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gfire mnd Marine.
VAMTAL, 4200.000.00-
Office in the (company's
John JDumsden, !Pre$'t.
7. P. Thruston, Vice Pres't.
. 21. Johnson, Se&y.
M. B. HE WELL Viob-Pebsidbst.
echanics' Bank
No. SO College Street,
Does a General UanMng Business
Deals In Foreign and Domestic Ex.
clmug, Gold, Silver, Stcc&a,
Bonds, etc
gep7 fj ls?col,bp tilljanl3,73
Tennessee and FeLSc Xailread.
No. 1 Learea Lebanon at. . . . . .7:20 A. x.
Arrires at NashTiUe at9:30 A. H
Lsares NashTille at.. ...4.(0 r. x.
ArrlTee at Lebanon at..6:10r. x.
Price's Stage'leave Lebanon at 7 :30o clock A.M.
on Tuesdays. Thursday and Saturdays. Arrive
at Lfebanon t o'clock P. x. on Mondays, Wed
nesdays and Fridays.
St. !n!, aiempbls, NasBviHe and
Cbattanooga Groat CeBtral
ThroagB Uae.
Chattanooga train leayes.8:45 A. x. and 8:30 p. X.
arrtTesJ:05 rx. and 12:45 A. x.
Memphis train leaTe 1:45 a. x. and 2:15 r.x.
ii ii arriTes..-6:00 a. x. and 4:45 r x
St. bouts train leaves.... t:45 a. x. and 2:15 v. at.
i arrlTea...6:00P.X.
r ullaboma train leares. .3:30 r. x.
The H.45 A.x. train does not run on Sundays.
Tl. 533 a. x. and 2:15 . and 1:45 pjt. trains
tn daily.
.Louisville and KasHYlHe aad Great
Mouthers Railroad.
Iieaye Staiin on North College street at 5:30
A x., 2:15 ?. x. and 1:00 A.M.
ArriTes at 8.00 a. x., and 4:45 r. K.
The 2:15 y. k. train doss not stop at any point
between tfashrille and Gallatin, except Edge
field Junction.
Gallatin AceommodatlOB, Sally.
LeaTes Nas ule. 3.30.1?. H.
XjoniHTllIe and Hasaville and Great
(Southern Baliroad. XaahvUIo and
Vncotar JBIvIbIob.
Leave L. & N. Depot, North Collega street,
iroing South :15 a.x.; 4:f5 p.m.
6 Arrive Korth-5:03 A.X.; 1:50 fji.
Throueh rains arrive and depart from lionls
TtlK and Nashvll'e Depot, North CoUego street.
Pafseneers car take trains at Louisville and
Nashville Depot or NashvUle and Chattanooga
Columbia Acooxmodatios Leaves 3:15 p.
x., arrives 10 a.x., from L. & N. Depot, North
College street.
SU Lonls, EvansrlHe, Henderson and
Kosnvf lie Railway.
fit. Louis Mall leaves NashvUle 6:30 A.x
Accommodation leaves NashvUlo 1:45 rjt
St. Loulo Mall arrives at Nashville 11:55 r.x
Accommodation arrives at Nashville.... 7:40 a.x
ItoniHVlUeand Cincinnati Saort Ubs
Trains leave and arrive at Louisville as follows:
ubavs. abexvb.
Southern Fast Line, except
ta Sunday. 8:33 A.x. 7:50 P. X.
Sew York Express, daily.. S:M P. K. E 30 A. X.
New Yoik Night Express,
aly IWWp.X. 12:00 x.
Lexington Mail, except
Sunday. 6:00 A. X. tSOP.x.
Lexington Express, except
Sunday......' M 11:00 A'
Lae-anee Accommodation
excapt Sunday 5:03 p. x. 8:65 A. x.
"Slew Advertisements.
Among our new advertisements appears
thatofG. H. Wessel, wholesale and retail
confectioner and baker. We call attention
to his large assortment of fancy groceries,
fruits, nuts, etc, and the full line of goods
for the holidays. Country merchants ana
retail dealers in this and other cities should
visit his house and Inspect the great stock
he has there.
Dismukes & Wool wine, the well-known
dealers in furs at wholesale, at No. 50 Pub
lic, honxre. have a card in to day's paper.
The a.teution of merchants who desire to
purchase such goods at prices equal to
those to be had in Eistern cities, is called
to the card of the above firm.
A second story of dwelling, and also a
large front room, on Summer street, near
Church, for rent by Civis, at this office.
Altart Akers, Clerk, by E. E. Goodlett,
Deputy Clerk, of the Nashville Law Court,
publishes a non-resident notice in a divorce
'Pima. Calender. Real Estate Acent, at
No. 50 North Cherry street, offers for tale
two valuable business lota on North Cherry
street, nearly opposite the Jacob McGavock
residence. This propeity is centrally lo
cated, must soon become valuable, and
capitalists, who deshw to make a safe, per
manent and profitable investment, .should
not fail to a'.tend this sale Thursday, Dec 10.
Weiuter. of the various Pythian Lodges
are invited to be present at the dedication
of Piihian Hall to-night.
Ramage, at 48 College street, advertises
winter boots, ladies ana muses' warm over
ihoes, flannel lined balmoral and dress but
toned and lace catters ot tne nest quality,
in the greatest variety and for the cheapest
An eifcant stock of queer, quaint and
quizical Chinese and Japanese oddities and
novilties, dliect from the Flowery King
dom, will be opened for Inspection and sale
at 3 Ui ion stieet in a few days.
Thompson Bios. & Kelly, of Summer
fctriet, have just received and opened ten
caru.us of black Chantelly laces at greatly
reduced prices, and also have for sale new
Patti opera cloaks.
We take pleasure in Informing the public
aud numerous fi lends of Rosenheim &
Bioiher, thattbiscll known firm have
opened a new retail cigar store at No. 9
North Cherry street, opposite tho Maxwell
House, and always keep on hand a choice
assortment of fine imported and domestic
cigars, Vuginia smoking and chewing to
baccor, pipes, etc They also continue their
wholesale tobacco and cigar business as
hereioS'ore at the old stand, No. 23 South
ilirket street. Read their card.
Laude & Bro., 21 Public Square, offer an
extrusive stock of dress Jura of every kind
at New York prices; they Iso make dress
fuis to order and alter old ones in fashion-
fit) It) 3vltS
K. W. Brown, agent, at 67 North Cher
ry street, wants to borrow $1,000, and offers
good terms.
City or county bonds wanted by R. W.
Keliglous. ,
Rev. Dr. Beckett, of Columbia, will offi
ciate at SU Ann's Church, Edgefield, on
Sabbath next morning and evening."
Election or City Attorney.
At the meeting of the City Council on
Thursday night last Player Martin, Esq.,
was ro-elected City Attorney on the third
Board of Education.
Rev. Dr. R. A. Young, Morton B. How
ell, Esq , and J. L. Weakley were elected
numbers oi the Board of Eduiaiion by
tne Cti-y Council ou Thursday night last.
Arrested for Larceny.
Sarah Smith, colored, was arrested yes
terday upon the chargo of larceny commit
ted at tne Franklin House, and will have
heating before Esq. Cassetty this morning
at 10 o'clock.
Edward M. Wright, a well-known com
mission merchant of New York, was on
'change yesterday.
Mr. T. E. Morris, of tho Gallatin bar,
was in tho city yesterday.
Ma. Joseph Glover left yesterday as the
tcort of a beautiful young lady for St.
Gen. J.F.Boyd and Phelps Sasseen.of
tbe Sr.. Louis and Southeastern Railroad,
wer . iu the city yesterday.
Col. J. W. Newman, of Fayclteville, Is
registered at the Maxwell Hause.
Seat to tbo Criminal Court.
Nancy Edward3 had a trial before Esq.,
Cassetty yes.erday upon tho charge of as
saulting Juno .Gross. She was required to
cive bona in tne .sum ot ssuu ior ner an-
uearanco at the next term of the Criminal
Central Teachers' Association.
Tho regular monthly mectine of this
body takes placa to-day at 10 o'clock A. si.,
In the Hume building, corner of Broad and
Spruce streets. The Bubject for. discussion
la "the best meinoa oi teacninggeograpny."
Teachers especially and the . public are
invited to attend.
Kcfasctl to C'OBflrai.
The City ( ouncil at itsVmeetlng on.
Thursday night last, by a .vofe.qf "22 to 7,
refuted to confirm the appolhtiaentaof En
gineers for the Fire Department,-made-by
Mayor Kercbaval several weeks ago, ana by
this nction keeping the present Incumbents
in office.
Destructive Flro.
"We regret to learn that Captain Bennett's
fine residence on Water &treet, GallatiD,
was burned with most of its contents yes
terday morning. Captain Bennett has
many friends who are pained to bear of his
misfortune which could lute visited no one
more clever or esteemed than him.
Kidnapping a Child.
Ann Ford, colored, was arraigned before
Esq. Cassetty yesterday upon the charge of
kidnapping a wnue cnita oi x.vijoueo.
Upon a hearing of the case, it appeared
that nothing criminal was intended, and the
child being returned, the defendant was dis
charged upon the payment of coats.
Another Volunteer i'iro Company.
At a meeting held at the Hamilton Engine
House on Thursday last, for the purpose of
organizing a -volunteer flro compauy, the
following officers were ejected: A. W. Cous
son, Captain; "F. Eagan, Assistant Captain ;
H. Hale, Secretaiy. There were seventy
five membera enrolled duiing the meeting.
Tho New Jerusalem Church.
We are re quest d to give notice that the
Christian Church, Church street, has bun
obtained for Rev. E. A. Beatnan of the New
Church, for the nest Sabbath afternoon.
This gentleman will preach in Luck's Hall
at llo'clock a. m , on tne surjsct -onrisi
aB a tword." Subject for afternoon Eermon,
'What is Swedenborgianism.
Probate Coasrft.
Eliza Anderson was yesierday appointed
and qualified administratrix of the estate
of Mary E. Fcrd and Samuel B. Ford, de-
caed. . .
Etizibeth McSherrv was appointed and
Qualified administratrix of the estato of
James G. AlcSherry.
The plzooty.
Theanlpals tfll.ciod with this disease
are considerably improved, and yesterday
more vehicles were out than for. the past
several days. Thursday a horse which had
recovered from the epizooty, was seized
with the colic and died. The disease is ex
tending all over the Ste, but so. far its
character has been mild.
A Peace Warrant.
Henry Edwards and his wife, Nancy,
were arrested yesterday upon a peace war
rant sworn out at the instance of Jine
Gross alias Jane Smith. The case, was
beard before Justice Cassetty the husband
being discharged, and the wife bound over
in the sum of $250 for six months to keep
the peace to the world st large, and to Jane
Smith in particular.
Marriage licenses.
For the week ending Friday, the 29th,
the Clerk of the County Court issued mar
riage licenses to the following named per
sons: Patrick S. Kelly to Bridget MpKee.
L. Diukelspeil to Jennie Steinau.
Robu W. Jennings to NellieRobertson.
Jbhn Turner to Bettie Prate'y.
Wm. M. Collins to Elizabeth CoVhos.
Peter Kunz to Laura Biiner.
Henry Cate to Larne-danl.ov8.
And five colored.
A Knotty Qncfltlpn.
The following conundrum FimiQd
ed yesterday by one of il'rev?!!" is the
Nashville iledicai Collars':. '-If a an has
tha night-mare the nigfrt'-fee;, aaa he
uke the horse disease tha; 'Rpsi am-?" A
consultation, with closed- fkH, tiSiag
held by the faculty, who htffv? fe :ee-B an
answer at an early day. ' MjSi.ni, the
questioner still lives, aud it is fctefct that
if proper care is obserued for a da- two,
he may be spared to us for maay 3fsyet.
His attendant physician, however, has ex
acted a promise that in tho future Iim for
swear the propounding of conundrums.
Thanksgiving; at the Penitentiary.
Thanksgiving day was duly observed at
the Penitehtiaiy, whesi inmites listeued to
a very able and eloquent sermon by Kev.
Dr. D. C. Kelley of McKendree Church.
Quite a number of our best citizens wer?"
present and pleased with their visit. The
choir of the First Baptist Church under
charge of Messrs. Gats and Pohlmau who
had the church organthere made excellent
music Several prisoners delivered short
addresses upon the subject of "Thanksgiv
ire Dav." which, with the good dinner,
splendid sermon, swe t music and the pre
sence of those assembled, they enjoyed very
much. Warden Mat. Brown and lady, as
sisted by the various prison officers, were
unremitting in their attentions.
odor of roast tuikey linyers abaut the base
ment stairs.
In times gone by, Thanksgiving day was
an institution peculiar to New England,
and it was necessary, iu order for a person
to "enter in at the feast," that he first pro
vide himself with a certificate fiom the par
son to the effVct that ho had attended the
three hours of divine service which belong
ed to tbe day, and which always proved a
fevero trial to tho "email Doy" oi tne
But a belter day has dawned upon us.
The festival has now become recoguized as
a national holiday, and is generally observ
cd throughout the length aud breadth of the
land. A long sermon has become tbe cx
ception, while the dinners have been made
more elaborate aud extensive.
Thanksgiving 's by no means a bloodless
feast. Satguinary ussociaiions cluster
around It. The country barn-yard has seen
its-ehoicest and fattest treasures welcomed
with bloody bands to Hospitable graves.
For weeks before the arrival of the fatal
day, tho wise heds among the turkeys
have sought f echided places and sequester
ed nooks, falling, however, in tho generality
of cases, to escape impending doom.
For this year, tho day has become a thing
of the past, and as we return to hard work
and every day fare afar a day's rest and the
generous" "fending" of Thursday, wo do it
witn a leeiing ot exqmsiio Baumauii bo
we reflect that but llireo bundted and sixty-four
days Intervene between this time
and another Thanksgiving Day.
According to a custom established the
first year the Maxwell House was thrown
open to tho public, thanksgiving dinners
havo been a feature at that popular estab
lishment, and if by forco of circumstances
there should be no such observance at our
Maxwell, then indeed tho day would al
most pass by unnoticed. The thanksgiv
ing dinner at the Maxwell on Thursday ,was
equal to that of forme r years, and we doubt
if any hotel In the courtry had a better re
ception for its guests. The name of Mr.
Venablo, the popular steward of the Max
well, has been handed down to posterity,
and his reputation is co-extensive with the
civilized world, while tho libarality of Mr.
Fultou, the courteous proprietor, has no
bounds when he attempts anything of the
kind. Maj. White, too, the presiding ge
nius of the dining-rcom, is fully equal to
the emergency, as the tables under his
charge bear testimony.
AT T1JE llAlixils uuuoin
The dining room was well filled with
guests for a'jout three hours during the af
ternoon. To the whole-souled and generous pro
prietors of the Maxwell and Battle House,
the editorial corps of the Union and Ajier
ican return a unanimous vote of thanks
for tbe friendly manner In which tliey were
entertained on Thursdav. "Here's to their
cood health and their families. May they
The inevitable Thursday, appointed by . Y "M v 3 n,,W to me to a visit from them at no distant a
. u. ,, ha" f..r thantVoiuintr nnr ti,ul "ri" J-V"i """ . tierforin to niebt in Uiarssvme,
" nH "V hearing, not even oi a uiouuu, h a week ta Memphis.
i uac. uao wiuw um k J w v . . mi nnt rtr. inn. in infill, i ir i.n ml rs. I r
x-..,.H1o i.;! ,H viuus t" iui -) V. "7.."T.' TnR STRAKOSC1I CONCERTS.
j .. ,. , a oriei oi iue oumio w .
live long and prosper,"
His Opening Address to the Coart.
Judge W. F. Coop-r, the newly appoint
ed Chancellor, occupied the bench yester
day morning, and upon opening the court
addressed tho members of tha bar in the
following aopropriate remarks:
Gentlemen of the Nasuville bah.
Permit me to begin my duties, as Chan-..aii-
tnnAarin tn vou mv acknowl-
edgement for the very flattering unanimity
with which you joined in the application for
my appointment, and the very kind manner
ln wnicn you luuiviuuiuij v.j-.v. - j
selves on the subject to me personally. The
labors and responsibilities of the judicial
office in this Stato are so heavy, and
the salary so inadequate, that tho
incumbent needs the good wishes
and friendly encouragement of the
Bar to enable him to bear the burden with
out filling by the wayside. I take tnis
earlv opportunity, whili our relations aro of
the ' pleasantest, to return thanks for the
past, and to' solicit your kindness n the
future. As soon as I bszla the active da
charge of my functions, it will become my
duty to decide every litigated case, and every
contested question presented, against one
of you. I know, from practical experience,
riifflfnlh it often is to nrevent the feel
log of disappolntmeutof the moment from
influencing our permanent judgment.
However high may bo our opinion of
the ability and integrity of a judge, It
is apt to be shaken, if, when we have
thoroughly convinced ourselves, (aa what
good advocate does not in almost every
case, even when it seemed hopeless
at first,) that law and justice are with
ns, the judge should unfortunately think
otherwise: especially if he thinks so, as he
sometimes will, very emphatically. I know
eo way to escapa entirely this trait of our
common nature, but we may sofcen its ef
fect by being forewarned. Let uo look len
iently at each other's faults by striving.when
a hitch occurs,to put ourselves in each other s
positions for the time being. Occasional col
liaions are inevitable. The lawyer, warm
from his view of the wrongs and sufierings
of his client, cannot but feel some exaspera
tion at the coolness with which the judga
listens to their deta.l, and tue pitiless impar
tiality which b is his duty to maintain.
Let us mentally promise each othnr to try
to guard ajainst any unnecessary heat. If,
occasionally, in the zsal for your clients,
you should show more ardor than discre
tion, I thull try to bear in mind that I have
hpfin alorc there mysflf, aLd have often,
no doubt, tried the temper of the incum-
Kant. rF tii hnnrh. Ou the other hind, it,
, nf n,a moment. I should
,now any 0f the inpatience or petulance
hUtf, too ollen accompanies official posi-
tionj i trust you will reflect that it miy be
vnnr f4t. some time or other, to be placed
r . i i . l, . f
in the same predicament, and that you will
be indulgent.
Tbe surest safeguard to a good under
standing between ihe bench and bar, and
ff thoroughly appreciating each other, is
for each to strive to master the law and the
facts of the case. Most of tha differences
of opinion in this world grow Out of a mis
understanding of each other's meaning.
Tharehasbeena loose and Indefinite use of
words on a vague and general view of facts.
We do not always affix the same meaning to
the same words, and we do often use differ
ent words in tho same sense. To
bring the parties together it is
only, necessary that each should
understand the subject of dispute more
thoroughly. Forensic discussions are no
exception to the general rule. Nothing
conduces to shorten them so much as accu
rate kuowledse of the law and the facts.
All cases, even the most complicated, can
be reduced to a few points; are nearly always
thus reduced by the final decision. The
moie thorouahiy we master the case the
fewer, as a general rule, will be the contro
vertfd points. Most lawyers are, naturally
enouRb, afraid to concede anything, becmse
thev have rol sufficiently digested then-case
loseetue result ui tuo ium.-ojwuiu"u. i
tnapAttin result
. . i . - rtni.AifMnn in nil ir
bearings. There are few of m so gifted as
the distinguished counsel, of whom I have
heard Judge timmons spAiK, uu ta iu
the habit of shortening tha trial and the ar
gument of causes in which he was engaged,
by saying at once, when his adversary un
dertook to prove a puicit, that he agreed the
fact was so, and when a point of law was
made in argument, that he conceded it to
be as claimed, until tha controversy was
narrowed down to the particular fact or
principle ot law upon which he intended to
rest his client's rights. Such men are ex
ceptional. But all of us nuy, by industry
and attention, emulate his example to a cer
tain extent. Le'. me earnestly urgo the
members of this Bar, and particularly its
younger members, to come to the hearing
of their Causes woll prepared. Do not trust
your client's risht3 to accident, or the judge
alone. There may be a good Bar without a
good Bench, but it is well nigh impossible to
have a good judge without tbo aid of a pood
Bar. In the multiplicity of ques tions of law
and fac t upon whieh a Chancellor is called
to act where there is a cro wded docket, it
would be impossible for him to decide them
correal? without the constant assistance of
an inteliient and industrious Bir. Let me
impress upon the younger lawyers, for the
older ones have long since found it out, that
because a man is a judge, and older than
you are, or even an abler lawer, It does not
follow that hi can know evertbing, nor
even always keen in his mind what he
does know, nor avoid occasiooly commit
ting errors, and sometimes error that a law
student of six months standing ought not
to commit. It is your duty to kuow the
facts and tho law of your case better than
he can possibly do. His morit consists in
fully appreciating your exposition of your
case. If ho does this, and you are
rifht. vou win Your case. If he
does thi?, and you are wrong, ho
is able to sa'isfy you, prhap3, and, at any
on. Ana mis aoes nui ucti;csHai a 'c"suj
argument. It requires only abriet iu the
proper sense of the teim. And, let me add,
the better you understand your case, the
shorter will be your brief.
The most cheering thought to me in the
task which lies before me, is the hope
that I may be tb'e, by j idicious conduct
and encourasemeut, to contribute to the
buildincupof a Bar worthy of the metroo
olts of the State, aud worthy to wear the
mantles of those who have precedad them.
The Hon. Montgomery Blair, whose distin
guished career is Kmiliar to al 1 of us, in
his late profesoioual visit to Nashville paid
us the complime-1 of saying that he had
always heard our Bar spoken of as
being an able one, and he was kind onough
to add that he found it still merited its re
nown. In a few years, the young men who
are listening to me mu .t take the places of
those who are now tha leaders. They must
ba the creat lawyers of their day and gen
.... j . nHHninfn n I n H fl t Vl Y
eration. Let them aim to qualify themselves
for their big- calling. It will give m great
pleasure, if they will do their duty, to aid
them in their task.
Since the death of Judge Frierson, who
was, as all who ever had the pleasure of
practicing before him kuow, a model Judge,
owing to circumstances familiar to all of
us, aud which need not be dwelt upon, this
Bench has been filled n rapid succession by
a numbor of incumbents. No one of them
to the elecliou of my immediate predecessor,
either felt that his tenure of office was very
secure or cared that it should be. They
were induced, by Che solicitation of their
professional brethren, to sacrifice themselves
temporarily, by accepting the office, rather
than compelled to occupy it by a wish to
dischargo its duties, aud with the expecta
tion of continuing in it. My immediate
predecessor, we ail know, and no one bet
ter than I, &c opted the situation aud con
tinued In it at the earnest entreaty of his
professional brethren. And although his
mmirn of office became secure, and although
eminently fitted for tho discharge of its du
ties, he very naturally felt that he was too
young a man, with too fair a prospect of
success at the Bar in every sense, lo bo
shelved for life on tha meagre disc meted
out to a Tennessee judge. He seems also to
litivp, fIt that, as he was holdins tho office
for our accommodation, we hid the right to
do pretty much as we pleased, a course that
will ba remembered to bis st rautage whan
tho lines aredrawn a little t: -.ht, as, perad
venture they may be. Whu. may be my
tenure of office is uncertain. I do not know
whether the position will please me, nor
whether my administration of its duties will
plaaso you; nor, if both these doubts be
solved iu the affirmative, whether the "sov
ereign" powers in this behalf will permit
the relat on iO be continued. I go into tho
office, however, as 1 havo gone through life,
with a determination to do my duty as if
tho tenure were parmanent. In this way I
am prepared for any contingency. If it
continue, well; if It .end, well too, if not
UO Mil .
TTnAay ihn circumstances referred
u u nnt surnrisins thit
thft court should
become greatly relaxed. In very truth,
we can hardly be said to have, had any set
tled practice. And the younger membera
of the Bar have been in a fair way of sup.
posing, that a Court of Chancery had no
tixed rules, and every lawyer was at liberty
to do 'that which was right m his own
Tf T miv ladze from what has been
said tome in private by membera of the
Bar of all ages, there is a general wish to
change our present mode of doing business
and to return to first principles. This in
clination fortunately, coincides with my
own convictions of duty. Under the oath
of office which I have this day taken,
I shall feel myself bound, in
administering justice impartially and
without respect of persons, to do so
by f jllowing the laws of the land, and the
well established rules of tho Court. These
are the growth of centuries, the work of
eminent judges and repressntative Legisla
tures and cannot but be better than the
suziestionB of my own indivi lual judgment
or will, iney may, uu.o me m v Mime,
work hardship in particular cases, uu& ino
injury to the lew is more inau tuuuier
baianced by the benefit of the many,
It will require some discretion on
my part, and some forbearance and
practice on yours, to enable us to make
the change successfully and pleasantly.
Upon you must fall the principal burden;
for, by voluntarily conceding to your, ad
versaries what has heretofore been granted
as of course, we may, in the course of two
or three terms, gradually and easily fall
into the more rigid enforcement of rules.
If the Court itself undertakes to suspend
the rules in particular cases, for any reason,
it will be aa if wo had none, and wo shall
never make a beginning of a settled prac
tice. , ,
With tho hope, gentlemen, that I may b9
able to fulfill your expectations, aud that
our relations in the future may bo aa pleas
ant as they have been in the past, I shall
proceed to the discharge of. my duties.
Police ricUinss.
Peter Cummings formerly resided in
Chambersburg. Fa. His business is that
nf wnp. mason. Hearing that business
in his particular line ?as brisk in this city,
he left the home oi ni3 cnnuuuuu, ma juum
and early manhood, with a tear of regret
standing in the nor.heast corner of his left,
eye, fully b?nt on winning fame and for
tune in the Sunny South. Beaching Louis
sille, h!s exchecquer became exhausted.
His pocketbook looked very much as though
an elephaut (the one that Barnum didn't
show iu this city, for instance) .had stepped
- . .( 11 V . ,1 1,1 ,.n..tl.
on it. Underi tbeso circumsiances,
some men wouia nave ucpancu,
an-i, becoming completely discouraged,
would have taken oue drink of Louisville
whisky and died in their sins. But Cum
mings was made of sterner stuff. Ty ing
up his wardrobe in a pocket handkerchief,
ho secured a companion in the person of
John King, a fellow craftsman, and set out
for Nashville on foot. It is not the purpose
of this veracious writer to follow the twain
in their wanderings after leaving Louisville.
Their many 'scapes by held and fljod, are
destined to pass unrecorded v Suffice it to
say, they safely reached this city the night
before Thanksgiving, aud henca were
in proper frame of mind to follow
the President's injunction to ob
serve the day. Borrowing a few
dollars of a friend of King's whom they
met here, the two travelers begau to "ob
serve" early in the morning, continuing to
"observe" at intervals throughout the day,
and by tha time night had spread her man
tle over the earth, they were in proper con
dition to be removed to tbe lock up, mak
ing their aprearance in the police court yes
tiriv. Ti n Jud2e heard their story, and
dismissed them with the judicial blessing,
to 0f future
According to the 8&tement of John
Ford, it was by the merest accident that ha
came to the city day before yesterday to
cet a little beef. Being in the city, he im
proved tha occision to get drunk glori
ously drunk. A fine of $5 whuh the court
imposed upon him, sa'islied the city's out
raged dignity in Ford's case.
'Ocli, bid luck to the mess I'm in now,"
exel timed Ann Conner as tbe name of that
estimable woman was called. It was the
same old story. - A cheap article of whisky
and cold weather on one side; a few nlckles,
a strong desire for stimulants and a weak
woman's will on the other. The court is
acquainted with Ann Conner. The court
has seen her before. Indeed the court i3
thoroughly familiar with her ways, having
frequently beeu under the Dainful necessity
of sending hsr to tha workhouse
"many times and oft,'' but
no; withstanding all this tho court
scouts at, and utterly repudiates the doc
trine of total depravity. The court is of
a trusting, confiding nature, always reidy
to extend helping hand to the needy and
unfortunate, aud Ann Conner fully real
ized that fact, as she begged for "j st wun
more chance, yer Honor just wun more
chance, and if yees '11 let me go this time,
yces 'A niver see me here agin." The
earnest appeal of the pleading woman was
too strong to be resisted, and the court
ordered her discharge.
Ann will be back again to-morrow.
Cal Wagner's Minstrels. This ex
cellent troupe of minstrels closed their eu
tmtrpmp.nt in this citv last nisht. Notwith
standing the extreme cold weather, they
played to a large audience. Meeting, as the
company did, with such unbounded success,
it is to be nopea mat we may nave auonjci
ay. x ney
and theu
At nine
o'clock yesterday there was a perfect rusti
at Dorman's music store to secure seats for
the coming concerts, on Monday and Tues
day nights, and throughout the entire day,
larce crowds thronged'the store, deposited
their money, and came away the happy
possessors of tickets,, with coupons at
tached A Biiflteeut number of seats have
already been secured for both nights to form
some idea of the greeting lu store for the
renowned Patti and her talented support
ers. On both nights Masonic Temple will
hp. fitted to overflowing aud we predict au
diences as brilliant as ever assembled in
this city.
Kc.il Estate Transfers.
Tho following tranactions in real estate
recorded at the office of the County
nnnrt. n'p.rk dnrine the week endlm; Fri
day, the 29th inst:
F. R. Cheatham to Union and
American Publishing Co , lot
in McGavock'a plan 5 050 00
Robert A Fraley to W D Fraley,
lot in city 1,710 o
R A Cartwright to James CBass
lot in Goodiettsville 400 00
N Farrell and wife to Morris &
Stratton. 8 feet 51 Inches on
Market street 1,903 13
Morris & Stratton to Elijah B
Elliston, 9 feet 7 Inches on
Market street 2,425 50
A V S Llndsley to Andrew Mc-
Clain, lot in Edgefield 300 00
Same to Mrs Mary A McClaln,
part of lot In same 300 00
Same to Loui3a A Hubbard, lot
In same plan 600 00
Nicholas Glennon to Wm. Fry-
berger, lot in State quarry plan 200 00
John A Vaughn to James H Yar-
brough, Knd in 18th district. . 5,000 00
N Baxter, Jr, C and M, to R I
Weakley and David l'lowman,
lot in Cockrill 3pring tract. .
40 00
Mfllvilln Williams to
land, in 6;h district 1,500 00
Melville Williams to Phillip &
Hurt, land in 8th district.... 1,500 00
CE Woodruff to David Tarpley,
land in 19th district 100 00
J A Hays, Sr, and wife to Mrs.
Scott, lots In Shelby county
1,000 00
Hugh McGavock to iW. M.
Rowen, lot In McGavock's
Thos. G. Pointer to Samuel A.
Pointer, land in 8th district.. . .
025 00
715 00
Abner Turner, trustee, to Arthur
Towles, lot in city 6,080 00
Wm.F. Cooper, trustee, to John
G. Fulghum, lot on norm
Cherry street.....
Same to Bank of Kentucky, etals,
4,125 00
1,100 00
40 05
lot on North Cherry street....
N. Baxter, jr., C. and M. to John
B-Tajloi, lot In county
Augustus Miller to Louis. Lopp,
lot in Buena Vista plans. . . . , .
6. RICE & Co.
Casii Buyers to the Rescue!
Buy Goods Cheap
Ibo I7' has come when onr Stock
must bo cloied ont, and now Is tho
time. Delay not, yon may
eome tuo late. Tho
entire btoclt
33 SOZiD
Anticipating a changa'in onr firm from legln
nins of January next, we have resolved
to clear ont our
JSTO "T TJ H 33 "O" Gr
These Goods must ue sold.
Calico, Domestic, Sheetlnjrs, Canton
flannel, Blanncts, White and Uod
Flannels, Towels, Napltin, Da
miuk, Tablo Covers, Spreads,
Unlit a, 'fiokliifrs, Linens,
Checks Casalmeros, Towels,
CashmercH, Belaines, Vlalds, Al
Laces, Laco Collars, Scarf, Hosiery,
J.lnen Set, Jaconet Edgings and
Inserting, locc8,Velvet-,eiYet
Cloaks, Waterproofs, VeHet
teens, Lace Cnrtalns, Ib
dertvear, Corsets,
Blacli Alpacas, CasbmereSj
Empress, Tanilse and
other Mourning
Country Merchants, in want of Goods, can se
lect from 815,000 worth of Goods bought at the
closest New York figures. We can guarantee lae
prices to be much cheaper than they can be
bought in New Yqck to-aay.
Como and seo onr Silk Velvets.
Como anil see our Black SIlUs.
Onr beautiful new shades or Evening
Hi l Us command admiration wlicr-
t'-ver they are seen.
nr.- t.fi.itifni Irish Ponllns are now
tho rage for Visiting and Walking
Dresses, all new colors
Onrbeantlful BHUs, neutral colors
aru worn in tho dining-rooms of
palaces In the country.
We excel in cheapness & variety.
We excel in style and quality.
We can't he undersold.
We are now selling at cost.
We are hound to sell our Stock.
Wemeanhusiness and business
G. Rice & Co.,
No. 62 College Street.
nov2G eod till janl.TC
; e
His Myslorons Disappearance Abom
to be Cleared up.
Soeclal to the St. Louis Globe.
TJew oiik, Nov. 26 It is now stated
that George N. Peay, tho Louisville mer
.i..nt whnsn disaoDearance has excited so
much comment, was not tho victim of foul
pbyor an accident, but deliberately ab
..rfml w,t.h the monev in his possession
Ol.V-'" " - - v
rruci fnilnwinf? are tha facts in tho case: Mr.
Pair ram ft here to settle the business af-
r,i nf a friend in Louisville. The Louis
ville detectives determined to accurately as
certain ni3 financial couuiuon. -txe s
tn Virurn ttonrraltiK.il in a LoulSVllle
bank a tin box, which he alleged contained
money and papers valued at $25,000, and
kept tne Key oi ma uux. m ms yjavaw'
no,tr!tofi RHch telesranhed to Mr. Ward,
of Louisville, asking him to have this box
broken open. Tins morning a aispaicu tu
reply was received at the St. Nicholas
Hotel, savins the box had been opened and
r..r,A tn pontain nothing hnt an Old aC-
nnr. hnnk. Thn detectives are now con
wuuuv . ,
intwl thit Mr. Peav has run away witn
what monev he had. and the Louisville of
ficers will at once return to that city.
.TnsT received, a larce lot of Toys and
Christmas Good3, at wholesale only, by
Cowan & Co. nov26 20t
Kotlce Kentucliy Library Drawing.
All acencies or tbe sale of tickets in the
Second Grand Gift Concert, In aid of the
Public Library of Kentucky, were requireu
tn sflttle no on Yesterday (25tb-November),
vi,t. for tho accommodation of those who
are not yet supplied witn tickets,! wm cou
iinnn tn fill pjish orders which may be re'
ceived at this offico until the evening of.
Dec 5. " Thos. E. BBAMtEriE,
Agent Pub. .Lib.
00 Lquisvuxk, Ky., Nov
oy. 28. 12. W
English and American Pickles, Sauces and Catsup
Geaeral Agents for Waraer'8
oraeea venrarF soapj ua neueyn isuuu niBeveapuj.
vaSS lyrp 4thp topcol
Opposite tho Maxwell House.
nov!7 eod tillmar23, T3 Bp
Gray & Noble
Fine PerTcct Fitting Sblrts,
Fine Shaker Flannel Underwear,
Fine Red and White Cashmere
Grey and White Scotch Wool Un
Heavy Bed and White Merino Un
Complete Stock of Winter Gloves,
Hosiery, Snspenders & Neckwear.
Elegant Wedding & Party Outfits,
Ladies' Fine Bress Furs.
All at the rery lowest Prices for
Gray & i'oble's Fashionable Hat and
Gents' Furnishing Store,
noTlS eod tillmhZJ.TS 4thp
Begl&rnatlon of Judge Galld.
The many friends of Judge Guild will
regret to learn that circumstances have
transpired w hich have compelled that gentle
man to tender his resignation as Judge of
tbe Law Court. Since his election to that
position, he has labored faithfully in the
uischarge of his duties, and his relations
with the members of the bar have been ex
ceedingly pleasant. The following card
from the Jugde will explain his reasons fox
resigning the office:
To the citizens of Davidson and Sumner:
I have tendered to the Governor my re
signation of the office of Judge of the Law
Court of Nashville.
Itmav not be inaDDroDriate for me to
state that the reason which chiefly impelled
me to thlstep, is some very recent and un
expected liabilities resting upon me on
hts or mv tnenus contracteu oeiore me
war. to pnanifl ma to iuiuiuauj mem x
. . . u.i. . 1 T
must return to the practice of he law.
Tn rptirinf from this Dosltlon. tne nine
tlnns of which 1 have endeavored faithfully
to discharge, nlease accept my thanks, for
the confidence you have reposed and honor
conferred upon mo. JO. t. udxld.
Funeral of Dayid C. 8heltOH,Esq,
The funeral of the late David C.Shelton,
Esq., took place yesterday morning at the
First Baptist Church, tha Rev. Dr. Jones
officiating. He was a son of the Rev. Dr.
Wm. KneltoD. cr tnis vicinity, anu a youug
man of more than ordinary promise. 'A
lawver. iuat staitinz out In life, he cnose
Columbia as tbe place oi nis residence,
and, In partnership with A. W. Stockell,
Esq., of this city, had entered vigorously
J - V . . . . I . 1 .
upon the labors of his profession. He was
much beloved in Columbia, as he was in
Lebanon, where he pursued his studies and
rerpivprl his tosil education. HI3 efforts,
too, in the cause of Christ, zealous anu
tooI rtirPftPrt. wera nigniv appreciaieu iu
Xhn cultivated community in wnicn no
MnoA Thn Btrnrrr inu utile cnurcu,
Via rose rnnnppied. will miss his lab
ors. his counsels, hlsentbusiasticanu umeiy
WWWJ . . j ... 1 . . .
ing Christian, and died in the full faith of
the eospei. Jtie uu ucou m - -"
davs: a violent attack or pneumonia apeem-
W did its work. His influence ana personal
rtnniilariMT WPfH I KUldl rAU10 1U1 www ww
... vnVvir fx rnn art
voting-only twenty-one, if we are correctly
r a I. tts i mi art q1 ltr
inforiea. an per, Km uo was """""j
in drsrxisitlon noble, mild, ar
Aant nflnprnns. ctilt'airons. ifaviuouciwuu,
o im cm. made his mark In the
or. mri it nn tha Lord's side. His
""" "I . , .., A ir.
tha hpnrts nf his numerous relatives and
Meeting of tho Board of Trnsteea arid
Election or Officers.
wf?ni thn fnliowlne In the Evansville
uu - m
r i r.t t . OHrh inst.
Therowa3a meeting of the Board or
rp-.,., nf t im St. Louis and Southeastern
Railway Company (consohdated) yester
day at which Gen. Edward F. W.cslow was
chosen President and tGeneral Manager;
Gen. J. H. Wilson, Vice President, and
Charles W. Gardiner, Sacretary kand Treas-
er for the year ensuing.
An Executive Committee was-formed,
and Samuel Bayard, J. P. Alexander and
Charles W.-iGardiner were chosen, te-aet
with tae President, as such committee .
Wise ef ILIfe and English Gin,
bot5 2m 4thp
City Notices.
Gents' Double-sole Winter Boots and
Garten and Calf Dress Boots, just received
at Basiage's, 48 College street.
nov30 3t
Ladles' and Misses' Warm Overshoes
just received at
KAHAGE s, 48 tjouege Btreei.
nov30 3t
Ladies' Flannel-lined Balmoral and
Dress Buttoned and Lace Gaiters, in great
variety, just received at
Ravage's, 48 College street
nov30 3t
Will Wonders Ever Cease? An elegant
stock of queer, quaint and quizzical Chinese
and Japanese Oddities and Novelties, direct
from the Flowery Kingdom, if ill ba opened
for inspection and sale at 87 Union street
in a few day. nov30 tf
New Opera Cloaks jnst opened.
nov30 3t
Ten Cartons Black Chantilly
Laces at greatly reduced prices.
nov3(J 3t
Fnrs! Pnrsll We offer our extensive
stock of Dres3 Furs, consisting of Russian
Sable, Mink, Ermine, Seal, Squirrel, Otter,
Beaver. Seal Sacques, Opera Sets, etc, etc.,
below New York prices.
Dress Furs made to order and altered In
fashionable styles. Lande & Bbo.,
nov30 2t 21 Public Square, Furriers.
Attention, Smokers.
We take pleasure in informing onr friends
and tbe public generally that we have open
ed & New Retail Ciear Store at No. 9
Cherrv street, (opposite themaxwell House)
where we shall always keep a choice assort
ment of fine Imported and uomestic cigars,
all the best brands of Virginia Smoking and
Chewing Tobaccos. It will be our aim to
give the best satisfaction to all who will
honor us with their custom, and our being
familiar with the trade, we assure low
prices. Call anu see us.
No. 9 Cherry street, opposite, the Maxwell
House. . novou iw
P. s.
Wfl shall continue our Wholesale Tobacco
and Cigar business as heretofore at the old
stand, No. 23 South Market street;
Hall's Yecetable Sicilian Hair Renewer
prevents the nair from filling off. Use it.
novo im iuts,weuin
Great reduction iu Dry Goods at A.
Winter & Bro.'s, 13 Onion street.
nov24 sun,wed,sat
Best quality two-button Kid Gloves at
90c a pair at A. Winter & Bro'a.
nov24 sun,wed, sat
Extra quality Irish Linen at 40c per
yard at A. Winter & Bro s.
novz sun,wea,sat
"Rroche Shawls of our own Importa
tion at importers prices at A- Winter
Bro's. nor.J4 sun,weu,sas
Vnninfl Tha best Underwear In the
city at Ely & Whiteside's. .nov24 eodtf
Wanted. Everybody to 'call and see tho
new style Hats just receiveu to-aay.
nov24 eodtf iiLY whitesidb.
Writing" Papers cheap, 108 Church st.
Sethff. lovio
Sweet Annie Cider always on hand at j
No. 15 Deaaerick sU. nov28 3t
Overcoats, with full Capes and Sleeves,
can be found at , M. Powzbs'.
nov28 lw
Light Dress OTorcoats received to-day
at M. Powees'. now iw
For Sale or Bent Dwelling House 87,
South Cherry e$. P. P. Pbck. novltf
.T. W. WftPlnre. the oririnal Worm Doc
tor, we are pleased to know, has located for
tBe winter at the Battle House to practice
bis profession. nov27 3t
Jnst received at Star Clothing Store, a
large assoitment of fine dress Pants.
novaa iw
Enizootic The following letter ex
plains itself:
NASHVILLE, XI OV. 22, -lO. uxai3.
BEiutr, Demovills & Co. Gents: Hav
ing used Dr. Hunt's Bdngum Boot Lini
ment in the Epizootic or prevailing horso
disease, we cheerfully testify that as a
counter irritant it is the best agent we have
anri tvinfidantlv believe tnat n ap-
piled to tne tnroat, oreast, iaco auu ayum m
tbe auiicteu ammai, u wm juid iroutui..
in every case.
We take much pleasure In recommend
ing this liniment to our friends and the
putlic generally as a valuable remedy In
this disease. S. A. BoivrEir,
Watsok Bbos.,
P. W. Shbadeb, ,
E. W. Bolton,
Livery Stable Keepers.
Wm. Stockell,
Chief Nashville Fire Department.
Wm. H. Haslam,
Street Overseer.
N. J. Dodsos & Co.,
S. L. McLexdon,
Street Sprinklers.
For sale by Druggists generally.
Beeby, Deuovillb & Co.,
rinoieBoiu irugguu,
nov23 tf Sole Proprietors.
Tontrhfj and Colds are often overlooked
fptth of time causes
irritntinn nf tha lunM or some chronic
thiW rlisnaso. "Brown's Bronchial
Troches" are an effectual cough rwaedy.
nov2Q deodlw
& GO.,
septl eod3)B IstoHd
Enoch Morgan's Sens .cele-
City Notices.
While a soldier in the late war I was eo
materially benefitted by the use of Dr.
Jayne's Expectorant that I regard it my
duty to inform the public as to my experi
ence. Tnrougn tne exposure or camp-lire
in very severe weather, I contracted a cold,
which finally settled on my lungs, and in
consequence, the surgeon discharged me as
a consumptive. Soon af termy arrival home
I began to take Jayne's Expectorant, and in
a short time thereafter I began to improve,
so that in a few weeks I was enabled to cp
to my employment, farming. Frequently
since I have used the Expectorant iu my
family for colds and coughs, and always ob
tained a satisfactory result. I therefore
cannot hesitate to recommend this Temedy
for all colds, and for consumption In Its
earlier stages. William Barton, writing
from Paragon, Mich.
nov26 eodlw top col
Going' to New Orleans. Such of my
regular patrons as well as other", who may
desire my services as a Dentist this winter,
will please call at 41 North High street aa
early as they can make it convenient, as I
expect to leave about Christmas for New
Orleans, to be absent several months. AK
so, those who are indebted to me will ob
lige by calling and settling thiir accounts.
S. J. Coiid, Dentist.
nov23eod till dec 8, I2.
Ta&o Ayert Cherry Pectoral to stop
your colds, coughs and bronchial affections
before they run into consumption that you
cannot stop. nov5 lm tue3,wedfcfri
Triumphant for Twenty Tears.
More than twenty yenrs ago tho Mustang
Liniment made its debet in the West. Its
cures of the various external diseases of
horses and cattle astonished the planters
and farmers of the Mississippi aad Ohio
Valleys, and a demand for it sprung up
which necessitated its manufacture on an
exteDBive scale. Soon the discovery was
madeUut it was a grand specific for rheu
matism, gout, neuralgia, earache, tooth
ache, and other external ailments of man
kind. Then it was tried as a healing, paln
killlng application, In cases of outward In
jury, such as cats, bruises, bums, spasms,
etc, and wss found equally serviceable
The fame of the new remedy for some of the
most painful ills that afflict mankind and
the lower animals, spread rapidly, tnd Moa
tang Liniment soon took rank in every
State and Territory ot tha Union as a stand
ard cure. nov26 decdlw&wlt
81.000 Bcward is offered by the pro
prietor of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery for a medicine that will equal it in
the cure of all severe esses of liver com
plaint" and all diseases arises from impurity
of the blood, as eruptions, pimples, blotches,
boils, etc nov2'J deodlw&wlt
Notice. We respectfully Inform our
patrons, friends, and tha public la general,
that we will open our new retail store, No.
0 Cherry street, opposite the Maxwell
House, in a few days, whero jre wfll have
constantly on hand the finest brands of
imported and domestic Cigars. Also a largo
assortment of Chewing and Smoking To
baccos. Hoping to recelvo tte liberal patronage
formerly bestowed upon ns, we remain, re
spec" fully, Kosesheih & Bbo.
P. S. We will, as usual, cominne our
wholesale business, No. 23 South Market
street, where we will be pleased to see our
customers. nov26tf K. & B.
Nashville Trunk Manufactory. I
am now selling Ladies' Saratoga and Gen
tlemen's Traveling Trunks, Ladies' and
Gentlemen's Solid Sole Leather Trunks;
also all varieties of Valbes and Satchels at
reduced prias. 31 North College street,
between Union and Church streets.
Wm. D era stead.
nov27 tues,thun&3at tf
For Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Depression
of Spirits and General DebUity In their
various forms, a preventive against fever
and acne and other intermittent fevers, tho
. , T7-i:t f O-llaoT-i '
made by Caswell, Hazard & Co., Ne
York, and sold by all druggists, Is toe best
tcnic for patients recovering from fever or
sickness. It has no equal.
2aw frlituea ly
Best and Oldest Family Medicine.
Sanford's Liver Invigorator. A purely
Vegetable Cathartic and Tonic for Dys
pepsia, Constipation, Debility, Sick-headache,
Bilious Attacks, and all derange
ments of Liver, Stomach and Bowels.
Ask your Druggist for it. Beware of im
itations, ma'i
r crro-rnospnoraieu xaLirr w "-j-j -
iwxnnvno urvrfPRTSnV On 28th lsst-
at ttie Chrlstiaa Church In this city, by ItWer P.
nines, Ooodbar Jt i.o. to Miss Nellw, diashtat
of Mis. Laura B. Bobarteon. If o cariu.
trnTKnii it tha rnalrlsnee o his father.
near JJashville, on Wednesday, tha 2Tth lnt.( at
roWock r. si., David O. SattToa.'lt. the 22d
Ut uuuui jj&ruw "
SMITH. Died In North JMgefleld, Not. SB,.
1872, of scarlet fa yer, IiAzisoAjJ., lnfnt daugh
ter of Mrs. Margaret J. and YT. H. Smith jd
two years and Brecon thj.
ThU beautiful rosebud of mortality was pluck
ed by the ha- d of fata and placed In ths bright
wreath or celestial Bplrlta about tho throne or,
Him who "glveth and taketh away." according"
to His own good piAisure. 'rum Kinnreu anu.
friends may realize the fact that their low Is aet
X es. ue uarung la at rest,
"Kot In its cradle bed,
Nor on Its mother's breast.
But with the quiet dead." J.F.T.
War Depaktmest,
Office of Chief Signal Officee,
WASHiNexoir, u. u., rov. u, ics.
Frobabilititt. For the Northwest and
thence to Missouri and Tennessee north
westerly wind, high pressure, low tempera
ture tnd clear weather. For the entire
lake region southwesterly to northwesterly
winds, occasional snow, low temperature
and clearing weather extending to upper
Ohio valley and westward to Pennsylvania.
For the Gulf and South Atlantic States
clearing cold weather with Ugh pressure
and fresh northerly to northwesterly winds.
In the Middle and Eastern States generally
increasing pressure, decreasing temperature,
northerly to westerly winds and clearing
weather with light snow In the latter.
Warning signals continue at Chicago,
Milwaukte, Grand Haven, Detroit, Toledo,
CIeveland,BiuT.do, Roches ter.Oswego.Port
land, New London, New York, Cape May
and ordered for Baltimore, Norfolk and
The river at this point rose eome 16 inch
es on Wednesday Light aud Thursday, but
commenced filling 5esierday. We" report
2 feet on Harpeth Shoals. Witb?r cWr
and extremely cold.

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