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State Union Central Committee.
Ia the list which was handed to us
for publication, of the names of the
gentlemen constituting this Committee,
the name of one of the gentlemen who
had been appointed, was inadvertent
As corrected, the list is as follows :
Allen A. Hall, Clmrrruin.
A. V. S. LlJfltHLEY.
Iomh Lf.lltett.
JionsfXL Houston.
Horacb II. Harmsox.
M. M. BniKN.
The Election ou Thiiriday.
It may he well enough to assure all
enemies of the Union that it is ut
ter idle for them to base anj
hopes . upon the election to be
held next Thursday for Judicial offi
cers. Under no state of case will these
or nj other offices be Buffered to pass in
to the hands of disloyal men, or men
who sympathize with the Rebellion. Tins
point is inevitably and unalterably set
tled. It is fixed beyond dispute. He
who expects by any trick or chic am ry to
ride into a place of power and proOt in
State of Tennessee, which is under
the jurisdiction of the Federal Govern
ment, assuredly reckons without his host
fiit offices within the jurisdiction of the
lederal Government are for the frieruU
exclusively of that Government, and no
man will be recognized other than as an
sscmy, who aids, abets or countenances
the Southerp Confederacy. It is certain
ly the climax of impudence and inso
lence for a rebel to ask to be elected to
any office within the Union lines, and to
make his treason a hobby to ride into a
plac of profit and trust. Certainly all
votes cast for a disloyal candidate will
f o for nothing.
Hemming Home!
We are highly gratified to hear of the
Tiurn 01 a laree number 01 lennes-
scans from the unholy and wicked cru
sade against the Federal Government.
It is noble and manly for us to forsake a
bad cause, when we see our errors. It
is a wretchedly false pride which leads
men to persist in error, when convinced
of their wrong. We affectionately and
earnestly advise all persons who have
come home from the rebel army to come
forward, without delay and renew their
allegiaace to that good old Government
which never deprived them of a single
right. They will be freely pardoned by
t-o ding. The Government is kind and
Hoarding House.
"Wo refer our readers to lha card of
Mr. AnERNATnv, who has just opened a
Boarding House. He will doubtless
prove himself fully worthy of patronage.
We tender many thanks to a lady of
this city, who sent us a very elegant bou
quet of the sweetest tlowers of spring,
typifying the glorious "Red, White and
Blue" of the National Union ilag. May
God bless her as we do.
A gentleman informs us that he heard
a woman, a professed Christian, say, the
other day : "If a son of mine were to de
sert the Confederate army, I would make
him go back." Aye, go back to toil, to
hardships, to'lilth, to hunger, and to dis
ease. Go back to nights of anguish and
days of sorrow. Go back to rebellion,
to treason, and to tcrtiir. death. May
God forgive that unfeeling, unmotheily
mother I What madness is thin rebel
freniry !
We sec some strange sights occasional
Jy in this State. There are actually can
didatcs asking for office, w ho if elected
Arc ready to take their cath of office and
commissions under the Federal Govern-
inept, or under the Ucbcl Government if
it should be successful. They seem
dead to all sense of propriety and shame
in life matter, and are ready to swear to
any thing which will "put money in
their purses."
In giving insertion Sunday morning to
the omitted List of Advertised Letters
for firms, we, should have said the omis
sion was the fault of Ihe printer and not
ef the Postmaster.
"Here comes a Lincoln dog," exclaimed
a lad v who was walkinz with another.
- .1 i - i.,: ..; . . i i.
t lucjr mil m ijijiuu viuttr vu uui inrrig
the other day. Shame! Shame! Shame!
.hireling Market Home.
A large crowd gathered impromptu at
the Market House last night, to hear
M. M. Brif.!, Esq., candidate for Cir
cuit Judge. He made an animated, bold
and altogether admirable speech, with
the true Union ring in it. There is no
mistaking his position ; he is a thorough
straight-out loyalist. How strongly
does his conduct contrast with the du
plicity ,of his Rebel opponents. Let
every Union man come forward to the
polls and give him the zealous support
which he so well deserves.
A True Man.
Montgomery County was represented
in the Union Convention by Mr. Teart,
an estimable old gentleman, who, when
almost every one else grew faint-hearted,
stood boldly up and declared his fidelity
to the Union. And now, as the reward
of his loyalty, he Sees the dear old flag
restored. We say to him, "Well done,
good and faithful servant 1"
The Union sentiment of North Caro
lina is progressing rapidly. A regiment
of federal troops has been raised in the
State, and the people are offering to take
the oath of allegiance. It is significant
that scarcely a regiment of North Caro-
Iinans has been allowed by Jeff. Davis to
remain in the State, nearly all the troops
being'from other parts of the South.
We repuhlifh the following advertisement
from the Union and American of September.
1SG1, grain. It will 1)3 an agreeable remin
iscence lo some people :
ii r thi
Heceiver for Hie Confederate State
in middle Tcnnceeee.
To nil whom it may t'oimrrn :
I hereby notify erery citizen, atfuil, former partner,
truitue, or otber perion, holding or controlling any
lands or tenement, uauoiB, aeon, rigme or laur
eate of value of arty rtrfcrlptiou owned y or due to
ojr Ainu rKfurof the Confederate Stateg, to report
tlm ame lo me, in writing when practicable, RivinfT
a d'ncriiti n when known, of laadi, and the names of
creditor, iu cute of ilcbtn, with tho amounts due or to
become clue
For wilful nefeii't in thin Ihe pirty rubjectR bitnaelf
to tbe Mnitltiei of the Act : lie ia liable fir double
the amimiit concealed ; Doe, c; a surrender acqnita
blm of the r'Honpbillty.
Mv ottire In en the hqunre lu the rly of NafriTllle,
orer W T. Berrv a Boekatore. 8. K COCKKI1X.
re.it. 19. fllU'row3m t outed, htatel Kec r.
IoefoO)rra Ite-opeued In Tenncaaee.
Nashville, . (county seat,) Davidson
Gallatin, (county seat) bumner co.
Clarksville, (county seat) Montgomery
Bpnnglielu, (county seat) jiobcrtson
franklin, (county seat) Williamson
Columbia, (county seat) Maury co.
Murfreesboro' (county seat) Rutherford
Shelbyville, (county seat) l.edlord
Lebanon, (county seat) Wilson co.
Smithville, (county seat) DeKalb
Waterstown, Wilson county.
Liberty, DeKalb
Alexandria, DeKalb "
Palmetto, I'.edford "
Jordan's Valley (Christiana), Ruther
ford county.
The above list will be kept standing
in our column?, and added to from day
lo day, as other offices are re-opened.
We would suggest to papers in Northern
States the propriety of copying the above
list at least once a week.
l ake the Union!
It has a far larger circulation than any
other daily newspaper that has been
published here for years.
It is the ojjh'il newspaper of the United
Stales for Tennessee.
It is the ftjfieial newspaper of the State f
It gives the luted neics from the Military
Department Stinli, and later than any oilier
paper. .
It has immediate uminnnieatim with the
Military lltadquattem, which no other
paper lu re has.
It gives reliable information.
Communication from
AsiiMt A. Co., of Indianapolis, have
brought out a small trashy book, iu cheap
form, purporting to be my "Life, Speeches
and Addresses," connected with my
troubles among the Secessionists. This
is a uours production, doing me great
injustice, and by no means reporting me
correctly, cither as to my history or
speeches since I canto North, 1 am now
preparing a genuine book of the kind,
and will have it out in a few days, pub
lished by Gkouok W. Chii.ds, of Phila
delphia. Aiii.KOATE A: Co., of Cincin
nati, are the publishers tor the West. I
caution the public against the bogus con
cern, as I shall at once commence legal
proceedings against ail concerned in
vending it, as well as the publisher.
W. G. imoWNLOW.
I'm ii.a in ii i a, My .1, 1m.:;;.
HJilor Xuihrille Daily Union :
On next Thursday an election will be
held for Criminal and Circuit Judges ia
this State. M. M. Brien, Tcrser S.
Foster, and Judge Nathaniel Baxter
are the candidates for Circuit Judge in
the District composed of the counties of
Davidson and Williamson. W. K. Tur
ner is a candidate for Criminal Judge
in the District composed of the counties
of Davidson, Montgomery and Ruther
ford. We want these gentlemen to come
out in the newspapers immediately, and
state if tbey are elected whether they
will take the oath to support the Con
stitution and Government of the United
States and the State of Tennessee, and
whether they will apply to Governor
Johnson and his Secretary f State, or
to Governor Harris and his Secretary of
State, for their commission. We hope
Governor Johnbon will issue a procla
mation immediately to allow no one to
leave the city, nor to take out a license
of any kind, and for no one to be allow
ed to hold an office of either trust or
profit, without taking the oath to support
the Constitution and Government of the
United States. . CITIZENS.
Nashville, May 18, 18C2.
Talk with Ueauregard.
From the St. Louis Democrat.
Lieutenant T. II. Simmons, of tbe Illinois
14th KegimeDt, relates to us tbe following
interesting incident which occurred on tbe
battle field cf Shilob :
About 11 o'clock on Sunday tbe Cth of
April, Lieut. S. was wounded, being shot
through the left lung. II was supponed to
tie Hi a dying condition, and va luft on the
Geld by his companions. About 3 o'clock in
tbe nfternoon of that ever meraoraDle day,
our forces having be.n driven back from
their position, a Confederate officer ot high
rank, and his staff, citme upon the ground
where Lieut. Simmons lay. The Rebel Ofli
ccr observing him lying there, not yet dead,
and from his uniform taking Dim to be a
Union officer, approached him, when the fol
lowing conversation ensued :
The Rebel ofllcer asked Lient. S. how far
it was to the Tennesee river. Lieut. S. be
ing too weak from the loss ot blood to speak
loud, beckoned to bimlo come closer, and in
a lower tone replied, "two miles and a-balf,"
The Rebel officer shook his head doubtingly.
Lieut. S. observed it, and said to bim, 'you
seem to doubt my word. But you see,'' he
added, pointing to bis wonnd. " I am dying,
and npon the word ot a dying man, to Ihe
beat or my judgment, it is two miles and a
bait to the river." The Rebel officer turm d
to converse with his staff, and ordered his
surgeon to give bim some stimulants. That
surgeon gave mm some brandy and moi
pbioe, which revived him considerably. Tbe
conversation with his staff, which tbe Lieu
tenant overheard, was about as follows : ,
Officer "It ia now 3 o'clock. It ia two
mjles and a half lo the river. . Tbe distance
is greater than I expected, but we can drive
Grant to so close quarters yet to night that
bis capture or capitulation will be an easy
thing in tbe morning." Tbe officer turned
again to the Lieutenant and atk dhlm about
Buell'a forcess tbelr number and position.
Upon Ibis subject Lieut. S. was entirely Ig
norant, of course. Tbe officer tbea remark
ed to bim, "It's no matter how lar it is to
the river, we rball whip you anyhow, and
force Gen. Grant to surre nder to-night, or
early to-morrow morning, and then capture
Huell. if he mEfkei hia appearance on the
field." Lieut, ii. replied, "You are not bo
certain of that. You bave got hard fighting
to do before your capture our forces yet, and
Northwestern freemen are not tbe craven
dogs to lie down alter the first brush and
allow themselves to be taken." "No matter,"
said the officer, "we rball whip you! Your
men won't fight." "Upon that subject,"
said tbe Lieutenant, "you will probably be
better informed before you get through with
to-morrow's fight. You surprised our men
this morning, and they were thrown into
some confuriou; but even this day's work
will show that 'our men will fight,' " "Well,"
said tbe officer, "I admire your courage, and
wish such men as you were not fighting
against the Sou 111 ; you cannot conijuer tbe
South, and aint you sorry you engaged in
the war?" 'No, .Sir," said Lieutenants.,
"and 1 would do it ogain." "Do your peo
ple nil feel that way?" asked the officer, Yes,
fcir,".replied the Lieuleuaut.
The officer said no more, but with u tal
look mounted his horse and rode off. One
of the Rebel officer's a d bad dismounted
to wat'ir bis borne iu a creek close 07, and
before remounting came near where the
Lieuiemiut lay, who beckoned him to come
to him, and atk':d bim "who that officer
was?'' Tbeaidsuid "lhat is Gen. J! aure
gard.;' The Lieutenant, however, had re
copiiz.'d him from Ins striking reaernblanco
to photographs of the Rebel General.
This intureMinx incident, tbe prsonal ex
perience ul the buttle of Shilob of one of
our intelligent and patriotic m.-ighbors of Il
linois, and who is now lu ona of tbe boa-
pitali", in a lair way, we hope, of recovery,
shows hew auxioui tbe Rebel General was
on tbe evening of that memorable Sunday,
notwithstanding bin success, to know bow
much more he would have to do that niirbt
Aud hence liii eajier inquiries, -llow far is
It 10 toe river; ' ber are JsueU s lorcet:
"How uiauy meu bus IJuell?" Ao. Not
withstanding the exhibition of the braggart
as betrayed in the boast, "We shall whip
ou," "iour men won't fight." Ac., any
one can see Inal toe KetM General waa ft
ceedinuly solicitous in regard to tbe proba
bin outcome of that desperately canttbted
Lieut. Simmon states that be lay upon
the field fi riytiirht hours, and Irem 11
o'clock mi Sunday, the time hn waa wouud- 1,
until 4 o clock ou Monday afternoon, lb
ground whereon belay waa loahl over
twelve it men, and that he was not trampled
10 ueatu teems almost a miracle.
We are aulhurzJ to aoiiuunce Hull. I).
"Kiiia.oi m a caudi.laie fur re -clat tioo aa Chancellor
of tiie I'mjitti tliauctry Iiiair.ol, crupoa jg Hie
count of li.:di,u, WilljuuaB, Maury, tf.lr ao-1
U ei20tJ
(If0t'illIUC tVS.
r'lHXNal IVfpatehee to lb Nanhrilla Inlnn
Humphrey Marshall Driven
Great i Preparations .to Bom
bard Savannah !
Charleston and Savannah
Railroad Taken by the
Federals !
Grand Advance of Union For
ces up Pamunkey Biver !
Rebels Burn their own Steam
ers and Schoners, twenty
seven in number !
Rebel Coal, Iron and Saltpetre
Mines in Danger !
Suspension of Rebel Newspa
All Persona in Memphis Forced
to take Confederate Money!
Great'Sickness in the Hospit
als at Richmond !
Severe Skirmishing Near Cor
inth !
Fravklin, Va., May 17. rrinceton,
the capitol of Mercer county, waa cap
tured by the Confederates yesterday un
der Humphrey Marshall, and was recap
tured to-day by Gen. Cox's advance.
Vast preparations are being made to
bombard Savannah.
Portions of the Charlestou'and Savan
nah Railroad are now in possession of the
Whits Hosb, Va. MayJ18. A'com-
bined army and navy expeditionwent
twenty-five miles up l'amunky river,
and forced the Confederates to destroy
two steamers, and twenty schooners. The
federals are advancing; the roads im
proving. hunter s proclamation was published
in Charleston. There is imminent dan
ger of a negro insurrection.
It is rumored that the Confederates
have evacuated Weldon.
Martial law has been proclaimed over
Charleston and ten miles surrounding.
The Memphis Appeal says the Got-
ernment wants and must have all the tin
roofs on Cotton sheds in that city.
The Vtcksburg Citizen of the !HU says'
nothing was heard of the Federal fleet a
Tunica yesterday.
A large frigate, supposed to he the
Brooklyn, passed liayou Sara at 0 o'clock
on the morning oflhe 6th going down.
Ihe 13 a ton Rogue Advocate has closed
doors and suspended publication, on ac
count of the approach of Federal gun
Col. Rosser commanding post at Mem
phis, publishes a special order, by order
of Beauregard, requiring all camps, per
sons, and corporations to take Confeder
ate money at par, and all persons will
distinctly understand that nothing in
the least degree calculated to discredit
the operations of the Governmenf will be
tolerated or treatedjas anything buff dis
loyalty. The Richmond "correspondent o the
Appeal mentions .with great pain the
large amount of sick confined in hos
pitals at Richmond and vicinity.
r.KKoHE Cokistii, May 17, 1802. The
Macon Telegraph condemn in severe lan
guage, the conduct of the Hebel troops at
Bridgeport, by which a most important
gateway to our State was opened to the
enemy, and possession of all our rich
niinec, deposits of coal oil, iron and salt
petre placed in imminent danger.
A general advance along our lines was
made to-day towards Corinth. Much skir
mishingand several severe engagements.
lieneral Sherman s division lost forty
four killed and a considerable nnmber
wounded in approaching KusseH's House,
which the rebels Lad been occupying
for some time past, worrying our pickets
We succeeded iu driving the enemy from
their position back to his works. Our
men are under arms expecting an attai k
to-morrow (Sunday morning.) Among
the killed rebels left ou the tround was
one with sword and revolver,'supposedsto
be onicer.
Bi ronK Corinth, May 17. Latest ad
vices from Curtis are that his forces be
tween Searcy and Little Botk Arkansas,
rapidly marching on the capitol. Gov
Lector has called out the miltia, but peo
p!e generally refuted lo come out. Large
numbers applied to Curtis for protection,
and desired to come under the old flag.
Our forces under Major Gen. Sherman
will occupy Russell House. Skirmishers
from etli Wisconsin only about three
nunured yards from the enemy breast
works. Several rifles captured in skir
mish on the right, perfectly new, marked
"IJreese it Freman, Rremen," much su-
!erior to rifles used by our sharpshooters,
laving range twelve or fifteen hnnered
yards, while ours are .only effective at
about thousand. ' - ?
In all cases the rebels left en the Held
were shot in the head, the wounded were
shot injtht neck and breast. Enemy's loss
left on the field was about sixty killed,
and 100 wounded. Deserters from Co
rinth report the entire absence of chloro
form in medical stores there, and none
probably in theConfedcracy. The weather
is very warm and tho roads quite dusty.
North Carolina Refuses to fur
nish JelT. Davis Any
More Troops.
Gunboat Galena Badly Dam
age a.
James River Batteries Taken
Hunter's Proclamation Con
demned !
French Troops Marching On
the Capital.
New York, May 19. North Carolina
recalls her troops and refuses furnishing
Jeff. Davis further aid.
The New York Herald says President
Lincoln will unmistakeably condemn
General Hunter's Proclamation.
The French army is reported to be
marching on Mexico, meeting with little
Washington.--In the House of Lepre-
sentatives, Mr. Bingham reported arti
cles of impeachment acainst W. H.
Humphreys, U. S. District Judge of Ten
nessee, for treasonable complicity in the
rebellion. Tho report was agreed to.
Washington, May 19, 18C2. Com
modore Goldsboro took possession of the
batteries on James Liver.
Baltimore, May 19, 1802. The Ga
lena was badly damaged by tho plung
ing shot of the Confederate batteries.
President Lincoln repudiates Hunter'a
proclamation freeing slaves as unauther-
ized and void.
Philadelphia, May 19. The gunboat
disaster on James Kiver regarded as very
serious. Seventeen of the Naugatuck s
men were killed by the bursting of her
gun. The Monitor was repeatedly struck
but was uningured. The Galena was
riddled by shots. Loss supposed fo be
heavy. Norfolk quiet.
Jhr lh. Vnion.
Mb. KoituR : I yluM to llio flitttcrmt; ri (iul of tin;
rui miIhth of thn Hur, ami tin' vitruet Kolicilalioo of
numerous frii'udi ami aciialotanrti, and announce
rnyneira taudldate for Ilia ofllce of Juile of (bis tho
Bib Judicial Circuit, cuinpopi.-d of the rnuntii-a of la-
vkIhoii aud WitllaruDou Tim Kltr tinu to bo held on
tho fid UiHlant. MAN'KOX V. Ultlt.V.
May 6, 18S2. td
No. 15 Union Street.
Wholesale and Retail.
.Iut rewlvi'il , liy A 1 it i i n i x rriw, a largo aim k Ol
Ol.linl l'bllod(lihia mukc.
COT TO AltllS.lor rale by lb lvu.
ai2 lui
IRfSIl KUITI.TF of ll.tao uio.t r. :Ub!e rKF-IW
i re nivrd by tbe uWnbi;r, M lor tl.i-r rule
.-.I....4.... .... ...... .U
b 1 1MH..WM, (..,
T. w i: LLS,
llklilrt .KAv i-KtM, MIXKII llIKIt hKKIi,
CANARY rkKli, ttA.K OBAMia KKUl,
iiH.mua with
liVtMltr.-i, ilJ.
(.LA.Srf WAKh, f lOMC WAht.Ai; ,
T. V i: L LH,
Co ilarki'l ft., ()!' t'riot , K.atT'-l
General Commission Merchants
63 and 65, Beater Street, and 20 Exchange
Ronald i,. iu rvr.
Xcav York.
ii uia WnMiir.
cossisTixd im imrt rr
Prints, (iiugliams. Lttu us,
liuregra, De Lntne , MlkM,
Uotoes, Linens, Cottcfs,
AI.O, A ITU. tT( H 'K t i
Which we oflcr to the trade at U- lowest i,ni.
sale prices.
i aii,b:ii, iihu. o.,
N'n. 2, Kiifluy'a Building, ftml!) s:do Square.
miim UilDERTlliEEl,
m)8-ifw jltllVallf, Tt'Ull.
A dram Mima.
W. 8. Hist.
M. Peirana.
No. 72 North Market St ,
HKSI'KCTMTI.LY inform iltt-ir filcnda and the
public, tlml tby are inanu'arluniiit and have
on band, ol tapir owu mauitlarture,
SlUniiig-To nml Ni-Toi Bug
le, StilkifH, Ai.c, Ate,"
Wbii;h lby aro K-llmtf rr t i.ti, al prica to luit
th! tun-i,aud lo wli U'li tin- aittnilou ol buyers k
fAll work warmnird, and eat.
I afoot Ion guarantied. mayj-lie
It o C 10 It,
Produce & Coniiuisou Merchant,
No. 8, SOUTH .TIAHKI.T vr.,
(JdllN M. HILL'S BL(KK.)
(Ihb on band aud for aale at the loi't llgur, ;
21H) llble.Ileat family- f lour,
l,5(K) lluahelB I'otatoee, very flue,
ZOO Heanu Wrapping i'upcr,
2() ( aaU Huron,
10 Iloxe Tobarro,
JO llble. Jleat taiullf Flour,
t(H)'llbln. Salt,
oOillbia. Viurgar,
Al0, Al l. KI.VHH or
Tbi att ntin of dral.T. uixt u'lianuirra are Uivitrd
to b. nt.ira.
-l'rticiiliir all.-iiili.ii rn.'ii to tlm orders f
Coimiry .rrliiiiit, ami Die .uri.bn .1114 aale of ail
kind of 1'riMlu.e ii.iiyl-lm
New Dry Goods Store.
I bat J'lU rro.-.vid t,i,;o Hi.: a 1 .iilirdr nr.
ami I'i.y.iil mM a ol
DRY (i()0I)aS:
O'liijir iiiif in part,
And a tkouitand iAl.fr artirltra auuierbua le
nontton. AUvo
a txiMi'i.KTK arcxK or
la Di i s- AM ini.rur.s
Our tacililiei euable ua l-i ofrr lli'eo .lj a,
ll. KB4l r,
Vatatt lrm l,V-l ilo.r l-:ow Inum,
HtZlm ().) le H.im;u llvuae.
(&E&C$ZL i-n "

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