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INGOING BOUTH Naihvllle and Decatur trains
lUve station SoUtb'Oherry street at 10:00 A.,
nil T.30 r: u.rHo train Sunday rcornisg.
Accommodation S:S3 p. M., (goes tooolambu).
Irains arrive at 4 :30 a. u. and3:U0 P. M. Acconi-
Efvme:WaudNaShnil Kal.rond.
B :30 a.., 2:00 p.m. and 10:20 r. M.
Locd8TlIl6.12:30 A. SI.! 8:30. and 6:45 P. .
.fS; . 9:05A. M. and 6:20 P. M.
Nashville. ...3. 43 A. ?" Rnd 1015 P. M.
"TsSEffiid aad Kentucky II. It.
rJS XMhvUIa. 6 :30 A. at. and 1 :0 r. M
irtvert NartHeT 8:60 a. a. and 5:50 p. m
NosUTllIo and NortUweslcrn KiUl
road Passenger train leaves Nashville Ii30 p. u.
Accommodation leaves Nashville. 6:30 p. M.
Passenger train arrives at Nashville 4:30 a. m.
Accommodation mires at Nisuvllle 10:00 a. u.
Wo will furnish the Union and amemoam
to clubs, from now until after the Novem
ber elections, including the returns of the
same, at the following reduced rates :
To clubspf 10 or more, each, $2.00
To club's of 20 or more, each, 1.80"
To clubs of 10 or more, each, 1.00
To clubs of 20 or more, each, 00
To clubs oflO or more, each; 50 '
To clubs, of 20 or more, each, 45
To clubs' of 50 or moro, each, 40'
By a small effort our friends in the
several divisions of the State, and the
friends .of free, government, could swell our
list by many thousands under these terms.
The rates are as low as were over offered, and
no voter should be without the Union and
American during the important period of
our political campaign which is to follow
the judicial 'elections. Subscribers will
have complete returns of both elections,
and all information necessary to enable him
to vote nnderstandingly upon the Issuo3
that may be presented;
Every friend and-reader of the paper is
constituted a special agent to get up clubs
for this campaign.
The money should be transmitted by
express, postoffioe order, or registered
letter. J. O. Gmmni & Co.
We find that opening our columns to all
aspirants for office, and their friends, who
wish to bring ineir ciaimn ociore uiu pub
lic Trill be so burdensome a tax and con
sume po much of our space, that we are
comoellod to charge for "all such matter.
The price .for all cards and communications
in relation to actual or prospective candi
dacies will be thirty" cents per line in our
respective papers from tins date.
7. O. Gnrrprrn & Oc.,
Union and American.
BoBZBTS & Pimvrs,
Bopublican Banner.
Tlie State Laws
We. have on sale a few copies of the
Laws of Tennessee enacted by the Legisla
ture of 1869-70. Betailprico $2.50 per
copy. A liberal discount'will be mado to
the Trade. Address
Jnion & American,
tf 'Nashville, Tonn.
Old papors, for wrapping, in quantities to
suit, can be had at tins oince, u
O. Richheimer & Co. are selling a fine
stock of cheap goods. Uive them a call.
DoliD, Crawford & Co., on the Public
Square, make a big auction sale, com
mencing at 10 o'clock this morning, of
queensware, glassware, furniture, carpets,
etc., much of which is to bo disposed of
under execution. The occasion will give
dealers and housekeepers a good chance to
get desirable bargains.
Especial attention is directed to tho con
spicuous advertisement of Messrs. T. H.
Jones fc Co. They have tho finest and
cheapest assortment of cider mills and
straw cutters ever brought to this market.
Farmers, who have orchards full of fruit,
should note this fact Their machines are
of the very best quality. Their mammoth
agricultural warehouse is full of the very
best implements for the farmer. Call at
the corner of Church and College streets,
and see for yoursolves.
The Alpha is the fino Cairo packet for
Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock.
The fine steamer Burksville will leave for
Cairo at 18 o'clock Monday morning.
Don't forget the United States hotel
when you get to Louisville.
A treatise on the hair by E. P. Hall &
Co., proprietors of nail's Vegetable Seci
lian Hair Bene wer contains much valuable
information. Buy and read it
No house in Boston equals tho American
in comfort, and convenience of location.
See the notice marked ''Connubial Feli
city" in this paper.
Dr. J. A. Clopton can bo consulted to
day and to-morrow upon tho subject of an
noying afflictions,- See his card in the city
W. IL Gordon has a lot of brick and
lumber at the Old Medical College which
he will sell cheaper than the cheapest
Thomas S. Marr advertises to-day $5,000
in Sumner county bonds for Bale.
The splendid iron fence in front of Harry
Hill's residence, Broad street, is for sale by
W. H. Gordon. A bargain there.
By notice it will be seen that the co-partnership
heretofore existing between O. IL
Stockell and W. T. Glasgow has been dis
solved by mutual consent.
A grand match game of base ball is ad
vertised to come off between tho Lone Star
Club, of New Orleans, and the Nashville
Club, at the Fair Grounds, on Monday the
Hayden's new and improved method for
the Guitar, is the best instructing medium
yet in that delightful art
See the notice of T. IL Jones & Co., to
builders, contractors and stone masons.
Those enterprising gentlemen are going to
erect a mammoth implement and machine
factory, and advertise for proposals.
The National Savings Company, comor
Union and College streets, aro doing a
regular exchange and banking business.
They receive deposits and allow interest
thereon ; they furnish drafts on London,
Dublin and all parts of Germany ; they
buy and sell exchange on New York, Cin
cinnati, New Orleans and Memphis ; and
they buy and sell on commission all kinds
of bonds, stocks and reliable securities.
Maria nill was tried yesterday boforo
Justice "Wilkinson, charged with assault
and battery upon Letitia Martin. Tho
pugnacious Maria was fined and costs
and sent on her way.
Sent to n. Higher Court.
Felix B. Smith, charged with unduly in
fluencing a colored voter in violation of the
fifteenth amendment, was arraigned beforo
Commissioner Noah yesterday. After a
hearinc of tfie'evidence, tho case was sent
to Judge Trigg's court the accused giving
bona in tne sum pi i,uuu ior ma appear
Quick Time.
On Thursday evoning last, at I p. m.,
our business manager telegraphed to the
firm of Bremaker, Moore & Co., proprie
tors of the Falls City and Wawasa Taper
Mill, Louisville, for a lot of paper and sta
tionery, and tho goods ordered were deliv
ered in this office at 11 a. m. the noxt
morning. Wo feel that such promptness
deserves to be mentioned.
A Jttontn Kelilnd Time.
Speaking of the nxo-handle factory in
this city, tho Banner of yosterday says:
"Thero has, very recently, sprung into
existence here, in our city of Nashville, a
most important manufacturing enterprise,
so quietly and unostentatiously that but
few of our readers, perhaps, were aware
that such an undertaking was oven con
tomplatod, much loss to realize that it is
already in actual operation and on estab
lished success.'"
If our neighbor hod perused the columns
of the Union and American on the 3d of
July last, he would have realized tho fact that
this important manufacturing enterprise
was in operation at that time, turning out
125 dozen axe-handlos daily.
Dittilliiiff to bcHcrouied.
Mr 1' M- Bodford, of the'Eevonue De
rmrtinent in this district, returned to the
citv yesterday evening after a trip through
. - i: : . I. . r
business. He has been on a surveying ex
ledition of tho fruit distilleries through
the counties of Eobertson. Euthorford.
Oaunon, Coifeo, Franklin and Lincoln. He
represents the cpple orchard as being full
of fruit in all tho counties. The peach
' r T ' '
mTjp, eu inr as aisuuing purposes aro cou
corncS, is a failure, Lincoln being the only
county visitediwhero there is enough to
j ustify distilling of peach brandy. He in
forms us that there willVbe abonl fifteen
stills run to tho county, averaging a yield
of fifteen gallons n day eivcn so long as tne
fruit shall last The prospects tor corn
were never so flattering, a superabundant
yield being the'result everywhere.
Tho distillers are anxious to operate this
fall on quite an extensive scalo. They as
sert' that largo .quantities of corn of the
immense crop can bo cot to market in no
other way than by turning it into spirits. .
Tho bills and valleys are abounding in1
corn and fruits, and with a liberal con
struction of tho law regulating distilleries,
ovory still in the country will bo brought
into .requisition, and the " wild-cats,"- as"
they aro termed, will be unknown, or so
few in number as to cause little or no
annoyance. Tho peoplo are hard at work,
cheered with the abundant crops and har
vests with which they have been blessed.
Mr. B. estimated that if the grain distil
leries aro started, untrammelled with
technical restrictions, as soon as tho fruit
is used up Franklin and.Lincoln counties
alone will yield from this source a revenue
to tho general government of two hundred
thousand dollars a, year bosides giving a
handsome compensation, to the distillers
and to all others concerned in the manu
facture of spirits. The observations in
this regard are rather encouraging than
otnerwise, and prospects indicate mat uio
distilleries will bo generally opened and in
full blast with tho commencement of the
coming season.
Levi McCollum, Esq., o'f Hickman
county, is on. a visit to the city, and yes
terdav called upon the Union and Ameri
can. Wfl were glad to see him in good
health, imd full of .hope for the future
peace and prosperity of his section.
We are gratified to state that Mr. Joseph
Ambrose, quite sick for some time past, is
rapidly recovering, and without relapse
hopes to be among his friends at an early
We were glad to greet our efficient sher
iff Mr. O. M. Donaldson at his post yes
terday. For some five or six weeks ho has
boon extremely ill, and .although stflTweak
and reduced from' the recent sickness is
improved 8uflTciently"to venture out, and
cive business in the office his attention.
Eev Dr BA Xoung 13 at present .attend
ing ,the"district meeting near Goodletts
vifle. Ho .wUlo absent several days.
Mr. Enloe, the present Eepresentative
in the Tennessee Legislature from Carroll
county, has been called upon to become a
candidate for re-election at the Fall elec
tions, and in response he has consented to
do so.
Pitiable Sight tn tUo "Wilderness.
The Franklin Review of the 11th Inst
says : As wc .were passing through "the
wilderness," about fifty miles west of
this, place, one day last week, we 'met
with a'most pitiable and touching sight
In this barren desert we passed a very di
lapidated and disgustingly loathsome hut
An insane woman was sitting in front of
tho cabin; her clothes were dirty and
torn; she was barefooted, and her un
combed hair was disheveled and brown
from exposure, her eyes glared furiously,
and her countenance was distracted and
wild. "When she saw us approaching,
she started towards us, screaming like a
demon, and then she stopped suddenly
and walked off quietly to the hut
How deplorable and touching it is to
see a human being with reason dethroned.
To see a corpse it is not so distressing.
For what is man or woman without
reason a world without a sun, a ship
without rudder, with full sails, that must
be driven to the wavo or stranded upon
upon the beach.
The NationaJ Vrxme.
The champion club of the South, tha
Lone Star Club of New Orleans, returning
from their brilliant Northern tour, will
play one game with our home champion
club, the Nashvilles, at the Fair Grounds,
on Monday, Aug. 15. Trains will leave
tho Chattanooga depot at 1 to 2:80 p. m.
This friendly game between two of tho
best clubs of tho South promises to be
closely contested, and there will doubtless
be a large crowd in attendance to witness
tho sport Tho game is to be called at
3 o'clock. Admittance to the grounds, 25
Sonic I'ottitocs.
Upon the Irish potato question, Tonnes
see can't be beat Galena, ILL, the great
potato centre, in former years bore off tho
palm, but it is no use talking about com
peting with Tennessee this season. J. J..
Jacobs, who has the D. F. Carter farm in
Eobertson county, sent specimens here,
yesterday, which aro enormous to behold.
Five of these monster potatoes weighed 5J
pounds, and his entire crop, it is stated, if
weighed separately, will average over a
pound a piece. One of them is a good,
meal for a small family.
. NrtslivillcgvH." Jtluq Stocking's.
In a match game of base ball between
the Nashville and Blue Stocking Base Ball
Clubs of Nashville, the Nashville won by
a score of 43 to 10. Thoso who deserve
mention for good' fielding were "Kelly,
Moses, Smith, Eiolly, and Tyrells. On the
Blue Stockings, C.Hoile,M. Eeddick, Flat
ter and F. Eeddick. We givo the scoro in
Jl 0 It. O.
P Rielly, s s f.lM Reddick, a.... 4 2
JSmith.lb 5 SFTlatter.p . 2 3
1' Antuony. 3 b....3 0 C llaile.s s 1 4
M Gains, c f. i 4 B Clemmon.l b.. 3 2
N A Dcnham, r f..5 4 F Hawkins, 3 b... 3 2
J lio listed 5 2GI!ean,2b 1 5
W H Tyrells 7 1 G Hutchison, 1 f . . 2 3
1 Kelly 4 2SKinley, cl 2 2
JoMoscs .4 4 Flteddick 3
43 27
19 27
12316 0 790
Kasbville 8 3 1 5 4 1 19 0 243
UlueStock'gs 7 2 2 1 4 1 0 0-1U.
Umpire, Sam. Clark. .
Scorers, Jno. F. Farroll and A. Haile.
Time of game, 2:05.
Concert at ITlurfrcoboro.
A party of ladies and gentlemen of this
city, under tho leadership ol that excellent
gentleman W. IL rohlman, Esq., propose
giving a concert in Murfreesboro on the
18th inst, for the bonefit of the Baptist
Church. Mrs. Craig, formerly Miss Mollio
Bang, is oxpectod to sing the "Echo Song,"
and other pieces. Our Murfreesboro
friends may rest assured that a rare treat
is in storo for them.
A largo brass store ioy was picked up
in the street yosterday, which tho ownor
can got by calling at the counting room.
A moonlight excursion will be given by
tho Young Men's Benevolent Society at
tho Horticultural Gardens on next Mon
day, the 13th inst, for tho bonefit of the
Orphan Asylum.
Deserved Compliment.
Tho last issue of the McMInnville Jieic
Era says the Eev. Dr. Moore, Pastor of
the First Presbyterian Church of Nashvillo,
spent a few days in our town during tho
past week; preaching to Dr. Hoyt's con
gregation on Sabbath. He is on eminent
Divine, and delivered n most excellent
sermon to a largo and very attcntivo con
gregation. ITlurringc Licenses.
For the week ending Friday, Aug, 12,
the Clerk of the County Court issued mar
riage licenses to the following named per
sons :
Samuel G Gowon and Malinda A Long.
Chas A Hodgos and Sarah A Mason.
Wm P Burnett and Sarah Speaks. -Thos
H Sneed and Nollio C Haws.
J A Jacobs and Emma O'Neill.
And one colored.
ftcligious Aotice.
Eev Dr A G Haygood will preach at the
McEendree Church to-morrow morning
and evoning nt the usual hours.
Koa.1 Efrtato Transfers.
The following transfers of real estate
were rocorded'in the office of tho County
Court Clerk for the week ending Friday,
Aug: 12 : . . .
j W Harding to Stafford Brown, ,
.lot in Harding's addition $ 250 00
Lene Price to David Hughes, lot
in South Nashville 1,600 00
Henry Cooper to L Drifoos, lot
in Lebanon 2,000 00
E McP Smith, attorney, to H
Snowden, part of lot in Batch
& "Whitesido's addition...-..: 519 00
NHobson to Frank, P Cahill
Quitclaim acknowledged..:.... 2,G25 00
Charles Schnell to L H Eldridge,
lot in North Nashville 1,050 00
in, Hobson's (Edgefield) plan. 743 00
Same to Campbell Brown, lots
in Barrow's (Edgefield) plan... 1,000 00
Geo H 'Wells to LeEoy Moore,
lot in the city 180 00
John Taylor to G W Gleaves
and others, lond in the Twenty
second District..', 2,770 00
John Frizzell, oxecutqr, to Mul
nelle Williams, land in the
Ninth District 1,000 00
J n 'Latimer nnd wifo to Wm
Glasgow, lot in West Nash
viUo COO 00
George Harsh and other to Harsh
Bros, house and lot on Broad
street and mterest'ihhotesac
counts, eto 11000 00
Annie B Snowden to H A Mont
gomery, land mMemphis, Ten-
nessee, (incomplete.)
W W Miller and othera to Thos
Pettis, land , in Union county,
New Jersey...?.' i : 5000 00
JfihnAMcCampbelltoJohnHart- '
ung, lota in McUampbell's ad
dition 370 00
C II .Donaldson to N Hobson,
- land in Seventeenth District... 351 80
Orville Ewing to Mary S Cook,
lot in Ewing's Avenue. 1600 00
Samuel Watkins to James "Mason
lot in the city 1200 00
A M Jennison to- John B Lewis,
interest in lot purchased at tax
sale.... 174 6C
Jacob Stifel to GottleiD Pfeiffer,
lot on Arch Btreet , .-. J74 6G
E Chodwoll and others to Hug
leston and Jamison, lot in Ew- ,
ing's plan 1298 00
Patrick Sullivan to Calvin Pick
ett, lot in the cfty. 2,000 00
James Swartz to G. Bainbridge,
loi in the 21th district 150 00
P T Eubank .to J ,M McGinnia
and others, undivided interest
in the-estato of Wm Faulkner. "500 00
Alexander Boyle to Thomas J
Minox,,lbt in the city 500 00
Thomas :Minox to Mary Lewis
and others, Ibtjn the city.", 500 00
S J Tyner to Soman tha1 Swaney,
lot in Brvan's Edeefield addi-
tibn 550 00
John E Harding to Andrew
Owen, lot in Harding's addi
tion 250 00
W L Price to Micah S Comb, lot
in Harris' Edgefield addition... 255 00
FA BEAK On Batnrday, August 7, 1870, at the
Tesldonco of her zither, Dr. B. a Megginson, of
Nelson county, Va., lira. Mutts L. Faurae, wifo
of EenJ. J.'Fitrir, of Nehvllle, Tenn.
"The Lord U hor shepherd; she shall not want"
It is desirable to impress upon the minds
of the community that Louisiana Creole
Hair Eestorer is not a dye. It restores tho
natural color of the hair by curing the dis
eased bulbs, acts gradually but certainly,
and is entirely free from any deleterious
substance. The head' is kept clean by its
use, and the. hair grows more luxuriantly'
and rapidly. Jjadies wno have once tried
it use nothing else. For sale by all drug
gists. Ewin, Pondleton &. Co., Nashville, whole
sale agents. it
Cheatham & Woods have a largo and su
perior lot of Champagne, Port, Sherry and
White Wines, and fine imported Scotch
Ale, made expressly for the Southern cli
mate, which are offered cheap. aul3-2t
Tho United States Hotel, Lonisville,
Ey., is one of the oldest hotels in tho oity.
A treatise on the hair, published bv R. P
Hall fc Co., Nashua, N. H., proprietors of
Halls vegetable Sicilian Hair Eenower,
contains valuable information about the
hair, whiclrshonld be read by alLk Send
to publishers" for a copy. dsw &wlt '
-i ,; , i
'To ITIen of Ituslncss. t
No house in Boston is hotter than the
American, its position being tho centre of
commercial life, wane no effort is spared to
maintain the high rank the house has held
so long. it
Connubial Felicity.
Nothing' tends more to connubial hap
piness than cheerful and healthy infants'
and children. Mrs. Whitcomb's Syrup is
the great children's Soothing remedy.
d.twlaw2t sat
Dr. J. A. Clopton is now at the City
ttii.i 1. 1. 1 ll 1'i T .
xioiei, uo muji ub cuusiuieu louay
and to-morrow. Ho 'treats with perfect
success Piles, JFistnla, Strictures, etc. Ee-'
fers to hisold.patients of the city and other
points of the .State, cured without the knife.
For bums, cuts or bruises, use the Magic
Arnica Liniment It is said to be an in
fallible remedy. Sold by Mansfield & Hig
boe, Memphis, Tennessee, and by druggists
and dealers tnrougnout tne land. it
Porthe eruptions with which young peo
ple are so often troubled, tho correct rem
edy is the Concentrated Extract of Sarsa
parilla and Iodide of Potash, an amazing
thing for "boils, itching, and all kinds of -breakings'
oat upon the skin. It
A Word to JIic Afflicted.
All who are afflicted with Bheumatism,
Neuralgia, Paralysis or Spinal Diseases,
and' have' failed to get relief from every
other treatment, will do well to go, to the
Eleotrio Wateb Cure, and talk to tho pa
tients there under treatment, and they will
soon be convinced that a cure can be ob
tained by a "Scientific electrical treatment
aftor all other treatment has failed. Wo
can give you the most abundant proofihat
this never fails. Send forxirculars, Nash
villo Electric Water Cure, 15 Mulberry
street P- A. Westeevelt, M. D.
Uso Fahnestock, Haslott & Schwartz
(formerly B. A. Fahnestock & Co.'s) Puro
White Lead, it cannot be excelled.
Take O. F. 'Gallon's Dyspepsia Eemedy,
if you Wish to bo relieved from that bane
of life, indigestion. au2-eod&wlm
I m jHrt.'in t Discovery.
Prof. E, N. Hosford's Substitutd" for
Cream of Tartar and Yeast is acknowledged
by all chemists and physicians as the most
healthful ever beon used.
W. W. Totten & Bro. aro Agonts for its
sale in Nashville, and offer a sample pack
age gratis to all who wish to try it, with
fall directions for its use. They are also
now roceiving very largely of may other
choico goods in their line, and offering
them to their customers at greatly re
duced prices, in consequence of rates of
freight having been reduced nearly ono
half from tho East
Call and examino their fino stock at both
wholosalo and retail, No. 28 Collego street.
aug7 lw
Get the Principo Cigars at Eosenheim &
Bros. 'ft, opposito the Maxwell House.
aug7 tf
Eosenheim & Bro. havethe only genuine
Principe Cigar in the city. aug7 tf
The Principo Cigars, to behadatEosen
lieim'&Bro.'s.;. 4 . augj tf
Kingston Springs, situated on the Nash
ville and Northwestern Eailroad, 21 miles
west of Nashville, is now open for tho re
. ception of visitors. Board reduced to forty
dollars per montn. jylo tf
For Stale.
Thrco or four neat cottage?, on and near
' the South Nashvillo. Street Eailroad, can be
. purchased at groat bargains ron cash. Ap
ply to augi 2w Isaac Paul.
- 1 1
itatlonnl Snvings Company.
rDpolta received, Dd Interest allowad
berou, Iiians negotiated, collections made, mud
O'aaril BiuilHj: business transacted. 00I6 ti
U. 8. Sixosof 18S1...'. 113
U.a 5-20,1862....... , 110
U. H.' 5-2U. Jooi I1U
V. B. 6-20, 18C5", old....".,. 110
C 8. 8-20. 180S. Jincary and July 108)f
TJ. 8. 5-20, 1867," January nd July .....10SX
u. o. n-ai, looa iuo
D. S. 10-40....... 106)f
Tennessee bonds,oId... Cl
Tennessee bonds, new F9
Tennessee bonds, Gari'0! : CO
Nashville anil (JIUlunoo;IiXiJL"j;-.Ur oii.i.!, en
dorsed , H
East Tennessee and Virginia Ttjitivpji lxvids,
endorsed .' - 3
East Tennessee and Georgia Uifirdad bonds,
endorsed r - - 63
Tennessee coupons, fondabto..'..' CO
Tennessee coupons,' duo July, ISO So
City Nashville nonos, oia m
City Nashville bonds, signed Dro.ro, Mayor.. 47
City Nashville bonds, signed Aldan, Mayor... 45
Nashville corporation checks.. 1 50
Nashville corporation coupons &5
Davidson county bonds issned to Tennessee
and Pacific road.... 1., 68
Davidson county bonds, issned to Louisville
read.... 83
Davidson county bonds, Issned to other roadz. 80
Davidson county coupons, t 97
Davidson county warrants 95
Montgomery county bonds CO
Murfreesboro coupons , 75
Louisville and Nashville railroad stoei 76
Nashville and Chattanooga railroad stock 23
Nashville and Decatui railroad stock 10
East Tennessee and Georgia railroad stock.... 20
East Tennessee and Virginia railroad ctockr.. . 20
Memphis and Charleston railroad stoci 38
South Nashville Street railroad slock CO
North Nashville Street railroad stock
Spruce Street railroad stock 80
Suspension Bridge stock ....100
planters' Bank stock 6
Union Bank stock S
American gold... 120
Gold coupons 121
Gold drafts on New York 121
American silver, Ul's and &s,) 110
American silver, (Ss and 10,) 108
On New York , Par.
On Onciiiniii...., ,Par.
On Louisville...,, Par.
On Memphis , -.. ...Jir.
On New Orleans Par
123 Jf
On London tS 25 per pound
jOnEdlnburg '. 6 25per pound
On Dublin 6 25 per pound
On Paris a 33 ires, pern
On Berlin . 97 per thaler
On Frankfort 67 per guilder
The National Savings Company hare made ar
rangements to supply xneir customers vnta revenue
stamps at the following low rates, discbunt payable
in stamps, viz:
On purchasers under (20 Par
On purchasers of $20 or more. .2 percent-dls
On purchasers of 150 or inore . . . IX per cent, dls
On purchasers of f 100 or more .. .3 pet cent dls
On purchasers of $200 or more... X percent, dls
On purchasers of $500 or more... 1 per cent dls
On purchasers of $1000 or more.. At Der cent dls
All orders must be accompanied by the money or
check for the amount Bumps will be sent by
mail or express, as airectea.
40s, "War 0tl812.. ....r 40
8O3, War of 181 J 90
120s, War of 1812 $130
120s, not war of 1812 ; 126
100s, War of 1812 1C2
160s, not War of 1812 160
Bank cf Tennessee, old
issue....'..... 70
Plasters' .Bank 95
Peoples' Bank. 05
Planters' and Mechaa-
ies'Bank 1.... 95
Union Bank CO
State Bank..... 05
Southwestern R. It... 95
Union Bank 95
Union Bank cert's... par
Bank of Chattanooga. 06
Bank of commerce. ..par
Bank of Knoxvillo.... C5
Bank of Memphis.... 95
Bk of Middle Tenn.. 95
Bank of Paris par
Bank of the Union... 25
BTcof West Tenn.... 25
Buck's Bank par
City Bank 60
Commercial Bank.... 20
Merchants' Bank par
Northern Bank par
Ocoee Bank 05
Bank of Bhelbyvllte.. 75
Southern Bank
Traders' Bank par
Life and General In
surance Company.. 05
Bank of Camden 40
Bank of Charleston.. 95
Bank of Chester 05
Bank of Georgetown. 05
Bank of Hamburg.... 08
Bank of Newberry... 90
Bank of tho State of
South Carolina 40
Bank of Mobile 90
Bank of Montgomery. 05
Bank of Selma 05
Central Bank 02
Commercial Bank.... 02
Eastern Bank 50
Northern Bank 45
Southern Bank 90
Centals. B. Bank... 05
Georgia Railroad and
liinrang uompanr. s
BTcof Mid. Georgia.. 90
Marine Bank 95
Bank of Augusta 01
Augusta Insurance... 0
Bank of Columbus... 03
Bank of Commerce... 03
Bank of the Empire
btate ui
Bank of Athens 30
Bank of Fulton... .. 20
Bank of Savannah.... 20
Bank of the State of
Georgia 10
City Bank of Augusta. 01
Farmers' and Me
Commercial Bank.... 10
Exchange Bank OB
Farmers' and Ex
change Bank 01
chanics' Bank OS
Mechanics' Bank 01
Merchants' and Plant
Merchants' Bank 05
ers' Bank 01
Planters' Bank 10
Union Bank 05
Planters' Bank of rair-
field 04
Gold opened in New York yesterday at
1170, and closed at 118. Dealers here
buy at lc under the quotations and hold at
c above.
Exchange on Now York is bought by tho
banks at par and is sold by them at pre
Government securities aro as follows:
United States six per cents of 1881.... 11 4
Five-twenty bonds of 1862 llljf
Five-twenty bonds of 1864 Ill
Five-twenty bonds of 1865 Ill
Five-twenties, new issue, 1865 109X
; Five-twenties, new issue, 1867 100,';
' Five-twenties, new Issue, 1C69 110,V
5 Ten-Forties 107?;
i . Currency Sixes. .- 112'
' London advices of yesterday quote 5-203
'of 1862 8C;'1865's at 85; 18G7'a at 81, and
10-40's at 83.
. Tennosseo Bonds aro quoted in New
York at 62c for the old, ondClJc for tho
Bank of Tennessee notes and State
warrants are unchanged.
Southern Bonds In Sew V'orK.
The sales of Southern State bonds at the
New York Stock Exchange on the 0th
inst were as follows :
2,000 Virginia six per cent, ex. coupon 60 5;
1,000 South Carolina six per cents, new, Jan.
and July... . - 71X
2,000 Missouri six per cents, H & St. J iss 90
The sales on tho 10th inst were a3 fol
lows: TtCSZ HOARD.
10,000 Tennessee six per cents, new, 61
5,000 Virginia six per cents, new. . ..62
5,000 North Carolina. old"bds 43
2,000 North Carolina Funding Act, 'GO. 3Sy,
10,0"0 North Carolina six per cents, new 30
34,000 North Carolina special tax 2if
1V,000 South Carolina six per cents, new
Jan and July .....71J
3,000 Louisiana six per cents, bt c 99
5,000 Louisiana six per cents, bt c- 93
XIic Effect of the War 011 Commerce.
A London letter says within a few weeks
there will bo a great number of failures
throughout Great Britain and the whole
Tho London Economist, of tho latest date
received, remarks: "The borrowings of
the Groat Powers aro bogmningwith won
derful rapidity. France has oponed a crodit
of 22,000,000, Germany X20,0Q0,000, and
tho effect of this must bo to raise the valne
of money throughout tho world, nnd the
futuro loans will evidently bo on nn im
monse sale. On the whole, therefore, it
would not be seen that tho borrowings of
foreign nations of us would precede the re
mittances of foreign nations to us; and
though no doubt we shall nntimately re
ceive a considerable sum of foreign sav
ings, yet the effect of these will be always
moro than counteracted by the loans which
in ono form or other wo shall moko to the
belligerents, and for tho prosont we shall
be lending more than we are receiving.
London may bo during the war the cheap
est money market but no doubt it will bo
a dear money market in comparison with
that of rocent years. According to the
present appearances, in the judgment of
some of tho most competent persons, mon
ey may rise in value to five percent before
long, and not very gradually. It might be
said that the riso in tho valuo of money so
caused by Government borrowings will be
counteracted by the diminution of trado
etfectod by the war, and tho consequent
diminution oi commercial domands on tho
money markot. Probably there will bo an
aggregate diminution of tho whole com
merco of tho world caused by - this great
struggle. The ordinary consumption of
comforts and luxuries will be lessened, and
this will not bo counterbalanced by tho in
creaso in the production of tho various ar
ticles required by war.
Grain 111 Chicago.
The amount of grain in storo in Chicago
Cth inst, as compared with tho amonnt the
week previous is, of wheat, 1,277,171 bush
els, against 1,275,110 bushels last week;
corn, 2,01S,5'J0 bushels, against 2,080,043
bushels; oats, 523,412 bushels, against 547,
C51 bushels; rye, 83.22G bushels, against
73,518 bushels, and barlsy, GC.757 bushels,
against 53,770 bushels a alight increase
in corn, wheat, barley and rye, and de
crease in oats.
Tobacco in Hew Orleans."
There are now in New Orleans, Bays the
Price Current, 12,020 hogsheads of tobac
co awaiting shipment for an active' market
and better prices across seas. ine blocks
held at other ports are also large. Here is
ono prominent evil of the war a cessation
of foreign purchases of anything but ab
solute necessaries, unlsss at ruinously low
figures. The cutting off of the French de
mand, controlled, as it is, by agovernment
monopoly, is the principal ..cause pf those
accumulations.- 1 r
FbidAT, Aug. 12, 1870.
n saahvilic Cotton ItHxrHet.
Cotton The market to day was quiet
and weak. A lot of 21 bales of fancy cot
ton, and classed as Btrict middling, changed
hands at 17c, but of the sales of low. mid
dling, 15l6o wero tho ruling quqtati ns.
We classify as follows
Inferior... .i . - ... 8 311
Ordinary 12 .
Good ordinary , t...I4 15
Low middling 13X916
The transactions of the day foot up as
follows: , L -
Bectlpts 00
Sales , 61 k
Shipments .". 40
Hisirnxxx oottou kaszxht.
Stock on band Sept 1, 18C91..... Nont.
Received to-day 00
Beoelved previously 60S48,50848
Total 60813
Shipped to-day 40
Shipped previously 47522 47562
Stock on hand....... 3286
The following are the cotton quotations
received at tho National Savings Company,
corner Union and College, streets,- where
cotton, gold, bond and stock quotations
are received, hourly, and are always acces
sible to the "public:
New, Yobk, 10:25 Cotton market un
changed in every respect
Liverpool, 11:15 Market steady; pales
10.000 bales: unbinds 8Jd: Orleans 9id:
receipts of the weok 74,00Q bales; American
22,000 bales; stock of cotton'of all classes at
Liverpool is 5y8,000 bales; 01 American
cotton 272, two Dates.
New York, 12 Market unchanged in
every respect, awaiting advices from xdv-
erpool. August delivery 173c; October
lujc; .November lbjjo.
New Y'obk, 1:20 Cotton quiot and
weak: buyers and sellers la apart
New Yobk, 2:25 Market dull and prices
nominal; lower to Belt August delivery
17i17ic: September lbiufc
New Yobk, 3 Market dull with more
more sellers than buyers; sale3 bOO bales
J.OT spinning; ordinary 14Jc; good .ordinary.
lGc; low middling ltsjc, uplands lUic; gooa
middling 21jc.
Naehvlllo Provision Biaxkeu
Market brisk and firm. We qdote packed
from store as follows: '
Bacon Clear sides 18o; shoulders 15o;
country pitti" rJ20c t
Choice TTmh Hart & Hensley's cele
brated O. O. O. 2525c
Tann Choice in tierces, 18c; kegs,
19ic: 10 pound caddies, 19jc, 3 and 6
pound caddies, 20a.
TVnHtivlIIe Pradilco BlarUet.
Beoom Cobs The receipts liberal, and
we hear of sales at 5Gc lb. loose from
wagon. When baled and ready for ship
ment, lc t lb more is obtained.
Eogs Buyers arer not paying over 8c
Buttee Good country butter is higher.
Wo quote at 2022c. -
Ginsengs We quote at GOc
Feathers Strictly prime command 70c
Hat Wo quote at 2G.00 9 ton.
Bean We quote at 18.00 V ton.
SniPSTUiT We quote at $30 ? ton.
Beeswax The market is dull, and deal
ers only offering 30c
Midolinos Are held at $40 V ton-
Eaos We quote at 44c
Wool We quote burry at 1520o ; un
washed without burs 252Go; wished
without burs 3537c
Cotton Seed We quote from wagon at
50c per 100 lbs, or 10.00 per ton.
Nashville Flour and Grain ITIarKet.
Floub Market active to-day and firm 03
follows: Superfine 5.005.50; extra 5.50
G.0O; family 6.50; fancy 7.00. We no
ticed the arrival to-day of four car loads
from the surrounding country mills.
Corn Mtat. We quote loose unbolted
at 1.20 $ bushel; city kilndried at 1.25 ?
Co en Wo heard of the shipments to-day
of 022 bushels at 1.101.15, sacked and
delivered in depot. Sales from store of 100
bushels at 1.00.
Wheat Eeceipts and sales to-day of"
2.000 bushels as follows: .Mediterranean
05c: red 1.00: amber. L001.021.05;
Boughton and white 1.071.10. Ship
ments of 850 bushels.
Oats Wo quote at 40506 for the Jnew
BabLet Wequoto at G5S0c, according
to quality.
Nashville Grocery TKarUeb.
Scoab New Orleans 1214o; Deme
rara 14 standard hards 15i15?c; A
ooffee 14i14Jo; Bdo.ll14o; Odo.l3j
Coffee Market very firm 'tfith an ad
vancing tendency. We quote Eio, com
mon to choice, at 2123c; Laguyra 23c;
Java 3233c
Molasses and Sieups We quote sirup
5075o: golden sirup 75c
Bras We quote best Carolina lQllc
Halt Liverpool sack SL'. 75 : seven bush
el barrels by the car load, $3.32 ;" five and
a half do. S2.67.
-Teas Imperial $1.402; Young Hyson
$2.25; Black $11 50; Gunpowder $1.65
Fish Mackerel Nos. 2 and 3, $18 and
$15 11 barrel; in kits, Nos. 1, 2 and- 3
$3.25, $2.50 and $2.00.
Cheese We quote faotoiy at 17c ; Eng
lish dairy, none.
Nails Wo quote at $4.50 for lOd's.,
and 25c additional for diminishing grades.
Candles Star, light weight 13i14c
' Powdeb Dnpont$G.75 ; Hazord's$6. 5 !
blasting $4.75 ; fuse, per 100 feet 7Sc
.Shot Patent $2.50 ; buck $2.75.
"Liqtobs Common rectified whisky
gallon, $1.14 ; Eobertson County $1.75
$2.75; Bourbon $1.255.50; Lincoln
County $1.752,25; Highwines $1.07.
Sundbies Blacking, doz, 4075c,
Washboards $2.75 ? doz ; Buckets, t doz.
$2.502.75. Tubs $4.50 ? nest Starch
7c Candy assorted stick 18o t
pound; fancy assorted 20o V pound.
Snuff $7.75 1 box for Garrett's packed.
Matches $8.50 per case. Peppor 35c
Snice30o. Gincer 20c Oysters $3.60 V
case for one pound cans; $5.50 case for
two pound cans, tiannea peacnes two
pound cans, $2.75 ? doz. Soda G7c
Hides Market very dull, and prices nom
inah 1015o per tb covering the range of
the market for flint and dry salt; green
salt 80c; green 7. .
Leatheb This branch of business has
not escaped the general dullness prevail
ing. We change our quotations to corre
spond w.th current prices: Cincinnati, oak
sole, 4142; Buenos Ayres, Hemlock sole,
3233; Orinoco, do do, 3I32; good
damaged, do do, 2830; harness, 3S40;
skirtinR, 4315; bridle, black, V dozen,
44 0050.00; bridle, fair, do. 48.O054.00;
upper do 27.003G.00; kips skin do 40.00
G0.00; calf skin rdo 28.003G.00; do
French, do, 40.00G0.00; topping, all
colors, do 11.0014.00; linings, white, do
G.0010.00j do pink, do 6.000.00. Leath
er in tho rough 28 to 33o t n.
. Cedabwabe We quote iron bound buck
ets S4.506 25 t doz; brass bound $7
11- cans $1215 V doz; Keelers $4.50
lo'v doz; tubs $1418 ? doz; churns, iron
bound $1218; brass bound $1524 t?
dozen. , , .
Funs and Skins We quote coon skins
1025c a piece; gray fox 2030c; wild cat
2025c; muskrat 1015c;. red fox 7c5
L00; mink, dark, well handled, $1.50
1.75; otter 2.003.00.
Cotton Yabns We quote at 12, 14, 16
18c for 700, 600, 500 and 400.
Seeds We quota timothy at 6.00; blue
grass (cleaned) 2.75; herds grass 2.00; or
chard grass 3.00; Clover 12.00; Hungarian
2.50; Mo. Millet 2.25; German Millet 3.00;
Terihesseo Millet 1.752.00.
Ibon Tennessee, common bar, 7o'?l lb ;
Kentucky, do, 4Jo V B; Tennessee band
9c; Kentucky, do, 6c '
Soap Common bar, 510on; V fancy
box 2.004.50.
Land Plasteb We quote at 25.00 f ton
in bags.
Iconic, Ga,, .Angrust 10. t
Market dull and lower: middlings 15tO
Jlncon, Go,, August 10.
C6tton Receipts to-day 39 bales : sales
17 bales; shipped 14 bales: receipts for the
week ending this evening 1G0 bales; soles
307; shipments 30C. The market has been
quiet and prices steady during tho week at
lGioformiddlintr. The demand ami snn-
ply ia nowjialanoed, as holders are satisfied
mat thero w little or no prospect lor a rise
between now and the opening of the next
cotton season, and they are, therefore,
loosening a grip they have firmly held the'
present season and aro offering more liber
ally 1
Augusta. Ga, August 10. ""'
Cotton As thete wero several orders in
force to-day for good cotton, the enauirv
which prevailed was good on a basis of 17
w)lijc, bnttbose orders being filled the
demand fell Off, leaving only a light specu
lative demand. Wo quoto the closing
market very quint at thu aliove figures.
Sales 185 bales; receipts 75 bales.
Monl;romcrj Ala., August 10.
Our cotton market ia dull; low mid
dlings 15c
Galveston, August IO.
Cotton Holders holding their stocks in
anticipation of an advance; nothing offer
ing, and the market nominal; good ordinary
15c; stock 6,823 bales.
Atlanta, Co., August 10.
The market closed at 16o for middlings;
15o for low middlings; llo for good, ordi
nary, and 13c or ordinary.
St. Louis liiro Stock market.
St. Lours, Aug. IL
Cattle The market opened to-day with
fair arrivals of good qualities, containing
mostly medium Tex&3 and nativo stockers'
cattle, also with a fair number of extra
butchers' cattle. Sales were fair, with, firm
prices on medium and stockers, with a
strong demand for stockers and extra cattle.
Texans and Indian cattle are selling at
very low prices. Medium are stronger.
We quote extra choice butchers' cattle at
67c; second class, 56c; -JStockers
4i5c; medium, 34c; .common from
2c to 2jc. Eeceipts to-day were 1,500
head, with sales of 851 head.
Hoes No alteration occurred in the hog
market; continuing with small, receipts,
and with a demand sufficiently, large to
clean the market out immediately after ar
rivals. Prices are firm for good quality.
We quote extra to choice hogs at 9.00
9.75; medium quality, 8.258.(0; common,
7.257.75; receipts to-day were 234, with
sales of 280 head.
Sheep Were in heavy receipt and light
sales. Prices are firm for first clas3 sheep
at 4.001. 75; medium and' common are
steady at 3.00, 3.75, 2.00 and 2175; receipts
to-day were l,130"head, with sales of 290
head, -
Foreign markets.
London! Aug. 12. The 400,000 in
bullion shipped from Bombay to London
is on account of the abnormal condition
of exchanges brought about the war.
The Times' city article ascribes the re
action in stocks to the half-monthly set
tlement and the absence ef decisive news.
Consols for money 91j. American 'se
curities quiet; '623, 86; '65s, 86; 'G7s, 85.
10-40's, 83, Stocks steady.
Liverpool, Aug. 12. Cotton sales of
tho week 97,000 bales; exports 21,000
bale3; speculation 10,000 boles; stock 568,
000 bales; American 272,000 balo3. Ee
ceipts of the week 74,000 bales; American
22,000 bales; stock afloat 471,000 bales;
American 35,000 bales. The market to
day is quiet; sales 12.00Q bales; npltnd3
8d; Orleans 3d. Eeceipts of wheat 35,
000 quarters; American 30,000. California
white wheat 10s lOdlls; red Western No.
2. at 9s 2d; rod "Winter 10s Id. Western
flour 25s. Com No. 2 mixed 31s.
Frankfort, Aug. 12. Bonds dull, ow
ing to the settlement, at 90.
Paris, Aug. 12, The Bourse Eentes,
65f 49c
New York Money market.
New Yoek, Aug 12 Stock Exchange
generally quiet News of the suspension
of ,the Bank of France had been an
ticipated, and produced no effect Gold
market strong and higher; prices ad
vanced to 118f, due to the large amount
going out by steamers to-morrow, thus fat
engagements amount to 1,840,000. The
price opened at 117, closed at 118118.
Carrying rates 3 per cent; and for forward
ing flat at 1-64. Clearances 84,000.000.
Money easy at 34 on call, with exceptions
at 2. Sterling dull and unchanged. Gov
ernments dull and weak. State bonds
quiet, Old Tennessces 62; new 61.
New York Dry Goods market."
New Yobk, Aug. 12. Business has
not yet opened with any degree of activity,
and although the prices are unchanged to
day the market is lacking in buoyancy.
New York General markets.
New Yobk, Aug. 12. Cotton quiet ;
sales 843 bales; middling uplands 19c
Flour' unchinged at 5.305.40; superfine
State and Western 5.455.60. Whisky
lower; 9797. Wheat No. 1 Spring 1.29;
winter red Amber 1.65li 70. Commixed
9191ic Coffee quiet Sugar quiet:
sales 600 hhds; at 910o for Cuba.
Molasses dulL Eico firm at 894c
New Orleans market.
New Obleans, Aug. 12. Cotton quiet
but hrm. Middling I7jc; sales 590 bales;
receipts 203 bales; stock 39,254 bales; re
ceipts for week 994 bales; exports 5,050
bales; for the week 1,730;
Com dull nnd lower; mixed 1.051.07.
Bran 1. 00 Other articles unchanged.
St. Louis markets.
St. Louis, Arg. 12 Tobacco unchanged.
Bagging unchanged. Flour dull; super 4.50,
Wheat dull; No. 2 red fall 1.161.18;
choice 1.251.3S. Com dull; mixed 75c
Highwines 97c Provisions quiet Pork
30.50. Bacon Shoulders 14c; cloar rib
Chicago markets.
CmcAOO. Aug. 12. Flour 4T5G.o0.
Wheat 1.031.04 for No. 2. Com llo
higher, 73c for No. 2. Eye 7371e. Bar
ley It 10. Pork 29.00. Lard 16c
Cincinnati 'markets.
GrscrNNATi, Aug. 12. Flour dull; family
G.25G.50; nominal. Wheat fair; red 1.10
1.20. Com dull and lower nt 7578c
Eye 8085c Cotton unchanged. To
baccosolos of 100 hhds at 5.902G.20.
Whisky 9495c. Provisions unsettled.
Mess pork 29.00. Bulk meats 1215c
Bacon shoulders 14c; sides 1718c Lord
16c. Butter 2G30c. Eggs 1314.
Louisville markets.
Louisville, Aug. 12. Bagging dull at
2929c Cotton dull; middling 18c Flour
quiet? extra family 5.75. Wheat 1.20
1.30 Com 1.00. Provisions inactive.
Mess Pork 30.00. Bacon 131819c Bulk
meats, 141718c Lard 17c. Sugar
cured hams, 25c Whisky raw 95c To
baccoSales of 110 hhds at 5 to G?c. trash
to lugs, and 7 to 170 low to good leaf.
Dlcmphls markets.
Memphis, Aug. 12. Cotton quiet and
nominally unchanged; receipts 12G bales;
exports 141 bales; week's receipts 585 bales;
exports 1,159 bales; stock on hand 4,609
bales. Flour quiet quiet; superfine 5.50.
Com 8594c. Oats 48c Hay 21.00
24.00. Bran 20.00. Pork 32.00. Lard 18
19c Bacon quiet; shoulders 1515c;
sides 19jc.
Savannah Cotton market.
Savannah, Aug. 12. Cotton irregular
demand; good low middlings 18c; sales 50
bales; net receipts 167 boles; exports coast
wise GOO bales; stock: L'.SUO bales; net re
ceipts of the week 1,016; exports coast-"
wise 1,818 bales; sales of tho wcok 150
Galveston Cotton market.
Galveston. Aug. 12. Cotton dull and
prices nominal; good ordinary 1515c;
net receipts 4 bales; exports to Great
Britain 1023 -x coastwise 201; stock 5611;
net receipts of the week 1076 ; exports to
Great Britain 1023; coastwise 823.
Charleston Cotton market.
Charleston, Aug. 12. Cotton quiet
and nominal; middlings 18c; sale3 50
bales; not receipts 346 bales; exports
coastwise 3 bales; total 349 bales. Stock
on hand 2,067 bales. Net receipts-of the
week 1,045 bales; coastwise 5; total 1,050
bales. Exports to Continent 210 bales;
coastwise 1,035 bolos. Sales of Iho week
321 bales.
mmn m dialers..
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' " f
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t H. JONES & CO.'S
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' TJmpiro,
The river at this point was again falling
yesterday, with 4 feet on Harpoth Shoals.
There was a good shower of rain between
two and three p. iC, which, however, had
no effect in cooling the atmosphere, the
weather being oppressively warm through
out the day.
The only steamboat movement yester
day was the departure of the Umpire for
Cairo She cleared with a light trip.
The Alpha and Burksville aro due to
morrow, and both boats depart for Cairo
Monday, the latter at 10 A. si. and the
former at 4 p. si.
The towboat Warrior, en route from
Bowling Gre5n to Louisville wa3 destroyed
by fire at Calhoun's Ferry yesterday morn
ing. The officers and crew barely escaped.
Some of them saved much of their cloth
ing, watches, etc Several had to jump
from tho boiler deck to tho shore. She
was built at Bowling Green in 1868, and
was valued at $5,000. No insurance. Her
hull and machinery will be saved.
Col. Ebert is at present in the city, and
carrying out the instructions of Gen. Weit
zel, will commence in a short time a survey
of the Cumberland river from its head to
the mouth.
By Telegraph.
Caibo, Aug. 12. David "Watts, Tennes
see river and St. Louis, passed hero at 6 a
si.; EUa Hughes, Nashville packet, passed
at 4 p at. River fell 2 inches. Cloudy;
Thermometer 82.
b Transportation Kisks takes u.t
cquuaoio raxes.
lntu Company's Bufllias,'Ko. 30 Horth CoUejs
I(TO T.TTMSTlTV President
G. P. THKUSTOIf. Vies President
D. K JOHS80S. Bxcrsurj.
sag3 till sng37
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o'clock r. H.
for freight or passage, apply on board or to
angl3-2t CHAS. H. ARTHUR, Agt
For Cairo, mtempbls and. New Or
w. H. Lovxix. Master, utllt Brass, tier, win
leave as aboTO on MONDAY, August 15, at 10
o docs A. M.
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
WM. BOYD, Agent,
Nos. 41 and 41 Front et
angl3-2t No. 45 Front street
mm k WAiMER,
34 IPizblic Sqxiare.
maylO ttthp lsepS
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Next session of this school will begin
Monday, Sept. 26. Former patrons who
wish places reserved, must make applica
tion during this month, through E. O.
Lock Box 10. aug3-tf
Paper Flour Bajrs.
We are making to order all sizes pape
flour bags at the lowest prices. "Whiteman
Bros., No. 4 Market ptreet, Nashville,
Tenn. jyl7 tf
See advertisement of Dr. Butts' Dispon
sary, headed Book, for the Million MAR
MAGE GUIDE in another column. It
should be read by all. raay5 difcwly
B are and Elegant
ron xaa
helarg;t and belt assorted, itodi ever ttrocght
this raaixet, consisting, in part, of
Pine Jewelry
Tea Seta,"
Ice Pitchers,,
1 Castors, etc.
'dec4-tf iplthp
ONI Exponas, to mo directed, and deliv
ered from the Honorable Circuit Court of David
son County, Tennessee, at its May term,
1370, 1 will expose -to pubilo sale, to the highest
bidder, for cash, at the Courthouse door, in tha city
of Nashville, on Saturday, tha 3d day of Sep
tember, 1870, all the right, title, claim and inter
est of A. F. Adams, In and to a tract of land situ
atedon the Manager's creek and Springfield turn
pike read, in the 20th Civil District of Davidson
county, Tennessee, bounded as follows: East by
tha land of the Harrison estate, north by Jam'
heirs, west and south bj Robert Coggins' land,
containing 13 acres, more or less, and being levied
on as tha property of A. V. Adams, to satisfy a
Judgment against him and in favor of A. Stalcup,
for J200 20, besides Interest and cost.
Dated this 8th day of August, 1870.
By L. L. L. LOSET, Deputy. auglO-lawit
May Eulcs, 1870.
Bailey, Ordway t Co. vs. Eugene McDonald.
Defendant is indebted to him, and is a con
resident of this State, having obtained from David
C Love, Clerk, etc., an original attachment agalnrt
the estate of the defendant, returnable to the Sep
tember term of the Circuit Court of Davidson
county, lSflO, and the same having1 been levied on
tne delsndant s property;
It is ordered by the Clerk that the defendant ap
pear before said court, at the Courthouse In Nash
ville, on the Snt Monday in September, to defend
said attachment suit, or It will be proceeded with
ex tiarte. It la further ordered that this notice be
published In tha Union and American, a newspa
per published in tha city of Nashville. July 25,
iho. ' ALBERT AKERS, Clerk.
in kam HALL'S
has proved itself to be the most perfect prepara
tion for the Hair ever offered to tha public to
Itestore Gray Hair to its Original Color
and create a new growth where it haa fallen OS
from disease or natural decay.
It uiUprncntUiellairromJtiHtogout.
All who use it ara unanimous in awarding it tha
praise of being the best Hair Dressing extant.
uur xreauie on tne 11 air sent rree Dy man.
i. p. HALL as CO., Kashas, N.H., Proprietors
For silo by all dmgguts.

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