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. 3TV add Marine,
Capital, $soo,ooo.oo
Office in the Company's
Jlro. 30 JVorth (college St.
JoJm Jjumsden, tPret,
G. P. Thmston, Vice Preset .
2). Cft. Johnson, Sec? if .
Union Ticket Office, Maxwell House!
A. II. Robinson, Agent.
Arrival anil Departure of Trains
at Nashville.
GKKAT SOUTHERN. JOepot, North Col-
leco street. j. .k. iiroous, Agent.
Northern. Eastern and,
AVeitern Express..!.. . ' 5:00 A. it.
Northern, Eastern and, .
Western Express. ....;t2:S0 a.m.I G:00p.m
Northern. Eastern and, i
Western Express f 1;55 r. n. f 5:50 a. m
Mobile &X O. Ext ress 0:10 a.ix. 12:40 a.m,
Pecatnr Maildiscontn'd, South , H30r.it,
Unllstin Accoraraod'on 3:4i r.ll.lt 9:10 ,ir.
C. T. ATJSIOBE, Gen'l I'a s. and Ticket Agent.
HT. X.OUIS Depot, Chnrch etrt-et. T. M
Cunningham, Ticket Agent.
feetitbern . J-.'m Mail., f 7:45 a. ji.'t 12:15 r. m
" " Exurt f 8:00 v. si. 1 30 A.M
Pt l)ais & Memphis Ex 1:45 a. si. t 4:80 r. m
" N. Orleans Mil f 12:20 r. si. 4:45 A. si,
Memphis Sight Express 7:00 r. si. 4:45 a. si,
Mielbyville Accomni'du't 4:00 r M t 9:45 A.M,
V. Ii. DANLEY, Gen'l Pasf. & Ticket Agent.
(Connollilntrd.) Depot, North College
street. J. N. Urooks, Ticket Agent.
St. Louis. Wcttern and
McmphlB Exprets.... 2:30 r. si. 1:40 r.si
"W. B. DAVENPORT, G. T. A., St. Louis.
Daily. Daily except Monday.
Cherry attct.
Tfiiit daily, exceit S un
it gy
4:00 r. si. I 9:10 A- si
JLINE KAII.HOAD. Trains leaire ana ar
rive at Louisville as follows:
jouthern East Luie,cx-
cept Sunday ' 6:00 A. si.
Cincinnati Exprt'i, d'lv- 3:50 r. X.
Cincinnati night Ex
press, except Sunday 11:00 r. si.
l.exincton Mail, except
Suuday ' 5:30 A. M.
liCxIngton Expres, ex-1
cept Sunday ' 2:50 r. si.
Lagrange Accommoda
tion, except Sunday' 5:00 a. si.
Lagraiigu Accommoda-
tion, except Sunday.. 9:35 A. si.
Sliclbyville Accoiumo-j
tlation, except Sunday 5:30 A. SI.
ShelliyviHe Acconimo-'
dation.exceptSunday, 5:00 r. si.
Jihclbyville Accommo-i
elation, Sunday only..! 8:30 A. St.
' 7:00 p.
1230 P.
5:15 A.
0:30 A.
11:30 r.
8:13 p. si,
3:30 r. si,
3:30 P. SI,
6:15 A. si,
7:00 r. si
Trains leave and arrive at Cincinnati as
follows from Marietta and Cincinnati Depot,
Pearl and Plum streets:
Raltimorc, "Washington
& Philadelphia Ex.. . 7:35 A. si. 6:20 r. St.
Daltiiuoro & New York' I
Vast Line 1:00 r. si. 4:00 r. si
Washington, Philadel
phia & New York Ex.!l0:30 p. si. 8:30 P.St,
The 1:30 P. si. and 10:30 P. si. trains run daily,
Washington & Balti
more Express
Baltimore & New York
;30 A. 51. .. 2:15 r. SI.
Knit Line 10:30 a
Cumberland Express..., 9:45 P.
10:20 r.
1 5:30 A.
This is the only line miming Pullman palace
draving-room and sleeping cars to Washington
Baltimore and Plul.nl
tdclphia without change.
New Advertisements.
Ne.'oml-hatnl counters for sale.
Two houses on Park street for rent.
Or. Atchison has removed his office to
!No. 117 Church street.
Chancery sale of a lot near Nashville Isc
i ember 27.
Ditfcon & Co.s celebrated" Home Musical
Cr. IJradley. 145 South Market, adver
tises for.olHJ bbls. of eggs.
No freight will be received or delivered
at the C, N. & St. L. ileiwt to-morrow.
Hitrch & Alwrnathy, corner of Jackson
and College streets, are delivering wood in
the city at $4.50 per conl. Cheap.
English Papers.
We acknowledge our indebtedness to
Thus. Wain for late English iiapers.
Commissioner of Deeds.
The Governor yesterday commissioned
Wm. B. Hill, of Baltimore, Commissioner
of Deeds for Tennessee.
Preaching: at Hie Penitentiary.
Uev. F. E. Pitts will preach to the con
victs in the penitentiary to-morrow,
(Thanksgiving Day) at 1 o'clock.
School Money.
The Comptroller yesterday issued a war
r.mt in favor of Monroe county for S7G1-7!,
the amount ol school money being due that
The Mr. Levi referred to in our police
report yesterday morning is not Mr. S. Levi,
the clothing dealer on North Market street,
near the Public Square.
Nashville Library.
An adjourned meeting of the Nashville
Library Association will be held to-night
at half-past 7 o'clock; bv order of the Presi
dent. W. F. Cooper.
ThaiiUsjrJvinff Service In Eiljjcliclrt.
We are requested to announce that the
Presbyterian. Baptist, Cumberland Presby
terian and Methodist Churches, of North
Eedirfield. will hold a joint Thanksgiving
service at Tulip Street church to-morrow
morning at 11 o'clock.
Woman Rights.
The Clttitlnnooia ('oinincrciul of the
'J5lh inst. says. A woman entered one of
lhe well known saloons of our city yester
day, and, taking her husband by the collar
of his coat, led him out, giwng him a the
same time two or three gentle persuaders,
with her little foot, to the tune of -'father,
come home."
In yesterday's issue we hail a paragraph
from the Jackon Whig uwl Tromic, head
ed. "A Man Hun over by a Train."' In the
sentence which reads. 'The Whig and
Tribune gives a full account of the occur
ence, and thinks Kell will be found guilty
ou a fair trial," the word guilty should
have been guiltlcKx.
.ludge Connally F. Trigg left for Mem
phis last evening to preside over the United
Jiialcs Circuit and District Courts at that
ludgo II. H. Emmons arrived here yes-I'-i-dayT
and will be found on the bench of
I In- Federal Court this morning, when the
equity docket will be taken up. and all
nes "that arc ready disposed of.
m ip
To He Trlcil To-tlay.
onrad Keseler, who killed his wife in
Edgefield on Sunday last, will have his ex
amining trial to-day before a bench of
Magistrates, composed of T. D. Cassetty,
Istnc Paul and B. S. Miller. The trial will
lake place in the Criminal Court-room, at
10 o'clock.
i p
.Sausage ami "Sich."
Porkers are being brought in by the car
bud evervdav over the St. Louis and
S uthe.isteni railroad and consigned to
IHrt, & Hensley. and Hooper, Whitworth
A: Co., which linns will comort them into
ignitions- lu'sr.i ,nid life-sustaining sau-
Nashville Savings Company.
lu O. TARBOJJC, fcasliicr.
THUS. S. MAR It, President.
Deposits received and interest allowed thereonj
Loans Negotiated; Collections ilade,
and General fianking'kusl
Janl ly new transacted.
Tennessee bonds, old
Tennessee bonds, new ......: 73
lennessee nonas, mstuue.: 53
Tennessee coupons, past due 53
TenncOT5'cOuions, fundable 53
uoriipirouers warrants
Davidson county bonds, past due. 88
Davidson county bonds, duo 74 88
Davidson county bonds, due 75 87
lsaviuson county bonus issueu 10 Tennessee
and Pacilio road 13
Davidson county coupons.. 92
Davidson county warrants.... tz
Wilson county bonds, duo79
.... 80
.... 74
.... 74
.... 70
.... 85
.... 85
.... 85
. t . 81
.... 78
Wilson county nonas, uue
Wilson county bonds, due '90
lonigomery county minus
Montgomery county coupons
Nashville city bonds, past due. . . .
UIU, UUU t-i.
" " old, due "75.
old, due Ti.
" " old, duo "79.
" old. due '82.
" signed Brown C5
" " signed Alden CO
Park 25
" signed Morris or Ker-
cheval, due 4 90
" 15 88
" " 76 80
" " T7 83
" " 18 s 81
' 79 79
'80 : 77
Nashville coupons, off old bonds 90
. jirown uonas eo
" " Alden bonds C5
" Park bonds 25
"t " Morris or KcrchevaL... 97
Nashville and Chattanooga llallroad bonds.
endorsed, due 74 90
' " 18 80
83 72
East Tennessee and Virginia Railroads b'ds,
a "t i
enuorceu i-
East Tennessee and Georgia ltailroad b'ds,
endorsed 72
Nashville and Decatur ltaliroad bonds, sec
ond mortgage, cs w
Memphis and Charleston llallroad, lirst
mortgage 80
Memphis and Charleston Uailroad, second
mortgage 74
Mississippi Central Kailroad, llrst Mort
gage, 7's 83
Mississippi Central Kailroad, second mort
gage, S's 81
Murfreesboro city bonds CO
Murfreesboro coupons 90
Buying. Selling.
American gold 108 109
Gold coupons 108 109
Gold drafts on New York 109 110
American silver ( us vs 102 10G
American silver (5s and 10s). .... 102 105
40s, War or 1812 S :
80s, War Of 1812 75
80s, Not War of 1812 75
120s, War of 1812. 115
120s. Not AVar of 1812. 115
ICOs, War of 1812. 140
IGOs, Not War of 1812 140
Louisville and Nashville Kailroad stock. ... 45
Nashville and Chattanooga railroad stock. G5
Nashville and Decatur Railroad stock 38
East Tennesce and Georgia Railroad stock 50
Memphis and Charleston Kailroad stock.-.. 15
South Jfashville Street Railroad stock CO
North Nashville Street Railroal stock 20
Spruce Street Railroad stock.. . . .
Suspension Bridge btock .-.
Nashville Gas Light Company...,
Cotton Factory stock ,
First NationalBank stock
Second " " " ,
Third " " ,
Fourth " " - "
Planters' Bank btock
Vnion Bank stock
. . . c.
... 40
... CO
... 03
... 03
... no
Commercial Insurance Company.
Equitable Insurance Company
State Insurance Company.
Nashville Life Insurance Company.
Bank of Tennessee, old issue
Bank of Tennessee' new issue
Bank of Tennessee, signed Torbett
Bank of Post notes
Bank of Chattanooga
Bank of Commerce
Bank of Knoxvillc
Bank of Memphis
Bank of Middle Tennessee
Bank of Paris
Bank of Shelhvville
... 95
... pa
Bank of the union ;
Bank of West Tennessee
Buck's Bank
City Rank
Commercial Bank
Life and General Insurance Company
Merchants' Rank
Northern Bank
Ocoee Bank
Planters' Bank
Southern Bank
Traders' Bank
Union Bank
There' is very' little change in money mat
ters. The banks have all resumed Jiay
ments in currency in full, and have been
for weeks, but they do not yet feel justified
in discounting as freely as they did before
the panic. On maturing pajier they expect
at least part payments, and lor the balance
they generally renew for a short tune.
Exchange on New York, in the sliaiie of
bank or baiders' checks are taken at par,
and in remitting for collections the banks
charge .
feicht cotton dratts on -New lorK are 111
demand at 4 ofl".
Gold opened in New York yesterday at
100?, declined to 10!H and closed at 10'Jl
Brokers here pav 10S and hold at 110, with
verv little doing. Silver is taken at 102 for
halves and quarters.
Government bonds are firm. The fol
lowing are the quotations at 2:25 :
United States six per cents of 1881.. 113
Five-twenty bonds of 18C2 103
Five-twenty bonds of 18G4 109
Five-twenty bonds of 18C5 110-
Five-twenties, new issue, 1865 1134"
Five-twenties, new issue, 1867 114
Five-twenties, new issue, 18G8 114j
Ten-forties. 108
New live per cents 109 if
Currency sixes 110
Tennessee bonds arc much higher, closing
in New lorkat 4. Dealers here would
pay 73, while they hold at 70c lhe past
due eouiwns are worth about y4c.
Comptroller's warrants are in firm de
mand by tax-payers. Dealers pay SS09O
and hold at 'Joe.
Our local securities are quiet, with none
on the market. For quotations we refer to
those given by the Nashville Savings Com
pany, comer Union and Uollege streets.
The Cotton Movement.
The Sew York Financial Chronicle has
returns from the Southern ports, showing
the receipts exports, etc., 01 cotton lor the
week ending Nov. 21. It appears that the
total receipts lor the seven days have reach
ed 133.3SU bales against 124-000 bales last
week, 128,111 bales the previous week, and
lOS.Oot) bales three weeks since, making the
total receipts since the first of September,
1S73, 850.100 bales against 1,000,5)40 bales
for the same period of 1872, showing a
decrease since Sept. 1, 1S73, of 150,840
bales. The exports for the week ending
same date reach a total of 83,530 bales, of
which 5S,011 bales were to Great Britain,
11, 70S bales to France, and 13,787 bales to
the rest of the continent, while the stocksas
made up are now 3S1.00S bales. Com
pared with the corresponding week of last
season, there is an increase in the exports
this week of 0.127 bales, while the stocks
a-e 13,085 bales more than they were at this
time a year ago. We make the following
extracts' from.the Chronicle at hand :
The Situation'. Our article on ''The
Stoppage of our Cotton Mills," Nov. 1, ap
pears to have correctly foreshadowed the
relief which has since been realized; in
stead of disaster accumulating (as the timid
were prophesying) the condition financially
and commercially has, since then, been im
proving regularly, and of late rapidly. At
that time we pointed to the growingstrength
of the banks (so decidedly changed for the
tetter) as ensuring us against a recurrence
of the panic. To-day the banks are far
stronger, and daily gaining, so that com
mercfal and financial affairs appear to be
fast returning to their old channels. But
notwithstanding this improvement in the
general situation, and although we think
the recouory in cotton during the past two
weeks lias been natural and healthy, still it
strikes Us that a speculation in this staple
at the present time is peculiarly hazard
ous. 1. Our own consumption is likely to be
considerably short of last year. The ex
tent of this cannot be determined at pre
sent. We are inclined to believe in an
earlier recovery than is generally accepted
by manufacturers. But however this may
be, at present the stoppage North and South
cannot be estimated at less than 0,000 bales
per week, and hence if the mills were all to
resume on the 1st of January the loss on
the ear would reach about 75,000 bales.
We a a..uv fiat many would state the
re duct ion more than we have given it, but
vc .think the above is a fair estitnate
Then acain ih& general nrostration ot all
business and th4 discharging ol so many
Hands In other deDartments of trade, will
make economy m consumption ol gpous .a
necessity among a very large ciass aim uur-
ii ik A poriiun icnsi, ui me tumm jvu.
This will prevent our mills, even after they'
resume running to th?ir utmost capacity,
as Ihcy did during the most of last .year,
and hence arises a proOftuio luixner uencn,
in the homo demand for cotton.
2. The cotton manufacturing interests ol
Great Britain are not in a satisfactory con
dition. We would refer our readers to a
speeclimade by Mr. Hugh Mason, Presi
dent of the Manchester Chamber of Com
merce, which will be found in our foreign
letter to-uav, tor a very uarK picture m uw
sit.ii.it.inn in "RnM.ind. We do hot sympa
thize fully with his views, knowlngihat thtf
average EnglUbman on his own sou is oy
nature a croaker, ana always -iikcs io jkuui,
pictures of this kind in striking colors. We
not.! iii on of our Liveroool exchanges
that when the Mancliestcr President had
closed his speech, an Alderman who was
present asked him whether he did not need
a blue pill. This nuestion.thougii nbt very
elegant, was certainly very suggestive. But
outside ot tins speecn, we an Know euougu
to satisfv us that the nrosnect before the
Manchester spinner is not particularly flat
terinsr. India is overstocked witli goods:
China does not appear to be very Hungry
for them, while we ourselves 3hall this year
prove poor customers of hers for every de
scription of manufactures. From the Con
tinent also the financial outlook is not as
promising as we wish it was, but it may be
that cotton consumption will not be mate
rially aflected.
. . .... , n . ..
a. Willi sudiprooaoie urawoaciis uuijie
d?mand for cotton, wliat are the prospects
as to supply? Without at this time stating
the case in detail or witli any precisions, it
is suflicicnt to call our readers' attention to
the fact that last Year's supply to. all of .hu-
ronft was deficient from countries other
than the United States (see Ott-Trumpler's
circular in Chronicle of Oct. 20, page 044;
to the extent of 1,200,000 bales; while the
renorts from those countries now is that
their sunnlv this vear is iiKeiy to ue a iuu
- L . .... . ... . . , - 1!
one. Without therefore determining Avhat
our cron is to be, do not these facts show
that speculation for high prices is just at
present extremely hazardous. Ot course
tlierp. is a nnce at wiucn mucn 01 ine xnuni
cotton will not come to market: but with
the nromise from that ouarter so favorable
for an increased yield as the present advices
make it, while the stock of old cotton they
have kept over is so very considerable, we
cannot out, ieei mat one is running olcau
risks in entering upon a speculation espe
cially now when we are just beginning to
market our cron.
Bombay Siiipiiexts. Accoruiug 10 our
cable dispatch received to-day, there nave
000 bales shinned from Bombay to
Great Britain the past week and - bales
to the continent, while the receipts atBom
bav during the same time have been 7,000
bales. Compared with last year there is an
incre:ise of 2,000 bales this year in tnc
week's shipments from Bombay to Europe
.mil that the total movement since Jan. 1
shows an increase in shipments of 7,000
bales compared with the corresponding
neriod of 1672.
tiv fi AmR Avn Teigiiatii. Below we
givc our table of visible supply, as made up
by cable and telegraph to-night. The con-
tinental stocks and ailoat are tnc iigures 01
last Saturday, but the totals for Great
Britain are this week's returns, and conse
quently brought down to Thursday eve
nintr: hence to make the totals the complete
ngures ior 10-iiigiii. -x;, uuui
item of exports from the United States, in
cluding in it the exports of Friday only
for Great Britain, but for the continent the
r - l . 1 . "V m .,1,1 1,a
exports for the entire week.
1873. 1872. 1871.
Stock at Liverpool...
Stock at London
497,000 42S.000 520,000
195,000 222,000 150,080
Total Great Britain
Stock at Havre
Stock at Marseilles. .
Stock at Barcelona..
Stock at Hamburg...
Stock at Bremen
Stock at Amsterdam.
Stock at Rotterdam..
Stock at Antwerp.. . .
Stock at other conti
nental ports
30,000 31,000 28,000
Total continental st'k. 318,500 471,000 320,000
Tot'l European st'ks.1,010,500 1,121,000
India cotton aiioa. ior
Amr'ean cotton afloat
for Europe
EgTt Brzu etc.,
ailoat for Europe...
Stock in V. S. ports..
Stock in U. S. interi
or ports. i" y
U. S. exerts this
week ;u,ww
Total visiblc.supply..l,955,365 2,001,423 1,977,505
Of the above, the totals of A merican and other
descriptions are as ionows:
Liveriwol stock
Continental stocks...
American afloat to
U.S. Stock
U. S. interior stocks..
U. S. exports this
72.001) 41I.IKJU H.IBW
91,000 C6.000 91,000
67 ,801
33,000 37,000 18,000
Total Am'can, bales. S72,8C5
820,423 755,-119
Eatt Indian, JJrazu,clc.
Livernooi stock -125,000
London stock 195,000
Continental fetoeks. . . 227,500
India afloat for Eu
rope 100,000
Egypt, Brazil, etc.,
ailoat 75,000
Total EastTndia, ctc.l,0S2,500 1,235,000 1,222,086
Total American 872,805 826,423 755,419
Tntnl x-lsllill KiiTinlr
bales ......1,95365 2,061,423 1,977,505
Price Middling Up- , ,
lands, Liverpool.... 8jSd. 9&d. 9J,'d.
These figures indicate a decrease in cot
ton insight to-night of 100,058 bales as com-
narftd with the same date of lb2, and a
decrease of 22,140 bales as compared witli
the corresponding date ol Ibil.
Movements or Cotton at the Inter
ior Ports. Below we "ive the movements
of cotton at the interior ports receipts and
shipments for the six days, and stock to-
nislit :
Week ending Nov. 21, 1S73-.
Receipts. Shipments. Stock.
Columbus. ...
... 2,106
... 3.53C
... L7S0
... 1,865
... 1,910
The above totals show that the interior
stocks haveincreased during the week 10.QSO
bales, and are to-night 357 bales more
than at the same'period last year. The re
ceipts have been 1,180 bales more than the
same week last year.
The exports of cotton this week from
New York show an increase as compared
with last week, the total reaching 24,98S
bales, against 19,807 bales last Aveek.
The Wool Slarkct.
From the New York Bulletin, Nov. 22.
The tne of the market is not improving
in auv respect. On the contrary, there is
rather less buoyancy than was noted in our
la;t report, and sales are hard to make at
the nominal quotations current. The sus-
lension of Messrs. Tobias & Winilmuller,
to wiucn allusion was nraiiemour last, nan
a temporarily depressing eilect upon the
market, but as their allairs have been set
tled by paying in full upon an average ex
tension of 0 months, the feeling in this re-
siect has become more settled. We learn
of sales of choice super wools at 37c and it
is said to be verv dmicult to get anything
above this figure. Fleeces are selling within
a wide range, and full prices arc not ob
tained upon any lots. There arc some very
linn holders still, who refuse to make any
concession, and consequently arc not meet
ing buyers whose views are below the pre
sent ranse of quotations. I lie market is
unsettled and seems to rather tavor buyers.
The sales made since our last 25,000 lbs
pulled at from 34 to 37c; 35.000 lbs fleece,
chiefly X and XX Ohio, 47a52c; 15,000 lbs
Michigan and Western, 44a45c; 25 bales
Cape, 31a32c; 10,000 lbs California, 25a28c;
40,000 lbs Nevada, 32ic; and 5,000 lbs Wes
tern Texas, 15Jc
' S
I Business and Deals in United States Bonds
and Geld. EDGAR JONES, Cashier.
W. AV. KEKU 1 , rreMuenr.
JNO. KIRKMAN, Vice-President.
sepl ly
Tuesday, v. 25,1813. '
xiUhtttlo Co'iiori Market;
market to-day opened steady at the
quotations of the previous day, but during
the evening uierc was an auvuuuui ajoia
cent, the market closing nrm as ionows:
inferior , 5 9
Ordinary,....!...., lltf
Good ordinary 13
Low middling 13 J
Middling tf
We dve as follows a summary of the
transactions of the day :
Stock on hand Sept. 1, 1873 2721
liecelved to-aay;;:.i....;i:!: 8il
Received previously 15092 15113
shinned tn-dav.
Shinned previously 13235 13490
Stock on hand -JUtt
Wo arn indebted to MoiUister &Wheless,
Pntnniilnn ltifirdliants. rtiriier Brodd and
College streets, for the following cotton
quotations in New York anil Liverpool
jm-jng the day
Liverpool, Nov. 25, 12:30. Cotton-
December shipments from Savannah or
Charleston ou.the basis of good ordinary at
8 5-16d; November and December on the
basis of good ordinary at 8 5-10d.
Liverpool, Nov. 2o, 1:00. Cotton firm.
Middling uplands 8liaSd; middling Or
leans 8Jd. Sales to-day 12,000 bales, of
which 2,000 bales are for export and specu
Liverpool, Nov. 25, 3:00. Cotton un
changed. Middling uplands SJiSSId; mid
dling Orleans 8d. Sales to-day 12,000
bales, ot which 2,000 bales are lor export
and speculation. Sales of American 0,400
Liverpool, Nov. 25,5:00. Cotton un
changed. Arrivals firmer; shipments from
Charleston or havannah on the basis ol
good ordinary .at 8jjd for November; No
vember and December on the basis of good
ordinary at 8Jd; Decemberand January on
the basis of good ordinary at 8 7-10d.
New ioek, Nov. 2u, 10:lo. Cotton
Futures steady. December deliver' 15 5-
10c; January 15c; February lo llOftSloc.
New York, Nov. 2o, 10:30. Cotton
Ordinary 13Jc; good ordinary 141c; strict
good ordinary 14 13-10; low middling 15c;
middling 15g c; Alabama 15c; Orleans loc.
Market quiet.
New Iork, Nov. 25, 10:a0. Cotton
Futures firmer but quiet. November de
livery 15J(a15ic; December 15 7-10'c; Janu
ary 15J(S)1513-10c; February 101-lOffilOJc;
March lGjJfaiGJc; April 16c Sales 4,200
New York, Nov. 25, 11:20. Cotton-
Ordinary 13fc; good ordinary 14JcJ strict
good ordinary 14 13-10; low middling 10 jc"
middling lofq Alabama io;c Orleans 10c.
Onenngs moderate, generally lield higher.
New iork, Nov. 2o, 12:iu. uotton
Ordinary 13?c; good ordinary 141c; strict
good ordinary 15c low middling lojc;
middling loic; Alabama lotc: Orleans ioj
Market firm. Sales for consumption 404
bales; for speculation 7 bales; last evening
for exports 200 balesjfor consumption
New -York, Nov. 25, 12:10 Cotton
futures stp.ioV- "Dpeeinlier flpliverv 15 7-
10c. january 15 13-1 0c; February 10c;
doxcii 16i01O 9-lGc. Sales for future de-
iive. qkoo Daies.
New York, Nov. 25, 1:55. Cotton
Ordinary 13!c; good ordinary 14c; strii
good ordinary 15c; low middling 15Jc;
middling lojc; Alabama i&jc; Orleans ioj
Market linn; held higher. Sales on spot
1,000 bales.
New iork, 2s ov. 2o, 1:00. cotton
Futures stronger. December delivery 151
01o 0-lOc; January loi c; Jc ebruary lojc;
ic Sales for future de
livery 14,200 bales.
New i ork, Nov. 25, 2:20. cotton-
Futures steady. December delivery 15c;
January loc; I ebruary lojc; March lbjc
Sales 15,800 bales.
New iork, Nov. 2o, 3:20. Cotton
Ordinary 13c; good ordinary 14c; strict
good ordinary lojc; low middling lojc;
middling 15Jc; Alabama 10c; Orleans lOjc.
Market quiet. Sales for exports 5 bales;
for consumption 1,010 bales; for specula
tion 3b bales: in transit 00 bales.
New York, Nov. 25, 3:20. Cotton
Futures a shade easier. November delivery
15 5-1015ic; December 15 7-lO01oc;
January 15 13-10(815!e; February 10 3-10
0104c; March 10 U-lOc; April 101c. bales
for future delivery 22,700 bales.
New .oi:k, aov. 2j. ct receipts im,-
713 bales; exports to Great Britain 2o,t)02
bales; to the continent 8,201 bales; stock
412.9S7 bales.
XashvIIIe Provision Jlarhct.
Market continues jnuiet. We quoe
Hacked from store as follows :
Bacox Clear sides 7ic; clear rib sines
74c; shoulders (jc
JlAiis bugar-cured canvascu nams iuic.
Laru Tierces Si kegs 9c.
Breakfast Bacox We quote at 9?c
Beef Toxgues We quote at $0.00 per
No country bacon coming in.
N'ashvlllc Flonr and Grain Market
Flour Market dull as follows : Super
fine $4.7505.00; XX $0.00; XXX -$7.00;
choice family $8.0008.50.
Corn Meal We quote unbolted per
bushel 02-ic; bolted 05c
Corn We report shipments to-day 01
350 bushels at 05c sacked and delivered in
depot. Dealers are offering 50c loose from
Wheat Sales of 200 bushels to-day at
$1.3001.40 per bushel.
Oats Market dull. V e quote at o-'fcD
55c in store.
Bran Wc quote at S1S.00 per ton, loose
in bulk, and $22.00 per ton, sacked and de
livered in depot.
JVashville Produce Market.
Peanuts Sales from wagon to-day
203 bushels at SO085c per bushel.
Dried Fruit In good demand and linn
atocfor apples and quarter peaches, and
lie for lialt peaches.
Eoos Market firm at 2oc per dozen
from wagon.
Chestnuts Dealers are paying jjz.ou
from wagon, and selling at $3.o0 lrom store.
Potatoes We quote at bi.&u per bar
rel, loose from wagon, and $2.75 from store,
Feathers Market dull at 5O0ooc.
Beeswax We quote at 22c, and market
Rags Dull at 2 ic
Ginseng We hear of sales at $1,000
Wool Market dull at 18023c lor un
washed, and 33037c for washed.
Broom Corn Market active at J07c.
Hay We quote at $18025 per ton, ac-
cfirdimr to duality.
Poultry Spring chickens command 15
Butter We quote at 18023c for good
to choice.
XashvlIIe Grocery Market.
Shoars New Orleans, (new) in hogs
heads 91010c for fair to choice; Demerara
111012c; standard narus izq a conee
B do. 10?c; extra C do. lOfc; yellow
,w .. . t r i
Molasses and shrups ew vneans
(new) 05c; sinipa 45000c; golden simp 00
(3C5c- . . , 11--
nn-uKV Market nrmer 10-uay.
quote Rio, common to cuoice, zou
T.nmtnvt-t "hr.' .lOV.ItiUC.
Nails We quote at $4.75 for lOds, and
25c additional for diminishing grades.
Salt We quote 7 busiiei barrels at o
per barrel 111 depot.
I'lvnips va nnoie buu 1 i.v. tr iu.
Fish Wc quote as follows: Half bar
rels, Nos. 1, 2 and 3, $9.00, $7.25 and $0.50:
in Kits, OS. 1, un" i v -j f
51-W. ...
TtifP. We. ounte at oiavc.
TimsWi nuote Imperial 75c0$1.25
Yoini!T llvson 75c0$1.25; Black 5Oc0
51 OA- fliinrimvilflr 75C0S1.25.
Powder Dupont $7.25; Sycamore Mills
s7.o.v hinstitijT ss.00: fuse per 100 feet 05c.
SirftTw. nimte Patent $2.90; Buck
i.ToiTniis We nuote common rectified
whiskv gallon $1.00.; Robertson County
$1.7503.00; Bourbon $1.2o0o.5O; Lincoln
County $1.7502.25; Highwmes $1.00.
Cotton Ties We quote at 10c
Brooms Wc quote at $2.5003.50
Soap We quote at 50Sc fij, or $3.00
f?4.r0 ac bn-.
ItAfinixo We auote at 15010c for
hemp and flax.
Nashville Dry Goods Market.
Maikct verv quiet, and our jobbers dis
posed to make concessions iu most of the
taples to cash buyers. We quote as fol
lows :
pRiNTS.--Wamsutta 8c; Bedford Sc;
sirnold's Die; Freeman's OJc, Amoskeag
10c- Garner's 11c; Allen's lie; Ameri
can lie; Diuineis 11c; Gloucester lie
Sprague's lie; Washington 11c; solids lie;
double pinks anil purples 115c.
i;OWr 01USE.li.Mia AAU kjliuui.iuo.
Quilt lining 79c; Virginia family1 1, 0c"
Augusta do. i)c; Augusta J 10 Jc Granite
ville I, He; Itichland do. 11c; Augusta 4-4
12c; Graniteville do. 121c;. Richland do.
12c; Nashvile sheetings J. 11c; Nashville
4-4 sheetings 12c; Allendale 10-4, 37jc
Bleached Sheetixos and Snnrru'ds.
Mcthnen f, 10c; Montrose do. lie;
American J, llc; Root do. 10; Reynold's
Velocipede do. 20c; What Cheer do.- 20c;
Gold Coin do. 22 0; Allendale 10-4, 40c.
BuiAcuEu and Browx Drills. Mas
scbesic brown loc; Peppcrell do 10; Stark
A do. ISc; Great Falls do. 10c; Pepperell
bleached 16c; NaumkeagSattceul8c; Nash
..:iin drills 151c
Bun Ticks. Conestoga C C A 18c;
rv.Mostnmi C T 22".c' Gold Medat .do. 2oc:
Omega A do. 27Jac; do A C A 32c; Roan-
..1.., fide- Minnehaha 37tc."
iAor. Thread. Coates' and Clark's
.i., llle Hoot dnH Shoe JIa'rket.
MnrifPt. fairlv active as follows: Men's
unOOUUU Kip uiuaiw - -.
lined unbound kiporogansSl.COiB.w, w-i
i i.c si. ''.iBrrii. 10; mens
pegged brogans Sl.7oift2.uu; seweu orogaus
$2.5"ia3;5! llien'9 kip nnd calf English ties
$1.75lH'3.00; men' calf pegged boo& $3.00(9
00; do. sewcil do. $4.uu(ao.u". -iens
kip double sole boots S2.7oi4.&u; mens
pegged calf double sole S3.7505.5O; calf,
water-proof, double sole, $3.0003.50. Boys'
unbound kip brogans Sl.0001.50; do. lined
kip and call S1.2o2.0U. women's spilt or
A calf balmorals (regular sizes) Sl.0001.05;
kip, regular sizes, $1.5001.75; pebble grain
$1.2501.75; calf pegged $1.3502.00; calf
sewed $2.0002.50; serge balmorals $1,250
.75; ladies' serge polish kid toxed Sl.000
.00; lathes' serge kid loxea, outtonea sz.uu
kashvlHe Ilitie and leather JlarUcf.
Hides In better demand ami advanc
ing. We quote as ionows: trreen oc,
green salted 60OJc; dry salted lOi011c;
dry Hint I2$epi:.s$c; uamageu anu gruuuy
lots 1 01 off. .
Leather Prices entirely nominal, anu
although quotations remain unchanged, we
are satisfied there would be material con-
cfissinn to cash buyers. We quote as
follows: Oak sole lb, 40042c;
Hemlock 28033c; harness leather 40
042c; skirting 43045c; bridles, black
qp1 dozen, $54.00000.00; lair bridle,
$57.00003.00; French calf $48.00072.00;
American kip $4S.OO072.OO; calf $33,000
42.00; upper leather $38.00042.00; toppings
.... I . nr,, ll. 1 .. , . 1 . . .. .. ,1
all COlOrs, linings, hiihuium
pink, $0.0012.00; leather in the rough
lb 2O03UC.
Nashville Ilr.rdnnrc Market:
Market quiet and unchanged as follows :
Axes $12.00010.00; horse shoes $7.00;
mule shoes $S.00; horse shoe nails
and .9, 22020c; cast steel and
shear 22025c; American blister 130loc;
English do. 18020c; cotton cards $5,000
0.00 W dozen; names Js.i.uuhiej.uu'b' uozen
pair; traces $9.00018.00 dozen pair;
hoes $4.5000.00; shovels S7.OO01a.OO;
collars $9.00018.00 3? dozen; liammers 20
022c lb; vices 20c p" lb: anvils lbc
lb; bellows 70c inch.
Drnss, Medicines, Paints, Dycstnus,
Oils, etc.
Drugs Axd Dyestuffs Indigo, best,
$1.1501.25; madder 17c; salts 5c; blue
stone 15c; alum 0c; cochineal $1.00; mag
nesia. carb.. 4.j flour sulplmr Oic; roil uo
0c; camphor 40050c; eopperaa 203c;
assafa'tida oO0OOc
Medicines Opium $9.OO09.oO; quini-
ninc $2.7003.00; iodide pota3liii.'Jo?i i.ou,
rhubarb W ft. $1.002.25; ipecac lb,
$2.0002.50; aloes W lb, 2O0SOc; calomel
W lb, $1.0002.25; blue mass lb, 9Oc0
$1.00; monihine ounce, $0.0000.50;
chloroform lb, $1.5001.05; castor oil
ml on. Sl.8502.00,
oils Linseeu, raw, i.iuttui.iu, nnsecu,
boiled, $1.1501.200; coal oil, 21023c;
lard, No. 1, S5fi90c; sweet oil, $1.5003.50;
tanners' 75090c; lubricating, 4U(o,cq uir
nentine. 00070c
Paints, etc. - lute iciu, accoruing 10
quality, 8012c; furniture varnish, $1,000
1.75; coach do. S2.2o0y.ou; niniiture gme,
2503oc; white
$S.00 3? case.
do. 50c; concentrated lye,
Nashville Live Stock Market.
Cattle There was a fair proportionof
cattle on the market to-day, but the sales
were rather slow. The best sale of the day
was eight cattle, which netted 0,570 lbs and
sold 111 a lot lor 2i.az. or ojc per id.
Other sales were made at 1, 2 and 2Jc
One cow weighing 1,170 lbs brought 3c
and a steer S20 ths m weight was sold at
Hogs The arrivals to-dav were lairiy up
to the average, with liberal sales at prices
ranginsr from S4.OO04.15, and an extra lot
of plump Berkshire, averaging 300 lbs each
being sold at $4.20 per 100 lbs.
Sheep A few came m to-day, but being
no demand, no sales were made.
Seeds Clover $0.50; timothy $3.75
4.00; orchard grass $1.75; blue grass $1.75;
herd's crass S1.50: millet out ol season.
Cotton Yarns We quote at 11c, ide,
15c and 17c for 700. COO, 500 and 400.
Shucks In demand at $3.50 per 100 fts
for hackled, and Sl.oO for rough.
Wrapping Paper We quote small at
50c medium 75c double crown bl.
Iron We quote as loilows : 1 ennessee
bar Oic w rh: Kentucky do. 5c; Tennessee
band 009c Kentuckvdo.510.6ic: Tennes
see boiler plate SJc; boiler heads 9icire
ho 10c sheet: common om,ic uo. Ken
tucky 7J0Sic do. Tennessee 809ic.
Barrels We quote ot 45c.
Glassware We change our quotations
to suit the card rates as follows : Shy 10
$0.75; 10 by 12 $7.25; 10byl4$S.OO; 10 by
10SS.75; 12 by 14 $8.75; 12 by 10 $8.75; 12
. n ,A , , 1 .-1 rir. ..... .
by lb if)Mi, 1- oy zu Lxyiscunni.
Fr.ASKS The quotations net are as fol
lows: Half pint $2.75; pint $3.75; quart
Candies We quote
candy loc;
common fancy 10c
Cordage Jute 13c; grass
20c cotton
Pepper We quote at 27c.
Spice We quote at 10c.
Ginger We quote at 10c.
Tallow We quote at 0c.
Oranges Wc quote at $9 per barrel.
Charleston, S. C, Nov. 22. Cotton
!ood demand: middling 14i0i4ic. . .
TlTfTE Market firm at O0O?c Rio
Coffee Cargo direct importation at 22i
25c Wheat No demand at present
Flour Super $5.2505.45; extra
$0.0007.00; family $8.00010.50 Ba-
con Smoked shoulders 7c; clear rib sides
71c diy salt shoulders 5J05c; clear rib
sides O07c Corn White (western)
R3rfrS5c mixed 790S3c Oats 580
(We Hay No Western here; Eastern
rmuch prefened) Sl.4001.50 Hides
Dry salt 11013c flint 10018c...
Wool Unwashed 20025c washed 300
35c Potatoes Northern $2.7503.00
r barrel. 110 demand for Western...
Butter-Western choice 35c medium 28
060c common 20025c
The Cotton Markets.
Liverpool. Nov. 25. Cotton firm:
middling uplands Sd; middling Orleans
SJd. Sales 12,000 bales; American 0,100
bales; speculation and exports 2,000 bales,
notion to arrive firmer. Sales of uplands
not below good ordinary shipped October
to December 8 5-1 Oil to Sid; Decemberand
January S 7-10il.
New York, Nov. 25. Cotton demand
mnd. higher: middling uplands 151c. Fu
tures closed strong; sales of 25,200 bales
as follows: November 155-lOc December
15al5 9-lOc; January 15Jal5 15-10c; Feb-
niary 10 3-lOalOJc; Marcli 10 u-iuaioj
April 10Jal0 15-10.
Xr.w Orleans, Nov.25-Cotton strong;
sales 5,S00 bales; good ordinary to strict
ordinary 14ial5ci; low middling to
strict low middling 15ial5ic; middling to
ctrisi. middling 10ial7c good middlings
iQoisir. The above quotations are for
Receints. 3.940 bales; no ex
rts: stock 122,270 bales; unsold 25,900
Mrv.riiis. Nov. 25 Cotton excited
mnl nrices higher; good ordinary ld
44Ac; middlings loalCe; good middlings
17c Receipts for the past day 2,015 bales;
shipments for the last twenty-four hours
1,600 bales; stock 28,111 bales.
dinaiv 141i
bales; exports to Great Britain 4,598 bales;
coastwise 1,104 bales; sales 500 bales; last
evening 2,000 bales; stock 2,702 bales.
SAVANNAn, Nov. 25 Cottbn strong anil
active; middlings 14c Net receipts 8,o87
bales; exports to Great Britain 0,070 bales;
sales 2,021 bales; stock 90,700 bales.
Galveston, Nov. 25 Cotton firnr and
in good demand; good ordinary 13f c; ordi
nary 12 ; net receipts 4,0S7 bales; exports
none; sales 500 bales; stock 39,018 bales.
Ciluileston, Nov. 25. Cotton firm;
middlings 14c; low middlings 14c;
strict uood ordinary 141c. Net receipts
330 bales; rio exports? sales 000 bales;
stock 40.575 bales-.
St. Louis, Nov. 25. Cbtton-firmer;
middlings 141c
Louisville, Nov. 25. Cotton demand
fair imd market finn; middlings 14c.
-Cotton firm at
Forcisn Marlicti,
London, Nov. 25, 5 p. m. Consols for
money 923a93; on account 93a93;
United States 5-20s of 1SG5,93; do. of 1807,
90; Jiuted States 10-40s OH; new 5's
HI 4. Erie.30. Rate of discount in open
niaVkctlbrtiiiM Z?ntlls Vlto.u- l cJ?.nt'
AM i n.,,,. i-inirt,ff i.ni..' rate.
Ul 1 will, uviu" f
iiinniiiit nf bullion gone into the BaiuC 01
England oil balaii to-day is 52,000.
The weather tlirougnout nigian vo-uay is
Livehpool, Nov. 25. BreadstuDs are
Paris, Nov. Jo. itentes obi. tic
Kew York Money Market.
New York. Nov. 25 Money closed at
per cent gold. Sterling was heavy and
lower at llOallO! for 00 days and 10Sa
10S1 for sight. The customs receipts were
$3,229,000. Gold closed at 109all0f . The
advance to the latter iigure was caused oy a
report that the Secretary of the Navy wat
isitmg the navy yard anil Hurrying wont
on the vessels of war. The loans' weiS at
15-04, 1-S2, 7 aud 7 gold, the final rate being
7 per cent. The Assistant Treasurer dis
bursed $200,000. The clearings' were $48,"-
000,000. Governments were quiet but
steady. State bonds were nominal. Rail
way and miscellaneous speculation was
strong and higher at an advance of 3 to 3
pea cent until late in the day when a reac
tion of J to 1$ per cent took place. At the
final close there was a steauier iceung
again, ine volume 01 business was large
particularly in w estern union, ew xors
Central, Lake Shore, Pacific Mail, Wabash
and Northwestern common. The sales at
the Stock Exchange to-day between ten
and two o'clock amounted to 144,000 shares
of which. 20,000 woie" Western Union: 5,000
Union, Pacific; 4,000 Wabash; Northwest
ern 8,100; New York Central 19,000; Lake
Shore 7.S00.
Sterling Exchange. Hankers' . uius:
1071; United States coupons of 1S81, 115;
5-20s of 1802, 109: do. of 18G4 109; do.
of 1S05, 1101; d,.. new 113; 1807, 1141.; do.
of 1808, 114; new nves iuuj; unueu
States coupons of 10-40s, 10S; United
States currency sixes, 109?. Bonds Mis
souri State bonds, 87; Tennessee, old 72,'
do. new 72; Virginia new 37 1; old 35,
North Carolina old 22. Stocks Western
Union Telegraph 64. New York Central
89i. Erie43J.
New York Dry Goods Market.
Nkw York. Nov. 25 Commission
houses continue quiet but jobbing branches
are more active. The market for cotton
goods is quiet but steady. Cotton flannels
are m lair request, wooiens are more
tivc and wool flannels in increased request.
B!anket3 are improving and rule steady.
Prints are fair and active. Ine Daily
llullctin says a large offering of hosier' and
knit goods was made at auction 10-uay anu
realized fair prices.
Xew York General Market.
New York, Nov. 25. Flour more
doing and higher; superfine western and
State $5.50a0.00; white wheat extra $7.50a
8.10; extra Ohio $0.46aS.25; St. Louis
$0.05al0.75. Whisky lower at 92a93e.
Rve. Hour un ward tendency. Wheat
opened higher and closed quiet, scarcely so
linn; No. 2 spring 5i,4oai.40. rye scarce
and verv finn at 92ca$l. Barley firmer.
Mnlt. nnipt and firm. Corn-fair demand
and higher; western mixed from store 67Ja
71c Oats firm; white western from store
52a54c. Eggs firm. Coffee firm; Rio Q
a22c Sugar unclianged. Rice quiet.
Turpentine quiet. Mess Pork quiet and
steady; new, spot, $14.50. Beef steady.
Cut meats quiet; middles steauy; long ciear
7c Lard firm; western steam, spot 7Jc.
Butter and cheese quiet.
New- Y'ork Hogr Market,
w YoitK, Nov. 25. Swine receipts
5.850 head. Live hogs moderately active
at 4a4c with 18 cars sold at 4ic. Dressed
hogs firm at 5aGic for extreme weight,
showing a slight advance on light.
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, Nov. 25. Flour quiet and
unchanged; family $7.00a8.u0. Wheat
active and unchanged. Coniquiet at 05c
Oats dull at 40a47. Rye quiet and un
changed. Provisions unclianged. oonec
unchanged. Whisky good demand at Vo
New Orleans Markets.
New Orleans, Nov. 25. Flour good
demand but unchanged; XX $5.75; XXX
$0.50a7.70; family $S.50a9.50. Corn quiet;
mixed 70c; white 73c oats quiet at 01c.
Bran finn at 93a95c. Hay none on the
landing, 10,000 bales in the warehouse;
prime "$24a25.00. Mess pork dull and
nominal at $15. Dry salt meats market
bare. Bacon stock "reduced; G Jc, 7JoSic.
nams no demand. Lard choice scarce
and firmer; tierces 7iaSc; kegg 9a9c,'
Knrar fair demand: inferior 41a5c; common
5C good fair to fully fair 7a7J; prime 8Ja
Sic Molasses goou uemanu; common
40c; fair45a40c; prime to strictly prime 48a
52c; choice 48a52c; centrifugal 30a35.
Whiskv scarce: Louisiana 95c Cincinnati
$1.02. Conee 21ia23i.
but finn held at $3.25.
currency Half ner cent
Com meal quiet
Gold 108al09i;
premium; sight
li per cent premium for checks; sterling
bank IS for certified checks.
Cincinnati Markets.
Cincinnati, Nov. 25. Flour quiet and
firm at $0.75a7.00. Wheatfinn at $1.20a
1.42. Corn easier; old ear 51a52c; shelled
50c. Rye steady at S0aS2c. Oats quiet
and unclianged in every respect. Barley
quiet and unclianged in every respect.
Groceries steady. " Mess pork firmer at
$13.25al3.50 for spot. Lard firm; steam
7ia7.c; kettle 72a8c. Bulk meats firm;
sales of shoulders at SJc; clear rib sides 01
aGfc. Bacon finn; sales of shoulders GJc;
clear rib 0Ja7c; sides held c higher at the
close, nops finn, good demand, packing
$4a4.45, principally $4.50. Green meats
strong, light offering, sales of shoulders at
4a4Jc; clear rib OaOJc Hams active at
7aS;,c Whisky tending upwards, sales
at 87a88c, chiefly 87c.
ILonlsvIIlo Markets.
Louisville Nov. 25. Bagging steady
at 13al5c. Flour active; extra family
$5.75; A No. 1 $7; fancy $8. Coffee firm.
Wheat nominal. Corn finn and demand
moderate at C0a02c for choice white sacked;
mixed SSaGOc Oats firm at 45a48c includ
ing sucks. Rve firm at 75a77c nay quiet.
Hogs active and higher, best grades held at
$4.50a4.00. Provisions demand lair anu
market firm. Mess pork $1.25. Bacon
Tinniin.il : clear rib sides GJa7c Bulk meats
shoulders Hc; clear rib sides 0l,c; clear
Ojc packed; c less loose, ovarii iierces
Sic; kegs Oc; prime steam 7Ja7c Green
meats finn; shoulders 4Jc; clear rib Cc;
clear 6c; liams 70 all cash. Whisky
firm at 80aS7c.
Chicago Markets.
Chicago, Nov. 25. Flour demand
fair and market finn; cxtraspring cash $7.75.
Wheat-i-deniand active and prices advanc
ed, irregular. No. 1 spring $1.101al.l2;
No. 2 spring $1.05i cosh; No. 3 spring $la
1.01. Corn demand active and prices
advanced; No. 2 40c cash; high mixed
4Iia4Hc Oats demand lair anil prices
mlv.anced: No. 2 32Ja33c. Bye demand
fair and prices advanced; No. 2 00c Barley
nnie.t and weak: No. 2 fall Sl.u0al.o2.
Provisions active and strong. Mess pork
demand active and prices advanced; 12 J for
snnt. Lard demand good at lull prices
7Jc cash. Bulk meats market steady
with a moderate demand; shoulders 4c;
short rib middles Wc; short clear middles
fife, nil boxed. Green meats higher-
shoulders 3Ja4c; rough sides 5Jc; short rib
middles 5Jc; short clear middles 5Jc; meats
ten to fifteen days in salt ac higher than
Dressed hogs steady at 4ic, heavy,
Wliiskv market steady with a moderate
demand at 89 c.
St. Lonis Markets.
Sr. Louis. Nov. 25. Flour dull and
Mobile, Nov. 25 Cotton quiet and weak
middlings 15c; low middlngs 15c; strict
L'ood ordinary 141c. Net receipts 1,705
Our prices have been re
duced iu all Departments.
Stock .lit new, manufactured
with the mriiost cave, Busi
ness Suits as low as $15. Dress
Suits, Evening SuiSs, in great
variety. Stylish Pantaloons.
Light Dress Overcoats, Fur
Beaver Overcoats, Children's
Suits, Boys' School Suits for
$0, All-wool Underwear, Che-
riot Shirts, Dress Shirts, Ho
siery, Gloves, Collars, lohhy
IVeck Wear, Robes, Sole Lea
ther Trunks, Traveling Bags
H0T23 eod till Jan25 4thp
unchanged; oiily order trade. Wheat finn
er; some sales higheVf 3fa 2 spnug $1.04
Com mbre doing, lower rates; No. 2 41a
42c for east track; regular nc. ums
ilem'and a:clrvc and prices advanced; No, 2.
S5a:i7c, closing at outside figures. Barley
quiet and unchanged In eVeiy respects Bye
higher, Tsaiac. wmssy irei u .v.
Mess pork held firmly, no sales. Dry salt
meats and bacon nothing doing. Green
meats active; shoulders 4c; clear rib 5o
5c; hams 7c Hams sweet pickle firm at
8c for January. Lard steady; prime steatn
7c Hogs higher at $3.C5a4.10; bulk of
sales $3.S0a4.00. Cattle dull.
Memphis Markets.
Mempris, Nov. 25. Flour dull and
prices nominal. Oats scarce aud firm at
5C. Corn- scarce and firm at 07c Bran
active at 17a21ic Bulk meats demand
good at full prices, 5aGia7c Lard de
mand active' and prices1 advanced to oiaSJc.
Mess pork-rro stock.
. t'heap Wood. Only $4.50 per conl, de
livered in the city. Leave" your orders with
Bureh & Abernathy, corner cf Jackson and
College streets. nov2(J 3t
Dr. R. C. Foster Office and residence,
No. 18 N. High street. nov25 lm
fcmicts at Cost. Ten thousand yards
Ingrain Carpets at cost. Benson, Brown &
Co. 119v2r lvr
Button Moulds. Another large stock
tf rvirpil nt Ungan Bros. nov25 5t
jvwv .v.-
Fnrs! Furs! Great reduction. From
S1.50 nr). Jos. Frankland & Co., iu u nion
streef. HOV25 tuc3,tlmrs.sun
.- - . - .
45 nieces yard wide Silk-finisli Alpacas
neu- s mties. ai soc, woiin wi-.
. .1- .1. in,. nf tlm
Philadelphia Store. novlG sun.wed tf
1,500 yards Dress Goods reduced from
80c to 18c, at the Philadelphia fatore.
novlO sun,wed tf
900 yards beautiful Black Grosgram
Silk, A. T. Stewart s importation, miuceu
from S4 to $2.25 at the Philadelphia Store
novlO suiijwed tf
A full line of Ladies' and Misses' Fleece-
lined Hose and French Uorsets at panic
prices at the Philadelphia Store.
novlO sun,wed tf
Received Yesterday 22 Cases Ladies'
and Misses' Oil Goat, Tebble Ooat, anu
French Calf Shoes, liand sewed, at panic
prices at the Philadelphia Store, 27 Public
Square. novlO sun,wed tl
Jfevr Goods opened daily at
the Dollar
Store. I10V
20 lw
Cheap Sale of Dress Goods at thePlula-
delphia Store. Will be -sold on Aionaay,
1,100 yards Sateens, desirable sliades, at
35c; sold everywhere at 50c. Philadelphia
Store. novlO sun.wed tf
New Silk Finisli Velveteen just received
at Hogan Bros'. nov23 sun,wed
Tnliln T.lnons for Thanksgiving and
Christmas at Hogan Bros'.
nov23 sun,wed
Best GIoycs and Hosiery in tlie city at
Hogan Bros'. nov23 sun.wed
fWnu Flannels, largest stock and
cheapest, at Hogan Bros'.
nov23 sun, wed
Good new Flannels, cheaper than the
cheapest, at-Hogan Bros'.
nov23 sun, wed
Go to work, cat less, and buy your goods
at Hogan .Bros', and you will have no need
to complain of hard times.
nov23 sun,wed
Rest Fleeced Hose in tlie city; only 20c
Jos. Frankland & Co., 19 Union street.
nov25 tues,thurs,sun
Wool Jeans at 15c and upwards. Jos
Frankland & Co., 19 Union street.
nov25 tues,thursnn
Large line of Gents' Underwear cheap,
Jos. Frankland & Co., 19 Union street.
nov25 tues,thurs,sun
10,000 dozen best Wool Hose at a great
reduction. Jos. Frankland & Co., 19 Union
nov25 tues,tliurs,sun
Those troubled with smoking chimneys
should go at once to W. F. Moore & Co.
Market street, opposite Union, and pro
cure one of their Gothic Chimney Tops.
nov23 tf
Red Snappers, fresh kegs and can Oys
ters received daily. We are selling to suit
the times. B. F. Parker, 01 North Cherry
street. nov22 tf
Holiday Goods received at the Dollar
Store. nov20 lw
Exposition Dollar Store still ahead.
nov20 lw
Ladies' Hats, all styles, at the Dollar
Store. nov20 lw
"Coal can lie liad for $3.50 per load of 17
bushels. Leave orders at otliees, comer
Summer and Crawford, at Thomas Cal len
der's office, Cherry street, second door from
Union, at Page's drag store, North College
street, and Neylan's news stand, Public
Square. J. N.Ward & Co, nov22 lw
Trunks, Valises and Satchels at great
ly reduced prices during tlie money panic,
at Wm. Dunstead's Tnmfc Store, 31 North
College street, between Union and Church
streets, Sewauee Block. nov23 tf
6. RICE & Ctt
OYER 8100,000
Of Costly Foreign and Americaa
Onr Mammoth Stock of the mt-jie
slrable Goods in Style and (faa
Ity, amounting to over $1OQ,0M,.
Is oIFercd to the public at
At Auction! A(Anetiti!!
Having formed a copartnership'
with two prominent citizens of thU city, -welt
anl favorably known throughout Tennessee, u
takc effect on tlie 20th January next, and in or
der to cnablo tlie new firm to commence busi
ness on a specie basis, wo have resolTed to dla--poce
of onr entire Stock on hand
And at a Great Sacrifice!
And at a Great Sacrifice I '-'
And at a Great SaerifiaU
At Public or Private Sale.
At Pnhlift nr "PrlvntA KiiIa. r
At Public or PriTate Sale..
Our whole t&J: J e oW-
Our whole tocic must be sola. ih .
Our whole-Stock viust 6c;pW.'
At Our Own Store Booms. . k
At Our Own Store Booms.
At Our Own Store Booms,.
From 2 to 5 every Afternoon.
From " to o every Anernoon..-!
From 2 to 5 every AftcraaoH-
On Saturdays Auction all day.
On Saturdays Auction all day.
On Saturdays Auction all day-
Every Articlcjwill be Sold. "
f.Tery Anicie win ne soiu.
Erery Article will be sold
To the highest bidder without reserve.
To the highest bidder without reserve,
To the highestbidder without resexva
For Casli on Delivery.
ior tasn onjJeiiveryv
For Cash on Delivery-
Every Forenoon except Saturdays.
livery rorcnoon except sararaays.
Every Forenoon except Saturdays'
At Auction Prices.
At Auction Prices.
At Auction Prices.
Sales to commence Saturday morning-.
Sales to commence Saturday morning
Sales to commence Saturday mnralngr
0 a.m. precisely.
At 9 a. m. precisely.
At 9 a. vi. precisely,
And will he Continued.
And will be continued. -
And will be continued
Until the entire Stoch is sold.
Until the entire Stocf; is sold.
Until the entire Stock is sold.
The Public is invited to attend.
The Public Ls inTited to attend.
The Public is invited to attend-
G. Mice & Co.,
nor21 tf 4tb
Removed to 113 Church St
Dry Goods! Dry Goods!!
We have determined to close
ont, in the next thirty days, 0Hr
entire Stock of Dress Goods, Al
pacas, Mourning Goods, Black
Silks, Shawls, Blankets and Flan
nels, at PKICESthat must iasare
ready and quick sales.
Table Linens, Towels, Napkins,
tics and anecungs
No Trouble to Show Goods!
Goods Shown with Pleasure.
Southern Palace,
uov25 tllldec21 Ithp
Everybody goes to tlie Dollar Store for
bargains. nov20 lw
How Permanent Customers are Made.
If you liavc never used Sapolio, the next
time you send to your grocer tell him you
want a cake; it will cost you oDly a few
cents. Then look all over your house, and
wherever you find a spot upon the. paint,
the furniture, carpets, or anything else,
whether it be dirt, grease, tar, or whatever
else, use Sapolio according to the simple
directions. Then collect all the tinware,
copper ware, knives, forks, kettles, etc, and
polish them up. When you havadonethis
once, then Enoch Morgan's Sons know
positively that their Sapolio has won an
other permanent customer. , .
nov22 dlw&wlt
Best and Oldest Family Medicine.
Sauford's Liver Invigorator A purely Veg
etable Cathartic and Tome for Dyspepsia,
Constipation, Debility, Sick-headache, Bil
ious Attacks, and all derangements of Liv
er, Stomach and Bowels. Ask your drug
gist for it. Beware of imitations.
mli9 ly sat
MAYS OiiMonday,21 tli inst., at 1:30 o'clock,
v. M., at the residence of her Uter, Miss S. G.
lUchardson, ilOLMK E. Mays, need 33, years..
Her funeral will take place at the residence of
her sister, this (Wednesday) morning at 10
o'clock. vi'!''
Divine services by Iter. Dr. Hargrov, ,
r.n th n. nrlnniirr Is released.
Lightened of her fleshly load,
Where the -ivcarv arc at rest.
She to gathered unto her God.
Tji! the naln of life is past.
All her warfare now 1 o'er, 1 ,f j
r..,i. nit licit liphlnd are cast.
lCHIU ..-' " f . "I .
Grlerand suffering are no more. i v
BAINE At her residence. JXo. iCEwlng
avenue, at C p.m. Nor. 25, 1873, Mri,TnoMA
BThee"funeral will take place from U resi
dence, as aho-K on to-iHfrrow (Thr ikij ) at
"X o'clock r. M.t to which friends are hiTlted.
"Ijervices at the CaUiedxa: at 3 r. x.

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