxrsd hours, suu in hciittoiis arc favorable
to hrtehf. tvld will I'l-Mianc: voather for
(tuse iIhvs to come.
To be Tried To-day.
Sortggs will bo tried before Justice
Bn-n tJ-d.iy, on tho chargo of shooting a
iuut HRJQeil Tillet at the Fair Grounds
Murine the Pair week. This will bo a very
itfliiortant trial, and a largo number of wit
nesses hare been subpanml.
.social lliijoymeiit.
mie Kison has fairlv openetl for imblii
balls, social parties "and conversational
thirinra. There are several balls soon
io be niven which will doubtless bo grand
affairs. One of them will bo given at tho
Hchoolhonse on Vino street, Christmas
Eve niuht. We expect to hear of a large
number of masquerade balls during this
Kccordcr's Court.
Slephon Banes. drunVenness, two dollars
ami eots.
Tillman Greirerv. same offense, three
l.dlars and costs.
.). J. Crisenberrv, carryinc concealed
weapons and disorderly conduct, six dot
l.irs and cosW.
t'ulformluc the l'olirc.
A .lilllciiltv occurrod on Cherry Mre.t
vi",terdav eveuinjr between t wo indi tibials.
' hen a policeman hteppod up with a iew
f quieting the belligerents. A bystander,
a friend of one of tho persons engaged in
the difficulty, not knowing the policeman,
attempted to strike him, at tho same time
icmarking that ho would not allow two
men to jump on his friend. When tho
officer told him who he was the bystander
nnlocrized. Bavini! that ho did not know
that ho was a policeman. The system of
uniforming the police is a good one, and
should Lo adopted as soon as possible. Wo
hojo tosce our efficient police force at an
early day don weir mi q b1".'
The swl In Grundy County.
The Consular Agent, Peter Straub. Ksq.,
has recently returned from Grundy county,
Hhithor ho had gono to loot arter the in
..Vfa f this neoilo. and he infonns us.
saw tho Knoxvillo M, that ho found
them all happy and contented. They own
lnre l.clv of laniL and are improv
ing it ranidlv. They have been wiseenoiigh
r. .ViviiJa It'into one hundred acre tracts,
:md have it beautifully laid off. They aro
I,,.;!,!! .nmf.irtablft housos, and every
thing about them gives evidence of thrift
uid prosperity. Tho most notable feature
..l their operations is that they are making
amnio preparations to ro largely into the
dairy business. They will maite enco
The rumor so imfortuuately put afloat
that tho titles to their Jands were ueiecuve,
is all false. There is not, nnd has notbeen
anv foundation whatever for any snch ie
wrta. Tliny have sound titles to all the
Lnds they have bought. Mr Stanb, while
out there, purchased some five thousand
K-res more for tho benefit of newcomers,
many of whom are looked for next -season.
Tlu land is sold to them at cost price.
,1'hc JcwInIi J?cast of Dedication
Jttf Orig:lnmiiL'SJIstory'-.Hov If
On Monday oveninc last becan the two
thousand and thirty-fourth anniversary of
uio labumuua among uie tiows oi mo reasi
of Chanukah, the meaning of which is the
rededication of the temple at Jerusalem to
the service ot the God of Israel, its clean
ing from pagan impurities and sacrilege,
and a period of joy athe deliverance from
oppression and persecution. The origin
and history of this festival is described in
the second book of Maccabees, one of the
apocryphal books, and also by Flavins Jo-
sephus, and may lo condensed as follows
Antiochns Lpiphanes, the illustrious
called by sonio, also, Epimanes, the mad
man, king of Syria who succeeded lus
cider brother on tho throne in the year 1
before Christ, had invaded and conquered
i.cypt, except tho city of Aloxandna, an
even captured the king of Egypt, Ttolemy
Pliilopater. Ho also sacked Jerusalem and
plundered tho temple. Ho was about to
annex Egypt to his Syrian kingdom, when
he was met by l'opilms, an emissary from
Rome, who, by command of tho Roman
Senate, ortlered him to evacuate tho con
quered kingdom of Egypt. Fearful of the
power and vengeance of Rome, he obeved
and retired with his forces. Being thus
prevented in Egypt, ho turned his wrath
against the Jews. In tho year ICS before
the Christian era, ho again fell npon
Palestine ami entered Jerusalem, and on
tho 2.1th day of tho month of Kislev,
tho 1 4.1th year, on tho 25th day of that
month, by us called Chasley, and by the
Macedonians Apollens, in tho hundred and
thirl y-lith Olympiad, as llavius Josephu?
gives it, Antiochns Epiphanes seized the
templo, despoiled it of everything valuable
that was in it. oven tho veils, which were
made of fino linen and scarlet, and all the
sacred troasure3. He also forbado the Jews
to offer their daily sacrifices, slow swin6 on
the altar, creeled a statue of Titus Olympv
ns in the temple, and compelled tho Jews
to lorsaco their worship and adore the
Groek gods, I mild temples and altars to
them and offer them swine in daily sacri
fice, and all who adhered to the rite of
circumcision wero cruelly put
death. This persecution lasted for
three years, and so cowed down
were a largo portion of tho ieople of Pales
tine liy the fear ol the king 8 vengeance,
that tho Samaritans humbly petitioned An
tiochns to have their templo on Mount
Gherizzim changed to the temple of Jupiter
Helleuius. But a revolt aroso. JUatathias,
a man of great popularity in Modin, called
his adherents together, and defeated the
kmc s forces sent against him in several en
gagements. Upon his death, his second
son, Judas jlaccaoeus, succeeded him as
leader of the revolution against Antiochus.
who sont several armies to crush the rebel
lion, raze tho whole rity of Jerusalem to
the ground, and destroy tho entire Jewish
nationality. But Judas Maccabeus was
victorious in every battle, and at the end of
tho tlurd year entered Jerusalem, and
freed his country from Syrian perse
cution. And it was again on tho 2.1th day
of tho month of Kisiso, in the 10.1th year
before Christ, exactly three years after the
desecration, that he proceeded to the
temple to purify it of tho pollution, brought
in new vessels, the candlesticks, tho table
and loaves of broad, tho altar of incenso,
which wero made of gold, and hung up the
veils at the gates and added doors to them,
and lighted tho candles and offered incense
and burnt offerings upon the new altar.
Thus, on tho third anniversary of its deso
lation, the temple was dedicated anew.
TliLs desertion of tho holy edifice by Anti
ochns was then and is even now claimed
by the orthodox Jews to have been in ful
filment of Daniel s prophecy : '"lea, ho
magnified himself even to the prince of the
host, and by him the daily sacrifice was
taken away, and the place of his sanctuary
was cast down.' ( Daniel viii. 1 1.)
Judas MaccalciiB celebrated the festival
of the restoration of the sacrifice at the
temple for eight days, and omitted no sort
of pleasures. And tho Jews were so de
lighted at the revival of their customs and
of the freedom of their worship that they
made it a law for their posterity to kcepjthe
festival of the restoration of the templo for
eight days, and this law has been obeyed
by all succeeding generations up to the
present timo.
I ho observances are somewhat in imita
tion ol the festivities directed by Judas
Maccabeus, and described in tho second
book of the Maccabees. In tho synagogues,
as well as in the dwellings, eight candle
sticks are placed in position, and one can
dle is lit tho first day, two on the second,
and so on, till on tho eighth day all the
eight candles liave been lighted, bread,
wine and other offerings are not omitted,
and hilarity and joyous gatherings of
friends and kindred, prayers, praises, and
thanks to God on every day during the con
tinuance of the festival are general. As
tho 2.1th day of the month of Kisley cor
responds this year with tho SOth of Novem
ber, and as tho Jowish day begins with the
preceding evening, this feast opened at
sundown uu Monday evening, und will
clo,e on Tuesday, Dee. 7, also at sunset.
he WsUcr-works I.uw Amended.
Wo publish elsewhoro an ordinance re
cently enactod by tho City Conned, mak
ing important changes in the Water-works
laws. By the law now in force, tho Super
intendent of the Waterwoiks shall bo re
quired to assess the water lax to tho owner
or owners of all buildings or tenement
houses, rented to two or moie tenants,
and in case such buildings should bo leased
for a number of years, the tax shali bo
assessed to the lesseo, and said owner or
lesseo shall bo responsible for and pay the
water tax tor all such buildings.
An Old Timer Here.
L. Powers, formeily an extensive clothier
of this city, lint for the last eight years a
resident ol Mobile, was in the city yester
day, circulating among his old friends.
Two little maiden sisters, named Polly
and Sally Read, aged 85 and R7 years, ic
spcntivwy, lived together, in scanty cir
rumstances in the. town of Brook Held,
Madison county, New inrk, and their
only recreation was quarreling wilh each
other regularly twice a week, on the most
trivial provocation. The neighbors be
came so accustomed to this continued
wrangling that they took no notice ot it
till i; ceased, which it did on the lsth
ult. One of tho iieighlmis on that day
entered the dwelling and found Polly
dead on the floor, weltering in gore, and
Sally lying on the bed in a dying condl-
lion. 130111 wero icrriniy uiuuiaieu auom
the head and shoulders. Just beforo rtie
died Sally said she had quarreled with her
sister; she had seized a stick of wood,
and Polly secured a pair of tongs, and
with the weapons they had belabored
each oilier as long as they could use their
hands. They were so poor that the coun
ty Commissioners had to provide burial
for the bodies. Neither could read nor
write, nor had they over attended church
or Sunday school, as far as was known.
f Kk hundred and ten years ago, an ad
vertisement in a newspaper informed tali
zens of Philadelphia that they could go
to New York by tVe Philadelphia stage
wagon and .New Yoik stage boat,
which "performed their stages twice u
week." The adw itKeiuent read. "John
Butler, with his wng". sets out on Mon
days from his house, ai the sign oi me
Tleath of the Fox. in btrawbcrry alley,
and drives the same day to Trenton fern-,
when Francis Ilohnaii meetshim, and pro
ceeds on Tuesday to Rruuswick, and the
passengers aud goods being shifted into
the w.i-on of IsuacPitzrandolph. he lakes
them to New Blazing Star to Jacob ritz
randolph'B, the same day, where Itubin
Fitzrandolph, with a boat well suited,
will receive them anu iase ua-m w
J And the traveler vas
assured that ho would 1 taken back to
Philadelphia "with the same expedition as
Jennie Worrell's, Conrtmp ana
OnrTAftri ers'niR familiar with the "Worrell
Sisters, who bald forth at Masonic Hall re
cently. Jennie, the youngest of the sisters,
was not here, but about that lime was
married JnNow XorktP Mr. James Barre,
a well-known man about town, just three
days after his wife, an estimable lady with
several .children, had obtained a divorce
from him at bis own request. Arcording to
a New York exchange, Mr. Barre was mar
ried in 18G0, and has since done well in
money matters. Besides his wife's ample
fortune and his own resources, he had. ac-
. l.-L!. t , -
cording to jus own account, maae some Dig
hits in gold. His charming wife had
presented him with threo 'youthful scions.
and if any person in New York
had reason to bo grateful to fortune.
Barro was that man. l'otiust as we find
the tide of his affairs at the flood of their
success say eighteen months ago we dis
cover James straying from the path of pru
dence and rectitude. Caught by the mere
tricious claro .which attaches to actresses.
the hero of this sad story beheld the Wor
rell sisters in their lisping burlesqneings.
, i , , . T Tfl , i
ana uio soui oi uames uqmnou ilko iai in a
chandler s vat. Whon this sportive mascu-
Jine became a candidate for tho lady's
smiles, all lesser revolving worshipers were
Utterly annihilated. A3 the stars in the
gray morning disappear when Phcebus
1- L- T
asserts ma sway, oimmy, as rxuipso, was
first and the rest were nowhere. He was
no sighing, whining, lackadaisical admirer,
James isarro. juks tne ancient devotees.
ho brought gifts to tho fair shrine whereat
he worshiped. First of all, because he
probably reflected that his inamorata
needed it he presented her with a highly
ornamented copy of tho Holy Scriptures,
within wnose sacred pages he remmded
her sho would find all things necessary for
salvation. Thon he bound her tapering
wrists with jeweled bracelets, and in her
immaculate cuffs ha inserted diamond
sleeve-buttons. Other gifts, varied and
extensive, followed silk dresses, under
clothing, eta, until Miss Jennie Worrell.
irom neaq to loot, becamo what the money
of Barre had made her. Pere and Mere
Worrell gazed in wrapt admiration at their
fortunate daughter's presents, and to him
was accorded tne exclusive privilege ot tne
green room, wherein ho used nightly to
await tho hour when Jennie's role should
bo accomplished. Very shortly, too, they
began to noiso it abroad that Jennie was
gomg to bo married to one of the richest
men in Now York. Mr, Bane's visits to
tho Worrell residence, on East Ninth street,
now bocame incessant. He followed the
charming young actress liko her shadow,
and like a veritable Croesus ho poured his
gifts at her foot.
When tho Worrell sisters left Now York
on a " starring " tour, in tho fall of lSUti,
tho infatuated gold broker accompanied
them to several towns on the route. In
October the sisters wero playing at tho
Now Chestnut Theater in Philadelphia, and
there also was tho irrepressiblo Barro. Tho
ladies and, of eonrse, Jimmy also wero
staying at tho Continental Hotel in tliat
city, and various inqiusitivo theatrical liab
itucs wero busying their brains in tho fu
tile attempt to discover wliat purpose in
tho economy of naluro or acting Jimmy
subserved. Rumor said, and said it truly,
that he was married, and yet with overy
revolving sun there was he seen whispering
soft nothings and presenting expensive
somethings to tho complacontly apprecia
tive Jennie. Sophio saw all theso thiugs,
and her iro was stirred; nnd henco ouu
evening, in tho parlor of the Continental,
there occurred what irroveront people
wonld call a scono, to-wit: Sophie, in an
excited manner, addressing James Barre,
reminded hun that ho was a married man,
with a family, and Hint his proper place
was in New Vork with his wife, and not in
following round Jennie. Hero the brilliant
Jennies tongue and temtier rushed to tho
rescuo of her sworn knight, and instantly '
tliero was a stormy word war between tho
eldest and youngest of the sisters named
Worrell, to tho especial delight and delee- I
tation of the listeners. So determined was j
Jennie s onset, however, nnd so keen was ,
her weapon, that Sophio was utterly routed '
and disconifitted, while James was corres- I
pondingly glorified nnd exalted.
His most intimate friends and relations :
hid begun to vehemently condemn him for ,
his ilisrmieefnl eondnrt- find for )i mil- !
Terrible 3IIstakc of a Tailor,
A few evenings sinca there misht have
been seen in a room in Una city a young
man busy, not with the affairs of State, but
r Its ? . ..
ui Buineimng more important to mm at
that particular moment. It was about 7
o'clock when a negro boy entered his door
and delivered to bim a bundle which con
tained a new suit of clothes just from, the
tailor shop. Tho bundle was carelessly
deposited on the bed, and the negro took
his departure.
crtiTTEB n.
In another portion of the city, in the
mansion of a well known citizen, had as
sembled a large company of young folks,
who were waiting patiently tho arrival of a
young man, who at 8 o'clock that evening,
according to announcement, would lead to
the altar one of Nashvillo's most accom
plished daughters. The appointed hour
had arrived, the preacher was in attend
ance and everything in readiness for the
nuptials, but the bridegroom cometh not.
A half hbur elapsed, and still the expected
visitor came riot.
We roturn acain to the hero of this story.
It is half-past 8 o'clock, and the gas is
burning brightly in his chamber, beveral
good friends are with him, and jocund
sounds proceed from the quarter of the
building in which tho young man ia lo
cated. But the young man himself is not
in a laughing vein, but on the contrary,
distress and disappointment is marked
upon a hitherto unclouded brow. He was
twenty-one years of age that night. He wa3
neither too tall, nor too short, but of respect
able size, say about one hundred and forty
pounds in weight, and his handsome figure
had often been the subject of remark. At
the hour above mentioned he was standing
in front of a mirror, arranging his toilet.
His boots were hietily polished, his white
neck-tie was properly adjusted, his coat
was a perfect fit, and a delicately figured
white satin vest was a prominent part of
his dress, but a little singular, he bad not
yet donned his pantaloons.
A few minutes after the loud laughing
that proceeded from that room, there was
a rap at the door, and in rushed a gentle
man who turned out to be the tailor. He
hsd a bundle under his arm, and his ap
pearance was evidently of groat relief to
the young man whose countenance seemed
for the moment to beam with delight.
"How is this," said tho young man, ad
dressing the tailor, "ihe pantaloons yon
sent mo are by far too large." "Oh yes,"
said the tailor, "it was one grand mis
take'" "Tho pantaloons I sent yon were
made for Sam Riddleberger, and in tying
nn the packages, the boy placed your pants
in the wrong bundle." The remainder pf
this liiohly thrilling narrative will bo pub
lished in tho next number of tho Battle
Axe tif Freedom and flmbbiiif! Hon of
rtlir..VST-OII.LCSriE At the r.-oiilciice of tbr
bnJe'a father, near Petersburg, Lincoln county,
Te nn., on TuesJay, No . SO, 1M9, by Itev. A. Enloe,
Mr. Jons K. Beeast, of this cily, to V. D.u,
ilanRhler nl Jacob Gillespie, Esq.
rage he was perpetrating on tho fair name i .. . ,-.
and fame- ot his excellent wife. Several n'at rnnloso-
friends of his own family and Mrs. Barre's, i
feeling keenly tho disgrace which his nn- sm,c 1 " a"r, r-
blushing eonrsn of Rhnmn entailed nn ll.nm Wo aro authorized to nnnonneo
were incessant in their efforts to reclaim ) Herriford of Davidson county, as n can
him from Hie degrading slough in which ho ,lia,a fnr stato q'rensnrer before the present
ttouu,t-u. x 'liming iu.ii-iu, uuiuiuiciv nil-
practicable as to blanch tho Ethiopian's I
skin, they turned to Mra Bnrre and im- !
plored her to sever tlio chain that bound j
her to such an individual. But with long '
suffering kindness and marvelous charity,
she refused to movo in the matter until i
proof of his criminality should bo estab- '
lished on tho firmest basis. A few weeks !
ago she had the question forever set at
General Assembly.
Wk aro authorized to announce R. S.
Woodard of Lincoln county, a candidate
for State Treasurer. sep7 tdo.
For Comptroller.
We are authorized to announce W. P.
Morris of f!.itnclpn. ft candidate for Comn-
rest in her mind, the .accuser of James j ,roUer of tho f the Slate at the
11 lln.A liainrr.linmii Itorra lumcair Ad I
insning Legislature, pledging himself to
H. Bane being Jimmy Barre himself. As
suming the higubrions garb of contrition,
he approached his maganimous, noble
sonled wife, and confessed that he had been
guilty of infidelity. He advanced certain
extenuating circumstances, and canted like
a hoary Holy Willie of the power of tempt
ation, the weakness of poor human nature,
etc. He said that he had formed some un
fortunate acquaintances, aud that he had
been led into the commission of this great
sin, but that he truly repented, etc., ad
nauseam. In the agony of his self-abasement
he purposed, he said, to break off his
sinful connection at once and forover, and
with that object he contemplated a sojourn
for some time in the West.
In the meantime, he suggested that his
wife had better procurea divorco, and then,
after he had mortified and purified himself
by absence in his voluntary exile, he would
return, and they wonld again bo privately
marriod. In agony of spirit his gentlo wife
listened to those hypocritical notes of con
trition, and consented to act in the manner
indicated. Accordingly, tho femalo solicitor,
Mr. EmmetL appliod on behalf of Mrs.
Barre to the Superior Court of Kingscoiinty
for a divorce, Mr. James Barre not filing
any response.
rending the result of these lrgal pro
ceedings, about three weeks ago .Miss Jen
nie ('. Worrell severed her connection with
Uio Worrell sisters then starring in the
West and returned to New York. On this
occasion she did not patronize tho St. Cloud
hotel, but was installed in elegant juarters
at tlw .Metropolitan.
satisfy all tho members of his financial
skill and qualifications for the position.
For .Sheriff.
In the mean time tho repoit begun to .
circulate through the city that Jennie had !
left the stage to bo married to one of the '
wealthiest men in row lour; aim an hc- i
quaiutance ..f Jimmy's hearing of this, ai;- '
costed him with tho pertinent query . j
"How dare you a married man with n I
nne wile anil lumuy -taiu about marrying
Jennie Worrell?"
"I'lii going to bate a divm.-.-. the
shameless scamp said.
At length, on Friday, tho .1th day of No
vember. Judge Gilbert granted Mis. Barre
a decree of divorce, and exactly three days
alter, ns we have already neon, Jinunie had
tho unparalleled cheek to lead Jennie Wor
rell to I ho altar. That name evening the
biide nml bridegroom appeared in high
feathei at Wallace's theater, their tempo
rary residence meanwhile being (he Metro
politan Hotel.
Odd IVIIovvO .tumid.
Tho December number of this maga
zine has been laid on our table. Wo have
glanced at tho table of its contents, and
find that mnch caro and attention hns been
given to the selections, whilo tho original
matter pertains to tho good of tho order
whose ennsfl it osiouse.s. This magazine
is published by Mefisrs. Copeland ,V
Ozauue, of this city, at the low price of $2
per annum.
TJ 3ST R X V A. HI. :e:d
T H F.
W H S3 E L E ft
A .NT 1
"w i Xj s o nsr
j We are authorized to announce Wiil C. Shaw a
candidate for Sheriff of rtartdaon county at the
enanlng March election, 1870.
. We are authorized to announces. O. Bradley aa
f a candidate for Sheriff at the ensuing Starch elec-
' tloa
We are authorized to announce Jamea IL Davis
as a candidate for Sheriff at tho ensuing March
We are authorized to announce Elijah E. rattemon
I as a candidate for Sheriff of DaTldson county, at the
ensuing March election.
We are authorized to announce F. M. Woodall as
a candidate for Sheriff, at tho ensuing March elec
tion. Kcvcmic Collector.
We are authorized to announce D. Q. Clark as a
candidate for Revenue Collector of Davidson coun
ty, at the ensuing March election. sel'J tde
1 By tho solicitation of many friends, I hereby an
' nonuce my name aa a candidate for Revenue Col
. Inctor of Davidson county, at the March election,
; lSTu. Oforiir Grkkb.
I For Jailor.
Wk are authorized to announce W. II. Hill as a
candidate lor Jallnr at the ensuing March elec-
lion. novlS-tde
, Tv (he Vt4tr if iMriitan Coimj,':
' I leiiectlntly announce nijself as a candidate
' tor Jailer at the ensulug March eln tiou. Will lie
1 obliged for your votin, and, If elected, will dW-
rlitfi'e Hie duties ot the office faithfully,
j le AW. II. JUOUdl.AS.
i Wear authorized t announce M. Dennison as
candidate for Jailor, at the cunning March ele.llou.
Bel 8 1 Jo'
We are requested to announce William II. Moore
as a candidate for Jailor ol this county, at the
. March election, 1H7H.
I We are reueitwl to announce John T. Smith aa
! a candidate tor County Jailor, at the turning March
j .Irt-llon, If 70.
j Circuit t'onrl Clerk.
l V are authorized to announce David C Lore as
1 a candidate for re-election to tha office of Circuit
' T.iiirt Clerk for Davidson county, at the ensuing
! M.irrh tli lion. "
I We are authorized to announce Isaac TJtton as a
i candidate for Ctmilt C'enrt Clerk, at the ensuing
j Mireh elet-tlon.
t i miinitl 4'oiu t 4'lerli.
March Pinkard la a candidate for Criminal Court
Clerk at the ensuing March election.
We aro authorized to announce Charles F. Dig
gons a candidato tor re-election aa Clerk of the
Criminal Court of Davidson county, at the Mart h
election, 1K7U. Id
Hugh W. rii7?ell Is a candidate for Clerk of Hi
Ciiiuliial Court, at the ensuing March election
16 tf
We are authorized to announce J. T. nnglns aa
a candidate, for Criminal Court Clerk, at Ilia ensu
ing March election.
U'e are authorized to announce W. M. Stephens
as a candidate for Criminal Court Clerk, at the eu
snini March eli-clin.
Con illy Cnim ClerU.
We an-authorized In announce den. II. P. Oheat
liain as a candidate for County (Vinrt Cleik, at the
eiiiuing March election.
We are authorized to announce MaJ. J. Riihard
McCann as a candidate for County Court Clerk, at
the ensuing March election.
Charh-s II. lastman Is a candidate for the olli.m
of Clerk of Ihe County Court of Davidson county,
at Uio ensuing March election.
We aro authorized to announce James T. Kcll as
a caudidate fur County Court Clerk, at the ensuing
March t lection.
Wo aro authorized to announce Capt. TV. G. Evtli
as a candidate tor the office of County Court Clerk
f..r Davtdsnn county, at the i nsulug March election.
4UU.UUU th&n 1C0.DC0 in exoeaa of those
of an oioer manufacture 1 In order to iUce
a Wheeler .t Wilson Bemng Machine within
the reach of overy family, I rropofo to Iefe
them on the following terms, viz : Thirty dol
lars to' bo paid as advance rent on delivery of
the machine, and ten dollars por montn each
month thereafter. When the advance and
mon' My payments amount to a sum e-qual to
the i. ice of the Macaiaoll sill gUa a hill and
rcccii-t in foil.
N. C TIlAYm. Southern Agent,
rei'l ec-dn il 1 Church street
P. Isl. RYAS
Iniportor und Maiiiiftictitror
French Hurr Mill -Stoues,
Portable Mils, Top-and
Bottom flutmurs,
Smut Machines and fvlill
Machinery in General.
i ' Cluth, Belling, Screen Wire, Mill Piafcj.
Planter Paris, kept on hand and for eale ohea
fur Coin.
I also contract for the halidbg of Vlnnnnj
Mills. "
All work i&U Jr me warranted.
maflitt 1'. M. RYAN;
Coughs aud Cel.
Those -who are Buffering: from "Coughs,
Colds, Hoarseness, Soro Throat, etc.,
should try, ; "Srotcn's Bronelcial Trptltct,"
& simple 'remedy, which is in almost overy
case effectual. ' The troches have boon
tested hy time, and pronounced universally
superior to all other articles for the same
purpose. . dec3-lt
Choice, mince meat, buckwheat floor.
golden syrup and smoked -salmon just re
ceived Iby 0. Ii. Puller fc Co., Uasonio
Building. 1 noy30-5t
The dwelling house, No. !J7 South Cher
ry street, isfor rent, for the year 1870,
Enquire of .P. ,P. Peck, No. 39 Union
street. ; del tf
mi i),
EIJJOTT. At lus residence. No. l!t Cedar
street, Thursday evening, Dec 2, V. 1 Elmott
ln the B-'d year nf his age. Due notice will lie given
of Hie funeral ceremonies.
Cor Ilie Con volition.
Wo nro anthorizoil to announce the tinnio
of Enoch Cunningham, nq., of Davidson
county, us n. candidate for tho Constitu
tional (-unviMitinn, Rivhjwt 1 the County
Convention. noL'.'ite
Wo nre nutlioii7eil to announce Judge Jo.
C. Guild as n candidato for delogute to tho
Constitutional Convention, from Davidson
county. Election third Saturday in Dc
ciMubcr. novl8-to
Wo aro niithorized to amiounco Wni. O.
Brien, Esq., a candidato for delegate to
the Constitutional Convention, front David
son county, at tho approaching election for
Tpssrso- and moaning during sh-ep are,
generally caused 'by worms. B. A. J?ahne-
stock's Vermifuge will expel them.
aei im -
Lisqi receipts of groceries this week at
yVV. Totten &. Bros. New Louisiana
Hucar and molasses nrimn .Toffee, at errcat-
Iv reduced tlrices.. rnrrofmnrulinf? with the
- . 7 T 1 o
decline in', gold ; new Carolina rice, fresh
fruits and vegetables of every variety, in
cans, at greatly reduced prices ; new track-
wneat, nour, noney and white dnp syrup
and many other choice eatables too nu
merous to mention. Call and examine
their stock before "buying elsewhere.,
NationalfSavings Company.
ryDe posits., recdTed, and Interest allowed
thereon, i loans' negotiated, coUecttoasmde, and
ueueiviMiuuiig ousiness trans actco. ; oclG tf
C. L. Jpt.t.-ft! & Qo,t Masonio Building,
have in store a foil stock of jellies, Shaker
preserves, Canton ginger, canned fruits,
canned vegetables and a choice stock of
teas novSO-Iit
"Pearly Xeclli tiro Priceless Treni-
To preserve them call at J. C. Wharton
&, Co.'s Drugstore, No. 38 Union street,
and buy genuine English Tooth-brushes,
with bristles wire-secured (warranted), of
which they have just received a fine as
sortment by importation from S. Maw fc
Son, London, England. del lw
Do not neglect a slight cough, it may end
in coanimption. C. F. Galton's Cough
Balsam will relievo yon. del lm
House Kketkcb should go to C. L. Ful
ler A Co.'s, Masonic Building, and sco their
choico siock of Fresh Groceries, jnst re
ceived. nov.'!0-.".t
10,000 Founds Hackled Miticks
At McKoin & Co.'s, No. 50 Coilega street,
for which they will pay tho highest cash
price. novl'7-dlw
Go to Thompson Brothers Kelly early
this morning. They have commenced
their annual closing put sules. Bargain
table unusually attractive. Havo added a
remnant tablo this Reason. nov'.'7-.lt
Bar your mattresses of K. II. Millet:,
Ko. 0 North College street. nov27-lm
Go to C. L. Fuller ,t Co.'s, Masonic
Building, for hoininy, kraut, potatoes, on
ions mid spiced pigs' feed. nnvI-M
A lakob stock of canned IVachos, Black
berries, Tomatoes, etc., cheap, at
nov.7-tf . AninsTF-Ui & Co.
Notice to Dressmaker.
All ladies in want of trimmings and fan
cy gooils can get them for half price at
Bohme's, Ko. ISO Church street. tf
Wine Ilie :od Would Sip.
These nre tlie wines of every variety aud
delicious quality, to be found at Linck's
Hotel ami Restanraut, North College street.
Pttee old Robertson and Bourbon whisky
at C. L. Fuller & Co.'s Masonic Build
ing. nov.'10-."t
What Everybody Says.
That Linck makes the cocktail par excel
lence and in the most fastidious style. Try
one. nov23 tf
Where to Nmoke.
At Linck's new hotel, North College
street nov23 tf
The Ilest Place.
Linck's new Hotel and Restau rant, (Euro
pean plan,) North College street, first door
above the Louisville and Nashville depot,
Nashville, Tenn. Wm. T. Linck, Pro
prietor. nov23-tf
Neat Rooms.
Tho rooms of Wm. T. Linck at hi3 Hotel
and Restaurant are new, elegant and fur
nished in superb style. nov23-tf
Fob uniform good board, and warm, com
fortable lodgings, go the Planter's, Sum
mer, near Cedar. jy6 tf
St. diaries Hotel,
On Market street, near the square, Nash
ville, N. B. Hamilton, Proprietor. Single
meals, r0 centR. Board and lodging per
day, .$2 (XI. sep8 3m
From the Philadelphia Evening Telegraph.
We advise persons having disease of the
hair to use Professor Christy's Celebrated
HairLotio. Itispntnpinabottle andabox.
LadioR who ouco use Lotio discard overy
other preparation for the Hair, as it is the
best dressing for tho Hair in tho world.
Tho Lotio never fails to remove the worst
cases of Dandruff, and restore gray and
blachod Hair to its natural color.
Forsaleby Druggists, sample bottles sent
to any address in the United Stntn.i by cx
preis for
Pi'.orEssor. Cur.iuTr ,V Co.,
No. 71 1 Cliostnnt Street,
oct!7-Cm Philadelphia, Pa.
So thought I, when I hoard tho foun
tain play.
r was beautiful to eland and watch
The fountain." crystal turn to genu,
And from the aky such colors catrh.
As If twere raining diadems;
Hut tlib, rith all its charming grace,
Cannot my fluWy Hat replace.
Dear ta to mo the little stre.uu,
Whoso nnlmprlaoned waters run
Wild as tlie changes of a dream,
Cy rock and glen, through shade and sun
lint dearer still titan all the rest,
Is one of Wain anil Walter's Itest.
Flowers on its grassy margin spring,
llsh In its eddying rlrclea rlay,
Ilirds midst the alder branches sing.
Flocks through tho verdant meadows stray,
And Maud looks up with sweetest smile
At my new flat -the latent style.
WIN A- WALKfllt,
24 Public Square.
A. h. mcEs.
Hicks, Houston &Co,
Exclusive Wholesale Dealers in
Etc., r.ic, i:tc,
No. 45 Public Square,
(Hick's Block,)
we have removed to our old stand, and hav
Ive added largely to our Importations, we are pre
pured to exhibit the largest and most varied as
sortment of goods ever offered to tho trade of this
city. Our goods are Imported under the low rates
for gold, which enables ua to offer great induce
ments to merchants buying for cash.
45 Public Square.
N. Ii. Our Retail Department is at 51
JVorth College ulrect, where we nave on
band and to arrive a splendid stock of
Fancy anil Ornamental Goods, Din
ner, Ten, Toilette and Chamber
Sets; I'latcU-ware, Table Cut
lery, Tea Trays, Ilnr Fix
tures, and Goods .for
Clirlktmas Present1.
nov201m4p H. H. & O.
Samutjl Kirk & Pon,.
173 Itnlt:more Nlreet. 1X
ver W'aro, Watchuknil fine Jewelry, et
ahlUhed 1SI7. sefflSm
TJ. a SUcs of 1881 lit
U. 8. 6-20, 18G2 113
D. 8. 6-20, ISM '.'.... 410
U. 8. 5-20, 18M, old. j. ,.U0
TJ. 8. 6-20, 1865, January and July,..r ;.U2
TJ. 8. 6-20, 1867, January and July , .112
tt t ia0T:z:?T:::T.r. :r:;::io
Tennessee'bonds, old , ' . ,65'
Tennessee bonds, new. 60
Tennessee bonds, Capitol..... 65
Kaahvillo and Chattanooga railroad bonds, en-
dorsed r ..i CO
East Tenneasoe and Virginia Railroad bonds,
endorsed , C3
East Tenncasea and Georgia Railroad bonds,
endorsed,....,. ,. CZ
Tennessee coupons, fundable 65
Tennessee coupons, due July, 1863.,,, ...,. C5
City Nashville bonds, old 60
City Nashville bonds, signed Brown, Mayor.. 60
City Nashville bonis, algned Aid en, Mayor... 15
Nashville corporation checks 0
Nashville corporation coupons.. C3
Davidson county bonds, issued to lVouiarllle
road. S5
Davidson county bonds, issued to other roads. 75
Davidson county coupons 97
Davidson county warrants 95
. 12
Montgomery county bonds
Murfreesboro coupons
Louisville and Nashville railroad stock
Nashville and Chattanooga railroad stock ....
East Tennessee and Oeorela railroad stock. . .
East Tennessee and Virginia railroad stock... 12'
Memphis and Charleston railroad stocs 15
South Nashville Street railroad stocl. CO
North Nashville Street railroad stock .........
Spruce Street railroad stock
Suspension Bridge stock 100
Planters' Bank 6tock 6
Union Bank stock. 6
Buying. Selling.
American gold 121 12:1
Oold coupons 121 123
Oold drafts on New York 121 123
American silver, (s and K.) HI 123
American sUver, (5s and 10,) 118 120
Buying. Belling.
On New York Par. l-20th
On Cincinnati Par. l-20tli
On Louisville Par. l-10th
On Memphis far. l-20th
On New Orleans Par. V
On London $6 65 per pound
On Eihn bnrg 6 55 per pound
on Dunlin o 03 per ponna
On Paris 3 50 f res. peril
On Berlin 97 per thaler
On Frankfort 67 per guilder
40s, War of 1812 '. 40
80s, War of 1812 : 90
120s, War of 1812 $130
120s, not war of 1812 126
100s, War of 1812 162
160s, uot War of 1812 160
Tlie National Savings Company have raado ar
rangements to supply their customers with revenue
stanii at the following low rat. ?, discount payable
lu stamps, viz:
On purchasers tinder $20 Par
On purchasers of $2t) or more. . .2 per cent, dis
On purchasers of $50 or nioro. . :iy, er cent, dis
On purchasers of $100 or more ;. per cent, dis
On purchasers of $200 or more . . . 4 J( per cent, ills
On purchasers of $500 or more... 4f percent, dis
On purchasers of $1000 or more. . 4X per cent, dia
All orders must be accompanied by the money or
check for the amount. Stamps will be sent by
mail or express, as directed.
Bank of Teuneasee, old iPcoplea' Dank 90
issue 60
Planters' Bank 40
Uuiou Bank 40
Uulou Bank cert's. . .par
Bank of Chattanooga. 06
Bank of commerco par
Bank of Knoxvillo. .
Bank of Memphis. .
B'k of Middle Tcun
Bank of I"arls
Bauk of the Union
B'k of West Tenn. .
Rncfs Bank
City Bank
Commercial Bank
Merchants Bank .
Northern Bank. .
Oeoee Bank
Bank of HhelbyviUe
Southern Bank . .
Trader' Bank
Life and Ueneral In
surance Company
Bank of Camden.. .
Bank of Charleston
Bank of Chester . ...
Bank of Georgetown. 12
Bauk of Uamunrg. . . Im
Bank of Newberry. . . 80
Bank of the State of
South Carolina 25!
Commercial Bank 01
Exchange Bank.. .. 10
Farmera' and Ex
change Bank 01
Merchants' Bank 03;
planters' Bank of Fair-
.. 95
.. 95
. 65
.. 20
Planters' and Mechaa-
les'Bauk 9il
. It
. 117
. 70
. U5
field 04Unlon Bank. . .
State Bank
Southwestern 1!
Union Bank
Bank of Mobile .... 90
Bauk of Montgomery. 05
Bank of Selma 05
Central Bank 01
Commercial Bank 02
Eastern Bank 50
Northern Bank . . . 45
Southern Bank. . . 90
Cental It. R. Bank. . 95
Georgia Railroad anil
Banking Company. 35
B'k of Mid. Georgia . 00
Marino-Bank 95
Bauk of Augusta ol
Augusta Insurance. . . 0
Bank or Columbus... 05
Bank of Commerce. . 6
Bank of the Empire
State 12
Bank of Athens 50
Bank of Fulton 40
Bank of Savannah 60
Bank of the Bute of
Georgia 25
City Bank of Augurta. 45
farmers' and Me
chanics' Bank 10
Mechanics' Bank 01
Merchants' and Plant
era' Bank 05
Planters' Bank 20
KAsavnxz corros sraxsasn.
(Stock on hand Sept. 1, 1863... i None.
Received to-day 323
; Received previously 10261 10590
,Tolil.,i 10500
Shipped to-day. 263
Shipped previously 8763 9031
8tock on haad. 1559
The following are the cotton quotations received
at tho National Savings Company, corner Union
and College streets, where cotton, gold, bond and
stock quotations are received hourly, and us al
ways accessible to the public:
NewYobe, 1030 Cotton quiet but steady: up
lands 25Vc
Lrvraroox, 11 :15 Market buoyant; sales 15,000
bales; uplands 12312 Jfd; Orleans 12,';312Xd.
New Tons, 12 Cotton market easier; uplands
LrmirooL, 1 "Market unchanged.
New Yo3k, 1 :10 Market quiet and weak, and ,Vc
ower; sales 1,400 bales ; uplands 25c; talcs on
contract, December 2tX24rc; January 21X;
March 25c; April 25.Vo-
Liverpool, 6 Market firm; sales 15,000 bales,
5,000 to speculators: uplands 12X12Kc
New York, 3 Market quiet and weak; low
middling 21t'e; uplands 25,'(3I5Kc; good mid
ling 23;c; Mobile 25ic; Orleans 25Xe; sales
1,127 bales for export ; 840 bales for spinning; 69
1?ales for speculation.
Nashville Provision market.
Market moderately active and prices firm a3 fol
io wa:
BULK MEATS Clear sides 16,V17c; dear rib
sides 16MIXc; shoulders 13c, all packed.
For smaller packages than cask.", a proportionate
advance will bo charged.
LARD Hart & Hensley's pastry, In tierces,
18Vc;eanal9ai9Jfo: caddiea 19!c
DRIED BEEF Hart & nensleys choice sugar
enred 18X19c
limit iwinin tne past two days upwards ot
1,800 head have been slaughtered, and the pork
pacaing uusioess is progressing nneiy.
Nashville Produce market.
PEANUTS Sales to-day of 150 bushels white at
$1.35 Til bushel.
DRIED FRUIT The receipts of apples to-day
amounted to 12,000 bushels, which changed hands
HAY Demand good, and sales at $2.3 y ton, de
livered in depot.
BUTTER Receipts liberal to-day, and large Rales
from wagons at 30c a.
EGOS Market stltf at 33c dozen.
. BEESWAX We heard of sales at 34c
IRISH POTATOES Northern ere quoted at 2. CO
V bbL -
GREEN APPLES Tennessee $2.60 S bbl; North
ern $4 V bbL
COTTON SEED Receipts liberal, and sales at
20c y bushel of 83) pounds.
GINSENG We quote nominally at 70c
SIIIPSTUFF We quote at $24 per ton.
BRAN We quota at $24 ton.
MIDDLINGS We quote at $40 V ton.
RAGS Command 4Xc
WOOL We quota burry at 15a20c ; unwished
without burs 252Cc; washed without burs 359
Navliviilc Flour and Grain market.
FLOUR Market moderately active, and sales at
$4.75(37.60 lor supers to fancy.
CORN MEAL Shipments to-day of 300 bushels
at $1 y busheL
CORN Shipments of 600 bushels new at $1(31.05.
y bushel, sacked and delivered in depot.
WHEAT No transaction to-day.
OATS We report sales at 70c, sacked and de
livered In depot.
BARLEY But little coming in. We quote at $1
EYE Commands $11.10, looso from wagon.
Nashville Grocery Market.
SUGAR New Orleans 14315Xc: Demarar
ISQISJ.'c; standard hards 17c; A Co Ilea 10c;
B do. 15'c; 0 do. 15;c
COFFEE Rio, common to choice, 13325c;
Lagnyra 25?25Xc ; Java 3St34c
MOLASSES AND SIBUPS-Sirnp 50c 0$1 ; gold
en sirup $1 ; New Orleans 80 85c
SALT Liverpool sack $3.50 ; seven bushel barrels
by the car load, $3.67; five and a half do. $3.
RICE We quote best Carolina 9,J10c
TEAS Imperial $L40$2; Young Hyson $2.25;
Black $1C1.50; Gunpowder $1.65a$i
ORANGES We quote new Louisiana at $3(310
barrel, according to quality.
FISH Mackerel, Noa. 1, 2 and 3, per barrel. $21,
$16.50 and $13.50; in kits, Nos. 1, 2 and 3, $2.75;
$2.25 and $2.
CHEESE We quote factory at 320c: Eng
lish dairy 20c.
NAILS Wo quote at $l.75$5 for 10'd., and 25c
additional for diminishing grades.
CANDLES Star, light weight, 16.VC
POWDER Dupont $6.75; Hazard's $8.75; blast
lug $1.75; fuse, per 100 feet, 75c.
SHOT Patent $3 ; buck $3.25.
IJQUORS Conunon rectified whisky, per gallon,
$1.17; Robertson County $1.75t32.75; Bonrbon
$1.25(5.50; IJucolu County $L7532.25; High
wines $1.07.
BALE ROPE Mo. 1010,Vc ; Oroon Leaf 103
10, ; Iron Ties 9c.
BAGGING Ky. Fy. 23c; J. IL flat 30c
SUNDRIES Blacking, y doz., 40375c Wash
boards $2.75 y doz.; Buckets, y dor., $!753$3.
Tubs $4.75a$5 y nest. Starch 7c Candy 22c
for assorted per pound. Snuff $7.75 per box for
Garrett's lacked. Matches $8.50 per case Pepper
37c. Splco 32c. Ginger 25c Oysters $3.75 per
cose for one pound cans; $5.75 per case for two
pound cans. Canned peaches two ponud cans,
St. i". (tr doz. Soda'fsSc
Gold was rather firmer in New York yesterday,
and with but little variation. It opened at 122,
and closed at 1221$. Dealers here were paying
121)4 and holding at 123, with very little doing.
Exchange on New York is taken by the banks at
),c discount and sold by them at par.
Government securities were quoted in New York
yesterday aa follows:
United States sir per cents of 1881 ...115V
Five-twenty bonds of 1S62 112
Five-twenty bonds of 1864 110)$'
Five-twenty bonds of 1865 Ill
Five-twenties, new issue, 1865 113'.
Five-twenties, new issue, 1867 113',
Five-twenties, new issne, 1863 113
Ten-Forties 106
Currency Sixes. 107
London advices of yesterday quote United States
6-20S oriscaat 47i ; iscss, old, at 83 ; ; 1867s at ss.
and 10-403 at 80.
Tennessee bonds are quoted in New York at
63V for the old, and 49 for the new.
The following are the quotations of the New
York stock market : New York Central and Hudson
codsolidatcd 83?.' ; Script 77'f ; Erie 271,' ; Reading
93 'i ; Southern B5)f ; Cleveland and Pittsburg SOU ;
Rock Island 106); Northestern Common 73J;
Preferred 88; Fort Wayne 86 Western Union
Telegraph 35.
Southern lioiids in Ticvr Vork.
The sales of Southern bonds at the New
York Stock Exchange on the 29th nit. were as fol
$10,000 Tennessee six per cents, ex. coupons ... 55 V
l.ouo Tennessee six per cents, ex. coupons. . .r5
30,000 Tennessee six per cents, new 50
4,000 Tennessee six per cents, new.
25,000 Tennessee six per cents, new 50)4"
l,o00 North Carolina six per cents, . 11
15,000 North Carolina six per cents, new. .. 30
10,000 North Carolina six per cents, new 31
3,000 North Carolina six per cents, new, sp tx 31
5,000 North Carolina six per cents, new, sp tx 30!
60,000 North Carolina six per cents, new, spt'x30
20,000 North Carolina six per cents, new, sp. tx 29
10,000 Missouri six per cents 7 91
1,000 South Carolina, six per cents, new. . . .675
$2,000 Tennessee six per cents, ex. coupoM. . .53)4
10,000 Tennessee six per cents, ex. coupons be SIX
1,000 Tennessee six per cents, new 5o;
10,i) Tennessee six per cents, new ."UJ,
17,000 North Carolina six per cents, new 30
27,11110 North Carnliuasix per cents, new, sp tx29)$
65,000 North Carolina six per cents, new, spt'x29
15,000 Jlissonri six ikt cents til
25,000 Louisiana six per cents, levi-e lmdi .5HV
li.iHIO Alabama eight per cent. Immls "M
Chicago Itrenitstulf niarlicl.
The Chicago Time, in reviewing tho lireadatiifl
trade of the last week lu that cily, discovers that It
liartook largely of a speculative character, the re
ceipts and shipments being much less than tlie re
ported transactions would Indicate. 'J'ne tnllonuiK
In the "lilies' comparative statement:
As compared with the week clewing Nov. 20, the
returns for the present one show an Increase of 1,
795 bbls in the receipts of flour, and a decrease of
13,023 bbls in the shipments ; a decrease of 98,610
bus In the receipts of wheat, and a decrease of 73,
858 bus In the shipments ; an increase of 36,103 bns
in the receipts of corn, and a decrearo of 173,150
bus In the shipments; a decrease of 16,173 bns lu
the receipts of oats, and a decrease of 178,058 bus
In the shipments; an increase of 12,231 bus In the
receipts of rye, and an increaso of 20,681 bus lu
Ihe shipments ; a decrease or 49,845 bus lu the re
ceipts of barley, and a d. crease of 11,121 bus in tlie
United states HoikIi in I'.iirope. j
Tlie London Time' (city article) of Nov. 17 sayi: !
According to recent statistics tlie United States
still continue by the remittance ol li:nls to pay for
an excess of importations from Europo at tho rale
of manv millions sterlimriier annum. The princi
pal financial writers of New York and Philadelphia
Irom time to time urge their reader to cniwider
how long this is to go on.
To merchants and capitalist on thu side the
question in rqualty mmtuittau. A transference of
several millions sterling of bonds Irom American to
European holders amounU simply to the fart that
for every future year the United States govern
ment must remit to Europe a proportionate sum in
Ihe chape of interest, which, If tho bonda had not
been sold, would have been payable to parties at
homo. Hence, although the national debt may be
stationary as regards its nominal amount, or may
even be steadily reduced, Its burden as a drain
npon the internal resources of the country munt
rapidly increase. Such increase, however, will of
course not be felt so long as the sale of bond con
tinues to be kept up in a more than proportionate
degree. But it does not follow that a eale of na
tional obligations to foreigners, and the conse
quent creation of an annual liability to remit an
amount of interest to them, must necessarily be
disadvantageous. The bonds sent to Europe are
sold, not given, to the takers, and the point is, do
tho Americans get a commodity in return that may
be equal in annual productive power to the amount
of interest they have agreed to pay In consideration
for it? If such be the case there is no injury- to
either party. Supposing they elected to receive
gold, and were to lock It up, there would be then a
dead annual loss of the interest they were
paying; or, supposing that instead they
were to receive consignments of silks, wines
or other perishable or consumable articles
of luxury, they would then be worse off, since they
would have through all time the dead weight of
annual interest in place of having gold or Its
equivalent in store, by parting with which
they might at any given period extinguish the
liability. On the other hand, if the money re
ceived from Europe for the bonds were expended
in improvements in land, in the construction of
'profitable railways or other public works, or In the
importation of labor, the result from augmented
production mlg.it not merely compensate for the
payments to be made, but yield a constantly in
creasing surplus. It is for those who are interest
ed, either as investors or otherwise, to form their
own opinion as to the degree in which theso sever
al modes prevail. At the same time it is always
necessary to recollect that people who are liable
for a debt are apt to complain of its burden while
they entirely forget the benefits it may have
brought to them, and that an annual heavy pay
, fl.,..n.m h.a a much more danfferous
element of unpopularity than would exist in the j
case of a liability held exclusively ai nome.
TrrCESDAV, Dec 2, 1K3.
Nashville Cotton market.
COTTON The market opened Ann this morning
at 23c for the best grades, but upon the receipt of
dispatches from New York announcing a decline,
there was a corresponding "letting down" here, and
the market closed weak aa f oUows :
Ordinary I.. ..22
Good ordinary 22
Low middling., ,22X
Below we give a summary of the transactions of
the day:
Receipts ,.329
Sales 219
Shipment 2C9
montgomcry, Ala., Nov. 30.
Montgomery cotton market very dull, and hold
ers anxious to sell; low middling 22c
Selma, Ala., Xov. 20.
Market opened firm at 22J;b, but closed dull and
lower ; sales 60 bales; middlings 22)4c; low mid
dlings 22S22J4'c; good ordinary 21 c
Columbus. Gu.. Nov. 30.
The market opened at 22c for middlings, but
under the influences of favorable advices rose to
22Xc, at which figures it closed- Sales 581 bales;
receipts 735 bales ; shipments 223 bales.
Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 30.
The market dull and nominal at 22c for mid
dlings; low middlings 21e; good ordinary 19c;
receipts to-day SO bales.
Macon, Git., Nov. 30.
Cotton Receipt to-day 695 bales ; sales C01 bales :
shipped 368 bales. The market was rather more
active lo-uay man on any uay lor tne last fortnight.
The demand was good, and under the favorable re
ports from the Liverpool and New York markets
prices advanced ,c. The market closed steady
this evening at 221(22,Vc thu bett bringing the
inner ngures.
Mobile, Ala., Nov. 30.
Cotton Sales 900 bales; receipts 2,590 bales: ex
ports 4,362 bales ; demand fair ; market closed quiet ;
niHiunngs 23xc
Savannah, Ga., Nov. 30.
Cotton Receipts 2,857 bales; exports 1,375
bales; market qniet; sales 750 bales; middlings
Augusta, Ga., Nov. 30.
Cotton sales 616 bales; receipts 1,016 bales;
market firmer and more active; middlings 23 Vc;
offerings light.
Charleston, S. C,Nov. 30.
Cotton receipts 1,233 bales; sales 600 bales;
exports to Great Britain 2,036 bales, coastwise 1,081
bales; demand good but market easier; middlings
Memphis, Nov. 30.
The cotton market has been unsettled since our
last weekly review, and sales have averaged here
about 1,200 bales per day at prices ranging from
23i(13,c for middlings, closing firm on Satur
day evening at our outside figures. To-day the
market opened firm, but the decline in New York,
caused no doubt by the gold mo.'ement, made buy
ers rather scary, and though the day's sales ran up
to 1,400 bales, prices closed weik with a down
ward tendency. Among the sales reported were
the following: 11 bales ordinary 22,Vc ; 24 do good
ordinary 22 yA a ; 27, 12 do 23c ; 30 do 23 )fc ; 40, 12 do
Inwmiddluigs23.',c;140,34,34 do 23!c; 15, 100,
60do23,;c;15, 22, 202 do middlings 23Xc: 13, 10
middlings 23"Xc; 60, 3 middlings 23.S'c; 120 strict
middllngs23)ic; 26, 15, 14 do 21c.
Cincinnati, Nov. 30.
Cotton The demand is light, and the market is
heavy, with free offering. We quote mlddllug at
2314c ; low middling at 23c; good ordinary at 22!fc,
aud ordinary at 22c V lb.
.11 AUK I ITS ItV Ti:iii::itAIII.
I'oreipt Markets.
London, Dec. 2. Eve The bullion in the Bank
ol EiiKlaud lias decreased 800 on the week. C'on-
si-Im for money 92V. On account 92J. American
ftiviiritie firm; 6-20 bonds of 1862 84j; do. 1 '."
old. 83 . ; do. 1867 85,i; 10-403 80.
FiMNkronT, Dec. 2. U. 8 bonds finn at 901-..
l'.iniR, De. . i Bullion in tlm Bank of Fram e has
decreased l.am.nno francs. Bourse firm at 7 .'I
LtvEr.root,, Dei. 2. Cotton firm; uplands 12', d;
Orleans lJ'.d. Kalesof 15,000 lialos, iuclndiug 5.000
lor speculation aud export. California white wheat
94 9d; red western No. 2 8 6d(38sCd; winter 9h
km. iwtiern m.nr i.:orn,?io. 3 mixed 29s90.
(Ut8 3s. Peas 29.
Haver, Dec. 2. Cotton quiet. ISol on spot.
New Vork Money Market.
New York, Dec. 2: Money was in pressing de
mand until alter 2 o'clock and t-tringent. Kates
for call loans 7 percent in currency to com in
terest on government ltonds aud Blocks, with some
exceptional loans, at 1-10 to ' per cent. The. de
mand was generally supplied !-lore 2)Otand alter
that time money was odcredqnite Ireelyat 6td7
per cent. Discounts very dull at UH315. Sterling
null at I un V4 liv. uoiii quieter; opened at 122,
adiaueeil to 122 aud Closed dull at 122-.. Clear
ances $25,000,0(10. Carrying rates S per cent, in
currency to " per cent, in gold and 9 per cent lu
currency, and 1-321-16 commission. Govern
ments dulL Old bonds firm under the purchases
of foreign bankers. New bonds comparatively
weak, owing to continued sales by out-of-town in
vestors. The 8nb-treaiury bought $1,000,000 at 110,
12-100 and 34-100. State bonds unsettled. New
Tennessee lower; old Tennessees 53f; new 47.
Sew York Dry Goods Market.
New Yore, Dec 2. Dry goods panicky. Lancas
ter, Oriental, Richmond and other prints reduced
toUXc; Wamautta 8rtl8j;c Heavy brown sheet
ings held at 15c for all good brands. Augusta and
Southern make 14c
New York General Markets.
New York, Dec. 2. Cotton dull and ,l,c lower.
Sales of 1,600 bales uplands at 25)fc. Flour $4.75
05.10. Whisky $1.04. Wheat $1.35 1.3 i Corn
ri.HQl.13. Rice quiet Cofleo steady. Sugar
quiet ; Cuba 10llc Molaasea90c
llaltiuioro Markets.
Baltimore, Dec 2. Flour dull and unclianged.
Wheat dull aud weak ; prime to choice red $1.35
1.38. Corn lower; prime to choico white 9092c;
yellow 90c Oats dull at 66i357c Rye $11.05.
Provisions slightly Improved In demand. Mess
pork $33. Bacon, rib Bides 18)Xl9c; clear sides
1919)e; shoulders 15ft5V- Hams 21c
Lard 19c Whisky dull at $1.05.
New Orleans markets.
New Orleans. Dec 2. Cotton closed fair at
2442i)jC Sales of 4,500 bales. Receipts 3,771
bales. Sugar in good demand and firm ; prime 12
12),c Molasses, prime 64366c. New York sight
exchange, par.
St. Louis markets.
St. Louts, Dec 2. Flour, superfine $3.75ai.
Wheat, no demand. Com ranges at 72c to $L Oats
6052c Rye 85c Whisky $L Sugar ll13Xc
Molasses 7580c Pork $29.7530. Bulk shoul
ders 12312),'c; sides 10316XC Lard 17X13)fc
Chicago markets.
Chicago, Dec 2. Flour, $3.37X5.50. Wheat
91c Corn 80c. Oats 41a42c Jtye 7Cc Barley
85c. Highwines 95(a97c. Cuba sugar 13)&Wie.
Pork $30.50. Lard 18c Bulk sides 15c; shoul
ders 11 c
Cincinnati markets.
Cincinnati, Dec 2. Flour and grain unchanged.
Cotton quiet at 233 24c Whisky 93c Buik shoul
held at 12Xc; sides 1616)c Bacon shoulders
15c ; Bides 18I8Xc Lard 17X18J:c; eoId at Jfe
lower. Hams 2I22c Groceries unchanged.
Louisville Markets.
Louisville, Dec 2. Cotton 24c Family flour
$5.25. Corn 85cOats 60c Sales of 60 hhds to
bacco; lugs $9; manufacturing leaf $24.50. Pork
$31.50. Bacon 16,V19Xc Bulk meats
lejf, and 16c Lard 18c Whisky $1. Pro
visions unchanged.
Memphis markets.
Memphis, Dec 2. Cotton easier, and nominally
23 Vc Receipts 923 bales. Exports 450 bales.
Flour quiet and unchanged. Corn 929Sc Oats
5S60c Hay $27. Bran $22.60(323. Pork $32
Lard 18V19Vc Bacon steady; shoulders 17c;
ddef 21c Bulk shoulders 13,Vc; sides I7Xc
ErirflaHoycl, CindnnatL
Talisman, Cairo, 4 v., m.
Tmrrm Floyd, CincinEati, 4 F. m.
The river at this point was rising last
evening, with, five feet large at Harpetli
Shoals. Weather clear and cold.
The 'Pmmn Floyd arrived last night
from Cincinnati, and Capts. Chenowith
and Wise reported immediately aftenvarda
at these headquartera.
Johnny Harper arrived in tho city last
evening by the Louisville train, and will
take bit place to-day aa clerk cf the Talis
man. Among the distinguished river notables
in the city wo notice W. B. Graceyand Bill
Baker, both of whom belong, to the' staff of
'the Alpha.
The charter of the John Lmnsden in tie
vansville and Cairo trade' has expired, and
that craft will proceed, to this point to take
her place in the packet .trade-between, here
and Cairo, leaving next Wednesday.
The fino display of meat at the store, of
Harrison & Son last evening is evidence
sufficient that Tip Jenkins is determined to
keep tho boats supplied during the season
with something extra. Ex-whar&aaster.
Tucker is Tip a chief of staff.
The fine passenger steamer Talisman is
the regular packet for Cairo at 4 r. sr. to
day, giving through tickets to St. Louis,
Memphis and New Orleans. The veteran
and experienced Capt. Strong commands,
with Johnny Ilarpor in the olBce.
The Emma Floyd returns to Cincinnati
to-day at 4 p. ir. She is commanded by
Capt. J. M. Chenoweth, and Capt. IU W.
Wise is at the head of the financial depart
Tho Dubuque Times of Saturday says:
"Although the whistle of some adventurous
steamer is now occasionally heard resound
ing over our blufls, yet navigation on the
upper river has practically closed for the
year 18C9. Lake Pepin has closed np for
.t i . l . .
iuu wiuier, iuiu uiih, oi course, puis a stop
1l I li rstrt il, K., ,.. '
,v uu ...i-Ji.i. 1UUVVU1U1U).
The Cincinnati Ecening Chronicle ot ihe
.TOth ult., says the R. C. Grey is loading
for Nashville and all points on the Cum
berland river. She has had a full length
hurricane roof put on, and offers superior
accommodations for furniture, having wide
and roomy upper guards, all under cover
and protected from the weather. She has
entered the trado to stay in it, and asks a
share of the patronage. Her officers are
well-known as reliable and courteous gen
tlemen, and will soon be very popular in
the trade, dpt. I. N. Whittaker has com
mand. The Cairo Eiening Bulletin of the 20th
ult, says: "A report is in circulation at
various cities, that there is no coal at Cairo
for steamboats, and steamers have been
much inconvenienced by tilling out with
coal at places above and below, under the
impression that they could not supply
themselves here. This is a great mistake.
We havo at all times plenty of coal, from
tho Ohio river and also from tho Illinois
mines, and it is scarcely within the bounds
of possibility for Cairo to get out of coal.
Pittsburg coal sometimes becomes scarco
hero, as it does at Louisville and Cincin
nati, but tho Ohio river and Illinois coal
can always bo obtained here."
The Evan8vil!e Journal of Monday says:
Tho Lconidas achieved a great triumph
on her last trip down going out of the
river with COO tuns of freight on 31 inches
of water. Tho oldest stcamboatmen at
Cincinnati and Lonisvillo, and some fow
here, offered to Lot that she would not got
out of tins river. But Dan. Weaver, our
own pilot, was at tho wheel, with Frank
O. Carroll as bin partner, and they took
her through with scarco an hour's
detention. At Memphis she was pre
sented with the most beautiful
and remarkable pair of buck-horns we ever
saw. They are at least a foot long, not
over half an inch in diameter, and each
antler has a single prong at the same dis
tance from tho tips. Old hunters say they
never saw the like. Attached to them is
a card bearing the following inscription :
"Steamer Leonldas,
Six hundred tuns
On thirty-four inches water.
Beat this and take the horns,"
By Telegraph.
PrrrsBtnto, Dec. 2. Biver rising with
seventeen feet in the channel. Two coal
tows departed.
Louisville, Dec. 2. River rising with
eight feet in the canaL
Catbo, Dec. 2. Tho Nashville packet
uurKsvuie arrived at 11 o clock last night
St. Loots, Dec. 2. River dedining.
CAPITAI, $200,000
tion Risks taken at equitable rates.
Second National Bank Building, College street
W Looses fairly adjue and promptly paid.
IL 8. FRENCH. Vice President.
JOSEPH NASH . . Secretary.
Jan27 tf
For Evansville, Louisville ana Cin
CHESownn. aiastrr. K. w. wise.
Clerk, mil leave aa above ou FRIDAY, the 3d
inst., at 4 o'clock p. jr.
WM. BOYD, V Agents.
dec3-lt HARBISON k SON,)
For Cairo, SI. Louis, Memphis and
Sew Orleans. -
Packet TALI N M A N, Wm. lJkJ&
Sirono, Master, Jonssr Hahfeb, SJBi
Clerk, wilt leave as above on FRIDAY, the 3d lust.,
at 4 o clock r. M.
For f relRht nr pajc apply on board, or to
WM. BOYD, Agent,
Nm. 41 and 42 Front street.
dec- 2t HARRISON A: SOS.
This splendid Hair Dye is the best in tho world ;
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous; no disappointment; no ridiculous
tints; remedies the ill effects of bad Dyes; invigo
rates and leaves the hair soft and beautiful, black
or buown. Bold by all Druggists and Per tamers;
and properly applied at Batclidor's Wig Factory,
No. IB Bond street. New York. my23.1y
the iii:ai.i.c imioi..
Essays for Young Men, who have fallen Into
villous habits, and now deiire a higher life, and a
lH-tter MANHOOD, rvith certain moans of relief for
the afflicted. Sent tn sealed letter envelopes, free
of charge. Address Howard Association, Box
r., Philadelphia, PX seplS-dAwCm
Robert Thompson & Co.
Importer?, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Liquors, Fruits, Ciffar & Tobaccos.
Ales, l'orters, etc.
Proprietors of the City Steam Cracker
Bakery and Candy Works,
California Wines and Brandies : also a variety
of Imported Champagne, Wines and Liquors, which
we are offering at low OOLD PRICES.
A full assortment of Christmas Good! on hand
and for sale low by
decl-3m No. 3s South Market street.
Fino "Watches, Diamond and
Funibnable Jewelry,
Silver-Plated Ware, Clooka
and Fancy Goods,
Corner College St. and Fnblle Bquar
piste itock of Goods ever brourbt to thu
Xpalrel, Satisfaction rnarantet la
every caie.
Sola Agents for the QenuLna Dtfrfogu
It is the Oldest Housa of the
kind in Tennessee, having been
established in 1889,
rstm at the old tanJ, " Calboan'
Cermer," Public Square.
Janli tf p
Gained Another Victory!
East, ia again in the field with the
largest stock of
lea's, Boys' & Yontls' Clotiiiii
in the market, which haa beenc selected
with the greatest care, and made cp ia
the most fashionable manner and of the
best material. Among his stock may be
G-ents' Melton Cheviot
and Beaver Suit.
Gents' Chesterfield Coats
G-ents' 'Dress and -Frock
Gents' Fine Overcoats
Beaver and Chinchilla.
Gents' Doeskin and Fancy
Cassimere Pants.
Gents' Silk, Satin, Velvet
Cloth and Beaver Vests.
Gents' Velveteen Hunt
ing Suits.
Boys' and Youths' Cloth-
ingof every description.
Gents' All-wool Shawls.
Together with a complete assortment of
Goats' Fnrnlshinfc Good, etc
Having purchased my goods for cash,
I am enabled to sell gooda 10 to 15 per
cent, cheaper than any other house in the
city, and to convince yourself of the fast,
give old MIKE a call, and yon will go
away satisfied.
J. W. EVANS is still on hand at the
Old Stand, corner Market street and the
Square, and will be pleased to see all his
old friends, and new ones, who may favor
him with a call
octS 4m Ithp
IVo, 41 Union teitveet,
Fine Blafk and F.mcj-pe!ra.I Krei datj
Fins Black Doaikio Cajaiciar PoU.
Black and IFancy-colora.1 ;VlTt. rtlki Cl
and Caihmora Vtt.
' -t
t 'all dweriptiocj. in ba, fram thr to
tweatr Tears old.
mid to order, anil "a laxga itock alrfaju es
band, Trhloh I will t narante-a to ba the
BEST and CHEAPEST In the (jtr.
with, a good auortmtntcf
, ,fl0SB.
Alao a Licrge fetochr,of Flue
English French Cloths
OaEaimerea and Veatinga,
Harinr mploTed Mr. D. J. SCMAfc
Cotter, I will iuaraatee all goods to fitperfect-
ly tatlilactory.

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