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. . . , -W ... i t sj inn' ii".' i P wMmwJffi"1'.
Nashville; tenRv
n ii nnin rPTUfX? HlAUIVT?
r GOTNO SOUTH Nashvflle and Decatur, trains
ne station on South Cherry street at 5 A. M. sand
7.30 p. k. No train noay morning.
Accommodation a 330 r. v., (goes to Columbia).
rralu arrive at 4 u. and 7:00 r. - Accom-
modatioa t IB A. K. ... .
Louisville and Nashville l,r?
Leave Nashville 5:" " V23 J M
arrive at NashvlUe . . .a J.
Arrive at Louisville. 1:35 r. it and lOSW r. s-
Arrive at Indlaaapom 7:25 r. K. and 8:11 A. K.
Arrlvo at 8L Louis via In-
djjipolls 8flSA.ti.aud 4:00 r.u.
alveatStLoulavtaBey- . : ,
our 8:40 A. at and 130P.K.
Coach on freight train leaves Nashville at 3:00 r.
w.andarrtToiataalliUn at,5; p. K. every Jay
The 2:) P. i. train docs not leave Nashville on
KixsUtIUo and Cnnttaaooga It, U.jj
i v.iiriii 9:30 a. M. and 6:15 r, M.
AtrtTe at Nashville 8 SO a. V. and lrsriT. jcj
the 9:30 A. if. train from NaahvWe aoean,Tu
Ki.'ihviiin Accommodntloll Tralifi
Arrive at Nashville 10:15 u
Ux KashvUle ' '
Uve Nashville : a. m. and 9:00 r. ii
tertve at Nashville Jf-ftV,
Sleeping cart run through to Memphis on tatf
XaihvOle. 5:00 ttti
Arrives at NaimvuTe. .. - -8:30 aVu.
Rrir-cfiold Olid ItClltUCltT It. II.
Arrive at Nashville . 9Wt
Leave Nashville a:t3
- - ..n' i'
To School ICommissionors,
Trnstees, otc
Wo Iiato compiled a.11 ttio lnv
now in force, defining tlic duticn of
ScliooIComnilsmloncru, County; Court
Clerks. Xruhtocs nnilt'oiirmin rein.
tlmi la Common Sclioolw lit Tolincs-
compilation will lo n, conVc'
nlciitaiid complete rrfcrcnro forn.Il
tlioko enirufctcd In any wny Willi tlio
ndmlnlstratlon of tho hchool Inus
of tho State.
Twenty-five Cents per Single Copy
Fiiloen Dollars per Hundred
Orders nro solicited from counties
lor tho Kiipply of Coiuinihsloncrs,
Clerks, etc., which will bo promptly
filled, liy ICrprcws or other mode of
conveyance directed. Address,
Nashville, Xcmi.
To AhitirnutH and their FricniU.
Wo find that opening onr columns to all
aspirants for office, and their friends, who
'i , .l ' l , .l ,
wisn to imng uieir claims ueiuro mo pno
lie. will bo bo bnrdensoino n tax and eon
Btuno fo much ol our upace, that wo are
oompollod to charge for all such matter.
The price for all cardi and communications
in relation to actnal or prospective candi
dacies will bo thirty cenbi per lino in our
respective papers from this date.
J. O. GcuTixn fc Co.,
Union and American,
lionmrra & Pun vis,
Bopublican Banner.
Tho Slate Laws.
Wo have on sale a few copies of tho
Lawn of TonnoKKoo enacted by tho Legisla
ture ol 1 8GJ -70. Ketail price .C0 par
copy. A liberal discount will be inado to
tho Trade. Address
Union & Amebioan,
tf Nashville, Term.
Old papors, for wrapping, in quantities to
mnt, con lo had at this ollice, u
Xcw AdverllsaMieiits.
Morton B. Howoll, Clerk and Master of
tho Davidson County Chancory Court,
xnokos an important annunnoouiuut to the
creditors or the i'lanters U.inK.
Eight hundred acres of Obed liivor bot
tom lands in Overton county, aro to bo
sold on tho 2L'd inst., by decreo of the
Chancery Conrt of Livingston.
Several splendid Steinway pianos havo
jnst been received at McClure'cTetnplo of
Jluic, Union stroet.
Grand Siro E. D. Farnsworth and P. G.
Rep. Thos. T. Smiley will address tho
members of Smiley Lodge No. 70, L O. O.
P., at tho Central B.iptist Chnrch next
Tuesday niRlit.
An extensive sale of South Nashville lots
is to bo made on the 0th inst, by Chancery
The Nashvillo llollor Skating Association
nro Increasing tho alterations at tho Kink.
Mr. Eogcno St. Clair, distinguished by his
skill aso skitist, nppoara this week.
Yoatman, Shields &, Co. sell dry goods
next Tuesday morning.
Mishler's Herb Bitters nro good to cure
norvous disorders.
Lillard's Flucadc, sold by all druggists,
is Ruro death to flics.
The Ilibornian Socioty are actively
preparing for tho grand picnic on Monday,
June 13. The various committees having
tho affair will meet at their Hall at 2 r. m.
Thoso wishing to invost in dirt will
attend tho salo of tho Lewis lands on Tues
day. To-morrow tho Arraad.1 and TaliMnan go
down tho tide; on Wedaesday, tho Emma
Ployd sails for Porkopolis.
Thoso that can npprociato n good thing
should read tho city notices of Sandy
E. & J. Northman sull cheap for tho
coming thirty diys.
Edgefielders can keep cool, thanks to A.
Draft horses wanted on Broad street.
Go to McKoin & Oo.'s, No. M Collogo
Magic Arnica Liniment good for a 1
animals, bipod or quadruped.
Fob a lino business or dross snit, go to
John Vogol's, 80 North Cherry streot.
I)o you want an clcraut villa resi
dence 1 Attend the Mile of Lewis
landi on Tuesday, the 1 Ith Inst.
.Nkntlii-r ltlnU.
This institution was crowded with ska
ters and spectators last night, including n
largo number of ladies, and to all nppear
nnco, tho sport is vorr enjoyable. Wo
notico that many of tho nowbejinnors aro
making rapid progross, nnd in a very t.hoit
time will bo proficient in tho art. On
the floor last ovoniug wero tho Misses C,
Misses IL, Miss C, Miss F., and others,
who ato graceful skaters and promise sit
an early dny to bo an fail iu tho now
nmusoment. Last night Mr. Barwise,
proprietor of tho Plimpton Boiler Skatef,
delighted tho assenJiUge with his loautifiil
evolutions and dispirit of rinks skiting
Ho goes over tho tloor with as much ease
.ns the most expert skater would on ia.
TThe skating rink is tho auimomsnt of tho
period, and it will continue to gruw in
popular favor.
The Lewis lands are well adapted
to the growth nf grasses nnd line
sites for viucynrdM will le Hold on
tho 14th inst.
tiii: iii:ily cur.
An Intoxicated .11 mi Commits Sui
cide liy Shooting; Ilimseir 'I'lirongli
-tho Head.
The deal Ixxly of Michael Dyer, who
resided nnd kept a saloon on South Mar
ket street, -was yesterday found in Jiis
house, which had been dusod up for the
two preceding day?, his family bring ab
sent from home. As soon a tin- dis
covery was made, iufonuatiou was sent
lo Coroner Brieii, who visited the fatal
.ceiie, and proceeded to hold an inquest.
The testimony aud circumstances of tho
nffair brought to the attention of tlie'jiiry
of inquest, made It apparent that the de
scaled had committed suicide and their
verdict so reports. On the tloor, near
the body of Mr. Dyer was found his
pistol with one chamber discharged, the
ball from which had penetrated his brain
from the left temple, and passed entirely
through tlic head. The deecaed hadlieeu
in an intoxicated condition for fcveral
days past, nnil it is presumed Una in a lit
or desperation, cither Friday night or
early yesterday nioniin', he purposely
oommitted the latal deed.
n n
for Ut'sintcr
in-- M- -
The Convention met tt 10 o'clock, in Uia
PonTcntion-room of tho Conrt Honse, to
complete Ite balloting for candidato Tor.
County icegistcr. js. a. Claims was in uio
chair, and Thomas Callendar and T.
Morris acted as Secretaries. There wpre
124 delegates present. Tho President ira-
narked tilat it una important to have good
delegates to retire beyond the bar.
On motion tha order to dron the hirul-
fnost jcandidato after tho first ballot waojre-.
considered, and it was agreed to drop Ihe
liimlmnqt. c.indidato after the fourth ballot.
The followinR Gentlemen beim? in noiui-
nBtion. theFballotintr wan nroceeded with :
Arthur ai i oigtinm, dosian fanauor, u i-
niflA Jbhn iMcUlellanfl. BU'Uinklov. xl U
3:'so rjjcLluoa.s 11 F Woodward, J-EiMcKay.jEd
Hickman, B S PtiMorson, Jos3e Bledioe
Geo"S Ilobson. t K'. - 1 -- - I
'PliA-fl!l- lmllftf Wo rir llift frtlnrrlnv
piecedingjTimd tha Convention proceeaoi
to the 3ocona oanot as. louows; ' I
Secosd Ballot lulghum, 1); bhafier,
i:,: liidc. 7; McClelland, 17: Utnkley.r.'aj
Lucas, J; McKay, tl9; Hickman, 2; Pat--
Third Baixot Woodward, S3; Polghaiu,
!; Shaffer!' l'AJHfde,; 7;' McClelland,! li5
i:i.i :?'-i. T!i.in ii. irvtin. vt!..l-
i, 2oyp&tterson,' irledsoeiS3.
omrrn J&i&zjoT Fdhham. tt: 8'
llv Tlidn ? MunlpllRnd. n.v BmMev.fL'8:
Lucas, 10: McKav. 1G'. Hickman', 25; pAt-
terson, 20; Woodward.A2i: Bledsoe, V.
fThe name of 'Mr. Bledsoe was w.th-
ilrawn 1 "
Pirrn BAixoT-rFulg'hum, TrShafferJ 11;
Ifiilo. (! Mcfilidland. , Ifit . Blnklev. ! 23:
Lncus. 7: McKav. 21: ' IBckinan, 2(i; t'aU
tcrson: 17: Woodward, 33: scattering, 1
The name of Mr.'Hido was dropped J
Sixth Ballot Fnlghuss, Cj'Shaffer, 15:
McClelland, 1G; Birikloy, 2fi; liucas, . 13:
McKay, 21; Hickman, 2Z; Patterson, 21
Woodward. 2'J. - -
SEvrarm Ballot, Shaffer, 11; McKay,
30: Binklev. .25; McClelland, 17; wood
ward. 33: Hickman. 23; Imcas, 11; Patter
son 21. The' name of Mr. Shaffer waa.
then withdrawn.
Eighth Ballot. McKay, 42; Binkley,
27: McClelland, 14; Woodward, 32:'Hick.
man. 21: LucaOl5; JPatterson, 20: Tho
name of Mr. "Lucas 'was withdrawn.
Ninth Ballot. -McKav.4 C4r. Binkley,
33; Woodward, 40; Hickman,' 2G; Patter
son, VJ. Mr. mcKman witnarew irom mo
contest in favor. 'of Cant. Binkley.
Tenth Ballot MoKiy, 7G; Binkley,
5S: Woodward. 38.
Eleventh Ballot McKay, 7'J, Binkley,
Capt. Binkley was declared elected. Ho
was caUod to tho rostrum and thanked' the
Convention for the honor it had conforred
UDon him.
The following resolution was offered by
M. C. Cotton and adopted :
Besolved. That the thanks of this Con
vention nro hcrebv tendered to E.
Matins, President of this Convention, for
his untiring efforts to preservo order and
decorum during the two trying days of this
Convention, and that wo also tender onr
thanks to Thomas Callender, the efttcient
Secretary, for his untiring labors.
Tho Executors of TInJ. AVm. If.
Lewis arc compelled to close out said
estate, and will positively sell for
whatever they will brin, the lands
advertised for Tuesday, the ll-h
inst. ,
riELifiious ivrrLuciisec.
TheJSiii Tenntstee Baptht, has been
merged in tho Cliristian Herald, Tnscum
bia, Ala., and its editor, Rev. Di M.
Breaker, D. D., has been added to tho
writing staff of that journal. ,
Kev. E. H. Osborne has been appointed
'agent of Ihfl SonUicrn Baptict " Sunday
School Board, for West Tonncssco. J
Fall Branch Chnrch has had twenty-two
accessions, and Cobb's Creek Church, John
son connty thirty-six; tho fruit of recent
H. C Yates was ordained, April id, to
the Eldership of Indian Creek Chnrch,
Washington, county. '
Wo hear that;Hcv. D. E. Bums, ol Mem
phis,ha3 received a call to tho First Baptist
Chnrch, San Francisco, Cal. '
A revival in tho chnrch at Bristol, Ten
nessee, loaves twenty-fivo believers await
ing baptism.
Pastor Noffsinger, of Jonesboro, goes to
Morristown as Pastor; and i? succeeded in
the former.old by Rev. B B Boatwright,
of Marion,"Va.
A protracted mcctinc; has recently closed
at Mooresvillb in the Duck River Motho
dist Circuit, which resnlted in ncventeon
accessions to tho church.
Rov. T. C. Carroll writes from Chatta
nooga that thoy just closed a most inter
esting meeting in this city. We are greatly
indebted to tha Rov. Dr Mayhew, for
efficient aid for oleven days and nights.
He left ns with between forty and fifty
mourners, and up to that timo about twonty
fivo conversions. Wo continued tho meet
ing about twenty days and nights. After
Dr. Mayhow left us, tho Bev. James At
kins camo to onr assistance, and did us
excellent sorviee. The meeting revolted
in forty-three conversions and thirty-six
accessions. I havo no hesitancy in saying
that tho condition ol bonthern Methodism
in Chattanooga is now much better than at
any timo siuco tho late war.
The late Gonoral Conference having con
sohdated the two Boards, Foreign and
Domestic, and adopted a constitution for
the government of onr missionary opera
tions in mturo by ono ISoard, located at
Nashvillo, the new Board convened May
31, 1870. -L'rosent : Uisnop 11: N. Me
Tyeirc. Bev. T. O. Snmmcrsf'D. D , Presi
dent; J. B. McFerrin, Secretary, and tho
Bev. It. A. Young, D. D. M. Hamilton,
John 'Morrow. A. P. McFenia, W. T.
Gate.s, Managers. The Board was .organ
ized and tho Rev. Dr. A. II. Bedford was
elected Treasurer. Arrangements were
made to procure books and papors and ro
porfs from tha officers of .tho lato Boards
of Foreign and Domestic Missions, to that
the wholo woik of future operations may
oe betoro the nowly appointed Hoard.
Bev. Dr. Baird, of Nashville, has con
sonted to deliver the discourso upon the
occasion of tho dedication of Camp Blake
to tho Church and to God. 'lhe cert mo
nies will take place at Lebanon, on Sun
day, Juno 2G, 1870, and will constitute
part of the Commencement Exercise;!. ;
Rev. Dr. T. A'. Moore will preach at the
First Presbytorisu Church, both morning';
and evening. '
Rev. Dr. R. A, Young will fill his pulpif;
- i 1. -. i ,.T.- -- II V ill I l
iii. uiu iiiuivcuurou v.'amt:u ut xi x- Di . uuu
8 P. M.
Rev. Mr. Inman v:ul hold the usual ser-
vices at tho Central Baptist- Church morn
ing and eve ning.
1 ho E-v. Dr. Skinner will proaeh at the
F.-rst Baptist Church this moruiug and this
evening at the usual hours.
Divino sorvieo to-day in tha AiS'.ociit?
Reformed Presbyterian Chnrch corner, of
College and Ash streets, Nashville,- iitj II
A. m. nnd i r. -m., ly Rav. C. B. Btti.
Services at Elm Street Chnrch to-d tf t
10 o'clock", a. m . tiy Rv. Dr. A. L P.
Green, and at R o'clock, i' m by the pastor,
James A. Ormond.
Dr. Greon will adilross tho Snadiy
School School Society of Elm Street Church
this evening at I o'clock. 1
Union M. E. Church, oorncr Summer
street and C.ipitol avenua. Preaching by
tho pastor,. Rsv. F. A. Mason, at 10J--o'cloclr,
a. jt. At 8 o'clock, r. a., the
usual monthly concert by the Sabbath
Freachitig at the Second Presbyterian
Church, North Oollacre street, at 101 an 1
o'clock, by Rov. II. M, Robertson, Colum
bus, Ohio. i .
Dr. J. B Stephens wdl preach at the
primitive Baptist Church to day at 11
o'clock a m avd S o'clock r, m
CnuKCit or tuk Advent. Service? for
'Whitsunday Morniug Rervice at 9 a. m ;
Lilmy and ColebrVdoa at 10 a. m. Eve
ning at 8 r. it Tho Bishop of th diooas
will be preient at all Uio sjrvia .
The Lcivis land, eust of Uroivn's
ervek, coiitaiuiutf IKO acres, adjoiu
Inar 1le cily, divideil into tracts of
from I to l'l Meres, will Io sold to tlie
highest bidder, on 'i'tie-.Uaj', the 1 ttli
In-: ,lj V. V. s. :.ldle .V soiiv
I . xi nil. sr itii.rvxiOA. j; roTECosT.
OM;Wi'-Uurk'wa opdoidtcd Guardian cf
William Bnrk and others. I
Tho call of tha. docket of the Cirquit
Court begins tob-morrowj at No. 301. J
Philin Flashman was vesterdav nonolat-
je il Administrator of E. ,Maiks, deoeasei
,JohnJL Owen.jvas. .appointed Adminis
ator with the will annexed of WilliamfE.
wen, deceased. . ,,, .. ,
Win. Taylbr 'ChiUon was acquitted, yes-
terday, of tho charge, of murdering .Edward
Price: '
Thomas H. Mtdone was appointad Ad
ministrator with fhe will .annexed of Mrs.
Cynthia P. Williams, deceased. -?S
There will wo are assured he no Itauical
candidate in this conntv for either itho
office of .Attorney or. County Begister. .
A great many harvesting 'impldmdnts
were purchawd in tho city yesterdiyby
onr famiing friends, wliosg broa'd' acreslaro
ripening for tho slcklo.
We understand that, a pfeniebf the "feehn-
ino, oid-iosnionou style, to take, place ht
jxiue.pou up me Hverjjaiauiea.oiior.iuo
ensuing llh of Julyj - i
Specimens ot wheat Irom th8 fanu: of
M N Brown, were left at this office yes
doy' Fuller or better heads were never
seen in this market.
There' were'lartje numbers -of onriconn
try menus in uo cuy yestoruay, ana uusi
neus was quite lively 'on tho Publio Square
pna on tno tnorougniares.
Samples Of new white -wheat' were nporf
,tua market yesterday; and the ..highest
offer we "heard made was S per bushel
for delivery within the next lewxlays.
The "picnics' wero well attended y ester
day, and they' all passed off most delight;"
inuy, uio young ioiks anu.mo oia loins too
enjoying the occasion td tho fullest.
.The commencement exorcises of thelFo
male College at Franklin will be hsldj on
Tuesday next Rev. Dr. R. A. Young, of
u tt.' i . m i. :,, i.it . , .
buu iu.u-Lt;iiuieu uuiucu. will ueaver.mo
The body of tho unfortunate man Rust
sell, "who iwas drowned on Friday, lias no
boon discovered, though efforts to "recover
tho same wero continued with grappling
nooKs tnrongnoat tne day yesterday-
It is suggested that Saturday is anun
favorable day for picnio parties, for the
reason that it rains on that day .with almost
u waning certainty, lor the past year
heavy rains havo fallen every Saturday
The House of 'Representatives yostorday
reiusou to tao up tne resolution to send a
committee to the Immigration Convention
at Louisvillo to-morrow. A committee of
citizens will attend as. tho representatives
oi tno tnenas ot immigration at this point.
The telegraph announces the supersession
ot ur. . w. bparhng as Internal Revenue
Assessor uy ur. u. 15. ciitlo, thongh wo
learn that Dr. S. will continue in the dis
charge "of the duties of the office until the
close of tho present fiscal year, whicltwill
be on the 30th of the -present month.
Postmaster Enoe .Hopkins left for Wash
ington City on .inday evenim?. Ho will
bo absent for some time, and among other
matters ho will urge upon tho Department
the importance of continuance of tho mails
on tho Tennessee river and making a first
t i - . r l 1 '
eio iuuui wim lucrei-icu lacuuics.
The ladies of St. Anne's Church, Edgo-
neia are maiang preparations lor a straw
berry festival at McClaro s Hall, Wood
land street, on Tuesday evening next;
band has been engaged, and a festive oc
casion may be expected. Tha. admission
tickets aro put down at the low price of
25 cents.
There 3.an old brick building on Front
street, near the Rock:. City inn: that
in a dilapidated condition. The walls' aro
tumbling in, and appear to bo ready to
fall cashing into the street at almost any
time. They are evidently dangerous, and
demand investigation.
'Abe test ot capacity made by tho new
flro extingoisher, on the Square, yesterday
aftomoon, was entirely successful, and
.witnessed by.n large crowd. of citizens.
'big pile of burning tar barrels was cxtin
guished in less lime than is ordinarily re-
: , r it: t. i. t . , .
qnireu lor ciuuug oacis. uouinson 10 ureas
An exchange says: "John G. Barry was
in the funeral procession of Golumbusi'Bar-
rett, at Holly bpnngg. He is'84 years old
has been a printer seventy-one years, and
.in January, 1800, set up at Nashville the
news of Washington's death." Mr. Barry
is a brother of w. Jj. Uarry, of Lebanon.
bnt lormerly of this city-
An insane Frenchman who was put in
j an a tew weens ago lor sale Keeping,, and
who can speak no English, was yesterday
interviewed by 'UTonch Joe, of the col
ored persuasion, In order to ascertain the
condition of the prisoner's mind. Joe
asked tho strangor numerous qnestions.
regaled him with various touches of vocal
and instrumental music, and finally deter
mined that he was ail right,
We learn that Mrs. A. V. Brown has, ten
dered the uso of her lovely groves at Mel
rose for tho picnic on the Fourth of July,
for tho benefit of St. Mary's Orphan
Asylum. This generous offer has been ac
cepted, with thanks, by tho Association
and the sixth annual picnic will, thereforo,
ta&o place on these classic grounds, ren
dered moro lovely and attrsetivo by the
smiles of their generous occupants A
meeting of tho Association will be held to
day to maso final arrangements for tho
One of the most agreeable picnics of the
season was that of the Sunday School
scholars of St. Anno's Church, Edgefield,
which took placo yesterday. The children
met at the church at 8 o'clock, formed n
procession, nnd marched to the grounds of
Mrs. P. D. Williams, not far distant.! A
provision train followed in the rear, which
was placed m charged of J. r. Barthell,
tieneral-in-Chief of tho Commissary Ho
partment. Arriving at tho place selected
tor tho picnic, tho children lost no time
in arranging for the day's sport. Some
engaged in a gome of croquet, others took
to the swings, whilo numerous plays and
games wero improvised for the benefit of
tho little ones, and it was really a pleasure
to see the joyous faces of happy youth, as
'they wnt skipping o'er the groen. Table
cloths were spread on tho grassy lawn
about noon, the baskets emptied of dain
ties, nic-nacs and substantial?, and tho
youngsters wero invited to tho feast pro-,
pared for them. - Tho ruin which fell in
tho evening" f ended .dVincreoso. the'enjoy-
. f '.1. . 1 i .- -a . . e .
jjiuui ui uiivituuiciij iur, iubujou oi slop
ping the sport, thoy wore invited'.within
tho spacious mansion of Mrs. Williams.
whero seta were fonncd, and to themusic
ot the piano dancing was indulged in
freely. Mrs. Williams, Col. Shelby Wil
liams and wife, did all in their powor to
make tho day pass off agreeablejand to
their efforts the children wore indebted for
a daytgenUine- pleasure? i f
llcautiful building; sites, market
jrardens, dairy farms and sites for
vineyards will be sold by A. V. S.
Llndsley A; Sons, Xo, -10 IVorlh Col
lejro street, for account of Executors
of j'laj. Win. II. Lcivii, on Tuesday,
the 1 1th inst.
The Prize Concert.
Tho gentleman who won the piano has
placed 100 in tho hands of A. G. Morrow,
with tho reqnest that ."0 of tho amount, go
to tho Confederate Orphan ABylnm, find
$2." each to tho Protestant and Catholic
Orphan Asylums.
Tho hall yesterday morning was crowded
with applicants for their prizes, and tho
very plain ring", smoking tobacco, etc ,
etc., were carried off by those holding tho
lucky numbers.
'Tho two rocking chairs were won re
spectively by Mr. Miller, Presidont of tho
Southern Carriago Manufactorv and Jas.so
Ely. Tho Ublo was cai ied off by John D.
Tho holder of ticket D .KK) lives in St.
Goorgo, Delaware, which drow a package
of smoking tobacco; B 2.j0 at Eduefle'ld
Junction gets a bottle of hair oil; B.rG is
a nail knife, and goes to Henderaonville. '
Gallatin holds twelve lucky numbers iu
class B, 4.18 boing tho winner of the jior
trait cf Andrew Jackson, nnd the fine tnck-
iiig-comb goinj to 471 at that placo. Tho.
other prizes are small. Harts villo gete a
piece of music, tho ticket being Bull.
Franklin gets twoprizes. Columbia draws
seven prizes, all small. Pulaski hoSds
eighteen lucky tickets, A ISO being entitled
to the mosquito bar, which is just in sea
son. Tho other prizes are small.
Its Origin, nlnl Ant iguil y l'ccu 11 u r 1 -ties'of
i To-daj?i3 tile 'day of Pentecost, which.
according to the authorities upon the sub
ject, means the fiftieth and one of 'the
three principal lesttyajs oi. tno .Jews, so
called in modem languages because- it was
celebrated on the COth day after the feast
of the l'assovor, but onglnauy called the
feast of weeks, becanso' it was celebrated
seven weeks after the lGth day of the first
monin oi uio iuosaio caienaor; tnisanj.
It was and still is observed by the Jews
(now generally on tha day following the
fiOth) as a day of publio rejoicing and also
in commemoration of the rovelation of tho
law on Sinai, which hnppenod on tho
same day. The dajr in also kept as
a high lestival in the - Christian
Chnrch to commemorate the' descent of tho
Holy Ghost npoh" the Ajwstles, ton days
after Christ's ascension, and tho commence
ment of tte. preaching of tha Gospel to the
GontuoB. Tho Aposties, the women and
others- to thq number id all Of, about 120,
bemV Fathered' together at Jerusalem on
.the day of-Pentecost, "suddenly there came
a sound from Heaven as ot a' rushing,
mighty 'wind' and it filled all the' house
whore thoy wero tting. And there ap
peafed unto them-cloven tongues, likens
of -nro, and it E&t-"upon each oi them nnd
thoy wcre-filled- with. thV Holy Ghost and
began to'speak with, ether tongues as tho
spiritgave thorn utterance.i
i ' - , t : ' ' ' - . , : 1 .,
now wnen 'uus was noisou aoroaa the
multitude came together and wore
confounded, because every man heard them
speak in his own language," ( Acts ii, 2-G)
And it is farther related that Peter thereup.
,on preached, to thorn and about 3,000 souls
wero v(u eiuau.. r j.ua prtx-so uaiure oi iuo
gift of tongues, .as.'the power then conforred
by tho Holy Ghost is generally colled, is
variously explained by commentators.
Some believed that tho Apostles wero mi-
"bcnlonsly enabled to. speak all languages
without having learned them; others sup
pose tho spooking with tongues to have
merely a convulsive sort of utterance, fol
lowed by intelligible and inspired words.
Other critics hold that tho speakers used
either their own native languages or an
ecstatic tongue which, by a miracle, sonndod
to each hearer as if it was his own
dialect. The festival of Pentecost was in
tho early ages one of the favorite seasons
for administering baptism; and as those
who received it were clothed, in white to
symbolize tho spiritual purity which bap
tism confers tho day acquired the name of
tTmiaunua m uiibuuiiuu. iu m ui o
sixth day of the month "Si van," the third
month in the Hebrew year, in which the
Israelites, according to the Mosaic account,
celebrated the festival of Pentecost or
"feast of weeks." During, the timo the
Holy Temple stood in Jerusalem, a sheaf
of the first ripe corn was offered up td the
Lord on the sixteenth day of the ' month
Nuun which is the second day of Pass
over, and from that day fifty days were
ordered to" bo counted until the festi
val of ling iMttfishabuoth, Pentecost
or. 'feast of weeks." (See Leviticus xxiii,
i5.1G.) " It is also called in tho Bible Chag
Hakkatzier, Harvsst Feast. (See Exodus,
xxiii, 16. Thon, in Palestine, tho harvest
commenced directly after the Passover. It
is also called Yom Habecerim, (see Dent.,
xxviii, 20,) the day of the list ripe fruits,
because on this day the first fruits were
brought as an offering into the Tomplo.
This is also the memorable day on which
God revealed himself on Mount Sinai and
gave the Holy Laws, which took place on
the third.month after the departure fron
Egypt. (See Exodus six )
Oil Tuesday, the 14th InsC, tho .Ex
ecutors of 91oJ. Win. n. Lewis will
close out, at public sale, all, tho
lauds belonging to said estate, lyin
cast of Brown's crock.
Uody of a Drowned in an Recovered.
During a heavy shower of rain yestorday
jlternoon tho body of a drowned man,rose
to the surface of tho water near tho, Sus
pension Bridge, and floated towards the
.opposite shore Before the jury of inquest
tho dead man waa recognized as Richard
Hill, colored, who was drowned a few days
since while engaged in preventing sawlogs
from floating off from tho opposito bank
ol tho .river between tho bridges.
Call at the offlco of A. V. S. Llndt.
Icy & Sous, No. 40 North CoDcro
street, and obtain a plan oft tie
Lewis lands.
Hue Chauipntrnc.
Widow Cliqnot at $4 per bottle ; Louis
Roederer at 81 par bottle ; St. Marceau at
$3 a bottle; Heidsick at $2 per bottle
quarts. Ten cases of California Musca
tel, Angelica and Sonora Wines, at $1 per
bottlo, at lju5 3J A. C. Cabtees.
11 & J. Northman, 20 Public Square.
Preparatory to our annual stock taking,
Jnly 1, wo will close out. during tho month
of June, all kinds of domestic and foreign
dry goods at less than their actual value.
Positive bargains con bo had in boat table
linens, Irish Linens, white and bun piqnes,
bird's eyo diapers, Victoria lawns. Nain
sooks, satin, striped jaconets, striped and
checked Swisses, silts and lace points, at
greatly reduced p'riecs. This sale to con
tinue for thirty days only.
No. 20 Public Square.
jun5 snn wediifri
To One I To Each I To All t
Ask your noinhbor if he knows anything
as to tho virtues of the Magic Arnica Lini
ment in relieving pain? Tho answer is
uniformly, Yes! One says it cures neural
gia; another, rheumatism; another, pain
in the'back ; anothor, paralysis ; and so on
with headache, toothache, bruises, burns,
swellings, oto., eta No wondor tho pro
prietors warrant it tho "best in the world.
hold by fill reppoctabio dealers every
where. It
An elegant assortment of Valencienno
locos ; also i rench muslin, all grades, at
jnn." eodlw Ji & J. Nocthmas s.
Forty cases Rhino Wines, viz': Johan-
nesberg, Bischopsborg, Neisteincr, Rhu-
desheimo.r, Rrdander and Engelheimer, for
sale by singlo bottlo at cost, at
jinu at A. c. Cahteb s.
Tho Magic Arnica Liniment' is doing
wonders, not only upon hnman beings, bnt
it has made its way among stock owners.
Chaibone, pole-evil, ring-bone, big-head,
lameness, stifle, founders, and .most of tho
diseases peculiar to horses and mnlos, are
rapidly cured by this Herculean Remedy.
Mansfiold & Higbte, bole Proprietors,
Memphis. Sold by dealers generally It
The Foundation.
The Mississippi Diarrhea Cordial attacks
tho radix or root of every disorder of tho
bowels and digestive organs. It will also
assuredly -restrain tho ravages of disear e,
renovate tho intornal vessels, braco up and
invigorate the dilapidated system, restore
tho appetito, and, as a consequence, give
buoyance to the animal spirits, as tho dew
and rain refresh tho withored flower. Sold
bv tho Solo ProDriotors, Mausfleld t Hig-
bee, Wholesale Druggists, Memphis, Tehn.
jnnr it
For tho oheapest and best furnitnro of
all kinds and classes, go to Mchnin x. yo.,
fili Colleco street, as they aro now in re
ceipt of a largo and new stock; of tho latost
styles. jun5 Ut
Tho United States Hotel, Louisville,
Ky., is within ono block of all tho news
paper offices. It
A. Mozziana Main street, Edcrofield, is
supplying his customers with pure lako
leo at Nashvillo prices. jnn5 at
Horses Wanted.
W wish to hire sir or oloht cdod
draught horses or .mujea for one month or
longer, fbbo woM fed and cared for, and
returned In "as g66d condition ns received,
disease .arid unavoidable pasnaltjos px
copied. Apply to tlilroy ifc PJHqw, Ko,
1 18 Broad street, lbn5 tf
l'l ne market gardens ran be made
on tlic Lewis lands. Sale Tuesday,
Ite 1 till inst.
Sea Mois Ir'arluc, ;
At .Stiuo & Birmingham's, corner ofjCo
dar street and Public Square. jnn t lit ..
A wet nurse,' jwhiter'or,tcolorod. One
without incumbrance -preferred. Good
recommeEt5nsrco1uired. ' Good wages
given. Applyat'crsCSprnca Etjun4f
. r-
livery housekeeper should hnve'slpolio,
to bo found at-Stino & Birmingham's, cor.
ner of Cedar street and Public Square
jun4 3t" j
Infants. !
Tho most irritable and,.rostloss of theso
tcuder little honsohold bmlsnro' charmed
as it woro into quiet nnd sweet repoo, by
rising Mrs. Whitcomb's Syrup.? -T t :
One hundred thousand of lhe most cel
ebrated brands of Cigars) just received at
Stine & Birmingham's, corner of Cedar
streot and Public Square. jnn4 3t
Having tho most extensivo apparatus in
this TUty for manufacturing Soda Water,
Kissingen, Seltzer, and other-spring wa
ters, we propose to charge, nnd deliver to
any part of the city, fauhtains and syphons
of any of tha above wafor Natural spring
waters fresh in bottles, i. - - -Jons
W. MottTbit & Co.
jun$Iw, No. 17 Public Squari.
j. .
Coliiornia Champagne, Catawba, Rhine
Wine, French Cordials, Caracoa," Maraschi
no, Table Clorot, JJoker's Bitters, Ver
mouth, in quantities to suit purchasers, at
the lowest cash prices, at Stino &. Bir
mingham's, corner of Cedar street and
Public Square- jun 3t
tiScnzago. '
Concentrated Essence of Jamaica, Ginger
Sugar should be kept in every family is
most convenient for travelers and pleasure
seekers. Sold at Stine & Birmingham's,
Publio Square, corner Cedar street," J
junt 3t
A Wonderful Liniment.
Pauso & helming are the manufacturers
of a most wonderful liniment for the cure
of rheumatism, neuralgia, and all aches,
pains, sprains and strains. It is no hum
bug, but what it professes to bo, a wonder
ful cure. Those who wish to teat it can do
so by calling on the manufacturers, ,No.
12G Church street, on the corner of Church
and High Streets, opposite tho Episcopal
Church. jun2tf
For trunks and valises of every variety,
of superior style and elegant finish, at the
lowest pneos go to the Trunk Factory of
Wil. .DtJNSTEADr. No. 47North"wMarkot
street - jnn2-tf
Tho Skating Kink
Will bo open every afternoon from 3 to G
o'clock, exclusively for ladies and children.
No admittance fee, but those desiring to
take lessons in slating will bo charged 25
cents per afternoon for tho use of ; tho
skates. It requires" this amount to keep
tho skates repaired nnd. in order., junl tf
Tho Skating- Rink, '
Open to tho publio every 'Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday evenings, junl tf
Checked, striped and plain. Japanese
Silks, cheap, ot tho Trade Palace, No. 14
Public Square. Jons Giloan & Co.
One hundred barrels fresh kiln-dried
Meal, warranted to keep all summer.
may23-tf J. M. Caeset1 Sojf & Co.
Babqains in Whito Lama Lace Points at
tho Trade Palace, No. 14 Public Square.
may20-tf Jons Giloas & Co.
New Grocery.
Jungermann fc Co. havo opened an ew
Bakery, Grocery and Confectionery at No,
34 west- side Public Square, where they
would bo pleased to see their friendsiand
the publio conerally, as they have a frosh
and new supply of all kinds of goods per
taining to their lino, which they propose to
sell at tho lowest market prices", and war
rant them to bo as represented. Orders
for parties promptly filled. may2" eod2w
Look tint.
v o want-rnomy for a house and lot, -No.
'!': bouth College street ; also, for a va
cant lot on South Cherry streot. A bar
gain is offered. Apply to '
Isaao Paul, or :
Win M. McGabty,
may24 tf No. 10 College "streot.
D. B. Hicks is selling the cheapest ind
best ice chest and refrigerator in the city.
Every family should havo one that ants
oold milk, butter, eto.
Ho also sells the best lake ico chef . to
keep them cold. Bank Alley, between
College and Cherry streets. ma7 tf
Ho Bow'd His Throbbing Head
o er
Trembling Knees. '
Where Is the roan who kai not felt
A strong desiro for something cool,
At least, has no desire to melt,
Though melting seems to he tho mle.
This something is to htm tho great
Dcibleratum, which he seeks
To cool his brain and caso uis pate
A pleasure he's not had for weeks
-A Ventilator.
Who d run the risk of being struck
By Sil, or any other man,
When by a tnrn of great, good lack.
Fortune has placed us where wc csn
Oct something cooling to tha head,
Compkto in finish, textnre rare,
And m pavant, wc might have said,
The very thing to save yonr hair
A Ventilator,
Then ga at once, without delay,
To WAIN & WALKER'S, and request
To see thoso Hats ; youH nnd that they
Will give you comfort, ease ai.d rest ;
Make life a pleasure, and its cares
A thing that's past, forgotten, gone,
Imparting ease to hint who wears
Tho acme of perfection
A Ventilator.
The Kern CooL Tropical, Mairnolia, Eouatorial.
Butterfly. Zcrhyr. Palmetto, in all tho newest styles
of ventilation, for the hot weather, torther with
an immense etocx or straw ana ranania, inrmen
Loys ana ciulorrii.
No. 21 Publio Squire.
VtTEDLOCK, TnE Bsis or Crvn. Soctett.
It Essavs for Yount: Men. on tho honor and
happiness or Marriage, ana the evils ana dangers
of Celibacy with sanitary help for the attainment
of man's true position In life. Sent free, in scaled
envelopes. Address HOWARD ASSOCIATION,
Box 1', 1 nuadeiphia, pa. maya.-awam
tnvc m 1 11 11 1 ! 11 n p--, t
iVi. IS anil 17
11 ' -A-
the superior and complete stock of Custom
made Furniture, which we are now prepared to of
fer, and such as hai never been surpassed Strang
ers vtsitinc the city will find our stock complete at
all times, aud every article euaranteed.
Tho treat success of our business is the quality
of the work we sell, and our ve 7 liberal manner
or aoing business.
Yon may rest assured that we sell none but (mod
iurnnure, ana ruaraniee saii'iaciion m ui avr.
1 - - t nnrvvnrT r
. u. VI ......... ...u J
Nos 15 and IT College etreet,
NiihviUe, Tenn.
Particular attention given to packing, m iy-2'tf
Ornameti Imn VVo5!
Cast. Wroucht Iron and Wire Railing.
Fountains, Vases, Verandas, Settees, Arboia,
Chairs, Summer Houses.
Spiral and straight, in every variety of pattern.
New and improved styles of Hay Racks, Mangers,
biouo nxturcs, man Divisions, cic
llallinrii, Storo Fronts, Door and Window I
Guards, rami Fencing, etc.
Havlnir flttcd nn our Foundry with special refer
ence to the above class of work, we are now pre
pared to fill with promptness sll orders for L'ronze
Castings ot Statuary, conceal, neroic ana li.'o tize.
The brgest assortment to to found in the United
States, all of whtch'are executed with tho express
View 01 picasiug tlio isste, wnin tury enmuu an
the requisites 01 beauty and suutunuiti ooustruc
tlon. Purchasers may rely on having all artielt s rarp-
ruuy boxed ana shipped to me placed uesruiauon.
Designs will be sent to those who wish to make
a selection. aprlS-Gin ,
illuiinl Savings Company.
I '"Deposits received, and Interest allowed
Osneral Uiukln business transacted. oclS tf
D. a fibres of 1881..
i 110
, 112
... Ill
D.8. 6-20, 1S6J
XT. 3. S-20,1BC1 ,
D.a 8-20, 18G1, old. I.
U. S, -2e, 1885, January and July..
D. H. 6-20, 1RC7, January and July..
U. 8. S-20,18ia
D. a 10-40
Tennessee bonds, old.
.. M
.. K
Tennessee bond, now
Tennesseo bonds, Capitol "."
NuliTUle and Chattanooca railroad hnnrt"nl
dorscd 72
East Tennessee and Virginia Ballroad bonds,
endorsed o
East Tennessee and Georgia Ballroad bonds",
Jt endorsed ,.....,....TT CI
Tennessee coupons, fundable " es-
Tennossce conpons, due July, lcra....... 62
City Uashvnio bonds, old .. , c3
City Hashville bonds, signed Brown, Mayor.. iS
City Hash villo bonds, signed Alde-n, Mayor... 46
Nashville corporation checks. ,...,.t. ........ 80
Nathvlllo corporation coupons ts
Davidson county bonds issued to Tennessee '
kuu jracuic roau... ....... C8
Davidson county bonds, issued to Louisville
-road. ty
Duvldsdu connty bonds, Issued to other roads. M
liayiusoa county coupons..............,,,..
Davidson county warrants i
Montgomery, countr bonds m
Murf reraboro coupons 4 fa
iionisviue ana masHTiUe railroad stock 7n
Nashville and Chattanooga railroad stock. .. . Hi
Nashville and Deoatuj railroad stock.. . . . 10
East Tennessee and Georgia railroad stock.... 20
East Tennessee and Virginia railroad stock DO
Memphis and Charleston railroad stock,
Boutn Hasnvuie Etreet railroad stock
North Nashville Street railroad stock
Bpruce Street railroad stock
Suspension Bridge stock
Planters' Bank stock..,.,.....
Union Bank stock
. Buying.
American gold in
Oold coupons , 114
Oold drafts on New Tork ill
American silver, (Vs and Afs,) 108
American silver, (5s and 10,). loa
On New York par.r
On Cincinnati ; par.
On Louisville par.
On Memphis , par.
On New Orleans 'Tar'
. 60
.... 6
.... S
On London : $aao per pound
On&lhrtnu-S 5 M per iwund
On Parts.
iuuiui 0 un ccr con nil
3 3.5 f res. pert!
On Berlin.:....,
97 per thaler
On Frankfort..
57 per guilder
.... 12s
40s, War of 1R13
80s, War of 1812. .'
120s, War of 1812 ,
120s, not war of 1812
160s, War of 1812... t '
160s, not War of 1812. ...,
The National. Savings Company have made ar
rangements to supply their customers with revenue
stamps at the f ohewlng low rates, discount payable
la stamps, via:
On purchasers under $23.... Par
On purchasers of $20 or more. ..2 per cent dis
On purchasers of $30 or more... 2f per cent, dts
On purchasers of $100 or more. ..3 per cent? dis
On purchasers of $200 or mora ... per cent, dia
On purchasers of 1500 or more. . . i per cent dla
On purchasers of $1000 or more. . . 4)f per cent, dla
All orders must be accompanied by the money "or
check for the amennt. Stamps will bo sent by
mail or express, as directed.
Bank of Tennessee, old
issue 70
Plasters' Bank 93
Peoples' Bank 5
planters' and Mechan
ics' Bank 93
Union Bank CO
Union Bank cert's.. .par
Bank of Chattanooga. 06
Stale Bank 05
Southwestern R. B... S5
Union Bank 95
uanx 01 commerce.. .par
Bank of Knoxvlllo.... CS
Bank of Memphis.,.. 95
Bank of Mobile 90
Bank of Montgomery. 05
Bof Middle Tenn.. S3
Bank of Paris par
Bank of the Union... 29
tunc oi bfcima 05
Central Bank 0 J
Commercial Bank.... 02
Eastern Bank 50
Northern Bank 43
Soutkem Bank 90
BTc of West Tenn.... 25
Buck's Bank par
City Bank 60
Commercial Bank.... 20
Merchants' Bank par
Northern Bank par
Ocoee Bank 05
Bank of Shelbyvuie.. 75
Cental B. R. Bank... S3
Georgia Railroad and
nanxnur ComDanr. 95
BTc of -Hid. Georgia.. 90
Marine Bank 95
Bank of Augusta..... 01
Augusta Insurance. 0
Southern Bank
Traders' Bank par
Life and General In
surance Company.. C3
lianKot Ooinmbus... 03
Dank of Commerce... 03
soc-rn cabouka.
Btokof Cunden 401
Bank of Charleston.. 93
Bank of Chester 05
Bank of Geonrstown. 05
name 01 the Empire
State.... .j. oi
Bank of Athena , 40
Bank of Fulton.., . 10
Bank of Savannah..! 10
Bank of the State of 05
Georgia 05
Bank of Hamburg.... 03
Bank or aewperry... so
Bank of the State of
South Carolina...
eary Bank of Ansusta. us
Commercial Bank....
Exchange Bank
farmers' and Me
chanics' Bank OS
Fanners' and Ex
Mechanics' Bank...i. ol
change Bank
Merchants and Plant
Merchants' Back...,.
Plant era' Bank cf Fair-
ers' Bank 01
Planters' Bank....... 10
Union Bank .... 03
Gold opened in New Fork yesterday at
ihj. aavancoet 10 inj, ana closed at 114J,
Heio there is very little demand. Dealeis
buy at mj, and hold at 114.
Exchange on New York is bonght by tho
banks at par and is sold by them at $ pre
Government securities aro as fallows :
United States six per cents ot 1831. ...118
Five-twenty bonds of 18fi2 1UV
Five-twenty bonds of 1864 . . 11 1
Five-twonty bonds of 18C3 111
Ftve-twentics, new Issue, 1SG5., 114'
Five-twenties, new Issue, 1867 MX
Five-twenties, new Issue, 18C8. Ill' '
Ton-Forties 108;
Currency Sixes. m' 1
London advices of yesterday qnote .1.'20s
01 isks at b:f: loujsat cW: iaC7's at
00j, nnd 10-40's at 80$.
Tennessee bonds are quoted in New
York at ti3 for the old, and rJ for tho
The following aro the quotations of the
Now York stock market: Central and
Hudson 101 J; Scrip 00; Erie 231; Beading
109; Southern 001; Cleveland and Pitts
burg 100.; Bock Island 121; Northwest
em Common 81; Preferred 91$; Western
Union Telegraph 31; Fort Wayne OGJ.
Bank of Tennessee notes are rather dull
and in bnt little demand, and rates are nn
SATtmDAr, June 4., 1870.
Nashville Cotton market.
Cotton Tho market is lUt, and no dis
position to do anything. We quote nomi
nally as follows :
Inferior lj aI3
Ordinary., n .tju
Good ordinary.... 16 Q1.7
Low middling 192J
The transactions of tho day foot nn as
Receipts , in
Sales Ji
Shipments cj
HAsnvrux oqrrosf statzment.
Stock on hand Sept. 1, 18C3 Kota
Received to-day 10
Received previously 43038 49(177
8aippd to-day
Shipped previously. .
Stock-on hand. 4781
Tho following are the cotton quotations
received at the National Savings Company,
corner Union nnd College streets, whero
cotton, gold, bond and stock qmtntions,
are rocoivod honrlyj and, aro always acces
sible to tho public":
LrvEnpooL, 11:15 Cotton market dull.
Salas 8,000 bales; uplands lf-j;10:Jd; Or
leans lid.
NewYoek, 10:25 Cotton tonding down
ward; Jono and July delivery 211n.
LivEnrooL, 3 Cqtteta unlL Uplands
10.5 J; Orleans
Nkw ions, 12:2." Market dull and prices
lower. Ordinary 18c; good ordinary 20c;
low miuoiing -ijc; upiunas i-jo; gooel
middling 231c; Mobile 22; Orloana 2SJ.
4uuu iuu tiuij uoiivcry bum 41 jo.
New iosk, 1:10 -MarUot quiet and weak:
Juno and J,uly delivery sold at 20jalq
jcioupr, ui t4c.
Xzw ions, 2 Market quiet find weak-
Sales 3'K) bales for oipirt; 200 forspinuing.
September delivery sold at 10'c; October,
at 10c.
Nashville Provision market.
The market is vory quiet, as follows :
Boxk Meat3 Sides ldc; clear rib
sides ltyc; shoulders 12c Stocks li"Ut,
Uacon Clear sides 171c; shocidors 13lo:
conntry hams KiJtglTc.
Gv.ou) U am Hart .t Henslev s snear-
enred C. 0. 0., canvoscd, 20 c; plain 0. 0.
C, hsms, 19c.
LtACl) Choice, m tierces 17 W, kctr''.
.'Jo, It! r.itiml caddios 19 c. 3 aad 5
jxiUnd cuddioh, l''c.
Mill JtV'I. .H.1UKKX.N.
Selma, .tin., June".
Cotton No demand to-day. and prices
nominal at 20c. for middling.
:tloiiioiiu-rj-, Aln., June .
Montgomery cotton market stronger;
41S31 4IS93
about selling. . r . .
Columbui, tin., Jane. . I
Onr market lifeless prices"nominal; mid
dlings 20c; low middlings. l'Jlc; sales 20
bales; receipts 17 bales.
AHgfHsttt, Ga., jHDe 'J.
Cotton There is no change in the mar
ket, and holders are firm at yesterday' fig
ures, viz : 20i20je- Tha very light offer
ings restricted operations. We quotej the
market closing firm without change in; fig
ures. Sales 63 bales; receipts. IQ bales.
JTlacon, Co., Jnnc .- ,
Cotton Iteeei p ts to-day, 30 bales; sales
83; shipped, 23. ..
There is no change to note in tho tone of
the market. It closed this eveningVith a
good demand at 20c for the best cotton,
and with vory faw samples on the boards.
Mobile, Ala., Juno -'. !
Cotton Quiet, bnt steady. Middlings
21; sales 300 balos; receipts 114 bales; I ex
ports coastwise 27 bales,- stock 33L500
bales. ' ' !
Charleston, S. C, June 2.
Cotton Dull; middlings 21$; sales CO
bales; net receipts 317- bales; .stock 5j005
bales. 1
SavaBHah, Ga, Juno 'i I
Cotton In moderate demand. Mid
dlings 21$c; sales 200 bales; receipts fl84
bales; stock 23,802 bales. ;
Norfolk, Jhrc S. '
Cotton Dull and nominal.. Low mid
dlings, 20 to . 20. Sales bales, jlte
ccipts, 70 bales. Exports, coastwise, 3o2
bales. Stock, 1,74.0 bales, ' . j
Galveston, Texas, June IT. i
Cotton Weak, but in moderato domand.
Good ordinary, 18 to ,18lc Sales,. J350
bales. Beceipts, 153 balea. Exports, coast
wise, CSSbafes Stock; 27,9C bales. J
Atlanta, Ga., June 3.
Cotton Beceipts are .light, and tho-market
dull; middlings, 20; low middlings 10;
good ordinary, 18; ordinary, 17.
Forcitm Markets.
Lokdon, June- 4. Consols, for money
92J; on account 93. American securities
quiet,- 'C2s, 80$: e5sr88; C7s, 00J; 10-40's,
8C. Stocks quiet . ,
Feasktoet, Jnno 4. Bonds opened firm
but quiet '
LrvEEPoon, June' 4. Cotton dull - Mid
dling uplands 11 Jd; Orleans,, ,10jIld.,
Sales, 8,000 bales. Wheat quiet and steady.
Western flour29s Cd. Corn, No. 2 mixed,
20s 3d; dulL . '
Havex, Jnno 3. Cotton opened rial .at
123f on the spot, and afloat.
IVciv York Jloacy TIarkct.
NewYosx, June -4. Money easy att3
5 per cent sterling firm aCt10. Gold
dull but firm; opened at 114 J, and closed at
114j114. Carrying rates lo percent,
Clearances . Governments flrnu. State
bonds are steady; old Tennessee 02; new
50J, Sub-Treasury balance Gold $7.1,
328.2CC; currency $8,917,700; general bal
ance $87,C35,5C4.
Tho bank statement is 'unfavorable, o r
ing to heavy shipments of specie ; ;
Loans 4279,4,73i....Docrease..$, 83,009
Slecle 30,949,490 wDecreasa.... 1,778,543
Circulation. 33,285,083 Increase. 33,2(3
Deposits.. 2BC.I91,791j, .Decrease... 1.847,548
Legal t'drs.. 01,210. . . . Decrease , 328,366
aVciv VorK Ucaeral InTarketB.- '
New Yonx, June 4.. Cotton heavy and
lower; saIes-400 bales middling uplands at.
22$c' Flour 5c better. Super., State aid
Western at 4.403.00. Whisky 1 Q&3
1.0S. Wheat l2c better; activa export
and demand; winter red and amber West
em 1.3C1.38. Corn irregular and unset
tled; new mixed Western 1.0Cl67.
Coffee quiet Molasses duU. Bice fair;
reqnest 8$8J Sugar active and firm;
sales 1,000 hhds Cuba at 99. The dry
goods trade, was, as usual, very dull, and
prices of staple goods rule low. ,'
New Orleans' market.
New Okleans, Juno 4. Cotton dull and
nominal; middlings 21j; sales 10,000; re
ceipts 829; exports 817. Stook 107,258.
Hay firmer? prime 25.00. Other articles
quiet Sterling II J.- . !
St. Louis mar kctsv
St. Lotus, Juno 4. Flour unchanged.
Wheat firmer, nnd No. 2 fall little better at
1.031.10. Corn dull ond lower; mixed
and yellow at 929C. Whisky 1.05. Pork
firmer and unchanged nt 30.00 for .heavy.
xjam nominal, at iiH? luc.
Chlcngo markets.
CnicAoo, Juno 4. Flour in good; de
mand; spring extras at 4.254i50. Wheat
firmer; less active at OOjc. Corn 85c. Oats
40c. Eye 7380o. Barley dulL High-
wines i.ul ior wooden bound. To visions
steady, firm and quiet i
Cincinnati market. j
CDicncSATi, June 4. Flour-firm at. 5.50
5.75. Wheat at L151.18. Corn higher
at 0405c. OaU 5458c- Bye 9597,
Cotton dull at 21$21. Whisky BOt.
Provisions unchanged, nominally, no safes
held at old prices. Butter 18c. ;
Louisville markets. i
Louisville, June 4. Cotton dnll; mid
dling 21c. Plour steady. Grain in 'fair
demand. ' Provisions quiet and firm." Bag
ging firm. Whisky steady; prices in the
market rnling at yesterday's quotations.
Tobacco moro active; prices slitter; sales
of 21C hhds. at C.0040,00, trash to medi
um bright wrappers.
.Tic m phi a markets. .
MmrritM- June 4. Cotton quiet nt 21$
22c; receipts, 473 bales; exports, 1,012
bales. Flour dull at. 4.75tl.25. Corn
firmer; yellow, 1.05; white, L141,15.
Oats are in domand at GQc. Hay dull and
nominal. Bran quiet at .21c. Lard nor,
naL Pork dnll at 30.00(330.50. Baocm and
shoulders dnll at 1313jc Sides dull at
J E Gilmoro. Pittsburg.
) R Gihnore; K ' Ohio River.
Cairo, 10 a.
Paducah, 10 aJ
Jairo.-tT: u.
Creolsboro t ri m.
The river was stilt rising yesterday.
with 19 feet on Harpeth Shoals. Weath
er clear, and warm in the morning, btit
cloudy with a heavy shower in tho after-
noon. -I
The only arrival yesterday up to dark i
was the J B Gilmore from Pittsburg. She j
had a large tow of coal for Clarksvillc, anil. I
camo np this far for her empty barges.
clearing again for the Ohio river in. th& J
afternoon. J
Tho Talisman passed Clarksvillo at half-1
past a o clock with a large cargo. She I
:jti 1.- r 1 .v: rl j
l' iuiuiu iu jKJii up mufuiug, urn. 1
departs again for Cairo on Monday at 10 a. '
m., capt. strong commanding, Willi liar- I
per and Wilkinson in tho office.
Tho Armada is again in the field, n ,,1
departs for Paducah Monday morning at
iu o cioce, in commanu oi uspt tlortherr' i
with Leriah M. Cobb At the desk! ' '
The Alpha, Cpt Tom Eyman, lakes the ,
place of the Tyrone, leaving Monday at 4 !
ji. kjiiw . a, urucey v. clerk, t I
Tho BurksrUle, Cant Lnvn .t-nnwi,!
fur all pointa on U'ft rinnnr nnmhnrf,n,V .
Mondav at 4 r. Vr '
Locisvrr-. r9 rDTnn. itt
Boyd, Nashville Tho Emma Floyd will '
I6ave hero to-day at noon, will arrivo at ,
Nashville Tuesday moraine-, and will nrol
ably leavo Tuesday evening. Inclosed find '
u issi oi consignees. i y. wise.
Louisville, June .1, 1870. List of con
signees of steamer Emma Floyd from Cin
cinnati to Nashville:
Antony & Horlicrt Armistead Col
Byrno Brothers & Co, 1 H Buddeko & Co, (
Btaok & Argo, Burgass, Hughes & Fraley, '
j urunness, capt William ikyd, Craig,
hoad, Breast & Gibson, A"W Cady, Ewing
& Co; B P Jenkins, T H Jones .t Co, H H
Jones, Litterer A Cablcr, John Morrow A
Son, S Murphy, McLaughlin & Butler
It 11 Marburg, ilaoey A U-own,
McKoia & Qa, LMcis A.Co, EW Eldiidg I
Ewin, Pendleton & Co, Ewing, Mc
Clangherty & Co French Bros, GrayJi '
Kirkuian, N L Greenfield, Hicks, Houston
n.n Ato-r TTa,1.;1I aVTTl 1 Tf.-
w j uuiiura, lifiDl-
ilfon & Cunningham, Hnghcs & Andorhon,
Henderson A Bro, Southern Wheel and
Handle' Works, S B Spnrlock & (Jo,
Stino fc Bnrmingham, Smith Jk Grif
fith, Tennessoo Jlunnfactnring Com
pany, Terrass & Yurhrougb, Bobert
low rniddlinns 20c.. Holders
'..lit n ; i f
Thompson Co.,' Trcppard tCa, Weak
ley &.yarren, Walsh. & McGovern, Mczn
ph'andaahville'packef, NashviHo and
Chattanooga Bjilrdad, Moore, Collins &
Co., McLean & Co., Murray k. Began, B,
Nichols, Orr Bros.. 0"Shaoghnessy & Ca,
Phillips, ButtbrfTi Co . C K. Parsons &
Co. ,J. Buggies IL C bhafer, James Sim
mons, Sonthem Mannfactnnng Company
tlon Biaka taken at equitable. ratea.
Second National Bank BulldUBf, loHegn treot
r7LoMw fairly adjns .and promptly pall
O V.Y I ". :
JOHN XUJISDEN -.., Prt,,i5'xt., .
H. a FRENCH.. Si. .... Vice President
JOSEPH NASH. Secretary.
Jan2? till aug27.
X WHEEL Passeuifpr it.sr
AltMADAi R, Y. Nocthuv,
Master. Lnu Cons. Clwk. uilil
leave as aboyvgn MONDAY, tl. h inst., at
For freight or passage app.y on Inanl. or to
W. A. PEEBLES, Agent,
Jun5 It Career of Broad and Front streets.
l'of LvuiikVllIe, Louisville and Cin
er E3I3IA FMIYI), J. M. afrrT
Cux.-owwh; Mistrr. K w. Wcr. SSSSmJiSC.
Clerk, wUl leave as aIwvv WEDNESDAY, the
-8th tost, at 4 o'clock rsitt.
. xot ireight or p&aiuv apptr oi boanh or to
V.'. A. PEEBLES, Agent.
Corner B. oad and Front streets.
N 41 and 42 Front street.
Jun53t No. 43 Front street.
For Cilro,Si. L011U, mcmphls nnd
New Orlcrtiw. '
Steamer TA LIMl.t tV. W. f" L-s" ft
Sruoso, Master, JocncT Habpu, S3UMM.
"Clerk, will leave as abop on MONDAY-the Ctl
-lust., at 10 o'clock a. v.
xor rrelgnt or paraiga apply on board, or to
JVM. BOYD. Agent,
41 Front street,
Jun5 It No. 43 Front st.
1'or Cairo, St; I.011W, meuinliW nmJ
New- Orleans.
er "ALI'IIA," Tojc Kntix.
Master! W. U. Gaacxr. Clerk, will -r
leave as above on MONDAY, the Cth isst., at 4
For freight or passage, apply on board or to
WM, BQYD, Agent,
No. 44 Front street
jun.2t or OHASLEd H. ARTHCIS.
.For Carthage, ..urksrlllo A: Creels-
, Doro.
Steamer HiiirKsvin.r, 'jHfTf'iTr
W. H. Lovill, Master. Hn.i.T Btossj, Clerk, will
leaveas above on MONDAY, tlie Cth Inst, at 4
o'clock r. u.
For freight or passsire apply n beerd, or to
WIL BOYD, Agent,
Nob. 41 & 41 Front street,
Junt 2t Nn. 43 Front street
Xashvillc & Cairo Packet Co.
Tyrone, John Lumsdn and Talismar
leave NasinrtB every MONDAY, WEDNt -DAY
and FRIDAY, at 4 o'clock r. at., taking tltt
and second-class passengers at
to St Louis, Chicago, ind all points the M .-
aourt river 1 also to Mnupbis, Napdeon, Vlci
burg; Red river and New Orleans, and signing
through Bills of Lading to all too abovo points.
Freights taken to all avallals points on the Ar
kansas and White river.
First-CluTI c k ets te the fellewlng pcin.
Including state-rooms, without meals :
ToSt Louis.... jiJ
Cairo. .. .. . c
Memphis... ir
New Orleans. IS
. SccoiKl-Oluss Tlclict!ta tote foUowln-
xotsu xuis. j c
Cairo.. .
Memphis ..... g
New Orleans... .... .j..... ru
The TYRONE, Hakua., Muter, leaves on Ms-.,
The JOHN LUMSD1IN, 1U vis, Matter, leaves c.
The TALISMAN. Ihtsosa. Mastsr. leavu tr.t
Frlilaya. -
tor rrelghlor paawy( apply on boardor to
WiL BOYD, Agent,
Vm. 41 and -IS Front street
covlt-U Passeagcx Agent
Rare and Blegant
jitayi jrirr heobiwu
he largest and twit arttl k nt briwgu:
tttU markV?, ftitia hi pari, ut
. J - .Diamonds, : '
2 Hracolctj,
Vise Jowelr
Toa Sott,
lo Pttchsra,
. ,
' - O
ir j. V .
-L'M!:r- a; iimos
drc4-tt sr4thp
ft", 1 ftil fi
Tlie Celebrated
t M Ho Live Tin
" A'"a 1,n M """u Ilousr.
No. Jtf CU-go it., NABHV1LLF,
njU If thp
H i: B T S I
tm the rfty.cta be otra,', u
VI Cherry Street
Uov.H, Scarlii,
iivfs, etc., etc
PJrtilS YOKE Sill UTS Mnde to Order
u iiinisini:,
rio. -it.' berry stree
aprlC-tf 4thp
' J

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