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Second National Bank,
Transacts a frenoral banning business.
Collections made sad promptly re
mitted for nt liberal rates Cor.
- resitoHdeace invited aad In
formation chcorfnlly fur
nished to oarpatroai.
"W. B. DOBTOH, Cashier
HU. UcCBEA, Vice-President.
b2 ly sp tp latcol
ilmm ami WMitw.
Dally.12 months, in advance, 810 00
6 " " fi 00
it 3 2 60
i " 1 00
1 week, " 25
Dally, 12 months 812 00
6 " 6 00
i 3 3 00
l 1 00
' 1-week ' 25
Bemt-WeeUly..84. Weekly..- 92.
Gold was strong in New York yester- :
day, at 115301151, closing at 116J.
Tennessee Bonds sold in New York
yesterday at SO for the old and 19 for the
Cotton was dull and irregular in Now
York yesterday at 20Jc for middling.
The Philadelphia Age ssys : "A maiden
speech was once a mere figure of speech,
for the first effort of a youDg lawyer or a
new Congressman. Bat now it has become
a reality, and the fair sex perplex courts
and startle audiences with their 'maiden
efforts.' " The Sonth is not blest with that
sort of thing yet. Tha North, with Ub
higher civilization, is still ahead of us.
Col. Frederick A. Conkiing, of New
York, long a distinguished representative of
tha Eepublican party in Congress and else
where a brother of Senator Conkiing, of
New York, hut a very different man now
takes this view of public affairs, in a letter
dated July2:
"Absence from ths country during the
last year precluded my taking part in the
Presidential canvass. But my sympathies
were unreservedly with the men who
sought to restore fraternal harmony be
(Yf&u tha two sections of our common
country, and to arrest ths tide of corrup
tion which is engulfing the land.
"Unhappily we have reached a crisis in
our pub.ic affairs where any reference to
purity of official administration is treated
by those in power with ribaldry and con
tempt. ub,!ic crimes of the highest ir famy
Jjave almost ceased to cU forth censure, or
eeen to excito attention. Within a twelve
month, we have witnessed the disclo
sure of a gigantic fraud by which the
people have been swindled out of
an immense domain and an immense sum
of money. The leaders of the dominant 1
party in Congress having been detected
in doing the work of a private corporation
as its- bribed " instruments, have not
jjcruplecl to cover themselves witb perjury
as with a garment; yet their returns
to their hoines was deemed a fit occasion
for according to more than one of
tbera the honors of a civic triumph. W aiv
ng the appropriation of back pay by tho
list Congress as a conipirative trille, and
the frauds of the Republican Whisky Ring
by which the public treasury has beeu
robbed of mere than $500,000,00? , I be
1 eve I haztrd nothing in affirming,
tbat of all the vast land grants to rail
roads and other monopolies which have
been made by Congress dnriDg the last
tweive years, scarcely one can bo named in
which members of both tho Senate and
House of Representatives were not in some
way sharers of tho proceeds. All this ven
ality hardly excites a remark, yet tho very
fpundatlons of our Government aad of so
ciety are honeycombed and undermiuded by
these enormities.
"But a few months ago we witnessed the
disgraceful spectacle of the offlceholde.-s and
representatives of the national administra
tion lobbying at Albany for the enact
ment of a charter for our devoted
city, concocted by themselves to defraud
the people of the benefits expected
from the reform movement, anu to con
centrate the functions of the municipal
Government in their own hads.
It is cisy to impute this calamitous state of
affair3 to tha Republican parly on the
ground that tho President, Congressional
and majority of the State elections since
1S00 have bsen carried by that organi
zation. Nor would I extenuate its of
fences. I ask for it on'y trkat candor
should concede. It came into exist
ence protesting against wrongs which had
aroused the moral sense of a great portion
Of our citizens. Tho man who shaped
its platforms and led in il3 counsels al
ways acknowledged the obligations of
public and official honesty and impar
tial iustice. In those days men ilka
Salmon P. Chase and Circle ncrf Iiy.
inaii sad Carl Schurz were
tho honored representatives and counsel
lors of the party. If such man are not
now tha exponents of its doclrine3 and
policy, what is tho reason? Have the
Changed and forsworn their first love?
list the question be answered by a simple
reference to the succesors of these men.
Simon Cameron and Jim Nye, Zacb
Chandler' and S. C. Fomeroy, to
aay nothing of Ctldwcll, Clayton, the two
Pattersons and others too numerous to
mention. I must, in deference to the
truth of history, declare that tho political
alliance led by these men is no longer the
Republican party, but alw.gue of tho worst
aietienlaoi" socio ly, operating for personal
ands, and stealing any name and livcy
which msy enable them to obtain an ad
vantage." MAJ. AIRMAN'S MISroltTUNE.
Is is with great sorrow we chronicle the
recent misforiuno of our esteemed friend,
Maj. Allnian, of Coruerevillc. No man in
Tennefcee has labored rnoro z;alous!y to
introduce aud propagate the thoroughbred;
no man has boun so untiring in his endeav
ors to foster and encourage a spirit of emu
lation among stock breeders, and to culti
vate a refined and el.vatc I taste in farmiDg
generally. Yet it setms that some devil iu
canjatr, some fiend unknown, h.is en
d avorcd to thwart Irs good purposes,
Vo beggar him and his children, aud to
stop the breed of his fiuo stock.
On Saturdty evening, 21st ult., Major All
man fed his stock in perron and lound
them all right; on Sunday he weut to
church, according to his well-knosn
habit, but returned in the afternoon to find
that an enemy had visiied his premises.
Imported dmvell, by tho great Stcckwe.I,
wasfound tobe.almost blind bis eyes closed
and running ; Watson, by Lexington, had
also been tampered with in similar man
ner; seven head of lh 9 cit'.le, Irs Shetland
stud, aud many of his iiuc sows wer? lou-d
dead. It is feare.t that Canwcll aud Wat
son will lose their eyes. Thus tho fiend,
for what reason Maj. Allmaa is entirely ig
norant, resorted to a mean and cowardly
attack upon poor dumb brutes to injuie
their owner. Words are too poor to paint
the deep and damning blackness of tha
heart that would perpetraie such a crime.
Pulaski CUizcn,Jjly 10.
Tin; New Orlca; s Picayinc says: "It is,
we believe, a remarkable fact that there
seems more youths in tbe Southern States
receiving military educations than in the
Northern States. There are very few pri
vate military Institutions in the Northern
States. WestPoiu-, therefore, embraces a
larger nnmber of the youth who receive
military educations at the North. We sea
in an account of the proceedings which
took pUce a'. West Point (graced by the
PrMent. and Secretary of War) there were
but 41 graduates. We are satisfied there
-o sAPPral timns as many Graduates this
year from the different military institutions
in the Southern States. Tho military iusti-
nt T.nvinrt.nn. Yirninia. alone, VICE
with West Poiut in tho number of its grad
The notes of a gas company
ally all sat to tho same metre.
are usu-
TIio Way the JKoaey Ooe. j , '
Washington, Jalyio. The Secretary
of tho Treasury to-day paid to tho Board of
Public Works $1G0,000, ono half of tha ap
propriation made by the last Congress for
continuing improvements around public
becretary Belknap will return from Lonz
Branch Saturday.
Government Bnlldiugs.
Tho Secretary of the I.iterior. Postmaster
General, and Secretary of the Treasury had
a conference to-day and approved plans for
buildings for tho customhouse and postoffico
at St. Louis.
Mr. Mullet, supervisinc architect of tho
Treasury Depaitment, will leave Washing
ton Saturday for Chicago onbuslness .con
nected with government buildings in that
city. From there he will go to Lincoln,
Illinois, to locate the courthouse and post-
Satanta and ilIjfjLrce Once Store.
Gov. Dir. of Texas, and party, are still
here. They have presented charges against
certain Federal officers in that Stste for
corrupt disposal of patronage, but havo
mado no formal application for the removal
of any one. It is expected, however, that
they will be made when the proofs thoy of
fer are considered, by heads of depart
ments. The Indian Chiefs, .Satanta and
Big Tree, are still in the 'Texas peniten
tiary. They wi.l be taken to Fort Sill in
September to attend a conference between
Gov. Davis .-nd the Indian Commissioner
Smith, regarding their release. The time of
the conference has been postponed from
August until early in October, and it is ex
pected Secretary Delano ill also attend it.
The Troubles on tho Border.
The Gordon Kidnapping Case.
Chicago, July 10. The following dis
pitch was received it'St.Taul, dated Fort
Gary, July 4; The excitement still contin
ues over the recent arrest of detectives Hay
and Rogan, who attempted to kidnap the
notorious Lord Gordon, of Erie railway
fame. Messrs Fletcher and Mercian, of Min
neapolis, with Mr. Bently, a merchant, were
also arrested tho following day as accom
plices. They were rudely ,
Thrust into a.'TUtliy Prison i f,
and honed. Mayor Brackett and Hon. 32.
M. Wilson, of Miuneapolij, vrifed'yester
day morning by Bperiaistage,
Traveling; 'lgut and Day.
Mr. Brackett at. once sought admission d
the prisoners which was granted by Judge
Betounay, but he vns immediately ordered
ot by tho sheriff under instructions from
the attorney general, Clark. Yesterday
, 4 Preliminary Jxamicntlon
commenced, the cjurt room being densely
crowded. Tho whole day was occupied in
taking Lord Gordon's testimony, which
was known to be a tissue of
Falsehood and Exaggeration.
Mr. Wilson was not allowed to act for the
defence, bu'. was permitted to occupy a
seat and confer vuth the counsel for the
dafenp:. V
Great Indignation"
IS felt against the authorities for the bigh
lrnded manner in which they are con
ducting l!e case. V- S. Consul Taylor Is
Worblns Eucrsetlcallj
on bahslt of the pr'soners. Tbe examina
tion proceeds very slowly and will probably
last several days yet.
Mayor Brackett, while in court yester
day, was arrested, but released shortly af
ter. However, his movements are closely
watched. He feels determined to see the
affajr through. Lord Gordon is freely
using his money, his friends having re
tained nearly all the lawyers. Every ob
stacle seems to ba thrown in the way to
prevent rebutting testimony being given.
Only one or two witnesses were-esamined
to-day, nothing new being excited by their
aionuioiitU IVirK Eacea.
Long Branch, July 10. Weather de
lightful for the fourth day's races, and track
in excellent condition. First race, July
stakes, value $500, added to sweepstakes of
$50 each, for two year olds, winner of hope
ful BtJks to carry five pounds extra; second
to receive 100 and the third ?50 out of the
stakes; three quarters of a mile. There
were 2a entries and 7 starters. Tho race
was won by King Amadeus in 1:18J,
"Scratch second and Culpepper third.
Tho second race was for grand sweep
stakes, value $3,000, added to sweepstakes
of $130 each, al) ages; second to receive
$50J and third $250 out of stakes; four
mile heats; (5 entries and 3 starters. Mc
Dauiels ic Co.'a ch. c. Hubbard, four years
old, won the first heat and race, distanciug
Rice i- McUorinick's b. f. Bessie Lee, four
years old, and Chamberlain's ch, c. H
ley, four years o!u, luiio
incnt intense.
Tim r.m
a iace was for a purso of $400,
or beaten norses, all ages, thoso beaten
onco allowed five pounds; twice, ten pounds;
three times, fourteen pounds; $250 to the
first; $100 to the second; and $50 to tho
tmra norse; ono ana a half mtlf s: lour
horses started, Minnie W., Valley Brooks,
Nevada, and Coffee's Lightning Colt. The
race was won by Lightning Colt in 2:431;
Valley Brook second; and Minnie W. third.
The Cheycnues nnd Arrapaltoes.
Sr. Louis, July 10. J. Golden, who has
been engaged with the party of Gen. Bar
rett in surveying the Cheyenne and Arra-
panoe Indisti reservations, arrived nero
irom Cheyenne agency, ono buudred miiea
north of Fort Sill, Indian Territory. He
reports about two-thirds of tho work com
pleted; also, that the Cheyenne Indians,
after eclebra ing their medicino festivities,
to do which Ibey left, their reservation,
started for Antelope hills. It is not kuown
where tuey will turn up next, out tne.r
agent does not seem to apprehend any
trouble. There wore S75 lodges of them.
One band of Cheyenues, under Little Robo
refused to follow the main bands and re
mained at the agency. The Arrapahoes
under Little Raven, Powder Face, Yellow
liear and Ji:c Mouth, numbering 4oU tooges,
arc on tbeir reservations and peaceable. It
is suid tney will defend tha whites against
the Cheyemi03 should the latter make an
Serious Accident in a Paper Mill.
Pittsburg, July 10. A serious accident
occurred at tho paper mill of A. Culbert
eon, Monongahela City, this rnorniug. The
mployes had been at wor - nut a short
liuic, when ono of tho steam driers burst,
knocking down a portion of the building.
A l-ov named Parkenson, working near the
drier," at the time of the explosion, was
hurled through a wall of ths building, and
struck igtinst a stone buildiug used as a
woikbouse, and was completely covered
with debris. Both of his leg3 aud one arm
were broken; it is thought he will not recov
er. Total loss caused by the accident is es
timated at $2,000.
Arrcht of a Forger.
HARiusiJuiio, July 10 A man named
J. G. Huriu. alias Harry Hudson, of New
York, was arrested here to-day, on a tel
cram from Pittsburg, chaiged vvith foruery,
It is alleged ho has obtained $2S.000 from
Germaida Bank. New York, fraudulently.
He has been committed to await the arrival
of officers.
A Fool and ilia Drains Part Com.
Norfolk, July 10. George Sands, a
mate in tho United States Navy, on duty on
n.ird the United States receiving snip JNew
Hampshire, at the Navy Yard, committed
snicide to-dav by shooting himself through
tho head with a navy revolver. The suic do
ihpliGved to have been caused by disap
pointment In lovo. Deceased was a son of
Joshua R. Sands, Rear Admiral U. S. N.
Her toss
Tine to Criminal
A Passenger's Statement.
New Yokk, July 10. A five column
statement of a city of Washington passen
gers charges that the loss of the steamer
was due to carelessness of her officers and
crow, and that all just barely escaped beln?
engulphod. j An ocean Captain a passenger,
frequently warned tho chief offiier that he
was running too far northward, and advised
running a hundred miles further south, but
the advice was disregarded though the sec
ond officer coincided in it. No sight was
taken for seven days, notwithstanding the
vessel was going through a heavy fog at the
rata of 12 or 13 knots and hour. Had she
struck at night, she wonld havo gone down,
or had she gone to the righl or left two
hundred yards she would have struck either
Green Island or the reefs, and
A Fearful toss of I.lfo
would Tiave ensued. Saloon passengers
werd mostly chatting or playing cards, when,
at half past one p. m. Saturday, the ship
went full speed on Gull Rock Shoal. She
give two slight bumps aud a tremendous
tremor ran through her. No one had the
smallest idea whero tho ship was. After
the lapse of half an hour thcrp was
Terrible Confusion,
tho cannon firing, fog-horn blowing, aud
women and children shrieking. A sailor
cried, "I hear a human yoico." A death
like silence followed, and soon two brave
men, Cornelius Swanburg and William
Ferguson, who had put out from tho shore,
in a small boat, climbed up the side of the
ship. The latter had risen from a sick bed.
Tho work of disembarking immediately
commenced under their guidance withthree
ship's boats, th6 second officer standing
at the gangway of the ladder with hatchet in
Threatened to Cut Down
any man who tried to get into tho boats be
fore the women. Meanwhile tho bumping
and scraping of the stern-post and rudder
continued, arousing fears lest the ship
would break in two. The steerage pas
sengers, however, remained remarkably
quiet, and no attempt to rush was made.
Some of tho women
Displayed Great Presence of 3Uud
and heroism, silting quietly till called upon
to disembark. A young Irish girl carm and
asKcq tns narrator, wnetner sue snouta
ever-, see Castle Garden at-all. On receiving
an affirmative reply, she wrapped an Ulster
csat around her, cava him & kis$, and de
scended to a small boat at onco. All on
shore, Gerrnan and Fins gathered in one
group, and the Irish emigrants In another.
All tho neighboring barns and out-houses
wero soon occupied, the adjoiniug fences
soon stripped of rails, fires built, biscr.it dis
tributed, coffesarved,and all were happy un
der a sense of great danger escaped. Cabin
ladies were received into the houses
of a Mrs. Harding and Mrs. Lewis, who.
with their daughters, cared for them like
Bllnlsterlng Angels.
Soon many pj the poor emigrants were
fast asleen lying abont in barns, on the beech,
and under banks and big rocks. Col. Par-
ueii,oi lue unite i sutes .army, was very
prominent in offering assistance to tho lat
ter, and conducting them to places of shel
ter. The ship doctor wa3 also very efficient
in erecting tents, distributing cordials, etc.
Tha oabln passengers raised a subscription
of $200 for the heroes
Swanburg and Pergnsou,
and mora will probably be forthcoming.
Stores, blankets, beef, buiscuit, etc., were
landed all day Sunday and Monday from
the ship. On Monday the ship was found
to lie in fifteen feet of water, apparently as
solid as tho rock sl'6 rested on. Had she
backed off on first striking, she would prob
ably have
Sunk in Flyo Jliuutes.
Ten minutes after striking, she began to
fill, and on Monday bad 15 feet of water in
her hold. When the narrator left, the neigh
borhood people were showing every atten
tion to the rescued passengers, and there
were p!eny of provfsions for all for some
days to come.
The Steamer DrcaUs In Tito.
Halifax, July 10. The wreck of tha
City of Washington oroke in two pieces on
Gull Rock Shoals this morning. The cap
tain, officers and crew were on hoard at the
lime, but succeeded in landing safely. The
M. A. Starr arrived at port Lebear last even
ing. All the passengers' luggage, etc., were
taken on board through the night, and pas
sengers embarked this morning. The
steamer left for Halifax this afternoon and
Is not expected hero ljefor? to-morrow
Shut Through the 2ie
Pivrrvv ATT T tt TT lrt
shot aud kill-' " -rnuVs.b, D0Ti
J,,: . ocorge A. Schleich, of Lan-
O.. this mornins. The former has
been claiming that tho latter was infringing
on a patent of his. Schleich, it appears,
underbid Doherty for a contract, upon
which ho was to commence work tnis
morning, un tne way, uoueny c-.mu u
a house, firing two shots. Schleich there
upon jumped from his wagon, endeavoring
to snleld himscn; nut uoneriy,ut!Lriuiueu
... . . ... J it .1
on dispatcuing his victim, nreu wirea u-
ditional balls, ono piercing the heirt ot
Schleich. The murderer was arrested.
The Jeivlfth Union.
Cixcinnati, July 10. Delegates to the
JewiEh'Conference re-assembled this morn-
iug. Resolutions were adopted requesting
tbe co-operatifin oi au jowisu congregations
in the United States, for securing a more
perfect union, tbat the formation oi a Jew
ish theological institute and other interes.s
of tha Jewish relicion may be promoted
thereby. By-laws for the body were adopt
ed. After which tuo lollowing executive
Board was elected :
B. Betman, S. Levy, J. Freeberg, M.
Loth, M. Hcllman, A. A. Kramer, Joel .
Moses, N. Steeuberg, II. Mack, N. Bloom,
L.Levy, L. W. Dembertz, 1. totrx, jM. i.
Blocb, L. Silverman, J. Rosenborg, n.
Bamberger, S. Meyer, S. Maun, A. E.
the first council of tha nowly-formed
union will ba hold in Cleveland, Ohio, tho
second Tuesday in July, 1&4. Conference
then adiourned.
The Executive Board met and organized
to-night, adopted a seal and prepared for
Immediate work. It was resolved to invito
the formation of co-operattive auxiliary so
cieties not members of the uuicn
An Unsuccessful Attempt nt Suicide,
St. Louis. July 10. J. W. Coan, trav-
eliug agent tjr Bamberger & Co., Philadel
phia, attempted suiciuo to-uay uy Euoonng
himself with a revolver. The baU struck
near the forehead, llattened and plowed
around to tho riglr- ear, making an ugly
wound. Coan had a wife aad children at
Elgin, BI. Finaucial trouble and whisky
are said to have been the csuso of the act.
Horrid JInrder.
A man named E. Daniels, of Brooklyn,
N. Y.. was found to-day m a held a short
distance from East St. Louis, with his
throat cut from ear to ear and windpipe se
vered. He was not dead when found, but
no hopes of his recovery.
Collision-Severn! Persons Injured
Tho Kirkwood accommo -tetion, on tho
Atlantic Pacific Railroad, collided about 8
o'clock to-night with tho Eastern-bound
Express, near Laclede Station, a few miles
from the city. The engino was considera
bly damaged and tho baggage car thrown
from the track. Tho eucineer of the ac
commodation train was seriously and sev
eral others slightly iDjured.
'the New Trade Dollar.
FiiiLADKLPinA, July 10. The mint is
engaged in remelting vast quantities of light
cold coins, ainco .ian. l, some twenty
three million dollars' worth have been
mi'ltod. and ten millions more will ha re
ceived this week. Orders for the new trade
dollars will bo filled in tho early part of
next week. Over a million of dollars of
gold were received from New York to-day
for recoinage.
Uloro of the Passenger Ticket Swindle
New Yobk, July 10 On the arrival of
tho Washington train or tne Pennsylvania
Railroad at Jersey City, yesterday, t.w.a of
ficials were arrested, supposed to be in a
combination of conductors and gate keep
ers to rob tho company, by falling to cancel
and re-selling passenger tickets.
A Sad Case.
Frederick Roxo, a coffeo merchant in
Rio Janeiro, mado application in tho Su
premo Court yesterday for a writ of habeas
corpus to secure his daughter, whomRoxo's
wife carried off with her to this city, when
she eloped from Rio with the, brother of
A Hardened Young Criminal.
When Walworth donned the prison uni
form at Sing Sing, yesterday, ha remarked:
"I have gained seven pounds in clothes
since I cam9 here. I feel now like engag
ing In a base ball match." He remarked of
.the handcuffs which linked him to Glllen,
the wife-murderer, "They ara the starchiest
cufis I ever wore."
Two More Unfortunates.
The .Emerald Association of Brooklyn,
had a picnic yesterday. On returning and!
while the banjo was making fast to the ;
dock, John McLaughlin, one of tho excursionists,-and
married, was accidentally kill
ed by being struck with a boulder thrown
from the dock. Soon afterwards, while a
number of young men who had beeu on
the excursion, wero returning homo, one of
them hurled a stone at an Ice croam vender
which missed him and struck a lad named
Kelly, causing death soon afterwards. No
Death of a Noted Trotter.
Tho trotter Charles E. Low, formerly
Patchen Chief.died in 27th street last night.
His owner had just accepted an offer of
$15,000 for the animal.
An Illegal Arrest.
Martinsville, July 10. Quite an ex
citement prevails here over the arrest made
last week of John Bishop, charged with
killing a man in Kentucky last Christmas.
Two men, seeking the reward offered,
claiming to hava authority froai the Gov
ernor, took him just in time to make the G
o'clock A. n. train for Louisville. Bishop's
friends have since looked Into the matter,
finding no authority for the same, and have
received a. requisition from Gov. Hendricks
for hi? return to this State. Tha parties
declare full vengeance of the law against tha
two men making the arrest, providing they
can find them.
Communication Kcsamed.
St. Louis, Mo., July 10. A special from
Lawrence, Ks., dated tha "28th, and incor
porated in an associoted preas d;sitch at
Chicago yesterday, stating that half a mile
of the Missouri Pacific Railroad washed in
to theMhsourl river, nearKickapor,Tuesday
night wa greatly exaggerated. Only 300
feet of track was washed out aud commu
nication was restored in. ten hours by cut
ting Into the bluff and building a now track.
Some of the Iaichy Qaes.
Louisville, July 10. The $20,000
prize in tho late Library Lottery was won
by five gmilenien in Lebanon, Ky., names
not given. The hundred thouiand priza
was hell as follows: Three-lburths by Hen
ry Boass, a liquor dealer on a sin ill scale in
this city, and tha other one-fourth by F. J.
Be'chsrt, saloon keeper, and Christopher
Smiles, blacksmith. Boass is a very qu;et,
lotirlog, upright man; the other parties are
well respected generally, showing that the
prize has fallen to poor and deserving
The aiordetni.HeCartliy Duel.
Richmond, July 10. In the case of Dr.
Cullen, one of the surgeons in the Morde-cai-ilcCarthy
duel, who refused to testify
before the Grand Jury ou t'je cround that
he might criminate hiaself, the Judge de
cided to-day he must answer tho questions
propounded by the Grand Jury or oe. neiu
for contempt of court. Counsel asked for
suspension of sentence in order to appeal,
which was granted, aud the commitment of
witness waa postponed till that time. The
Grand Jury found a verdict of cullty of
murder agalnsi McCarthy ingthe due; wti;
a niiiid itiirncd to Death.
MTTivATnrwK. Julv 11. A little chil'l of
Tr. TUnsinr. on Hanover street, was burned
to death last night by a kerosene lamp ex
ploding. The parents had retired, leaving
tne lamp nurmug near iuu cuiwsu""
A Burglar Killed.
Milwaukee. July 10 A young burglar
named Behrens,tesiding on Eleventh street,
was shot dead this morning while trying to
escape from an officer. He had been rob
bing the store of his own uncle.
Incendiary Fire.
Dujwque, July 10. An incendiary fire
at Waukeena, Fayette county, on Tuesday,
destroyed the store and goods of Snell &
Pigue," valued at $10,000.
Condensed Telegrams.
The Yellow Stone expedition has been
heard from. They have experienced no
trouble from the Indians so far.
The Dominion authorities have directed
inquiries into the loss of tha City of Wash
ington. DeKalb, 1113., reports a five thousand
dollar fire.
A severe wind and hall storm passed over
Iowa City yesterday, doing considerable
damage to trees, orchards and crops.
The naintinrr, in the Governor's room in
the tity Hall, JST. Y., are to bo sold under
Fred. Winterhalter, a celebrated portrait
paiuter, died in London yesterday.
Mary Carloton, tha woman who pretend
ed to havo been robbed by ruffians on the
railroad track near Suncook, N . H., is be
lieved to havo been principal or accessory
to obstructing the track.
Chas. 15. Fuller, a prominent merchant
of Rockland, Mo., was arrested last night
for alleged rape upon his step-daughter, aged
13 vears.
Littlo Rock reports two storms during
Cincinnati reports five deaths from cholera
The Shah was highly delighted with his
reception in Pari3, aud acted like a child at
a fiir.
Only one death from cholera was reported
by the Mempais uoaru 01 iieatin yesteraay.
A correspondent of the Washington
Chronicle writes from Mount Vernon:
"It is said that Mrs. Washington, after
tlin death of her husband, closed up her
room and occupied the one immediately
above, that she might moro plainly see the
tnmh where her beloved was sleeplnc, and
where sho ioined him two years Ister. It
Is not generally known that this old tomb
was broken into about forty years ago, and
a sknll stolen from it, which wa3 subse-.
mientlv exhited by the scoundrel in New
York aa the skull of Washington. Ho was
soon arrested, of course, and the skull re
turned to the tomo. it was not, However,
tha skull which had contained the brain that
had directed our armies In tha dark hours
of the Revolution, and which in peace had
made permanent the blessings secured. On
examicg ms conn me irame was iounu in
tact. It was removed, with Mrs. Wash
ington's, soon after, under a resolution of
Congress, to the on8 it now occupies.
In a recent case of assault with intent to
kill in Indiana, It was shown that the affray
came about from the isthcr insisting on re
malning in the room with his daughter and
her beau. The jury cleared the young man,
knowme that nothing could be more vexa
tious than for a fellow to sit up Snnday
night with a handsome gial and her old dad
at once.
Carllsta Capture a Town.
IIadeid, July 10 The Carlists have
captured the town of San Gucsa, in Navarre,
and ehot a tax collector.
Tho TIchbornc Case.
LoxDoir, July 10 The case for the pros
ecution against the Tichborna claimant
closed to-day, aud tho trial adjourned until
the 21st instant.
Cholera in Prnssla.
JBerliw, July 10. A dispatch fromBros
lau says violent typo of cholera has appear
ed in that city. There havo been eighteen
cases, fourteen proving fatal. In Lauter
burg, thirty-four miles northeast of Straa
burg, there were eight ctses, four fatal.
Claim Against Uncle Samuel.
London, July 10. An advertisement
appears this morning, calling a meeting of
all parsons who have claims against the
United States, which arose after tha term
inal date fixed in the treaty of Washington,
for tho purposa of taking joint action for
the advancement of their interests.
Honor Conferred.
Vienna, July 10. The Emperor has
conferred the Grand Cross or Order of
Francis Joseph ou Baron Scnwarz, Dlrec-
Summoned for Trial.
Constantinople, July 10. Moham
med Pacha lus been summoned to Con
stantinople to bo tried for acts committed
when ho was Vizier.
Madbid, July 10. LenorLuner, minis
ter of tho Colonies, will introduco a .meas
uia in the Cortes to-day, applying the pro
visions of tho federal constitution with cer
tain restrictions, to the island ofPorto Rico.
Held as Hostages..
The Carlists have seized 34 residants of
Marsa and hold saien of them hostases for
i tha safe return of insurcenta now in the
hands of the Republicans. The remain
ing 27 are held for ransom.
Beaignation Accepted.
The resignation of Gen. Nouvillas as
commander iu ch ef of the army of tho
north lias hoen accepted. It is said that
Gen Cordova wih la appointed successor.
Tho New Italian Government.
Florence, Jnly 10 The crisis in tho
Italian Ministry lias terminated. Sleuor
Minghetti, who waj summoied to this city
by tho King, formed a Cabinet, which is
constituted as follows: President of Coun
cil and Minister of Finance, Signor Ming
hetti; Minister of Foreign Affairs, Signor
Viscounte Venosta; Ulnlster of the Interior,
Signor Contolll; Minister of Justice and
Ecclesiastical Affairs, Signor Viclianl; Min
ister ot War, Lieuteriant-General Ricottl
Magnanl, Minister of Marine, Signor Spa
venta; Minister of PaUtc Instruction, Slg-
nor Scialoga; MInister'of Commerca and j
Agriculture, Signor Final;. !
Tho Steamer Yirglnluii.
Havana, July 10. The stcamshiD Vir-
ginius has arrived at Kingston, Jamaica,
from Aspinwall. She was followed out of
thelatter port by the United States steamer
.Kansas, and the Spanish frigato Bazin, but
in consequence oi aer anterior speed, she
soon outrun them.
The Utean War.
London, July 10. Herald special Gen.
K-vuflinan telegraphs details of military op
erations prior to the capture of Khiva. The
dispatch was delayed at Orenburg, owing
to tbe Inability to wire a foreign language.
Gen. KauGman cros.-ed tho Oxus June first,
with ten pieces of artillery, two mitrailleus
es, 1,500 infantry and GOO cavalry. Having
passed Adamkulgan May 14,
Water Doing Scarco,
camels were sent back for a supply, causing
a delay of om week. Gen. Kauffnna at
tacked Adam Knrseland, and repulsed the
famous brigand Sadik Valtak.
KulTering Terribly
from want of watsr, Kanffman pushed
forward reaching Oock Ookak on the Oxus,
skirmishing all the way for tho last twenty
miles. He reached water and charged the
Turcomans, capturing 11 boats. Follow
ing the river for 50 miles, he arrived oppo
site this station May 2S, at a strong fort on
the left bank. Gen. GolavaschoQ" opened
fire and
Silenced the Khivan Guns,
Meantime Macgasson had wandered in
tho desert from point to point on uucertain
Information, following in tho wake of the
army until two of his horses died from
hunger and thirst, finally he reached the
Oxus. May 23 the Kbivans
Offered Submission,
and Kauffman crossed in captured boats,
nnd was met by a friendly proclamation.
The inhabitants brought bieao, fruit, goats,
etc., for wliich the Rnsians paid enormous
prices, having l.'.Ved for the past week on
black blscuii' Maiched on Fort Kasauash
on Juiye 4, 10 miles from the river and 40
irom KU'Va. ine troops campoa m gul
dens filled with ripa apricots andmulber
rie3. Tha whole available force of C0.000
men then continued to move on Khiva
with a certain prospect of a brilliant suc
Tho Germans evacuating ram-c.
Paris. Julv 12. In accordanco with tho
trnatv sinned in Berlin last March, under
wmch tne departments ox v aspur, .mcuuca
and Meurthe, Mosselle, as well as the for
tress Arondisement oi iieitast arc to De
p.vacnated on nayment of tha second In
stallment of the last milliard indemnity, the
fiprman troon3 commenced to retire on the
M inst. The withdrawal will continue by
detachments until tha 15th of August, when
the above mentioned counties will be en
tlrely evacuated.
.1. W. Newman writes" to the Herald
nf TTmlth as follows:
Pnnefiminsr bathing of the body, I thiok
nnr sanitarians are yery extravagant, and
they have done great public mischief by
setting the great towns to plunder tho
ricp.rs of their supplies from the head
streams. Even tho Prophet Mohammed, a
fanatic of cleanliness, regarded friction
with sand as compensatory for washing.
if nnv ono supposes that tho limb3 and
trunk of the body cannot be kept as per
fectly clean by dry rubbing as by any
amount of washing, I S3y ho has some
thins to learn.
Undoubtedly, in a hot climate or hot
weather there is nothing so pleasant and so
rapidly effectual a3 batbing, if tna lempeia
ture of the water Is not too low, as It is apt
to ba with us even in our hottest weather.
T hava always enioved swimminjr, but re
luctantly give It up because tha cold make3
my bands dead, wmc 1 cannon oe neaunuu
I onco broucht on a severe attack of Hlnes!
by using a sitz bath. All the hardy barba
rians of the North havo at all times been re
preached by Southern people for their neg
lect in washing. The old ltoman3 did not,
as a nation, betake themselves to baths till
tho era of effeminacy sat in. Tacitus say3
of the Germans: "In the in dst cf this dirt
they grow up.into those limbs which we ad
mire." The Scythians of Herodotus were
reported not to wash, but 'in cold weather,
st distant intervals, to cover their bodies
with a hot. snlov paste.
It dried on them, and dropped off when
cold, leaving the llesh clean. JNortnern
races know tha: cold water takes strength
out of them. 2nd they do not volunteer to
touch it. Their practice has more weight
with ma thau recent theories. JSo aoutr.
where hot baths, warm dressing-room, and
luxurious towels can bo commanded,
warm bathing tends to human beauty.
PerhaDS it makes a more delicate
animal susceptible to cold. I think it does.
A hot air-bath is a very different thing, and
more akin to the Scythian practice. But
granting that wealth may advantageously
avail itseli of warm vater, with a cold
shower-bath after it, does that justify a uni
versa! command to men and women, rich
and poor, to wash'thelr whole bodies every
day in cold water, as many of our sanita
ries do?
Two weddings are to take place shortly
In Paris between American young ladies
aud Europeans. Miss Paulino Howard is
to marry a Belgian, tho Baron d'Alte. Tho
ceremony takes place at St. Phillip de Roule;
the wedding tour, California, via New York.
MiS3 Mary Peck of Hartford, Conn., mar
ries Capt. de Xassey, an Italian officer who
served during our war on the staff of Gen.
Hancock. This ceremony takes place at
the Madelalno. Hits Peck's trousseau la
the perfection of taste and beauty,
Kobertsoa County and Genuine log Distilled Lincoln County Whiskies,
Every kind of LIQUORS usually kept In Liquor Establishments always on hand, to.
gether with CIGARS and TOBACCOS,
mh61y S3 W JLlNTO- cfc OO.
Offlce, 2?o. 4 Sonth Xtartcct,
"Wfi make our Paper from Rags and pure Hemp.
We uso no pasta or clay to fill np type.
my25 3m lstp
Dog poisoning is quite prevalent in Pu
laski. The Record says the cholera has disap
peared from that town.
The Mayor of Knoxville has prohibited
the sale of melons in that city.
Capt. C. P. Jones has been elected
County Attorney by the County Court of
A. young man named Barnbill was drown
ed in the Tennessee river, near Savannah,
on the 2d inst., while bathing.
A man named R. 1L Meynatt, of Union
county, committed a robbery In Knox
comity on tha 7th inst., for which ho was
arrested and committed to jail.
The Murfreesboro Monitor says all of our
formers of Ilutherford county, have about
finished harvesting their oats, and they re
port that tha crop is a good deal above the
The County Superintendent of Public
Instructlonfor Itoane county is allowed a
salary of $100, besides S2 for each teacher
he msy examine.
Th3 kitchen of Henry Brannan, of Gilej
county, was burned down on the Gth inst..
and with it was destroyed tha greater part
01 na Kitcnen lurmture and table ware.
The Savannah JYeiM of the 8th inst.
says: Irriu S. DeFord killed a rattle snake
last week, in the vicinity of Savannah, that
measured six feet five and one half Inches
In langth, four and five-eights inches through
tha center of tbe body and had fourteen J
At a meeting of the Directors of the Mc-
Minnville and Manchester Railroad, held in
Tullahoma on tha 3d inst., for the purpose
of electing officers for tha ensuing twelve
months, resulted in the election of Col. P.
H. Marbury as President, and Col. John H.
i rench as Secretary.
Tha Kingston iVeics of the Sth instant
says: A union revival meeting is said to be
in progress in the v?iley a short distance
above Rockwood. We learn that some
twenty-five persons have already mado a
profession of religion, while many more
are manifestly interested.
'ibe Jaunreesboro Monitor oi the 10th
Inst. says: Crops, both cotron and corn,
are still involved in weeds and grass, but
the farmers have taken advantage of. tho
favorable weather the past week, and are
making some progress towards cettlnE: their
crops in good growing condition.
ine apringbeld Record of the 10th mat.
says: I no oat crop "of Robertson county
was never better than tbe present year.
From presentindicatlons the yield of corn
In this section will be immense. In some
sections of our county the reports from the
wneat yield 13 anything but encouraging.
The ClarksTille Tobacco Leaf of the 9th
inst. has the following from Erin, Houston
county: "There. have been twelve deaths
from cholera slnco June 24, eight whites
anu tour colored. Tnos. A. Guman, com
mission merchant, died there of cholera last
week. W. J. Thoma?, freight agent, was
attacked with cholera, but i3 recovering.
Business houses are nearly all closed. The I
doctora have fled the place and left the peo
ple to take care of themselves."
Tne McMinnvme Hew Era of-tho 10th
inst. says: Our eld and greatly respected
fellow citizen, Thos. Kell, was in town last
Thursday, wearing a pair of cotton pants,
the cloth of which was spun and wove, and
tha pants made by his wifa fifty years ago.
The pants are perfectly sound In all their
parts, never having been patched or mend-
cu iii Akij oiiujrc oiuio Lucy ncic uiou ujauc, ito
in tho early days of the ancient couple's
married life. Mr. Kell 13 now eighty three
years old, and walks as spry and as erect as
most of our young men; and we hope he
may last as long as the pants, which look
as though theyhad a quarter, of a century's
good service in them yet.
The Pulaski Citizen ci' tha 10th instant
says : The following Is vouched for by re
sponsible parlies : Mr. Jas. Paisley, who
lives near Pleasant Hill, in Giles county,
has a hon that has been upon tha place
twelve or fourteen years. She layed eggs,
hatched and scratched for chickens, and at
tended to all the business that usually fals
to the lot of hens during all tbb time up. to
a few weeks ago, when sho suddenly quit
all these habits and commenced to be a
rooster. She dropped the cackle and com
menced to crow, her comb grew up bright
and red and lier tail sprouted a magnificent
suit of drooping variegated feathers, and
she now goes thiough the whole routine of
business that roosters generally attend to.
Sho has likewise become young again, and
stmts about with the alacrity and vi'ai of a
youug rooster not out of his teens
The Pulaski Citizen says: A Pulaski
lawyer rusticated in Lawrence during tha
cholera scare, and while there spent his
time in angling. Ono day a friend came
across him quietly sitting upon tho bank of
one of the beautiful streams kthat meander
through the county, his pole firmly wed
ged under a rock and his eye fixed on the
cork. Tho usual questions elicited the facta
that he had been fishing there three hours,
hadn't got a bite, and that ho baited with a
frog. The friend sat down to talk and help
watch, and during tha time noticed a chunk
sticking out of tho water and a frog quitet
ly sbnning liimself on it. "Did you say
you were fishing T?ith a frog?" "Yes; and
it's poYerful poor bait, or there's mighty
few fish here." "Well, yonder's your frog
on that chunk." The lawyer raised his
pole, and sure enough the frog fell from tho
chunk and camo to the bank with the book.
One of the most remarkable exploits of
modern geographical research was recently
recounted by its performer before the Rojil
Geographical Society. In 1872 2Tey Elias, a
distinguished English traveller, started from
Pekiu westward to cross the great desert of
Gobi, aud in honor of bis splendid march of
two thousand miles to Western Mongolia
and his survey, which ho accomplished un
aided, ha has just received tha Founder's
Gold Medal of the Itoyal Geographical So
ciety. His total journey from Pekin, China,
to St. Petersburg, across tho heart of Asia,
is probably the longest land journey on re
cord, and one of the most Interesting to
geographers. While his astronomical ob
servations for latitude and longitude fur
n:Bh, for the first time, the data necessary
to lay down the geography of Central Asia
on a mathematical basis, his other explora
tions enable us to form a clear ide. of physi
cal structure and interior characteristics of
ths great Continent.
Thebk is a girl at 'Marietta, Georgia, who
extorted a confession from her lover that
he was worth tut one hundred dollars and
some clotbig, and was too poor to marry.
Now tb's cruel creature looked searchlngly
into his face and said: "And is this tho
reason you have postponed so often our
marriage?" "Yes," he replied. "Then,'
she said, "it shall bo so no longer wo will
get married." And the poor young rnirtyr
was cut off in the prime of youth and single
blessedness. Thus are the weak oppressed
and the cruel made strong.
Can a bullet be said to resemble a sheep
when it grazes?
Arc constantly receiving; supplies or Envelopes, Writing and Fine Wrap
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SO Ilnrrols Old Lincoln County Whisky;
SO Barrels Old Bonrbon Whisky;
50 Barrels Old Hyo Whisky;
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25 Barrels California Grape Brandy;
25 Barrels California fort Wine;
25 Barrels California Sherry Wine; f
25 Barrels Angellco Wine;
25 Bankets Champagne; ' 'Wf
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3Vr-X2-OXX SO, 1830."

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